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SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever! (20 Year Anniversary Edition!)

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(I mean to be fair, Band Geeks is the one that's way more “overmeme'd” and “overexposed” to death. They managed to make a joke that was kind of funny (Is Mayonnaise an instrument) to one of the most annoying lines ever, kind of like Nick's version of Bacon Pancakes. Such awfulness and brings down a great episode a bit... not to mention Sweet Victory, a still neat moment but an overhyped 5/10 80's rock song that I disagree is the show's greatest moment or what makes Band Geeks the best episode. At least with KKTV it still feels like a big classic without the internet and society in general tainting the amazingness of it like it did a bit with Band Geeks.)

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Christmas Who is one of the best specials of the show but Shanghaied is better if you ask me. Even then, this is still a great episode that mixes humour with emotion really well. With that out of the way though...

?Chocolate with Nuts isn't in the top 2?
This is a good episode but, like, I seriously wouldn't call it one of the show's best, at least not after all the overexposure thanks to the hundreds upon thousands of memes made around it. This is one of the most overpraised episodes of the whole show in my opinion... Even then, as I mentioned, I don't find this episode bad. It's just that, like with Band Geeks and a few other episodes, I've heard enough about this one to not really care about it nearly as much as I once did, but that's just me...

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16 hours ago, 4EverGreen said:

Unpopular Opinion Time, Less_Spongebob HAS a point! o.o Not EVERYBODY thinks that "The Krusty Krab Training Video" is the greatest thing to come out since sliced bread. In my honest opinion, it's an OKAY episode, but NOT top 20 material, in MY honest opinion:rolleyes: I mean, all that BUILD up to reveal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula, and then they DON'T even REVEAL it, honestly felt like a GIANT SLAP in the FACE, in MY opinion! I mean, I guess us not KNOWING the Krabby Patty Secret Formula is KIND of the point, but they shouldn't PROMISE us something if they're NOT going to deliver it! That's the WHOLE reason "The Best Day Ever" TANKED as bad as it did! I wouldn't be surprised if the next time we do this list, "Broken Alarm" ends up taking the place of "The Krusty Krab Training Video". "Broken Alarm" is more top 5 worthy in MY honest opinion! :D Enough said, true believers! ;)

but Truth or Square also didn't reveal the secret formula

I love Christmas Who so fucking much that It's on my top 5. It's just a special that warms my heart. It's very unique, hilarious and best of all, so emotionally packed. It deserves every little praise It gets. Plus Santaward!

I love Chocolate with Nuts and I get its praise. It's one of the most quotable and creative episodes of the show. I still very appreciate and enjoy it but the fact that this episode has been so talked and praised to death that it lost its value for me and its jokes don't work for me the same way as they used to be. So I'm ok with getting a new #1 this time around, but CWN is still a very great episode.

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Christmas Who? is a close contender for being one of the show’s best specials, I’ll say that much. The ending in particular is super sweet, even though it comes after several minutes of moping around. Chocolate With Nuts, I’m happy to see always appear high up on the list, but I personally just don’t find the old ladies very funny.

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Shanghaied: Great and hilarious episode, just barely made my list at #25

KKTV: A bit overrated but great episode. However, I wouldn’t even put it top 100, let alone top 5. Theres more deserving episodes of that.

Christmas Who: Made it very far on my list at #4....exactly where it ended up getting here. It has an amazing plot, amazing characters, and amazing atmosphere while still being very funny.

Chocolate with Nuts: Made my list at #13. It’s a hilarious episode.

Also, a correction, but CYSAD actually was #7 on my list, not #9 like I said a few days ago.

