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SpongeBob Combo Episodes (Taking Requests!)

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So this is a Spin-Offs series where two episodes will be combined to create a whole new episode where different stuff happens, but based on the original two episodes! If you want to make a suggestion, feel free! :squilliam2:

1. Restaurant Fancy (Squilliam Returns + House Fancy)

2. Baby Games (Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost + Squid Baby) (Renegade the Santacorn)


Restaurant Fancy

Once upon a tentacle, Squidward was drudging along to his least favorite place in the world – the Krusty Krab. Not only were SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs constantly there, but Patrick tried to be a frequent customer (well, whenever he found enough money on the ground to cover the bill) as well. He emotionlessly slid through the double doors, across the kelp green wood, and into the register boat.


As he opened his new Dance Monthly to the first page, a spongy hand stuck itself in front of the words. “Squidward! Squidward!” the little yellow loofah excitedly shouted. “What.” was the cashier’s empty reply. “Guess whose turn it is to take a lunch break?” “Mine?” said the octopus with excitement. Mr. Krabs had finally allowed them lunch breaks, but to save money on labor, he forced them to take breaks on alternating days, so that one employee wasn’t away from their station two days in a row. “Oh, really?” quizzed the ocean-blue eyes, twig of a nose, and the buck-toothed smile. “Didn’t you have one yesterday?” “Oh of course, SpongeBob. I guess you should take one, since you don’t really like work all that much anyways.” “AHH! No!” shouted the employee of the month. He quickly ran back to the grill. “I think I’ll sit this one out, Squidward. The ice cubes need inventoried, anyways.” Squidward grabbed a sandy paper bag full of meager vittles and walked through the kitchen, definitely not acknowledging SpongeBob on the way to the back lot. As the cephalopod opened the back door, he looked listlessly at the “furniture” - a closed dumpster as a table, and a closed trash can as a chair. It was times like this that Squidward rather hoped that he could get sick off of the germs and sue Mr. Krabs, but as Sponge would have said, “The customers’ happiness scares the germies away, Squidsy!” That box of bran flakes was always focused on their satisfaction. One would think that Squidward, being in a service field, would as well, but ever since he graduated community college, his life was just a constant blur of waiting to get noticed and spirited away from his annoying life sandwiched between two annoying neighbors to a life of clarinet fame. He’d never tell it to anyone, but his “award” in high school for “Most Likely to Suck Eggs” seemed to be a great big “Mission Accomplished!” In fact, he was the first person to ever get the award, and the last one too before it was shut down. Now who even suggested it… Squilvia? Sadie? S…


Squilliam waltzed up to Squidward’s impromptu meal and announced his presence with a “Hello-oh!” Barnacles. Dirty barnacles. The one person who Squid hated yet never went to the Krusty Krab… was there. “How’s the service industry now?” announced the unibrowed octopus with all the schadenfreude he could muster. Squidward just stuttered and tried to come up with an excuse once he saw Squilliam’s affluent buds come up behind him. Was Squilliam TRYING to embarrass him? “I think it’s going great! But then again, it’s hard to have a good perspective on it when you own your own restaurant. That’s why Nicholas Withers is coming to Squilliam’s Eats to crown it the Most Fancy Restaurant in Bikini Bottom. I know it’s a little presumptive, Squiddy, but there aren’t any competitors! It’s gonna be easier than flushing your clarinet down the toilet, but that’s A-OK with me!” he chortled. “Now if you’ll excuse me, me and the associates are going to get back to my balloon/hot tub.”


