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SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

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19 hours ago, 4EverGreen said:

Unpopular opinion time, but if "Can You Spare a Dime?" came out POST-MOVIE, it would be seen as the enjoyable equivalent of "Ink Lemonade"

Wrong. How to correct this statement.

"Can You Spare a Dime?" came out 10-11, it would be seen as the enjoyable equivalent of "The Emoji Movie" 

(p.s. this is a joke CYSAD deserves top 20)

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17. "What is he doing? All these tears... and the show tunes?"

Image result for welcome to the chum bucket

Welcome to the Chum Bucket, 166 points

(9 of 32 lists. 2 #1 votes - jjs/Trophy)


Trophy: 18th in 2015 and 16th in 2015, my favorite episode is climbing up the lists, should be top 15 this year and if I'm lucky it may even make the top 10 in the list after this one in 2020! *gets notification for commentary spot* ....at least now it placed 18th, 17th, and 16th...hahaha :patrick_crying-308:

Welcome to the Chum Bucket has remained my absolute favorite episode for years, and given how volatile my list is that never changing once for nearly half a decade says a lot. This episode has everything going for it. A believable setup where Krab's greed costs him (or because Plankton cheated, admittedly that line was a little bit forced in as an afterthought) SpongeBob is in character due to him not seeing Plankton as a serious threat and the thought of them playing cards every week despite being enemies while being funny, also shows that the animosity doesn't bleed over too much and they're somewhat friendly there. Krabs honors that he lost by not trying to steal SpongeBob, and this leads for an interesting showing of two dynamics.

Even though Krabs showed his greed by betting his contract and can't try to get him back, we still see SpongeBob genuinely miss his boss and vice versa. The beginning scene shows them laughing together as friends as well as their boss/employee relationship, thus setting up the rest of the episode as one of SpongeBob's hardest hitting emotional episodes, all over something as simple as a fry cook job. Krabs does know it tanks his business given the bit with the closing sign, but besides that bit which was used as effective humor, his screentime is shown mourning for his mistake and moping over the fact that he can't do anything. Plankton has a stranglehold over SpongeBob and he lost a valued person to him, and SpongeBob missing Krabs sorely is shown as well and the impact hits harder than the typical "SpongeBob blindly likes his boss episode". I know this only got focus in the beginning and with the song, but this is the epitome of what the Krabs/SpongeBob dynamic should be like: boss/father and employee/son, and great friends. It wasn't shown by them being friendly, but instead by them being so broken over the separation.

Where Krabs dynamic covers the emotional aspect of this episode, Plankton balances this with humor. Given that SpongeBob has to honor his contract (shown since he didn't quit his contract) Plankton only has to get him to make the patty. Problem is, he's an emotional wreck. Luckily for us Plankton makes sure this episode isn't melodramatic. After every impactful emotional scene we get something funny. At the announcement of losing the game Plankton tears apart their relationship with the crowbar. After SpongeBob arrives at the Chum Bucket he acts like a dictator. After the song he acts too kind and then fails with the robot chef. Plankton's role is the foil to Krabs in SpongeBob and it's used effectively enough for me to adore this episode. Doing the labor and work himself instead of SpongeBob was a brilliant switch from the expected, and his robo chef threat failed in a hilarious way. On the surface it's smart as it kept SpongeBob in line, but it's still SpongeBob's brain. To make it work at that point he'd need brainwashing technology but he's already reasonable driven insane by SpongeBob's behavior. Then he crawls back to Krabs for one last scene of him in agonizing defeat, one that I was glad to see as he still ruined the Krabs/SpongeBob relationship.

At the end of the day, WttCB is the best episode by balancing the dynamic between Plankton and Krabs for a well rounded and compelling episode. The only flaws I see are really nitpicky, but I can easily overlook them for just how well tjis episode handles what it portrays. Maybe I'm looking too much into it, but this episode has always had a shocking amount of depth to it that has caused it to be my favorite.

Wumbo: "This Grill Is Not a Home" is one of the most effective yet simple song sequences the show has ever done. That's something this episode gets done really well in general: emotion through simplicity. We get to see a deeper dimension through Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob's relationship simply based on the virtue of them being apart. You really feel for SpongeBob in this one as he gets transported to an unfamiliar and even scary environment. "The sign says kitchen, but my heart says jail" is such an affecting quote, the perfect one to lead into the song. But if the episode were just a cry-fest, it might be a bit of a downer. That's why it's great to have Plankton around to push the comedic moments. Clearly not standing for any of this, he tries everything he can to get SpongeBob to cook him a Krabby Patty, to no avail, even going so far as to place his brain into a robot. He definitely gets the best lines in the episode from start to end; his lack of empathy serves as a great. comedic contrast to Krabs and SpongeBob. This episode is fantastic the whole way through, and made it as high as #8 on my list this year. Always glad to see it on the list.

