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Tyrion Lannister

127b. I ♥ Dancing

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I actually loved this episode so much. It's so underrated. I think It's one of the best season 7 episodes and It was better than Slimy Dancing. I also agree with HarryPotterLives on his review. The ending was great and Squidward got what he deserved. It was great to see Squiliiam again and his cameo at the end was unexpected and very funny. This episode was very entertaining and very funny. "Who Put You on the Planet?" line cracked me up and I think It's one of the best post-movie lines. SpongeBob and Squidward dancing in this episode was very funny. The twin sisters dancing and being cute and then the judge saying "That was very cute girls. In fact, It's too cute. You are out." was very funny. I recommend this episode. 10/10

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