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Knights of the Multiverse

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Yeah, this is happening. I've been developing a new project for a long time now, and I cannot wait to release details about it. 

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Knights of the Multiverse 

AIR DATE: February 16, 2018

Official Plot: After an incident cracks open holes through a newly discovered 'multiverse', Sandy Cheeks and Debbie Rechid gather a group of B-list superheroes on a mission to chase after a group of criminals - or "hoppers", who are breaching through parallel worlds to murder Universal Guardians. Individually, the heroes assembled are second rate or forgotten, but together they will ascend to a higher calling - becoming Knights of the Multiverse.

Main Characters: 

The team:

Sandy Cheeks / Red Widow: A scientist, agent and former vigilante with a literal 'killer' reputation. Sandy yearns for a new adventure to find some perspective that she's been desperately needing. (Hails from Team SpongeBob)

Debbie Rechid / Universal Guardian: A young woman blessed with the abilities of a powerful spirit. Debbie's optimistic and sunshine-like personality hides a deeper struggle, as she deals with the weight of guilt and responsibility. (Hails from Team SpongeBob)

Marshall Montgomery / Crossfade: A vigilante from Bikini Bottom looking to make his break on the hero scene. Seeming to be less regarded than a certain cousin of his, Marshall views the idea of traveling the multiverse as an opportunity to prove his worth. (Hails from Miss Appear)

Tomoya Chrome / Cold Reef: A man blessed with cryokinesis, but burdened with fear over his family lineage. (Hails from Team SpongeBob)

Melondy Dime / Lady Quick: A speedster looking for meaning in life after she was erased from time. Melondy has a very hardened, 'do or die' personality that causes friction with her new friends. (Hails from The Quickster)


Shadow: A serial killer with the ability to harness dark energy, seemingly back from the dead. (Hails from Miss Appear)

Flare: A pyrokinetic woman who lost her entire world to nuclear war. Continuing a downward spiral in life, she takes her anger and hurt out on others in her evil crusade across the multiverse.

Syphon: A quiet, collected, and inquisitive woman with an ability vital to Seid's plans.

Quickseid / Seid: An evil speedster from Universe-1 that forms a super team to hunt down Universal Guardians across the multiverse.

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Knights of the Multiverse

Ep.1 "New Beginnings"

F.I.N HQ, Karate Island

As the show opens, Sandy Cheeks is seen in a sparring room.

Sandy goes head to head with Agent Clemmons.

"Hit me with your best shot!" Sandy mocked.

Clemmons swung a bo staff at her.

Sandy dodged, then immediately kicked the staff out of his hand.

Clemmons threw a punch, but Sandy grabbed his forearm and flipped him over on the mat.

"Okay! Okay! I sumbit!" Clemmons said.

"What is this? Sparring or kinky role play?" a voice was heard.

"Director Payne, wanna join?" Sandy asked.

"I'd rather not get my ass kicked by you." Payne joked.

"Speaking of that, I'm gonna need some ice." Clemmons said, heading out of the room.

"So, what's happening?" Sandy asked.

"I have to say, you are the quickest learning new recruit that F.I.N has ever had. You've mastered so many of our fighting and espionage protocols in mere weeks." Payne said.

"What does F.I.N stand for again? I keep forgetting." Sandy said, shaking her head.

"Federal Investigative Nexus. You've learned everything else in such a short time, but our name is something that slips your mind?" Payne questioned.

"It's a stupid name, to be fair." Sandy said.

"Anyway..." Payne said, ignoring her.

"You were about to tell me why you sought me out. Briefing for a new mission?" Sandy asked.

"Actually, it's about a friend of yours. Debbie Rechid." Payne said.

"Debbie? She left the island to go fix the universe or whatever." Sandy said.

"And speaking of, Debbie is here at the base. In our medical wing." Payne revealed.

"What? What happened to her?" Sandy asked.

"A portal opened in the sky, Debbie fell out of it. She was bruised up real bad and unconscious. A few agents helped bring her into the facility." Payne revealed.

"She's the Universal Guardian. What could of hurt her so bad?" Sandy asked.

"I figured you could get some answers out of her, considering the history between you two." Payne said.

"Yeah, take me to her." Sandy said.

Sandy arrived in the medical wing.

"She's just waking up." a doctor said, leaving the room.

Debbie laid on a medical table.

"... Sandy? Is that you?" Debbie asked, lifting up.

"Relax yourself. And yeah, it's me." Sandy said, coming by her bedside.

"Sorry, they have me doped up on some drug cocktail or something." Debbie complained.

"You're coherent enough. So, what happened?" Sandy asked.

"As you know... my battle with the Ice Queen back in December left some pretty nasty consequences." Debbie said.

"You said that the you and Victoria unwittingly ripped open holes in the universe." Sandy said.

"Not just our universe." Debbie said.

"What do you mean?" Sandy asked.

"We left holes in the entire multiverse. Now it's possible for people to cross over between different universes. For the past two months, I've been tracking down these "hoppers", who have been causing trouble on worlds that they're not supposed to be on." Debbie revealed.

"Looks like it got real bad." Sandy said.

"Lately, I've been tracking this group of super powered criminals. There's three of them, one in particular got the best of me with some kind of dark energy blast." Debbie said.

"Who?" Sandy asked.

"He calls himself Shadow, and he's from our universe. Universe-1." Debbie told her.

"We need to take this to Director Payne." Sandy said.

The scene shifts, as Sandy, Debbie, Director Payne, and a few other agents are seen in the assignment room.

"Shadow was a serial killer in Bikini Bottom who used control over dark energy to murder other metafish." Payne said, showing them on a projector screen.

"He's also dead." Sandy told Debbie.

"Well, I saw him clear as day. He can't be dead." Debbie said, staring hard at his picture.

"What do Shadow and the others want?" Payne asked.

"They're going to different universes to find and murder Guardians." Debbie said.

"Universal Guardians, like you?" Sandy questioned.

"Exactly." Debbie said.

"Sounds like something bigger is behind this. Something you can't handle alone." Sandy said.

"Uh, give us one minute." Debbie said to Payne.

Debbie pulled Sandy into the hall.

"What exactly were you about to suggest in there?" Debbie asked.

"You should put together a team. I could help." Sandy said.

"Sandy, we had a good time with Team SpongeBob, but that's over now." Debbie said.

"I know that everyone has gone their separate ways. That's why I'm not talking about our old team." Sandy said.

"You wanna form a new team." Debbie said.

"Yes, to help you with whatever this new threat is. It sounds like you're in way over your head. Even if you are the Universal Guardian." Sandy told her.

"Perhaps you're right." Debbie said.

"You know I am!" Sandy said.

"Even if we were to do this... I seem to be unable to open portals." Debbie said.

Debbie tried to open a portal, to no avail.

"Why not?" Sandy asked.

"Shadow's dark energy is messing with my powers. He's effectively blocked me from travelling to other universes." Debbie said.

"I think I have a solution. The Skyripper." Sandy said.

"The spaceship that you and SpongeBob built? I don't think that's able to travel to different dimensions." Debbie said.

"With the Infinity Jewel, it might be." Sandy told her.

"Hmm... Payne would never let you take it." Debbie said.

"You let me worry about that." Sandy said.

The scene shifts, as Sandy is seen talking with Director Payne in his office.

"Absolutely not!" Payne yelled.

"Payne, COME ON!" Sandy said.

"No one, and I mean NO ONE is ever supposed to lay hands on any of the Divine Jewels ever again." Payne said.

"This is important, Payne. These dimension hoppers are running rampant across the multiverse, and Debbie can't do a thing about it." Sandy argued.

"You need to assure me that the Infinity Jewel will be safe." Payne said.

"The jewel will be implanted into the Skyripper's hardware. From there, Lillian will take over." Sandy said.

"Who is Lillian?" Payne asked.

"Remember we installed an A.I system into the Skyripper? I named her Lillian." Sandy said, laughing.

"You really are a mad scientist." Payne said, shaking his head.

The scene shifts, as we see Debbie and Sandy boarding the Skyripper later on.

"Welcome to the new and improved Skyripper!" Sandy said.

"Still looks as amazing as the last time I saw it." Debbie said, in awe.

"This is the bridge, and up there is where I pilot." Sandy said.

"I see you had more chairs built into the ship." Debbie noticed.

"Well, every ship is gonna need a crew." Sandy said.

"What's this thing?" Debbie asked, walking up to the central console.

"Central console. This is where I talk to Lillian." Sandy said.

"Who is Lillian?" Debbie asked.

Suddenly, the virtual head of an A.I appears above the console.

"Hello, Universal Guardian. It's nice to meet you. My name is Lillian, and I'll be at your service." Lillian spoke.

"That's... very creepy." Debbie said.

"She's like Karen, but better." Sandy said.

"Plankton's computer wife?" Debbie asked, laughing.

"I can assure you, Universal Guardian. I am no one's wife." Lillian said.

"Oh, I meant another A.I." Debbie clarified.

"Is that an office?" Debbie asked, walking into a room up ahead.

"Captain's quarters, I like to call it." Sandy said.

"Has a library feel." Debbie said, looking around inside.

"There's actually a library on the ship, ironically." Sandy said.

"What the hell else is there?" Debbie asked.

"A Galley, a Medbay, a Cargo bay... ya know, the usual." Sandy said.

"Yeah, there's nothing usual about this ship." Debbie said, laughing.

"I guess not." Sandy said.

"So, do you have a list of recruits? Any idea who we're bringing aboard?" Debbie asked.

"Our first two candidates are already on the island." Sandy said, smiling.


Left Shore, Karate Island

In a back alley, we see Tomoya Chrome running after two crooks.

The men shoot their guns at him.

Tomoya stops and creates an ice shield.

The crooks take this as their opportunity to get away.

Suddenly, Debbie lands in the alley.

"Did you... come from the sky?" one of the crooks asked.

"Haven't you heard? I'm the Universal Guardian!" Debbie said.

Debbie shot two laser beams at them, as Tomoya arrives.

The crooks groan in pain, as Tomoya freezes them in ice.

"That'll hold you two until the cops get here." Tomoya said.

Sandy is seen entering the alley way.

"Sandy? Debbie?" Tomoya asked, walking toward them.

"If it isn't the famous Cold Reef." Sandy said.

"It's been too long, buddy." Debbie said, giving him a hug.

"What are you guys doing here?" Tomoya asked.

"We've come to recruit you." Debbie said.

"You guys are reforming the team again?" Tomoya asked.

"No! A new team." Sandy said.

"And just for one mission." Debbie said.

"What's up?" Tomoya asked.

"How do you feel about travelling the multiverse to find a trio of dimension hopping supervillains?" Debbie asked, very quickly.

"Uh, you've given me a lot to think about in two seconds." Tomoya said, with a laugh.

"Sorry, but I'm sort of on a time crunch. This has to be now or never." Debbie told him.

"I have sort of been feeling complacent. I think I do need a new adventure." Tomoya said.

"A new beginning." Debbie suggested.

"I'm in." Tomoya said.

"Yes!" Debbie cheered.

"Uh, Debbie... when did you learn how to shoot lasers out of your eyes?" Sandy questioned.

"Oh, you saw that. Uh, very recently." Debbie said.

"And you called my A.I weird." Sandy said, joking.


Baxter Apartments, Karate Island

Melondy Dime was seen reading a book on her couch, but a knock on the door took her out of the enjoyment.

"Ugh, who the hell is it?!?" Melondy asked, swinging open the door.

"Hello, Melondy." Sandy said.

"Who are you? How do you know me?" Melondy asked.

"You recently joined up with F.I.N as a metafish asset, correct?" Sandy asked.

Melondy pulled Sandy into the apartment.

"How the hell do you know that?" Melondy asked, locking the door.

"Don't worry, I'm a F.I.N agent. I read up on your file." Sandy said.

"So you know I'm a speedster." Melondy said, speeding over to the fridge.

"Want a soda? Or how about a cookie?" Melondy snided.

"I know that technically you don't exist." Sandy blurted out.

Melondy paused for a moment.

"You time traveled to 2017 in order to save the world from a tragic event. In the process, the 2017 version of you was murdered. Thankfully, you managed to prevent something really bad. In doing so, the timeline you came from was erased." Sandy said.

"I'm a time remnant, sure. So?" Melondy asked, getting upset.

"I didn't mean to strike a chord. I just figured that you must be lacking meaning or purpose right now. I mean, you're literally the woman that time forgot." Sandy said.

"You think I don't know that? I joined F.I.N in order to give myself something to do. In order to matter to a world that has declared me legally dead." Melondy said.

"I can help you find a higher purpose. That's why I'm here." Sandy told her.

"I'm listening." Melondy told her.

"Me and a friend are assembling a small team of heroes." Sandy started off.

"For what purpose?" Melondy asked.

"There's a trio of supervillians moving through alternate universes in order kill Universal Guardians. Help us stop them, and then you can come right back home. But, at least you know that you'll have done something far reaching." Sandy said.

Melondy thought it over.

"Give me another incentive." Melondy said.

"There's a spaceship involved." Sandy said.

Melondy smiled.


Bikini Bottom

In Bikini Bottom, we see Marshall Montgomery entering his house.

As Marshall takes off his coat, he sees something peculiar from his window.

"No way." Marshall said, witnessing the Skyripper landing in front of his house.

On board the ship, Sandy is seen in the pilot seat.

"I'm gonna cloak the ship." Sandy said.

"Me and Sandy will go talk to Marshall. You guys are free to explore the ship." Debbie said.

"Cool." Tomoya said.

Melondy speeded off and then speeded back.

"Done." Melondy said.

"That was fast." Debbie said, laughing.

"I'm fast." Melondy said.

"Touche." Debbie said, as she and Sandy exited the ship.

Debbie knocked on Marshall's door.

"Uh, did you guys just step out of a giant, now-invisible, badass space ship?" Marshall asked.

"Uh, yes." Sandy said.

"Can we come in?" Debbie asked.

"Sure." Marshall said.

The women entered.

"Marshall Montgomery, we know who you really are." Debbie said.

"And that is?" Marshall asked.

"Crossfade!" Debbie said.

"What? That's ridiculous." Marshall said.

"F.I.N catalogued a report a few months ago... about a guy who carried a young woman and a child out of a burning house. Seemingly unscathed." Sandy said.

"That was you, Marshall. Now over the past few months, a costumed hero shows up in Bikini Bottom who can walk through solid objects - and people." Debbie said.

"Fine, I'm Crossfade." Marshall said.

"I'm the Universal Guardian." Debbie introduced herself.

Marshall shook her hand.

"I can tell by the getup. Badass cape, by the way." Marshall said, admiring her costume.

"Thank you!" Debbie said, blushing.

"And you are?" Marshall asked.

"Sandy Cheeks." Sandy said.

"Oh, the Red Widow." Marshall said.

"I was called that, for a time. I don't particularly prefer it." Sandy said.

"Must be all that blood dripping off the name." Marshall said.

"Excuse me?" Sandy asked.

"You're a well documented serial killer, no offense." Marshall said.

"I was killing bad people." Sandy said.

"That's still bad!" Marshall said.

"We're not here to dredge up each other's dirt." Debbie said.

"Then why are you guys here?" Marshall asked.

"To recruit you." Sandy said.

Sandy and Debbie explained the mission detail to Marshall, who sat down on his sofa.

"That all sounds pretty involved." Marshall said.

"You could be a part of something good here." Sandy said.

Marshall stood up.

"Why not ask my cousin, Miss Appear." Marshall said.

"Wait, Katherine Cross is your cousin?" Sandy asked.

"Oops. Wait, you know Katherine?" Marshall asked.

"Me and her teamed up once before." Sandy said.

"Interesting." Marshall said.

"Miss Appear is rather important to this city." Sandy said.

"And I'm not?" Marshall asked.

"Not in the same way, no." Sandy said, bluntly.

"Hmm... you're blunt. I like that." Marshall said.

"So what do you say?" Sandy asked.

"I need time to consider this. I have ties here that I haven't fully explored." Marshall told them.

"If your answer is yes, meet us in back of the Krusty Krab at 7PM tonight." Sandy said.

"Deal." Marshall said.

Debbie and Sandy exited the house.

Upon walking into the street, they noticed the Skyripper was blocking traffic.

Dozens of cars beeped their horns.

"Oh crap! We gotta go!" Sandy said, as she and Debbie ran into the Skyripper.


Bikini Bottom Park

Marshall was seen on a park bench waiting for his mother, Vivian Coyne.

"Vivian, hey." Marshall called out.

Vivian made her way through screaming children.

"Hey, Marshall." Vivian said, taking a seat next to him.

"Sorry if I interrupted whatever you had going on." Marshall said.

"No, no. I always have time for you." Vivian said, giving him a warm smile.

"You must be wondering what this is all about." Marshall said.

"Should I be worried?" Vivian asked.

"No. Uh, this group of heroes reached out to me today." Marshall told her.

"Superheroes?" Vivian asked.

"Yeah, they're on a mission to travel the multiverse to capture some bad guys." Marshall revealed.

"Wait, multiverse?" Vivian asked.

Marshall chuckled.

"It was pretty wild to me too. But yes, there are other universes." Marshall said.

"With their own Earths and solar systems, and galaxies?" Vivian questioned.

"Well, I would assume so, mom." Marshall said, biting his tongue.

"You... you called me mom." Vivian said.

"I'm still getting used to the idea that you're my biological mother." Marshall said, sighing.

"You were raised by another woman. I get it. You can't help that you were switched at birth." Vivian said, placing her hand on his back.

"That's why I'm debating going on this journey. I'm not sure I wanna leave." Marshall said.

Vivian nodded.

"We just found each other. We've hardly had time to explore this mother-son thing." Marshall said.

"There's always time for that whenever you get back." Vivian said, warmly.

"Are you saying that you want me to go?" Marshall asked.

"This sounds important. How could I hold you back from what could be your highest calling? I wouldn't be a good mother if I did." Vivian told him. 

Marshall and Vivian shared a hug.


Rechid Home

Debbie is seen visiting her parents in the city.

"Debbie!" Felicia cheered, opening the door.

"Mom, it's so good to see you!" Debbie said, hugging her mother.

"Come in, come in." Felicia said.

Debbie entered, as her father was seen coming out of the kitchen.

"Deborah Diana Rechid, as I live and breathe!" Howard said.

"Dad!" Debbie said, running into his arms.

"What brings you to Bikini Bottom?" Howard asked.

"I came here to recruit someone." Debbie said.

"Are you going on some kind of mission?" Felicia asked.

"That's why I wanted to visit you two. I know I haven't been around much since I've been travelling the multiverse, but now things are reaching a boiling point. I might be gone for much longer." Debbie told them.

"Whatever's happening, we know you can handle it." Felicia said, caressing her cheek.


The Krusty Krab

Marshall is seen behind the Krusty Krab, dressed in his superhero suit.

Debbie exits the Skyripper, as Marshall walks up to her.

"Does this mean you're coming?" Debbie asked.

"I wouldn't be here if I weren't." Marshall said.

"I think you're making the right choice, if I do say so myself." Debbie said.

"Why is that?" Marshall asked.

"Because you're about to experience the craziest adventure of your life, I promise." Debbie said, grinning.

"Let's just get on the ship." Marshall said.

Marshall and Debbie arrived inside the Skyripper.

All five of the heroes gathered around the console.

"Alright, looks like recruitment is done." Sandy said.

"Cold Reef, right?" Marshall asked, looking at Tomoya.

"Correct." Tomoya said.

"I don't know you, however." Marshall said, looking at Melondy.

"Melondy. They call me Lady Quick." Melondy told him.

"Cool." Marshall said.

"What's cool is those intangibility powers you have. Can I see?" Melondy asked.

"Okay, try to touch me." Marshall said.

Melondy tried to pat his shoulder, but her hand went right through.

"That's so crazy! Simple, but crazy!" Melondy said, excitedly.

"If we're all done with introductions, we need to get started." Debbie said.

"So, what are we supposed to be, miss Universal Guardian? Your knights or something?" Marshall quipped.

"Knights. I like that. Why not." Debbie said, crossing her arms.

"Kngihts of the Multiverse. Has a ring to it." Melondy said.

"Speaking of the multiverse, where are we heading to?" Sandy asked to Debbie.

"I've tracked a dimensional breach to Universe-2, no longer than twenty minutes ago." Lillian said, popping up.

"Whoa! Is this an A.I?" Marshall asked.

"I must say, this ship gets more impressive by the second." Melondy said.

"And this is just the beginning." Debbie said. "Thanks for the intel, Lillian." Debbie said.

Sandy sat in the pilot's seat, as the other heroes took their seats behind her.

"Strap in! Literally all of our worlds are about to change!" Sandy said, taking off.

The Skyripper is seen flying into the sky and disappearing into a portal.


Knights of the Multiverse

Ep.2 "Welcome to Universe-2"


The Skyripper is seen landing on Jellyfish Fields.

"We're here!" Sandy said.

"I'm usually afraid of flying, but that wasn't so bad." Tomoya said.

Everyone unbuckled out of their seats.

"Ohhh, guys I don't think I'm feeling too well." Marshall said, barfing.

"Yuck!" Sandy said, grossed out.

Tomoya was seen recording it with a handheld camera.

"Why did you bring that camera, again?" Debbie asked.

"To document our adventure, of course!" Tomoya said.

"Why do I feel so dizzy?" Melondy asked, trying to balance herself.

"I guess there may be some side effects of cross-dimensional traveling." Debbie said.

Tomoya turns the camera onto himself.


Debbie giggled.

"So why do me and Marshall get it the worst?" Melondy asked.

"May have to do with the fact that you guys have powers strongly intertwined with your bodily functions." Sandy guessed.

"What are you? A scientist?" Melondy quipped.

"Yes, actually." Sandy said.

"Lillian, can you locate the hoppers who breached here?" Debbie asked.

"Unfortunately not, but I was able to determine their identities." Lillian said.

The team gathered around the console, as a holographic profile of three individuals popped up.

"Billy Coyne AKA Shadow." Sandy said.

"Precisely, and he originates from Universe-1." Lillian said.

"I told you he was from our world." Debbie said.

"I'm not sure how if he's supposed to be dead." Sandy said.

"The next one is a woman who goes by Syphon. Is that a scar around her eye?" Marshall asked, staring at her picture.

"Who is this one here? She looks familiar." Melondy said.

"She goes by Flare. Lillian, is Flaire also from Universe-1?" Debbie asked.

"Flare is from Universe-19, but she has a doppelgänger on Universe-1 known as Mia Flaire." Lillian reported.

"That's it! That's how I recognized her. Her family is a big deal." Melondy said.

"Her parents used to run Flaire Industries, until that tanked." Sandy said.

"Hey... are the Jellyfish flying by black?" Tomoya questioned.

"In this universe, the Jellyfish commonly come in black and brown colors." Debbie revealed.

"You've been to this universe before?" Melondy asked.

"Loads of times. Remember, I traversed the multiverse long before any of you." Debbie said.

"What now?" Marshall asked.

"If we can't find Shadow, Flare, and Syphon, then we need to get to the Universal Guardian of this world." Debbie said.

"You know where she is?" Sandy asked.

"No, but I know someone who might." Debbie said.

"In Bikini Bottom?" Tomoya asked.

"Yeah. How about you and Sandy accompany me?" Debbie asked.

"Awesome." Tomoya said.

"What about me and Marshall?" Melondy asked.

"We don't want to attract too much attention, so we'll keep a small group." Debbie said.

"We came here to do stuff." Marshall said.

"And you will." Sandy said.

"Before we go, we should ditch our super suits." Tomoya cautioned.

"Right." Debbie said. 

The scene shifts, as Debbie, Sandy, and Tomoya are shown entering Bikini Bottom.

Sandy and Tomoya immediately notice the hovering boatmobiles zooming down the street.

"Cool, this universe has flying cars?!?" Tomoya asked.

"They're also self driving, so car accidents have become a thing of the past." Debbie said.

"I can't help but notice that some of the buildings look futuristic, but in a retro kind of way." Sandy noted.

"Universe-2's aesthetic is all retro. I should show you guys what Atlantis looks like in this world." Debbie said.

Eventually, the three arrive in front of Universe-2's version of the Krusty Krab.

"The Kruzzy Krab?" Sandy asked, noticing the difference in name.

"Groovy." Tomoya said

"Why are we here?" Sandy asked, entering the restaurant.

"Because of my contact. Him." Debbie said, motioning to a man at a corner table.

Debbie and the others walked over.

"Guys, this is Sloane Mack." Debbie introduced, taking a seat.

"Deborah, it's good to see you. What do you have a posse now?" Sloane asked, laughing.

"Things are getting a bit thick. That's why we're here." Debbie said.

"Debs, how can this guy help us?" Sandy questioned.

"Debbie comes to me for intel. I case hoppers that come here." Sloane said.

"For some reason Bikini Bottom on Universe-2 is a popular spot to breach to." Debbie said.

"What makes you so qualified?" Tomoya asked Sloane.

"I was a F.I.N agent. Quit about six years ago." Sloane said.

"So, F.I.N exists on Universe-2? Interesting." Sandy said.

"I need to find the Universal Guardian of this world." Debbie said.

"Her name is Denise Reynolds. Unfortunately, I don't have a location for her." Sloane said.

"But she frequents this city. Do you have any leads?" Debbie asked.

"One. She's been seen going on public dates with a boyfriend - a billionaire named Squilliam Fancy." Sloane revealed.

On the Skyripper, Marshall walks into the library.

"Oh, Melondy. I thought you were in here." Marshall said.

"A library. Incredible, right?" Melondy asked, looking around.

"More impressive, there are six bedrooms on this ship. Only one with a mini fridge. That's gonna be mine!" Marshall said.

"I don't care about a stupid mini fridge. I care about this mission. Why don't you turn on your coms and see what's going on with the others." Melondy said.

"Debbie, come in." Marshall said.

"Marshall?" Debbie asked, tapping her ear com.

"What's going on out there? Where are you guys?" Marshall asked.

"The Krusty Krab, talking to my contact." Debbie said.

"Any lead on Universe-2's Guardian?" Marshall asked.

"Just that she's dating Squilliam Fancy, apparantly. We'll be on our way back to the ship to discuss the next move." Debbie said.

"Alright." Marshall said, turning off his ear com.

"So?" Melondy asked.

"The only lead Debbie and the others have on the Universal Guardian is that she's dating Squilliam Fancy." Marshall said.

"Did Debbie say what our next move is?" Melondy asked.

"No, just that they were on their way back to the ship to plan out our next steps." Marshall said.

"Well, it's obvious what we should be doing!" Melondy said.

"Going to see Mr. Fancy, I know." Marshall said.

"What do you say me and you go out and do that?" Melondy asked.

"We need to wait for the rest of the team." Marshall said.

"We need to be ahead of the rest of the team!" Melondy said.

"Perhaps you're right." Marshall said.

"Lillian!" Melondy called out.

"Yes, Ms. Dime?" Lillian asked, as her voice was heard in the room.

"Uh... do you have an address for Squilliam Fancy by any chance?" Melondy asked.

At the Kruzzy Krab, Debbie and the others thanked Sloane for his intel.

"What will you do now?" Sloane asked.

"The obvious thing is to question Squilliam about her whereabouts." Debbie said.

"But we need to handle this with finese. And quietly." Sandy said.

Suddenly, a person comes smashing through the glass doors of the restaurant, rolling across the floor.

"Is that... Miss Appear?" Sandy questioned, noticing the woman's costume.

At that moment, a beast entered the restaurant, scaring the costumers.

"Everyone run! The Sinister Slug is here!" Miss Appear said.

Sinister Slug whacked Miss Appear across the room with his tail.

"HEY!" Sandy said, standing up.

"We need to help her!" Debbie said.

"ON IT!" Tomoya said, shooting an icy gust at the beast.

Sinister Slug jumps up, avoiding it.

Sinister Slug comes toward Tomoya, while in the air.

Debbie jumps in front of Tomoya, and punches the beast through the roof.

"Who are you people?!?" Miss Appear asked, getting up.

"Worry about that later!" Debbie said, flying through the roof.

Miss Appear looks at Sandy, having a shocked reaction.

"Oh my god..." Miss Appear.

Outside, Debbie grabs up Slug in the sky.

Slug scrateches her face with his claws, as she drops the beast to the ground.

"OUCH! You little sucker!" Debbie said, flying down.

As Debbie lands, the beast tries to jump at her.

Oddly, Slug is held in place by some kind of elongated hand.

"Huh?" Debbie questioned.

Ignoring it, Debbie uses her full strength to punch out the beast.

As Sinister Slug falls to the ground, a man in a green costume appears, stretching his arm back to normal length.

"Who the hell are you?" the man asked.

"Uh, I'm wondering the same." Debbie said.

Inside the Kruzzy Krab, Sandy and Tomoya approach Miss Appear.

"No need to fear us, we're actually superheroes too." Tomoya said.

"An imposter is what she is!" Miss Appear said, pointing to Sandy.

"What?" Sandy questioned.

Miss Appear quickly levitates two darts filled with a knock out serum.

"Hey!" Sandy and Tomoya both say, as they are hit.

Both of the heroes fall the floor.

Outside, Debbie and the man were still talking.

"I am the Elastic Waistband." the man said.

"Oh, cool." Debbie said.

"How were you able to do what you did here?" Elastic asked.

"Long story!" Debbie said.

From behind, a dart is tossed at Debbie, as she passes out.

Miss Appear walks over.

"Yeah, and she can explain that story at HQ." Miss Appear said.

Marshall and Melondy were seen across the street from Squilliam's luxurious estate.

"Can you phase us through the locked gate?" Melondy asked.

"Yeah, but we should beware of the guards patrolling the house." Marshall said.

"Just get us through. I'll handle them." Melondy said, as the two cross the street.

Marshall phased himself and Melondy through the gate.

The guards turned their attention to the intruders.

Melondy used super speed to punch them all out.

Inside the house, Squilliam and Denise were seen in his living room.

"These new pieces of yours are magnificent." Denise said, admiring his sculptures.

"I'm working on a new one - 'Handsome Squilliam'. I think that's gonna be a top seller." Squilliam said, laughing.

"A bust of yourself? Am I dating a narcissist?" Denise asked, pulling him close.

"But that's why you love me." Squilliam said.

"I haven't said the L-word yet." Denise said, as they kissed.

"Sorry to interrupt whatever this is." Melondy said, as she and Marshall walked in.

"Who are you people? How did you get past my security?" Squilliam asked.

"They're wearing costumes. They're superheroes." Denise noted.

"Or villains." Squilliam retorted.

"Nah, villains usually wear darker colors." Denise said.

"You know your stuff!" Melondy said.

"I've met lots of superheroes. Though, I don't recognize you two." Denise said.

"Because we're not from this universe." Marshall stated.

"There's more than one?" Squilliam questioned.

"Yes, but it shouldn't be possible for them to be here. All universes in the multiverse vibrate at different frequencies due to the specific barriers sealing them off from each other." Denise said, confused.

"Unfortunately, those barriers are now broken." Melondy said.

"There are 'hoppers' breaching through to worlds they're not supposed to be on." Marshall said.

"That's why we're here. To find you." Melondy asked.

"Why me?" Denise asked.

"We think there are some hoppers here to off you." Melondy said.

"Way to put it lightly." Marshall said.

"They're delirious!" Squilliam argued.

At that moment, a fire bolt came shooting through Squilliam's back door.

Flare, Shadow, and Syphon step into the house.

"Actually, they're right." Flare said, playfully producing fire from her fingertips.

The scene shifts, as we pan to a shot of an HQ on the outskirts of Bikini Bottom - a building that read I.J.L.S.A.

Debbie, Sandy, and Tomoya awaken, tied up in chairs.

They also notices power inhibitors around their necks.

Miss Appear and Elastic Waistband stand before them.

"Let us go! We're no threats!" Sandy said.

Miss Appear ripped off her mask, revealing herself to be Sandy!

"WHOA..." Tomoya said.

"Sandy! She's your doppelganger!" Debbie noted.

"I call myself Sandra." Sandra said.

"Sandra is my full name as well." Sandy remarked, creeped out.

"How is this possible?" Sandra asked.

"I'm from another universe." Sandy told her.

"Okay good, so I can take off this mask. It was getting so itchy!" Elastic said, revealing himself to be Patrick Star!

"Patrick?" Sandy questioned, excitedly.

"How do you know my name?" Patrick asked.

"We were close friends on my universe. Actually dated for a while." Sandy said.

"In your so called universe, are you also Miss Appear?" Sandra questioned.

"A different woman is. Which makes this weird." Sandy said.

"When I saw that you looked exactly like me... I was afraid something sinister was going on. Especially after seeing this young woman exhibit impressive abilities." Sandra remarked, now looking at Debbie.

Patrick let the three out of their binds.

Debbie stood up.

"I'm the Universal Guardian of Universe-1." Debbie said, ripping off her inhibitor.

Sandra's eyes widened.

"Yeah, inhibitors don't work on Universal Guardians." Debbie remarked.

Patrick unlocked Sandy and Tomoya's inhibitors.

"I have no powers, by the way." Sandy said.

"No powers, AND you're not Miss Appear? What kind of life do you lead, then?" Sandra asked.

"Very often a violent one." Sandy said, bluntly.

"Where are we? This looks like some kind of HQ." Debbie said.

"We're the International Justice League of Super Acquaintances." Sandra revealed.

"I.J.L.S.A for short." Patrick said.

"Just you two?" Tomoya asked.

"Of course not. There's The Quickster, Professor Magma, and Pi-Right Ponderer as well." Sandra revealed.

"We have a Quickster and Magma on our world." Tomoya noted.

"Where's the rest of your group?" Debbie asked.

"On a mission in Atlantis. But, let's not tread off topic here." Sandra said.

"Yeah, we need to know what you're all doing here." Patrick said.

"We're here to find some hoppers that breached to your universe to kill Denise Reynolds." Sandy stated.

"Oh, our Universal Guardian. We work with her often. Perhaps we can provide some assistance?" Sandra suggested.

"Yeah, we'd like that." Debbie said.

Later on, we see Sandy, Debbie, and Tomoya arrive on the Skyripper with Sandra and Patrick.

"This is a dimension traveling spaceship?" Sandra questioned.

"We call it the Skyripper." Sandy said.

"Love the name." Patrick said.

"Where's Melondy and Marshall?" Debbie asked.

"Their coms have been off for quite awhile." Tomoya said.

"I'll go check around the ship for them. They're probably fighting over who gets what bedroom." Debbie said, laughing.

Sandy shows Sandra her piloting seat.

"This is where I fly." Sandy said.

"I can actually fly." Sandra said.

"Good for you." Sandy said, sensing hostility.

"Ya know, it's cool that you're dimension traveling with a ragtag group of friends, but who exactly were you before that?" Sandra questioned.

"I was known as the Red Widow on my world." Sandy said.

"Why such a name?" Sandra questioned.

"... I, uh, murdered a lot of people." Sandy said.

Sandra appeared shocked and disgusted.

"Bad people." Sandy clarified.

"Doesn't matter. That's not what a hero does." Sandra argued.

"I'm not a hero. I'm... a Knight." Sandy said, trying to come up with something.

Tomoya was seen coming out of the office with his camera.

"And hereee we have it, the first visitors aboard our badass spaceship. Meet the Elastic Waistband and Miss Appear!" Tomoya said, recording Patrick and Sandra.

"Oooh, I love being the camera! I was once cast in a movie." Patrick said.

"Oh?" Tomoya asked. "Let's hear more about this!" Tomoya said, shoving the camera in his face.

"I got fired my first day on set. I mean, how do they expect people to memorize all those lines!" Patrick said.

"Uh, Patrick... from what you told me, you only had to memorize one line. Mayonnaise." Sandra said, walking over to him.

"Well, that's a hard word to remember!" Patrick said, crossing his arms.

"Alright, camera's goin' off." Tomoya said.

Debbie returned to the bridge.

"Hey, where are they?" Sandy asked.

"I checked every inch of this ship. They're not here." Debbie said.

"Oh god, please tell me they didn't do what I think they did." Sandy said, face palming.

"What do you think they did?" Debbie asked.

"Lillian, can you give us the location for Squilliam Fancy's house." Sandy asked.

The scene shifts, as we pick back up at Squilliam's place.

"You're Flare." Melondy said.

"Queen of flames." Flare said.

"And you..." Marshall said, looking at Shadow.

"What? Are you admiring my good looks?" Shadow asked.

Marshall appeared angered.

"We're here for the Universal Guardian." Flare said.

"Syphon, now!" Shadow said.

Syphon pulled out a strange, glowing blue rock.

Denise suddenly felt very weak.

"This is impossible!" Denise said, bending down in pain.

"Melondy, it's the rock!" Marshall said.

"We call it Dopamite!" Flare said.

Melondy uses super speed to grab Syphon.

"No!" Flare said.

"Squilliam, get out of here!" Denise said, suddenly feeling better.

Squilliam runs.

Denise shoots laser beams at Flare.

Flare jumps out of the way.

Shadow rushes outside, as Marshall follows.

Flare shoots a powerful fire blast at Denise.

Denise flies up, as the fire blast incinerates one of Squilliam's paintings.

Denise grabs Flare, tossing her into one the sculptures in the room.

Flare groans as the sculpture breaks in half.

"Stand down!" Denise said.

Flare sends micro-waves at a flat screen TV directly behind Denise.

The TV explodes, sending Denise flying across the room and into a wall.

In the backyard, Melondy and Syphon both fall to the ground, as Melondy stops speeding.

As Melondy stands up, Shadow taps her shoulder.

Melondy turns around, as Shadow shoots a dark energy blast at her.

Syphon gets up, as Marshall charges at her. They both engage in hand to hand combat.

Syphon pulls out a small knife and swings at Marshall.

Marshall phases his body, as the knife passes through.

Syphon looks confused.

"I can make my body intangible!" Marshall bragged.

At that moment, Marshall is clocked over the head with a piece of sculpture.

"Unless you're distracted." Flare said, tossing the piece to the ground.

Syphon smiles.

As Melondy stands, Shadow shoots another dark energy blast at her.

This time, the blast sends her into a small smimming pool.

"My parents never did let me get that backyard swimming pool I wanted. Bummer." Shadow said.

"We'll take the boy for leverage! Now lets get out of here before Denise wakes up." Flare said, holding an unconscious Marshall.


Melondy was seen on the Skyripper.

"Thank you guys for getting me out of the pool. And for the CPR." Melondy said to Sandy and Tomoya.

"I can't believe you did that! Taking off without us!" Sandy said, slightly angered.

"I was trying to get ahead of the issue for everybody. You guys were busy, so me and Marshall tried to handle another angle." Melondy said.

"And look where that got us? Marshall's been kidnapped." Sandy said.

"I apologize for Marshall's kidnapping." Melondy said.

"What did the note that they left say?" Tomoya asked.

Melondy pulled out the note.

"Surrender Denise to us in the junkyard at 5PM or you'll never get your friend back." Melondy read.

"They want a trade." Sandy said.

"Where's Denise anyway?" Melondy asked.

"In the medbay." Sandy said.

In the medbay, we see Denise on a medical table as a blue fight flashes over her body.

"What's happening?" Denise asked.

"Lillian is scanning you to find out what that rock did." Debbie said.

"Lillian?" Denise asked.

"Our ship's A.I." Debbie told her.

"It would appear that Ms. Reynolds was affected by a newly created element - dopamite." Lillian announced.

"Lillian, what is dopamite?" Debbie asked.

"I've reconstructed the sample you collected. It would seem that it was created from the components of the Dopamine Depletion Serum." Lillian revealed.

"What's that?" Sandra asked.

"Dopamine Depletion Serum was created by F.I.N in order to capture me once upon a time. Universal Guardians get their power through emotions." Debbie started.

"Which are controlled by dopamine in the brain." Sandra said.

"Exactly, so this serum was able to shut that down, and thereby render me powerless." Debbie said.

"So now someone's made a weapon out of it." Denise guessed.

"Those three who attacked you." Patrick said.

"I feel like Flare, Shadow, and Syphon are all working for a greater entity. Someone's willing to go through all this trouble to get Universal Guardians. Why?" Debbie questioned.

"Well, I'm fine now. So, we need to find these people." Denise said.

"Are you thinking of turning yourself over to them?" Sandra asked.

"It's the only way to save Debbie's friend." Denise remarked.

Debbie, Denise, Sandra, and Patrick returned to the bridge.

"We need to give them what they want. Me." Denise said.

"I don't know if I agree with this." Sandy said.

"Marshall's life is at stake." Debbie said.

"I'm sorry, but who exactly is the leader... or captain of this team?" Denise questioned.

"Umm, well... I guess we never talked about that." Debbie said.

"With everything going on, we can decide on that later." Sandy said.

"I'm turning myself over. I won't be responsible for an innocent guy dying after trying to protect me." Denise stated.

"There's a way to save both Marshall and you. We need to blindsight these guys." Sandy suggested.

"Alright, what's the gameplan?" Denise asked.

The scene shifts as we pan to a shot of a small, black and red spaceship. 

Inside, Marshall awakens on the floor. His hands were binded and he had an inhibitor collar on.

"Oh, you're awake." Flare said, turning around in her piloting chair.

"Where am I?" Marshall asked.

"I call it the Fireflyer. It's a dimension traveling spaceship." Flare said.

"It's cramped as hell. Ours is much better and bigger." Marshall snided.

"Who do you work for?" Flare questioned.

"What do you mean?" Marshall asked.

"You and that speedster chick knew about our plan to get Denise. How is that possible?" Flare asked.

"Who do you work for? Cause I know you and your comrades aren't smart enough to conceive any kind of major plan." Marshall said.

"You don't know me." Flare said, as flames appeared in her eyes.

"And I really don't want to. So, let me go!" Marshall said.

"When Denise turns herself over." Flare said.

Shadow and Syphon arrived inside.

"It's time." Shadow said.

Denise was seen walking through a junkyard, as Flare, Shadow, and Syphon met her.

"Where's the man?" Denise asked.

The three moved out of the way, revealing Marshall behind them.

Marshall stepped forward.

"Not another step, phasing-man!" Flare said.

"It's Crossfade." Marshall said, rolling his eyes.

"Step forward, Universal Guardian." Shadow said.

Denise walked forward, as Flare was seen carrying a specialized collar.

Flare put the collar around her.

"Inhibitor collars don't work on Universal Guardians." Shadow remarked.

"Which is why we laced this one with dopamite." Flare revealed.

Syphon smiled evilly.

"Oh no." Denise thought to herself, instantly feeling weak.

At that moment, Debbie was seen flying into the area.

"GUYS, LOOK!" Syphon said, speaking for the first time.

Debbie snatches Marshall up, flying him away.

Tomoya and Melondy arrive on the scene.

Tomoya shoots an icy gust at Flare, who is pushed onto the ground.

Melondy uses her speed to bump Shadow into a broken car.

Shadow groans as his body is flung into the car.

Melondy turns to Syphon.

