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Mystic Guardians

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Here we go, my first official new spin-off since 2011. Hope this is worth it. I am really proud of how this spin-off has turned out. This will be a serialized spin-off and is pretty action-y at parts, but there is plenty of comedy if you aren't a fan of the action. I hope this pilot is at least better than Storm Racers's pilot, which shouldn't be hard to do lol. If you're also expecting this to be exactly like Storm Racers, then stop expecting, as this isn't Storm Racers. I will say this will be tonally like Storm Racers, but hopefully more grounded. I guess you can be the judge of that.

1. Secrets (Part 1)

The story opens up to a land under the sea, called the "United Posidonia", a highly rich and advanced country in the sea faraway from Bikini Bottom. We then go to the city of Posidonia Fields, the largest city in the country, along with its capital.

In a neighborhood in said city, we go inside a house to see a fish named Madison Landers sleeping in her room. Suddenly, an alarm went off for 6:30am. 

"JAKE, MADISON, GET UP FOR SCHOOL!" their mother yelled, as both grumpily and sluggishly got out of their beds. They got dressed and got ready, as both headed downstairs to their parents.

"Wow, Junior year. You're all so grown up!" their mother, Susan said, taking a picture, as both barely smiled.

"They're getting so old, and I'm feeling old myself!" their father, Henry said, panic-kingly looking into a mirror.

"Mom, dad, you guys do this every year, you're not that old," Madison replied, somewhat annoyed.

"Let's just get this day over with..." Jake said grumpily.

"Yeah, so you can get to your beloved karate practice you never tell us about," Madison said snidely.

"Hey now, let's get along. Now, here's your lunch, and have fun!" Henry said, as the two got into Susan's boatmobile and headed off to Posidonia Fields High. Neither Jake nor Madison said anything to each other. Their mom parked in the drop-off spot.

"Have a good day!" Susan said to both, as they walked to the courtyard and saw tons of kids around. 

"Hey guys!" Madison yelled, approaching her group of friends.

"As usual, Maddie is the last to arrive, now the third year in a row!" her one friend, Tori said, laughing.

"I see Cynthia got fancy as usual," Madison said, as her other friend Cynthia was wearing an expensive green dress.

"What can I say? Gotta keep up with the style," Cynthia said, waving her long blonde hair.

"It's hard to believe next year will be our last year meeting like this! I can't wait to be a Senior!" the last friend, Audrey, said.

"Yeah, really hard to believe. Soon we'll all be thinking about college," Tori replied.

"Anyways, I heard today that the Posidonia King himself will be here for an assembly today!" Audrey said.

"Oh man, the Federation is coming here? What did our school do now?" Tori asked.

"I dunno, I guess the King likes our school," Audrey said.

"Yeah, I bet he does," Jake said oddly.

"Oh hey Jake...didn't know...you were there," Tori hesitantly said.

"Yeah, you haven't said anything, you okay?" Cynthia asked.

"I'm fine, don't worry about it," Jake said, as the bell rang.

"Is your brother okay? He's being acting odder than usual today," Tori asked to Madison.

"I don't know, and I don't really care. Don't worry about him," Madison replied, as they headed in the school.

All the Juniors are later seen in the gym bleachers, as the Posidonia King was in the center on a stage, preparing to give a speech. He was wearing a gold outfit with gold robes, a gold suit, and also holding a gold staff. Tons of gray soldiers were seen there saluting him. 

"Welcome back students! I know this is a big year for many of you, that's right, Junior year, the big eleven! The double one! And to get you all hyped, I've brought in a special speaker, our very own leader, King Ramos!" their principal, Mr. Thomson, said, as the fish applauded again.

"Thank you Mr. Thomson, your modesty is most appreciated. Greetings, brilliant and most prestigious students, I come to you to say how proud I am of this school. It warms my golden heart to have such a magnificent school close to my beautiful castle! I know this is one of the most successful schools in the country, and I hope to see this amazing group of students have a successful future. I hope said students can also vote me in again for my third and last term. That's right, three more years of Ramos! Thank you for your time," Ramos finished, as everyone applauded.

"...That's it? That's a bit of a waste of a speech," Tori said.

"Well, he's a busy guy, maybe he didn't have the time to make a huge speech?" Audrey suggested.

"Or he doesn't want to bother with us," Jake said, distrusting him.

"Why do you dislike the Federation so much? You always go on about them. What did they ever do to you?" Madison asked.

"I have this magical thing called an opinion," Jake replied.

"Whoa, never heard of those," Cynthia replied sarcastically.

"So...anyways, what classes do you guys have next period?" Audrey asked, trying to brighten the mood.

"I have this new Mythology class, and no, I didn't want to take it, but nothing else was open," Madison replied, annoyed.

"Sounds fun," Cynthia replied.

"Isn't that the class taught by the new teacher with the funny accent?" Tori asked, as they made their way to the next period. Madison was seen in the Mythology class.

"Hallo students, my name is Professor Hans Rotwell! I am here to teach you simpletons about mythology of das ocean, if you seriously could not figure it out from the class's name! Now, get out paper for notes!" Rotwell yelled, as he already had a lesson planned on the first day of school.

"Great, I'm going to love this class..." Madison said, sighing to herself.

Eventually, after a long day, the last bell rang, as everyone headed out. Madison met up with her friends, as did Jake.

"Well, the first day wasn't too bad," Audrey said.

"I'm already going to hate Trig, I can tell you that," Tori replied.

"Well, I gotta get going for karate, you know. See ya later," Jake said, as he ran off in a hurry.

"Wow, your brother sure is a mysterious one, isn't he?" Audrey said.

"Yeah, he sure really seems to like keeping secrets..." Madison said.

"Anyways, you guys wanna come to my house to hang out?" Audrey asked.

"I have nothing else to do, so why not," Madison replied.

As they all left, as Cynthia stepped on the ground, a flower that wasn't standing up tall strangely stood up tall again.

Jake is then seen approaching "Master R's Dojo" in an isolated area of the city, as he enters in. Four other fish were inside.

"Welcome cadet Landers, it is time," the master fish said, named Ranen, wearing purple robes.

"Hey Jake, today is the big day. And well, by big day, I mean a GIGANTIC day, because that's an understatement, you know this is a very important day," one of the other fish said, named Nick Carson.

"Are you three all ready for this?" the other fish asked, named Professor Zero, who wore a white and blue scientist outfit.

"Sir, it's an honor. I've been ready for this day for years," the last fish said, named Cameron.

"Yes, I've trained you three quite well, and Professor Zero here has given you the most advanced equipment for you to combat the threat. Today marks the day the new guardians and knights of Karmania will be chosen. Jake, Nick, Cameron and Zero, all four of you are chosen," Ranen said, as he held out a briefcase.

"Wait, me? Sir, I'm flattered, but I'm not-" Zero was saying.

"Do not worry, I know I am making the right choice," Ranen said, as he opened it up to show four bracelets, each with a colored stone; red, blue, green and silver.

"Cool, so uh, which stone do we get?" Nick asked.

"I will judge that myself. I would like to talk to cadet Cameron first in private," Ranen said, as he and Cameron went off to the side.

"Yes sir?" Cameron asked.

"I know you really want to be the red knight, the leader, the authority figure. Your father was a red knight before you," Ranen said.

"Yes sir, I want to follow in his footsteps," Cameron replied.

"Let me ask you though. If I was to appoint someone like Nick as leader, would you be okay with it?" Ranen asked, as Cameron chuckled.

"Sir, I like Nick. He's a strange, but nice guy. But I don't think he's leader material," Cameron replied.

"I see. What if I were to make Jake the leader?" Ranen asked.

"Why would you even consider that? He's just a kid who grew up in a poor town, and was a thief for years. Can you trust him?" Cameron asked.

"I know my decision. Thank you for your input," Ranen said, as they went back with the others. "Zero, the silver stone is yours."

Zero grabbed it and put it on his right wrist.

"Wow, I'm honored," Zero replied.

"It is your technology that has helped make our movement possible. Next, cadet Carson. You get the green stone," Ranen continued, as Nick got his bracelet.

"Wow, green is my favorite color! Did you pick it just for me? Actually, well it's not my favorite color, but I can tell the thought was there, which I like. I'm cool with third place, totally cool. One question though, do these bracelets-" Nick was saying.

"Is this going to be one of those Nick questions that isn't really a question and ends up leaving us with more questions than answers?" Jake asked.

"No. Wait, I ask a lot of questions? Anyways, I was going to ask...aw dangit, I forgot," Nick said.

"Next up...Cameron. You get the blue stone," Ranen said, as Cameron seemed disappointed and confused.

"Wait, that means..." Jake was saying.

"Yes, you get the red stone, making you the leader. Congratulations, cadet Landers," Ranen said, as Jake got his bracelet.

"He gets to be the red knight? Sir, I respect your decision, but why?" Cameron asked.

"I told you, I am confident in the choice I've made. Now, I hope that soon, the guardians themselves will be revealed..." Ranen said.

"Sorry Cam, but only one of us gets the red stone," Jake said, slightly bragging.

"Whatever, brag all you want. At the end of the day though, you don't deserve that stone," Cameron said, walking off.

At Audrey's "house", which was actually also the town's most popular restaurant, the Golden Seahorse, the gang was at a table. The restaurant hadn't opened yet, so they were free to come in.

"I'll be right back, but my grandmother has great dishes ready for you guys!" Audrey said, going to her room.

"Indeed, here you all go!" her grandmother, named Mai, said, handing them fresh meals.

Audrey headed upstairs to put her backpack away. As she left, she suddenly let out a loud sneeze.

"ACCHHOOOO!!!!" Audrey sneezed, that made tons of stuff in her room blow everywhere like the wind. The gang heard the noise from downstairs. Mai then looked at a cabinet, which was shaking from the inside. She opened it to see a box was moving strangely with a pink light inside of it, as she gasped.

"Am I imagining things or did her sneeze just shake the entire building?" Tori asked, as Audrey came downstairs.

"Uh, so I don't know if this is some weird change or what, but I just sneezed and stuff in my room blew everywhere. Is that normal?" Audrey asked, concerned.

"You know, I've been having some strange experiences with water myself..." Tori said, having a flashback to yesterday. She was using the sink, when the water from it began to overflow. "My dad wasn't happy."

"Yes, and I bet you too Cynthia, have been having odd experiences with flowers, correct?" Mai asked.

"Well, now that you mention it, I did notice the other day the flowers in my backyard were acting odd. I thought maybe they were just attracted to me, but..." Cynthia was saying, as a flashback shows her in the garden looking at the flowers. As she put her hand on one, it randomly started growing out of the ground, as she panicked.

"Yes, this is no coincidence. It is time I told you a story. There is a world beyond this country not seen by normal eyes. There have been rumors for decades over Posidonia being a magical place, and...it is true. This land connects to a magical world called Karmania, containing magical fish and creatures. Karmania and this land used to be connected, until they were separated into their own realms when evil spread. This protected our world from any threats." Mai explained.

"What children's storybook did you get that out of?" Cynthia asked.

"I think she might be serious. I've heard myths about a Karmania before..." Audrey said.

"Well, even if it is real, what does it have to do with their weird incidents?" Madison asked.

"I can assure you this is real, as I have been there. I was once a guardian of Karmania decades ago at your age. Now, it seems the time has come for the batons to be passed to a new generation. These guardians protect Karmania from evil forces, and any that may try to harm Posidonia. These guardians are each given a certain element. From what I can see, it appears Audrey controls Wind, Tori controls Water, and Cynthia controls Earth." Mai explained.

"What about me?" Madison asked.

"I guess we'll let this old artifact answer that," Mai said, as she pulled out the chest from earlier, and out of came a glowing pink orb held by a golden chain. 

"What is this?" Madison asked.

"This is the Heart of Karmania, a magical item that will you to transform into your guardian forms. Madison is the keeper of this heart, and your leader, who controls the element of Heart," Mai said.

"I can't believe this..." Madison said, staring at it.

"Earlier today, I was just a normal teenage girl, now you're telling me I'm some magical guardian?" Tori asked.

"Trust me, I couldn't believe it either when it first happened to my old group, I couldn't either. Anyways, for many years, the Federation has known about this magical world, draining its power. It used to be beautiful, but they attacked Central Karmania, which used to be the most powerful kingdom there, but now it is slowly turning into a wasteland. A rebellion is going on there however, which has raged on for a long time," Mai said.

"Wait, why would the Federation do that? I thought they were good..." Madison said, remembering Jake's suspicions.

"The truth is...I don't know. But somehow, one of their past leaders, Ramos's great grandfather, found the ancient gateway in the forest, invaded the world, and have been using its energy to become more powerful ever since. Ramos has been deceiving you all, and is in cahoots with the beasts there because they have nowhere else to go. He cannot fully take it over however. The main kingdom was ruled by a queen and king, who both mysteriously disappeared. With them came their heir to the throne, who is speculated to be somewhere in this country. But alas, no luck has been found on their whereabouts..." Mai explained.