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(NOTICE: Due to a glitch in the system, I am manually restoring this post; every other post is gone for now, I am sorry in advance)


61. "Now be careful with that stuff, boys. It stains clothes."
Pranks a Lot, 70 points

4 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #3 @4EverGreen) (-27)


60. "All ye must do is tend to my every whim and tickle my fancy on demand."
Squidward, the Unfriendly Ghost, 72 points

6 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #5 @kylie) (-2)


59. "Nobody gives a care about the fate of labor as long as they can get their instant gratification."
Squid on Strike, 76 points

7 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #7 @E.V.I.L. ) (NEW)


58. "If we keep this up, neither of us will win the award."
Employee of the Month, 77 points

4 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #3 @SI-LLY) (-18)


57. "My name tag is out there somewhere. Lost... hungry... who will help it?"
Missing Identity, 77 points

5 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #3 @Steel Sponge) (-25)


56. "Don’t you have a paper to write?"
Procrastination, 78 points

8 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank 2 #10's @Klu @OWM) (NEW)


55. "So, if I can't get you to come to the bath, I'll just have to bring the bath to you."
Gary Takes a Bath, 79 points

4 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank 2 #1's @AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @Hayden) (NEW)


54. "SpongeBob needs us, and more importantly, I need him to stop imitating me customers!"
Mimic Madness, 79 points

7 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #2 @ForgottenOne) (-23)


53. "Befriend the SpongeBob, then when the time is just right, take the Krabby Patty!"
F.U.N., 84 points

10 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank 2 #11's @Steel Sponge @Clappy) (-5)


52. "You mean suckers throw in money down a hole for fun?"
Wishing You Well, 85 points

9 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #7 @kylie) (+1)


51. "Don't worry, Squidward, we'll find our way out. And then we'll have the best eleventy-seventh anniversary ever."
Truth or Square, 86 points

5 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #1 @Cosmix humungosaur) (NEW)


Edited by Jon Snow

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(NOTICE: Due to a glitch in the system, I am manually restoring this post; every other post is gone for now, I am sorry in advance)


2. "You know, if I were to die right now in some sort of fiery explosion due to the carelessness of a friend, well, that would just be okay."
Dying for Pie, 512 points

31 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank 3 #1's @Eric Swalwell @Katniss @ForgottenOne) (+1)

We have finally reached the finish line. As last year's champion, Chocolate With Nuts, fell, you'll notice that of the two episodes that beat it out, this one's kind of the black sheep. In 2019, Dying for Pie is the highest it has ever been, which is amazing for multiple reasons. For one, it's not the type of episode to just stay perched in the top 3 over and over again. It's a top 10 regular, but it's been as low as #9, so seeing a relative underdog beat out an established legend is so satisfying, even if relative to the entire top 50, it doesn't mean that much. The unmatchable duo of Chocolate With Nuts and (cough) has now officially become a holy trinity with Dying for Pie, as I highly doubt it's gonna budge any time soon. That's especially true due to the fact that this episode has the most entries out of ANY other episode, and the most lists out of any episode ever by default.

The other big reason I'm happy about this episode's rise is simple: it's one of my favorite episodes ever. Sure, it's a funny episode, but let's face it, that's not why a lot of people rank it so high. The quote I chose for this entry says more than anything I could ever say. I don't think a single episode can make me so emotional. The climax of this episode makes for one of THE saddest moments in the entire show, and the lows of the episode mix perfectly well with the hilarious highs as Squidward experiences so much emotional range throughout the episode. The position for this episode is perfect, as it was my personal #2 as well. As a matter of fact, this top 50 and my top 25 share the exact same top 2 episodes in the same order. What is #1? What is my #1? Well... you know.


1. "Now let's make Squidward proud."
Band Geeks, 527 points

29 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank 3 #1's @kev @Sweat @4EverGreen) (+1)

The list's first ever official #1 in 2013 has had an interesting (and symmetrical) arc. Started off at #1, dropped to #2, dropped down to #5, jumped back UP to #2 in 2018, and here it is. Back where it started, and back where it deserves. It's only fitting that Band Geeks returned to its rightful spot at #1 the year I chose to host the list. I think it's only fitting to repost the write-up I made for this episode from 2018's list:

"There are many reasons why I adore Band Geeks, and why I eventually realized it is my favorite episode of all time after giving up on trying to be interesting. There's no way I can form an essay about it so I'm just gonna make a list.