"You don't speak much, do you?" Melondy asked.

Syphon just smiled.

From the corner of her eye, Melondy saw a dark energy blast about to hit her.

Before she could speed away, she was hit, kneeling down in pain.

"The dark energy I control is very potent, little lady." Shadow said, walking toward.

Sandra and Patrick arrive, coming toward Denise.

"We got you." Sandra said, turning the three invisible, as they all took off.

Flare and Tomoya blasted each other with their powers.

As the heat and cold collided, it created an unstable wave of energy that pushed both of them back.

In a nearby area, Debbie landed ontop of a beatdown truck, carrying Marshall in her arms.

"Uh... thank you." Marshall said.

"No problem." Debbie said, smiling.

"We should help our friends." Marshall said.

"Right." Debbie said, putting him down.

Debbie ripped off his inhibtor collar, as the two took off to help the others.

Shadow kicked Melondy across the ground.

Melondy coughed, trying to cope with the dark energy in her body.

"HEY, SHADOW." Debbie said, running toward him.

"Debbie Rechid." Shadow said, surprised.

"How is she here?" Flare questioned, standing up.

"I struck you with the fullest extent of my dark energy. That should of disabled your powers." Shadow said.

"I can't open portals anymore, but I found a different way to get to you all." Debbie said, boldly.

The Skyripper appears in the sky, as energy blasts were fired near Shadow and Syphon, blasting them back.

"I didn't know the Skyripper had blasting power!" Tomoya said, running over to his friends.

"Me neither." Debbie said, laughing.

The Skyripper lands, with Sandy stepping out a few moments later.

"I know, I know. My ship is badass." Sandy stated.

Debbie, Sandy, Tomoya, Marshall, and Melondy stand together in a line, all of them looking at Flare on the other side.

"Who exactly do you all think you are!?" Flare asked.

"The Knights of the Multiverse." Sandy replied, as heroic music plays.

Suddenly, another speedster is seen coming into the junkyard, stopping next to Flare.

"Oh no..." Melondy said.

"Melondy, do you know who that is?" Debbie asked.

"Trouble." Melondy said.

"My name is Seid, and it's about time we met." Seid said, looking at Debbie. 

"You're the head honcho here, aren't you? You ordered Flare, Shadow, and Syphon to try and kill me." Debbie said.

"And now Denise. What do you want with Universal Guardians?" Sandy questioned.

"You expect me to just tell you my plans? What kind of supervillian do you take me for?" Seid joked.

"The typical kind." Melondy said.

"Melondy Dime, interesting to see you here." Seid said.

"What'll be interesting is their deaths." Flare remarked.

"I'm giving you all one warning here. Interfere with my plans or with my allies again, and I promise that I won't stop until all four of you are dead." Seid threatened.

"There's five of us." Debbie said.

"Your death is already guaranteed, Debbie. So, get onto your ship and take off. However, I will find you." Seid said.

"Lets go, we don't need to stick around for anymore of this." Sandy said.

The team entered the Skyripper, flying off.

An hour later, the Skyripper is seen on Jellyfish fields again.

"We managed to get the collar off of Denise." Sandra said.

"Sorry we couldn't help with the battle." Patrick said.

"You guys got Denise out of there. That was the most important part." Sandy said.

"Are you forgetting about me? I'm pretty important." Marshall said.

"Dude!" Sandy said, annoyed.

"How did everything go?" Denise asked.

"We know who we're dealing with now." Debbie said.

"A speedster called Quickseid." Melondy told everyone.

"You seemed to know him well." Sandy said.

"He also came from an erased timeline." Melondy said.

"So he's a remnant, like you?" Tomoya asked.

"Yeah." Melondy said.

"Wait, perhaps this explains why Shadow is up and running even though he died in 2016." Sandy said.

"How?" Marshall asked.

"Seid's a speedster, which means he's capable of time travel." Melondy said.

"He must of plucked Shadow from 2016." Sandy said.

"Just great." Debbie said.

"He's doing all this to what end?" Denise questioned.

"That much we don't know. What we do know is that you're not safe anymore." Debbie said.

"How about me and my team help Denise into hiding." Sandra suggested.

"I don't wanna hide from this." Denise said.

"We can't chance Seid killing you." Debbie said.

"So why are you chancing yourself?" Denise asked.

"Better one Universal Guardian than two." Debbie said.

"Debbie's right." Sandy said.

"I'll miss Squilliam, but I guess he'll have to understand." Denise said.

"The longer you guys stay here, the more heat you're in." Patrick said.

"You're right. We do need to go." Sandy said.

"We'll keep in touch." Debbie said.

"Make sure of it." Denise said, nodding.

Sandra walked over to Sandy.

"And hey, I guess I was wrong about you. I witness you compromise to come up with a plan that assured everyone's safety." Sandra said.

"Thanks. If I'm being honest... you are everything I never envisioned myself being." Sandy said.

"Perhaps there's no one way to be a hero." Sandra said.

The Knights waved goodbye, as Sandra, Patrick, and Denise left the ship.

"We'll recuperate in the stasis zone." Debbie said.

"What's the stasis zone?" Marshall asked.

"A place that exists as pure energy, outside of universes and dimensions. It's quite beautiful." Debbie said.

"Alright, everyone strap in!" Sandy said, walking to the pilot's seat.

"Aye aya, Captain Cheeks." Debbie said, smiling.

"Wait, what?" Sandy asked, laughing.

"It's clear to me that you are the proper person to lead this team." Debbie said.

"I gotta admit... you're pretty rational. The same can't be said for me." Melondy said.

"Everyone makes mistakes, Mel." Sandy reassured her.

"All in favor of Sandy as captain?" Debbie asked, raising her hand.

Marshall and Melondy raised their hands.

Tomoya recorded the moment on camera.

"Oh yeah, and me too!" Tomoya said, raising his hand.

"You're gonna kill me with this video recording." Sandy said, laughing.

Sandy took her seat, as everyone strapped in.

The Skyripper took off into a blast of light, leaving Universe-2.



  • Universes Introduced: Universe-1, Universe-2.
  • Debbie / Universal Guardian and Sandy / Red Widow form a team consisting of Melondy Dime / Lady Quick, Marshall Montgomery / Crossfade, and Tomoya Chrome / Cold Reef. They refer to themselves as the Knights of the Multiverse.
  • Sandy powers the Skyripper with the Infinity Jewel, allowing it to traverse parallel universes.
  • A glowing blue rock called 'Dopamite' is able to de-power Universal Guardians.
  • It is revealed that Shadow was pulled from 2016 by Seid, a powerful speedster that is behind the plan to murder Universal Guardians across the multiverse. His end goal is so far unknown.
  • It is revealed that Universe-2 has a super hero team called the International Justice League of Super Acquaintances (I.J.L.S.A). Members include Sandra Cheeks / Miss Appear (Sandy's U-2 dopple), Patrick Star / Elastic Waistband, and others that were not seen onscreen. 
  • Sandy becomes the captain/leader of the team.
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Knights of the Multiverse

Ep.3 "Snorelonn Snafu"

Unknown Location

Flare, Syphon, and Shadow appear in some kind of cabin.

"I made breakfast." Flare said, throwing down three bowls on the coffee table.

"This looks like chum. Full offense." Shadow said, pushing it aside.

"Looks better than your face. Did you wake up on the wrong side of the pillow this morning?" Flare snides.

Shadow gave her a sinister look.

"I appreciate it, baby." Syphon said, standing up to kiss her.

"You two are a thing?" Shadow questioned.

"We've always been." Flare said.

"So, is our esteemed head not joining us for a lackluster breakfast?" Shadow questioned, referring to Seid.

At that moment, Seid speeded into the room.

"Instead of snapping at one another, you should all be getting ready to head out. We have a long day of searching the multiverse ahead of us." Seid said.

"And how are we going to do that? Considering our new little friends?" Flare asked, referring to the Knights.

"They seem able to track our breaches. Otherwise they wouldn't of gotten ahead of our plans in universe-2." Shadow said.

"It was a mistake to let them live." Flare said, disapprovingly.

"Not a mistake. I was playing the long game." Seid said.

"Your little game is gonna threaten everything we're trying to do." Flare said.

"Not to worry. I have a plan to keep Debbie and her new friends busy while we search the multiverse for Universal Guardians." Seid said, 

"I'm interested in hearing this." Shadow said.

"They can't travel the multiverse chasing after us if they're too busy dealing with a crisis on their home world." Seid said, smiling.

"You wanna lure them back to universe-1." Syphon said, putting it together.

"Bingo. This is why I like Syphon. She thinks and reflects in silence." Seid said.

"Okay, okay, but what would be so huge to draw them back to universe-1 for long enough that we can complete our goals?" Flare asked.

"I have something in the works. I just need to make a few arrangements." Seid said, speeding off.

"HEY, HEY, GET BACK HERE!" Shadow yelled.

"That guy never lets us in on anything." Flare complained.


Skyripper, Stasis Zone

Stasis Zone imageryImage result for temporal zone legends 

On the Skyripper, we see Sandy, Debbie, and Tomoya in the Galley - the kitchen/dining room.

Sandy approaches a fabrication machine, as she chooses scrambled eggs and bacon from a breakfast selection list.

The food is instantly created, as Sandy takes her plate and sits with the others.

"This is so cool. So, Lillian can make anything?" Tomoya asked.

"Any type of food that you can imagine." Debbie said.

"Awesome, cause I've been eating grapefruit and oatmeal the past week." Tomoya said, laughing.

Tomoya whips out his camera.

"And there you have it people - fabricated food!" Tomoya said, recording Sandy's plate.

"If you don't get that camera out of my food, I'm gonna eat you for breakfast!" Sandy threatened.

"... Hot." Tomoya said.

"I'm suddenly not hungry." Sandy said, getting up.

"More bacon for me!" Debbie said, putting Sandy's bacon on her own plate.

The scene shifts as we see Melondy enter Marshall's room.

"Hey, so you got the room with the mini fridge." Melondy noted.

"Yeah, I keep all my Kelp Shakes nice and cold in there." Marshall said.

"Oh? Weren't Kelp Shakes discontinued?" Melondy asked.

"The fabrication machine can make any food or drink - even discontinued stuff. Isn't Lillian amazeballs?" Marshall asked.

"Well, I stopped by because I realized I never really apologized for what I did to you." Melondy said.

"What did you do?" Marshall asked.

"I put you in jeopardy. I convinced you to go along with my plan on universe-2. I was moving too fast and that got you kidnapped. I'm sorry." Melondy said.

"You're a speedster. Aren't you always moving too fast?" Marshall joked.

Melondy smiled.

"But seriously, it was my choice to go along with it. I don't blame you." Marshall said.

"Guys, Sandy needs us on the bridge." Tomoya said, entering the room.

Debbie, Marshall, Tomoya, and Melondy surrounded the central console alongside Sandy.

"Alright everyone, Lillian has located a hopper." Sandy said.

"Is it Seid and his posse?" Marshall asked.

Lillian's holographic head pops up over the console, as she speaks to the team.

"The hopper I've located is called Snorelonn, a man from universe-49, with a criminal record of drug possession." Lillian told them.

"How many universes are there, anyway?" Melondy questioned.

"A former Universal Guardian created a handbook. As far as we know, there are one hundred. However, the true number is likely infinite." Debbie told them.

"I see." Melondy said.

"Lillian, where did this Snorelonn breach to?" Sandy asked.

"Universe-21, a world where drugs of all kind are legal and allowed to be consumed by anyone over the age of five." Lillian revealed.

"WHAT?" Tomoya asked.

"Sounds like my kinda place." Melondy said, as the others looked at her.

"... I was kidding." Melondy made clear.

"I've never been to that universe, so this is just as shocking to me." Debbie said.

"Do you have an exact location there, Lillian?" Sandy asked.

"New Coral." Lillian revealed.

Sandy and the rest of the Knights took their seats.

"Buckle in, guys. Lillian, set a course for New Coral on universe-21." Sandy said, blasting off.



Snorelonn and a few of his followers were seen entering a building.

The name of the building read "Puff Mama's All-Star Crackhouse"

"Excuse me, gentlemen. Do you have an appointment with Puff Mama?" a secretary asked.

"Snorelonn. I'm her 11AM." Snorelonn said, pulling out a rose.

The secretary checked her charts.

"I see you." she said.

"Take this." Snorelonn said, giving her the flower.

"Why thank you!" the secretary said.

"I always enjoy making beautiful, strong women happy." Snorelonn said, with an easy charm.

Snorelonn entered Puff Mama's office.

"Hello." Puff said, turning around in her big chair.

"Puff Mama, nice to meet you at last." Snorelonn said.

"I was very interested about meeting you. Anyone with such an odd name must be entertaining to deal with." Puff said, with a smile.

"I left my posse out in the hall. I just wanted to level with you one on one." Snorelonn said, taking a seat.

"What is it that you want?" Puff asked.

"I hear your firm sells the best stuff in New Coral." Snorelonn said.

"Indeed. Our products are made from the finest of natural sources." Puff said.

"I'm very interested in a particular line of product that you sell. The... uh... blue pox." Snorelonn said.

"Blue pox, huh? Very powerful stuff. Also, the most expensive drug in the world." Puff said.

"I have more than enough money to pay for several pounds of the stuff. I would just require your help with shipping." Snorelonn said.

"My firm definitely ships out... but how much of the stuff are we talking here?" Puff asked.

Snorelonn just smiled.

On the Skyripper, we see Debbie and Sandy inside the captain's quarters.

The rest of the heroes enter the office.

"We've landed ten minutes ago. What's the hold up?" Marshall asked.

"Sorry, we're trying to work out how to find this Snorelonn." Sandy said, as she and Debbie reviewed files.

"This office contains files on nearly every universe in the multiverse." Debbie said, reading over a file about universe-21.

"Hey, I have no problem with helping find this hopper, but..." Melondy started.

"What?" Sandy asked.

"We were recruited to find and stop Seid and his allies. They really need a name by the way." Melondy said.

"Oooh, I got it! Coalition of Supervillians!" Tomoya said, recording himself with his camera.

"Yeah, sure. That." Marshall said.

"Some of us have lives to return back to." Melondy said.

"You of all people?" Sandy questioned.

"Excuse me!??" Melondy said, offended.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that." Sandy said.

"Guys, lets just worry about finding Snorelonn. And Tomoya, for pete's sakes... put that camera away!" Marshall said.

Tomoya turned the camera off, making a frowning face.

"Snorelonn obviously breached here to get drugs." Sandy said.

"And according to this file, the best place to do that on universe-21 is at Puff Mama's All-Star Crackhouse." Debbie said.

"Let me see that paper." Sandy said, snatching it.

"What?" Debbie asked.

"Well dayum... Mrs. Puff runs a drug cartel in this universe? I'd hate to see what my doppelganger here is like." Sandy said, shuddering.

"Snorelonn's likely done business with her. Maybe we hit up this Puff Mama in order to find out more about him and his location." Marshall said.

"Good idea. You guys go." Debbie said.

"Not coming with?" Sandy asked.

"Keep me on coms, but I'll stay aboard the ship to find out more about Seid, Flare, and the others." Debbie said, looking at Melondy.

Melondy nodded, as she and the rest of the heroes took off.

The scene shifts, as Sandy, Melondy, Marshall, and Tomoya are walking through the New Coral National Park.

"Puff Mama's firm is just a little bit beyond here." Sandy said, looking at a locator device.

"Man, this world is really bleak." Melondy said.

The Knights observed broken-looking people strung out on drugs.

By the playground, a group of pre-teen children were seen getting high.

"Eh, more power to them all." Marshall said.

"You think it's right for little kids to be on drugs?" Melondy asked.

"I did a little bit of stuff throughout high school and college. Helped me focus and relieve stress." Marshall admitted.

"I'm sure." Sandy said, rolling her eyes.

"Ya know, why don't me and Tomoya stay behind and get the people's perspective?" Marshall asked.

"Good idea. I did bring my camera?" Tomoya said.

"Are you guys sure about that?" Melondy asked.

"Totally!" Marshall said.

"Do not try anything." Sandy said, giving them a stern look.

"Okay, mom!" Marshall joked.

Sandy and Melondy arrived inside Puff Mama's building.

The secretary arrived at the front door.

"Excuse me, but do you have an appointment?" she asked.

"No, but we're here to question Puff Mama about a client she may have recieved." Sandy stated.

"Without an appointment, I'm afraid you'll have to leave." the secretary said.

"If we make an appointment, how long will the wait be?" Melondy questioned.

"Puff Mama's a busy woman. There's a long line. I'd say five months." she told them.

"We can't wait that long." Sandy said.

"Oh well." the secretary said, walking back to her desk.

"Melondy, how about a little help here?" Sandy asked.

Melondy used her super speed to quickly scan through the papers on the secretary's desk.

"Anything?" Sandy asked.

"I know what room Puff Mama's in." Melondy said.

"Take us there." Sandy said.

In a flash, Melondy speeded her and Sandy into Puff Mama's office.

Two security guards stood inside, as they were alarmed by the sudden intrusion.

Puff Mama stood up.

"Well, isn't this interesting. How did the two of you get past my floor security?" Puff asked.

"We need to speak with you about a client you may have had!" Sandy said.

"Want us to handle this, boss?" one guard asked.

"Please." Puff said.

The two security guards raised their guns at the ladies.

Melondy used her speed to quickly collect and dismantle the guns, dropping the pieces on the floor in front of her and Sandy.

"My oh my! We have a metafish on the premises!" Puff said.

"Yeah, so?" Melondy asked.

"I'm quite fond of your breed..." Puff said, deviously.

"The hell does that mean?..." Melondy questioned.

"Tell your security to step out. We have questions to ask you." Sandy said.

"Men, you heard the ladies." Puff said, sitting back down.

The scene shifts, as we see Tomoya interviewing kids at the park.

"So, state your name and age." Tomoya asked one boy.

"Donny, age 12." Donny said.

"Donny, believe it or not... I am not from this world. I visited in a dimension traveling spaceship." Tomoya said.

"Dude, really? I've thought up better science fiction plots while high on weed." Donny said, smoking a blunt.

"Pretend for a second that we're telling the truth. We know nothing of this world, and want to question you about it." Marshall said.

"Thank you for the assist, Marshall." Tomoya said.

"Alright, what do you wanna know?" Donny asked.

"How long have you been doing drugs?" Tomoya asked.

"Since I was five. Same as almost everyone else." Donny asked, confused.

"Do you go to school?" Tomoya asked.

"On Tuesdays." Donny said.

"Wait, what?" Marshall questioned.

"You go one day a week?" Tomoya asked.

"Yeah, but it's optional. You can just go there and learn new shit if you want to." Donny said.

"Still think this world is so cool, Marshall?" Tomoya asked in a whisper.

"I'm sure there's somthing constructive you kids are doing with your time?" Marshall asked.

"Are you guys high right now? Most kids attend drug academies, where we learn how to 'bake'." Donny said.

Tomoya gasped.

"I... uh, I can't take this anymore." Marshall said, walking off.

"Marshall, wait!" Tomoya said, running after him.

"Seriously, who were those guys?" Donny asked to a group of friends.

Tomoya follows Marshall over to a tall tree.

"Hey, you good?" Tomoya asked.

"I'm sorry I ever complimented this universe." Marshall said.

"Yeah, it's truly the stuff of nightmares. I mean, kids learning how to make drugs instead of learning how to make A's? That's really depressing." Tomoya said.

"And all for what? Some lame ass high?" Marshall questioned.

"This high isn't lame." Donny said, appearing behind them.

Donny held a small bag of blue pills up.

"Donny? What is that?" Tomoya asked.

"Blue pox. Expensive and top of the line." Donny said.

"How did you get it if it's so expensive?" Marshall asked.

"My dad's rich. Now, how about you guys have a little taste?" Donny asked.

"No way." Marshall said, shaking his head.

Tomoya turned on his camera.

"For the purposes of this investigation, I will try this blue pox." Tomoya said.

"Tomoya, you know what Sandy said." Marshall said.

"Relax, just one pill to see the effects." Tomoya said.

Donny passed him a pill, as Tomoya took it.

"I haven't tried any yet. I hear it really messes you up." Donny said, laughing.

"You wait till after I take it to tell me that?" Tomoya questioned, angrily.

"Uh oh..." Marshall said.

The scene shifts back to Sandy and Melondy inside Puff Mama's office.

"Sit, ladies." Puff said.

Sandy and Melondy took a seat.

"We're looking for a man named Snorelonn." Sandy said.

"We think he may have done some business with you?" Melondy questioned.

"I never talk about one client to another. Which reminds me, you guys aren't clients." Puff said.

"You've seen what my friend can do." Sandy said. "I can do worse, believe it or not." Sandy threatened.

"She has a literal 'killer-reputation', if I do say so myself." Melondy added.

"Where exactly do you ladies come from?" Puff questioned.

"The only concern you should have right now is telling us what we want to know." Melondy said, vibrating her hand.

"Fine. I did business with a man named Snorelonn just about an hour ago." Puff revealed.

"I think it's obvious what he wanted." Sandy said.

"So, how much did you give him?" Melondy questioned.

"A whole lot." Puff said.

Melondy and Sandy looked at each other.

"So much so that I had to get delivery men to help transport it." Puff told them.

"To where?" Sandy asked.

"I'm really not at liberty to say." Puff said, bowing her head.

"Hey! Tell us what we need to know, and we get out of your life - for good. Trust me." Sandy said

"Fine." Puff said, writing down the address.

Later on, we see the Knights arrive back on the Skyripper.

"How did everything go?" Debbie questioned, meeting the heroes on the bridge.

"Me and Melondy got Snorelonn's location here. While those two..." Sandy said, looking at Marshall and Tomoya.

Tomoya was seen struggling to balance himself.

"What's up with Tomoya?" Debbie questioned.

"This... this is a really, really cool airplane." Tomoya said, with his eye pupils enlarged.

"Is he... is he high?" Debbie asked.

"We told you guys not to take anything!" Sandy yelled at Marshall.

"Hey, he was the one who did it for his stupid recording endeavor." Marshall said, defending himself.

"Guys, no one react to what I'm about to say, but... I think Sandy's a squirrel." Tomoya said, pointing at Sandy.

Everyone face palmed.

"Wait, Tomoya... come here." Sandy said, grabbing him.

Sandy pulled up his sleeve.

"He has blue patches." Sandy said.

"Must be a side effect of blue pox." Marshall said.

"Blue pox? That's what Puff Mama sold Snorelonn." Melondy said.

"It's the most expensive and dangerous drug in universe-21." Sandy said.

"What does Snorelonn want with it?" Debbie asked.

"Seeing as he was arrested for possession on his own universe, I think he may have come here to get 'product' with ease." Sandy said.

"Yeah, this world would be a drug dealer's dream." Marshall said.

"Well, Snorelonn's rented out a warehouse on the edge of the city." Sandy said.

"What happens when we find him?" Melondy asked.

"We'll lock him up in the brig." Debbie said.

"The brig?" Marshall asked.

"The prison room we have on the ship." Sandy said.

"There's a prison wing on the Skyripper? Man, this ship is bad as hell." Marshall said.

"We'll breach over to the prison dimension, and leave him there to serve out a term." Debbie said.

"There's a prison dimension?" Melondy asked.

"Yes, established by a Universal Guardian decades ago to imprison top offenders. Demons, powerful sorcerers, and the like." Debbie said.

"Maybe we can just return this guy to his own universe? And take away his means of hopping worlds." Sandy said.

"Depending on how dangerous he is." Marshall suggested.

"We'll need a plan of attack when we get to the warehouse. And perhaps Tomoya should sit this out." Melondy said.

"Guys, oh shit! There's frost coming out of my hands." Tomoya said, using his powers.

"Tomoya! Stop it!" Sandy said, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him.

"He's not fit for possible combat right now." Melondy said.

"He'll be fine." Sandy said.


Behind the warehouse, Snorelonn and his men are seen loading dozens of bags of blue pox onto a purple colored spaceship.

"We'll return to our universe, and be the kings of the drug world!" Snorelonn said.

"Boss, look up!" one of the guys said.

The Skyripper is seen landing on the field.

"Who do we have here?" Snorelonn questioned, walking over.

The Knights exited the ship, dressed in their costumes.

"Snorelonn! We know you've hopped between worlds in pursuit of these drugs." Sandy said.

"I've always wanted to meet you, Sandy. So this is a pleasure." Snorelonn said.

"How... how do you know my name?" Sandy asked, weirded out.

"I know who all of you are. Universal Guardian, Melondy Dime, Tomoya Chrome... should I go on?" Snorelonn asked.

"Please don't, freak!" Marshall said.

"That's Snore-horn, right?" Tomoya asked.

"Snorelonn." Melondy corrected him.

"That's what I said." Tomoya said.

"How could you possibly know of us?" Sandy asked.

"Oh, right. The universe I come from? Everyone there is all-knowing. You should visit sometime!" Snorelonn said.

"Yeah, when we take you back!" Sandy said.

"Guys, light em up." Snorelonn said.

Snorelonn's guys raised their guns as the Knights raced onto the battlefield.

Melondy collected all of the guns, using her super speed.

Sandy pulled out her bo staff, beating down several guys.

Marshall came face to face with a bigger guy.

"Think you can take me?" the man asked, cockily.

Marshall phased his hand inside the guy, causing him to lose consciousness.

"The beauty of my powers is that I don't have to!" Marshall said.

Sandy made her way to Snorelonn, who was rushing to board his ship.

"Stop right there!" Sandy said, grabbing his arm.

Snorelonn snatched his arm away.

"I think you are getting very sleepy, young squirrel." Snorelonn said, emitting a hypnotic wave from his hand.

Sandy fell to the ground, going into a deep sleep.

Melondy raced over to Snorelonn, grabbing him up.

Tomoya ran over to them, shooting an icy gust at Melondy.

"D-did I do it? Did I shoot Snorelonn?" Tomoya asked, as his sight was blurry.

"You doped up idiot!" Snorelonn said, emitting a hypnotic wave at Tomoya.

"Tomoya!" Melondy said, recovering from the gust.

Before she could get to her feet, Snorelonn also emitted a wave at her.

Marshall phases up from the ground, surprising him.

"What have you done?" Marshall asked.

Snorelonn also emits a wave at Marshall, as he falls asleep.

Debbie takes down the last of the henchmen, and flies over to Snorelonn.


"Same that I'm going to do to you!" Snorelonn said, emitting a wave.

Debbie stood fortified.

"... Right. Universal Guardian." Snorelonn realized.

Debbie punches Snorelonn into the ground.

"KILL ME AND THEY DIE!" Snorelonn said.

"What do you mean?!?" Debbie asked, grabbing him up.

"I've put them into a sleep state. Their mental processings are connected to my very being. They will be drained completely if you kill me." Snorelonn said.

Debbie put him down.

"Release them!" Debbie said.

"After I take my leave with the drugs in hand." Snorelonn said.

Debbie shot a powerful laser beam at his ship, completely destroying it.

"Yeah, I can do all that with just my eyes. Wanna see what I can do with my hands?" Debbie threatened.

Snorelonn gulped.

"I will free your friends.... but, I'll make you work for it." Snorelonn said.

"What are you getting at here?" Debbie asked.

"Fight me. If you win, you get your friends back and I will become your prisoner! If I win... I'll give you your friends back, but you have to take me home first." Snorelonn said, looking at the remains of his destroyed ship.

"You idiot! Do you realize that I'll win?" Debbie questioned.

"You have no other choice!" Snorelonn said.

"Fine, let's do this." Debbie said.

Before the fight started, Debbie and Snorelonn cleared the field.

Debbie dragged her friends' body over to the Skyripper, out of the line of harm.

Snorelonn's guys awakened, as they awaited inside the warehouse for the battle to be over.

Debbie and Snorelonn stood opposite each other on the field.

"Ready, Universal Guardian?" Snorelonn asked. 

"That's a question more suited for you!" Debbie said.

"Hit me with your best shot!" Snorelonn said.

Debbie shot at him with her heat vision.

Snorelonn created a strong ice wall that took the blast.

"What? You have ice powers?" Debbie asked.

Snorelonn smiled.

Debbie flew at him, but he phased his body, causing her to hit the ground in surprise.

Debbie turned around and stood up.

Snorelonn used super speed to ram her across the field.

"You have all their powers! HOW?" Debbie questioned.

"I'm absorbing their life energy, remember?" Snorelonn said.

Debbie flew at him again. Snorelonn shot out an icy gust which pushed her aside.

"In order to save your friends, you have to beat them!" Snorelonn said.

"Shut your face!" Debbie said, running up to punch him.

Snorelonn used one of Sandy's karate moves to flip her over.

"Ouch! You even have Sandy's karate skills?" Debbie questioned.

Snorelonn kicked her over, as he used speed to continue kicking her all over the field.

Debbie pulled herself up, coughing badly.

"Looks like you're worse for wear, Universal Guardian!" Snorelonn bragged.

"Then I'll just have to out smart you!" Debbie said.

Debbie shot another laser beam, as it took off into the sky.

"You missed wildly!" Snorelonn said.

"No!" Debbie said, smiling.

The laser beam hit a satellite ontop of the warehouse, as it reflected back and hit Snorelonn.

Snorelonn was blasted into the ground.

Debbie quickly grabbed him up. Using the full extent of her super stregnth, Debbie threw Snorelonn into the warehouse, as the entire structure collapsed.

Debbie pulls Snorelonn from out of the wreckage, dropping him on the ground.

"I WON." Debbie said, standing tall.

"... So you did. You're amazing, you know that?" Snorelonn asked, standing up.

"Uh, thanks?" Debbie said.

"No, seriously. The way you out smarted me, the sheer magnitude of your power, and how beautiful you look right now!" Snorelonn said, falling in love.

"Umm, I don't know what you're expecting, but it's not a kiss. Wake my friends up, NOW." Debbie said.

"A deal is a deal." Snorelonn said.

Instantly, the rest of the Knights began to awaken.

"What happened?" Sandy asked, standing up.

"I'm your prisoner." Snorelonn said.

"Woo, I think taking a nap really helped me get over that high." Tomoya said.

"That's good, Tomoya. That's good." Melondy said.


Prison Dimension

The Skyripper arrived in the prison dimension, which appears as pieces of earth floating in the sky.


Image result for skyland

The Knights exit the ship. Debbie is seen holding onto Snorelonn, who is wearing an inhibitor collar.

"Uh, so Earth is ripped into pieces in this universes?" Tomoya asked.

"Yes." Debbie said.

"Good, I thought I was still high on that blue pox." Tomoya said.

"And this isn't a universe. It's a dimension, remember?" Debbie asked.

"There's a difference?" Sandy asked.

"Dimensions aren't necessarily their own worlds. They exist as pathways from which anyone from any universe is able to travel to." Debbie revealed.

A servant is seen opening up a cell.

"Hi Mortie, good to see you!" Debbie said.

"I see you've brought another prisoner." Mortie said.

"He's a tricky one. Watch out for him." Debbie said.

Snorelonn entered his cell.

"I'll be imprisoned on this piece of rock. For now. When the time is right, I'll come for you so that we can be together." Snorelonn said.

"We are NEVER going to be together!" Debbie said, walking off.


Back on universe-21, we see Puff Mama and two of her guards approach the back of the warehouse.

"What do you make of what happened here, Puff?" one of the guards asked.

"I think our new friends aren't quite from this world." Puff said.

"They're not." a voice was heard.

Snorelonn's henchmen were seen coming out of the warehouse.

"Hmm, you were all with Snorelonn earlier when he visited my building." Puff said.

"He was taken prisoner by this group of dimensional police or whatever." a guy said.

"Dimension?" Puff asked, looking over at the remains of Snorelonn's ship.

"Help us get back home - and we can help you expand your business massively." the guy said.

"You have a deal." Puff said, smiling.

Skyripper, Stasis Zone

On the Skyripper, we see Sandy entering the medbay.

Tomoya was seen on the medical chair.

"Hey, Lillian just finished cleansing me of the leftover blux pox in my system from yesterday's adventure. Thank god for this all-powerful A.I." Tomoya said, laughing.

"Yeah, thank god nothing worse happened to you." Sandy said.

"Sandy's right." Debbie said, entering the room.

"I'm sorry, guys. Melondy had Snorelonn in her hands until I shot at her with my powers. I was almost the reason we lost. All because I was high." Tomoya said.

"Why did you really take blue pox?" Sandy questioned.

"Since we've started this journey, I can tell everyone thinks of me as the goofy boy scout. I just wanted to be seen as hard and tough as the rest of you." Tomoya said.

"Have you met me? I'm far from hard and tough." Debbie said, laughing.

"Everyone on this ship has quirks." Sandy said.

"And everyone's special in their own ways. You have nothing to prove here." Debbie said.

"Or else we wouldn't of recruited you." Sandy said, winking.

Tomoya smiled.

At that moment, Marshall rushes into the medbay.

"Marshall, what's up?" Sandy asked.

"Are you guys done checking out Tomoya?" Marshall asked.

"Yeah." Debbie said.

"I'm the beacon of health! For the most part." Tomoya said.

"Good, because I just got a phone call from my cousin, Katherine." Marshall said.

"What's wrong?" Sandy asked.

"We need to return to universe-1. Our world is in trouble." Marshall told them.

Sandy, Debbie, and Tomoya looked confused.



  • Universe(s) Introduced: Universe-3, Prison Dimension
  • This episode's introduction of Snorelonn serves as a slight homage to a 2013 episode of JCM's spin-off Mermaid Man: The Aquatic Avenger, called "Sweet Dreams".
  • It is revealed that Seid has a plan to distract The Knights.
  • We learn that 'Universes' and 'Dimensions' are actually two different things (though 'dimension' can be a umbrella term).
  • The end of the episode is an Easter egg for the "Crisis of the Jelliens" crossover.
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This episode concludes a crossover that began with Miss Appear (Part 1), The Quickster (Part 2), and Mystic Guardians (Part 3).

Knights of the Multiverse

Ep.4 crisis of the jelliens.gif (Part 4)

Kelp Labs, New Kelp City, Universe-1

As the episode opens up, we see the Skyripper parked out in front of Kelp Labs.

Inside the Skyripper, we see Sandy, Katherine, Peter, and Madison grouped together in Sandy's office.

"Welcome to the captain's quarters." Sandy said.

"Alright, we all know why we're here. We need to come up with a plan of action now that this Jellien invasion is happening." Katherine said.

"Right, and all four of us need to agree on something if we want to successfully lead our allies onto the battlefield." Sandy said.

"Well, maybe talking about a 'battlefield' is pushing it. We wanna stop this invasion, remember?" Peter voiced.

"That's not up to us. At this point, the Jelliens will be enacting whatever they have planned." Madison said.

"Madison's right. We have to prepare to confront this head on." Katherine said, sighing.

"Well, Tyrone and Adam are working around the clock to track any dimensional breaches." Peter said.

"I've asked Lillian to scan for breaches to this world as well." Sandy said.

"If only we knew what the Jelliens' weaknesses were." Madison said.

"Weaknesses? Hmm, good thought." Sandy said.

Peter got a text on his phone.

"It's from Melondy. The others want to see us inside Kelp Labs." Peter said.

"Alright." Sandy said, as she and Peter started out.

Katherine grabbed Madison's arm.

"Yes?" Madison asked.

"I... uh... have been wanting to talk to you." Katherine said.

"Is there a problem?" Madison asked.

"I wanted to ask that you and your allies stay out of this." Katherine said.

"Excuse me?" Madison questioned.

"Look, we're already dealing with aliens from another universe. Now you guys show up from a different universe and you're also magic fairy mermaids or whatever. It's a bit much." Katherine said.

"Are you kidding me? There's a whole building of superheroes inside Kelp Labs, but me and my friends are a bit much?" Madison asked.

"Yes, because you guys are unknown quantities, and I don't like dealing with the unknown." Katherine said.

"Me, Cynthia, Audrey, and Tori are you guys' biggest weapon against the Jelliens." Madison argued.

"Madison, the four of you together and separately have more power than any one of the superheroes inside Kelp Labs. That's dangerous, and Debbie shouldn't of brought you here when we're already dealing with something dangerous." Katherine said.

"The difference is that me and my girls aren't the enemy! We'll see how Debbie feels about this." Madison said, taking off.

Katherine sighed.

Inside Kelp Labs, the heroes are all discussing the impending invasion among themselves.

"Guys, what's up?" Sandy asked, walking in with Peter.

Madison and Katherine arrive shortly after.

"We've all been talking, and we think we came up with a way to get ahead of the Jelliens." Jake said.

"Oh? What is it?" Peter asked.

"They breached to our planet, right? So why not do the same to them?" Debbie questioned.

"Hmm, I like it. We could travel to their universe and try to figure out exactly who we're dealing with." Sandy said.

"Yeah, Madison suggested just before that we need to try to determine a weakness for these guys if we're going to defeat them." Peter said.

"Bonnie, did F.I.N leave any information at all before they took off?" Katherine asked.

"F.I.N has no information on the Jelliens. I'm sorry. However, they are preparing for this impending invasion as much as we all are." Bonnie said.

"Alright,  I'll take Barnacle Boy and Jake with me to check out the Jelliens' home world. The rest of you will stay here and practice your powers. This is gonna be one massive showdown that you'll need to be at your fullest strength to participate in." Sandy said.

"I'm going too." Analise said, stepping forward.

"Are you sure, Sightress?" Sandy asked.

"The only thing I've done since this all started was get kidnapped... so, yeah." Analise said.

"I'll go too." Marshall said, taking off with the others.

Audrey stopped Jake before he left.

"Hey, be safe." Audrey said.

"Always." Jake said, smiling at her.

Sandy, Tim, Jake, Analise, and Marshall arrive on the Skyripper, as they huddle around the central console.

"Lillian, tell me about the Jelliens' home planet." Sandy asked.

"The Jelliens - a species existing on Universe-90, come from the planet Jelliton." Lillian announced.

"Lillian, set a course for Jelliton on Universe-90." Sandy said, as she and the others got into their seats.

Meanwhile, on the Jelliens' mothership, we see Queen Liza approaching Seid on the bridge.

"Seid, I hope you slept well. Today is a very important day." Liza said.

"I've heard from some of your people about what your plans are." Seid said.

"Your associates - Flare, Syphon, and Shadow failed to kill Debbie in Karmania. However, Debbie did meet some interesting folk there that she brought onto this ship to help her save her captured allies." Liza said.

"And by interesting people, you mean Madison Landers." Seid said.

"I was able to harness power from her Heart of Karmania. Just this morning, my engineers told me that we now have enough power to take our ENTIRE army to Universe-1. Don't you see? Debbie meeting Madison was a blessing in disguise. The failure of your idiots has allowed my species the ultimate victory." Liza said.

"I'm glad." Seid said, forcing a smile.

"All thanks to you. Ya know, why is it again that you would betray your own world to help us?" Liza questioned.

"I told you. I need Debbie out of the way." Seid said.

"You never specified why." Liza said.

"Just be glad I got into bed with you at all." Seid said.

Suddenly, an alert went off on the computer system.

"What's going on?" Liza asked to all the Jelliens working the computers.

"My queen, it seems that a spaceship recently breached to this universe." a man said.

"The heroes are back." Liza realized.

"... Oh no." Seid said.

"What?" Liza questioned, turning to him.

"They're going to your home world. Trust me, I know they are." Seid said.

"They won't find much of worth there." Jarvix said, walking in.

"Jarvix.." Liza said, surprised to see him in the command room.

"I know I haven't been on the bridge recently." Jarvix said.

"I assumed you were still upset with me." Liza said.

"Why would the heroes of Earth be interested in our home world? It's in ruins." Jarvix said.

"They don't know that." Liza said.

"But they could find out something we don't need them too. I'm gonna order my people to hunt them down." Seid said.

"Flare, Shadow, and Syphon already failed once." Liza said.

"Allow them one more chance." Seid said.

"Fine." Liza agreed.

Seid walked off.

"Are you okay?" Liza asked Jarvix

"I'm good." Jarvix said, unsure.

"Great. Prepare your strike team. We have an invasion to begin." Liza said, flashing a smile.

Meanwhile, we see the Skyripper arriving in Universe-90.

"Looks weird." Jake said, looking out of the ship's windows.

"Isn't Space supposed to look weird?" Marshall questioned.

"I see what he means. Something's off." Tim said.

"Tim, I know that you're the Barnacle Boy. Jake, I know that you're an actual knight. But, the rest of us are just average joes who wanna know what you're seeing that we're not." Marshall said.

"Very few stars for starters." Jake said.

"Hardly any space debris or rock." Tim noticed.

"Things just seem... dim." Jake said.

"You guys think something happened to this universe?" Analise asked.

"Maybe they're right." Sandy said, still piloting.

"Uh, Lillian... any back up here?" Jake asked the A.I.

"Universe-90 is unfortunately a dead universe. The only intelligent species in existence are the Jelliens, with their home world being the only planet left as well." Lillian revealed.

"Oh my god!" Analise said.

"Lillian, you have to start sharing a little more." Sandy said.

"Sorry, Captain." Lillian said.

"I knew it." Jake said.

"What could of happened to this universe?" Tim questioned.

"I don't know, but Jelliton is the only place we'll find answers. We should be there soon." Sandy said.

Suddenly, a fire blasts hits the side of the Skyripper.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" Jake asked, as the ship is rocked.

The alarms begin to go off.

Sandy checks the radar system.

"Another ship is after us! I think it's the Fireflyer!" Sandy said.

"Flare's spaceship. The Jelliens and Seid know we're here!" Marshall said.

On the Fireflyer, we see Flare, Shadow, and Syphon.

"So cool that our ship can send fire blasts." Shadow said.

"My ship." Flare said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just shoot more. Strike these heroes down and leave them to die in the depths of Space." Shadow said.

"That's the plan!" Flare said, shooting more fire blasts from the ship's cannon

Sandy tries to steer the ship away from multiple blasts.

"ANY IDEAS?" Analise asked, clenching her seat.

"INVISIBLE MODE, NOW!" Marshall called out.

Sandy turned on the ship's cloaking system.

"NO! They're gone!" Flare said.

"Well good, they've left this universe." Shadow said.

"No, idiot! They didn't breach away. They went invisible." Flare said.

"No matter. We'll catch them on Jelliton." Syphon spoke.

"Right." Flare said, piloting the ship on a different course.

"Did you call me an idiot before? I'll kill you for that." Shadow said.

"You'd have to beat me first." Flare said.

"Guys. Quiet. Like me." Syphon said, with a calm smile.

On the Skyripper, the heroes cheered.

"That was a close one." Sandy said, catching her breath.

"Tell me about it." Marshall said.

"We're not out of the woods yet. I suspect they'll chase us to Jelliton." Jake said.

"A couple vigilantes, a real life knight, and a psychic... they don't stand a chance." Sandy said.

The scene shifts, as we see Peter and Melondy practicing their speed inside the Speed Lab.

