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Mystic Guardians

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Good episode. I must say, Morgana's insistence on the tea party was funny xDDD, I liked how uncomfortable they all were. Also, I thought Madison's ranking of the team members did come off as a little rude, even though I know she didn't mean it in that way. But I liked that they all performed team work at the end. Time and again so far, we see them get their best results working together.

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Yes, I liked this one. I liked how we got to learn more about Morgana, funny how she was the one out of all of Ramos' men who came up with a crack-and-power strategy. And she had a point at the end, at least she tried unlike Vexacus. Funny to learn that Nick is 22 when he acts like he's 13. xD I wonder how things will go with him and finding out what more there is to Vina.

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I liked this episode, having Morgana's plan in order for everyone to sit down and had a tea party with her, while the gang working together as a teamwork is good thing to help each other, and having to fight every beat as they can. All in all, this is really great episode.

Also, Nick is 22? i thought he was 13 xD

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18. Warrior

A group of fish are seen entering Ramos's castle, as Elana and Morgana are at the entrance greeting them. Cynthia is seen in a disguise among the crowd.

"Welcome one and all, y'all better buy something at the rebooted gift shop! We have a lot of new fascinating treasures, obtained by those two guys!" Ramos said, pointing to a gift shop room near the entrance with Van Gordon and Doyle inside, who had moved all their treasures from the store inside there.

"Haha, I can't believe it, people are finally buying my bloomin' treasures!" Doyle said, happy, as customers were taking the items and handing money.

"You mean our!" Van Gordon corrected.

"So what is this thing? Is it a rock or a coin?" a fish asked to the two, as they were looking at an old rock coin.

"It is ancient coin from old era, found in depths of ruin," Van Gordon explained.

"So it's a rock that looks like a coin? Cool, how much is it worth?" the fish asked.

"Nothing, it just collectable, fool!" Van Gordon replied.

"Boo, never mind then!" the fish replied, as they were about to put it back.

"Actually, that is a lucky coin lad. If you keep it in your pocket all times, it'll give ya the best of luck," Doyle lied.

"It do not do that!" Van Gordon whispered.

"Oooh, it does? I'LL TAKE IT!" the fish replied, as they gave Van Gordon the money and walked out of the gift shop.

"Sometimes ya gotta stretch the truth to sell a product, mate," Doyle said to Van Gordon.

"Stretch truth, eh? Maybe you did have the good idea after all!" Van Gordon said, laughing, as he looked through the cash he was getting.

"Don't get any bright ideas gallah, we're still rivals! But, if working with you gets me moolah, so be it!" Doyle said, laughing.

"Sir, what does this object do?" a female fish asked to Doyle, holding a vase.

"It's a magic vase hat, lassie. Put the vase over your head, and it'll stop ya from... uh, going bald!" Doyle lied, as she gasped in excitement.

"I'll take it!" the fish replied, as she gave Doyle money and he kept laughing, and Ramos walked in.

"Don't keep laughing too much, some of that money is still going to me!" Ramos said to the two, as he pressed a button on the cash register and opened the tray, as he took a five from it. He then gave them a stare, and walked off.

"Eh, whatever, I'm just glad people actually like the treasures I've fossicked for!" Doyle bragged.

"You mean OUR treasure!" Van Gordon corrected.

"Yes yes, of course, mate," Doyle replied.

Cynthia is still walking around in her disguise, as Elana is seen walking off to her room. She quietly follows after, avoiding guards, and looks around a hallway corner to see Elana going into her room. Two guards come walking down the hall towards Cynthia, as she goes back into hiding against the wall. They then take a right and don't see her, as she sighs in relief. She then goes into Elana's room, as she sees Elana sitting on her bed reading a book. Elana is startled and gets up.

"Who are you?" Elana asked.

"Elana, it's me. Cynthia," Cynthia said, taking off her sunglasses, as Elana gasped.

"What are you doing here?!" Elana asked angrily.

"I'm here to rescue you! Listen to me Elana, I've known you since first grade, I would never hurt you! Ramos is deceiving you, whatever he told you is a lie, he's not trying to help you!" Cynthia was saying.

"No, you're the ones who lied to me! People here actually listen to me, and I fit in! I don't want to see you ever again!" Elana replied angrily, as she waved and made the protection bubble appear around her.

"Elana, that sketchbook you got the other night, I gave it to you! The people here aren't your friends-" Cynthia was saying, as Elana looked at her sketchbook on the table.

"GUARDS!" Elana yelled.

She then waved her fins forward, letting out a blast at Cynthia, sending her flying out of the room. Cynthia landed in the hallway, as Elana gasped, letting the bubble down.

"...I didn't mean to do that!" Elana said, but Cynthia made a run for it, and two guards entered the room.

"Everything okay, Princess Elana?" one asked.

"Yeah, it was nothing, I thought I saw something..." Elana lied, giving an angry look.

The heroes are seen at Mai's restaurant the next day, as Cynthia tells them what happened. They saw how upset Cynthia looked.

"So... I take it that it didn't go well from your face?" Tori asked.

"I snuck into the castle to see her, but she just didn't want to talk to me. She put some weird bubble around herself and let out a blast at me. I managed to get out in time before any guards got me, but it looks like she'll never like us again..." Cynthia said, upset.

"At least you made it out okay. Don't give up hope, we can still save her...I hope." Madison said nervously.

"Another problem I think I should bring to the table is this: How are we even supposed to defeat King Ramos? He's well...our king, and he could expose us to the world at any second." Tori brought up.

"We don't have to defeat him, we just need to get his boys out of Karmania, and rescue Elana so she can take her rightful throne back, that's the main mission." Jake replied.

"Jake is right, trying to dethrone Ramos has many consequences in and of itself, especially with the election coming up. Unless he directly takes action against you, you should focus on rescuing Elana when the time is right. He still needs the gemstone to power Elana up." Mai said.

"So we just sit around until the time and keep fighting his stupid henchmen until the time is right?" Cynthia asked.

"Well, how else do you want to rescue her without Ramos exposing you to the world?" Mai asked, as none of them replied, thinking about it. "Exactly. Sometimes the easy way has roadblocks, as much as we'd like for the easy way to work, my old team learned that the hard way."

"What can we do then?" Audrey asked.

"Is my high-action stakes spy mission involving a really overcomplicated scheme still on the table?" Nick asked.

"No, considering how our last mission went. Ramos's cronies may not be the brightest, but they aren't buffoons...sometimes. As Cynthia stated, it also appears Elana does not even want to be rescued right now. We need to let he eventually find out who Ramos really is if she won't listen to us." Zero said.

"That's probably the best plan we have right now." Cameron said.

"I just wonder what the deal was with that white knight dude. How does he tie into all of this?" Jake asked, having a flashback of the White Knight attacking them from "Whiteout".

"He didn't seem to like any of Ramos's goons, whoever it was, so I'm pretty sure he has nothing to do with them." Madison replied.

"I just don't understand how there could be a fifth knight, because Ranen only gave four stones, and four doesn't equal five last I checked. Or does it...?" Nick wondered.

"Were there any white knights in your group, grandma?" Audrey asked to Mai.

"None of the knights in my day had white outfits, so whoever it is, they are not a natural knight." Mai replied.

"As I told Nick, I theorize it could just have been an illusion or a shapeshifter. Who knows, but they are irrelevant to the current mission. For now, we need to make sure Ramos does not get the next gemstone, wherever it may be." Zero said.

"Well, any ideas where it could be, doc?" Tori asked.

"I heard some rebels state they've been seeing troops mining around Mt. Draglor, perhaps it is there." Cameron suggested.

"It's worth a shot, but if it is, I bet Ramos has a lot of men. We should wait to see if it is really there first." Jake replied.

"So since we have nothing else going on...I've been meaning to bring this up..." Audrey was saying nervously, as the girls seemed nervous.

"Oh no, I don't like where this is going..." Tori was saying.

"Whenever Audrey says something like that, it's usually never going to end well." Cynthia said.

"Well...a few days ago, I noticed there was a sign-up sheet at our school for a skit in the school play-a-thon. And well..." Audrey was saying, as a flashback showed Audrey walking down a hallway whistling, as she saw the sign-up sheet. Principal Thomson was looking at it with another teacher.

"Yes, this is excellent! So many skits...but we need one more! Any lucky suckers out there?" Thomson asked, looking around, and saw Audrey. "Hey you!"

"Uh, hi!" Audrey replied awkwardly, smiling.

"Wanna get some extra credit?" the teacher asked.

"Uh, sure-" Audrey replied, as Thomson handed him a paper.

"Great, you are a part of our school play-a-thon! Get some friends, put together a skit, and have it ready by Monday night!" Thomson said happily, as Audrey felt overwhelmed.

"Of course, sir!" Audrey replied.

"Great, I look forward to it, ma'am!" Thomson replied.

"Oh boy..." Audrey sighed, as the flashback ended.

"And that's where you guys come in. Want to help me put the play together for school entertainment by tomorrow?" Audrey asked, as the girls groaned.

"Ehh...I don't know, I'm not good with last minute things if my homework assignments are any indication..." Madison saying.

"Yup, I saw this coming. What would we even do a skit for?" Tori asked.

"Can you even wing a play when it's due in a day!?" Cynthia asked.

"We could! Maybe we could base it off one of my favorite anime, which is based on a manga, so technically the play would be based on a manga." Audrey suggested.

"What are "manga" and "anime"?" Zero asked, confused, as Audrey and the girls laughed. "I don't get it. What's so funny?"

"Anyways, I guess you could think of this play like homework. We can wing something...maybe." Audrey said.

"You're creative Audrey, you can think of something." Madison said.

"You guys can do last minute stuff, but I can't!" Audrey said.

"I may have some inspiration for you. Ever wonder where your magical elemental powers came from?" Mai asked.

"Not really." Madison, Tori and Cynthia replied.

"Our powers have origins?" Audrey asked.

"Well, let me tell you all a story. A very very very very very long time ago, in an ancient land lived an Emperor. He had a powerful kingdom and beautiful daughter, the soon to be princess of the land. However, the Emperor was cruel to his people, forcing there to be a drought across the lands preventing their crops from growing, and causing the people and creatures to suffer. His daughter cried, but the Emperor would not listen to her pleas. The princess sought out help, and one fateful day, many powerful spirits heard her cries and came to her help. There were eighteen different spirits representing an elemental power, taking the form of a creature. They agreed to help her, as they ended the drought and made it rain across the land. However, the Emperor was furious the spirits acted without his consent, so he imprisoned the eighteen spirits away into the mountains. The daughter was upset and angry, so she left and went to free the spirits, fusing with them. The only thing left from their fusion was a pink jewel..." Mai narrated, as flashbacks showed the daughter and spirits fusing to form the Heart of Karmania.

"The Heart of Karmania. So this is where our powers came from..." Madison said, looking at the jewel.

"Eighteen elements? Why did we only get four?" Cynthia asked.

"The Heart chooses what elements to give you out of the eighteen. All the beasts you have encountered also have their own unique elemental power. Some say this kingdom was once Posidonia, and also Karmania together. Or maybe not, it is a legend after all, but it is my favorite story to tell nonetheless. Perhaps this could give you an idea." Mai said to Audrey.

"I love it! We can use this for the play." Audrey said.

"I could be like the Emperor dude or something," Nick suggested.

"Sure! I can be the princess, and the rest of you could be spirits," Audrey said.

"I don't know, I'm pretty busy Monday..." Cameron was saying.

"With what? Just do the play with us, we don't want to embarrass Audrey!" Tori encouraged.

"Fine." Cameron replied laughing.

Elana is seen walking to Ramos on his throne, as she seemed upset.

"Is something bothering you?" Ramos asked.

"A little, actually. My so-called friends might still be trying to rescue me, and I want to figure out how to send a message to them, but I don't want to leave this place." Elana said.

"No problem girlie, I can help with that. Time for a new power! Close your eyes and focus your intent, channel your energy into the crown..." Ramos was saying.

Elana did so, as she glowed and imagined the Golden Seahorse, seeing a vision of the heroes in there working on play props upstairs in Audrey's room. As they kept doing so, a green light appeared before all of them, showing a spirit projection of Elana, as material began to fly everywhere.

"Is Elana's ghost haunting us?!" Nick asked.

"I want you all to stop trying to save me! I don't need to be saved! I'm going to save Karmania with Ramos's help, so hear this warning: If you try coming to get me, we will attack!" Elana's projection yelled, as it disappeared and everything flew back down.

"Well... I finished this costume!" Nick said, showing an emperor outfit, as everyone else wasn't sure how to react to what just happened.

Elana then fell back, as she looked around the throne room, and stopped glowing.

"I got my message to them." Elana said.

"Good, now they'll learn to leave you alone! You are becoming stronger, and once I find that pesky gemstone, you'll soon reach full power!" Ramos said to her.

"Thank you for the aid, King Ramos." Elana said, bowing, as she walked off. A soldier then approached Ramos.

"You better have good news, I'm getting a headache!" Ramos demanded.

"Yes my king, we are at least 90% sure the gemstone is located deep within Mt. Draglor, according to the scanners. Unfortunately, our machinery is running low on power to dig through the mines," the soldier explained.

"Excellent. I'll send my generals to retrieve it." Ramos replied.

"But what about our digging problem?" the soldier asked.

"I just said I would send my generals to retrieve it. Are you trying to make King Ramos look like a FOOL!?" Ramos asked angrily, as the soldier jumped.

"No-no sir, yes sir! Understood!" the soldier replied.

"Just have your friends on the lookout if the guardians come, which they probably will. Word gets around fast from those sneaky rebels. Now then, WHERE ARE MY GENERALS?!" Ramos's voice boomed, as the four entered in.

"Yes Great King Ramos, what is its you ask?" Van Gordon asked, saluting.

"I need you four to retrieve a gemstone for me, the final part of Elana's crown. It is somewhere underground in Mt. Draglor, and I need you four to get it." Ramos ordered.

"Yes, my king. I promise it'll return safely in your fins..." Vexacus said.

"Good, now take this. It's a one of a kind and limited edition Slayer that Broodwing sold me, called the Driller, it will help drill through the caves to find it as its name suggests. It can also be used to help fight off any annoyances." Ramos said, handing Vexacus a ball shaped like a drill.

"So stone is underground?" Van Gordon asked.

"No, it's in New Jersey! Of course it's underground, you idiot, now go to Mt. Draglor, NOW!" Ramos yelled, as the four saluted and went off. "SKIPPER, I have a splitting headache, get me tea!"

"Some tea to calm your angry plea, coming up!" Skipper said at once.

Outside Mt. Draglor, tons of Federation soldiers and Slayer robots are on patrol outside, as inside many are seen mining through the caves. From the distance, some rebel soldiers are seen looking at them from their binoculars, zooming in on them and trying to overhear their conversations.

"Do we go in to get the stone?"

"No, the king is sending his generals to retrieve it."

"Okay. What do we do until there? Just stand here?"


"Well. Alright then. Nice day."

"The stone really is here! Looks like we need to tell Ranen so he can pass it off to the guardians and knights." one of the rebels said.

"You won't be telling them anything! Gotcha, you sneaks!" a Federation soldier said, aiming his gun at them.

He fired at once, as the three ran for it through the forests. They fired back at him, as he fell to the ground.

"Send reinforcements, we've got runners!" the soldier said through his helmet.

As the heroes are seen still working on the play props, the knights get messages from Ranen on their communicators.

"Uh oh, looks like we got a mission," Jake said, trying to paint on cardboard.

"Not now! We have to finish this stuff for tomorrow!" Audrey said.

"I may have a solution to still have your play material done while you are busy." Mai was saying.

"What, will you do it for us?" Tori asked.

"No! The Heart has a special power, which can allow you to make soulless duplicates of yourselves, or Heart Doppels." Mai said.

"You're joking." Cynthia said.

"Dude, that's really cool...and could also potentially be used for the wrong reasons." Nick said.

"I am not joking. The clones are physically like you, but lack any emotion, and just do as their told. Madison, hold out the Heart and say the phrase "sleppod traeh"." Mai said as Madison held it out in front of her and the other girls.

"Uh... sleppod traeh? Am I saying that right?" Madison tried to say, as the Heart began glowing, and let out a light.

Facing the four girls from the other side were their Heart Doppels, which were exactly like them.

"So, I'll break the ice: Hi." Madison said.

"Hi." Madison's clone said back.

"No way does this clone have my hair cloned the same way..." Cynthia said, looking at the Cynthia clone.

"Do they have the same memories as them?" Cameron asked.

"They do, but they also don't." Mai replied.

"So...they don't?" Jake asked.

"They know everything about themselves, but they don't know unless asked." Mai said.

"What's your name?" Audrey asked to her clone.

"Audrey." Audrey's clone replied.

"What's my name?" Nick asked to Cynthia's clone.

"Nick." Cynthia's replied.

"This is weird, it's like we reboot their memories when we come in contact with them..." Madison said.

"Alright, listen Heart Doppels, clones, whatever you go by, we need you to finish these play costumes and props for us!" Audrey ordered.

The four clones understood and got to work.

"Well, that solved itself. I like these perks to being a guardian." Tori said.

"Yes, but get to Ranen's. I'll keep an eye on them." Mai said, as the eight ran off. 

At Ranen's dojo, they all entered in to see Ranen looking at a map of Karmania.

"Everyone, I have major news. Ramos's men have found the gemstone needed for Elana's crown at Mt. Draglor," Ranen said, pointing to the mountain on a map.

"I knew it, so it was there!" Cameron said.

"Yes, but Ramos has apparently sent his generals there to retrieve it. You cannot let them get it, or Elana will be able to become more powerful, which is what Ramos wants." Ranen explained.

"It'd be nice if we had a portal so we could do that." Tori said, when Madison felt the heart glow and pulled out the map. "Hey, I jinxed it."

"Alright, this looks like it's right near your dojo, so let's go!" Madison said, as they went off.

Back in Audrey's room, the Heart Doppels are seen still working on the props.

"How's life?" Mai asked to them, drinking tea.

"Fine." they all replied.

"Yeah, I expected that." Mai replied, as they were sewing costumes together.

The heroes find the portal at the back of a store, heading in. They come out onto a ledge, seeing Mt. Draglor in the distance.

"That's Mt. Draglor, but it looks heavily guarded." Zero said, seeing the soldiers and robots around it with tons of machinery.

"We'll help distract them," a rebel said, meeting up with them, with some others..

"Thanks, we can go into the caves to get the gemstone. I'm ready with my newly repaired sword, thanks to the professor for that!" Jake said, pulling it out.

The four generals were seen walking through a pathway into the mountain entrance. They approached two guards in front of the entrance.

"We are here to obtain the gemstone." Vexacus said, as the two let them pass through.

Suddenly, a boulder is sent flying at a troop outpost, causing it to crashing down. A rebel catapult is seen to be throwing them at the base.

"WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!" a troop yelled, as they began firing back at once, as did the Slayers.

Inside the cave, the four felt the vibration, as a trooper was leading them to the gemstone.

"The guardians and rebels must be here." Zurtrax said.

"Yes, General Obvious. They will be no match for me however, so let them pick off the fodder." Vexacus said.

The knights and guardians got into their forms, as they began attacking at once. Cynthia made the ground shake, as she made a machine go crumbling down a hole with troopers and two black Slayers. The rebels were firing at the troopers with their high-tech weaponry, as the catapults kept throwing boulders in addition. Audrey blew a heavy gust at one of the outposts, as it came crumbling down.

"In hindsight, making an outpost out of wood wasn't the best ideeaaaa!!!" A trooper yelled, as they were sent flying from Audrey's wind.

The knights shredded through some Slayers, as they were cornered by an orange and a blue. They fought the robots off, and ran for it when a boulder came smashing down on the two.

"Thanks guys!" Cameron said in the distance to a rebel, as they gave a thumbs up.

"Any second now they'll be coming into the caves, should we like, get a move on it, mates?" Doyle asked.

"I have an idea. Perhaps we could slow down their progress with a cave-in..." Zurtrax said.

"Hey, I'm the #1 general now friend, so I make the plans! Watch your step!" Vexacus replied.

"Yes, sir..." Zurtrax replied angrily.

"You can't cause a cave-in, this place is highly unstable due to all our drilling!-" the trooper was saying, as Vexacus picked them up and their scanner fell to the ground, breaking it.

"I don't care, if it causes harm to the guardians, then it is a plus for us. If one of the soldiers gets hurt, oh well, no skin off my bones. You will do as I order, I am higher than you in the food chain, as fellow fish, and in the ranks." Vexacus threatened to the soldier, showing his sharp shark teeth and pointing his sword at him.

"Y-y-yes, of course, do as you please!" the soldier replied, as Vexacus dropped him to the ground.

"So yes, fire at the ceiling, we can cause a cave-in to distract the guardians! Great idea, glad I came up with it!" Vexacus bragged.

"Hey, that was my idea!" Zurtrax complained.

"An idea I put into execution, so it's my idea! Now fire at that ceiling!" Vexacus demanded.