Squidward felt a little guilty about lying, but he had to take the one opportunity in a long time to rub Squilliam’s face in – and in front of the fancy Nicky Withers, to boot. “D-don’t be so sure, Squilliam! I have a new restaurant… and-and it’s called… Squiddly Eats! Yeah! And it will knock the socks off yours!” Squilliam replied “Oh really? Well, Nicky is gonna come check Monday! Ta ta!” as he and his gang walked away laughing. Squidward’s nose drooped as he realized what he had gotten himself into. He couldn’t cook anything without burning it – not even a milkshake! He ran back into the restaurant and into Mr. Krabs’ office. He pleaded with Mr. Krabs to let him sell Krabby Patties at his house so he could turn it into a fancy restaurant. Mr. Krabs replied “Oh, boo-hoo! Let me play a sad song for yeh on the world’s smallest violin!” “Mr. Krabs! This is serious!” “I know. This really is the world’s smallest violin. See?” said the cheapskate as he showed him a tiny plastic violin in the nape of his claw. “Mr. Krabs! Please help me run a restaurant for just one night! I really need to impress Squilliam!” “Squ- Sqa- Squilliam?” the crab replied as dollar signs appeared in his eyes. “The guy who made millions doing everything that you wish you could do?” “Don’t rub it in.” said the octopus, having heard that one before. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Mr. Krabs said as he shook Squid’s hand. “We’ll take him to the cleaner’s.”


“Alright, men. Now listen up.” Squidward said to the audience in his living room - SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs. “We have to turn my house into a fancy restaurant as soon as possible.” he asserted. He realized that his least favorite neighbors were there, and wearing embarrassing army gear to boot. “SpongeBob! Patrick! What are you doing here!” “Ensign Spongebob, here to set sail for full flavor!” the poriferan responded. “I thought the core would help me straighten out my life, sir!” said the sea star. “Pat! This isn’t the… oh, beggars can’t be choosers. Can you take hats… in a dignified and sophisticated manner?” replied Squidward. “You mean like a weenie? Okay!” said Pat. “May I take your hat, sir? May I take your hat, sir? May I...” Patrick said in a cutesy voice before Squidward placed a tentacle over his mouth. “Alright. You’ve got the job.” The “manager” then set his sights on the crustacean. “Mr. Krabs, weren’t you once the head waiter on the S. S. Gourmet?” “Aye-aye!” he responded. “Then you’ll be our head waiter.” “What can I do?” said the sponge. “SpongeBob… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but could you please cook for us?” said the blue one with reluctance. “YEAH! WOO-HOO! BEST DAY EVER!” said the sponge as he flew to the classy kitchen. Squid rolled his eyes as he and Mr. Krabs went to the yard to set up the scenic tables.


