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Steel Sponge

Spin-Offs and Literature PROJECT 2018

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It's 2018, and you all know what that means, right? No? Then I'm going to clarify it: later this year will be July 5th, which will mark the 10th anniversary of the official establishment of the spin-off format, pioneered during the TV.com era and continuing to this day on SBC. And so, what game plan have I made to commemorate? Well, it's not really anything as big, but it's still something that I want a lot of fellow members of the spin-off/lit community to participate in. Starting tomorrow, I will host a general spin-off/lits survey. There's no rush for that, but there will a deadline, and the final day to get your survey answers out is by, of course, July 5th. That's not the only thing I have planned, however. I will eventually be breaking down a series of statistics surrounding SBC's entire catalogue of spin-offs and lits threads from the website's inception up until, you guessed it, July 5th. This will include view count, episode/chapter/etc. count, word count, and more.

Keep in mind that those are just two ideas of mine for this commemorative project. If any you people have ideas of your own to celebrate this landmark, feel free to talk about it here. I can only expect a few participants for this early on, but I'd be happy enough for any of you to say that you're down with this idea.

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The survey is now open to all. If you're obliged to take it, just send me a PM and I'll send you the questions. You can take it anytime and you can finish it anytime until the deadline. Results will be published sometime after the deadline during the same month.

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One month in and I've got two finished surveys out of five applicants so far.

Also, just for the record, there is no required minimum for Q3, and 10 is the intended maximum. One surveyor named around 17 spin-offs/lits for that question. If you want to go above the maximum, however, you can.

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Just a final reminder to all that you have until July 3rd, 12:00 AM PST to submit a response to the survey before I go over each response that I got. If you're interested in taking the survey, you can still ask me for it, if you haven't.

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I'm two days late to say this, but submissions are now closed.

The results will be posted next week on Friday.

As for the second portion of my project, the statistics will be revealed sometime in August. However, instead of being up to date to the anniversary day as I previously planned, they will be up to date to the end of July.

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Hey all, it's me Steel Sponge, and today's the day that I get to share the survey results with everyone in the spin-off/lit community. It didn't have as many participants as I was hoping, but I didn't really mind the small numbers at all. If you didn't participate in the survey then saw what it looked like only to feel that you could've been interested in giving me your own answers, then I apologize, 'cause there's no going back to consider a recount. However, if you have any thoughts about the survey itself or its questions, then feel free to express them.

What I'm just going to simply do is review and share the responses that I received for this survey. For each question, I will explain what they mean and what the results are for. There were 21 questions for this survey, and I will be going through them in the precise order.


Q1: WHAT is your name?

Steel Sponge

My name is Sir JCM of the SpongeBob Community

Teenj, Teenj12, TJ, Teej, whatever tickles your peach.



Renegade the Unicorn


As you can see, there were six participants to the survey, including myself. Special mention also goes to @MMM who asked for the survey, but never got to finish it. The order of responses are in descending order, with yours truly being the most recent participant. Despite that I closed submissions, I gave JCM access to the survey since I knew he was interested in it. So yeah, this survey had two last-minute submissions. For those who want to know who's who while I go though the responses, I color-coded the names of each participant and their writing. My writing is in gray, but keep in mind that this is also my writing.


Q2: WHAT is your quest?                                   

To entertain members and myself with my own writing for SBC’s Spin-Off/Lit community, as well as to prove my writing capabilities.

To seek the Holy Grail

Dunno... world peace?

But really, my 'quest' is to continue breaking ground in our great Spin-Off/Lit community.

To defeat the giant monkey man and save the 9th dimension.

In seriousness, my quest is to write what I want to write, and what I actually enjoy writing. I don't want to have "#1 spin-off"  (which was honestly a silly competition back in the day) or anything. I'm a bored weirdo with tons of time on his hands, and want to share my writings with people. Even if they're not viewed by many, I don't care as long as I enjoy writing them.

Pretty sure that's Monty Python quote, so idk :P

Uhhh, burritos?


The second question was a clear reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail that I just couldn't resist doing. Some of these participants, including myself, decided to give a serious answer, but I also appreciated the less formal answers.


Q3: WHAT is/are your favorite spin-off/lit(s)?

