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Choose the Next Forum Event!

February Event Poll  

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  1. 1. What should the theme of our February event be?

    • Space
    • Western
    • Prehistoric
    • Futuristic

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Here's something different. For the February 2018 forum event, the people deciding it will be...YOU! That's right, as a community, you can vote for what you want the next forum event's theme to be! :o You can choose from one of the four SpongeBob themes above: Space, Western, Prehistoric, or Futuristic. Whichever one has the most votes will be turned into the February forum event by the staff!

But it doesn't end there. Since the members are picking the event, you can suggest things you'd like to see from it, depending on what you voted for. You can even suggest names for the event, or you can suggest games/activities/graphics. Or if you even want to host something during the event, let us know and we can plan it out together. We'd appreciate any help for this event! Even if your idea isn't used, we'd still love to hear anything out from the community.

You have until January 16th to vote, and once we have the results, we'll begin making the event. Don't be sad if your preferred option doesn't win, as we could still theoretically use the other three in the future.

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I would go to last option IMO, and the name would be called: Futuristic February. yes, it sounds simple, but works as charms to feel with good momth the theme kind of like May Mayhem, so the events i would want to see special themed for WOF & even do ifish dedicated to futuristic  to be dated with mordern day techology (like some episode I've seen). That's my personal suggestion for month of Feb. :) (oh, bonus points for Plankton inventions which sounds futuristic to me :P ).

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7 hours ago, Steel Skeet said:

Why not a combination of all four? Futuristic Prehistoric Space Western could be up my ally.

Voted for space, tho.

Westworld in the future and in the space! 

Including prehistoric creatures.

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The votes are in. Thanks to all who voted. The winning theme is...


Therefore, the February theme will be space themed. However, since futuristic was so close in the votes, we will put some future-y elements in the event since space and future can go hand in hand with each other. :) Let us know if you want to help staff plan or host anything in it, or if you have name for it, feel free to suggest it. More details to come soon!

Don't be sad if your theme didn't win, as we can still use the others someday if we want.

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