Squidward was simultaneously relaxing on his couch and questioning his life decisions when a yellow arm poked him on the shoulder. “Squidward, how do I cook for these fancy people?” “Well, SpongeBob, just cook Krabby Patties… but more tasteful.” “MORE tasteful?” said the sponge as he hugged Squidward and ran back into the kitchen. “Well, that’s done. Time to greet the patrons.” said he as he walked out and peeked out the door… to see no one. “I should have known. He was pulling a prank all along. Well, time to tell the guys that...” he started to say when he was interrupted by a hot-air balloon landing on his front yard. “- that Squilliam is already here! Squilliam! AHH!” “Hello, Squiddy.” said the monocled and rich octopus. “We’re ready to be dazzled by your five-star restaurant.” “Wait, Squilliam, let me explain!” Squid replied. “Explain what? That, you, Squidward Tentacles, thought you could turn a worn out bachelor pad into a five… star...” Squilliam gulped. “Restaurant?” Squidward’s house now called to mind an Ancient Greek forum, made with fresh, pearly marble. A fountain featuring Squidward sat where his coffee table used to. A woodwind band replaced his television. Squilliam and his friends gaped at the sight. Nicholas Withers held his microphone up to his mouth and said “Good evening, folks. On this episode of Food Fancy, we take a look at the restaurant that aims to dethrone Squilliam’s Eats – and what a show it is putting on! Can someone say ‘homina’?” “Table for ‘homina’? I can seat you immediately.” said a suddenly politer and fancier-dressed starfish. “Good evening sir, our special tonight is Squiddly Newburg.” the starfish greeted as he seated Nicholas, gave him a napkin, set a plate in front of him, and fed him. “We take the freshest cuts of aged, imported kelp, stuff them with herbs from our garden, wrap them in parchment with our award-winning shallot tapenade, slow-roast them for six hours in our wood-fired, clay-filled oven, or kiva, and serve them with a garnish of wilted coral on a mahogany plank.” “Mmm… this is fantastic.” stammered Nicholas. “Thank you, sir.” replied the star. “Pinch me, I must be dreaming.” said Squidward at the sight. “OUCH!” he yelled when Patrick did just that. “If you need anything else, just call.” the pink one pointed out. “Patrick, I can’t thank you enough for all you’re doing.” said the “owner”. “Oh, it’s nothing.” said the sea star as Squidward laughed his apparent joke off. The star rushed off to seat the other customers. “It worked - I can’t believe it! Nicky and Squilliam think that I own a five-star restaurant!” As Squilliam finished his meal, Squidward waltzed over and said the words. “Well, Squilliam, I’m waiting.” Tears welled up in Squilliam’s eyes as he realized what he had to do. “Alright, I admit it. The food… the atmosphere… everything’s flawless”. “In that case, I’ll need you to read this.” said Squid as he handed Squilliam a small card. “Squidward Tentacles-” “And I’ll need you to wear this.” he said while putting a Squidward #1 foam hand on Squilliam’s tentacle. “Squidward Tentacles has the fanciest -” “I’m sorry, one more time.” said Squidward as he held Nicky’s microphone to Squilliam. “Squidward Tentacles has the fanciest restaurant in Bikini Bottom… and he does not suck eggs.” said the billionaire to the Food Fancy audience. The whole restaurant cheered in agreement. Nicholas took his microphone back and said to Squidward “Squidward, I must tell you – thank you,” he said as Patrick gave him a chocolate-covered mint. “What really won me over was your brilliant waiter. It’s as if being a waiter requires absolutely no thought for him.” “Ha-ha, yeah.” said Squid with a chuckle as he remembered Patrick’s usually-dim nature. “I must know your name.” Nicholas said to Patrick. “My name?” said a suddenly-confused sea star. “Yes, your name.” the host said with a smile. “Small salad?” replied the starfish. “No, your name, son.” said a confused Nicky. “Fork on the left?” “Stop joking, tell him your name.” the anxious host said to Patrick. “My name?” said Patrick to himself.


In Patrick’s imagination, one small Patrick was standing in a sea of white, riding a mechanical seahorse. “Wait.” said the imaginary starfish. “There’s something that my brain is trying to tell me. Something about a name...” The star thought for a moment before he realized something awful. “I THREW OUT HIS NAME!”


Back in Squidward’s house, Patrick convulsed for a second before throwing the bowl of mints everywhere and screaming. Nicholas choked on the mint that he was eating as Squidward tried to console him. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what has gotten into that- WHA!” he shrieked as he saw what Patrick was up to. “More soup for your armpits?” said Patrick as he ran to another table and poured a bowl of hot soup into a man’s armpit. He ran to another table and said “Please enjoy the food!” as he slammed a couple’s heads into their bowls. “Would you like some cheese on that, sir?” he said to another patron as he grated the man’s pants onto the plate. The house turned into chaos as everybody, except for Squilliam and Nicholas Withers, ran around and screamed.


“Well, folks… I don’t know what to say.” said Nicky as he stood next to Squidward and Squilliam, addressing the audience. “Go ahead.” nudged Squilliam with a wave of his arm. “Say it.” “Mr. Tentacles… you have ushered in a new era of food fanciness.” “I have.” Squidward gasped as he realized what Nicholas was getting at. “I have?” “You have portrayed the great underwater spirit of family eating… of chaos yet togetherness. I am awarding you the Most Fancy Restaurant in Bikini Bottom award and commissioning a new hour-long Food Fancy special about your restaurant. Tell me. Were there any inspirations to your genius?” “Well, not to toot my own horn...” said Squid. “But… nope!” He emitted a honking laugh. “Don’t worry, Squilliam.” said Patrick as he placed a consoling point on Squilliam’s shoulder. “Even though I can’t use my brain, maybe you can ask Mr. Krabs or Spongebob for tips.” Squilliam’s pupils dilated at the comparison to such a plebian crew. “They are personal friends of mine...” said he as Squilliam started crying.