SBCinema (4)      

Mystic Guardians (4)

Skodwarde (3)

Squid (3)

Doody Era (2)

Underwater Survivor: SBC Style (2)

And Then There Were Less 2.0. (2)

JCMovies (2)

Jjs' Riffing Theater 3000 (2)

Rusty's Raping Rampage (2)

Adventures in the Underground City (2)

Community Deathmatch (2)

Spin-Off Action (1)

Spongecraft (1)

Team SpongeBob (1)

The Adventures of Squidward Tentacles (1)

Storm Racers (1)

SBC Falls (1)

SBC Honest Trailers (1)

And Then There Were Less (1)

Fluttershy’s Dark Sky (1)

XAT Time Travelers (1)

Apartment 406 (1)

Homophobia: The Miniseries (1)

Total Cartoon series (1)

Power Rangers Multiverse Force (1)

The Misadventures of Casper and Wendy (1)

Miss Appear (1)

One-Time SpongeBob Characters: Where Are They Now? (1)

Robot Trout (1)

The Ed Cident (1)


Don't think of this as a popularity test, but more of a simple preference test. This doesn't qualify what spin-offs/lits are the best, but this was a test to see how many similar and unique answers I''ll get. The numbers in front of the spin-off/lit title indicate how many members have mentioned them in their responses. There was no required minimum and each member were asked to name a maximum of 10. SOF went the extra mile and named a grand total of 17 works. I didn't give the survey any ground rules, so I didn't ask for SOF to limit his response to ten. The results ended up being more varied than similar. This goes to show that there are just too many good spin-offs/lits.


Q4: Do you have one or more favorite spin-off/lit writers?

Jjsthekid (6) Anything written by Jjsthekid is an absolute delight to read. He's such a talented writer who puts a lot of detail, commitment, and spirit into whatever he's producing. 

Clappy (5) …In Clappy's case, he had a great impact on my own writing with his creations.

Old Man Jenkins (5)

JCM (3)

Steel Sponge (2)

teenj12 (2)

Nuggets (1)

Metal Snake (1)

4EverGreen (1)

Sabre (1)

tvguy347 (1) …If there was one author that I could talk about, it’s my choice to include tvguy as one of my favorites. While he did write some notoriously bad spin-offs/lits, I also liked a fair amount of what I’ve read from his catalogue. I also got to owe some respect to him for his major development towards the spin-off/lit writing community as he was so filled with ideas (like I was at that time as well) and his writing skills being very good for his young age from when he was a very active writer.

Fa (1)

All six [Clappy, teenj, OMJ, Nuggets, Steel, and JCM] either know how to write excellent comedy and/or intriguing storylines.

While I am honestly not much of a reader, I do have a generous amount of favorite writers. There were eight at the top of my head [Jjs, Clappy, OMJ, teenj, Sabre, tvguy, JCM, and Fa] and I picked them based on a combination of their writing skills, their storytelling, the way they wrote characters as well as characters of their own, and their creativity.


Of course, I would also ask each fellow member about their favorites in spin-off/lit writers. While we all collectively agreed with Jjs being our favorite writer, once again, this question is to determine preferences and not popularity. And yes, despite his wrongs, Metal Snake still earns his mention from SOF for the results (unless SOF decides to change his mind).


Q5: How long have you been in the spin-off/lit writing business?

Since September 2009, this is almost 9 years now. For quite a while, I’ve been trying to make plans to retire from writing spin-offs/lits, but I still haven’t gotten up to the point where I can. It’s also alarming to think that it has been THAT long.

7 years

Since 2010, the year I first joined the site.

Since 2009 (damn I'm old).                                                                        

just 2 years (between SECC & ATTWL 3)

Almost a year.


This was just a simple question. Most of those who responded have been around writing for the spin-off/community for quite a long time.


Q6: What motivated you into writing spin-offs and/or literatures?

I’ve always had a knack for expressing my own ideas and after some time, I’ve discovered a community of members with great ideas for many different kinds of SpongeBob spin-offs in the form of the very, stickied thread on TV.com that allowed for the members to express their ideas. These members have also reviewed each other’s work (and one notorious member begged for them :funny:.) as well as promoting them or dedicating award ceremonies to them. When I delved into this creative part of the SpongeBob community more, I decided that I wanted to be part of it. So, I caved in with a spin-off based on No Name and here I am now, still trying to continue my current works whenever I can.

I enjoy writing and wanted more experience

When I saw the writing culture that this place had, I just knew I wanted to be a part of it - it's one of the things that drew me into SBC as an active member. I've always had stories upon stories in my head, so I recognized that  writing S/O's would be a great outlet for that.

