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SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

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CWN was never a personal favorite, but I'll admit that the conman and the ending with Squidward were highlights of the entire show so I'd probably rank this anywhere from 40th to 50th.

My opinion is honestly really volatile so any certain rankings besides my top 2 can change at any time, so alongside my submitted list I'd have potential changes in parentheses :

  1. Welcome to the Chum Bucket

  2. Imitation Krabs

  3. Fear of a Krabby Patty

  4. Walking Small (would place lower)

  5. Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost (in hindsight this was an overranking due to sentimentalism as I loved this at a young age and this was one of the first episodes that made me love Squidward, my favorite character, so much. I dont love this to the same top 5 extent anymore and would put it lower or leave off as an honorable mention, as even though my love has faded a bit this is still extremely special to me and I'd still like to give it some credit. I'd at least put it below Nasty Patty as that handled a death plot in a funnier manner)

  6. The Algae’s Always Greener

  7. Nasty Patty (would place top 5)

  8. The Fry Cook Games (would place lower outside the top 10)

  9. Big Pink Loser

  10. The Pink Purloiner

  11. Shanghaied

  12. Plankton’s Army

  13. Graveyard Shift

  14. Can You Spare a Dime

  15. Clams

  16. Mid-Life Crustacean

  17. The Lost Mattress

  18. Krab Borg (would place in the 20's or leave off)

  19. Squid on Strike (higher)

  20. Rock-a-bye Bivalve

  21. Doing Time

  22. Born Again Krabs (would place higher

  23. One Krabs Trash (would place top 5)

  24. Snowball Effect

  25. Opposite Day (would leave off)


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chocolate with nuts deserves the #1 spot. that episode is one of the show's best

and now, here's my top 25 favorite episodes:


25. Squid's Day Off
24. Christmas Who?
23. I'm With Stupid
22. Imitation Krabs
21. The Paper
20. Sailor Mouth
19. Pressure
18. Graveyard Shift
17. The Secret Box
16. MM&BB V
15. Club SpongeBob
14. Idiot Box
13. Frankendoodle
12. New Student Starfish
11. No Free Rides
10. Krusty Krab Training Video
9. Squidward, The Unfriendly Ghost
8. Krab-Borg
7. No Weenies Allowed
6. Nasty Patty
5. Wet Painters
4. The Camping Episode
3. Chocolate With Nuts
2. Snowball Effect
1. Can You Spare a Dime?


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Proud non-functional posting thing making me have to post it twice just to get it to format right because I can't even edit fix it


Chocolate with Nuts: Amazing not-overrated episode that made it on my list. Hilarious episode.


Help Wanted: I feel like this episode gets overrated just because it's the pilot of the series. It's still good but it's not even close to top 50 IMO

Ripped Pants: Wouldn't be in my top 50 at all but still a very good episode, with a great plot and song.

Artist Unknown: Wasn't on my list but is a top 50 episode, it's a hilarious episode with amazing jokes.

No Free Rides: Not on my top 50 but still a very funny episode with one of Mrs Puff's best appearances.

Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost: Similar to No Free Rides, very funny episode that's not in my top 50.

Planet of the Jellyfish: This episode.... actually made my list. Amazing story and atmosphere, with great humor, and great action. Spongebob and Sandy were great characters in it. The jellians were great too. Season 8's best episode.

The Secret Box: Good episode, it has a nice story and some nice humor but not a highlight of season 2 or the series IMO.

Feral Friends: Great episode with a great premise and great execution, it's a very good episode that shows some realistic stuff of what happens underwater, and it's very fun to watch. I also love what they did with the french narrator in the episode. However, it missed my top 50.

Hooky: Good episode but not top 50 at all IMO. 

Wishing You Well: It's unfortunate this missed the list. This wasn't on my list but only just barely missed it by a few spots. This episode is hilarious and one of the best season 4 episodes.

Friend or Foe: Great episode that, just like Feral Friends, barely missed my list. It's a great story that explains Mr Krabs and Plankton and how they became enemies, and why one succeeded so much and one failed so heavily.

Krabs a la Mode: This episode barely made my top 50. I love the frozen and pool krusty krabs and what they do with them. I was surprised this missed the list, since this is one of the most popular pre-movie episodes.


And now for my trash best list I used for this that I really need to change a lot:

Pranks a Lot (#34)

Help Wanted (#62 HM)

Hooky (#54 HM)

Missing Identity (#32)

The Secret Box (#56 HM)

Krab Borg (#13) (Why did I put this so low???)

Ripped Pants (#61 HM) 

Valentine's Day (#50) 

No Free Rides (#59 HM) 

Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost (#58 HM) 

Squid's Day Off (#43)

Plankton's Army (#33)

Employee of the Month (#40)

Mid-Life Crustacean (#36)

Survival of the Idiots (#35)

Something Smells (#39)

The Great Snail Race (#45) (Might be higher but whatever)

Rock Bottom (#49) 

Clams (#41)

The Fry Cook Games (#44)

Imitation Krabs (#20)

Life of Crime (#30)

Feral Friends (#55 HM)

Friend or Foe (#52 HM) 

The Camping Episode (#9)

50: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V (#15)

49: Club Spongebob (#42)

48: Krusty Love (Missed)

47: Krabs a la Mode (#51 HM)

46: My Pretty Seahorse (#46)

45: The Algae's Always Greener (#12)

 44: Fear of a Krabby Patty (#27)

43: Artist Unknown (#60 HM) 

