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The Light of SBC (Miniseries)

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Here it is: my final literature and writing on SBC in general. This will be a limited edition 12-part miniseries. It's a mix of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Breath of the Wild, with some other surprise breadcrumbs of influence in there, so if you like any of those, you may like this. Or if not, cross your fingers and hope there's something in here you may like.

Synopsis: OWM wakes up in a mysterious, fantasy version of SBC, with no memory of his past. The land of "SBC" is divided into four kingdoms, and at the center of them is a powerful "light". OWM soon meets several new friends, and in hopes of getting his memories back, aids them on their quest to investigate a mysterious force from beyond threatening the kingdoms, while the kingdoms are at conflict over control of this "light".

Coming this month.

Now here's a trailer that probably doesn't relate to this at all:


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3. Winter Is Coming

As OWM sleeps, he has yet another premonition dream. His dream shows the Winter Kingdom once again. Through a snowstorm, several Shadow Walkers are making their way through the harsh icy plains, and heading for a settlement surrounding a large ice castle. The army of  Shadow Walkers. approaches the castle. Lord Wintermelon is seen outside the castle, looking at several of his soldiers, who are geared up to fight the Shadow Walkers, readying their weapons.

“Soldiers, we will show these demons of the winter hells what happens when they cross our kingdom. Men…WE GIVE NO QUARTER!” Wintermelon yelled to the soldiers, ordering them to go forward, as the

The soldiers cheer and then charge out into the treacherous icy plains ahead of them, with a ghastly snowstorm brewing. The soldiers let out their battle cries, as they tirelessly fight their way through the snowstorm, trying to see their enemy. The Shadow Walkers disguise themselves within the snowstorm, making the soldiers struggle to see them, as they try to attack. Winter tries to see through the storm, and a Shadow Walker jumps at him. He quickly slashes his ice sword at it, making it disappear into smoke, but the beasts just keep coming. He keeps striking his ice sword at one after another, but they will not tire. One of the beasts jumps out at a soldier, which is dmandaman, dragging him into the snowstorm. Dman is quickly turned to stone, as his stone body falls to the snowy ground.

“No!” Klu yelled, as he tries to reach for dman, but his stone body is dragged off by the Shadow Walkers, confusing Rob.

Klu is then attacked from behind by another Shadow Walker, getting turned to stone as well. Wintermelon looks around in horror as he sees his men getting turned to stone and overpowered by the Shadow Walkers. He realizes there is no other option.

“Fall back!” Wintermelon ordered to his remaining soldiers, as they retreat from the area, making their way back to the settlement.

The Shadow Walkers drag off the soldiers they turned to stone through the snowstorm. They give out hissing noises through the wind, as their green eyes stare at Wintermelon and his remaining soldiers through the snowstorm. The Shadow Walkers then disappear into the wintery winds. The snowstorm then clears up after their departure, as Wintermelon looks out at the empty snow plains ahead worried. OWM had been watching the whole battle the entire time, fascinated and also just as worried as Wintermelon.

“He is a key…” Tyeam’s voice spoke into OWM’s dream, startling him, causing him to wake up.

“A key?” OWM wondered, confused.

The next morning, Mythix, Slug and Patty approach sbl’s house to meet with OWM. They are holding a cake. They knock on the door, as sbl answers.

“Hey OWM, your new friends are here!” Sbl yelled.

OWM goes to the door, surprised to see the team this early.

“SURPRISE! To welcome our newest team member, we made you this spring berry cake for breakfast.” Patty said, presenting the cake to OWM.

“Wow, thanks so much! But you guys did not have to do this for me, also, it’s kind of really early to do this.” OWM replied.

“That it is, but we had no real other good time to do this, so…” Slug replied.

“Plus, you’ll like the cake, we insist.” Mythix assured.

“Well, I guess I need something to eat before school, even though this is not what I’d call “breakfast”.” OWM replied.

“When it comes to SBC, literally anything can be breakfast here.” Slug replied.

“You wouldn’t believe what I’ve had for breakfast!” Mythix said cheerfully.

OWM then eats a piece of the cake, saving other pieces for sbl, Patty, Mythix and Slug.

“Here, I don’t want to be greedy.” OWM said.

“Wow, how modest.” Slug said.

“Maybe OWM should call himself Modest Slug for poetry.” Mythix joked.

“Thanks, but I’m not in the mood for cake.” Sbl replied, passing on it, as he heads outside to water his plants.

OWM then thinks about his vision of Wintermelon.

“Team, I had a most intriguing dream last night. I saw a vision of the Shadow Walkers attacking the Winter Kingdom. There was this guy commanding an army against them.” OWM explained.

“That must be Lord Wintermelon you saw. He is the king of the Winter Kingdom, and he has been determined to slay all of those shadow demons infesting the lands lately.” Patty replied.

“Interesting…so that is why I am supposed to meet him. He could be a key to helping us defeat the Shadow Walkers.” OWM realized.

“I don’t know, he does not seem to like working with outsiders very much.” Mythix warned.

“Well, we’re going to have to convince him. Tyeam’s voice told me he we must see him.” OWM said.

“We will have to save that for after school, because we don’t want to suffer Trophy’s wrath for playing hooky.” Patty said.

“Trust us, we’ve seen others get punished for playing hooky, and it was not something we want to happen to us.” Slug warned.

Team Destiny heads to the Spring’s Landing School, where they begin their day of training. As the day goes by, OWM looks north, seeing a large snowy mountain in the distance, making him think of the Winter Kingdom. The teams practice learning how to hunt through deep forests, which OWM gets the feeling may come in handy later. After the day is over, Team Destiny head back to the village.

“Just a warning, we can’t venture too far into the Winter Kingdom or we’ll probably turn into popsicles.” Patty said.

“I didn’t plan to stay there long, I only want to meet this Wintermelon. Before we go, I must inform sbl.” OWM told the three, as he quickly heads to sbl’s house.

“Hey there, you appear to be in a rush.” Sbl noted.

“I need to go to the Winter Kingdom. There is someone important there I must meet, they will help me defeat the Shadow Walkers.” OWM explained to sbl, startling him.

“…Are you sure? That place is not safe for any normal traveler! I may not be your guardian, but I disprove of this action!” Sbl warned.

“I know it sounds scary, but we won’t be there long. We only want to meet Wintermelon and then be on our way. We’ll take care of ourselves, the team is capable.” OWM reassured.

“Well…I suppose I can’t change your mind. But you better had be back before deep nightfall, or I will not be pleased. And be careful in that kingdom, it’s cold! You should buy some gear from SOF.” Sbl suggested.

“Thanks, will do.” OWM replied, as he exits the house.

OWM meets back with the team, as he takes them to SOF’s Shop.

“Heyo, Team Destiny!” SOF greeted.

“Hello SOF, we’re heading to the Winter Kingdom for personal reasons. We need your warmest winter gear.” OWM said to him.

“The Winter Kingdom, eh? Not a safe place to be, but will do.” SOF replied, as he looks at his clothes available.

He then shows several neat, warm winter attire for all four members. Team Destiny purchases the clothes from SOF. They pay with some of the treasure they obtained from their school quest yesterday.

“Thanks team, don’t freeze out there!” SOF replied.

“This looks nice.” Mythix said, equipping his winter gear.

OWM, Mythix, Slug and Patty leave Spring’s Landing, as they traverse upward toward the Winter Kingdom. They make it past the kingdom borders, and enter a large snowy path. Along their way, they see a field of frozen watermelons being grown.

“Who would eat frozen watermelons?” Mythix asked curiously.

“Not me, that’s for sure.” Slug replied.

The wind chill becomes colder the further they go, but their warm gear protects them. Patty looks up, to see the ice castle in the distance.

“We are almost there.” Patty said, pointing to it.

Team Destiny makes it to the settlement, with a sign indicating it as “Melon Town”. The team approaches the ice castle, but they are stopped by some of Winter’s soldiers. RDSP, who is Wintermelon’s right-hand man and most faithful confidant, approaches them.

“What's your business here?” RDSP asked them.

“We wish to speak to Lord Wintermelon.” Slug spoke.

“Fine, but I cannot promise he will be in the mood.” RDSP replied, as he heads inside the castle to fetch Wintermelon.

Wintermelon comes outside the castle, looking frustrated.

“I am Lord Wintermelon of House Melon. I rule these harsh, frosty lands. What brings you four young ones into my domain?” Wintermelon asked coldly and curiously.

“We are Team Destiny, of Spring’s Landing. We need your help in defeating the Shadow Walkers. What do you know of them?” OWM asked.

“You came to the right man, as I am their most feared hunter. They lurk the nights and turn unsuspecting people to stone. Very few have escaped to tell the tale. They have been after me for a while, since I am the ruler. Otherwise, not much is known about them, or even where they came from. Just last night I lost any of my men against them. But what can a group of kids from Spring’s Landing do against them?” Wintermelon asked.

“Kids? We’re pretty much the same age as you…” Slug said.

“Fine, but I still highly doubt you four are experienced enough to handle them,” Wintermelon replied.

“I have survived against them firsthand, and a dream told me that you are a key to helping us unlock their secrets. I had a dream of your army fighting the creatures last night. We must work together if we are to defeat the enemy.” OWM said to Wintermelon, surprising him.

“OWM here has these cool visions. He has a magical power and is definitely to be trusted.” Mythix explained.

“…You saw me and my army in a dream? Perhaps the fates have aligned for us to meet. Very well, I will help you, as rare as it is for me to work with outsiders. There must be something special about you. I’ve never even seen you in SBC before.” Wintermelon said.

“He’s new around here, but he is quite the great new team member.” Patty replied.

“Team Destiny, is it? We may work together again, and consider this a rare honor. I’ve been trying to catch one of them for a while so we can decipher. what these creatures exactly are, but with no success.” Wintermelon replied.

“We’ll do it together then. Is there anything you have for us to catch the beast with?” OWM asked.

“Uh…we could use a crate, but I don’t know if that’d hold for long.” Wintermelon replied.

“Sounds good enough to me.” Mythix replied.

“Where do they lurk in this kingdom?” Slug asked.

“When they attacked, they came from the barren ice plains, and I have no idea where they retreated.” Wintermelon replied.

OWM then feels the snowy ground with his hand, and suddenly has another vision. He sees a lone Shadow Walker lurking through a dark, icy forest in the kingdom. He then snaps back to reality.

“I may have an idea. My vision just now showed one of them in a forest somewhere in the kingdom.” OWM explained.

“It must have been Icicle Forest, as it is close to where they originated from. Very impressive power you have there. I will escort your team to it.” Wintermelon said.

“It’s almost nighttime too, so it’ll be easier to find it lurking in the forest.” Slug noted.

Winter grabs a sled, and places a crate on it. The five drag the shed through the snowy plains. Wintermelon escorts Team Destiny through the snowy plains. They are protected from the harsh coldness thanks to their winter gear. They reach the entrance to Icicle Forest, as they come to a stop. It is night time, and the forest is hard to see inside.

“The demon is lurking somewhere within these icy forests, and we will hunt it down.” Wintermelon said, holding out his ice sword.

“Good thing our lesson at school today was about hunting.” Mythix said.

“That’s a cool sword.” Patty said to Wintermelon.

“Thank you, my family forged it from the sharpest of ice in this kingdom.” Wintermelon said.

The five walk into the Icicle Forest, looking around cautiously. The Shadow Walker OWM saw in his vision quickly runs by Slug, as snow flies everywhere. Slug fires an arrow from his bow, as it misses the Shadow Walker and shatters against frozen bark on a tree.

“It’s a fast one.” Slug said.

The Shadow Walker runs by Mythix and Patty, making both fall to the snowy ground. Winter then runs through the forest, as the Shadow Walker appears from behind. Winter strikes his sword at it, but the Shadow Walker avoids it. He keeps trying to strike his sword, and accidentally strikes it against a tree.

“Hold still you foul beast!” Wintermelon yelled, taking his sword out of the tree.

Winter then slashes his sword at the creature’s right leg, as that part disappears into the shadows. This angers it further, as the Shadow Walker sends out a pulse, knocking Wintermelon to the ground. He reaches to grab his sword, but the Shadow Walker steps on it. Before it can do anything further, OWM jumps out of the shadows and punches the creature the face, dazing it. 

“Now!” OWM yelled to Patty, Slug and Mythix.

Mythix throws a smoke bag, blinding the creature’s vision further. Slug then shoots an arrow with rope around the Shadow Walker’s remaining leg, making it fall. It growls in anger, and Patty then splashes paint at its face, blinding it Winter, Mythix and Slug all come running with the crate, as they drag it forward. They are able to successfully capture the Shadow Walker, trapping it in the wooden crate. It angrily rams against the inside of the crate, trying to break out, with no luck. Mythix releases a sleep powder into the crate, putting the Shadow Walker to sleep.

“There we go.” Mythix said.

“Okay…now how do we actually get to look at the creature without us turning to stone?” Wintermelon.

“Yeah, I didn’t think that through thoroughly, but at least we got it.” OWM replied.

“We could take it to Madame Tyeam. Maybe she can give us clarity on what secrets this creature holds.” Patty suggested.

“Who is Madame Tyeam?” Wintermelon inquired.

“A psychic, who I think led me to you. She would know better on how to read these beasts than anyone else in SBC.” OWM replied.