In Squilliam’s bedroom, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob were trying to beat down the door, even though no one could hear them over the applause. “Patrick! Patrick, help! Please let us out!”


The End


Baby Games

Once upon a bubble, a certain yellow sponge was running to a goal. He wasn’t a football player, a king, or even a football-playing king in space, but rather a fry cook. “Huff, huff”, he huffed. He threw a baby rattle to the other player, who proceeded to catch it and blow a bubble around it using a handle-powered bubble toy. The said other player, a starfish, watched it float over to a stack of alphabet blocks. The bubble popped and released the rattle upon touching the “G” block. “G7!” shouted the happy poriferan, who went by the name of SpongeBob. “Patrick needs his bottle!” said the third-person-speaking star as he ran into a coral tree and proceeded to crash into it. “Nap time!” he said as he looked up at the clouds after falling off of the tree. “But it’s not Tuesday, baby!” the sponge said with a wary finger. “Aw, barnacles.” said the “baby”. Squidward, the grouchy blue octopus whose yard was the stadium of the game in question, opened the window and shouted “Hey! What are you invertebrates doing?” Sponge and Pat, not used to being forced to defend their inscrutable game, said “We dunno.” “Hey Patrick,” replied the octopus. “You know what time it is?” “Uh, yeah, Squidward, it’s...” he said as he looked at his watch, draining the bubble-blowing toy in the process, which caused him to gain a sad countenance. “Time to find some OTHER game to play!” laughed Squidward at his successful prank as he went to go have some “me” time. He went to go run a bath and pour in some bubbles. “Now what, Patrick?” said the bored sponge. “We could toss that rubber scallop back and forth.” Patrick replied. “Okay! Ready...” “Go!” said the sea star, finishing his friend’s sentence. “I’ve got it! I’ve got it!” said the duo as the rubber scallop sailed through the air and into Squidward’s window. They chased it by going through Squidward’s front door and taking his elevator. The toy landed in Squidward’s studio, right in front of his bathroom door. Squidward opened the door, dressed with a towel around his waist, and picked up the scallop in confusion. SpongeBob and Patrick hugged each other and SpongeBob said “Patrick…! It’s so cute! Squidward is pretending to be a baby, isn’t he?” The offended cephalopod almost yelled “NO, I’M NOT! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” before he heard Patrick say “Aw, he’s so cute. I’ll go get him something to eat. You just get in your crib, baby, and simply relax.” Squidward made a clever grin as he realized that this could mean a whole day of Sponge and Pat being his personal servants. “Wah! Baby wants carry to crib!” he said as he fell to the floor and pretended to pout. “Oh, don’t worry, baby. I’ll carry you to your crib.” the sponge said as he carried his youngling to his bed. He tucked the octopus in tight, but before he could leave, Squidward said “It too cold in here! Baby wants crib outside!” SpongeBob blanched as he realized the gravity of Squid’s request, but he had to call Patrick to help push the bed outside because he didn’t want to “make Squidward feel bad”.