Van Gordon, Doyle and Zurtrax all fired blasts at the ceiling, and Vexacus threw an explosive at it. The ceiling cracked and a large avalanche of rocks fell down in-between them and the entrance.

"Ouch. Anyone gonna help?" a soldier asked, who was caught in the rubble.

"You'll be fine, now let's go!" Vexacus yelled, as he walked off ahead the other three with the trooper.

"That guy can be the jerk..." Van Gordon said.

"Yeah, I miss when you gave us orders mate, not that gallah," Doyle said to Zurtrax.

"I do too. Let's just finish the mission." Zurtrax replied, as they kept walking.

"Now, lead the way." Vexacus said to the trooper.

"Uh yes...it was...uh, when I dropped my scanner, it broke a bit..." the trooper said, looking at the cracked screen and off data.

"I don't care, you said you knew where it was, you don't need a machine!" Vexacus yelled to the trooper.

"I know I know, I don't need it! I remember where it was!" the trooper replied nervously, as they kept following.

Back outside, the knights kept fighting off the orange Slayers, as Madison launched heart blasts at both, sending them flying. Cynthia then made the ground sink, as the two fell down.

"Go get the gem, we'll handle the rest!" a rebel said, firing guns at the troopers, as they blew up one of their turret cannons on the mountain.

The guardians and knights then headed for the entrance, as the two guards in front began firing, but the knights deflected the blasts with their swords, as Tori launched a wave of water at them, sending them flying into boxes of crates. They headed into the entrance, to see mining equipment everywhere. The troopers spotted them, as they fired, but the heroes attacked, as Jake sliced one's gun in half.

"Well, this stinks." the trooper said, as Jake punched him and he fell to the ground.

Audrey let out a heavy wind at the others, sending them flying. They went down further into a cave, as some black Slayers chased after, but Cynthia made the ground rise up, and threw it back at the Slayers, sending them flying into some soldiers. It crashed into a machine that had soldiers on top of it looking through the mines, as it went falling down. The heroes went forward through the cave to see the avalanche.

"Cynthia can handle this." Madison said.

"Yup, good thing this place is my element." Cynthia bragged.

Cynthia then began to make the rocks fall apart, as she formed a tunnel through them, and they went through.

"Anybody gonna help?" the soldier asked, buried under the rocks.

Cynthia helped him out, unearthing the rocks. 

"Oh, thanks. WAIT, you're the guardians!" the soldier said, as they pulled out their gun, but Madison launched a heart blast at the gun, frying it, and Nick punched him in the head, as he fell to the ground.

"Heh, he started under rocks, and now he's on top of them. Irony." Nick said, feeling proud.

Back at the generals' progress, they hit a dead end.

"You know, I wonder if this place has any artifacts worth selling for our store..." Doyle wondered, looking around.

"Alright, this was as far as we got. It is past here, did you bring the thing?" the trooper asked.

"Yes." Vexacus replied, as he threw out the drill ball, and it formed out the Driller Slayer. It was a rusty brown robot with drill hands, a drill head, and glowing red eyes.

"Creepy." Doyle said.

The Driller then began drilling its hands through the wall, as it made an obnoxious sound.

"Gahh, turn that off!" Van Gordon yelled, putting fins against his head.

The guardians and knights found them at the dead end, as the Driller kept drilling through the wall.

"So you made it. Welcome, guardians." Vexacus said, pulling out his sword.

"Isn't that the shark dude? What is he doing here?" Nick asked.

"I am Vexacus, and I have joined forces with King Ramos as his new lead general. Thanks for giving me the unicorn blood, it helped fuel the girl's crown." Vexacus bragged, as they all seemed angry.

"Looks like Dorkacus really fits in with these dorks!" Cynthia said.

"Hey, I am not the dork! You will pays for that insult!" Van Gordon replied, as he fired his gun at them, and they began fighting back.

Zurtrax threw electric blasts at them, as he charged up and began clashing swords with Zero.

"So Smitty, I guess this is how we'll keep meeting?" Zero asked, holding his own.

"I am no longer Smitty. Because of you I lost my #1 general position, so take this!" Zurtrax said, as he let out another powerful electric blast, as Zero deflected it with his sword. 

Vexacus absorbed the electricity blast in his sword, as he shot it back at the guardians, as Madison barely dodged, and the strike went straight into the wall, causing the cave to shake a bit.

"Hey, let's not make the cave come crashing down now!" the trooper said, as he fired at them, but Tori launched a water wave, as it sent them all flooding into the hole Driller was in, as they crashed into it. 

They got back out, as the Driller came walking out angry, steaming.

"They haven't met our new toy yet, go get 'em, mate," Doyle said to the Driller, as the Driller jumped up and transformed into a giant spinning drill, as it went flying at the girls, and they dodged it, as Madison launched a heart blast, but it just went flying around the cave from the spin, and hit Cameron.

"Hey, watch it!" Cameron yelled, as he was attacking Zurtrax.

"Sorry!" Madison apologized, as Audrey let out a heavy gust at the Driller, trying to change its trajectory.

Tori then launched a wave of water at it as a distraction, and Cynthia then threw a rock at it. As it went flying down into the ground, instead of flying back up, it kept drilling into it, causing the ground to crack. 

"Oh no, what did you do?!" Jake asked, as he was trying to fight Van Gordon, but he flew up in his jet-pack.

"This wasn't part of the plan!" Cynthia said, as she tried to get the Driller out of the ground, but it was too late, as the entire floor began collapsing.

Van Gordon, Doyle and Zurtrax all flew up safely in their jet-packs, as Vexacus made it to where the Driller started drilling. 

"Hold on, we'll get you!" Madison said, as she tried to hold onto Jake.

"TELL MY STORY!!!" Nick echoed, as he went falling with Zero and Cameron.

"We have to save them!" Tori yelled.

"No, we'll be fine! At least I hope! Just get that gem before them!" Jake said, letting go of Madison and went falling down.

"I really hope he knows what he is doing." Madison sighed, as the Driller went flying back and drilling into the wall, as the generals kept attacking.

Cynthia made the ground rise up and threw rocks at Vexacus, but he pressed his teleportation device and disappeared, as he appeared behind Cynthia and launched an explosive, as more of the rocks went falling, and he disappeared again.

"Right, I forgot about that!" Cynthia said, trying to see through the smoke, and Audrey blew it off.

"And don't launch attacks at his sword, remember his absorption power!" Audrey said.

"Yeah, I remember." Madison said, as she launched a heart blast at Van Gordon and Doyle, but they dodged and kept flying, shooting laser blasts.

"Come on, stand still!" the trooper said, aiming at Audrey, but Vexacus reappeared and accidentally knocked aside the trooper, who went falling down the hole.

"AAAAAAHHH!!!" the trooper yelled.

The Driller then finished drilling, as it noticed a red gem from the smoke.

"Mission complete. Target found." The Driller said, as it flew back out, reporting to Vexacus.

"Excellent, now destroy them!" Vexacus said, as the Driller went flying at the girls.

"I'll handle this drill guy, you guys go stop the shark!" Madison said, as she launched more heart blasts at it.

"You two, stop her. I'll get them." Zurtrax said to Van Gordon and Doyle, as he went flying into the tunnel where the other girls and Vexacus were.

"Well, there's three distractions down, but how do I stop this thing?!" Madison asked, barely avoiding the flying Driller.

In the tunnel, Vexacus grabbed the gem, but was cornered by the girls.

"Give it up, Dorkacus!" Cynthia said.

"Stop calling me that!" Vexacus yelled.

Zurtrax let out an electric blast at the three from behind, as they went flying.

"Ugh, I forgot about tinhead!" Tori said, shooting a water blast at him, but he dodged and began shooting more electric blasts from his sword.

Vexacus then teleported, as he held onto the gem.

"I have the gem, let's get out of this deathtrap!" Vexacus said.

Zurtrax overheard this, flying back. 

"Crikey, that thing is beautiful. Too bad I can't sell it." Doyle said.

"Yes yes, admire it later, now let's leave! Let the Driller finish them!" Vexacus said, as he launched an explosion at the ceiling, making an opening. 

The other girls got out of the tunnel, with Madison still trying to avoid the Driller.

"No, he got the gem!" Audrey said, as the generals flew through the hole.

"Farewell, and here's another gift from me!" Vexacus said, laughing, launching more explosions at them, and teleported away.

"Forget the gem, we need to make sure the knights are okay and stop this thing!" Madison said.

"Wait for the right time in its spin cycle, and maybe you can hit a weak point!" Audrey said, as she was blowing at it, trying to slow down its spinning.

Madison saw a spot, as she quickly launched a heart blast at it, as it began to electrocute and malfunction.

"Error error error error-" The Driller kept repeating, as it went flying into the tunnel and exploded.

"Thanks for that, now let's get the boys!" Madison said, as they flew down the hole.

The knights were seen unharmed, but they were in a strange ruin area. The girls flew down.

"Are you guys okay?" Madison asked.

"Yeah, I just don't know what this place is..." Cameron said, looking at the ruins.

"Whoa, this thing has eighteen different symbols on it, almost like...the eighteen elements from my grandma's story." Audrey said, looking at a carving.

Suddenly, a dark red mist began forming from the shadows, as a warrior appeared. They had a large sword, wearring red, black and purple armor patterns with an odd symbol on their chest-plate. 

"Uh...who is that?" Jake asked, as they all seemed nervous.

"We don't need another fight..." Tori said.

"It looks like some kind of warrior..." Zero said.

The warrior then let out a powerful red slash through the air, hitting all eight and they went falling back. The warrior put their sword back behind them, disappearing into red smoke.

"I have no idea what just happened." Zero said.

"Yeah... let's just get out of here." Madison said, as Cynthia broke open the wall. They made a shortcut out to the entrance, seeing the rebels defeated the Slayers, and the troopers had retreated.

"Well, we failed. It's all my fault, I was so useless against that machine!" Madison said.

"It wasn't your fault. At least we all made it out okay." Jake reassured.

"Yeah, if anything it was my fault for throwing that rock at the stupid thing." Cynthia said.

"Hey, at least we have the play to perform. Maybe that'll get all these hijinks off our minds." Audrey said, trying to be optimistic.

"I just want to know what the heck that warrior dude was, or rather whom..." Nick wondered.

"One mystery at a time, first let's see if our clones did the job." Madison said.

They went back through the portal, as Madison closed it. Ranen was waiting for them.

"I'm afraid they got away with the gemstone, sir. I'm sorry." Jake said.

"Do not worry. Get some rest. I trust you all fought hard. But one defeat does not mean you lost the war. Both teams have their defeats." Ranen said.

The gang went back upstairs to see the clones had completed all the props.

"Wow, they did it!" Audrey said.

"Yes, now put them back. Madison, say "sleppod traeh" again." Mai said, as Madison did so and the clones went back into the heart.

"Grandma, I'm sorry, but we failed the mission." Audrey said.

"Do not worry. Ranen already told me. Elana might have what she needs now, but it is not the end of the world. There is still hope for her to see who Ramos truly is." Mai said.

"While we were in the mines, a strange warrior figure attacked us and disappeared. We don't know who it was..." Cameron said.

"It looked like this..." Audrey said, as she showed Mai a sketch of the warrior, and Mai gasped.

"That cannot be...Drakkus?" Mai asked, confused.

"Drawho?" Tori asked.

"Drakkus was an ancient warrior and magical hunter back when I was a guardian. We only ever met him once however, and were no match for his strength. I don't know how he could be still alive..." Mai wondered, having a flashback to Drakkus riding through the forests of Karmania on an armored seahorse, holding out a sword. "Perhaps it was a ghost. I've scared you all enough today with my stories, go get some rest."

The next night, the gang is seen performing their play.

"I'm a spirit, and I say, let it rain!" Jake said in a spirit costume. 

Madison activated a switch, as it began turning hoses on, but they broke off and began shooting water all over the audience, soaking Thomson's suit. The rest of the props also came crashing down.

"Uhh... so I'm like the emperor dude, and I say, that's not cool, daughter." Nick said to Audrey.

"BOO, YOU STINK!" someone yelled.

"This was a bad idea." Tori said.

"Well, I think I've seen enough. This was the worst play of the bunch with some of the worst acting I've ever seen, and now I need to get this suit dry cleaned! Although I did like the props, nice work on those, Audrey. Now clean up this mess!" Thomson demanded, as the audience got up disappointed and left.

"Sorry this didn't work out." Cynthia said to Audrey.

"You know, I don't mind. I got to display some of my creative work off...even though it totally failed. We still should've just done an anime parody like I suggested though." Audrey said.

"I still don't know what that is." Zero replied, as the rest laughed, and kept cleaning up their mess.



-Character Debuts: Heart Doppels, Drakkus and Driller

-Area Debuts: Mt. Draglor

-We learn the source of the Heart's powers, and that there are 18 different elemental powers, which the Karmanian beasts also have. I won't say them all right away, but you know four from the girls, and you are welcome to speculate on the rest from the beasts we have seen (but only I have the list, mwahahaha).

-We learn about Heart Doppels.

-We learn about "Drakkus", a warrior Mai and her group once faced. 

-We learn Van Gordon and Doyle's store closed, and was moved into the castle for tours.

-The Driller is the fourth type of Slayer to be seen, and only of its kind.

-The second key competent for Elana's crown (the gemstone) is obtained.

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2 hours ago, jjsthekid said:

"Well, we failed. It's all my fault, I was so useless against that machine!" Madison said.


2 hours ago, jjsthekid said:

Madison saw a spot, as she quickly launched a heart blast at it, and it began to electrocute and malfunction.

"Error error error error-" The Driller kept repeating, as it went flying into the tunnel and exploded.

Wow, Madison really likes beating herself up. If her idea of being useless against a threat is blowing the living fudge out of it... xD

Like always though, really good, so much happened. I liked the cave fight and the expansion on the show's lore. Drakkus also looks very promising and I can't wait to see where things go with him.

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I'm curious to know who's that Drakkus really is, maybe it could be true vaillain? idk...guess we'll find out soon enough, loved the cave fight scene, and the girls did tried to do their best as they can get the gem. Someday, they;ll find the right time to rescue her.

Overall, an another decent episode.

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Great episode :D . What I liked most was learning more about the girls' powers (like the cloning thing), and learning the mythos behind their abilities (including the fact that there are eighteen elemental powers). I find Elana to be pretty naive about her situation. It was sad to see Cynth put herself on the line and get rejected by her. Also, nice reference to Jersey :P .

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19. Switch

Earlier the same day that the heroes were putting on their play, Vexacus and the other generals present the stone to Ramos.

"Good job, maybe you fools can do something right! Now make way for the princess!" Ramos demanded, as Elana enters the throne room.

"My king, I should add that I was the one who got the stone-" Vexacus was saying, but Ramos ignored him.

"Yes yes, now then, hello Elana! Here is the last part of your magnificent crown! Put it into the hole, and you will be even more powerful!" Ramos said, handing the stone to her.

She put it in the empty spot on her crown, making the crown glow red with the sea unicorn magic.

"Wow, I feel so much stronger! It looks beautiful. Am I ready to visit Karmania now and reclaim it?" Elana asked.

"Not yet! We must wait until October 16th, which is when the moon above eclipses, and this is also when Karmania's moon eclipses. This eclipse will grant you full power, but you must keep training your powers until then!" Ramos explained.

"October 16th seems so far away..." Elana said.

"Yes, but it will be here sooner than you think! Now, run along and feel free to try out your powers, Morgana can aid you! I have busy work to do!" Ramos said, as Morgana entered in and escorted Elana down the hallway.

"How do you feel, Miss Princess?" Morgana asked.

"I feel a little nervous, to be honest. Can I really defeat all the evil?" Elana asked.

"Of course you can, I believe in you..." Morgana replied oddly.

We then move to the next morning.

"What do we does now?" Van Gordon asked to Ramos.

"I don't know, find something to do! I just woke up! Right now Elana is in my protection, and those fools wouldn't dare try breaking in with my trained, advanced, competent security..." Ramos was saying, when the two dumb guards entered in.

"Hey there boss, we took a stroll through the woods and saw these weird dudes outside the castle who might be enemies. Should we let them in?" the first one asked.

"You didn't capture them?!" Zurtrax asked.

"We didn't want to be rude!" the second one replied.

"I stand corrected... go make yourselves useful and DESTROY THEM!" Ramos yelled angrily.

"We'll do it, my king, since these two buffoons clearly can't!" Vexacus said, walking off.

"No, we'll handle it!" the other guard said, as they accidentally shoved Vexacus into the back of Van Gordon, and it turned on his jet-pack.

"AAAHHH!!!!" Van Gordon yelled, as he went flying through the throne room out of control, smashing off the head of a statue.

"Nice going, mate!" Doyle said snidely, as he kept flying.

"NO, that was my favorite statue! I demand you to stop!-" Ramos commanded, getting off his throne, but Van Gordon flew straight into him, sending him flying to the ground. Van Gordon finally crashed onto the throne, making it fall over.

"Oh dear oh dear, do you need some help, boss?" Skipper asked, trying to help Ramos get up.

"Just get those spies!" Ramos demanded angrily, as Van Gordon went off at once with the other two generals.

"Are you okay?!" the second guard asked, but Ramos pushed them aside.

"I'm fine, as you can clearly tell with how I am walking without a broken bone! Now make yourselves useful and help them!" Ramos yelled.

"Yes, okay!" the other one said.

"Wait for us!" the second one yelled, as they ran down the hall.

The four generals and two guards went outside the castle. Cameron, Zero and Nick were spying on them from the bushes through binoculars.

"I hope those two didn't see us..." Cameron said, worried.

"THERE THEY ARE!" Zurtrax yelled, seeing them through the bushes.

"I'm taking that as a yes." Zero replied.

"Well, that depends who "they" are, because they could be the bushes, the trees, the grass-" Nick was saying, as an electric blast was sent flying at them. "Okay, it's us!"

As more guards moved in with guns, Cameron threw a smoke bomb at them, as they escaped.

"You idiots, we lost them!" Vexacus complained, pushing a soldier to the ground, swinging his sword through the smoke to find them.

They reported back to the throne room, to see Ramos was not there.

"Now where did that bugger run off to?" Doyle asked.

"Where is the king!? Where is he?!" one of the guards asked to Skipper.

"I'm afraid I can't say, as the king is not in the mood on this fine day!" Skipper replied.

"Please tell us where the boss is! We have to tell him they got away!" the other guard said, as Ramos walked out of a hallway.

"SILENCE YOU FOOLS! I have a splitting headache this morning, so zip those lips and get out of this room, unless you want to spend the rest of your lives in unemployment!" Ramos yelled angrily.

"Of course sir!" the first guard said, as the two left in a hurry.

"Oh dear, not another headache, I'll get some tea to ease your neck and noggin! Don't worry boss, you'll be better in no time!" Skipper said, going off to make tea, and came back with a platter.

"Sir, the knights were spying on us, but got away." Zurtrax reported.

"I don't even want to think about them right now, I've got so much on my mind with Elana..." Ramos said, drinking the tea.

"You need to lay off that stuff, mate." Doyle said.

"This is the only thing that keeps me sane. I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by boneheads..." Ramos said, drinking another cup of tea, when a bone monster entered into the room.

"Hello your majesty, I'm Bonehead." Bonehead greeted, as Ramos got very angry, throwing his plate to the ground.

"GAH! What do you want?!" Ramos asked, steaming red, as Bonehead flinched.

"Wow, he becoming very red, like the steamed veggie." Van Gordon commented.

"I-I-I meant no disrespect, I just had a plan to destroy the guardians! Maybe I could throw bones at them and they could chase after them, then I lure them into a cage-" Bonehead was blabbing.

"I don't want to hear your stupid plan! Now go away!" Ramos yelled, drinking more tea.

"But boss, I-" Bonehead was saying, as Zurtrax shot an electric blast at him, falling to the ground. "Okay, I'll be leaving now. Have a nice day!"

He then ran off, and Ramos was still annoyed.

"Boss, perhaps you need to control your temper. You don't want Elana to see you like this! Maybe you need to take a break..." Skipper said.

"What are you saying, I'M WEAK?!" Ramos asked angrily, holding his staff out at him, as Skipper flinched.

"No, oh dear! I'm just saying maybe you need a vacation of sorts from your king position, it is clearly causing you frustration." Skipper suggested.

"Hmm... that's not a bad idea. I have always wanted to win a game show, such as Wheel of Money. But who would be my replacement?" Ramos asked.

"I could, your highness..." Vexacus replied immediately, smiling.

"I could do it, I've always wanted to be in a position of power for all my years at this old place!" Skipper offered.

"You think a butler like you can run this place better than me?" Ramos asked.

"I never said that, I just wanted to give it a try!" Skipper replied.

"Fine then. If you can somehow control this place better than me, make more money than me while I'm on vacation, and maybe even destroy the guardians, you won't have to make my tea for the next week, AND I'll give you a raise!" Ramos said.

"Deal!" Skipper said, shaking his fin.