When I first lurked tv.com, I was interested in the spin-offs thread and seeing stories people like tvfan, Clappy or DC-Dude wrote there. After I joined, I decided to join the fun with The Adventures of Gary the Snail, my first ever spin-off.

I guess curuiously after reading some of my faves.

Why? Because I wanted to.

I'm pretty sure most of us have our own stories that got us into the spin-off/lit writing community, so this questions asks the members what their commitments were pretty much like.


Q7: Are there any ways you would describe your exposure to spin-offs/lits?

Copy-paste what I’ve said for Q6, and my response is pretty much self-explanatory.

I prefer writing them to reading them, certainly

Through being apart of the S/O-Lit world, I would say that my writing has become much more refined over the years.

It was a fun childhood experience, not gonna lie. I remember getting home from school every day in 2009 and eagerly wanting to write a spin-off episode. It was even more fun in the following summers, especially on SBC. I think the collaboration and active writing community was what made it so entertaining.




This must've been the hardest question to answer. This had the most 'null' responses by two. This question could be answered in two different ways: it could've been about what got you exposed to spin-offs and lits or it could've been about how your experience in writing for that community. I accepted both types of responses. I felt that I could've responded to the question with my same answer for the previous one, so I made my answer 'self-explanatory.'


Q8: How often have you read spin-offs and/or literatures? Does it vary on your own personal time?

I can only find myself the time to read spin-offs or lits when I compel myself to. It’s definitely not for selfish reasons. My mind is usually fixated on developing new ideas for my works or trying to get my mind set on getting back to work on them. That way, it’s hard for me to find the time and mood to read other spin-offs/lits.

I haven't read other spin-offs and lits much at all since starting college back in 2014. I read them occasionally when I had the time to before that.

Whenever I can get a chance. Obviously more so in the past, but I at least try to keep up with some of my favorite writers or works.

I read them what I can. I have to admit I don't read as many as you'd think anymore. I only read teenj's works, Apartment 406, and NegiSpongie's works. Nothing against the others, I don't have that much time to read them, especially with how much time I spend writing Mystic Guardians weekly lol.

not really that much, just maybe once or twice a week.

It varies.


This next set of questions are 'either'/'or' type of questions. Because most of us are really busy with our own lives and because most of us are already occupied with our own spin-offs/lits to work on, it's easy to point out that the writing community does more writing than reading. The responses based on each members' reading frequency vary, as most of these responses from the members indicate that they try to find the time to read any spin-off/lit.


Q9: Between the two, do you have a preference towards spin-offs: stories inspired by the SpongeBob SquarePants series, or literatures: stories based on other sources and influences?

I’m very welcoming towards spin-offs and literatures just the same, but I’ve always had a bigger heart towards SpongeBob-related stories. So, spin-offs it is.


Definitely Spin-Offs - and I think that anyone who knows my career as a writer on here can tell that. I've only ever written one Literature - a short lived work called "SBC School". That was forever ago - I'm thinking circa-2011 maybe? Anyway, looking back that show was very cringe, and I knew even back then that my heart wasn't in it. I guess, to be honest, I've never really tried to branch into Lit writing. I've always felt it better that my works be rooted in the SpongeBob world.

Honestly, I lean much more to literatures, or at least spin-offs that don't focus on SpongeBob's friends. I feel they give people more creative freedom to do whatever, whereas with solely SpongeBob, you're kind of limited at times. That's why I haven't really made a true SpongeBob based spin-off ever since tv.com. While I love writing Mystic Guardians, I wouldn't exactly call it a spin-off in the traditional sense, since SB characters rarely ever appear. That's not to knock any pure SpongeBob works, since people like Negi have shown they can still work. Personally for me though, I've squeezed the sponge for all he was worth in my past works, which is why I've moved on from solely focusing on the SpongeBob gang. That being said, my upcoming spin-off might fill a classic tv.com void a few people miss.


Lits. Definitely lits. Though I do enjoy spin-offs, lits provide far more ample opportunities.


These next few questions also analyze preferences based on a few responses. Most of the members chose Literatures based on a 3-2 decision.


Q10: Between the two, do you have a preference towards SpongeBob-related stories, or meta-related stories (those that involve actual SBC members in a fictional background)?

Like I’ve already expressed in the previous question, I have more of a preference towards SpongeBob-related stories.