"Dang...I guess we have to be careful who we trust, if we can't even trust our own king," Audrey said.

"Not gonna lie, that guy always seemed too happy," Tori said.

"I knew his speech sounded so fake," Cynthia said.

"So we have to fight off our own protectors? That's going to be hard, do you know how powerful they are? They have some of the most powerful technology in the seas, how do we combat them?" Madison asked.

"They are strong, but you won't be alone. There is also a group of knights at your aid, whose identities may have been revealed by this time as well," Mai said.

"We get our own knights too? I hope mine is golden," Cynthia said.

"Obviously, nobody else except me, you four, and whoever these knights are can know about any of this. I fought some deadly beasts in the past, but I somehow came out alive each time! You can too, if you get better with your powers. Well, at least I hope you do," Mai said, slightly concerned.

"This is still a bit out there for me to believe, but I guess we can't knock it until we try. Still, if we can't even trust our own king, I wonder what other secrets are being hidden..." Madison said, looking into the heart.

"How do we even get to this magical place?" Tori asked.

"Whenever the heart is passed on, portals will begin to appear through the dimensional planes at random. The heart will be able to find them, but you must close them before any forces get through them. There is an ancient passageway in the forest, but Ramos has long sealed it off for his own personal gain. And I have a feeling he's still using it..." Mai said, as the others seemed nervous.

At Ramos's castle, he is seen inside his throne room, sitting on a golden throne surrounded by a few guards.

"Annoying brats, I can't stand talking to those High Schoolers. I really need my tea to get them off my mind. SKIPPER!" Ramos yelled, as a butler wearing a fancy black suit walked in carrying his tea on a tray.

"Here it is, my king," Skipper said, as he bowed. Ramos took the tea off the plate.

"Excellent. Now then, where is Zurtrax?" Ramos asked, when a cyborg-like black armored guard came in.

"My lord, I am here," the being named Zurtrax said, bowing.

"How goes the army's progress in Karmania? Have you finished the machine yet?" Ramos asked.

"Our progress is fine. We have dealt with some of those annoying rebels, but they get crushed easily. As for the machine, it is almost complete. We just still need the Dimensional Accelerator, which we unfortunately lost," Zurtrax replied.

"You better find it. I need to keep that gateway open as long as possible, it is getting too tedious to keep reactivating it for my men. Do you know who has it?" Ramos asked.

"I believe so, we'll need a way to track them down," Zurtrax said.

"Use this," Ramos said, as he threw a blue circular ball to the ground, and out of it formed a blue cybernetic robot soldier. 

"I am here to serve," the blue soldier said.

"What is this?" Zurtrax asked.

"It is a new generation of soldiers, called FedBots... Okay, maybe the name needs work, but either way, they are new devices I purchased from a trusty partner. Use it to find that thief," Ramos ordered.

The four knights are seen walking through the park at night.

"So, we've accepted our cool new powers and all, but uh, were the new guardians chosen today or not?" Nick asked.

"We don't know until we see them, Nick..." Cameraon said.

"Oh..." Nick said.

"They could be anyone at this rate. Wait, isn't that your adopted sister and her friends?" Zero asked, as they saw Madison and her friends in the distance.

"Yeah, but I don't know what they're doing..." Jake said.

"Hmm..." Nick said, as he took off his glove and waved his fin across all four from the distance, showing an odd psychic energy. "Their auras seem different..."

"Alright, so I don't even know what this will do, but are you guys ready to try this thing out? Nobody else is around, so we're in the clear," Madison asked.

"I guess, hopefully I look smoking in it," Cynthia said.

Madison held it up, as it began to float and all four began to glow. They then began to grow mermaid-like tails in place of their legs and grew wings from their backs. Tori had a blue outfit, Cynthia had a green outfit, Audrey had a white outfit, and Madison had a pink outfit.

"WHOA! What do we have under us?!" Audrey asked, looking at the mermaid tail.

"What do we have behind us?" Tori asked, seeing the mermaid wings.

"Your sister and her friends are the guardians?!" Cameron asked, as the four saw from the distance, as Jake gasped.

"Well...let's try these powers OOOUUUTTTT!" Audrey yelled, as she tried flying and she went too fast, losing control, crashing into the fountain's pool.

"Let me try to help you out," Tori said, as she lifted the fountain's water up, and it splashed around. "Wow, I did it! This is awesome!"

"Alright, how does this work? Abra...plant....something, I don't know," Cynthia said, raising her fin around, as it made a bunch of plants grow out from the ground.

Audrey managed to swirl around some more and was creating gusts. Madison tried flying, but she accidentally crashed into Audrey, as they fell to the ground.

"Ugh...well, I guess that wasn't too bad, but these wings and tails will take a while getting used to. I guess it's cool being a mermaid...pixie...thing, okay let's just say guardian," Madison said, as Cynthia and Tori flew down, and they transformed back to normal. "We can get more practice tomorrow."

Suddenly, a blue portal opened.

"Uh..." all four were saying.

"Don't look at me," Madison said.

Out if it came a Karmanian fish creature, wearing rugged brown clothes and two horns on its head, running with a metal can in its fins. It then approached the gang.

"TAKE THIS! THEY'RE GOING TO VAPORIZE ME! DO NOT GIVE THIS TO THEM!" the creature yelled, as it handed the can to Madison, and he kept running.

The blue FedBot from earlier then appeared from the portal, as it chased after the creature. The fish jumped off to the side, as the robot followed. A laser explosion is heard, shocking all four. 

"Okay, what just happened, and what is this thing?!" Madison asked.

"Better question: Who are they?" Tori asked, as four colored knights appeared. 

Jake was wearing a magical red knight outfit with a red cape, Cameron was wearing a blue outfit with a blue cape, Nick was wearing a green outfit with a green cape, and Zero had a silver outfit with a silver cape, with their helmets concealing their identities.

"Another question: What do they want?!" Audrey asked, as Zurtrax and a bunch of Federation troops appeared from the portal.

"Give us that device, and nobody will get hurt," Zurtrax threatened.

"Aw man..." Madison said, as they were surrounded.

To Be Continued...


2. Secrets (Part 2)

Continuing from the previous episode, Zurtrax and the troops had their weapons aimed at the guardians and knights.

"Commander, these are just a bunch of children, should we shoot? What if they were mistakenly given it?" a trooper asked.

"I do not care. If they do not give it to me, they are in the way," Zurtrax replied.

"Okay, I don't know who you are, and I don't care if you're Federation, but you're not going to kill us." Madison threatened.

"Or what?" Zurtrax asked.

"Or you face our power," Jake said.

"So...these must be the knights. I assume these girls are the guardians," Zurtrax said.

"Wait...knights? Are these our allies?" Tori asked.

"You got that right," Cameron said.

"We can worry about who you guys are later, but help us fight these dudes off!" Madison said, as she held up the heart and they transformed. 

"Fire!" Zurtrax ordered, as the troops fired stun lasers at them, but the guardians flew and launched their attacks.

"Hey, watch the hair!" Cynthia yelled, as she made the ground rise up, as it flung a soldier into the air, who did the Wilhelm Scream, and fell into a pond nearby.

The knights pulled out small cybernetic swords that matched their colors, as they clashed them against the soldiers, and made them fall. Jake then tried attacking Zurtrax, but he countered with a cybernetic sword of his own, and kicked Jake, sending him flying backward.

"Great, this guy again," Tori said, as the blue FedBot from the previous episode reappeared and attacked in the battle, blasting lasers from its right arm.

"Come on, can't I do anything?" Madison asked, as the blue FedBot shot several lasers at her. She then help up the heart, as it blasted multiple pink beams at the robot, marking it spark and explode. "Alright, that's something!"

"Whoa, that thing is a robot!" Audrey said, as while fighting a soldier, hearing that caused Zero to gasp.

"Oh dear..." Zero said, but shrugged the thought off.

"Hey there pal," Nick said, tapping a soldier's shoulder from behind, and did the same to another, as both turned around and shot each other, stunning each other.

"It's so late, my parents are going to flip if I'm not home soon. Can we whip up an easy way to get rid of these guys?" Cynthia asked, as she put her fins on the ground, making plants grow around a soldier.

"HELP!" he yelled.

"On it," Audrey said, as she took it in a deep breath and blew a heavy gust of wind at the remaining soldiers, as they went flying through the portal. Zurtrax held on though, as the knights and guardians cornered him. He then shot out a bunch of electric blasts at them, knocking them all in different directions.

"The device!" Zurtrax said, as he went to grab for it, but Jake snagged it, clashing swords with Zurtrax, as Jake quickly jumped out of his way.

"Yeah, the device that is now ours," Jake said, holding onto it.

"This isn't over," Zurtrax said, as he jumped back into the portal.

"Well, I guess I should close this thing, however that works," Madison said, as she held up the heart to the portal and it closed. They then transformed back to normal.

"Okay, so now here's the next big question: Who are you four?" Tori asked.

The knights then pressed the gems on their bracelets, as they turned back to normal.

"Jake?!" Madison asked in shock, as her friends were just as confused.

"Okay, yes, it's me, in the flesh," Jake said.

"So...you're one of our knights. Before I ask a million questions on that...who are they?" Madison asked.

"Well...these are the people I did karate with...or should I say, knight training. Guys, introduce yourselves," Jake said.

"My name's Professor Zero. You can also call me Doctor Zero, doc, professor, or just Zero," Zero said.

"Hey there ladies, name's Nick Carson. You can call me Nick C, Nicholas the Amazing, or just the boring old Nick. But I'd definitely maybe prefer the second option, just because you have to admit that sounds pretty cool," Nick said.

"I can tell I'm going to like this guy already," Tori said, annoyed.

"I'm Cameron, pleased to meet you. It's an honor to serve." Cameron said.

"Okay, now then...what the heck have you been doing in the past year in this "karate dojo"?!" Madison asked.

"Alright, I have a lot of explaining to do. Remember a long while ago when you told me you wanted me to be "a part of something bigger with my life"? Well..." Jake was saying, as a flashback was shown to over a year ago...

"Look Jake, we had a rough childhood. We grew up in a poor town, I was found by your parents, and you stole a few things in our time of need. I know you've changed since then. I just want to us to get along, you can be a part of something bigger with your life. Go outside and explore, I know you don't feel used to this new town. I don't either, but I've been able to make friends," Madison said to him.

"Whatever, I guess I'll look around. I have nothing better to do with my life," Jake said.

Jake walked around Posidonia Fields, as he saw the busy fish populating the city streets. Ranen was seen exiting a store with groceries, as he headed down a path to his dojo away from the large city. Jake was coincidentally following around out of boredom, not paying attention, when suddenly, two hooded thugs mugged his groceries out of an alley.

"HELP!" Ranen yelled, as he fell to the ground.

"Let's go!" one of them yelled, making a run for it.

Jake then heard the commotion, as he ran across the street and gave chase to the two thugs. He then hit a dead end.

"Where did they go?" Jake asked.

Suddenly, the two hooded figures appeared from behind, as they attacked, but Jake countered them and fought back. Their hoods came down to reveal Cameron and Nick.

"This guy has some good moves," Nick said.

"That's enough," Ranen said, walking into the alley, as the fighting stopped.

"What's going on?" Jake asked.

"Looks like he took our bait," Cameron said, as the two gave Ranen his groceries back.

"What? Did you set me up?" Jake asked.

"You are quite a skilled fighter. You seem at a loss on what you want to do in your life. Perhaps I could be of some assistance, come to Master R's Dojo for more..." Ranen offered, as all three left, ending the flashback.

"From that day on, they told me all about who the Federation really are, and Karmania. The dojo was really a secret training facility for rebels. Master Ranen is actually from Karmania, he snuck his way into Posidonia one day. There, anymore questions?" Jake asked.

"Not really, I'm just disappointed you lied to us for so long," Madison said.

"I'm sorry, but there was no real other way I could tell you about this, you'd find it crazy," Jake said.

"We've experienced this and I still find it crazy. I just want to see what this Karmania place looks like," Tori said.

"We can worry about that later, but we should get back," Cameron said.

"But first, what is that thing?" Audrey asked, referring to the metal can device.

"Professor, any ideas?" Jake asked, handing it to Zero.

"Huh...at first glance, this just seems like junk, but it's actually some accelerator. I don't know what it is for, though..." Zero said.

"I think there's someone in Karmania that might know what it is for, though," Jake said.

"No offense, but I don't think we should really be going there now," Cameron said.

"This is my order, I'm the leader. We better find out what this thing is before it's too late," Jake said.

"Yes sir," Cameron said somewhat angrily.

"Unfortunately, who knows when another portal will op-" Zero was saying, when the heart started to act odd.

"I think this thing found a new portal!" Madison said, as it started floating in a direction like a compass.

"My parents are going to be so mad if we're home late," Tori said.

"Don't worry, this should be a quick run. I hope..." Cameron said.

"That's either a good "I hope" or bad "I hope", and I'm kind of concerned on how to feel," Nick said.