42: Big Pink Loser (#38)

41: Hello Bikini Bottom (Missed)

40: Have You Seen This Snail (#26) 

39: Krusty Krab Training Video (#4)

38: What's Eating Patrick (Missed)

37: Squidville (#47)

36: One Krab's Trash (How the heck did this miss)

35: Pizza Delivery (#14)

34: Sailor Mouth (#22)

33: Idiot Box (#15)

32: Nasty Patty (#11)

31: The Whole Tooth (Missed)   

30: Skill Crane (Missed)

29: Wet Painters (#6)

28: Wishing you Well (#53 HM)

27: F.U.N (#48)

26: Sharks vs Pods (Missed)

25: Squid Noir (Missed)   

24: It's a Spongebob Christmas (Missed)

23: No Weenies Allowed (#37)

22: SpongeBob Meets the Strangler (#29)

21: Graveyard Shift (#8)

20: Dunces and Dragons (#23)

19: Roller Cowards (#24) 

18: Planet of the Jellyfish (#57 HM)

17: I Had an Accident (Why :patrick_crying-308:)

16: Dying for Pie (#3)

15: Bulletin Board (Missed)

14: Krusty Towers (#19)

13: Snowball Effect (#25)  

12: Shanghaied (#7)

11: SB-129 (#28)

10: Mimic Madness (#31)

9: Can You Spare a Dime (#18)  

 8: Welcome to the Chum Bucket (#17)

7: Chocolate with Nuts (#1)

6: Frankendoodle (#10)

5: Truth or Square (Missed) 

4: Christmas Who? (#5)

3: Atlantis Squarepantis (Missed)

2: Band Geeks (#2)

1: Just One Bite (#21)

33/50, 18/25 (excluding HMs)

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So, here's my woefully inaccurate list of choices that I made for this year.

1. "Band Geeks" 2. "Feral Friends" 3. "Pranks a Lot" 4. "The Algae's Always Greener" 5. "Nature Pants" 6. "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II" 7. "Hooky" 8. "Trident Trouble" 9. "Cuddle E. Hugs" 10. "Overbooked" 11. "Shell of a Man" 12. "Graveyard Shift" 13. "Truth or Square" 14. "Larry's Gym" 15. "Moving Bubble Bass" 16. "The Paper" 17. "F.U.N." 18. "I'm With Stupid" 19. "Patty Hype" 20. "Sandy, Spongebob, and the Worm" 21. "Wormy" 22. "Squid Noir" 23. "April Fools" 24. "Nasty Patty" 25. "Spongebob Meets the Strangler".

And it's nice to see that at least SOME people agreed that "Feral Friends" should be on this list. And "Band Geeks" actually DIDN'T make #1 this year, which is a nice, refreshing change of pace! Perhaps next time, "Feral Friends" will actually RANK high enough to get on the list, properly! Anyways, it will be nice to see if it is, then. And HOPEFULLY, my list will be a LOT more accurate! Enough said!

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Thanks for contributing to the list, Wumbo and everyone else. This has been a wild run and I'm so thankful to be a part of it. 

As for #1, I don't find CWN as one of the funniest episodes anymore, which is why I excluded from my list but my reasons were that a lot of jokes here were quoted so many times that It lost its touch for me but I can't deny that the episode's legacy. It used to be one of my all time favorite episodes because it took a simple concept and have every second of it filled with great jokes and it even showed us how people can be scammy and manipulative. It's an episode that deserves love and respect, even if I'd replace this with Dying for Pie as #1.

See you all in the next list.

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Um... Wumbo? You listed The Secret Box twice and lower down on the list left nine points off the total. It really has 66 points and would have made the list. 

Anyways here’s my list so everyone come one come all. 

My Faves:

1. Krusty Krab Training Video

2. Christmas Who?

3. Wishing You Well

4. Chocolate with Nuts

5. Frankendoodle

6. Patrick! The Game

7. The Great Snail Race

8. The Secret Box

9. Can You Spare a Dime?

10. Patty Hype

11. Roller Cowards

12. Feral Friends

13. Pizza Delivery

14. Have You Seen this Snail?

15. Rock Bottom

16. The Camping Episode (Really should’ve been in Top 10 but I guess I subconsciously knew it’d rank high)

 17. Bulletin Board

18. Imitation Krabs

19. Hello Bikini Bottom!

20. Sleepy Time

21. Dunces and Dragons

22. The Fry Cook Games

23. Scaredy Pants

24. Rock-a-Bye Bivalve

25. Wet Painters


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Ink Lemonade is now a better episode than Opposite Day and Scaredy Pants confirmed. :funny: (jk)

I don't have anything else funny to say, so here's my list.


25. Rise and Shine

24. Wet Painters (#6)

23. Pat No Pay

22. Wishing You Well

21. Ink Lemonade (I'm sorry...)

20. Bottle Burglars

19. Boat Smarts

18. Sing a Song of Patrick

17. Fools in April

16. Roller Cowards (#24)

15. Pickles

14. The Lost Mattress

13. The Camping Episode (#9)

12. Chocolate with Nuts (#1)

11. Krusty Towers (#19)

10. SB-129 (#28)

9. Just One Bite (#21)

8. Bubblestand

7. Squidville (#47)

6. Dying for Pie (#3)

5. Pizza Delivery (#14)

4. Funny Pants

3. Something Smells (#39)

2. Band Geeks (#2)

1. Shanghaied (#7)


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