Meta-related stories

As I implied above, definitely SpongeBob-related stories. My own shared universe of S/O's, the Teenjverse, is a prime example. All of those shows are set in the world established by SpongeBob Squarepants. And most of the works I like the most are in a similar vein. 

Meta stories. I always enjoyed reading people's takes on the SBC users, and the many "what if's" that come with them. Without spoiling, I myself am working SBC: Wasteland Warriors, which is my first original SBC literature since SBC Parallel Universe (not counting SBC Falls since it was a parody). I forgot how interesting and fun it was to craft an original world revolving around certain SBCers.


Meta related stories.

This asks members for their preference towards either SpongeBob-related stories or stories that inserts SBC members as characters. Once again, one choice won over the other by a 3-2 decision, which was meta-related stories.


Q11: Between the two, do you prefer to read stories that rely on comedy or stories that rely on a story-driven plot?

I usually tend to enjoy reading comedic stories than reading story-driven works, honestly. Of course, I also do like myself a good story-driven plot and I do try to read those type of stories whenever I can.

Stories that rely on comedy

Definitely story-driven plot. That's why I have an affinity for shows like Mystic Guardians or Storm Racers or Pisces Moon (yeaaah, taking it wayyyy back).

This might be cheating, but I don't have a preference to one or another. I honestly like both. I think there are many works that have combined comedy and story perfectly together (see: ATTWL, Xat Time Travelers).

I guess i read stories that rely on comedy.

Hmmm...I like both, depending on my mood.


These next few questions ask members on some specific reading AND writing preferences. This question along with the very next one asks the participants on which of the two story types they prefer to read or write. Most of us chose comedic type of stories based on a 5-3 decision.


Q12: Between the two, do you prefer to write stories that rely on comedy or stories that rely on a story-driven plot?

After having created shows like Pisces Moon, Z-Storm, and Guru Gakuto, I’ve since found my place in writing works with a real drive in storytelling. My experience with some of my old shames are proof of this, but sometimes, I would kinda suck at writing comedy. Although…UWS Season 3, Riffing Theater, and the mock final chapter I wrote for DSOTH have since made me feel more comfortable about writing for laughs.

Plot-driven stories

Stories that rely on story-driven plot, as can be seen by my collection of superhero dramas that make up the Teenjverse. Althought, I have written a number of comedic based S/O's. The two most well received by the community and myself are:  The Adventures of Tom and Lou and iVlog.

I would just paste the response from above, but I'll actually say I slightly prefer writing story-driven plots more, but I do like to still combine lots of comedy in them.


Seeing as my own lit has evolved from an episodic action-comedy to a darker, story-driven action-dramedy, the latter most surely.


The responses to this question ended up being very divergent in comparison to the responses for the previous as most of us preferred to write story-driven plots based on a 5-1 decision.


Q13: Between the two, do you prefer to either read long, slow-paced works or short, fast-paced works?

It depends on my mood. If I have the time, I’ll read works at a slow pace. If I want to kill some time, I’ll be willing to read works that are at a faster pace.

Short, fast-paced works

I don't actually have a preference here, but because I'm more drawn to story-driven S/Os (i.e Mystic Guardians), I tend to read longer works more prominently.

This is probably cheating again, but both. It depends on the time I have and the mood I'm in. Sometimes I can sit down and read something long. Other times I'm fine with short works.

Depands on what i read.

Again, it depends on my mood.


For this question and for the very next one, they ask the participants on which type of pacing they prefer to read or write. Most of the responses for this questions resulted in the "I could go either way" type of response. Only two responses lead to a specific answer, and of course, both types of preferences were tied. In other words, most of us preferred to read both short and long works.


Q14: Between the two, do you prefer to either write long, slow-paced works, or short, fast-paced works?

Writing long, slow-paced works have become a necessity for me. I can see myself feeling satisfied about writing my usually long works when I put a lot of thought into them.

Short, fast-paced works

If I had my choice, my works would be more on the short, fast-paced side of things due to time constraints, but I usually write longer stuff because of the genres I work with.

I prefer to like long works, as time consuming as it is. I get to explore a lot more that I cannot in shorter works. That being said, I still enjoy writing shorter works like Squid here and there. They help give me breathing room after writing Mystic Guardians.

I guess short fast paced works works, but i failed to do so.

I enjoy more slow works, since PR: MVF fits into that.