"You are now King Skipper for the next 24 hours. May the best man win! Just remember, nothing better dare go wrong, I'm already making a risky move by putting you in charge..." Ramos warned, giving Skipper his crown and staff. He then walked off to prepare.

"Alright boys, I am now your king! You will call me King Skipper, not simply the "butler"! Now, start preparing tours so we can make that sweet money, I don't want to look like a fool anymore!" Skipper demanded, as Morgana and Elana walked in to see Skipper on the throne.

"Uh...hey there, where is Ramos?" Elana asked.

"I am now your temporary king for the next 24 hours while Ramos is on vacation! We made a deal. If we can make more money than him, I won't have to make his tea for the next two weeks! Now, we need to make so much money! Any ideas for attractions in our tours?" Skipper asked.

"Maybe we could have boat wash? I'm sure people would pay to see girls washing boats..." Van Gordon offered, as Elana, Morgana, and the other generals were looking at him strangely.

"...Let's not do that." Elana replied awkwardly.

Ramos is seen in his "campaign manager's room". He was wearing a hawaiian vacation outfit with sunglasses, and holding two suitcases. 

"It's not goofing off, I need a vacation! I'll be back in 24 hours, now have a nice day, sir!" Ramos said, walking out of the room to see Vexacus standing behind a corner, who overheard some of his conversation. "What are you doing here!? This is a private area!"

"I was strolling around and overheard you speaking to someone..." Vexacus said curiously.

"I was just...talking to my grandma, yeah! My sweet gram gram! I wanted to be sure she was fine before going out!" Ramos explained.

"You call your grandmother "sir"?" Vexacus asked.

"Just forget it! Don't go in that room!" Ramos demanded, looking at Vexacus, and kept walking. He turned around again, and kept walking.

Vexacus walked into the room, to see nothing was in it, but just shadows. He shrugged, and walked back out.

Elsewhere, a Karmanian beast is running through the Bazaar, dodging a laser blast from Cameron's handgun. The guardians and knights were chasing after him.

"This dude has destroyed many rebel weapons and vehicles?" Tori asked.

The beast tried to jump off the tent of a stand, but Tori formed a water lasso, wrappined it around him, making him fall.

"Yes, this is Lootox, a very dangerous and wanted Karmanian criminal." Jake said, jumping at him to attack with his sword, but Lootox grabbed onto the lasso, pulling Tori down to the ground.

"Ouch, watch it!" Tori complained, as he was about to attack her, but Zero and Nick fired blasts at him using their own rebel handguns. "Thanks for the save!"

"You will not take me in!" Lootox yelled, as a purple stone on his head began glowing, letting out a purple psychic blast. 

It began to levitate a stand up from the ground, as the merchant ran away. Lootox threw it at the flying guardians, but Audrey let out a heavy gust back at it, sending it smashing onto Lootox. He then broke out of the remains, as Cameron fired another blast at him. Lootox's stone quickly glowed, making the blast fire back at Cameron, sending him to the ground.

"How does he do that?" Madison asked, firing a heart blast at Lootox, but he used his stone to stop it and deflect it. Madison quickly dodged, as it hit a building.

"He is a Psychic elemental, who can bend reality in ways we cannot conceive. Be careful." Zero explained, attacking him with his sword, but Lootox used his arms to block the slashes.

Jake attacked him from behind, but Lootox used his stone to lift both Zero and Jake up, throwing them into a cart, making the merchant's foods fall everywhere.

"Hey, that was good food!" the merchant complained.

"I bet the so-called psychic won't see this coming!" Cynthia said, making the ground rise up and threw a rock at Lootox, but he used his gem to stop it.

He threw it at Audrey, who used her gust to blow it back quickly at Lootox, knocking him in the head. Cynthin made another rock rise up and struck him, falling to the ground.

"What do you know, he didn't see our surprise coming." Audrey said.

"Do you guys just wing these plans on the fly? You gave no indication you had that planned, or do girls have some secret code to indicate this?" Nick asked.

"I had no plan, I guess you could say I winged it." Cynthia said, flying using her wings.

"Hey, leave the comedy to me." Tori said.

"Ugh..." Lootox groaned, trying to get up, as Cameron flashed the scanner, stunning him. "I can't move!"

"You are charged with destruction of rebel weaponry. Judgment!" Cameron said, marking him "Guilty". 

The scanner let out the containment attack, as Madison sent a heart blast onto it, sending it flying at Lootox.

"NOOO!" Lootox yelled, magically trapping him in the containment.

"For such a psychic, he didn't seem to predict that." Tori said.

"Psychic elementals are not those kind of psychics," Zero corrected.

"Since no other rebels are around, can I take him into the rebel prison?" Cameron asked to Jake.

"It's a long walk, but go ahead, since Ranen wants him for questioning anyways." Jake approved.

"Alright, you're coming with me, big guy." Cameron said, as he grabbed onto Lootox, who was angrily trying to break out.

"You have an entire prison to keeping these freaks?" Cynthia asked.

"Yes, it's quite handy. It is hidden at Mt. Spire, which Ramos's forces still have yet to figure out. It's near impossible to break out of." Jake explained.

"Why didn't you guys put it in the same location as the Underground City? Wouldn't that be easier?" Madison asked.

"Uh, should we really be talking about that place with a prisoner dude standing right there?" Nick asked, referring to Lootox, as Cameron laughed.

"He's contained, there's nothing he can do. The reason we separated the prison and main base is because if one is found out, that way we still have the other." Cameron replied.

"That's actually smart." Audrey replied.

"Just wait for me, I'll be a while. Find something to entertain yourselves with." Cameron said, walking off with Lootox.

Ramos is seen getting off a private jet on a tropical island, escorted by two guards.

"Gentlemen, welcome to Halodule Island, which is technically an independent land, but I claimed it as Posidonia territory anyways!" Ramos said, smelling the fresh air.

"There is King Ramos!" a fish yelled, seeing him being escorted through a secret exit at the airport.




"Quick, let's make a run for it!" Ramos said, as they quickly escaped through the exit, while the crowd was looking for him.

"Sir, why are we here again?" a guard asked.

"I need to relax in paradise, and not be bothered by anybody else! Also because the Wheel of Money studio is here, which I need to win so I can beat Skipper! Speaking of which, I wonder how he is doing. Probably losing!" Ramos said, laughing.

Meanwhile, at the castle, tons of tourists are there purchasing Van Gordon and Doyle's treasures. 

"Where is King Ramos?" a fish asked, confused.

"He's on vacation, but he told me to spend all your money! Also, no refunds!" Skipper said.

"You realize Ramos is a professional con man, right? He's not going to hold up his deal." Morgana taunted.

"Of course he will, a deal is deal! Besides, he likes me, I think. Anyways, I need to redecorate a bit!" Skipper replied, going down the hallway of Ramos's paintings. Skipper used his dark magic to change the ones with Ramos on them to pictures of himself. "Much better!"

"I can't decide whether to get the gold amulet, or the silver amulet!" a customer said panicking in the treasure store.

"They're the same type, mate. Except I found the gold one, and gold is better than silver, so it's better. I say choose that!" Doyle said.

"No, silver better!" Van Gordon said.

"I have a simple solution to this." Skipper said, walking in.

He then stared into the customer's eyes, as Skipper's eyes glowed purple. He whispered "choose gold" into his head.

"I pick the gold one!" the customer said oddly, as he handed Doyle the money and walked off with it, disappointing Van Gordon.

"I could get used to being in power, especially since I'm not just any butler, but a butler with dark magic, hehehe..." Skipper said to himself, walking down a hallway, when he met Vexacus.

"Maybe you could have the power full time. After all, wouldn't you make a better king than Ramos? He treats you like a slave!" Vexacus was saying.

"I'm a butler, it's what I do. Sure, he's mean to me sometimes, but that's just boss being boss! Besides, no way would he let me become the king after this." Skipper replied.

"Then why not take Elana's power right now? Or even destroy the guardians? Without him." Vexacus suggested.

"Oh no, I can't interfere with his plans. Although his plans are a little stagnant as of late, I'm too much of a pacifist!" Skipper replied.

"I'm just saying, to fully get his appreciation, you could make a plan." Vexacus said.

"Plan shman, I'm sure the opportunity will come to us when we expect it least!" Skipper said, and kept walking happily.

Cameron and Lootox arrive up on Mt. Spire, as Cameron presses a hidden tile on the mountain, making a secret passage open.

"So the prison is hidden in the mountain, eh? Very interesting." Lootox commented.

"Yeah yeah, don't get too happy." Cameron said, escorting him into the entrance, as two rebels were in front of it. They let him in upon seeing the knight bracelet.

They were entered a giant circle platform, as many rebel guards were in there feeding the prisoners in their cells and keeping check on all of them. The cells had advanced machinery on them to keep the prisoners contained. Cameron escorted Lootox up a few floors, as Vinerox, Argros, Klobster, and other various beasts they faced were seen contained in their cells, angrily looking at Cameron.

Klobster reached his claw out at him, but the cell bars let out an electric shock at his claw.

"You ain't gonna keep me in here forever, you hear that blue?!" Argros yelled, looking at him angrily.

"So even the mighty Lootox got caught. How pathetic." Vinerox laughed, as Lootox just growled.

Cameron took him down a hall with empty cells, opening one up by entering in a passcode. Lootox then suddenly collapsed to the ground.

"HELP! I CAN'T BREATHE!" Lootox yelled.

"Get up, I'm not falling for that. You can breathe fine. All your powers are nulled due to the containment, so no trick of yours will work." Cameron said.

"None you say?" Lootox asked, smiling evilly.

"Yes, that's what I said. Now get in." Cameron ordered, grabbing him him.

However, Lootox then jerked forward, as he clashed the purple stone on his head against Cameron's forehead, as a purple pulse glows on the two's bodies. They let go of each other, as Cameron stood up oddly, growling.

"What...what did you do to me?!" Cameron said in Lootox's body, looking through Lootox's eyes.

"I switched our bodies." Lootox said in Cameron's body.

"What?! How?!" Cameron asked.

"Didn't know I was so talented..." Lootox was saying, as he was clearing Cameron's throat and adjusting it. 

"...did you," he continued, in Cameron's voice, perfectly mimicking it.

"That's me!" Cameron said.

"To the world, you are now Lootox, one of the most wanted criminals in Karmania..." Lootox was saying, moving Cameron's fin onto the knight bracelet.

"No, DON'T!" Cameron yelled, trying to do something, but couldn't due to the containment.

"And now I'm the blue knight!" Lootox said, transforming into Cameron's blue knight outfit.

"Gah, YOU!" Cameron yelled, as he began attacking Lootox, but Lootox punched him. He then used Cameron's sword to gash at him, kicking him into the cell. Lootox then closed it, making Cameron angry, grabbing at the bars. The cells shocked him, sending him falling back.

"Good luck trying to escape. Your friend said it was near impossible, after all. Good luck getting the guards to believe you. Let's see how you like being a prisoner. Now, I can tell King Ramos where your prison is, and then all of these outlaws will be free!" Lootox said, laughing.

"NO!" Cameron yelled, as Lootox walked off in Cameron's body.

"Cameron" was seen arriving back at the bazaar, meeting up with the gang. 

"Hey Cam, what took you so long?" Audrey asked.

"Nothing, just got...lost. Now then, let's go back, shall we?" "Cameron" asked.

"You okay, dude?" Jake asked.

"You sound like Nick during one of his silly character roleplays." Zero said.

"Hey, I'll have you know my character roleplays are serious, not silly, since serious is the opposite of silly! Cowboy Nicholas has a very serious story and tragic backstory!" Nick said, holding out a cowboy hat.

"Do you always have that on you at all times?" Cynthia asked.

"Nothing is wrong. I'm fine, better than fine!" "Cameron" replied.

The rest powered down and went back out of the portal, as Madison closed it with the heart.

"Well, my parents are expecting Jake and I for dinner, so see ya." Madison said.

"And I've got a lot of homework, joy." Tori said, as they headed off.

"Cameron", Nick and Zero went back to Ranen's dojo, who greeted them.

"How was the mission? Did you capture Lootox?" Ranen asked.

"Yes, he is imprisoned at the mountain." "Cameron" replied.

"Good, I'll question him soon enough." Ranen said.

"I don't think that's a good idea, sir." "Cameron" replied.

"Why?" Zero asked, confusing all three.

"I already questioned him, and he had no valuable information. Sorry to jump the gun without your permission, but I didn't want you to walk all the way there. It turns out he doesn't know any Federation secrets, which would've been a waste of your time." "Cameron" lied.

"Normally I'd be annoyed you disobeyed me, but I can see it was with good intent. Hmph, if you say he has nothing, then so be it." Ranen said, as "Cameron" smiled.

Back at Ramos's progress, he is seen on Wheel of Money with five other contestants. 

"Welcome to...WHEEL! OF! MONEY! I'm your host Justin, and tonight we have a VERY special guest! That's right, the King of Posidonia himself, King Ramos!" Justin announced, as the audience cheered.

"Thanks Justin! But I'm not here to be on vacation...well actually, that is why I am here! Every powerful person needs a vacation, so I decided to spend it on this glorious game show! May the best man win! Now then, I'll go for a spin!" Ramos said, as the audience cheered. 

"Wait, the game hasn't started yet!-" Justin was saying, as the wheel spun on $5,000.

"I choose A, obviously the first letter to choose!" Ramos said, as four spots for A lit up, and he was at $5,000.

"Well played," Justin said, laughing with the audience.

Back at the prison, Cameron is still seen trapped inside the cell.

"I don't know what to do. None of the rebels have come by, and I don't think any would believe me. If only I knew about that power..." Cameron said, sighing, and then remembered the passcode. "But maybe there is a way to get out."

Cameron then used Lootox's arm to reach out of the cell, letting out a shock, as he tried to take in the pain, but couldn't handle it. 

"Ranen once said sometimes I need to take in the pain in difficult fights. Maybe I can pull this off..." Cameron said, putting out Lootox's arm again, and as the shock was racing onto his containment and body. He managed to barely touch the passcode panel, as the electricity from his body went into the panel and it exploded, opening the cell.

"Not what I was going for, but it works! Now I just need to get out undetected..." Cameron said, looking out of the corner, and saw a rebel right by. 

He then made a run for it, jumping off the railing, and landed on the ground floor.

"WE HAVE A JAILBREAK, FREEZE!" a rebel yelled, firing at him, as Cameron used Lootox's arms to block the shots.

"Guys, it's me!" Cameron said, but they didn't hear him over the firing. "I don't want to hurt them, but I don't have another choice!"

He then charged through the rebels, knocking them aside, and kept running.

"CLOSE THE ENTRANCE!" a rebel yelled, as the gate came closing down, but Cameron quickly slid through it, and ran out of Mt. Spire.

"I...did it! I did the impossible, I escaped our prison! Well, that's not really something to be proud of, but whatever. I have to make it to the Ancient Seal..." Cameron said, hearing rebels marching after him, and kept running.

Back at Ranen's base, "Cameron" is seen walking around the base, going into Ranen's room.

"Is something wrong?" Ranen asked, hearing him.

"No, sir. I just wanted to ask where the uh...main rebel base is again, and if we can ever visit it." "Cameron" asked, as Ranen had an odd look.

"But...you have visited the Underground City before." Ranen replied.

"Right, but it's been so long I forgot where it is. Mind reminding me?" "Cameron" asked.

"Who are you and what did you do with Cameron?" Ranen asked, as "Cameron" quickly fired the handgun at him, but Ranen deflected it with a sword.

"Looks like the secret's out, but no matter. You'll never find him, and I'm off to tell Ramos where your prison is!" Lootox said, laughing, making a run for it.

Ranen then got Zero and Nick.

"What's going on?" Nick asked.

"It appears Cameron has been impersonated, possibly by the Lootox creature. He is now making his way to Ramos's castle to tell him where our prison is!" Ranen said.

"I'll contact Jake immediately," Zero said.

"How could this have happened?" Nick asked.

"According to my scan of Lootox, it appears he has an ability to switch bodies with another host. It seems he could still use this power even in containment." Zero said.

"I'm afraid I did not know about this. But you must stop Lootox from telling Ramos first before anything else." Ranen ordered, as they ran off.

Back at the castle, Skipper is seen on the throne, looking at their earning from the day in a jar.

"We've collected so much, but I hope it's more than whatever Ramos has!" Skipper said, turning on the television to see Ramos on Wheel of Money.

"Ramos still takes the lead with $5200. Anything to say to the viewers back home?" Justin asked.

"Yeah, watch out little man!" Ramos said, laughing, and Skipper gasped.

"Oh dear, we don't have even close to that much!" Skipper panicked.

"Maybe you could allow me to throw a party, I could charge my friends..." Morgana suggested.

"What friends do you have? Besides, Ramos would kill me if I held a party here!" Skipper replied.

"Your loss. I guess you want to keep being his stepping mat." Morgana teased.

"What other idea do you have? I don't see you fools offering anything!" Skipper said to the generals.

"Wow, you're starting to sound like Ramos, mate," Doyle said.

"Oh dear, I am. But what else can we do to win?" Skipper asked.

"Even if you don't win little man, at least you better boss than him!" Van Gordon complimented.

"Yeah, at least we're not getting yelled at by you." Doyle replied.

Cameron is seen headed to the Ancient Seal, looking to see soldiers around it.

"Alright, I can take these guys. Wait, I'm a beast..." Cameron said, walking up to them. "Good day gentleman, I'm going off to visit Ramos."

"Alright, need help with those things on ya?" a soldier asked.

"No, I'm fine." Cameron lied, going through, and the soldiers were oblivious. "Alright, I have to find the others and stop Lootox from telling Ramos..."

Lootox is seen in Cameron's body walking through forests to Ramos's castle, when a blast is fired at him. The guardians and knights were there, not in their forms.

"Stop right there, impostor! Zero told us everything!" Madison said.

"Yeah, you may have been able to fool us, but you won't fool us! Oh wait, he already did fool us, but he won't fool us this time, because we know it's a monster inside Cameron, or technically the monster took Cameron's body-" Nick was blabbing.

"We get it." Tori said.

"You won't stop me!" Lootox yelled, firing back t them with Cameron's handgun, as they all transformed.

"Wait guys, that's Cameron's body..." Audrey said.

"Yeah, I don't think Cameron would like to have his body all broken..." Jake said.

"Well, what else can we do? We don't want him to break our bodies either!" Cynthia said.

"Wise choice to not attack, or your friend will never get his body back intact. Now I have to tell the king my findings!" Lootox said, running off to the castle, and they chased after.

Lootox arrived at the entrance, as the guards pointed spears at him.

"Aren't you a knight?" one asked.

"No, I'm Lootox. I'm in his body and have to tell the king what I found," Lootox said, as they let him in.

"Shoot, we're just going to have fight our way in!" Jake said.

"Don't...worry...I'm here!" Cameron's voice said, as they looked to see Cameron in Lootox's body nearly out of breath, approaching them.

"It's Cameron!" Madison said.

"Cameron, you escaped Mt. Spire? How is that possible?" Zero asked.

"Yeah, you may want to consider making those passcode panels more electric-resistant. But there's no time, we have to get my body back!" Cameron said.

The eight ran toward the castle entrance, Madison sent two heart blasts at the guards, knocking them out. Some soldiers patrolling around the turrets saw them, opening fire.

"THE GUARDIANS AND KNIGHTS!" a soldier yelled, sounding an alarm.

"They're here?!" Skipper asked, confused, as Lootox walked into the room.

"It's one of the knights!" Zurtrax said, pulling out his sword.

"Do not attack. I am Lootox. I switched bodies with the knight. I have important information for King Ramos...where is King Ramos?" Lootox asked, confused seeing Skipper.

"He's on vacation, so he put me, King Skipper in charge, but I'll gladly pass it onto him!" Skipper replied.

Before Lootox could continue, Jake went running into the throne room, jumping up and tackling Lootox to the ground. The other knights arrived in, as the guardians flew in from the window.

"You should consider getting better soldiers." Cynthia said, as many knocked out soldiers are seen on the turrets and hallways.

Lootox pulled out Cameron's sword and kicked Jake off him, as he began attacking back, clashing swords.

"STOP AT ONCE! THE KING DEMANDS IT!" Skipper's voice boomed, as the heroes look at him oddly.

"Uh...who are you?" Tori asked.

"I am King Skipper, Ramos put me in charge temporarily! Now bow before my wrath, you have trespassed into my throne room!" Skipper warned, but the girls laughed.

"We're supposed to be intimidated by that?" Cynthia asked.

"WHAT?! I am King Skipper, you should be afraid!" Skipper warned.

"Dude, we have literally never met you before." Tori said.

"Yeah, this is our first time ever seeing you." Audrey said.

"Wait, I've seen him before! I saw him when I was kidnapped, and he gave me dishwater!" Madison said, having a flashback from "Resistant" to where she saw him.

"Enough of this, you fools, ATTACK!" Skipper demanded, as the four generals attacked at once, but the girls flew and the attacks damaged the room. "Be careful, oh dear!"

