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Tales From Fraggle Rock (A Slice-Of-Life Series)

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As promised to my best friend Renegade The Unicorn, now that I've finished both of my two LONG LONG videos, I am now going to write a series of stories about my Fraggle friends from the Rock. Now brace yourself, it's coming to ya!

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Episode/ Story 1: Worried Days or Being A Wet Blanket is a Bother

Boober sat outside his Hole in Fraggle Rock. He sighed, thinking about all the fun he could be having, but wasn't, due to his fear of fun, germs and adventure in general.

Some days he hated being this way, but knew it was for the best of him and his friends to be the worrier of the group. "But why,"

he would think to himself, "am I the one who gets stuck with all the worrying to do? Surely it should be Wembley, who worries every day about what to do, rather than me who worries about absolutely EVERYTHING?!"

When asking his friends about this issue, Mokey, for example, would sigh and say, "Oh, Boober, Boober, Boober, one of us has to worry just like one of us has to write poetry." She always tried to read him poems that she thought he would like, but at this point, Boober was fed up and would stalk away out of the cave, going on to talk to the next person, who in this case was Wembley. Wembley would try to cheer Boober up with his vigor, excitement and energy but this would always be too much for Boober. He would push Wembley away and go to sulk in his Hole.

After a while, on the day we started this story on, Boober said to himself, "You know what? I don't see why I can't worry and have fun too! And I bet I won't even need that silly old alter-ego, Sidebottom.

Sidebottom was Boober's "other side,"

an overexcited, overenergetic Fraggle who Boober could never see himself being, and had created another person/ personality in his mind to represent this dilemma.

Boober and Sidebottom had become good friends recently, but Boober still had his doubts about if Sidebottom was "good for him" or not. On the one hand, Sidebottom was his friend and someone he could tell all of his worries to, but on the other hand he was a sign of Boober's insanity, which he probably got from too many hard days of washing laundry and watching it dry. 

"But," he said to himself," everybody's a little crazy. Even me! Right?"

And he was.

But nobody in the Rock realised that Boober felt this way and so he was stuck being the miserable loner who didn't have one friend who was his best friend as well as theirs. He wasn't even Wembley's best friend, that was Gobo. Not even Cotterpin Doozer, that was Wrench.

Boober worried like this constantly, about everything he could think of, and a lot of things nobody beside him (except for the author :P ) would even begin to think of. And so it went, day after day after day, with his friends trying to cheer him up and Boober never cheering up because he was happy being sad and sad because he's happy, and happy because he's sad, and mad cos it's so sappy to be happy when you're sad.

In short, Boober was the Oscar The Grouch of Sesame Street. And if his friends could show him how much he meant to them; if only they knew, they would tell him how much he meant to them. But Boober wasn't so good at taking a message- he would often twist it and make a worry out of it for himself. However, sometimes this didn't happen. Sometimes he really cheered up and that's one of the two times when Sidebottom would appear to him. The other time would be when he really needed him and that's what the next episode will be about.

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