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A list, is a list. No matter if you insist....

An opinion, is an opinion. That's what I say...

A list, is a list. This is surely so...

And respecting, should be respected, either way....

But this list is a not very good, this is not the list I know...

I would trade it all away, if you made it to number 1....

This list's, not the same...

Without you...

It's just a boring list...

It's just a boring list....

...Without yooooooooooooooooooooooooou....

(don't know why I wrote that, the episode didn't even make my list)

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"Welcome to the Chum Bucket" used to be my absolute favorite episode of all time when I was a kid. My opinions have certainly changed a lot since then, but nevertheless this episode is still #14 on my list and is still an absolutely brilliant episode. I love everything about it, from the "This Grill is Not a Home" song, to the emotional dynamic between SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs, to SpongeBob's hilarious snarky behavior, and in general it just being a very touching and wonderfully told story. This episode pretty much excels 100% in every aspect, and even if isn't my personal #1 anymore, I still love it to death and it will always at least remain in my top 20.

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WTTCB will always stay as one of the strongest episodes of the show for perfect set up of an emotional rollercoaster and a fantastic comedy. SpongeBob/Mr. Krabs dynamic is explored at its finest and the song about it will always be my favorite song of the whole show. Comedy is sharp with Plankton being desperate to make SpongeBob cook patties and it leads up to one of the greatest punchlines of the whole series. The episode had a complex premise and it executed it more emotional than I could possibly imagine. This is a masterpiece.


And it's better than Frankendoodle, which is also one of my favorite episodes.

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Trophy made a really good case for why "Welcome to the Chum Bucket" deserves to be on this list. Not to mention, the characterization of all the characters in this episode are perfectly WITHIN character, they don't act OUT of character, the emotions are sincere and genuine, with the RIGHT amount of GOOD comedy, to balance out the tear-jerking moments! :D Plankton getting the short end of the stick, in trying to take away Spongebob from Mr. Krabs, is RIGHTFULLY deserved, as he cheated, and all the torment he puts himself through, is the way karma SHOULD work on "Spongebob Squarepants"! :rolleyes: Not to mention, Mr. Krabs REALLY has a tender time in this episode, despite having less screen-time than Spongebob and Plankton! This is a really good episode, and I can't wait to see what else winds up on this list! :cool: Enough said! ;)

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this episode in my opinion deserves to hit the top fifteen soon, and hopefully will be our next list. it's one of the definitive episodes that illustrates wonderfully the relationship between spongebob and krabs while still giving plankton a great role as well. it's hilarious from start to finish, is unique as it takes place heavily in the chum bucket, and of course without you is great and one of the most iconic songs in the series. 

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Hey, look, another backlog.

Life of Crime: I was supposed to commentate on this one but I was lazy as fuck and didn't get around to it. Well, anyways, this one's a really good example of Spongebob and Patrick's antics going out of control. There are few dull moments in this great episode.

Spongebob Meets the Strangler: Another really funny episode from Season 3; everything works here, from the dark humour to Spongebob's supposed naivete.

SB-129: An interesting episode where the concept of time-travel is explored to the fullest. There's nothing here to dislike, as the visuals throughout the time periods are outstanding, the writing is perfect and it's just a well-rounded episode in general.

Fear of a Krabby Patty: Definitely one of the best-looking episodes visually in my opinion; the cartoonier style they went for (thanks to C.H. Greenblatt's style taking prevalence) works well for an episode as crazy and out there as this one. The writing here's superb, and while I don't believe that it was written in Season 3 (overall it just doesn't feel like a Season 3-written episode), the episode's good enough that I wouldn't put it past people to theorise such.

Have You Seen This Snail: A very emotional episode, this one gets all of the emotions down correctly without getting too sappy and just excels in other areas. One of Aaron Springer's best, this episode is just really good overall. I don't get how I used to find this one just ok.

