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cream does art i guess

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out of ALL things

THIS had to be my best drawing???

(sorry if the pic quality is bad, at least u can see the drawing clearly)

im serious. im genuinely proud of this. everything is good. the face. the hands. the body. the feet. EVERYTHING i am proud of, not just a specific area (usually i only like the face)

OK explanation of what this is: Sticks in the Wendy's girl clothing. why the heck did i do this? good question. simple: i like drawing sonic characters in different clothes, and sticks' hair reminded me of the wendy girl's. so why not? yes ik the idea is stupid, but its kinda rare i actually come up with ideas for drawing so -
also amy was originally gonna be in the pic with her because shes the one that made her do it but i thought sticks would be better off on her own.

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i havent updated this since...ever probably, oops

i have a new drawing im proud of recently


,,,this is the best sonic ive ever drawn prob. aside from maybe drawing the legs a little too short, but im proud of everything else.
im considering coloring it later, but for now, have this.

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hi wow i havent updated this topic since september oops

heres amy in star butterfly's outfit because i still like drawing sonic characters in different outfits for some reason, and i always found the idea cute


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