They followed the heart, and when they came to large areas with fish, Madison hid the heart out of sight. It lead them to a portal behind the Golden Seahorse.

"Wow, what our luck, right where this crazy adventure started," Cynthia said.

"Well, you guys ready? Who knows what's on the other side..." Madison said, as all eight entered in. 

Back at Ramos's castle, Zurtrax reported to Ramos, who was on his throne.

"Sir, I have two pieces of news," Zurtrax was saying.

"Are they good or bad?" Ramos asked.

"Well..." Zurtrax was saying.

"Fine, just spit them out," Ramos said.

"Well, the first bit of news is that we had the target of the Dimensional Accelerator, but we lost the device. The other news is that we lost the device to the new generation of Karmania guardians and knights. Yes, they have risen. We fought them in the park," Zurtrax said, as Ramos slowly sipped his tea and put the empty cup back on the plate.

"So...they finally show themselves after so long. Do not take further action, I want to have fun with them first..." Ramos said, as he looked at a hologram screen with footage of them fighting the Federation at the park.

"Despite not much experience, I will say they are slightly strong, sir, and we were not prepared for them. I was outnumbered and had no choice but to flee," Zurtrax said.

"Yes, they have power, I see it. But is this power a match for a Karmanian beast? That shall be put to a test..." Ramos said, smiling.

The guardians and knights appeared out of the portal into a large, magical, dark forest. In the distance they could see a large town.

"We're in the Slums of Central Karmania. Watch out, the villagers might not be too happy to see our kind," Zero warned. 

"You guys have been here before?" Audrey asked.

"Yes, for some training exercises, we used the ancient seal in the Posidonia Fields forest. We never did anything too major, as we weren't on the major battling field for the rebels, but we know our way around some of these parts," Cameron replied.

They walked forward, as Cynthia accidentally stepped in some mud piles.

"Gross, my shoes are ruined!" Cynthia said, annoyed.

They made it into the village, as a bunch of magical fish inhabits looked at them oddly, all wearing poor clothes. The buildings looked in poor condition, as tons of debris was everywhere. The sky was also a dark gray, stretching across the plains.

"Now I know what depression looks like in real life..." Tori said.

"This place seems so miserable, I still can't believe the Federation would do this..." Madison said, looking around.

They then approached a beat-up trailer with tons of garbage outside of it, as Jake knocked on the trailer door.

"Diggy, open up," Jake said.

The door then opened up to show a mole creature, wearing dirty clothes, bandages around his hands, a small fuzzy toque, and broken goggles. He had snot dripping down from his nose, as he wiped it with his rag.

"Eww," the girls said.

"What the!? What's with all the people? This is my kingdom, not a club!" Diggy said, waving his mole claw, and about to shut the door.

"Wait, I just need your help, and we'll be gone. Do you know what this thing is?" Jake asked, showing him the metal can, as Diggy gasped a bit.

"That would be a fancy schmancy Dimensional Accelerator, used to keep your fancy portals open for an indefinite period of time. It's junk unless you're the Federation," Diggy said.

"Well, we can't let the Federation have it, so what do we do with this thing? They'll come after us," Madison asked.

"I could take it off your fins if ya want, I mean, nobody would suspect me having that, eh?" Diggy offered.

"That's an understatement," Tori said.

"Well, I suppose we don't have much of a choice," Cameron said.

"It's yours, buddy," Jake said, tossing it to Diggy, as he seemed happy.

"Oooh, thank you very much! Say, those are some fancy bracelets....wait, do you eight happen to be..." Diggy was saying.

"Yes, we're the new guardians," Madison said, showing the heart, as Diggy looked at it in admiration, and the four showed their bracelets.

"Well, it warms my heart to see these rookie rebels get promoted, don't they grow up so fast?" Diggy said, smiling.

"Well, thanks for taking that off our shoulders, see you around," Jake said, as Diggy waved goodbye to them creepily, and Cynthia looked at him in disgust.

"Ugh, how did you meet THAT?" Cynthia asked.

"Hey, Diggy's not bad. I mean, he's smelly, filthy, dirty, but he's a pretty smart guy to know what that can was. That's some true knowledge," Nick said.

"Well, this has been an interesting experience, but I think it's time we headed back," Madison said, as they agreed.

Suddenly, the ground shook, as the Karmanian villagers panicked.

"Now what?!" Madison asked.

Out of the ground, a big rocky steel creature appeared, growling. It had steel armor all over its body, as it looked at the guardians and knights.

"HA, so these puny fish are the so called magical guardians now? This'll be easy!" the beast yelled, punching its fists together.

"Puny? That's a bit inaccurate, as we're not really puny, you see, I'm about 5'5-" Nick was saying.

"Now's not the time for reason!" Tori interrupted.

"I'm Argros, and I've been sent to crush you like bugs!" Argros yelled, as he stomped on the ground, causing more quakes. 

"Hey, I know you, you're a wanted criminal around these parts!" Cameron yelled.

"That's right, but it'll take more than you to bring me in!" Argros yelled, as he threw two metal balls, and out of them came a bunch of robots similar to the blue FedBot, but were normal grunts, with round metal heads.

"Great, we got an annoying metal-head, and more annoying metal-heads!" Cynthia said, as Madison rose the heart, and they all transformed.

The knights then pressed the gems on their bracelets, as they transformed into their knight outfits, as their capes waved in the wind. 

"ATTACK!" Argros yelled, as the robots ran towards them.

Diggy looked out of his trailer at the commotion.

"Well, good thing this isn't my fight!" Diggy said, shutting his door.

Cynthia pressed her fins against the ground, as it made two pillars rise up and smash a FedBot together.

"You know, today has really made me hate robots," Tori said, as she tossed a water wave at the FedBots, electrocuting them and making them implode.

As soon as Zero heard what Tori said, he felt a bit off, but tried to attack Argros. He charged with his sword, but Argros whacked him aside with his iron tail, as it cut through Zero's armor a bit, showing some circuits...

"Professor Zero, are you okay?" Audrey asked, as she sent a FedBot flying with a gust of wind.

"Yeah, I'm fine, thanks," Zero said, getting up, as she noticed the spot showing circuits.

Madison used the heart to blast pink energy beams at the last FedBot, as Argros remained.

"Bah, no matter, I got this!" Argros said, as he swung his fists at the knights, as one knocked Jake aside.

"Watch out guys, he's a heavy hitter!" Jake warned, getting up, and Tori surrounded Argros with a water circle, but he broke through it, making little effect.

"I got this," Cynthia said, as she made plants pop out of the ground, as they grabbed Argros by the body, legs and arms. He struggled to get free, but he then dug underground, as the plants broke off.

The knights stood around, waiting for him to pop up from the ground, as the guardians were flying, ready to strike. 

"Any day now..." Nick said.

"I guess he called it quits, looks we can go home now-" Tori was saying, when Argros struck from beneath, as he grabbed her and threw her to the ground.

"Hah, stupid girl, you fell right into my-" Argros was saying, when Madison blasted him out of the way with a pink beam from the heart, and it broke off one of his metal horns.

"Looks like you fell into ours," Madison said, smiling, as all eight cornered him.

"No, my precious horn!" Argros said, panicking.

"Let's hope I can pull this off..." Cynthia said, as she concentrated and lifted up a piece of rock from the ground and threw it at Argros, sending him flying to the ground. 

"He's weakened. Jake, try out the device I made," Zero suggested.

"Oh right, I've been really excited to use this." Jake said, pulling out a large circular device.

"What are ya gonna do with that?!" Argros asked.

"Your judgment. This device will judge whether you're innocent or guilty. Don't bother running," Jake said, as he opened it, and it flashed a stun beam on him, preventing him from moving.

"Ooh, are we like magic cops now?" Tori asked.

"Just a handy device I made to make sure we know who is truly evil, and it makes transporting enemies we fight much easier. It's also never wrong, by the way, so don't even try to question it," Zero said.

"Argros, you're charged with attacking this village, working with the Federation, and being a wanted criminal," Jake said

"NO!" Argros yelled, as the device was processing. It then showed a big red "x", marking him "guilty". 

"Now, the device will give the confining equipment, which someone needs to deliver a final blow for," Zero said.

"I'll do it," Madison said, as she took a glowing piece of metal from the device, and using the heart's magic, blasted it at Argros. 

"NOOO!!" Argros yelled, as a bunch of cuffs surrounded him, trapping him in metal circles, and cuffing his hands together.

"Wow, that's a cool mix of magic and machine, doc," Jake said.

"Thanks, it was nothing," Zero said.

"We'll take this guy from here, guardians," a Karmanian said, as a small group of rebels carrying mechanical weapons were seen, as they grabbed Argros.

"You can't do this to me!" Argros pleaded.

"It was no problem. Lock him away in a good spot," Cameron said to them, as they saluted and left.

"Who were they?" Audrey asked.

"Some rebels, they'll be taking him to one of our prisons. This made transportation much easier," Cameron replied.

"Alright, I think I'm finally ready to go back home," Madison said, as they all agreed. The eight headed for the portal where they came from. They appeared outside behind the Golden Seahorse, as Madison used the heart to close it.

"So...I'm still not sure how to feel on this whole mystical protector thing, but whatever gets me out of seeing my annoying sister," Cynthia said.

Mai then went outside to see the commotion, as she saw eight.

"Wow, I sure missed a lot," Mai said, as the eight went inside to the empty restaurant to explain what happened.

"So yeah, as you can tell, quite a day," Madison said, finishing explaining the story.

"Also, I was there," Nick added.

"Looks like you all are getting along well. There may be hope yet for Karmania, but do not get overconfident, Ramos is a crafty one," Mai warned.

"Indeed, today was a victory, but the war has just started," Ranen said, who walked inside.

"Whoa, hey there sensei! Or should I call you master? Or should I call you, like, Master Sensei Ranen?-" Nick was asking.

"I think that's more than enough needed for a question," Tori said.

"Ah, my old friend, welcome," Mai said.

"It has been a long while," Ranen said.

"You know him?" Audrey asked.

"Yes, he was once a knight for my old group, when we were guardians," Mai explained.

"Anyways, I'm sure we have a lot more to discuss tomorrow, but I think it's time we got back to our homes, our parents are probably worried sick," Madison said, as she and Jake went back to their house, as did Tori and Cynthia. Zero, Cameron and Nick went with Ranen back to the dojo, or rebel base.

"Hmm...I just wonder what was with the professor," Audrey said, remembering seeing circuits on him back in the battle, as Jake and Madison are seen walking home.

"Look, I promise, I never meant to hurt you. I just hope this is water under the bridge," Jake said.

"We may have worked together, but you aren't getting off that easily." Madison said angrily, as they entered in the home.

"There you two are! I was worried you were going to cut curfew on a school night, but you have a lot of time still!" Henry said.

"It was nothing, we were just meeting new friends. Right Jake?" Madison said.

"Yeah, friends..." Jake said.

At Ramos's castle, a trooper is seen reporting to Ramos.

"Sir, I regret to inform you Argros has been defeated by the guardians, and is imprisoned in the rebel prison," the soldier said.

"Oh well, I never really liked him anyway. I just used him as a demonstration, so I could see what they are capable of. It seems they may be tougher to face than I thought, but I am not worried," Ramos said.

"Sir, what about the missing accelerator? They most likely have it," Zurtrax said.

"Well now, whose fault is that? It's no big deal, I'm sure we can make a new one," Ramos replied, when Skipper entered in.

"King Ramos, a visitor is here..." Skipper said, as Diggy was seen escorted by two guards.

"You BETTER have something worth my time, you disgusting creature!" Ramos said.

"Oh great King Ramos, I mean no disruption. I have only come to bring you....this," Diggy said, showing him the Dimensional Accelerator. Ramos was surprised, as he got up from his throne and picked it out of his claws.

"I am surprisingly impressed. You are truly one of the most despicable, creepy, disgusting, useless wastes of a life-form I have ever seen. You have failed me many times in the past. This time however...you brought me back something I needed. I thank you for this, and I am feeling generous today, so go wild with this," Ramos said, throwing him a very small bag of gold.

"W-why-why, thank you, great king!" Diggy said, as he cried and snot got everywhere.

"Don't get too sappy, now go away!" Ramos ordered, as the guards escorted Diggy back to Karmania.

"So, the machine has the last part needed..." Zurtrax said, as Ramos smiled.

"It seems both sides gained a victory today. But I know they will not rest. I'll need to call in some big guns..." Ramos said.

In the Posidonia Fields forest, an ancient seal is seen in the ground, restricted off by large metal fences and Federation troops. A machine is seen next to it, as Zurtrax put the accelerator into it. It powered up and blasted into the stone, opening up an indefinite portal for the Federation.



