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229a. Doodle Dimension

Episode Rating  

21 members have voted

  1. 1. How would you rate this episode?

    • 5/5 Pencils: You're no match for my doodle squad!
    • 4/5 Pencils: Pretty nifty, huh?
    • 3/5 Pencils: Oops, forgot to draw the ground.
    • 2/5 Pencils: Let me out of here!
    • 1/5 Pencils: And under no circumstances should you ever touch this!

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I think that most jarring part about  this episode is that I’ve meet a lot of people who say that it’s better than My Leg,last mentioned episode at least try to have own identity instead directly copied classic and not trashed characters or continuity as hard as it can.


It’s an awful episode,it’s honestly made me appreciate Bubble Buddy Returns on it’s pure form.Even despite begin hirrible as a sequel and fanservice content,it’s fail to have a single actual joke or reasoning for all of happening.Not nearly the worst episode ever made but I still can’t see any appeal to it.

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