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Miss Appear

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Miss Appear new logo.png (Season 4 - Present)

Okay, so basically I'm retooling the way I approach I.J.S.L.A. I want to tell each of the members' stories in a more meaningful way, instead of I.J.S.L.A being a Team SpongeBob retread.

Plot -

"Suffering from depression and a tragic family past, Katherine Cross is forced to confront her issues after becoming intertwined with a series of murders in Bikini Bottom. "

Notes -

- This serves as an origin story for Katherine Cross becoming Miss Appear.

- Katherine has the ability to render herself invisible and to move things with her mind. 

- This will probably be a mini series. Nope, lol

Airdate: January 29, 2016.

Main Cast - (Season 1)

  • Katherine Cross (Miss Appear)
  • Shadow 
  • Johnny 
  • Detective Dudley Winters
  • Vivian Coyne
  • Mayor George Coyne

Main Cast - (Season 2)

  • Katherine Cross (Miss Appear)
  • Analise Rogers
  • Dudley Winters
  • Vivian Coyne
  • Commissioner Garrett Detweiler
  • Marilyn Cross
  • Molly Cross
  • Michael Cross (Mindcross)

Main Cast - (Season 3)

  • Katherine Cross (Miss Appear)
  • Analise Rogers
  • Vivian Coyne
  • Commissioner Garrett Detweiler
  • Marilyn Cross
  • Molly Cross
  • Claudia Khan

Main Cast (Season 4)

  • Katherine Cross (Miss Appear)
  • Analise Rogers (The Sightress)
  • Tim Conners (Barnacle Boy)
  • Vivian Coyne (Black Vivian)
  • Molly Cross (Kid Appear)
  • Bonnie Morse (Black Clam)
  • Commissioner Garrett Detweiler
  • Adam Mock

Main Cast (Season 5)

  • Katherine Cross (Miss Appear)
  • Analise Rogers (The Sightress)
  • Tim Conners (Barnacle Boy)
  • Vivian Coyne (Black Vivian)
  • Molly Cross (Kid Appear)
  • Bonnie Morse (Black Clam)
  • Commissioner Garrett Detweiler
  • April Argotto
  • TBA..
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Miss Appear

Ep.1 "A Dark Place"

Katherine's Narration: “That's the thing about depression: A person can survive almost anything, as long as they see the end in sight. But depression is so insidious, and it compounds daily, that it's impossible to ever see the end.”

Katherine Cross, an 18 year old high school drop out, walked into her raggedy apartment building with two bags of greasy food in her hand. 

Fiddling around in her pocket for the keys to her shared apartment with a friend, June Morley, she opened the door at last.

"Well that took long enough.." Katherine stated. "Oh, hey June. I didn't think you'd be cooking." Katherine stated, seeing her friend in their very small kitchen.

"Kathy, where'd you get the money to buy that?!" June asked.

June was also 18, but unlike Katherine, she attends university and holds a part time job.

"I might of took from the savings..." Katherine said, closing the door and putting the food on a shaky table by their living room.

"Goodness Katherine! How could you do that? The savings box is only for emergencies, and it's MY money." June lectured her.

"Well, I'm sorry I don't have a job like you do." Katherine stated.

"When I let you live with me, it was under the pretense that you'd eventually get a job. You're a high school dropout, that should've been your first move." June stated.

"Well I was homeless too, so.." Katherine said quietly.

"Honestly, can't you just call your-" 

"-NO, do NOT bring them up, June." Katherine said, grabbing a burger from one of the bags. "I don't feel like talking about my parents today." Katherine ended.

"I'm sorry. I know it's hard to think about them." June said.

"How are you parents?" Katherine asked.

"They're good. They're proud of me for being so independent in moving out. They see how mature I am." June said.

"I wonder how they'd feel if they knew you had..powers." Katherine stated.

"You really had to bring that up? You also have powers ya know.." June said, going back into the kitchen.

"Yeah, well invsibility and telekinesis is nothing compared to super strength." Katherine said.

"You think I like having super strength?" June asked, pouring ramen noodles into a bowl.

"Can you even use your telekinesis anymore?" June asked Katherine.

"I haven't tried in awhile." Katherine said.

"That's a no." June looked at her.

"Maybe it's going away." Katherine said.

"Or maybe you're pushing it away." June said.

"Yeah, keep on with your therapeutic bullshit." Katherine said, angrily.

"Shoot. I got a shift at the restaurant in a few minutes. I'm gonna go to my bedroom to change." June said, putting her noodles on the table.

"AREN'T YOU TIRED OF RAMEN NOODLES AND THE OCCASIONAL CAN OF RAVIOLI???" Katherine shouted to June as she went to her room.

"Fine. I'll eat her burger and fries." Katherine said to herself, opening the second bag.


(At The Krusty Krab.)

"Waitress! Waitress!" A fine dressed, young gentleman called out.

"I'm sorry, that other table had so many complaints! What can I get you?" June asked.

"The time." the gentleman said.

"Uhh, it's five-"

"No, no, the time to write down my number." he smiled at her.

"Oh goodness, that was so lame! What's your name?" June asked.

"I go by, Shadow." he introduced himself.

"How ominous. Nice to meet you, I guess." June smiled.

"Yeah, it's a pleasure to meet such a stunning girl." Shadow said.

"I really need to get back to work though, so maybe we can pick this up some other time?" June asked.

"How about tomorrow afternoon? We can go for a walk in the park..get to know one another." Shadow said, sweet talking.

"Yeah, I'd like that." June smiled, writing down her number on a napkin.

As she walked away, Shadow smiled evily.


(Back at the Apartment.)

Katherine went into the bathroom. She had started thinking about everything wrong in her life and gotten worked up.

Staring into the mirror, she looked at herself with contempt.

"I am a piece of shit." Katherine stated, holding back tears.

"Can't do anything, can't be anything, can't-can't.." Katherine found it hard to breath.

"In-out, in-out, in-out.." Katherine chanted, breathing in and out.

Looking at herself once more, she used her powers to turn invisible.

"That's better." Katherine said, leaving the bathroom. 

A knock on the door came.

Opening it, Katherine saw it was June.

"KATHERINE! Stop answering the door while invisible. It FREAKS me out!" June said, walking in.

Katherine turned visible again. "Well stop forgetting your keys all the time." Katherine said, shutting the door.

"Are you okay? Wanna watch a movie?" June asked, taking off her coat.

"Yeah, that would be nice." Katherine flashed a smile.

Putting in "Nightmare on Shell Street", the two girls sat on the couch with a bowl of popcorn.

"Hey, pass me some." Katherine said.

June passed the bowl to her. "So, I umm..I think I have a date...tomorrow." June said.

"What? With some stockbroker from your fancy university?" Katherine asked.

"No. Some guy that was at my job today. He was kind of a sweet talker." June blushed.

"Sooo, you can got out with some stranger, but every time I ask you out, the answer is no?" Katherine questioned.

"You're my friend, but I'm not gay like you are. I'm not a lesbian." June said.

"Oh yeah? What about the night of your prom?" Katherine stated.

"Please don't, Kathy-"

"Your date started making out with another girl, so you called me up and asked me to come to your house. We talked in your room for hours and then one thing led to another.." Katherine stated.

"We didn't even have sex! I just let you eat me out!" June raised her voice.

"It WAS sex. And I was there, I felt what I felt. I know you felt it too." Katherine cried.

"You know what, I'm done here." June said, turning the movie off and going into her bedroom.

Katherine sighed. Turning the news on, she saw a story on the death of an individual.

"Tonight, we are still unsure of the circumstances of how Bobby Martin died. The Salty Spitoon bartender was found completely lifeless inside of his home. His body had rapidly decomposed somehow. Neighbors become aware of a foul odor and reported it, which lead to the discovery." the newscaster stated.

Katherine turned off the television. 

"That's enough TV for me." Katherine stated.

Grabbing a sheet from the hall closet, she jumped on the couch and threw the sheet over her. "Goodnight me." she said, playfully.


The next afternoon, Katherine woke up.

She looked at the time on her phone. "Oh shit, one twenty seven?" Katherine stated, looking at her broken screen. 

Getting up, she saw an egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich on the table for her with a card.

"Eat, sleepy head. Love June." the card read.

Katherine smiled. In a world of loneliness, she felt that she at least had June.


(Bikini Bottom Central Park.)

June and Shadow were walking the trail at the park.

"Okay, I've had some funny accidents in my life, but getting hit by a bike?!" June laughed at a story Shadow had told her.

"Alright, alright, no need to keep making fun of me!" Shadow laughed.

"This is fun! I'm glad I came out with you." June said.

"You do this often?" Shadow asked.

"Dates? No. The main person I even interact with on a daily basis is my roommate and best friend, Kathy." June divulged.

"Best friend, huh?" Shadow asked.

"Yeah. Things between us are always intense though. I just need a break sometimes from her, to be honest. She's so negative about herself and sour. I love her, but I don't know how to help her." June said.

"Maybe she doesn't need help. There's nothing wrong with sinking into a dark place." Shadow said.

"There is if you're mentally ill. But enough about her. Why exactly did you find me so appealing back at the Krusty Krab?" June asked.

"I just felt that you were special. It's a talent I have. Finding special people." Shadow smiled at her.

"Wow, do you use that line on every girl?" June asked.

"..and guys." Shadow said.

"Well, you get more interesting by the second!" June said.

"You don't even know the half of it." Shadow said, producing a black aura from his hands.

"Oh my god, you-you have powers. Like I do." June looked at him intensely.

"You have powers too?" Shadow asked.

"Why don't I show you as well?" June said, walking towards a park bench.

Using her super strength, June ripped the bench out of the ground and lifted it mid-air.

"INCREDIBLE!" Shadow exclaimed.

Putting the bench back down, June turned to him. "I don't use my powers often!" 

"Yeah, well why would you? The Mayor is pushing for a ban on super powered activity. The prejudice is abundant." Shadow said.

"I know. It's awful. To keep something so special, so hidden." June said, somberly.

"I guess there's no room in this world for...special." Shadow said, kissing June.

As Shadow kissed her, June felt a weird force draining her body. In an instant, Shadow had used his dark energy to suck June's own life force from her body.

June's body laid on the ground, lifeless.

"There's no place in this world for you, June. I did you a favor." Shadow said, kneeling down to her body and closing her eyelids.


Katherine decided to leave the apartment for a bit.

Trailing down the streets of Bikini Bottom, she went to the Police Department.

"Excuse me Ms., can I help you?" an Officer asked.

"I'm here for Detective Winters." Katherine stated.

"I think he's busy." the Officer said.

"Not too busy for me." Katherine said, walking down to his personal office.

Walking out of his office was a client who he was screaming at.

The client brushed past Katherine in a hurry.

"Whoa, did I walk in on something?" Katherine asked.

"Katherine Cross! Nice to see you. And no, just an unruly client. I get a lot of those." Det. Dudley Winters said.

"So, what brings you by? Have you reconciled with your mother? You know she misses you." Det. Winters asked.

"Not possible." Katherine stated.

"What's not possible? You reconciling with your mother or her missing you?" Det. Winters questioned.

"Uhh, both." Katherine told him.

"I see. So why are you here?" Det. Winters asked.

"Remember when we ran into each other at that fast food place? You asked me if I had a job, and if I didn't, you offered me a position as your assistant." Katherine reminded him.

"Oh yeah, I do remember that. You looking for a job?" Det. Winters asked.

"Yeah. I need to make my own money. I can't mooch off of my friend any longer." Katherine said.

"Kathy, you have people -"

"-I DON'T want to talk to my family. Okay?" Katherine said, in frustration.

"It's just hard to see you struggle..." Det. Winters said.

"I'm fine." Katherine told him.

"That's the most common lie in the world." Det. Winters told her.

"So, can I be your assistant or what?" Katherine asked.

"Being Head Detective, I could use the help with keeping things organized in my office. So, sure." 

"Oh my goodness! Thank you! I won't let you down, I promise!" Katherine cheered.

Det. Winters smiled at her.


Before going home, Katherine decided to take a walk in the park.

"Can't believe it. I finally got a job. Things are looking up!" Katherine said, before coming across a huge crime scene.

In front of her, she saw multiple police officers, yellow tape, an emergency truck, and paramedics.

"What the hell?" Katherine said, seeing them put a body on the stretcher.

"Wait...June? JUNE!" Katherine screamed, noticing her friend.

Running to the emergency truck, several officers tried to stop her, but she pushed them out of the way.

"THAT'S MY FRIEND!" Katherine screamed.

"I'm sorry, young lady. She's dead." a paramedic told her.

June's body had rapidly deteriorated. Her face was completely grey. Her entire body appeared as a semi-corpse. 

"NO! No! It can't be. This isn't supposed to happen to her!" Katherine yelled, crying her eyes out.

"Mam, we're going to need you to step aside." an officer said, trying to pull her away.

Katherine turned invisible and took off.

"Whoa.." the officer was shocked.


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Miss Appear

Ep.2 "House And Home" 

Katherine's Narration: "I love the concept of the word ‘home’. So many songs that I hear have lyrics like ‘take me home’ or 'I’ll be your home’, but it means so much more than just a place where you live; It’s peace, comfort, and safety with people who love and care for you. It’s where everything falls into place. It’s home."

(Katherine and June's apartment)

"So, TELL ME. Who was this guy she went out with?!" June's mother, Mrs. Morley yelled.

"She never told me a NAME! I'm SORRY!" Katherine said, her face red from crying.

"Madeline, let's give her a break." Mr. Morley said.

"A BREAK? Our daughter is DEAD! DEAD!" Mrs. Morley shrieked.

"I packed all of June's things. You can take them and go now." Katherine said.

"Take them and go? You are not just going to write me off, you bitch! I wanna know what was really going on with my
daughter while the two of you were staying here together." Mrs. Morley demanded.

"Madeline!" Mr. Morley shouted out.

"No. It's fine. She deserves answers, and so do I. June was my friend and I loved her! ALL I KNOW is that she had a date
with some stranger guy she met on her shift. Besides that, June was doing her work, faithfully attending college, keeping
up with a job- " Katherine went on

"-And? That's it? No suspicious behavior?" Mrs. Morley asked.

"No. Not that I noticed. Maybe June was catfished..maybe this guy killed her because she was gifted." Katherine suggested.

"Excuse me?" Mr. Morley finally spoke up.

"Your daughter had superpowers." Katherine told them.

"My daughter is not a freak of nature. Nor is she one of those Team SpongeBob clowns. Really, what are you trying to sell
me here?" Mrs. Morley asked.

"I agree with my wife, our daughter was perfect." Mr. Morley agreed.

"And who says perfection only comes in one form?" Katherine asked.

"You'll be hearing from our lawyer, Katherine Cross." Mrs. Morley stared at her in contempt.

"Okay. That's fine. Take June's shit and get the fuck out of here." Katherine said, stomping to the back room.

After the Morleys got June's things out, the landlord came in.

"Mr. Lowski, I'm sure you heard about June?" Katherine asked.

"Yes and I'm here to tell you that you need to leave." Mr. Lowski told her.

"I need to...leave?" Katherine asked.

"You're not on the lease. Now that June's dead, her apartment will be going to someone next in line." Mr. Lowski made

"That's not fair! Look, I didn't have a job before, but I do now. I can pay to stay here!" Katherine told him.

"That's lovely, but you're not on the lease and you're not next in line on the waiting list." Mr. Lowski explained.

"I HAVE NOWHERE TO GO!" Katherine yelled.

"Not my problem." Mr. Lowski retorted.

"My friend just died..you can't be this heartless." Katherine said.

"If I had a heart, I wouldn't be a landlord. You have twenty four hours to pack your things and leave, or I'll be forced to
get someone to do it for you." Mr. Lowski said, sharply.

As he walked out, Katherine slammed the door behind him.

"SHIT!" Katherine said, banging her hands (and her forhead) against the door. 


The next morning, Katherine walked down to the Bikini Bottom Police Department.

"If you're looking for your best friend, he'll be back soon." Officer Gilbert said.

"You're that cop I told off a few days ago. I see you're still salty." Katherine smiled.

"Kathy-" Det. Winters came into the precinct.

"Oh hey, I came to start." Katherine said. 

"You caught me at a bad time. Come down to my officer, you can help me file this report." Winters told her.

"Wait, she's working here now!?" Gilbert asked.

"You have a problem...Gil?" Katherine smirked.

"Don't call me Gil." Officer Gilbert said, trying hard to seem serious.

"Come on, Kathy." Winters said, as they walked away.

Inside his office, Winters started talking to Katherine about the new case he's on.

"So you heard about the death of Bobby Martin?" Winters asked.

"Yeah it was on the news. His death was strange. His body was completely devoid of life." Katherine stated, suddenly
looking off.

"What's wrong?" Winters asked.

"My friend, June! She was murdered and her death was the same way. Her body was lifeless, grey.." Katherine told him.

"Interesting, this only strengthens my case!" Winters said.

"What is it?" Katherine asked.

"There's this home for superpowered teens. It serves as a shelter to protect them from harshness of the outside world. Most
of them are there because their families turned their backs on them." Winters explained.

"So what happened there?" Katherine questioned.

"All eight of the kids there were reported dead this morning. Me and a crew went to check it out and their deaths were the
same like Bobby Martin's. Lifeless, grey bodies." Winters explained.

"There's a common factor here. All of these victims, including my friend...they all had superpowers." Katherine told him.

"I want to take your statement on the June Morley murder." Winters said.

"Great, but first tell me how far you got on the case?" Katherine asked.

"The Den Mother at the home, "Extra Ordinary", has been very quiet with information. She and the staff there swear they
didn't see anything." Winters revealed.

"Oh please! Someone always sees something. She's obviously covering to avoid lawsuits." Katherine voiced.

"Even if lawsuits would be a problem....from whom? Those kids have no loved ones anymore." Winters said.

"The city could come after them for malpractice." Katherine said.

"We don't know what happened." Winters said. 

"How about you take my statement now?" Katherine said.


After Katherine finished giving her statement to the police about June, she hopped on the precinct computer.

"What'cha doin'? Whaaaaat'cha doin'?" Gilbert asked, pulling a seat up next to her.

"Can you be anymore of a pest?" Katherine asked. 

"Sorry. I'm just...bored, ya know?" Gilbert said.

"You're a cop. Don't you have some type of work to do?" Katherine asked.

"I'm a...desk cop" Gilbert whispered.

"Ooooh" Katherine tried to look interested.

"So, what goes on?" Gilbert asked her.

"I'm searching the address for 'Extra Ordinary'" Katherine told him.

"What's that?" Gilbert asked.

"Ugh, it's a group home for superpowered teens." Katherine said, writing the address down.

"I gotta go." Katherine said, leaving.

Heading out of the BBPD, Katherine took a bus down to Shell Street.

"Alright group home, where are you?" Katherine said to herself, looking around.

Katherine came across a house bearing a sign that said "Extra Ordinary". 

Knocking on the door, a frail woman answered.

"I'm sorry, we're not taking teens in right now, sweetie." the woman said.

"No, I'm not here to stay. I'm here to talk." Katherine stated.

"Look, I have a lot of work to do. They want to close this place down for investigation, so I have to move all of the stuff out of my office." the woman tried to tell her.

"I could help you?" Katherine asked. "My name's Katherine and I'm just a girl looking for answers." she continued.

After the woman (Bessie Rivers) let Katherine assist her in moving files and boxes to her minivan, Katherine began asking questions.

"Okay we're done here. Now I need you to give me some answers." Katherine said.

"Like I told the police....I don't have any." Bessie said.

Bessie began walking to her car door.

"MY BEST FRIEND DIED!" Katherine shouted out.

Bessie turned around.

"The person who did this to your kids here...they did it to my friend too. So PLEASE help me." Katherine began tearing.

"I umm, heard screaming from the kids. I raced upstairs and checked each of their rooms. All of them were lifeless." Bessie told Katherine.

"That's the story you told the police." Katherine said.

"You don't believe it?" Bessie asked.

"Oh no, I believe it. I just think you're omitting something. Any little thing can help my investigation." Katherine said.

"I can't." Bessie said, tears now flowing out of her eyes.

"Bessie, come on...the lives of all the kids lost to whoever did this. The lives of my best friend, a hard working eighteen year old who had the REST of her life to look forward to!" Katherine stated.

"Okay, fine. When I raced upstairs, I did see something. Something I didn't tell the cops about." Bessie revealed.

"What? What was it?" Katherine pushed.

"A shadow...of a person." Bessie said.

"Was it a man? Or a woman?" Katherine asked.

"A man, definitely. The shadow seemed menacing, creepy. It was gone before I could catch up with it. The entire house was very dark that night, so beyond the man's shadow, I couldn't see who he was." Bessie explained.

"Why wouldn't you tell the cops this? How could you let this guy get away with what he did to those kids?!" Katherine stressed.

"STOP IT! Do NOT villainize me for being scared! I LOVE those kids. I care about each and every troubled teen who walks through the door of 'Extra Ordinary'. I provided a house and home for these kids. A place where they could come and feel safe and validated." Bessie preached, all the while tears are streaming down her face.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to question your devotion. I would love to be in a place like that. Where I'm not judged, but loved regardless." Katherine said.

"I hope you find that place someday." Bessie said.

"Me too. By the way, you should really tell the cops what you told me. Please." Katherine asked her.

"I will. I promise." Bessie told her.

With that, Katherine took off. 

After waiting over half an hour, Katherine caught a bus back to Lowski Apartments.

Walking up the stairs to her door, she pulled out her key.

"What the hell?" Katherine asked seeing all her stuff all over the hall floor.

She quickly tried to open her door with the key.

"Shit!" Katherine said, wiggling the key.

"The fucker changed the lock." Katherine realized.

Katherine went down to Mr. Lowski's office room.

As Mr. Lowski walked out of his office, she used invisibility to not be seen, and walked inside before the door shut. 

In a specific drawer in his officer, he kept spare keys to all apartments. Kathy found the spare key to apartment 3C.

"That's me..." Katherine said quietly, taking the key.

Walking back upstairs, Katherine looked at her stuff on the hall floor.

"I do not feel like picking this shit up." Katherine stated, using the key to enter the apartment.

Upon entering, the only thing left was the couch, which Katherine immediately threw herself onto.

"Alone again..." she said to herself, closing her eyes.

Suddenly she heard the door and jumped up.

A man had come in, with his own key.

"What the hell!!?" the man said.

"Who are you?" Katherine asked.

"The better question is who the fuck are you?" he asked.

"I live here." Katherine stood her ground.

"No, you don't. I just got the key to this place today. Don't fucking play me." the man said, ruthlessly.

"Our landlord's an asshole, he made a mistake." Katherine tried to cool him down.

"Alright, I'm done talking." the man said, holding his hand out.

Suddenly, a ball of fire was produced.

"Ohhh, you're like me." Katherine said.

"Excuse me?" the man asked.

Katherine turned invisible and then reappeared again.

"Okay, that was way creepier than my fire thing." the man said.

"Maybe we can work something out? I have...nowhere to go." Katherine said.

"Things are hard for you, huh?" the man asked.

"You wouldn't believe it. I'm Katherine." Katherine introduced herself.

"Johnny." the man introduced himself.

"If you want me out -"

"No, you can stay. Mostly because I see your flat screen out in the hallway, and it's really nice." Johnny joked.

"Okay then." Katherine laughed. 

"Umm, I'll help you bring your stuff in." Johnny said.

"Thank you! I did not feel like doing that alone!" Katherine said.

Together the two moved her things back into the apartment.

"Hey, why don't you take the back room? I'll sleep on the couch." Johnny said.

"No. Me and my things will be fine out here in the living room. I can't sleep back there." Katherine said.

"Why not?" Johnny asked. 

"That used to be my friend, June's room. She held the lease, but she died. I've been even more a mess since." Katherine told him.

"I'm sorry about that." Johnny said.

After a while, the two sat on the couch together, and Johnny started lighting up weed.

Katherine looked at him enjoying his smoke. "Pass the dutchie?" she asked.


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Miss Appear

Ep.3 "It Should've Been Me" 

Katherine's Narration:  “The hardest thing about depression is that it is addictive. It begins to feel uncomfortable not to be depressed. You feel guilty for feeling happy.” 

Morning had arrived and Katherine awoken to the smell of bacon and eggs.

"Oh, you're making breakfast?" Katherine asked Johnny, as she got off the couch.

"Yup. Went down to the corner store  and brought some shit to cook." Johnny replied.

Katherine looked at her watch. "11 o'clock? Well...I guess that's...earlier than my usual." Katherine said, shrugging.

Katherine and Johnny took a seat at the small table after he'd finished cooking.

"Thanks for...letting me stay. You didn't have to, and you could get in trouble just for having me here." Katherine said.

"It's completely cool. I saw that you were in a jam, so I wanted to be nice. Plus, you're very pretty." Johnny blushed.

"So, If I was ugly, you wouldn't let me stay?" Katherine said, jokingly.

Both of them laughed.

"I'm not vain." Johnny smiled.

"This is weird. Sitting here, laughing with you. Just a week ago, I sat at this same hardened table with my best friend." Katherine divulged.

"I'm sorry you lost your friend." Johnny said.

"Yeah, me too.." Katherine said in an almost whisper.

"Is she having a funeral?" Johnny asked.

"Yeah. It's tomorrow afternoon. I saw her parents post about it on Clamstagram. I'm not going though." Katherine said.

"Why the hell not?" Johnny asked, curiously.

"Her parents won't want me there. They even threatened to sick their lawyer on me when they came to get June's things." Katherine said, getting up to throw her plate away.

Johnny followed after her to the sink.

"Hey, come on. You're gonna let some old hags make you avoid your best friend's funeral?" Johnny asked.

Katherine smiled. 

"I don't know. I just wouldn't want to make June's funeral...about me. Ya know?" Katherine said.

"Yeah, I get ya. It's nice of you to put your feelings aside, I guess." Johnny replied.


Switching perspectives, we see Shadow approaching a house in Uptown Bikini Bottom at four in the morning.

Ringing the doorbell, a woman answered, wearing a nightrobe.

"Who are you? Do you have any idea what time it is?" the woman asked.

"You can call me Shadow. I was wondering if I could use your bathroom. I'm homeless and tired of going in bushes to do my business." Shadow asked.

"Hmm..." the woman wondered to herself, noticing that Shadow was very well dressed for a homeless person.

"You have on a very nice suit there..." the woman said.

"Oh, this? I stole it." Shadow bluffed.

"Umm, my bathroom is up the stairs to the right." the woman told him, trying to trust it.

As Shadow walked up her stairs, he slowly turned. "You never told me your name." Shadow said.

"Analise." the woman smiled politely.

With that, Shadow walked up the stairs.

After a few mintues, Analise got a vision.

Turning around, she saw Shadow standing behind her.

"Sorry if I startled you." Shadow said.

"I'm fine." Analise said, trying to keep her nerves together.

"Ya know, you look a lot like that woman they keep talking about in the papers. The woman who can...predict the future. I think her name was Analise too." Shadow said.

"Yeah, she's definitely a precog." Analise said, quickly pulling out a pocket knife and stabbing Shadow.

"OW! YOU BITCH!" Shadow said.

Analise ran out of her home. Shadow pulled the small knife out of his side and ran after her.

After running for what seemed like forever, Analise had stopped in the alley way of a bakery.

"This is crazy, so crazy.." the distraught woman said to herself.

All of a sudden, Analise started to feel weird vibrations in her mind. 

She had succumbed to a darkness flourishing in her brain. She suddenly had memories of a very truamatic event.

Voices in her head began to speak, saying "it was all your fault", "you got what you deserved", "you know you wanted it."

Crouching down, Analise was pulled out of her mental darkness by a hand grabbing her neck.

Shadow tossed her into some garbage cans. Picking her up, he choked her up to the side of the bakery.

Analise felt the brick of the building protruding into her head. 

Shadow began using his dark energy to suck her life force. 

As the sun came out, Shadow felt that his 'little trick' was no longer working.

"That's strange, it usually happens quicker than this.." Shadow said, still holding Analise up by her neck.

Analise, sturggling to breath, wrapped her legs around the arm that was holding her neck. She then twisted his arm off of her and they both fell to the ground.

Analise had banged her head against the ground, passing out quickly.


Around 8AM, Katherine made her way down to Ellios' Funeral Home.

A worker led her to a very large room in which June's casket had been placed for viewing.

"Her parents opted for an open casket service." the employee smiled.

"Thanks again for letting me do this." Katherine said.

The worker left the room.

Katherine walked up to June's casket.

She saw June all lifeless and grey.

Almost immediately, she wanted to shed a tear.

"Hey June. I'm...finally up early for once." Katherine said, smiling. "Only to come here and see you. I know your funeral doesn't start for a couple hours, but I know how your parents would feel about me attending. So I wanted to say goodbye to you alone." Katherine started.

"It feels weird to be saying goodbye. The fact that you're dead, just doesn't make sense. I just can't comprehend it. I'll never be able to understand! You were a good person. A hard working person. A person worthy of a great life. Not at all like me. I'm just a piece of shit. I'm worthless and stupid and pitiful! So WHY NOT ME? Why did you have to die?" Katherine spoke, crying immensely. "It should've been me." Katherine said, as her crying got more vigorous.

Wiping her tears, Katherine touched June's face. "I'm gonna get the guy who did this to you. I swear it." Katherine vowed.


(The Rising Clam)

After coming from the funeral home, Katherine ended up eating breakfast at The Rising Clam, a breakfast shack not too far from Lowski Apartments.

A news report came on the diner's tv.

"Hey! Someone turn that up!" Katherine shouted.

News Report:

"We're here now at the scene of an attempted murder in Uptown Bikini Bottom. A woman was attacked earlier this morning in the alley way of a notable bakery here. We are told that the woman is Analise Rogers, the same woman who made headlines by claiming to have precognition. The woman says that a man in a black suit tried to attack her in her home, chased her around the city, and apparently tried to murder her with his own set of abilities. " the newscaster stated. 