Madison, Cynthia, Tori, and Audrey watch the two speedsters circle around and around.

"How did we do?" Peter asked, as him and Melondy stopped.

Tori checked the monitors.

"I see some previous speed logs here. You guys have bested those records." Tori said.

"YES!" Peter and Melondy cheered.

"Can I... just... touch your suit?" Audrey asked.

"Uh, I'm sweaty... but sure." Peter said.

Audrey touches the Quickster emblem on his super suit.

"This is all so real." Audrey said, excitedly.

"So, Audrey... are there Quickster comics in your world?" Peter asked.

"Certainly! Though I mainly grew up on the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy ones. Now I'm really into the Mighty Max series." Audrey admitted.

"Mighty Max. I wonder what he's been up to." Tori questioned, as Madison and Cynthia shrugged.

"Uh so, what's different between our world and yours?" Melondy asked the girls.

"Well, first off, Barnacle Boy is an old geezer on our world. Here, he's an admittedly hot guy in his twenties." Cynthia said.

Everyone looked at her.

"Did I just... say all of that... out loud?" Cynthia questioned, embarrassed.

"I knew there was a reason you wanted your hair to look flawless today." Tori joked.

Debbie enters the room.

"Hey guys. I came to see Peter and Melondy at their top speeds." Debbie said.

"Already done, but we can go again." Peter said.

"Let's go!" Melondy said, as they speed around again. Cynthia, Tori, and Audrey watched.

Madison pulled Debbie over to a secluded corner.

"What's wrong, Mads?" Debbie asked.

"Are you angry at me for putting your world in danger?" Madison asked.

"You didn't put my world in danger, I put my world in danger." Debbie said.

"Well, Katherine certainly let me know how she felt about things." Madison said.

"What? Did she say something to upset you?" Debbie asked.

"Maybe she's right. Maybe me and my girls should just leave." Madison said, thinking it over.

"Mads, tell me what she said." Debbie asked of her.

The scene shifts, as we see the Skyripper flying through Jelliton in Universe-90.

All over the planet, destruction and deforestation were seen.

"No sign of any living things so far. We should go." Analise said.

"The purple skies are beautiful, for what it's worth..." Jake said.

"Wait, Lillian's located a beacon of hope - a massive dry forest in the Atlantic sphere." Sandy said, looking at the console.

"The only forest that exists on this planet!" Lillian said.

"... and where there's a forest, there's likely life." Tim said.

Eventually, the Skyripper is seen landing on the forest ground.

"I'll turn invisible mode back on so that we can head out and explore." Sandy said.

"Good idea." Analise said.

The five headed out, walking through the forest.

"Hey, aren't you a psychic? Right now would be a good time for a vision." Marshall asked Analise.

"It's hard for me to force a vision." Analise said.

"But, this power is a part of you. It's not about forcing it, but rather tapping into it." Jake said.

"Very wise, Jake." Sandy said.

"Yeah... when did I become Ranen?" Jake said, thinking to himself.

"You're right." Analise said, as she stopped walking.

"Annie, what are you doing?" Tim asked.

Analise kneels to the ground, placing down her hand. As she closed her eyes, she embraced psychic energy. Eventually, her eyes turned white.

"Is she good?" Jake asked.

"She's having a vision." Sandy said.

Analise's eyes return to normal.

"Analise?" Marshall asked.

"I saw... I saw..." Analise started, catching her breath.

"People? Or.. well... Jelliens?" Jake questioned.

"Some kind of mechanic device." Analise said, standing up.

"Umm, I don't think any of us were expecting that." Tim said.

"It was hoisted on a platform inside this beautiful cave." Analise recalled.

"Beautiful?" Sandy questioned

"It glowed blue. I don't know how." Analise said.

"I wish we knew how that was related to the Jelliens." Jake questioned.

"TOO BAD YOU'LL BE TOO DEAD TO FIND OUT!" a voice was heard.

Flare and Syphon appeared, walking out from behind a large tree.

"The last time I saw you - you ran." Jake said.

"Retreated. There's a difference - one is tactical, and the other is cowardice." Flare stated.

"I'm curious, where's Shadow?" Sandy questioned.

"I'm curious, how would you like to die?" Flare asked.

Flare shot out a massive fire blast, as the heroes jumped out of the way.

Sandy got up, as Syphon ran over to her.

Sandy and Syphon started hand to hand combat.

As Marshall gets up, Flare creates a circle of fire around him.

"Phase outta that, freak!" Flare said.

Marshall stares at the flames around him, as he begins to have some kind of panic attack.

"Marshall, don't worry dude!" Jake shouted, as he pulled out his sword.

Jake tried to slash Flare, but she kicked the sword out of his hand. Analise ran over, trying to strike her with a bo staff. Flare sent a fire blast, which pushed her across the forest ground.

Tim pulls out his ray gun, shooting at Flare. Flare dodges the shots and sends a fire blast at him. Tim moves out of the way and throws gas pellets at Flare.

Flare begins to cough. As the smoke clears, Jake is seen behind her, as he wacks her over the head with a stick.

"Nice play." Jake said.

"Yeah, I thought the gas would make a nice cover." Tim said.

The fire circling Marshall dies down, as he is seen kneeling.

"Are you okay?" Tim asked, as he and Jake run over.

"Fine. I just don't like fire." Marshall said, breathing in and out.

"Guys, where's Sandy?" Analise asked, lifting herself up.

Sandy and Syphon are seen continuing their fight in another part of the forest. Sandy tries to perform a spin kick, but Syphon backflips out of the way. All of a sudden, a dart was seen hitting Syphon's neck. Syphon passes out, as Sandy catches her before she hits the ground.

"What the hell?" Sandy questioned.

Analise, Tim, Jake and Marshall arrive.

"Sandy, are you okay?" Jake asked.

"I hear footsteps..." Tim said.

Suddenly, we see some tribal-looking Jelliens come out from behind bushes. Some of them had spears and small blades.

"You can thank us for saving your life later. My name is Edwin." Edwin told them, as he appeared old and frail.

"How did you know we were here?" Analise asked.

"C'mon, we've lived within the confines of this forest our entire lives. We know when something living is out here that isn't us." Edwin said.

"We're not here as enemies." Sandy said.

"I believe you." Edwin said.

"I'm confused, why aren't you all on board the mothership? And why are you - no offense, dressed like that?" Analise asked.

"Because we were left behind." Edwin revealed.

The heroes look at each other in confusion.

"Why don't you lot join us at our village. I'll explain whatever you need me too." Edwin said.


At Kelp Labs, we see Tyrone enter the Speed Lab.

"Peter, you're here. I thought you and Mel finished practicing?" Tyrone asked.

"Melondy and the others cleared out a little while ago. I wanted to stay and analyze my top speeds." Peter said, looking at a tablet.

"Or you wanted to avoid me." Tyrone said.

"I'm not avoiding you." Peter said.

"We've barely talked since you've been back from alien capture. I know you're upset that I didn't tell you about my powers." Tyrone said.

"I'm proud of you - for using your powers to buy Debbie and Sandy time to escape those Jellien impostors. I just... I don't understand why you thought those powers were something to keep secret from me." Peter said.

"You were already dealing with the revelation that Irene can kill anyone she makes skin contact with. I thought it would be too much all at the same time. I guess I was being stupid." Tyrone said.

"Insecure, yes. But, you're never stupid." Peter said, grasping his hand.

"Peter..." Tyrone said.

"My mom and your dad are getting a divorce. The way is clear for us. This whole thing with the Jelliens - almost dying, getting kidnapped, and being locked up on an alien spaceship... it's shown me that I shouldn't waste any time. I'm done not having the things I want, because life is too short." Peter said.

Tyrone smiled.

"... and unexpected things happen - like aliens popping in from another universe." Peter joked.

"Let's talk more about this after we're done battling these bastards." Tyrone said.

"Deal." Peter said, happily. "I do have a surprise for you, by the way." Peter said.

"Oh? What is it?" Tyrone asked.

"You're own super suit. I have it stored upstairs in the hall closet." Peter revealed.

"... Peter... how could you have made something like that so fast?" Tyrone asked.

"I'm fast." Peter whispered into his ear.

"Right." Tyrone said, blushing and smiling.

"I can't wait to have you by my side. On the battlefield... and in life." Peter said, stroking his cheek.

Upstairs, Debbie is seen confronting Katherine in the hall.

"Katherine, I've been looking for you." Debbie said.

"Oh? Everything alright?" Katherine asked.

"Madison told me what you said." Debbie said.

"Maybe I come off as harsh, but I'm just trying to protect everyone." Katherine said.

"Madison, Tori, Cynthia, and Audrey are not threats!" Debbie argued.

"Madison's little device is the reason the Jelliens are about to launch a full scale invasion of our world." Katherine said.

"It's not a device." Debbie said.

"Magical item - whatever. The point stands." Katherine said.

"I won't let you make my friend feel uncomfortable." Debbie said.

"Friend? You've known her for less than a week!" Katherine said.

"Same amount of time that I've known you." Debbie said.

"Debbie, you don't have to do this." Madison said, approaching them.

"Madison, this isn't about you. It's about me. I did this." Katherine admitted.

"What?" Madison questioned.

"I was the one who called Debbie and her friends here. I'm the reason all of you are in this - meaning that it's my fault the Jelliens got their hands on the Heart." Katherine said.

"Katherine, you're playing the blame game with the wrong people! The only person at fault here is Queen Liza - and her army. They made the choice to be hostile." Madison said.

"Madison's right. I could sit here all day and blame myself or I can do something about it. I know what I'm gonna be doing. How about you?" Debbie asked.

Katherine sighed.

"It's true, if I never showed up, the Jelliens wouldn't have power from the Heart. I can't change that, but I can do something about it. I'm not leaving this world until the Jelliens are defeated. Deal with it." Madison said.

"Preferably soon!" Adam said, running out into the hall.

"Adam, what's wrong?" Katherine asked.

"I've located a breach opening above New Kelp City. I think they're here." Adam said.

Katherine, Debbie, and Madison were all speechless.

The scene shifts, as we return to Jelliton.

Sandy, Marshall, Jake, Analise, and Tim are seen sitting in a small village.

Edwin and the other Jelliens offer them food.

"No thanks, we're just here to get answers." Sandy said.

"And thank you for tying up Flare and Syphon." Marshall said.

We see Flare and Syphon tied up in binds made out of vines.

"When my energy replenishes, I'll burn out of these!" Flare said, angrily.

"We'll be ready for you." Sandy said.

"I'm assuming that you're here because an army of Jelliens are threatening your world." Edwin said.

"Exactly." Tim said.

"You don't seem surprised." Jake noticed.

"Long ago, our universe began to die. Our planet started to wither away." Edwin said.

"Why? What exactly destroyed this universe?" Analise asked.

"A story for another time. The point is, Queen Liza wanted our species to survive." Edwin said.

"So... she took off with an army to make that happen." Marshall said.

"They left us behind. Only the highest ranking Jelliens were allowed to leave on the mothership. The rich, the middle class, and the soldiers." Edwin said, as we see some of the tribe members shedding tears.

"That's awful." Jake said.

"I'm... I'm sorry." Sandy said, shaking her head.

"I didn't know this." Flare said, speaking up.

Everyone turned their attention to her.

"So, you don't even bother to find out who you're getting into bed with?" Sandy questioned.

"Seid was looking for a way to keep you and your team distracted. Working with the Jelliens was just a way to help forward our plans." Flare told her.

"Well, now the Jelliens are set to take over our home. Unless, there's a way to weaken them?" Marshall said, looking to Edwin.

"Our species does have one major vulnerability. It's difficult for me to even say it. Eve, would you mind?" Edwin asked to a woman holding a baby.

"Mayonnaise. That's our weakness." Eve revealed.

"Seriously? MAYO?" Marshall questioned.

"Marshall!" Analise said.

"It was banned worldwide on this planet, but there were still people who made it underground." Edwin said.

"For what purpose?" Jake asked.

"To use as one ingredient in a... ya know... high." Eve said.

"Wait... drugs?" Tim questioned.

"Led to a crisis. A lot of people died." Eve said.

"Well, not like we could fling mayo at every single one of them." Marshall said, thinking it over.

Edwin and the others started to look odd.

"What?" Sandy questioned.

"There is... something." Edwin said.

"Tell us, please." Analise said.

"Conditions on this planet are so horrible. I never want my child to grow up like this." Eve said, embracing her small baby.

"I'm confused..." Jake said.

"We've been working on something for a few years now. We call it the M-Bomb." Edwin revealed.

"Oh my god, the device I saw in my vision." Analise realized.

"Mayonnaise bomb?" Sandy questioned.

"We cultivated it perfectly. We turned the mayo into a gas agent." Edwin told them.

"We were gonna detonate it and commit a mass suicide. That way, we can all go out peacefully." Eve said, as the baby started crying.

Eve rocked the baby back and forth, trying to shush him.

"Oh my god!" Sandy said.

"You guys were gonna commit a global suicide?" Jake questioned.

"There's nothing global anymore about our species. It seemed like the easiest way out for all of us left behind." Edwin said.

"There's gotta be a better way!" Analise said.

"Yeah, this is just making me sad." Tim said.

"Look, guys... don't do this. I can talk to some people and set up a refuge program for you all in some kingdom within Karmania. But PLEASE don't kill yourselves!" Jake said.

"WE'RE ALREADY DEAD!" Eve said, shedding her own tears. "DON'T YOU GET IT? We're already on our way to the brink. This is the brink." Eve said.

Flare and Syphon looked at each other, unsure how to feel.

"Like I said.. I can help." Jake said.

"How about we help you folk?' Edwin said.

"What do you mean?" Sandy questioned.

"We've put off this mass suicide thing so long, because we do have hope." Eve said.

"Our Queen, who left us behind... we won't let her win in the end. She's not gonna get your world, because we're gonna give you the M-Bomb." Edwin said, standing up.

The heroes smiled.

"No mass suicide?" Sandy asked.

"If we're gonna die slow... we'll make sure those traitors go down with us." Edwin said.

"Just remember to keep faith." Jake said, nodding.

The scene shifts, as Edwin leads the five heroes to the cave from Analise's vision.

"We call it the Blue Grotto. There's an ocean beneath the cave that reflects the sunlight to make the cave appear blue." Edwin revealed.

"It's beautiful." Marshall said.

The group came upon a podium, which hoisted the M-bomb.

"A dark creation, indeed." Edwin said, holding in tears.

Jake rubbed his shoulder.

"We can secure the bomb to the bottom of the Skyripper. When the time comes, it'll be our weapon to drive the Jelliens away." Sandy said, having hope.

"Let's get on it." Tim said.

Suddenly, we see another tribesman running into the cave.

"Georgio, is everything alright?" Edwin asked.

"The fire lady and her partner managed to escape." Georgio revealed.

"How?" Sandy asked.

"A ship arrived. A man threatened to burn our village and forest down with fire blasters if we didn't surrender the ladies." Georgio revealed.

"Shadow." Sandy said.


New Kelp City, Universe-1

In NKC, dozens of reporters were on the streets, as cameramen filmed a massive energy breach in the sky.

From Kelp Labs, the heroes of Earth watched a live broadcast with Perch Perkins.

"It would seem that a large energy surge is opening above the skies of New Kelp City. What's coming out? That's anyone's guess - though there have been multiple reports of UFO sightings in the last few days." Perch Perkins spoke.

Debbie lowered the TV's volume, turning around to the rest of the heroes.

"This just got real. I know you all see that." Debbie said, sending a glare to Katherine.

"Debbie..." Katherine started.

"NO! Let me say what I have to." Debbie said.

"Go on, Debs." Tomoya said.

"Yeah, we're all listening." Audrey said.

"A week ago, half of the people in this room were strangers to each other. We have all lived separated, unrelated lives. But, no matter where we came from, what we've been through, who we've become... all of our roads have led to this moment. Defending our world from a massive threat. Because that's who we all are. Heroes." Debbie said.

Everyone clapped.

"Uh, guys..." Bonnie said, pointing to the TV.

Above the city, the giant mothership ripped through the breach.

"Oh my god, it's here." Debbie said, as the heroes see from the TV.

"Time to go!" Katherine said.

The heroes began to run out of the room.

"Katherine..." Madison called out.

Katherine turned around to them.

"That includes you guys." Katherine said.

"Are you sure about that?" Tori asked, crossing her arms.

"I'm so sorry that I made the four of you feel like crap. What Debbie said also helped me come to an understanding. The universe didn't just throw four magical fairy mermaids into my life for no reason." Katherine said.

The guardians smiled, as Madison pulled out the Heart to transform the four into their fairy-mermaid forms.

"Wicked. Now let's get out there." Katherine said, as she and the guardians raced after everyone else.

The Jelliens' mothership hovered directly above the city, as several beams transported Jellien troops to the ground.

Citizens began to run and scream as the Jelliens shot at them with blasters.

The Jelliens stop however when they see the heroes in the distance.

The heroes approach them on the streets, walking in a unified line, with Katherine, Peter, Debbie, and Madison at the center.

"Everyone keep on your coms!" Katherine called out.

"Let's turn these bastards back!" Peter said.

The heroes and Jelliens raced at each other in an epic collision.

As Peter and Melondy ram through many Jelliens using their superspeed, Seid arrives on the field.

"WELL, WELL, WELL! If it isn't The Quickster!" Seid said, grinning.

"He's really here..." Peter said, with his eyes widening.

"We can take him together!" Melondy said.

Peter, Melondy, and Seid all got into a huge speedster battle.

Inside the command room of the mothership, we see Queen Liza.

"The superheroes have arrived. Let's keep them busy!" Liza said, evilly.

"What does that mean, ma'am?" a man asked.

"It's time to release the crafts!" Liza said.

Outside, hundreds of small spacecrafts exited the mothership, as they reigned down hell on the city's buildings.

"GUYS, WE NEED SOME FLY-ERS!" Katherine said, over coms.

"Me, Debbie, and my girls got this!" Madison said, flying into the sky.

Audrey, Cynthia, Tori, and Debbie followed after her.

On the ground, we see Katherine turn invisible, as she takes out many Jelliens.

Stella and Tomoya are seen fighting hand to hand.

"I think you need to cool down!" Tomoya said, blasting at Stella with an icy gust.

Stella rolled across the ground, as Tomoya shot out icicles. Stella quickly shot at the icicles with her blasters.

"You'll have to do better!" Stella said, getting up.

Tomoya centered himself, and blew at Stella with ice breath.

"Whoa... I didn't know I could do that!" Tomoaya said, as Stella was trapped in ice.

In the sky, Debbie used her super strength to ram through several crafts, causing massive explosions.

Cynthia ripped large boulders from the ground, taking them up in the air to launch at the crafts.

"AUDREY, LET'S COMBINE." Tori shouted.

Tori and Audrey created a massive wind-whirpool, as it wrecked several crafts.

On the ground, Katherine used telekinesis to toss several cars at the Jelliens. Gillard managed to avoid them with an impressive agility skill set.

Gillard comes closer to Katherine, as she used telekinesis to hold him in place.

"You can't hold me forever!" Gillard said, flexing his large muscles to break the hold.

Katherine began to faint from overload.

As Gillard breaks her hold, a light blast knocks him out.

Katherine falls to the ground, as she sees Tyrone running toward her.

"Thank you." Katherine said, nodding.

Tyrone nodded back, as he helped her up.

"The suit looks great on you!" Katherine said.

"Thanks, but we got more incoming!" Tyrone said, as more Jelliens ran toward them.

Katherine sighed.

"Looks like you guys didn't check the weather report! Mother nature called for a sunshower." Tyrone said, blasting intense light rays.

"Sunshower... is that a codename I hear?" Katherine asked, playfully.

"Why not." Tyrone said, smiling.

F.I.N agents arrive in the city, as they secure some citizens inside a Krusty Krab restuarant.

Dozens of Jelliens arrive, as the agents stand fortified in front of the restaurant.

"Stand your ground, guys! The men, women, and children in that restaurant are counting on us!" Agent Clemmons said.

The agents shot at the coming Jellies with bullets, but those mostly bounced off of them.

"LOWER YOUR WEAPONS!" Bonnie said, running onto the scene.

Bonnie stood in front of the agents, as the Jelliens continued to walk toward them.

"Bonnie, great to see you." Clemmons said.

"On the battlefield, my name is Black Clam." Bonnie told him.

"Right." Clemmons nodded.

Bonnie released a sonic scream at the Jelliens, rupturing their ear drums and knocking them down.

Bonnie took off, coming toward an intersection in the street.

Hundreds more Jelliens were coming to the area.

"Audrey, come in, I need you!" Bonnie said, over coms.

Audrey quickly found Bonnie, flying down by her side.

"Holy crap, that's a lot of them coming this way." Audrey said.

"Yeah, and they're going to shoot down the only safe street in New Kelp City. That's why I called for you." Bonnie said.

"Your Clam Cry device..." Audrey said, realizing.

"It only registers so many decibels. I can't take down hundreds of Jelliens at one time with one scream." Bonnie stressed.

"You want me to amplify the sonic waves with my powers, don't you?" Audrey questioned.

"Let's try it." Bonnie said.

Bonnie stood in the center of the street, as Audrey stood directly behind her.

The Jelliens chanted, as they came running at the ladies.

"LET IT RIP!" Audrey said.

Bonnie released a sonic scream, as Audrey amplified it with her control over sonic waves. The scream managed to knock down all the Jelliens, shatter every store and car window in the vicinity, and destroy the front entrance of a nearby government building.

"Whoa..." Audrey said, lowering her hand. "You did that." Audrey said, humorously.

"We did that." Bonnie said, smiling at her.

In the sky, Debbie and Madison are seen going toward the mothership.

Debbie blasts through a large window with her heat vision.

Both girls fly into the command room, as several Jelliens pull out blasters.

Madison shoots out electricity blasts at them.

Debbie comes face to face with Queen Liza.

"Queen Liza, correct?" Debbie asked, as she noticed the royal clothes.

"Universal Guardian, am I correct?" Liza asked.

"How about I show you!" Debbie said, throwing a punch.

Liza stopped the punch with her hand, shocking Debbie.

"... You're stronger than the rest of your species." Debbie said.

"I've trained for a MILLENIA. JUST FOR THIS!" Liza said, headbutting Debbie across the room.

Debbie crashed into some machinery.

Liza drops her royal garments, revealing an interesting physique.

Debbie gets up, throwing a large piece of machinery at Liza.

Liza punches through it, as she begins to create purple electricity from her hands.

"Just like jellyfish stings..." Debbie noticed.

Liza zapped at Debbie, but Madison jumped in the way - absorbing the stings.

"Madison!" Debbie shouted.

"I'm fine!" Madison said, as her powers were suddenly more charged.

With a quickness, Madison shot out a powerful electric blast at Liza. Debbie joined her by blasting Liza with her heat vision.

An explosion occurred, taking out half the command room.

On the ground, we see Peter and Melondy chasing Seid all across the city. Peter takes a shortcut, disappearing.

Melondy continues after Seid.

"TOO SLOW, LADY QUICK!" Seid yelled.

"MAYBE I AM, BUT NOT HIM!" Melondy said.

Peter now appeared directly in front of Seid, and used his speed to summon a lightning strip.

Peter tossed the lightning at Seid, as Seid went blasting into a statue of King Neptune in the middle of the city.

Melondy and Peter gave each other a high five.

All of a sudden, we see the Fireflyer coming out of a breach, as it shoots fire blasts around Peter and Melondy.

"That'll keep the speedsters contained." Flare said, landing the ship to the ground.

Flare and Shadow exited, as they helped Seid up.

"SHADOW, STOP!" Katherine said, running toward the area.

"Get Seid aboard..." Shadow said to Flare.

Flare got Seid on the ship.

"Well cousin, it looks like it's time for me to take my leave." Shadow said.

"You, Seid, and your allies need to turn yourselves over." Katherine said, angrily.

"... and what are you going to do about it?" Shadow said, producing dark energy.

"I could try and fight you right here and right now. But, instead I'll leave you with this message. You will always be a part of me. You're the reason I owned my own darkness. So that I never had to end up like you." Katherine started.

"Moving sentiments." Shadow said.

"I'm not finished. Now, I realize that the power to do good... to be a hero? That's my responsibility. All of this is my responsibility now." Katherine stated.

Shadow shot out two massive blasts of dark energy.

Kathrine used her telekinesis to control and dissipate the energy. Shadow was shocked.

"Get out of here. NOW." Katherine said, shedding a tear.

Shadow took off into the Fireflyer.

As the Fireflyer breached away, we see the fire around Peter and Melondy dying down.

Both speedsters raced over to Katherine.

"I'm sorry I let them go." Katherine said.

"No, this isn't about them. This is about the Jelliens right now." Peter said.

At that moment, the Skyripper was seen coming through a breach in the sky.

"They're back!" Katherine cheered.

As the Skyripper landed, we see Sandy, Jake, Marshall, Tim, and Analise rush out.

"We need more help against the ground troops, so I'm glad you guys made it back!" Peter said.

"Everyone go! I need to talk with Katherine." Sandy said.

Peter, Melondy, and the others raced off into the battle.

"We have a weapon. A mayonnaise bomb." Sandy said, turning on her coms.

"Mayo is the Jelliens' weakness?" Katherine asked.

On the mothership, we see Debbie and Madison listening.

"We have a weapon against your people, Liza." Debbie said.

Liza was seen crawling from under destroyed pieces of tech.

"If you don't tell your people to stop this destruction, WE WILL USE IT." Madison reinforced.

"What weapon could the likes of you heroes ever dream to come up with?" Liza asked, picking herself up.

"A mayonnaise bomb. That's your weakness." Debbie said.

Liza appeared shocked.

"AUNTIE, LISTEN TO THEM!" Jarvix said, running onto the bridge.

"Jarvix? Why aren't you on the ground?" Liza asked.

"Because I made a decision. To not hurt others anymore." Jarvix said.

"You're weak." Liza said, furious.

"Auntie... think about all the people who have died in your quest for power. Jelliens and Fish alike! You stood by and let your own sister - MY MOTHER... [/i]be murdered[/i]." Jarvix said, shedding tears.

"Everything I did was to build a better world for us, for YOU!" Liza said, crying.

"What do you mean?" Madison asked.

"Our universe is a dead one. Our world was ravaged. For decades, we've sought out a new home." Liza revealed to them.

"Because your home was on the brink..." Debbie realized.

"So much for a new home for ALL Jelliens. You left the lower class behind to rot on Jelliton." Jarvix said.

Debbie and Madison were shocked.

"There wasn't enough space for absolutely EVERYONE on this ship." Liza said.

"Enough space to hold prisoners, though right?" Debbie questioned, angrily.

"Admit it. You're just selfish and all about power. You may genuinely want our species to have a new world, but you are not below being an awful person to do it. Just like letting my parents be murdered." Jarvix said.

"The only way you'll ever get what you want... is by FIGHTING for it!" Liza said.

"Last chance, Liza." Madison said.

"NO. My army will burn your world to the ground, and build a new one out out of the rubble. Threaten us as you please." Liza said.

"Sandy, do it!" Debbie said, over coms.

"Already on it!" Sandy said, as we see her flying the Skyripper into the air.

"Lillian, let it drop!" Sandy said.

"In 5...4...3...2...1." Lillian counted down.

From the bottom of the Skyripper, the M-Bomb dropped and exploded.

Immediately, the atmosphere becomes laced with mayonnaise molecules.

Jelliens all over the city began to cough and roll over.

Inside the mothership, Liza and Jarvix began to cough as well, as both fell to the floor.

Madison and Debbie ran by Jarvix's side.

"Ca-ll th-em o-ff." Jarvix said, struggling to breathe.

"Do the right thing, Liza! Don't let your people die, don't let your nephew die!" Madison said.

Moments later, the remaining crafts began to fly back onto the mothership. The remaining ground troops were all beamed back on board the mothership as well.

"They're surrendering." Katherine said, coming into the middle of the street.

"Queen Liza called it off." Peter said.

Debbie and Madison were seen flying down to the ground, grouping up with the rest of the heroes.

The mothership was seen breaching away from Universe-1 and Earth.

"We did it. We all did it." Debbie said, as everyone smiled.


That night, we see a massive party happening inside Kelp Labs' storage facility.

All the heroes were eating cake, drinking soda or wine, and talking among themselves.

"Yup, it's true people. New superhero on the block. I'm calling myself, Sunshower!" Tyrone said to Marshall, Melondy, and Adam.

"Sunshower, huh? I like it." Adam said.

"Agreed." Melondy and Marshall said.

Analise was seen in a corner, looking at a picture of her and Katherine on her phone.

"Nice picture." Jake said, walking up to her.

"Oh, it's old." Analise said, slightly sad.

"I noticed that Katherine was really happy that you were saved from the Jelliens." Jake said.

"We used to be a thing. She's... moved on." Analise said.

"I think that when two people have any kind of meaningful bond - friendship or otherwise, they always find their way back to each other." Jake said.

"You sound like you speak from experience." Analise questioned.

"Not me, but my friend's mom." Jake said.

"Thank you, Jake." Analise said, smiling  

Katherine was seen approaching Madison.

"I wanna apologize. Again." Katherine said.

"Katherine, it's no need." Madison said, warmly.

"I treated you like a threat, because deep down, I knew I was the one who put this all in motion." Katherine said.

"But, you didn't." Madison reassured her.

"I know that now." Katherine said.

"Well, it was great being on the same side out there in the battlefield." Madison said.

"Yeah, cheers to new allies."  a voice was heard.

Tim was seen bringing the ladies drinks, as both of them took a glass.

"It's ginger ale." Tim said, smirking.

"Okay, good!" Madison said, as the three clinked their glasses.

"Cheers!" Katherine said, sipping.

We see Audrey, Cynthia, and Tori leading Debbie to the Skyripper outside.

"As a little gift, I took the time to add a little something to the Skyripper!" Audrey said.

Debbie noticed an insignia on the ship. A golden colored 'K' for Knights and a shield in the background.

"Audrey, you... you painted this?" Debbie asked, surprised.

"I'm also an artist! Took a while to make this stick, though." Audrey said, laughing.

"Sandy's gonna love it. I already do." Debbie said, nodding. 

"You're welcome." Audrey said.

"Party was great, but it's time to g- " Sandy said, seeing the insignia.

"I hope you don't mind!" Audrey said.

"I love it." Sandy said.

Melondy arrived, seeing it as well.

"Take care guys." Melondy said, waving goodbye.

The guardians waved back.

Sandy and Melondy got on the ship.

Madison arrived, joining Debbie and the other guardians.

"I guess you're about to take off?" Madison asked.

"Yeah, it's been real. But, we need to keep after Seid's coalition." Debbie said.

"Good luck." Madison said.

"Oh, I have something for you guys." Debbie said.

"Oh, a present for us?" Cynthia asked.

Debbie pulled out a small device.

"Tyrone and Adam helped me work on it. It's an interdimensional extrapolator. It has a direct line to Kelp Labs, the Mermalair, and the Skyripper, allowing you guys to send messages to anyone of us if you ever need help." Debbie explained.

The girls were all surprised.

"Debs... I don't know what to say." Madison said, taking the device.

"You guys helped me defend my world from a large scale alien invasion. The least I could do is offer you the option of a helping hand someday." Debbie said.

"Well, you know where we are. Don't be a stranger." Tori said, smiling.

The five girls embraced in a group hug.

"Goodbye, guys!" Debbie said, boarding the Skyripper.

Jake, Katherine, and Marshall arrived outside.

"Ready to head home?" Jake asked Madison.

"Yeah, we're ready." Madison said.

"We're here anytime you guys need us." Madison said.

"We'll keep that in mind." Katherine said, smiling.

Madison opened up a portal back to her world with the Heart, as she, Tori, Cynthia, Audrey, and Jake stepped through.

Katherine and Marshall looked at each other.

"Well, that was fun." Marshall said.

"Which part? Getting kidnapped, impersonated, almost blown up, or....?" Katherine joked.

"Okay, okay, it was a wild freaking ride!" Marshall said, laughing.

"The team up was fun." Katherine said.

"Yeah well, the Knights are waiting for me on the Skyripper." Marshall said.

"I'm gonna miss you, Marshall." Katherine said, emotional.

"I'll be back before you know it. Maybe by that time, aunt Marilyn will be awake from her coma and I can meet her." Marshall said.

"She's gonna love you. Just like I do." Katherine said, nodding.

Marshall and Katherine hugged.

"I love you too." Marshall said. "Stay out of trouble." Marshall said, taking off.

"Never a guarantee with me!" Katherine called out, humorously.

As Marshall boarded the Skyripper, the ship was seen blasting off and disappearing into a breach.

"We have some strange ass new friends." Peter said, arriving outside.

"Yeah, and ALL of them just took off to alternate universes. Totally normal." Katherine joked.

"Wanna get some ice cream?" Peter asked.

Katherine looked at him oddly.

The scene shifts as we see Katherine and Peter inside New Kelp City's newly opened Goofy Goobers ice cream shop.

The two sit across from each other in a booth.

"Late night ice cream. Not as weird as I thought it would be." Katherine said, eating.

"We should hang out in the future. Without it having to be about saving the world." Peter said, laughing.

"Yeah, but who would we be if we weren't saving the world?" Katherine questioned.

"Certainly not Miss Appear and The Quickster." Peter whispered.

"Exactly, my friend." Katherine said, laughing.

Soft music plays in the restaurant, as the episode and crossover closes out.



  • Universe(s) Introduced: Universe-90 
  • Some of the heroes travel to the Jelliens' home world where we learn that their universe has been dying for some time now. We also learn that lower class Jelliens were left behind on Jelliton by Queen Liza and the upper classes.
  • We learn that the Jelliens have a weakness in mayonnaise, which the heroes use as a weapon to drive them away.
  • Debbie gives the guardians of Karmania a device to communicate with the Skyripper, Kelp Labs, and the Mermalair.


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Knights of the Multiverse

Ep.5 "The Gathering Point"

Skyripper, Stasis Zone

On the Skyripper, we see everyone meeting up on the bridge, gathering around the central console.

"Alright, I know last week was kinda hectic." Sandy started.

"You call an alien invasion hectic?" Melondy questioned.

"What would you call it?" Sandy asked, rolling her eyes.

"A sci-fi movie." Melondy said.

Debbie and Tomoya laughed.

"You were about to get to the point..." Marshall said.

"Right. For the past few days, I've worked with Lillian to investigate all of the Fireflyer's breaches over the past two or so months." Sandy explained.

"Flare's ship. Okay, what did you find? Has it been active recently?" Melondy asked.

"Seid and his cronies have been quiet since we sent them running from Universe-1 last week, but the reason I called this meeting together is because I found out the first place the Fireflyer breached to." Sandy revealed.

"Really? Where?" Tomoya asked.

"A dimension called the Gathering Point." Sandy said.

"It's actually not a dimension." Debbie said.

"What?" Sandy asked.

"I'll let Lillian explain." Debbie said.

"The Gathering Point is a destination in outer space that exists within a fracture of spacetime, allowing space traveling beings of any universe to congregate there." Lillian revealed.

"So basically, it's an interdimensional crossroads? How fascinating." Tomoya said.

"So this place existed before you blew a hole in the multiverse..." Melondy said to Debbie.

"Yes." Debbie said.

"If Seid or Flare were at the Gathering Point, we need to find out why." Sandy said.

"It could help us piece together what Seid is truly after, and why he needs Universal Guardians dead to get it." Marshall said.

"Everyone strap in. Lillian, set a course for the Gathering Point!" Sandy ordered.


Unknown Location

At Seid's base, we see Flare, Shadow, and Syphon sitting around.

"He called this meet twenty minutes ago!" Shadow said, impatient.

Seid speeds into the room.

"Great, you're all here. I have a new mission for you." Seid said.

"What is it?" Flare asked.

"A contact of mine gave me an interesting lead on a Universal Guardian." Seid revealed.

"Finally some progress, considering we've lost our opportunities to kill Debbie and Denise." Flare said.

"Who is the other one?" Shadow asked.

"A man named Dante Cruz." Seid said, pulling out a photo.

"How do you know he's a Universal Guardian?" Flare asked.

"My source has never let me down." Seid said.

"Where do we need to go?" Flare asked.

"Space." Seid said, simply.


The Skyripper arrives at the Gathering Point, as Sandy lands it in a parking lot designed for thousands of spacecrafts.

"Whoa, I'm impressed already." Tomoya said, staring out the window.

The Knights exit the ship, as they see buildings, market places, and more.

Crowds of hundreds of strange looking beings made it difficult to walk.

"Luckily, I can just walk right through everyone." Marshall said, using his powers to phase through the crowd.

"Do we even know where we're going?" Melondy asked.

Sandy pulls out a map device.

"Should be up ahead." Sandy said.

The gang arrives in front of Carmen's Collections, an intergalactic vault and holding area.

"I told you, you can't get in without being on Carmen's VIP list!" a guard said, pushing back a young man.

"Do Universal Guardian's count?" Debbie called out.

"Universal Guardian, you say..." the guard said, examining her.

"Do you need some kind of proof?" Debbie asked.

"Oh no, I sense that you're very special." the guard said.

"I need to talk to this Carmen person." Debbie said.

"Carmen happens to love interesting guests like you. So, why don't you come on in." the guard said.

"Alright guys, let's go." Debbie said.

"Oh, only one friend. I don't wanna push it." the guard said.

"I'll go. The rest of you head back to the ship." Sandy said.

"Uh... or we can go explore while you guys are in there." Melondy said.

"This won't take long." Sandy said.

Debbie and Sandy entered the vault, as they were led to a massive room containing hundreds of interesting and rare items, creatures, and more.

"What the... hell..." Sandy said.

"WELCOME, LADIES.." a voice was heard.

A woman comes out of a dark corner, approaching them. The woman has incredibly long hair and wears a long, sparkling red dress.

"I'm guessing you're Carmen?" Debbie asked.

"And you..." Carmen said, looking her up and down.

"The Universal Guardian." Debbie said.

"Of which universe?" Carmen asked.

"One." Debbie said.

"Interesting, interesting." Carmen said.

"What's really interesting is this place you got here..." Sandy said.

Carmen walked over to a cage containing a creature.

"This here is a baby Alaskan Bullworm. Wouldn't you just love to be friends with it?" Carmen asked, as the creature started making terrifying snapping sounds.

"Not particularly." Sandy said, as her and Debbie were freaked out.

"Or maybe you'd like to see this..." Carmen said, walking over to a cage containing a large rock.

"It's a rock snail from a faraway planet." Carmen said.

"It's a rock... it's not even living." Debbie said.

"It's very much living, miss Universal Guardian." Carmen said.

"So you collect random creatures and things from around the galaxy?" Sandy questioned.

"Carmen's Collections - this spot is a landmark of the Gathering Point. I even have a invisible ray if you'd like to see." Carmen said.

"Carmen, we're actually here to talk to you about something." Debbie said.

"I got the feeling. Very well, follow me." Carmen said.

Carmen walked ahead, as Sandy and Debbie followed.

They came to the center of the vault, as Carmen stood behind a desk.

"What is it that you need?" Carmen asked.

"If someone wanted something really bad, they'd come here to Carmen's Collections, correct?" Sandy asked.

"Correct." Carmen said, with a smile.

"What about a man named Seid?" Sandy asked.

Carmen's expression changed a bit.

"We know he was here at the Gathering Point. We just need to know if he stopped by your place - and what you gave him." Sandy said.

Carmen giggled.

"He was a very high paying customer. He wanted something I've held onto for more than a millenia." Carmen said.

"And what would that be?" Debbie asked.

"There's a story that was passed down through the generations. The story goes as said: eons ago, the first Universal Guardian was gifted with the Staff of Multiversity. This staff was capable of controlling any universe that the bearer wanted. The Universal Guardian used it to create order between different universes after a dimensional tear threatened all of spacetime." Carmen revealed.

"This Staff of Multiversity... it's a real thing?" Sandy asked.

Carmen nodded.

"So, what happened to it?" Debbie questioned.

"To keep it safe, the Universal Guardian kept it stored. For centuries it has been the duty of Space Regime agents to keep it hidden away in secure locations." Carmen said.

"Then how did it get here? I wouldn't consider this location secure." Sandy said.

"It was stolen from one of their facilities... made it's way here. I decided to keep it among my collection. That is until Seid came along offering me a hefty, hefty pay sum to take it off my hands." Carmen said.

"If all of this is true, that means you gave an evil speedster the means to control an entire universe!" Debbie said, angrily.

"... But he hasn't yet." Sandy said, realizing. "He can't use the staff." Sandy noted.

"You're right! This must explain why he's hunting down Universal Guardians." Debbie said.

"We should place you under arrest." Sandy said, looking at Carmen.

"Oh please, don't get ahead of yourselves." Carmen scoffed, pulling out a box.

Carmen opened the box, as dopamite was seen.

Debbie immediately became weak, falling to the floor.

"DEBBIE!" Sandy said.

A guard ran toward them, shooting at Sandy with an energy gun.

"Take the Universal Guardian where she needs to be transported to." Carmen told him.

"And the squirrel?" the guard asked.

"She stays here. She'll be perfect for my collection." Carmen said, smiling.

The scene shifts, as we see Melondy, Marshall, and Tomoya enter a pub.

Several people are seen drinking and hanging out.

"Drinks on me?" Melondy asked.

"Ehh, this place seems filthy!" Marshall said.

"I've always wondered what intergalactic beer tastes like." Tomoya said.

"Seriously? Have you really?" Marshall asked.

A gang of people walk over to them, as they're all dressed in black leather jackets.

"Three beers, please." Melondy asked the bartender, as he passed them three bottles.

"It's warm!" Tomoya said.

"As if that's a problem you can't solve." Melondy said, raising an eyebrow.

Tomoya used his ice powers to give his bottle a freeze.

"Much better." Tomoya said drinking.

"Interesting ability you got there, boy." a man said.

The three turned around to him and his gang.

"The name's Sawyer. You lot aren't from around here, are you?" Sawyer asked.

"No one is from around here." Marshall pointed out.

"Good point. But, once you've been frequenting the Gathering Point for so long... you recognize who's a new visitor or who's not." Sawyer said.

"Well, we do happen to be new here. Who are you all?" Tomoya asked.

"The Scoundrels." Sawyer said.

"Why such a name? Implies a rogue air." Melondy said, curious.

"We're bounty hunters." a woman said.

"Pam, Pam, don't go scaring them away now!" Sawyer said.

"We don't scare easily. At least I don't." Melondy said, sipping her drink.

Suddenly, from outside of the pub, we see Shadow staring in.

Shadow taps his coms in shock.

"Flare, Syphon, come in. I went to get a drink, but ran into something much more salivating." Shadow said, smiling.

Meanwhile, Sandy awakens inside a large cage.

"HEY!" Sandy yelled, as her arms were in binds.

Carmen walks over to her.

"Ah, you're awake. Do you like your new habitat?" Carmen asked.

"Get me OUT OF HERE!" Sandy yelled, lifting herself up.