The responses for this question ended up being pretty similar to the results for Q11 or Q12, as most of us preferred to write shorter stories based on a 4-3 decision that was close to being a tie.


Q15: Proudest moment(s) from any of your written works?                     

Finishing Pisces Moon, or at least continuing to write for it since the episode where I introduced the seventh/eight party member. After completing that one episode in 2013 did I realize that my writing, pacing, character establishing, and storytelling skills were getting better the more that I was committed into continuing to write the spin-off. Finishing up the very last episode was when I really felt proud about something that I spent a lot of time on.

JCMovies winning Honorary Show

There are a few particular episodes of Team SpongeBob's later seasons that just really wowed me. The 2010 episode that recreates the pilot, the Season 9 finale, and the series finale. I'd also like to say that I believe the pilot episode for Knight of the Multiverse is the strongest pilot I've ever written for any show.

While I admittedly don't think Storm Racers Seasons 4-6 were that great in hindsight, I do have fond memories of Seasons 2 and 3. I finally knew what I wanted to do with the spin-off and it became actually fun to write. I personally feel those two seasons were its peak era. As for Mystic Guardians, it's the most fun I've ever had writing a spin-off since tv.com to be honest. I could probably go on a long ten page essay on my favorite moments, so I'll just list my current ten favorite chapters which I feel have some of the spin-off's best moments: "Rivalries", "Cyborg", "Bounty", "Evil Stone", "Royal Heroes", "Mirror Mirror", "Nick: The Wizard", "Shadow Over Posidonia", "Legacy of Karmania", and "Ghost in the Machine"


From PR: MVF, definitely the "Laughter of Thirsting Gods" two-part season 1 finale, as well as the 5-part Red Flaw arc from the same season and all the season 2 episodes I've written with Greyknight thus far.


The next two questions have each member express what they feel is the strongest and weakest moments over the course of their spin-off/lit writing careers. This question should probably very well establish their stances as members of the spin-off/lit writing community.


Q16: Most shameful moment(s) from any of your written works?                                             

I could just say writing Dark Side of the Herd and call it a day, but my other most shameful moment are the times where I just stopped being committed to continuing my works for long periods of time. Usually, it’s because of school and real life issues/commitments getting in the way, or my larger commitment to developing my vision for an animated series of my own, but most other times, it’s because of my self-esteem telling me that my writing was almost never good.  The guilt of my long breaks also ate me alive too. I know I can’t be too harsh on myself and that I can’t always judge my writing for my past mistakes, so I held on. One of my most recent works, Rebirth of a Storm, had since helped me realize that I am really improving with my writing and that all I should do now is become committed to participating in the spin-off writing community again.                                                                              

Not finishing Tyeam Universe or bringing it to a reasonable conclusion                                                                           

Pretty much most of the stuff I wrote before 2012, lol. I mean, I still think about what a heaping pile of trash Life of Larry the Krab was (I was so happy that it was riffed lmao). SpongeBoy was another one in that vein. There were other works that I left incomplete and probably could of been better if I was a strronger writer at the time - like, The Naturally Normal Show, The Time Bike, Unordinary Family, even The Bikini Bottomen. Lol, I know some of those might sound so ancient now xD. 

Anything in Undersea Mysteries Incorporated lmao. Also Mothra x Ex from SBC Parallel Universe. I would include Scooter's Paradise, but I honestly don't think it's worth mentioning or acknowledging anymore. I personally regret the first two more, since Scooter's Paradise was clearly written by a kid.

Honestly, i wasn't able to do something or where the plot going, and I lost track for both to said lits which I tried my hardest. Even though I couldn't planned this out carefully, but it collapsed at the end. I believe my writing skills (hence my English was hard to do when it comes to writing SO/Lit) I at least have thanked MS & jjs for editing my works. 

JRT did helped me how to improve my writing skills, and I do need some help with helping even i could've have co-writers rather being a solo writer, because solo writer is tough challenge for me, so  yeah that's shamful thing I've ever done as SO/Lit career.

None so far.


This question very well establishes the fact that we've all made mistakes in our own writing, as we express what shameful moments in our careers have we learned from the most and moved past from.


Q17: Which one of these factors in spin-off/lit writing is most important to you?                    

A. Creativity (2)
B. Quality (1)
C. Quantity (or Length)
D. Diversity (or Variety)
E. Entertainment (3)
F. Null (All are important) (2)


Except for the very last question, this last set of questions are multiple choice. This question asks the participants on what they feel is the MOST important factor towards their spin-off/lit writing. It is a question that regards your writing stability.