"Oh my God, that's the guy." Katherine said, rushing out of the diner.

Hoping into a cab, Katherine rode down to the BBPD.

Once there, she ran directly to Detective Winters' office.

"WINTERS!" Katherine said, coming in.

"I'm guessing you saw the tv report on that woman." Winters said.

"Yeah, this could be a break in the case!" Katherine said.

"The Serial Killer case I've been on?" Winters asked.

"Duh." Katherine retorted.

"We don't know that the guy who murdered all those powered people is the same as the one who tried to murder Analise Rogers." Winters shot Katherine down.

"What are you talking about! Of course it's him! He's been the only active murderer in the city." Katherine stated.

"The serial killer we've been following has only killed people in Downtown Bikini Bottom. Analise Rogers lives uptown. Also, the guy always finishes the job. If this serial killer is the one who tried to kill Analise Rogers last night, why didn't he?" Winters asked.

"I don't know. But Analise Rogers is the only living victim of this guy. She may be able to help I.D him...to break this whole case open!" Katherine preached.

"Katherine, I have papers for you to file. Why don't you let me worry about these cases, and stay out of it?" Winters reprimanded her.

Katherine stared at him in anger.


Shadow was seen sipping tea, relaxing in his small apartment on the outskirts of town.

A knock on his door sent him out of his comfort.

Opening it, he was surprised at his visitor.

"Mother." Shadow said.

"I know what you're up to." Shadow's mother, Vivian told him.

Walking in, she began taking off her coat.

"I don't get it. What are you talking about?" Shadow asked.

"Billy, I do watch the news, you know. I've been hearing about the string of murders in Bikini Bottom." Vivian said.

"And? Why do you even care about Bikini Bottom? You left to escape from dad, leaving me to suffer his wrath." Shadow revealed.

"Your father is a good man. He's made some bad choices, but that's life. That's everyone. That's you. I know you've been murdering people in Bikini Bottom." Vivian said, bluntly.

"What are you gonna do if I am?" Shadow asked.

"Help you." Vivian said, surprisingly.

"Excuse me?" Shadow looked at her in shock.

"I need your help. I need you to kill someone." Vivian asked of him.

"I'm not sure I can anymore." Shadow said.

"Getting tender-hearted, ... after killing ten people at this point? And attempting to murder an 11th?" Vivian said.

"I'm not getting tender-hearted. Plus my reasons for killing these people is to help them." Shadow said.

"Billy, why can't you kill anymore?" Vivian asked.

"I tried to kill a woman with precognition powers this morning. It didn't work." Shadow said.

"Has this ever happened before?" Vivian asked.

"No. Which is why I need answers." Shadow said.

"Then we'll go to the source of the man who gave you your abilities." Vivian said.


Back at the apartment, Katherine sat on her couch, thinking over her life, again and again.

Getting up, she walked to the kitchen.

Grabbing a knife, she closed her eyes, trying to contemplate what she was going to do.

"I can't take this...I can't take this..." Katherine said, silently.

"Katherine?-" Johnny said, walking from the back room.

Katherine quickly dropped the knife.

"I didn't see you there." Katherine said, picking up the knife.

"What's going on with that knife?" Johnny asked.

"I need to be alone." Katherine said to him.

"Are you sure about that?" Johnny asked.

"Johnny, I appreciate your concern, but I don't need it." Katherine said, sternly.

"How was seeing June? Is that what has you so upset?" Johnny asked.

"No! I'm not upset, or sad about June! The truth is...I don't feel A DAMN THING! THAT'S what makes me upset. Everyday, I try to find some reason to keep going on. That was easier when June was around, but now she's gone." Katherine divulged.

"Sure sounds like you're really sad." Johnny said.

"I'm not 'really sad', I have depression." Katherine told him.

"Which is the same thing, right?" Johnny asked.

“Depression is the most unpleasant thing I have ever experienced. It's the absence of being able to envision that you will ever be cheerful again. The absence of hope. A very deadened feeling, which is so very different from feeling sad. Sad hurts but it's a healthy feeling. It's a necessary thing to feel. Depression is very different.” Katherine clarified.

"I'm sorry, I'm not very informed on stuff like that. I was just about to blow a joint if you want to join me?" Johnny asked.

"No, I just wanna take a shower or something." Katherine said.

"Hey, that guy who killed your friend...he'll get what's coming to him." Johnny said.

"If I have anything to do with it." Katherine said.

"Wait...are you gonna go after him?" Johnny asked.

"Yeah, I am. If the police don't catch him...I will." Katherine revealed.

"If you're launching your own investigation, you'll need help." Johnny said.

"I'm not getting you involved." Katherine said, seeing where he was going.

"We're roommates, too late." Johnny smiled.

Katherine smiled back. 


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Miss Appear 

Ep.4 "A Time To Run" 

Katherine's Narration:  “Perhaps depression is caused by asking oneself too many unanswerable questions.” 

(The Bikini Bottom Police Department)

As Katherine was filing papers, Det. Winters approached her.

"You're doing a great job." Winters said, smiling.

"I'm just filing papers. I'd rather be actively doing something to help my city." Katherine said.

"You just want in on the case about the serial murderer." Winters said.

"I think there's a lot you guys are doing wrong. Like putting that Analise woman in Shellingtas hospital. You're ASKING for the killer to come and get her." Katherine said.

"We have Ms. Analise Roger's room completely guarded with the best security anyone can have. Plus she's on a private floor." Winters told her.

"You think that matters to the killer?!!! This guy MURDERS people by just touching them, it seems." Katherine expressed.

"I'm gonna leave this one alone." Winters said, walking away.

Katherine sighed, then started out of the filing room.

"Yo, Kaths'." Gilbert called her.

"Gilbert, you can call me Kathy, but you are never allowed to call me 'Kaths'." Katherine said, frustrated.

"Well, when we first met, you called me Gil...so, fair game." Gilbert said, awkwardly.

"I'm sorry about that. What do you want?" Katherine asked.

"I want to know if you want to hang out tonight?" Gilbert asked.

"Gilbert, I'm not into dick. Like...at all. If there was a dick in front of me, I'd more easily rip it off than suck it- " Katherine started.

"-OH NO, I'm not asking you out! Well I am, but as a friend thing!" Gilbert cleared up.

"Sorry, I have plans tonight." Katherine said.

"A lady?" Gilbert questioned.

"...Yeah, actually." Katherine said, thinking for a minute and then smiling.


(The town of "Seaside Heights" )

Shadow and his mother, Vivian, made their way to the house of a highly respected professor.

Opening the door, the professor's eyes widened.

"Professor Manor! It's good to see you again." Shadow said, blasting him with dark energy.

As Professor Manor hit the wall, Shadow and Vivian came into his house and closed the door.

"WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT?!!??" Professor Manor said, shaking and crying.

"GET UP!" Shadow said.

The middle aged man struggled to get on his feet.

"We're here about my son's powers. And since you gave them to him, I think you can help us." Vivian said.

"Why don't we...take this...into my private quarters." Professor Manor said, out of breath.


Katherine arrived home to see Johnny with a girl and a thin layer of smoke filling up the apartment.

"Oh Katherine, meet Sizly." Johnny said, with the girl kissing on his neck.

"Sizly? Quite a fitting name." Katherine said.

The girl got up off the couch, obviously high on weed.

"Have you guys been lighting up?" Katherine asked

"Nahhh. Well, maybe." Johnny said, laughing.

Sizly stumbled over to Katherine.

"Hi. Nice to meet ya." Sizly said reaching her hand out.

Katherine shook her hand, as Sizly almost fell.

"Are you okay!?" Katherine asked.

"I was very okay when I found out that you were gay. I mean....come ooooon....my man living with another....woman? So...glad....you're a dyke." Sizly said, with her speech being slurred by the drugs.

In an instant, Katherine punched Sizly straight in the face, making her fall to the floor.

"OH SHITT!" Johnny said, laughing and falling off the couch.

"JOHNNY, get you SHIT TOGETHER, and get this whore out of our apartment!" Katherine said, angrily stomping to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Katherine washed her face.

Looking in the mirror, she had a memory:

"...I thought I did a better job as a father, but it turns out I raised a dyke!" a man said.

Katherine looked at him, nearly in tears.

The flashback ended.


Vivian and Shadow were with Prof. Manor in his private chambers.

"What's the problem?" Manor asked.

"I tried to kill this woman with powers a few days ago. It didn't work, but it usually does." Shadow told him.

"Your powers have two different strains. One that allows you to produce and manipulate dark energy. The other strain allows you to end the life of others through physical touch." Manor explained.

"I know that." Shadow replied.

"Have you been murdering people for some time now?" Manor asked.

"Over the past month and a half, yes." Shadow said.

"I think what's happening is that you're losing your powers." Manor told him.

"How can this be?" Shadow asked.

"When you kill people by using your powers, you're not sucking their life force. You're transferring your dark energy into them. That's what doing the killing. The more people you kill, the more power you give up as a result." Manor revealed.

"So I'm going to lose my powers?" Shadow asked.

"Not necessarily. During the night, your powers increase by tenfold. During the day, when the sun is out, you're dark energy is more susceptible to being drained." Manor continued.

"This makes sense. The sun had come out as I tried to kill Analise Rogers." Shadow realized.

"So you're the Bikini Bottom murderer.." Manor said.

"Yes, he is." Vivian stated.

"And you're helping him?" Manor asked.

"I have my own agendas." Vivian made clear.

Prof. Manor turned to Shadow. "It doesn't make sense. Why are you killing others with powers, like you?" he asked.

"So they never have to end up like me." Shadow said, walking away.

"We'll be in touch, Mr. Manor." Vivian said, flashing a devious smile.


Back at the apartment, Katherine came into the front.

"She's gone. And I'm not high anymore." Johnny said.

"Good." Katherine stated.

"I'm not dating her. She was a past one night stand that I randomly met up with again by chance." Johnny said.

"I get it." Katherine told him.

"I'm sorry about what she said to you. I'll never bring her here again." Johnny said.

"It's your apartment.." Katherine told him.

"But you're here too, and I respect that." Johnny said.

"Thanks. I umm, I gotta go." Katherine told him.

"Are you going to see that Analise lady?" Johnny asked.

"Yes..." Katherine said.

"Great, I'll come too." Johnny said.

"No. I told you I don't want you involved!" Katherine said to him.

"You could get hurt if you keep handling this by yourself! When you run into trouble, you'll need someone there- "

"-THAT won't be you! I can do this alone! I don't want you in danger just because you happened to be next on a waiting list for an apartment." Katherine made clear.

"Do you believe in fate? Destiny?" Johnny asked.

"I don't know what I believe in." Katherine said.

"It was fate that we met. That we both have powers. I think I'm supposed to help you." Johnny said.

"We're not Team SpongeBob. We're two roommates who happen to both have strange abilities. That's all." Katherine said, leaving the apartment.


Katherine made her way to Shellingtas Hospital.

Coming to the front desk, a nurse came to her assistance.

"Hello. Are you here to check in or see someone?" the nurse asked.

"See someone." Katherine smiled.

"Who? And are you family?" the nurse asked.

"I'm not family, but I'm here to see Analise Rogers." Katherine said.

"Oh. That woman is on the private floor. She's not allowed visitors." the nurse told her.

"I'm a Private Investigator. You kind of have to let me see her." Katherine said, bluffing.

"I'm sure you are." the nurse said, heading into the backroom.

"Okay, I tried the easy way." Katherine said, looking around.

While no one looked at her, Katherine turned invisible and headed to the backroom.

The nurse who denied her the information on Analise, came walking out. Katherine scooched over to allow her to leave. 

Now alone in the room with the files on patients, Katherine searched in the 'A' section for Ms. Rogers.

"Bingo!" Katherine said, getting her room number on the private floor.

Making her way to the private floor, Katherine came to Analise's door.

Two guards stood in front.

Katherine turned visible again.

"EXCUSE ME! HOW DID YOU GET UP HERE?" One of the guards said.

"I need to get in there, and you two need to let me." Katherine said.

"Not a chance." both of the guards remarked.

One of the guards tried to grab her, but she kicked him in his private area, with him falling on his knees.

The other guard tried to swing on Katherine, but she dunked.

Hopping on the back of the first guard, she jumped on the second guard, pushing his body to the wall.

Katherine took out two syringes, stabbing both men with them.

As both men passed out from the substances in the syringes, Katherine walked into Analise's room. 

"I figured you'd be coming." Analise said.

"You're a precog. You know I'm no danger." Katherine said.

"No. But you're gonna ask me a lot of annoying questions." Analise looked at her.


(The residence of Mayor George Coyne)

Vivian Coyne made her way to her former husband's residence.

Answering the door, George was shocked to see his ex-wife.

"George. Oh how you've aged, my darling." Vivian said, smiling.

"Vivian..what in hell?" George said, kind of tired.

"May I come in?" Vivian asked.

George opened the door wider to let her in.

"Charming accommodations." Vivian said, analyzing his home.

"It's nearly ten at night, and I haven't seen or heard from you in years. What the hell are you doing here?" George asked her.

"I thought it was way past time that we tried to work things out between us. How we ended wasn't pretty." Vivian expressed.

"It was your choice. Your decision." George reminded her.

"Well now I think that If I'd stayed and worked our issues out, ... things could of been different." Vivian said, trying to look sincere.

"There's always that twinkle in your eye when you're lying. So what is it? Huh, Vivian? Are you in some kind of trouble?" George asked.

"No. Can't say that I am." Vivian replied.

"Or maybe you're just trying to get back with me, because you know I've become Mayor of Bikini Bottom. You want to bash in my spotlight, glory,..and money." George suggested.

"It's none of those things. This is about our son." Vivian revealed.

"What?" George asked, confused.

"You know as well as I do that he's the one who has been committing the murders in Bikini Bottom. When I first put the pieces together, I knew it was a sign." Vivian said.

"A sign of what?" George asked.

"A sign that I couldn't run from the issues of our family any longer. That I had to come back and confront the mess we both made of each other, our son, and now this city." Vivian said, very convincingly.


(The hospital room of Analise Rogers)

"I guess you know that I want to question you about the man who tried to hurt you." Katherine said.

"Kill me. The man who tried to 'kill me'." Analise made the dialogue clear.

"Right. He killed my friend, June Morley. That's why I'm after him." Katherine told her.

"That's admirable, if not slightly stupid." Analise said.

"I know he's dangerous. But, I need to do this to feel something. Closure, anything." Katherine told her, sitting down at a chair by the woman's bedside.

"He made me feel something." Analise said.

"This guy? What did he do?" Katherine asked.

"He got into my head...with his powers. It was like he made me relive a dark chapter of my life for an instant." Analise said.

"Do you mind me asking what?" Katherine asked.

"It was about when I got raped. I was sixteen and my friend had invited me to this party that was going to be mostly guys. We found that kind of alluring, because we were teenage girls of course. Anyway, the party got pretty wild. The guys had no chill - or manners. I eventually got convinced to chug a whole bottle of vodka and after, I felt extremely drowsy. My friend tried to get me to get up and come home, but I wouldn't. She ended up leaving and so did the few other girls at the party. It was at that time when the guys carried me off to a room upstairs...and had their way with me." Analise told.

Katherine began tearing. "I'm so sorry."

"I said no, soooo many times. They wouldn't get off of me, and there were so many of them. After it was over, they said things such as 'I wanted it' or 'I got what I deserved' . Then the vision ended." Analise revealed.

"Wait, it was a vision? You had a vision of your own rape?" Katherine asked.

"Yeah. I had the vision in my sleep. The next day, my friend invited me to that party and I told her no. So I didn't actually end up getting raped. But my mind did. It was SO REAL." Analise said, crying and whimpering.

Katherine hugged her, tightly.

"It was real. Because you felt it, that MAKES IT REAL. So many people think that a lack of physical evidence makes something less real. But it doesn't ... certainly not to the person suffering from it." Katherine said, shedding her own tears and thinking of her depression.

As Katherine sat back in her chair, Analise continued to talk.

"I sort of buried the incident in my mind. It wasn't until a few months ago that I realized my precognition again." Analise told her.

"It's funny how the brain works." Katherine said.

Suddenly, the lights in the room turned off.

All of the power in the hospital went blank. Everything was dark.

Katherine looked out into the hallway.

"The entire hospital is like this. What's going on?" Katherine said, coming back to Analise's bedside.

"He's here. Shadow's HERE." Analise said.

"Well then, I think this would be a time to run." Katherine said, helping Analise out of bed.

The two women ran out of the hospital room.


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Miss Appear

Ep.5 "Everything You've Done Wrong"

Katherine's Narration: “I've got a bad case of  3:00 am guilt - you know, when you lie in bed awake and replay all those things you didn't do right? Because, as we all know, nothing solves insomnia like a nice warm glass of regret, depression and self-loathing.” 

As Katherine and Analise made their way into the hallway, Analise looked at the two guards who Katherine took down.

"We can't just leave them." Analise said.

"Yes! We can! Shadow is not interested in them, he wants YOU." Katherine said, pulling Analise down the hall.

As all of the hospital lights were out, Katherine and Analise had trouble seeing their way.

Katherine could hear all the ruckus and screaming coming from various parts of the hospital.

"The elevator's here." Katherine went up to it.

"DAMNIT!" Katherine said.

"What is it?" Analise asked.

"The power is out." 

"So the elevator....isn't gonna..." Analise started.

"No.." Katherine said, hitting the button relentlessly.

"We'll just have to take the stairs on the other side." Analise said, as both began running a different direction.


(Mayor George Coyne's Residence)

George had poured Vivian and himself some tea.

"You know as well as I do that only Billy's powers could do THAT to people." Vivian said, referring to the lifeless victims of Shadow.

"What should I say? Should I admit that our son is a pyscho maniac serial killer?" George questioned, very upset.

Vivian sipped her tea, "He's what you made him to be.."

"I never intended for my son to be a killer." George said.

"You gave him the means, certaintly." Vivian said.

"Giving him those powers was the worst decision of my life. It's the reason you left me." George said.

"Our issues run much deeper than just that." Vivian told him.

"But you want to work them out? After all this time?" George asked.

"George, I told you, I'm doing this on the strength of my son." Vivian expressed.

"You kept my last name. You must still love me." George inquired.

"We had good times. But mostly bad." Vivian said, getting up.

"Vivian, please don't leave." George said, grabbing her arm.

"We'll be in touch." Vivian said, kissing him on the cheek.

As Vivian left, George shed a tear.


Back at Shellingtas Hospital, Katherine and Analise were heading to the staircase.

"Wait!" Katherine said, stopping.

In front of the hallway leading to the staircase, stood a man shrouded in darkness.

"Did you think you could run from me?" Shadow asked.

"What do you want from me!?" Analise asked.

"So YOU'RE Shadow." Katherine shouted out.

"This doesn't concern you, young woman." Shadow said, referring to Katherine.

"Well you're not going to kill Analise. Not if I have anything to do with it." Katherine said, fiercely.

"And WHAT can YOU do to stop me?" Shadow asked, his hands glowing with a black aura.

Katherine gulped, starting to feel afraid.

"Analise, I'm trying to help you. Don't refuse my help." Shadow said.

Suddenly, from an adjacent hallway, Johnny came running down. 

Instinctively, he lit a fire between him and the girls, and Shadow.

"Try getting her now, freak!" Johnny said.

"WHAT are you doing here?!" Katherine said, in shock.

"Another metafish to add to my hitlist. At least this one has theatrics." Shadow said, snarkily.

"Yeah, what'll be theatrical is seeing you burned alive by walking through those flames." Johnny said.

Analise and Johnny ran.

Katherine looked at Shadow through the flames.

"HEY! COME ON!" Johnny yelled at Katherine.

Snapping out of her trance, Katherine ran with Johnny and Analise.

The three young adults made their way to a door that lead to the roof.

"Johnny, I can't believe you came! After I said not to." Katherine yelled at him, as the three got on to the roof.

"You would of been done if I didn't intervene! Now come on, we have to find a way off this roof, before that guy finds his way through my flames." Johnny urged.

"There's a ladder down the side of the building over here!" Analise pointed out.

The three climbed down the building and out of the alley way.

A large amount of police cars and officers pulled up.

"Oh shit!" Johnny said.

"No worries!" Katherine said, grabbing on to Analise and Johnny, thereby rendering all three of them invisible.

As the officers entered the hospital, the lights cut back on.

Detective Dudley Winters came up to the head nurse.

"What do we have here, miss?" Winters asked.

"All I know is that the lights cut off, all of our power -"

"-OKAY and then what?" Winters asked.

"People were screaming and panicking and running all over! It only got worse when this man or figure or whatever started to rampage through the hospital." the nurse revealed.

"What man? Did he have weapons?" Winters asked.

"He had some kind of powers. He was able to take down every single guard he came across with some sort of black energy he generated from his hands." the nurse said, as more detectives started listening and taking notes.

"The serial killer.." Winters said to himself.


(Katherine and Johnny's Apartment)

Katherine, Johnny, and Analise got inside after nearly an hour.

"Okay, we're all here..." Katherine said, closing the door and locking it.

"Thank the both of you, so much, for rescuing me-" Analise started.

"-No, don't do that. It was my pleasure to rescue you." Katherine said.

"But why? What do you have to gain?" Analise asked.

"I've been trying to find out about the person who has been killing off metafish." Katherine divulged.

"What? Why would you be going after that freak?" Analise asked.

"It's a long story." Johnny said, intervening.

"No, Johnny...it's okay. I'll tell her." Katherine said.  "Tonight was my first time meeting him. But, he murdered a friend of mines who had powers too." Katherine revealed.

"Right, right..you told me at the hospital. But in all the craziness, I forgot." Analise remembered.

"Yeah.." Katherine said, sadly.

"So this is about revenge?" Analise questioned.

"This is about preventing him from hurting others." Katherine clarified.

"But he was right about one thing. How are YOU going to stop him?" Analise asked.

"My powers." Katherine said.

"Invisibility? That's not a offensive power...it's defensive." Analise said.

"An extension of my invisibility is that I can use it's psionic force to produce a 'telekinesis' like effect." Katherine stated.

"So you have telekinesis?" Analise asked.

"A very substitute-like form, but yes. There's something I'm not saying though..." Katherine struggled.

"What?" Analise asked.

"I can't...I've been having trouble using it." Katherine admitted.

"Wait, you told me this before." Johnny said.

"Yeah. I don't know why, but I can't use it anymore." Katherine said.

"Are you sure you're not pushing it away somehow?" Analise asked.

"No." Katherine said, defensively.

"Sorry, I just know what it's like to deny a part of yourself." Analise said.

Katherine's face squished.

"Okay, we need to decide what to do now." Johnny said.

"I'm getting out of town. Tonight." Analise said.

"That's probably a good idea." Katherine said.

Suddenly, blue and red lights shined from their window.

"What is that?" Katherine asked.

Johnny walked over to the living room window.

"Oh no! The feds are here!" Johnny shouted.

Quickly, three police officers kicked down Katherine and Johnny's door.

"KATHERINE. I had SO HOPED it wasn't true." Winters said, walking in after the police officers.

"Winters! What are you doing here?" Katherine asked, nervous.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH ANALISE?" Winters yelled at her.

"I had to go see her. I had no other choice but to." Katherine said.

"Yeah, the security cameras pretty much revealed that." Winters said.

"So the power came back on?" Katherine asked.

"Yes, and we were able to see what the hell happened. So not only did that super-freak rampage through the hospital, but YOU took down two guards and kidnapped a witness in an ongoing murder investigation." Winters said, with his veins popping.

"WHAT? I SAVED Analise! If it wasn't for me, she'd be a corpse by now!" Katherine said, bluntly.

"Hey, hey! I'm right here." Analise yelled.

"So are you going to arrest me for doing the right thing?" Katherine asked.

"Katherine, you know how this works. I have to take you AND you're friend in." Winters said.

"You're not touching me." Johnny said, lighting fire from his hands.

"JOHNNY, DON'T." Katherine said, looking at him with a serious expression.

"Okay. Fine." Johnny said, letting the officers handcuff him.

"And me?" Analise asked.

"Ms. Rogers, you'll be taken into protective custody. I promise you that we'll keep you safe from the killer." Winters said.

"Shadow. His name is Shadow." Analise revealed to him.


After a few hours down at the Bikini Bottom Police Department, Katherine and Johnny were released from their cells, and were done being questioned by officers and detectives.

Katherine went into Winters' office.

"I see they're done processing you." Winters said.

"Yeah. At the grand hour of two in the freaking morning!" Katherine shouted.

"I'm sorry. You know I didn't want to do this to you." Winters said.

"I know. I know that you have a job to do and that I don't get special treatment because you're fond of me." Katherine said.

"I'm more than fond of you. You're like a daughter to me." Winters stated.

"But, I'm not...your daughter." Katherine said.

"I know." Winters said.

"I'm gonna go home now." Katherine said.

"Kathy, wait. I want you to stay away from this case. FAR away." Winters said.

"I can't!" Katherine said, nearly crying.

"Let ME avenge your friend. You don't need to put your life on the line." Winters told her.

"I don't want to believe that I'm worthless. That I have nothing to offer." Katherine said.

"You are NOT worthless. Do you hear me? But for now, I need you to go home. Reevaluate yourself. Think about everything you've done wrong." Winters started, "Tonight, Katherine...was a mistake. You know it was. You could of been killed. You could have gotten your friend killed. Just think about all of these things. Please." Winters said, shedding a tear.

"I always think about everything I've done wrong." Katherine said, flashing a somber smile.

As Katherine walked out, Winters sunk uncomfortably into his chair. 



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Miss Appear 

Ep.6 "A Coma Would Be Nice"

Katherine's Narration: “Running, you should know, is a kind of stillness.” 

"NOOOO!" Katherine screamed loudly, with her body nearly thrusting all the way off the couch.

Johnny ran out into the living room.

"Kathy! It's okay. You're fine!" Johnny said, coming by her side on the couch.

"I'm sorry..." Katherine muttered, trying to breathe.

"It happened again, didn't it?" Johnny asked.

"Yes, I had another nightmare, obviously." Katherine said, her eyes half-shut.

"That's the fifth one this week." Johnny said, getting up to open the curtains.

"Ugh, sunlight is repulsive." Katherine said.

"Don't you feel like it's a problem?" Johnny asked.

"That I keep having nightmares?" Katherine asked, "It's a normal freakin' thing, Johnny.." Katherine said, making her way to the kitchen.

"No. I mean the type of nightmares you're having." Johnny clarified.

"What do you mean?" Katherine asked, pouring orange juice into a glass.

"You keep having nightmares where you're killing yourself." Johnny said, "..and this newest one was probably the same." Johnny stated.

"Yes. I had another dream where I killed myself. So what? It'll go away." Katherine said.

"Didn't you tell me that you had depression? It's not just gonna go away." Johnny voiced.

"You sound like June. She tried this therapeutic bullshit ALL the time." Katherine said.

"Well, I'm sorry that I care. You're my only friend in this city, and I'd hate to lose you to...suicide." Johnny stated.

"I should get dressed for work." Katherine said, trying to dodge the conversation.


Vivian and George Coyne met for brunch at a private restaurant called 'La Shellos' .

"So you enacted a bill that requires anyone with powers to be captured and held somewhere?" Vivian asked George.

"This is all apart of my plan." George said.

"What plan?" Vivian asked.

"Getting our son. Billy's killing spree on other super powered people has to come to an end. By enacting this law, anyone with powers will be taken by the government, thereby providing them protection from Billy. This also works because now the law enforcement have no choice but to find Billy, because he's an active murderer with powers." George explained.

"Not that the plan sounds awful...but how are you going to draw Billy in?" Vivian questioned.

"I'll let you know when I know." George smiled. "I'm gonna use the restroom." 

"Okay.." Vivian said.

As George walked away, Vivian took out her phone and called Shadow.

"Billy, this is your mother." Vivian whispered. "It seems that I'm in good with your father. Once I learn how he intends to draw you out, I'll let you know." Vivian ended, hanging up.


The Bikini Bottom Police Department

As Katherine was filing papers in the filing room, Winters came in to see her.

"You've been working hard." Winters said.

"Thanks. Trying to be the best worker that I can be. Also, I have to thank you." Katherine said.

"For what?" Winters asked.

"For not reporting about my powers. When the Mayor did that televised speech about rounding up those with powers, I thought I'd be one of the first taken." Katherine said.

"You think that I'd ever report you? Hell no." Winters said.

"Thanks for always looking out for me...even when I've made it hard on you. Ya know, chasing after Shadow." Katherine said.

"You're welcome. And I hope you've put Shadow out of your mind. Thanks to the new bill, every officer in the city is gonna be after Shadow. He'll be caught, so you don't need to get involved." Winters told her.

"Yeah..." Katherine said, with a lack of genuineness 

"Is something bothering you?" Winters asked.

"Actually yeah..where was Analise taken to?" Katherine asked.

"Kathy, I told you, nothing involving the Shadow case is any of your business to worry about." Winters said.

"Right, right." 

"Why don't you take the rest of the day off?" Winters said, with a smile.

"Okay." Katherine said, looking at the middle aged man with an intense glare.


Katherine and Johnny's Apartment

Katherine arrived at the apartment, but upon opening the door, she saw saw an older woman.

"Who is this?" Katherine asked Johnny, who was coming out of the kitchen with a tray of tea.

The woman was well dressed and looked friendly, yet stern.

"My name is Helen Swatson and I'm a psychiatrist."

"A what?" Katherine asked, shocked.

"Your friend contacted me, because he's concerned about your well-being." Helen said.

"Johnny, how could you do this?!" Katherine asked.

"I get that you're angry, but I thought it was time that you talk to someone about the feelings you've been having. And the dreams." Johnny said.

"And YOU just decided that. Made a choice for me?" Katherine said.