"But, this is your home now! You're gonna be my new exhibit! The Fantastical Squirrel-Girl!" Carmen announced.

"Where the hell is Debbie?" Sandy asked.

"Being trasnported." Carmen revealed.

"You didn't just sell to Seid... you're working with him!" Sandy said.

"He warned me that one day a Universal Guardian might show up looking for information. He also told me what to do if such did come to pass." Carmen revealed.

"Wherever you have my friend, I'll find her. I'll also break out of her." Sandy said.

"Good luck, Squirrel-Girl. I wonder how much I can sell you for." Carmen wondered.

"It's that all you're about? A quick buck? You'll sell out anyone or threaten the entire universe to make money?" Sandy questioned.

"Business doesn't have ethics." Carmen said, smiling and walking away.

The scene shifts, as we see Debbie hanging from the ceiling, with her hands in chains.

Debbie opens her eyes, seeing a man next to her in the same situation.

"W-h.. where am I?" Debbie questioned.

"Underground bunker, I think." the man said, trying to wiggle out of the chains.

"I'm Debbie." Debbie said.

"The Universal Guardian of Universe-1 from what I hear." the man said.

"Umm, and who are you?" Debbie asked.

"My name is Dante Ramon. I'm the Universal Guardian of Universe-25." Dante revealed.

"Oh my god! My kidnapping... is Seid behind this?" Debbie asked.

"I don't know who Seid is, but our captors are two women named Flare and Syphon. They set a piece of dopamite on that podium over there." Dante said, using his head to point it out.

"Dopamite. That's why neither of us can use our powers to break these chains. That's also how Carmen made me succumb..." Debbie realized.

"Carmen? She got you too?" Dante asked.

"Yeah. I'm assuming you were there? At Carmen's Collections?" Debbie asked.

"I went to question Carmen about something. Turns out she was a lot more interested in my status as a Universal Guardian than I was led to believe." Dante said.

"Because she's working with a man who wants to capture us." Debbie said.

"Ah, that makes sense." Dante said.

"Were you asking Carmen about the Staff of Multiversity?" Debbie questioned.

"Don't know what that is. I was following a lead on this billionaire who has been selling dimension travelling technology and crafts across the multiverse." Dante revealed.

"What?" Debbie questioned.

"You didn't know?" Dante asked.

"I knew about the hoppers, but not that they all got their technology from a common source. I've been wondering about this. So... thank you." Debbie said.

"You're welcome." Dante said.

"Just one question... why would Carmen know about this billionaire? And who is he or she?" Debbie asked.

"That was two questions. But, basically... I found out that Carmen's Collections is where this guy got some of the equipment to produce his tech. Before I could even get a name, Carmen pulled out the dopamite. I was down, and woke up here." Dante said.

Suddenly, a metal door in the room opened, as Flare and Syphon entered.

"Trading war stories, are we?" Flare questioned, giggling.

"Flare, let us out of these chains." Debbie said.

"So I can have two Universal Gaurdians kick my ass? No thanks." Flare said.

"So now that you've gotten us, what's the plan?" Debbie asked.

"Your deaths." Flare said.

Syphon cracked a smirk.

Debbie and Dante gulped.

Meanwhile, we see Melondy, Marshall, and Tomoya arrive back on the Skyripper

"Sandy? Debbie? Come in." Melondy said, over coms.

"I think they've been offline for quite some time." Tomoya said.

"You think something happened to them?" Melondy asked.

"Or maybe they just didn't want their coms on while they're meeting with Carmen." Marshall said.

"You could be right." Melondy said.

At that moment, the lights on the ship went off.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Marshall said.

"LILLIAN, ARE YOU THERE?" Melondy asked.

"Lillian's not responding..." Tomoya said.

"The ship's systems must be down. Didn't it sustain some heavy damage when it crashed in Karmania?" Melondy asked.

"Yeah, but I thought that was all fixed now..." Marshall said, feeling odd.

"Why don't the three of us check the engine room?" Melondy suggested.

"Yeah, good idea. Ya know, if any of us are engineers." Tomoya said.

"I took some engineering courses in college." Marshall said, as the three started off.

A few minutes pass, as the three are looking around the engine room.

"Everything is... fine." Marshall said, closing a panel.

"Are you sure?" Melondy asked.

"Trust me, I'm sure. This isn't a systems failure." Marshall said.

"... Someone's on this ship." Melondy said, speeding off.

"MELONDY!" Marshall shouted.

"We have to go after her!" Tomoya said.

Melondy speeds back onto the bridge.

"WHOEVER IS THERE, COME OUT!" Melondy yelled.

From out of a corner, Shadow appears and shoots a dark energy blast at Melondy.

Melondy is launched into the central console, passing out from the hit.

"Now... off to kill your other friends." Shadow said, intensely.

Shadow walks the halls of the Skyripper, looking for Marshall and Tomoya.

Shadow enters the dining room.

"This ship has a kitchen? Awesome..." Shadow whispered, staring over at the food fabrication machine.

From behind, Shadow was hit by an icy gust, as he goes flying across the room.

Tomoya runs in, shooting icicles at him. Shadow created a dark energy shield to deflect them.

"We KNEW something was off!" Tomoya said.

Shadow shot out a dark energy wave, but it seemingly passes through Tomoya, leaving him unharmed.

"Huh..?" Shadow questioned.

We see two hands holding Tomoya's feet, as Marshall's body phases up into the dining room.

"Dude, that was cool!" Tomoya said.

Marshall turns around to Shadow.

"Ah, the intangible one." Shadow said.

"I've been waiting to get a moment alone with you." Marshall said.

"And why the hell is that?" Shadow questioned.

"Surrender yourself and I'll let you know." Marshall said.

"As if I'd ever surrender myself to the likes of you." Shadow said, scoffing.

"That's a shame, we could of did this the easy way." Marshall said, quickly phasing him and Marshall through the floor.

Melondy comes speeding into the dining room, and quickly punches Shadow out.

Shadow goes flying into a wall.

"Speed punch. The worst kind of knock out." Melondy said, walking over to his unconscious body.


In Carmen's Collections, we see Carmen walking to Sandy's cage. 

As she comes upon the area, Carmen sees two of her guards slaughtered on the ground, as their necks had been sliced open.

"OH MY GOD!" Carmen said.

Carmen looks at Sandy's cage, as the cage was wide open, and Sandy was gone.

Carmen was horrified. 

The scene shifts, as Sandy is seen walking the backstreets on the Gathering Point.

She passes by a shady building, it's title reading "Live Snail Fights".

"The hell is that.." Sandy questioned, rubbing her bleeding wrists.

Sandy passes by Sawyer, Pam, and the rest of the Scoundrels.

"Hey, if it isn't a real life squirrel!" Sawyer said, laughing.

"Excuse me?" Sandy asked, turning around.

"Don't mind him. Part of Sawyer's enjoyment of coming here to the Gathering Point is about seeing different organisms from across the galaxy." Pam said.

"Especially if there's a bounty on them." Sawyer said, smirking.

"Who are you people?" Sandy asked.

"The Scoundrels." Sawyer said.

"Well, I'd invest in new clothing. Black leather is so last decade." Sandy said.

"Actually it's making quite the comeback." Sawyer said.

"I don't have time for this." Sandy said, rolling her eyes.

"What happened to you? Are your wrists bleading?" Pam asked.

"I just escaped capture, if you must know. Binds can be... tricky to get out of, if you know what I mean." Sandy said.

"You look like you could use some relaxation. How about you join us in watching some snails go at with each other." Pam said.

"That's what that place is? A snail fight club? No thanks. Talk about exploitation and abuse." Sandy said.

"Well, we're waiting to get in anyway. At 8PM the price goes down for the nighttime battles." Pam said.

"Actually, I could use you guys' help. You all seem like you know quite a bit about the Gathering Point." Sandy said.

"Yeah, and...?" Sawyer asked.

"If someone was to be kidnapped here, where would they be taken?" Sandy asked.

"The Gathering Point is home to lots of shady operations." Sawyer said, laughing.

"Most of all, the underground prisoner bunker. Ya know, for people who cheat at the gambling places, don't pay their tabs at the bars, or don't cough up the money when they lose their bets at the Live Snail Fights." Pam revealed.

"Wow, so everyone's just immoral and out for revenge here? Noted." Sandy said.

"You looking to retrieve someone?" Sawyer asked.

"A friend." Sandy said.

"I can help you get in. But, getting your friend out is another story. You'll be on your own." Sawyer said.

Sandy nodded.

The scene shifts, as we see Sandy and Sawyer arrive at small building on the edge of the Gathering Point.

Heading inside, they see a man behind a counter. 

"If it isn't Sawyer Lord, the leader of the Scoundrels!" the man said, smiling.

"Greg, it's been too long!" Sawyer said, holding a large energy gun.

Sawyer and Greg shook hands.

"What can I do you for? Here to bring in another prisoner? I must warn you, the rates have now gone up depending on how long you want one kept here." Greg said.

"This is so sleezy.." Sandy whispered.

"Who is your lady friend?" Greg questioned.

"My name's Sandy." Sandy said.

"She's here for a friend." Sawyer said.

"A friend? Sawyer, what are you asking me here?" Greg asked.

"I promised the little lady her friend back. Just work with me here. After all, I've given you a lot of business, Greg." Sawyer said.

"Look Greg, now's not even a good time. I already have two women down under who are dealing with their prisoners." Greg said.

"Flare and Syphon..." Sandy realized.

"Excuse me?" Greg asked.

"You gave Flare and Syphon a room to imprison my friend! Now you're going to help me get her back." Sandy said, angrily.

"I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask the two of you to leave - or I can call in someone who will carry you out." Greg said, dialing on a phone.

Sandy tossed out a dagger at his neck, as Greg dropped dead.

Sawyer raised an eyebrow.

"Now, tell me how to get to my friend." Sandy said to Sawyer.

"That elevator over there leads to the underground. There are several rooms there were prisoners are kept. That's where you'll find your friend." Sawyer said.

"Thank you." Sandy said.

"I'll be expecting some kind of reward for this. I don't usually go out of my way to help others." Sawyer said.

"I have nothing to offer you. But... I will need that energy gun of yours." Sandy said.

Meanwhile, we see Debbie and Dante are still seen hanging in their chains.

"What do you mean our deaths?" Debbie asked.

"Simple, Seid wants all found Universal Guardians to be slaughtered." Flare said.

"He needs our power..." Debbie said.

"How is he gonna get it if we're dead?" Dante questioned.

"That's where I come in." Syphon spoke up.

"Immediately after you're both dead, Syphon will absorb the Guardian energy from your bodies." Flare said.

"... So you do have an ability." Debbie said.

"And I will use that ability to power the Staff of Multiversity." Syphon said.

"That's why your name's a play on the word 'siphon'." Debbie realized.

"The only way for Seid to activate the Staff's full power is by having the energy of three Universal Guardians imbued into it. Your deaths are gonna serve a greater purpose, so be happy." Flare said.

"What does he want? Control over an entire universe? Is he that drunk on power?" Debbie questioned.

"No more talking. It's time the two you meet your ends. Who wants to go first?" Flare asked.

"Flare, don't do this." Debbie said.

Dante and Debbie looked at each other.

"I'll save you for last, Debbie. That'll be a sweet kill!" Flare said.

Flare shot a fire blast at Dante.

"AHHHHH!" Dante screamed, as the flames burned through his clothes and made scathing contact with his skin.

"Come on, you don't have to do this!" Debbie said, struggling to break her chains.

"Unfortunately, I do. But I've decided I'll give you a quick death instead." Flare said, pulling out a sword.

Flare's sword was coated in flames.

Dante raised an eyebrow.

"Flare.... please..." Debbie said.

Flare stabbed the sword right through Dante's chest.

"NOOOO!" Debbie yelled, quickly clenching her eyes shut.

Fire was seen consuming Dante's body, as he'd passed away.

Flare pulled her sword out.

"You sick, twisted, BITCH!" Debbie yelled.

Flare took a breath.

"You think that was easy for me?" Flare asked, with a pained look.

Syphon touched Dante's body, absorbing his Guardian energy. Syphon's own body momentarily shined a bright red color.

"I have it!" Syphon said, coming off a power 'high'.

"You're next." Flare said to Debbie.

"Flare, FLARE, NO!" Debbie yelled.

At that moment, an energy blast shot open the room door.

"SANDY!" Debbie said.

Flare and Syphon turned around as Sandy shot at them with the energy gun.

"SANDY, THE DOPAMITE." Debbie shouted.

Sandy turned to the podium, seeing the dopamite there.

Sandy shot at the rock with the energy gun, destroying it into pieces.

Debbie, now having access to her powers, broke free from the chains and dropped to the ground.

Flare and Syphon got up, as Flare shot a fire blast at Debbie. Debbie jumped out of the way.

Syphon charged at Sandy, managing to kick the gun out of her hands.

Sandy threw a punch at her, which she dodged.

Syphon then punched Sandy against the wall with great strength.

"OUCH! Since when do you have super strength?" Sandy questioned.

"As long as I have this Guardian energy running through my veins!" Syphon said.

Sandy saw the charred, dead body of Dante hanging from the cieling.

"What the hell happened here?" Sandy questioned.

Flare shot another fire blast at Debbie, but she shot a laser beam at it, causing an explosion that sent them both flying back.

Syphon grabbed Sandy up by the neck.

"Lights out, Sandy." Syphon said.

However, Debbie grabbed Syphon by the shoulder, and tossed her across the room.

Sandy dropped to the ground, as Debbie helped her up.

"We need to get out of here, I'm not at full strength." Debbie said.

Debbie and Sandy quickly made their way out of the room.

"STOP!" Syphon said, getting up.

"Not to worry, we still have the energy of one Universal Guardian." Flare said, getting up as well.

"We finally had Debbie in our hands." Syphon said.

"She was too much for us without the dopamite. We'll get her next time." Flare said.

"Now... where the hell is Shadow?" Syphon questioned.

"He said he followed after the rest of their team." Flare said.

"He's not on coms." Syphon said.

"Those bastard must have him." Flare realized.

The scene shifts, as we see Debbie and Sandy boarding the Skyripper.

"Guys!" Tomoya said, excitedly.

"Well, we're girls." Sandy joked, as she and Debbie came onto the bridge.

Melondy, Marshall, and Tomoya were all around the central console.

"What happened to your coms? We've been trying to reach you forever!" Melondy said, concerned.

"It's a long story." Sandy said.

Sandy and Debbie explained everything, as the team was in shock.

"So Carmen's evil and working with Seid, Seid want Universal Guardians dead to power this Staff of Multiversity, and Flare murdered one guardian already." Melondy summarized.

"Yeah, that's the gist." Sandy said.

"I'm sorry about Dante." Marshall said to Debbie.

"I hardly knew him, but he was a Universal Guardian like me. And like Denise." Debbie said.

"Luckily Denise is safe." Tomoya said.

"But Seid only needs to kill two more Universal Guardians to power the Staff." Debbie said.

"We'll find any other guardians and protect them. I promise." Sandy said, rubbing Debbie's arm.

"Meanwhile, we had a crazy adventure as well. Guess who showed up on this ship?" Melondy asked.

"Who?" Sandy questioned.

"Shadow." Marshall said.

"What?" Debbie asked, shocked.

"We captured him." Melondy revealed.

Sandy and Debbie looked at each other.

Melondy leads the ladies to the prison room, where we see Shadow behind glass containment, as he's sitting on a bed.

"Are you here to let me out?" Shadow asked.

"No." Melondy said, smiling.

"When I do get out - and I will, I'm going to kill each and every one of you very slowly." Shadow said, evilly.

"Well, for now you're our prisoner." Sandy said.

"Is that your call? Should we not wipe his memory and return him to 2016?" Melondy asked.

"No, he'll be useful for information. Then we return him." Sandy said, giving him a cold glare.

Meanwhile, we see Flare and Syhon approaching the Scoundrels in front of the Live Snail Fights building.

"Sawyer Lord, can we have a moment?" Flare asked.

"What can I do for you? We're about to go in." Sawyer remarked.

"We saw video footage of you and Sandy Cheeks." Flare said.

"The squirrel girl? And?" Sawyer asked.

"She just blew our plans." Flare said.

"So what... you've come to get revenge on me?" Sawyer asked.

"I've come to ask for your help, actually. I know you and your gang are much feared bounty hunters." Flare said.

"We're listening." Pam said, inserting herself into the conversation.

"We're putting a bounty on Sandy Cheeks and her entire team. One million dollars for their capture." Flare said.

"You're willing to pay all that for some girl?" Sawyer asked.

"They have a friend of ours... and we want him back." Flare said.

"I guess everyone has a friend they want back these days." Pam joked.

"Are you guys in or not?" Syphon spoke.

"What she said." Flare followed up.

Sawyer smiled and extended his hand. 

"Thank you for your cooperation." Flare said, shaking his hand.


  • Universe(s) Introduced: Gathering Point
  • We learn that Seid needs to kill three Universal Guardians to power the Staff of Multiversity - an ancient scepter that can control any universe.
  • Flare and Syphon murder Dante Cruz, a Universal Guardian of Universe-25.
  • We learn that Syphon can absorb, store, utilize, and transfer Universal Guardian energy. It is unclear if she can do this with other forms of energy as well. 
  • The team capture Shadow.
  • Flare and Syphon put a bounty on the team. 
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Knights of the Multiverse 

Ep.6 "Death Served Cold"


Picking up right off from the last episode, we see the team gathered on the bridge.

"What's the hold up? I'm ready to leave this place." Marshall said, referring to the Gathering Point.

"Unfortunately, Shadow's powers have affected Lillian's systems, so we can't hop universes or hop to the Stasis Zone at this time." Sandy said, examining the front panel.

"Well that sucks." Melondy said.

"You're telling me..." Debbie said.

"Lillian's working on a self-repair as we speak. Should take a few minutes." Sandy said.

"I'm afraid you all have a bigger issue to deal with." Lillian said.

"Lillian, what is it?" Sandy asked.

"It would appear that a bounty was placed on each of you about twenty minutes ago." Lillian said, as she produced holograms of their "wanted" posters taken from the internet.

The team gathered around the central console.

"Oh my god!" Melondy said.

"Who would put a bounty on us?" Tomoya questioned.

"I think we all know the answer to that." Sandy said.

"Flare." Debbie stated.

"She's probably 'big mad' that you guys managed to escape from her." Marshall said.

"We need to get off the Gathering Point." Melondy said.

"You're right. There's a lot of shady folk here. Anyone of them could be out to collect this bounty." Sandy said.

"Well, we can't breach right now, but we can still pilot the Skyripper to Earth..?" Debbie suggested.

"Good idea. I've been meaning to check in with F.I.N anyway." Sandy said, going over to the driver's seat.

Everyone strapped in, as the Skyripper blasted off.

At the same time, we see the Scoundrels boarding their spaceship - called the KillClaw.

"Alright, let's try not to lose 'em." Sawyer said, as Pam took the driver's seat.

Pam blasted off after the Skyripper.

Sandy looked at an alert on the Skyripper's radar system.

"There's a ship following us..." Sandy said.

"That can't be good." Debbie said.

"Captain Cheeks, I am receiving a video transmission. Permission to accept?" Lillian asked.

"Accept..." Sandy said, curiously.

A video plays, showing Saywer, Pam, and the other Scoundrels.

"Alright kids, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Turn yourselves over and no one gets hurt." Sawyer said.

"SAWYER?" Sandy questioned.

"Hey, it's that guy from the bar!" Tomoya said to Melondy and Marshall.

"Squirrel-girl, I really hate that I have to capture you, but money talks." Sawyer said, ending the transmission.

Suddenly, the KillClaw releases a giant metal 'claw', as it tries to grab a hold of the Skyripper.

Sandy maneuvers the Skyripper out of the way.

"Our first space battle!" Tomoya said, recording with his video cam.

"TOMOYA!" the team yelled.

"The girl's a good pilot. We'll never catch them." Pam said.

"Forget the claw, release the missile." Sawyer ordered.

Pam released a small missile, which hit the side of the Skyripper.

The Skyripper went flying into the depths of space, as Sandy struggled to establish control.

"LILLIAN, CEASE POWER!" Sandy yelled.

The ship came to a stop, as the team found themselves surrounded by an icy, mist like substance.

"Look out the windows... what is that stuff?" Melondy questioned.

"I don't know, but it suddenly got REALLY cold." Marshall said.

"Ohh no..." Tomoya said.

"What is it?" Debbie asked.

"I think I know where we are." Tomoya said, freaked out.

The team gathered around the central console.

"The Cold Scar of Space is a region noted for it's below freezing temperatures, being the coldest known habitat in the galaxy." Lillian announced.

"Did you read about this on some boring science show?" Melondy asked Tomoya.

"Actually, a science magazine I was subscribed to as a kid!" Tomoya said.

"Why aren't we all dead then?" Marshall asked.

"The Skyripper contains a powerful insulation system, but I'm afraid the missile strike that hit us has weakened this system. I have diverted all of my energy to keeping the ship warm, but as a result, there is no way pilot out of the Cold Scar." Lillian announced.

"Then divert the energy back to the engines so that we can fly out of here!" Marshall yelled.

"Then you'll all freeze and die on the spot." Lillian said.

"So it's a choice between a slow death or quick one. Nice." Melondy.

"Wait, wait, wait. At least with a 'slow death', we have time to figure out how to make it out of this." Sandy said.

"Sandy, you're right. You and Tomoya are two top notch scientists. I'm sure you both can put your heads together and figure out how to save us." Debbie said.

"Lillian, how much time do we have until... well... the end?" Sandy asked.

"Eight hours." Lillian said.

"Dammit." Sandy said.

"Alright, well me and you better go run ideas in the science lab." Tomoya said.

Tomoya and Sandy took off.

"I'm gonna check on our prisoner. Make sure he's where he's supposed to be." Melondy said, referring to Shadow.

"Good idea." Debbie said, nodding.

Melondy speeded off.

"It's so great that you guys managed to capture Shadow. To be honest, he scares me more than Flare." Debbie said, chuckling.

"I can imagine. After all, he's the reason you can't open portals, right?" Marshall asked.

"Yeah... his dark energy was able to do something to my powers - to my spirit. I'm still not healed from it." Debbie said, attempting to open a portal.

"Sandy said something about you being able to connect with a goddess - Astral?" Marshall asked.

"Astral is the Spirit of the Universe. All Universal Guardians are bound to her. Ever since Shadow struck me with those powers of his.. I've felt a distance from her." Debbie admitted.

"Shadow's caused a lot of grief." Marshall said, with his eyes trailing off.

"You okay?" Debbie asked.

"I just feel like it's time me and him had a conversation." Marshall said.

In the prison room, we see Melondy confronting Shadow.

"Speedster. What are you doing here? Are you in need of my services?" Shadow asked, teasingly.

"Why would I be in need of your services?" Melondy asked.

"Don't think I didn't hear all the commotion going on upstairs. You guys got into a fight with another craft, it struck at us with something, and now we've been blasted into the depths of Space. It's getting quite cold, ya know." Shadow said.

"Shut up. I'm just here to make sure you're secured." Melondy said.

"Where are we?" Shadow asked.

"The Cold Scar of Space." Melondy said, rolling her eyes.

"And you guys have made no attempts to breach out of here or fly away because you can't." Shadow said.

"We're working on a solution!" Melondy said.

"Great, I have to die with the likes of you all." Shadow said.

"Uh huh, and maybe this death will take. For the both of us." Melondy said.

"Are you implying that you're also no stranger to death?" Shadow questioned, walking closer to the glass separating the two.

"I'm a time remnant. The past version of me - the one that should be living her life as we speak... is dead." Melondy revealed. "And why am I telling you this!" Melondy said, turning her back.

"We're about to die anyway. Mines as well take a load off. I didn't experience my death yet. I only know what I was told." Shadow said.

"That's the whole reason you're working with Seid anyway, isn't it? You're dead, but you want so bad to feel alive." Melondy said, analyzing him.

"Isn't that the whole reason you're working with the Knights?" Shadow questioned, turning the tables of her.

Melondy went into deep thought.

"Didn't mean to strike a nerve." Shadow said.

"You didn't strike anything. You're all secured, so I'm getting out of here." Melondy said, leaving the prison room.


Unknown Location

At Seid's base, we see Flare and Syphon explaining everything that happened at the Gathering Point.

"Shadow's been kidnapped, Debbie escaped, but at least Dante is dead..." Seid said, sighing.

"I have collected his guardian energy." Syphon said, as a red aura was produced from her body.

"This is why Syphon's so vital to your plans." Flare said, staring at Syphon.

"Precisely." Seid said, speeding off.

Seid arrived back in the room with the golden colored Staff of Multiversity.

"... The Staff." Flare said, as her eyes widened.

"It is time to imbue the Staff with the energy you collected." Seid said to Syphon.

Syphon touched the Staff, as she transferred the guardian energy from her body.

"Uhhhh." Syphon moaned, nearly fainting.

"I got you!" Flare said, catching her as she fell back.

"Yes... YES! We have finally activated the Staff of Multiversity." Seid said.

"We need the energy of two more guardians to be able to control a universe." Flare said.

"Yes, but some of the Staff's power is now available to us. We shall make use of it." Seid said.

"How?" Flare asked.

"If your plan to rescue Shadow from the heroes doesn't work, we can't risk him leading Debbie here to this universe - this base." Seid said.

"I am sure the Scoundrels will be successful in capturing their ship." Flare said, nodding.

Suddenly, Flare got a phone call.

"This should be them." Flare said, answering.

"Let us hope that she is right." Seid said to Syphon.

Flare hung up the phone.

"And...?" Seid questioned.

"Those idiots did the most! They blasted the Skyripper into the Cold Scar of Space." Flare revealed.

"... They'll die." Seid said, as his eyes widened.

"And Shadow." Syphon spoke up.

"We can't let that happen. We have to get him." Flare said.

"No! I will not lose you two to the Cold Scar, NOT when we're this ahead! Let those heroes die, and unfortunately Shadow will be our sacrifice." Seid said.

"Are you serious?!?" Flare questioned.

"Tell me, are you so willing to die?" Seid questioned.

"No, but.." Flare started.

"There is NO WAY out of the Cold Scar. Let us celebrate that our enemies will be out of our hair. We'll mourn Shadow later." Seid said.

Flare shook her head, walking off.    

"... You've always been the reasonable one. You know that there's no other choice, right?" Seid asked Syphon.

"Doesn't make it less wrong." Syphon said, taking off after Flare.

Seid gripped the Staff in his hands, clenching his eyes closed.


Skyripper, Cold Scar

In the science lab, we see Sandy and Tomoya hard at work coming up with ideas.

Debbie walks into the room.

"Anything yet?" Debbie questioned.

"We've come up with a few considerations." Sandy said, slightly shivering.

"I know, it's getting colder by the hour." Debbie said.

"We have five hours left. Man, this sucks." Tomoya said.

"What are you guys' considerations so far?" Debbie asked.

"Since Tomoya's cells are coated with cold energy, we were thinking we could synthesize them to create a cold energy bomb that we could launch out into our immediate area of the Cold Scar." Sandy said.

"What would that do?" Debbie asked.

"Create an equilibrium, hopefully enough to allow us to blast our way out of here." Tomoya said.

"But the problem is that we don't have the technology, and Lillian's of no help - " Sandy started.

" - Wait, what happened to Lillian?" Debbie asked.

"She can no longer function due to the cold, and diverting all of her energy to the heating systems. At the end of these five hours, Lillian will burn out completely and we'll no longer have her protection. In short, we'll die... which we already know." Sandy said, frustrated.

"I'll... let you guys get back to work." Debbie said, exiting the room.

In the hallway, Marshall ran into Debbie.

"Hey, are you alright?" Marshall asked, as he noticed that she seemed overwhelmed.

"I never wanted to be the Universal Guardian - to save everyone. But now I can't even save everyone on this ship, because I don't know how. So, no... I'm not alright." Debbie said, brushing past him.

Marshall frowned a bit, continuing his way down to the prison room.

Shadow sat up on the bed in his cell, seeing Marshall enter.

"The phasing man." Shadow teased.

"Crossfade." Marshall corrected.

"What do you want? By the way, can I get an extra blanket. By the likes of how cold it's getting... I suspect we'll be dying pretty soon. I'd at least like to go out with some sense of warmness." Shadow said.

"I'm not here to check on your well-being. I'm here to talk about our family." Marshall said.

"Our family?" Shadow questioned, standing up.

"Maybe you don't know this, but Vivian Coyne is my biological mother." Marshall said.

"What do you mean?" Shadow asked.

"Me and you were switched at birth. I was raised by your biological mother, Laura Montgomery." Marshall revealed to him.

"Does... does my mother know? Vivian, I mean." Shadow asked, in deep thought.

"She found out long after you died." Marshall said.

"Why are you telling me this?" Shadow asked, getting angry.

"Because I had to confront you. To confront what you've done in MY place! TO MY FAMILY!" Marshall shouted, as he began to shed tears.

"YOU WANTED MY LIFE? YOU COULD OF HAD IT! But also the pain, loneliness, and ABUSE that came WITH IT!" Shadow yelled, holding in his own tears.

Marshall took a step back.

"Marshall, what are you doing?" Melondy asked, stepping into the room.

"Ah, come collect your phasing fool. He's getting on my last nerve." Shadow said.

"And you're getting on everyone else's last nerve." Melondy said, rolling her eyes and pulling Marshall along.

Marshall and Melondy made their way into the halls.

"What was that?" Melondy asked.

"Me finally telling Shadow how I've felt." Marshall said.

"That guy has a way of getting to people. I felt it when I checked in on him. That's why I came to get you. I didn't want you to feed into him." Melondy said.

"Yeah, yeah, ya know what? I'm getting really cold." Marshall said, shivering.

"I found these big coats in the fabrication room. How about we go put them on?" Melondy asked.

Marshall nodded, as they took off.

The scene shifts, as we see Debbie inside her room.

Debbie sits against the wall, shivering.

"I-I-I just need to... know... what to... do..." Debbie said, as she began to pass out.

Debbie's head hit the floor, as she started to hallucinate.

A white light flashed as a blue and womanly figure appeared.

"... Astral?" Debbie asked, sitting up.

"It's me." Astral said, smiling.

"I haven't felt you within me in so long." Debbie said, nearing tears.

"I am always a part of you." Astral reminded her.

"I feel like I'm failing you. I let a fellow Universal Guardian be murdered." Debbie told her.

"That wasn't on you." Astral reassured her.

Debbie sighed.

"What is it?" Astral asked.

"I can't save us. I can't save my team. We're all gonna die, I'm the Universal Guardian - and I can't do a thing." Debbie said.

"Did you just hear what you said? YOU are the Universal Guardian, and together... we can do anything." Astral said, bending down to touch her heart.

A white light shined, as the scene shifted.

We see Melondy and Marshall putting Debbie on a chair in the medbay.

Sandy and Tomoya rush into the room.

"SHE'S NOT GOOD!" Marshall said.

"What happened?" Sandy asked.

"We went to her room and found her passed out." Melondy said.

"Lillian's not online to heal her." Tomoya said.

"So what do we do?" Marshall asked.

"... There's nothing to do. To save Debbie, or to save any of us." Sandy said.

"You and Tomoya haven't reached a solution?" Melondy asked.

"There's no time! Or tools! Or anything!" Sandy said, breathing heavy.

"Hey, hey, you're our leader, our captain. Just focus." Melondy said, putting her hands on Sandy's shoulders.

"You're right." Sandy said, taking a deep breath.

"Now, what do we do, Captain?" Melondy asked.

"Tomoya, I need an adrenaline shot for Debbie." Sandy said.

Tomoya raced off to the science lab.

"Are you sure that'll work?" Melondy asked.

"My hope is that the adrenaline stimulates Debbie's guardian energy. Her connection to Astral is our last hope..." Sandy said.

Tomoya arrives back in the room with the adrenaline shot.

"Do it..." Sandy said, looking at Debbie intensely.

Tomoya shot up Debbie with the syringe.

Immediately, Debbie's eyes opened, as they lit up white.

Debbie stood up, as a white aura appeared around her body.

"I think she's in full connection with Astral..." Sandy said.

"Debbie... can you hear us?" Marshall asked.

Debbie made her way out of the medbay, as the team followed her.

Debbie was seen entering the cargo bay.

"Debbie, what are you doing?" Sandy asked, seeing her approach the door hatch.

"You all need to get to safety. Do not attempt to intervene." Debbie said, in a powerful and godly voice.

Debbie pressed a button, as the door hatch opens.

"DEBBIE!" Marshall shouted.

Sandy held him back.

"NO! We need to listen to her!" Sandy said.

"What? She's about to commit suicide!" Marshall said.

"FALL BACK. That's an order!" Sandy said.

The team left the cargo bay.

Debbie exited the hatch, flying out into open Space.

The Knights made their way to the bridge, as they watched Debbie fly around the Skyripper.

"What is she doing?" Tomoya questioned.

"She's gonna push us out..." Melondy realized.

"EVERYONE STRAP IN!" Sandy said, as the team got into their seats and buckled up.

Outside, we see Debbie using her super strength to push the edge of the Skyripper.

"SHE'S DOING IT, SHE'S DOING IT!" Tomoya cheered.

Within moments, Debbie had pushed the ship out of the Cold Scar.

"WE'RE OUT!" Sandy yelled.

Everyone cheered.

The Skyripper's functions shot back up to normal, as Lillian came online.

"It is so good to be warm again, I must say." Lillian said, surprising everyone.

"Lillian, you're back!" Tomoya said.

"If by back, you mean that my central processor allowed me to come back online - then yes, I am back." Lillian said, cheekily.

"Alright, time to get out of Space!" Melondy said.

"Lillian, open the Stasis Zone!" Sandy said.

A breach appeared, as the Skyripper entered the Stasis Zone.

The team unbuckled and got out of their chairs, turning around as Debbie entered onto the bridge.

Everyone clapped for her.

Debbie smiled.

"I.. can't exactly remember what happened." Debbie said, faintly.

"You were totally possessed by Astral." Sandy said.

"I was at full strength..." Debbie said.

"I guess so. I mean, you survived the harshness of open Space AND the Cold Scar without so much as a jacket." Sandy said.

"Can you always connect to Astral that deeply?" Marshall questioned.

"I don't know. When I'm in a life or death situation, my connection to Astral deepens. She's like a lifeline." Debbie said.

"Then I hope you have nine of them." Melondy joked.

Debbie went into deep thought.

"Okay, this calls for a celebration! We just cheated a cold, frosty death!" Tomoya said.

"Uh, before anyone celebrates... we need to check on our prisoner." Sandy said.

"Right." Tomoya said.

"Lillian, how is Shadow doing?" Sandy asked.

"I'm afraid that due to the extreme cold climates on the ship when we were in the Cold Scar, the technology holding Shadow inside his cell was vastly weakened." Lillian revealed.

"OH NO!" Sandy shouted.

"He was bidding his time." Melondy realized.

Melondy tried to speed off to the prison room, but was blasted by dark energy.

Melondy went flying into machinery.

"MELONDY!" Sandy yelled.

Shadow arrived on the bridge, as he shot out dark energy blasts in every which way.

"I'm free, bitches!" Shadow said, ending the episode.


  • The Scoundrels accidentally blast the Knights into the Cold Scar - a region in Space noted for it's harsh and deadly temperature.
  • Syphon imbues the Staff of Multiversity with the guardian energy from Dante Cruz. 
  • Marshall reveals to Shadow that the two of them were switched at birth. 
  • Debbie embraces a full connection to Astral - the Spirit of the Universe. This deeper connection heightens Debbie's  powers and allows her to survive open Space with no physical scarring or harm.
  • Shadow escaped containment, attacking the Knights in a cliffhanger ending.


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Knights of the Multiverse

Ep.7 "The Dark Knight"


Dudley Winters's House, Bikini Bottom, Universe-1

Shadow is seen talking to another young man.

"I know you can't see it now. But what I'm doing, is the right thing." Shadow said, shedding tears.

"I really hope you find peace out of all of this after you eventually get arrested. I really do. Goodbye, Billy." Marvin said, shedding his own tears.

Marvin kissed Shadow on the cheek, and then left.

Winters came out into the living room.

"Were you listening?" Shadow questioned.

"No. Well, I mean, not purposely. I'm sorry, man. It's hard when the one that you love...leaves you." Winters said.

"Yeah." Shadow said, depressingly.

"Are you sure Marvin won't tell the police of our whereabouts?" Winters asked.

"I'm sure. He wouldn't have the heart to." Shadow said.

"Well, we should get this show on the road. We still have to plant the bomb in your father's house." Winters said.

"Wait for me in the car, I just need a minute to center myself." Shadow said.

"Alright." Winters said, leaving out.

Shadow sighs, sitting down on the couch and throwing his hands over his face.

All of a sudden, a whoosh sound is heard.

Shadow jumps up, seeing Seid standing before him.

"How-how'd you..." Shadow started, unable to gather the words.

"I'm a speedster, kid." Seid said, putting his hands on his hips.

"I kill people like you." Shadow said, intensely.

"I'm not the usual chumps you run circles around. I run circles around others." Seid said, speeding behind Shadow.

Shadow turned around.

"Stop doing that!" Shadow said, angrily. "Who are you?" Shadow asked.

"In the future, I'm known as Quickseid. Seid is fine enough." Seid said.

"What the hell do you want?" Shadow asked.

"Everything you're about to do fails." Seid said.

"What?" Shadow questioned.

"You don't manage to kill your father, or Katherine Cross. In fact, you die in the same bomb explosion that you set up for your father." Seid told him.

"You don't know what you're talking about..." Shadow said, as his eyes widen.

Seid pulled out a tablet, playing a video on it that appeared to be News footage.

"WHERE'S THE KILLER?" Head Officer Lenny asked, frantically.

"He's dead. Me and my former husband managed to escape both him and an explosion he devised to cover up the evidence." Vivian told them.

"How in the world did you get away from him?" Officer Lenny asked.

"This woman. A hero. She saved us." Vivian revealed, as reporters came to get the details.

"Who is this woman? Did you get a name? Where is she now?" Officer Lenny, and several reporters, asked.

"Miss Appear." Vivian stated, after thinking for a minute. "That's what she called herself." Vivian said.

Seid stopped the video.

"... I - I don't know what to say. Why are you showing me this? Why are you here?" Shadow asked.

"Like you, my potential was cut short, but I have a plan to get my future back. A relic, the Staff of Multiversity." Seid said.

"And what is that?" Shadow asked.

"It can change any universe to the bearer's fitting. But to activate it... I have to kill three powerful beings." Seid said.

"That's why you're here?" Shadow asked.

"Yes, I know you have experience with hunting and murdering powerful beings." Seid said.

"Metas." Shadow said.

"These beings are a bit more powerful than metafish. These beings are called Universal Guardians." Seid said.

"I'm assuming I'm not the only one you're recruiting for this little cause." Shadow said.

"You'd be right. I know we're all gonna do great things together." Seid said.

Seid speeds around the room at a rapid rate, as a time portal is ripped open.

"Only the most powerful of speedsters can travel time. I happen to be one of them." Seid said, smiling.

"That's a portal through time?" Shadow questioned.

"Yes it is. Come with me and secure yourself a better future. One you'll actually live to see." Seid said.

Shadow thought it over.

"I just lost the only person whose ever loved me. So, why not?" Shadow said.

Seid and Shadow stepped through the portal.



Skyripper, Stasis Zone

Picking up from the last episode, Shadow continues shooting his dark energy blasts at the team.

Sandy goes flying back, hurting her knee.

Debbie dodges a dark energy beam, flying over to punch Shadow across the floor.

All of a sudden, the Skyripper starts to violently jerk.

The Knights and Shadow are all on the floor, as they clench on to nearby objects to hold them in place.

"WHAT'S HAPPENING?" Tomoya questioned.

"I'm afraid one of Shadow's dark energy blasts has effected my systems. We are currently free falling through the Stasis Zone." Lillian announced.

"We're free falling through the multiverse!" Sandy said.

Finally, the Skyripper entered a breach, as the ship crossed into some dimension.

"WHERE ARE WE?" Marshall questioned.

"SANDY, GRAB THE WHEEL!" Debbie said, as the ship was crashing down.

Sandy got herself into the pilot's seat.

"One of Shadow's blasts ruptured the drive, I can't steer!" Sandy said.

"Tell your stupid ship to do auto pilot then!" Shadow shouted.

"SHUT UP!" the others yelled at Shadow.

"Lillian, help us out here!" Sandy said.

"I'm afraid the best I can do is scatter you all across this dimension we're now in." Lillian said.

"It's better than crashing to our deaths!" Tomoya said.

"LILLIAN, DO IT!" Sandy said.

The team and Shadow all disappeared off the ship in a beam of light.

The Skyripper went flying over a forest, as it crashed into the ground.

Debbie and Tomoya are seen waking up on the ground.

"Debbie? Where are we?" Tomoya asked.

Debbie looked to the skies.

"Black skies. We're in the Dark Dimension." Debbie said, fearfully.

"The Dark Dimension? Is that a good thing? Cause it doesn't sound like a good thing." Tomoya said.

"It's not. This is a forbidden dimension. No Universal Guardian is supposed to travel here." Debbie said, as Tomoya helped her up.

"Where are the others?" Tomoya asked.

"Lillian must of scattered us in pairs or something." Debbie said.

"Tell me again why this dimension is forbidden?" Tomoya asked.

"It's filled with demons." Debbie said, as Tomoya gulped.


Unknown Universe

At Seid's base, we see Flare coming up to him.

"What's the problem?" Seid asked.

"I got a call from the Scoundrels. They said that something was seen coming out of the Cold Scar." Flare said.

Seid raised his eyebrows.

"Those heroes could of escaped. Which means that Shadow is still alive." Flare said.

"No, no, NO!" Seid said, frustrated.

"Look, we need to track them the same way they've been tracking us whenever we use the Fireflyer." Flare said.

"I've... been working on some tracking technology to locate other hoppers myself." Seid said.

"Good, because we need to get Shadow back." Flare said.

"When you find Shadow, make sure you kill Debbie this time." Seid ordered.

"I won't let her out of my hands again, I promise." Flare said.


Dark Dimension

Marshall was seen tapping Melondy's unconscious body, as the two were nearby a river.

"Mel, Mel wake up!" Marshall said, shaking her.

Melondy jerked up.

"Oh my god, what happened?" Melondy questioned.

"Shadow attacked on the bridge and sent you flying into machinery, then the Skyripper went crashing through the multiverse and we ended up here. Lillian scattered off the ship in order to save our lives." Marshall explained.

"... Because we would of crashed..." Melondy put together.

"Yeah, the ship's systems took a hit from Shadow's powers. Sucks, I know." Marshall said, helping her up.

"I guess we got separated from the others." Melondy said.

"Yeah, we should probably go look for them. This place is strange I must say. Very dark." Marshall said.