Picking 'Creativity' meant that you care most about using your own ideas into your works and having your readers explore your artistic vision and see how you've used your ideas. 'Quality' means you care most about what measures your writing to be considered as impressive. 'Quantity' means you care most about how much you've written, developed, and/or established for your story. 'Diversity' means you care most about exploring ideas and concepts that would make your work feel what you feel makes it stand out as innovative or original. 'Entertainment' means you care most about making and keeping your readers invested in what you write. After Ren answered 'null,' I then decided to add a sixth option that indicates that you find all factors to be important to your writing. This does not completely define the writing stability of the participants. The question still asks what one or more factors is one writer usually most focused on.

Because I forgot to copy-paste the sixth option to JCM, he went the extra mile to select three options ('Creativity,' 'Quality,' and 'Entertainment'). Of course, I decided to let that slide since I didn't give the survey any ground rules...and because it was a smart move to express that there are other factors towards your stability that are as equally as important as just one. While I've ensured that each participant would have to pick one, I figured that some would find all those factors important, and two members decided that all factors were as such (Ren and teenj).

I thought this question was the most interesting as it would explore part of the thought-process for some spin-off/lit writers, showing what kind of factor balances out the most for them into creating something with a very good balance that would include all or most of the other factors. If you ask me about what option i chose, on what factor I focus on most and tends to be my main balance towards my spin-off/lit writing, it's 'Entertainment.' Consider when i heavily criticized my own writing on Dark Side of the Herd where I admitted that I even failed to entertain myself with how I was writing it by forcing it out most of the time. Looking back on that fatal flaw was when that particular factor became most important to me.


Q18: Do you partake in any writing-related events on SBC, such as the Winter and Scary Story contests?

A. Yes (5)
B. No (1) (I kind of can't since I host them)
C. Never heard of them

The next three questions ask the members about their participation in events that are related to spin-offs/lits or just writing in general. For a very clear reason, the only "No" response is from Jjs who is in-charge of the specific writing events. Everyone else, including myself, collectively said that they do participate in events such as story contests.


Q19: Do you partake in the Spin-Off Festivals that come around each year?

A. Yes (6)
B. No
C. Never heard of it


One thing I should add is that these type of questions show how dedicated we are to the spin-off/lit community. We all collectively said 'yes,' no need to say anything else there.


Q20: Do you have clubs dedicated to promoting your own work(s), or are you a member of any particular spin-off/lit clubs?                 

A. I manage my own spin-off/lit group and I’m a member of other clubs dedicated to that medium (3)
B. I only manage a spin-off/lit club (2)
C. I’m only a member of a spin-off/lit club (1)
D. None of the above.
E. Never knew about spin-off/lit clubs

Most of the participants said that they manage their own spin-off/lit club as well as being a member of other spin-off/lit clubs. While I have been planning on being a member of one or more spin-off/lit-related clubs, I answered B, as I've still only been managed my own club.


Q21: Do you have any things to say about the spin-off/lit community that is going be around for 10 years as of 2018?

I'm not very good at being emotional or giving sentimental speeches, but there are some things I need to say in behalf of spin-offs and literatures.

I'm amazed to see how much the community has grown over the years since spin-offs were first introduced on a website that's now a ghost town and managed to survive very well into SBC. I'm proud to be a member for almost ten years and I'm proud for everyone else who contributed to both writing formats. Some have said that interest and activity in writing spin-offs have dwindled, but I don't see this culture dying at any rate since it has been around for ten years now and hopefully they won't die shortly after I have stopped. What matters most is that people are continuing to write spin-offs and lits to fulfill the enjoyment of their own selves and for others than find or create the next big thing. That's what truly still make the spin-off/lit community active in my eyes.

What I'd like to say is that I am tremendously proud of the culture and legacy we've all left with Spin-Offs/Lits. They have always been an intricate and vital part of our community, regardless of any patches of inactivity. To see something that blossomed from out of one thread on a TV.com board into a cultural cornerstone of a longstanding website... that's nothing short of remarkable.

