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Inanimate Carbon Rod

Appy's/Wendy's Umpteenth Ask Topic: These Never Go Well...

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Welcome to still another ask topic of mine, where: now, really, do I really have to tell you what to do in these kinds of topics? No, didn't think so. Anyway, let the asking begin! Hopefully you'll learn a thing or two about ol' Appy here, then again, maybe not, who knows. Nobody except maybe Nostradamus and the ancient philosopher Tom-Fu, who I've managed to snag a rare, priceless photograph, which you will see below all this text:


And yes, I know what you're thinking: "Hey, Appy, you cotton-headed ninnymuggins, they didn't have photographs back in those times!" Two words, mon petit frere: time travel.


Anyway, let the asking begin... I think.


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