The girls were fighting off the generals, as Van Gordon and Doyle flew around, firing at them. Zurtrax launched an electric blast, and Madison launched a heart blast back, colliding and exploding across the room. 

Jake and the other knights attacked Lootox. Cameron then rammed at Lootox, sending his body flying into the wall.

"Heh, that must be awkward, attacking yourself." Nick said.

As Lootox got back up, he tried to attack with Cameron's sword, but Zero, Jake, and Nick attacked him at once, restraining him.

"Cameron, now!" Jake said.

Cameron then used Lootox's body, and slammed the gemstone on his head into Cameron's forehead again, switching bodies. 

"NOOO!" Lootox yelled, as Cameron approached him with his sword.

"This is for stealing my body, and to make sure this doesn't happen again..." Cameron said, holding up his sword and slashed it into the gemstone, shattering it.

"You're going away, let's get out of here!" Jake said, as Vexacus got in their way.

"I don't think so!" Vexacus said, clashing swords with all four, while Lootox tried to get away, but Zero grabbed him, shocking him.

"Not so fast, friend!" Zero said, dodging a laser blast from Vexacus's gun.

"Oh dear, I didn't want to do this, but you leave me no choice!" Skipper said, shooting a powerful dark electricity bolts from his fins at all eight, stunning them.

"W-what is this?!" Jake asked.

As Skipper was shooting dark energy at them, the doors opened, and he quickly stopped to see Elana, who was confused at the scene. Everyone stopped fighting.

"Elana, help! Those meanies broke in and attacked poor ol' Skipper!" Skipper lied.

"You WHAT?!" Elana asked, charging up a powerful blast, and glowed.

"Elana!" Cynthia said.

"It's time to go!" Cameron said, as they all jumped out the window with Lootox.

A giant beam of light goes exploding through the window, leaving a hole.

"Glad we avoided that." Nick said in relief.

"Are you okay, Skipper?" Elana asked, going to help him.

"I'm fine, but oh dear, Ramos will not be happy to see this mess, there's no way we clean it up in time..." Skipper said, seeing the room was trashed.

"We'll help, you deserve it mate," Doyle said, as they and some other soldiers began cleaning up the mess.

As the heroes and Lootox were running through the forests, they saw a portal open right in front of them.

"Alright pal, this time, you're going away for good." Cameron said, heading in through the portal with Lootox.

Lootox is seen locked in a cell, and Zero fixed the passcode panel. They cleared up the mess with the rebel guards there.

"There, now he has no way to escape." Zero said.

"Don't worry, nobody else knows about my trick." Cameron said.

"Sorry Cam about attacking you, but we didn't know!" a rebel said.

"It's okay, I would've told you, but I don't think you would've believed me. I probably wouldn't have believed it either." Cameron said.

The gang jumps back out of the portal, as Madison closes it. They are seen at the Golden Seahorse with Mai and Ranen.

"I apologize Cam, I should have known about Lootox's power, especially since I was a past knight." Ranen said.

"It's okay commander, we all make mistakes. I shouldn't have gone the first time." Cameron said.

"No, you did the right thing. Had you not gone, surely another rebel could've been switched," Mai said.

"Hey man, you managed to break out of this place, that's still impressive. Plus, you made your way back to the castle for us, that takes true spirit." Jake said, as Cameron felt honored.

"Now what do we do? Elana was really powerful back there..." Madison said.

"On October 16th, the moons in Posidonia and Karmania will eclipse at the same time. This is the moment Ramos is waiting for, and when Elana will be at full power. This is the day he will take her powers from her." Mai revealed.

"Then we'll have to get her back before then." Madison said sternly.

The next morning, the throne room is seem completely clean. Ramos walks in holding his suitcases.

"I'm home!" Ramos said.

"Hey there, king..." Skipper said nervously.

"Spotless floors, fixed statues...but wait, what's this?!" Ramos said, making Skipper nervous.

"A stain on my throne...oh wait, that's always been there. Hmm, everything seems fine. How was Skipper as a boss?" Ramos asked to the generals.

"He good," Van Gordon said, as they all nodded.

"So...how much money did you make?" Ramos asked, as Skipper showed him the jar.

"Impressive. And...did you happen to see any guardians?" Ramos asked.

"Uh yes sir. They invaded here, but..." Skipper was saying.

"Skipper used his cool dark magic powers to scare 'em off like a bunch of children." Doyle lied.

"They get away though, but it was impressive!" Van Gordon added, as Vexacus, Zurtrax, and Skipper were confused.

"I see. Well...it appears Skipper has won the bet." Ramos said, accepting defeat.

"But boss, I thought you were winning Wheel of Money?" Skipper asked, shocked.

"Well..." Ramos was saying, showing a flashback.

"Alright Ramos, you're on the final puzzle. You have $10,000. This is it, the final spin." Justin said, as the puzzle was "_HANK YOU".

"Haha, I got this in the bag!" Ramos said, spinning the wheel.

As it kept spinning, it was nearing $5,000, but the spinner then landed on "BANKRUPT" at the last minute.

"Ouch, that sucks. Your first bankrupt of the whole game, and in the last round. Sorry." Justin said, as Ramos's jaw dropped.

"And that's why I'm here." Ramos confessed.

"That sucks boss, but I'm done being king. It was fun, but I'm really...a butler. I'll still make your tea, it's what I do!" Skipper said.

"Glad you realized that. NOW MAKE ME TEA, I AM ANGRY!" Ramos yelled.

"Yes sir!" Skipper said.



-Character Debuts: Lootox, Bonehead, and Justin

-Area Debuts: Mt. Spire, Rebel Prison, Halodule Island, and Wheel of Money Game

-Psychic is revealed to be one of the eighteen elements.

-We see the Rebel Prison in Mt. Spire, which contains all the Karmanian outlaws the heroes have captured so far.

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20. Motorized

Van Gordon and Doyle are seen walking down a hallway in the castle late at night. Vexacus appears out of the shadows, stopping the two, making them flinch.

"'Ello gentlemen." Vexacus greeted.

"WHOA! Mate, you almost gave me a bloomin' heart attack! What do ya want?!" Doyle asked annoyed.

"I have a proposition for you two." Vexacus replied.

"I'm listening," Van Gordon replied.

"Huh, you said that in proper grammar, maybe you're learning." Doyle replied snidely.

"Is that supposed to be the insult?!" Van Gordon asked, annoyed.

"Simmer down. Now then, I know you two don't like me..." Vexacus was saying, worrying the two.

"Not proven, I've never said that!" Doyle replied nervously.

"You never had to say it, I can tell." Vexacus replied.

"Are you the mind reader?" Van Gordon asked.

"Listen, we have a common hatred for someone. Do you honestly think I like Ramos? I dislike that king as much as you two probably do. After all, he gave me the top general position over one of you." Vexacus said.

"That is true... Say, how did ya even get him to give you the job when he hated your tail-fin?" Doyle asked.

"After I got the unicorn blood, he contacted me asking if I could join his forces. He said he was tired of Zurtrax's failures and wanted some new blood in. Since I am a freelance bounty hunter who needs something more to do in his life, I accepted. Of course, that doesn't mean we are friends. I want him dethroned. And, perhaps, we can make that happen, if we work together. What do you say?" Vexacus offered, smiling.

"I don't knows, he rarely ever gets offs throne, how can we removes him from it?" Van Gordon asked.

"That's not what I meant fool, I mean... we could become kings of the Federation. We could conquer Karmania, and together, we can destroy the guardians-" Vexacus was saying, when Morgana tiredly walked down the hallway seeing the three.

"Well well well, what do we have here? A secret club?" Morgana asked curiously.

"Isn't it past your bedtime, girlie?" Doyle asked.

"Little girls should not be out this late..." Vexacus said, about to pull out his sword.

"Calm down there sharky, I overheard your little conversation, and I'd like to be a part of your club." Morgana replied, as Vexacus laughed.

"Foolish girl, what can you offer? This is a group for mighty warriors, and girls like you are no warriors." Vexacus replied.

"I can make my own schemes as you've learned from my tea party, and I can only put up with Ramos for so long. Plus, it'd be unfortunate if I woke up Ramos and told him all about this, getting you all fired or worse..." Morgana blackmailed, smiling, and Vexacus growled.

"Ugh, I want to forget that silly party..." Van Gordon replied.

"Fine, just don't run your mouth to anybody else about this, or so help me..." Vexacus threatened, as Morgana nodded.

"This is a tempting offer ya got here, lad. I am getting a lil' tired of this place. All I wanted was attention for me treasures, not be a bumbling buffoon for a bumbling fool. Not to mention he's paid me squat!" Doyle complained.

"Same here, I do not wants to be a bumbling buffoon either!" Van Gordon said.

"I can make you rich too." Vexacus promised.

"What's in it for me?" Morgana asked.

"I don't know, what do you want?" Vexacus replied.

"Maybe Posidonia could use its first queen instead of a king. It'd be better than going back to where I was before..." Morgana said, as the three laughed.

"You are too young to be a ruler, girl, don't waste our time with foolish ideas." Vexacus replied.

"Don't worry, we could give her a special spot in the royal playground." Doyle replied, laughing, as Morgana was annoyed.

"I'm not as young as you think. In fact, you won't be laughing for long, there's so much about me you don't know..." Morgana replied.

"Yes yes, I'm sure we'll be cowering. Now then, we have our alliance. The four of us must keep this secret, and it will only be between us." Vexacus said.

"What about robot man?" Van Gordon asked.

"He won't join, he is too loyal to Ramos since he saved his life." Morgana replied.

"Yes, he'd just be dead weight." Vexacus replied.

"What about the butler?" Van Gordon asked.

"I tried to tempt him, but he's too passive to go against Ramos. Now then, you will not tell a single soul what you have heard. Is it a deal?" Vexacus asked, as Van Gordon and Doyle shook hands with Vexacus. "Well, are you going to shake my hand, girl?"

"Eww, I'm not touching that." Morgana replied.

"Whatever, we have our alliance. Get a good night's sleep..." Vexacus replied, as they walked off.

"Oh boy, I very glad to be in exclusive club. I tried many times to be in clubs before, and I gots rejected each time!" Van Gordon said to Doyle.

"Whatever gets me out of this place, I'm all for it." Doyle said.

"Imbeciles." Vexacus said under his breath, as he laughed and kept walking.

The next day, the girls are seen at school with Jake.

"Oh man, I can't wait for Gus's Annual Dirt Bike Race today! After so many years, I get to do it!" Tori squealed in excitement, holding out a poster.

"Is that sarcasm or actual excitement?" Jake asked.

"No, she's actually excited. Tori loves motorbikes, particularly dirt biking." Madison replied.

"And why I didn't know about this until now?" Jake asked.

"You never really personally knew us before, dude." Tori replied.

"Oh yeah, I only recently started knowing my sister's friends more..." Jake replied awkwardly.

"That's what happens when we have to work together to save another world." Cynthia replied.

"I didn't know girls liked motorbikes, not that it's a bad thing, but-" Jake was saying.

"You sound like Nick." Audrey teased.

"It's cool, dude. I'm just cool like that, I'm into extreme sports like dirt biking and surfing," Tori said.

"Yeah, she's a bit of a tomboy." Cynthia mocked.

"More than "a bit". Only you guys and my parents really know, I know I'd get mocked by people like those dorks if I was open about it..." Tori said, as they saw Bryan, Gnarly Dewd, and their other friend up ahead making fun of a student.

"Hey, don't care what others think about your interests. You can enjoy whatever you want," Madison reassured. 

"Oh please, like their opinions mean anything to me. I was too young to go before, but since I'm 16 now, I'm old enough to participate. Of course, I can't get my own bike, so my dad let me use his old dirt bike...after a lot of begging! I just need go to Gus's after school and get stuff like a helmet. I've waited so long for this day, and a Friday is the best day to do it!" Tori said eagerly, as Johnny overheard her saying that.

"Interesting..." Johnny said.

Later after school ends, the girls and Jake head downtown, as they are seen outside Gus's MotorAuto Shop. They enter in, as it was packed inside, with tons of teenagers there buying equipment for the dirt bike race. The cheerful manager and mechanic of the shop, Gus, approached them.

"Hey there Tori, I see you finally got old enough to follow your old man's footsteps!" Gus said, greeting them, as he laughed, patting her back.

"I'm not a little girl anymore, I'm going to ride in the dirt bike race! I just need to get the right outfit..." Tori said.

"Don't worry Tori, I got the right gear for a girl your age and type! Follow me!" Gus said.

"This place has really nice bikes." Madison said, following Gus, as she was checking out the various motorbikes on sale across the store. 

"Ah ha, this will be the perfect outfit for you. Try these out in the changing room!" Gus said, as he held up a blue helmet and blue leather outfit. 

Tori came out of the changing room, wearing the blue leather dirt bike outfit. She posed in an attractive fashion, as Jake and the girls were staring at her.

"I don't mean to brag, and I don't mean to boast, but I think I look pretty dang fine!" Tori said.

"Wow...you look...great." Cynthia complimented.

"Yeah, I think you look pretty in it!" Audrey added.

"Don't stare too hard, I don't want to cause any blindness." Tori said to Jake, as he looked away.

"I wasn't staring, I mean, you look...uh, nice!" Jake said nervously.

"Wow Tori, I didn't think you could get any hotter..." Johnny said out of nowhere, approaching the gang.

"W-w-what the, Johnny, when did you get here?! How did you know we were here?!" Tori asked.

"I overheard you talking about going to Gus's, so I went here to find some interesting treasures...and my, I think I dug up the nicest one of them all!" Johnny said, somewhat drooling, as Tori felt creeped out.

"Uh yeah, I'm not going to dignify this." Tori replied.

"Maybe after you win the dirt bike race, we could go on a date!" Johnny suggested.

"In your dreams, dude. I'll take this hot outfit, Gus." Tori said.

"Great choice, bring 'er up here!" Gus replied, as they headed off to the register.

"Wait, aww! Don't worry Johnny, I'll win her heart...one day! The odds are not in my favor right now, though..." Johnny sighed.

Tori put up the leather outfit, along with gloves and helmet on the counter, as Gus checked them out. Jake then noticed a poster for the Drastical Radicals, having faces of Johnny Krill, Not Dead Ted, and Grand Maul Granny on them, and it was autographed.

"Is that an autographed poster of the Drasticals?" Jake asked.

"It sure is! Great day that was, and I even have a replica of Jonny Krill's dirt bike on display!" Gus said, pointing to it in front near the window.

Tori paid for the clothes, as Gus put them in bags for her.

"Thanks Gus, I'm so pumped for this!" Tori replied.

"I'm sure you are, y'all better win! Are ya getting yer own bike?" Gus asked.

"No, I'm using my dad's old dirt bike. Hopefully it still works..." Tori replied.

"I see. I tell ya, don't have many girls participate in these here races, but you're an exception!" Gus said.

"Haha, a girl is trying to race? Get out of the line, this is for boys only!" an obnoxious voice said, as Bryan with Gnarly Dewd and their other friend were seen behind in the line, holding biking equipment.

"Ugh, just what we need, these creeps." Cynthia said.

"Just because it's an extreme sports doesn't mean only boys have to do it!" Madison argued.

"Yeah, and I don't even ride motorcycles!" Jake agreed.

"Yeah, tons of girls ride motorcycles! ...I think..." Tori said, as the boys kept laughing.

"Even so, I doubt you can win this race, you'd probably fall in the first lap!" the third group member said, laughing.

"Good one Steve, Gnarly approves of that burn!" Gnarly Dewd said.

"Hey now, I won't tolerate bullying in my shop! Y'all better leave these fine folks alone or you'll be out faster than you can start a dirt bike!" Gus threatened, as the three slowly backed off in fear.

"Thanks Mr. Gus for the help," Audrey said.

"No problem, I'll defend any loyal customer!" Gus replied.

Tori then noticed Gus left a door behind the counter open, as she looked in a bit.

"Hey Gus, what's in there?" Tori asked, as Gus had an odd look on his face.

"Oh...that's...my experiment area, where I work on motorcycles." Gus replied oddly. 

"Can I see?" Tori asked.

"Sorry, they're top secret! You can use the practice course if you want to get a hang of it before the event starts!" Gus offered.

"Sweet! But now I'd have to walk all the way back to my house to get my dad's dirt bike-" Tori was saying.

"No worries, I got ya covered. I'll give you a practice dirt bike we have, no cost!" Gus said.

"Sure, I probably need the training because girls can't race," Tori replied sarcastically.

Tori is seen on a white dirt bike in her suit, which has the name of Gus's shop on it, as she puts her helmet and gloves on. A fish is seen doing a jump off of a small dirt cliff on a yellow dirt bike, as they pose, but the bike goes falling to the ground, and they fall out into the sand.

"I'm okay!" they yelled, getting up and giving a thumbs up.

"Wow, he took that crash like a pro." Madison said.

Tori then started the dirt bike, shifting into first gear, and it began revving up.

"I can do this..." Tori said to herself, letting go of the clutch and it went racing off, as she held on.

"Go Tori!" the girls and Jake cheered on, as Tori went racing through the practice course. 

She was doing decent, as she made a sharp turn and headed north for a hill. She attempted to do a wheelie, and she tried to hold her balance, but the bike went falling backwards, as she jumped off and fell to the ground. The bike fell over and landed on the ground, as the wheels stopped spinning.

"Ugh, I almost had it! Good thing I got this gear just in case something like this happened!" Tori said in frustration, trying to pick her

"She was so close..." Audrey said.

"She'll get the hang of it, Tori never gives up." Madison said.

"Unless it's during a test or quiz she didn't study for." Cynthia added.

"A little help?" Tori asked, shouting from the distance as she waved her arms. The four ran onto the track to help her pick it up.

"Thanks, guys." Tori said, putting the kickstand down.

"Harder than you thought?" Cynthia asked.

"No, I just got too cocky. I think I just won't bother with those during the race, but otherwise, I think I got it!" Tori replied.

As they wheeled the dirt bike back down, a strange brown hooded figure walks into the setting. A few people there were confused and scared.

"Whoa, who is that?" Audrey asked, pointing him out.

"You will all be destroyed." The being eerily said, as their eyes glowed gold under their cloak.

"Haha, very funny, is this a prank from one of those losers?" Tori asked, a bit nervous.

"I am Motordrone, and I will rule the world!" The being named Motordrone yelled, as they threw off their brown cloak.

"World domination threats and now stripping?!" Cynthia asked, trying not to look, but Motordrone was revealed to be a gold and gray robot with odd markings, and appeared as if motorcycle parts were used to make it..

"What the heck is that thing?" Jake asked, activating a communication to call the other knights.

"You're not the only ones with a bike!" Motordrone boasted, as out of a gold energy pulse, he made a giant gold motorcycle appear, getting on it. The heroes were confused.

"What is that?!" Tori asked.

"Is that another one of Ramos's robots?!" Madison asked.

Madison wanted to touch the heart, but they couldn't go into their guardian forms, as people were standing around looking at Motordrone.

"Whoa, some kind of cool robot dirt biker!" a fish said, taking pictures of it.

"Prepare to eat dirt!" Motordrone yelled, revving up the golden motorcycle, and zoomed forward at the five, but they quickly jumped out of the way. He turned behind, looking at them angrily. Zero, Cameron and Nick quickly arrived at the scene.

"So, what did we miss?" Nick asked.

"Zero, is this robot another friend of yours?" Madison asked.

"I am 99% sure I've never seen him before. Let me get a scan..." Zero said curiously, quickly scanning Motordrone.

"Whoever you are, you won't stop my goals!" Motordrone yelled, as he quickly zoomed off into a forest in the distance.

"He's getting away!" Madison said.

"And he doesn't have a problem with pollution!" Audrey said, seeing lots of smoke from his motorcycle in the distance racing through the forest.

"You guys chase after him, I got this punk. Huh, that doesn't sound like a word I'd say, but whatever!" Tori said, grabbing the practice dirt bike when a boy was about to use it.

"Hey, wait your turn!" the boy complained.

"Sorry, I'll bring it right back, I promise!" Tori said, getting on the bike, putting her helmet on, and racing off on the bike.

"Well, at least she looks hot in that suit." the boy said, checking her out from behind.

Tori went zooming past the other seven in the forests, as she quickly looked behind them.

"Try to keep up on foot!" Tori taunted, racing the dirt bike through the forest after Motordrone.

"Wait, when did Tori have a dirt bike? Then again, I don't really know that much about the girls as it is, so I guess that's my fault for not knowing this until now. Anyways, where did she get that smoking hot leather jacket? I sure want one!" Nick was asking, staring at Tori in the distance, with the others looking at him oddly. He wasn't looking and slammed into a tree. "That's going to leave a mark."

"That's what happens when you don't keep your eyes on the road...or forest, whatever!" Cynthia mocked.

"Forget all of that, can someone explain what we're chasing after?" Cameron asked, running under a branch, as he ducked his head.

"Tori was getting her dirt bike clothes for the event today at Gus's. She went to practice when some strange robot thingy called Motordrone tried attacking us. That's the gist of it." Madison explained.