“Very well then, though it will be strange to set foot in the Spring Kingdom after so long.” Wintermelon said.

"My sleep powder isn't going to last long, so what if it gets loose in the village?" Mythix asked.

"Light is their weakness, so we can just expose it to light and it'll die." OWM replied.

“Okay, now here comes the hard part: dragging this crate all the way back to Spring’s Landing…” Slug said.

“HEAVE, HO!” the gang yelled, pulling the sled.

After much manual labor, they manage to push the crate back to Spring’s Landing, and reach the outside of Madame Tyeam’s Fortunes. It is late at night, with nobody outside. 

“What have you brought into my fortress of solitude?” Tyeam asked curiously.

“Mrs. Tyeam, inside this crate is…a Shadow Walker.” Patty said ominously. 

“Don’t worry, it’s asleep. We want you to see if you can tell more about it.” OWM said.

“Not sure if I particularly want it in my home, but fine.” Tyeam replied.

Tyeam places her hand over the crate, analyzing the creature’s aura.

“This beast spawn from a single, powerful, evil source. Wait, I see much more now. There is a ruler among them: The Shadow King. The king is the key to defeating them. Destroy him, and you will end all of his followers. That is all I can gather from the dark minds of this beast.” Tyeam explained.

“The Shadow King, eh? Never heard of such a figure in SBC history.” Patty replied curiously.

“The king must operate from the literal shadows, not wanting to be seen and mostly letting those cretins do the work for him. Wherever he may be, he will strike when you least expect and most likely already knows of your presence.” Tyeam explained.

“We’ll show this scary “Shadow King” a thing or two if he tries to mess with Team Destiny.” Slug said confidently.

“That is all I can tell. I will keep this creature deep in my house so it cannot break loose. Thankfully, I know a few magic tricks to keep it asleep.” Tyeam said.

“Thank you, madame.” OWM replied, as they leave the tent.

“I must admit, you four impressed me. Team Destiny…you will make decent allies to the Winter Kingdom and will be a great help against the Shadow Walker threat. I thank you for your aid, you taught me there is more than meets the eye to people. I hope to work together again with your team sometime soon. I must return to my kingdom for now. Good luck on your journeys.” Wintermelon said to the four.

“It was an honor working alongside you, sir. We will avenge your lost allies." OWM replied, as they shake Wintermelon's hand.

“See you later melon flakes.” Patty said, waving goodbye to him.

Wintermelon heads back north to the Winter Kingdom.

“He was a bit rough around the edges at first, but I warmed up to him.” OWM said.

“Indeed. Well, we had quite a busy night. Sounds like time for us to hit the hay.” Slug said.

Suddenly, G4ry walks through the village, looking annoyed. He sees the four, and laughs at them.

“Hey, you kids shouldn’t be out at night, it’s dangerous. One of the boogeymen could get ya!” G4ry warned to them.

“What are you doing out at night?” OWM asked.

“None of your business boy!” G4ry replied, as he suspiciously walks away to somewhere, leaving the village.

“Yup, he’s definitely hiding something.” Patty concluded.

“We’ll worry about that another time. Right now, let us rest.” Slug replied.

They concur, as OWM, Slug, Mythix and Patty head back to their respective homes.

Wintermelon returns to Melon Town, where the village cheers for his return, but he knows not all is safe yet. He begins to plan with his soldiers on how to find the Shadow King. 

From atop a mountain, several Shadow Walkers look at the ice castle from the distance. Suddenly, the Shadow King walks forward, as the minions make way. He looks similar to the rest of the Shadow Walkers, but has a crown fused into his head and carries a shadow sword on his back. The Shadow King then looks at the soldiers his minions turned to stone. He then places his hand on dman’s statue, as it begins to glow green and ominously transform…

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4. Buried Mystery

Team Destiny are seen competing in another school competition. OWM, Mythix, Slug and Patty are traversing up a small mountain path, competing in a race against the other teams. One team is ahead of them, while Team Raiders are right behind them, as the three teams are getting closer to the peak. The team in the lead is Team What, consisting of Coffee_lover and OBAB. 

“Shortcut!” Patty yelled, noticing one hidden in the bushes, as the team quickly heads through it.

Team Raiders sees this shortcut from behind, as they follow after.  Team Destiny keeps running up the path, making it even closer to the peak. Suddenly, Kaiju throws a lasso, which trips Slug, making him fall back.

“Haha!” Kaiju taunted, as Team Raiders moves on ahead, making Team Destiny fall behind.

They see Team Raiders going ahead, but do not care, as they go back to save Slug.

“We never leave a member behind!” Mythix reminded, shouting one of their mottos, as the team helps Slug up.

“We can still beat them!” Slug encouraged, as they keep running.

Kaiju throws his lasso at Coffee and OBAB ahead, tripping both and making them lose their lead.

“We’re gonna make it!” Loopa yelled, as they see the flag up ahead on the peak.

Patty then sees a tripwire cleverly hidden on the ground.

“Slug, fire!” Patty said, pointing to the tripwire.

Slug fires one of his arrows at it, as it makes a net appear around Team Raiders, capturing all three.

“What the!?” Loopa yelled, trying to get out.

“Snooze you lose!” OWM said to the three, as Team Destiny gets in the lead, while Team What is right behind them.

"No!" Ben yelled, trying to get free.

Team Destiny is first to reach the end, as the four members grab the flag at once. The other teams arrive, and are disappointed by this outcome.

“Team Destiny gets 50 points! Team What and Team Raiders get 30 and 20 points respectively for being runner-ups!” JCM announced, appearing from behind a tree.

“…Were you waiting there the whole time?” Slug asked.

“Yes.” JCM replied.

“Dangit, they beat us again!” Loopa said frustrated, as the three manage to free themselves from the net.

“This isn’t over, we’ll find a way to get back at them…” Ben said annoyed, trying to think of a revenge. scheme.

The teams all head back to the school, and go on their way home after a long day. Team Raiders is looking grumpy, when they overhear Team Destiny up ahead.

“Well, that was quite another exhausting day chap. What do you say we partake in a feast at Fred’s Diner?” Patty offered to the team.

“I have not been there yet, so sure.” OWM replied.

“I think we should drop there for a visit too…” Ben said, hatching a revenge plan in his idea, as Loopa and Kaiju are on board.

Team Destiny heads to Fred’s Diner to relax and eat up after the exhausting day. The four enter inside, seeing several villagers at tables. A fancy wooden jukebox made by Fred is set up in there, playing the most relaxing, magical, calm tunes across SBC. 

“This place looks nice.” OWM said, admiring the decor.

“Yup, Mr. Fred really keeps this place in tip top shape.” Patty replied.

Team Raiders enters from behind without being seen, as Team Destiny approaches the counter where Fred is.

“Hello children, what can I get for y’all?” Fred asked the group.

“We’ll take the Number Five.” Slug said, reading Fred’s menu and pays in several jewels.

“Happy to oblige. Your meal will come up momentarily. Get a seat while you wait. Also, that lad seems new.” Fred noted, seeing OWM.

“Yeah, I am. Pleased to meet you, Mr. Fred.” OWM replied.

The four take a seat at a table, as they wait for their food.

“Say OWM, while on the note, since you never told us…where exactly did you come from?” Slug asked him curiously.

“The truth is, even I do not know. I just woke up in the fields outside this town out of the blue. I wandered around aimlessly until the Shadow Walkers attacked me, which led to sbl saving me and taking me in here. The way I arrived here was mysterious, and it still puzzles me. It was as if a power beyond this world sent me here.” OWM explained.

“Sounds like some real magic is at work.” Mythix replied, interested.

“Fascinating, but I truly wonder what brought you here. I feel like there had to be a deeper reason.” Slug wondered curiously.

“Madame Tyeam believes so as well. Whatever my purpose was to be here, we can discover it together. If we never know, well, I have come to terms with where I am now.” OWM replied content.

“We may never know what brought you here, but we are glad to have you in our world, OWM.” Patty replied.

Team Raiders then take their seats at a table nearby after placing their order. Slug sees them.

“I think someone’s following us…” Slug whispered, as the group quickly turns their heads to see the team.

“What are they doing here?” OWM asked, annoyed.

“Either to taunt us or they are also hungry, I presume.” Patty replied.

Fred then comes out of the kitchen with Team Destiny’s order, handing them their meal.

“Hey, where’s ours?” Kaiju asked impatiently.

“You just got in, learn a thing called patience.” Fred replied.

“Wow, this food is still just as great as ever, nice job Mr. Fred.” Mythix praised, eating up.

Fred then hands Team Raiders their meals, who dig in, but keep looking up at Team Destiny. Fred sees this.

“Do you two groups have tension or something? Because there will be no fighting in my diner!” Fred warned.

“We mean no harm, it’s them who have issues with us, probably still bitter from our school competitions.” Slug said.

“Wait, school? Are you guys those fancy exploration teams?” Fred inquired curiously.

“That’s right, we’re Team Destiny.” OWM introduced.

“And we’re Team Raiders, who are the best team from the school! Team Destiny are inferior!” Kaiju bragged.

“Hmm, well, I’ve been waiting for someone to help me with a potential curiosity. I have something that might catch your interest. There’s a place nearby that’d make quite a fun mystery worth uncovering for you…” Fred said, peeping both teams’ interests.

“What could that be?” Ben asked.

“It’s the Old Barrow, which leads to a deep underground of connected mines and tunnels. They say something creepy has been lurkin’ in those old mines. Whenever I go out at night to take out the trash, I hear odd noises coming from below…could be worth investigating for any brave adventurers. I’d do it myself, but I am no adventurer and there could be creepy lurkers down there.” Fred said ominously.

“Ooh, a mystery.” Patty replied curiously.

“Where’s the Old Barrow?” OWM asked.

“It’s on the outskirts of the village, and it has been locked up for years, so I don’t know what could be there.” Slug explained.

“Hmm…I was going to do an overcomplicated prank but this actually sounds a lot better. We’ll be the first to uncover whatever mystery is buried.” Ben said.

“We don’t have to do your dumb bet.” Slug replied.

“Why not? It’d be fun! Unless you guys are too scared to explore…” Kaiju taunted.

“A mystery is a mystery, I say it may be worth looking into it, especially if the Shadow Walkers are connected to this.” Patty said.

“Patty has a point.” OWM replied.

“Fine, we accept your offer, but we’re not doing this to “compete” with you.” Slug said.

“Oh well, you snooze you lose!” Kaiju taunted with familiar words.

“We’ll be there exactly at eight o’ clock of the night watch. If you do not want to compete, then it looks like we’ll finally beat you guys, as we’re going to uncover what that mystery is!” Ben said, as Team Raiders leave the diner.

“No tip? Okay then.” Fred said, annoyed.

“Let’s not turn this into a competition, I’m only curious about whatever is hidden in there. We could find treasure.” OWM said.

“We’ll meet up later tonight, but bring as many useful items you can, because that old place does not sound like it’s gonna be a cakewalk.” Slug said.

It is late at night and quiet. OWM sees sbl sleeping, indicating to him the coast is clear. He sneaks out of the house to meet up with the team in the village square.

“Are we ready to go?” Mythix asked.

“You bet.” Patty replied.

“Does sbl know you’re doing this?” Slug asked OWM.

“Nope, after how he reacted to me going to the Winter Kingdom, I doubt he’d react favorably to an abandoned location either.” OWM replied.

“If sbl wakes up you’re gonna be in trouble.” Mythix joked.

Team Destiny heads up a hill on the outskirts of Spring’s Landing, seeing a boarded up cave ahead. Ben, Kaiju and Loopa are already there.

“Haha, we beat you here first!” Kaiju bragged.

“That’s because we got here as early as possible.” Loopa added.

“Whatever makes you sleep at night.” Slug replied.

“May the best team win.” Ben said.

“You do realize we’re not treating this like a competition, right? This isn’t school.” OWM asked.

“Looks like we get a free win then.” Ben replied, as he begins to remove the boards from the cave entrance.

Suddenly, the ground shakes, startling both teams. Several blue, aquatic ball lights emerge from the ground and begin to fly around.

“What are those, a bunch of flying water balls?” Loopa asked, not threatened.

“Do not come here ever again, or you will see something you shall regret.” A voice warned from the lights, putting both teams on edge.

“Oh no, we’ve angered the spirits!” Mythix panicked.

“You pissed off those lights, Ben!” Kaiju said, annoyed.

“Well how was I supposed to-“ Ben was saying.

Suddenly, the lights swarm around Loopa, taking him by surprise. They send a blast at Loopa, making him disappear, startling everyone.

“AAAAAAAAHHH!!!” Ben and Kaiju yelled at once, trying to find their friend.

“Whatever is lurking down there definitely does not want our company, chaps!” Patty noted.

The lights then disappear, as both groups try to comprehend what just happened.

“Let’s get Loopa back, forget the competition!” Ben said, as him and Kaiju run into the barrow at once to find Loopa.

“Well now we have to investigate. Not a fan of them, but we cannot just let them be captured by…whatever those were.” OWM said.

“Yeah, helping people was one of our first lessons at school, so we must never deny someone in need.” Patty said.

Team Destiny walks into the barrow, as OWM holds up a torch to illuminate the dark cavern. Several bats fly out of hiding, as the gang avoids them.

“Cute bats.” Mythix noted.