"Someone had to." Johnny said.

"Katherine, I get that you feel betrayed, but I think your friend was very, very smart for seeking you help, since you aren't seeking it yourself." Helen said.

"I'm NOT doing this, so you can go." Katherine said.

"Okay, but just know that your friend can petition to have you committed, where you'll be forced to undergo a mental evaluation. I'm giving you a choice to talk to me voluntarily. Just one session." Helen explained.

"Kath..I wont petition to have you committed if you just do this ONE session. I really want you to talk to a profession just once." Johnny expressed to her.

Katherine looked at him with a heavy contempt.

"FINE. I'll do it. I'll do this one session, and then Helen leaves...and she never comes back." Katherine said, looking over to Helen now.

"I'll be happy to abide by your wishes." Helen said, calmly.

"I'm gonna leave you two to have the session." Johnny said, grabbing his coat and leaving.

Helen had Katherine sit on the couch. Helen then grabbed a chair, sitting directly across from Katherine.

"So, we only have an hour. Let's get started." Helen said.


Shadow's Apartment

Vivian came to visit Shadow.

"How are you doing?" Vivian asked, walking in.

"Don't pretend to be interested in my well-being, mother." Shadow said, closing the door.

"You're angry with me too." Vivian noticed.

"You didn't turn me into a monster, like dad did. However, you let it happen." Shadow said.

"Billy, things were always more complicated than you knew." Vivian said.

"So dad is getting desperate. Enacting this new bill to get to me." Shadow said.

"I'm working on getting his trust.." Vivian said.

"Once I kill him...his 'trust' won't matter." Shadow said.

"Your father is off limits until I marry him." Vivian said.

"Wait, that's what this has been about? Our little partnership has been about you wanting me to kill dad so that you can get his money." Shadow realized.

"Which won't work unless I marry him BEFORE you kill him." Vivian stressed.

"Why should I help you get what you want?" Shadow asked.

"You need me. That's why." Vivian said, smiling.

"I need to find Analise Rogers. And I need to get revenge on that young woman who stopped me from killing Ms. Rogers." Shadow said.

"What young woman?" Vivian asked.

"I don't know. A girl was there, helping Analise evade me. Then a friend of hers showed up. Her friend had powers." Shadow told her.

"Interesting. Ya know, I have a newspaper in my purse that could help." Vivian said.

Taking out the newspaper from her bag, Vivian handed it to Shadow.

"It says that Analise Rogers was found in the Lowski Apartments building following your attack on Shellingtas Hospital." Vivian told him.

"I see.." Shadow said, reading the paper over.

"Apartment number 3C. They don't mention the name of the tenant." Shadow said.

"The tenant has to be the girl who helped this Analise woman." Vivian told him.

"You're probably right. I'm gonna go over there and find out about that girl. She's gonna regret standing in my way." Shadow said.


Back at the apartment, Katherine's session with Helen began.

"Johnny said that you told him you have depression." Helen said.

"Yes. I told him that." Katherine confirmed.

"Have you ever gotten a professional diagnosis?" Helen asked.

"Don't need one. I know what I have." Katherine replied.

"Why do you feel that you have clinical depression." Helen asked her.

"I'm empty inside. All the time. I hate myself. All the time." Katherine said, trying to hold back tears.

"Can you identify what in your life is making you feel this way?" Helen asked.

"Everything. I hate everything,...especially myself." Katherine said.

"So it seems that you're holding on to a lot of hate about yourself. Why?" Helen asked.

"I'm pathetic. That's the way it has always been." Katherine told her.

"You're telling me these things. That you hate yourself, that you hate everything, that you're pathetic. But you're not telling me why. You're holding back, Katherine." Helen said.

"This session is a nightmare." Katherine said, snarkily.

"Speaking of nightmares, Johnny told me that you've been having a few." Helen revealed.

"I did not know that Johnny boy was so talkative." Katherine said, in a funny voice.

"You're deflecting." Helen said.

"What do you want me to say? That I have nightmares where I kill myself? YES, it's true. I've had five dreams where I took my own shitty life." Katherine said, aggressively.

"And I know why." Helen said.

"Okay...why?" Katherine asked, puzzled.

"You've learned to run from what you feel, and that's why you have nightmares. To deny is to invite madness. To accept is to control." Helen told her.

"I just want to sleep." Katherine said quickly, with tears pouring out of her eyes. "A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get these thoughts and whispers out of my head." Katherine continued.

"What do your thoughts tell you?" Helen asked.

"They tell me that I'm the most worthless and stupidest person in the world. That I'm the most incompetent person who has ever existed." Katherine said, wiping her tears.

"See, my issue with you is that you've created this value system for people; and worst.. that you've put yourself very low on it." Helen spoke.

"I have no value. I'm literally a waste of space." Katherine said.

"I'm gonna come out and ask. Katherine, are you suicidal?" Helen asked her.

"If I say yes, you would have grounds to legally get me committed. So, I think this session is over now." Katherine said.

"I'm not leaving until the hour is up." Helen said.

"Okay, well I am." Katherine said, getting up and running out of the door.


Katherine made her way to Bikini Bottom Liquors.

She looked at the sign on the door.

"21 and up." 

"Well, now is as good a time as any to use my powers." Katherine said, turning invisible.


Katherine and Johnny's Apartment

"KATHY! HELEN!" Johnny called out, coming into the apartment.

"That's weird...no one is here." Johnny noticed.

Johnny got a call.

"Helen? What's up? Wait...WHAT? She ran out?" Johnny said, getting the story on the session from Helen.

"Thank you, Helen. I'm gonna go find her." Johnny said hanging up

With that, Johnny left the apartment in search of Katherine.


Bikini Bottom Park

Katherine entered the park, with a bottle of alcohol in her hands. She wobbled slowly to a bench.

"This park.. is where.. I found June. Yup...all comes full circle." Katherine said, very drunk.

Katherine remembered finding June dead.


In front of her, she saw multiple police officers, yellow tape, an emergency truck, and paramedics.

"What the hell?" Katherine said, seeing them put a body on the stretcher.

"Wait...June? JUNE!" Katherine screamed, noticing her friend.

Running to the emergency truck, several officers tried to stop her, but she pushed them out of the way.

"THAT'S MY FRIEND!" Katherine screamed.

"I'm sorry, young lady. She's dead." a paramedic told her.

Flashback ends)

Feeling tired, Katherine lied down on the bench and slept. 


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Miss Appear

Ep.7 "Who You Really Are"

Katherine's Narration: "I've learned that you shouldn't remind people of their past. You have no idea how long it may have taken them to try and forget it."

Bikini Bottom Park

Katherine awoken on the park bench, which she had fallen asleep on.

"ehhmmm.." Katherine groaned, feeling a massive headache.

She noticed that it was night time.

"Did..I...fall asleep..?" Katherine said to herself, seeing the bottle of alcohol that she'd stolen from Bikini Bottom Liquors.

"Ughhh." Katherine said, tossing the bottle to the ground.

Checking her phone, Katherine saw that it was a little past midnight.

"I need to get home.."


Clamsing Hotel, Room 203

"OH MY...OH NOO NOOO." Vivian moaned, as George ate her out.

"I guess I've still got it." George said, coming up on top of Vivian, kissing her ferociously.

"That is very much true." Vivian said, laughing.

"I'm glad you agreed to stay the night with me here." George said, laying beside her.

"Wait till the press leaks about us checking into a hotel together. You know it'll be all over the news by morning." Vivian said.

"..Are we? Back together, I mean?" George asked his ex-wife.

"I want to be. In fact.." Vivian started. "..I was thinking that we could give our marriage another shot." Vivian said.

"This is...sudden. I know that we've been working on patching things up between us, but rushing into marriage again..I don't know." George responded.

"I just want to fix our family. Once Billy gets caught, he'll need us together...united, for his sake." Vivian expressed.

"But our issues won't just go away once I put another ring on you." George told her.

"We can get a marriage counselor, right after we remarry. We'll go weekly, and discuss everything.." Vivian said.

"We can't discuss Billy. No one can know that I'm the father of a psycho serial killer who's murdering people in the town that I am the Mayor of." George said.

"Our issues go far beyond our son. The reason he's even an issue is because of the problems between us in the first place." Vivian said, with George looking unconvinced.


Lowski Apartments

A cab pulled up to Katherine's apartment building.

Getting out of the cab, Katherine stumbled clumsily into the building.

Passing the lobby, she saw Mr. Lowski raced out of his office.

"KATHERINE CROSS." Mr. Lowski yelled.

"What the HELL are you doing here so late?" Katherine asked.

"Tenants complained about a strange noise in the building, so I came to check it out for myself." Mr. Lowski said.

"It's almost one in the morning." Katherine said.

"Which is why I came. My tenants were going to call the police if I didn't come check things out. The last thing I need is bad publicity." Mr. Lowski said.

"That's you, all the way. You only care about freaking money, not your tenants' well-being." Katherine said.

"You know what, the better question is what the hell are you doing here? I kicked you out weeks ago." Mr. Lowski said.

"I'm just delivering some money to a friend. I'll be leaving right after." Katherine said, lying.

"Okay, but if I find out that you're staying here somehow, I'll have no choice but to call the police." Mr. Lowski warned her.

"No shit. Now please excuse me." Katherine said, walking up the stairs.

As Katherine approached her apartment door, she noticed that it looked open.

Katherine grabbed the knob and turned it. The door was unlocked.

"John-..JOHNNY??" Katherine called out as she walked into the dark apartment.

She tried flipping the switch, but no light. It was completely dark.

"..Hello.." a voice spoke.

Suddenly, Katherine felt waves of dark energy taking a hold of her mind.

From behind, Shadow grabbed on her arms and whispered in her ear.

"Shall I find out, who you really are?" Shadow whispered, deviously.

Shadow walked Katherine's body over to the couch and laid her down. 

He closed the apartment door and then returned to Katherine.

"Show me who you are, young woman." Shadow said, as he manipulated dark energy to force Katherine's deepest thoughts to the forefront of her mind.

Katherine, paralyzed by the energy, recalled a memory,

(Flashbacks begin:

A 16 year old Katherine is seen peaking out of her room door.

She saw her mother, Marilyn, passed out from several rounds of drugs.

Her mother's boyfriend (known by his street name of "Phantom") was lighting up more for himself.

Katherine coughed as more smoke reached her shared bedroom.

"Katherine...is mom doing that stuff again?" a young voice was heard.

Katherine closed her room door. 

She turned towards her younger sister, a small and precious six year old.

"Don't worry, Molly. Soon, mom will realize what a bad influence Phantom is, and find a new boyfriend." Katherine said, sitting by her younger sister on their shared twin bed.

The girls didn't have much.

They and Marilyn lived in a small, cramped apartment.

Katherine and Molly shared the same room with their older brother, Michael. All three of them shared just one small, dirty twin bed.

"Mom is never gonna leave Phantom. She's never gonna do better." Molly said, softly.

"She promised that she'd look for a job and get a car..." Katherine tried to say.

"She makes a lot of 'promises'." Katherine's brother, Michael said.

Michael walked in, having come from the bathroom.

"Michael, mom's gonna get better. We're gonna move to a new apartment, and everything will work out. We just have to keep praying about it." Katherine said, not believing it herself.

"If that's what you say." Michael said, shaking his head.

Michael took a seat next to his sisters on their bed.

"Things changed since dad left." Michael said.

"I know." Katherine said, somberly.

"Dad didn't care about us anyway." Molly said, in her little high pitched voice.

"He cared enough to get a custody order." Katherine said.

"I'm not going to visit him. I'm not following the custody order." Michael said.

"It's not a choice, Michael." Katherine said.

"You can go see dad. I'll be good." Michael kept saying.


A new flashback began, showing Katherine at her father's place.

"Katherine, I said the sugar is to the RIGHT. Above the stove, damn." Katherine's dad, Ben, yelled.

As Katherine brought the sugar to the dinner table, he started yapping at her.

"Tell me, how are you so smart, but you can't pay attention to simple directions?" Ben asked.

"I'm sorry." Katherine said.

"You need to get away from your mom. She has you in this little fucking bubble and shit." Ben yelled.

Katherine didn't reply much.

"Why don't you want to just come live here with me?" Ben asked.

"I just...I need to be there for mom." Katherine said.

"What's going on? You're always saying that your mom is fine now. What the hell do you need to be there for? What's so out of control." Ben asked.

"Nothing.." Katherine said.

"Obviously, you're lying to me. That's alright. I try to love you, but all you and your siblings do is shit on me." Ben said, fiercely.

Katherine's heart sunk.

"Your brother still won't talk to me or come over...and I try to ignore that, and not involve the cops, but there's a limit, y'know? I want you around me, because I know you're gonna become something great." Ben said to her.

" I know, I know." Katherine said, holding back tears.

Flashbacks end.) 

"Well, that's interesting. I have family issues too. Let's see the root of yours." Shadow said, as he continued to force Katherine to recall her darkest memories.


Detective Winters' House

"I'M COMING, ONE MINUTE!" Winters said, rushing to his door.

Opening it, he saw Johnny.

"Kid, what do you want? It's one thirty in the morning." Winters said, angered over being awoken from his sleep.

"I'm sorry, I just thought Katherine might be here...? I know she's close with you." Johnny said.

"What? Kathy isn't here..." Winters said.

"I've been looking for her all day, and night. I don't know what to do now." Johnny said.

"Maybe you should've started by notifying the police. Lemme put on some clothes and we'll go down to the station to file a report." Winters said, going back in his house.

Johnny could feel his heart get more tense by the minute. He was really worried about Katherine.


Katherine and Johnny's Apartment

[Flashbacks begin again:

One year later, 17 year old Katherine talked with her mother in their living room.

"I'm so excited for you. Graduation is approaching. I can't tell you how many tears I shed when I see you get your diploma." Marilyn said.

"Yeah. Me too." Katherine smiled, insincerely.

"Honey, what's wrong? I can tell you're not happy." Marilyn said to her daughter.

"I'm fine." Katherine replied.

"Look, I know that you and your siblings want to move, and let me tell you, I am making plans for that. I stopped doing drugs, I got my permit, and I'm going to get a job soon. I'll have us out of this place soon." Marilyn assured her daughter.

"But you're still dating Phantom. As long as he's around, you'll never be safe. All of us, in fact." Katherine said.

"I know the robbery a few months ago was really scary, but we survived it." Marilyn said.

"No thanks to his enemies." Katherine retorted.

"He didn't mean to put us in harm's way." Marilyn debated.


Another Flashback began

Katherine was over June's house.

"We're graduating in three months. How exciting!" June said, excitedly.

"Yeah, it'll be trans-formative." Katherine replied.

"Are you okay?" June asked.

"No. I keep wanting to tell someone this, but it's difficult to get out." Katherine said.

June sat next to her.

"What is it? We're best friends, so that means no secrets between us." June said.

"I'm gay." Katherine came out.

"Wow, okay, so what? It's perfectly okay." June smiled.

"So, you're not gonna stop being my friend?" Katherine asked.

"Why would I? Come on." June said.

"It feels good to say it out loud, and to someone else." Katherine said, nearly crying.

"Have you told your parents?" June asked.

"No. My mom would be accepting, but I'd disappoint her at the same time. I couldn't handle hurting her and her expectations of my future." Katherine said.

"What about your dad?" June asked.

"My dad would freak. He would yell and be mad. He would think even less of me than he probably does now." Katherine said.

"You and your dad aren't close, huh?" June asked.

"You know that. I love my dad, I think....but he's just so mean and hard to talk to. He makes me feel like I'm dumb." Katherine confessed.

"Yeah, that's gotta be hard." June said, putting her arm around her friend.


A Fourth Flashback began

Katherine was over at her father's house.

He'd recently moved outside of Bikini Bottom.

It was a few days after Katherine's 18th birthday.

Ben had call Katherine downstairs.

"Hey, I talked to your mom, and she said you aren't going to Prom." Ben said.

"Yeah, I just thought it'd be best if I didn't go." Katherine told him.

"You couldn't find a date or something..?" Ben questioned.

"Umm..no it's not that." Katherine said.

"What is it? I'm sure plenty of boys would line up to take you." Ben said.

"Well, I'm not into them." Katherine blurted out, fastly.

"What does that mean?" Ben asked.

"I'm into girls." Katherine said, with her heart pounding.

Ben's entire face looked consumed with anger and disgust.

"I think you've always known." Katherine said.

"I had suspicions...but you didn't tell me. You DON'T talk to me. I try to ask you all the time about your interests and stuff like that, but I get NOTHING from you. I thought I did a better job as a father, but it turns out I raised a dyke!"  Ben yelled.

Katherine looked at him, nearly in tears.

"I hate you." Katherine admitted, with tears finally streaming down her face.

"I've been wanting to say that for a long time. I HATE you, because you don't make it easy for me to talk to you. You're mean! That's why Michael and Molly don't want anything to do with you. Now, neither do I." Katherine told him.

"You waited until you were 18 to talk all of this shit, huh?" Ben asked, crying himself.

"I don't have to see you. You don't have to see me. I want you to stop trying with me. Just let me go." Katherine said, still crying.

"Don't do this, Katherine." Ben said.

"You did this." Katherine said.

"Oh yeah, one more thing you should know about me." Katherine said.

Suddenly, Katherine blasted her father to the wall with her telekinesis.

Katherine watched as her father passed out as a result of hitting the wall. 

There was no going back.

She had now revealed her sexuality and powers to him.

Without further ado, she left out of the house.

Flashbacks end]

"My, my, my..you sure have one hell of a life story, Katherine." Shadow said. "You also have powers..." Shadow continued, rubbing on Katherine's head.

Katherine still could not move. Shadow's dark energy kept her in a mental trance.

"Sadly, I now have no choice but to kill you." Shadow said, kissing her forehead.


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Miss Appear

Ep.8 "Even Criminals"

Katherine's Narration: “Unfortunately, the most significant moments of our lives are often unpleasant.” 

Katherine, mentally paralyzed by Shadow's powers, felt as he kissed her forehead intensely.

"It pains me to do this. I don't want to kill you, but I have to get rid of everyone with abilities. I hope you understand that." Shadow said, moving his hands to her chest.

Shadow began using his dark energy to kill Katherine. 

"KATHERINE CROSS!" Lowski shouted from the hallway.

Lowski barged into the open apartment door.

"I KNOW YOU'RE STILL LIVING HERE- " Lowski said, pausing as he saw the horrific scene of Shadow hurting Katherine.

"GET OOOOUUT!" Shadow said, taking his hands off Katherine.

Shadow blasted Lowski out of the apartment with a wave of dark energy. 

Katherine, in all of her will, forced her body up.

Accessing her telekinesis for the first time in nearly a year, Katherine used it to levitate a nearby lamp, and smash it on Shadow's head.

"OWWW!" Shadow said, hitting the floor.

Katherine breathed in and out, very rapidly.

"MR.LOWSKI!" Katherine ran into the hallway where Lowski's body lied.

Katherine came by Lowski's side on the floor.

Lowski had severe bruises from the dark energy blast. He was bleeding out heavily.

"I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!" Katherine said, with tears running down her face.

"Ka- ka- Katherine- " Mr. Lowski tried to talk.

"This is all my fault, I know!" Katherine said as she held onto Lowski's upper body.

"Y-ou gotta...g-et him." Mr. Lowski struggled talking, as blood poured out of his mouth.

Within seconds, Mr. Lowski had passed.

"No, No, NOOO!" Katherine yelled, crying.

Soon enough, Katherine heard police sirens.

Getting up off the floor, Katherine looked back into the apartment and saw that Shadow's unconcious body was gone!

"Where is he?!?" Katherine said, nervous.


Clamsing Hotel, Room 203

George Coyne was awoken by a phone call.

Vivian awoke too, overhearing her ex-husband's voice.

"Honey, what was that about?" Vivian asked.

"A call from a head officer of mine. The BBPD might of gotten a new lead in the Shadow case. Apparently, Shadow killed a landlord at the Lowski Apartments building." George informed her.

Vivian thought about the newspaper she gave Shadow, which had pointed her son in the direction of the Lowski Apartments to seek out the young woman who helped Analise Rogers evade him.

"Vivian, you okay? I know our son is an emotional topic, but I have a plan to draw him out." George remarked.

"Yeah. Sure." Vivian said, too pre-occupied with her own thoughts.


Many officers were inside of Katherine's apartment, questioning her and analyzing her home for evidence.

Detective Winters had finally arrived.

"Winters!" Katherine ran to him.

Winters hugged Katherine tightly.

"You weren't hurt, were you?" Winters asked Katherine.

"Well.." Katherine said.

Winters pulled Katherine over to the corner.

"What exactly did you tell the officers?" Winters asked Katherine, whispering.

"I said that Shadow came here demanding to know about Analise, and that he tried to kill me if I didn't tell him. I said that Lowski walked in, and then Shadow turned to kill him, which gave me time to pick up a lamp and hit him." Katherine said. 

"But that's not the complete truth, is it?" Winters asked, in a whisper.

"No, but I don't think we should talk about this with all these other officers around." Katherine said.

"I know. Hence my whispering." Winters replied

Another officer came over to the pair.

"We need to take her to the department for her official statement." the officer said.

"Yes, that's correct." Winters said, looking to Katherine.


On the streets of Downtown Bikini Bottom, Shadow walked while suffering dizziness and headache. He also had a gashing cut on his forehead and on the back of his head.

Tilting and stumbling over on the sidewalk, a man driving down the street stopped and rolled down his window.

"Hey, do you need help?" the man asked.

Shadow could hardly make out the guy's words. 

Losing his balance, Shadow fell to the ground.

"HEY! HEY!" The man called out to him.

When Shadow became conscious again, he opened his eyes to see him lying in the back seat of the man's boatmobile.

"wha- what are you-" 

"Shhh, I'm driving you to a hospital. You passed out on the sidewalk. You most definitely have a concussion and some wounds that need stitching up." the man said.

"No..you can't take me to a hospital." Shadow said, closing his eyes.

"Why not?" the man asked.

"I-I can't explain." Shadow said, trying to regain his strength.

"Fine. I'll take you to my place." the man said.

"What? I'd be better off...on the street.." Shadow said, still throbbing in his pain.

"I'm a registered nurse, actually. I'll take care of you." the man said, flashing Shadow a smile.

"..And my name is Marvin. Marvin Long." the man added.


The Bikini Bottom Police Department

Katherine, Winters, and the other officers arrived at the BBPD.

"KATHY!" Johnny said, getting up out of a seat.

Johnny threw his arms around Katherine and embraced her tightly.

"I'm fine." Katherine giggled.

"What happened? Did he hurt you?" Johnny questioned her.

"There's...a lot that I have to tell you." Katherine said, in a slight whisper.  

"Katherine, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need to burrow you before you give your official statement." Winters said.

"Yeah." Katherine said.

Katherine turned back to Johnny. "I'll be back." Katherine told him.

"I'll be here." Johnny said, as she walked off with Winters.

Winters and Katherine entered his office. 

"Alright, while it's just you and me...I wan't to know the true version of events that happened tonight." Winters asked.

"Okay. Well, I guess that me saving Analise from Shadow...made him want to seek me out for revenge." Katherine said.

"Perhaps he wanted to know where Analise was?" Winters suggested.

"Makes sense, because I don't think he knew that I had powers before- " Katherine paused.

"Before what?" Winters questioned.

"He, um....he used his powers to get into my head. He wanted to know who I was...and he found out." Katherine said, wanting to shed a tear.

"Oh no..Shadow knows that you have powers?" Winters asked her.

"Yes. The only reason I'm not dead is because Mr. Lowski barged into the apartment to kick me out, while Shadow was sucking my life force. Shadow stopped and then shot a blast of dark energy at Lowski. That distraction gave me a chance to levitate a lamp over Shadow's head." Katherine revealed.

"I'm so sorry about all of this." Winters said, very emotional.

Another officer came into the room.

"Can I get your official statement now?" the officer said to Katherine.


Marvin Long's House

Marvin Long had Shadow sitting on his couch, as he applied bandages to his head injuries.

"Don't fidget." Marvin said.

"I'm not fidgeting...I'm just not used to having an attractive man put his hands on face." Shadow remarked.

"Flirting through the pain. Classic." Marvin joked, finishing up Shadow's head bandage.

"I don't flirt. I score." Shadow joked.

"What even is your name?" Marvin asked, while throwing his latex gloves in his trash can.

"Um..my name is Billy." Shadow said, using his actual name.

"So, Billy...how exactly did you get a concussion?" Marvin asked.

"I don't think you want to ask that." Shadow said.

"You said you couldn't go to a hospital. I figured that you committed a crime." Marvin said.

"Then why would you let a criminal in your home? And treat him nonetheless?" Shadow asked.

"I don't know. Against my better judgement, for sure. But...you're kinda cute. Aside from your...minor bruises." Marvin said.

"Minor? You just stitched the back of my head." Shadow said.

"I stuck my neck out for you, because I believe everyone deserves medical treatment." Marvin said.

"Even criminals?" Shadow asked him.

"Even criminals." Marvin said.

"I should get going." Shadow said.

"No." Marvin said,  giving him an ice pack. "You need to sit back." 

"I can't. Got things to do, places to be, people to see.." Shadow responded.

"It's three in the morning and you have a head concussion. Please, just sleep on my couch." Marvin protested.

Shadow threw himself back, and laid the ice pack on his head.

Marvin flashed a smile.


Bikini Bottom Police Department

Katherine came out of the back. 

"Katherine, you're done with the statement?" Johnny asked her.

"Yeah, I'm done." Katherine said, as he hugged her again.

"Hey, I'm fine." Katherine said, smiling.

"Fine? A psycho serial killer just tried to suck your soul." Johnny said.

"...I guess I'm not fine." Katherine said, letting her guard down.

Suddenly, tears began to flood down her cheeks.

"Everything's so messed up right now." Katherine said.

"I know." Johnny said, getting emotional himself.

"We...can't go back to that apartment." Katherine said.

"Yeah. Shadow would just show up again, so I definitely agree. That's why I called my parents." Johnny said.

"You called your parents?" Katherine asked.

"Yeah...I have a rocky relationship with them, but they care that I'm in trouble. They live in New Coral." Johnny told her.

"That's..twenty minutes out of town." Katherine said.

"I know, but look..we'll talk all the time over the phone." Johnny said.

"But what if I need you?" Katherine asked.

"You're not still gonna go after Shadow, are you? You'd be crazy to. Katherine, we both need to lie low." Johnny said.

"I have nowhere to go, so..." Katherine remarked.

"Katherine, why don't you come home with me." a voice called out.

Katherine turned to see Winters.

"Winters? Are you sure? Aren't you and your wife working through some marital issues right now?" Katherine asked.

"She left me. Moved out and left town. So, I'm pretty lonely." Winters told her.

"I wouldn't want to be a bother. And I'm sorry about your wife...I didn't know." Katherine said.

"Kathy, you're like a daughter to me. You wouldn't be a bother. And I want you to be somewhere safe." Winters said.

"Thank you so much." Katherine said, running to give him a hug.


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Miss Appear

Ep.9 "Happy Birthday"

Katherine's Narration: “I saw the world in black and white instead of the vibrant colors and shades I knew existed.” 

Detective Dudley Winters' House

Coming down the stairs, Katherine could smell the cooking of eggs, sausages, and pancakes.

"Katherine, is that you!? Come in the kitchen!" Winters called out.

Making her way into the kitchen, Katherine let out a big yawn. 

"You slept well, I hope?" Winters asked her.

"Yeah, I did. It's been a while since I've slept in a bed." Katherine told him.

"I'm glad that you were comfortable." Winters smiled, fixing a plate for Katherine and himself.

Both of them sat at the kitchen table, as Winters gave Katherine her plate.

"So, I kinda got the impression that the room belongs to someone else. There were stickers on the wall, and a few outfits in the closet." Katherine said.

"Oh yeah...it used to belong to my step-son." Winters told her.

"Oh, I didn't know you had a step-son." Katherine said.

"There's probably a lot about me that you don't know." Winters said.

"So, your wife and step-son left? That's gotta be hard." Katherine told him. 

"Actually, my step-son died. He was murdered, actually. That's the reason that me and my wife have been having issues." Winters revealed.

"Winters, I'm so sorry. I had no idea that your life was such a mess. It really puts my struggles to shame." Katherine remarked.

"Hey, let's not play that game of 'who has it worse'. Invalidation of another person's pain is something that doesn't sit right with me." Winters told her.

Katherine became silent.

"Hey, Kathy....last night, Johnny was worried that you might of tried to hurt yourself." Winters said.

"Well, I didn't. I was being tortured by a psychopath." Katherine replied.

"Yeah, but he said this before we knew that. Why would he feel like you might commit suicide?" Winters asked her.

"I don't know. Johnny tends to exaggerate. He also tends to get high, so you can't really trust his judgement." Katherine responded, trying to deflect.

"If you're in some kind of pain, maybe we can get you some help." Winters told her.

"I'm fine." Katherine said.

"We'll talk more later. Anyway, I gotta get down to the station." Winters said, getting up.

"I'll come too. Just because I'm living with you temporarily, doesn't mean I'm gonna quit as your assistant." Katherine said.

"Actually, why don't you take the day off. You had a rough night, last night. You deserve some time to get over that." Winters said warmly.

"Thank you. I'm sure officer Gilbert is gonna miss me, though." Katherine joked.

"Good ole Gil' will be fine." Winters laughed.


Marvin Long's House

Shadow awoken on the couch.

"Glad you're up!" Marvin Long said, handing Shadow a cup of coffee.

"Thank..you." Shadow said, grouching.

"So, how does your head feel?" Marvin asked.

"Much better." Shadow said, gulping his coffee.

"I'm glad that I was able to help." Marvin said.

"I should be going now." Shadow said, getting up. 

"Wait! Don't you at least want to shower?" Marvin asked.