"Oh hey, I know Gus, cool dude. I need to convince him to get me a leather jacket like Tori's, we could be jacket bros." Nick said.

"You have to admit, she does look hot in that outfit." Jake whispered to Cameron.

"I can hear what you're saying, y'know." Madison replied, hearing the two from behind.

"I've whispered secrets better than you!" Cynthia said.

"...Oh. Huh. I was just saying, oh forget it, let's just save Tori!" Jake corrected, as they kept running.

"I suppose this running exercise will help me burn off carbohydrates." Zero said, making it toward the streets.

"Do cyborg fish have carbs?-" Jake was asking, when they saw Tori catching up to Motordrone, with both racing off from the forest into the streets. Some boatmobiles immediately came to a stop.

"Get off the road, idiots!!!" a driver angrily yelled out their window.

"I detect a powerful energy source up ahead...Very interesting." Motordrone said to himself, looking at a map pointing to the Posidonia Fields forest with the Ancient Seal. He zoomed further ahead through the streets, as Tori was barely catching up.

"Aw man, I don't have a license for this type of biking...well, I better hope I don't see any cops, like my dad..." Tori said to herself.

She then noticed her dad Hank and two other cops walking out of a doughnut shop, laughing.

"Coming in, we have reports of two reckless bikers near your location," an officer said on Hank's radio.

Tori quickly took a detour so her dad wouldn't see her, shifting it up into higher gears to go faster. She just barely dodged a boatmobile that was about to move into the lane, and zoomed out of the shortcut into Motordrone's path, ramming into the bike.

"You again?! Maybe this will send a message..." Motordone said, firing lasers from behind at his motorcycle.

Tori tried to dodge, but she lost control of her bike, as it went crashing into a sidewalk. Some fish fled in panic seeing Motordone. Tori then went flying, as she hit the street.

"No, low on fuel!" Motordone yelled, as his motorcycle disappeared.

He walked up to Tori, who struggled to get up, but he grabbed her, taking off her helmet.

"L-let go of me, I know...uh, some form of fighting!" Tori was saying, as they heard police sirens in the distance. 

"I see power in you. You will make the perfect specimen. Time to put you to sleep..." Motordrone said, releasing a gas fuel from his tanks, and Tori fell asleep.

Motordrone then threw a bunch of smoke bombs and disappeared. Police boats kept racing by, looking for him. The other seven heroes were running on the sidewalk, as they saw Tori's crashed practice bike and her helmet. Cynthia went and picked up the helmet.

"That's...not good." Audrey said, as they all seemed nervous.

The seven were seen at the Golden Seahorse, explaining their story to Mai and Ranen.

"So they have a high speed chase into the city, and then, BOOM! Next thing we know, her dirt bike crashed and no Tori. Since Tori was using this dirt bike, and since she wasn't there when she crashed, and since we found her hemet, we can safely assume she-" Nick was saying. 

"I got it. This is troubling, we cannot have yet another mysterious enemy on the loose in this stage of Ramos's plans." Mai said.

"I wish we could've stopped her, maybe she got in over her head a bit back there..." Madison said.

"Well, that's what happens when you love motorcycling like her." Cynthia replied, sighing.

"If you can survive Karmanian beasts, I am sure Tori can survive whatever this machine is. Let me see Zero's scan of this stranger so I can learn more." Ranen said.

Zero pulled up an image of Motordrone on a computer, uploading his scan into it. 

"Huh...this is an anomaly. Motordrone appears to have fish DNA in him, might be a mutation..." Zero said, confused.

"How is that possible, doc?" Jake asked.

"Is it one of Ramos's goons?" Cameron asked.

"I can't say for sure. I won't know who they are until I find a match with the found fish DNA, which will take a while, as it has to go through the database." Zero replied.

"Until then, we must take care in dealing with this stranger. Who knows who they really are..." Mai said.

"But where could she be?" Audrey asked.

"As I learned from my bank robbery investigation, the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. And where did the ugly evil machine first appear at?" Nick asked.

"Gus's..." Madison said.


Tori is seen waking up. She was strapped to a chair, as a strange helmet was on her head, with tons of tubes going into it. She looked around to see a lab, as tons of motorbike parts were everywhere. 

"Where am I? Who are you?!" Tori asked, as Motordrone appeared in his cloak out of the shadows.

"The perfect combination of fish and technology..." Motordrone said.

"Shouldn't you be out dominating a national or something?" Tori asked.

"You'd think so, wouldn't you. Now let's move onto why you're here. Originally just a street bike, but I made some changes for the whole world domination plan. I need a new power source to rise its fuel levels again, and guess what...YOU'RE ELECTED!" Motordrone yelled, ripping off a white sheet to show his gold motorcycle. Tori's wires were hooked up to it.

"What?! You're crazy! I wanted to be noticed for my biking skills, but not like this!" Tori replied panic-kingly.

"Yes, but that's the fun of it!" Motordrone replied, laughing, as he hit a red button.

Tori felt a pain, as the tubes began glowing. She felt as if her water powers were being transferred into the bike. However, Motordrone began to flash oddly, as Gus appeared. The machine stopped, as Tori was shocked to see Gus.

"...Gus?" Tori asked, confused.

"...Tori, what are you doing here?" Gus asked confused, touching his head.

"Never mind, just get me out of this thing!" Tori said.

"Yeah, sure!" Gus said, about to unhook her, but he flashed again, as Motordrone reappeared.

"That's better." Motordrone said, laughing.

"What did you do to Gus?!" Tori asked.

"I am him. You see, your friend known as Gus was working on a new age of motorcycling. He had built me out of old motorbike and test dummy parts, trying to form a special kind of motorbike that could be piloted via drone. One day, his little experiment went haywire, and we fused together into what you see. Your friend doesn't know I exist, but I do!" Motordone explained.

"Jeez, Gus is into some freaky experiments..." Tori said, looking at tons of experimented motorcycles in the lab. "You won't keep me here for long, my friends will find me!"

"Unlikely. Now, let me drain the rest of your power! Soon, I will take another power..." Motordrone said.

Tori thought fast, noticing her chair was wooden, and easily movable. She shook her body forward multiple times, moving the chair.

"Wait, DON'T!-" Motordrone yelled, as Tori jerked it forward one last time. The chair ripped out some tubes and plugs, causing a surge which disconnected the tubes from the bike.

"Should've used a heavier chair, pal." Tori said smugly.

"Gah, no matter, I managed to get some of your energy to power it up, fool!" Motordrone yelled, jumping at her, but Tori threw the chair at him, as he went flying backward into a table.

She opened the door and ran into Gus's store, looking behind to see the room was the one she noticed earlier. She ran to the entrance, and noticed the seven others outside, who were happy to see her.

"Tori, you're alive!" Nick said in excitement.

"So Nick was right, they do return to the scene of the crime." Jake said, as they saw Motordrone angrily burst out of the room.

"Fools, I will take the power myself!" Motordrone yelled, forming his gold bike, which had some power in it now. He raced through the store and out the entrance, heading for the Ancient Seal.

"Where is that weirdo going? What happened to you?" Cynthia asked.

"It turns out apparently Gus...is that thing. He was making an experiment and it went wrong, so he turned into that ugly thing. He's still inside him somewhere though, so we have to be careful..." Tori said.

"Wow, that's...really weird, I never knew Gus was some mad motorcycle scientist." Madison said.

"I also got this for you," Cynthia said, handing Tori her helmet.

"Thanks, who knew you of all people would be the one giving instead of receiving!" Tori teased.

"I could take that back." Cynthia threatened.

"I theorize I may have a way in freeing your friend, but we have to hurry!" Zero said, as Tori looked at a red dirt bike outside on display.

"Gus would be angry if I took this, but I need something!" Tori said, hopping onto the bike.

"I think Gus would be okay with it if his life is on the line." Madison said.

"Yeah, I mean, I think larceny is okay when we have to save the world, as morally ambiguous as that sounds! Wait, I don't know if that's larceny, because that bike isn't Gus's property...or is it?" Nick wondered, as the others went off without him. "Wait up!"

Motordrone is seen racing into the forest, as some Federation soldiers saw him in the distance.

"Whoa, I don't think you're allowed to race a motorcycle into the forest...HE'S COMING AT US, AAAHH!!!" a soldier yelled, as the squadron began firing at once, but Motordrone took no damage, shooting out some more lasers, sending an explosion that made them go flying.

"Stop, I demand you at once!" a soldier yelled, holding out a stop sign, but Motordrone ran right into them, sending them flying.

Motordrone saw the Ancient Seal portal ahead, as more soldiers fired at him, but he shot more lasers back.

"Yes...I sense it, a powerful energy source is on the other side!" Motordrone said, racing straight into the portal.

Ramos is seen in his throne room telling Elana stories.

"And as you can tell, my father could be kind of a jerk at times, but he was a marvelous king! If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be the kind of ruler I am today!" Ramos said, laughing.

"Fascinating. I guess it runs in your family." Elana said, laughing.

A soldier then ran into the room nervously.

"King Ramos, we have a serious problem!" a soldier was saying.

"You DARE interrupt me when I am talking to Elana?! Rude!" Ramos replied.

"Sir, I'm sorry, but you must hear this!" the soldier replied.

"Fine! Elana, you may want to leave," Ramos said.

"Of course. Is something serious wrong?" Elana asked.

"Yes, a little!" the soldier replied.

"I'm sure he probably just forgot how to tie his shoes, us adults will handle it." Ramos said, as Elana exited, meeting with Morgana.

"Sir, look, I didn't want to interrupt your babysitting, but-" the soldier was saying.

"BABYSITTING?! Is that how you see me as, a babysitter?!" Ramos asked, pointing his staff at the soldier.

"No no no, I-I didn't mean it that way!-" the soldier replied.

"I should throw you in the dungeon for interrupting me, and insulting me! Your story better be good!" Ramos replied.

"Look, a strange out of control robot on a motorcycle just attacked our squadron, and fled into Karmania. We don't know what it is, or whose side it is on, if any." the soldier said, showing him footage of Motordrone caught on camera from another soldier.

"Dude, that thing looks wicked...and now it's shooting a laser at us, not so wicked!-" the soldier's voice said in the recording, going static.

"How very interesting. Since we failed to get that rogue knight on our side, perhaps my generals should intervene and recruit it onto our side the correct way, I could always use more to my robot army." Ramos said, as the four generals just stood there. "By generals, I mean you four, and by perhaps, I mean you WILL!"

"Yes sir!" Van Gordon replied at once, saluting.

"Of course, my king," Zurtrax and Vexacus said at once, staring at each other angrily.

Tori rode the bike into the forest, to see knocked out soldiers everywhere. The other seven caught up, to see the portal unattended. 

"I guess it went into Karmania, now we have a fair playing field." Cameron said.

"Are you taking that in?" Audrey asked to Tori.

"I don't see why not, a biker never stops, it would be epic to ride a bike in another world." Tori said.

She rode it in, as they followed. They ventured through the forests, arriving at a valley to see Motordrone racing around rampantly, shooting lasers at the lands. Some rebels and Karmanians fled in panic.


"I don't think so, we're sending you back to the scrapyard where you belong!" Jake threatened, as he and the other three guys powered up.

"Transform without me, I want to get some more practice in." Tori said, zooming off after Motordrone.

"Hasn't she had enough practice...oh, whatever!" Cynthia said.

"Stop right there. We have come for the one called Motordrone." Zurtrax said, appearing with the other three generals, and a group of Slayers.

"Just what we needed..." Cameron said.

"We can handle them, Tori has Motordrone!" Jake said, attacking at once, slicing through the black Slayers. Cynthia made the ground rise, crushing some underneath. 

"Join the great king Ramos, if you wish to live!" Vexacus yelled, standing Motordrone's path.

"I work for no one!" Motordrone replied, firing lasers at Vexacus, but he absorbed one, dodging the other explosion. He fired a laser back at him, but he turned, and it headed for Tori.

"This is it, I can do it, the wheelie..." Tori said to herself, standing the dirt bike up, balancing it, and did a wheelie, jumping up and avoiding the blast. "I did it!"

The knights destroyed more Slayers, as they fought off Van Gordon, Doyle and Zurtrax. 

"I have an idea, Audrey. Let out a powerful gust at Motordrone to change his path, and then I can work with Tori to rescue the one called Gus." Zero said to her.

"Alright doc, no worries about us, we can handle them!" Jake said, fighting Doyle.

Audrey let out a heavy gust of wind at Motordrone, as his motorcycle tried to break through it.

"What is this?!" Motordrone asked, slowing his bike down.

However, he fired more lasers that broke through the gust. Audrey quickly dodged, and they went burning into the orange Slayer, destroying it. Tori jumped up in the bike and crashed down onto Motordrone's head, doing a wheelie, but he shook her off, falling off onto the ground, and the bike went flying.

"Tori, I have concluded Gus will be released if you can destroy Motordrone, it appears he is trapped under him. You can do it with a strong water slice." Zero said to her.

"Got it. Well, it's been fun riding, but now it's time to start flying!" Tori said, as Madison launched a heart blast at Van Gordon.

She saw Tori seeking help, as Madison flashed the heart at Tori, and she transformed.

"I didn't know I could do long distance transformations, that's cool!" Madison said.

"Watch out!" Cynthia said, throwing a rock at Zurtrax, who was about to shoot an electric blast at her.

"Thanks." Madison said.

Tori went flying, catching up to Motordone, who was racing around circles in the valley. He tried to outsmart her, but he did not know Tori controlled all water around him. She waited until he got into the right position, making the water grab him off his bike, as it went flying forward and exploded into the remaining Slayers. The other heroes now fought off the generals.

"NOOO!!" Motordrone yelled, trying to run, but Tori went flying down, forming water in both fins, letting out a water slice at him.

He began sparking, and exploded, as tons of pieces flew everywhere. Gus is seen unconscious in the debris. 

"Gus is okay!" Tori said, going to grab him. 

"See you later, losers!" Cynthia said, as the girls flew off.

"I think I'll take this!" Jake said, getting onto the red bike and raced off on it.

"Hey, no fair!" Cameron yelled, as the remaining guys tried racing to catch up with him.

"It was not a total loss.." Zurtrax said, picking up one of Motordrone's destroyed parts. "Start cleaning."

"Great, community service..." Doyle said, annoyed.

The heroes are seen back to normal, as Gus wakes up in his shop. They returned the red and white dirt bikes outside.

"Whoa! Hey there guys, did I oversleep?" Gus asked.

"No, the race is in an hour." Tori said.

"I had the weirdest dream, y'all were in it. Tori was there, her friends were...yeah, and you boys were, too. You were like superheroes, and the girls looked like either...mermaids, or fairies...or both..." Gus wondered, shaking his head, as they all laughed awkwardly.

"People have weird dreams, it's nothing to worry about." Madison reassured.

Tori is seen with her parents and little brother outside the race track, which was about to begin. She was looking at her dad's brown dirt bike.

"Now listen here Victoria, you better not break that thing, or I'm taking you out of the will! It's a family treasure!" Hank said.

"Of course dad, I think I got the hang of it." Tori replied, as she moved it forward to the start line.

"Welcome one and all, to Gus's Annual Dirt Bike Race! We've got a lot of young ones in it to win it, we'll see who dominates the best! Half the money given to us will be going to charity! Now, on your marks...get set...GO!" Gus yelled, as Tori and a bunch of others were off.

"Go big sis!" Her little brother, Mike, cheered, as did her parents.

"Go Tori!" The heroes yelled in the audience.

On the final lap, Tori was neck and neck with a fish in a purple outfit on a purple bike, as they both jumped off the cliff at once, heading toward the finish line. Tori had a slightly bumpy landing, but made it. However, the other rider made it to the end first, as she came in 2nd.

"First place goes to Skyler Selor, second place goes to Tori Mansen, and third goes to Peter Smith!" Gus announced, as they cheered.

Tori took off her helmet, and the gang met her.

"Sorry you didn't win, but you still did great!" Madison said.

"I'm fine, I had fun, and I came in the top three, so I'm pretty proud of how I did!" Tori said, as Johnny approached her.

"Wow, you did great, Tori...can I, uh, get an autograph?" Johnny asked awkwardly, holding out a paper and pen.

"You know what...sure, you strange, little man. Don't go too crazy." Tori said, signing it, and Johnny smiled.

Later at Ramos's castle, Motordrone is seen reassembled on a lab table. Ramos was looking over their progress.

"Well, I didn't want him destroyed, but I suppose it'll do. Are you sure you got EVERY part of him?" Ramos asked.

"Uh, I think we did!" Van Gordon replied, as Ramos groaned.

"I am certain we did, sir. According to my research, Motordrone comes to life when an energy life force is drained into it." Zurtrax explained.

"Get in there, ya little bugger!" Doyle said, pushing in front of him a squirming black Slayer.

Zurtrax hooked tubes into its head, and hit a switch. The Slayer glowed, as did the tubes. Motordrone lit up, frying the Slayer, which fell to the ground. Motordrone kept lighting up, but his eyes stopped glowing.

"Sir, it appears it did not work." Zurtrax said, as Vexacus snickered.

"You have an uncanny grasp of the obvious, general!" Ramos replied annoyed, walking off in disappointment.

After they left, Motordrone's eyes are seen lighting up again...



-Character Debuts: Gus, Motordrone, Michael, Skyler Selor, and Peter Smith

-Area Debuts: Gus's MotorAuto Shop and Doughnut Shop

-We learn Tori likes dirt biking.

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Great episode! I liked seeing Tori as the center, and I thought her plot was very well done. Also, I liked the beginning with Vexacus and the other three creating an alliance to dethrone Ramos. When that all comes to head, it should prove to be very interesting. Overall, I did get a nice SR feel from this episode and it's style of writing, which is a good thing.

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21. Thesis

The heroes are seen being escorted by Ranen through Central Karmanian rock fields.

"I swear, all this walking is going to break my feet..." Jake said, almost out of breath.

"Yeah, the one thing I don't miss about visiting the Underground City is that it takes forever to get to, and it really hurts my feet, although that's part of the point for this walk, because it's leading to our secret main base, and obviously we can't have it be an easy thing to get to." Nick was rambling.

"I wish we could fly sometimes..." Cameron said, as they saw the girls flying above.

"You guys have to keep up!" Madison taunted, hovering near them.

"I wish I had mermaid wings sometimes, or whatever they are. Do mermaids actually have wings? You know, I've always wondered, why do these guardian forms need mermaid tails if they have wings to fly with...or should I be asking why you need wings if you can float with mermaid tails?" Nick pondered.

"Don't ask us, it's not like we invented these designs." Tori replied.

"Those mermaid forms have always appeared that way through guardian history. Now then, we've arrived!" Ranen said, as they stopped.

In front of them was a rocky wall, leading up to the mountain.

"Wow, impressive base." Tori said sarcastically.

"This is not the base, this is only the cover for it." Cameron explained.

"Indeed, Jake, go and show them how to open it." Ranen ordered, as Jake walked up to the wall and pressed two parts of it with his fin, as they sank in to reveal secret tiles. They then opened up another hidden part of the wall to show a lever, as Jake pulled it. The wall then opened up to reveal a staircase.

"Behold, down these stairs rests the Underground City." Zero said.

"Finally, we get to see this legendary place." Audrey said.

"I just hope it's not filled with bugs, thank you." Cynthia said.

The nine went down white and green stairs, as Ranen pulled a lever on the inside, closing the entrance. It was dark, as they then arrived onto a beautiful golden floor, as they looked around to see old pillars leading in a direction, with a lake each side of the path.

"This doesn't look like a city..." Cynthia said.

"This isn't quite the city yet. Keep going forward..." Ranen said, as they walked through the pathway.

They kept going up ahead to see a giant stone door, with two rebel guards in front of it.

"Welcome commander, I see you brought the guardians and knights. We'll let you in." one of them said.

"Thanks for finally letting us see this place, Ranen." Madison said to him.

"It was no problem, I figured it was time you got to witness this beautiful representation of hope for the Karmanians." Ranen said, as the two guards were spinning cycles on both sides to open up the gates. 

They all entered in through a shining light, as they were on a ledge, looking below to see buildings made of gold, emerald, and other various jewel substances. The rebels were down below transporting weapons using carts or other advanced machinery. Some were seen in combat training, while others were firing at test dummies for practice behind a building.

"Wow...these buildings are beautiful, didn't expect that for a place underground." Cynthia admired.

"Yes, this is one of the oldest parts of Karmania. The city was said to have sank in an earthquake long ago, being long buried and hidden, but we dug it back up. We figured it was a great place to use for our operations, especially in a secret area like this. It may not be advanced, but it's all we can use for now." Ranen explained.

"It looks like this place stretches on for a while, what is beyond there?" Audrey asked, seeing the pathway wrapping around, as some rebels had machinery that was drilling through it.

"Just various other old structures. We've drilled through the tunnels to make room, but if we go too far, we could risk opening an area for the Federation or monster armies to find, so we stopped for now." Ranen explained.

"This looks amazing. It makes me wonder what other secrets are underground..." Madison wondered, as the rebels looked up at the nine, waving to them.