As they walk along the trail, there are ancient carvings among the walls depicting whales and sharks.

“Not sure what these have to do with anything…” OWM said, holding his torch closer to the drawings.

“Sharks and whales? But we’re nowhere near the ocean…” Patty said, confused.

OWM keeps shining the torch around, trying to guide them further through the cave. 

“No sign of Kaiju or Ben, so those two knuckleheads must have gone deep into the cave by now.” Slug said.

“Or those water balls caught them too…” Mythix suggested.

“Wouldn’t be surprised. Keep a close eye around.” OWM warned, as they go downward through the caverns.

OWM gets the sensation they are being watched, as he carefully shines the torch around through the shadows. 

“Is everything okay?” Slug asked him.

“No, someone is definitely watching us, and it’s not a familiar presence…” OWM said.

“Come out mysterious stranger, we won’t bite.” Mythix echoed through the shadows.

They arrive at a fork in the path. One of the paths has a rail line, where and old mine cart is at the start. 

“My instinct tells me we need to go down the mine path. The other is not what we seek.” OWM said, feeling it.

“Anyone up for a ride?” Patty asked, readying the cart.

“Guess we have no other choice if OWM says so.” Slug said.

The four get into the mine cart. It goes off and rides down the tracks, taking them deeper into the caves. 

“Whoa…” Mythix said, as the cart goes fast, and he tries to see through the darkness.

The cart comes to a stop at the bottom, as they get off.

“It appears we are at the cave’s lowest depths. Whatever our enemy is, it must be near.” Slug said.

The four prepare themselves, as they walk forward. Several lanterns are lined up along the walls, making a path forward. OWM then has a vision, as he sees a blurred out figure in a pit, where Loopa, Kaiju and Ben are being held. His vision then ends.

“The Raiders are ahead. Someone, or something, has them captive.” OWM said.

“Oh boy…” Patty said, preparing his art material.

The four walk down the path, and arrive at the pit OWM’s vision showed. Ben, Kaiju and Loopa are shown knocked out and trapped by blue water swirls. They approach the three, about to rescue them, when the ground shakes again. The light water balls form in the air, as the four are on edge. The lights keep swarming around and around. They then take the shapes of four shark entities, surprising the team. A shark entity is on each corner of the pit, ready to attack.

“So that’s what those cave drawings were for…” Mythix realized.

In the center of the pit, another blue light forms. It takes the form of a whale creature with red eyes, which is WhaleBlubber. Patty, Mythix and Slug recognize him.

“It can’t be…is that the legendary beast…WhaleBlubber!?” Patty panicked.

“But I thought he was vanquished ages ago!” Slug replied, in disbelief.

“Who is WhaleBlubber? Out of the loop on the lore here.” OWM asked.

“He was a feared creature across the SBC seas, but he was slain ages ago long before our time…” Patty explained.

“What if it’s his ghost wanting revenge?” Mythix suggested.

WhaleBlubber lets out a loud roar, preparing to attack Team Destiny. Slug fires multiple arrows at the shark entities, hitting each one, but the arrows just dissolve their bodies.

“That type is out.” Slug gulped, frantically looking through his bag.

The shark entities growl, and charge forward. Mythix throws several smoke bombs to distract them, blinding their view. However, the sharks use their sense of smell to track down the team, who run about through the smoke. OWM jumps around, trying to avoid the sharks. Patty splats paint at one of the sharks, blinding it and its smell, making it lose control. Mythix then throws several magic pebbles at the shark, which slows it down. Slug then tries a different arrow, this time with an electrical touch after igniting it. He fires it at the shark, defeating it. He then fires more of the same arrows at the other sharks, hurting them. OWM then jumps on one of the other sharks and rides it, sending it smashing against the wall and knocking it out.

“Apparently I’m a shark rider now.” OWM noted.

WhaleBlubber then roars again and shoots out a large amount of water from its mouth, sweeping it across the whole pit. The four try to avoid it, but the water blast douses them, and washes them around the room. The group gets back up undeterred. Mythix and Patty are able to knock out the other two sharks, leaving just WhaleBlubber. OWM then sees a glowing blue object on WhaleBlubber’s head, figuring it is a weak point. 

“Slug, shoot your arrows at that.” OWM said, pointing to it.

Slug tries to fire his electric arrows, but realizes the water blast broke his bow, making it unable to shoot.

“This is bad.” Slug said, worried.

 Mythix throws several more magic pebbles to stall WhaleBlubber, but he is agile and moves around fast, avoiding them. Patty then shoots paint at WhaleBlubber, but it does little to it. He gets angry and is ready to shoot another water blast, this time, more powerful than the last. OWM looks around, seeing their low on options, and decides he’ll throw the arrow.

“I’ll do it. Give me the arrow.” OWM said, surprising Slug.

“Are you sure you can make it?” Slug asked.

“Let’s hope.” OWM replied, as Slug worryingly hands him it.

As WhaleBlubber is ready to fire, OWM concentrates. He runs around, and right at the moment WhaleBlubber is about to fire, he quickly throws the electric arrows. It goes right for the head, smashing right into the blue gem. The electric pulse flows through all of WhaleBlubber’s body. WhaleBlubber then collapses to the ground, defeated. 

“Your plan worked!” Patty said, surprised.

"Way to go!" Mythix said, happy.

"You've got quite an aim without an a bow." Slug noted.

Suddenly, WhaleBlubber’s body and the other sharks begin to disappear into the same blue light that took Team Raiders away. It is revealed the “WhaleBlubber” and the sharks were actually illusions.

“It wasn’t real. Someone made that to scare us off.” Slug realized.

“A magical illusion, huh…makes more sense than a ghost.” Mythix said.

“Fine, you got me. It was me who’s been scaring you. I must admit, you are quite the skilled team to defeat my illusions…” A voice said.

SpongeRobert appears from out of hiding, wearing an aquatic wizard getup. He then waves a staff, freeing Kaiju, Ben and Loopa from their prisons, along with waking them up.

“What the, is the whale gone…” Ben asked, looking around.

“You guys saved us?” Loopa asked, surprised.

“Yes, all of the illusions you saw were fake, created by that wizard.” OWM said, pointing to SpongeRobert.

“Call me Rob. I conjure up “WhaleBlubber” to scare people away from my secret water spot!” Robert revealed.

“A secret lake? Is there any treasure in it!?” Kaiju asked greedily.

“No, no treasure. It contains several rare species of shark that I have been protecting for years. I scare people off so the sharks are not put in danger. My apologies for scaring you kids, but I presumed you came here to harm them…or at least that team did.” Robert said, referring to Raiders, which annoys them.

“Aw, that’s lame…so this whole adventure was pointless.” Kaiju sighed.

“Despite our rivalry, I will say thank you for saving us, Team Destiny.” Loopa said, grateful to them.

“Whatever.” Ben replied, shrugging.

“This doesn’t mean we’re cool, but we’ll call this a draw. Smell ya later!” Kaiju replied, as the three hightail it out of there.

“Oh well. Not everyone will be grateful for your deeds.” OWM replied, shrugging.

“I see a pure heart in you four. Would you like to see my secret water spot?” Robert offered.

“Sure!” The four replied.

Robert shows them to his secret water area, where several rare and majestic species of sharks are.

“Fascinating…” Patty said, painting a picture of them.

“I sense good vibes from all of you. Promise to keep this a secret?” Robert asked.

“We will, sir. That is our promise.” OWM replied.

“I have an interest in the magic, and I must ask, how did you make those cool illusions? Could be useful.” Mythix wondered to Robert.

“It may be a bit too advanced for you little one, but I will gladly demonstrate to you!” Robert said, as he waves his staff, and summons another shark illusion in the water, fascinating Mythix.

“Ooh, I want to learn so much more!” Mythix replied, as the four have a fun time.

Later, Team Destiny exits the barrow, waving farewell to Robert. They make their way back to their homes.

“Well we may not have found anything Shadow Walker related, but we sure did uncover an intriguing twist lurking beneath the caves.” Slug said.

“At least he was nice enough to teach me some new magic.” Mythix said.

“A wizard that protects sharks guarding a cave, just when I thought I’ve seen it all. That journey made me realize how many secrets SBC has.” OWM said.

“Indeed, and who knows what others could be lurking when we least expect it.” Patty said curiously.

The four head back to their respective homes. OWM sneaks back in, with sbl thankfully still asleep. Meanwhile, Team Raiders walk back to the village, looking tired and annoyed. Robert had followed them from behind and hides behind a tree.

“Ugh, stupid Team Destiny…we’ll beat them at something!” Ben vowed.

Robert then conjures up one of his shark illusions, as it appears before the team. They scream, and run off back to the village, all while Robert laughs. 

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5. Hoist the Colours

OWM wakes up one morning, ready for adventure. Sbl has made him breakfast, which the two happily eat together.

“Today’s a big day. I hear the school is planning their first big field trip in a while.” Sbl explained.

“Indeed, all of the teams will be taking a voyage to Inferno Isle at the Summer Kingdom to hunt for treasure. I hope it shall be a fun hunt.” OWM replied.

“The Summer Kingdom is a beautiful place to be at all times! I y’all enjoy your adventure, and stay safe, because those islands can be dangerous places!” Sbl replied.

“We will be cautious, sir. The school staff is coming along with extra security and precautions against any threats.” OWM explained.

“Good on them! I wish I could go with ya kids, but alas, I have many important things to do.” Sbl replied.

“That reminds me, I’ve noticed you keep going out at night lately. What are you up to?” OWM asked out of curiosity.

“Busy checking on the fields and doing some mining, it keeps me busy. But I am glad I get to spend time with you while I can! You have adapted to this realm quite well.” Sbl said, proud of OWM, as they finish their breakfast.

OWM grabs his backpack filled with all of his materials for the trip. He exits sbl’s house and walks into the village square, where he sees Mythix, Patty and Slug.

“You guys ready for the big trip?” OWM asked them.

“You bet.” Slug replied, showing his newly repaired bow.

“I’m ready!” Patty said eagerly.

“Same here, this will be fun.” Mythix replied, having many of his magic powders ready.

The team heads to the school courtyard, where all of the other teams are gathered, prepared for the trip as well. Team Raiders looks at Team Destiny.

“Okay guys, let’s ACTUALLY beat them this time at finding something!” Ben said to Kaiju and Loopa determined.

“Do we even know what the treasure is at Inferno Isle?” Loopa asked.

“Legends say that elusive treasure is called the “Fire Heart”, hidden deep within the most molten mountain on the island. I cannot wait to nab the treasure, assuming it is real and not another idiotic myth like our cave exploration turned out.” Kaiju explained, annoyed over those events.

“I never want to see another shark.” Loopa said.

JCM and Trophy ring a bell in the center, gathering all teams’ attentions.

“Attention all teams, our journey to Inferno Island is about to begin, and yes, I am enthusiastic despite what it may sound like.” Trophy announced.

The teams then cheer.

“Treasure! Adventure! Fire!!” The team members yelled from the crowd.

“We will depart to the coasts where our ships await for departure. Tread carefully once the ships make way, teams. There be pirates and dangerous creatures out in these murky waters, but as long as ye stay on board ye should be safe.” JCM warned, speaking like a pirate himself.

“Hopefully we don’t come across more sharks on the way.” Mythix joked, referencing their exploration days ago.

The teams then all follow JCM and Trophy, who escort them through the village. The villagers see the large group coming, curious where they are headed. 

“Eh, looks like they have an adventure ahead of ‘em…” SOF noticed, as Halibut buys merchandise from his store.

“Happy trails!” Steel said, waving to the teams.

The villagers all wish the teams best of luck on their journey, as they keep heading forward. They reach a coast where five wooden ships are, waiting for the teams to board. Team Destiny boards the fourth boat along with Team What, Trophy and JCM. Team Raiders end up on the third boat away from Team Destiny, much to their dismay.

“Curses, I wanted to annoy them!” Kaiju said disappointed.

“Hey kids, you get to ride with me! Are you excited?” JCM asked to Team Destiny and Team What.

“And do not forget me!” Trophy added.

“Sure I guess.” Slug replied, shrugging.

“Welp, this looks like quite an adventure ahead…” Coffee_lover said, looking out at the ocean horizons with OBAB.

Team Destiny also looks out at the ocean horizon, and OWM looks in wonder, curious what will await at Inferno Isle. The five ships then sail off, heading through the waters that will lead them to the Summer Kingdom over yonder. As the ships sail onward, Team Raiders looks out at the waters, to see a few sharks.

“NOT MORE SHARKS!” Kaiju said, panicking and frustrated.

As the ship keeps sailing, Team Raiders hides in terror. However, it turns out the sharks were more illusions of SpongeRobert, who is seen on the coast line watching and chuckling. He then makes his shark illusions go away. Several other team members look out at the ocean to try to see the sharks Team Raiders allegedly saw, but see nothing. They then laugh at the team and continue walking around the ship. Suddenly, a real shark is seen in the water, as all of the teams see it, worrying.

“Stay calm, do not try to provoke the creature.” JCM announced o everyone on his ship.

“Sharks are cool so no problem here.” Mythix said eagerly.

As the ships keep making way, suddenly, from out of the fog, a pirate ship appears. This startles all of the teams, along with JCM and Trophy.

“Great, now I get a chance to use this if they try anything.” Trophy replied, holding a battle axe close on his belt.