“Huff… huff… here?” the duo said as the pushed the crib into Squidward’s front yard. “No, too cold!” he said. “Heh… woo… here?” they said again as they pushed the bed across his yard. “No, too hot!” the baby said. “Huh… huh… here?” they asked again as they pushed it in front of a map. “No, Toulouse-Lautrec!” Squidward said as a drumroll played. “Too… tired!” the parents said as they pushed the bed all around the world and ended where they started. “Perfect!” Squidward said affirmingly! “Hmm… baby hungry! Daddy, Papa, fetch him some nourishment!” “Only the freshest, oh diapered one!” said the sponge. He rushed off and came back with a royal purple grape. “A grape, fresh from the vine, your babiness!” He dropped it in Squid’s mouth as he made hums of approval whilst eating it. He went and got a banana. “A banana, peeled to your liking, oh nubby-wubby!” he said as he used a spoon to spoon the mushy fruit in Squidward’s throat. Patrick finally came back with his own meal; a watermelon! “One watermelon, fresh from the manure field, Baby Squiddy!” dropping it on top of Squidward, making him fall out of bed. The “parents” looked on top of him as SpongeBob said “Is baby not pleased!” “Blegh, bluch, enough of that!” Squidward said as he got back in bed and spat out the watermelon. “Baby wants something else to eat now! Something that’s very difficult to find...” “What do you hunger for, sweetie?” said the sea star. “Whatever you want, we’ll find it! We’ll find it!” The octopus thought of something that would take hours to cook. “Cherry pie!” he declared. Patrick took a cherry pie out of his pocket and said to Squidward “I found it.”, holding it up to him. The shocked cephalopod took the pie, threw it far away, and barked “Well, go find it again!” The sponge was left by the bed. “Daddy! Get over here!” the baby said as Sponge ran over. “Now spin around! That’s better. Now jog in place! Say “flank steak”! “Flank steak.” said the harried sponge as he did Squidward’s demands. He was starting to feel exhausted by this game. “I’m actually beginning to like this.” thought the satisfied Squidward. “Stop!” he barked. “Now play baby an elaborate lullaby with… this!” He held out a piece of tissue paper to SpongeBob. “But this is just a piece of tissue paper.” said SpongeBob as he sadly looked at it. “Oh, always have to have it Daddy’s way, don’t we? Oh, boo hoo.” he groused as Sponge tried to blow his nose on it to make music. “I can’t do it!” he demoralizedly whined. “Well, baby hopes that Daddy doesn’t have any plans tonight, because he is not allowed to leave that spot until baby hears a song.” SpongeBob’s face wilted as his mind was blank. He just kept standing there until he fell asleep because he really didn’t know what to do with the little slip of paper. Squidward, for his part, had a long, relaxing slumber due to the lack of SpongeBob and Patrick’s annoying antics. After sleeping in really late, he woke up and looked over to see the sleeping sponge on the ground. “What’s this? Napping on the job?” he said. “Daddy is supposed to be making music for Squidward! As punishment for ruining the game, you have to go clean out my back room!” Just then, Patrick strolled up, holding the reunited cherry pie. “I found it!” he happily exclaimed. Squid then snatched it, saying “I’ll take that.” and threw it at his face, leaving dripping sauce and little chunks of crust on Patrick’s face. “Yes, your adorableness!” Patrick dutifully said. He looked at SpongeBob while he licked his face. “This is fun.”


Finally, SpongeBob and Patrick located Squidward’s storage room in the back of his bungalow. It appeared to be covered with thick dust on the wall. Patrick asked “How are we gonna clean up all this mess?” “It’s easy!” exclaimed his friend. “Just tear this wallpaper off!” He then demonstrated that the “dust” was just a sheet covering some shelves. Something fell out of the layer that SpongeBob pulled off. “Hey, look. You missed some.” his friend reminded him. “Oh, let’s see.” he said as he looked at the derbris. “Hey, it’s a photo album!” The sponge picked it up. “Look at this!” He read the title - “Squidward’s First Year!” His eyes got water in them as he smiled at the thought. “Look Patrick, it’s Squidward and his parents eating at a fancy restaurant!” he said as he looked at Squidward in his booster seat, eating some tetrazini off of his fine china. “Patrick! I’ve got an idea!” he finished. “We’re gonna take pictures?” his friend said. “No, we’re gonna take Baby Squiddy out to eat!”


