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Christmas Adventures With Gary The Snail

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Presenting the sequel of Halloween Adventures With Gary The Snail



This is a new series of 6 new chapters where Gary goes on a snowy, christmas adventure 


Christmas Adventures With Gary The Snail

Starring: Gary The Snail and SpongeBob SquarePants


November 30: Snowy Adventure

December 1: A Christmas Situation!

December 2: Trapped In The Blizzard (Gary)

December 3: Trapped In The Blizzard (SpongeBob)

December 4: Reunited

December 6: Christmas Party!

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Chapter 1: Snowy Adventure

Mr. Krabs is making a Christmas party at the krusty krab for everyone but it is not done yet and SpongeBob and Gary are tired of waiting, they moan and meow, Mr. Krabs tells them to do something outside. SpongeBob gets and idea. He decides to go on a christmas adventure with Gary. Mr. Krabs warns SpongeBob and Gary about not getting lost. They both leave the Krusty Krab. Patrick walks into the Krusty Krab asking for a frozen Krabby Patty. Mr. Krabs says "then pay for it". Patrick gives him money. Mr. Krabs smells the money but he realized that it's just a money written on a napkin. Mr. Krabs gets angry and chases Patrick in circles.

End of the Chapter


Next Chapter: A Christmas Situation!

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Chapter 2: A Christmas Situation!

SpongeBob and Gary are out in the snow when they discovered something interesting. There is something in the distance walking and SpongeBob and Gary decide to check it out. SpongeBob and Gary finds out that it's a sled, They then have some fun and ride it down a mountain. But as SpongeBob and Gary slide down the mountain the both trigger an avalanche! They both were swoop away from each other but luckily they both made it unharm. Now SpongeBob and Gary are lost in the blizzard trying to call for each other. Will they ever find each other again?

End of the Chapter


Next Chapter: Trapped In The Blizzard (Gary)


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Chapter 3: Trapped In The Blizzard (Gary)

Gary is calling out for SpongeBob! But he can't here him and he isn't anywhere to be seen. Gary slithers through the snow but starts to freeze until he finds a cave. Gary goes into cave to warm up but he finds an old lady with a familiar face.

Granny: Miss Tuffsy is that you!

Gary jumps in fear and realizes that it's Granny.

Granny: Oh Miss Tuffsy I wish I could get some cookies but it's too cold out there.

Gary notices that Granny is freezing and find sticks to make a fire.

Granny: Thanks Miss Tuffsy that's all what I needed.

Gary becomes really worried since SpongeBob is lost in the blizzard and might not make it alive. Gary hopes that SpongeBob is okay and find.

End of the Chapter


Next Chapter: Trapped In The Blizzard (SpongeBob)


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Chapter 4: Trapped In The Blizzard (SpongeBob)

SpongeBob is calling out for Gary! But he can't here him meowing and he isn't anywhere to be seen. SpongeBob walks through the snow but starts to freeze until he falls in a pit. SpongeBob screams all the way down and hits the bottom.

SpongeBob: OUCH! Where am I.

Just then SpongeBob here's a sound!


SpongeBob sees a shadow of Gary until...


SpongeBob: AHHHH!

Patrick: Oops! Sorry I didn't mean to scare you.

SpongeBob: That's okay.

Patrick: What are you doing out here.

SpongeBob: Me and Gary were going sledding but an avalanche was triggered and we got separated.

Patrick: Wow! Hey do you want to here how I fell down in this pit.

SpongeBob: Okay.

Patrick: It was in Jellyfish Fields 2 days ago and I was trying to catch a jellyfish until I saw and jumped in a pit because I thought there were cookies in there.

SpongeBob: How did you survive?

Patrick: With these jellybeans! You can have some SpongeBob I'm not really hungry now.

SpongeBob: Thanks! I just hope Gary is okay.

Patrick: Don't worry I'm pretty sure Snary is okay.

SpongeBob: Are you sure.

Patrick: Yes I'm sure.

???: Hey SpongeBob are you down here!

SpongeBob: MR. KRABS!

End of The Chapter


Next Chapter: Reunited


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Chapter 5: Reunited

Mr. Krabs and Patrick finds a hole and tries to dig SpongeBob and a fake Patrick out.

Mr. Krabs: Hey SpongeBob! Are you okay.

SpongeBob: You're here!

Patrick: Hey look it's me down there.

SpongeBob: Wait a minute! who are you?

???: I'm not actually Patrick Star I'm.....

(The Fake Patrick takes off his disguise)

???: Patrick Not-Star


Patrick Not-Star: Yes! And I was here to help you.

SpongeBob: Well... AWESOME!

Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob! There isn't no time for talking hurry up and climb the ladder.

SpongeBob: Aye Aye Captain! Hey Patrick Not-Star are you coming.

Patrick Not-Star: No thanks! I will be staying down here.

SpongeBob: But how are you going to get out of here.

Patrick Not-Star: I have my own ways of getting out.

SpongeBob: Oh okay!

(At The Cave)

Gary: Meeow!

Granny: I know Miss Tuffsy but I can't make you some cookies.


Gary: Meow! MEOW!

SpongeBob: GARY!

(SpongeBob runs to Gary)


Patrick: How did you lose him SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: I will tell you once we party at the Krusty Krab.

Mr. Krabs: Wait! We can't leave that old lady here.

Granny: I will stay here, you can take Miss Tuffsy and go to your party.

SpongeBob: Thank you lady.


Gary: MEOW!


Everyone: WHOOO!!!

SpongeBob and friends runs through the snow and rushes towards the Krusty Krab.

End of The Chapter


Final Chapter: Christmas Party!




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