"Did you hear something?" Melondy asked.

"Uh.. some kind of bustling noise." Marshall said. 

"Could be some wild animals, perhaps? I don't know..." Melondy said.

"Let's just start walking. There's a trail over that way." Marshall said.

The scene shifts, as we see Sandy's body against a tree on a cliffside.

Sandy awakens, as she shrieks in pain because of her leg.

"Owww, Lillian's scatter must of made the pain worseeee!" Sandy said, in excruciating pain.

"CAPTAIN OF THE KNIGHTS..." a voice was heard.

Sandy turned her head, seeing Shadow walk out from behind the tree.

"I'm glad I have you right where I want you." Shadow said, standing before her.

"If you're going to kill me, just do it." Sandy said.

Dark energy was seen releasing from Shadow's hands.

" - BUT, I want to give a good reason for why you shouldn't." Sandy said.

"And what's that?" Shadow questioned.

"Killing other people? That eats at your soul. Bit by bit, until you are nothing but a cold blooded murderer with the screams and cries of your victims permanently trapped in your head." Sandy told him.

"You don't think I've done this before?!?" Shadow questioned.

"I know you've killed before." Sandy said.

"So have you, if my information is right." Shadow said.

Sandy went into deep thought.

"And I don't mean just a one time thing - I mean serial killing. Me and you are two sides of the same coin. And you could say that you were only killing bad people, but they were still people, don't you agree?" Shadow taunted her, as he kneeled down to her face.

"Don't you dare pretend to liken us based off of your false equivalencies. But I will own up to the fact that I was a murderer." Sandy said.

"And for a while... it felt like a rush, huh?" Shadow asked, as he backed up.

"When you sink into a dark place... anything can be a rush." Sandy stated.

"A dark place..." Shadow said, pondering over the sentiment.

"Marshall told us everything about your life. I'm sorry about what your father did to you. Putting you through those experiments, abusing you and your mother, and then using you as a weapon." Sandy said.

Shadow sunk his head down.

"Your father gave you power, but no control. You were under his control. And that's what you've really been looking for this whole time. Control." Sandy said.

"You don't know anything about me." Shadow stated, turning his back.

"That's why killing other metas is so fun for you. It's your form of taking control of your life, your narrative. You think it'll bring you out of your dark place - or soothe it, rather. But it won't. I'm telling you, Shadow, it won't." Sandy said.

The scene shifts, as we see Melondy and Marshall treading through the forest.

"Oh boy, I don't see any sign of our friends." Marshall said.

"Do you hate him?" Melondy asked, out of nowhere.

"What?" Marshall asked.

"Shadow. Do you hate him?" Melondy asked.

"Is that a real question?" Marshall asked.

"Not for the 'trying to kill us' stuff, but for what he did to your family." Melondy asked.

"I wasn't there for any of it. Which was a given, of course. I mean, I was switched at birth with him. But, I hate that he caused so much misery to others. That he has my title as the son of Vivian and George Coyne." Marshall stated.

"If you were to have been raised by Vivian and George... do you think you would of ended up exactly like Shadow?" Melondy asked.

"I mean, I guess that's something we'll never know." Marshall said, thinking it over.

"True." Melondy said.

"But killing and hurting others is not in my DNA. That's not who I am." Shadow said.

"Maybe it's not nature that made Shadow a monster." Melondy said.

"Nurture, you're saying. I mean, yeah, obviously Vivian and George went wrong somewhere. But... that type of darknes, that has to come from inside you." Marshall stated.

"Well, you're not dark at all. Yet, you were supposed to have Shadow's life. I wonder what would of happened if you did." Melondy said.

At that moment, multiple black figures went bustling around the trees and bushes.


"I know!" Melondy said.

Five demons jumped out into the clearing.

"Are these..." Marshall started.

"... DEMONS!" Melondy yelled.

The demons jumped at them.

Melondy used her super speed to knock them back.

One demons tried to claw Marshall, but he phased his body.

Dozens of more demons arrived.

"MARSHALL, RUN! I can't take them all!" Melondy yelled.

Melodny and Marshall both ran, as the demons gave chase.

Marshall turned a corner, as he came to a dead end.

Before the demons could pounce him, Melondy used her speed to grab him away.

The scene shifts, as we see Debbie and Tomoya coming toward the submerged Skyripper

"Aw man! I'm gonna have to pull it out of the ground like last time." Debbie said.

"Yeah, let's not make crashing the ship a habit." Tomoya said.

"Luckily I know a great mechanic." Debbie said.

At that moment, a breach opened up in the sky, as another ship came through.

"A hopper????" Tomoya questioned.

"Not just any, that's the Fireflyer!" Debbie said, as it came closer.

"Flare..." Tomoya said.

The Fireflyer landed near them, as Flare steps out.

"Where's your little sidekick?" Debbie questioned.

"Girlfriend, actually. And she's recharging. Absorbing and imbuing energy takes a lot out of a girl. That's why when I kill you, I'll be bringing your body back to Seid's base." Flare said.

"That won't happen." Debbie said.

"Tell me what you've done with Shadow, and I'll THINK about making your death quick." Flare said.

Flare saw that the Skyripper was submerged underground.

"Ohhh, he put up a fight, didn't he? I thought it was weird that my ship's tracker located your ship here in this dimension." Flare said.

"Since when can the Fireflyer track our ship?" Tomoya questioned.

"Seid's been working on some tech, and it's apparantly a success." Flare said.

"You're not getting Shadow. You're also not returning to Seid." Debbie said.

"OH? And what will you do with me?" Flare asked.

Debbie shot at her with heat vision.

Flare blasted a large fire bolt, as an explosion occured.

As the smoke cleared, Flare tossed out dopamite, causing Debbie to get weak.

"DEBBIE!" Tomoya shouted, as Debbie fell to the ground.

"STAY OUT OF IT!" Flare said, blasting Tomoya across the field with a fire bolt.

Tomoya got up, shooting icicles at Flare.

Flare released a heat wave, melting the icicles.

"I'll be back for you! Time to melt this snowman." Flare said to Debbie.

Flare charged after Tomoya, as he sent an icy gust toward her.

Flare used her fire powers to fly up.

"Whoa, that's a new one!" Tomoya said.

Flare landed on the ground behind him, as she shot out more fire bolts.

Tomoya cartwheeled out of the way.

"DIE ALREADY!" Flare said.

Flare and Tomoya shot out massive fire and ice bolts, as their powers collided.

"You're ice can't overcome my fire!" Flare said, pushing forward.

Tomoya kept his hold in the tug of war, as his eyes began to glow blue.

"AHHHHHH!" Flare screamed, producing more fire.

Flare's fire overcame Tomoya, pushing him across the field.

Tomoya grunted, clenching his side and trying to pull himself up.

At that moment, Melondy was seen arriving with her super speed, as she put Marshall down.

"...Thanks for carrying me away!" Marshall said.

"Wait, what is Flare doing here?" Melondy said, as she saw Debbie and Tomoya on the ground.

Loud rumbles were heard, as at least two dozen demons were seen coming their way.

"DEMONS! I'm out of here!" Flare said, taking off.

Flare grabbed the dopamite from in front of Debbie.

"To be continued, guardian!" Flare shouted, as she ran into the Fireflyer.

Flare's ship took off, breach away.

"GUYS, WE GOT INCOMING! And there's no more running..." Melondy said.

Marshall helped Tomoya up.

Debbie flew into the sky, shooting down heat vision blasts at the demons.

Melondy rammed through multiple demons with her speed.

Tomoya managed to shoot at ice beams at some demons.

The demons started to howl, as they retreated.

"WOO! We scared the suckers off!" Melondy said.

Debbie landed to the ground.

"Mostly thanks to you, Debs. Are you guys okay?" Melondy asked.

"We're fine. I'm just worried about Sandy." Debbie said.

"Yeah, she wasn't with us." Marshall said.

"I hope that doesn't mean she's with Shadow." Debbie said.

"How about I go speed around and look for them?" Melondy asked.

"I'm coming too." Debbie said.

"After you pull the ship out of the ground, yeah?" Melondy asked.

"Right. Go." Debbie said.

Melondy speeded off.

The scene shifts, as we see Shadow still standing over Sandy.

"I'm done with your unsolicited advice." Shadow said, as he used dark energy to put telekinetic pressure on Sandy's injured leg.

"AHHHH!" Sandy screamed, in pain.

Shadow smiled.

"This doesn't have to be your narrative, Shadow! Pain, suffering, death." Sandy said.

"You're right, but Seid's offering me a way out." Shadow said.

"Seid cares about himself. He will sacrifice you, Flare, and Syphon if it means getting what he wants." Sandy said.

"Just shut up!" Shadow said.

"You know I'm right! But you can stop this. You can turn against Seid. You can help us bring him down." Sandy said.

"What the HELL do you think you're asking here?" Shadow questioned.

"I don't know... maybe it's crazy, but why don't you become one of us?" Sandy asked of him.

Shadow was taken aback.

"Don't attempt to make me laugh!" Shadow said, bending down to her.

"SHADOW, NO!" Sandy said.

Shadow touched Sandy's face, as he began to drain her life force.

"A mur-der-er, is tha-t all you'll ev-er be?" Sandy asked, struggling to speak.

Shadow clenched his eyes shut, as he pulled his hand away from Sandy.

Sandy began to cough, with her heart racing fast.

Shadow went into deep thought, as a tear escaped his eye.

"... Maybe there is a different way..." Shadow said.

"There is. Let me show you." Sandy offered, extending her hand.

Shadow looked at her for a long time, but finally helped her to stand.

Shadow put her arm around his shoulder, as Melondy speeded into the area.

"SHADOW, STOP!" Melondy shouted.

"Melondy, it's okay! He's helping me. He'll help us." Sandy told her.

Melondy looked confused.

The three heard the sounds of a ship soaring through the sky, as the Skyripper was seen up ahead.

The ship landed near the cliffside, as Debbie, Marshall, and Tomoya stepped out.A

"What the hell's going on?" Marshall asked.

"The ship is functioning...?" Sandy asked, as Melondy pulled her away from Shadow.

"Thankfully one of the new programs installed included a speedy repair mode." Debbie said.

"Shadow could of killed me. He didn't." Sandy said.

"I see..." Debbie said, looking at him.

"And? Doesn't mean a damn thing!" Marshall said, furious.

"He can HELP us bring down Seid." Sandy said.

"Shadow's not gonna help us, Sandy." Tomoya said.

"That's up to him." Sandy said, looking at him.

"Me and Sandy had a long talk. She convinced me that it's time I put my demons to bed." Shadow said.

"So, you'll help us get Seid?" Debbie asked.

"Yes. His base of operations is on Universe-45." Shadow told them.

"I don't buy this heel face turn." Marshall said, shaking his head.

"Let's see if his information checks out, then." Sandy said.

"And let's get the hell out of the Dark Dimension." Debbie said.

The Knights and Shadow got onto the ship.

"Lillian, set a course for Universe-45." Sandy said.

"I'm afraid that I cannot." Lillian said.

"What?" Debbie questioned, as the others were confused.

"Universe-45 has been locked by the Staff of Multiversity." Lillian revealed.

"Seid banked on you guys getting information out of me. That's why he used the Staff to lock Universe-45." Shadow said.

"I feel like you knew that from the beginning!" Marshall said, angrily.

"Marsh, chill." Melondy said.

"Interesting, the Staff's power has already been activated?" Tomoya questioned.

"Some of it's power, thanks to Dante's guardian energy. We need to safeguard the other Universal Guardians out there unless we want Seid activating the Staff's full capabilities." Sandy said.

"Yeah, then he'll be able to bend any universe to his liking..." Debbie said, crossing her arms.

"We'll find a way to end this, I promise." Sandy said to Debbie.

"Why don't we have Lillian give your leg a look in the medbay." Melondy asked.

"Yeah, sure." Sandy said.

"And me?" Shadow asked.

"You can stay on this ship as our prisoner... or as our ally." Sandy said.

"Like I said, I wanna change my narrative." Shadow said, nodding.

Marshall looked at him suspiciously.

Tomoya pulled out his video cam.

"And now, we welcome our newest member of the team. Shadow, the dark knight." Tomoya said, humorously.

"Tomoya, give it a rest." Sandy said, as the others moaned.

"Whaaaat?" Tomoya asked, ending the episode.


  • Universe(s) Introduced: Dark Dimension 
  • The beginning flashback to 2016 comes from a Season 1 episode of Miss Appear "Lowest Point".
  • Shadow and Sandy have a heart to heart, which changes Shadow's convictions.
  • We learn that the Dark Dimension is home to demons.
  • Shadow joins the Knights, but Marshall is wary of him.
  • We learn that Seid's base is in Universe-45, but he has used the Staff of Multiversity to lock this universe.
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Knights of the Multiverse 

Ep.8 "Planet of the Snails"

Skyripper, Stasis Zone

On the ship, we see members of the team eating breakfast in the kitchen.

"So, everyone had a good sleep last night?" Sandy asked, stuffing food into her mouth.

"I think you're asking that, because you know that none of us are comfortable with having a serial killer on board." Marshall said, angrily.

"Marshall..." Debbie said, trying to temper things.

"I have a feeling about Shadow. I don't know what it is, but I think deep down within him... there's reason." Sandy said.

"From one serial killer to another, huh?" Marshall snided.

"When I was low, I had friends - good people to help pull me out of the dark. I think we can do that with Shadow. I think we can show him another way." Sandy said.

"That's very admirable, Sandy." Debbie said, nodding.

"Sandy's not doing anything admirable. She's using Shadow as a means for intel on Seid. Convincing him that he could actually be a hero - that he could be good is just her way of buttering him up." Marshall stated.

Debbie gave Sandy a curious look, as Sandy went into deep thought.

"Well, it's not like Shadow's even trying to bond with us. He didn't even come join us for breakfast." Tomoya said.

"Speaking of, where's Mel? She left a full bowl of cereal behind and hasn't been back." Debbie said.

Melondy is seen knocking on Shadow's room door.

"Come in.." Shadow spoke, as Melondy entered.

"I know this is weird..." Melondy said.

"You've come to ask why I'm not having breakfast with the rest of you, I presume." Shadow said, blankly.

"You've spent weeks trying to murder us. It's only natural that you still view us as the enemy." Melondy said.

"And don't you all view me as the same?" Shadow asked.

"I... I should get back to my cereal. It's probably soggy by now..." Melondy said, starting out.

"Wait." Shadow said.

"Yeah?" Melondy asked, turning back around.

"Sorry about the 'trying-to-kill-you' stuff." Shadow said.

"Ya know, your powers have quite the potent effect. Your dark energy is both capable of effecting the powers of a Universal Guardian and slowing down a speedster... case in point me." Melondy said.

"You forgot the other thing - killing." Shadow said, darkly.

Over the intercom, we hear Debbie's voice.

"Everyone meet on the bridge, I have some things I wanna discuss." Debbie said.

The scene shifts, as the team gathers on the bridge.

"Alright, I should of told you guys this before, but we were in one mess after another for a while there." Debbie said.

"Debs, what is it?" Sandy asked.

"Something Dante told me." Debbie said.

"The Universal Guardian who was slayed by Flare and Syphon?" Marshall questioned.

"Yes. It turns out that he was at the Gathering Point to follow up on a lead - about the person who has been handing out dimension breaching technology." Debbie revealed.

"Ya know, I've been wondering for a while now how people are getting the technology to hop between universes." Melondy said.

"Well now we know that someone's made a business out of the unfortunate holes in the multiverse." Debbie said.

"Who?" Sandy asked.

"That's the thing... Dante never found out." Debbie said.

"If we find out who is providing this technology, we could stop this 'hoppers' issue from getting worse." Tomoya said.

"Indeed, which is why I have an idea." Debbie said.

"What is it?" Sandy asked.

"We could ask... Snorelonn who and where he got his ship from." Debbie suggested.

"Snorelonn? You mean going to visit that creep in the prison dimension?" Sandy asked.

"Bad idea?" Debbie asked, as her cheeks flushed red.

"I have a better one. Shadow could tell us who Flare got the Fireflyer from." Sandy questioned.

Marshall looked on, curiously.

"I have no idea." Shadow said.

"Don't give us that!" Marshall said.

"That's the other thing I wanted to discuss. Shadow, you say you wanna help us stop Seid, yeah?" Debbie asked.

"Yeah." Shadow said, raising his eyebrows.

"Well, we can't do that until you give us everything you have on him, Flare, and Syphon." Debbie said, gently.

"Seid keeps things on a need to know basis. And I don't actually know Flare or Syphon that well..." Shadow said.

"How convenient." Marshall said, crossing his arms.

"I'm sure something important will come to you, yeah?" Sandy asked Shadow.

"Yeah sure, we'll see." Shadow said.

Sandy nodded.

Suddenly, the ship's alert system went off.

"Lillian, what is it?" Sandy asked.

"I've just located a hopper - recently breached to Universe-9." Lillian announced.

"Who is the hopper?" Debbie asked, as the team gathered around the central console.

"He's known as Prawn in his home universe, and served prison time for illegal experimentation on others." Lillian said.

"What kind of experimentation?" Sandy asked.

"Mind control." Lillian revealed.

"Whoa, sounds like someone we don't want to meet." Marshall said.

"Interestingly enough, the universe he had hopped to is one where  the majority of Earth is ruled over by mind controlling snails." Lillian announced.

"Wait, WHAT now?" Melondy questioned.

Shadow stood behind them, shaking his head.

"We have to stop this hopper." Sandy said.

"Yeah, whatever he's planning." Debbie said.

"What about going to see Snorelonn?" Melondy asked.

"We could double task, then..?" Sandy suggested.

"Alright, how about me and Melondy take the jumpship to the prison dimension?" Marshall suggested.

"Jumpship?" Shadow questioned.

"Uh, well I put the finishing touches on a small craft on board the ship. It's also capable of dimension traveling thanks to a semi-neural link with the Skyripper and Lillian's 'consciousness'..." Sandy explained.

"Science. I don't really get it." Shadow said, shaking his head.

"Uh, if you wanna join them..." Sandy suggested.

"NO!" Marshall said.

"I'm good anyway. I'm not here to help any of you with anything aside from taking down Seid." Shadow said, walking off.

"We'll get going." Melondy said, speeding her and Marshall away.

"Alright, Lillian, set a course for Universe-9!" Sandy said.


Prison Dimension

The Jumpship lands on the rock platform holding Snorelonn's prison.

"Ready?" Melondy said, getting off the wheel.

"Yeah." Marshall said, as they stepped out.

Snorelonn is seen in his cell, reading some books.

"Ahhh, if it isn't two of the Knighty-knights.

"Don't call us knighty-knights!" Marshall said.

"Is it always virtually sunny and hot in the prison dimension? I wish I could get a better look at the beautiful blue skies. Or... ya know... some ice cream instead of dusty books." Snorelonn said.

"We'll talk to the guards. They'll be happy to give you chum instead." Melondy snided.

Snorelonn rolled his eyes.

"Soooo, why are you hereeee, why are you hereeee. Ohhh, you need something!" Snorelonn said, jumping up.

"Where the hell did you get the technology to travel dimensions? Who gave you that spacecraft?" Melondy asked.

"Does Debbie... ever think about me?" Snorelonn asked.

"Dude! Answer the damn question!" Marshall said.

"Seriously, does she? I want her to know that we will be reunited one day." Snorelonn said, making lovey-dovey eyes.

"Do I have to phase in their and beat you up?" Marshall asked.

"Fine, I'll tell you what you wanna know. After..." Snorelonn started.

"AFTER what?" Melondy asked.

"Ice cream!" Snorelonn said.

"You can't be serious!" Marshall said, angrily.

"C'mon, I'm not asking for the universe, here." Snorelonn said, raising his eyebrows.

"Ya know what, fine! We'll get you your damn ice cream." Melondy said.

"We will?" Marshall questioned.

"If that means getting to the truth and not having to hear his voice ever again after it... then yes." Melondy said.

"Okay, but it has to be from Universe-12." Snorelonn said.

"Why Universe-12? Melondy asked.

"Because that's where the Ice Cream Planet is." Snorelonn said.

Marshall and Melondy looked at each other in utter confusion.

"You'll thank me later." Snorelonn said, smiling.



The Skyripper lands on the outskirts of Bikini Bottom.

"We're here. Lillian, are you sure the hopper is here in Bikini Bottom?" Sandy asked, getting up from her seat.

"Yes, Captain Cheeks." Lillian said.

Debbie and Tomoya unbuckled also.

"Mind controlling snails seems like a dangerous place to walk into. How about me and Tomoya go out there first?" Debbie suggested.

"You guys will need this..." Sandy said, pulling out a device.

"Since people from different universes vibrate at different frequencies, we can track the frequency of a person who is not supposed to be here." Sandy said.

" - Our hopper!" Tomoya said.

"Genius!" Debbie said.

"I call it the Hopper-Helper. Lillian helped me fashion it." Sandy explained.

"Alright then." Tomoya said, taking the device.

As Tomoya walked off, Debbie pulled Sandy aside.

"What is it?" Sandy asked.

"This morning... what Marshall said about your intentions regarding Shadow. Is it true?" Debbie asked.

"Look, I genuinely do wanna help Shadow - if not for the fact that I see something of myself in him. However, I also recognize that he may be good for information on Seid and his plans." Sandy whispered.

"Ohhh Sandy!" Debbie groaned.

"Is that SO bad?" Sandy questioned.

"If he doesn't turn out to be helpful... we may be playing with fire for no reason." Debbie said.

"Debs, you ready?" Tomoya called over.

"Yeah, coming." Debbie said, walking off.

Debbie and Tomoya are seen walking through Bikini Bottom, as houses were shaped like a snail's shell, people wore snail inspired clothing, and every store had 'snail' somewhere in it's name." 

"...This is all so insane. Everyone seems so possessed too." Debbie whispered.

"Yeah, I mean... no one is even paying us any mind." Tomoya said.

Debbie and Tomoya arrived in the middle of town, as several citizens were working on a giant statue.

"Is that a statue of... Gary the snail?" Debbie questioned.

"Gary?" Tomoya asked.

"My friend, SpongeBob's pet." Debbie explained.

"If you'd like to lend a helping hand, the Snail Regime would reward you handsomely!" a man said.

"Fred!?" Debbie questioned.

"Now who is Fred?!? Tomoya asked.

"My uncle. Or... well... his doppelganger." Debbie whispered to Tomoya.

"How do you know my name? Well, no matter. I must get back to work." Fred said.

"Uncle Fred! I mean, Fred... why are you guys doing all this for a stupid snail?" Debbie asked.

Fred gasped.

"MY HEART! MY FRAGILE HEART! How DARE you question my loyalty to our snail overlords?" Fred asked, with much passion.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to..." Debbie said, softly.

"I must get back to work. But... the snails will hear about this!" Fred said.

As Fred walked away, he tripped over a tool box.

"OWW, MY LEG!" Fred exclaimed, in pain.

"Uhh.. we should get going." Tomoya said, pulling Debbie along.

The scene shifts, as we see Gary the snail arriving inside a massive castle.

In the throne room, Queen Snellie awaited him.

"My husband, finally you have arrived." Snellie said.

"I went into town. I was overseeing those stupid fish as they build my statue!" Gary said, excitedly.

"At one point in time, I thought you deserved that statue." Snellie said.

"Something has changed?" Gary asked.

"I know. I know about your mistress!" Snellie said.

"What? This is ridiculous!" Gary said.

"You've been cheating on me with Mary!" Snellie said.

"Baseless accusations!" Gary said.

"I paid off one of your guards to spill the beans. And boy, did they ever!" Snellie revealed.

"Which one? Must of been Bill. He lies as well as he breathes." Gary said.

"You're the liar!" Snellie said.

At that moment, Bill the snail enters the room.

"King and Queen, I'm afraid there's a problem. We've detected a spacecraft in our skies." Bill said.

"See? More lies." Gary said, turning to Snellie.

Suddenly, the entire castle was rocked by an explosion.

"WHOA!" Snellie said.

"STAY HERE!" Bill said, going back out.

A grey colored spacecraft is seen shooting down energy beams.

Dozens of guard snails got into the defensive, trying to shoot the craft down with weapons, but to no avail.

Eventually, the forces were all taken out, as the mysterious ship landed.

Prawn steps out of the ship, as he holds an energy cannon in his hands.

Prawn uses the weapon to blast his way into the castle.

Bill arrives back in the throne room.

"Bill, what's happened?" Gary asked.

"A mad man has taken down most of our defense. The priority is getting the two of you out of this castle." Bill said.

"He's here?" Snellie asked.

"YES, LET'S GO!" Bill shouted.

Bill, Gary, and Snellie made their way into the halls, as we see Prawn taking down more guards inside.

"All of you will be PERFECT specimens!" Prawn said.

"I got this!" Gary said, going over to him.

Swirls appeared around Gary's eyes, as he tried to mind control Prawn.

"I was ready for this, you idiot!" Prawn said, tapping a device on the side of his head.

"Uh oh..." Gary said.

"PRAWN, STOP!" a voice was heard.

Debbie and Tomoya arrived inside the castle.

"Who the hell are these people...?" Bill questioned.

"We're here to collect this universe hopper." Debbie said.

Prawn turned around, shooting at Debbie and Tomoya.

Tomoya creates a ice shield, blocking the blast.

Debbie then shoots at Prawn's energy cannon with her heat vision.

"No!" Prawn said.

Debbie raced over to him, punching Prawn far back.

"Your power is incredible, girl..." Snellie said, amazed.

"Uh, thanks..." Debbie said.

"We'll just be taking in this hopper." Tomoya said.

"With her powers, we could dominate the entire Earth." Gary said, trying to mind control them.

"Uh, what are you doing?" Debbie questioned.

"The effect is not working on her.." Gary said.

"But it is on him..." Bill said, as Tomoya's eyes had swirls.

"You boy, take her for us." Gary said.

"WAIT, WHAT?" Debbie exclaimed.

"Yes, my snail overlords." Tomoya said.

"Tomoya!" Debbie said, turning around to him.

Tomoya shot an icy gust at Debbie, which pushed her into a wall.

On the Skyripper, we see Sandy going into the kitchen.

Shadow had gotten a piece of cake from the fabrication machine.

"Finally, he eats." Sandy joked.

Shadow looked at her.

"Ya know, the only reason I asked you to go with Marshall and Melondy was because it might've been related to Seid. Whatever they might find out about who's providing hoppers with tech." Sandy said.

"Yeah.." Shadow said.

"Seriously, I know you aren't an actual member of this team." Sandy said.

Shadow went into deep thought.

"... I'm gonna go monitor the mission." Sandy said, walking off.

"Sandy, wait..." Shadow said.

"Yeah?" Sandy asked, turning back around.

"The killer in you. How do you tame it?" Shadow asked.

"You don't tame it, you contain it. And... sometimes even that doesn't work." Sandy said.

"What do you mean?" Shadow asked.

"At the Gathering Point, I killed a few guards that were keeping me captive at Carmen's Collections. Could I have stopped at maiming them? Yeah. But, I didn't want to. I wanted to see them suffer, bleed. That doesn't sound like a hero, does it?" Sandy questioned.

"Think about it this way - they would of killed you. Never regret prioritizing your own survival." Shadow said.


Prison Dimension

The jumpship landed back in the prison dimension, as Marshall and Melondy were seen exiting.

The two had three buckets of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream.

"I bet the two of you had fun!" Snorelonn said.

"Ice Cream Planet is AMAZINGGG!" Melondy said, as her body vibrated.

"We GOTTA tell the rest of the team about that place." Marshall said to Melondy.

"Uhhh, my ice cream now." Snorelonn said.

"First, you're gonna tell us who you got that ship from." Melondy said.

"That wasn't the deal!" Snorelonn said.

"I just ate my weight in mint oreo chocolate chip and caramel super fudge dip. Do NOT test me." Melondy said.

"Hmm... fine." Snorelonn said, crossing his arms.



At the castle, we see Debbie on the floor after being blasted by Tomoya's gust.

"Tomoya, I don't wanna hurt you! SNAP out of it!" Debbie said.

"Tomoya, ATTACK!" Gary said.

Tomoya shot icicles at Debbie, as she flew up to avoid them.

Debbie shot down a blast with her heat vision, but Tomoya erected an ice wall over him.

Debbie flew down, shattering through the ice and punching Tomoya across the floor.

"You wanna play it like THAT, huh?" Tomoya asked, evilly.

Tomoya turned his fists into solid ice.

As Debbie ran up to grab him, Tomoya quickly uppercut her.    

"HEY, that HURT..." Debbie said, noticing his ice fists.

Tomoya threw more punches, as Debbie tried blocking.

Debbie eventually grabbed onto one of his fists, as she applied pressure to it.

"Tomoya, don't make me do this!" Debbie said, squeezing harder.

Tomoya pulled out a piece of dopamite with his other hand.

Debbie instantly fell to the ground.

"Your only weakness, isn't it?" Tomoya snided.

"TO-MOYA... PLE-ASE... SNA-P O-UT OF IT!" Debbie said, struggling.

Tomoya punched Debbie out.

"This ice soldier... belongs to us." Gary said.

Tomoya turned to the snails, bowing down to them.

"This 'Prawn' that the girl spoke of... he has decimated my forces. But, with this girl's powers... our regime would be indestructible." Gary said.

"We could finally turn this entire world into one where snails rule over everything!" Snellie said.

"I could help you with that, if you allow me a seat at the table?" Tomoya asked. 

"What do you mean?" Bill questioned.

"I'm a scientist. In fact, I've been interested in studying Debbie for a long time." Tomoya said.

"Then study away. Cultivate her power for us. We have a lab room that should interest you." Gary said, happily.

On the Skyripper, we see Shadow coming onto the bridge.

"Hi..." Sandy said.

"Debbie and Tomoya have been gone kinda long." Shadow said.

"... I was thinking the same thing." Sandy said, with a concerned expression.

"Something could be wrong." Shadow said, shrugging.

"Lillian, link me to Debbie and Tomoya's coms systems." Sandy ordered.

"Sorry, Captain Cheeks, but both Debbie and Tomoya's coms are offline." Lillian revealed.

Sandy and Shadow both looked surprised.

"Why would they go offline?" Sandy asked.

"Maybe it wasn't their choice." Shadow said.

"Something's wrong. I need to go find them." Sandy said, taking off.

"Wait!" Shadow said.

Sandy turned back around.

"You're going alone?" Shadow asked.

"Melondy and Marshall haven't returned yet, so I have no backup. Plus, it's not like you're going to help." Sandy said.

"I wanna be a part of this team. Officially." Shadow said.

Sandy raised an eyebrow.

"Are you serious?" Sandy asked.

"Serious." Shadow said.

"Then let's go." Sandy said, as they both took off.

Back at the castle, we see Debbie tied up on a medical table inside a strange lab room.

Debbie opens her eyes, awakening.

"... Wha- what's going on?" Debbie questioned, trying to use her super strength to release herself. "My powers..." Debbie noticed, as she saw a piece of dopamite laying on a table near her.

The door room opens, as an icy mist appears. Stepping out of the mist is Tomoya.

"Tomoya, right. You're still under the snails' mind control. But, what the hell are you doing?" Debbie questioned.

"Shhh, enough talking." Tomoya said, pulling out a syringe that contained a blue liquid.

"What are you doing? What is that?" Debbie asked.

"Ya see, my snail overlords would like to harvest your power. I'm simply helping them." Tomoya said.

Debbie's eyes widened, as she was fearful.

"That piece of dopamite over there is keeping your powers suppressed, but I'm still unable to penetrate your skin. That's why I produced a liquid variant of dopamite - cultivated from that very rock over there." Tomoya revealed.

"... Tomoya, you wanna cut me open?" Debbie questioned, horrified.

"For King Gary and Queen Snellie, of course. Though, I do admit that I think this will be fun. Once I insert the liquid into your body, you'll be ripe for picking." Tomoya said.

"That syringe can't penetrate me either." Debbie said.

"That's why it's going in through your eye." Tomoya said, smiling.

"Tomoya, this ISN'T you! You're under mind control - you're a servant of those damn snails. But, the REAL you is my friend. You'd never do this to me!" Debbie said, as her eyes began to water.

"I guess I'm a bit more like more like my mother than anyone ever gave me credit for." Tomoya said, smiling evilly.

Tomoya proceeded to stab the syringe through Debbie's eyes, as she released a blood curdling scream.

Outside, we see Sandy and Shadow arrive at the castle.

"Oh my god, all of these soldiers have been taken out..." Sandy said.

"I guess whoever did this came aboard that ship." Shadow said, pointing out a small craft nearby.

"The trackers in Debbie and Tomoya's costumes gave their exact location as here." Sandy said.

"Let's see what we're dealing with inside, then." Shadow said.

Sandy and Shadow raced inside the castle, as Bill approached them in the halls.

"More intruders, huh?" Bill questioned.

"Uhhh, I'm not the only one hearing that snail talking, right?" Shadow asked.

"No you're not. Where are our friends?" Sandy asked.

"Serving King Gary's plans! Soon, so will you!" Bill said, as he attempted to mind control them.

Both Sandy and Shadow's eyes had swirls.

"N-ooo!" Shadow said, fighting off the mind control.

"Looks like this one is hard to control! I may need some HELP!" Bill said.

Gary and Snellie arrived, as they all circled around Shadow in an attempt to control his mind.

"ENOUGH!" Shadow said, as he released a powerful wave of dark energy that blast the snails back.

Gary, Snellie, and Bill were unconscious.

"Wha- what happened?" Sandy questioned, coming out from under the control.

"We were being hypnotized into being slaves to those snails." Shadow said.

"How did you stop it?" Sandy asked.

"My powers allow me to tap into neural processes. I guess that enabled me to disrupt the snails' brainwashing abilities." Shadow said.

"They must of somehow gotten to Debbie and Tomoya. We need to find them!" Sandy said.

In the lab room, we see Tomoya pulling out a surgical knife.

"Time for play...!" Tomoya said, walking toward her.

Debbie shed a tear, as she seemed very weak.

"Don't d-o this.." Debbie said, nearly passing out.

"You're right! What's the fun in using a surgical knife?" Tomoya said.

Tomoya created a long icicle, as he was about to slice into Debbie's body.

In an instant, a blast of dark energy knocked it out of his hand.

Tomoya turned around to see Sandy and Shadow running in.

"TOMOYA, STOP!" Sandy yelled.

"Dude, what are you doing?" Shadow asked.

"What the hell do you think? Dissecting Debbie!" Tomoya said, as he shot an icy gust at Sandy.

Sandy went flying into the hallway.

Shadow shot a dark energy blast at Tomoya, but he put up an ice wall.

"I get it now, you're under their control!" Shadow said.

"I'll show you control!" Tomoya said, running over to Shadow with an icicle.

Shadow dodged Tomoya, as he blasted him through a glass pane.

Tomoya let out a groan of pain, as he remained flat on the ground.

Sandy, having recuperated, made her way back into the room.

"He's still under the mind control.." Sandy said, struggling.

"No, he's not." Shadow said, as he used waves of dark energy to connect with Tomoya's neurons.

"What do you mean?" Sandy asked, rushing over to Debbie.

"When I knocked out the snails, he should of been released from their psychic hold." Shadow said.

"DEBBIE! DEBBIE! Oh god, what'd he do to her?" Sandy questioned, as she untied the binds that kept Debbie on the table.

The scene shifts, as we see Debbie awakening in the medbay on board the Skyripper.

"I'm... on the Sky-ripper..." Debbie said, weakly.

"You're awake!" Sandy said, running in.

"Tomoya was under the snails' control. He injected me with liquid dopamite!" Debbie revealed, shedding a tear.

"I know. Lillian ran a full scan of your body as soon as we got you back on the ship." Sandy said.

"Was there anything she could do to get it out of me?" Debbie asked.

"No, but I'll be looking for a solution. I'm so sorry." Sandy said, pulling out a tablet.

On the tablet, Debbie saw a scan of her body, as the areas coated by dopamite were shown.

"Oh my god..." Debbie said, horrified.

"I'm not sure what this means for your powers." Sandy said.

"Don't lie. You know I won't be able to access them." Debbie said, as she began to tremble.

Sandy rubbed her shoulder.

"We'll figure this out." Sandy said, emotionally.

"Why the hell did Tomoya have dopamite in the first place?" Debbie questioned.

"He said he picked it up during one of our showdowns with Flare. He wanted to study it." Sandy said.

"To hurt me..." Debbie said.

"I don't believe that. He said he wanted to help you. See if the effects of dopamite could be reversed." Sandy said.

"Then why didn't he tell any of us that he had it?" Debbie questioned.

Sandy was silent, unsure what to say.

Shadow knocked on Tomoya's door, to no answer.

Shadow stepped inside.

"... I didn't say you could come in." Tomoya said, as he was sitting on his bed in despair.

"Sandy asked me to see how you were doing." Shadow said.

"I injected Debbie with dopamite. How do you think I'm doing?" Tomoya asked.

"When you did that, you were under the snails' control. However, after I knocked them unconscious, their hold over you should of went away. Yet, when me and Sandy arrived in the room - you were still about to cut into Debbie." Shadow said.

"Are you saying that a part of me wanted to hurt Debbie?" Tomoya questioned.

"I think that you just got confused." Shadow said.

"Ya know what, I am confused - THAT YOU of all people are here in my room talking to me about hurting someone." Tomoya sniped.

"I'm gonna let you cool down." Shadow said, walking out.

Tomoya went into deep thought.

On the bridge, we see Melondy and Marshall.

Sandy arrives, surprised to see them.

"When did you guys get back?" Sandy asked.

"A few minutes ago. You were in the medbay, though." Melondy said.

"Something happened? How'd the mission go?" Marshall asked.

"Something happened between Tomoya and Debbie - but we'll get into that later." Sandy said.

"Did you catch the hopper?" Marshall asked.

"Yes, he's in our custody." Sandy said.

"How'd you guys fare against mind controlling snails?" Melondy asked, with a giggle.

"Again - a lot happened. But... did you guys get answers from Snorlonn? Our guy has been quiet." Sandy said.

"We did." Marshall said.

"We know who has been producing dimension-hopping technology." Melondy said.

"Who?" Sandy asked.

"Squilliam Fancy of Universe-2." Melondy revealed.

Sandy was shocked.

"How coincidental that he was dating Denise - ya know, before the I.J.L.S.A members took her into hiding." Marshall said.

"I'll be right back." Sandy said, running to the prison room.

Prawn is sitting in the cell, as he notices Sandy.

"How long exactly do I have to stay here?" Prawn questioned.

"You're being transported to the prison dimension to serve out a term. In the meantime, I need you to tell me if Squilliam Fancy is the one who gave you the craft you were using." Sandy questioned.

"Yes, he was." Prawn finally admitted.

"Oh no..." Sandy said, sighing.



  • Universe(s) Introduced: Universe-9
  • Sandy has invented the 'Hopper-Helper', a device that detects a hopper by singling out the difference in their frequency from the others of a given universe.
  • Debbie runs into a doppelganger of Fred Rechid, who is revealed to be her uncle on Universe-1. In SpongeBob Squarepants, Fred is actually Debbie's father instead of her uncle.
  • Under the mind control of Gary the snail, Tomoya coats Debbie's body with liquid dopamite, and nearly dissects her to cultivate her powers.
  • Snorelonn and Prawn both confirm that Squilliam Fancy of Universe-2 (last seen in "Welcome to Universe-2"), is the person providing people with dimension travelling technology.
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Knights of the Multiverse 

Ep.9 "The Two That Time Forgot"

Skyripper, Stasis Zone

In the gym room, we see Debbie striking a punching bag repeatedly, getting more emotional with each and every hit.

Sandy enters, seeing her struggling. 

"Debbie, calm down!" Sandy said, rushing over to her.

"I USED to be able to punch this thing right off the hook! And now..." Debbie started, as she took a breath.

"The dopamite in your system... it's affected all of your powers. There's no way to fight through that." Sandy told her.

"So what am I supposed to do? Seid is gunning for me and other Universal Guardians. I'm completely vulnerable right now!" Debbie stated.

"Well, that's why me and Tomoya are working on a way to remove the dopamite from inside your body." Sandy said.

"I told you that I don't want Tomoya on this!" Debbie said.

"Debs, I understand how you feel... but, two scientists are better than one. Especially if we want to get you back to normal sooner than later." Sandy said.

"Or before Seid discovers that I'm weakened." Debbie added, nodding her head.

"Exactly." Sandy said.

In the dining room, we see Marshall, Melondy, and Tomoya all having breakfast together.

"Ya know, Debbie won't even look at me. It's been a week and she won't even look at me." Tomoya said.

"You forcibly injected her with dopamite. Under mind control, yes... but I imagine it's still hard to look your torturer in the eye - ESPECIALLY when they stabbed a syringe through your eye." Melondy stated.

"How could I be so sadistic." Tomoya said, feeling pale.

"Dude, it wasn't really you. How many more times am I gonna have to say that?" Marshall questioned, touching his hand.

Tomoya jumped up.

"For a brief moment, I should of been in control of myself - but I was still about to cut into my friend. I need to figure out why." Tomoya said, walking off.

Marshall and Melondy looked at each other.

"I'm gonna... go check on Shadow." Melondy said.

"What's your interest in that guy lately?" Marshall asked.

"There's no interest. With everyone going through some kind of personal demon right now, I just wanna make sure he's fine." Melondy said, leaving.

In the halls, Melondy saw Shadow making his way to the jumpship.

"Shadow, what are you doing?" Melondy asked.

Shadow turned around.

"I... uh... I was gonna take the jumpship for a little bit." Shadow said.

"Not that I care for rules, but I think Sandy will give you hell for taking the jumpship on a leisure adventure and without permission." Melondy said.

"Less leisure, more closure." Shadow said.

"What do you mean? Where are you going?" Melondy asked.

"Before I go any further with you all... I need to confront my past. My mother." Shadow revealed.

"Doesn't she believe you to be dead right now?" Melondy questioned.

"Yeah, awkward right? Serial killer son removed from time...?" Shadow pondered.

"Well try being the girl that time forgot. Supposedly dead at the hands of my own father, yet I live on... in some kind of weird in-between of existence and nonexistence." Melondy divulged, as she slightly bowed her head.

"Maybe we could both use this trip, then. Back to Universe-1... confront our demons." Shadow said.

"Maybe you're right." Melondy whispered.

On the bridge, we see Debbie, Tomoya and Marshall arrive to see Sandy.

"Thanks for coming to this meeting I called. Where is Shadow and Melondy?" Sandy questioned.

"Ya know, Melondy sort of disappeared after breakfast." Marshall said.

"And I haven't seen Shadow all morning." Tomoya said.

"Lillian, any help here?" Sandy asked.

"The jumpship just took off on an unauthorized dimension hop." Lillian revealed.

Sandy rolled her eyes.

"I wonder where they went?" Debbie questioned.

"We'll deal with that later. This meeting is about Squilliam Fancy." Sandy said.

