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Majesty Yuka

SOF’s Support Thread

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just gonna screenshot it here from #davent on SBC Discord:


so yeah it's gonna take a while for me until i get much better before they make any further decision. As of now, there isn't any surgery at this time.

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hey guys, It's good to be back on SBC after been staying hospital for 2 (more like 3) weeks. it was bad experience for me as it was, and they treated me very well with medication (they even want me to take medications home as doctor's order to make sure my health is stable which at least 2 week to take it).

I also just want to thank everyone for supporting me a lot and giving @Cha some updates via Twitter b/c hospital WIFI was awful. Again, thank you guys so much for support for me. it's really means a lot to me.  One thing  I miss while on hospital is i really miss you guys on SBC & Discord.

feel free to say anything before this thread gets locked.



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