-Character Debuts: Madison, Audrey, Cynthia, Tori, Jake, Professor Zero, Nick, Cameron, Ranen, Mai, King Ramos, Henry, Susan, Diggy, Principal Thomson, Hans Rotwell, Skipper, Zurtrax, Soldiers, FedBots, and Argros

-Area Debuts: United Posidonia, Posidonia Fields, Posidonia High School, Ramos's Castle, and Karmania

-This is my first spin-off to not take place in Bikini Bottom, or involve SpongeBob characters in any way.

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42 minutes ago, jjsthekid said:

"Now I know what depression looks like in real life..." Tori said.

That, including every line from Nick, was a gem. This show is great so far. It's Storm Racers, but it's not Storm Racers. What we love, but giving us what we love in a new and original form. Keep up the good work!

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This was a really good start. I liked the similarities here between this and W.I.T.C.H, one of my favorite shows when I was younger. I like that this takes some ideas from that, mixes in what we loved from Storm Racers, and produces it's own creative formula. Great job :D .

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This is really good show so far, really like the characters, the villain as we being introduced. I do wonder what evil king has something to do with the Federation, guess i have to keep reading this for more episodes :P

By the way, this show is very creative, and the idea form WITCH which i recall watching on YTV while back wen I was younger. Anyways, can't wait for more to come :plankton2:

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3. Rivalries

At Ramos's castle, Skipper is seen waiting around in the throne room, where Ramos is not there.

"Oh dear, where are those mercenaries? I've been waiting over an hour now, and I need to sit down. I'd sit down in Ramos' throne, but he would not be happy, no sir! Well, maybe just once..." Skipper said, as he looked around, and sat on the throne, relaxing. "Wow, this feels good..."

Two guards then entered in the throne room, escorting a fish.

"King Ramos...uhh....." one of them was saying, seeing Skipper on the throne.

"Uh, King Ramos is busy right now, but he will be back soon, hehe!" Skipper said awkwardly.

"SKIPPER, GET OFF MY THRONE!" a voice boomed, as Ramos entered in from a hallway, aided by Zurtrax. 

"M-my apologies sir, I was just keeping it warm, that's right!" Skipper replied hesitantly, as he jumped off the throne and stood there fancily. 

"Ugh, I have a splitting headache, get me some tea!" Ramos ordered, as he held his head and sat on the throne. 

"Of course, sir!" Skipper replied, as he ran off to make some tea.

"Now, who is this subject?" Ramos asked, seeing the fish escorted by the guards. 

"Aye mate, name's Doyle, I'm the mercenary ya hired," Doyle replied.

"Where is the other mercenary I hired?" Ramos asked, as Skipper handed him his tea, which he drank.

"...Other?" Doyle asked, confused.

"Let me in, the king request me, I promises!" a fish said to the two guards outside, as both went outside.

"Sir, someone with broken English is outside, claiming they are taking your job offer," the guard said.

"That must be the other mercenary, let him in!" Ramos demanded, as the two went off.

"Oh no, don't tell me..." Doyle was saying, when the fish entered.

"Hello great king, I am Feodor Van Gordon-" Van Gordon was saying, when he saw Doyle. "WHAT, why is he doing here?!" 

"Bah, not this gallah," Doyle replied.

"What's the story here?" Ramos asked.

"We are rival hunters, lad. Our services have been rivals against each other for years, he's like my arch-rival," Doyle explained.

"Yes, and he is the rival for me! His face not welcome in my sight!" Van Gordon replied, as they both got into fighting positions, ready to attack each other, as they dropped their backpacks. 

"HEY, there will be no fighting in my throne room!" Ramos yelled, as he slammed his staff to the ground, as both stopped and put their bags back on.

"Why did you hire the both of us, ya crazy barnacle?" Doyle asked.

"I hired two of you because the threat I am dealing with requires special talents, and I need two for extra power. You will be working with my main commander, Zurtrax. Introduce each other, but don't get too comfy," Ramos said, as Zurtrax stepped in front of them.

"Hello strange one," Van Gordon said, holding his fin out for a handshake.

"So...is that a robot costume? Not too bad, mate," Doyle said, as Zurtrax ignored both.

"Sir, why didn't you hire professional bounty hunters?" Zurtrax asked.

"Because professional ones are too expensive, so I went for the cheapest ones I could find. Now then, what I am about to tell you is top secret information that is for Federation ears only. Have either of you heard of a Karmania?" Ramos asked.

"Nope," Van Gordon replied.

"Not once ever," Doyle replied.

"Let me enlighten you then. Karmania is a magical kingdom that used to be connected to United Posidonia. I have invaded it for its power, but I cannot fully conquer it until I find the princess, who I believe is somewhere in my kingdom. Unfortunately, the new generation of guardians and knights that protect the land have awakened, who will interfere with my goals, and I need your help in fighting against them. I have to do this carefully, or I will raise suspicion from the public," Ramos explained.

"Ha, what fairy tale did you get this from?" Doyle asked.

"I figured you may say something as smart as that, so Skipper, show our friends the proof," Ramos said, as Skipper made a portal appear in the floor of the throne room, and it showed images of the Posidonia forest containing the seal, the land of Karmania, the civilians, and Karmanian beasts.

"Cool special effects," Doyle said smugly.

"You idiot, this seem legit to me! Besides, imagine treasure we can find in this realm!" Van Gordon said.

"You will have to believe this to show your loyalty to me. If you don't...well, let's say you don't want to find that out..." Ramos threatened.

"Okay, so pretending this isn't some prank, what is in it for us if we help you?" Doyle asked.

"You're bounty hunters, I'll give you plenty of money-" Ramos was saying.

"Uhh...we're TREASURE hunters, not bounty hunters," Doyle said.

"Yah, he right, sadly. I not skilled enough for bounty," Van Gordon added.

"Why did your advertisements just say hunters then?!" Ramos asked, showing their papers saying "DOYLE HUNTING" and "VAN GORDON HUNTING" respectively, which had images of treasures on them.

"I thought the fancy treasure images would've given it away. Also, he copied my poster." Doyle said.

"I not copy you, you copy me, thief! I find many fancy treasures across seas, better than his!" Van Gordon said, laughing as Doyle punched him.

"Huh, looks like we'll need to compare our treasure collections, because I'm pretty sure I'm the one who found the rare Golden Clam-" Doyle was saying smugly.

"ENOUGH! Unfortunately you're already here and I've told you top secret information, so it looks like you'll have to translate your treasure hunting skills into bounty hunting skills! Here is who threatens me..." Ramos said, as Zurtrax showed the hologram of his fight with the guardians and knights in the previous episode.

"What the? Are they mermaids or fairies?" Doyle asked.

"I dunno, they look more like the fairy with mermaid tail," Van Gordon said.

"Nah, those are mermaids, they just have stupid wings on them. Now, this is a treasure worth hunting, looks like this won't be a waste of my time after all..." Doyle said.

"No you idiot, they are magic fairy! Imagine how much doubloons I make if I get them..." Van Gordon said.

"They're mermaids, yobbo," Doyle insulted.

"Fairies!" Van Gordon argued.

"Mermaids," Doyle said back.

"This is certainly not helping my headache. It appears this bickering is not going to have any resolution anytime soon, so you two better find a way to get along, or use your hatred of each other against the guardians! Now, I want you two to find out who these four guardians are in a stealth mission. Lurk around Posidonia Fields, find the girls that match the ones in this picture, and learn who they are. Since you two have not met them, you will be unsuspecting and can blend in. We have the most useful of technology if things get complicated..." Ramos ordered, as Skipper handed them some Federation equipment in boxes.

"Yes captain!" Van Gordon said, saluting.

"Yeah, sure," Doyle said, as they left the throne room.

At Posidonia Fields High, Madison and Jake are seen meeting Cynthia, Tori and Audrey.

"Oh man, I couldn't sleep last night, about...you know what," Audrey whispered.

"Yeah, I still don't know how to feel, but nobody else here can know about our secret, not even our parents." Madison said.

"I have no problem with that, trust me, that's one thing my brother does not need to know about my life," Tori said.

"Yeah, but at least you can probably talk to your brother. I can't trust our own king, and I can't even trust my brother," Madison said snidely.

"Are you still mad at me?" Jake asked.

"I think the answer to that is obvious," Cynthia said.

"You're being a baby, I already explained I was trying to protect you. You wouldn't have believed me anyways, and besides, look how well we worked yesterday," Jake said.

"Whatever, that was yesterday, not like you care about me," Madison said, as the bell rang. Madison and her friends went inside the school, as Jake just trailed behind.

"Don't you think you're being too harsh on him?" Audrey asked.

"No, I'm tired of him lying to me," Madison replied, as they headed to their classes.

After a long day, the bell rang for the last period, as everyone left. Madison met up again with her friends and Jake. Van Gordon and Doyle were sitting in a van in the parking lot, looking for the guardians, as Van Gordon was in the driver's seat eating lunch, and Doyle was in the passenger seat looking through binoculars.

"Alright, this is the closest high school to where that king said the mermaids fought his soldiers, so they must be here," Doyle said, looking through his binoculars.

"I tell you, they fairies!" Van Gordon argued, as he was eating a bagel and sipping his soda very loud.

"Can you not, mate?" Doyle asked, looking through the binoculars still.

"Hey, I recognizes them!" Van Gordon said, pointing to Madison and her friends, as Doyle recalled the hologram.

"Crikey, what do you know, you are useful for something after all! Aye laddy, we got our targets in sight," Doyle said through a walkie talkie to the king.

"Good, do not let them out of your sight," Ramos said on the other end.

Van Gordon then backed the van up, but he went too far and rammed into the front of another boat-mobile, as the alarm went off.

"Dangit, this parking area too small!" Van Gordon complained.

"Jeez, my grandma can drive better than you," Doyle said.

"HEY! My vehicle!" Principal Thomson yelled, as he saw the damage.

"It was accident!" Van Gordon yelled, as he drove the van away from the parking lot.

"NOOO, WHHHYYY?!" Thomson yelled, crying, as he saw the damage.

"Sir, are you crying?" a female teacher asked, passing by.

The gang was seen walking to the Golden Seahorse, as Van Gordon and Doyle were unsuspectingly follow them along the road from behind.

"Uh...I know my presence isn't welcome right now, but have you guys noticed that van has been following us?" Jake asked, as they looked behind us, as Van Gordon and Doyle.

"Oh no, they onto us! Quick, pretend to do something!" Van Gordon said, as he held up a newspaper.

"They're probably just coincidentally going the same way as us, no need to freak out, unless they're people you know that you are hiding from me," Madison said.

"You know what...just forget it," Jake said, as they went into the Golden Seahorse to see tons of customers inside, as Mai greeted them.

"Too many people to deal with, come to the basement, I have something for you!" Mai said, as they followed, with Audrey's father taking tons of orders, as Van Gordon and Doyle parked their van outside the Golden Seahorse.

"A restaurant? This place better have some bloomin' good food for them to stop here," Doyle said.

"Maybe we could get something?" Van Gordon suggested.

"...You just had lunch," Doyle replied.

"Hey, we never hunt on empty stomach!" Van Gordon argued.

They then heard a horn from behind, as a fish behind them was honking their horn.

"You're in the way of traffic, now you got that idiot angry, ya idiot," Doyle said.

"Hey, I am not idiot! And why is he giving me rude hand sign?" Van Gordon asked, as Doyle saw it in the mirror.

"Oh no no no, now this gallah's got a problem," Doyle said, getting out of the van, as he approached the driver door. "Got a problem?"

"Yes, I do have a problem, your vehicle is in my way! Now MOVE!" the fish yelled.

"I'm not the one driving it, kelp for brains! Ya wanna settle this like men?" Doyle asked, as the fish got out of the boat-mobile and rolled up their sleeves.

"Sure thing," the fish said, punching his fins together.

Doyle threw out his fin, as he left it there. The fish then tried punching, but Doyle moved his fin and smashed it onto the fish's head, as he pushed him away.

"Ha, those buggers fall for it every time! Let's go, quickly!" Doyle said, as he got back into the van, and Van Gordon drove it away. The fish then waved his fist at them angrily, as they got away.

In the restaurant basement, tons of boxes were everywhere, as Mai dug around for something. She then grabbed a map, and put it on a table.

"What is this for?" Madison asked.

"Well, maps are used to show locations of a place," Tori said, as Madison seemed annoyed. "Hey, just making sure we know what a map is."

"This map is used to locate where portals to Karmania appear, this will make searching for them much easier. Just wave the heart over the map, and it will identify whenever a portal appears," Mai said, handing Madison the map.

"Whoa, where is this one?" Madison asked, as she held the heart over the map, and it showed an "x" on the spot of the Ancient Seal.

"Oh my, that is not good. That is the Ancient Seal, where the first entrance to Karmania was discovered. It appears Ramos has found a way to keep it open permanently..." Mai said.

"I thought we got that stupid thing to stop him? Well, now our fight was a waste of time, great!" Cynthia said.

"He most likely built a new one. He must have that location heavily guarded, so it is best to not draw attention for now. He has it open so he can send as many troops in and out, but he would not be stupid enough to send beasts through it, at least I hope so! Anyways, Ranen has recommended you get some training in with the knights, just to prepare for more challenges that come." Mai said.