“Someone came prepared.” Slug noted.

The pirate crew yells, as the pirate ship approaching the five ships. Jjs is shown to be the captain of the pirate crew, wearing a fancy pirate getup. He walks down the captain stairs, but ends up tripping and lands into a pile of barrels. The team members laugh at this. From their ships, but Jjs stands back up on top of a barrel, looking out at the ships.

“Ahoy mateys! Apologies for the error there. I be Captain Jjs of this here crew, and we are going to be commandeering one of yer ships. Savvy?” Captain Jjs threatened to the crew. 

“Oh dear…” JCM said, worried.

“Hopefully it’s not our ship.” Patty said.

“Can you commandeer their ship?” Kaiju taunted, pointing to the ship with Team Destiny.

“We will decide this with a game of random pick. And I pick…..uh….not that one….yes, I see it now…that one!” Jjs said, pointing to the ship. With Team Destiny on it.

“Oh okay.” JCM replied.

“Oh no!” OBAB replied.

“OH YEAH!” Kaiju yelled from the other ship.

Jjs’ ship approaches theirs, as Trophy tries to turn it around. Several of the other team’s ships reveal cannonballs from the bottoms, as they open fire on Jjs’ ship. 

“PREPARE TO BOARD!” Jjs yelled to his crew, getting his ship out of the mess.

Jjs and his crew all jump as the ship gets closer, landing on the deck. Jjs smugly holds out his sword. His first mate is LocalAquatic, who wears an eyepatch and holds out a small pistol.

“Yarr.” LocalAquatic said, as everyone on board raises their hands in surrender.

However, Trophy is not so quick to surrender, as he quickly holds out his axe. He charges and swings it at Jjs, but he avoids it. Jjs then hooks his sword onto the ax, and sends it flying out of Trophy’s hands into the water. 

“…Well there went my plan.” Trophy sighed, as he holds up his hands in surrender for real this time.

“We cannot fire on one of our own ships!” Renegade yelled from a ship nearby.

The other team’s ships are unable to do anything without harming the crew on board, as they stop. Jjs now has the ship held hostage.

“I suggest one ye call off the fleet or else my crew will get really nasty. Savvy?” Jjs bargained.

“We’re not really giving into pirates, are we?” Trophy asked JCM.

“Don’t have much of a choice here. Attention all other ships, go on without us to the island. We will make it.” JCM ordered from a loud megaphone out at sea.

The other ships are hesitant to do anything.

“That’s an order!” JCM added.

The ships regrettably keep sailing, making their way to Inferno Isle. Many of the team members look back, hoping the residents on board are all okay.

“Haha!” Kaiju taunted.

“Good lad. See, this won’t be so bad. I take control of your ship and you all can…go free.” Jjs said.

“What will you do with our ship after this?” OWM asked.

“I dunno yet. I improvise this scheme as I go along, ar ar ar!” Jjs replied.

“Can you give us a ride to Inferno Isle?” Patty offered nicely.

“That was not a part of the deal, friend.” Jjs replied.

“Darn, I thought it would be worth a shot…” Patty sighed.

“We can get out of this, guys. I refuse to swim all the way there.” OWM said to his team, along with Coffee, OBAB, JCM and Trophy.

“But how? They are armed with swords and guns, and my arrows won’t do much good.” Slug said.

“We improvise, just like he is.” OWM said, as he quickly jumps up.

“Wait hold on-“ JCM was saying, not ready.

OWM charges at one of the pirates, and takes their sword. The rest all break free, as Jjs’ crew attacks back. Mythix throws some magic powder to blind the pirates.

“I cannot see!” Local panicked, trying to shoot, but his bullet hits a barrel, missing.

Jjs tries to see through the smoke, as he slashes his sword around. As Patty, Slug, Mythix, Coffee, OBAB, JCM and Trophy deal with the other pirates, OWM charges up to jjs with the stolen pirate sword. OWM clashes the pirate sword against Jjs’, as the two duel through the smoke. The smoke clears, as the two keep clashing swords across the deck. Local gets his gun disarmed by one of Slug’s arrows, and Trophy then tackles him. The rest of the pirate crew are taken care of by Mythix, Slug, Trophy and Patty. OWM then disarms jjs’ sword, leaving him defenseless. Jjs is shocked, as his crew surrenders.

“Well, I’ll be. These kids actually bested us! And as a prize for doing so, this matey here gets one of me swords…” Jjs said to OWM, surprising him.

“…Why?” OWM asked, confused, as jjs hands him one of his spare pirate swords.

“It only be fair, matey. Pirate code says if a swordsman bests ya, ye must give up a weapon.” Jjs said, nobly accepting defeat.

Jjs gives OWM one of his steel pirate swords. OWM now finally has his own weapon.

“Okay, thanks. But please get off our ship.” OWM said.

“Aye!” Jjs said.

Jjs and his pirate crew all jump off, landing back onto their ship. Before Trophy can get the ship on path again, cannonballs are fired from the pirate ship. Trophy barely swerves it, as one cannonball hits the bottom, causing water to pour in. 

“I thought you guys were giving up?” JCM asked, confused.

“A real pirate never gives in! But I admire that kid’s skills, I cannot deny that.” Jjs replied, as cannonballs keep being fired.

The ship manages to get away, as it heads for Inferno Isle in the distance.

“Curses!” LocalAquatic yelled, as they escape their view.

“We did it!” Patty yelled.

“Thank you all for your help.” Coffee said to them, grateful.

“And thankfully nobody died, you would not believe how scared I was back there.” JCM said.

The ship approaches Inferno Isle, as everyone who made it there already sees this.

“They’re safe!” a team member said from the coast, happy and relieved to see the last ship coming in.

“Dangit!” Kaiju said annoyed.

The teams cheer for them. The ship makes port at the rocky coast. They all get off safely and appear at the main ground.

“Good, everyone made it after that stressful encounter. We’ll camp out here for the night, and make way to the mountain in the morning.” Trophy explained to the teams.

“Wow, we really are here. I cannot wait to go exploring for the Fire Heart!” Mythix said eagerly.

"The Summer Kingdom sure is hot so far." OWM said, feeling the heat from the mountain peak above.

Team Destiny looks at the island ahead of them, prepared to explore and get the treasure. They then go into their tents to sleep, as do all of the other teams. OWM then holds up the pirate sword Jjs gave him and looks at it, content he has his own weapon now.

At night, several Shadow Walkers are seen heading to the blazing mountain peak. Suddenly, an inferno vortex appears in front of them, startling them. HawkbitAlpha appears from out of the fire, who is the protector of the island.

“You will not keep terrorizing this kingdom, vile demons!” Hawk boomed to the Shadow Walkers.

He holds out a magical device, sending fire blasts at the Shadow Walkers. They are incinerated by the light and fade away into the night. Hawk then disappears into another fiery vortex, as ashes fly around. The Shadow King then walks forward, having witnessed this. He observes the path ahead curiously, and then walks away.

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6. Fire Heart

At Inferno Isle, the sun rises. The teams all get out of their tents, ready for adventure.

“Up and at ‘em!” Trophy yelled, waking any stragglers up.

Team Destiny gets out of their tent, looking at the fiery mountain before them.

“Blimey, that looks like it will be quite the hike…” Patty said, observing the mountain, and making a brief sketch of it to analyze further.

“Whatever awaits us ahead, I am sure we can do it. We have survived a Shadow Walker, a fake WhaleBlubber and pirates.” Slug said.

“True, we can do anything if we work really hard.” Mythix encouraged.

“Indeed we can. And thankfully, I now finally have my own weapon to work with instead of just relying on weird visions or luck.” OWM said.

OWM holds the pirate sword he received from Captain Jjs firmly, ready to use it if need be.

“Attention everyone! It is time to begin our quest for the Fire Heart. There are multiple entrances up the mountain, so I will divide the teams on which path to take.” Trophy explained, as he begins to break up the teams. 

“Team Destiny, you and Team What will be heading through the west path.” Trophy said, getting to them.

“Looks like we are stuck together again, eh?” Coffee_lover said, surprised.

“I cannot promise we will be together the whole way, as that treasure is ours.” Slug playfully teased.

“Not if we get to it first!” OBAB said determined.

“…and lastly, Team Raiders will enter through the east path with Team Unicorn.” Trophy finished, showing Team Unicorn, which consists of Renegade, Wendy and GreyKnight.

“Greetings, comrades!” Renegade waved to Team Raiders.

“Ugh, why do we have to go with them!?” Kaiju said, annoyed.

“Do not worry, we can ditch them the moment we enter the cave. After that, we will make sure Team Destiny does not get the treasure.” Ben explained to Kaiju and Loopa.

Trophy escorts the teams up the mountains to their respective paths. JCM stays behind, sitting on a wooden chair and relaxing.

“Mr. JCM, are you coming along?” Patty asked him.

“Oh heavens no, it is way too hot. I am staying down here where the temperature is preferable!” JCM replied.

“And of course I have to go up…” Trophy grumbled, annoyed.

“Onward, to the treasure men!” Kaiju yelled to Loopa and Ben, as they head up the mountain.

“Something tells me Wintermelon would really hate this location…” Mythix said, feeling the heat as they make their way up.

The teams all make it to their respective entrances, as Trophy is relieved he does not have to go inside the fiery mountain. Teams Unicorn and Raiders walk around through a molten cave path. As Team Unicorn look around curiously in wonder, Team Raiders quickly scram.

“Hey guys, do you know where….oh.” Renegade was asking, as he sees the team has left.

Ben, Kaiju and Loopa keep running down the dark, molten path, happy to be away from Team Unicorn. 

“Whew, we are aware from them.” Loopa said, relieved.

Suddenly, several fire bats come flying out of hiding, scaring the three. Ben shoots several arrows to scare the bats off, but they burn through his arrows. The fire bats keep swarming around them, worrying the team.

“RETREAT!” Ben ordered, panicking.

Team Raiders then runs away from the area, fleeing from the bats.

Meanwhile, Teams Destiny and What enter through their path. 

“Welp, this is where we go our separate ways. Best of luck in the hunt!” Coffee_lover said, as he and OBAB head down a path in search of the treasure.

“Looks like we have this way then.” OWM said, as they keep going on their main path.

They come across a floor ahead with many tiles. Before the team can go onward, Slug stops them.

“Hold on, these tiles are clearly rigged with traps.” Slug warned.

He throws a pebble onto one tile. It presses down, as the tile makes a trap door appear beneath it.

“Good catch, Slug. If my guesses are correct, every two tiles appear to be rigged based on that one’s position.” Patty said, as she throws another pebble at a tile, which has nothing happen.

The team then jumps to that tile. Patty throws several more rocks at tiles, guiding their way through the right path. They make it to the other side safely without activating any trap tiles. Suddenly, several more fire bats come flying out of holes, swarming around the team. Slug then grabs a magic water arrow, and fires it, dousing some of the bats. The team then makes their way onward, getting out of the area. 

Meanwhile, Team Raiders explores another part of the mountain, seeing several teams ahead of them. They keep walking, coming across another set of trap tiles. The team carefully steps forward, when their trap tile activates a smoke bomb. It covers all three, splattering ash all over them.

“Eww, get it off!” Kaiju panicked, as he quickly hurries ahead.

“Wait!” Ben yelled, as Kaiju sets off more traps.

The three panic, as they barely make it to the other side without being hit by traps.

“Ow…” Loopa grained, trying to see through the ash all over him.

Meanwhile, Team Destiny arrives at a dead end. There is an ancient door in their way with a strange puzzle on it. Above the door, the words “Up is down” are seen engraved into the wall.

“Up is down…what does that mean?” OWM wondered.

“It looks like this is a puzzle.” Slug realized, as he slides one of the tiles.

“Maybe we have to solve the puzzle while doing it upside-down?” Patty suggested, as she does a headstand and gets a headache. “Okay, maybe not…”

They all move the tiles around, to form a fire symbol. However, nothing happens.

“Did we get a tile wrong?” OWM asked confused, as he feels around on the stone.

“Wait a minute…it says “Up is down”. What if that means the fire needs to be upside-down in this puzzle?” Mythix suggested, as the team thinks this over, surprised.

“You know what, you may be onto something.” Patty said, surprised.

The team then rearranges the puzzle, having the fire flame image be upside-down in the tiles. The team waits, as nothing happens. Suddenly, the area around shakes, causing the ancient door to open up.

“Wow, did not expect that to work.” Mythix said.

“I guess vague riddles do have meaning after all.” Slug said, as the team heads into the cavern.

Team Raiders searches around, still lost in the mountain. Ben then sees the open door in the distance, and smiles.

“Fret not men, we may not be lost for much longer. A miracle has appeared!” Ben said to them, confusing Kaiju and Loopa.

He then points to the open path where Team Destiny went in, as they head for it.

Team Destiny keeps walking down the cavern path, as they feel it keeps getting hotter and hotter. The team arrives at the deepest part of the fiery mountain, as they see magma flowing down from several spots on the wall. At the end of the cavern, a glowing, red gem can be seen.

“The Fire Heart…” Slug said, seeing it.

“It is beautiful!” Mythix said, impressed.

Before the two can make any sudden movements…

“HALT!” Hawk’s voice boomed, startling the team.

HawkbitAlpha appears out of a fiery vortex, looking at the team angrily.