"Umm, I don't know." Shadow said, unsure.

"My shower doesn't bite. I'll lend you an outfit too." Marvin said, warmly.

"What do you want in return for all of this?" Shadow questioned.

"Nothing. Although, it would be nice if I could have your number. Ya know, just in case you need a doctor's touch again." Marvin said, blushing.

"I'll keep that in mind." Shadow said, flashing a smile for the first time since he can remember.


Detective Dudley Winters' House

Katherine used FaceTime to call Johnny.

"Kathy, hey!" Johnny said, happy to see her.

"Hey, how are you settling in at your parents?" Katherine asked.

"Oh. It's fine, I guess. I really hate being here, though." Johnny said.

"Why so?" Katherine asked.

"My parents don't approve of my drug use. But it's my life, ya know?" Johnny voiced.

"When did you even start doing drugs?" Katherine questioned him.

"When I was about...13." Johnny said, having to think for a minute.

"That's...young." Katherine remarked, feeling concerned.

"Yeah, well..doing it at that age helped me to just relieve stress." Johnny said.

"What kind of stress could you have been having at 13?" Katherine said, laughing.

"How are you?" Johnny asked her.

"I'm fine." Katherine said.

"You say that, but it's not the truth. Katherine, you ditched out on that session with Dr. Helen." Johnny said.

"I talked to her for a bit, but I didn't like what she had to say." Katherine said. 

"Or..you didn't like what she got you to say." Johnny retorted.

"That I'm depressed? I didn't like telling that to her at all, because it's none of her business." Katherine remarked.

"She wants to help you. I still have her number if you want -"

Katherine ended the call.

"Sorry Johnny, but you were annoying me." Katherine said to herself.


The Rising Clam

Shadow and Vivian met at the back end of The Rising Clam restaurant.

"Finally, you showed up. Where were you all morning?" Vivian questioned her son.

"I was at this guy's house." Shadow told her.

"You were sleeping around with some guy?" Vivian asked.

"No. This guy found me passed out on the street. He took me back to his place, patched me up, let me sleep on his couch, and this morning he made me coffee and let me take a shower. That's all." Shadow told her.

"What the HELL happened last night?" Vivian asked.

"Would you keep your voice down!" Shadow said, looking around discretely.

"Sorry, but last night seemed like a disaster. How the hell do you go over to Lowski apartments looking for a young woman, and then end up killing a Landlord?" Vivian questioned.

"It's a long story. The young woman, Katherine, has powers. I tried to kill her, but her landlord barged in and interrupted me." Shadow said.

"So?" Vivian wanted him to continue.

"So, I shot at him with my powers, but that provided the young woman an opportunity to catch me off guard. She hit me over the head with a lamp." Shadow told her.

"That's when you ended up on the streets? And this guy found you?" Vivian asked.

"Yes, Vivian." Shadow said.

"Mother. I'm your mother." Vivian said, sternly.

"You're a monster. You're just as bad as dad...and me." Shadow said, looking at her with contempt.

"Billy, please...after I have you kill your father, I want us to work out our issues." Vivian said.

"You're still looking to marry dad in order to receive his money after I kill him?" Shadow questioned.

"Yes. Your father deserves this after what he did to the BOTH of us." Vivian said.

"..And don't you deserve to die as well? After all, you have as much blood on your hands as dad does." Shadow said.

"You're feeling hostile this afternoon, I get it." Vivian said.

"I'm always feeling hostile." Shadow said.


Detective Dudley Winters' House

At Winters' house, Katherine decided to check out a photo album that Winters had sitting on top his fireplace.

"Wow, what a beautiful family." Katherine said, looking at photos of Winters and his wife and step-son.

Suddenly, Katherine heard the door.

Winters entered the house, with a cake in hand.

"Is that a store brought cake? What's the occasion?" Katherine asked.

"Kathy, you didn't think I wouldn't remember, did you?" Winters asked. "Happy Birthday." 

Katherine smiled, wanting to cry a little.

"Thank you. I didn't want to celebrate, though. That's why I didn't tell anyone. Not even Johnny." Katherine said.

"Well, this cake isn't gonna cut itself, right?" Winters said, cheerfully.

The two made their way into the kitchen.


Mayor George Coyne's Residence

Vivian came over to George's home.

"Vivian, nice to see you." George said, shutting the door.

"You too." Vivian said, kissing him.

"Last night at the hotel was fun." George said, grabbing on her waist.

"Yeah it was." Vivian said, slightly uncomfortable.

"But, this morning you were gone." George said.

"I didn't want the press to see us leaving out together. I just didn't want all the cameras in my face, so I left really early." Vivian said.

"Where were you just now?" George asked.

"I told you over text.., I was having brunch with an old friend." Vivian said, covering herself.

"Right." George tried to believe her.

"Have you finally come up with a plan to draw out our son?" Vivian asked, sitting on the couch.

"Indeed. I'm planning on having detained meta-fish put in a facility that I had constructed on the outskirts of town." George informed her.

"What does that have to do with Billy?" Vivian asked.

"Billy has been on this manhunt for powered people. If I put a few of them in one place, he'll be drawn there in order to kill them. It's a perfect plan." George said.

"Okay, but how will Billy even find out about this place?" Vivian asked.

"Well, for awhile now, I've been thinking that Billy has an insider. Someone is giving him the location of people with powers. That's the only way he could be finding them." George said.

"Wait, you think Billy has an inside man?" Vivian asked.

"Probably someone on the police force, since cops have information on everyone else in the city." George said.

"So, you're counting on this hypothetical 'dirty cop' to tell Billy where these meta-fish are going to be?" Vivian asked.

"Exactly. I have seven meta-fish now. One of them is Analise Rogers, who he tried to murder a few weeks ago." George told her.

"So, when Billy does arrive at this place, what kind of reinforcements will you have to capture him?" Vivian questioned.

"I have had some of the best minds in the ocean design weapons that will no doubt be able to hurt and sedate Billy." George explained.

"Well, my ex-husband...., you've come up with the perfect plan." Vivian said, smiling.


Detective Dudley Winters' House

Katherine and Winters still sat in the kitchen, eating cake.

"So, good birthday?" Winters asked.

"I almost got killed yesterday, so...not exactly. But, you made me feel better with all of this. I really can't thank you enough." Katherine said.

"No problem." Winters smiled.

"Your parents are probably thinking of you right now." Winters said.

"I'm..not thinking about them, so who cares?" Katherine said.

"Don't you think it's time you talked to them? Especially with everything going on?" Winters asked.

"No. I don't ever want to see them again. They make me uncomfortable." Katherine told him.

"I'm sorry, I won't mention them again..." Winters said, walking into the living room.

"Winters, where are you going?" Katherine called out.

Winters came back into the kitchen with a present.

"Oh wow, you did not have to do this." Katherine said.

"Open it." Winters said.

Katherine tore the wrapping paper off.

"Oh my...this is - this is June's diary." Katherine said.

"I stopped by the apartment on my way home and picked that up for you." Winters revealed.

"Thanks. I think June's parents would really appreciate this." Katherine said.

"You're gonna give it to them?" Winters asked.

"Yeah. They need closure just as much as I do." Katherine said. "Her parents didn't know that she had powers." Katherine added.

"Wow, really?" Winters asked.

"I had told them after she died, but they didn't believe me. I guess maybe they'll believe this." Katherine said, motioning the diary.

"Speaking of powers, weren't you able to access your telekinesis the other night." Winters asked her.

"Yeah. But it's weak. I can't exactly do anything big with it like I used to. I remember not having much control over it, and shaking everything in my room one time. My mom helped me through it. That was one thing about her - she was very caring." Katherine remembered.

"Well, hey, it'll never get strong again if you don't practice! Why don't you try to levitate some things!" Winters said, trying to raise her spirits.

Katherine smiled. "Your lamp would make a great test subject." Katherine said, laughing.

"Wait, no no no...!" Winters said, chasing after her.


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Miss Appear

Ep.10 "Not Everyone Is Who They Appear" 

Katherine's Narration: “It wasn't merely fatigue.., although it continued to worry me how tired I was all the time. I had a strange sense of missing something, of being in the wrong place - no matter where I was.”

Shadow's Apartment

Shadow is speaking to Marvin, over the phone.

"I'm fine. My injuries are doing much better." Shadow said.

"Okay, well since you're doing better...maybe we could get together and talk about how you ended up in that state." Marvin said.

"Is this your way of asking me on a date?" Shadow asked.  

"I find you interesting, to say the least. I know I shouldn't..." Marvin said.

"I'm not a bad guy, if that's what you think. I just have a different viewpoint on life than others do." Shadow told him.

"You say you're not a bad guy,..so how about you prove it to me. We could grab a bite somewhere tonight and I'll judge for myself." Marvin flirted.

Shadow was tempted.

"I want to. Really. I just have some business to attend to tonight, and it can't wait." Shadow declined.

"Okay. Another time maybe." Marvin said, clicking off.

As the call ended, Shadow got a knock on his apartment door.

Opening the door, he saw his mother.

"I'm glad you're here." Vivian said, coming in.

"What's going on?" Shadow questioned.

"It's your father." Vivian said.

"I know. He's set a trap for me to come to the Shadycoral facility." Shadow said.

"How do you know this? Maybe your father was right in his suspicion." Vivian stated.

"What did he suspect?" Shadow asked.

"That you have an inside man. You have dirty cop or government official working for you. don't you?" Vivian questioned.

"I'm not saying names, but yeah.." Shadow admitted.

"So, you're not going to fall for your father's trap, are you?" Vivian asked him.

"I am." Shadow replied.

"I don't get it. Why would you? He's going to have guards positioned in the facility with some of the most powerful weapons in the world. Even you would be defenseless." Vivian made clear.

"But I know his plan, so I have the upperhand to counter it." Shadow said.

"And how do you count on doing that?" Vivian asked.

"You." Shadow said, leaving Vivian confused.


Dudley Winters' House

"Looking good." Winters said to Katherine, as she levitates the TV remote with telekinesis.

"I'm shaky still." Katherine said, dropping the remote.

"You just have to put your mind to it." Winters said.

"I'm trying, but I can't hold for long. I just...end up thinking about when I last used my telekinesis." Katherine said.

"What happened the last time you were able to use it?" Winters asked.

"I used it against my father. I pushed him to a wall. After that, my depression just got even worse. That's the day I realized that I was truly going to be alone in this world. It was the day I left my mom's home too." Katherine revealed.

"I'm sorry. It seems like you have a lot of grief and shame attached to your powers." Winters said.

"Now you sound like Helen." Katherine said, referring to the psychologist.

"Who is that?" Winters asked.

"No one." Katherine dodged. "Hey, I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help fix your marriage." Katherine asked him.

"There's nothing anyone can do to fix the dysfunction of me and Janaye's marriage." Winters told her.

"Maybe if you just reached out to Janaye one more time.." Katherine suggested.

"It's looking very likely that me and her are going to divorce. Another conversation won't change that." Winters said.

"Okay then." Katherine said somberly.

Winters got a call.

"Aw man." Winters said.

"What's up?" Katherine asked.

"They need me to come in after all." Winters said. 

"The station?" Katherine asked.

"Yeah. I'll see you later tonight for dinner. I'll bring home some type of greasy fast food." Winters said, as Katherine giggled.

After Winters had changed into his suit and pants, he started heading out the door.

"Wait!" Katherine said, rushing to the door.

"What is it?" Winters asked.

"Before you go, I just wanted to give you this.." Katherine said, hugging him tightly.

Winters hugged her back.

"What was that for?" Winters asked.

"...For being great to me. Seriously,...without you...I don't know where I'd be." Katherine said, with tears in her eyes.

"I'm always gonna be here." Winters said, kissing Katherine on her forehead. He then left out.


The Shadycoral Facility, Room 201

Mayor  George Coyne entered the room of one of the patients at the facility.

"Ms. Rogers, how lovely to be in your presence." George said, revealing the room to belong to Analise Rogers.

"Hello, Mr. Mayor." Analise said, giving him a cold stare.

"I've heard from the staff here that you've been complaining. That you wanted to meet with me." George said.

"Yes. I find it really weird that me and the other seven metafish were moved from the mental institute to this facility." Analise said.

"And? Is there a problem?" George asked.

"I don't like being jerked around, like a doll. We are people, not cargo that you can just move around here and there!" Analise yelled.

"I understand your pain, Ms. Rogers, but this move was about...health regulations. The mental institute that we had you and the other seven at...didn't meet the city's new health
regulations." George lied.

"I want to speak to someone." Analise said.

"You're speaking to me! The Mayor!" George said.

"I mean a friend." Analise clarified.

"You guys are not allowed cell phone access. I'm sorry, but the answer is no. Good day, Ms. Rogers." George said, leaving her room.

A few minutes after George exited, a security guard came in.

"What do you want?" Analise said, clenching up.

"You can relax. I dropped in on your convo with the mayor. I want to help you." the man said.

"With what?" Analise asked.

"I'm going to hand you this extra towel that you requested. Then I'm going to leave." the man said.

"I didn't request an extra towel-" Analise said, before finally realizing what was going on.

Analise took the towel. Unfolding it a little, she saw a cell phone inside.

"Thank you." Analise smiled at the man, who quickly left.


Shadow's Apartment 

Shadow and Vivian continued their conversation.

"What do I need to do?" Vivian asked, confused.

"You're going to go to the facility. Pretend that you're checking up on things. Then, you're going to emit a deadly poison through the vents. This poison will kill all of the guards in the
hallways." Shadow said.

"Billy, this is insane. I don't even know where I would GET poison!" Vivian shouted.

"I got you covered." Shadow said, pulling a bag out from behind his couch.

Shadow handed Vivian the bag. 

"Poison." Vivian said.

"Fail me, mother...and I won't just absorb your life force. I will slit your throat and watch you bleed out." Shadow threatened her.


The Bikini Bottom Police Department

Katherine arrived at the station.

"Kaths! Wazzup!" Gilbert said, running up to her.

"Gilbert, we talked about the nickname. I don't like 'Kaths'." Katherine said, smiling.

"Sorry. What'cha doin' here? You don't work today." Gilbert said.

"Oh my god, you memorized my schedule?" Katherine asked.

"NO-....well, ... not all of it." Gilbert admitted.

"Okay, you know what, let's talk about something else." Katherine said, pulling Gilbert into an empty room at the station.

"I need your help." Katherine asked him.

"With what?" Gilbert asked.

"Winters. I want to fix his marriage with Janaye." Katherine said.

"Why so? What do you have to gain?" Gilbert asked.

"Nothing. It's just...Winters has been so great to me. He's really helped me to feel safe again. I almost feel at home with him." Katherine said.

"Almost?" Gilbert questioned.

"Well yeah,..I feel so out of place anywhere I go. It's been like this for awhile." Katherine said, holding back tears.

"I'm sorry about that." Gilbert said.

"..Anyway, I want to show Winters how much I appreciate him by trying to fix his relationship with his wife." Katherine said.

"How do I play into this?" Gilbert asked.

"I was wondering if you knew where Janaye had moved to." Katherine asked.

"There's a file on her. It should list her new address." Gilbert said, as he left out the room to go get it.

Katherine suddenly got a phone call.

"Hello?" Katherine said.

"Katherine Cross? It's me, Analise Rogers." Analise said.

"Analise?! It's great to hear from you, but...how'd you get my number?" Katherine asked.

"Before I was transferred to that mental facility last month, detective Winters gave me your number in case I wanted to reach out to you again." Analise said.

"Why didn't you?" Katherine asked.

"I wanted to, but we were never allowed to call people at the mental institute or at this new facility they have us at." Analise revealed.

"Wait..they moved you guys to a new facility?" Katherine questioned.

"Yeah, I thought it was weird too. This new place is even more strict. We're not even allowed to intermingle with one another. It feels like prison." Analise said.

"I'm sorry you're going through that. How did you get the phone?" Katherine asked.

"A kind guard helped me out. I was very thankful to him. Anyway, I wanted to know if I could see you. I could help you some more with Shadow." Analise said.

"Okay, well I have a little something to do before that...but text me the address to this new facility and I'll be there a little later." Katherine said.

"You understand that you'll have to sneak in, right?" Analise asked.

"Girl, between me and my invisibility, sneaking in won't be a problem." Katherine scoffed playfully.

"Alright, I'm gonna click off now." Analise said.

As their call ended, Gilbert came into the room with a file.

"Here you go. Had to make sure I didn't bump into Winters." Gilbert said.

"Thank you, buddy." Katherine said, turning invisible and leaving out of the room.


New Coral, Baxter Apartments

Katherine arrived at an apartment complex in the city of New Coral, twenty minutes from Bikini Bottom.

Knocking on a door, a woman opened it.

"Who are you?" the woman asked.

"Hi! I'm Katherine Cross. And I know that you are Janaye Winters." Katherine said, introducing herself.

"I'm sorry, but to what do I owe this visit? I have no idea who you are.." Janaye said, timidly.

"Might I just come in? What I have to say will only take just a couple of minutes." Katherine asked.

Janaye allowed Katherine inside.

"Your apartment looks very cozy. Is that a scented candle I smell?" Katherine asked.

"Young lady, I don't think you came here to smell the aroma of my home." Janaye said.

"I'm here about your husband." Katherine said.

"You know Dudley?" Janaye asked.

"I'm a friend of his. He dated my mother a while before he met you." Katherine stated.

"Ohhh, your the Kathy girl. My husband always talked of you. He felt bad when you had that falling out with your mother." Janaye said.

"Right. Well, recently I've been staying with your husband and it's come to my attention how much he needs you." Katherine said.

"He needs help." Janaye said.

"You both need some help, in order to fix your marriage, which I definitely think needs to be fixed. Winters is a wonderful guy -" Katherine started.

"-No, don't do that. Don't tell me how wonderful he is. He's not." Janaye barked.

"I don't know what happened between the two of you, but I can attest that Winters is a real stand-up guy." Katherine replied.

"Oh really?" Janaye asked.

"Yes, really. Last night, he told me all these stories about you and him. The love you guys shared. It seems like you mean so much to him. How did it all go wrong?" Katherine asked.

"I still love my hus-husband." Janaye stuttered, getting emotional.

"If that's true, why did you leave him? What did he do to you?" Katherine asked.

"He didn't do anything to me. It's about what he did to other people." Janaye said, crying.

"I don't understand..?" Katherine said.

"Katherine, I know that you have abilities, so I think you need to hear this." Janaye said.

"Hear what? What is it?" Katherine asked, her heart pounding.

"I don't know if you know this, but I had a son. Dudley had taken to him well. They become like father and son, biology didn't matter. When my son was murdered, it hurt Dudley just as much as it hurt me." Janaye said.

"Of course. Biology isn't everything.." Katherine said.

"Well, after our son's death... Dudley got low." Janaye said.

"What do you mean by low?" Katherine asked.

"He sunk into madness. I watched him crumble for weeks. He didn't want to speak anymore, he didn't want to have sex, he stayed out all night, got drunk..." Janaye went on.

"But, he got through it." Katherine said.

"No. I mean, sort of...but below the surface he was cold. He was still cold. That's when he met a young man, around your age." Janaye said.

"Did he and this man...have an affair?" Katherine asked.

"Oh, heaven's no.." Janaye said. 

"Then what happened between them?" Katherine asked.

"This man is the one they call Shadow." Janaye said.

Katherine's heart dropped.

"Excuse me? No, no..Winters has never had dealings with Shadow. He's been actively trying to capture the lunatic!" Katherine said, in disbelief.

"Shadow proposed a deal to my husband. Dudley would give him information and addresses on known metafish in the city, and Shadow would begin to eliminate them." Janaye revealed.

"STOP! You're lying! What MOTIVE would he HAVE?" Katherine asked,  yelling at the top of her lungs.

"Dudley wanted all metafish eliminated, because of his anger." Janaye said.

"Anger over what?" Katherine questioned.

"The person who murdered our son....was a metafish." Janaye said.

Katherine began crying.

"I didn't mean to upset you. But now you see the man my husband truly is, and why I couldn't stay with him. Not everyone is who they appear." Janaye stated.

"I need to go. I have to see a friend." Katherine said, in shock.

As Katherine left the apartment complex, she began to feel twisted inside.

The few days of warmth, safety, comfort, and peace that she had with Winters had all been blown to kingdom come.

It was all a lie, she thought.

Everything was a lie.


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Miss Appear

Ep.11 "Not Anymore" 

Katherine's Narration: "People get built different. We don't need to understand it, we just need to respect it."

Dudley Winters' House

Katherine approached the door of Winters' house.

Feeling angry and mixed up about everything, Katherine was hesitant to walk in.

Using a key that Winters had given her the day before, Katherine entered the house.

As Katherine walked into the living room, she could smell the scent of burgers and kelp fries from a nearby fast food joint.

Winters came out of the kitchen and into the living room.

"Oh, Kathy! I thought that was you!" Winters said, happy to see her.

Katherine just stood there looking at him.

"Um, food's in the kitchen. I told you I was bringing home some fast food for tonight. Oh, and by the way...I was able to drop off June's diary to her parents today. They wanted me to thank you." Winters told her.

Katherine, now thinking about June, kept staring at Winters with contempt.

"Katherine..., are you okay?" Winters asked her.

"No." Katherine said, shaking her head and getting ready to cry.

"I don't understand. What happened to you today?" Winters asked her.

"I tried to fix your marriage." Katherine said.

"Excuse me?" Winters said.

"I thought that since you've been so kind to me, that I'd return the favor. Do something kind for you.." Katherine said, in pain.

"Katherine, what did you do?" Winters said, getting afraid.

"I went to see your wife." Katherine blurted out.

"We should go eat.." Winters said, starting to walk into the kitchen.

"STOP!" Katherine yelled.

Winters turned back around.

"SHE TOLD ME!" Katherine said, letting tears fall from her eyes.

"IS IT TRUE?" Katherine yelled more.

"Is what true?" Winters asked, knowing what she meant.

"DON'T do this! Don't play with me! Is it TRUE that you're WORKING WITH SHADOW?" Katherine asked.

"Yes. But it's not as simple as you think - " Winters started.

"OH GOD!!!" Katherine screamed, in agony.

"Kathy, please.." Winters tried to speak.

"How could you!? How could you give Shadow the locations of people with powers? All of those people are now DEAD!" Katherine said to him.

"YOU THINK I LIKE WHAT I'VE DONE?" Winters said, finally exploding.

"I HATE this, but it's what's NECESSARY!" Winters yelled.

"NECESSARY? People dying..is NECESSARY?" Katherine asked.

"My step-son was murdered by a man who could create beams of energy from his bare hands.  The man was an escaped convict who was running from officers. He tried to shoot an energy beam at an officer who chased him through a restaurant. He missed. He hit MY SON! Me, my wife, and my son were having dinner there that day... and what was for desert? My son's BLOOD!" Winters shouted, shedding tears.

"That's awful, but it DOESN'T excuse you for getting all of those people murdered! All of the people that Shadow has killed.. is literally YOUR fault!" Katherine retorted.

"I understand you're angry, but that guy...he was a walking weapon. ALL of you people are!" Winters opinionated.

"That doesn't give you the right to play God. That doesn't give you the right to have people murdered for their differences!" Katherine said.

"..Oh my god.." Katherine said, breathing heavy. "You were the reason I was attacked by Shadow." Katherine accused Winters.

"No, no.." Winters said.

"HE WAS GOING TO TAKE MY LIFE!" Katherine said, crying more.

"KATHERINE, STOP! I did NOT give Shadow your address. I don't know HOW he got your address. I've been trying to PROTECT you from him." Winters said.

"Protect?" Katherine asked.

"I never told Shadow about you! Why do you think he didn't know you had powers?" Winters told her.

"..Wait, that's why Shadow approached June at her job, and not at her apartment. You knew I was living with her, so you told him where she worked instead." Katherine theorized.

"Yes. That's correct." Winters revealed.

"You asshole! She was my friend, and now she's dead! That's on YOU!" Katherine said, continuing to cry.

"So what are you going to do? Now that you know the truth, WHAT'S NEXT?" Winters asked.

"That's the thing. I have no idea." Katherine said.

Katherine turned invisible, and ran out of the house.

Winters sat on his couch, in tears.


The Shadycoral Facility

In Room 201, Analise Rogers slid into her uncomfortable bed, she heard someone entering her room.

"Which one of you guards wants to bother me now - " Analise said, before seeing that it was Katherine.

Katherine slid into Analise's room quietly.

"Katherine?! You came! Was it hard sneaking in?" Analise asked.

"No, I used my invisibility. Luckily there was a lack of security around all the perimeters of this facility, so I managed to go in through a side entrance." Katherine told her.

"How'd you get the key-card to enter my room?" Analise asked.

"I...might've knocked out a guard." Katherine said.

"Ohh! I hope it wasn't Henry....he's the nice one!" Analise said.

"Well, whoever the guard was, I did it as quickly and silently as possible. One guard at the end of every hallway certainly doesn't work." Katherine said.

"Well, I'm glad your here. I really want to help you put Shadow away." Analise said.

"Maybe tell me how he was when he attacked you? Did he say anything that stuck with you?" Katherine asked, sitting on Analise's bed.

"Well, not when I first encountered him.." Analise started, getting from under her covers.

"What do you mean?" Katherine asked.

"Don't you remember? You were there. When we ran into him at the hospital that night..., he said that he was trying to help me." Analise remembered.

"..Right. But it doesn't make sense. How is killing you, helping you?" Katherine questioned.

"Whatever the answer to that is...it's why he's been targeting metafish, I think." Analise said.

"Yeah.." Katherine said somberly.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Analise asked.

"I.. got betrayed by a friend today. Well, actually... this "friend" has been betraying me all along. I just found out, however." Katherine admitted.

In the hallways, another security guard came across an unconscious body.

"Oh no!" the guard said, bending down to see another guard - Henry.

Using his radio, the guard called out to all the others.


As alarms began to rang, the guards all noticed a strange green gas coming out of the vents.

All of the guards in the building fell out.

Back in Room 201, Katherine and Analise became aware of the commotion.

"Why did the alarms go off?" Katherine asked.

"I don't know, that hasn't happened since I've been here. Must be an intruder." Analise said.

"Well, you're lookin' at her! They must know I'm here.." Katherine panicked.

"I doubt it, or they'd be busting my door down already." Analise said.

"They could of found the body of that guy I took down to get a key-card." Katherine said.

"Yeah...maybe." Analise said.

Suddenly, Analise's body began to shake, and her eyes glowed a piercing white.

"Analise! Analise!" Katherine said, shaking the woman.

"OH MY GOD." Analise said, snapping out of it.

"Did you have another vision?" Katherine asked.

"Yes. I saw Shadow, trying to murder a woman. From the vision, I could tell that it's going to take place HERE in this facility!" Analise said, with her heart beating fast.

"Wait! You think Shadow is here?" Katherine asked.

"Yes." Analise said.

"I'm gonna go out there. You stay here." Katherine told her.

As Katherine headed out Room 201, she raced down a hallway. Making a turn, she saw the body of two guards on the floor.

Checking their pulses, she found them to be dead.

"No.." Katherine said.

Hearing screaming from the first floor, Katherine traveled down a flight of stairs.

Katherine saw that many of the room doors were tore down with dark energy.

Looking into the rooms on the floor, she saw the dead bodies of the seven other metafish patients aside from Analise.

"Oh my.." Katherine said, tears falling out of her eyes.


New Coral, Baxter Apartments

Janaye Winters answered a knock on her door.

"One minute, one minute! Do you realize what time of night it is!" Janaye said, opening the door.

"Hello, my wife." Winters said.

"Dudley, what the HELL are you doing here? You know that I wanted you to stay away from me." Janaye said.

"You didn't stay away from Katherine Cross." Winters said, barging in.

"Dudley, that girl came to me..not the other way around." Janaye reasoned.

"But you talked to her. You TOLD her about me." Winters said.

"She deserved to know. Especially since she's a metafish. She needed to see how disgusting you've become." Janaye said.

"Oh, I'm disgusting because I hate the danger these metafish pose to society?" Winters asked.

"You're disgusting for giving a serial killer the addresses of innocent people." Janaye said.

"Our son died because these people can't seem to co-exist peacefully with the rest of society. Look at the damage done in Team SpongeBob's last incident? The city was wrecked, and that allowed prisoners from the Bikini Bottom Jailhouse to escape. The prisoner that KILLED OUR SON!" Winters argued.

"If that prisoner didn't have powers, and he was a regular fish...would you set up all non-powered fish to be murdered by a serial killer?" Janaye retorted.

"It isn't the same." Winters said.

"But it IS. Dudley, it IS!" Janaye said.

"I know you can't see my reasoning, and I don't expect you to forgive me. But I am doing this for Thomas!" Winters said.

"Our son wouldn't want you having people killed. In fact, our son would want me to turn you in for all of this!" Janaye said, walking to her house phone.

"SO THAT'S IT! Just gonna...TURN ME IN?" Winters asked, yelling at her.

"I guess so. You better get the fuck out, and hit the road." Janaye said, dialing 911.

"I can't let you do this, Janaye." Winters said.

Winters took a gun out of his coat pocket and shot Janaye in the head.

"AHHH!" Janaye screamed, dropping dead.


The Shadycoral Facility

Back at the facility, we see Vivian Coyne trying to run to the front door.

"Going somewhere, mother?" Shadow asked, suddenly appearing in front of the door.

"Shadow, I did my part. I put the poison in the vents, and allowed for you to kill the metafish without interference. Now I'm LEAVING." Vivian made clear to her son.

"You can't leave yet, mother. There's still one more person I have left to kill. YOU." Shadow said.

Shadow shot out a dark energy blast at his mother.

Vivian hit the wall, almost passing out.

"I'm gonna need you to be awake for this!" Shadow said, pulling her up.

Shadow pinned his mother against the wall with great strength.