"If we could take that metalhead, I don't think we have much to worry about," Tori said.

"Do not be overconfident, there are many more treacherous beasts ahead." Mai said, as a new "x" appeared on the map. "Looks like that is your entrance, bye now!"

"Do we have to?" Cynthia asked.

"Yes, if you don't want to die!" Mai said, as the gang exited the restaurant. Van Gordon and Doyle were watching from the parking lot, as they saw them on the move. Cameron, Zero and Nick then met up with them.

"Looks like you got Ranen's message. I know a good rebel training spot we can use," Cameron said.

"As the red knight, who is also your leader, I say we use the Mud Valley course," Jake said.

"Leader? You may be the leader of your knight friends, but I'm the leader of the guardians, who knows where the portals are, so I get a say too," Madison said.

"You know little about this place, trust me," Jake said.

"I don't know if that course would really be the most ideal..." Zero said.

"I never really liked that one, it's so gross and muddy. Well, the name is Mud Valley, but it's still not really that clean, well I know it's not supposed to be clean, but it could be easier to train in, but I know it's supposed to be hard, but it's also not very friendly-" Nick was saying.

"As the red knight, I say we go there NOW. That's an order, ladies and gentlemen. Understood? If you have a problem with my decision, then you can go back home," Jake said.

"Yes sir..." Cameron said, giving a rude look, as they all went to the portal location somewhat annoyed.

"Dang, that guy has more of a tude than you," Doyle said, hearing the conversation on their headsets as they kept following in their van.

The guardians and knights kept following Madison, as her heart pointed down at a manhole. 

"Great, and here I thought this day couldn't get any better..." Cynthia said.

"Do we have to train? I mean-" Tori was saying.

"Ranen wants us to, and as leader, I am passing along his orders," Jake said, opening the manhole, as they all regrettably went down. They then saw the portal in front of them.

"Are you sure we have to-" Nick was asking, as Jake pushed him in it, and the rest followed.

Van Gordon and Doyle then parked their van, as they looked down the manhole.

"Well...the king wants us to follow those annoying brats, so down we go," Doyle said, as they went down, closed the manhole, and saw the portal.

"...Do we have to go into spooky glowing thing?" Van Gordon asked.

"Ehh....good question," Doyle said, surprised by it, and contacted Ramos. "We found this glowing thing, should we go in it?"

"No, wait outside patiently. You must do this carefully, strike them when they least suspect it," Ramos ordered.

The heroes were seen walking through a forest.

"Oh hey, Mud Valley is close to here, looks like the portal knows what I want," Jake said.

"Lucky for you, not for me. I am not trashing these clothes," Cynthia said, annoyed.

They then made it to a large obstacle course, which went into a valley of mud and dirt. 

"Well, have fun," Jake said, as he sat down on a chair, and pulled out a magazine.

"You're not joining us?" Zero asked.

"Well, I'm the highest ranking one of the knights, so no, I don't have to. There's no point for me to," Jake said.

"Why do we even have to do this? We can just fly through it easily," Madison argued.

"Eh, it's not that simple. This course is very mean in the air too, there's like boulders and stuff, and it's just very rude," Nick said.

Zero, Cameron and Nick began running their way through it, as the guardians and knights transformed into their respective outfits. Both groups then made their way through the rough course, and they eventually came back through the entrance, all covered in dirt. Jake was wearing sunglasses and finished a lemonade.

"About time, it's been fifteen minutes" Jake said, looking at his watch.

"Don't worry, let me try this..." Tori said, as she made water appear around them, as they were all rinsed by it, cleaning off most of the dirt.

"Thank goodness you can use water. The only thing I got out of this training is I should never try to control dirt," Cynthia said, as a flashback shows a small avalanche in their pathway, as Cynthia tried moving it, but she got covered in mud.

"Now then, let's get a move on! Back to the city everyone," Jake said, as Cameron approached him.

"You may be wearing red, but you're no leader," Cameron said to him bitterly, as he and the others walked off.

"Great, now we have to hike back..." Audrey said, annoyed.

The eight got out of the sewer, as Madison closed the portal. They made their way to Ranen's dojo, as it was darker outside. Van Gordon and Doyle then followed in their van, as they kept a distance.

The heroes were seen meeting Ranen inside the dojo.

"How did your training go?" Ranen asked, as Jake stepped forward.

"It was fine sir, I used the Mud Valley course," Jake said.

"Mud Valley, eh? Interesting choice. But let me ask the guardians and knights something. Are you all confident in Jake and Madison as your leaders?" Ranen asked.

Everyone was awkwardly silent, but Cameron spoke up.

"No sir. I do not feel Jake is fit to lead the knights, and I feel his rivalry with his sister has also affected the guardians' progress," Cameron said, as Jake was shocked.

"I'm afraid I agree," Zero also spoke up.

"Yeah...you weren't really being cool back there, sorry Jake," Audrey agreed.

"He got my clothes ruined, so..." Cynthia said.

"And I had to wash everyone," Tori added.

"Jake, you're a cool dude, but that wasn't really cool, dude...well that's a contradiction, but I think I made my uh, point clear..." Nick spoke up.

"What they have all said. Jake and I have not gotten along lately, but he was not being a productive leader back there," Madison said.

"I was just being strict so you'd stop arguing with me," Jake said.

"That's why you did all of this?" Madison asked.

"I see. It appears your comrades have spoken. Landers, hand over your bracelet," Ranen said.

"Sir, you can't do this. I'll be a better leader, I promise," Jake said.

"You'll have to promise that to your team, not me. For now, your duties as the red knight are dismissed," Ranen said, as Jake handed his bracelet over and silently walked off, as he left the dojo.

"Wait Jake, come back!" Madison said, but Cameron stopped her.

"Let him go," Cameron replied.

Jake walked away back to his home, as Doyle noticed his upset look while looking through his binoculars.

"Heh, what a lil' pest. Seems like someone got kicked out. Should we ambush them now, boss? There's nobody else in this ol' deserted area," Doyle said, contacting Ramos.

"Yes, give them a little surprise, and then after that, report back here with the info you learned." Ramos ordered.

"Looks like we get to use our new toys..." Doyle said.

Madison and her friends then began walking out of the dojo.

"I kind of feel bad for your bro, he was probably just upset at you, which is why he was a jerk...okay, that doesn't excuse anything, but still," Tori said.

As they kept walking, Van Gordon and Doyle appeared from opposite sides, wearing masks and armor. Doyle had a navy blue iron mask, outfit, and gray jet-pack, as Van Gordon had a bronze iron mask and outfit, loaded with weapons.

"Heh, little girls should not be out so late," Van Gordon said, laughing.

"Aye lassies, if ya stay out too late, ya may see somethin' y'all won't like..." Doyle said.

"Uh, who the heck are you two and why do I have a feeling we're not going to like you?" Tori asked.

"Prepare for trouble! I am the great Feodor Van Gordon, most famed treasure hunter across seas!" Van Gordon said.

"Never heard of you, like, at all," Madison said.

"Most famed? You sure about that, mate? I'm Doyle, the TRUE most famed treasure hunter across the seas!" Doyle said, pushing Van Gordon.

"Also never heard of you. Can we go now?" Madison asked.

"No! Here is deal girlies, we know you are really magic fairies!" Van Gordon said, as all four gasped.

"I told you, they're mermaids!" Doyle argued.

"No, fairies!" Van Gordon argued back.

"Mermaids," Doyle said.

"Fairies!" Van Gordon argued.

"Fairies!" Doyle said, tricking him.

"MERMAIDS! They are mermaids, and I say that final! Wait, that is not what I meant, you trick me!" Van Gordon said angrily, as Doyle smiled.

"Whatever we are, I guess our secret's out?" Madison asked, pulling out the heart.

"That's right lass, the king told us all about y'all. You four are the treasures we're huntin' for, and we gotcha in our sights," Doyle said, pulling out a blaster, pointing it to them.

"Yes, and they will be mine! HA!" Van Gordon yelled, as he also pulled out a blaster, trying to be more menacing than Doyle.

"No, they'll be mine! HA!" Doyle said, pointing his blaster out farther.

"Mine! HA!" Van Gordon said, trying to point out his blaster more, as they kept going back and forth with "HA's!".

"You guys going to do this all night? I need some beauty sleep," Cynthia said.

"Oh forget this nonsense, attack!" Doyle yelled, as he threw out four steel balls, and the FedBots formed from them. Van Gordon also threw out two blue balls, as the two blue FedBots formed.

"Okay, now we have a problem," Madison said, as they gathered around the heart and transformed into their forms.

Ranen saw the commotion from a window, as he got the knights.

"Whatever you creatures are, you will not escape wrath of Feodor Van Gordon!" Van Gordon yelled, as he fired at them.

"Ha, have fun being on the ground, losers," Cynthia said.

"Funny ya pointed that out, we can fly too," Doyle said, as he and Van Gordon activated the jet-packs on their backs, and they flew up, shooting at them with the FedBots.

"Aw jeez..." Audrey said, trying to make a gust of wind blow Van Gordon and Doyle away, but they flew apart, dodging it.

Zero, Cameron and Nick then got out, as they were in their knight outfits.

"Guardians, we're here...whoa," Cameron said, as he saw Doyle and Van Gordon flying.

"Great, the cavalry has arrived," Doyle said, flying.

"We can try to handle these two weirdos, you get those robots!" Madison ordered, as the knights tried attacking, but the blue FedBots launched powerful beams, knocking them back.

"Ugh...they seem tougher than last time," Nick said.

Van Gordon was aiming at Tori, who was throwing water blasts at the FedBots, and he fired, it missed and hit a building.

"Gah, give me that ya brick head, my grandmother can shoot better than you!" Doyle said, as he tried grabbing Van Gordon's blaster.

"No, this mine! You have yours, I have mine!" Van Gordon yelled, as he got control of his blaster.

Madison tried making the heart blast at the two, but they dodged, as Van Gordon shot at the heart, as it fell to the ground. She gasped, as she flew to get it. A FedBot tried to grab it, but Zero stabbed through it, and Madison picked it up.

"Ugh...as much as those idiots bicker, they still are powerful together. Like....Jake and I were last time," Madison said, remembering how they worked together to beat Argros. 

"Looks like we need Jake back then," Audrey said, using her power to send a gust of wind at a FedBot, but it resisted it and attacked.

"I hate to say it, but I think we do, we don't have a plan or anything. Jake could make plans..." Cameron said, slicing away some FedBots, as Van Gordon flew behind him and punched him aside, as he flew to the ground. "Ugh..."

"I thought these guys were treasure hunters, not professional fighters!" Cynthia said, making vines grow and trap FedBots together, but they broke free.

"Treasure huntin' includes some intense challenges, lassie," Doyle replied.

Jake is then seen walking home, when Ranen appears behind him, tapping his shoulder.

"WHOA! You need to knock or something. What do you want?" Jake asked, seeing him.

"Your friends need a leader again," Ranen said, handing him the bracelet, as Jake gasped.

Nick and Zero managed to destroy some FedBots, but they were outnumbered.

"We still have those guys to deal with!" Audrey said, as she tried blowing the two blue FedBots away, but they jumped away and fired at them, as a blast hit Zero, and Audrey remembered yesterday when she saw circuits in him. She saw a small circuit on his shoulder.

The blue FedBots launched giant beams, as the guardians and knights all fell to the ground, with the other FedBots pointing their weapons at them.

"I thought fightin' you supposed "legends" would be MUCH more of a challenge!" Doyle said, as he and Van Gordon laughed.

"World will pay lot to see magic fairies!" Van Gordon said.

"...You know what, we're winning so much that I don't even care you said that word!" Doyle said, as they happily laughed.

"You sure about that?" a voice asked, as a sword sliced through the FedBots in front of the gang, and they all exploded.

"Jake!" Madison said, as he was in his red outfit.

"You can't fight these guys without inviting me," Jake said, as they all got up and attacked both.

"So red boy return, eh? No matter, we-" Van Gordon was saying, as Jake jumped up and punched him in the face, as he flew back in his jet-pack, crashing to the ground.

"We'll get the robots, you guys can take those two buffoons," Jake ordered, as they understood. Cameron, Zero, Nick and Jake attacked the FedBots.

"You two never shut up, do you? Maybe I can change that," Cynthia said, as she made vines grow out of the ground that grabbed Van Gordon, and Doyle tried to fly away, but the vines grabbed his leg and slammed him to the ground.

"Have a nice flight you two," Madison said. Cynthia let them go, Audrey sent them flying into the air, Tori sent out two massive water waves at the two, and finally, Madison let out a heart blast, damaging both their jet-packs, as they both flew away out of control.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" both yelled, flying off in the distance, as the knights destroyed the two blue FedBots, and they exploded.

"We may have had our struggles, but we did it!" Audrey said, as they went back to their normal selves, seeing the damaged FedBots everywhere.