1. This is a very nostalgic episode for me. It is by no means a new development that I adore it so much. I've held it very near and dear to my heart since before I was a grade schooler, and that attachment will always cover the episode in a thick layer of pure comfort and happiness.

2. I'm biased towards its subject matter. I'm a band guy at heart and I absolutely love performing music, so if nothing else, Band Geeks hits that sweet spot for me and only made me appreciate the episode more over time.

3. This episode is an absolutely amazing look into Squidward as a character. Yes, Squidward was known as this artsy dreamer for ages by this point, but only in this episode has it come into fruition so beautifully. This is quite possibly Squidward's very best episode solely for how well-written he is and how genuinely passionate he is about making his whole vision work. Even if he didn't win in the end, I really appreciate that.

4. As I already mentioned in the previous point, Squidward won! Now this isn't the only time Squidward gets his way obviously, but this is the one time where it came off as satisfying as it could. Squidward wasn't just satisfied, he was ecstatic. He really did achieve something wonderful in this episode, and seeing him beat that stupid Squilliam is great.

5. This episode is hilarious. Not a single frame is used any less than to its absolute best. This episode is filled with absolutely perfect comedic timing, from Plankton's harmonica solo to the band playing 'loud' to everything, the episode just gets some laughs out of me, and in my opinion, 'funny' is the primary thing I look to in a good episode.

6. On the other side of the coin, this episode can be devastating. Squidward's speech where he admits defeat in this episode is one of the most truly heartbreaking moments in the entire show. It helps a lot that it comes from a character who was always an obvious underdog, so when he begins to make real progress and it begins to get crushed, it's easy to empathise with him genuinely. Anyone who thinks that kids' cartoons can't pack an emotional punch need to see this episode, bonus points being with context of how Squidward is as a character.

7. This episode just feels huge. They could've chosen not to make this episode into an every-character-in-the-show, completely bombastic masterpiece, but they did. This is less an episode and more of an event when you watch it. Not many episodes, even the best ones, have that quality.

8. The ending. Come on. I know its status as one of the greatest SpongeBob moments in history or whatever can get tiring, but I firmly believe that it's the case. As a matter of fact, everything from Squidward's "thanks for nothing" speech gets my heart pumped. SpongeBob's speech is great and it just keeps building up afterwards until Sweet Victory. It's the very best ending in the show's history. It kicks infinite amounts of ass, and beyond that, Squilliam truly feeling defeated and Squidward knowing that he one, mainly with the very last frame. My god. It feels euphoric just talking about it.

Overall? This episode, like I said, is an event. Many episodes give me enjoyment, but not a single one up to this level. From the title card to Squidward's freezeframe at the end as Sweet Victory fades away, this episode is a journey from start to finish. Just about everything good about this show, especially everything that led up to this, is showcased. The show's sense of humor, its worldbuilding, its characterization, and its genuine emotion are all kicked into high gear in this episode. There's a reason this episode has its reputation, and it is what it is: my favorite episode of all time." 

Well guys, that's the list! HUGE thanks to everyone who submitted their own top 25. I am extremely grateful that I had an opportunity to host such a big tradition on SBC, especially as I loved reading the list topics in my lurking years on this site. Will I do it again? I have no clue, but it was my pleasure to host this year.  ❤️


 Well, there's one last thing. Here's the complete list data!


Edited by Jon Snow
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Thank you Hal, along with others for this marvelous list to happen.


I wish Dying for Pie was #1 but oh well. Still one of my all-time favorite episodes ever. It's on my #3 for many reasons. It's emotional, hilarious and impactful. Absolutely the best SB/Squidward centric episode.

Band Geeks is never my #1 but it's still very high on my list. It's such an emotional fest that made me realize the show's capable of anything. The amount of the great story and humor made it absolutely one of my favorites.