"Don't do this! Pleaseee!" Vivian said, begging for her life.

"WHY NOT!???? You've caused me JUST as much pain as dad!" Shadow said.

"How? HOW?" Vivian screamed, shedding tears.

"You didn't pay attention. And then you left. You left me! A ten year old boy in the hands of an abusive piece of shit!" Shadow yelled, crying. 

"Well, I'm not ten anymore. No, no. I'm older now, more powerful! I can HURT you like YOU HURT ME!" Shadow continued to yell.

Finally, Shadow put his other hand around her neck, and began draining her life force.

Suddenly, from behind, an invisible force pulled him off of Vivian. 

"What the- " Shadow said.

Turning around, the invisible force kicked him in his stomach. 

"I CAN SEE YOU!" Shadow said, shooting a blast at Katherine.

As Katherine hit the floor, she turned visible.

"My dear, Kathy.. do you have a death wish?" Shadow said.

Shadow tried to grab Katherine up, but she used her telekinesis to push him over towards the entrance door.

"You don't touch me." Katherine said, getting up.

Vivian looked hard at Katherine.

"..And you don't scare me either." Katherine said. "Not anymore." she continued

"You think this is about fear?" Shadow said, standing up.

"Than what is it about? Killing innocent metafish." Katherine asked.

"I did all of them a favor. This very facility is proof that I'm doing the right thing by taking metafish out of this world. So they don't have to be tortured and experimented on! Or discriminated against in any other way!" Shadow said.

"You're one to talk about discrimination! You're killing our people!" Katherine replied.

"And now I'm gonna finish what I started here." Shadow said, walking towards Katherine and Vivian.

"You'll have no time to kill us!" Katherine said.

"And why is that?" Shadow asked.

"I made an anonymous phone call to the police force. In a few seconds now, every officer in the city will be here to shoot you down. And I doubt that your powers work faster than bullets." Katherine said smiling.

Sure enough, Shadow, Katherine, and Vivian heard several loud police sirens.

"This isn't over." Shadow said.

Shadow used his powers to short-out the lights in the building.

When they flashed back on, Shadow had disappeared.

"He's gone." Katherine said.

Vivian stared at Katherine more.

"Excuse me, why did he want you dead? Are you a metafish? Were you a patient here?" Katherine asked Vivian.

"Oh my god, you're so much older now, but you're still the splitting image of Marilyn." Vivian said, realizing that she knows Katherine.

"Wait, how do you know my mother's name?" Katherine asked.

"Never mind that right now, we need to sneak out of here through a back way." Vivian said.

Suddenly, Analise came running towards them.

"Katherine! You're okay! Did you see Shadow?" Analise asked.

"Yes, but over a hundred officers are about to storm this building. We need to go now." Katherine said.

"You two, follow me." Vivian said.

The three women ran towards a back exit.


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Miss Appear 

Ep.12 "Don't Leave Me Alone" 

Shadow's Narration:  “I never had a childhood. Not like the rest of them anyway. I had a starting point from which I have never stopped running.”

The LeafLet Hotel

Vivian talked with the desk manager at the hotel she's been staying in.  

"Vivian, so surprising to see you coming in so late." the manager said.

"I ran into some troubles...with thieves. Those two young homeless girls over there saved my life." Vivian lied, glaring at Katherine and Analise.

"What's she doing?" Analise whispered to Katherine.

"Trying to get us checked into this hotel." Katherine whispered back.

"I want to get these young women a room for the night, Jerry." Vivian asked him.

"That's very kind of you, madame. Getting these girls a room at one of the most expensive hotels in the city." Jerry said.

"Well, that's me..., super kind." Vivian flashed an insincere smile.

After Vivian paid for their suite, the three women took an elevator up to the third floor.

"You girls are in the suite next to mine. Here's your key." Vivian said, handing the key to Katherine.

"Lady, I need to talk to you." Katherine said.

"We can do this in the morning, I'm tired." Vivian said.

"It is morning." Katherine said.

"You know what I mean. Now please,.." Vivian said, entering her own room.

Katherine and Analise barged in.

"EXCUSE YOU!" Vivian yelled.

"Excuse you! I need some answers." Katherine said.

Vivian shut the room door.

"Alright then.." Vivian said, walking toward her bed.

"First off, who are you to Shadow?" Katherine asked.

"I'm..his mother." Vivian admitted.

"So, Shadow has a wealthy mother. It's always the rich that go crazy." Analise remarked.

Katherine nudged her.

"My son is complicated." Vivian said.

"Complicated? He has the power to rip away people's lives! I think complicated in an understatement." Katherine said.

"Then what would you label him?" Vivian asked.

"Some long, hard-to-pronounce SAT word that I don't know." Katherine replied.

"Okay, we're getting off track. We just want to know how your son ended up...like this?" Analise asked.

"It's hard for me to talk about...especially without sleep." Vivian said.

"I'll put you to sleep if you don't fess up." Katherine barked.

"My son, Billy, was experimented on. That's how he got his powers. That's how he became Shadow." Vivian admitted.


The Shadycoral Facility

Hundreds of officers, Federal agents, and Medics were at the Shadycoral Facility.

"How did this happen, Officer Gale?" George Coyne asked, very emotional.

"Beats us. We got an anonymous call. The person said that the serial killer was attacking." Officer Gale said.

"Shadow was SUPPOSED TO BE CAPTURED! All of these people weren't supposed to DIE!" George shouted, in tears.

"Shadow definitely killed the metafish patients, but the guards here are a different story." Officer Gale said.

"What have your officers discovered?" Officer Gae asked.

"Well Mr. Mayor, we've discovered that the guards were killed by a dangerous toxin admitted from the vents." Officer Gale told him.

"It had to be Shadow. He must of known that the guards would be equipped with powerful weapons. Powerful enough to take him down." George rationalized.

"I guess after he admitted the toxins, he waited for the guards to succumb, so that he could murder the powered patients." Officer Gale concluded.

"I'm gonna have to do some heavy spinning to the news outlets. The public can't know that I lured Shadow here..., that these people died in vain." George said.

"I do think it was wrong of you to use the powered patients as bait for Shadow,..but I know you were only trying to get that maniac into custody." Officer Gale said.

"Thank you. But I've failed. Now I have to amend for my actions." George said, intensely.


Marvin Long's House

"Give me a minute!" Marvin said, rushing to the knocking on his door.

Marvin opened the door to see a distraught Shadow.

"Billy? It's four in the morning, what the hell are you doing?" Marvin asked.

"I'm sorry, I just didn't want to be by myself. Everything's so messed up right now, and I - I - I just needed someone." Shadow said, with tears pouring down his face.

"Get in here." Marvin said, pulling Shadow in.

"I know I'm freaking you out right now." Shadow said.

"Yeah, kinda. Please, I want an explanation." Marvin said.

"I'm a monster. That's the short answer." Shadow admitted.

"Billy, what does that mean?" Marvin questioned.

"I hurt people, Marvin. I hurt them." Shadow said, continuing to cry.

"When we met, you said you were a criminal. What kind of criminal?" Marvin asked, his heart racing.

"I've killed people.." Shadow let it out.

"I.... don't know what to say." Marvin said, shedding a tear of his own.

"Do you hate me?" Shadow asked.

"You told me before...that you weren't a bad guy. Is that still the truth?" Marvin asked.

"I don't know. I believe in myself some days... and other days, I don't believe in anything." Shadow said.

Marvin walked closer to Shadow.

"If you were a bad person, I don't think you would be crying right now. I don't think you would feel this level of guilt." Marvin said, holding Shadow's hand.

"You have a heart." Marvin said, putting his hand on Shadow's chest.

"Thanks for noticing." Shadow joked.

"You know what I mean." Marvin said, as both of them laughed.

"I'm gonna go lay back down. But, why don't you stay on my couch. I'll cook us something in a few hours." Marvin said.

"I am pretty tired.." Shadow said.


The Leaflet Hotel, Room 312

"What do you mean that he was experimented on?" Katherine asked Vivian.

"Exactly what it sounds like. Some crazy scientist performed the heinous act." Vivian said.

"Did you order your son to be experimented on? Is that why he tried to kill you?" Katherine asked.

"No, but he blames me just as much as the person who had it done to him." Vivian revealed.

"And who was that?" Analise asked.

"His father." Vivian said, cracking.

"Who is his father?" Katherine asked.

"Not important." Vivian said.

"It's hella important." Analise blurted out.

"Okay then. I suppose I'll tell you. His father is Mayor George Coyne." Vivian revealed.

Katherine and Analise were both shocked.

"The new Mayor's son has been leading a murder spree across the city? What the hell!" Katherine reacted.

"So you're his baby mama? Ex-wife?" Analise asked.

"Both." Vivian said.

"How could the two of you do this to him? How could you allow your son to be experimented on!?" Katherine asked, quite fiercely.

"Just stop it! I LOVE my son. I didn't know what his father was going to do to him when I left." Vivian told them.

"How'd you know that Billy was gonna be at the facility tonight? Why were you there." Katherine asked.

"I admit. I've been sort of in league with Billy. I wanted him to use his powers to kill George." Vivian stated.

"Wow..I can't even." Katherine said, with her mind blown.

"George has put me and my son through a lot. This was the only way I knew to give him the punishment he deserved." Vivian said.

"By being in league with a psycho serial killer?" Analise asked.

"I don't support Billy murdering others. I didn't like that he roped me into it either." Vivian said.

"What does that mean?" Katherine asked.

Vivian began crying. "He forced me to spread the toxins through the vents. All of those dead guards...are on me." Vivian confessed.

"No. They're on him. They're on him, Vivian." Katherine stated.

"Katherine's right. Still doesn't completely absolve you for not going to police about your son in the first place." Analise added.

"Another thing. You knew my mother's name. How?" Katherine asked.

""Marilyn is my sister." Vivian revealed.

"No, no, my mother didn't have- "

"- she never told you she had a sister, because we grew apart long before you were born. I changed my name, met George, dettatched myself from former friends and family. I started a new life. Your mother respected that. Things were never that good between us." Vivian confessed.

Katherine looked at Vivian with disgust.

"If you're my aunt, that means..." Katherine started.

"Shadow - or, Billy, is your first cousin." Vivian finished for her.

Katherine's heart sunk.


Marvin Long's House

Shadow laid back on Marvin's couch.

Unable to rest, he began to have a flashback.

(Flashback begins: 

A ten-year-old Shadow watches his parents fight from a  crack in his door.

"Is this how you want to get to the top? By doing ILLEGAL SHIT?!" Vivian yelled at her husband.

"DON'T you talk to me that way, you whore! Not after what YOU USED TO DO." George yelled, throwing a glass at her.

"STOP IT, YOU BASTARD!" Vivian screamed.

George choked Vivian up.

"Nooooo!" Shadow said, running from the back room.

As Vivian passed out, George back-slapped Shadow onto the floor.

"Oh my god, I didn't mean it!" George said, realizing that he had hit his son.

Shadow began crying, and trying to crawl away from his father.

"Son, please!" George said.

Flashback Ends.)


The Leaflet Hotel, Room 313

Analise and Katherine finally got settled into their own room.

"We need to find new living arrangements. I don't want to stay under that woman's thumb for another minute." Analise said.

"I know. Me neither. I'm gonna go get some air." Katherine said, leaving.

"Katherine-" Analise called out,  but Katherine had already left.

Katherine made her way to the hotel roof.

"It's quiet up here." Katherine whispered to herself.

Katherine walked to the ledge.

"..Why can't it just all end? Why do I continue to suffer?" Katherine said to herself.

"Katherine! Don't do this!" a voice said from behind her.

Turning a little, Katherine saw Analise running towards her.

"Why don't you get down from there?" Analise said, giving her a warm smile.

"Why should I?" Katherine asked.

"You could fall....intentionally." Analise said.

"Maybe that's what I want? To fall. To let go. To die?" Katherine said.

"I don't know what's going on with you, but I know that's not true." Analise said.

"You don't know me! You don't know what I've been through!" Katherine said, starting to cry. "I try so hard to keep it together, but it HURTS. It hurts so much!" Katherine continued, crying more vigorously.

"Katherine, I don't think that you want to die. I think you want to live, and that's why you're hurting. You're seeking relief, which you can't feel if you're dead." Analise expressed to her.

Katherine moved closer and closer over the ledge.

"Katherine pleaseeee! Think about everyone who would hurt if you died!" Analise pleaded with her.

"I have no one. I am all alone in this world." Katherine cried.

"You have me! I'm RIGHT here! Just come to me. Please!" Analise called out.

Katherine slowly turned around.

"Come on, come on.." Analise kept guiding her.

Slowly stepping off the ledge, Katherine inched closer to Analise.

Analise grabbed Katherine into her arms. The two embraced, as Katherine let out the rest of her tears.


Marvin Long's House

As Shadow attempted to get some sleep on the couch, he tossed and turned. 

He then had another flashback.

(Flashback begins:

Vivian and George were having another argument.

Once again, from his room, Shadow could hear them.

Suddenly, Shadow heard a loud punch.

George had knocked Vivian out again.

"Viv! Get UP!" George said, his anger toning down.

"Vivian, come on!" George cried, trying to wake her up.

As Vivian awoken, she pushed George off of her.

"I'M LEAVIN' " Vivian yelled, with blood pouring out of her mouth and tears falling from her eyes.

After several long minutes, Vivian had packed a large suitcase, put on her coat, and headed for the door.

"NO, MOMMY!" Shadow screamed, running out of his room.

"Billy, I have to go! My cab's here." Vivian said, in pain,

As Vivian left out the door, Shadow followed,

"Mommy! Mommy COME BACK! Don't leave me alone!" Shadow cried out.

"You have your father, now go inside!" Vivian yelled at him, while approaching her cab.

Shadow began crying uncontrollably, as George struggled to pull him into the house.

"No! Noooo! NOOOO!" Shadow kept crying, as the cab took off.

Flashback ends.)

Shadow, blocking the memories again, managed to fall asleep.


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Miss Appear

Ep.13 "The Light In His Dark"

Katherine's Narration: “In someone's darkest hour your simple act of kindness may imitate the sunrise, and to sad eyes you become their only source of light.”

The Leaflet Hotel, Room 312

Katherine and Analise knocked on Vivian's door.

"Good afternoon, young ladies." Vivian greeted them.

"Just so you know, we don't want you paying for us another night." Katherine said.

"So, you're going to find other living arrangements, I suppose?" Vivian asked.

"We're going to find Shadow." Katherine said, fiercely.

"I see..," Vivian said.

"We need your help with that." Analise cut in.

"I told you everything you need to know about Billy last night." Vivian said.

"Not where he's staying." Katherine replied.

Vivian went quiet.

"Aunt Vivian, if you don't tell me where Shadow lives, I will report you to the police as his accomplice." Katherine threatened.

"Fine. I'll write his address down for you on a piece of paper. But, please, neither of you will mention a word of my involvement with Billy. Not to ANYONE." Vivian expressed.

"We'll see about that." Katherine stated, sharply.


Marvin Long's House

Shadow and Marvin sat together on the couch watching afternoon soap operas.

"You didn't have to call out of work today, just to spend time with me." Shadow said to Marvin.

"Well, I was pretty tired anyway due to your early-morning drop in." Marvin replied.

"I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry that I came here so early in the morning acting a fool." Shadow apologized.

"It's alright. You needed a friend. I was..willing to be that." Marvin explained.

"Is that all we are? Friends?" Shadow asked.

"I certainly hope not." Marvin stated, blushing.

Shadow held Marvin's hand.

"I've..never been good with the dating stuff." Shadow admitted.

"Have you ever dated anybody?" Marvin asked him.

"Not particularly. I guess the saying that 'bisexuals have more fun', doesn't apply to me." Shadow said, laughing a little.

"Well, maybe you've been too mixed up with the wrong stuff, to truly appreciate the right stuff." Marvin suggested.

"Yeah, no doubt. My life has been a walking disaster since I was young." Shadow said.

"You know what, you need more than crappy soap operas to lift your spirits. Come with me." Marvin said, leaving Shadow curious.


Shadow's Apartment, Outskirts of Bikini Bottom

"The room number is 2C." Katherine said.

"Down there." Analise pointed out.

The two young women ran down the hall of the very quiet apartment building.

"This is a sure as hell lowkey building to stay at. No wonder Shadow is here."  Analise said, as she and Katherine approached his door.

Using her telekinesis, Katherine played with the door knob, and subsequently kicked the door unlocked.

"We're in.." Katherine said.

"Well, this looks rather cozy." Analise said, looking around.

"Yeah..I expected everything to be covered in black or something.." Katherine said.

"He doesn't appear to be here.." Analise said.

"I'm so stupid. He would of known that I'd get Vivian to confess his whereabouts. He's probably not coming back to this apartment." Katherine said.

"Well hey, that doesn't mean we won't be able to find clues. We should look around more." Analise said.

"Nothing more fun than searching through a psycho's home." Katherine said, sarcastically.

"Maybe it's time we start looking at him as an actual person, ya know?" Analise suggested.

"I'm not going to give compassion to a demented, murderously dark person." Katherine stated.

"Maybe it's not about justice, or punishment, or even compassion. Maybe.. it's about finding the light in his dark. The actual person behind the walls of evil that he puts up." Analise explained.

Suddenly, the two girls heard a knock on his door.

"Oh my God, what if he is back?" Analise asked.

"Then he'd use his keys..not knock." Katherine stated.

"You're right, that makes more sense." Analise replied.

"I have a feeling I know who it is." Katherine smiled.

Analise looked perplexed, but opened the door anyway.

The person turns out to be Johnny.

"Johnny! You came!" Katherine said.

"Of course. Hi, Analise." Johnny said, walking in.

"You were with Katherine when she rescued me from the hospital. Thanks for that." Analise thanked him.

"No probs." Johnny said.

Katherine ran to hug Johnny.

Johnny squeezed her tight.

"I've been so worried about you." Johnny told her.

"Well I'm not dead yet, so your worries have been silenced." Katherine said, smiling.

"You called him?" Analise asked.

"I texted him earlier that I needed his help, and gave him the address to this place." Katherine told her.

"Wait, this is about Shadow, isn't it?" Johnny asked.

"...Yes." Katherine said.

"Kathy, I told you that it was a bad idea to keep digging into this guy." Johnny said.

"Shadow's ever-growing list of dead bodies is getting longer! He has to be brought to justice." Katherine said.

"By the cops, not you." Johnny argued.

"The cops haven't been able to catch and stop him so far, and part of that is because there was a mole at the station helping Shadow the whole time!" Katherine revealed to Johnny.

"What? Who?" Johnny asked.

"Winters." Katherine revealed.

Johnny's jaw dropped.

"You're kidding." Johnny said, in shock.

"It's the truth. I went to see his wife and she told me that he's been giving Shadow the addresses of all of the metafish that he's slaughtered." Katherine said.

"Why would he do that?" Johnny asked.

"I'm curious about that too, actually." Analise added.

"His son was accidentally murdered by a metafish.." Katherine told them.

"Ah, so now he has an unjustified vendetta." Johnny said.

"That's not the only shocker. Shadow's mother was also assisting him. And his father is mayor George!" Katherine spoke.

"Is the mayor helping Shadow?" Johnny asked.

"Just his mother.., who also happens to be my aunt." Katherine let out another bombshell.

"KATHERINE, GIVE MY FRAGILE HEART A BREAK!.." Johnny said, in shock from all of the revelations.

"Apparently Shadow got his abilities due to a freak experiment his dad had set him up for." Katherine said.

"Well, that has certainly come back to bite our esteemed mayor in the butt." Johnny said.


The Smash Krab 

"What is this place?" Shadow asked, as he and Marvin came upon a place called "The Smash Krab".

Waiting in a short line, Shadow again questioned Marvin on what they were about to do.

"This is a plate-throwing shack. We get in, we get a room, get a stack of plates, and throw them at the wall." Marvin told him.

"Wait, what? How does this help lift my spirits?" Shadow asked.

"Just trust me." Marvin smiled, as the line moved along.

Pretty soon, they were next to go inside.

As Marvin paid twenty five dollars for 90 plates, Shadow examined his surroundings.

Loud plate breaking was the majority of what was heard.

"Hey, this will be fun." Marvin said, having paid for their plates.

"We'll see." Shadow said, following after Marvin.

The two entered their own section.

As Marvin sat a box of plates on a table in the room, he encouraged Shadow to pick up one.

"Come on, give it a try." Marvin said.

"This is stupid." Shadow said.

"Stupidly stress relieving. Trust me, I used to come here after my shifts at the hospital all the time." Marvin said.

"Uh huh." Shadow said.

"Fine. Me first." Marvin said.

Marvin picked up a plate and launched it at the wall.

"Woo!" Marvin said, as the plate completely crumbled.

Shadow finally picked up one, throwing it at the wall.

"That did feel pretty good." Shadow said.

As both of the guys threw more plates, Shadow felt an air of relief.

As Shadow got more into the plate throwing, Marvin let him finish smashing the plates alone.


The Leaflet Hotel, Room 312

Vivian heard a knock on her door, and rushed to open it.

"George.." Vivian said, surprised to see mayor George.

"Hello, Vivian." George said, walking in.

"How was your night?" Vivian asked.

"I'm sure you saw the morning news.." George said.

"I overslept, actually. I had a long night." Vivian said, nervously.

"My plan to draw in Shadow failed. Well, it worked, but he was two steps ahead of me. He wasn't supposed to be able to actually kill any of those metafish at the facility." George said.

"Then how did he?" Vivian asked.

"He poisoned the guards through use of an airborne toxin." George told her.

"That's awful. So, he killed all of the patients at the facility?" Vivian asked, knowing what had happened.

"One patient wasn't accounted for. Analise Rogers, one of two of the only living survivors from a Shadow related attack." George told her.

"All of this is awful.." Vivian said.

"Ya know, it's strange. There are no recording of what went down at the facility due to the cameras being turned out, Analise Rogers is missing, Katherine Cross has gone missing, and so has the man she was living with - our esteemed head detective, Dudley Winters. And the icing on the cake? Dudley Winters' wife was found dead this morning in New Coral." George explained.

"Wow, a lot happened last night." Vivian said.

"All of this is connected. I know it. And SO DO YOU!" George screamed at Vivian.

"Excuse me! What the hell are you implying?" Vivian asked.

George took a large, golden, stud earring from his pocket.

"Wha - what is that?" Vivian asked.

"Don't do that, Vivian. You know what this is!" George said, angrily.

"Are you implying that the earring belongs to me?" Vivian asked.

"It does belong to you. I FOUND it at the crime scene - Shadycoral facility! You were there last night!" George accused her.

"George, one earring doesn't prove I was at a crime scene!" Vivian argued.

"I gave you those Golden Shell Shocker Earrings the Christmas before you left me and Billy. I know, because I had your initials carved in. It was specially made, and THIS is it." George gave his proof.

"George..." Vivian said, softly.

George looked at her dresser across the room. He saw just one golden stud earring.

"Where's the other?" George asked.

"In..your hand." Vivian admitted in a low voice, and shedding tears.

"You're lucky I found this at the crime scene before another cop or forensic detective. Now tell me WHY I should continue to protect you. WHY were you at Shadycoral facility last night?" George asked.

"I'm tired of hiding the truth. I've been working with Billy." Vivian revealed.

George shed a tear. "Why?" he asked.

"I wanted him to kill you, but I wanted him to wait until I married you again first." Vivian revealed.

"So that you could take all of my money?" George asked.

"MY MONEY! I MADE you who you are by working as a prostitute. You were pimping me out to all types of big ballers. Then, when we got divorced, you blackmailed me into refusing a money settlement." Vivian said.

"That's right. I told you that I would reveal your working as a prostitute if you tried to get money out of the divorce." George remembered.

"How could you do that to me?" Vivian cried.

"Pimp you out? You were already a stripper and a prostitute before I even fucking met you. I didn't make you do anything you weren't already comfortable with!" George told her.

"You abused me! And it's taken me YEARS to realize that I deserved better." Vivian cried, with her voice breaking.

"What you deserve is to be locked up in prison for aiding Billy." George told her.

"You're gonna turn me in?" Vivian asked him.

"Yes." George said, shedding more tears.

"If you do, I'll out your secret about having a serial killer son!" Vivian made clear.

George gulped.

"Not gonna be so tough if your good image falls apart, are you?" Vivian taunted him.

"You're terrible." George said.

"We have an understanding now, don't we?" Vivian asked him.

George nodded subtly, and left.


Shadow's Apartment

Katherine, Analise, and Johnny were still talking in the apartment.

Katherine caught Johnny up to speed on the events at Shadycoral.

"I can't believe how close you were to dying!" Johnny said, very disapproving.

"But I didn't, because I can fight back now. My telekinesis is slowly getting stronger again. And by using it, I can make sure that Shadow never touches me." Katherine said.

"Or you could just stay invisible and get at him that way." Johnny said.

"No, Shadow can still 'see' me when I'm invisible." Katherine revealed.

"How?" Johnny asked.

"Not sure, but I think since he can manipulate energies, he can probably also detect the energies of others. Needless to say, he definitely has a sense of me when I'm invisible." Katherine said.

"You know, what I like about your invisibility powers is how you can always just seem to 'appear' out of nowhere." Johnny said, laughing.

"June used to always get freaked out when I would just appear out of the blue. It was pretty funny." Katherine said, remembering old times with June.

Analise had turned on Shadow's TV.

"What are you doing?" Katherine asked.

"Catching the evening news. Maybe there's a mention of Shadow." Analise said.

News Reporter

"And this evening, we have an update on the woman who was murdered in an apartment complex in New Coral. The woman has been identified officially as Janaye Winters. Neighbors reported seeing a man assumed to be her husband, visiting her apartment last night. There was reportedly, loud arguing and screaming, and the sound of a gunshot. Police came to the house of her husband, Head Detective Dudley Winters, but he was nowhere to be found. A young woman named Katherine Cross, who was also rumored to be living with him, is also M.I.A tonight."

"Oh my God, I think Winters killed his wife." Katherine stated, freaking out.

"Now there's two murderous SOB's out there.." Johnny stated.

"Don't you get it? This is my fault! I got his wife to talk, and Winters must of killed her for revealing the truth to me." Katherine said, blaming herself.

"Stop putting this on yourself." Analise said.

"Analise is right. Winters killed her to prevent her from talking to the cops and getting him in trouble. This is on him. Not you." Johnny assured her.

"The cops will be looking for me. They'll want to ask questions that I'm not ready to answer." Katherine said, getting scared. 

"Which will make our search for Shadow much harder." Analise stated.

"I have a solution." Johnny stated, taking off a backpack he'd brought.

"What's inside the bag?" Katherine asked.

"Well, my parents have been annoying me ever since I moved back with them, so in order to tune them out, I worked on a little project with a friend of mine - an almost-professional designer." Johnny revealed.

"Almost?" Analise questioned.

"Okay, so she isn't done with fashion school yet - " Johnny said.

"-Get to the point. What did you and her work on?" Katherine asked.

"Suits." Johnny said, smiling.

As Johnny opened the bag, Katherine looked in anticipation.


Marvin Long's House

Shadow and Marvin returned to Marvin's place.

"I stand corrected. That was fun." Shadow said.

"How did it make you feel?" Marvin asked him.

"I felt relieved. I felt like I could finally unleash my anger in a positive way." Shadow told him.

"That's great. I told you it'd make you feel better." Marvin said, smiling.

"Ya know, the best medicine for me as of late, has been you." Shadow said.

"Come on, all I did was offer you a place to rest." Marvin said.

"..And a friend to talk to. I'm usually so alone. You helped me feel normal today, and I will forever be held in your grace for it." Shadow said, stepping closer to him.

"Well, that's what good boyfriends do, isn't it?" Marvin said.

"So we're using pronouns, huh?" Shadow asked, inching closer to Marvin's face.

"I guess so.." Marvin said, breathing heavy.

Wasting no more time, Shadow kissed Marvin.

As their making-out intensified, they began to remove each other's jackets.

"May I be your first?" Marvin paused to ask.

"There's nothing more I want right now." Shadow said.

After another kiss, Marvin led Shadow to his room.


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Miss Appear

Ep.14 "Mother"

Katherine's Narration: "I want to go home, but I’ve forgotten where it is."

Shadow's Apartment

Johnny had awoken on Shadow's couch, as the sunlight poured through the apartment.

He saw Katherine walk past with coffee.

"-Ka-Katherine?" Johnny asked, groggy.

"Oh, hey John." Katherine said, sitting on the coffee table in front of the couch.

"Have you been awake all night?" Johnny asked.

"Yes. I don't know about you and Analise, but I wasn't about to sleep in a psychopath's home." Katherine made clear.

Analise, who had laid out on the floor, awoken.

"..yeah, well we can't exactly go back to our own homes." Analise said, stretching.

"His couch...is actually quite comfy." Johnny said, sitting up.

Katherine rolled her eyes.

"We're going after him today, right?" Johnny asked.

"Yeah, we're ending this today." Katherine said, sipping her coffee.

"Wait..are you drinking his coffee?" Johnny asked.

"Don't judge me." Katherine said, playfully.


Marvin Long's House 

Marvin came out of his bedroom, seeing Shadow cooking in the kitchen.

"You're cooking?" Marvin asked.

"I thought I'd return the favor for once." Shadow said, stirring eggs.

Marvin kissed his neck from behind.

"Yeah..well last night was 'favor' enough." Marvin said, as they both laughed.

"It was weird.." Shadow said.

"Ouch." Marvin said.

"No, not the sex,...just the emotional intimacy of it all. I felt like my guard was down completely. I've never felt that way before." Shadow explained.

"I guess you've had walls up for so long, that it was a shock to the system to feel like you didn't need them anymore." Marvin said.

"Yeah. I'm glad it was with you." Shadow smiled.


Shadow's Apartment

"So, how do we go about finding Shadow anyway?" Analise asked.