"Sorry about acting that way earlier. I owe you all an apology. I was tired of not being seen seriously, so I wanted to test you all, but now I know what it means to be a real leader." Jake said.

"I guess I was acting too harsh. I'm sorry," Madison said.

"I hate to admit it...but we needed you. Welcome back," Cameron said.

"Who were those two?" Jake asked.

"Two guys Ramos hired, claiming to be treasure hunters. We'll probably see them again, but I gave them a nice flight," Madison said.

"You know, it'd be funny if those two crashed in Ramos' castle or something," Nick suggested, as everyone looked at him blankly. "What? That would be funny, like Ramos is just sitting on his throne, and those two just crash there. Come on, it'd be funny!"

"Don't get too happy, Jake is still not the knight leader. However, I'll ask again: Are you confident with Jake Landers as a leader of the knights?" Ranen asked, as the guardians and knights all nodded after thinking.

"Yes, I think we can work together as brother and sister to lead both sides," Madison replied.

"Yes sir. Despite some stuff that could be worked out, I think...he could be alright." Cameron replied, as Jake smiled.

"What do we do with these?" Tori asked, stepping on the FedBots.

"Ramos can clean those up. You all deserve a break. Welcome back as the knight leader, Landers," Ranen said, as Jake was happy.

At Ramos' castle, Van Gordon and Doyle go crashing into his throne room from the roof, as their jet-packs stopped working. They both managed to get up.

"Let me guess, you both failed. That was a beautiful roof too! Whatever, did you two get the information?" Ramos asked.

"Yes, we did get the names of the guardians and one knight," Doyle said, handing them on a piece of paper.

"Hmm. Madison Landers, Jake Landers, Cynthia, Audrey and Tori. No last names given on the other three, but I can find them through our records. You have given me a good start, so you two won't be entirely useless after all," Ramos said.

"Yay!" Van Gordon said.

Later into the night, the knights are seen back at the Mud Valley. Jake comes out of the entrance covered in mud, as he was doing the course as a punishment for his treatment to the gang.

"Am I done yet?" Jake asked to Cameron.

"Nope, two more runs, and you can get rest after that," Cameron said. "Don't stand there, GO!"

"SIR YES SIR!" Jake yelled, running again, as Cameron smiled.



-Character Debuts: Doyle and Van Gordon (note: read Doyle's voice in an Australian accent and Van Gordon's in a Russian accent, it makes them much lulzier)

-Area Debuts: Mud Valley

-Madison gains a map that shows where portals appear.

...Well, this one ended up being lengthier than I expected. I wasn't planning it to be this long, but oh well. Hopefully it's still enjoyable.

Edited by Hungry Larry
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2 minutes ago, Metal Snake said:

Lol at all the gasping, but great episode. The two hunters were awesomely silly characters. And I'm also hoping on Jake getting his position as leader back shortly. Cameron as leader just...doesn't feel right.

He did get it back, sorry if that wasn't clear. (As you could tell, I really wrote a lot)

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Good episode! I liked that it focused a lot on team-building. They all still need to learn to trust each other, especially Madison and Jake. The two bounty hunters were hilarious, but despite their comic relief, I liked that they posed an actual challenge.

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4. Birthday

Ramos is seen at his throne drinking tea, and looking at files of Madison, Cynthia, Tori, Audrey and Jake.

"Madison Landers, Jake Landers, Cynthia Hartnet, Tori Mansen, and Audrey Song. All five attend Posidonia Fields High. These faces do indeed match the ones shown in the capture. Now I know who I am dealing with. It was reported there was four knights however, so the names of the last three allude me, but no matter, the most important part I needed was their names. Hold onto these, I need to consult my...er, campaign manager," Ramos said to Skipper, as he handed the files to him, and got off of his throne.

Ramos is seen walking down a dark hallway of the castle, and he approached two giant doors. He looked around, and then walked into a very dark room, as the doors closed...

Jake and Madison are seen waking up, as Jake gets a shower first, and then Madison takes her turn. She comes out of the room in a towel wrapped around her, as her parents surprise her.

"Happy birthday princess!" Henry said.

"Mom, dad, not now!" Madison protested.

"Hope my super special spiffy Maddie has a great birthday today!" Susan said.

"Yeah, it's not even my real birthday," Madison said, sighing, as she walked off to get changed. Her parents seemed upset by this. 

Downstairs, Henry was watching the television, when a news report came on.

"BREAKING NEWS: A bunch of strange, destroyed robots have been found around town recently by patrolling officers. None of them know for sure what these are. Science experiment gone wrong? Why were they even destroyed? The Federation may or may not know about these. Could they be testing dummies? Whatever they are, it sure is a mystery..." the female news reporter said, as images of the destroyed blue FedBot at the park from episode 2, and the robots near Ranen's dojo from episode 3, were shown. Madison and Jake both were shocked and didn't say anything.

"Wow, crazy stuff, eh? I'd hate to see one of those things face to face!" Henry said.

"Yeah..." Jake said, as he and Madison both gave concerning looks.

Both are seen outside school in Susan's boatmobile.

"Now Madison, don't be upset just because this may not be your official birthday, at least you have a birthday!" Susan said.

"It was the day you adopted me, that seems to me more like a finding day than a birthday," Madison said.

"Come on, don't be upset on your special day! You do this every year," Susan said.

"Fine, I'll try to like it, as long as you got me good presents," Madison said, smiling, as she and Jake got out of the boatmobile and headed to the school.

"Have a nice day my super special spiffy Maddie!" Susan yelled, as she drove away, and all the kids laughed at her. She was annoyed, but then met up with her friends, who were chuckling a bit after hearing what her mother said.

"Happy birthday!" Cynthia, Tori and Audrey said, all hugging her.

"I think that's enough hugging!" Madison said, getting free.

"Pretty sure she wants to live for her 17th birthday," Jake said jokingly.

"You really need to throw a party for your birthday, you never have before!" Tori said.

"I don't know, my family likes things quiet, they probably would not like it if I held one at my house," Madison said.

"Maybe Cynthia could have it at her house," Audrey suggested.

"That is not a good idea after my last party. It didn't end well with my parents..." Cynthia said, having a flashback to her parents' house being trashed mess.

"My grandma probably wouldn't want a party at the restaurant, either." Audrey said.

"I could host it. My parents don't really care, so..." Tori offered.

"You guys don't have to-" Madison was saying.

"No, we insist, you deserve a birthday party!" Audrey said.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt, as long as no guardian stuff gets in the way. We have to be careful in the future, did you guys see that news report about those robots?" Madison asked.

"Oh yeah...we never cleaned those up," Audrey replied.

"They won't trace to us right now, so there's nothing to be worried about. If anything now Ramos knows to be careful about attacking us," Jake said.

"Let's not have any evil monsters or robots ruin Maddie's night, now I think I have the perfect food in mind to get. In fact, why not you get everyone on this party, to make it truly special? I'm sure Elana would like to come," Cynthia offered.

"I don't know, maybe we should keep it small-" Madison was saying.

"The bigger the better, imagine how popular you'll be. You can also get to meet new people," Cynthia said.

"I could invite Nick, Zero and Cameron if you want...even though nobody will know them," Jake offered.

"I'll print out the invitations during lunch!" Tori offered.

"I just have the perfect dress for the party too!" Audrey said.

They then headed off to their classes, and a few hours later, Madison is seen in her Mythology class.

"Now students, today we will discuss one of the most popular myths of this backwater country! Rumor has it, this land was once connected to a magical kingdom called Karmania," Professor Rotwell was saying, as Madison gasped.

"Professor, we don't feel like hearing about your crazy conspiracy theories-" a student said.

"SILENCE! I know what I am talking about you little brat, I have lots of proof...I just don't have it on me now, so you will take notes!" Professor Rotwell said.

"Okay, just ignore this crazy guy, I'm not letting any Karmania stuff get in my way today," Madison said to herself, as she ignored what he was babbling about and just looked at the clock for most of the period. Eventually, the period ended.

"And that is all to know about the Karmania! Now, quiz tomorrow! I suspect Mrs. Landers is prepared," Rotwell said snidely, as she woke up.

"Great..." Madison said, heading for lunch.

Madison was seen at a lunch table with her friends and Jake, as they were discussing the party. Tori had a huge stack of invitations and was passing them off to random students. Cynthia's friend Elana walked by, who was with her friend Roxy, passed by, taking invitations from Tori.

"You guys coming to the party?" Cynthia asked.

"You bet, happy birthday Maddie!" Elana replied, as Tori then made an announcement to everyone in the cafeteria.

"Everyone please come to Maddie's party tonight, at my house! It's her 17th birthday, and we want super special spiffy Maddie to have the best birthday ever!-" Tori was saying, as Madison shut her up.

"Let's not use that name," Madison said, as students were laughing.

At Ramos' castle, Zurtrax, Doyle and Van Gordon are seen in the throne room before Ramos.

"You three, I have a new mission for you. It is time I start my search for the princess. I have suspicions they may be in this city. You two, I want you to look at the city hall for birth records of females born here sixteen years ago. There's too many peasants for me to keep track of, so we'll need to narrow them down. Get me all of the records, and I can try searching through them for any suspicious births, or adoptions. Unfortunately, it will not be that simple. You will have to sneak in at night, because if anyone there finds out I am working with two bounty hunters, that would not be good," Ramos ordered to the hunters.

"We're treasure hunters mate, but sure," Doyle said, correcting him.

"Yes boss!" Van Gordon saluted.

"Same thing. As for you commander, just in case the guardians get suspicious, or if these two mess up, you can prepare a diversion. Use beasts, or robots, whatever you can think of," Ramos said.

"Yes sir," Zurtrax said.

"Oh boy, we gets to break in! I am ultimate spy!" Van Gordon said.

"Yeah, you're a stealthy one. You totally won't blow our bloomin' cover," Doyle said snidely.

"Hey, I can be quiet! I suggest you watch mouth!" Van Gordon said threateningly.

"I am not in the mood for more pointless bickering. You all understand your roles?" Ramos asked.

"I hope I do," Van Gordon replied.

"Not encouraging. Just wait until nightfall," Ramos replied. 

Later, school ends, as the girls go off to prepare for Maddie's party. The gang is at Cynthia's house as they laid out party supplies.

"I just realized, the party needs a theme! The problem is, I don't know what you would want as a theme," Cynthia said to Madison.

"Do we really need a theme?" Madison asked.

"Yeah, it's kind of too late now..." Tori said.

"I got it: How about..." Cynthia was saying, when her little sister, Julia, entered the room.

"Snails," Julia said, holding a stuffed snail.

"No, now go to your room," Cynthia said.

"But this is my room!" Julia said.

"Then go to my room!" Cynthia said.

"But you told me to never go in your room!-" Julia was saying.

"Then go somewhere away from here!" Cynthia said, as Julia walked off and stepped on Cynthia's foot.

"I think we're good, we don't need a theme. Let's just set this stuff up at Tori's house before your sister throws another tantrum," Madison said.

"Are your parents even okay with this?" Audrey asked.

"Like I said, they won't care. Trust me," Tori said, as they are at Tori's house and begin setting up balloons, food and other party materials.

"A party? Alright, we know how to liven it up!" Tori's father, Hank, said.

"Or not," Tori said, sighing.

Jake is seen at Ranen's dojo.

"So yeah, my sister is having a birthday party. You guys want to come?" Jake asked.

"Not particularly, I've grown out of children's birthday parties," Cameron replied.

"But wait, wasn't your sister adopted? So technically speaking, this isn't her birthday, or is it her birthday? Maybe she was born the day she was found by your parents..." Nick rambled.

"It's not worth thinking about, at least someone wanted her. I have no idea who her real parents are. My parents found her randomly outside our house one day a few months after I was born, which was seventeen years ago today. Regardless, do either of you want to go?" Jake asked to Nick and Zero.

"Oh right. Sure, why not, if there's food, I'm in!" Nick said.

"I don't think I should. Sorry, but I have some important stuff to work on, and I'm a bit antisocial when it comes to meeting new people," Zero said.

"Looks like your party plans will have to wait boys, because a rebel reported that two rebels delivering food to villagers just got attacked. They need someone to help them," Ranen said.

"How will we get in if his sister has the map?" Cameron asked.

"Mai told me the Ancient Seal portal was re-activated. Perhaps you can attempt to use that one, but you'll have to be stealthy, as Ramos most likely has it guarded," Ranen ordered.

The four understood, as they went off to the forest. They snuck around, and saw the Ancient Seal guarded by a ton of soldiers, with the machine pointing into it.

"Should we destroy that machine?" Nick asked.

"No, I say we keep it open. This is an easy way for us to get in when we run out of portals," Zero said.

"He has a point, but we'll have to get our way past them," Jake said.

"I have an idea," Nick said, as he threw a rock at a soldier's helmet.

"Hey, who is there?!" the soldier asked, searching around.

"OVER HERE!" Nick's voice echoed, as all four quickly ran off to the sides.

