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About time for an update me thinks.

This week, I've been focusing on designing two new OCs, who both kinda serve the purpose of slightly replacing Amy and Cream in my drawings, mainly because obviously they're both copyrighted, and you know, I feel like a drawer needs to have at least 1 OC character they're happy with. Here are the two characters I came up with. (Note: If both don't remind you of Amy and Cream, I will be bloody surprised.)

Both are still in fairly prototyped staged design, and I hope to make some improvements to then overtime, but for now, here's what both look like.

First up is Bari, a slightly humanoid character with cat-like ears, who I originally named Redi at first (there's a reference meaning behind that name choice, which I'll explain what is once I've developed her character more)


And secondly is Coyy, who has rabbit-like ears, arranged into a little ponytail. 


(Gee, I wonder who they both remind you of...)

Once again, these are only just first-try designs for the two, so whether or not I change anything about them, will depend on how I feel about them over time. 

I do actually have a bit of story written about the two and who they are, though I prefer to share it when I've more fully sketched it out first, just like I did with these drawings. ?

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Coyy actually reminds me more of Lola Bunny, than she does of Cream. It's definitely a good start to finding your own character. Lots of people (myself included), first base their original characters on pre-existing characters, before finding a way to flesh them out and make them different enough to truly be original! So, you've already got a good start and just need to keep making small changes until you've got the original characters that you're happy with! :D Enough said! ;)

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Time to take this thread out of the freezin' cold once again, cause I've got another Amy drawing for you to stare at like it was a very sad lamppost.


Main reason for this existing is there's a Official Sonic art stream on Thursday, and I just wanted a simple excuse to draw me favourite lass again, even if I have absolutely 0 chance on this actually being featured.

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Blimey, haven't posted in here a while huh? Guess it has to do with me not feeling like I have anything good to show, but I think an update would be of order, so here are my two recent drawings that I'm kinda happy with. (for the moment at least)

A lil' Classic Amy trying to mimic her older modern self!


Amy and the girls (and enby) lined up for a quick snap!


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