"While you two were asleep last night, I found something under the couch." Katherine said.

"That is?" Johnny questioned.

Katherine pulled out a cell phone.

"Is that..." Analise started questioning.

"It must be Shadow's. And it's unlocked. He has one contact that he called recently. Someone named Marvin Long." Katherine revealed.

"Could be a friend of his?" Johnny suggested.

"The point is, maybe this is where he's hiding out!?" Katherine stated.

"How do we get this guy's address?" Johnny asked.

"I'm gonna call officer Gilbert. He likes me, so I think I can convince him to help." Katherine said.

"Worth a try." Johnny said.

Katherine called Gilbert.

"Yello" Gilbert said, awkwardly.

"Umm, Gilbert, it's Kathy." Katherine said.

"What's up?" Gilbert asked.

"Are you at the station right now?" Katherine asked.

"Yes." Gilbert said.

"I need your help with finding someone in the city. Marvin Long." Katherine asked of him.

"You're really workin' my ethics, aren't ya?" Gilbert said. "...And, aren't you supposed to be missing? People are worried sick about you and Winters." Gilbert continued.

"There's a lot going on right on, but I'm going to put an end to it TODAY. I just need your help to do it." Katherine pleaded.

"I don't know.." Gilbert replied.

"If you help, I'll buy you a round of drinks! It could be the two of us,..hanging out like you always wanted." Katherine promised.

"OMG OKAY!" Gilbert said, excitedly.

"Alright, text me the address when you get it." Katherine said, hanging up.

"Nice play." Johnny said, smiling.

"I know right." Katherine laughed. "I just hope Gilbert gets back to me while the sun is still shining bright.." Katherine said.

"What do you mean?" Johnny asked.

"Shadow loses more power every time he kills. That's why he can't use his dark energy to kill people during the daytime, when the sun is out." Katherine explained.

"I guess there's a flaw in the mechanics of his abilities." Johnny said.

"Which we need to exploit. We need to capture him before evening, when he's unable to kill." Katherine said.

"Just because he can't take our life force during the daytime, doesn't mean he can't use his dark energy to shoot beams. He's still very dangerous." Analise said.

"I know. Which is why you're staying here." Katherine said,'

"What?" Analise asked.

"You don't have an offensive power, and Shadow's almost killed you before. I'd much rather you stay out of the line of danger, so me and Johnny can subdue him without distractions." Katherine stated.

"Alright. I trust your judgement." Analise said.

Katherine smiled.

"I got a text." Katherine said.

"From ya boy?" Johnny asked.

"Yeah. Gilbert sent me the address." Katherine said.

"Let's not waste time then." Johnny said.

"Wait, the suits, remember? We should wear them." Katherine said.

"Right." Johnny said, taking them out of his backpack.

In the bathroom, Kathrine took off her regular clothes.

Grabbing her 'superhero suit', she first put on a sleeveless, strapless outfit, with a golden belt around her waist. 

Next, she put on a pair of purple-redish long heel boots.

Lastly, she crowned herself with a golden colored head piece, and a purple mask.





Looking at herself in the mirror, she shed a tear.

"I hope you're proud of me, June." Katherine said, softly.

Coming out of the bathroom, Katherine saw that Johnny hadn't dressed in his suit.

"Not wearing yours?" Katherine asked.

"No, mine's has a little design flaw. But, you..., you look great." Johnny said, smiling 

"I agree, you do look very beautiful. And most importantly - powerful." Analise said, blushing.

Katherine blushed as well.

"Thank you guys." Katherine said.


Mayor George Coyne's House

In his living room, George sat on his couch, drinking a glass of scotch, and thinking deeply about his Vivian and Shadow.

Suddenly, a flash of memory hit him. 

(Flashback begins:

George is seen meeting with a fellow business man in a dark alley.

"Vycro Tech has an opportunity for you, Mr. Coyne." the man said.

"Victor Hollins is extending an opportunity to me?" George asked, curiously.

"The boss is set on developing technology that can radically change the biology of normal fish." the man said.

"So.. superpowers?" George asked.

"Exactly. If you partner with his research, he'll provide you with thousands of dollars." the man revealed.

"It sounds interesting." George said.

"There's one catch. We need a 'patient zero'. Preferably, a small child." the man asked.

"Excuse me? What are you saying? I'm not giving my son's body to some crackpot science experiment." George argued.

"Your son will be safe. Every safety measure will be handled. The worst case scenario? It doesn't succeed. But if it does? Your son will become one of the very few fish in the sea with special abilities. This could change the entire world as we know it." the man tried to persuade him.

"My wife wouldn't be happy." George said.

"Then keep it from her." the man replied.

Flashback ends.)


Shadow's Apartment

Analise sat on the couch, all alone in the apartment.

"..Well, I finally feel creep-ed out being in here. Now that I'm all alone." Analise said, with a sigh.

Suddenly, a loud knock on the door came.

Analise raced to the door.

"Katherine, you're back already???" Analise said, opening the door.

The person was Winters.

"Winters..." Analise said, scared and shocked.

"Analise Rogers? What the hell are you doing here?" Winters asked.

Analise tried to close the door on him, but Winters pushed it back on her.

As Analise fell to the ground, Winters entered the apartment.

Analise backed up to the side of the couch.

"Oh, I see. You came here with Katherine." Winters said.

"No..I didn't." Analise lied, standing up slowly.

"Don't lie to me. Katherine's been investigating Shadow all this time. Now she's finally found his place of residence." Winters said.

"And you've been working with a serial killer all this time." Analise retorted.

"Katherine's filled you in. I'm not surprised. When I heard on the news that you were the only metafish not accounted for at the facility, I instantly knew that Katherine had somehow been involved in what happened there. She probably saved you - amidst another encounter with Shadow." Winters theorized.

"Obviously you came here to meet with Shadow - cause you've been helping him all along. Well, he's not here." Analise stated.

"I see that. Now tell me where Kathy went." Winters asked.

"You're insane if you think I'd tell you that." Analise said.

Winters took out a gun and pointed it at Analise.

"I'll ask again. Where is Katherine?" Winters threatened.

"Is that the same gun you used to kill your wife last night in New Coral?" Analise asked him.

"I will blow your pretty little head off, now WHERE IS KATHERINE?" Winters asked, infuriated.


Marvin Long's House 

Shadow and Marvin sat in the living room, pouring wine.

"A little more?" Marvin asked.

"Nah. Don't want to overdue it." Shadow said, sipping his glass.

"Doesn't this feel good? A relaxing life? With afternoon wine?" Marvin asked, smiling.

"I suppose. But I'll have to get back to reality soon enough." Shadow stated.

"Reality? What do you mean?" Marvin asked.

"I mean that, this has been a nice escape. A nice 'fantasy'. But I can't pretend that it will stay this way forever." Shadow told him.

"Why can't it?" Marvin asked.

"Because I have loose ends to tie up." Shadow said.

"What does that mean? I haven't pressured you to talk to me about your life outside of our little encounters, but now I want to know the truth. What are you running from?" Marvin asked.

Suddenly, Marvin's house began to shake.

"This can't be good.." Shadow said, nervously.

Marvin's door burst open by a telekinetic force.

Katherine, in her  superhero outfit, walked into the house.

"Katherine Cross, that has to be you!" Shadow said, feeling angry.

Shadow launched two blasts of dark energy at Katherine.

Katherine put up a telekinetic barrier.

"GET OUT OF HERE!" Shadow yelled to Marvin.

Marvin, entirely perplexed, ran for the door.

Johnny ran into the house, and grabbed up Marvin before he could leave out.

Johnny pushed Marvin up against the wall.

"Is this your little boyfriend? If you don't want him to die by flame engulfment, you'll stand down." Johnny threatened.

"Don't hurt him." Shadow said.

Shadow put his hands up.

Katherine used telekinesis to push Shadow's body into the wall, effectively knocking him out.

"Johnny, tie his little friend up in the corner." Katherine ordered.

A few minutes pass.

Shadow awakens, tied up in a chair, with duct tape on his mouth.

"Rise and shine, bitch." Katherine said.

"MMMMMMM!" Shadow struggled to speak, with the duct tape on his mouth.

Katherine ripped off the duct tape with great force.

"I SWEAR, when I get out of this, I will kill you so extremely that you'll -

Katherine slapped him.

"Shut the hell up. Now you're gonna answer to me." Katherine said, intensely.

"Answer to you?" Shadow asked.

"That's right. Why do you do it? Why do you kill other metafish." Katherine asked him.

In the corner, Marvin looked shocked.

"I was experimented on. That's how I got these powers." Shadow said, tearing.

"I know. Your mother told me." Katherine said.

"Over the years after my experimentation, my father used me. He used me to hurt his enemies. Anyone who got in his way. I stopped being his son, and I started to be a tool of destruction for him. A way to advance him and his agendas. This was after my mother left, of course. She just left me..., all alone to deal with it." Shadow admitted.

"So you.., you kill other metafish because you don't want them to go through that?" Katherine asked.

"Why else? This world is cruel to us. Why should we be here? Why are we here?" Shadow asked.

"I don't have the answer to that. But, shouldn't we be around to find out?" Katherine questioned.

"...And face more abuse? Discrimination? You think that's the life we should live?" Shadow asked her.

"This is bullshit. Your reasoning may be true, but there's another element here. There's something inside you that makes you think it's okay to kill people." Johnny stated, finally speaking up.

"He's right. You're hiding behind this excuse of protecting our species." Katherine said.

"What are you gonna do now? Are you going to kill me? End this once and for all?" Shadow asked.

"Cause I won't stop. I will never stop." Shadow said, darkly.

Katherine looked at him with great emotion.

"Your mother, Vivian. She umm..., she told me that she's my aunt. My mother, Marilyn is her sister. My mother and your mother are sisters. We're cousins, Billy. First cousins. Do I want to spill your blood? No, I don't." Katherine revealed, shedding tears.

Shadow looked at her, shedding his own tears.

"I will still murder the shit out of you." Shadow said with a straight face, not caring about their relation.

Katherine's heart sunk.

Johnny stood shocked. 

"You're a piece of shit, Billy." Johnny said to him. "Katherine, I can kill him if you don't have the heart to?" Johnny suggested.

"No. I'm calling he cops. They'll come get him, he'll be arrested, and he'll face the wrath of the law for his heartless attitude." Katherine said.

As Katherine started to dial the cops, someone new came into the house.

"Winters!?" Katherine turned around, shocked.

Winters held a gun on Katherine.

"Is that you, Kathy?" Winters asked.

"You need to leave." Katherine said, in anger.

"Not without him." Winters stated, looking at Shadow.

"No, He's going to jail. So if you want him, you'll have to shoot me first." Katherine said.

"I would never hurt you, Kathy. But...I would hurt him." Winters said, looking at Johnny.

In a heartbeat, Winters shot Johnny in the chest.

"JOHNNY!" Katherine screamed, running to her fallen comrade.

As Katherine was busy rushing to Johnny's side, Winters untied  Shadow.

"Thanks." Shadow said.

"Let's go." Winters said.

"MARVIN, I'M SORRY! I LOVE YOU." Shadow shouted to Marvin in the corner, as he and Winters ran out of the house.

Katherine used her telekinesis to pull the bullet out of Johnny's chest.

Johnny began coughing up blood.

Marvin finally got free of the gag put in his mouth.

"HEY, I'm a nurse!" Marvin yelled to Katherine.

"Katherine looked over to him.

Quickly, Katherine untied Marvin.

Marvin ran into his bathroom to get his first aid kit.

Coming back into the living room, he began to stabilize Johnny.

"Please! Make sure he's okay!" Katherine said, crying. 


Alley Way, Downtown Bikini Bottom

Winters drove his car into an alley way.

"That was.. well played." Shadow said, sitting in shotgun.

"Let's get one thing straight. Katherine does not get hurt." Winters said.

"You don't make the rules. I'm the one with all the power." Shadow said.

"..and I'm the one with all the authority. I have resources to get you information. You need me, so you need to abide by the only rule I have for you. Katherine stays alive." Winters said.

"You've been missing for a few days, and your wife is dead. Your officers are gonna question you, and you're going to get found out. So you have no more authority." Shadow replied.

"I'll come up with..something. Some kind of excuse for my absence. We just need to focus on what's next." Winters said.

"What's next, is that I'm going to finally kill my father. He isn't a metafish, but he's caused me years of suffering." Shadow said.

Shadow had a flashback.

(Flashback begins:

Ten year old-Shadow sits on his bed, fooling around with his toys.

George comes into his room.

"Hello, my son." George said, with a smile.

"Is mom ever coming back?" Shadow asked.

"Billy, you know I don't like discussing your mother." George stated.

"It's been A MONTH! And I haven't seen OR heard from her!" Shadow shouted, with a squeaky voice.

"I have something that will make that all better." George stated.

"What's that?" Shadow asked.

"An opportunity for you, my son." George said.

"What?" Shadow asked.

"There's this company, that are working on advancing our society. They want everyone to be stronger, faster, more special." George said.

"That...sounds a lot like evolution. I'm learning about it in school." Shadow said.

"Good, good. I'm glad. Anyway, the researchers need your help. They want you to be apart of this new groundbreaking experiment." George told him.

"What will happen to me?" Shadow asked.

"Nothing bad. I promise you." George said, kissing his forehead.

Flashback ends.)


Marvin Long's House

Marvin had successfully patched up Johnny.

"Thanks for the shirt...and for the patch job." Johnny said, breathing heavy.

"No problem." Marvin said.

"Are you sure you're alright." Katherine asked, touching his shoulder.

"I'll be fine." Johnny said.

"Look, I didn't know that Billy was.. the serial killer." Marvin told them.

Katherine stood up.

"Look, it's not your fault. But in the future, you should watch who you deal with." Katherine said.

"Still. I feel so stupid and blind. How didn't I see this? He told me he'd killed before. But I didn't think..." Marvin said.

"I know. It's hard when you realize that you don't know a person as well as you thought you did." Katherine said.

"I didn't know Billy at all. But I trusted him. He showed me this side of himself that was so lost, but warm. He's not just a cold blooded killer." Marvin explained.

"What do you mean?" Katherine asked.

"I don't think Billy kills because he feels nothing. I think he does it because he feels too much." Marvin told her.

"Either way, he's got to be handled." Katherine said.

"And his little accomplice." Johnny pointed out.

"Winters is definitely next on my list, but Shadow has the power to actively harm others." Katherine said.

Suddenly, all three of them heard police sirens.

"Did you call?" Johnny asked Katherine.

"No! I never got a chance to." Katherine said.

"It must of been one of my neighbors. They likely heard all the commotion and got scared. You guys need to go. NOW." Marvin told them.

"What about you?" Katherine asked.

"I'll be fine. I'll explain everything to the police, but you need to stop Billy. You're the only person who can do it without getting hurt. Go. Put an end to his sad story." Marvin preached to her.

"Okay." Katherine said.

Katherine helped Johnny up. Using her powers, she turned both of them invisible, and they fled Marvin's house.


Marilyn's House

Katherine and Johnny made it across the city, arriving at the house of Marilyn Cross.

"You sure you're ready for this?" Johnny asked her.

"I have to be.." Katherine said to him, teary eyed.

Katherine approached the door, with Johnny standing behind.

Very timidly, Katherine knocked on the door.

Marilyn Cross opened the door.

"Oh my God." Marilyn said, with tears in her eyes.

"Mother." Katherine said, softly.



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Miss Appear

Ep.15 "Lowest Point"

Katherine's Narration:  "Home is where you go when you run out of homes."

Marilyn Cross's House

Marilyn Cross opened her door, seeing her daughter - Katherine, standing before her.

"Oh my God." Marilyn said, with tears in her eyes.

"Mother." Katherine said, softly.

"Come in. Please." Marilyn said, shakily.

Katherine and Johnny entered Marilyn's home. Marilyn led them into her living room.

"When I got this new house, I had hoped that you would come back to me. I almost gave up on the prospect until now." Marilyn said.

"I've been so mad at you for so long.." Katherine said, almost crying.

"But you're here now." Marilyn said. "I'm sorry. Who's your friend?" Marilyn asked.

"I'm Johnny." Johnny said.

"Johnny's been a good friend of mine for a few months now." Katherine stated.

"Katherine, I'm gonna give you and your mother some privacy to talk. I'm gonna go check on Analise and fill her in." Johnny said.

"Alright." Katherine said, hugging him goodbye.

"You and that boy...dating?" Marilyn asked.

"You know I'm gay." Katherine said, fiercely. 

"Right. I'm sorry, I've forgotten so much about my own daughter in her absence." Marilyn said, with her eyes tearing up.

"Please mom! As if you wanted to remember your daughter was gay." Katherine said, angrily.

"I NEVER had a problem with you being gay! It just took me awhile to...to..ADJUST everything I knew and wanted from you - and your future." Marilyn cried out.

"Whatever." Katherine said, trying to walk out.

"KATHERINE! Stop! Please!" Marilyn yelled. "Instead of talking things out, your first instance is to run.

"I didn't run away. I left. I was well within my rights to as an 18 year old." Katherine stated.

"I didn't know that you were having issues." Marilyn said.

"You never bothered to ask." Katherine remarked.

"What was the problem, honey?" Marilyn asked.

"EVERYTHING. You. Dad. The way me, you, Molly, and Michael lived in that apartment." Katherine let out.

"I know you weren't satisfied with our living situation, but I worked hard after you left, and got this house for me and your sister. Michael..is still in the clinic." Marilyn told her.

"Right. He had that psychotic break before I left." Katherine remembered.

"A year ago, our family fell apart." Marilyn said.

"Cause of you. Michael was stressed about the way we lived. I was stressed about you continuing to date that guy, Phantom. When you knew he sold drugs, and was responsible for our lives being put in danger time and again!" Katherine spoke.

"I KNOW! I broke up with him a few months after you left. I realized that I had to turn my life around if I was ever gonna get you back. Get our family back." Marilyn said.

"So..you think I'm back now?" Katherine asked.

"Why else are you here? Huh? WHY ARE YOU HERE THEN?" Marilyn screamed, more tears escaping her eyes.

"I don't know..I..I guess, I ran out of places to hide from my issues. I didn't know where else to go." Katherine said, softly.

"Sweetie.." Marilyn said, softly.

"After June died, I was all alone in this world." Katherine told her, wiping tears off her cheeks.

"I had heard about June. I wanted to reach out to you, but I thought it would go in vain." Marilyn reasoned.

"After her death, I looked into her murderer. I sort of got involved with the Shadow case." Katherine admitted.

"What? Honey, that guy has been all over the news. He's incredibly dangerous. Don't tell me he's after you now!?" Marilyn questioned, quite concerned.

"He's after me, and I'm after him." Katherine admitted.

"Oh my..Katherine, I don't even know what to say. Whatever has been going on, it ends now. I don't want you going after this man anymore." Marilyn voiced.

"Unfortunately, that's not up to you." Katherine told her.


Shadow's Apartment

As Johnny raced down the hallway to Shadow's residence, he saw the door wide open.

"ANALISE!" Johnny yelled, running in.

He saw Analise walking from the back, wiping her face with a rag.

"Johnny, hey. Winters was here." Analise told him.

"Did he hit you in the face?" Johnny asked.

"With a gun. He wanted me to give up Katherine's location. When I did, that's when he knocked me out. I awoken like an hour later." Analise revealed, wiping her bruise.

"It wasn't your fault. But he did find us. We had Shadow tied up, and he came and ruined our whole plan. He shot me in order to distract Katherine and free Shadow." Johnny revealed.

"Oh my god, he shot you?!" Analise asked.

Johnny lifted up his shirt, showing the patched-up gunshot wound.

"Someone patched you up. Thank god. Was it Katherine?" Analise asked.

"It was Shadow's boyfriend." Johnny told her.

"That Marvin Long guy?" Analise asked.

"Yeah. He's a registered nurse. We had him tied up too, but after I got shot, Katherine freed him to help me." Johnny revealed.

"Did he know?" Analise asked.

"About Shadow? No. He didn't know he was dating a murderous POS." Johnny told her.

"Okay, where's Katherine now?" Analise asked.

"She's with her mother." Johnny said.

"That's weird. From something she said last night, I got the sense that Katherine wasn't on good terms with either of her parents." Analise said.

"Well, I guess when a person hits their lowest point, anything is possible." Johnny told her.

"..Like Katherine patching things up with her folks?" Analise asked.

"Yeah." Johnny said.


Marilyn Cross's House

"Katherine, please. You've just come home. Don't go after this guy and risk dying." Marilyn pleaded.

"I don't want to talk about this anymore." Katherine said.

Marilyn looked worried still.

"How's Molly? And Michael?" Katherine inquired about her siblings.

"Michael's still in the mental clinic, but he's getting a little bit better every day. Molly's at a weekend sleepover. She would be over the moon to know that you're here!" Marilyn expressed.

"I've missed her. All of you." Katherine said.

"May I get a hug?" Marilyn asked.

Katherine, initially cautious, inched over to her mother.

Marilyn pulled Katherine into her arms, and hugged her daughter for the first time in over a year.

A knock on the door occurred.

"That might be Johnny." Katherine said.

"I don't know. He left not too long ago. You stay here, I'll get the door." Marilyn told her daughter.

Marilyn opened her door to see Vivian.

"Hello, sister." Vivian greeted.

"Well..isn't this just a family day." Marilyn stated.

Vivian walked in.

"I know we haven't talked for some time.." Vivian said.

"In years. Literally." Marilyn expressed, walking to her living room.

Vivian walked after her.

"Why Katherine! I didn't expect you to be here." Vivian said, upon seeing Katherine.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Katherine asked.

"Okay. The truth is, I was expecting you to run to your mother. I needed to see you, Katherine." Vivian revealed.

"Why do you need to see Katherine?" Marilyn asked.

"Because I'm chasing down her son." Katherine revealed.

"Marilyn turned to Katherine, gasping.

"Shadow..is...little Billy?" Marilyn asked, turning back to Vivian.

"Don't let the pictures I used to send, fool you. Billy is an adult now and completely dangerous. It's my fault." Vivian told her.

"Marsha, what happened to Billy?" Marilyn asked.

"My name is Vivian now, sister. Remember that." Vivian corrected her.

"Okay. 'Vivian'. What happened to your son?" Marilyn questioned.

"My marriage to George got abusive. I got tired one day, and left him. But I didn't take Billy. I knew he would try to use a custody battle to keep me in his grasp. I just had to get out, and soon." Vivian said, crying.

"Vivian, I'm so sorry. But I still don't understand how Billy became a demented serial killer." Marilyn asked.

"I was getting to that. After I left, my husband took a deal that required him to hand Billy over to a scientist that would experiment on his biology. Give him abilities. It went horribly wrong. Billy developed a darkness. Two years later, I returned to check in on Billy, but I found a very different boy than when I left. I argued with George over what he had done. All in the name of money." Vivian revealed.

"So what did you do at that point? You didn't report your husband?" Katherine asked.

"No. I took off again. It was too much to deal with, so I RAN. Like the cowardly woman I was. I RAN. I left my child alone and vulnerable. I will always regret that." Vivian told her, wiping her smudged eye liner.

Marilyn hugged her sister.


Dudley Winters's House

Shadow and Winters took up refugee at Winters's house.

"Are you sure Katherine won't be back here?" Shadow asked, peeking out a window.

"No. She's ashamed of me and what I've done." Winters told him.

"..and the cops? What if a neighbor of yours reported seeing us enter your home. You're a missing persons case, remember?" Shadow questioned.

"My neighbors are almost never home. We're fine. But now, I need to know what's next." Winters said.

"What do you mean?" Shadow asked.

"Are you continuing the killing crusade? Cause I have more names and addresses for you of powered people. Or are you going after your dad?" Winters asked.

"I told you. My dad is dying tonight." Shadow said.

"I thought you'd come to your senses on that one. Killing the mayor will be the final event horizon for you. EVERY law enforcement in the sea will hunt you down for killing a public official." Winters said.

"Than I'll kill them too." Shadow remarked.

"You're like a child. You're not getting the ramifications." Winters said.

"There's already been ramifications for me. Like losing my only boyfriend." Shadow told him.

"I...didn't realize you were into guys." Winters said, confused.

"And girls." Shadow added. "Ya know, they say bisexuals have more fun, but I've only ever had one piece of ass- " Shadow blurted out.

"-OKAY. Too much information." Winters said, squicked out.

"Anyway, I used your house phone to invite him over." Shadow said.

"You DID WHAT?" Winters asked.

"Marvin won't turn us in. We're good." Shadow said.

The doorbell rung.

"That must be him." Shadow said.

"Oh my god, I am getting tired of working with you." Winters said, exiting to the kitchen.

"Marvin, come in...please." Shadow said.

Marvin entered the house. "Is that guy here? The one who had the gun?" Marvin asked.

"He is, but he's not dangerous to you. And neither am I." Shadow assured him.

"You sure about that? You kill people!" Marvin barked at him.

"I kill meta-fish, to prevent them from suffering in this world like I did." Shadow explained.

"Not everyone has your story!" Marvin expressed.

"Not yet. But these powers...they're a social death sentence." Shadow said, releasing dark energy from his finger tips.

"You lied to me." Marvin said.

"I NEVER lied to you." Shadow said.

"You didn't tell me everything. You didn't tell me ANYTHING. You are the notorious Shadow, and I had NO IDEA. I slept with you, for pete's sakes!" Marvin yelled.

"We can still work, okay?" Shadow said, touching his shoulders.

Marvin pushed his arms away. "Get off of me. I can't be with a serial killer. I can't be with someone who is actively hurting others." Marvin told him.

"So that's it? We're breaking up." Shadow asked.

"No, I'm dumping you." Marvin clarified.

"I know you can't see it now. But what I'm doing, is the right thing." Shadow said, shedding tears.

"I really hope you find peace out of all of this after you eventually get arrested. I really do. Goodbye, Billy." Marvin said, shedding his own tears.

Marvin kissed Shadow on the cheek, and then left.

Winters came out into the living room.

"Were you listening?" Shadow questioned.

"No. Well, I mean, not purposely. I'm sorry, man. It's hard when the one that you love...leaves you." Winters said.

"Yeah." Shadow said, depressingly.

"Are you sure Marvin won't tell the police of our whereabouts?" Winters asked.

"I'm sure. He wouldn't have the heart to." Shadow said.


Marilyn Cross's House

"Vivian. You're here to see me about Shadow, no?" Katherine asked.

"Yes." Vivian said, as she and Marilyn stopped hugging.

"Don't tell me you're going after him too, Viv?" Marilyn asked.

"Actually, she was helping Shadow." Katherine told Marilyn.

"What?" Marilyn said, turning to Vivian.

"Yes, I was. But only in exchange for him killing his father. I wanted George dead for what he did to me all those years ago. Me and my son." Vivian clarified.

"Looks like your plan went to shit. Or else you wouldn't be here." Marilyn said.

"Shadow tried to kill me a few nights ago. He's gotten out of control. I want to help Katherine stop him." Vivian stated.

"I can do that by myself." Katherine said.

"I brought Billy into this world, so I'm helping to take him out." Vivian remarked.

"I'm not killing Shadow! I'm going to subdue him and get him put into prison." Katherine stated.

"Billy's too dangerous to be left alive." Vivian argued.

"Both of you need to drop this!" Marilyn said.

"I can't mom. I'm a hero. And this hero is going to bring down her villain." Katherine stated.

"A..hero?" Marilyn asked.

Katherine took off her backpack and handed it to Marilyn.

Marilyn looked inside.

"A costume." Marilyn noted.

"Yes. When I'm in that costume, I'm no longer Katherine. I'm not sure who I become, but it's definitely a hero who needs to stop Shadow." Katherine told her.

"I understand." Marilyn said, handing her the bag.

Another knock on the door came.

"I'll get it." Marilyn said.

"Where do you think Billy is?" Katherine asked Vivian.

"I think he would go after his father. I've been calling George all day, but no answer. He's likely ignoring me." Vivian told her.

"If Shadow's going to kill him, it'll be when the sun sets." Katherine noted.

"That won't be long from now." Johnny said, walking in.

Johnny and Analise had arrived in the living room.

"Johnny, hey! Analise, are you alright?" Katherine asked, noticing her face bruise.

"Winters hit me with a gun to knock me out." Analise said.

"Wow..that's a bad case of pistol whipping." Vivian said, slightly joking.

Suddenly, Analise's body started to jerk. Her eyes immediately turned a bright white.

"ANALISE!" Katherine said, running over to her.

Analise came out of it.

"Oh my god." Analise said.

"What is it?" Katherine asked, holding her arms.

"I had a vision. I saw Shadow confronting the mayor." Analise told them.

"Well that's it. Billy's going to kill him." Marilyn said.

"Not if I can stop it." Katherine said, boldly.

"I'm coming with you." Johnny said.

"You've already been shot today, because of me." Katherine said.

"I don't care. You need the back up." Johnny replied.

"And she needs me too." Vivian spoke.

"I don't trust you as far as I can throw you, but I'll let you come. Any signs of you wavering back to Shadow's side, and I'll have Johnny torch your body where you stand." Katherine said, harshly.

"You won't have to worry..niece." Vivian said.

"Don't call me that. Let's go." Katherine said, as Vivian and Johnny left the living room.

Marilyn grabbed Katherine before she left.

"Wait. Honey, I love you. I can't stop you from doing this, but I want you to be safe." Marilyn said.

"I can't say that I'll be safe, but I promise I'll try to make it back home to you." Katherine said.

Marilyn hugged her tightly. 

"I'm gonna say bye to your aunt." Marilyn said, exiting out of the living room. 

"Analise.." Katherine said.

"You're gonna be okay. I know it." Analise said, looking sad. 

"Your voice is saying one thing, but your eyes another." Katherine said, walking closer to her.

"I'm... scared for you, of course. But I know that you need to do this." Analise expressed. 