I'm honestly proud spin-offs are a tradition survived tv.com. I sort of feared they would die off when we moved to SBC, but I was glad to be proven wrong. While they may not be as active as they once were, it warms me heart to see people still write whenever they can. I'm also glad we're finally not competing for the "#1 spin-off" title anymore, or to see who has the most views. I thought those competitions back in the day were childish and might've deterred people away. As I said earlier, I don't believe views matter, only as long as you enjoy writing your works. I promise Spin-Off Festival 8 will be a fantastic and enormous way to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of spin-offs!

I guess I can only say this, it's amazing to see users created their own works, and new fresh writers to give something creavity like RRR, and it's been 10 years since i've read something for anything new, and maybe re read old SO/Lits someday.

Keep up the good work, and stay classy.


I was very glad that most of the participants have some things to say in behalf. This question was optional, which is why there is no response from JCM. That should be it for the survey results, and I hope you guys enjoyed looking into them.

Edited by Steel Sponge
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Wish I spent more time on my responses but it was super last minute like Steel said and I didn't want to burden him too much. If I have anything to say to say to the spin-off community ten years from now (assuming this site still exists then), it's just to have fun, similar to what jjs said. I've had some successful shows and some that weren't as successful, but I don't regret the time and effort I put into any of my spin-offs or lits, because they all contributed to me becoming a better writer. I hope I can be more active writing for this community again, because it honestly has been a blast.

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For those who haven't caught me on Discord last week, I've talked about how I've been using a temporary device all this month, due to a situation with my own computer that was beyond my control. So, the second portion of this project that was planned to be unveiled for this month is postponed to next month.

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I've held this off for two 1/2 months, but now it's finished. It took quite a lot of time, but hopefully, this is worth it. Also, take note that these stats are up to July 31, 2018. Any numbers that have been added up to the Spin-Offs and Literatures forum after that day have not been counted. Anyways...




Over the course of the 10 year history of spin-offs, the Spin-Offs and Literatures forum on SBC has amassed a total of...

24,057 posts

962 threads

697* written works (*estimated)

....and counting.


-Longest running Spin-Offs/Lits

1. Total Cartoon series by 4EverGreen (November 29, 2008-Present) (9 years, 8 months and counting)
2. The Krusty Krab: The Years Before SpongeBob by tvguy (November 2, 2009-May 11, 2017) (7 years, 6 months) (ahead of Team SpongeBob by 5 days)
3. Team SpongeBob by teenj12 (July 26, 2010-January 30, 2018) (7 years, 6 months)
4. Skodwarde by Old Man Jenkins, Clappy, and jjsthekid (June 10, 2011-Present) (7 years, 1 month, and counting)
5. SBCinema by Clappy (January 23, 2012-Present) (6 years, 6 months, and counting)
6. Sub-Tropical Academy by Steel Sponge (March 9, 2012-Present) (6 years, 4 months and counting)
7. Guru Gakuto by Steel Sponge (August 28, 2010-December 18, 2016) (6 years, 3 months)
8. Underwater Survivor: SBC Style by Steel Sponge (September 6, 2010-September 30, 2016) (6 years and 24 days)
9. Tiki Land by Steel Sponge (January 1, 2013-Present) (5 years, 6 months, and counting)
10. The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star by JCM (March 4, 2013-Present) (5 years, 4 months, and counting)

(Yep, of course I would occupy four of ten of those spots.)


-Longest Spin-Offs/Lits by episode count

1. Jjs’ Riffing Theater 3000 by jjsthekid: 294 episodes
2. Skodwarde by Old Man Jenkins, Clappy, and jjsthekid: 211.5 episodes (and counting)
3. Perfectly Plankton by DC-Dude: 177 episodes
4. Team SpongeBob by teenj12: 167 episodes (plus two movies)
5. Star City by PokeSponge123/Doogle: 144 episodes
6. Rusty’s Raping Rampage by Elastic Dog and jjsthekid: 140 episodes
7. Storm Racers by jjsthekid: 137 episodes
8. & 9. Squidtropolis and Underwater Idol by DC-Dude: 130 episodes
10. Spin-Off Action by Clappy: 123 episodes

-Longest Spin-Offs/Lits by word count (Note: this and the next list is excluding Riffing Theater, notes/trivia, bonus content and shorts in-between episodes, embedded images/links, or any other additional text)