"Oh yeah, it's been a week since we got the leak that he's been the one selling dimension hopping technology." Marshall said.

"And as I said, I needed time to look into it - before we made any accusations. Especially in light of the fact that he is dating Denise." Sandy said.

"So... what have you found?" Tomoya asked.

The team gathered around the central console, as Sandy laid out her evidence.

"In 2016, Squilliam founded a technology company - Fancy Industries, or F.I. Their stated goal? Making technological prowess more easily accessible to the everyday Joe. A line of phones, computers, boatmobiles, and more." Sandy said.

"Nothing about dimension hopping spacecrafts?" Marshall asked.

"No, but I got in touch with Miss Appear's friend, Adam, at the Mermalair. He was able to hack into Fancy Industries for me. He found out that there were some off-the-grid, redacted files on the servers." Sandy revealed.

"Was he able to get into them?" Debbie asked.

"No." Sandy said.

"So Squilliam's possibly guilty..." Tomoya said, sighing.

"I say we steer this ship to Universe-2 and go confront his ass!" Marshall said.

"I'm with Marshall..." Debbie said.

"Alright, let's do it." Sandy said, going over to the driver's seat.

Tomoya touched Debbie's shoulder.

"What?!" Debbie asked, uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry... I just, I want this awkwardness between us to end. I was under mind control when I did what I did to you." Tomoya said.

"Not when you were about to cut me up with an icicle!" Debbie argued.

"I don't know what came over me then! I think I was... confused." Tomoya said.

"Maybe you're just a lot more like your mother than any of us previously thought." Debbie stated.

"I hate that this has come between our friendship." Tomoya said.

"We both need to strap in." Debbie said, walking off to her seat.

All of a sudden, the Skyripper is hit on it's side.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" Marshall questioned.

Another ship is seen flying through the Stasis Zone with them.

"It's the KillClaw!" Sandy said, looking at a monitor.

"You mean the Scoundrels' ship that has that stupid giant metal claw?" Marshall questioned.

"That'd be the one!" Sandy stated.

On the KillClaw, we see Pam in the pilot's seat.

Pam maneuvers the KillClaw behind the Skyripper, keeping a steady pace.

"Finally, we've caught up to these brats. Grab them, NOW!" Sawyer ordered.

Pam pressed a button, releasing the claw.

The claw latched onto the back end of the Skyripper.

The alarms went off inside the Skyripper.

"I'm afraid the ship has been compromised by a giant claw device!" Lillian announced.

"Lillian, refortify! Don't let them in!" Sandy said.

However, the claw pulled onto the Skyripper, reeling it in.

"Get ready to board!" Sawyer said to the other Scoundrels.

The Scoundrels cheered.



The jumpship lands in Bikini Bottom on Universe-1.

"Are you ready?" Melondy asked, unbuckling.

"Yeah... yeah." Shadow said.

"Good." Melondy said.

"Uh, are you going to see your father?" Shadow questioned.

"He's in prison, so..." Melondy stated.

"And you're Lady Quick. What prison is gonna stop you from seeing him if you only asked?" Shadow said.

Melondy went into deep thought.

"We'll rendezvous here. I'll text you when I'm on my way back." Shadow said, exiting the ship.

Shadow is seen knocking on a door, as Vivian Coyne answers.

"Oh my god!" Vivian said, startled.

"Hello, mother." Shadow said, misty eyed.

Vivian threw her arms around him.

"H-how are you here?!?" Vivian questioned, pulling him inside.

"A little thing called time travel." Shadow said.

Vivian closed the door, then turned around.

".... I don't understand." Vivian said, visibly shaking.

"A speedster snatched me from the year 2016. Very, very shortly before my supposed death." Shadow said.

"I mourned for you... so much. Even after everything I knew you did. Even after you tried to kill me - and your own father." Vivian said.

"But that wasn't the truth, was it?" Shadow asked.

"What?" Vivian asked.

"You guys weren't - aren't my parents." Shadow said.

"Billy..." Vivian said.

"I don't go by that name!" Shadow said.

"I know! How... how did you find out about this? Do you know that you were switched at birth?" Vivian asked.

"Yes. I found out from Marshall - your real son." Shadow said.

"You are my son. Because I loved you!" Vivian said.

"STOP IT! To hell with your love. Love doesn't leave you, it doesn't allow you to be abused, love doesn't just stand by as you suffer!" Shadow said, shedding tears.

"If I could go back in time, I would do so much different! I would get out before you father's abuse began." Vivian said.

"So you blame all of this on the fact that George abused you?" Shadow asked.

"Explanations aren't excuses. I recognize that. I blame everything that happened on the fact that something was broken inside both me and George before we even knew each other, before we had you, and before the abuse began. If we were whole as people - if our relationship was whole... none of it would have ever happened." Vivian said.

Shadow nodded.

Vivian reached over to wipe his tears. Shadow hesitated slightly, but allowed her to.

"I'm sorry that I hurt you." Vivian apologized.

"I accept you apology." Shadow said, after some time.

Vivian smiled.

"So... can you tell me about my biological parents?" Shadow asked.


Skyripper, Stasis Zone

The Scoundrels are seen entering the Skyripper through the door hatch of the cargo bay.

"I think they're on board. We need to get ready to fight!" Sandy told them.

"Ohhh no, I was not looking forward to this!" Marshall said.

"Our first priority is protecting Debbie! Marshall, you'll hold onto her at all times to keep her phased." Sandy ordered.

"I'm not a baby!" Debbie said.

"But you're vulnerable, and we can't afford to lose you!" Sandy said.

The Scoundrels were seen running down the halls, as they came face to face with Sandy and Tomoya.

"GET OFF MY SHIP!" Sandy yelled, running into battle.

Scoundrel members shot at the two, as Sandy and Tomoya avoided blasts.

Sandy beat down several of the crooks with a bo staff, as Tomoya shot out icy gusts.

Pam put on brass knuckles, as she went after Sandy. Sandy avoided a blow and managed to flip Pam into a glass window.

Tomoya shot out more gusts, as he felt himself becoming consumed by his power.

Tomoya looked down at his hands, as an energy blast knocked him out.

"TOMOYA!" Sandy yelled, turning around.

At that moment, Sawyer also shot Sandy with his energy gun.

"Two down..." Sawyer said. "Andy, help Pam up. It's time we take over this ship." Sawyer said.

Marshall was seen phasing Debbie into a panic room.

"I... I didn't know the ship had a panic room." Debbie said.

"Sandy didn't tell you? Well, she showed me two days ago." Marshall said.

"There are a lot of compartments on this ship, so I'm not surprised she missed telling me about one." Debbie said.

Suddenly, the two heard the intercom.

"ATTENTION to all heroes left on this ship... we have Sandy Cheeks and the ice-boy. They are alive. Surrender now or they won't be for much longer." Sawyer said.

Debbie and Marshall looked at each other.

"If we stay in this room, we'll be safe. They can't get in." Marshall said.

"If we stay, they kill Sandy and Tomoya!" Debbie stated.

"Good point." Marshall said.

"We need to stop this." Debbie said.

"By tunring ourselves over? Yeah right! And it's not like we can beat them - I mean, when I'm not phasing, I'm as vulnerable as a toddler." Marshall said.

"Well, maybe you should of taken Sandy up on her offer to teach you martial arts." Debbie said.

"Yeah, maybe I should of. Unfortunately, I'm not a time traveller. I say we wait in here until Melondy and Shadow get back." Marshall said.

"And leave Sandy and Tomoya's fates left in the balance? No, we need a plan. If we can't beat 'em, we'll have to out smart them." Debbie said.



At the New Kelp City Penitentiary, we see Beldon Dime being escorted to a visitor's room.

"Who the hell is here to see me? Couldn't be my good for nothing wife!" Beldon said.

"Just wait and see, sir." the guard said, as he handcuffed him to the table.

A few moments later, Melondy walks in, dressed in her Lady Quick costume.

Beldon's eyes widened in shock.

"You got twenty minutes." the guard said, closing the door.

"It can't be!" Beldon said, as his heart raced.

"It's me, father. Melondy." Melondy said, taking a seat.

"I... I... I'm too ashamed to say, but..." Beldon started.

"You shot me dead. You killed your own daughter." Melondy said, shedding a tear.

"But you're... here." Beldon said.

"Relatively." Melondy said.

"Oh, I see. You're not my Melondy. You're the one from the future - Lady Quick." Beldon said.

"A future that has now been erased, leaving my existence in a temporal state of un-being. I legally and technically do not exist." Melondy said.

"Why did you return to the past and ruin things? You made me do what I did to my own daughter!" Beldon said.

"I AM YOUR DAUGHTER!" Melondy yelled.

Beldon put his head down.

"How... how did you arrange this little visit? I can't imagine you told the state that you were Melondy Dime... back from the dead." Beldon said.

"The Mayor owed me a favor for protecting New Kelp City from those damned Jelliens two months ago." Melondy revealed.

"So, you asked them for time with me?" Beldon questioned.

"I lied and said that you might have info on a villain I'm chasing." Melondy said.

"Villain... isn't that what you believe me to be?" Beldon asked.

"You murdered me." Melondy said.

"And I'll regret that for the rest of my life. But, you're still here in a way. We can start over. Put all this behind us." Beldon said.

"Are you insane? I came here for closure. Now this is me, closing the door on your pitiful ass. Goodbye, father." Melondy said, getting up.

"WAIT! Don't ABANDON me like your mother did!" Beldon said, shedding tears.

"I hope you find peace in here, dad. You'll be here a while." Melondy said, emotionally.

"For what it's worth... I love you, Melondy." Beldon said.

"Love shouldn't hurt. For the absolute final time... goodbye." Melondy said, leaving out.

In Bikini Bottom, we return to Shadow and Vivian.

Vivian shows Shadow pictures of his biological mother and father on Instaclam.

"Laura and Brian Montgomery. Beautiful and positive people. Besides Marshall, they have a daughter, Leslie." Vivian said, letting him take her phone to scroll himself.

Shadow looked emotional, as he scrolled through the photos.

"Do want to meet them? Your biological family?" Vivian asked.

"No." Shadow said.

"But, while you have the time..." Vivian started.

"It wouldn't be right. They've already mourned a child they thought was long gone before the truth was discovered." Shadow said.

"I understand." Vivian said, nodding.

"Besides... I was their biological son, not one in all the ways that actually matter." Shadow said.

"They still would of loved to have known you. Just like I loved getting a chance to know Marshall." Vivian said.

"The difference between me and Marshall is that one is a made headlines as a serial killer and the other made the honor as a straight A student." Shadow said.

"It's hard for a parent to accept when their child does something so unbelievable. To discover that their child is capable of causing so much pain and distress." Vivian said, wiping a tear.

"I'm sorry." Shadow said.

Vivian looked at him.

"For all the atrocities I committed. I'm truly sorry." Shadow said, in a state of emotional confusion.

"I owed you an apology. And... unfortunately, you owe the same to so many other people." Vivian said.

"I know." Shadow said, sighing.

Shadow stood up.

"I have to go." Shadow said.

"Are you sure you can't stay a little while longer?" Vivian asked.

"I have something very important I need to finish." Shadow said.

"Will I see you again?" Vivian questioned.

"I don't know." Shadow said.

"Presumably, you'll have to return to 2016 at some point..." Vivian said.

"Exactly." Shadow said.

"Goodbye, my son." Vivian said.

Shadow and Vivian hugged.

"Goodbye, mother." Shadow said, embracing her.

Suddenly, a fire blast burned through Vivian's door.

"Oh my god!" Vivian said.

Flare entered the home.

"Flare?!?" Shadow said, surprised.

"Do you know how long it took us to track you down?" Flare questioned.

"You are WAY out of line here!" Shadow said.

"Me? What about YOU? When exactly did you get away from the Knights? Or did you ever?" Flare questioned.

Shadow was speechless.

"You've been travelling with them... willingly." Flare said.

"And what if I have?" Shadow said.

"That makes you a traitor. To Seid." Flare said.

"I'm done doing that man's bidding. He's using us." Shadow said.

"He's willing to give each of us what we want! Me, you, and Syphon!" Flare said.

"Maybe that's not enough for me anymore!" Shadow said.

Flare released flames from her hands, shooting it at Shadow.

Shadow put up a protective dark energy shield, but Flare's flames burned through and blasted Shadow across the room.

"BILLY!" Vivian screamed.

At that moment, a whoosh was heard, as Melondy entered the house.

Flare turned around.

"Speedster!" Flare said, readying another fire blast.

Melondy quickly punched her out.

"... Been waiting to do that for weeks." Melondy said.

Vivian ran to Shadow on the floor, as she helped him sit up.

"Are you okay?" Vivian asked.

"Are you?" Shadow replied.

Vivian nodded.

"I think there's a pair of meta dampening handcuffs on the jumpship." Melondy said.

"Then let's take her in." Shadow said, as Vivian helped him stand.

"So tell me.... have you become a hero now?" Vivian asked.

"I don't know if that title yet suits me." Shadow said.

Vivian smiled, putting her hands on his cheeks.

"Go. Redeem yourself." Vivian said, kissing his forehead.

Shadow nodded his head.


Skyripper, Stasis Zone

In the panic room, Debbie and Marshall continued to go over ideas.

"There's no way you can reach Astral?" Marshall questioned.

"This dopamite in my system is numbing any possible way that I can feel her. The connection is not working right now." Debbie said, shaking her head.

Alright, let's not get emotional... let's, get smart. Like you suggested." Marshall said.

"Right. Um, how can we out smart these guys?" Debbie said.

Marshall thought it over.

"Our goal is to get them off our ship, right?" Marshall started.

"Right." Debbie said.

"So, how about we scare them off?" Marshall suggested.

"What are you getting at?" Debbie asked.

"Sandy was working on a liquid that would be able to destroy the dopamite in your system, remember?" Marshall asked.

"Yeah, but it failed. The liquid became a dangerous toxin. Sandy actually had to put it into containment." Debbie said.

"That's how we scare the scoundrels away." Marshall said.

Debbie smiled.

On the bridge, we see Sandy and Tomoya tied up, as the scoundrels are all gathered around.

"Why did you freeze up in the hall?" Sandy asked Tomoya in a whisper.

"My powers... for the first time, I felt like they were evil. Like I was becoming my mother." Tomoya said.

"You're just in a bad way right now because of what happened with Debbie." Sandy said.

"What are you two mumbling about?!?" Sawyer asked, walking toward them.

"About how I'm going to kill you when I get out of these binds." Sandy said.

"On the contrary. Unless you friends turn themselves over. I'm going to kill the two of you." Saywer said.

"Actually, let me get dibs on the Red Widow. That bitch sent me flying through a window." Pam said.

"And I'll do it again." Sandy threatened.

"Cool under pressure. To bad that's not an accurate description of your ice-friend over there." Pam teased.

"SHUT UP!" Tomoya yelled.

"All this because I didn't pay you for your services at the Gathering Point?" Sandy questioned Sawyer.

"No. All this because Flare hired us to bring you all in to her and whoever she's serving. We're bounty hunters - it looks bad when we don't finish the job. You may have escaped death inside the cold scar, but your fates have been sealed beginning now." Sawyer said.

"Sawyer, STOP!" Debbie yelled.

The Scoundrels raised their guns, as Debbie and Marshall entered onto the bridge.

Both of them raise their hands.

"Debbie, don't! You have to get out of here!" Sandy said.

"Finally, I have the rest of you. Wait, there's one missing." Sawyer said.

"Lady Quick is not on this ship. I don't think you want to be either." Marshall said, pulling out a vial of dark red liquid.

"What is that?" Pam questioned.

"Ya see, Sandy created a chemical concotion that was supposed to boost my powers beyond belief." Debbie said, lying.

Sandy and Tomoya looked at each other.

"However, the chemical was so poisonous that it stripped away my powers and almost killed me." Debbie said.

"... This is a more powerful version of that chemical. I will drop it and kill us all... if you guys do not exit our ship." Marshall said.

Sawyer thought it over.

"They're bluffing!" Pam said.

"They're not!" Sandy added.

"Why do you think I didn't come out and fight? I'm the Universal Guardian - do you know what a Universal Guardian is capable of?" Debbie questioned.

Sawyer and the scoundrels looked at each other.

"Your choice. Attempt to complete you 'bounty' and die... or get off this ship with your lives intact." Marshall threatened.

"Sawyer..." Pam said.

"This isn't over. Not by a long shot." Sawyer said, giving them a threatening look.

Pam sighed.

"Let's go!" Saywer ordered, as he, Pam, and the rest of the Scoundrels moved out.

After they were gone, Debbie and Marshall ran over to untie their friends.

"That was amazing!" Sandy said.

"Well, if you can't beat 'em, out smart 'em. Right, Marshall?" Debbie said, giving Marshall a warm smile.

"Right. You did great for a Universal Guardian without any powers." Marshall said, smiling back.

"... Thanks to me. If you'd had your powers, this wouldn't of gotten as far as it did." Tomoya said, walking off.

"Tomoya, stop!" Debbie said, running after him.

Tomoya turned around.

"I've been angry with you for some time now... but, I freaked when I thought you and Sandy were in danger." Debbie said.

"And that means..?" Tomoya questioned.

"I care about you. You are my friend, and friends try and understand each other. I understand what those snails did to you. I understand that you may have gotten very mixed up in your brain." Debbie said.

"I'm so sorry." Tomoya said, shedding a tear.

"What I don't appreciate is that you had dopamite on you in the first place. Something that could kill me, Tomoya." Debbie said.

"I told Sandy already. I was just trying to help you by studying it. Seeing how it's effects could be reversed." Tomoya said.

"Why didn't you tell anyone, then?" Sandy asked.

"Because I knew this would be the reaction." Tomoya said.

Debbie nodded.

"I forgive you." Debbie said.

"Thank you." Tomoya said.

"Maybe we can work with Lillian and figure out more about dopamite's origins." Sandy said.

"Speaking of... Lillian, are our captors completely gone?" Marshall asked.

"Yes they are, Mr. Montgomery. The Scoundrel's ship detached from the Skyripper and hopped back to the Gathering Point." Lillian announced.

"Great! But, we likely haven't seen the last of those guys." Marshall said.

"Not by a long shot." Sandy said.

"We'll be ready." Tomoya said.

"... Hopefully." Debbie said, thinking about her powers.

"We're gonna get that dopamite out of you, Debbie. I promise." Sandy said.

Tomoya gently touched her shoulder, giving her a nod.

"The Jumpship has docked back onto the Skyripper." Lillian announced.

"Melondy and Shadow." Debbie said.

"Well, their timing SUCKS!" Marshall said.

"I am gonna KILL those two!" Sandy said.

Sandy, Debbie, Tomoya, and Marshall raced through the halls, meeting up with Melondy as she stepped out of the jumpship.

"... Hi guys." Melondy said, awkwardly smiling.

The others were seen crossing their arms.

"Everything okay?" Melondy asked.

"We were attacked and held hostage by the Scoundrels!" Tomoya said.

"We almost died." Debbie said.

"... Well, you survived!" Melondy said, cheerfully. "Look, me and Shadow had people to see back home. Closure and all." Melondy said.

"Well, while you two were off getting your closure, we got captured!" Sandy said.

"I have something that will make this all better." Melondy said.

"What?" Marshall asked.

"Shadow! Bring her out!" Melondy called.

Shadow came out with a handcuffed Flare, who looked extremely upset.

"Oh my god!" Sandy said, amazed.

"We got her!" Melondy said, proudly.

Flare gave them all an evil look.


  • Sandy finds potential evidence of the accusations suggesting that Squilliam is the one funding dimension breaching technology. 
  • Melondy confronts her father for closure, bidding him farewell in prison.
  • Shadow reunites with Vivian Coyne, his legal mother (and Marshall's biological mother). The two come to a resolve about the past.
  • Shadow and Melondy capture Flare for the team.
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Knights of the Multiverse

Ep.10 "Doppelgänger"

Skyripper, Stasis Zone

Picking up from the last episode, we see the team gathered on the bridge.

"Alright guys, we have Flare. Now what?" Sandy asked.

"You're supposed to be the Captain." Melondy said to her.

"We should just drop the fire witch right off in the prison dimension. She's of no use to us, it's not like she's gonna tell us ANYTHING about Seid." Marshall said.

"Perhaps with time..." Shadow said, in deep thought.

"Like you? You haven't given us a DAMN THING since you so called turned over a new leaf." Marshall snided.

"Marshall!" Debbie said.

"Guys, let's just chill out." Tomoya said, releasing frost from his hands. "No pun intended." Tomoya joked.

Debbie and Melondy giggled.

"Maybe we owe it to Flare to find out her reasoning for teaming up with Seid." Sandy said.

"For me, it was about trying to prevent my death." Shadow said.

"... And what changed that?" Sandy asked.

"What do you mean?" Shadow asked.

"What made you choose us." Sandy asked.

"I chose me. Reflecting on my past atrocities. I realized that I needed to make all of that up." Shadow said.

"And you're still okay with dying? Ya know, when we eventually place you back in your own time?" Debbie asked.

"I don't deserve the second chance. So..." Shadow said, getting emotional.

"Alright, well... I don't see Flare opening up as soon as Shadow did." Sandy said.

"Well, maybe we don't need her to open up. We just... go in." Tomoya suggested.

"What are you saying?" Sandy asked.

"Shadow has the power to connect with people's minds, right? I say we send him in to crack open Flare." Tomoya said.

Debbie looked uncomfortable, as Tomoya noticed this.

"I mean, yeah... but it's like a huge invasion of privacy." Sandy said.

"She doesn't get privacy after spending the past few months trying to kill us!" Melondy said.

"We're desperate here. We need to know our enemy. And in this case... that's Flare." Marshall said.

"Shadow?" Sandy asked, looking at him.

"... I mean, yeah, whatever. I'll do it." Shadow said.

Sandy nodded.

In the prison room, we see Sandy and Shadow confronting Flare.

"Oh lookie here! Two serial killers in one room! But guess which one's the traitor..." Flare said, looking at Shadow.

Sandy and Shadow looked at each other.

Sandy opened Flare's cell.

"... You're letting me out?" Flare asked, stepping out.

"You have one chance here. Tell us about why you teamed up with Seid - and what the initial meeting was like." Sandy said.

"Ya know, Shadow... if you had bothered to have gotten to know me or Syphon... you would of had the answer to this question." Flare said.

"We were too busy being Seid's bitches." Shadow remarked.

Flare looked angry.

"Tell us." Shadow said.

"I won't tell you anything." Flare said.

"Fine." Shadow said.

Shadow released waves of dark energy into Flare's mind, as he connected with her thoughts.


New Coral, Universe-19

We see Flare walking around a house, reading on a tablet.

"Tia, honey! Glad you're out of your room for once." William said, calling her.

"What's up, dad?" Flare asked, sitting with him on the couch.

"How have your... uh... powers been lately?" William asked.

"I have much more control than when I first discovered them six months ago. Remember that burned down my entire room?" Flare asked.

"Oh, yeah. That took a long while to straighten out." William giggled.

"And hey, thanks for getting that scientist friend of yours to study my powers privately. He's been such a help." Flare said.

"Speaking of... you know how we're at war with the Atlantic Oceans?" William asked.

"Yeah, I've been hearing a whole bunch of rumors on the News, but it's hard to tell what's true and what's not." Flare said.

"What rumors?" William asked.

"That the Atlantic Oceans have developed a nuke. Powerful enough to take out this side of the world." Flare said.

"That's why daddy's been taking measures to help us all." William said.

"You're just a business man. What do you have to do with the World War?" Flare asked.

"World Wars are trying times for business men. The people of the coporate world try to help as best as we can. In fact, I've partnered with Paradye Industries to create something to stop the Atlantic Oceans' army." William said.

"What's that?" Flare asked.

"A nuke of our own. The most powerful one to ever exist. Powered by the particles from your superpowers." William revealed.

"Dad! What are you saying?" Flare asked, jumping off the couch.

"Tia, please just hear me out." William said, getting up as well.

"Oh my god. That's the real reason you wanted you friend to study me. Not to help ME, but to help YOU!" Flare said, upset.

"You're wrong!" William said.

Flare shook her head.

"You will have to inherit this world one day soon. I want to make sure it's one where you and all the other young people are safe. Don't you?" William asked.

"Yeah, but..." Flare started.

"Tia, if the Atlantic Oceans strike first, it'll be over for us all." William said.

"Fine." Flare whispered, emotional.


"AHHH!" Flare screamed.

"Shadow, end it!" Sandy said.

Shadow stopped.

Flare kept her eyes clenched, as she appeared to be in pain.

"Her father... wanted her to let him use her abilities to power a nuke." Shadow said.

"A nuke?" Sandy asked.

"Her world was at war." Shadow said.

"HAPPY NOW?" Flare asked, walking back into her cell.

"Just tell us what happened next?" Shadow asked.

"The government used me, that's what happened!" Flare said, with tears in her eyes.

"They developed the nukes?" Shadow asked.

"With my powers. They launched at the Atlantic Ocean, but it was far too powerful. The entire world was decimated by fire and flames." Flare said, looking terrified.

Sandy and Shadow both looked sad.

"I was the only person in the world who survived..." Flare said.

"Because you were resistant to your own powers..." Sandy said.

"That's when Seid showed up." Flare said.


New Coral, Universe-19

Raging fires and destruction were seen, as Flare lost her entire world.

Under the rubble of her home, she saw the bodies of her father, mother, and brother.

"NOOOOOO!" Flare cried out.

All of a sudden, Flare sees a portal open, as a speedster races out.

"What?" Flare questions.

"... Who are you?" the man asked, appearing to be Seid.

"... Tia... Tia Flaire. How are you here? The entire world should be dead." Flare said.

"I'm not from your world, girl. The multiverse split open about a month ago. I've been exploring it ever since." Seid said.

"Multiverse?" Flare asked.

"What happened to your world?" Seid asked.

"I did." Flare said.

"Interesting... ya know, I  am looking to collect friends. How about you join up with me, and I can give you this world back?" Seid said.

"What do you mean?" Flare asked.

"Say yes first." Seid said.

"... Yes." Flare said, unsure.

Seid used his speed to run a circle, ripping open a portal.

"What did you just do...?" Flare asked.

"High level speedster like me can travel between universes... especially now that it's more open than ever before." Seid said, smiling.

"I have nothing left here..." Flare said, looking around.

"Then join me." Seid said, smiling.

Flare nodded, walking through the portal with him.


"... You lost everything, so you joined up with Seid. But... it wasn't just that you lost your whole world, it's that you blame yourself for it." Sandy noted.

"My powers literally decimated the entire world. I lost my dad, my mom, Johnny..." Flare said.

"Johnny?" Sandy asked.

"My brother." Flare said.

"Right." Sandy said.

"I took the name Flare to distance myself from... Tia. That's not who I am anymore." Flare said.

"Next, you need to distance yourself from Seid." Shadow said.

"No, I won't. You may not want your life back... but I sure as hell want mine! Seid is coming for me, best believe." Flare said.

On the bridge, Tomoya motioned for Debbie to join him in the corner.

"What's up?" Debbie asked.

"You kinda gave me a weird face not too long ago..." Tomoya said.

"When you were talking about Flare. I mean, come on Tomoya - you said 'crack her open'! Nice terminology, after you almost cut ME open recently." Debbie said.

"You're still angry about that?!? After... after you told me you forgave me, because you know that I was being mind controlled!" Tomoya said.

"I'm not still angry. I'm just... wondering if there's a bit of a dark side within my friend." Debbie said.

"Well there isn't. Come on, it's me we're talking about." Tomoya said.

At that moment, Sandy and Shadow arrived back.

"How is she?" Debbie asked, as she walked over to them.

"We got some stuff out of her about her origins. For most of it, we didn't even have to force her." Sandy said.

"She lost her whole world in a nuke disaster fostered by her own superpowers." Shadow said.

"How?" Melondy asked.

"Her dad pressured her. Used her." Shadow said.

"I assume that's where Seid came in?" Tomoya asked.

"Right after the disaster, he popped up. Apparently using his super speed to breach to her universe." Sandy said.

"I'm a speedster and I can't imagine breaching universes. Time travel is as big as I've ever gone." Melondy said.

"Seid 'rescued' her after she lost her whole world, and then gave her hope. I don't see her turning against him anytime soon." Shadow said.

"What if we could give her something more than hope? What if we could give her... her brother?" Sandy questioned.

"On her world, Flare is Tia Flaire, correct?" Debbie asked.

"Yes, and her brother is Johnny Flaire. Who happens to have a doppelganger on the world we all come from." Sandy said.

"Are you saying that we should go to Universe-1 and get him?" Melondy asked.

"To give Flare closure. Maybe seeing her brother will force her to get over her loss and stop working with Seid." Sandy said.

"Okay, in the mist of the Scoundrels attacking and then dealing with Flare... we forgot about the Squilliam situation." Debbie said.

"We'll split up then. Me and Mel will go find Johnny Flaire of Universe-1, and the rest of you will confront Squilliam." Sandy said.

"We'll take the jumpship." Debbie said, as she, Shadow, and Tomoya took off.


Bikini Bottom, Universe-2

Debbie, Shadow, and Tomoya arrived near Squilliam's house.

"Squilliam has security around the perimeters." Debbie said.

In the front, two guards rushed toward the heroes.

Tomoya blasted them back with an icy gust.

"Around the sides..." Tomoya said.

"Leave that to me..." Shadow said, taking off.

Debbie and Tomoya continued to the front door, as Tomoya shot out an icy gust.

"SQUILLIAM!" Debbie shouted, as the two barged into his home.

In his living room, Squilliam was seen listening to classical music and enjoying a martini.

As Debbie and Tomoya entered, Squilliam jumped at the sight of them.

"WHOA! How the HELL did the two of you get in here?" Squilliam asked.

"Maybe you should ask your security. They're not very good at their jobs!" Debbie said, crossing her arms.

"What do you want?" Squillaim asked.

"Answers." Debbie said.

Squilliam looked unnerved.

Outside, Shadow is seen checking out the side of the house.

Three security guards were seen laid out on the ground.

"... Someone attacked them. Someone else is here. Ohhh no..." Shadow said.

All of a sudden, a whoosh sound was heard and we see a speeding person grabbing Shadow.

Seid pins Shadow up against the concrete, as he vibrates his hand.

"Give me a good explanation, or I'll vibrate my hand through your heart!" Seid said. 

"I-I-I, JUST LISTEN!" Shadow said.

"START TALKING!" Seid said.

"I only joined the Knights to collect info. I'm using them! To collect intel for OUR side." Shadow said.

Seid put him down.

"... That was almost convincing. But, you're lying." Seid said.

Shadow remained quiet.

"You actually let them put this 'hero' nonsense in your head, didn't you?" Seid questioned.

"I just don't wanna be the guy who continues to hurt people to make up for the shitty life I was dealt. THAT is what I've come to realize." Shadow said.

"But I promised you a BETTER life! One where all this pain you're in or that you've had... all of it just a distant memory. WHy would you turn me down?" Seid asked.

"Because you wanna kill to get what you want. I can't be a part of that anymore!" Shadow explained.

"Not even if it could give you everything you want?" Seid asked.

"What I want... is to return to my place in time. I've accepted my fate." Shadow said.

"And also sealed your mother's." Seid said.

"Excuse me?" Shadow asked.

"Flare and Syphon tracked you down to Bikini Bottom on Universe-1. You went to see your mother, no?" Seid asked.

"None of your business." Shadow said.

"Here's how this is gonna work. You're gonna return to the Knights, get Flare free, and gather intel for me about anything I ask for. Or else... Vivian Coyne dies." Seid threatened.

"You're not gonna touch my mother!" Shadow said, as he began producing dark energy waves from his hands.

"Oh, stop with the dramatics. We both know I could have you back against that wall before you could even blink. Do not test me." Seid said.

Back inside the house, Debbie and Tomoya continued to grill Squilliam.

"Answers about what?" Squilliam asked.

"Your company - Fancy Industries. It's a guise to produce dimension breaching technology, isn't it?" Debbie asked.

Squilliam chuckled.

"Where'd you hear a ridiculous rumor like that?" Squilliam asked.

"Squilliam, just drop the act dude! We know it's you." Tomoya said.

"Even if it was, what do you care?" Squilliam asked.

"What do we CARE? Your company's technology has handed up in numerous wrong hands! INCLUDING the very people who tried to murder Denise - your girlfriend." Debbie said.

Squilliam bowed his head.

"... I... I didn't know there would be a mad man out to hunt Universal Guardians throughout the multiverse." Squilliam said.

"Denise is gonna feel so betrayed." Tomoya said.

"Please let me be the one to tell her my mistake, please." Squilliam said.

"So why'd you do it? The money?" Debbie questioned.

"Isn't everything about money?" Squilliam questioned.

Debbie shook her head.

"When the multiverse split open... boy, was that quite a day. All over this planet, people described feeling a shift. It was like an awakening. A realization that even our own universe is a just a tiny part of something much, much larger." Squilliam said.

"...And?" Debbie asked.

"I wanted to share that with others." Squilliam said.

"Well, you're shutting it down. RIGHT now!" Debbie said.

"Fine, but I've already served hundreds of costumers. The damage is done." Squilliam said.

"And we'll find all of them. We won't stop until every piece of your tech is torn from their hands and put six feet under. Or better yet - destroyed by my heat vision." Debbie threatened.


New Coral, Universe-1

Sandy and Melondy arrive at the Flaire Estate in New Coral, as they were dressed in their costumes.

"This estate is so beautiful..." Melondy said, taking it in.

"Let's just get this show on the road..." Sandy said, as the two approached the front door.

Sandy knocked, as a young woman answered a few seconds later.

"Oh my god!" Melondy said.

The girl looked exactly like Flare!

"Uh... hi! Are you two a couple of superheroes or something?" the girl asked.

"Or something, in my case." Sandy said, as she stared hard at the girl.

"I'm Tia Flaire, but I'm guessing you may know that!" Tia said.

"Your family is quite famous, yes." Melondy said.

"Or infamous, considering my parents' recent divorce and all the nastiness that came out of that in the public sphere." Tia said, sighing.

"I'm so sorry. We're... um... looking for your brother." Sandy said.

"Oh! Now I get it. Two superheroes on my doorstep... obviously looking to talk with another." Tia said.

"Wait, what?" Melondy asked.

"My bro? Captain Magma? He's why you're here?" Tia asked.

"Oh my god! Johnny Flaire is Captain Magma!??" Sandy asked, as Melondy was also shocked.

"I THOUGHT YOU GUYS KNEW! I thought all superheroes knew each other's identities and had a code of honor or something! JOHNNY'S GONNA KILL ME!" Tia said, freaking out.

"Hey, hey, calm down." Sandy said, grabbing on her shoulders.

"Come in." Tia said, as the girls came into the house.

The scene shifts as the three are in the living room.

"Sorry about my freak out just then." Tia said.

"Uhhh, it's fine - because you're right. Superheroes have a code of honor. Neither me or Melondy would reveal Johnny's identity." Sandy said.

"Why are you guys here to see my brother then? If it wasn't about superhero stuff? And why is that girl looking at me as if I'm a ghost... or doppelganger." Tia said, referring to Melondy.

Sandy nudges Melondy.

"Uh, funny you should say that!" Sandy said, awkwardly.

"Say what?" Tia asked.

"Doppelganger." Melondy said.

"Mel, please." Sandy said, looking at her.

The three women heard the keys jingle, as Johnny Flaire entered the house.

"... And there he is. My brother." Tia said, as Johnny came into the living room.

Sandy and Melondy turned around.

Johnny was shocked.

"Okay... didn't expect this when I walked into my house." Johnny said.

"Johnny Flaire, I am - " Sandy started, but was interrupted.

" - Sandy Cheeks. And you're... Lady Quick." Johnny said, glaring at Melondy.

"Hello, Captain Magma." Melondy said, staring at him with an angered face.

"You know my identity." Johnny said.

"My fault, bro. I'm gonna go before things get more awkward." Tia said, rushing out of the house.

"Okay, if looks could kill, you two would have a mausoleum up in here. Wanna explain to me what's going on?" Sandy asked.

"This guy kidnapped me - well, a younger version of me, last year." Melondy said.

"Me and The Quickster thought you were evil. I apologize." Johnny said.

Melondy nodded.

"Why would the two of you be seeking me out?" Johnny asked.

"So you can talk sense into your doppelganger sister!" Melondy said.

"Melondy!" Sandy nearly shouted.

"Why put it lightly, Sandy? Look Johnny, there's a doppelganger of your sister that was running around the multiverse trying to kill people. We captured her and now we're here to get you to come and talk some sense into her." Melondy said.

"To give here closure." Sandy said, clenching her eyes shut.

"All of that was... a lot to take in." Johnny said.

"Which is why my plan was to ease it all onto you, but this one is impatient!" Sandy said, giving Melondy an angry look.

"I imagine that speedsters usually are." Johnny joked.

"This doppel of your sis... she has fire powers instead of you. She's incredibly dangerous." Sandy said.

"I couldn't imagine Tia being a... supervillain... in any universe." Johnny said.

"Yeah, I mean, the girl we just talked to was a far cry from the evil, sadistic... Flare." Melondy said.

"Flare?" Johnny asked.

"That's what she calls herself - your sister's doppel. I guess it's inspired by you guys' last name." Sandy said.

"Alright, well look... I'm not sure what I can do. This Flare person isn't actually MY sister." Johnny said.

"If you help us, you can get a ride on our dimension travelling spaceship." Sandy said, smiling.

"Spaceship, you say?" Johnny asked, interested.

The scene shifts, as Sandy, Melondy, and Johnny arrive on the Skyripper.

"Whoa, seeing this ship was definitely worth agreeing to help you guys." Johnny said, amazed.

"Wait until you get on the bridge. Lots of marvel there too." Sandy said.

"Up ahead?" Johnny asked.

"Yeah, keep walking. I need to talk with Mel for a minute." Sandy said, as Johnny kept on.

"Uh oh, what'd I do wrong this time?" Melondy asked, rolling her eyes.

"How about dumping WAY too much information on that guy at one time?" Sandy said.

"It's not like we had sweet time to waste, Sandy!" Melondy argued.

"Yeah, but there was a way to do it to not make Johnny feel uncomfortable. You almost blew our shot here!" Sandy argued back.

"Oh whatever." Melondy said, trying to walk away.

Sandy grabbed her arm.

"Hey! Do not ever throw a mission off like that again." Sandy said.

"Let go of me, or you'll regret it." Melondy threatened, looking intense.

Sandy let her go.

Both women arrived on the bridge, as they saw Johnny and Marshall at the central console.

"Showing our new bud here around the bridge!" Marshall said.

"The tech here is really next level. You said you designed all this yourself?" Johnny asked Sandy.

"For the most part!" Sandy said.

All of a sudden, Lillian's virtual head popped up over the console.

"Whoa!" Johnny said.

"Captain Cheeks, the Jumpship has docked back inside the Skyripper." Lillian told her.

"Thank you, Lillian! Debbie and the others must be back." Sandy said.

"An A.I? So cool." Johnny said.

Sandy smiled.

Debbie, Tomoya, and Shadow are seen arriving on the bridge.

"...And we're back." Debbie said.

"SHADOW?" Johnny asked, noticing him.

"Oh no..." Shadow said, recognizing Johnny.

Johnny shot out a fire bolt at Shadow, but Tomoya jumped in the way, dousing the fire with a strong icy gust.

"Man, this guy's even stronger than Flare! Who are you?" Tomoya said, sweating from asserting himself.

"This is Universe-1's Johnny Flaire, he's also Captain Magma." Sandy said, wondering what the hell just happened.

"Why are you protecting him?!?" Johnny asked.

"Shadow's a... good guy... now... sort of." Tomoya said.

"He's supposed to be dead!" Johnny said, looking at Sandy.

"I'm sure your very disappointed." Shadow said, smiling.

"Don't make me come over there!" Johnny said, walking toward him.

Melondy backed Johnny away.

"Hey, what is this?" Debbie asked.

"Same thing I'm wondering?" Sandy questioned.

"This piece of garbage murdered dozens of meta-fish in Bikini Bottom and stalked my friend, Katherine for weeks!" Johnny explained.

"Actually, my cousin was the one stalking me." Shadow recalled.

"She's not your cousin!" Marshall said.

"In a legal sense, she still is. And anyway, Katherine was practically ASKING for me to murder her!" Shadow said.

"SHUT UP!" Johnny said, as his eyes lit with flames.

"Whoa, Johnny... remember why you're here. Let everything else fall by the wayside." Melondy said.

"Melondy's right, Johnny." Sandy said.

Johnny cooled down.

"I'm not sure why he's on this ship... but if all of you are not freaking out, then I assume there's a perfect explanation." Johnny said.

"Yeah, one that really has nothing to do with why you're here. So, please...?" Sandy asked of him.

"I'm calm, Sandy." Johnny assured her.

"I'm gonna take him to Flare." Melondy said.

"Go ahead." Sandy said, nodding.

Melondy and Johnny took off to the prison room.

"Well, that was intense. Why would you bait him like that?" Sandy asked Shadow.

"I'm not fond of that guy. He threatened to murder my then-boyfriend at one point." Shadow confessed.

"Yeah, well... try to show him that you're not the guy he remembers. Okay?" Sandy asked.

Shadow nodded.

"Uh, Sandy... how about I give you the run down about our meet with Squilliam?" Debbie said.

"Yeah, right in my office." Sandy said, as the two went into the captain's quarter's.

Shadow went over to Marshall.

"What do you want?" Marshall asked.

"Uh, before this whole Flare stuff... I was in Universe-1 visiting our mother." Shadow said.

"She's not your mother, and we're not brothers." Marshall said.

"I know that we'll never be brothers. But, we can't ignore the fact that our lives are now forever intersected by the mistake that happened on our day of birth." Shadow said.

"What are you trying to say here?" Marshall asked.

"We share two families, completely by accident. We have to figure out a way to deal with that while I'm here on this ship." Shadow said.

"You're asking for a truce?" Marshall questioned.

"If you'll give it." Shadow said.

"Fine, I'll crap on you 75% less." Marshall agreed.

"It's a compromise." Shadow said, extending his hand.

Marshall shook his hand.

In the prison room, we see Flare sitting on a bed.

Melondy and Johnny enter, as Flare is shocked.

"J-J-JOHNNY?" Flare asked, standing up.

"... Hi." Johnny said, a little shaken.

"I know this is difficult." Melondy whispered, touching his shoulder.

"You're... you're really my sister's doppel." Johnny said.

"Wait... you're not my brother. You're a doppelganger." Flare said, stepping back.

"I heard that the version of me in your world is... dead. I'm so sorry." Johnny said.

"What is this?" Flare asked, looking at Melondy.

Melondy bowed her head.

"WHAT IS THIS? Trying to play with my emotions by bringing me an impostor? Of my dead brother?" Flare questioned, as tears built up in her eyes.