"Thanks for understanding. Look, when all of this is over...maybe we could do something fun? Ya know, to take away all of this stress." Katherine asked. 

"I'd like that." Analise said, blushing. 

The two women hugged.

"Alright, I gotta go." Katherine said, taking off.


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Miss Appear

Ep.16 "Miss Appear"

Katherine's Narration: "You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. What I've learned is that happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. Depression is not a choice, but I do think it's a choice to define your circumstances, instead of letting your circumstances define you."

Marilyn Cross's House

The episode opens with Analise sitting in Marilyn's living room.

Marilyn enters with some tea.

"Thank you." Analise said, taking a cup from Marilyn.

Marilyn sat next to her on the couch.

"I'm glad you're here with me. I couldn't take worrying about my daughter alone." Marilyn spoke.

"I'm not going anywhere until Katherine's back and I know that she's okay. So don't worry." Analise replied, warmly.

"Thank you, hun." Marilyn said.

"Not like I could go home anyway.." Analise said.

"Wait, why not?" Marilyn asked.

"Shadow is after me too. I can't go back to my house until I know he's defeated." Analise said.

"Wait, now that I think about it...you're that woman who he attacked, the one who had claimed to be pyschic. It was all over the news." Marilyn realized.

"..Well, I think you know now that I'm not lying." Analise replied.

"Yeah, it's just all so crazy. The fact that there are people in this world who can do all of these insane things. Seeing the future, moving things with their mind,..ripping someone's life away, like Shadow." Marilyn said, tearfully.

"Hey, not all of us are like him." Analise stated.

"Yeah, but for every hero..there's a villain. For every Katherine Cross, there's a Shadow." Marilyn pointed out.


Vivian's Car

Vivian, Katherine, and Johnny were in Vivian's car, as Vivian drove to the mayor George's house.

"Could you drive any faster?" Katherine asked, in shotgun.

"And risk a speeding ticket?" Vivian snarked.

"Oh please, a speeding ticket would be the least of your crimes." Katherine replied, bitterly.

"Katherine's right. You could speed up a little." Johnny said, in backseat. 

"Would you two be quiet!" Vivian said.

"You chose to come." Katherine said.

"Because I have just as much a stake in this as you do." Vivian said.

"OH, Katherine, you forgot to change before you left." Johnny said, holding up her bookbag.

"I'm not gonna change into the superhero suit." Katherine said.

"Are you sure? It's for identity protection, ya know." Johnny said.

"You don't have yours. Look, I just don't want to finish it that way. I want Shadow - I mean, Billy, to see me as a person. Just like I need to see him as a person. I learned that from Analise."  Katherine said.

"But he's a monster, Kath.." Johnny said.

"But he's not...I mean literally, he's not. He is a person. And maybe that's how I'll get through to him. By tearing down the walls he puts up. By finding the light in his dark." Katherine explained.

"Your friend Analise told you all this?" Vivian chimed in.

"She did." Katherine said, smiling a bit.

"You're this big hero now, huh? Don't heroes need a name or something?" Vivian asked.

"I don't know.." Katherine said, feeling unworthy.

"OOH, OOH, Ms. Disappear. Heard it here first, folks!" Johnny exclaimed, excitedly.

"Now that just sounds tacky." Katherine said, with Vivian nodding.

"Okay. So we shorten it. Appear." Johnny said.

"I like that." Vivian said.

"We have bigger issues right now, John.." Katherine said. 


Mayor George Coyne's House, Private Living Room

"Sir, you also have that meeting on Monday with- "

"-I know, Tamara." George said, interrupting his assistant.

"Sir, did you hear something?" Tamara asked.

"No, now be quiet, I'm trying to call Mr. Lane, but he's not picking up." George said.

"Oh, and I also have a spa day planned for you. It's here in my notes, somewhere." Tamara said.

"Yes, yes, yes. I look forward to it." George said. "Mr. Lane! Nice to hear from you. We were supposed to be discussing your new solar energy prospects for my city." George talked.

*Another sound occurs*.

"Hold on, one minute, Mr. Lane." George said.

"Sir, I know you heard that." Tamara said, nervously.

"Yes, I did. I'm concerned. If something was going on, my security would be rushing in here right now." George said, scared.

"I'll go check in the hallway." Tamara said.

"No! Tamara!" George called to her.

"I'll be right back, sir." Tamara said, exiting through the door.

Suddenly, George heard gunshots, and a blood-curdling scream from Tamara.

"TAMARA!" George yelled.

Soon enough, Shadow and Winters burst through the door.

"Oh my god." George said, standing up.

"Winters, I want you to scope the house for anymore security guards. This place is huge." Shadow ordered.

"Alright." Winters said, taking off with his gun.

After Winters left out, Shadow stared at George.

"Father." Shadow said, softly.

"Billy, it's been awhile. But look, you don't want to do this." George said, afraid.

"I've been waiting for this,..for so long. I want to do this." Shadow said, shedding a tear.

Shadow blasted a non-fatal dark energy beam at his father.

George hit the wall, falling unconscious.

"Alright, father. When you awaken, and when the sun sets...we'll get started." Shadow said, walking over to George's body.


Vivian's Car

"We're here." Vivian said, driving up to the mayor's mansion.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Katherine said, feeling strange.

"I know, me too. I'll pull up around the back street, and we'll enter the house through the back entrance." Vivian said.

After Vivian drove the car to a backstreet, the three got out.

Vivian, Katherine, and Johnny came to a code-sealing fence.

"We're not gonna get in without the code." Katherine said.

"Yes, we will." Johnny said.

Johnny used his fire abilities to melt through the gate.

"You powered people sure make the rest of us look dull.." Vivian joked.

The three entered into the backyard.

"There's the back entrance." Vivian said, running up to the door. "It's locked." Vivian said.

"Not for long." Katherine said.

Katherine used her telekinesis to bust open the lock, and the three were able to enter into the house.

Upon entering, the trio saw three dead bodies in the hallway.

"Oh wow.." Katherine said, breathing heavy.

"Shadow's here." Johnny said.

Katherine took a look at the dead bodies of the security guards.

"These are my husband's home security." Vivian said, shedding a tear.

"Yeah, but Shadow didn't kill them." Katherine said, analyzing their bodies.

"Katherine's right, they all have gunshot wounds." Johnny said.

"Winters is here too. He did this." Katherine said.

"The sun is about to set. Shadow will be able to perform his 'soul sucking' very soon." Vivian said.

"Which is why we need to find him and George, quickly." Johnny said.

"How big is this place?" Katherine asked Vivian.

"Huuuuge." Vivian expressed.

"We'll split up. I'll take the downstairs. Johnny, you take Vivian and head upstairs." Katherine said.

"I know this house better than you. Follow after me." Vivian said to Johnny.

As Vivian headed upstairs, Katherine grabbed Johnny.

"Hey, wait.." Katherine said.

"Are you good?" Johnny asked.

"Yeah..I just wanted to tell you to watch your back." Katherine said.

"You watch yours too, okay?" Johnny replied.

"Yeah." Katherine smiled.

Johnny hugged Katherine, and then ran up the stairs to follow Vivian.


Marilyn Cross's House

Marilyn and Analise were looking at old photo albums of Katherine.

"Oh, oh, this is her when she was six, and wanted to be a clam for Halloween!" Marilyn said, excitedly.

"Haha, she looks too adorable." Analise said, laughing.

"Yeah. She was happy once upon a time. I'm still struggling to understand what exactly went wrong." Marilyn said.

A knock on the door was heard.

"Ms. Cross, OPEN UP, IT'S THE POLICE." An officer shouted.

Marilyn raced to the door.

"Hello Ms. Cross, I'm Office Lenny. I'm here about your daughter. 

"Katherine?" Marilyn asked.

"Yes, she's recently gone missing. Reports say she was living with Head Detective, Dudley Winters at the time of her disappearance. Both Katherine and Dudley seem to be missing, and the BBPD is very invested in finding them." Officer Lenny told her.

"Well I'm sorry, but I haven't seen my daughter in over a year. She had took off when she turned 18." Marilyn lied.

"Alright, well thank you for your time anyway." Officer Lenny said, leaving.

Marilyn closed her door.

"Marilyn, was that an officer looking for Kathy?" Analise asked.

"Yes. Whatever Kathy has to do, I hope she does it fast. Things are definitely closing in on her." Marilyn said, concerned.


Mayor George Coyne's House

George awoken, tied up to a sofa chair in the middle of his living room.

"Welcome back to the land of the living. You won't be here much longer, though." Shadow said, darkly.

"HELPPPP MEEE!" George screamed.

"Who are you yelling too? No one can hear you. Your entire security detail should be dead as we speak. You'll be reunited with them shortly." Shadow said.

"Billy, I know you hate me. I know what I did was wrong. But, you cannot kill your father." George told him.

"Why not? You hurt me. You let people experiment on me. You sold your own kid out. Just like you forced mom to be a prostitute." Shadow said, shedding tears.

"Your mother was a prostitute before I met her, Billy." George replied.

"DOES THAT MAKE IT RIGHT? To pimp her out? To abuse her? To abuse me." Shadow yelled.

"No. I am sorry. I am so, so sorry. But I was a different man then." George responded.

"You're not much different! You used innocent lives as bait to capture me at the facility." Shadow pointed out.

"Okay, and you actually killed those people. So how about we talk about you being a serial killer." George said.

"I'm what you made me. You did this to me. You set me on this path!" Shadow said.

Suddenly, Shadow stared off blankly.

"What?" George questioned.

"There's someone else in the house. I can feel their energy." Shadow said.

Shadow left out of the room.

In the hallways of the ground floor, Katherine looked in room after room.

"This is impossible. Why is this house so big?!" Katherine complained.

As Katherine turned a corner, she felt a strange wave of energy.

"Oh no.." Katherine said, as the energy seemed to have taken over her mind.

Katherine couldn't move. Shadow came from behind her.

"My dear Kathy, when will you learn not to interfere in my business?" Shadow said, chillingly.

Shadow grabbed Katherine's head, hitting it to the wall.

"AHHHH!" Katherine screamed from the pain.

"I'll be back for you." Shadow said, going back to the living room.

On the floor, Katherine passed out from the immense pain.

A few minutes pass, and Katherine opens her eyes.

Katherine's vision was blurry.

"Come-..on, ge-t...up." Katherine said, trying to pull herself together.

Katherine lifted half of her body up, putting her back to the wall.

She rubbed her head, trying to shake the headache.

As her vision cleared up, she saw a person before her.

"June..?" Katherine said.

June Morley appeared, standing in front of Katherine.

"Hello, Kathy." June smiled, looking down at her.

"June..is that really you? How can you be here? You...you..died." Katherine said, shedding a tear.

"I think you're hallucinating me." June said, smiling.

"Well, on top of clinical depression, I can add 'hallucinations' on the list of things wrong with me." Katherine said, rolling her eyes.

"You're in a bad place right now. I think that's why you're seeing me. You just suffered a head blow, and I think your mind needed to travel to a safe place." June said.

"You're as safe a place as any, I guess." Katherine joked.

"Unfortunately, I'm not here anymore." June said.

"June. I miss you so much!" Katherine said, crying.

"Oh Katherine, I miss you too. But you have to be strong. You have to find peace,.. like I did." June told her.

"I've tried! I really have. But it's hard. You were everything to me. You helped me to not feel alone in this world. But it hurts, SO MUCH. So damn much." Katherine expressed, continuing to sob.

"I think part of the reason you miss me is because I was that safe place for you. To spill all of your issues to. Now that I'm gone, you need to start letting others in. Katherine, you have to accept help." June said.

"I can't. Trusting people is just way too much. Especially a stranger. I tried to talk to this shrink. I couldn't go through with it." Katherine said.

"The more you run, and deny, and hide from your problems, the harder it will be for you to move on. To live your life." June said.

"I'm tired of it. Running. I'm tired of running." Katherine said.

"So stop doing it. I know that it is hard to face what scares you. But in the end, if you don't define your circumstances, your circumstances will define you." June said.

Katherine nodded. Closing her eyes, she managed to stand up. As she opened her eyes again, she no longer saw June.

"Thanks, June." Katherine said softly, looking up.


Upstairs, Johnny and Vivian made their way down another hallway.

"Seriously, why does he need so much space!" Johnny said.

Suddenly, Vivian heard someone from behind.

"Hey, we're not alone!" Vivian said.

The two turned around to see Winters coming from around a corner, with a gun.

"Alright, who wants to get shot first?" Winters said.

Johnny shot a fire blast at him. Winters dodged, taking a shot.

As the bullet hit the wall, Johnny motioned Vivian to run.

Winters picked himself up, and held back up his gun.

This time, Johnny sent a heatwave that completely melted the gun.

"NO!" Winters said.

"STAND DOWN!" Johnny said, racing over to him.

Winters punched Johnny in the face.

Johnny shrugged off the hit.

Winters took another punch, but Johnny stopped his hand with his own.

Using his powers, Johnny started to burn Winters' fist.

"OWW!" Winters yelled.

"I told you to stand down!" Johnny said, kicking him in the ball sack.

Suddenly, a gunshot hit Winters in his arm.

"OWWWW!" Winters said falling.

Johnny turned around to see Vivian holding a small handgun.

"What?" Vivian said.

"You...didn't tell me you were packin'." Johnny joked.

"Well, I do keep more than make up in my purse, young man." Vivian said.

As Winters yelled in excruciating pain from the gunshot and burn, Johnny and Vivian looked at him in pity.

"HELP ME!" Winters yelled at them.

"It's a shame. I used to have nothing but respect for you, because Katherine did. Now look at ya." Johnny said, angrily.

"We should kill him. Remove him from the equation permanently." Vivian said, taking another aim.

Winters flinched.

"NO." Johnny said, putting his hand on her gun.

Vivian looked at him, confused.

"We've already disabled him. No need to spill unnecessary blood. Katherine wouldn't want it." Johnny explained.

"Be-sides...if..you..kill me...you won't - .." Winters said, struggling to remain conscious.

"Won't what?" Vivian questioned.

"Won't..kn-ow about...the bomb." Winters said.

"Excuse me?" Johnny asked.

"He's playing us." Vivian said.

"No, .. I'm not. Shadow's plan...was to take his father's life, then have a bomb destroy the house, and his father's body in it." Winters revealed.

"That makes sense." Johnny realized. "Shadow doesn't want the mayor's death connected to him." Johnny said to Vivian.

"Well, at least I didn't raise him stupid." Vivian joked.

"WHERE is the bomb?" Johnny asked Winters.

"I'm... not telling you.. unless you get me out of this house." Winters bargained.


Shadow arrived back in the private living room.

"Who was there?" George asked, still tied up.

"No one of your concern." Shadow said.

"I don't know what more I can do. I've said sorry. I've explained that I was an idiot back then. I just.. I can't do any more than that." George explained.

"You don't need to. Not that it matters." Shadow said.

"I love you, Billy. No matter what you've done, or what you're going to do, I need you to know that." George said, shedding tears.

"The sun has set.." Shadow noted.

The room got darker. Shadow's abilities increased by a tenfold.

"I can feel the power in my veins." Shadow said, breathing in happily.

"Billy, please!" George pleaded.

"Goodbye, father." Shadow remarked.

Shadow put his hand on his father's chest.

George screamed, as Shadow began taking his life force.

Suddenly, a telekinetic force broke down the door to the living room.

"BILLY, STOP!" Katherine yelled, barging in,

Shadow was surprised.

Katherine blasted him with telekinetic energy. Shadow hit the ground.

"YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS!" Katherine yelled more.

"STAY OUT OF IT!" Shadow yelled back, quite emotionally.

"Billy, this has got to end. You hurting people has got to end." Katherine told him.

"Maybe I was wrong...maybe other meta-fish don't deserve it, but my father DOES." Shadow spoke.

"That's not up to you." Katherine said.

"DO YOU KNOW what he's DONE TO ME?" Shadow said, with tears beginning to fall from his eyes.

Katherine stared at him empathetically.

"My life is filled with SO MUCH hurt, and it's his fault. Everyday is a struggle. I try to find some relief, some type of happiness, but I just HURT, all the time." Shadow said, crying.

"Do you think you're THE ONLY ONE WITH PROBLEMS? NO. I hurt the same damn way. But I don't KILL PEOPLE." Katherine screamed.

"Don't compare us." Shadow said, angrily.

"Why not? You looked in my mind before. You know that I have pain that I can't undo. I know that you have pain as well. Our situations may differ, but at the end of the day, we cry the same tears, bleed the same internal blood, battle the same demons in our heads. I've been there. I'm still there. It's easy to let your issues define you, to let them control you. But, Billy, I'm telling you, if you don't take control.. you're gone suffer a lot longer." Katherine explained, crying herself.

Shadow looked at her with understanding.

Suddenly, Shadow blasted a dark energy bolt at her.

Katherine defended herself with a shield of telekinetic energy.

Katherine levitated a small coffee table and flung it at Shadow.

Shadow completely obliterated it with dark energy.

With the dust from the destruction hitting Katherine's eyes, Shadow was able to shoot another dark energy blast at her.

Katherine's body was pushed to the wall, as she yelled in pain.

Shadow quickly ran over to her, grabbing her body and keeping it pinned to the wall.

Katherine struggled, as Shadow put his hand on her chest.

"Your days of interfering with me are over." Shadow mumbled, violently.

Katherine felt as Shadow attempted to suck her life force.

"AHHHHHHHH." Katherine screamed in agony.

With all of her leftover will, Katherine pushed Shadow off of her by emitting a telekinetic wave from her entire body.

"UHHH." Katherine shrieked in relief, as she dropped to the floor.

George, who was hardly conscious, flashed a smile for Katherine's willpower.

As Shadow picked himself off the floor, Katherine charged at him.

Katherine punched him several times in his face.

Shadow kicked her in her side.

As Katherine crouched, Shadow grabbed her from behind in attempt to choke her out with his arms.

Katherine emitted another telekinetic wave, which pushed Shadow off of her.

Katherine turned around, kicking Shadow in his private area.

As Shadow fell to his knees, Katherine performed a karate kick on his face. Shadow's body fell completely to the floor.

"MR. COYNE!" Katherine yelled, running over to him. 

"I-m.. ok-ay.." George tried to speak.

"Katherine untied him, as Johnny came running in.

"Johnny!" Katherine said, startled.

"What happened here?" Johnny said, noticing the wrecked living room, and a knocked out Shadow.

"I stopped Billy." Katherine said, simply.

"Katherine, we all need to get out of here. There's a bomb planted in the basement." Johnny said.

"WHAT?" Katherine questioned.

"Shadow didn't want the mayor's death connected back to him." Johnny explained.

"That makes sense. No one would suspect him since he only goes after people with powers. And with the mayor's body completely obliterated, no one would know the truth about his cause of death." Katherine summed up.

"Me and Vivian have Winters outside. That's when he told us where the bomb is, but there's no time to try and stop it. In two minutes, this house is going down." Johnny told her.

Shadow had awoken.

"Johnny, here, get the mayor out. I'm gonna help Billy." Katherine said.

George rested his body on Johnny's, putting his arm around his shoulder. Together, they exited the living room.

"Billy, you're weak right now, but I can help you out of here." Katherine said, approaching him on the ground.

"Stay away from me." Shadow said, with intense eyes.

"Billy, come on, we don't have the time. The bomb you had planted is going off in two minutes." Katherine said.

"Leave me here to die. I deserve it. I'm an awful person." Shadow said, crying more.

"I'm not gonna do that." Katherine told him.

"Why not? I've tried to kill you. I've killed your friend, June. I've murdered so many others." Shadow justified.

"Because me and you are one in the same. I will never forgive you, but I understand your pain. I too think of myself as worthless, as not being worthy of living. This psychiatrist or whatever told me that I  had somehow created this value system for people, and that the worst part was that I put myself very low on it. That's what you're doing now. What we both need to realize is that no one is worthless, we are ALL here for some reason or another. None of us actually know the reason. None of us actually know why we are here... but isn't it worth it to at least live long enough to find out?" Katherine begged of Shadow.

"Not if I'm in this much pain." Shadow said, very monotone.

Outside of the mansion, Johnny had gotten the mayor to the front lawn.

"GEORGE!" Vivian yelled.

"I'm fine." George said, getting off of Johnny.

Vivian hugged him, with tears in her eyes.

"I just called the police." Vivian stated.

Winters, who was sitting on the ground, looked up at Johnny.

"Where's Katherine?" Winters asked.

"Oh my god, she's still in the house?" Johnny said, turning to look at the house.

Johnny took out his phone, dialing Katherine's number.

Inside the house, Katherine still sat with Shadow.

"Come on, you don't want to end it like this." Katherine told him.

"Isn't this how you wanted to end this?." Shadow questioned.

"I DID NOT come here to kill you." Katherine explained.

Katherine's phone ranged.

Answering it, she heard Johnny's voice.

"Katherine, get out!" Johnny said.

"Tell her she only has a minute left." Winters said to Johnny.

"Shadow's still refusing to leave." Katherine said.

"So let him be stupid!" Johnny exclaimed. "Winters has a timer, and it's counting down until the bomb goes off. You need to get out in the next minute. Katherine, PLEASE!" Johnny begged.

"I'm not leaving him to die! That's not the way I want this to end!" Katherine said to Johnny.

Katherine turned her attention back to Shadow.

"Please, we have less than a minute left to get out of here." Katherine told him.

"KATHERINE, TWENTY FIVE SECONDS!" Johnny screamed over the phone.

"You said we're one in the same. Maybe I'll see you in hell." Shadow said to Katherine.

Katherine stared at him in anger.

"KATHERINE, GET OUT!" Johnny yelled again over the phone.

Immediately, Katherine pulled Shadow close to her, and put up a telekinetic barrier over the both of them.

In an instant, mayor George Coyne's mansion completely exploded.

Johnny, Vivian, and George were blasted to the ground by the explosion. 

After a minute or so, Johnny lifted up.

"KATHY!!!" Johnny shouted, crying.

"Oh god, this can't be happening." Winters said, lying flat on the ground.

Vivian and George helped each other up.

"Look what he did..." George said, with a pained expression.

Vivian looked at the fire, flames, and gas coming from the destruction.

"He didn't do this. We did. George, we did this" Vivian said, through tears.

George looked regretful. 

Johnny rushed to the destruction.

Using his powers, he absorbed the flames and heat energy into his own body.

"Oh wow." Vivian said.

"THE FIRE'S OUT. LET'S START LOOKING FOR THEM." Johnny yelled to Vivian and George.

"I'll look. Stay here and watch that Winters doesn't somehow get away." Vivian said to George.

"I don't think he's moving anywhere, honey. He has a burn and a gunshot injury." George noted.

As Vivian went to help Johnny, George looked at Winters.

"I never meant for this right here." Winters said, as he touched his gunshot wound, which had been wrapped by Johnny and Vivian with a piece of shirt.

"My top detective. And all this time you were helping a serial killer." George said, looking at Winters with contempt.

"All this time, you were a serial killer's father. Don't judge me, especially after the path you put him on in the first place." Winters said angrily to George.

Johnny and Vivian had finally found Katherine and Shadow in the destruction.

"Come on, we have to get this stuff off the top of them." Johnny said.

He and Vivian lifted pieces of wall and wood off of Katherine and Shadow.

"Kathy...come on.." Johnny said, turning her body on her back.

Katherine become conscious again after a few moments.

"J-ohn.." Katherine murmured, covered in dust and dirt

"You're alright! But how?" Johnny asked.

"I put a barrier over me and Billy before the explosion." Katherine struggled to say.

Vivian checked Shadow's pulse. Immediately, she began to cry.

"Vivian?.." Johnny said, noticing her tears.

"The barrier must not have been strong enough to protect the both of you." Vivian said.

"Wait, don't tell me..." Katherine said.

"He's dead." Vivian announced.

"N..N-o..No...NO!" Katherine screamed out, with her insides hurting.

"Calm down, Kathy. I'm sorry you couldn't save him, but now you have to focus on you." Johnny instructed.

Johnny helped Katherine stand, and they walked out of the destruction together.

Vivian, with all her strength, carried her now dead 22 year old out of the destruction.

Lying him on the front lawn, George came over.

"Is he.." George started to ask.

"He's gone. Our son is gone, George." Vivian said.

"Katherine, you're alright." Winters said, sitting up a little.

Katherine turned to him.

"I'm fine. No thanks to you." Katherine said.

"I never tried to hurt you, or have you harmed." Winters said.

"LOOK AROUND. You did hurt me - and LOTS of others. I hope they throw away the key when they lock you in prison." Katherine said, in all seriousness.

"One day you'll understand - " Winters started.

"-No. I won't." Katherine said, shedding more tears.

Everyone heard cops cars and ambulance.

"Katherine, you need to go. You're innocent in all this. You don't deserve to be brought down by it." Vivian told her.

"But - I can't just leave. There are questions - "

" - That I will answer. Go now." Vivian said, as the police, ambulance, and reporters started to approach the scene.

"Alright. Let's go, Johnny." Katherine said.

Katherine grabbed Johnny's hand, turning both of them invisible. 

"What do we tell them?" Vivian asked George.

"The truth." George said.

"But George - " Vivian started.

" - We can't live with this lie anymore, Viv. It's time I took responsibility for what I did to my family, and this city." George said.

Officers came up to Vivian and George.

"WHERE'S THE KILLER?" Head Officer Lenny asked, frantically.

"He's dead. Me and my former husband managed to escape both him and an explosion he devised to cover up the evidence." Vivian told.

"How in the world did you get away from him?" Officer Lenny asked.

"This woman. A hero. She saved us." Vivian revealed, as reporters came to get the details.

"Who is this woman? Did you get a name? Where is she now?" Officer Lenny, and several reporters, asked.

"Miss Appear." Vivian stated, after thinking for a minute. "That's what she called herself." Vivian said.


Marilyn Cross's House

Katherine and Johnny entered Marilyn's home.

"KATHERINE? Is that you!?" Marilyn said, racing to the door.

"I'm home." Katherine said, smiling.

Marilyn began to cry.

"Come here." Marilyn said.

Marilyn pulled Katherine in for a tight hug.

Johnny went over to Analise.

"We just flicked on the news. I guess you guys did it?" Analise asked on their success.

"She did it. Not exactly in the way she wanted everything to happen, but she did it." Johnny said, looking at Katherine happily.

"I knew she could." Ananlise said, also smiling at her.

Marilyn and Katherine kept up their embrace.

For the first time in a long time, Katherine finally felt at home.



Johnny's cab arrived in front of Marilyn's home in the early morning.

Katherine decided to walk him out.

"I hope my mom's couch was alright to sleep on last night." Katherine asked.

"It was fine. A bit lumpy, but fine." Johnny said, standing in front of her.

"I guess you're off to New Coral." Katherine said.

"Yeah. My parents are gonna have a gazillion questions about where I've been the past two nights." Johnny said, rolling his eyes.

"I'm gonna miss you." Katherine said, in a sad tone.

"I'm gonna miss you too. But hey, we have phones - and the internet. If I die next week, you'll find out on FaceBook." Johnny said, joking.

Katherine laughed.

"Yeah, but it won't be the same as having you physically in my presence." Katherine noted.

"I know." Johnny said.

"I want to thank you.." Katherine said.

"No, don't - " Johnny started.

" - No, seriously." Katherine said. "You have been faithfully by my side for weeks. You've put your life on the line, you've followed after me through thick and thin, and you've been there for me when I was low. Like, really low." Katherine expressed.

"Well, I was just being a friend. A good friend." Johnny said, with a smile.

"I can't explain more how much you've meant to me lately. That's why it hurts so much to see you go again." Katherine said.

"If we're putting all our cards on the table here, I quite admire you. The way you keep fighting even when you're in too deep, how you're not afraid to do what's right.. even if it might cost you. And lastly, I admire your heroism. I may have been a good support system to you, but you've inspired me. I can never thank you enough for showing me what it meant to be a hero." Johnny said to her.

".. And I can never thank you enough for showing me what it meant to depend on the kindness of others." Katherine said.

Katherine and Johnny hugged each other tightly.

"Go. You're cab driver is probably getting antsy." Katherine said, as they stopped hugging.

"If you ever need anything.." Johnny said, walking towards his cab.

"Actually, I do." Katherine said.

"What's up?" Johnny asked.

"Do you still have that psychiatrist's number?" Katherine asked.



Katherine's Ending Narration: “You must make a decision that you are going to move on. It wont happen automatically. You will have to rise up and say, ‘I don’t care how hard this is, I don’t care how disappointed I am, I’m not going to let this get the best of me anymore. I’m moving on with my life.” 

Dr. Helen Swatson's Office

Katherine sits in a chair in front of Dr. Helen's desk.

"Katherine, I'm so glad you decided to start sessions with me. It looks like you've made a big turn around from running away from your issues." Dr. Helen told her.

"I just want to do one session. Truth be told, I'm.. actually feeling a lot better these days. I took down Shadow, I'm rebuilding things with my mother, and I'm really coming to terms with June's death." Katherine explained.

"Not so fast, Katherine. I really recommend you coming to see me regularly for the next few months." Helen told her.

"I'm getting better every day, though." Katherine replied.

"That doesn't mean you're healed." Helen told her. "In order to truly move on, you must understand why you felt the way you did and why you no longer need to feel it." Helen explained to her.

"Yeah.." Katherine said, getting emotional. "I do think there's still some things, and emotions I need to work through." Katherine admitted.

"And I'm going to help you with that." Helen said, smiling at her.

"Okay. Let's start." Katherine said, smiling back.


THE.END.(of Season 1).

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Miss Appear

Ep.17 "A Better Place"

Katherine's Narration: “It is never too late to be what you might have been."

Katherine's New Apartment, Chaplin Building

Katherine, Marilyn, and Molly enter Katherine's new apartment.

"WOOO!" Molly cheers, as Marilyn and Katherine laugh.

