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Avengers: Endgame

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Dun dun dun. will write a review once i process all.

I'll say this:

This movie is flawed for me sadly but my god, I LOVED IT. Definitely a fine ass way to wrap up Infinity War and it made me teared up so much. So unexpected, so bittersweet, so trippy, so comic booky. Be hyped for real guys.

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At first I'm entirely unconvinced with this movie, it's just going to be another capeshit I think. Then Hulk hits

THE ABSOLUTE FATTEST DAB and in that very moment I know that this movie is going to win some fucking Oscars.

If only he had dabbed instead of snapped, he could've brought EVERYONE that have died back.

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Had a few issues, but I loved it overall. Didn't cry but it got pretty damn emotional. Gonna need to take some time to sit back and analyze this, as that was a lot to take in.

(don't click below if you haven't seen it)


RIP Tony, Natasha, 2014 Nebula, 2014 Thanos and 2018 Thanos


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