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Seymour Skinner

The Weird and Unpredictable Adventures of Spingey Bill

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Set in Bikini Bottom, this spin-off tells the tale of a strange acting sponge creature (named Spingey Bill) who lives in a worm infested apple with his friend Pitrork, a pink blob of ink that can morph into anything he wants and usually takes the form of a star-like object. Spingey Bill is usually a happy-go-lucky...erm...thing, but when he gets mad he's insane!

Spingey Bill lives in a chunk of Bikini Bottom that's seperated from most of the loved Bottomite neighborhood, so he's never been seen by SpongeBob or any of the other beloved characters. The neighborhood here is completely different. Even the guy who screams about his leg (Fred) is different!

Anyway, stay tuned for new episodes!

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