"Intruder, find them!" the soldier ordered, as they all split up, leaving the portal unguarded.

The four knights transformed and went into the portal, as they appeared in Karmania out in a field, with ancient rocks and ruins surrounding the Ancient Seal.

"Alright, now how faraway are we from the robbery site?" Nick asked.

"...That is a legitimately good question," Zero replied.

"If they were delivering food, it must be near the slums, which isn't too faraway from here if we run!" Jake said, as they ran off.

They approached near the slum village, and saw in the fields bags of food being loaded into Federation vans.

"That must be them!" Cameron said.

Zurtax was watching from a cliff, as he looked through his scanners to see the knights. Beside him was a tied up rebel, who had a communication open with Ranen, meaning Zurtrax forced him to tell Ranen.

"Excellent, they fell right into my trap. Be prepared," Zurtrax said to the side, and a flashy chameleon creature named Chamelos appeared out of the air.

"Of course, I am always prepared! I am the best distraction that ever lived! They will be so mesmerized by me, and they won't see me coming at the same time!" Chamelos bragged, jumping around.

"Do not attack yet, wait until I give the signal," Zurtrax said.

"Fine! But you better pay up your end of the deal!" Chamelos said.

"Yes, you will get the food, you glutton," Zurtrax replied, as he approached the tied up rebel. "As for you, you have a nice cell ready in Ramos' dungeon..."

The knights then approached the FedBots, as they all beeped and attacked.

"Stealing food, eh? That's a new low if you ask me!" Jake yelled, as he sliced in half a robot, and the others attacked. Nick broke open the vans, and he found two tied up rebels in one of them, as he let them go.

"Thanks, but we don't know where the other one is!" one of them said.

"Don't worry, we'll find him," Jake said, as Cameron destroyed the last two FedBots. 

"Anyone else?" Zero asked.

"Looks like this area is clear. Thank you knights. Sadly, I fear the other rebel was captured..." the other rebel said.

"We'll get them back, I promise. You can go off from here, we can handle these," Jake said, as the two rebels went off.

"So are we going to eat these?" Nick asked. "Hey, just saying, I mean we could have a surplus of food leftover..."

"Cameron, you can stay and guard these. I'll be at Madison's party, making sure she's alright," Jake ordered.

"Why me?" Cameron asked.

"We need someone to guard the food if more robots come back, or a Karmanian beast," Jake said.

"I can help Cameron, I do not mind staying behind," Zero offered.

"So be it then, let's go Nick," Jake said, as the two headed off.

"Why do we have to get stuck with this job?" Cameron asked, sitting around.

"I'm sure Jake had his good reasonings, he had a point more robots could return," Zero said.

"We're in the middle of nowhere, there's nobody else here. He obviously doesn't like me and is giving me the grunt work. I'm not going to be a sitting duck," Cameron said, as he got up and started leaving.

"Jake would not like this! Well, I'm staying!" Zero said, as he sat down, all lonely.

"Deal with him, I'll take him away. This all went according to plan, I knew they'd think the mission was over and leave, but one would stay behind, providing the opportunity for you to destroy one. I'd do it myself, but I have to take this scum away," Zurtrax said to Chamelos. He grabbed the rebel and walked away, while Chamelos watched Zero, smiling evilly, and turned invisible.

At Tori's house, the party has begun. Tons of kids from school arrived, as they brought tons of presents for Madison. There was lots of food, balloons, and flashy lights with a dancing pad. Jake and Nick arrived, as they met Madison.

"Hey there, sorry we're late, just had some stuff to do," Jake said.

"What kind of stuff?" Madison asked.

"Don't worry about it," Jake reassured.

"Hey there, so you're Madison's brother?" Elana asked, approaching him.

"Uh yeah, pretty sure I am," Jake replied.

"Ha, you look cute," Elana said, flirting with him, as she laughed with Roxy.

"She's talking about you," Nick whispered to Jake.

"This is going to be a long night," Jake said.

At the city hall, Van Gordon and Doyle are seen landing on the roof with their jet-packs. Doyle used a device on his arm to make a laser beam cut a circle through the roof, as they flew in and landed into a hallway.

"Alright mate, we have to be careful and quiet, there's probably security mooks lurkin' around," Doyle said.

Van Gordon shined a flashlight around, as they eventually found a room with birth records for teenage females.

"This is room," Van Gordon said, punching down the door.

"...You could've just opened it. What did that door do to you?" Doyle asked.

"I do it complicated way. Alright, now we gets all records of the sixteen year olds," Van Gordon said, looking around.

They both grabbed all the records they could find, putting them into bags, when a security guard walks through the hall with a flashlight. He then notices the broken door.

"HEY! What are you two doing?!" the guard asked, as Van Gordon punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground.

"Let us make the escape!" Van Gordon yelled, as they made a run for it. The guard got up and made a call on his phone.

Back at the food site, Zero is sitting around bored.

"Hehe..." Chamelos' voice echoed.

"Who is there?" Zero asked, getting up.

He was then hit by Chamelos' invisible tail, as he fell to the ground.

"You can't see me fool!" Chamelos said, laughing, as Zero threw his sword everywhere, but kept missing. 

"Alright, maybe if I change the frequency of my helmet, I can-" Zero was saying, when Chamelos kicked him to the side again, as he appeared out of his camouflage and laughed, as Zero tried attacking, but he was very fast and dodged every move. He then gave another powerful punch, as Zero flew to the ground again, showing another circuit on his armor.

"I need back-up. If I stay, I don't stand a chance, but if I do a tactical retreat, I risk running into the soldiers at the portal. I can't do anything on my own, I wasn't even supposed to be a knight..." Zero said, coughing, as he tried contacting the others. He then made a run for it out of Chamelos' sight.

"That's right, run! Now this food is all mine!" Chamelos sung, as he began eating all the food. 

Back at Tori's house, Madison is talking with her friends, when a male fish approaches them.

"Hey there ladies, nice party. Name's Trent, and I hope you're having a lovely birthday, princess," Trent said, introducing himself to them, as Madison blushed.

"Oh I know you, you're that popular kid," Audrey said.

"Yeah, you could say that. Also, nice dress." Trent said, complimenting Audrey.

Jake then got a communication from Zero from inside his backpack, as he opened it up.

"Uh oh," Jake said.

Tori then went into the kitchen, and a voice was heard from her father's police phone on the table.

"Come in Chief Mansen, City Hall just got raided by two weird armored thugs. Requesting investigation," the officer said.

"...Uh oh," Tori said, thinking of Van Gordon and Doyle. She then got with Jake, Nick, Cynthia, Audrey and Madison, taking them off to the side in the kitchen.

"What is it?" Cynthia asked.

"Uh, well that cop through my dad's radio just said City Hall got robbed, and it definitely sounds like those two weirdos from yesterday," Tori said.

"I also got a communication from Zero, he needs help," Jake said.

"Yeah, maybe leaving him behind with Cameron wasn't the best move," Nick said.

"You what?" Madison asked.

"I left them behind in case more robots came back, but it looks like we're too late..." Jake said.

"Alright, you go back and help Zero, while we can investigate what happened with those two hunter dudes. But I'll miss the party..." Madison said, sighing.

"Don't worry, I can get my parents to keep this going," Tori said, running upstairs to her parents' room, and opened it up. "Yo, mom and dad, can you keep the party going? Thanks!"

"I tell you what, this is the day I've been waiting for! I am a trained party ringleader! Let's do this honey!" Hank said, as he and his wife headed downstairs.

Jake and Nick were about to run off, but he bumped into Elana.

"Where are you guys going?" Elana asked.

"We have to, uh..."  Jake was saying.

"Get pizza, we ran out! But until then, here's a doughnut, they are pretty good!" Nick improvised, as he handed her one, and they ran off.

"He's such an enigma," Elana said, looking at Jake running off.

Jake and Nick then ran toward the forest portal, as they met up with Cameron.

"Looks like you got his call," Cameron said.

Madison and her friends headed off to the City Hall, as they approached outside.

"I don't see those two idiots anywhere," Cynthia said.

Suddenly, a Karmania portal opened behind them.

"Well, there's that," Tori said, as they went into it.

At the food site, Chamelos finished eating all of the food, and he laughed. Suddenly, a portal appeared, as the guardians came through it.

"What the..." Madison was saying, seeing Chamelos with tons of empty food bags.

"What?! A bunch of little girls?!" Chamelos asked, as he got up. 

Zero then came out of hiding, and he transformed back into his knight outfit.

"Not the back-up I had in mind, but it works." Zero said.

"Looks like we'll have to worry about those two idiots another time!" Madison said.

"This guy doesn't seem too threatening-" Cynthia was saying, when he turned invisible. "Never mind."

They then transformed into their guardian forms using the heart.

"What the!? Are you mermaids or fairies?!" Chamelos asked, as he appeared out of invisibility and launched his tongue at them.

"Eww, get that thing out of here!" Cynthia said, dodging, as she made vines surround him, but he turned invisible.

Tori then made a wave of water, and sent it splashing around, as it hit Chamelos and sent him flying into a tree.

"Gah, you will pay for that!" Chamelos said, getting up.

"I think you'll be paying for that food if anything," Cameron said, as he flew into the area and punched Chamelos, sending him tumbling backward. Jake and Nick also appeared.

"Finally, never abandon me again! You try standing in the cold for about thirty minutes!" Zero said.

"I'm so sorry man, I didn't mean for this to happen," Jake said.

"No, it's my fault, I shouldn't have left you alone," Cameron said, taking responsibility.

"It was none of your faults, now watch out!" Zero said, dodging Chamelos' tongue.

"I wonder what it would be like to touch it..." Nick pondered, but he dodged when he sent it flying at him.

"You are not going to ruin Maddie's birthday!" Audrey said, as Chamelos tried turning invisible again, but she made a gust of wind grab him, as it sent him flying on top of a Federation van. He then blended into the gray color, as he jumped at Madison, but Cameron got in the way and punched him in the face, sending him to the ground one last time.

"I got this one. You are charged for stealing food, ruining my sister's birthday, and harassing the Professor," Jake said, as he pulled out his judgment device, and it stunned Chamelos. It then found him guilty.

"NO! I can give the food back, I promise!" Chamelos yelled, but Madison sent the heart blast at the cuffs from the device, as it trapped him in the containment cuffs around his body. "Awww."

"I've sent a report in for you, so don't go anywhere, not like you can," Cameron taunted to Chamelos.

"Bah! That food tasted terrible, by the way!" Chamelos said.

"Well, I guess by now my party is a flop, but oh well. I got to spend my birthday with you guys, so I guess it doesn't matter. And plus, even if it wasn't my real birthdate, I'm okay with it being my birthday," Madison said.

They went back through the portal, as Madison closed it on the other side.

"I guess we'll never know what those two hunters were doing at the City Hall though," Nick said.

"And we also lost the food..." Cameron said.

"Don't worry about them. Even though Ramos got what he wanted today and we lost the food, they weren't as important as making sure you're safe, Professor, and attending my sister's birthday," Jake said to Zero and Madison. "So Cam, do you want go to the party? There's still food left."

"No thanks, like I said, I'm too old..." Cameron was saying, but he looked at Madison. "But I guess I have nothing else to do."

They were back at Tori's house, and while some left, Trent, Elana, Roxy and others all stayed, as Hank was making them play limbo. 

"A flop, eh?" Jake said to Madison.

"Hey there Tori, care for a dance?" a nerdy fish named Johnny asked.

"In your dreams, kid," Tori replied, as they kept partying.

Jake goes into the kitchen and sees Cameron looking at a picture of his father, the previous red knight.

"Hey Cam. I know you don't like me much, and I can't blame you. I don't entirely trust myself as leader sometimes. But I wasn't making you stay behind out of spite. I had a feeling those robots would return, or a beast, and you are our strongest fighter, so I knew you could defend the food. Anyways, there's still food left if you want anything to eat, I know you must be starving," Jake said, as he left.

Cameron put the photo away, as he smiled and went back to where the others were.

At Ramos' castle, Van Gordon and Doyle gave all the birth documents to Ramos, while Zurtrax threw the rebel he captured to the floor.

"You three have done well. Zurtrax got me a rebel, got rid of the rebels' food supply for the scum in the slums, and you two got me these documents. Take that rebel to the dungeon to rot," Ramos said, as Zurtrax did so.

"So, can ya figure out the princess from these?" Doyle asked.

"It is hard to say, but it is late, so I will look into them more tomorrow," Ramos said, as he decided to go to bed.

Van Gordon and Doyle were exploring the castle later in the night, when they stumbled upon the two big doors Ramos was at earlier to speak to his "campaign manager".

"Whoa, never seen this door before..." Van Gordon said.

"I dare ya to open it," Doyle said, as Van Gordon tried opening it.

"STOP!" Ramos yelled, appearing behind the two, as they felt like they had a heart attack.

"Sorry, we were just curious-" Doyle was saying.

