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135. Back To The Past / The Bad Guy Club For Villains

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Well 2 more great episodes in my opinion.

Back To The Past :

* Yay, MermaidMan and Barnacle Boy are back and are in need of help.

* Ooh, a time machine...

* No Patrick, it's not a Snack Machine.

* That looks like one wild ride.

* So they have been blasted to The Past.

* Did anyone get a Back To The Future vibe during the episode?

* Lol Adam West voiced MermaidMan in the past.

* Manray is the ruler of Bikini Bottom in the future? Dang, that was unexpected.

* Nice observation Patrick..

* I think i'm out of Manray Dollars..

* MermaidMan and Barnacle Boy work at the Manray Krusty Krab? That was again unexpected.

* So Patrick is the cause of Manray becoming the ruler? ( Because he ate the tartar sauce)

* Poor MermaidMan..

* "Let's Pop that Dirty Bubble!" lol wrong villian.

* Lol 3 teams of MermaidMan and Barnacle Boy at once.

* Dun dun dun, Manray is winning...

* Wow, so many time machines..

* It's an army of Spongebobs and Patricks lol!

* Best Post Movie Episode Ever.

Grade : A

The Bad Guy Club For Villians :

* Ooh, a lost episode of MermaidMan and Barnacle Boy.

* Did anyone notice the theme song was similar to Batman's?

* lol what is the Dirty Bubble doing?

* I was a little disappointed with Sinister Slug, Jumbo Shrimp, and Atomic Flounder designs. I thought they would use the MM & BB 2 designs.

* lol MermaidMan, nice call.

* Hotel Evil? Oh wow, i bet nobody could see that..

* MermaidMan and Barnacle Boy!

* I thought it was Captain Magma? But nice to see the Quickster, and the others again.

* Nice Barnacle Boy..

* Ok that was creepy with the mutated thing..

* Dang, that showdown was rushed but awesome.

* A book club? lol

Grade : B

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I loved them both, especially Back to the Past. In fact, it could very well be in contention to pass Tentacle Vision as my favorite Season 7 episode. In The Bad Guy Club for Villains, I loved to see some new heroes and villains at their prime. It was a really fun episode. The only thing that bothered me was the difference between the young Mermaid Man's voice in both episodes. I wouldn't have minded if they were two separate episodes in different seasons but in an episode pair, they should really be the same. Other than that though, great!

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Back to the Past was flawed. A second ManRay went to the past and destroyed the time machine he came in to make sure it didn't reappear in the future. I accept the fact that the other time machines came from an evil-less future. What I don't accept is the fact that there was a second ManRay who would've (presumably) done what the first ManRay would've done, because this ManRay came from the evil-controlled future, and of course he would want it to stay that way. So why did the hundreds of time machines come about after ManRay was captured, if he was still on the loose? Gah, people always leave plotholes in time altering episodes... Aside from Futurama, of course.

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Back to the Past: This episode was just awesome. It's definetly one of my favorite season 7 episodes. I always enjoy watching time travel episodes of my favorites shows like Roswell That Ends Well and The Late Philip J. Fry episodes of Futurama; Back to the Pilot and The Big Bang Theory episodes of Family guy and The Time Traveler's Pig episode of Gravity Falls. This episode was vell-writen and very funny. The funny parts are the running gag with Patrick eating tarter sauce, Patrick mistaking the time machine for a vending machine, Squilliam saying "Man Ray is Great", Patrick saying "I'm out of Man Ray dolars?" and there are more. the only problem was the ending because It was very confusing just like many Stewie and Brian traveling back to the 1999 in "Back to the Pilot" episode of Family Guy but It was actually funny and I can ignore that flaw. It's a gem of season 7. I recommend this episode. 10/10


The Bad Guy Club for Villains: This episode is underrated. I thought this episode was a great episode but I like "Back to the Past" episode more. This episode wasn't funny actually but It was enjoyable and the action scenes were good. I don't think this episode is one of the best season 7 episodes because some parts were boring and there were no funny moments. I know some people hates it but I think people should give this episode a chance. 8/10

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