“How DARE you trespass on my territory!” Hawk said, about to shoot them with fire.

“Hold on sir, we meant no harm. We are on a mission for our school to find the Fire Heart. Many teams are here searching for it. We are Team Destiny.” OWM tried to reason, as Hawk calms down a little, but is still annoyed. 

“I do not enjoy intruders. The Fire Heart belongs to the island, and I, HawkbitAlpha, am its guardian. Many have come to claim this treasure…and many have failed, shocker. If you truly want the treasure, you must face your final test: besting me in combat.” Hawk challenged to the team, who look nervous, but compose themselves together.

“We accept your challenge, warrior.” OWM said.

“Uh, I do not know if I am ready…” Mythix replied, looking through his spell bags.

“Well you will have to be, because here he comes!” Slug yelled, as Hawk quickly charges at them.

He sends multiple fire blasts around the cave, making the area hotter to weaken the team. Mythix then throws a magic smoke at Hawk, trying to obscure his view, but Hawk is able to see through it. He charges at Mythix and pushes him down to the ground.

“Oof, this guy is tough…” Mythix said, feeling burnt.

Slug fires multiple water arrows, but Hawk avoids them quickly. Patty then appears from behind and splashes paint at Hawk, distracting him. This allows Slug to strike Hawk’s right arm with another water arrow, hurting him and slowing him down bit. OWM then slashes his sword at Hawk, who sends a fire wave at OWM, knocking him back. Hawk then knocks the sword out of OWM’s hand, and sends him flying against the wall. He then knocks Patty and Slug down to the ground as well, who all feel burnt and tired out. Team Destiny feels defeated, as they are unable to move further.

“He is too strong…” Patty said, trying to breathe.

“Is this the best you children have got? I suppose I should not have expected so much.” Hawk said, ready to attack them again.

Suddenly, OWM has a vision, showing the Tree of Light at the center of SBC. It begins glowing, and OWM feels awakened by its power, as if calls to him. It then grants him its power, much to OWM’s surprise. Back in the cave, OWM’s body begins to glow, confusing the team.

“Uh…OWM, are you okay mate?” Patty asked.

OWM then gets up, readying his sword, as he is not giving up.

“I do not know what just happened or why I am glowing, but I am not out of the game yet.” OWM replied determined.

“What power is this?” Hawk wondered curiously.

OWM then rushes forward with the Tree of Light’s power through his body. He swings his sword at Hawk, surprising him. Hawk sends a fire blast, but OWM holds his sword up, and using the Tree of Light’s glowing power, makes the blast go away.

“How is this possible!?” Hawk panicked, as the team watches in awe.

OWM strikes Hawk with the sword in his right arm, which Slug had weakened earlier. This makes Hawk lose focus, and OWM pushes him to the ground. Hawk accepts defeat. OWM then stops glowing, as the Tree of Light’s power goes away.

“…Well, huh. What do you know. I do not know what trick you just pulled off, but I am a man of my word. You have proven your strength, Team Destiny.” Hawk said, impressed by their skills.

Suddenly, Team Raiders comes rushing into the area, running for the Fire Heart.

“Thanks for taking care of the guard for us!” Kaiju taunted, as they grab the Fire Heart.

Team Destiny charges at them, but Ben throws some of the ash smoke into their eyes, blinding them.

“By your leave, Team Destiny.” Ben bragged, as the team laughs and makes off with the Fire Heart.

“No!” Slug yelled.

“Not to worry. That is a fake I use to fool thieves. The real Fire Heart…is here.” Hawk said, as he concentrates. 

Out of a magma pool, the real Fire Heart arises.

“Take it.” Hawk said.

The team walks forward, as OWM grabs it, feeling how hot it is.

“Ouch.” OWM said, as Slug puts it in a bag.

“Soon those imbeciles will realize they have a fake, but I am honored to have a team like you take it. What power exactly did you activate back there, swordsman?” Hawk asked OWM.

“I wish I could tell you. I saw a vision of the Tree of Light, and it was as if it gave me a boost.” OWM explained.

“The Tree of Light? Whoa…” Mythix said, surprised, as are Patty and Slug.

“Fascinating, it appears to be connected to you somehow. You are a special one, OWM, and your whole team, even if their skills could use work.” Hawk said.

“You know, we could use your power against the Shadow Walkers.” Slug said.

“Believe me, I already have encountered those cretins many times. They are no match for me. I see the potential in your little crew. Someday, we can work together again. But for now, leave those shadow beasts to me. I will protect the Summer Kingdom from them, and you can protect the Spring Kingdom.” Hawk said.

“Yes sir!” Patty saluted.

“I will need time to rest my wound. Take care.” Hawk said, feeling his right arm, and disappears into another fire vortex.

All of the teams make their way out of the mountain, as Team Raiders greedily look at their fake Fire Heart. Suddenly, it fades away, confusing them.

“Hey, our treasure is gone!” Loopa panicked.

“It was a fake, sorry guys.” Slug said to them, as he smugly holds the real Fire Heart.

Team Raiders’ jaws drop, as they are unable to say anything further. 

“Wow, Team Destiny is first to find a treasure yet again! That’s one hundred points for them, yes, you heard that right!” JCM announced, as Team Raiders sigh and head back onto their boat.

“Wow, we are unstoppable!” Patty said, impressed.

“Good job, all of you.” OWM said.

“We owe you thanks most of all, for that surprise mysterious tree power you got back there. You truly are special, OWM…” Slug said, curious.

"Yeah, I heard many stories about the Tree of Light, but never knew it could give people its power at random." Mythix said.

The rest of the teams get back onto their ships, which set sail for the Spring Kingdom.

“Hopefully we do not have another pirate encounter, the last one was enough for me.” Patty said.

“At least OWM has a pirate sword this time to scare off those scoundrels.” Slug replied.

“Even though I do not fully understand what happened with the Tree of Light’s power back there, at least. have found another ally to help us against the Shadow Walkers. Hawk appears to be a fine protector of the Summer Kingdom. I know we will cross paths again.” OWM said, looking back at Inferno Isle from the ship as it sails off.

They then look at the Spring Kingdom in the distance, relieved to be heading back home. OWM then thinks about the Tree of Light again, and wonders what secrets it is holding, along with his connection to it.

Later at night, Hawk is seen atop the mountain peak, patrolling around. Suddenly, Hawk is attacked by several Shadow Walkers, including the Shadow King. 

“So, you show your face, eh coward?” Hawk provoked aggressively to the Shadow King, who does not respond.

As the Shadow Walkers charge to Hawk, he sends fire blasts, incinerating them. The whole time however, the Shadow King had just been standing in position patiently with the rest of his Walkers.

“Are you going to attack, or will you make this easy for me?” Hawk asked, about to attack his forces again with another fire blast.

The Shadow King then quickly hurls a stunning spear at Hawk. He tries to evade it, but it strikes his right arm, taking him down to the ground. Hawk struggles to get up, but the Shadow King gets to him first. The Shadow King then touches Hawk, turning him to stone. The Shadow King smiles contently and leaves with what remains of his forces. The Hawk statue remains there, showing his panicked expression.

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7. Spirit of Adventure

After returning to Spring’s Landing, Team Destiny has settled back home and relaxes. OWM is at sbl’s house, eating a meal sbl prepared for his return. Sbl is happy to see him again.

“Thank you for the patronage, it means a lot.” OWM replied.

“Anything for a friend! Now then, how was your adventure?” Sbl asked OWM.

“Thrilling, scary…and also very hot. I am mostly glad we are back in one piece.” OWM replied.

“Did you obtain the treasure?” Sbl inquired.

“Indeed we did, the Fire Heart was claimed by our team. Getting to it was no easy task however, we had to face a guard in order to prove our worth.” OWM replied, as this catches sbl’s interest.

“I heard stories of a protector on Inferno Isle. Hawkbit is their name, is it not?”  Sbl inquired.

“It was. We became good allies by the end though, and he vows to protect the island from the Shadow Walkers.” OWM explained, which gathers sbl’s interest.

“Does he now? I wish him best of luck then. Anyways, what fun adventures do you and your friends plan today?” Sbl asked OWM.

“Well, there is no school today, so we can get a long needed break on that end. I suppose we shall see what the winds bring us going forward.” OWM replied.

“Indeed you shall. The winds also tell me that today will be…calm. And perhaps insightful.” Sbl said oddly, as he heads outside to tend to his plants.

OWM still ponders over the Tree of Life power he received during his fight with Hawk. He then heads out to the village.

“Have fun with your friends!” Sbl said, waving to OWM, as he keeps tending to the plants.

OWM heads into the village square, where he sees Patty, Slug and Mythix waiting for him.

“It is nice to be back in Spring’s Landing.” Mythix said.

Madame Team is walking away from SOF’s Store after having just purchased items from it.

“Is that Shadow Walker still safe in your quarters?” Slug asked Tyeam curiously.

“Remain asleep, the beast does. And before you ask, I know about your adventure you just returned from. A powerful new ally, you made there. He will be helpful not too far off in the future, do not forget.” Tyeam noted cryptically.

“Will do, madame.” OWM replied.

“I hope you have a nice day, Mrs. Tyeam!” Patty said to her

“Using my psychic powers, I am pretty sure I will regardless, but thanks for the sentiment!” Tyeam replied, heading back to her residence.

SOF then catches sight of Team Destiny nearby and waves to them.

“Heyo Team Destiny, how was the trip?” SOF asked curiously.

“It was great, and also kind of scary. We had to deal with pirates, fire and a tough island guardian.” Mythix explained.

“Oooh, that sounds rough and impossible…” SOF said.

“When you are explorers like us, the impossible can become possible.” Slug said confidently. 

“Heh, that is a good motto. Keep doing good, Team Destiny! I am rooting for you!” SOF replied happily.

“Thanks, Mr. SOF. I am rooting for you too as you have the best store in all of SBC.” Mythix replied

“Thanks.” SOF replied.

Suddenly, G4ry smugly walks onto into the village square, scaring several villagers around.

“That’s right, it’s destruction in human form…your boy G4ry!” G4ry bragged, dancing before the people.

“Great, him again…” Slug said, annoyed.

Halibut is one of the villagers nearby, as G4ry approaches him.

“Sweaty.” G4ry said, pushing Halibut out of his way.

“Hey, harassing innocent villagers is not cool.” OWM said, confronting G4ry, as this shocks the villagers around.

“Wow, they actually stood up to G4ry…” Steel said, surprised.

G4ry turns around, looking annoyed upon seeing Team Destiny.

“Oh, it is Team Dumb. I am not afraid of you, even with your treasure hunting skills. I could beat you at finding anything, just give me time.” G4ry bragged.

“Sure, but just remember we are the team that got the Fire Heart.” Patty reminded.

“Ha, getting the Fire Heart is easy mode, fools. I could have done with it my eyes closed and in ten seconds.” G4ry bragged to them.

“If you are so good at it, then go ahead and find a treasure already.” Slug challenged.

“I will later, dorks. First, I have some important big boy business to attend to. Complicated stuff you wouldn’t understand. You have wasted my time, goodbye.” G4ry said annoyed, as he speedily heads off somewhere.

“What does he have going on?” Fred wondered curiously, having watched the debacle. 

“You sure are lucky to walk away from G4ry unscathed yet again, Team Destiny.” Fa said.

“He seems all talk, and no action. He is not scary.” OWM said.

“Still, I cannot help but wonder if he is hiding something…” Slug pondered.

From the north, Wintermelon and RDSP approach, surprising the villagers.

“Lord Wintermelon, here!?” SOF said, surprised.

“Team Destiny, pleased to meet you again. Apologies for the abrupt visit, but I need your assistance.” Wintermelon said.

“Do you have problems with more Shadow Walkers?” Patty inquired Wintermelon.

“No, thankfully it is not them. Instead, I want your help in finding a treasure in the Winter Kingdom, belonging to my family. I have heard whispers from the north about your endeavors leading to the Inferno Isle, and I believe in you four to help me find it after all these years. If you decline, I understand.” Wintermelon explained.

“We have plenty of time, so sure thing. We promised to partner with you again, and so we shall.” OWM replied.

“After going through the heat, it only makes sense to go back to the cold.” Mythix joked.

Suddenly, Prez then approaches them, holding a lute.

“Wait! Hope I’m not too late…Greetings, the famous Team Destiny. My name is Prez and I hail from the Autumn Kingdom. One of my closest friends, Goobz, got lost in a forest while we were exploring and I cannot find him! I hope he’s okay. I have heard great things about your team. Can you please rescue him?” Prez asked worried to Team Destiny.

“Wow, we sure are getting famous…” Patty whispered to the team, surprised they have two requests in a day.

“We already had an adventure we were about to embark on, but we can fit yours in too. We do more than just treasure hunting, we help people too.” Slug replied.

“Wait, a better idea: The team will split up. Half of us will go with Wintermelon, and the other half will go save Prez’s friend.” OWM said.

“I like that idea, it’s knocking two birds out with one stone.” Mythix said.

“Alright then. We promise we’ll get your friend back as soon as possible.” Slug assured to Prez.

“Thank you so much! Also, want to hear my lute? I am not too great at it, but I have been practicing to make great songs with this thing.” Prez said, strumming the lute.

“Quite charming, I like it.” Patty replied.