1. Total Cartoon series by 4EverGreen: 949,594 words
2. Mystic Guardians by jjsthekid: 618,275 words
3. Power Rangers: Multiverse Force by Renegade the Unicorn, 4EverGreen, and GreyKnight151: 414,540 words
4. Storm Racers by jjsthekid: 388,358 words
5. Community Deathmatch by Old Man Jenkins: 290,104 words
6. Underwater Survivor: SBC Style by Steel Sponge: 273,335 words
7. Adventures in the Underground City by Sabre: 269,479 words
8. Skodwarde by Old Man Jenkins, Clappy, and jjsthekid: 244,176 words
9. Team SpongeBob by teenj12: 240,249 words
10. Pisces Moon by Steel Sponge: 144,175 words


-Longest Spin-Off/Lit episodes

1. Cosmic Guardians: Part II (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force): 39,249 words
2. Germany Rising (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force): 30,041 words
3. The Laughter of Thirsting Gods: Part I (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force): 25,493 words
4. Performance Review: Total Cartoon Global Cruise’s Greatest Hits (Total Cartoon series): 25,463 words
5. Sister Act (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force): 21,748 words
6. Vision Quest Part I: Head Games! (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force): 16,374 words
7. Baking Bad; And Baking Good! (Total Cartoon series): 16,294 words
8. Welcome 2 the Jungle (Total Cartoon series): 15,589 words
9. Stand Back Stanley, In San Marino! (Total Cartoon series): 15,268 words
10. Blackhole of Quantanova (Pisces Moon): 15,265 words

(As a little something extra, one of the closest entries into making the list outside of Total Cartoon and Multiverse Force was "Wumbo Rumble" from Community Deathmatch, withstanding 14,513 words.)

-Most number of written works from an author

1. tvguy: 57
2. Dragiiin123: 29
3. Old Man Jenkins: 28
4. Cha: 27
5. Steel Sponge: 26
6. jjsthekid: 23
7. Clappy: 22
8. & 9. teenj12 and Milkmaidman: 18
10. CNF1: 17

-Most posts for a (non-sticked) Spin-Off/Lit thread

1. Jjs’ Riffing Theater 3000: 891 posts, 45 pages
2. Skodwarde: 545 posts, 28 pages
3. Community Deathmatch: 490 posts, 25 pages
4. Mystic Guardians: 405 posts, 21 pages
5. Rusty’s Raping Rampage: 356 posts, 18 pages
6. Total Cartoon series: 331 posts, 17 pages
7. SBCinema: 285 posts, 15 pages
8. The SBC Show: 267 posts, 14 pages
9. Storm Racers: 265 posts, 14 pages
10. Team SpongeBob: 232 posts, 12 pages

-Most weeks at number one on SpongeBoard

1. Jjs’ Riffing Theater 3000: 91 weeks
2. Skodwarde: 62 weeks
3. Community Deathmatch: 42 weeks
4. Rusty’s Raping Rampage: 7 weeks
5. SBCinema: 6 weeks


-Most accumulated weeks on SpongeBoard (Note: This and the next list only covers SpongeBoard date from 2013-2017)

1. Skodwarde: 228 weeks (This is the exact number of weeks collected by SpongeBoard for 2013-2017. Up to that point, Skodwarde has not ever missed a week on the top 25.)
2. Jjs’ Riffing Theater 3000: 224 weeks
3. Community Deathmatch: 221 weeks
4. SBCinema: 200 weeks
5. Total Cartoon series: 181 weeks
6. Team SpongeBob: 169 weeks
7. Underwater Survivor: SBC Style: 127 weeks
8. OMJ’s Variety: 107 weeks
9. Storm Racers: 102 weeks
10. Mystic Guardians: 100 weeks


-Most accumulated views on SpongeBoard

1. Jjs’ Riffing Theater 3000: 42,258 views
2. Skodwarde: 34,168 views
3. Community Deathmatch: 22,163 views
4. Total Cartoon series: 14,712 views
5. SBCinema: 8,269 views
6. Mystic Guardians: 8,186 views
7. SBC Falls: 6,641 views
8. Underwater Survivor: SBC Style: 5,811 views
9. Team SpongeBob: 5,773 views
10. The SBC Show: 5,007 views


And for the grand finish, the list for the top 100 most viewed spin-offs/literatures as of July 31, 2018.



This wraps up the statistics segment for this project. Thank you all for your time viewing this.

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Totally was NOT expecting to rack up so many listed slots on these lists! o.o I'm more productive than I thought I was! :D I shall definitely continue to keep making good, quality episodes and stories to the best of my abilities. Enough said! :cool:

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