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[CHARACTERS NEEDED! Please Message ZaidCatDog]


Chapter 1: The Shortage.

Our Quest Begins with Spongebob and Patrick At The Krusty Krab, of course Patrick Ate the Last Fry, and Mr. Krabs sends them down to the Built-in Krusty Krab Grocery sto- Wait a Minute, This doesn't make any sense! First off, The Krusty Krab does NOT have a Built in Grocery Store, only that weird Reality Show Big Brother Does, Er, Anyways, our Heros Begin their Journey to find a Bag of Fries, wait a second, there they are walking out of the Barg-N-Mart with the Supplies, er, to keep this story lengthy, we are going to have to make a Climax, anyways, But then, a Powerful Shark comes and STEALS the Fries, What will our Heroes Do Now? Find out soon.

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Chapter 2: The Plan

Spongebob, Looking at Patrick in confusion Asks "What Happened, and why did that shark Steal the Fries for Mr. Krabs?" Patrick Replied, "well... i dont know." In Patrick's back pocket was a Shellphone, and it rang. Patrick, worried Dashes into the Barg-N-Mart Bathroom while Spongebob was curiously looking at a Brand New Boatmobile that just came out in amazement.

Patrick then Answered the Phone and Said "Alright, you got the Fries?" A Mysterious Voice Replied, "Yes... i saw you walking with your buddy, thank you for asking me to take them." Patrick then Said, "I Need you to lay them throughout town." ??? Replied, "Alright, but it's gonna cost you..." Patrick Replied, "5 Krabby Patties?" ??? Replied, "That'll do...."



W-Wait a Second, you're making Patrick Turn on Spongebob? But Why?

[Zaid(Writer of this Story)]

You See, if Spongebob and Patrick just got the fries from the Barg-N-Mart, then it would end there and immediately go to "Davy Jones' Locker."


So Your intentionally keeping the story lengthy to be sure it doesn't end short?


Well Yes!

If I Ended it now, it would be the shortest lit in my history... besides Full SBC *Shudder*

Will Our Hero Find a Way to get the Fries Back? Will Patrick Fall through with his Plan, Will We Find out where the Dignivility Went? WILL WE FIND OUT IF ZAID AND THE NARRATOR COME TO AN AGREEMENT?


Find Out Next time!

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