“How about this: Patty and I will go save Goobz, while Mythix and Slug can go with Wintermelon.” OWM suggested.

“I dislike the cold, but I’ll do anything to help anyone.” Mythix said determined.

“Mythix and I could make for a pretty interesting team, so I’m for it. I will grab our winter gear.” Slug replied.

“I have not seen the Autumn Kingdom in a long while, so this will be quite a trip.” Patty replied.

“I wish you the best of endeavors on your rescue mission.” RDSP said to OWM’s team.

“As do we to your team. I know you can find that treasure.” OWM said to Mythix and Slug, confident in them.

The groups depart, as Slug and Mythix grab their winter gear. OWM, Patty and Prez head east toward the Autumn Kingdom, while Mythix, Slug, Wintermelon and RDSP head north for the Winter Kingdom. As OWM’s group are on their way, OWM takes notice of a curious, large mountain lying in-between the Autumn and Spring kingdom borders.

“That mountain looks fascinating.” OWM noted.

“Up over yonder is Reversal Mountain. Travelers say a mysterious, magical spring is at the top, but nobody is allowed to go up there.” Patty explained to OWM, who looks at it in curiosity.

“Why?” OWM asked curiously.

“The guards do not want anyone to tamper with the magic spring or use it for nefarious purposes. Even the best of explorers have been denied entry.” Patty explained.

As they keep walking, Prez keeps strumming his lute, singing a song to guide their way.

“You have talent.” OWM complimented to Prez.

“Thanks, but I wish Goobz were here to hear it…” Prez sighed.

“We shall be at the kingdom soon, and I promise we will get him back.” OWM replied.

Meanwhile, Wintermelon and RDSP travel with Mythix and Slug through the harsh snowy plains of the Winter Kingdom.

“Where is this treasure?” Slug asked Wintermelon.

“That is the problem, I do not actually know. My family only left vague riddles on its location.” Wintermelon said.

“Oh, I was kind of hoping the location would be found already…” Mythix said.

“I am sure we can crack whatever these riddles are.” Slug said, not worried.

“The first riddle they left was that the treasure is “somewhere darker and colder than the rest of the kingdom”. The second riddle was that it was “at a high entrance”. The third and last known riddle is that “where water rushes down”. For years, I have tried to decipher them and search the kingdom, but to no avail.” Wintermelon explained.

“Dark and colder than the rest of the kingdom implies it would be underground, but how can it be at a high entrance?” Slug wondered, as Mythix has an epiphany.

“I think I get it now. It’s saying that the high entrance leads to a deep underground, and that a waterfall is near this high entrance. That would mean it’s on a mountain or something probably. Are there any mountains nearby with a waterfall and entrance to an underground?” Mythix asked Wintermelon, as him and RDSP are in awe that they figured it out.

“….Yes, there is one. Mt. Chill. It has a waterfall, but I have never seen any entrance on that mountain. It must be hidden. I am impressed you were able to figure out what. I could not for years. What hidden powers do you have?” Wintermelon asked Mythix.

“I dunno, lucky guess.” Mythix replied.

“Mythix is quite good at solving seemingly complicated riddles, as I have learned first hand.” Slug replied, as Wintermelon escorts them to Mt. Chill.

Meanwhile, OWM, Patty and Prez make it to the Autumn Kingdom. They feel the wind, as autumn leaves blow through the air. They come across several Autumn soldiers face to face with several Spring soldiers. The Autumn army is led by General WhoBob, while the Spring army is led by General Hayden.

“General your forces are admirable, but if we were to fight right now, I believe we would win.” Hayden bragged to WhoBob.

“Do you want to test that right now?” WhoBob asked.

“What is happening here?” OWM asked quietly to Patty, as they make their way around to avoid any commotion.

“The four kingdoms often get into spars on claiming the Tree of Light’s power for their own, but nobody has been successful since allegedly a mysterious magical field surrounds the area and prevents anyone from going inside.” Patty explained.

“Stupid conflict to be honest, all I want is peace. Who cares about a dumb tree?” Prez wondered, as they make their way out of there.

They make it to a village in the autumn forests, called Harvest Town. They see several pumpkins being grown outside several houses, and many leaves cover the area. Several villagers are out and about, sitting around. Cha and Homie are both sitting on a bench outside a house, sipping tea together.

“This scenery would make a lovely painting.” Patty noted, getting an idea in her mind.

“Where did you last see him?” OWM asked Prez.

“Goobz and I went into those forests to the right, they have an adventuring trail. But he took a wrong turn and we lost track of each other.” Prez explained, as Cha overhears their conversation and approaches them.

“Excuse me, but I overheard you mention Goobz? I saw him come back into the village looking for Prez earlier, but he got scared when you were not there, so he went back into the forests.” Cha explained.

“Oh darn, I was at my house to tell my parents I was heading to the Spring Kingdom. I hope he did not wander off too far.” Prez said.

“Stay here, we’ll look.” OWM assured, as him and Patty head into the autumn forest.

“Good luck!” Prez yelled to behind from them.

OWM and Patty venture through the forest, seeing the autumn leaves below around and land onto their path, guiding them forward.

“This forest…it makes it feel like we are truly going on an adventure.” OWM said, looking around at it.

“This is the spirit of adventure, after all.” Patty said, admiring the forest view.

OWM then presses his hand against a tree, and has a vision. He sees Goobz searching around for Prez, when he trips and falls down a hill, leading him into a small pit. He sprains his ankle, and is stuck by branches, leaving him there.

“I see where Goobz is now. We must find a hill.” OWM said.

Patty then steps back and analyzes the forest, by making a brief painting mock-up. 

“I believe we need to head that way.” Patty said, pointing right, as they go that way.

Back at the Winter Kingdom, the group makes it to Mt. Chill, as they trek up the icy paths. Mythix then looks at the waterfall nearby, and notices something hidden behind it.

“Slug, fire your arrow at the waterfall peak.” Mythix said.

Slug is confused, but does so. It sticks against the wall behind the waterfall, right near a hidden cave entrance, leaving a marker. Mythix escorts them behind the waterfall, and shows them to the hidden cave entrance, right near Slug’s arrow. 

“Wow, so there has been a hidden cave behind this waterfall after all these years…” Wintermelon said, surprised.

“I will stay here and be on lookout.” RDSP said, staying at the peak.

Slug takes his arrow, as him, Mythix and Wintermelon enter the frosty cave. Mythix uses a magic powder to illuminate their way. Slug readies his bow, as they carefully walk around through the cave. They make their way through multiple frozen tunnels, carefully walking. They then arrive a dead end, where a frozen door with the House Melon symbol on it waits before them.

“That’s my family symbol…” Wintermelon realized.

Slug then notices an open slot on the door, where it looks like a sword should go.

“I believe this is all you.” Slug said, as Wintermelon realizes.

Wintermelon inserts his family sword into the icy slot, as the door begins to move and open. It leads them into a cavern vault, where on a lone slab, there is a frozen dagger with a blue gem encrusted onto it. Wintermelon carefully walks forward and takes the dagger, looking at it in awe.

“This is it. After so many years, I finally have it. This will be a fine addition to my collection. Thank you, Team Destiny. I have closure to my family at last. If there is anything I can do to repay you, let me know.” Wintermelon said.

“No payment needed, just seeing a smile is all we need.” Mythix replied.

The three head out of the caverns, going back to the peak where RDSP is.

“I enjoyed working with your team again, even if only half. Hopefully our paths will cross again.” Wintermelon said, waving farewell, as Slug and Mythix head back to the Spring Kingdom.

Back at the autumn forest, Patty and OWM keep searching around for the hill. They then hear a faint cry for help from the distance, and head where the sound is coming from. They reach the hill where Goobz fell down, seeing him in pain at the bottom.

“We are here to help!” Patty yelled.

“Finally, someone!” Goobz said, relieved, as OWM walks down.

“Take my hand!” OWM said to Goobz, reaching his hand down.

Goobz is nervous at first, but does so, as OWM helps him out of the pit. Patty and OWM help him stand up.

“Thank you so much, I was stuck there for at least an hour and it hurt…” Goobz said.

“Prez has been worried sick about you, chap.” Patty said, as they escort him back to the village.

OWM, Patty and Goobz exit the forest. Prez is happy to see Goobz, as the two reunite.

“Note to self: Do not stroll around the forest all alone.” Goobz said, feeling his ankle.

“Don’t worry buddy, we shall get that healed up. Thank you Team Destiny! I wish I had some money or anything to give you in return…” Prez said.

“Not necessary, we do not need a reward. Just making the villagers happy is good enough.” OWM replied.

Prez then plays his lute, as the villagers around enjoy his tunes. OWM and Patty wave farewell to the forest village, and head back to the Spring Kingdom.

“I feel positive. Our team has truly evolved beyond just being treasure hunters. We are famous and can help anyone.” OWM realized.

“Indeed. We shall never deny a quest, no matter what it is.” Patty said.

Much later at night, both groups reunite in Spring’s Landing, looking exhausted but feeling positive.

“I can tell both of our groups had quite the adventures.” Slug said.

“Even when divided, we are still just as efficient. Patty and I managed to save Goobz with no problem.” OWM explained.

“Thanks to Mythix’s riddle solving, we reunited Wintermelon with his family treasure.” Slug explained.

“Honestly, most of it was just a lucky guess.” Mythix replied, shrugging.

Before the four can head to their homes, G4ry carefully sneaks into town, as if he does not want to be seen by anyone. They spot him.

“Hey! What are you doing?” OWM asked.

“Nothing, I was just…uh…you know, living life…at night. A lot of the cool kids do it these days, like you kids! Except you are not as cool as the magnificent G4ry. I was not doing any shady deals with anyone, I promise.” G4ry bragged, but also nervously trying to hide something in his rambling.

They look at G4ry suspiciously once more, theorizing he knows more than he lets on. 

“Stop looking at me! Whatever, I am so tired and I will need to be up extra early tomorrow for the big day…” G4ry mumbled, heading to his home.

“Big day?” Patty wondered, confused.

“Do you think he is in league with the Shadow Walkers? I have sensed a sly and shady vibe from him since day one.” Slug suggested.

“It is possible, but we cannot say for certain. Regardless, I believe it is time we finally investigate the resident town rascal…” OWM said, as the team agrees, ready to discover what G4ry is truly up to.

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8. Game of Stones

The Summer Kingdom is shown at night. On a beach, Old Man Jenkins, tvguy, Sebby, Nuggets and Clappy are shown together, relaxing. 

“Should we be out here at night? The whispers say it is not safe…” Sebby said, worried.

“It is the beach, relax, Sebby. I do not fear those shadow cretins, and in fact, they can appear right now if they wish for a fight.” tvguy bragged, walking around on the beach and looking for the Shadow Walkers.

Suddenly, the Shadow Walkers emerge from the night, and charge at the five. They try to run, but are swiftly turned to stone, as the Shadow Walkers run off into the night.

Nearby on the seas, Captain Jjs is seen with his pirate crew on their ship. 

“Yarr, I need to find those kids who bested me and get a bit of revenge!” Jjs said determined.

“Captain, we have somethin’ on the horizon!” Local reported, looking through a telescope on the crow’s nest.

Jjs and his crew all look out at the waters, to see Shadow Walkers swimming through them. The Shadow Walkers all jump out, boarding the ship, startling the crew. Several Shadow Walkers burst through the ship below, damaging it. The crew grab their weapons and try to fight, but they are tackled and turned to stone by the Shadow Walkers. Local tries to strikes one of the Shadow Walker with a sword, but he is turned to stone. Jjs looks to see his crew has been entirely turned to stone, and the Shadow Walkers are running up the deck for him.

“If I be gettin dragged to Davy Jones’ Locker, then a captain must go down with his ship…”  Jjs saluted, accepting his fate.

He jumps into the crowd of Shadow Walkers, as they bury him and turn him to stone. The Shadow Walkers all jump off the ship, leaving the turned to stone crew on boaord. The ship then sinks to the bottom of the ocean due to damage. The Shadow Walkers swim off, heading back to the nearest island shore.

Meanwhile, in the Winter Kingdom, Wintermelon is seen with RDSP near the ice castle. Winter is holding his family’s frozen dagger, looking at it contently. 

“It is getting late, sir. We should be heading in, and who knows if those beasts are lurking…” RDSP advised to Wintermelon.

“You are right. However, I have not heard reports back from the soldiers in a while…” Wintermelon said curiously, looking out at the dark icy plains for them.

Though the darkness, several Shadow Walkers ambush the two. Wintermelon holds out both his ice sword and dagger, as he uses both to fend off the beasts. RDSP holds out his own ice sword, trying to strike at the beasts. Suddenly, Winter notices something strange. One of the Shadow Walkers looks just like dman.

“…Dman, is that you?” Winter asked, but the shadow turned dman only growls at him.

Wintermelon then looks at the rest of the Shadow Walkers and comes to an unfortunate realization: they are his soldiers. Many of the Shadow Walkers are reanimated SBC residents.

“RDSP, fall back…these are our men!” Wintermelon said, confusing RDSP.

Dman then grabs RDSP, who tries to shake him off, but he is turned to stone. His statue falls to the snowy ground. Wintermelon is upset by this, but must move on, as he runs to the castle entrance, as the remaining Shadow Walkers chase after. Wintermelon then manages to grab a lantern from the castle entrance and shines it at the Shadow Walkers. It deters some of them off, as he runs with it into the night, heading for the Spring Kingdom. The Shadow Walkers retreat, as the statue of RDSP remains behind in the snow.

