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Pokemon, bitch

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I try to go in with little to no expectations with these things so I'm not super disappointed, but I think we're in the clear here for Gen 8 considering the countdown of the starters by region that the Pokemon social media is doing. I'll be satisfied even if they announce Sinnoh remakes tbh, but I think Gen 8's more likely. For new regions.... I've heard speculations on Egypt and I really, really want to see that. Regardless I'll be cool with whatever. But I'll keep my wishes for Gen 8 separate from this post; might have to go into them tomorrow when we've seen more. 

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okay here we go:

Pokémon Sword and Shield confirmed for first Gen 8 titles. Galar region is based on the UK.

Starters are: Grookey (Grass), Scorbunny (Fire) and Sobble (Water). I might pick Scorbunny, although I'll have to wait and see what their final evolutions are.

Map of Galar:


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Sobble. No question about. That Pokemon is so me. The other two are also great based what I've seen and known of them so far, but still I've already made my choice.

I've also called it that the next region could possibly be based on the United Kingdom. Those football (not american football lol) stadium clips are very telling. Man, I just can't wait for Pokemon Honedge and Pokemon Aegislash.


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Can't wait for Pokemon Hammer & Pokemon Sickle set in the Gulag region.

but those starters, mang. I'm digging each of em so far. The last time that happened for me was probably back in Gen 4. I'll wait til more info comes out regarding their evolutions before committing to one, but Grookey is the early favorite.

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But I do like Sobble a lot too. I'll have to choose man, because a water salamander/lizard starter is something I've wanted for years but I'll probably choose Scorbunny because I've also always wanted a fire rabbit and I just generally always choose fire starters first. Also seeing that map and the general trailers made me realize just how down I really am for a UK region. Very, very excited for this game. 



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First off, I predicted Scorbunny. Undisputed fact, please give me my medal.


All three of them have grown on me but Grookey is totally my early favorite. It all comes down to the evolutions though. If he turned into some sort of badass gorilla thing I’d totally stick with him.

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New trailer with lots of new info:

This trailer shows a new gimmick called "Dynamax", where your Pokemon becomes giant and only lasts 3 turns.

New Pokemon:

Wooloo (Normal): wooloo.png

Gossifleur (Grass): gossifleur.png

Eldegoss (Grass): eldegoss.png

Drednaw (Water/Rock): drednaw.png

Corviknight (Flying/Steel): corviknight.png

Zacian (Sword legendary): zacian.png

Zamazenta (Shield legendary): zamazenta.png


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Regional variants are back, with Galarian Forms:

Galarian Weezing (Poison/Fairy): galarweezing.png

Galarian Zigzagoon (Dark/Normal): galarzigzagoon.png

Galarian Linoone (Dark/Normal): galarlinoone.png

Obstagoon (Dark/Normal), an exclusive evolution of Galarian Linoone: obstagoon.png

So it looks like they are using regional variants to bring back cross-gen evos, which I'm down for. All of the info in this video today also pretty much confirms a leak hinting to a...


Farfetch'd evolution

so be on the lookout for that in the coming months.

New mon:

Morpeko: morpeko.png (Electric/Dark)

And finally, our new villain team, Team Yell:

EBXtDmmXoAYWz4M?format=jpg&name=medium EBXtDmnXsAUXUNs?format=jpg&name=900x900


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