Diggy is seen whistling and walking down a tunnel, holding a bag on his back with lots of items in it, and had a miner's helmet on his head.

"Ah, nothing like a stroll down in the underground to find useless junk that somehow got lost down here!" Diggy said to himself, as he kept walking and came to a dead end. 

He then sniffed, seeing a shiny golden object hidden in the dirt (the same one from the end of "Resistant").

"My oh my, what do I spy with my two little mole eyes?" Diggy asked, as he put on his broken goggles to "look at it better". "Oh right, these things are broken, I keep forgetting that."

He then walked further to it, digging it up, and holding it in his claw. It was a gold, triangular object with a clear blue stone in the center, and had string around it.

"Now, what's a funky and spiffy object like you doing down in this here old and grimy tunnel?" Diggy asked, putting it around his neck. "Well, I suppose it might be worth selling, it could make me a lot of Kesos. A shame though, it does look rather nice...but I gotta make sacrifices to make myself rich."

Diggy then shrugged, as he looks up to see a grate. He then nods, and is then seen popping out of the ground, going outside his trailer. He begins setting up a stand with the various items he found.

"Alright, I'll make this 20 Keso coins, no, wait, how about 30?!" Diggy said, writing down prices on tags, putting them on the objects.

He then sighed, holding the triangular object.

"It's gonna pain me to sell ya off, that is if anyone even wants you. Don't look at me like that, it's hard for me too! Hey, maybe you'll get lucky and nobody will buy ya, it's not like I get many customers..." Diggy rambled to himself, taking it off, and accidentally flung it with his hand. It ripped through the air and opened a portal, falling to the ground.

Diggy then gasped, falling back, as he knocked over the table of his items. He then looked at the object.

"Could it be...? Is it you, the Runaway's Seal?! After 16 years, was I the lucky sucker to find it? And I never bothered to look there before?" Diggy wondered, picking it up spastically. 

"Hey man, can I...buy...something?" a Karmanian villager asked, as they were holding a bag of Keso coins, seeing the portal.

"No, go away! We're closed!" Diggy yelled.

"Well okay, you don't need to be a jerk about it, man." the villager replied, as they walked off.

"I won't need Keso coins once I show this to Ramos, he'd pay me with so much gold!" Diggy said to himself, smiling, and walked carefully into the portal.

16 years ago...

In the same location of the Central Karmania slums, except Diggy's trailer is not there, a cloaked figure is seen running through the streets. It was raining, and they were carrying a baby, which was Elana. An older version of Federation troops are seen chasing after the figure.

"Stop! Get back here!" one yelled.

The figure then pulled out the Runaway's Seal, opening a portal with it, waving it through the air. They quickly ran through it, but a blast from a troop hit the object, as it made the portal close, and it fell down the grate. The soldiers looked around, confused.

A portal is seen opening outside of Ramos's castle. Inside, Zurtrax is working on Motordrone in a lab. He then presented it to Ramos and the other generals.

"Sir, I've made the adjustments. I am 94.56% sure Motordrone will work this time. Watch." Zurtrax said, hitting a button, and Motordrone then lifted its body up, with its eyes glowing.

"I am Motordrone. I am here to serve." Motordrone said.

"Excellent! Welcome to my general line-up, Mr. Motordrone. You will serve me, the great King Ramos." Ramos said to it.

"Do we really need another general?" Doyle asked.

"The more the merrier, whatever crushes the guardians and knights." Ramos replied.

"King Ramos, there's a visitor here for you." Skipper said to Ramos, entering in the lab.

"This better be worth my time! You four, show our new general around and tell him how things work." Ramos ordered, as he walked off.

"Hello, Motordrone. I am Vexacus, the #1 general. You will serve me." Vexacus said to it.

"Of course. Whatever it is you want me to do, I'll do it." Motordrone replied.

As Ramos walked back into the throne room, he saw Diggy there being escorted by two soldiers. 

"I already don't like what I'm seeing! You BETTER have a good reason for bothering to trifle my clean throne room with your dirtiness and stench!" Ramos yelled, pointing his staff to Diggy, who flinched.

"I-I-I meant no disrespect my highness, it's just I found something of interest...take a look." Diggy said, holding up the Runaway's Seal, as Ramos gasped.

"The Runaway's Seal?! The ancient object used to bring Elana here?! How did an idiot like you get your claws on it?! ANSWER!" Ramos asked.

"Well, I was taking a stroll down an ol' tunnel, when I saw the object at the end of it. So I came here wanting to know if you could give me some of that...heh, shiny bling, if you know what I mean," Diggy said, winking.

"BAHAHAHA! You really think I care about that useless object?" Ramos asked, as Diggy was confused.

"But boss, I thought this would be useful, I mean, you started a false rumor over it!" Diggy said.

"Yes, that was to lure out the guardians so I could capture the heart keeper, fool! I already have an infinite portal at my leisure, this object is useless and worthless to me!" Ramos replied.

"Well...okay. Can I keep it?" Diggy asked.

"Yes yes, do whatever you want, but heed this: Do NOT let the guardians get it, no matter who asks for it." Ramos ordered.

"Yes sir! Looks like I have a VIP pass to visit you whenever I want!" Diggy said, smiling, as Ramos groaned.

"Joy. Just close any portals you open, I don't want any of my citizens stumbling upon one..." Ramos said.

"Yes sir! Maybe I could be one of your generals now with this magic item?" Diggy asked, saluting.

"Not in a million years! I've got enough morons to deal with, and I don't need you!" Ramos replied, and heard Elana's voice. "Now GET OUT!"

"Of-of course, I promise I won't be a burden!" Diggy said, nervously running to a window and jumped out.

He then landed in a bush, getting out, and ruined it. He then waved the seal at the portal, and it closed.

"Well, while I'm here, I could take a look around." Diggy said, as he whistled and walked off through the forests.

"Ah, this forest smells...nice. Much better than the crummy old forests back in Karmania. I could live here now..." Diggy wondered, as he began hopping through the forest. As he did so, the seal began flying around and opened a portal, with him not noticing.

The girls and guys were back in their normal forms, walking out of the portal. Madison closed it, but she suddenly felt the heart glow again.

"Why is it glowing again?" Jake asked.

"That's odd...could it be another portal?" Madison asked, confused, as she pulled out the map, and sure enough, a new x formed.

"Another one this soon? Something about this is abnormal..." Zero calculated.

"It's near Ramos's castle in the forest," Audrey said, looking at the location.

"Uh...is that supposed to happen?" Tori asked, as more x's began to pop up everywhere.

"Is there a glitch in the portal system? What's going on?" Jake asked.

"This is not good." Ranen said.

The gang is seen at the Golden Seahorse.

"How could so many portals appear at once?" Audrey asked.

"Maybe it's a monster capable of creating like a dozen portals at once?" Nick asked, as Mai walked in.

"No. This is not a monster. This is the work of the Runaway's Seal." Mai replied.

"Wait, wasn't that the item Ramos tricked us into thinking was found?" Cameron asked.

"It was...I remember now! You said someone used it to bring Elana over." Madison said.

"It appears this time, it was actually found by someone. First thing's first, you must close all the portals they recklessly opened, and then focus on finding the person. You cannot have anyone venturing off into these portals by accident..." Mai explained, as the eight understood and went off.

Professor Rotwell is seen upstairs in his house looking at pictures of Posidonia, Ramos's castle, the destroyed Slayers from the news report, the forest, and the power room from the high school. He pressed "record" on a tape recorder.

"I am Professor Hans Rotwell, and this is entry log #123 on the strange findings of Posidonia. Today, I noticed a blöd group of juveniles vandalizing my home!" Rotwell ranted, as a flashback showed Gnarly Dewd, Bryan and Steve spraying graffiti on his boatmobile, saying "Rotwell Stinks!".

"HEY, GET YOUR SCHMUTZIG FINS OFF OF THAT! I'LL GET YOU ALL IN DETENTION!" Rotwell yelled, waving his fist at the three. They ran off laughing.

"Those three will get it when I see them tomorrow in school. Anyways, I continue my research on this strange land. I've had no luck on finding anything related to Karmania, but someday, I'll find something. At least there's one student who cares about my work, that Johnny boy is like me. A loser with no friends, but I can tell he wants to solve this land's mysteries just like me!" Rotwell was rambling.

"HANS, ARE YOU TALKING TO YOURSELF AGAIN?!" the voice of his mother asked from downstairs, booming.

"NO MOTHER, I AM JUST VENTING MY THOUGHTS! IT'S FOR SCIENCE!" Rotwell yelled back, opening the door.

"Please ignore that...distraction. Now then, I am preparing to write a thesis on my findings and show it to the science community. They will no longer laugh at me! I just need proof, and I'll get it someday, even if it comes crawling right into my backyard..." Rotwell said, as Diggy is seen walking into his backyard from out of a forest.

"Hmph, never been to this part of town before. I wonder what treasures I can find..." Diggy wondered, as he sniffed around Rotwell's backyard. 

As he was sniffing, he then began digging at a spot, while Rotwell's mother looked out the window to see him, spitting out her tea.

"HANS, THERE'S SOME WILD ANIMAL IN OUR BACKYARD!" His mother's voice boomed, as Rotwell flinched angrily, stopping his recording. He then angrily went downstairs.

"No worries mother, I assume you probably saw another bag that found its way into our backyard," Rotwell boasted, walking out into the backyard to see Diggy. He then gasped.

Diggy then looked up to see Rotwell.

"Uh, hi there!" Diggy said nervously.

"What are you?!" Rotwell asked, approaching him, examing him.

"I'm uh...Diggy, a mascot for the uh... Undersea Moles!" Diggy lied.

"The Undersea Moles? I've never heard of such a team..." Rotwell asked suspiciously.

"They are a, uh...a world famous mining sport team!" Diggy lied.

"A sport for mining? Never heard of such a thing..." Rotwell interrogated.

"Well, it's an exclusive club, you have to be invited! I'm their mascot who was taking a stroll through the town," Diggy said, and Rotwell felt his claws.

"My, what sharp claws you have. Where did you get a costume like this?" Rotwell asked.

"Oh, this isn't a costume...I mean, yes, yes, it is! I got it from a costume store." Diggy lied.

"What was its name?" Rotwell asked.

"Costume Store." Diggy replied, smiling.

"I see, fascinating. Go meet your "Undersea Mole" friends, but I have an eye on you..." Rotwell said, looking at him.

He then looked at the triangular object around his neck, but shrugged it off.

"Well, see ya!" Diggy said, waving, as ran off.

"Weirdo. Now then, back to venting my thoughts in my lone room, with nothing but an angry mother by my side!" Rotwell sighed, going back inside.

Diggy then kept whistling, walking along the sidewalk, as some fellow neighbors outside looked at him oddly.

"Hey, cool costume you got, dude!" a fish said, walking up and grabbing his arm.

"Oh, you're making me blush!" Diggy replied, as he kept walking through the sidewalk, and fish took photos of him. "I never was this popular back in Karmania..."

In the forests near Ramos's castle, the gang is seen looking at a bunch of portals everywhere.

"Wow, someone sure was swinging that thing like a toy." Tori said.

"Let's just seal these before an evil Karmanian creature sneaks its way through." Zero said, as Madison began shining the heart on portals, closing them.

"I really wish this thing could do more than just shoot light and close portals sometimes," Madison sighed, closing another.

As Madison closed another, one more remained. On the other side in Karmania, an orange beast with sharp red blades on each hand and a tall neck is seen strolling through the woods, scraping its blades against the trees. It then sees the portal up ahead.

"Now what do we have here? I bet at any moment the guardians could be coming, perhaps I can take initiative on my own and destroy them!" the beast said.

As Madison was about to close it, the beast appeared, shocking all eight. It crossed its blades together and laughed.

"Yeah, I think I'm going to say quite a lot to whoever thought it'd be funny to open all of these." Tori said, annoyed.

"I am Slypox, and I presume you are all the guardians and knights! Prepare to meet your doom!" Slypox yelled, slicing its blades onto the ground and charged at the eight.

Madison then made the girls transform, flying off , dodging his attacks. The knights got into their forms and began attacking, clashing their swords with its blades.

"Maddie, keep that portal open so we can send this freak back to where he came when we defeat him!" Jake said, dodging Slypox's swinging blades.

Cynthia made vines rise up, grabbing Slypox tight, but he managed to slice through them with his blades. 

At Ramos's throne, he helps her train. Elana is seen glowing, channeling her energy.

"Yes, keep powering your energy!" Ramos said, when a soldier grabbed him and took him into a hallway. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"

"Sir, I am sorry to bother you, but a trooper spotted the guardians and knights fighting off a beast in the forest near your castle." the soldier reported.

"Wow, someone sure loves prepositions, don't they? I'll send the generals to handle it, but I thought I made it clear to those idiotic monsters to not set foot in Posidonia!" Ramos said.

"Our scanners also indicated a multitude of portal appearances, implying that someone has the Runaway's Seal..." the soldier said, as Ramos seemed angry.

"WHAT?! I told that smelly mole to not open portals all willy nilly! Is he trying to play me for a fool, LIKE THOSE DARN GUARDIANS?!" Ramos asked angrily, slamming his staff against a wall.

"Your highness, please control your temper!-" the soldier was saying, grabbing onto him, but Ramos shrugged him off.

"I have a lot of choice words to say to that idiotic mole, but for now, tell the generals they have a new mission! Help out our monster friend!" Ramos said.

The soldier ran off, and Ramos went back inside to see Elana finished powering up.

"I feel so relaxed now, Ramos!" Elana said.

"That makes one of us..." Ramos sighed.

As the guardians and knights kept fighting off Slypox, the five generals appeared.

"Sorry to crash the party, mates." Doyle said, firing a blast at Nick, but he dodged.

"Great, we need these idiots...Wait, is that who I think it is?" Cynthia asked, seeing Motordrone in his cloak.

Motordrone then approached Tori, as she gasped.

"...Gus? Is that..." Tori was asking.

"I am no longer known as "Gus". I am my own being, brought to life by the great and powerful Ramos." Motordrone explained, throwing off his cloak.

"Well, that's really nice for you, but I have to destroy you again!" Tori said, throwing a water wave at him, but he countered with a laser blast, as the droplets flew everywhere.

"I brought Motordrone back, with improvements." Zurtrax explained, shooting an electric blast at Zero, but he dodged and jumped off a tree, attacking him.

"We probably should've gotten rid of those parts!" Cameron said, fighting off both Slypox and Vexacus at once.

In the midst of their forest fighting, they heard some fish hiking in the distance, coming near their location.

"I think it's time we considered a tactical retreat!" Jake said.

"Yeah, I'm not in the mood to fight evil right now!" Cynthia said, throwing a bunch of rocks at the generals and Slypox, sending them flying backward.

"Gah...another time, fools!" Vexacus said, as the generals retreated along with Slypox.

Madison quickly closed the last portal, powering down.

"That was close..."  Madison said, as the group kept walking by.

"Yeah, we can't really fight here. Our identities will be exposed." Jake said.

"Retreating was the logical solution. We should focus on finding the one with the seal, as Mai said." Zero said.

"But who could have it? Do we just ask every citizen around if they have a creepy object from another world?" Tori asked.

"They must have not gone far, considering they just opened all the portals recently, and are probably in this general area." Nick said.

"When the next portal opens on the map, we can quickly go there and hopefully find the culprit." Jake suggested.

"It's getting late though. My parents will want us home any minute. I guess we can continue the search tomorrow, and hopefully they don't open a thousand more portals..." Madison said.

As the gang was walking back home, they met with Professor Rotwell, who had a notebook and binoculars. Madison quickly put the heart away in her pocket.

"Well well well, what do we have here? What are you... eins, zwei, drei... ah ha, eight, up to?" Rotwell asked, counting.

"We were just having a nice stroll through the woods, we really like nature." Nick lied.

"I see, I wouldn't expect that from Mrs. Landers when she can barely focus in my class!" Rotwell ranted.

"Uh yeah, I do like nature, now we have to go!" Madison said, as they walked off. 

"Now what were those rapscallions up to? Like anybody would take a nature walk, how pathetic and boring of teenagers! Ah well, now I have to take a hike through these woods and write down every insignificant little thing I see!" Rotwell said, venturing off.

Back in the other part of the forest, Zurtrax let out a shock at Slypox.

"What was that for?!" Slypox asked, smoking.

"For disobeying the king's orders, he made it clear to have no Karmanian beasts visit Posidonia unless it was to visit him!" Zurtrax said.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't resist the taste of the portal!" Slypox replied.

"Now now, let's not be harsh. Perhaps we have an opportunity presented in front of us. If we find that mole, perhaps we can convince him to help us set a trap to destroy the guardians with our sharp-bladed friend..." Vexacus suggested.

"Where can we find mole, there are none underwater?" Van Gordon asked.

"Not those kinds of moles, Diggy is his name. He is a disgusting creature that got a hold of the Runaway's Seal, but he is friends of the guardians. I'm sure we could get him to lure them into yet another trap." Zurtrax said.

"Yes, but I already beat you to the idea, friend! Now, let's have a mole hunt!" Vexacus said.

Diggy is seen rummaging through a dumpster in an alley.

"Wow, the other side sure has a lot of garbage, and that's saying something coming from me!" Diggy said.

Diggy then kept looking around, as a dump boat picked up the dumpster, throwing it into the back.

"This doesn't sound good..." Diggy said, as he began moving with the dump boat.

The next day, the girls and Jake are leaving school, as Madison looks at an Algebra II quiz sadly.

"C-, as expected," Madison said.

"Hey, look on the bright side, at least you didn't fail." Tori said.

"Wait...Mrs. Lenden left a note with her house address. It says to meet her at her house, and to bring my friends..." Madison said, reading it.

"Why us?" Audrey asked.

The five are seen approaching Mrs. Lenden's house. 

"Nice flowers," Cynthia said, admiring the garden.

From their right, a Karmanian female appeared, shocking them.

"Who are you?!" Madison asked.

"Don't attack! It's me, Mrs. Lenden..." Mrs. Lenden said, showing her normal fish form to them.

"Uh... okay, anyone mind explaining to me what that was about?" Tori asked.

"I know you girls are the current guardians. I had to show you I am Karmanian." Mrs. Lenden said.

"Huh, I guess even teachers have secrets." Jake said.

"Come with me." Mrs. Lenden said, showing them to her backyard, taking seats at a table.

"So, you know all about us?" Cynthia asked.

"Yes, I wanted to tell you the truth. I was the one who brought the princess over 16 years ago with the Runaway's Seal. Many rebels helped her escape, but I was the last to take her. Unfortunately, I dropped it when closing the portal due to the soldiers, and it was lost." Mrs. Lenden explained.

"You saved Elana? Why didn't you tell us sooner?" Madison asked.

"I was waiting for the right moment, and I hear now is a good time. I've heard the Runaway's Seal was finally found." Mrs. Lenden said.

"Yes, but we don't know who. Do you have any advice on how to find them?" Madison asked.

"I'm afraid not, I just couldn't keep seeing you all at school without telling you the truth." Mrs. Lenden said.

"Well, this will make Algebra II awkward now." Tori said.

"Do not worry, your secrets are safe with me. But you must find that seal, imagine what could happen if it fell into the wrong hands..." Mrs. Lenden said.

"Thank you Mrs. Lenden! Also, I promise I'll improve in class!" Madison promised, as they said goodbye.

"You better." Mrs. Lenden said after they left.

Diggy is seen looking through piles of garbage at the Posidonia Fields Dump, collecting junk. Broodwing then flies down, startling him, making him fall back in a pile of trash.

"Whoa! Um, hi, Broodwing, how did you find me?!" Diggy asked.

"I should've expected you would be here of all places, it's most fitting. Ramos is not very happy you left portals open in Posidonia Fields with your new toy." Broodwing explained.

"I did? I guess I got a little excited and wasn't paying attention, hehe..." Diggy said nervously.

"But he is going to be nice on you. He said, if you can lure the guardians into a trap and destroy them, he will pay you with Kesos, gold, and so much more." Broodwing offered.

Diggy hit an old cash register in the pile, making a "ching-ching" sound.

"Ooh, now that's a tempting offer! Alrighty then, luring people into traps seems to be my game!" Diggy said.

"Do they know you have the Runaway's Seal?" Broodwing asked.

"Not now they don't, but I'm a great actor! Just watch..." Diggy said.

The eight heroes regrouped, as Madison was looking at a new x on the map.

"I think the location of that portal would be at the Posidonia Fields Dump, which probably doesn't have Cynthia too happy." Jake said.

"Let's just get this wild goose chase over with..." Cynthia said.

They looked around and saw the portal, as Diggy jumped out of a trash pile, with the Runaway's Seal around his neck.

"Diggy has the seal?!" Cameron asked.

"Oh, uh, hi there friends! Yes, I obtained this little artifact while sniffing underground. It's given me a VIP pass to see you guys whenever, heh!" Diggy explained nervously.

"Lovely, because I need to smell you in both worlds." Tori said.

"It's kind of fitting we found you at a dump of all places." Nick said.