"Honey, I want to get a picture of you and your balloons!" Marilyn said.

Katherine had just come from her High School graduation. The autumn following Shadow's defeat, Katherine had gone back to High School again to get her diploma. The year was tough for Katherine, who balanced school work while also taking up a course to become a detective at the Bikini Bottom Police Department.

Katherine (in her cap and gown) and her sister, Molly, took a picture together.

"That looks wonderful." Marilyn said, snapping it.

"Your graduation was really nice, Katherine!" Molly said, sitting on the couch.

"Thanks, Molls! Now we just have to wait ten thousand years for yours." Katherine said, teasing her 11-year old sister.

Molly stuck her tongue out at Katherine, playfully.

"Shoot, I have to use the labaratory." Molly said, running to Katherine's bathroom.

"That kid.." Katherine said, rolling her eyes playfully.

Katherine and her mother took a seat on the couch.

"I'm really proud of you, ya know." Marilyn said.

Katherine smiled.

"Seriously, I mean..you did this all on your own. You decided to go back and complete your senior year, you decided to keep up with your therapy sessions, and you even became a detective for the BBPD." Marilyn boasted. 

"..And don't forget, I was the detective-in-training with the top marks on that big entry exam." Katherine added.

"Yes, yes, I'm sure you were the envy of all your other detective training buddies." Marilyn joked.

"It feels good to succeed. To be..happy." Katherine let out.

"Are you happy?" Marilyn asked.

"Well, if I'm not, this is certainly the closest I've been in..years." Katherine told her.

"But what does that mean?" Marilyn asked.

"It means that I'm certainly in a better place than I was this time last year, but depression is something that can always reoccur easily. I really take it day by day. And I take all my meds, of course." Katherine said, trying not to worry her.

"Okay, well that's good." Marilyn said, with a warm smile.

A knock on the door occurs.

Katherine opens it.

"Analise!" Katherine lit up.

"HAPPY GRADUATION!!!!" Analise said, hugging Katherine tightly.

"Thank you!" Katherine said, closing the door.

"Hi, Ms. Cross!" Analise waved.

"Analise, always a pleasure." Marilyn said.

"You look great in that cap and gown. Sorry I couldn't make the ceremony, but my father has me working hard on his Mayoral campaign." Analise lamented.

"No, it's fine." Katherine said, taking her cap off.

"Analise, hi!" Molly said, coming from the bathroom.

"Hello, little cutie. How are you?" Analise asked.

"Great. Though I have to ask. Are you and Katherine dating?" Molly questioned.

"MOLLY!" Marilyn yelled.

"What???" Molly asked.

"It's okay, Ms. Cross!" Analise said, laughing.

"No, it was rude and invasive. I think we need to go. Way past Molly's bedtime." Marilyn said, getting up.

As Marilyn and Molly left, Katherine locked the door behind them.

"Pretty funny of your sister to think we're dating, huh?" Analise asked, blushing.

"We spend so much time together, she probably got the idea that we were something...more." Katherine said, moving closer to Analise.

"I mean, we don't spend that much time together. You've been pretty busy this year. Busy being awesome." Analise flirted.

"You think I'm awesome?" Katherine asked.

"I though that was a given?" Analise said, sliding closer to Katherine's face.

"Uhm...I'm kinda tired." Katherine said, stepping back.

"Yeah, yeah, of course. You had a long ceremony." Analise said, slightly sad.

"Right. So, I'll call you tomorrow?" Katherine asked.

"Yeah, sure." Analise said, leaving out.

Katherine face-palmed herself, as she closed the door.


Marilyn Cross' House

Marilyn and Molly arrived home. 

"Mom, I don't get it. Why do Katherine and Analise act like there's nothing between them?" Molly asked, taking a seat on the couch.

"Well, Molly, that's really not for you to be nosy about, now is it?" Marilyn questioned.

"I'm not being nosy. Just curious.." Molly said.

"You've always been a curious one." Marilyn said, sitting next to her.

"That's why my brain is so big, or at least that's what you always say." Molly laughed.

"..Well, you're reading on a High School level at only eleven years old." Marilyn justified.

"A bummer they won't let me skip a grade." Molly said, rolling her eyes.

"I'm sure you're gonna be great in this world, baby." Marilyn said, brushing her hair with her hand.

"Maybe I could be Mayor one day. Isn't Aunt Vivian running against Annalise's dad?" Molly asked.

"Yes, that's right. Anyway, I think it's time for you to head up to the shower and off to bed." Marilyn said.

"Alright." Molly said, taking off.


Election Rally, Uptown Bikini Bottom

The next morning, an election rally began in Uptown Bikini Bottom. Vivian Coyne, appeared onstage, having decided to run for Mayor after her husband faced indictment
following the Shadow incident.

Thousands of bikini bottomites gathered outside to see Vivian speak on a platform.

"Welcome all, isn't this a beautiful morning! I know that some controversy had broken out about me deciding to run for mayor of Bikini Bottom because of my ex-husband's shady dealings in the past. I am here to say that I am not him. I am running, because I have a vision for this city. Bikini Bottom has become near to my heart in the short while that I have been here, and I will not rest until I redeem the mess my ex-husband left behind." Vivian started off.

As the crowd began to cheer, Vivian spoke again.

"If I am elected, I swear to remove the current law against meta-fish in the city. No one should have to live in shame of who they are. I also promise to lead the effort to get more funding to repair damage done to parts of the city, and totally re-innovate the city's infrastructure." Vivian continued, to more praise.

As Vivian began to take questions, several gunshots hit the stage. 

Vivian's security detailed nearly tackled the life out of her, in order to protect her.

"STAY DOWN!" one guard ordered her.

The crowd began to run in every which way.

More officers from the BBPD began to storm the area.


Bikini Bottom Police Department

At the BBPD, all of the law enforcement were in chaos trying to piece together what happened at the rally.

A large group of officers gathered in Commissioner Whitney's office.

"Where is Vivian Coyne now?" Commissioner Whitney asked.

"She was taken back to her home, sir." Officer Gilbert answered.

"A few officers are stationed at her house, where they're currently working alongside her personal security." another officer added.

"What's going on? What's all this commotion?" Katherine asked, stumbling in

"Shots were fired at Vivian Coyne's rally." Commissioner Whitney answered.

"Assassination attempt?" Katherine questioned.

"That's what we're going to investigate." Commissioner Whitney replied.

"Sir, should we do a re-check of the crime scene?" Gilbert asked.

"Yes. Now were there any civillians hurt?" Commissioner Whitney asked.

"Two of Ms. Coyne's security were shot in the shoulder and leg respectively." another officer answered.

After the officers scattered out of Whitney's officer to handle their assignments, Katherine followed Whitney out into the precinct. 

"Hey, I can help with this." Katherine said to Whitney.

"Thanks detective, but I have my best people out there already." Whitney remarked.

"I guess there's not much here for me to do today then." Katherine said, rolling her eyes.

"What do you mean?" Whitney asked.

"Remember the case you assigned me and Detective Garcia to? The domestic violence one? I learned today that you closed it." Katherine pointed out.

"I closed it, because the alleged victim asked me to." Whitney told her.

"Patricia Barnes asked you to close the case? No way. When I interviewed her, she seemed very shaken. I'm telling you, her husband is a dirtbag." Katherine argued.

"Sorry Katherine, but this was Mrs. Barnes' call. We can't help people who don't want to be helped, and with crime numbers soaring following the Shadow incident last year, this department does not need to waste resources on futile cases." Whitney retorted.

As Whitney walked away, Katherine sighed.

"KATHY!" a voice called out.

Katherine turned around to see Analise coming into the precinct.

"Analise, what are you doing here?" Katherine asked.

"I thought I would treat you to some lunch." Analise said, holding up a brown paper bag. "But when I was driving over here, I overhead on the radio about the shootings at Vivian's rally." Analise finished explaining.

"Yeah, it's been hectic. Not that I particularly care about what happens to Vivian, but if there's a maniac on the loose shooting people, I think that spells trouble."  Katherine said.

Katherine and Analise took a seat at a desk.

"So, what's in the bag?" Katherine asked.

"I made us some home-made subs. With that coral lettuce you like so much." Analise said, smiling.

"Thanks. You're so sweet. I could use this after the news I just got." Katherine said, shaking her head.

"About Vivian?" Analise asked, handing Katherine her sandwich.

"No. A case that was important to me got closed by the commissioner." Katherine said, frustrated.

"What was the case about?" Analise whispered.

"The precinct is pretty empty right now, so I guess I'll tell you. There was this woman, Patricia. Her neighbors suspected that she was being beaten by her husband, so they called us on her behalf. I did an interview with her, and I could tell she was keeping something." Katherine explained.

"Did the woman ask for the case to be closed?" Analise asked.

"Yeah. But abuse victims often hide their abuse out of fear...or misguided 'love'." Katherine said.

"So what exactly led her neighbors to believe that she was in trouble?" Analise asked.

"Loud noises coming from her apartment, and they always hear her screaming pretty loud. This is an almost everyday thing apparently." Katherine revealed.

"Interesting. What apartment complex does she live in?" Analise asked.

"Lowski Appartments. My former residence." Katherine revealed.

"Whoa. That's why you're so close to this." Analise guessed.

"I mean, yeah. I couldn't save Mr. Lowski there when he got murdered, but I thought if I could save this woman, I'd sort of redeem myself." Katherine figured.

"Maybe you still could.." Analise suggested.

"What do you mean? The case is closed." Katherine reminded her.

"I know, but you don't have to go as Katherine the detective. You can go as...Katherine the vigilante." Analise said, winking and smiling.

"SHHH!" Katherine quieted her, looking around to see if anyone heard.

"What?" Analise asked, laughing.

"I should be asking you that! You're not suggesting I go to Patricia's apartment as 'Miss Appear', are you?" Katherine asked, talking very low.

"Oh come on, don't tell me you haven't put on the costume again since last year." Analise said.

"I haven't." Katherine said.

"Bull! A few months ago, I saw a news report on a woman being saved by Miss Appear from a group of rapists that cornered her in an alley." Analise revealed.

Katherine's face went grey.

"I just decided I wasn't gonna bring it up to you until you said something." Analise said.

"Alright, I've put on the costume once or twice since the whole thing with Billy. Mostly to feel some sense of a rush. To own the person I became after that whole crazy situation." Katherine expressed.

"Why don't you do it one more time? To help this woman out?" Analise suggested.

Katherine nodded her head in agreement.


Vivian Coyne's House

In her living room, Vivian was in her robe, and poured herself a glass of wine.

An officer came into the room.

"Ughh, what do you people want? I told you all I remember." Vivian said.

"No, Ms. Coyne. This is about a visitor. She claims to be your sister." the officer said.

Vivian turned to him.

"Says her name is Marilyn." the officer continued.

"She is my sister. Let her in." Vivian said, interested.

After a few moments, Marilyn came in.

"Hey, Viv, are you okay?" Marilyn asked, rushing to hug her sister.

"I guess the whole ocean has heard by now about my rally incident." Vivian said.

"When I heard, I was so shocked. I wanted to make sure you were okay." Marilyn said.

"It's crazy. A year ago we were strangers. A year later, we've now been in each other's lives more so than in the past decade combined." Vivian realized.

"I'm glad we've reestablished our bond. I'm also glad I convinced you to stay in town after everything came to light about your husband and Billy." Marilyn said.

"Billy becoming 'Shadow' was partially on me. I had to stay in town and fight the rumors, accusations, and criticism. Now I owe it to Bikini Bottom to fix the mess my family made of this city." Vivian said, taking a seat on her couch.

"That's why you're running for mayor. To repent for the sins of George and Billy." Marilyn said, sitting next to her.

"And myself." Marilyn said.

"There's probably still a lot of people who'd like to see you dead, even if you did work hard to clean up your image over the past year." Marilyn said.

"Yes, but there's only one person who I know for sure could've tried to kill me." Vivian said.

"Who?" Marilyn questioned.

"My opposing candidate. Martin Rogers." Vivian said.

"You think Martin Rogers would hire an assassin to take you out, JUST so he could win the election? I mean, I know his daughter and she's pretty great." Marilyn asked.

"I don't know what to think. A year ago, my own son tried to kill me." Vivian said, closing her eyes.

Marilyn hugged her sister.


Katherine's Apartment

At her apartment, Katherine entered her bedroom.

Inside her closet, she got out a shoe box.

"Analise was right today." Katherine said, breathing in.

Taking off the lid of her shoe box, she saw her 'Miss Appear' costume.

"It's been a while..." Katherine said, letting out a small chuckle.

Taking the costume out of the box, she put it into a duffel bag.

Leaving out of the Chaplin Apartments, Katherine made her way down the street.

"I'm really doing this." Katherine said, in disbelief.

Katherine made her way to the Lowski Apartments building.

Upon entering, she went into the basement, where she changed out of her regular clothes, putting on her costume.

Walking up to the second floor, Katherine could hear loud noises and a woman screaming.

An old lady opened her apartment door, she was startled to see Miss Appear.

"That's the woman who's being abused! Her husband is at it again!" the old lady said, getting worked up.

"I know. Please enter your home and shut the door. I'll handle this." Katherine said.

"What's with the costume? Are you some kind of superhero, young lady?" the old woman asked, slightly disoriented.

"Just trying to do the right thing.." Katherine said, walking down to the apartment where the noise was coming from.

The old lady had retreated into her own apartment.

Katherine came close to apartment 210. 

"SHUT UPPPPPP!" she heard a woman's voice.

Using her telekinesis, Katherine blasted open Patricia's apartment door.

"LET HER GO!" Katherine said, charging in.

However, upon entering, she saw Patricia beating her whimpering husband with a belt.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" Patricia questioned.

"..Wait, what's going on here?" Katherine asked.

Patricia's husband was handcuffed to a chair leg, had a mouth gag in place, and was stripped down to his underwear. He appaeared frail and timid, shaking vigorously.

"My husband and I are just engaging in a little rough foreplay. No big deal." Patricia said.

Katherine walked over to him.

"Some of these bruises on him look older..." Katherine noted.

"Excuse me?" Patricia asked, backing up behind Kathy.

"Oh my God. Your husband isn't the abuser. YOU ARE." Katherine pieced together.

Patricia ran out of the apartment.

"NO YOU DON'T!" Katherine said, turning around and chasing after her.

As Patricia ran to the end of the hallway, Katherine used her telekinesis to grab her body down.

Patricia fell to the ground.

"I'm turning you in for domestic violence!" Katherine said.

Patricia backed up under the hallway window.

"Get up, NOW!" Katherine shouted.

"Alright..just gimme a minute." Patricia said, sneakily.

Getting up slowly, she grabbed pepper spray from her back pocket and quickly sprayed it in Katherine's eyes.

"OWWW!" Katherine said.

Out of anger, Katherine shot a telekinetic blast at Patricia, which pushed her out the second floor window.

Several other tenants began to come out of their apartments, as Katherine turned invisible, and stumbled her way to the basement.

In the basement, Katherine stumbled in the dark to find her duffel bag.

As the pepper spray began to wear off, Katherine changed back to her civilian clothes, dumping her costume into the duffel.


Chaplin Buildings

After a long walk back, Katherine finally arrived at the Chaplin Buildings, rubbing her eyes as she headed upstairs. 

Katherine made her way up to the third floor. Turning a corner she heard a voice behind her.

"Katherine!" the voice said.

Turning back around, Katherine saw June Morley - the friend of hers that Shadow had killed.

"Oh my God, June!???" Katherine said.

"Why did you do it?" June asked, crying.

"Do what? June HOW are you HERE???" Katherine asked.


"June, I don't understand!" Katherine said.

"You let me DIE! It was YOUR FAULT!" June said, grabbing on to her.

"June, stop! Please!" Katherine said, trying to shake her off.

"YOUR FAULT. YOUR FAULT. YOUR FAULT." June said, grabbing onto Katherine more vigorously.

"STOP!" Katherine said, turning invisible.

When Katherine reappeared, June was seemingly gone.

"What the hell?" Katherine questioned.

It was as if all of that didn't happen.

"HEY, if you're drunk, go sleep it off. Don't disturb the rest of us!" a tenant said, opening his door.

Katherine started to breathe heavily, almost shedding tears.

Without any more hesitation, Katherine ran into her apartment.


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Miss Appear

Ep.18 "It's Starting Again"

Katherine's Narration: "Trust yourself. You’ve survived a lot, and you’ll survive whatever is coming."

Katherine's Apartment

We see Katherine asleep in her bed as her alarm begins going off.

"Ughh.." Katherine spoke, with drool dropping from her mouth.

Katherine reached over to her dresser to turn off her phone alarm.

As she began to lift up, she saw June standing before her.

"JUNE!.." Katherine screamed.

June ran out of the room.

Katherine chased after her.

Coming out into the front, Katherine looked all around her living room.

"JUNE! JUNE!" Katherine yelled.

Katherine closed her eyes in frustration. She grabbed on her head with her hands.

"..It's him, he's doing this to me,..I know it." Katherine said, breathing in and out.

Suddenly her phone started to ring from the back room.

Katherine jumped, startled by the sound.

"...Just my phone." Katherine said, trying to get herself together.

Katherine walked to her back room.

Picking up the phone, she saw it was Analise calling.

Katherine closed her eyes in sadness. She had decided not to answer.


Vivian's Home

Vivian received a loud knock on her door early in the morning.

Opening it, she saw her campaign manager, Donnie Lornes.

"Donnie, what is this?" Vivian asked.

"MS.COYNE! WHY ARE YOU NOT DRESSED!????" Donnie said in a high voice, barging into her home.

"Donnie! Please! Lower your voice, it's 7AM." Vivian said, tightening her robe.

"But Ms. Coyne, the early bird catches the worm, don't ya know? We need to start brainstorming new ideas for your campaign." Donnie justified.

"I'm aware, but if you hadn't noticed, I almost DIED yesterday." Vivian explained.

"I don't understand, why aren't there any members of the BBPD looking out for you?" Donnie questioned

"There's a cop car parked outside. The duds are probably asleep on the job. I swear, the BBPD is completely incompetent!" Vivian stressed.

"There are rumors that the city will be getting a new Commissioner." Donnie told her.

"Good. Now, speaking on my campaign, I was thinking about funding that Giant House of Mirrors project for the city's children. Halloween is a few months away, so I'm sure with my funding, they could have it done by October." Vivian said.

"Great, great, I'll make some calls. Also, good thinking going after the 'parent' vote." Donnie giggled.

"Yeah. Whatever." Vivian said, yawning.

"I just KNOW you're going to win this election in a quite FABULOUS style!" Donnie cheered.

"Sure. I wish I had your enthusiasm." Vivian said.

"Well I'll rally up the campaign team, and you get some sleep, then." Donnie said.

"Alright, we'll meet for dinner to discuss everything. 7PM suits you?" Vivian asked.

"FABULOUS! See ya there!" Donnie said, taking off.


Bikini Bottom Police Department

Katherine arrived for work at the BBPD.

"Oh, Kathy!" Gilbert said, running up to her.

"Gilbert, what do you want? I'm not in the mood.." Katherine said.

"Well that's not a good attitude for a worker here to have." a mysterious man said, walking towards them.

"Katherine, I wanted to introduce you to our new commissioner!" Gilbert said, happily.

"Ohhh.." Katherine said, staring at the man. "I'm Detective Katherine Cross." Katherine said, extending her hand to him.

"Commissioner Garrett Detweiler. I've replaced Commissioner Whitney, because his style of management was..horrendous..to say the least." Detweiler told her, shaking her hand.

"Nice to meet you." Katherine said.

"You missed my initial introduction to everyone. I don't take too kind to tardy employees." Detweiler said, sternly.

"Won't happen again." Katherine said.

"I actually need to see you in my office. An urgent matter has come to my attention." Detweiler informed her.

"..Already?" Katherine asked, confused.

"Yes. Five minutes." Detweiler said, taking off.

"WOW, that was intense." Gilbert said.

"He seems stern." Katherine said.

"He could be what this department needs. And maybe under him, I won't be a desk cop anymore!!!" Gilbert said.

"Oh, you're looking for a promotion." Katherine said.

"Of course, you know that." Gilbert said.

"Are you sure you're ready for the field? I mean, being a desk cop means you'll live slightly longer than the rest of us." Katherine said, raising her eyebrows.

"What do you know?! You're just a detective!" Gilbert said, walking past her.

Katherine got a text.

Katherine took out her phone to see the text, which was from Analise.

'Want 2 grab lunch on ur break?'

Katherine felt her heart pound. She texted back,

'No. I'm sick. Not going 2 wrk.'

Heading into Detweiler's office, she saw him sitting behind his desk and patiently awaiting her arrival.

"Hi. What's this about?" Katherine asked.

"The Patricia Barnes case." Detweiler said.

Katherine took a seat in front of his desk.

"That case was closed by Whitney." Katherine explained.

"Yes, but last night something interesting happened. The police arrived to the Lowski building to find Patricia Barnes injured from a two-story fall out of a window. A neighbor reported seeing a masked woman in a costume who intervened in a fight between Mrs. Barnes and her husband. The husband was found in hand cuffs at the apartment with bruises all over him." Detweiler explained.

"So a masked woman stopped a domestic violence situation? What's the big deal?" Katherine asked.

"This masked woman is rumored to be the 'Miss Appear' character, who has - from what I heard - made a few appearances in this town before, described as wearing a purple costume." Detweiler said.

"Again, I don't see the big deal." Katherine said.

"The big deal is how did she know there was a case going on about that couple? Only you and Detective Garcia were assigned to that case, so how could a masked vigilante know about it?" Detweiler asked.

"I don't know. I've never said anything about it to anyone." Katherine said, lying.

"Garcia claims innocence as well.." Detweiler remarked.

"This 'Miss Appear' saved an innocent man who was being abused! There shouldn't be a problem with that?" Katherine said.

"We don't have hardcore evidence of either the man or his wife being the abuser to the other. What we do have is Mrs. Barnes' claim that Miss Appear entered her home, attacked her husband and herself, and finally - pushed her out a window." Detweiler explained.

"WHAT! It's obvious that the vigilante STOPPED Patricia from abusing her husband, who had been hand cuffed inside their apartment!" Katherine exclaimed.

"You seem awfully passionate about this. Almost like you were there..." Detweiler said, curiously.

Katherine's heart skipped a beat.

"I'm sorry for getting emotional. I don't know how the vigilante got the information on that case, so can I go now?" Katherine asked.

"Yes, you may leave. I'll be keeping a close eye on you. Ya know, to make sure you're doing your job correctly.." Detweiler said, with a villainous look.

Katherine left.


The Floating Clam

Vivian and Donnie were seated at The Floating Clam - a five star restaurant in the city.

"These appetizers are absolutely delicious!" Donnie said, dipping a piece of bread stick in his Clam Soup.

"Let's not get sidetracked. Did you call the right people about the 'House of Mirrors'?" Vivian questioned.

"Yes, all they need from you is to sign off on some papers." Donnie said.

Suddenly, a couple came by, sitting at a table across from Vivian.

"Oh, you two shouldn't eat here." Vivian said.

"At this table? But it has a nice window view." a woman said.

"No, I mean here. They're ridiculously pricey." Vivian said.

"We have the money." a man said.

"Maybe she's right. Why waste our money here when we could just have something better at a much cheaper price, baby?" the woman said.

"True.." the man said.

Both of them left.

"Interesting." Donnie said.

"What?" Vivian asked.

"You totally manipulated that couple into leaving." Donnie said.

"Lets just say I like the view." Vivian said, staring happily out the window.

"It is a nice view, I suppose." Donnie said.

"Donnie, why don't you go see what's taking our waitress so long." Vivian asked him.

"Sure!" Donnie said.

Suddenly, shots were fired into the restaurant.

"OH MY GOD!" Vivian screamed, dunking under a table.

People began to rush out of the restaurant, followed by screaming employees.

Vivian rose from under the table.

"DONNIE!" Vivian screamed.

Donnie was shot up, with his body bleeding out on the table.

Vivian's personal security arrived.

"MS. COYNE! Come with us, the police are on their way." one of them said.


Katherine's Apartment

As Katherine got into bed, she overheard noises from the front of her apartment.

"What's that..?" Katherine asked herself.

Walking into the front, she saw Molly entering her apartment.

"MOLLY." Katherine said, jumping.

"AAAH!" Molly screamed, frightened from Katherine.

"IS THAT REALLY YOU?" Katherine asked, grabbing Molly.

"It's me! It's me! You gave me a key, remember?!?" Molly said, frantically.

"I'm sorry, I've had a long couple of days." Katherine said, locking her door.

"It's okay, I get it." Molly said.

"Molly, what are you doing here? Did mom drop you off?" Katherine asked.

"No. I came on my own." Molly told her.

"Molly, you're ELEVEN! You shouldn't be walking halfway across town in the middle of the night by YOURSELF!" Katherine yelled.

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to see you! You're never over at mom's house." Molly said, sadly.

"Molly, is that what this is about?" Katherine asked, sitting by her on the couch.

Molly folded her arms.

"You miss me." Katherine said.

"YES. I do. Why won't you come home?" Molly asked.

"I'm..I'm an adult now, Molly. I need space." Katherine said.

"But you're sick, and mom can take care of you." Molly said.

"Molly, I'm managing my depression just fine on my own. That's kind of the point of being an adult - having to have a sense of independence." Katherine explained.

"Yeah, I get that. But stil, family is everything." Molly said.

"Molly, you're a smart kid. I think you know that our family is part of the reason for my depressive issues. I love mom, but it's hard to live with your triggers." Katherine told her.

"I know what triggers are. Triggers are something that sets off a memory or flashback, transporting the person back to the event of her or his original trauma." Molly summarized.

"Good. Now I think you can understand why it's taking a while for me and mom to repair our relationship." Katherine said.

"But you guys have come some far." Molly said.

"We have. But there's still a long way to go." Katherine told her.

Molly took out her phone, dialing Marilyn's number.

"Mom, hey. Stop worrying! I'm at Katherine's. Can I just stay the night and she can drop me off at school in the morning?" Molly asked.

"What did she say?" Katherine asked.

Molly hung up.

"She's cool with it." Molly said.

"Alright, I assume you have some jammies in that backpack." Katherine asked, looking at Molly's backpack.

"You assumed correctly." Molly said, laughing.

After Molly got into her night clothes, the two girls got into Katherine's bed.

Katherine felt better having her sister by her side.

"Good night." Katherine said.

"Good night, sis." Molly said.

After a few minutes, the two drifted off to sleep.

Katherine suddenly began hearing strange sounds in her sleep.

"Kaaaatherrrriinnnneeeee.." a voice kept repeating.

Katherine woke up out of her sleep.

Turning to the other side of the bed, she saw Molly's throat slit - blooding covering her entire body.

"MOLLY!!!!" Katherine screamed at the top of her lungs.

Katherine grabbed Molly's body up.

"Katherine! What are you doing?!?" Molly asked, waking up.

Suddenly, Katherine no longer saw blood all over her sister. Molly appeared perfectly fine.

"..I saw, blood." Katherine said.

"What?" Molly asked.

"You were dead!" Katherine remarked.

"Kathy, it was probably just a dream." Molly said.

"No, no.." Katherine said, breathing in and out.

"You have to go. We have to take you to mom, right now." Katherine said, getting out of bed.

"Katherine!" Molly called out.

Katherine turned on the light.

"Put on your clothes now!" Katherine told her.


Bikini Bottom Police Department

At work, Katherine was filing some papers.

"Katherine, we got a new assignment." Detective Garcia said.

"Can you handle this one on your own? I'm just gonna file some papers for today." Katherine said, visibly shaken.

"Detweiler's not gonna like this." Garcia scoffed, leaving out.

As Katherine came into the front desk area, she saw her mother.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" Katherine asked.

"Sorry to visit you on the job, but we need to talk about last night." Marilyn said, looking concerned.

"What do we have to talk about?" Katherine asked.

"What freaked you out so much that you brought Molly back home in the middle of the night?" Marilyn asked.

"Molly's exaggerating, I wasn't freaked out." Katherine said, lying.

"Katherine, I can see the pain in your face. What is going on that you're not telling me?" Marilyn asked.

"I just wanted to get Molly home, because I didn't feel like dropping her off at school in the morning. I already have to wake up early for work everyday." Katherine covered.

"So...you tricked her?" Marilyn asked.

"Yes. Total trick." Katherine lied.

"Okay, well there's something else we need to discuss." Marilyn said.

"Make this quick, my co-workers are starting to look." Katherine said, pulling her mother to the corner.

"Okay, well, a letter came to my house the other day, addressed to you." Marilyn said.

"From who?" Katherine said, having an idea.

"Winters. I guess he wrote to you from jail." Marilyn said.

"Yeah, I know. He's written me a couple letters before, but I keep trashing them. I guess he thought he'd try to get through to me by sending it to your address. Idiot." Katherine rolled her eyes.

"I can't believe what he did. I mean, we used to date, and I never knew him as this psychotic person." Marilyn stated.

"People change, mom." Katherine said.

"Yeah, they do. I'll see you later, honey." Marilyn said, leaving.

On her lunch break, Katherine made her way to The Krusty Krab for a bite to eat.

Before she walked in, she heard someone call her name.

"..I thought you said you didn't go to work today?" Analise asked.

Katherine turned around, seeing a confused Analise.

"I felt better, so I came in." Katherine said.

"Don't lie! You're clearly on your lunch break. Katherine, why have you been avoiding me?" Analise asked, saddened.

"I haven't!" Katherine laughed.

"My texts and calls have been going ignored, and now you can't even look me straight in the eye." Analise said.

"Look, I just need you to stay away from me. I'm not safe for you." Katherine said, walking away.

Analise grabbed her arm.

"HE'S BACK. It's starting again." Katherine shouted out.

"What's starting again?" Analise asked.

"Billy is back, terrorizing me again." Katherine stated.


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