The next morning, OWM wakes up to the sound of panicked screams in Spring’s Landing. Sbl is also startled by this, as the two leave the house to figure out what the commotion is. They see a large crowd of village residents gathered in the center, looking at something that is making them nervous. On the ground, several posters are scattered which have pictures of Spring’s Landing residents on them, including SOF, Fred, Tyeam, Steel, Fa, Halibut, JCM, Trophy and more. The posters have warnings claiming ”they will soon be turned to stone” written on them. OWM and sbl peer in through the crowd to see these posters. Patty, Mythix and Slug arrive after hearing the commotion as well, meeting with OWM and sbl.

“Oh no…I cannot be turned to stone!” SOF panicked.

“The Shadow Walkers are coming for us next…” Steel realized.

“Hey, wait a minute. I saw that G4ry rapscallion carrying posters similar to those one night while I was taking out the trash.” Fred recalled, surprising the crowd.

“I knew it! He’s been working with the Shadow Walkers the whole time!” Slug said to the team.

“G4ry is in league with those beasts! We will bring him to justice and pay for the mayhem they have caused! But uh…where is he?” Halibut asked, as the townsfolk look around for him.

“I saw the negative one heading for Reversal Mountain early in the morn.” Tyeam said, appearing before them.

“But nobody is allowed to Reversal Mountain’s peak, why would he head there?” Patty wondered.

“That is what we will find out. Whatever it takes, we will hunt him down and get him to reveal the truth.” OWM said determined.

“How will we get past the guards? I hear those m mountain guards are quite nasty.” Slug said.

“We will improvise that as we go along.” OWM replied.

“You know what, I will go with you for once OWM. I know I am never around for your other adventures, but this one seems important, and I want to be there for ya. Plus, I have wanted to see that G4ry guy taken down too.” Sbl said.

“Sure, you can come with us. I appreciate it.” OWM replied.

“Wow, I always wondered how Sbl would do on an expedition.” Mythix said.

Suddenly, Wintermelon strolls into the village, looking exhausted and upset. He had overheard the commotion and conversations. Sbl seems bothered by his presence but shrugs it off.

“I have come to another unfortunate realization, my friends. The Shadow Walkers…are actually the villagers of the four kingdoms, or at least some of them are. My own men were turned into them.” Wintermelon revealed, worrying all the villagers and Team Destiny.

“OH NO! I do not want to become a Shadow Walker!” Steel panicked.

“That means we have been fighting our own friends…” OWM said, feeling uncomfortable. 

“Truly a tragic thought, but do not fret, as I believe in you to save them!” Sbl replied.

“When people get turned to stone, they must eventually transform, almost like a cocoon.” Mythix explained.

“We need to hurry then, before more innocents turn into shadows.” Slug said, readying his arrows.

“And if it was not obvious by my sudden arrival, yes, I will join you once more.” Wintermelon said to Team Destiny, readying his sword and dagger.

“Hold on. Team Destiny, Lord Wintermelon and sbl…you were all meant to be here together in this moment and where you will be, but you must tread carefully. I have received revelations and omens to come for your journey. This day will be an important judgment for your destinies going forward. I will help you with a few tidbits.” Tyeam said cryptically to them.

“Oooh.” Mythix replied.
“First, the water spring sealed atop that mountain…it is more special than you believe. It will free the prisoners of stone. But no ordinary one can break it. Only someone with a special power can break the barrier.” Tyeam revealed, startling the team.

“…OWM.” Patty realized, as does everyone else.

“Did I come here to break this mystical barrier? Is that my purpose in this world?” OWM wondered.

“It appears so, you were destined to help defeat the Shadow Walkers and that spring water would be a key in doing so. What an honor, I’m proud of you!” Sbl said to him.

“And how will I break the barrier?” OWM asked Tyeam.

“You will know when it comes to you.” Tyeam replied.

“If OWM breaks the barrier, and we get that water, we can finally bring back the people turned to stone before they transform.” Slug explained.

“But how will we save the people already transformed into Shadow Walkers?” Mythix asked.

“We will have to deal with that after our current objectives are finished. One step at a time.” Patty replied.

“Next, there is a mysterious, obscure set of ruins near your destination that may provide several answers…but yet, you have another objective. Perhaps you should ask for help.” Tyeam suggested.

“Ruins you say? Maybe the ancient writings there will tell as how to defeat the Shadow Walkers. We could ask the school to investigate them, as it never hurts to have more help.” OWM replied.

“I concur, we can knock out two, technically three, goals today at once. 

“And here is my last fortune: There is a traitor among the villagers.” Tyeam said ominously to them.

“It has to be G4ry, especially with what we now know.” Patty said.

“Yeah, that seems obvious.” Slug replied.

“Or is it?” Tyeam pondered to herself.

“I mean, I would assume so unless there are more Shadow Walkers spies we are not aware of.” Slug. said.

“That would make sense since they cannot come out during the day and would need some assistance.” Mythix suggested.

“Whatever awaits us, thank you madame for your help.” OWM said to her.

Team Destiny, Sbl and Wintermelon head to the school, as they meet with JCM and Trophy to discuss their plan. Team Destiny explain the situation to JCM and Trophy, who agree to help. They summon Team What to help with the plan, who agree. 

“Sure, we will find these ruins and let you know what we discover.” JCM said.

The groups stock up on their necessary supplies, as they head off for Reversal Mountain. Tyeam looks at them leaving the village seemingly concerned, but knows she must let it be.

“Best of luck, Team Destiny. The forthcoming events will prove if you live up to your name…” Tyeam said curiously.

The groups make their way through the fields, seeing Reversal Mountain in the distance.

“Our first adventure together, and what a great choice! I too cannot wait for those beasts and that G4ry fool to be taken care of.” Sbl said to OWM.

“We could finally put an end to their terror today.” OWM said content, as sbl smiles.

“I believe those are the ruins.” Patty said, seeing an entrance to them in the distance.

“That is our cue. Good luck up there, everyone.” Trophy said, as him, JCM, Coffee and OBAB head for the ruins, while Team Destiny, Wintermelon and sbl make way for Reversal Mountain.

Team Destiny’s group looks up at the mountain, ready to face G4ry.

“You know, I must ask: Why is it called Reversal Mountain?” Mythix wondered.

“That is a good question I do not believe anyone has an answer to.” Wintermelon replied.

The group makes their way up Reversal Mountain, going up a hill.

“Be careful everyone, remember G4ry is out here somewhere…” OWM reminded, as the group stays on high alert and goes onward.

Trophy, JCM, Coffee and OBAB keep heading for the ruins, when two guards come into view, surprising them. The guards approach.

“Greetings travelers. Fine day, is it not?” The first guard asked them.

“Sure, I guess.” Coffee replied.

“What is your purpose here?” The second guard asked.

“We are just doing sight seeing, nothing more.” Trophy replied.

“Okay, that you may, but just. do not wander up the mountain peak.” The first guard said.

“We have no plans for that, trust me.” JCM replied.

“Happy trails.” The second guard said, as the group heads off.

The guards look at the group suspiciously, seeing them head off for the ruins. Back at the mountain, as the group makes their way up the mountain. They see a rock avalanche blocking their path.

“Looks like we need to take a detour, but which way is best?” Slug asked, looking around.

“This way could do.” Sbl suggested, oddly seemingly recognizing a detour path, as he points to it.

They take the path, as much overgrowth covers the area. Wintermelon slashes his ice dagger last the overgrowth, cutting to pieces and clearing the path. They make their way through the forests, as Patty admires the lush scenery around. They see a rapid river is before them, with stones across it leading to the other side.

“Looks like we are jumping across.” Mythix said.

They carefully hop across the stones, taking them to the other side of the river. A montage then passes, showing them journeying up the rest of the mountain. They see ancient, broken ruin structures on their path, showing carvings of the spring water on the mountain peak. They make their way up further and see a path leading right to the mountain peak. However, strangely, there are no mountain guards there.

“Hey, there are no guards out today…that is out of character.” Patty noted.

“I guess they slacked off today.” Sbl replied.

“Or maybe G4ry scared them off.” Slug postulated.

“Whatever the case, I am not one to argue with a clear path.” Wintermelon replies, as they head up to the peak.

Meanwhile, JCM, Trophy, Coffee and OBAB keep exploring the ruins, which depict carvings of ancient SBC history on their walls.

“Whoa…” OBAB said, seeing carvings showing Spring’s Landing and the four kingdoms as a whole.

Trophy holds a torch, illuminating their path as the ruin hallway gets darker. As the four head deeper into the ruins, the two guards from earlier appear at the entrance.

Team Destiny’s group makes it to the mountain peak, feeling a powerful breeze. There is a large, blue mystical barrier surrounding the spring water in front of them. There are magical symbols all across the barriers.

“Wow…” Mythix said, looking at it in awe.

“Well OWM, it’s all you now…however you are supposed to break it.” Patty said to him.

“Yes, break it!” Sbl insisted eagerly to OWM, sounding to be in a hurry.

“Tyeam said I would know how to break it when it came to me.” OWM recalled, looking at the mystic barrier

“Just try touching it, that could do the job.” Sbl suggested.


“HEY! You there!” A familiar voice yelled.

The voice is revealed to be coming from G4ry, who appears out of the forests nearby.

“G4ry!” Team Destiny yelled at once, on edge.

G4ry then menacingly approaches them.

“Here he comes!” Mythix said.

“If he gets any closer, he will turn us to stone!” Slug said, readying his arrow.

Winermelon and Slug try to corner G4ry, pointing their weapons at him.

“This wasn’t part of the deal…” G4ry mumbled to himself strangely.

“Deal?” Patty asked, confused, as this worries sbl.

“OWM! Get the barrier open!” Sbl said, nervous.

“Something is…wrong.” OWM said to himself, feeling unsure, as G4ry tries to keep walking.

“Hurry!” Sbl yelled to OWM.

OWM then runs forward and presses his hand against the mystical barrier. The barrier cracks, lets out a light, and then explodes. The spring of magic water is shown, as it shines bright. Sbl looks at this pleased, giving off a strange smile.

“Haha, you don’t scare us anymore, G4ry! The spring water is ours!” Slug said victoriously to him.

However, G4ry is confused by this.

“Spring water? What are you talking about, dork!?” G4ry asked, as this confuses Team Destiny.

“…Were you not coming here to steal the magic spring water?” Wintermelon inquired.

“What? I don’t care about that! I just wanted my money! We had a deal…remember sbl? Did you hit your noggin or something?” G4ry explained, shocking Team Destiny,

OWM and the group looks at sbl suspiciously, starting to get a terrifying feeling from what is about to occur.

“Sbl, what is he babbling about?” Slug asked him.

“I’ve been dropping those warnings everywhere lately, just like he asked. I came all the way out here today because told me to for the payment.” G4ry explained.

“…Sbl, what is going on?” OWM asked him, starting to piece together the truth.

Sbl then lets out an evil laugh.

“Mwahaha! Well, alas, it appears the jig is up. But I finally broke the barrier! Now, we will become unstoppable! Thanks for the work G4ry, now here’s your reward…” Sbl boasted evilly. 

Sbl then makes a shadowy substance form over him. He shoots it right at G4ry.

“What’s going on!?“ G4ry was saying, as the blast turns him straight to stone.

Team Destiny is stunned by this.

“The traitor among us working with the Shadow Walkers was…sbl, this whole time.” Patty realized sadly.

“Yup, it was me. I have been in league with the Shadow Walkers since the very beginning.” Sbl revealed.

“Why did you do this?” OWM asked sbl.

“OWM, I must say I feel bad about tricking you this whole time. All of this started when you came to this world.” Sbl explained.

OWM is too stunned to say anything further.

“OWM! Get the spring water, we’ll hold him off!” Slug said, as him, Wintermelon, Patty and Mythix surround sbl.

OWM runs for the spring, when suddenly, a dark presence fills the air. The ground shakes, as a shadow portal opens before them. The Shadow King appears out of it and a dark cloud appears overhead, preventing the daylight from hurting him.

“My king!” Sbl said.

“So, you are the Shadow King. You will pay for what you have done to all the kingdoms!” Wintermelon said, about to strike him with his weapons.

Before any of them can do anything however, the Shadow King begins to make a powerful shadow substance form. Sbl ducks, as the Shadow King fires it across the area at Team Destiny. OWM, Wintermelon, Patty, Slug and Mythix are all turned to stone by the shadow blast. The statues of Team Destiny and G4ry stay there, showing the terrified looks on their frozen faces.

Meanwhile, JCM, Trophy, Coffee and OBAB are still exploring the ruins. They see a carving depicting the Tree of Light and what appears to be a dark presence corrupting it. The carving also shows the Shadow King and Team Destiny fighting him. The last part of the prophecy shows a dark stone being thrown into a pool of light in the tree.

“Is this…a prophecy?” Trophy wondered, waving his torch around to see it better.

“That looks just like Team Destiny…” Coffee realized.

The two mountain guards from earlier then walk into the hallway they are in, surprising them. The guards look at the group suspiciously, as the two nod to each other.