"Well your fun needs to end now, because you were leaving portals everywhere and let a monster in!" Madison said.

"I'm sorry sweetheart, but I promise I won't do anything stupid with it! Yonder through this portal however, I was taking a stroll when a monster attacked me! I was running like a sprinter, but they were fast. I used this thingy to open a portal to get me out of here, but the creature is still in there, you have to help me! I can't go back there until it's vanquished!" Diggy lied.

"You're coming with us then, just so you don't try any funny stuff here!" Jake said, grabbing Diggy.

"Well, okay!" Diggy sighed, as the nine went through the portal.

They appeared in the farmlands, and came face to face with Slypox, the five generals, and a ton of Slayers. The eight powered up at once.

"ATTACK!" Vexacus yelled, shooting lasers at them all.

"Now we have the larger playing field." Van Gordon said, laughing.

"Only one monster, huh?" Tori asked to Diggy.

"That was him, I guess that fiend got reinforcements!" Diggy said, pointing to Slypox.

"Just stay put, or you'll find yourself a fried mole." Cameron said to him, as Diggy understood and stood back.

Motordrone made its bike appear, racing through the plains with it, running over crops. It was zooming at Tori, as she quickly flew up, launching a water wave at him. He quickly swerved, shooting lasers at Nick and Zero, who were slicing through two blue Slayers.

"Watch out!" Zero said to Nick, as they split, avoiding the lasers.

Jake and Cameron were fighting off Zurtrax and two orange Slayers, but Slypox interrupted, clashing its claws with them.

"I'm getting really sick of this guy!" Cameron said, firing a blast from his handgun at Slypox.

"Gahh, watch the face!" Slypox yelled, covering his face with his claws. Jake punched him in the stomach, sending him flying.

Zurtrax shot an electric blast at Jake, falling to the ground. He was about to attack him, but Cynthia made the ground rise up, hurling a rock quickly at Zurtrax, sending him flying on top of Vexacus.

"Get off of me, fool!" Vexacus yelled, pushing Zurtrax off, launching an explosion at the knights. 

Audrey then let out a heavy gust at Van Gordon and Doyle, breaking their flight paths, and clashed into each other.

"Watch where you're going, gallah!" Doyle complained, crashing straight into Motordrone, who fell off his bike.

"Wow, this is just...sad." Tori said, making whirlpool pick up the three, spinning them around, and hurled them to Audrey, who blew a gust at them. It froze the three in an ice ball.

As Madison launched heart blasts at Slayers, destroying them, the ice ball with Van Gordon, Doyle and Motordrone went rolling due to Audrey pushing it with more wind. As Vexacus and Zurtrax kept fighting off Cameron and Jake, the latter two ran for it, as Vexacus and Zurtrax got ran over by the ice ball. They were stuck to it, as it kept rolling onward through the plains.

"That took care of those five morons, now to finish these pieces of junk!" Cynthia said, throwing more rocks at the Slayers, destroying them.

She made vines rise up and grab an orange Slayer, as Tori let out a powerful water slice, slicing it in half. Zero and Nick destroyed two blue Slayers, as the Slayers were finished.

"I'm not done yet, kiddies!" Slypox yelled, cutting through the dirt with his blades and charged at them.

"I don't know who to root for here, those five generals sure took an icy slide, maybe I should get out of here..." Diggy said.

He took off the seal and was about to wave it through the air, when Madison launched a heart blast at Slypox, sending him flying at Diggy. His seal went flying in the air.

As it went flying, the heart glowed pink, and the seal began glowing a dark pulse, letting out black electricity sparks.

"What's happening?!" Madison asked, as the heart floated off her chest and began to collide with the seal.

Slypox got back up, while Diggy looked at the scene confused. The seal and heart both span around, colliding their powers.

"I have no idea how to respond to this." Tori said, looking at it with the others.

They kept floating around each other, and fused together. The heart appeared normal, floating back into Madison's fins.

"Uhh...okay, anyone have any ideas what just happened?" Madison asked.

"My-my seal, it's gone! What did your fancy shmancy pink orb do to my seal?!" Diggy asked, upset.

"Buddy, I don't think any of us know." Cameron replied.

"Enough games!" Slypox yelled, as he jumped up and crashed to the ground. He began clashing his blades with Zero, but he let out an electric blast into Slypox's blades, shocking him.

"I've really had enough of this guy!" Tori said, letting out a whirlpool at him, and he fell to the ground.

"How about I judge this clown?" Nick asked.

"I mean, if you really want to-" Jake was saying, as Nick opened the scanner, letting out the stun waves at Slypox, and he couldn't move.

"I promise, I was just curious! I didn't want to hurt nobody!" Slypox replied.

"First of all, you sure had no problem attacking us when you came out of the portal yesternight. Second of all, that's grammatically incorrect. "I did not want to hurt nobody" means you did want to hurt somebody, so you committed a crime against the English language!" Nick said, as it read him "Guilty".

"Oh come on!" Slypox yelled.

"Wow, that thing must not like poor grammar." Tori said.

"Well, I don't know what that seal did to the heart, but I guess this will still work!" Madison said, as she let out a heart blast at the containment unit, and it went flying at Slypox.

"NOOOO!" Slypox yelled, being imprisoned, Nick turned around doing a pose, and the rest did for the heck of it.

"I didn't know we did that now." Cameron said.

"I dunno, I thought it'd be cool. Anyways, freak captured, and the day is saved!" Nick said, giving a thumbs up, as Jake put out a call to have Slypox put in the prison.

"Sorry your toy is gone...I guess. I don't really know what happened to it." Madison said to Diggy.

"Ah, don't worry lass, with such power comes great responsibility, and I was not fit for such, uh, power! It is for the best it is out of my dirty hands." Diggy said.

The eight powered down and went through the portal. Rotwell is seen exploring the dump, examining objects. He was looking at a broken vase.

"Now, who would throw away a perfectly valuable vase?! I swear, the people of this town have no class!" Rotwell said.

He then noticed a glowing light in the distance, squinting to try to see it.

"Now, what do we have here?" Rotwell asked.

The eight came out of it, and Madison closed the portal.

"I just wish I knew what that seal did to the heart, it seems the same." Madison wondered.

"We can ask grandma." Audrey said, when Rotwell approached the eight.

"You eight again?! What are you doing back here?!" Rotwell asked, suspicious.

"What are you doing here?" Jake asked.

"Well, you see, I like investigating things thrown here, because people throw away objects that could help me on my inves-THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT!" Rotwell yelled.

"We've got teenage things to do, old man," Cynthia said, as the eight walked off.

"Uh, bye, strange dude." Nick said.

"I'm not old, disrespectful brats!" Rotwell said angrily.

Back at the Golden Seahorse, Madison explained what happened to Mai.

"So yeah, I have no clue what it did to the heart, but it's acting normal?" Madison said, confused.

"It appears the seal and heart fused their powers together when they came in close enough contact. The seal was used to open and close portals, while the heart only closes them." Mai said.

"Wait...does that mean?" Cameron was asking.

"Yes, it means Madison can now open portals to Karmania. You will no longer have to wait for ones to magically appear to go there, you can now open them on your own will whenever." Mai explained.

"Sweet, we have a power-up!" Audrey said.

"Wow, and it came from...Diggy of all people." Madison said sourly. "Oh well, at least now I can do something more!"

Back upstairs in Rotwell's room, he is seen talking to himself again, hitting record.

"Alas, I still do not have much to form my thesis yet. I found nothing at the dump, and I really need a shower! But I do have one thesis I can conclude: Start keeping a closer eye on Madison Landers and her friends..." Rotwell said suspiciously.

"HANS, ARE YOU RAMBLING ABOUT YOUR CRAZY THEORIES AGAIN?!" his mother asked from downstairs.

"NO MOTHER!" Rotwell yelled back.



-Character Debuts: Mrs. Lenden, Rotwell's Mother, and Slypox

-Area Debuts: Posidonia Fields Dump and Underground City

-The Heart can now open portals due to fusing with the Runaway's Seal.

-Motordrone becomes a general and is revived.

-It is revealed Mrs. Lenden, Madison's Algebra II teacher, is a Karmanian who brought Elana over.

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Nice. I liked how the teachers played a role, though I legit wonder if the reason the guardians don't like Diggy is because they sense he's a traitor. I mean, this is the third time now he's lied to them? XD This chapter was also funny, crimes against the English language are the worst crimes. :P 

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Great episode! I liked the beginning with the girls finally seeing the Underground City. I also liked the role the Runaway Seal played in this episode, and the revelation that the teacher was the one who brought Elana over with it. But yeah, Diggy's definitely a pest to both sides >_> .

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22. Icebound

"IDIOTS!" Ramos yelled in his throne room.

"Oh no, not Skipper!" Skipper said nervously.

"No, not you." Ramos replied.

"Oh, whew-" Skipper was saying.

"I'm talking about EVERYONE ELSE! How could you idiots get defeated by being rolled into an ICE BALL, let me repeat that, an ICE BALL?!" Ramos boomed to the generals.

"It was a rookie error." Motordrone replied.

"I mean, the wind and water girlies work pretty well together." Doyle replied, shrugging. 

"You see Great King Ramos, they powerful-" Van Gordon was saying.

"SILENCE! If the pesky brats try to theoretically save Elana, and this recent battle is any indication, you'd all be useless! Not only that, but you also let the girl upgrade her stupid piece of jewelry, so she can now open portals whenever! How many more times are these guardians and knights going to beat us?!" Ramos ranted.

"Well, if there are five generals, and there's eight of them-" Zurtrax calculated.

"That wasn't a serious question, it's called venting! If you five don't find a way to remove them from the equation, I might have to find ways of my own to eliminate them, or eliminate you, as I can make some budget cuts around here..." Ramos threatened.

"My king, I apologize, they just had the upper hand that time. Besides, you still have Elana in your possession, and that is what matters the most, correct?" Vexacus asked.

"Yes Captain Obvious, but if she falls out of my possession, my whole plan falls apart!" Ramos replied.

"Someone sure woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I can hear your ranting from the hallway. You wouldn't want Elana to hear this..." Morgana taunted, walking in.

"For your information, I actually did wake up on the wrong side of my royal bed for some reason, but that's not important!" Ramos replied.

"Sir, if I may add, we do not have the magical capabilities the guardians possess, since we are using technology against them, so we have been at a disadvantage in the fighting front." Zurtrax said.

"Yes, you've been better in the behind-the-scenes field than the actual front-lines. Perhaps you do have a good idea, however..." Ramos was saying.

"I do?" Zurtrax asked, surprised.

"He does?" Vexacus asked, surprised.

"Yes, if only there was some, say, ancient artifact to mix with our own technology, like those guardians and knights do with their silly beast capturing machines." Ramos pondered.

Vexacus is seen walking down a hallway, when he overhears Ramos and Skipper in Skipper's room. Skipper is seen reading through a book.

"Ooh, boss, take a look, there's something of interest in this book..." Skipper was saying.

"What is it, Skipper? Speak up!" Ramos replied.

"According to this book of ancient Karmanian treasures, legend has it, there's a powerful treasure buried underneath the Permafrost Mountains. Whoever finds this treasure can gain lots of power over the element of Ice." Skipper read.

"Yes, yes...I see it now! We can freeze them, and they'd finally be out of the way! This plan might work, glad I thought of it." Ramos boasted.

"A treasure, eh?" Vexacus wondered, overhearing this.

"You sounded pretty angry at them." Skipper said to Ramos.

"Yes, I can only handle so much incompetence. If they fail this next mission, I might have to write some pink slips. There's some dead weight holding us down, especially with those two idiot hunters..." Ramos said.

Vexacus then met up with Van Gordon, Doyle, and Morgana down a hallway for an alliance meeting.

"At least we do something, all he does is sit on his throne looking pretty for his people!" Doyle ranted.

"I believe I have a way of redeeming yourselves. I overheard his conversation, and apparently Ramos has discovered there is magic item that will control the element of Ice. Sounds like finding ancient artifacts would be your two's speciality, would it not?" Vexacus asked, as the two treasure hunters were interested.

"A treasure hunt? Now THAT'S something in my field of expertise, mate!" Doyle said happily.

"My too!" Van Gordon replied.

"Yes, and as the #1 general, I give you two the permission to take up this next mission on your own. You are most experienced for it. Plus...Ramos said he is considering firing you two, and what would be a better way to keep your job by finding this treasure?" Vexacus asked.

"WHAT?! That bugger is considerin' firing me?!" Doyle asked.

"And me too?! How dares he?!" Van Gordon replied angrily.

"I won't let that happen, and I say trying to prove yourselves worthy with this mission will convince him to keep you two! That way we can rise to the top!" Vexacus said.

"Of course mate, this is something I can pull off." Doyle replied.

"You mean we!" Van Gordon corrected.

Elana walked down the hallway to see the four.

"Oh hey guys...what's going on here? Is this a new secret hangout spot?" Elana asked, giggling.

"We were just discussing...the weather. Isn't it lovely out? In fact, it's so lovely I think we could go outside!" Morgana improvised to Elana.

"Sure thing!" Elana said, as they walked off.

Later that same day, the girls and Jake are seen walking out of the high school.

"So, is Algebra II awkward now knowing your teacher is a Karmanian?" Tori asked to Madison.

"Eh, it's more or less the same." Madison replied.

"I mean, if my teacher was Karmanian and knew I was a guardian, I'd probably be asking for free A's, but that's just me." Tori replied.

"I think that would be just as you, as that sounds like one of your jokes, which only you find funny." Cynthia replied.

"Was I trying to be funny? I was just saying, I'd take advantage of that, wouldn't you?" Tori asked.

"Well, you do have a lot of snark, so I guess you are the "funny one" of the group, unless you want to give that title to Nick." Jake said.

"Yeah, maybe for your boys, and even then, I think Nick's "humor" has us confused more than laughing." Tori replied, as Trent approached the gang.

"Hey dudes...dudettes...uh, whatever you want to be called by, how's it hanging?" Trent asked.

"We're uh, pretty fine!" Madison replied awkwardly.

"Do you have anything going on? It'd be cool for us to hang out again," Trent offered.

"No, we should be able to!" Madison replied.

"Yeah, we can schedule something later," Jake was saying.

"Not so fast. I really want to know where you all run off to lately..." Trent said, making them nervous.

"We uh... hang out at my grandma's restaurant, the Golden Seahorse. You were there that one time!" Audrey quickly replied.

"Oh yeah, that sounds pretty chill! Lead the way!" Trent said, as they headed off there.

Jake then talked to Madison off to the side.

"I really hope you didn't get us into something we can't get out of..." Jake whispered to her.

"We'll be fine, it's not like there's any Karmanian stuff going on," Madison replied.

"For now, but that could change fast." Jake replied, as Madison sighed.

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Let's just have fun, we haven't hung out with Trent lately, I feel bad." Madison replied.

They went into the Golden Seahorse to see it packed, as Audrey's parents were busy taking orders.

"There's an empty booth, that will work," Audrey said, taking them to it.

Jake then got a contact on his bracelet, as he seemed nervous. He ignored it at first as Audrey's father came to take their orders. After he left, he got another contact, as Trent overheard the sound.

"Hey dude, I think your watch is making weird noises...wait, where did you get that from?" Trent asked, seeing Jake's knight bracelet, and it reminded him of the one he found in "Whiteout".

"Uh...it's a special one I got from the watch store, it was just giving an alert that it hit a new hour!" Jake improvised.

"Interesting, never...seen one like that before, they really make fancy new gizmos these days," Trent said hesitantly.

"Haha, yeah, they sure do!" Jake replied, laughing awkwardly.

"Wow, that sounds like the response of someone who is hiding a bad test grade from their parents, which I probably do a lot," Tori replied.

Jake then whispered to Madison.

"Sorry Trent, but we have an...urgent family issue to take care of, like, right now." Madison lied.

"Oh, alright then. Hopefully it doesn't take too long, can I come?" Trent asked.

"No, I think you should stay and keep our booth so nobody tries stealing it!" Cynthia replied.

"Good idea, I promise I'll keep your seats warm!" Trent replied.

The five got up and left the restaurant, as Audrey's father went to the table to deliver their drinks to see only Trent there.

"This is awkward." Audrey's father replied.

"Uh, they'll be back soon. Maybe." Trent replied.

"I really hope this doesn't take long..." Madison sighed, as they were approaching the dojo.

"Don't worry, your boyfriend will hopefully wait...or he'll be frustrated you ditched him again." Tori replied.

"Boyfriend?! He's not my-" Madison was saying.

"See, now that's a funny joke! There's no real point in hiding it Maddie." Cynthia teased, as Madison's face got red.

"Wait, I was telling a joke? I thought that was just common sense." Tori replied, as the girls and Jake laughed, while Madison felt embarrassed. 

They made it to the dojo and met up with the knights and Ranen.

"Sorry for the delay, we had company to deal with." Jake apologized.

"We've discovered Federation activity at the Permafrost Village and mountain range, an area in Central Karmania." Ranen said, as Zero showed the location on the Karmania map.

"Oh joy, an obligatory ice location adventure? This will be a COOL opportunity for some ice puns." Tori said, smiling, as Cynthia facepalmed.

"I can tell I'm already going to hate this mission," Cynthia sighed.

"Why would they be there of all places?" Jake asked.

"This is only a theory, but supposedly, there's a legendary magical item buried deep in the mountain called the Frost Star. Whoever has it can gain lots of power over the element of Ice. It is said to be guarded by a legendary creature. Nobody has ever found it, but I hypothesize Ramos thinks it is real and wants to find it." Zero explained.

"If it might not be even real, why are we going there?" Madison asked.

"Because, what if it is real and we let Ramos get his greedy fins on it?" Cameron asked.

"He has a point." Nick replied.

"Yeah, I know you'll be missing time with your boyfriend, but I think preventing Ramos from getting a deadly popsicle is more important." Tori said.

"He's not my...oh, forget it, fine, let's go. At least we don't have to wait for a portal now that I can open my own," Madison said.

She then lifted up the heart, as it let out a spark and opened a portal in front of them. All eight went into it.

Back at Ramos's throne room, he is seen speaking to the five generals.

"Gentlemen, I may have finally put an end to your inferiorness...which probably isn't a real word, but I don't care! I have stationed some of my men at the Permafrost Mountains, I believe there is an artifact there called the Frost Star. It will give you unlimited power over the element of Ice." Ramos explained.

"Great King Ramos, I would like to volunteers, along with comrade Doyle." Van Gordon said.

"Yeah mate, if you want a treasure found, you need the two boys with the experience to find a treasure." Doyle bragged.

"They have a point, my king. They are professional treasure hunters, and would be most fit for the job ." Vexacus said.

"Oh right, you two do that... hmm, this is very tempting. Fine, but be sure you have a lot of Slayers and whatever else you need. We cannot let the guardians get it. Are you two SURE you can do this alone?" Ramos asked.

"Of course mate, otherwise we wouldn't be volunteering." Doyle replied.

"Plus, where I comes from, we are born for the icy lands!" Van Gordon said proudly.

"I approve, and I have a weapon to help them. This is a gun I modified to hold the Frost Star's energy, and they can use it against the guardians." Vexacus explained, showing a modified blaster, which had an empty holding unit for the item. 

"Thanks you, shark man!" Van Gordon said, happily holding it. 

"There is also an outlaw around that area who could be of service to you. His name is Frostbite, and has quite a bounty on his head. Perhaps convince him to help you if you see him." Zurtrax said.

"Sure thing, but what does this treasure look like?" Doyle asked.

"You'll know if you find it, now get to it!" Ramos ordered.

"...That didn't answer my question, like, at all-" Doyle was saying.

"Go before I change my mind! You two better not come back empty-handed..." Ramos warned to the two.

"Yes sir!" Van Gordon saluted, as the two walked off.

The heroes are seen in their forms, as they were making their way to the Permafrost Village. 

"It's too bad your heart still can't automatically teleport us to places," Audrey said to Madison.

"Well, you see, if it was that easy to get to places, that would ruin the sense of adventure and character bonding experiences we have! Plus, nothing in life is really easy, because that'd mean people wouldn't have to work to get anything, and we would devolve into laziness." Nick said.

"Wow, that's deep." Cynthia replied.

"Hey, I thought I was the snarky one." Tori taunted.

"Was I being snarky?" Cynthia asked.

"...Fine, you got me there." Tori sighed.

Van Gordon and Doyle are seen arriving at the Permafrost Village, getting out of a Federation van, wearing parkas in addition to their armor. 

"Yup, this just like back home." Van Gordon said, stepping into the snow. 

They saw several soldiers walking around the village, as some young Karmanians were playing in the snow. Van Gordon and Doyle kept walking up a hill, nearing the mountains, and walked through a forest. Snow was all over the trees, as Doyle noticed a "Wanted" poster with a picture of Frostbite on it, with a reward of 500,000 Keso coins. He then ripped it off the tree.

"Aye, that's the beast the robo mate mentioned to us." Doyle said, as yellow eyes were seen glowing and looking at the two from a frosty bush. 