"Melondy, why don't you give us a minute?" Johnny asked.

"Yeah." Melondy said, leaving.

Johnny and Flare looked at each other.

"... They wanted you to have some closure." Johnny said.

"Don't you realize that you're a ploy? To get me to turn my back on Seid? They think that I've gone to the dark side because of the trauma of losing my whole world." Flare said.

"Isn't that the truth?" Johnny questioned.

Flare went into deep thought.

"The truth is that I've gone to the 'dark side' in order to SAVE my world." Flare said.

"It must of been tough. Losing your family..." Johnny said.

"Don't. Don't try and illicit feelings out of me." Flare said, turning her back.

"This whole thing is about feelings. And I can see the pain, loss, and sorrow you're dealing with. But, helping a madman? Sure you'll get everything you want out of it, but at the price of destroying other people's families too." Johnny said.

Flare turned back to him.

"This guy is killing people, and you're helping him. These Universal Guardians have families - think about what you're taking away from those people. You may have lost your whole world, but... why should everyone else?" Johnny made her realize.

"I don't care about everyone else." Flare whispered.

Johnny sighed, bowing his head.

"Tell the Knights that this little plan of theirs... failed." Flare said.

"Clearly. But... if you're really my sister's doppel, then I KNOW there's something more to you than this. You could be a hero, and don't you ever forget that." Johnny said, walking off.

Flare held in tears as she watched him leave.

Johnny returned to the bridge, seeing Sandy and Debbie.

"How'd it go?" Sandy asked.

"I'm sorry." Johnny said.

Sandy and Debbie sighed.

"I guess it was a long shot." Debbie said.

"Flare's just stubborn. That's all." Sandy said.

"So, you think she'll come to her senses?" Debbie asked Sandy.

"I do." Johnny said

Sandy looked at him.

"Everyone has the potential for good. It's about whether that potential was squandered at an early age or not." Sandy said.

"Are you thinking about yourself?" Johnny questioned.

"Obviously my reputation proceeds me." Sandy said.

"But now you're here, leading a group of superheroes in an effort to save the multiverse." Johnny said.

"Yeah, true." Sandy said.

"That makes you a pretty good... hero." Johnny said.

"Still not sure that's a word meant for me." Sandy said.

"I do." Debbie said, looking at her.

In the kitchen, Marshall approaches Melondy and Tomoya.

"You here for some de-stressing as well through the consumption of sugary snacks?" Melondy asked.

"Or good ole rootbeer!" Tomoya said, grabbing a root beer bottle from the fabrication machine.

"Yeah, something like that. Had a bit of talk with Shadow." Marshall said.

"You two talked? Without fighting and arguing?" Melondy asked, jokingly.

"We came to a truce." Marshall said, nodding.

"Ya know, Shadow's not... all bad. I've seen something in him that reminds me of... well, me." Melondy said.

"That little road trip you guys took to Universe-1..." Marshall noted.

"We both have difficult pasts and families. Those things have shaped who we are, and with both of us being on the fringes of time... those things are all we can think about." Melondy said.

Tomoya listened in on her words, reflecting on his own family.

In the engine room, we see Shadow sneakily make his way to a control panel.

"... Sorry, Lillian." Shadow whispered, as he opened the panel.

Shadow sent waves of dark energy into the panel, as it effected the ship's systems.

Suddenly, the power on the ship cuts off.

The Skyripper comes to a sudden halt, as Sandy, Debbie, and Johnny almost fall over on the bridge.

In the kitchen, the same happens to Melondy, Marshall, and Tomoya.

"What the hell's going on?" Marshall questioned.

"I don't know, but I don't like it." Melondy said.

Melondy speeds herself, Marshall, and Tomoya onto the bridge.

Suddenly, the power comes back on.

"Thank god!" Debbie said.

"Lillian, what happened?!?" Sandy questioned the A.I.

"I am unsure, but it seems a malfunction occurred within the control panel from which my systems operate." Lillian announced.

"Wait, if the ship's power was out..." Melondy said.

"The inhibitor we put on Flare is connected to the ship's systems!" Marshall said, panicking.

Sandy quickly pulled up video footage of the prison room.


Melondy raced off with her super speed to find her.

"Guys, pan out! We can't let her off this ship!" Sandy said, as everyone took off.

Flare is seen running into the cargo bay.

"TIA, STOP!" Johnny shouts, running after her.

Flare turned around.

"You know that's not my name!" Flare said, emotionally.

"Okay then... Flare, I can't let you leave this ship. You need to answer for your crimes." Johnny said.

"Oh, I need to answer for my crimes? Because I failed to convert myself into a superhero? REALLY?" Flare questioned, as flames were seen in her eye pupils.

"Calm down. All I want you to do is to choose good!" Johnny said.

"Well, I don't." Flare said, lighting fire from her hands.

Johnny pulled out a ring from his pocket, putting it on.

Fire emitted from the ring and extended all over his body. The fire burned off his clothes to reveal his Captain Magma costume.

Flare was shocked.

"Yeah, I'm a superhero myself." Johnny said.

Flare shot at him with two fire bolts.

Johnny controlled the fire, dissipating it.

Flare ran up to him, as they engaged in hand to hand combat.

Johnny grabbed her arm, flipping her over.

Flare tried to trip him down, but Johnny used his fire to levitate himself up.

Flare shot another fire bolt at him, as it pushed him into the cieling, with him dropping to the ground.

Johnny rubbed his head in pain as Flare tried to jump on him with a fire bolt.

Johnny quickly moved out of the way.

As Johnny got to his feet, Flare launched out a powerful fire-energy bolt.

Johnny noticed the new tactic, deciding to summon the might of his powers and do the same.

The resulting collision caused a massive energy rupture that blasted Flare through the cargo bay door.

"HEYYYYY!" Johnny yelled, worried.

With the cargo bay door opened, energy winds picked up, as Johnny was about to be sucked outside as well.

"WAAHHHHHH!" Johnny screamed.

Suddenly, Tomoya is seen shooting an icy gust at the opened door, creating an ice wall to prevent Johnny from being pulled out.

Johnny hit the ice wall, passing out.

Tomoya ran to his side, as Melondy speeded in with Sandy and Marshall.

"Where's Flare?" Sandy asked.

"Oh Captain Magma! Please wakey-wakey!" Tomoya said.

Johnny regained consciousness.

"You're alright!" Sandy said, happily.

Debbie and Shadow arrived.

"Everything okay? Where's Flare?" Debbie asked.

Shadow looked guilty.

"We battled." Johnny said, as Tomoya and Marshall helped him up.

"We can see that. Nice costume!" Tomoya said.

"Yeah, my Flame Ring is able to instantly put it on me." Johnny said, showing them his ring.

"You've gotta tell me how you did that!" Tomoya said.

"Not me. A scientist friend of mine." Johnny said.

"Uh, Johnny... what about Flare?" Sandy asked.

"We hit at each other with a near-nuclear fire bolt. She got blasted through the cargo bay doors." Johnny said.

"So Flare went free falling through the Stasis Zone." Debbie said.

"Meaning that she could end up anywhere in the multiverse. Great, we've lost her." Sandy said.

"Well, hopefully this means Seid has as well." Marshall said.

"... You're awfully quiet." Johnny said to Shadow.

"I have nothing to say to you. But, this situation is all too much for one day. I'm gonna hit the shower and turn in." Shadow said, walking off.



We see a breach appear above jellyfish fields, as Flare comes falling from the sky.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Flare screamed, quickly using fire to propel herself down slowly.

Flare lands softly on her stomach. She looks up to see the Fireflyer.

"... My ship! The multiverse must of sent me to Universe-1, thank god." Flare said, standing up.

Flare enters the ship, as it takes off moments later.

At the same time, we see the jumpship land in New Coral, in back of the Flaire Estate.

Sandy is seen dropping off Johnny.

".. Sorry I couldn't be of more help." Johnny said, unbuckling his seat belt.

"No, don't worry about it. At the end of the day, Flare's gotta be responsible for her own actions and realize the errors of her own ways." Sandy said.

"But the tragic part is... I think she does. That's gonna make it so much harder for her to turn over a new leaf. She's gonna be stuck in a constant internal battle." Johnny said.

"I do hope that one day... she figures it out." Sandy expressed.

"Yeah." Johnny said, about to leave.

"Hey, uh... what exactly does Captain Magma do in his spare time?" Sandy asked.

"I don't have a spare time. I took a breather for a few weeks, but now I gotta get back to my mission." Johnny said.

"And what mission is that? If you don't mind my asking." Sandy said.

"There's a guy out there - Man Ray. He's connected, behind the scenes, of a lot of things. I've been on his tail for the last year, and I'm this close to closing in on that son of a bitch." Johnny said.

"Well, good luck. And if you ever need us just ca - "

" - I will." Johnny said, interrupting her.

Sandy smiled.

"Oh, and that Shadow guy? Put him back where he came from sooner rather than later... or else you're really gonna regret it." Johnny warned.

"I hear you." Sandy nodded.

Johnny winked, as he left the jumpship.

"See ya later, Captain Magma." Sandy said to herself.


  • Universe(s) Introduced: Universe-19 (Flashbacks)
  • Flare's backstory is revealed. Her world was at war and father pressured her into letting scientists experiment with her abilities, as they produced a powerful nuclear bomb. The bomb caused a nuclear winter and took out her entire planet - killing everyone she loved. 
  • The Knights meet Tia Flaire (Flare's doppelganger), and  Johnny Flaire (the doppelganger of Flare's brother). They also discover that Johnny is Universe-1's Captain Magma.
  • Seid secretly confronts Shadow about his betrayal, and blackmails him into working against the Knights. It is hinted that Shadow toyed with the Skyripper's systems in order to release Flare.
  • Debbie and Tomoya confront Squilliam, who admits to his company producing dimension hopping technology.
  • Flare escapes the Skyripper.
  • Johnny tells Sandy that he's after a man named Man Ray - continuing a plotline briefly set up at the end of Miss Appear's second season.
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Knights of the Multiverse

Ep.11 "Operation: Kill Sandy Cheeks"


The Fireflyer pulls up outside of Seid's base.

Flare got out of the ship, visibly angered.

"FLARE!" Syphon yelled, running outside.

Flare and Syphon hugged, as Seid speeded outside as well.

"When we saw a successful breach into this universe, we knew it could only be you." Syphon said, caressing her cheek.

"Why didn't you come for me!" Flare said, looking at Seid.

"Excuse me?" Seid questioned.

"You didn't come for me! I was in the Knights' hands - they forced me to dredge up my past even. I escaped by myself!" Flare said.

"No, you didn't." Seid said.

"What are you talking about?" Flare asked.

"I did help you, contrary to what you think. I confronted Shadow... on Universe-2." Seid revealed.

"You did?" Flare asked.

"Let's just say that you're 'escape' wasn't so miraculous. We now have one on the inside..." Seid revealed, flashing an evil grin.



On the Skyripper, the Knights huddled around the central console.

"So, Flare's escaped. Probably back with Seid and Syphon by now." Debbie stated.

"We can't change that, but we can do better. We need to secure any other Universal Guardians out there in the multiverse." Sandy said.

"Hey, what about that one Universal Guardian? Denise, I think..." Shadow mysteriously asked.

"She's safeguarded with members of the I.J.L.S.A on Universe-2. They've got her held up at the Fortress of Seclusion." Sandy revealed.

"Hey, hey! Maybe don't tell that to the guy who was working against us not too long ago." Marshall said.

"Marshall, when are you gonna get it through your head that Shadow is one of us now?" Sandy asked.

"Yeah, just chill out." Debbie said.

Shadow gulped, feeling guilty. 

"I'm gonna go use the bathroom. I'll be back." Shadow said, rushing off.

"Look what you've done." Melondy jokingly said.

"WHAT?!" Marshall said.

"You've upset him, obviously. I thought you two came to a truce. At least, I heard so from Mel." Tomoya said.

"Yeah, we did. But, still. I wouldn't trust the guy as far as I can throw him."

Just then, Lillian's virtual head popped up over the central console.

"A hopper has been detected on Universe-5." Lillian announced.

"Thank you, Lillian. Do you have information on who it is?" Sandy asked.

"A petty criminal from Universe-2, Clifford Cavanagh, or The Shocker." Lillian announced, as his picture was displayed.

"Hold up, wait a minute..." Sandy said, in shock.

"Sandy, you know this man?" Melondy questioned.

"I know his Universe-1 counterpart. He was a mad scientist on Karate Island who used electricity-producing metal gloves to assist him in crimes he committed." Sandy revealed.

"Then I guess this version of him is gonna be just as insane." Melondy said.

"Lillian, do you know why he's gone to Universe-5? And where exactly?" Debbie questioned.

"He's located on Karate Island, and in Universe-5, the island is known for its Museum of Ancient Technologies." Lillian revealed.

"He could be after some kind of tech there." Tomoya said. 

"Yeah. Lillian, set a course!" Sandy ordered.

"I'm gonna check on Shadow real quick." Melondy said, taking off.

In the kitchen, Shadow is seen on the phone with Seid.

"Shadow, good to hear from you." Seid said.

"You said if I gave you what you wanted, you wouldn't touch my mother." Shadow reminded him.

"I remember. I make good on my promises. Let's see if you make good on yours." Seid said. "Do you have information I need on Denise?" 

"Yes. The I.J.L.S.A of Universe-2 is holding her up at something called the Fortress of Seclusion." Shadow revealed.

"Thank you. I'll be in touch again." Seid said, immediately clicking off.

Shadow quickly got off the phone and put it into his pocket.

At that moment, Melondy speeded into the kitchen.

"Shadow? I thought you were using the bathroom? I was coming to check up on you. Make sure you were feeling alright." Melondy said

"I just needed a bit of space. Sometimes, Marshall's little attitude gets to me." Shadow said, fudging the truth.

"I see." Melondy said. "Well, don't listen to him. You know the person you really are under all that darkness." 

"Thank you, Melondy." Shadow said, feeling guilty.

"Yeah, no problem. We have a new mission though. Might wanna come to the bridge." Melondy told him.

"Actually, I'm gonna hang back if that's okay? I'm not really feeling up to things today." Shadow expressed.

"I'll let Sandy know." Melondy said, rubbing his arm.



At Seid's base, he grouped with Flare and Syphon.

"We're all suited up. Now, what is this about?" Flare asked.

"I'm assuming Shadow?" Syphon asked.

"He gave me the info I was seeking." Seid revealed.

"The location of Denise Reynolds?" Flare asked.

"She's at the Fortress of Seclusion." Seid revealed.

"The what of what?" Flare questioned.

"The Mermaid Man of Universe-2 has an icy fortress in the arctic. That's what he calls it. I should've guessed that those leaguers would stash her up there. How could I be so stupid!" Seid said, in frustration.

"Great. We know where she is, now lets go get her." Flare said.

"Hold up. We need more manpower." Seid said. "Which is why i asked you guys to suit up. We're taking a trip to Universe-6." Seid said.

"What the hell is on Universe-6?" Flare questioned.

"Universe-6 has a species of people alongside regular fish who are actually born with superpowers." Seid revealed.

"Whoa. A whole race of powered people? Incredible." Flare said.

"I agree." Syphon said.

"Unfortunately, prosecution against them is intense. We'll be breaking a couple of them out of a F.I.N prison there." Seid told them.

"Sounds like fun." Flare said.

"I'm glad you think so. Let's go." Seid said.


Universe-5, Mainland, Karate Island

The Skyripper lands in the White Forest of Mainland on Karate Island.

"Alright, we're here." Sandy said, getting out of the pilot's seat.

Debbie raced to the central console to check out any active reports in the city.

"A robbery in progress at Mainland's Museum of Ancient Technologies." Debbie revealed.

"Just as Lillian predicted." Melondy said.

"Time to go kick some ass." Sandy said.

The scene shifts, as people were seen screaming and running out of the museum. Inside, we see Clifford Cavanagh storming through the museum and attacking security officers with use of his metal gloves.

Finally, he comes upon a podium hoisting a blue and black boomerang-shaped piece of tech. A label under called it "hyper-cel".

"Finally!" Clifford said, removing the glass case covering the tech.

At that moment, Debbie crashed into the building through the roof.

"STOP!" Debbie shouted.

Clifford turned around, putting the piece of tech in his back pocket.

"And who might you be?" Clifford questioned.

Just then, the rest of the team arrived inside, coming through the front entrance.

"Ooooh, a whole team of you costumed freaks." Clifford said.

"We're the Knights.  And we're taking you in for dimension hopping." Sandy remarked.

"I only did it so I could acquire tech that wasn't available on my world." Clifford said.

"What kind?" Melondy questioned.

"When I breached to this universe, I learned about hyper-cel. Able to boost the intelligence of any technological system. I knew it had to be mine!" Clifford said.

"You're not walking out of here with it." Debbie said.

Just then, Clifford was shot in the head by a bullet. His body hit the ground, with his brains leaking out on the floor.

"Oh my god!" Sandy said.

The entire team was shocked beyond belief.

"Is there a sniper around or something?" Marshall questioned.

At that moment, a person charges through the museum door. They are dressed in a black colored, robotic-like, knight outfit. They were armed with a large energy cannon.

"Uh, guys..." Melondy said, confused.
"Who are you?!?" Sandy questioned.

"What are you?" Melondy said, under her breath.

"And why did you kill Clifford?" Marshall asked.

The person did not speak or move.

"Don't worry guys, I got this!" Melondy said, speeding at the person.

The person lifted their energy cannon and shot at the speedster. Melondy was immediately blasted to the ground, unable to run.

"IT'S A SPEEDSTER GUN!" Tomoya shouted.

"THAT'S IT!" Debbie yelled, flying over to the person.

The person drops the cannon and runs toward Debbie, throwing out three mechanical balls. The balls circle around Debbie and emit a wave of blue energy that encases her inside! 

"What the hell!" Debbie said, in frustration. Debbie tries to pound her way out of the barrier, using the fullest extent of her strength, but she is unable to.
Sandy, Tomoya, and Marshall look at each other in fear. Marshall and Tomoya charge at the mysterious person.

Tomoya shoots icicles, but the person pulls out a long sword and cuts through them with proficient accuracy. As the person and Tomoya come head to head, they shoot out a taser from the wrist of their suit, which shocks Tomoya to the point of passing out.
Marshall tries to use his intangibility to sink into the floor, but the person drops down a strange gadget which activates and prevents Marshall from phasing, leaving him trapped between the surface.

"HEY! HEY!" Marshall yelled, trying to pull his body up from below the waist.

The person comes after Sandy, trying to slice her with a sword. Sandy dodges the person's many attempts, as she performs a karate kick that knocks the sword out of their hand. 

"Who are you?" Sandy questioned, avoiding more attempted punches. Just then, the person is blasted across the room by an energy beam. Sandy looks over, seeing Melondy holding the speedster gun. 

The mysterious person quickly makes a break for it, running out of the back of the museum.

"Not on my watch!" Sandy said, about to follow after.

"SANDY, NO!" Melondy screamed.

Sandy paused, looking back at Melondy.

"We don't know who we're dealing with. Don't go after them." Melondy said.

"Fine." Sandy replied.

Finally, the barrier holding Debbie shuts off, as the balls vanish in a spark of light.

"Whoa!" Melondy said.

The device disabling Marshall's power too deactivates and then vanishes in a spark of light. Marshall phases up, utterly bewildered by what happened, just like the rest of the group.


The team arrives back on the Skyripper, as they all gather in the captain's quarters.

"Alright, we all know that was weird." Sandy said.

"Weird? That's a start." Melondy said, dropping down on a bean bag.

"Who was that person?" Debbie questioned again.

"They seemed to be wearing knight clothing - like an actual knight. What if they're an actual knight?!?" Tomoya questioned, excitedly.

"... And you're excited about that?" Marshall asked.

"Well, NO, but I mean..." Tomoya said.
"An actual knight wouldn't have tried to kill us." Melondy said.

"Kill me." Sandy said.

"What?" Melondy questioned.

"That person - or thing, only tried to subdue the rest of you, but they wanted to kill [/i]me[/i]." Sandy emphasized.

"And subdue us they did..." Marshall said.

"Marsh is right. They were ready for us." Melondy said.

"Yeah, it's like the person knew who we were, how to contain us. Even ME. What kind of technology would be powerful enough to keep me contained in a barrier?" Debbie questioned.

"I wish we had been able to get our hands on a piece of their tech, but it all just disappeared into a weird bright light." Tomoya said.

"We don't even know what to call this strange person." Marshall said.

"Hmm... I like the idea of Black Knight." Tomoya suggested.

Just then, Shadow entered the room. "Black what? What happened?" he asked.

"Clifford's dead. He was taken out by some psycho dressed in a black knight outfit who was able to subdue every one of us and also tried to kill Sandy." Melondy revealed.

"Uhhh... I guess I missed a lot." Shadow said.

"Ya certainly did." Marshall replied.

"It could've been a member of the Scoundrels?" Melondy posed.

"I doubt it. We just handed them their asses recently." Marshall said, referring to the events of "The Two That Time Forgot".

"That wasn't their style." Sandy said. "What I do know is that the Black Knight matched me move for move." Sandy said.

"So, the guy was probably studying up on you and your moves - the same for us all probably." Debbie said.

"Yeah, right." Sandy said, finding it all very weird.

Sandy stormed over to the bridge, coming up on the central console. "Lillian, do you know anything about the person who tried to kill me at the museum?" 

"I'm afraid not, Captain Cheeks." Lillian said.

The rest of the team followed her onto the bridge.

"Is the person a native to this universe? I mean, we didn't get alerted to any breach..." Marshall said.

"That's the thing. We have NO IDEA. We don't even know where this person took off to." Sandy said.

"Was quite cowardly for them to run before I got my speed back." Melondy said.

"Oh, that's one thing of their's we have. The speed cannon." Sandy said.

"Do you wanna inspect it for fingerprints or anything else identifiable?" Tomoya asked Sandy.

"Sure, let's get to work on it." Sandy said.

The ship's alarm system went off, as Lillian popped back up over the central console.

"I was able to detect a breach to Universe-6, I believe it may be Seid." Lillian revealed.

"Oh my god, we've finally been able to track a breach of the Fireflyer." Debbie said, excitedly.

"Thank goodness, Lillian. Now what are they up to on Universe-6?" Sandy questioned.


Universe-6, F.I.N Containment Unit for Mutates

Mass chaos is seen and heard at a F.I.N prison. Seid, Flare, an unknown woman, and a man with a "third eye" and monstrous appearance, are seen escaping through the courtyard.

Several security guards race toward them, raising their guns.

Seid speeds over to them, collecting their guns. He then speeds back to his group.

"What are you gonna do without your toys?!?" Seid asked, as he drops the guns on the ground in front of him.

From the sky, the Fireflyer arrives, as we see Syphon piloting it. Syphon activates the ship's fire cannons, as she burns the security guards to a crisp.

"You said you'd free us now from our inhibitor collars." the man said.

Seid vibrated/phased his hand through both of their collars, as they deactivated.

"Thanks. My name is Ariel Summers. But, I call myself Angel." the woman said, as she grew two huge angel-like wings from out of her back. 

"I call myself Flounder - the Atomic Flounder." Flounder said.

"I know who both of you are. Why do you think I broke you out of this hell hole?" Seid revealed.

"We're looking for recruits to our task force." Flare said.

"Part of which consists of traveling the multiverse." Seid said.

"Multiverse?" Flounder questioned.

"As in different universes. I mean, why would you want to stay in this one? A universe that treats powered people - mutates, as they call you - like trash? You'd be better off coming with us." Seid said.

Angel and Flounder looked at each other.

The Fireflyer lands in the courtyard.

"Make up your minds now, before more resistance is sent to back this prison up." Seid said.

Just then, the Skyripper breaches into the universe, as the ship lands in the courtyard as well.

"The Knights." Seid said, angrily.

"How the hell did they track us here?" Flare questioned.

"The non-tracking technology on the Fireflyer must need an upgrade." Seid said.

"Yeah, a serious one." Flare said.

The Knights exit the Skyripper.

"SEID!" Debbie yelled.

"If it isn't the itty bitty heroes." Seid said.

"We'll show you itty bitty." Debbie said.

"Who are these people?" Flounder asked.

"No matter that. Show them who you are." Seid said, smirking at Flounder.

Flounder stepped forward.

"I don't like that guy... he looks mean." Marshall said.

"He looks like a monster!" Melondy said.

Debbie stepped forward as well. "I have a feeling he's about to show us what kind of monster." 

Flounder took a deep breath in and then ejected a powerful concussive beam from his third eye. Debbie immediately blasted at the beam with her heat vision. The resulting collision caused a powerful explosion in the courtyard, which sent all of the Knights blasting into the ground.

"LET'S GO!" Seid yelled.

Seid, Flare, Angel, and Flounder raced to the Fireflyer, as Syphon immediately pulled off and breached away.

The dust settled, as the Knights recuperated.

"We gotta go after them!" Debbie said.

Everyone boarded back onto the Skyripper. Sandy raced over to the pilot's seat, as she breached the ship into the Stasis Zone.

"Lillian, can you track Seid again?" Sandy shouted out, still piloting.

"I'm afraid his next destination is unknown." Lillian revealed.

Just then, a blast hit the side of the Skyripper, as systems began to fail.

"What the hell?" Sandy questioned.

Everyone strapped in tight, as more blasts were hitting the ship.

"Sandy, what's doing this?" Debbie asked.

"There's a small pod chasing us." Sandy revealed, after looking at the radar monitor.

"Lillian, who are we dealing with?" Melondy asked.

"I - " Lillian started, but her speech became slurred.

"Lillian's systems are being HACKED!" Sandy said, as the ship stopped it's motion.

"I can't move the ship, I can't move the ship!" Sandy said.

"Will someone actually DO SOMETHING?" Shadow questioned.

Debbie ripped off her seatbelt and charged off the bridge.

"DEBS, what are you doing?" Sandy asked, calling out to her.

Debbie raced to the cargo hold of the ship, as she opened the hatch doors and flew out into the stasis zone. 

Debbie came across the blast pod, which had a very unique shape - designed as the head of a seahorse. In the center of the pod, the Black Knight from earlier could be seen in a large glass window, sitting down at the pilot's seat.

The Black Knight shot out a small missile from the pod. Debbie used heat vision to destroy the missile, as a huge explosion occurred.

"I'm getting sick of you!" Debbie said, as she shot her heat vision at the side of the pod.

The pod went crashing through the stasis zone, as it unwittingly breached to a random universe.

On the Skyripper, the power came back on and Lillian came back online.

"Lillian, are you alright?" Sandy asked.

"Never better." Lillian said.

Debbie flew onto the bridge.

"Was it the Black Knight? The psycho from earlier?" Tomoya asked.

"Indeed. I shot at their pod with my heat vision, taking it out." Debbie said.

"As in..." Melondy said.

"As in, this mysterious Black Knight went crashing through the multiverse." Debbie said.

"So, the Black Knight is a hopper. Interesting." Sandy said.

"And they can somehow be undetected. Which is... problematic." Tomoya said.

"Guys, you'll never believe it. Their ship was in the shape of a seahorse's head. The design was... intriguing." Debbie said.

"As is everything about our new Black Knight friend." Melondy said.

"How did this person manage to hack Lillian's systems?" Marshall questioned.

"I don't think we're getting answers any time soon." Tomoya said.

"Tomoya's right. Which is why we need to turn our attention to the main matter at hand. Seid." Sandy said.


Unknown Universe

The Black Knight's pod is seen having crash landed in a grassy field on some unknown universe.

The Black Knight steps out of the pod, rubbing their rubbing their head (though without removing their helmet).

The Black Knight then places a phone call. "Yes, yes, it's me. Operation: Kill Sandy Cheeks... is so far a bust. I'll proceed to the next point." the person said, with their voice disguised by a voice modulator.


  • Universe(s) Introduced: Universe-5, Universe-6, Unknown Universe 
  • It is revealed that Shadow is feeding Seid information, working as a mole inside the group, after having been blackmailed into submission by Seid in the last episode after he threatened to hurt Vivian Coyne. 
  • An unknown assailant (named the Black Knight by the heroes) subdued the heroes and seemingly intended to kill Sandy. At the end of the episode, the assailant speaks to someone over the phone, saying that the operation to kill Sandy had so far failed.
  • Seid recruits two "Mutates" from a universe containing an entire species of powered people. We are introduced to Ariel Summers / Angel, and the Atomic Flounder.
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Knights of the Mutliverse

Ep.12 "Fortress"

Universe-2, Arctic

The episode opens, as we see a person wearing a big green coat and a ski mask wrapped with a scarf, walking through the snowy ground and heavy winds. The person arrives at a giant crystal catacomb. They entering, removing their scarf and winter gear, revealing their self to be Patrick Star of Universe-2.

"Pattie, glad you're back. How was patrol duty?" Sandra asked.

"Nothing off so far. How's Denise?" Patrick asked.

"Denise is tired of being cooped up in this Fortress of Seclusion." Denise said, walking toward them, alongside Professor Magma. 

"It's our duty to protect you. Tell her, Squidward." Patrick said.

"If you ask me, we got the short end of the stick. The rest of the league gets to go off and protect the world, but we have to stay here and be glorified babysitters!" Squidward said, annoyed.

"Yeah, babysitter to the most powerful woman on this planet!" Denise said. "I don't need this protection anymore." 

"Seid is after Universal Guardians, and he has the means to kill them. Debbie was specific about us keeping you from him..." Sandra said, sighing.

"Debbie is also a Universal Guardian, but she gets to traverse the multiverse and chase this guy down." Denise complained.

"If you wanna leave the fortress, you're free too. We'll make sure to inform Debbie and my doppelganger about it." Sandra said.

"I'm good, just tired. When are they gonna catch that son of a bitch?" Denise groaned.

"Actually, we've invited them here to talk about a game plan to stop Seid." Sandra revealed.

"Okay, on the pro-active, I see." Denise said.

"Yeah, it's time to put all of this out of it's misery." Patrick said.

Just then, the alarm system at the Fortress started to go off.

Squidward checked the Fortress' virtual computer system.

"Oh no!" Squidward said.

"Magma, what is it?" Sandra asked.

"A breach above the Fortress, and it's not the Knights and their Skyripper. I think Seid and his crew are here." Squidward revealed.

"Shield up, NOW!" Patrick ordered.

Outside, a red energy barrier covered the Fortress. In the sky, we see the Fireflyer. On board, Seid is piloting.

"They think their silly defenses can stop what's coming!" Seid said, with a laugh.



On the bridge, we see everyone circling around the central console.

"So, Shadow called this meeting, right?" Marshall asked.

"Indeed I did." Shadow said, joining the rest of the group.

"What's up?" Sandy asked.

"Is something wrong?" Debbie asked.

"I have betrayed you all." Shadow revealed.

Everyone looked utterly confused.

"What do you mean?" Melondy asked.

"When me, Debbie, and Tomoya were at Universe-2 confronting Squilliam. Seid paid me a little visit there." Shadow admitted.

"You never told us this." Debbie remarked.

"I know, and I regret it greatly." Shadow replied.

"What happened with Seid, Shadow? What did he do to you?" Sandy questioned

"He forced me to be a mole for him. Threatened my mother's life." Shadow revealed.

Marshall groaned.

"Yeah, take in, Marsh! You were right about me, I'm just this big evil!" Shadow said, angrily.

"Let's calm down. Both of you!" Sandy said. 

"If you were this big evil, you wouldn't have told us." Debbie said. 

"Debbie's right. So, I'm asking you... what exactly did you tell Seid so far?" Sandy questioned.

"Denise's location." Shadow admitted, regretfully.

"Oh no!" Sandy said.

"We need to get to the Fortress on Universe-2, now!" Debbie said.

"I'll set a course! Everyone buckle in!" Sandy said, running to the pilot's seat.



At the fortress, we see that Seid, Flare, Syphon, Angel, and Flounder have made their way inside. Seid is holding the Staff of Multiversity.

Sandra, Squidward, Patrick, and Denise ready their defenses, as a battle occurs.

Seid rams Sandra aside with his speed.

Flare shoots some fire blasts every which way.

Just then, the Knights are shown arriving, shocking Seid and his minions.

"SEID! It doesn't have to come to this!" Debbie said. "Let it end, here and now!"

"I believe it does have to come to this." Seid said, as he tried racing toward her with his speed.

Tomoya used his ice powers, quickly shooting at Seid's feet and trapping him in ice.

"Take him out, NOW!" Sandy yelled.

Debbie shot at Seid with her heat vision, but suddenly, Syphon jumped in the way.

This gave Seid the oppurtnity to break free.

"NOOO!" Flare shouted.

Syphon fell to the ground, succumbing to her injuries.

Debbie was mortified.

Melondy used her speed, as she raced after Seid, who'd tried to exit the fortress.

"ALL OF YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!" Flare yelled, as she and Angel quickly flew away, breaking through the ceiling of the fortress.

Flounder stayed behind, as he shot at the heroes with his beams.

Everyone jumped out of the way.

Tomoya shot an icicle at Flounder's third eye, injuring him and disabling further attacks.

Just then, Melondy returns to the fortress, with Seid in meta-dampening handcuffs.

"Yeah, I was faster this time." Melondy said, confidently.

Everyone claps for her.


Skyripper, Bikini Bottom, U-1

The Skyripper is seen landed on the outskirts of Bikini Bottom in Universe-1.

The Knights are grouped on the bridge, as Sandy begins to talk.

"Well, Seid and the Atomic Flounder are now being held in the prison dimension, the Staff of Multiversity is with the Space Council, Flare and Angel disappeared in the Fireflyer without a trace, and Denise and the I.J.L.S.A of Universe-2 are safe and back to their own lives. I'd say, we succeeded to do what we set out to do." Sandy said.

"Now, there's really only one thing left." Marshall said, looking at Shadow.

"Right. I have to be put back into the timeline where I left." Shadow said.

"We know you didn't mean to betray us." Debbie said.

"But... my presence outside of the proper timeline is... not so good." Shadow continued.

"I'm sure you can understand." Sandy said.

"And we did make Katherine a promise. To return you back to where - or rather, when you came from." Melondy said.

"Melondy, you mind doing the honors? You do have the power to traverse time, right?" Sandy asked.

"I'm a very accomplished speedster. Of course I do." Melondy said.

"I'm ready." Shadow said, nodding.

Melondy speeded Shadow off of the Skyripper, as the team watched them out of the ship's window enter a speedster-breach outside.

"I want to thank all of you. For helping me catch Seid." Debbie said.

"Well, you're very welcome. That's what we signed up for." Marshall said, happily.

At that moment, Melondy returned.

"Whoa, that was quick!" Sandy said.

"Yeah, well I'm quick. Lady Quick. Anyway, Shadow's back in 2016, where he belongs." Melondy said.

"A real shame that he's on the path to die... again." Sandy said.

"Yeah. So, what were we talking about?" Melondy asked.

"I was just expressing my gratitude to all of you. Now, I relieve you of this duty." Debbie said, with a laugh.

"Wait, what do you mean?" Sandy asked.

"Well, I still have to catch hoppers who are going to worlds they're not supposed to be on. But, you guys are done. You helped me stop and defeat Seid." Debbie said.

"Yeah, but... we're a team. We're still a team." Sandy said.

"We're not abandoning you, Debs!" Tomoya said.

"Yeah, this whole multiverse-fixing mess? We're sticking it out with you until the end." Melondy added.

Debbie smiled. "Are you guys sure?" 

"Hell yeah. After all, we're the Knights of the Multiverse." Sandy said, heroically.

"Alright, let's get back on the trail!" Debbie said.

"Strap in, guys! We got more work to do!" Sandy said, as she got into the pilot's seat.

Everyone strapped in, as Sandy breached the Skyripper away.


  • The Knights defeat and imprison Seid (and the Atomic Flounder)
  • Flare and Angel get away.
  • Syphon dies trying to protect Seid.
  • Shadow is returned to the year 2016, right before his death on Season 1 of Miss Appear. 
  • The Knights stay together as a group to continue helping Debbie return dimension hoppers to their rightful universes. 
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Today marks Knights' one year anniversary! Without further ado, the Season 2 premiere...


Knights of the Mulitverse

Ep.13 "Bikini Top, Season 4"


The season opens up as red alarms ring on the ship. 

Debbie, Marshall, Tomoya, and Melondy gather around the central console with Sandy.

"What now!" Debbie asked.

"Sorry, sorry! I know you guys just got back from another pick-up, but we have another hopper. This time on Universe-1." Sandy informed.

"Lillian, what's the sitch?" Melondy asks the ship's A.I, as the red alarms stop.

Lillians holographic head pops up above the central console. "A man from Universe-2, who is known as the Sneaky Hermit, and has the ability to generate electricity.

"Where is he on Universe-1?" Marshall asked. "Our home."

"I have located him in Bikini Bottom, launching an attack on Mayor Krabs' home!" Lillian revealed.

The red alarms go off again.

"Dammit! Another sitch! Okay, Marshall and Tomoya, you guys go take the jumpship and go stop this... Sneaky Hermit guy!" Sandy ordered.

"On it!" Marshall and Tomoya both said, as they took off.


Bikini Bottom, Universe-1

The Sneaky Hermit is seen using his electricity based abilities to strike down Krabs' personal security team.

Coming into Krabs' living room, Krabs is seen hiding behind the couch.

"Peak-a-boo! I seeee you!" Hermit said, with a laugh, as he peered over the couch.

"Please! Take anything except my money! I love me money!" Krabs begged.

"Unfortunately, your money is what I require. And you're going to hand me over a steep sum, or else I'll fry you to bits!" Hermit said, evilly.

"But why? Don't you have your own money, man?" Krabs asked.

"On the world I come from, I was running from the police. Hiding out for crimes I committed with these beautiful powers of mine!" Hermit said, making electricity with his fingertips. "Buuuuut, I found a man who was willing to provide me with dimension hopping technology - this belt I'm wearing. I used the last of what I had to buy it."

"So, why hop universes?" Krabs asked.

"In search of rich people across the multiverse that I can steal from. Once I have enough cash, I can live like a filthy rich bandit on any world!" Hermit said, with a laugh.

At that moment, Tim crashes through a glass window in the living room.

"Who the hell are you?" Hermit asked.

"Call me Barnacle Boy!" Tim said.

"YES! SAVE ME!" Krabs said excitedly.

Tim whipped out a mermarang.

"Haha, you think silly toys will stop me, boy?" Hermit asked.

Hermit shoots an electric blast, as Tim dodges. 

Tim manages to throw his mermarang at a chandlier. Hermit jumps out of the way before it hits him.

"Nice try!" Hermit said, as he was about to shoot at Tim again.

"Look again!" Tim said.

At that moment, the mermarang sliced Hermit in the arm, and came back to Tim's hand.

"Ouch! You're gonna pay for that!" Hermit said.

Just then, Marshall phases him and Tomoya into the house from underground.

"Whoa! Not everyday you see two fellow superheroes phase in through the floor! Hey guys!" Tim greeted them.

"Oh, Barnacle Boy, what's up!" Tomoya said.

"Reunions later! Watch out!" Marshall yelled, as Hermit shot another electric blast.

Tomoya put up an icy wall, which took most of the damage.

"You're not stronger than me!" Hermit said.

"Wanna bet!" Tomoya said, stepping through the frost.

Tomoya's eyes glowed blue, as he seemed more powerful than normally, with icy frost releasing from his hands like running water. 

Tomoya shot a powerful icy gust at Hermit, which ended up freezing him to Krabs' wall.

"WOO HOO!" Krabs said. "I GET TO KEEP ME MONEY!"

"Nice work, Cold Reef," Tim said.

"Thanks..." Tomoya said, as his rush of adrenaline and power seemed to have evened off.

"... Yeah, nice work," Marshall said, raising an eyebrow.

The scene shifts, as we see Marshall and Tomoya putting Sneaky Hermit into the jumpship, with meta-dampening hand cuffs on him.

Tim follows out after them.

"Krabs is all good. And his security detail will live - or, recover at least," Tim joked.

"Good, good!" Marshall said.

"I guess you guys gotta get the jumpship back to the Skyripper?" Tim asked.

"Yup - and ship Hermit off to the prison dimension." Tomoya said.

"Hey, I was expecting Katherine to be with you. Where is my cousin? Taking a much needed day off?" Marshall asked, with a smile.

"Oh... Marsh, I forgot we never told you yet. Katherine is... uh... missing." Tim revealed.

"Missing? Missing where? She's Miss Appear." Marshall said, with nervous laughter.

"I'm sorry, dude. We're doing what we can to find her." Tim said.

"Well, keep me updated. My cousin's a fighter, though. I know she'll be back in no time... wherever she is." Marshall said.

"I will. And plus there's something else I might want to talk to you guys about at a later time. So, keep your communications open on the Skyripper." Tim told them.

"Yeah." Marshall said, nodding.



Marshall and Tomoya arrive back on the Skyripper, making their way to the bridge.

"Me and Mel just got back to." Debbie said.

"You two have it easy. Debbie, you can open a portal with your hand. And Mel, you can potentially break barriers between different universes with your super speed. Meanwhile, me and Tomoya had to take the jumpship." Marshall said.

"Guys, I know we're all a little... frustrated. But, we need to keep our heads on." Sandy said.

"Easy for you to say. You mostly just stay on the ship now." Marshall complained.

"To COORDINATE all of these freaking mission!" Sandy yelled.

"Hey! Hey! Come on guys!" Debbie said, trying to break it up.

"It's just, we've been going non-stop for months now. That's sure to create tension, and we're all on edge as is." Melondy said.

"We're quite literally the multiverse's only line of defense." Tomoya said.

"Yeah, since it was busted open by this one." Marshall said, pointing at Debbie.

"Hey!" Debbie replied.

"Sorry, no offense. I know you tried to save the world from Tomoya's evil, Divine Jewel-wielding mother." Marshall replied.

Tomoya had a weird, uncomfortable look.

"Marsh, can you stop being an asshole for more than five seconds?!?" Sandy asked.

"Alright, five seconds." Marshall said, humorously.

"All these hoppers, man." Melondy complained.

"Well, in all my coordinating, I've figured out that most of them have come from Universe-2, so we'll keep watching that area intensely." Sandy said.

"No wonder. After all, it was the Squilliam of Universe-2 that was handing out dimension hopping technology. Thank god we shut his company down for it." Debbie said.

"Yeah, well he was producing more than just small spacecrafts." Tomoya said.

Marshall showed the girls a dimension-hopping belt that was taken from Sneaky Hermit.

"Hermit had that?" Sandy asked.

"Yup." Tomoya and Marshall both said.

"Wow. Well, luckily Lillian was able to detect Hermit's hopping." Sandy said.

"I'll go to Universe-2 and ask Squilliam for blueprints on every piece of technology his company made in regards to dimension hopping." Debbie said.

Just then, the central console got another alert.

The entire team groaned, as they gathered around the console.

"Lillian, what do we have now?" Sandy asked.