“Oh, hey there. We are doing fine but if you are here to give us a further tour of the ruins, we accept-“ JCM was saying.

The two guards then make shadow substances form over their heads, confusing the group. They fire the blasts, turning JCM, Trophy, Coffee and OBAB into stone. The two mountain guards were actually spies for the Shadow Walkers all along.

“How much do you think they saw from the prophecy?” The first guard asked to the other.

“Hopefully not much…” the second guard replied, as they head off.

Back at the Reversal Mountain peak, sbl bows before the Shadow King.

“It is done, my king. I imagine our spies took care of the rest by now. That spring water is ours and now it cannot be used to interfere.” Sbl reported to him.

The Shadow King smiles contently, as he is ready to release the final stage of his wrath across SBC.

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9. Point of No Return

A dark, ominous void is shown. Team Destiny’s voices are heard yelling through, as they are being taken to another world due to being turned to stone. A large, barren, purple and shadowy, rocky terrain comes into view. OWM, Patty, Slug, Mythix, Wintermelon and G4ry are seen waking up on the stone ground.

“…Where are?” OWM asked, looking around at their strange new setting.

The sky is completely dark, and they see shadow goo is leaking everywhere across the barren plains.

“Is any of this real? How do I know this is not a dream?” Wintermelon asked, feeling the odd ground.

“It all feels too real, I am afraid. We were turned to stone, and this is where we are now.” Patty explained.

“This must be a bizarre where world people go after being turned to stone…” Mythix realized curiously.

“This looks like something from a nightmare I would have.” Slug said, looked around unnerved.

“Great, what did your boy G4ry get himself into now…” G4ry wondered, looking around at the strange, ominous and dark world.

“G4ry, we have to work together if we wish to escape this mad world.” OWM said to him.

“Nah, you dorks have gotten me into enough of a problem! G4ry goes solo, later losers!” G4ry said, as he wanders off into the shadowy badlands all by myself and not looking back at them.

“Okay, bye!” Mythix said, waving farewell to him.

“His loss.” Patty shrugged.

“We need to get back to the SBC realm, however and whatever it takes.” OWM said determined.

“But how? This world has no clear path…” Wintermelon said, looking around confused.

“Plus, we do not know if there even is a way back…” Patty said nervously.

“I do not want to be stuck here forever!” Mythix panicked.

“We will find a way, there is always one. Hopefully we find anyone else that was turned to stone along the way. Still, we would not be here if it was not for sbl deceiving us. He was my first friend here…” OWM said, annoyed.

“I cannot believe sbl was working for the Shadow Walkers the whole time…” Slug said, as the team is bitter over this.

“He seemed to be such a kind, unsuspecting villager…” Patty said.

“If we do get back, he will be the first to feel the wrath of my dagger.” Wintermelon said.

OWM thinks back to the first may he met sbl in SBC, and how sbl saved him from the Shadow Walkers. OWM then sadly realizes sbl “saving” him was all an act and likely a staged encounter.

“We will deal with him another time. We must move on. If we do not hurry, the Shadow King and his army will take over SBC.” OWM said.

The team walks through the shadowy barren wasteland, hoping to come across any clues of where to go. Suddenly, in the distance, they see JCM, Trophy, Coffee and OBAB, who were also sent to the banished world.

“Is that who I think it is?” Patty said, trying to see them closer.

“It is!” Slug replied, as the group heads to them.

JCM’s group sees Team Destiny approaching, startling them.

“Wow, so other people do exist here.” Coffee said, happy to see them.

“FINALLY!” OBAB yelled.

“You guys were turned to stone too?” Mythix asked.

“Yeah, apparently it turns out those guards either did not like the way I spork or they were always in league with the Shadow Walkers, probably the latter.” JCM explained.

“They have more spies than we suspected.” Wintermelon said.

“I hope you guys know how to get out of here, because we have been wandering around aimlessly.” Trophy said.

“We are uh, working on it, at least I hope so.” Patty said, concerned.

“That reminds me, did you guys find anything at the ruins?” OWM asked them.

“We did, actually, and it may be important. We found something really weird. There was a carving of what looked like you guys fighting the Shadow Walkers, the Tree of Light, and some weird stone being thrown. It is as if you were prophesied ages ago to defeat the shadows.” Trophy explained.

“I have no idea what the stone could mean, but it appears that when we return, we must head to the tree.” Patty said.

OWM then has a magical vision. He then sees the Tree of Light, and notices one of the tree’s roots has shadow goo on it. The trunk then begins to crack, concerning him. His vision changes, showing him Reversal Mountain in SBC, and at the peak, their statues are still there. Reversal Mountain then flashes, showing shadow version of it, resembling the world they are currently in, ending his vision. OWM is taken aback by these visions.

“Did you get a clue?” Slug asked.

“Yes. It looks like the Tree of Light is beginning to die, as if the Shadow Walkers infected it…” OWM was saying.

“Oh dear, that must be their ultimate target.” Slug realized.

“But I also saw good news. My vision showed me what appeared to be Reversal Mountain, and a shadow version of it. We need to find Reversal Mountain in this world if we are to return home.” OWM explained.

“Ohh, so that is why they called it Reversal Mountain, because it leads to another world.” Mythix realized.

“Huh, so the answer was in front of us the whole time. If this world is supposed to be a mirror of SBC, then Reversal Mountain should be nearby, but everything looks the same here…” Wintermelon said, looking off in the distance. 

Patty then uses her art skills to map out the area on a paper. She then compares the rough painting to one of the Spring Kingdom and is surprised, realizing they have been in a familiar area the whole time.

“I see now…we are in the shadow version of the Spring Kingdom. And it is a field not too far from Reversal Mountain. We need to head that way.” Patty said, pointing west.

“Thank goodness for your artistic memory.” Slug said.

The large group heads west, carefully traversing through the barren plains. While they walk onward, the shadow goo appears to be watching them from the ground and mountains. The pieces of goo begin to move…

The group keeps walking toward Reversal Mountain, as they approach a clearing up ahead.

“My feet are killing me…” JCM whined.

“Stop whinging.” Wintermelon said, annoyed.

“What? I am not whinging!” JCM replied.

“Your lips are moving, and you are complaining about something, that is whinging.” Wintermelon replied.

“Oops.” JCM replied, accepting defeat.

They make it to the clearing, where the trees around are composed of a purple rock substance. Before they go onward however, OWM gets an uncomfortable feeling.

“Stop. Someone, or something, is watching us…” OWM said, sensing it in his mind.

The large group looks around for anything. Suddenly, four shadow goo blobs ooze out of the ground, and appear before the group. They move around menacingly.

“What the?” Wintermelon asked, holding both his weapons.

The shadow blobs shoot blasts around, as the group tries to avoid. Coffee and OBAB are struck by two blasts, turning them into shadow statues, worrying the group. Slug quickly fires his arrows at them, trying to hold them off, but the arrows just go through the blobs. OWM holds out his pirate sword and strikes it at one blob, but does little to harm it.  Suddenly, fire blasts are shot at the blobs, incinerating them. The group is surprised, as they look up to see Hawk on a cliff.

“Hawk!” OWM said, surprised to see him in the world.

“Thank you, person I never met before!” JCM said.

“That is Hawkbit, he is the guardian of Inferno Isle. We fought him to get the treasure and then became our ally.” Mythix said.

Hawk then hops down, surprised at the large group.

“Huh, so they got to even Team Destiny too.” Hawk noted.

“How long have you been here?” Patty asked Hawk.

“I was turned to stone after your Inferno Isle adventure, they ambushed me. I have been wandering these barren wastelands and burning those blobs, good thing you did not see them transformed.” Hawk said.
“Transformed?” Slug said, confused.

“Those blobs turn into Shadow Walkers and other various enemies. Be careful, they are everywhere in this deranged world.” Hawk said.

“So those blobs must be most of the normal Shadow Walkers in SBC.” OWM realized.

“Those blobs must have been impersonating the guards too.” Slug realized.

“Makes me worried about who else was impersonated…” Mythix said.

“Let us not think about that right now.” Wintermelon replied.

“Hawk, we know the way out of here, and we have plenty of room for more companions if you wish to join us.” Patty offered.

“You bet I am. It will be an honor to work alongside you, Team Destiny, and your allies.” Hawk said.

“I am the master of ice, and you are the master of fire. A good team, we will make.” Wintermelon said, introducing himself and shaking hands with Hawk.

“Uh, what are we going to do about them?” Trophy asked, seeing Coffee and OBAB’s shadow statues.

“There is nothing you can do for them right now. If you are turned to stone in this banished world, then you are stuck. I have seen it with many others trapped here.” Hawk said grimly.

“Hopefully defeating the Shadow Walkers will see them and anyone else trapped here.” Slug said, looking at their statues.

“You know, I just realized…what will happen to us here if we turn into Shadow Walkers above?” Mythix pondered.

“They will very slowly but surely turn into shadow statues like your friends here, as their consciousness will be taken over by the evil. Therefore, we must hurry to your destination.” Hawk said, worrying the group, as they head off.

They make their way to the shadow version of Reversal Mountain, looking up at it.

“Here we go.” OWM said, as they head up the shadow mountain.

They press onward, recognizing the layout of the mountain from their trip earlier. They take the same shortcut sbl took, as they head for the peak, and look around for any shadow blobs. They arrive at the peak, as Team Destiny gets an eerie sense of deja vu.

“Alright OWM, how do we get out of here?” Hawk asked.

OWM looks around at the area, and notices a large stone wall near the purple spring water. There is a strange, portal-like carving on the wall, as he feels it. He presses his hand against it, as the portal carving begins to glow. OWM begins to turn the carving like a wheel and keeps doing so. 

“He is doing it!” Patty said happily.

Suddenly, several shadow goo blobs appear around them. Two of them morph into stone golems, while the others turn into Shadow Walkers.

“Looks like they are onto our plan!” Slug said, firing arrows immediately.

Mythix throws several magic powders which obscure the Shadow Walkers’ views. Hawk incinerates a few Shadow Walkers, but the blobs keep coming. The two stone golems fire shadow blasts, as everyone barely avoids them. Several shadow blobs head for OWM, who turns around and readies his pirate sword. Hawk and Wintermelon fight side by side, destroying the blobs to protect OWM.

“You get the portal open, we will deal with them.” Hawk said, sending more fire blasts at the blobs.

The two stone golems fire shadow blasts, as the group barely avoids them. Patty splatters paint at both golems, blinding their views. Trophy uses his new battle ax to strike a golem, breaking off its leg and making it fall over. The golem turns back into goo, which Trophy throws his ax at. Slug, Patty and Mythix take down the other golem and destroy the blob. JCM hides behind a rock, unable to fight. OWM finishes turning the portal carving, as the wall keeps glowing. He is unsure what else needs to be done, looking around as his allies keep holding off the Shadow Walkers and blobs.

The ground then shakes, as a black portal then opens in the ground. The Shadow King comes out of it with more Shadow Walkers, looking furious. OWM panics at this.

“Looks like he got word too!” OWM said, as Hawk, Wintermelon, Trophy, Patty, Mythix and Slug keep destroying blobs and Shadow Walkers.

OWM then looks into the purple spring water, and sees a symbol at the bottom resembling the one on the wall. He reaches his hand into the water to press it. The Shadow King sees this and. then fires his shadow blast at OWM, who is close to unlocking the portal. JCM notices this from behind a rock.

“For SBC!” JCM yelled, as he jumps in the way.

JCM sacrifices himself, taking the blast for OWM. He is turned into a shadow statue and OWM activates the light in the purple spring water. The wall then shakes, as a portal opens on it, surprising everyone. 

“Thank you, JCM.” OWM said to him.

The Shadow King is angry now, letting out more shadow blasts and orders his minions to stop them. OWM waves to his allies, as a path is made clear toward the portal, allowing the rest of the team to escape. They head for it, avoiding the Shadow King’s forces.

“Finally, let us get out of here!” Slug said, firing arrows at the blobs behind as he keeps running.

The Shadow King then sends several shadow blasts at the wall, breaking off the rocks, and the portal begins to shrink.

“Oh no, he is trying to destroy it!” Patty realized.

The shadow forces are closing in on them. Hawk, Wintermelon and Trophy then look at each other and know what they have to do. 

“Team Destiny, go on without us. We will hold them off. It is your destiny to defeat them, not ours.” Hawk said.

“Are you sure?” Mythix asked, as another blast hits the stone wall and the portal is about to. close.

“Yes, go!” Trophy said, swinging his ax at Shadow Walkers, as Team Destiny understands.

Before he goes, Wintermelon hands OWM his frozen dagger as a parting gift.

“I cannot, this is-“ OWM was saying.

“Take it. I want you to finish those demons with it. Good luck.” Wintermelon said to him.

“Thank you three for everything.” OWM said to Hawk, Wintermelon and Trophy.

OWM, Patty, Slug, and Mythix jump into the portal, as Wintermelon, Trophy and Hawk keep fighting the Shadow Walkers behind to hold them off. Several Shadow Walkers try to reach the portal, but it closes behind and they slam against the stone wall. The rest of the Shadow Walkers swarm around Wintermelon, Trophy and Hawk, who accept their fates as they keep fighting. The Shadow King is annoyed, and he teleports away back to SBC.

Team Destiny are floating through a magical light tunnel, and they are thrown through a portal…

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