Squidward was catching up on his soaps when he felt two pairs of hands try to force a bib on him. “What the heck is that?” he angrily exclaimed. “Your dress clothes. Hahaha!” the sponge laughed. “This is part one of our special night.” “What special night?” Squidward asked. “Our family is going out to eat!” Daddy replied. “I don’t want a family night! All I want are those chores done! And did you clean the back room yet?” “Yep!” said the sponge. “Oh, really?” he said, not really trusting those two to get anything done. “Well, I’m gonna go check!” he said as he stormed off. He opened the storage room door to see SpongeBob holding a raceboat-shaped toothbrush and Patrick eating some baby toothpaste. “Alright, open up the tunnel!” SpongeBob announced. “Are you crazy? I’m not using your childish toothpaste!” “But you said we could go out and eat.” the sponge reminded him. “I never said anything like that! Now get out of my house!” he said as he pushed the duo out of his storage room. He felt like he had to take a nap. He put on his pajamas and a nightcap, making a cup of tea to aid his slumber. He went back outside and snuggled under his blankets. He was woken up by something rumbling. “Now what?” he said with a sneer. He realized that Patrick was driving a boatmobile, SpongeBob was riding shotgun, and he was in a car seat with nothing but a diaper on! He screamed as he thought of what could be going on. “Oh, hi, baby! Is your seat tall enough?” said the sponge “SpongeBob! Cut that out!” the octopus yelled. “Oh, look! We’re here!” said Daddy. “Ahoy, SpongeBob! I’ve got the special kids’ menu out for ye! Argh-argh-argh-argh-argh!” Mr. Krabs laughed as he opened the door to the Krusty Krab. Squidward blanched as he saw a laughing group of customers snapping pictures of him. “SpongeBob! Are you trying to put me in the nut house?” “No. Just into this booster seat.” SpongeBob said as he held out the item. “Grrrrrrr!” growled Squidward. “SpongeBob. I have a confession to make.” he said as he took off his diaper. SpongeBob gasped as he realized what was really going on. “You’re bald?” “No, I’m not bald! I’m a grown-up. Now get rid of that car seat, and tell all your friends to go home!” “But-” the sponge protested. “Do it!” “Go home.” said the sponge. Everyone tittered as they walked out of the Krusty Krab, sharing the pictures on Instaclam. “But – I – Baby.” stammered SpongeBob. “I’m not your baby, I’m your neighbor.” said Squidward. “Now do me a favor, and stop doing me favors. “As you wish… sweetie.” Squidward groaned and fumed as he walked back home. “Boy, he really had us fooled.” said Patrick. “No, Patrick, he’s the fool. He’s a baby in denial. He needs us now more than ever.” “You’re right. He needs a new family.” A light-bulb went off in SpongeBob’s head. “Patrick! Say that again!” “That again.” “No, the other thing.” “No, the other thing.” “No, what you said before when you-” “No, what you said before when you-” “Never mind, I’ve got an idea!” the sponge announced. He rolled his eyes as Patrick repeated “Never mind, I’ve got an idea!”


Squidward’s nap back in his bedroom was interrupted by a “Ca-caw! Ca-caw!” There was only one person who could do such an awful imitation of a clamk call. “Call louder!” Patrick whispered. “Ca-caw! Ca-caw!” Squid realized that they were standing in his bedroom with him. A large white-and-black clam flew in his window. It scooped Squidward up in its mouth, where he could see other sleeping babies – fish, crabs, sponges, and even sea stars. It then flew out his window and off to the great beyond. “There he goes.” announced a bittersweet Patrick. “How far is he gonna go?” “All the way, Patrick! Off to the great beyond!” SpongeBob sniffled as he yelled “Goodbye, baby!” “Happy trails!” Squidward beat on the clam’s shell and yelled at the annoying duo. “You’re welcome!” they said. “He’s on the other side now.” said the sponge. “Yeah. He’s in a better place.” said the star.


Squidward groaned as all of the babies hid under his tentacles for warmth.

The End

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Baby Games
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16 minutes ago, Christmas Unknown said:

I would like to suggest Krusty Krab Training Mouth (Krusty Krab Training Video + Sailor Mouth)

Sure thing. Yours will come after Baby Games (The title of Squid Baby + Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost).

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On 12/9/2016 at 10:24 AM, Renegade the Santacorn said:

Ooh, what about Squidward the Unfriendly Baby? (Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost + Squid Baby)

Now your episode is posted! I'm sorry for the delay. Up next is "Toilet-Mouth Trainees".

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