"I have located Angel from Seid's coalition of villains." Lillian revealed.

"Bingo! We've been looking for her and Flare for months!" Debbie said.

"Alright, where is she?" Sandy asked.

"I have located her in Coralwood, on Universe-7." Lillian revealed.

Marshall and Tomoya looked at each other in excitement. "OH YEAH, WE'RE GOING CORALWOOOOOOOD!" they both chanted.

The girls laughed.

"You guys should really take a break. You two have done the most missions today, after all," Debbie said.

"Nah, we're taking this one. Don't you have to go see Squilliam anyway?" Marshall asked.

"Well, true..." Debbie said.

"I'm gonna stay behind and let my speed recharge. I'm feeling... weaker right now." Melondy said.

"Should we be worried?" Sandy asked her.

"Nah, nah, I'm good." Melondy told her.

"Good. I will go to the captain's quarters and look more at the patterns and algorithms of these hoppers." Sandy said.

"Me and Tomoya will take the jumpship. Again." Marshall said, humorously.

Debbie opened a portal to Universe-2 with her powers. "Alright, good luck, all." she said, walking through.


Coralwood, Universe-7

Marshall and Tomoya are seen walking the streets of Coralwood, as everything and everyone in town looks bright and exquisite. 

"I've never been to Coralwood before! On any universe!" Marshall said.

"Good to see you sounding like yourself again, buddy." Tomoya said.

"What do you mean?" Marshall asked.

"It's just... it seems like you've hardened over the past few months. Become a lot more sarcastic and... uh... mean?" Tomoya divulged. 

Marshall groaned.

"I'm only telling you this because I'm your friend." Tomoya said. 

"I've had to develop a thick skin lately. I mean, all these threats we've been handling in the form of excessive dimension hoppers." Marshall said.

"Well, it's good to see that being here in Coralwood has made you feel... light again." Tomoya said.

Just then, a posse of young tween girls came up to Marshall, as they took pictures.

"Whoa what is all this about?" Marshall asked.

"Yeah, we're not even in our superhero costumes!" Tomoya whispered to Marshall.

Just then, a limo pulls up on the street next to them, as a rather large and intimidating man in a black suit gets out and forces all of the tween girls away from Marshall and Tomoya.

"Uh... hello, tall, dark, and handsome!" Marshall joked.

"Get in the limo, it's for your own safety." the man said.

"Uh... well, I have always wanted to ride in a limo!" Marshall said.

Marshall and Tomoya enter, as the man closes the door behind them.

The two see a woman, with long jet black hair. "You're SO lucky I saw you on the street while my limo was passing through!" the woman said, as the limo started driving off.

"Who are you?" Marshall asked.

"That's a joke right? I know we haven't been friends long, but goodness are Coralwood people mean, aren't we?" she asked with a laugh. "Fine, I'll play along. I'm your friend, famous actress Margo Camping!" 

"Ohhh, right! How do we know each other?" Marshall asked.

"You're the famous actor, Marshall Montgomery...? Are we done with this game now? It's boring." Margo said.

"I'm an actor?!?!" Marshall questioned.

"I thought you told the world that you were going on a nine month voyage on sea to find yourself? Why are you back?" Margo asked.

"A nine month voyage? Is my doppelganger here insane?" Marshall asked Tomoya in a whisper.

"Hey, who's your friend? He's cute!" Margo said.

"Oh, I'm Tomoya!" Tomoya said.

"Hot name!" Margo said, flirting.

"Ironic, considering my powers." Tomoya said, under his breath.

"What did you say?" Margo asked.

"Oh, nothing!" Tomoya replied.

"Where are we going?" Marshall asked.

"Oh, I'm heading into the studio to film." Margo told them.

"Cool, for what show?" Marshall asked.

"Really?" Margo asked, in disbelief.

"The game, remember? I'm a confused soul now!" Marshall said.

"Fine. I play the recasted Morgan on Season 4 of the hit teen show, Bikini Top." Margo revealed.

"Oh, interesting." Marshall said.

"Yeah, I watch a lot of teen dramas where I come from! And that's one of them!" Tomoya said.

"Nice..." Margo replied.



Back on the ship, Melondy visits Sandy in the captain's quarters, as Sandy looks over paperwork.

"Hey!" Sandy said, looking up from her work. "Been going over all these sheets looking for the most popular spots to hop to, so I can install a 'predictor' device in Lillian's hardware." 

"That's cool." Melondy said, eating a banana. 

"Recharging?" Sandy asked.

"Yes! Food helps with that!" Melondy replied.

"I know. I was on a team with a speedster for like seven years." Sandy said.

"Team SpongeBob." Melondy said.

"Yup. SpongeBob had super speed just like you. And it was just as helpful... and annoying." Sandy joked.

"Hey!" Melondy replied, humorously.

Sandy laughed. "Nah, I'm kidding. Although, I worry a bit about you and your speed..." 

"Why so?" Melondy asked.

"You technically don't exist." Sandy said.

"I'm a time remnant. Yes. My father murdered the younger version of me, destroying the timeline I came from. Ever since, I just feel like I've been running." Melondy said.

"From time? But... when does that run out?" Sandy asked. "I'm scared that one day you're just gonna fade from us." 

"Me too." Melondy said, in a hushed tone.

"Maybe... maybe I can figure something out for you?" Sandy proposed.

"You can't fight the space time continuum." Melondy said.

"Have you seen what we've been doing this past year? Hopping universes? I'm sure at this point... I can fight anything." Sandy replied.

"Oh yeah? Cause you're Red Widow, this big time superhero." Melondy said.

"I'm not a superhero. And for the longest time, I wasn't exactly a hero either." Sandy said. "The name Red Widow has blood on it."

"Yeah, but, look at all the good you've done with it too." Melondy said. "You are literally holding the multiverse up by yourself! Coordinating our missions, getting into the heads of these hoppers and figuring out patterns in their routes. You are amazing."

Sandy couldn't help but blush. "Thanks, Mel." 

"Ya know, I... see a lot of me in you. We've both been through hell and back conquering our personal demons, all to do some good for the world, with power or skillsets that were thrust onto us." Melondy said.

"Yeah, funny how that works..." Sandy said, with her thoughts drifting.

"I'm gonna let you get back to it." Melondy said.

"Okay. Fuel up, you!" Sandy replied.

Melondy nodded, as she took off.


Coralwoood, Universe-7

Margo's limo pulls up in front of SBC Production Studios.

The "tall, dark, and handsome" driver opens up the door for Margo, Marshall, and Tomoya to get out.

"A driver and bodyguard all in one?" Marshall asked Margo.

"Yeah, he's good for a lot of things, if you know what I mean." Margo said, with a wink.

Tomoya and Marshall looked confused.

Suddenly, the two see a large billboard poster, which showed Angel.

"Tomoya, it's HER!" Marshall said.

"What? You guys aren't talking about Ariel Summers, are you? She basically dropped out of nowhere, and somehow got the part of Temperance based solely on her beauty. I mean, she does look like a literal angel, but STILL!" Margo complained.

"Angel... yeah, you have no idea." Marshall said, with a nervous laugh.

"Marshall, we've gotta get into that studio and capture Angel." Tomoya whispered to him.

"I know, I know." Marshall whispered back.

"Everything alright, boys?" Margo asked.

"Uh, yes! I was just wondering if Bikini Top was still hiring for parts? Famous actor right here!" Marshall said.

"Hmm, I think our producer, Calvin, would LOVE to have Marshall Montgomery in his work! Follow me into the studio." Margo said.

Margo, Marshall, and Tomoya enter into SBC studios.

They see actors, set designers, cameras, and microphones everywhere, as everyone rushes to get ready for their scenes.

"Ugh, it is always a mess around this time!"     Margo said.

Tomoya is seen recording with his camera. "LOOK, we're inside a television studio in Coralwooooood!" 

"Hey! I wouldn't do that if I were you!" Margo warned.

Just then, a suave-looking man walked over to the three, with a stern expression on his face.

"No recording in here! Margo, who is this?" the man asked. "... Wait, are you Marshall Montgomery?" the man asked, now looking at Marshall.

Tomoya closes his camera up, as Marshall gulps. "That... would be me! Who are you?" Marshall asked.

"Marshall, this is the producer! Calvin Reynolds!" Margo revealed.

"Oh! Nice to meet you sir!" Marshall said, shaking his hand.

"I know of your work! You're a brilliant actor! Are you here for a part? I can get you a part!" Calvin told him.

"Uhhh, I'd love that! As long as I get to act alongside Ange - I mean, Ariel Summers!" Marshall said.

"Of course. Though, I think she's taking a sick day today." Calvin revealed.

Marshall and Tomoya looked at each other.

"My wife loves all of your movies! And my son, Travis, aspires to be like you someday!" Calvin told him.

"Oh, that's... uh, great!" Marshall said.

"Let's get you into rehearsal RIGHT NOW!" Calvin excitedly said, pulling him along.

"But I don't even have a role yet!" Marshall said.

"You'll be the new Bryan! I'll fire the old one!" Calvin said, stuffing a script in his hand, and pulling him along.

"Well, that just happened." Margo said, looking at Tomoya.

"Yeah, tell me about it..." Tomoya said, gulping.

"Well, I have to get to my dressing room and study my lines for my scene in an hour. But, you're free to walk around!" Margo said, taking off.

Tomoya gets out of view, hiding in an empty hallway. He then contacts the Skyripper on his ear coms.

On the ship, Sandy receives the transmission on the central console.

"Tomoya, what is your status? How's the mission?" Sandy asked.

"Uhhh, we found Angel working at a studio here in the city, on the hit show Bikini Top." Tomoya said.

"Bikini Top? That exists on this universe too? Man, that show really didn't age well." Sandy said, shaking her head.

"She's actually playing Temperance!" Tomoya said.

"Oooh, she was a divisive character to audiences..." Sandy said.

Just then a portal opens up on the ship, as Debbie steps out.

"Is that the boys?" Debbie asked, holding a box of blueprints in her hands.

"Yeah. Right! Back to business! What happened? Did you capture her yet?" Sandy asked Tomoya.

"That's what I'm calling about. She's sick and off set for the time being, and Marshall got a role on the show!" Tomoya revealed, nervously.

"WHAT?" Sandy questioned.

"In this universe, he's a famous actor!" Tomoya said.

"His doppel must be a famous actor, and Marshall's impersonating him!" Sandy said.

"Yeah, but only so we can get the drop on Angel." Tomoya said.

"You guys get outta there now! And I will have Lillian track Angel's whereabouts in Coralwood." Sandy said.

"Alright, but he does have a scene coming up!" Tomoya said.

"Don't caaaare." Sandy said.

"Well, Angel's using the name "Ariel Summers" here, so you might wanna start there." Tomoya told her.

"Alright, thanks." Sandy said, ending the transmission.

"You got what we needed for Squilliam?" Sandy asked Debbie.

"Yup. Blueprints on every piece of tech his company made that allows dimension hopping." Debbie said, as she sat the box down. 

"Good. I'll uh... go through it later." Sandy said.

"You need just as much as a break as the rest of us. I've watched you these last few months, holding everything together behind the scenes so that the rest of us can have it easier on the field." Debbie said.

"Yeah. This must be how it felt for SpongeBob, and Linda, and Shin." Sandy said.

"Well, in those days, you took on just as much leadership. I think you were always meant to be one." Debbie said, proudly.

"A superhero?" Sandy asked.

"A leader." Debbie said. "But that too." she whispered.

Sandy bowed her head, still unsure about the superhero part.

"Well, my job is not done." Sandy said. "Lillian, give me an address on an 'Ariel Summers' in Coralwood."

Lillian displays the address of Ariel's apartment on a virtual hologram.

"We got her!" Sandy stated, happily.

"Want me to handle this one, boss?" Debbie asked.

"Go get 'er, girl!" Sandy replied.


SBC Production Studios

Back at the studio, Marshall, dressed in new clothes and glossed up by the hair and make-up team, was pushed into a scene at a diner.

Margo also arrives on set, excited to see Marshalll.

"Oh, we're doing these scenes together? Cool!" Margo said.

"Yeah, cooool!" Marshall said, awkwardly.

The cameras began rolling, as the director called for silence on set.

"Alright, BEGIN!" the director said.

"Bryan Errin? Is that you?" Margo asked, walking over to him.

"Morgan, hey! We're going to the same university now, if you didn't know." Marshall said.

"Wait, you saw me on campus?" Margo asked.

"I wanted to come talk to you, but you seemed busy." Marshall said.

"You should have come anyway!" Margo said.

The two bat their eyes at each other. 

"Ya know, I've always thought you were hot." Marshall said. 

"Then, you should kiss me!" Margo replied.

"But, I'm a Thewot! I can't! THE ANGST, THE DANGER!" Marshall squealed. 

Margo/Morgan gasped dramatically.

"Haha, great stuff!" the director whispered to a cameraman nearby.


Meanwhile, we see Debbie, flying through the skies above Coralwood. She comes across the Golden Metro Hotel, one of the most exquisite in the city.

Debbie uses her heat vision to blast her way into Room 504, shattering glass all over the floor.

Debbie flies in and lands on the floor, as she walks around, looking for signs of Angel.

Turning around, Debbie is quickly punched in the face, which sends her flying at a wall.

Angel appears, dressed in her white costume, with her wings spread out from her back.

"When a friend on set called and told me that Marshall Montgomery was there at the studio today, I knew that it was you guys behind it all. You Knights are annoying!"  Angel said.

"And you're a criminal! You're coming with me!" Debbie said.

Debbie flew at her, as Angel grabbed Debbie's body and threw her outside with super strength.

Angel then flew at her, as their battle continued outside.

"So, you have super strength too? It won't avail you!" Debbie said.

Debbie punches Ariel upward.

Ariel tries flying away, as Debbie chases after her.

Debbie aims a heat vision blast at one of Angel's wings. As Angel is hit, she begins to fall straight down into a back alley.

Debbie caught her before she hit the ground, laying her on the ground gently.

"Your wing is injured! You can't escape me anymore!" Debbie said.

Just then, the Skyripper (in invisible mode) lands in the back alley, as it turns visible.

Sandy and Melondy quickly exit the ship.

"Yes! We've finally got her!" Melondy said.

Angel retreaded her wings into herself. "Ouuuuch!" she cried out.

"We'll have our A.I, Lillian, treat your wings, if you submit to your capture and punishment." Sandy said.

"Or we can make a plea deal? One that lets me live out the life I want here in Coralwood. I'm not hurting anyone! I'm finally free!" Angel said.

"What does this plea deal entail?" Sandy asked, thinking it over.

"Info on the real person you should be worried about. FLARE!" Angel said.

"Flare's here too?" Debbie asked.

"Of course she's here! We breached to this world together. We thought our technology made the "hop" undetectable." Angel said.

"Yeah, well, Lillian finally tracked the hop down, and we found you. Now apparently Flare." Sandy said.

"What is Flare up to?" Melondy asked.

"After Syphon died right in front of us, Flare lost her mind. She just snapped from emotional pain. The Fireflyer ended up being magically warped to the Dark Dimension." Angel revealed.

"Magically?" Debbie asked.

"There, we met the Covenant of Wizards. Their leader, Amara, promised Flare that she'd resurrect Syphon with magic IF Flare came to this universe to steal some kind of book that they need." Angel revealed.

"A book that the covenant needs?" Sandy asked. "For what?" 

"I don't know, but... I didn't want to continue working under the thumb of some insane person, like Seid. So, I got into acting and distanced myself from Flare. Though, she's been giving me updates on her mission." Angel said.

"Tell us what we need to know and we'll consider letting you stay here and live out the rest of your days." Sandy said.

"Flare has found the location of the book. With a teenage boy, named Travis. Son of Coralwood mongul, Calvin Reynolds." Angel revealed. "She's launching an attack tonight!"

Sandy, Debbie, and Melondy all looked at each other.

"We need to contact the boys." Sandy said.


Back at the studio, the actors and production team began to wrap up for the evening.

Tomoya runs up to Marshall. "Great scenes today, man!" 

"Thanks! I could get used to this acting thing!" Marshall said.

"But, we have a sitch! The girls told me that Flare is in town and is looking for a book wanted by a magical cult!" Tomoya said.

"Wait, WHAT?" Marshall questioned.

"They'll explain the whole story later! But, basically, the book is with Calvin's son, Travis. We need to get to his house and slyly defuse the situation, because Flare may be on her way there soon." Tomoya revealed.

"How are we gonna - " Marshall started, as Calvin walked over.

"Marshall! Can I have a minute - alone?" Calvin asked.

"Uh sure." Marshall said.

Tomoya walked away.

"I want to invite you over to my house tonight." Calvin said.

"Whoa! That was easy!" Marshall said.

"Wait, what?" Calvin asked.

"Oh, nothing! But... uh... why?" Marshall asked.

"I think that you're quite attractive." Calvin said, blushing.

"Uhhhh, don't you have a wife?" Marshall asked.

"Yeah, but Sara doesn't know that I'm gay." Calvin said, winking.

"You, uh... should kind of tell her!" Marshall said.

"She's out of town on a luxury vacation! She doesn't have to know right now!" Calvin said.

"Uh, I would love to come over! Right now in fact!" Marshall said.

Tomoya overheard, giving Marshall a thumbs up.

The scene shifts, as Marshall and Calvin arrive at Calvin's luxurious house.

Outside, Tomoya (dressed in his costume) is hiding in some bushes.

Debbie lands from the sky, right next to him.

"WHOA, YOU SCARED ME!" Tomoya said.

"Shhh!" Debbie shushed him. "We don't want to mess this up. We need Marshall to defuse this situation calmly. But, be on the lookout for Flare." Debbie said.

"Right, okay!" Tomoya said.

Inside the house, Calvin pours Marshall and himself some wine, as the two sit on the couch.

The lights are dimmed, and soft music plays. Calvin gives Marshall flirty eyes.

"Uh, soooo." Marshall said, awkwardly.

Calvin leaned over to kiss him. Marshall quickly moves out of the way.

"Uh! Don't you have a son living here?" Marshall asked.

"Yeah, but he's held up in his room. He never leaves! I walk by and just hear him chant weird things all day! You'd think he was in a cult or something!" Calvin said, with a laugh.

"Hahaha, yeaaaah." Marshall replied.

"So, why don't we get back to where we were?" Calvin asked.

"Uh, actually, I need to use the bathroom first. Yeah?" Marshall replied.

"Upstairs to your right." Calvin said.

Marshall quickly took off, heading upstairs.

The smell of something burning instantly attracts Marshall's attention, as he sees smoke coming up from under the door of a nearby room.

"OH NO!" Marshall said, phasing into the room.

Travis is seen passed out on a bed, as fire is lit all around.

"YOU'RE TOO LATE!" Flare is heard.

Marshall turns around, seeing Flare.

"He told me where the book is. Stop me or SAVE HIM!" Flare said, as she ran out of the room.

Marshall grunted, as he used his powers to phase through the flames and jump on the bed.

Marshall phased himself and Travis through the bed and out of the room, as they dropped to the basement floor.

Marshall gave Travis CPR, as the boy began to cough and awaken.

"Wh-o a-re yo-u?" Travis asked.

"My name is Marshall, and I'm here to help. But, you need to tell me about this book that the mean fire lady was after! Where is it?" Marshall asked.

"The dining room, underneath a broken floorboard." Travis revealed.

Marshall touched his coms. "You guys getting this?!?" 

"WAY AHEAD OF YOU!" Debbie said, flying into the house.

In the dining room, Flare has gotten the book from under the floorboard.

Calvin rushes in, surprised to see her. "Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house?!?"

Flare shoots a fire blast at him, but Debbie swooshes in and knocks him out of the way, taking the blunt of the blast herself.

"Ah, if it isn't the Universal Guardian! I guess, though, I should call you the Multiversal Guardian these days?" Flare questioned, snidely.

"You were the 'friend' on set who tipped off Angel, weren't you?" Debbie asked.

"She played you guys. Led you right to me, so I could finish off your ass for murdering my girlfriend!" Flare replied.

"Well she played you too! She told us your plan. Give me the book!" Debbie said.

Flare shot out another fire blast, this time the blast being extremely powerful and explosive.

Debbie was blasted out of the room, as fire began to spread all around the house, behaving as if it were alive.

Flare escapes through a back door.

Debbie touches her coms. "I have to get everyone out of this house! This fire is insane! I need Lady Quick!"

"She's coming up!" Sandy replied, on the Skyripper.

Melondy is seen exiting the ship with her super speed, all dressed in costume.

"My energy is restored, peeps!" Melondy said, as she used her speed to run around the house, acting to funnel the flames away.

Meanwhile Debbie quickly flew Calvin out of the house, as Marshall had already phased Travis and himself away to safety outside.

In the sky, Debbie and the others witnessed the Fireflyer craft take off in a breach.

"Flare got away!" Debbie said.

Sandy, on the Skyripper, sighed.


Dark Dimension

The Fireflyer arrives in the Dark Dimension, with Flare landing the ship near a castle hoisted on a mountain platform.

People dressed in purple and black robes exit the castle, holding fire torches.

A woman in a purple witch-like costume is seen walking in the center.

Flare exits the ship, with the book in hand. "Amara, I have what you wanted."

Amara comes out from the center, approaching Flare.

"A success. You have brought the covenant what we need." Amara said, taking the book from her,

"Now, you guys need to hold up on your end of the bargain. Give me what I need." Flare said.

"Patience dear. After all, the only way I can give you what you want is by awakening my sisters, and my father... Conquess!" 

Flare raised her eyebrows, wondering what the hell she'd gotten herself wrapped into this time. 


Coralwood, Universe-7

Marshall brings Calvin and Travis on board the Skyripper.

"Wow, so this is the real you! A superhero doppelganger holding up on a badass spaceship!" Calvin said.

"I love your costume, sir!" Travis said.

"Hey, just call me Crossfade!" Marshall said, proudly.

"I guess this means your career as an actor is over?" Calvin asked.

"I'll leave the theatrics to my doppelganger!" Marshall said, with a smile.

Sandy and the others were on the bridge as well.

"Uh, sir, how is your home? The repairs started early this morning, correct?" Debbie asked.

"Yes, and thanks to the speedster over there, the fire was put out before it could do even more extensive damage. So, thank you." Calvin said.

"You're so welcome." Melondy said, smiling.

"We had Marshall bring you and your son here, because we need to talk about the whole... book thing. Even our A.I doesn't have a clue about this mystical book or this Covenant of Wizards." Sandy said.

"Well, I don't know anything about a Covenant of Wizards, but I was in a cult that worshiped this book. The Book of Divination." Travis revealed.

"I can't believe I didn't know any of this. Why would you turn to a cult, Travis?" Calvin asked.

"I felt accepted by them. I didn't know if I could feel the same with you and mom." Travis said, emotionally.

"What's the problem?" Calvin asked.

"Dad, I'm gay. I've been holding it in for so long." Travis revealed.

Marshall looked at Calvin, nodding at him.

Calvin took in a deep breath. "Son, I am gay too." 

Travis looked surprised. "Really?" But... mom...?" 

"Your mother doesn't know, but I think it's time this family starts telling some truths. So, we're gonna have a big talk when she gets back." Calvin said.

"As sweet as this family therapy is, we need more info, Travis." Sandy said, regretfully.

"That's all I have, really. My cult was granted the book long ago by a wizard. At least that's what legend says." Travis revealed.

"So, this cult has been around for a while, then?" Melondy asked.

Travis nodded. "The Book of Divination, according to legend, is dangerous. Some say it even came from another world." Travis told them.

"Well, so do we." Marshall said.

"Which might mean what I just said... is true." Travis pointed out.

The entire team gulped, as they looked at each other with fear and uncertainty.

"Thank you guys, for your help." Marshall said.

"I think I should be thanking you." Calvin said.

"Aw shucks, man." Marshall joked.

"So, next time you roll through this universe, you'll look me up?" Calvin asked.

"As a friend." Marshall said, winking.

"I got ya. See you guys!" Calvin said, waving goodbye.

Calvin and Travis exited the ship.

The gang gathered around the central console.

"I'll be updating Lillian's systems, so soon enough, maybe she'll pick something up about this... covenant." Sandy said.

"And the book, which Flare got away with." Debbie said.

"If we're going up against a magical threat to the multiverse this year, we're gonna need to be as prepared as we can be to successfully combat it." Marshall stated.

"Well, I think this is just the beginning. We'll see how everything plays out." Sandy said, nodding.

"Whatever happens next - and whatever frustrations arise about our mission here, let's always remember, we're a team. We got this." Debbie advised.

The others nodded along in agreement, as the episode ends. 


  • Universe(s) Introduced: Universe-7 (Coralwood)
  • The title and plot of the episode is a spoof of the infamous SBC spin-off, Bikini Top.
  • The season premiere picks up seven months later, with the Knights now entrenched in their role as the only line of defense for the multiverse.
  • It is revealed that the majority of hoppers originate from Universe-2. 
  • Flare is working for a group called the Covenant of Wizards. Flare gives them the Book of Divination, which is said to be dangerous (and possibly magical).

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Knights of the Multiverse

Ep.14 "Puff Mama Returns"


In the kitchen, Melondy gets a root beer from the fabricator. "Thank you, Lillian!"

As Melondy takes a drink, she spits it out.

Marshall and Tomoya notice this, sitting down at a nearby table.

"What happened?!?" Marshall asked, trying to contain laughter.

"This is warm! All of those updates Sandy is doing on Lillian must be putting the food and drink fabricator on some kind of fritz." Melondy said.

"Sit it down. I got ya." Tomoya said.

Melondy sat her drink down, as Tomoya used his powers to slightly frost it for her.

"Try now!" Tomoya said.

"Much better!" Melondy said, after taking a sip.

Just then, Sandy called everyone to the bridge over the loudspeaker.

The scene shifts, as the team is gathered around the central console.

"Alright, so unfortunately, updating Lillian hasn't gotten me anything on Flare's latest breach, but we'll focus on that later. Right now, I found something weird." Sandy said.

"What is it?" Debbie asked.

"A very high number of breaches from Universe-3, which was the world where everyone was on drugs." Sandy revealed.

"And Mrs. Puff was... Puff Mama, a druglord. Or... ma'am?" Marshall stated.

"Exactly. Now this is strange. These hoppers from that world are almost doing this... strategically. In fact, I think it is strategic." Sandy said.

"Where are they hopping to?" Tomoya asked.

"Universe-2. Home of Denise and the I.J.L.S.A members." Sandy said. "And I've pulled up recent reports from Bikini Bottom on that world, which says that there has been an unusual number of drug-related deaths in the last six months in the city."

"Well, I'd say we get to Universe-2 and investigate then!" Melondy said. 

"I'll reach out to my contact there before we arrive." Debbie said.

"Ah, that Sloane guy?" Sandy asked.

"That's the one. If anyone's gonna know about sneaky stuff happening in the shadows of Universe-2's Bikini Bottom - it's him." Debbie said.

"Alright, in five minutes, everyone prepare to strap in." Sandy said.


Dark Dimension

Inside the Covenant of Wizards' castle, Flare was led by two men into the private chamber of their leader, Amara.

Inside the chamber Amara had the Book of Divination set up and ready. A stone statue of a screaming woman stood before her in the center of the chamber, risen on a platform.

"You wanted to see me?" Amara asked.

"Uh, well, yes." Flare said. "Who is that woman? Is she real?"

"Never mind that. What are you here about?" Amara asked.

"You reviving my girlfriend. It's been a week, and you haven't given me any updates!" Flare said.

"What do you think I am doing here? I am just about to resurrect my soul sister, Ebony!" Amara revealed. "I've been practicing the spell for it all week from the Book of Divination. Now I think I have perfected it."

"Is she actually your sister?" Flare asked.

"I just said 'soul sister', or did you miss that?" Flare asked.

"What does that mean?" Flare questioned.

"Long ago, I was trained alongside three other magical girls to become a trinity. The Trinity of Witches. We were meant to rule the world, serving under the would-be king: Conquess." Amara revealed.

"So, what happened?" Flare asked.

"Unfortunately, a wizard of great power encased my sisters, Ebony and Goldi, in stone. I escaped from this wizard's clutches." Amara said.

"And your father? Conquess? The wizard got him too?" Flare asked.

"No. His own son did. Shin." Amara revealed.

"So, you have a brother. A real brother." Flare said. "I had a brother."

"That's nice." Amara said.

"So, you've hidden out from this wizard, huh?" Flare asked.

"Yes. And over time, I've gotten so much stronger. Once me and my sisters are back as a unit, we will revive my father, and no one will be able to stand in our way." Amara said.

"Hmm, as long as I get my girlfriend back, I don't care what you do. Just don't do it on the world I choose to go and reside on with her. Ya know, after this is all over." Flare said.

Amara winked at her. "Now, you can get out or watch me resurrect Ebony."

"I'll stay for the theatrics." Flare said.

Amara looked to the book, as she began to chant her resurrection spell, while raising her hands above her head. Lights went off and on, candles blew out, a magical electric-like aura produced from her hands. Amara used this magical energy to blast Ebony's statue.

As everything calmed down, the statue began to crack, revealing purple light shining underneath. 

"It's working! It's working!" Amara said, excitedly.

Just then, the entire statue exploded, making Amara and Flare get down to the floor.

A purple mist dissipated, as it revealed a naked young woman on the platform, sitting on her knees.

"Get her a towel! Get my sister a towel!" Amara yelled at Flare.

Flare looked across the room, seeing a white towel hanging up. She quickly handed it to Amara.

Amara walks up on the platform, enveloping Ebony in the towel and helping her stand.

"Amara... is that you?" Ebony asked, very weakly.

"Yes, my sister. It is I. And it is time." Amara replied. "Time to take back everything we lost."

"The daughters of the demons. Back together again." Ebony said, with a faint smile.

"Not yet. We still have Goldie to find." Amara replied.


Bikini Bottom, Universe-2

Debbie and Sandy arrive at the Krusty Krabs.

Sloane is seen awaiting them, sitting in a secluded back table.

"Sloane, good to see ya!" Debbie said.

"Now doesn't this remind me of exactly one year ago!" Sloane said, humorously. "Where's your other friend? The icy one?"

Sandy and Debbie took a seat.

"Tomoya? He's back at the Skyripper with the others." Debbie said.

"One day, I gotta get on the ship of yours, and see if for myself!" Sloane said.

Debbie laughed. "Yeah, maybe."

"We're actually here for some information." Sandy said.

"As to be expected. What do you need?" Sloane asked.

"The drug epidemic that's broken out in the city. What's all of it about?" Debbie asked.

"Well, there's been some hoppers from another universe, bringing over this crazy new drug." Sloane revealed.

Debbie and Sandy both looked at each other.

"Do you know what the drug is?" Sandy asked.

"No idea. I just get word from old associates from back when I was rolling in the streets. But, I don't partake in that stuff anymore." Sloane said.

"Turned over a new leaf, huh?" Sandy asked.

"I wish more people could do the same." Debbie added.

"Anyway, I hear that the shipments of the stuff are given to some men with deep pockets. Men like Squilliam Fancyson." Sloane said.

"Squilliam?" Debbie questioned.

"Makes sense. The guy's shady as hell." Sandy said.

"Sloane, do you happen to know where in the city these shipments might be taking place?" Debbie asked.

The scene shifts, as Melondy, Marshall, and Tomoya are seen on the bridge, around the central console.

"Sandy and Debbie are gonna like this..." Melondy said.

Just then, Sandy and Debbie arrive back.

"What are we not gonna like?" Sandy asked.

"I was working with Lillian, and I managed to track down more hops from Drugworld - that's my cute nickname for Universe-3." Melondy said.

"These hoppers from there are likely trying to spread their drugs all across the multiverse." Marshall said.

"Luckily, Debbie and I found out where the next shipment arrives here in Universe-2. The Bikini Bottom docks." Sandy said.

"Sandy and I will check it out. The rest of you stay on coms in case we need backup." Sandy ordered.

"Got it." Melondy said.

"Oh yeah, and Squilliam has a part in all of this!" Sandy told them.

The scene shifts, as we see Squilliam arriving at the docks. A craft breaches to his location, landing before him.

The craft opens, as Puff Mama and her servicemen walk out, carrying several crates.

Puff was wearing strange gauntlets with blasters, on both hands. A blue light produced from the blasters. 

"More Blue Pox, how delicious." Squilliam said.

"Where are the other buyers?" Puff asked.

"Not coming tonight. They think it's too risky with the extra police interest in the casualties of this drug. Making quite a mess of things." Squilliam said.

"I thought a mess is what you wanted? To hook young people on these drugs, make a hell of a dime, and split the proceeds with mwah!" Puff said.

"Yeah, well, I'm starting to think 40-60 isn't enough for the shit I'm risking anymore." Squilliam said.

"I'm not settling for less." Puff said. "It is my product after all."

"Than how about you give me more?" Squilliam asked. "50-50?"

"I'll consider it." Puff said.

Suddenly, Debbie lands from the sky, with Sandy in her arms.

"Consider nothing!" Debbie stated.

"Whew, flying is not very fun." Sandy said, on her feet.

Squilliam turned around, surprised by their presence. "Oh no!"

"Ladies, it's been over a year! How are you?" Puff asked, condescendingly.

"Leave the formalities on the ground, better yet the drugs too." Sandy said.

"It's over, Puff Mama. Your drug shipments to this universe stops now!" Debbie said.

"And just because you said so? Nah, I don't think so." Puff replied.

As Debbie tries to rush over to Puff Mama, she is shot by one of her blasters.

Debbie falls to the ground, in pain.

"DEBBIE!" Sandy screamed, rushing to her body. "What have you done to her?!?" 

"These blasters are dopamite-infused. Debbie's weakness, right Squilliam?" Puff stated.

As Debbie clenched up in pain, Sandy became angered.

"Gentlemen, round the ladies up!" Puff said.

Puff Mama's men started toward the two. Sandy got up and raced at the men.

Using her karate moves, she successfully beat all of them down. 

Puff Mama then raised her arm again, blasting Sandy as well. "Dopamite may not weaken you, but the energy blast will put you down just the same." she said, standing over Sandy's body.


Sandy awakens on a cold floor. The room is kind of dark and closed in. As her vision clears, she sees Squilliam standing above her.

"You bastard!" Sandy said, trying to get at him, but she is pulled down by a chain around her wrist.

"You are a chained beast now, Sandy Cheeks. You won't be getting out of this panic room." Squilliam said.

"Is this your house we're in? Of course a creep like you would have a panic room to lock up women. I don't see how Denise ever fell for you!" Sandy replied, bitterly.

"Aww, all that talk and there's just nothing you can do. Not like you have super strength, like your best friend, Debbie." Squilliam teased.

"You told Puff Mama about Debbie's weakness to dopamite, didn't you?" Sandy questioned.

"Indeed. I knew one day you Knights would find out about the drug trafficking, and so did Puff Mama." Squilliam replied.

"Squilliam... why?" Sandy questioned.

"When Denise revealed to the world that Fancy Industries was producing universe-breaching technology, it took the company under. I lost so much money. Hardly anyone wanted to get into business with me. I had to find a way to keep a cash flow coming." Squilliam said.

"So... getting people hooked on a dangerous drug from another dimension was just the next best thing?" Sandy asked.

"Yeah. Something like that." Squilliam said, in all seriousness.

"Go screw yourselves." Sandy said.

"I mean, since Denise and I broke up, that's exactly what I have been doing lately." Squilliam crudely joked.

"Eww!" Sandy replied.

"Good day, Ms. Cheeks! It's the last one you'll ever have seen!" Squilliam evilly said, as he left the room.

The scene shifts, now showing Debbie in a concealed prison room, as she stares out a massive glass pane window.

Puff Mama comes into view, slowly walking towards Debbie.

"Puff Mama?" Debbie asked.

"Hello, Debbie. Welcome to your new permanent residence!" Puff said, with a laugh.

"Where am I?" Debbie asked.

"Squilliam had a prison room crafted in his basement. The cell you're in pumps out thin layers of dopamite gas regularly - enough so that you'll stay alive, but never escape. The remodeling he's done down here is quite impressive, wouldn't you say?" Puff said.

"More like you guys knew this was coming, and you've planned for it." Debbie said.

"I knew one day you lot would stick your noses into this." Puff said.

"How did all [i[this[/i] even begin?" Debbie questioned. "When we met you last year, you didn't even have any idea about a multiverse. Now you're running a drug trafficking ring throughout it!" Debbie questioned.

"Snorelonn, remember?" Puff said.

"He... breached to your world to get drugs from you." Debbie recalled.

"You captured him, but left his dimension-traveling spacecraft behind, in pieces. Snorelonn's men - who you also left behind, asked me to help them get back home and in return, they'd show me how to expand my drug empire." Puff said.

"So, you rebuilt Snorelonn's craft... then made a line of your own based off the specs, didn't you?" Debbie asked.

"All very true." Puff admitted. "Once me and my guys were able to traverse the multiverse, we came here to Universe-2 and got into bed with the most wealthy person in this city - Squilliam Fancyson, who had hit on hard times, because it came out that his company was producing the very same tech that is building my new fortune! The MULTIVERSE is the future, Debbie!" Puff said, evilly laughing.

"I'm gonna stop you!" Debbie said, nodding her head.

"You won't be able to get out of here, my dear." Puff said. "You will never see the light of day again."

"Sandy and I have other teammates - who will come for us." Debbie said.

"Not when I unleash on them what I have in store - or rather, what Squilliam has in store!" Puff replied.

Debbie gulped, unsure what she meant.

Outside, the Skyripper landed in the backyard of Squilliam's mansion. 

As the ship opened up, Melondy, Tomoya, and Marshall stepped out.

Squilliam and a strange-looking woman walked out of the back of the house.

"I knew this was inevitable!" Squilliam said. "You really should get permission before landing in someone's backyard."

"Give us our friends and we'll go." Melondy said. "Or... this can get really ugly."

"I love you threats, Lady Quick! Meet mine..." Squilliam said, motioning to the woman.

"And who the hell is she supposed to be exactly?" Marshall questioned.

"I can totally fix those bags under your eyes, lady. Ya know, if you're interested..." Tomoya said, semi-friendly.

Melondy and Marshall both give him an odd glare.

"What? Just trying to be nice? I AM a scientist after all, so I created a kind-of eyebag-remedy." Tomoya went on.

"Now now, Tomoya!" Melondy shouted.

"My name is Jenny Garfield." the woman said, finally speaking. "And Squilliam's paying me good money to be muscle!"

"So, what can you do?" Melondy questioned.

"Jenny here, was injected with a serum cooked up from the Sinister Slug's blood. The government wanted to produce their own 'controllable' beast. Found a person crazy enough to go through with it." Squilliam said.

"Yeah, anyone who'd willingly undergo something like that must be quite literally insane!" Melondy replied.

"Not insane. Smart. I walked away, but took the powers with me. And the best part? They couldn't even stop me!" Jenny said.

"And so... you became a hired gun?" Melondy questioned.

"Oh sweetie, I'm so much more than just a gun!" Jenny said. 

At that moment, Jenny transformed into the same monstrous form as the Sinister Slug, but far more humanoid-looking.

"You can call me, She-Slug!" Jenny announced, with a sinister glare.

"MARSHALL, GO GET OUT FRIENDS!" Melondy told him.

Marshall phased underground, as Melondy speeded at Jenny.

Jenny impressively caught the speedster, slapping her across the ground with her long tail.

"It's.... far more extendable than the Sinister Slug's!" Tomoya noted of her tail.

As Jenny came after Tomoya he shot an array of icicles at her, but she kept jumping out of the way. Finally, Tomoya shot a powerful icy gust.


Inside the house, we see Sandy in the panic room, picking at the lock on her chains with a paper clip.

"Villains often underestimate their captives. Proven fact." Sandy joked, as she got her chain off. "YES!"

Sandy stood up and rammed at the door, but it was impenetrable. "Dammit!"

Sandy looked around the small enclosed room, as she spotted a vent. "Crawling through vents. Never gets old!" she said, doing parkour up the wall. 

The scene shift, as Marshall was shown phasing up in front of Debbie's prison room.

Debbie, bored and lonely, instantly jumped up. "MARSHALL!"

"Hey girl, what's up! Hanging out?" Marshall asked, jokingly.

"No time for your jokes!" Debbie said.

"How are they holding you in there?" Marshall asked.

"Squilliam's technology pumps gas particles of dopamite into my prison room. Not enough to kill me, but enough to keep me depowered." Debbie revealed to him. "But just phase in and bring me out!"

Marshall nodded, as he tried to phase into the room, but just ended up banging his body into the wall.

"What happened?" Debbie asked.

"He must have meta-dampening technology too!" Marshall said.

"Alright, uh... that panel next to my cell, do you think you can short it out?" Debbie asked.

"Do I think?" Marshall joked.

Marshall phased his hand into the panel, labeled "Pumping System". The piece of tech short-circuited, as the lights flickered in Debbie's holding cell.

Marshall took a step to the side, as Debbie punched her way through the glass pane, stepping out of the room.

"Thanks!" Debbie said.

"Great punch!" Marshall said, mesmerized.

Back outside, Tomoya had Jenny frozen in ice.

"Hopefully that... holds?" Tomoya questioned.

The ice began to tremble, as Jenny amazingly breaks out of it.
"Shit!" Tomoya said.

Jenny jumps at him, slamming him to the ground with her tail.

Just then, Debbie flies outside, punching Jenny with her super strength.

Debbie lands on the ground. "What'd I miss?" she asked, humorously.

Jenny gets up, as she angrily speeds away.

Debbie helps Tomoya up.

"That was She-Slug, or.. uh, Jenny." Tomoya told her.

"She's fast..." Debbie said.

"G-guys?" Melondy said, upon waking up.

"Are you okay?" Debbie asked.

"Just fine. I guess that she-thing got away?" Melondy asked.

"And so did Squilliam during all the chaos." Marshall said.



On the ship, the team gathered around the central console.

"Unfortunately, Puff Mama is still at large somewhere in the multiverse, but we'll find her." Sandy said.

"Before she destroys another town in the multiverse with her drugs?" Debbie questioned, angrily.

"I know, but trust me, I'm working on. It's just... there's so much else to do." Sandy said.

"You're spreading yourself really thin here, Sandy." Debbie said, rubbing her back.

"Someone has too. This is my responsibility." Sandy replied.

"It's mine. All of ours, really." Debbie said. "From the moment we all stepped foot on this ship. Because, that's what heroes do."

"Superheroes." Tomoya said, with a smirk.

"Still not a word for me." Sandy said, with a sigh.

The rest of the team looked at each other, frustrated by Sandy's reluctance to accept the person she really is.


  • It is revealed that Puff Mama and her goons have been trafficking Blue Pox across the multiverse.
  • We are introduced to She-Slug / Jenny Garfield.
  • Amara revives her "sister", Ebony. It is revealed that the two (and a third, named Goldie), make up the Trinity of Witches, the daughters of demons. 

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