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Patty Rose

Patty's Art Foyer Returns: Tropical Freeze

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10 hours ago, Patty Rose said:

Since Prez asked me to post this here.


This is still my favorite crossover piece I've ever received. It really fits my head canon and aesthetic. Plus Maurizio's facial expression and the rigid artstyle in this piece fits wunschpunsch's style so well.

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As requested to be shown by Goobz (I really did not want to show this, but I guess to have to now), it's the characters from that anime about some dragon who's also a girl and she owns a cafe for some reason, and there's some girl who looks bored all the time, kinda like Tiff, except with 0 the charm. (Why did I fuck did I decide to draw them in my art style...)


Now that we've got that nightmare out the way, here is my time drawing Cream the Rabbit.


Now that I know Cream looks alright in my art style, it's time for the feature presentation. Amy and Cream playing in the snow while Cream gives Amy an early present. How sweet. :D


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