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I'm surprised Dying for Pie made it to #2 but I'm not complaining. It's a great episode that shows the chemistry between SpongeBob and Squidward very well. It almost made my list.

You know what, I'm glad Band Geeks made it to #1. It isn't my favorite episode ever, but it's definitely up there, and its an excellent episode that everyone should check out.

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My original post got killed so heres a (slightly edited) repost. I also got screenshots of a bunch of lost posts too as it was still loaded on my ipad. Anyway:


It’s good but nothing great at all, never really got having it on top 25.

Squidward the Unfrindly Ghost: Oh wow this still got hms despite Trophy dropping it. This is an hilarious and overlooked episode, though not on my top 50.

Squid on Strike: Very funny episode, not on my top 50, nothing else to say

Employee of the Month: Great episode but not on my list. Spongebob and Squidward trying to win the award is very entertaining and funny

Missing Identity: Same as Pranks a Lot

Procrastination: Great and overlooked ep, not on my list but not very far from it. Its very funny and relatable and the dream scenes are really entertaining and have great visuals.

 Gary Takes a Bath: Good episode. It’s funny and Gary is great in this. However its not even close to my top 50.

Mimic Madness: Great episode and top 50... but I dropped it from my list this year, oof. It’s still cool thT it made HMs though. I just wish Plankton Paranoia or Karen’s Virus made the list or at least hms :sad:

F.U.N: Great episode that was on my list at #22, really a shame that it missed the list this year. This episode’s plot and characters are great af, and it also has many great jokes and a great song and cool atmosphere to it.

Wishing You Well: This episode was in my 26-30 range and was a really sad cut. It has an amazing atmosphere to it and is also very hilarious.


This episode was on my list at #3. Such an amazing episode and I described why I love it on the worst list because it made it on THAT list because SOME people have somehow convinced themselves a top tier episode is bad :fred: (lol that sounded like a 4eg post at the end)

Also I’m gonna donate doubloons to everyone who had this on their list.



Dying For Pie: TOS > Dying For Pie

In all seriousness though I’m surprised this didn’t get #1. I dont mind though, its in my top 25 but not top 10.

Band Geeks: Made my list at #10 and I’m honestly shocked it got #1 considering how many people say its overrated nowadays (Seriously i’d say its more underrated than overrated at this point). This is an amazing episode still, very funny and the ending and song are truly amazing and one of the best scenes of the shows history.


 Full List (will edit when 2-1 and full list stats are revealed)


1: Just One Bite (#12)

2: Atlantis Squarepantis

3: Truth or Square (#51)

4: Christmas Who (#4)

5: Frankendoodle (#10)

6: Welcome to the Chum Bucket (#24)

7: Can You Spare a Dime? (#7)

8: It’s a Spongebob Christmas (#49)

9: SB-129 (#16)

10: Band Geeks (#1)

11: I Had an Accident (#46)

12: Krusty Towers (#20)

13: Chocolate With Nuts (#3)

14: Roller Cowards (#35)

15: Plankton Paranoia 

16: One Krab’s Trash (#47)

17: Snowball Effect (#22)

18: Dying for Pie (#2)

19: Spongebob Meets the Strangler (#26)

20: Glove World R.I.P

21: The Bully

22:  F.U.N (#53)

23: Karen’s Virus (#63)

24: Dunces and Dragons (#18)

25: Shanghaied (#6)

HM: Sand Castles in the Sand

HM: Wishing You Well (#52)

HM: Skill Crane

HM: Patrick! The Game

HM: Graveyard Shift (#11)

HM: Wet Painters (#9)

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Christmas Who: A really great holiday episode that I make a point to watch every Christmas.

Chocolate With Nuts: My always number 1 favorite episode that I always laugh at and quote when I watch.

Dying For Pie: A very funny episode that I always love to watch, and one of my favorite SpongeBob/Squidward episodes.

Band Geeks: Doesn't surprise me that this is number 1, but I'm glad it is. It's a very wonderful episode with many great jokes, a great song, and an awesome ending.

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