Frostbite then jumped out and growled. He had two giant white hands with icy claws, and he had two icicles hanging down as fangs. 

"FREEZE, TRESPASSERS! TAKE THIS!" Frostbite yelled, as he shot icy mist at the two, but they quickly jumped, as Doyle fired a blast at him from a gun. 

The two landed in front of him, as Doyle held up the wanted poster

"Chill out you bloomin' savage, we're here on royal business. I hear you know these parts well..." Doyle said.

"Yeah I do, so what?!" Frostbite asked.

"We are here on behalfs of Great King Ramos to find a Frost Star, and we want your help." Van Gordon explained.

"You two idiots think you could find the Frost Star?! Nobody has, and I work alone! Tell Ramos to go bite an icicle!" Frostbite said.

"How unfortunate, since I see on this here poster that you have a bloomin' price. I could tell Ramos about this, and we could turn yer cold behind right into the rebels..." Doyle blackmailed.

"Ugh, fine! I do know the mountains well, but I've never been able to find the Frost Star! I may know of a spot to start at though..." Frostbite confessed.

"No worries, you got two professional treasure hunters standing in front of you, mate. Lead the way." Doyle said.

"But first, let us leave gift for any naughty children..." Van Gordon said, chuckling, pulling out a bag of Slayer balls.

The heroes were seen going through the forests, noticing how colder it was getting and how the trees were getting darker in color. 

"I think we're getting there, because I-I'm starting to feel chilly!" Audrey said, rubbing her skin for warmth.

"We get to freeze our mermaid tails off while those four get suits to keep themselves warm, this seems fair!" Cynthia complained.

"It's not like we have heaters inside of us, we'll still feel cold too!" Cameron replied.

"Don't worry, the cold never bothered me that much anyway." Madison said.

They made it to Permafrost Village, as they all felt colder. Some villagers noticed them, but quickly hid back in their houses when some soldiers walked up to the eight.

"Hey there, you...oh, you're the guardians, huh? Well, this means we have to shoot you now, so..." the soldier was saying, as they pulled out their guns.

They fired at once, as the eight began attacking. Jake ran up and sliced a soldier's gun off, as he pushed them in the snow. 

Audrey began blowing onto the snow, as it let out icy winds on the soldiers, and Tori doused more water onto the winds to freeze some. 

"You guys need to CHILL out!" Tori said, snickering.

"Haha, chill, ...how funny, not really." Cynthia said.

"Heh, chill...HAHA, I GET IT! Ice puns, that's funny!" a soldier said, as the others began laughing.

"...That wasn't funny at all." another soldier said, as they stopped attacking.

Tori then began to lift up with the snow with her water powers, and she began pelting snowballs at the soldiers, as they all fell to the ground. Audrey then made a gust out of the snow on the remaining soldiers, and Tori doused more water into the gust, freezing the soldiers.

"Ooh, it's pretty." a Karmanian said, looking at the giant ice formation that formed out of the ground with the soldiers frozen inside.

"Looks like they really got put on thin ICE." Tori said, as she laughed with Madison and Audrey.

"I don't understand. What are you girls doing with your mouths?" Zero asked.

"Oh right, robots and your anti-humor. It's called humor, we should try adding that into your database." Tori said.

"I'm actually a cyborg, but sure." Zero replied.

"I wish I could not understand humor like Zero, that way I wouldn't want to laugh at these awful puns either." Cynthia said, crossing her arms.

"Cool down a bit Cynthia, she's just having some fun." Nick said, as Cynthia groaned while Tori chuckled.

"Haha, cool. Good one, Nick!" Tori replied.

"Thanks, but I wasn't making a joke...at least I don't think I was." Nick wondered.

"Alright, we can have our fun later, let's go before Trent gets bored." Jake said, as they headed up into the icy forest.

Trent is seen still waiting at the booth, as Audrey's father walked up to the booth.

"Alright, what are my daughter and her friends up to?!" Audrey's father asked annoyed.

"They had an urgent issue. It's been almost fifteen minutes, so it must be serious." Trent replied, smiling awkwardly.

The heroes are seen hiking through the forest.

"This forest walk will be a breeze." Tori said.

"Can you like, not?" Cynthia asked.

Nick then spotted a snowman, as it had a carrot nose and a hat on it.

"Whoa, a snowman! Now what are you doing out here all alone? But it's missing a face, I better fix that..." Nick said, as he made a smiley face on it. "I'll call you Chilly Billy!"

Suddenly, a laser blast shot at Chilly Billy, making him fall apart, as his parts flew everywhere.

"NOO, BILLY! HE WAS SO YOUNG! WHY, CRUEL WORLD?!?!?" Nick asked, heartbroken, falling to his knees sobbing.

The other seven turned around to see an orange Slayer with two blues and six blacks, ready to attack.

"Something tells me Ramos's goons are already steps ahead of us." Cameron said.

Inside the mountain, the two hunters and Frostbite are walking through the caverns. Van Gordon slipped on the icy floor, as he made a big thud.

"Gah, it is too slippery in here!" Van Gordon complained, trying to get back up. A small crack formed in the back of his jet-pack.

"What did ya expect, a walk in the park?!" Doyle asked.

"Keep your cool you two, we just have a little more to go." Frostbite said, as Doyle also slipped a bit.

As Van Gordon was laughing at him, little did he know his jet-pack was leaking oil, leaving a trail behind the three. 

"Alright, I hope you two aren't scared babies, because this is a large jump!" Frostbite said, showing them to a ledge.

"Ha, I not scared since we have the jet-pack!" Van Gordon boasted, as they jumped at once.

"AAAHHH...aaaah?" Doyle was yelling, as all three made a safe fall, revealing it wasn't a deep jump at all, and the location from where they jumped was barely inches above them. "Hey, you lied!"

"I know, it was funny to hear you scream." Frostbite taunted, chuckling.

"Just move it!" Doyle ordered.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Frostbite replied, growling, and then kept walking.

Back in the forest, the heroes fought off the Slayers. Jake tapped Nick on the shoulder, who was mourning Chilly Billy.

"Nick, we're under attack!" Jake said.

"OH RIGHT, we are!" Nick said, no longer weeping and forgetting about Chilly Billy, getting up to fight.

Madison launched heart blasts at some, causing them to short-circuit, while Audrey let out a heavy wind at a black Slayer, sending it tumbling down a hill and smashing into a tree. Cameron sliced at an orange Slayer, while Zero sliced in half a blue one. Cynthia lifted up rocks from the snow and began shooting them at the remaining black Slayers. 

"Just this orange hothead remains, he really needs to cool down!" Tori said, as she shot a wave of water at it, but it jumped at Tori.

The orange Slayer launched an electric blast at her, as she fell to the ground.

"Wow, I guess it doesn't like your jokes either!" Cynthia replied, attacking it with more rocks, and Madison launched another heart blast at its head, ripping it off.

Jake then punched the body, as it went flying off to the side.

"Let us mourn Chilly Billy, a true hero who was caught in the middle of our cross-fire." Nick said, looking at Chilly Billy's remains.

"Nick, that snowman wasn't even made by you." Jake said.

"I know, but it's so cold of those robots to destroy him! Snowmen have rights too!" Nick said.

"Haha, cold. You're learning from the best." Tori replied.

"I wasn't making a pun though, that was actually a really cold thing to do, and I mean the evil cold, not the chilly cold, but it is pretty cold right now-" Nick was saying.

"Let's just go." Cynthia groaned, as the eight went toward the mountain.

They made it to an entrance, as Cameron read a sign near it.

"Welcome to Permafrost Mountain, it is as cool as ice! Though small at first glance, this mountain is deep. You can take a route into Western Karmania, or be taken to Glacial Village. We at Permafrost Village are not responsible for anything that happens to you in here." Cameron read.

"That's re-assuring." Tori said sarcastically.

"What, no ice pun this time?" Cynthia asked.

"No, but you can expect more in the mountain. You just won't know when." Tori replied.

The eight made their way into the caverns, as Jake was slipping on the ice.

"This is why I don't skate!" Jake said, as the girls laughed at him. "Not funny!"

As they kept walking, a bunch of ice bat creatures were flying through the air, and they avoided them.

"What are those?" Audrey asked.

"Ice Bats, they inhabit this area. Just do not bother them, and they will not attack you." Zero said.

"So...do we have any idea where we're going? We don't even know if this treasure is real." Cynthia asked.

"According to my scans of this floor, I am detecting footprints of fish and a Karmanian beast. Looks like Ramos's henchmen are here to get the treasure." Zero said, analyzing the ground.

"It's too bad I don't have feet in this form, because I'd show you silly guys how to really skate on ice!" Cynthia taunted, as Nick and Cameron were slipping a bit.

"Sorry, but not all of us are born with the same skills you have, Cynthia!" Madison replied.

"Pretty sure if we were all born like Cynthia, we'd be cynical and lack any sense of humor." Tori taunted.

"That's odd..." Zero said.

"I know right? That would be odd, it's why I feel bad you can't appreciate my humor." Tori replied.

"No, not that. I am now seeing what appears to be oil, from a jet-pack. It's a trail." Zero said, showing it to them.

"That must be from one of those two goofball hunters." Jake said.

"And they've lead us right to the treasure." Cameron said, as they followed the trail.

The two treasure hunters and Frostbite are seen going through a tunnel, but they come to a dead end.

"This is the strangest part of the mountain, the path just stops here." Frostbite said.

"Aye, whenever you got a dead end like this mate, there's definitely something hidden. Now, to see whether if it's actually behind that wall..." Doyle said.

"We'll breaks it down!" Van Gordon said, cracking his knuckles, punching into the ice, and hurt his fin. "OWW!"

"Nice job, I think you really made progress there. Let a true hunter do this." Doyle said, as he got out a gun and fired at the wall, causing it to crack.

The eight came to a turn, and saw the three.

"Wow, Ramos only sent those two? He really must be losing faith in the others." Jake said.

"Yoo hoo, earth to the three stooges." Cynthia taunted, as the three turned around and gasped.

"WHAT?! How did they find us?!" Frostbite asked.

"You really shouldn't leave a trail of jet-pack oil for us to find." Cameron said.

Doyle then looked at Van Gordon's jet-pack.

"You idiot, your bloomin' jet-pack has been leakin' and led those gallahs right to us!" Doyle said.

"It was not my faults!" Van Gordon argued back.

"I knew I couldn't trust you two buffoons. So I'll put these kids on ICE! FREEZE!" Frostbite yelled, shooting ice beams at the eight.

"Great, now the villain of the week is cracking ice puns too?" Cynthia asked, throwing icy rocks at him, but he sliced through them with ice blasts.

"That's my job!" Tori replied.

"I can't focus on breaking through the wall with all that noise!" Doyle complained, still trying to break through the wall with equipment.

"Then focus harder!" Van Gordon said, as he fired at Nick, but he deflected it with his sword and at Frostbite, who growled angrily.

"Wow, my grandma can shoot better than you, mate. This is just sad, let me in on this action!" Doyle said, as he stopped working and went to fight.

Nick and Zero were fighting off Van Gordon, as Nick sliced at his golden blaster, cutting it in half.

"How dares you, that was my favorite gun! GAH!" Van Gordon yelled, as he threw the broken part to the side, and charged at the two, wrestling them.

"That's it, no more Mr. NICE Guy!" Frostbite yelled, firing more ice blasts and running up to them.

"Okay, that was just terrible." Tori replied, not amused.

"Don't like my humor? Maybe you need to chill out!" Frostbite said, as he shot an icy breath at Tori, but Jake got in the way.

He used his sword to absorb the blast. The ice was freezing his sword and slowly starting to freeze him. Madison launched a heart blast at Frostbite, as he growled, freeing Jake.

"Not cool!" Jake said, as Doyle fired at him, and they fought.

"Chill out, mate!" Doyle said, laughing, as he threw some smoke bombs. 

"I see the villains have been going to Tori's comedy class." Cynthia said snidely, dodging an ice blast from Frostbite, as Madison launched a heart blast at him.

"We get it, you don't like my jokes. I mean, that's like your opinion and all, but we don't need to hear it every ten seconds." Tori replied.

"Come on you two, cool it!" Cameron said.

"Wow, you two girlies are bickering more than us two!" Doyle said, still fighting off Jake and Cameron, shooting blasts at them, as they went firing into the icy ground.

"Sorry, but some of us don't want to hear ice puns every ten seconds either! Want to make a joke on that?" Cynthia asked annoyed, as she angrily smashed her fin into the icy wall.

As she did that, it began to let out many cracks onto the ground.

"That's not good." Madison said.

"I'm sorry!" Cynthia said.

"You idiots, the floor is collapsing!" Frostbite said, as he, the knights, and two hunters fell through the collapsing ice. The girls flew down and were holding onto the guys, as Madison grabbed Jake, Cynthia grabbed Zero, Tori grabbed Nick, and Audrey grabbed Cameron.

They safely flew down, while the other three fell into the snow. They all got up and gasped, when they saw a shining icy star on a ledge at the end of the cavern. There was a tunnel on each side of the ledge.

"The Frost Star is real! IT'S MINE!" Frostbite said, running to it.

"Cool down there mate, you deal with the children!" Doyle said, as he and Van Gordon flew up to the star in their jet-packs.

Madison launched heart blasts at the two, but they dodged and made it to the ledge. 

"Finally, it is mine!" Doyle said, grabbing it.

"You mean OURS! Wait...didn't Ramos say a beast guard item?" Van Gordon asked, as the two were curious.

Suddenly, everyone felt a tremor, as out of a tunnel came a giant ice serpent with a blue gem on its head, which roared.

"...What is that?!" Tori asked nervously.

"That's the legendary ice serpent, Slittercold!" Frostbite said nervously. 

It began shooting ice blasts out everywhere, as it growled and looked at the two hunters.

"Quick, put it in the bloomin' gun!" Doyle said, as Van Gordon pulled it out.

He put the star in the gun, as it was loaded. Van Gordon pointed it at the serpent, and hit the trigger, but nothing happened.

"What?!" Van Gordon asked in disbelief, trying to shoot it again.

"I knew I couldn't trust you, give that here!" Doyle said, taking it.

Doyle tried shooting the gun at Slittercold, but nothing happened again. The snake roared again, as the two hunters flew off the ledge, and the snake's head smashed through it, with pieces flying.

"Right now I'm more worried on if that thing is on our side or not!" Audrey said, as Slittercold was charging towards them.

"For now, let's worry about him!" Cameron said, as Frostbite approached them.

"Time to take your chill pills!" Frostbite said, as shot more ice beams at them.

"Maybe you need to cool down! Oh jeez, now I sound like Tori!" Cynthia said, as she threw more rocks back at Frostbite, causing him to tumble to the ground. 

"Still not giving up?! Time I showed you fools the ice age!" Frostbite said, as he let out more of his icy breath at Tori and Cynthia. Tori quickly launched water waves at the breath, as they sent the breath flying back at Frostbite. "That's not cool!"

"This guy really needs a breath mint!" Tori said, coughing, as Cynthia smirked.

"Okay, that was funny, mostly because I agree." Cynthia replied.

"My breath isn't that bad!-" Frostbite was saying, as Tori let out a water whirlpool at him, spinning him around.

"GAHHH!!!" Frostbite yelled, as she let go of him and fell into the snow.

Before Jake could scan him, Slittercold picked Frostbite up with its teeth.

"LET ME GO, YOU OVERGROWN SNAKE!" Frostbite yelled.

Slittercold then flung him up through the broken floor, as he went smashing out of the mountain and flying away.

"Thank goodness, he was getting on my nerves. I think he is somehow the only person to be unfunnier than Tori, which is saying something." Cynthia teased, as Tori playfully hit her back.

"Speaking of jokesters, let's finish these two!" Jake said, as Van Gordon and Doyle were still flying.

"Why isn't this infernal thing working?!" Doyle asked angrily, trying to shoot it at Zero.

The gun was acting odd, and began to freeze.

"That not good." Van Gordon said.

Doyle took the star out, holding it up.

"Come on, do something!" Doyle said, but it just began to freeze his fin.

He tossed it into the air, as Slittercold caught it in its mouth. It powered up an ice beam, blasting it, as the two just barely dodged, with some of the ice scraping their jet-packs. They were cornered by the four girls, ready to attack.

"Want some more?" Madison asked.

"Ugh, we do not have times for this! Abandon mission!" Van Gordon said.

"Y'all got lucky this time, we just had...technical difficulties!" Doyle said angrily, as they flew up and escaped.

"I'm sorry Cynthia, I probably did go overboard with my ice puns." Tori said to her.

"It's fine, I can forgive you knowing there's someone more annoying out there who tells worse jokes than you." Cynthia replied.

"I'm sure we'll see him again, and I'll melt him!" Cameron said.

"That's fine and all, but what about that?!" Jake asked, as Slittercold approached them.

It then saw Madison's heart, and backed away. It placed the Frost Star on the ledge and crawled back into a tunnel.

"Well, I guess that solved itself." Nick said.

"It seems it respected the heart, and knew we were good." Zero said.

The girls picked up the guys, as they flew back up. Audrey and Tori then began patching up the broken spot by covering it with new ice.

"There, now nobody can disturb our big ice snake." Tori said.

"OH MAN, Trent! We have to get back and fast!" Madison said.

The four girls and Jake are seen back to normal and entering the Golden Seahorse.

"Alright, we were only gone for thirty-five minutes, maybe he could have waited..." Audrey said, looking for Trent.

They went to the booth and saw Trent playing games on a phone. He quickly looked up and was startled.

"There you are! Was everything okay?" Trent asked.

"Yeah, sorry for the wait. We have all the time now." Madison said, smiling.

"Will you all FINALLY be ordering? I may be old, but not old enough to wait that long for you!" Mai said to them, laughing, approaching their table.

"Yes we are!" Audrey replied.

After they finished their meals, they were seen leaving the Golden Seahorse.

"Sorry things were...awkward, as usual, but time seems to work with and against us at equal rates." Madison said to Trent.

"It's fine, I know how inconveniences can feel. Before you go Maddie, there's something I want to give you..." Trent was saying.

"I think I like where this is going..." Madison said to herself.

Trent then kissed her on the lips, as Madison closed her eyes and returned the kiss.

"Aww." the girls and Jake said, as Tori took a picture of it on her phone.

"I'll keep this for memories." Tori said, smiling.

As they kept kissing, Mai walked outside to see this.

"Adorable, but stop that, I have a rule against public displays of affection at this restaurant!" Mai said, as they stopped and blushed.

"I uh...have felt this way for a while now about you. See you tomorrow at school." Trent said, waving bye to Madison.

"Yeah...see you." Madison replied, with her face red.

At Ramos's throne room, Van Gordon and Doyle are seen entering in.

"Did you two get the Frost Star?" Ramos asked.

"Well...not exactly, mate. The gun...didn't work, and wouldn't hold it." Doyle said to him.

"WHAT?! I thought your weapon worked?!" Ramos asked angrily to Vexacus.

"It should, my king. Let me see that..." Vexacus said, grabbing it from Doyle.

Vexacus loaded a Federation unit in it for their blasters. He then hit a secret switch at the bottom of the gun from "Safety" to "Fire", which he did not tell either about. He then fired it at the floor.

"It did work. This was literally idiot proof, there was no excuse." Vexacus said, confusing the two.

"We tells you, it did nots work! Something is fishy..." Van Gordon said.

"Okay, so that didn't work, but no worries your highness! We got something to make up for it. Behold...SNOW CONES! One for you, and one for the princess, that we didn't buy five minutes ago!" Doyle said, as the two bowed and handed him two snow cones.

"Ah, a delightful snow cone? Welp, I can safely say, without any doubt, that you two are.....fired." Ramos said, dropping his snow cone to the ground.

"WHAT?!?!" the two hunters yelled at once.

"You failed to get what I asked you for, and thus, you're fired. I said to not come back empty-handed, and what did you do? You came back empty-handed!" Ramos said.

"But we didn't come back empty-handed, we got you snow cone!" Van Gordon begged.

"I wanted a treasure, not a half-hearted treat! Now, I know you two must be terribly upset over this decision, but I have to let people go when it is time for them to move on, and I don't really need you two anymore." Ramos said.

"But we don't even like you-" Doyle was saying.

"Spare me your whining, now scram! I don't want to see you two again, and all your treasures are staying here." Ramos said, as the two left the room.

"I hated this job anyways." Doyle said.

"Oh Elana, care for a snow cone?" Ramos asked, as she entered the throne room.

"Of course! Thanks Ramos!" Elana replied, taking it.

"Excellent, the fools walked right into my trap..." Vexacus said to himself, laughing.

"Want to gets pizza?" Van Gordon asked to Doyle.

"Fine, but I still hate you, mate." Doyle said, laughing, as they walked away from the castle.

R.I.P. Chilly Billy :( 



-Character Debuts: Frostbite and Slittercold

-Area Debuts: Permafrost Village and Permafrost Mountain

-Trent and Madison are now a couple.

-Van Gordon and Doyle get fired.

Edited by Mr. Hankey
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