Snowball Effect: One of my absolute favourites as a kid, this episode is one of S3's most creative episodes. Squidward letting the game get to his head was great, along with several lines said throughout the episode (this one has great dialogue humour). It's no wonder why this is one of the most memorable out of a memorable season.

Roller Cowards: Somewhat relatable I guess? But other than that, this episode is really funny and one of the best of S5 overall. While it is a very Season 5 episode (you know what I mean), it still has a sense of charm that isn't really there too much in that season (doesn't keep me from liking the season but...) so that's a plus.

Dunces and Dragons: One of the show's most interesting specials, this one also takes the slightly-clichéd plot of time travel and runs with it. There's a lot to say about this one but I'll leave it at that this is one of S4's most creative episodes, and that's coming from a season that had Spongebob being afraid of Krabby Patties due to sleep deprivation and Spongebob being put on vacation until he eventually snaps.

Sailor Mouth: Thanks to my laziness, there isn't a commentary on that one...
But anyways, Sailor Mouth is a really funny episode; while I can't relate to it due to heavily avoiding swearing up until about 2 years ago, there's no denying that this one is definitely an episode they pushed the envelope with, turning out satisfyingly in the end.

Just One Bite: I don't like to repeat myself but here we are with yet another funny S3 episode. There's a lot to like here; besides the several memes that spawned from this episode, there's also Squidward's struggle with trying to get a Krabby Patty while trying to fool Spongebob so that he thinks that Squidward still hates Krabby Patties. Overall, this episode just excels in every area.

Imitation Krabs: Hands-down one of the best of Season 2, this is a very memorable episode with a plot that seems like it would be rather cliché but just runs with what it has. Plankton's characterisation is at its peak, the humour is at its peak, a lot of things are at their peak here. This episode made my top 5; it's a very good episode looking at it overall.

Krusty Towers: Not the best of Season 4. There, I said it. This episode just cannot compete with the likes of Fear of a Krabby Patty, Dunces and Dragons, Bummer Vacation (which didn't even make the list, smh) and possibly a few others... but anyways. Even then, this is a well-written episode that's packed with jokes and enough content to keep it at being one of the top S4 episodes, even if it's definitely not exactly THE best. Also, as with Fear of a Krabby Patty, there is some speculation that this episode was written during the times of S3 and... I don't buy it.

Can You Spare a Dime: Again with the repetition! This is another really funny Season 3 episode. Spongebob's outburst here is definitely the highlight of the episode, as he just goes off on Squidward (who had been living off of him for months) and it is just satisfying after Squidward was being controlling for the majority of the episode. This is just a classic episode in and of itself and ranks among the best of Season 3.

Welcome to the Chum Bucket: Season 2 is my favourite season of Spongebob and not without good reason; there are countless great episodes, and this is no exception. As with HYSTS, this episode handles an emotional plotline very well while adding in some humour to keep it from getting too sappy. While I haven't seen this episode in full in a while, from what I remember, it was really good and deserving of a spot on the list, even if it should've been at least a bit higher.

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16. "I'll take it easy when I'm dead! I'm shaking hands with Neptune! Whoo! Excelsior!"

Image result for idiot box spongebob

Idiot Box, 166 points

(13 of 32 lists. Highest Ranking: #2, Fred)


Honest Slug: Idiot Box has to be my all-time favorite of the "Squidward deals with SpongeBob and Patrick" variety of episodes as the characters are just at their prime. It's a classic SpongeBob plot of Squidward taking issue with the childish antics of SpongeBob and Patrick while longing to join them. What makes this the best of these episodes in my opinion is the character interactions, I think more than any episode this really captures the child-like innocence of SpongeBob and Patrick (NO, having them act like babies is not the right idea, Squid Baby!) with SpongeBob's "imagination" being the greatest fundamental difference between SpongeBob and Squidward. The absurdity of the situation (They buy an expensive TV just to play in the box is a highlight) is also what helps set this above the rest. Idiot Box is a superb, hilarious, and pun intended, an imaginative episode.

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Idiot Box has one simple concept but it happens to be such a fresh one. Who thought using your imagination to do whatever you want in some big box would be so much fun. They didn't even show what they did and it still worked because comedy of the episode focused on half realistic half unrealistic apporach of the main character's observation and that would be Squidward. He made this episode one of the funniest episodes of all-time because of his jealousy over SpongeBob and Patrick having fun and him wanting to join that but he always feeling this as a dumb and unrealistic thing and even when he was in the box, it didn't work for him because he thought it'd happen magically instead of using his head. And when he actually starts to use his head, the sound effects were just garbage truck taking the box and it was such a hilarious gag. This episode is filled with not showing any of the epic and normally it would come off as lame but this episode used it as humor and it was great. This episode is on my list purely for these reasons alone.

