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The "SBC" Variety Hour

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hey all its dragiiin 123 with a new spin off based around the people of sbc. like this post and review in the review thread if u want more. inside the spoiler is the first episode so read it yall

The SBC Variety Hour

Season 1 Episode 1

*We see Alex running a store*

*Camera freezes*

Narrator (Conehead): This is Alex. He runs literally EVERY store in SBCtopia.

*We cut to Conehead in his posting job with a camera and a warp pipe*

Conehead: And now, we're going to see him attempt to run the convenient store.

*Conehead takes a warp pipe to the industrial park, where he and his friends hang out*

OBAB: I'm already expecting Conehead to come out of the pipe any second now-

*Conehead appears*

OBAB: AAHH! Not again!

Regenade: So what are we doing again?

Conehead: Spying on Alex.

OBAB: Uh...why?

Conehead: I don't know! I guess I just want to see what it's like to be Alex.

SpongeBob's #1 Fan: Well then, let's go.

*Everyone takes a warp pipe to the store*

Store #1: The Convenient Store

*They all appear through the warp pipe (silently)*

Conehead: Remember to put on this invisible spray to keep Alex from seeing you.

*Everyone puts it on*

Conehead: Let's watch now.

*Camera pans to Alex and someone walks in*

Alex: Welcome to the SBC convenient store, how can I help you today?

Unknown (wearing a ski mask): Give me all your money.

*Unknown reveals his face, which is Bl4ze*

Alex: Um...

*Bl4ze steals the money*

Bl4ze: Thanks for the money, losers!

Conehead: Don't rob the forum!

*Conehead takes off the invisible spray and attacks Bl4ze*

Bl4ze: What are you DOING?!

Conehead: Preventing you from attacking SBC!

*Conehead punches Bl4ze in the face, but Bl4ze vanishes*

Conehead: Uh...

*Everyone else takes off the spray*

OBAB: Wow.

Conehead: Well, that was fun. Sort of.

OBAB: Now, let's all go back to where we belong.

*Conehead takes a warp pipe to his posting job, while the others took one to the industrial park*

Conehead: Welp, that's all! See you on my next adventure!



S1E3: OBABland coming soon!

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