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"Idiot Box" didn't make my list but is still a fantastic episode. Much like Snowball Effect, it shows Squidward is a contradiction of a man who berates SpongeBob and Patrick's childish activities, but secretly wants to join in on their fun. It makes for a very hilarious and memorable episode.

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"Idiot Box" is an unusual episode, in the fact that the majority of the episode, really doesn't REVOLVE around Squidward interacting with Spongebob and Patrick, as usually happens. Rather, it's Squidward REACTING to whatever Spongebob and Patrick are doing...or rather, what Squidward is IMAGINING Spongebob and Patrick are doing! o.o Because, for the most part, we actually don't get to SEE what Spongebob and Patrick are doing, and we actually have to IMAGINE seeing what Spongebob and Patrick are doing, which is probably what the episode was going for in the first place! :hysterical: It's the classic example of Squidward not wanting to ADMIT that he wants to join in on Spongebob and Patrick's fun, but wants to anyways, but doesn't, because of...whatever particular reason he thinks that he shouldn't! :rolleyes: I think the only thing that prevented this episode from making my list, is the fact that Squidward didn't actually SUCCEED in using his imagination! That's the only thing that prevented this episode's inclusion on my list. Hopefully, maybe we'll get a worthy sequel to this episode someday, that remedies that mistake. One can always hope! :D I can't wait to see what other episodes end up making this list! :cool: Enough said! ;)

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Can You Spare a Dime: Amazing episode that made it on my list. Absaolutetly hilarious episode all around, from Squidward being a spoiled brat, to Spongebob dealing with this and trying to get Squidward to get a job, to Spongebob getting mad at Mr Krabs, to Mr Krab's everything in this episode, and so on, it's a hilarious episode.

Welcome to the Chum Bucket: Another amazing episode that made my list that has a character become a spoiled brat. However, this one also has an amazing plot, an amazing song, and amazing atmosphere.

Idiot Box: This one didn't make my list and isn't as good as the other two, but is still a great episode and is in my top 50. The characters are all great here, as is the humor, and this episode has a strange mysterious vibe to it over how the box is making those noises....... which you never even find out. I've always wondered how they did it, or if it even was anything other than something in Squidward's head.

Pranks a Lot (#34)

Missing Identity (#32)

Valentine's Day (#50) 

Squid's Day Off (#43)

Plankton's Army (#33)

Employee of the Month (#40)

Mid-Life Crustacean (#36)

Survival of the Idiots (#35)

Something Smells (#39)

The Great Snail Race (#45) (Might be higher but whatever)

Rock Bottom (#49) 

Clams (#41)

The Fry Cook Games (#44)

Imitation Krabs (#20)

Life of Crime (#30)

50: ???

49: Club Spongebob (#42)

48: ???

47: ???

46: My Pretty Seahorse (#46)

45: ??? 

44: Fear of a Krabby Patty (#27)

43: ???

42: Big Pink Loser (#38)

41: ???

40: Have You Seen This Snail (#26) 

39: ???

38: ???

37: Squidville (#47)

36: ???

35: ???

34: Sailor Mouth (#22)

33: Idiot Box (#15)

32: ???

31: ???

 30: ???

29: ???

28: ???

27: F.U.N (#48)

26: ???

  25: ???

 24: ???

 23: No Weenies Allowed (#37)

22: SpongeBob Meets the Strangler (#29)

21: ???

 20: Dunces and Dragons (#23)

 19: Roller Cowards (#24) 

18: ???

17: ???

16: ???

15: ???

14: Krusty Towers (#19)

13: Snowball Effect (#25)  

12: ???

11: SB-129 (#28)

10: Mimic Madness (#31)

9: Can You Spare a Dime (#18)  

 8: Welcome to the Chum Bucket (#17)

7: ???

6: ???

5: ???

4: ???

3: ???

 2: ???

1: Just One Bite (#21)

20/50, 11/25


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Who would legit actually want to watch actual boxes boxing? I am actually curious, considering it is probably better than anything Oaxis can churn out. Also pretty cool that they brought Squid's sombrero from this episode to The Camping Episode.

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