"Do not EVER, and I repeat EVER, go into that room if you value your lives," Ramos threatened, pointing his staff at them.

"We meant no harms, we go now!" Van Gordon said, as they slowly walked back down the hall.

Ramos then went into the room, and closed the door.

Skipper is seen in his room looking over the files of the guardians, when he noticed an interesting piece of info Ramos overlooked on Madison's.

"Hmm...Madison Landers was...adopted?" Skipper said curiously, reading her profile. "Now where did she come from...?"



-Character Debuts: Trent, Johnny, Julia, Elana, Roxy, Hank, Tori's Mom, and Chamelos

-Area Debuts: City Hall and Tori's House

-Madison turns 17, even though her exact birthdate is unknown.

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3 hours ago, jjsthekid said:

"I think you'll be paying for that food if anything," Cameron said, as he flew into the area and punched Chamelos, sending him tumbling backward.

Now that's badass. I love how you're able to put out these high-quality episodes at a consistent pace despite their reasonably long length.

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5. Cyborg

Ramos is seen watching the news report from the previous episode on his flatscreen television.

"BREAKING NEWS: A bunch of strange, destroyed robots have been found around town recently by patrolling officers. None of them know for sure what these are. Science experiment gone wrong? Why were they even destroyed? The Federation may or may not know about these-" the female news reporter was saying, as Ramos paused it, showing it to Zurtrax, Van Gordon, and Doyle.

"This cannot continue, you fools! You must be more careful in the future when using the FedBots. If the public is to trace their remains back to me, my reputation would be ruined, and that ruins my reelection chances! Use them only in Karmania, and in extreme circumstances, use them in the city, but tell me so I can send a cleanup crew just in case those pesky guardians destroy them! Understood?" Ramos said to all three.

"Yes sir. I will not let this happen again," Zurtrax replied.

"Gotcha mate," Doyle replied.

"Yes boss!" Van Gordon replied, as Skipper walked into the room and approached Ramos.

"Sir, I have an interesting find from looking at these portfolios. It seems Madison Landers, the leader, was adopted...what if she is the missing heir to the throne?" Skipper suggested to him, as he was thinking.

"Hmm... this could be possible, but I cannot say for certain right now. Still, it is worth speculating over, it could be a start..." Ramos said.

The guardians and knights are seen at the Golden Seahorse with Ranen and Mai.

"It appears I missed your birthday, keeper of the heart, but no worries, here's a late present from me!" Mai said to Madison, as she hands her a gold necklace.

"Thanks, but you really didn't have to-" Madison was saying, holding it.

"I insist, take it, it's an old good luck charm of mine!" Mai replied.

"Just take it, trust me," Audrey whispered to Madison.

"Both groups have done well so far, even though you could not successfully save the food supplies, rescuing Zero was more important," Ranen said. Zero was in another part of the restaurant, as he carefully walked near the others and overheard them.

"Here's some victory food for you all!" Mai said, handing them all food.

"Thanks grandma. Speaking of Zero, is it just me or he is a bit...odd?" Audrey asked, as Zero listened in more and the other three knights seemed a bit awkward.

"What do you mean by odd?" Tori asked.

"Well, if you mean odd as in useless, then yes, because he was so useless in trying to keep that food safe," Cynthia coldly said, as Zero seemed upset.

"Well, Zero isn't exactly a fighter," Jake was saying, and turned to Audrey. "But tell us, how is he odd?"

"Well, whenever I see him get hurt by enemies, I see these weird robotic looking things on him." Audrey replied, as Ranen sighed.

"Sir, is it time they knew?" Cameron asked to Ranen.

"Yes, better now than never. The truth is, Professor Zero is not entirely a fish," Ranen was saying, as Zero was upset when he overheard them.

"What do you mean? Is he like half monster or something?" Cynthia asked.

"Well, he is still a fish, but he's not entirely a fish, as he's also half robot," Nick said, and the guardians gasped. "Oh...I guess I probably should've revealed that better."

"Yes, he is actually part...cyborg. He is a mechanical fish," Ranen continued.

"You knew about this?" Madison asked to Jake.

"Yeah, but we didn't feel it was important to say. He doesn't like talking about it, because the truth is, none of us, not even him, really know where he came from..." Jake replied.

"He doesn't even know who built him?" Audrey asked.

"He has claimed to us he just randomly washed up one day on the Posidonia Fields shore two years ago," Cameron replied.

"That explains why he barely helped us, machines are mostly useless, just look at those robot things we've fought," Cynthia said.

"That's....a bit harsh, even for you..." Madison replied.

"I'm just being honest, it's not like Zero is here to hear this..." Cynthia was saying, when Zero walked in, as she jumped. "Oh....hi..."

"Yes, it is all true," Zero said, as he stretched out his fin to show a mechanical arm beneath, and the top of his head lifted up a bit to show metal in-between, and then put them away. "This is who I am, I heard everything."

"Oh jeez..." Cynthia said to herself, feeling guilt.

"I'm not mad, just shocked...and also slightly confused," Tori replied.

"I don't care if you're a cyborg, but how did you come to know about the guardians, rebels and Karmania?" Madison asked.

"Well, when I came to this land, I felt like I was just born. I didn't know anyone or anything around me. I just found myself aimlessly walking around, not knowing who I really am, where I came from, or my purpose, other than a simple name. However, I found I was a born genius. Whenever there was mechanical issues around town, I would often help people in need, fixing home supplies, or just general technology. I attended a prestigious academy, and was top ranking of my college. The Federation took an interest in my talents, and they one day requested me to join their scientist team," Zero was explaining, as flashbacks showed of his time in Posidonia Fields.

"You used to work for the Federation?" Tori asked.

"Yes, sadly. It started off rather comforting, as the team welcomed me in, and I thought Mr. Ramos was a nice gentleman. He called me a brilliant mind, wanting me to help him make him weapons and technology. I felt like I finally had a home, and I got along well with the fellow scientists. They accepted me as a cyborg, and were fascinated in me, especially Ramos. I helped them for weeks, but one day, Ramos told me he had a very special device he needed my expertise for. He wanted to me to make him an energy absorption converter, which would be able to absorb the energy of lights from an area, and turn it into a "beautiful show" for special events...or so he claimed. I began production of the device, but my instincts and processors were telling me something was not right. I was curious why Ramos needed it so desperately, so one fateful night, I lurked around and got a glimpse of his true plans in his private files. It turns out he used and deceived me. I was horrified to learn that he wasn't using the device to absorb light, or use it for entertainment, he wanted a mass destruction machine, which would have drained all of Karmania's power for him. I learned of this mystical word in further readings, and I planned to escape. Then things got even worse..." Zero narrated, as more flashbacks went through his mind, and he is seen in the room reading everything about Karmania. 

Zero finished gathering his info and got ready to leave the room, when he opened the door to see Ramos.

"Oh...hello sir," Zero said to him.

"It appears I have a snoop, what are you doing?" Ramos asked.

"Nothing, was just doing some research," Zero lied, as he quickly walked off and dropped a paper about Karmania, as Ramos picked it up.

"How unfortunate, it appears our brilliant professor gained his own little organic brain and figured it out. He won't be going anywhere though..." Ramos said.

Zero is seen in a room, locking it. He then began gathering all of his equipment together in a briefcase, including what he had started of the device and the blueprints. Suddenly, a knocking was heard on the door.

"Professor Zero, we know you're in there!" a guard shouted.

"Open up or we're breaking down!" another guard shouted, as they kept pounding on it. Zero shut his briefcase, as the two guards broke down the door, aiming their guns at him.

"Let's go doc, fins in the air," one guard ordered.

"Mr. Ramos would like to have a few words with ya..." the other guard said.

"I bet he certainly would, but it would take more than you two grunts to apprehend me," Zero replied, as he threw a small table at them, as they tried firing, but he deflected it with his briefcase, and the guards got sent flying into the hallway by the table. Zero then waved to them, as he threw a chair into the window, smashing it open. He jumped out, and activated a jet-pack, flying off. The two guards got up, as they looked out the smashed window.

"Well, I'm not being held responsible for this," the one guard said, as Zero's story ended.

"After I escaped, to the public, I was still helpful Professor Zero, but to the Federation, I was an enemy. They secretly declared me a fugitive, and began looking for me multiple times, but I went into hiding and kept a down-low profile. I destroyed what I started of the machine and the blueprints, so the horrific machine could never be finished. I eventually met with Ranen one night, who told me all about the rebels and how the Federation is looking for me. I agreed to help him, and began designing technology for them, which they have been using more as of recently. There, that's all you need to know about me. I know little of why I am a cyborg, but I've found it has given me a gift. I just fear one day I could lose control of myself, I don't want to be thought of as just a machine..." Zero finished narrating, as he looked at his fins a bit worried.

"Wow, this story just gets better each time you tell us," Nick said.

"What an interesting story, Mr. Zero. I'm glad we have you to help develop technology for us, and be a knight by our side. I don't think of you as just a robot, or whatever," Madison said, looking at Cynthia.

"I think it's pretty rad you're half robot," Tori said.

"Yes, well about that, I overheard your friend Cynthia call me useless, so I'm through being a knight. She is right though, I was never meant to be one. I am just a robot professor, nothing more," Zero replied a bit angrily, as he handed over his silver bracelet to Ranen, as Cynthia felt bad.

"No, I didn't mean it that way!" Cynthia said, but he walked out of the Golden Seahorse.

"Sometimes you should keep your opinions to yourself, miss princess," Cameron said, as everyone looked at Cynthia a bit angrily.

"Let us not dwell over petty anger. Now, who wants soup?!" Mai asked, trying to cheer everyone up.

In the slum village, Diggy is seen outside his trailer being interrogated by a plant beast.

"You smelly little mole, I know you have the potion, give it to me!" the beast yelled, as it used its grass arm to trap him in vines against the trailer.

"Fine, I'll g-give it to you, Vinerox, just let me go!" Diggy said terrified, as Vinerox let go and Diggy fell to the ground. He then handed him a potion bottle with a green liquid.

Vinerox absorbed the potion into his arms, as they glowed. He then shot out a vine at Diggy, as it magically wrapped around his entire body and he turned into a small green pod, lying on the dirt ground. However, it then glowed and Diggy turned back to normal.

"What do you know, how about that?" Diggy said smugly.

"You gave me the wrong one!" Vinerox yelled, as he wrapped Diggy in vines again.

"O-okay fine, I have the right one, pl-please just don't turn me into that again!" Diggy begged.

"Fine." Vinerox replied, as he let him go. Diggy then handed him a dark green potion, as Vinerox absorbed it again.

"Try it on that guy, I promise it works this time!" Diggy said, pointing to a villager walking past them.

Vinerox then shot out a vine at the villager, as vines wrapped all around them, and they turned into a pod again. This time however, they stayed that way.

"Excellent. As we agreed, have this," Vinerox said, as he handed Diggy a bag of raw food.

"Thank you!" Diggy said, as he began chowing down.

"I'm unstoppable now with my new power! Ramos would reward me well if I gave him all these rebels in easy transportation..." Vinerox said, chuckling.

Some rebel Karmanians were seen walking around the forests, as Vinerox approached the squad. 

"Hello there, friends," Vinerox said, laughing.

"Stay back, Vinerox! Don't make any movements," a rebel yelled, as they pointed their high-tech guns at him.

"Those won't do you any good with my new powers..." Vinerox said, as he fired a bunch of vines at the five of them, as they all got wrapped in vines and fell to the ground as small pods. 

"Ramos should see this," Vinerox said, smiling.

Back in Posidonia Fields, the remaining heroes walked through the city, but they seemed to be giving Cynthia the cold shoulder.

"In other news, my weird Mythology teacher knows about Karmania. I don't know if I should be concerned or just laugh at him," Madison said.

"Some people have theorized Karmania for a long time, but I doubt he'll figure us out anytime soon," Jake said.

"His accent is adorable, I wouldn't be scared of that weirdo, ever," Cynthia said, as the other three went silent. "What? Are you guys still mad at me about Zero? I was just being honest, I didn't think he was listening to us..."

"Yeah, but you hurt his feelings...although robots don't have feelings, but he's a cyborg, so maybe he does...oh forget it, I'm sounding like Nick!" Audrey said.

"Hey, you did sound like me! You mastered my speech...wait, how do I sound to you guys?" Nick asked to them, confused.

"Look, Zero is a sensitive guy, he doesn't like talking about his past much, he doesn't know where he came from," Cameron said.

"Yeah, I can relate to that," Madison said, feeling bad she doesn't know where she truly came from, either.

"I'm sorry if I did hurt his feelings, but I doubt he'll still be mad at me. We can try finding him and I can apologize!" Cynthia said.

"Whoa, looks like you'll have to do that later," Madison said, as the heart began glowing in her backpack. She then got out the map and hovered the heart over it, showing a new portal spot.

They then found the portal in an alley away from the people, as they went into the portal and appeared in the forest where Vinerox attacked, looking around.

"What the, are these cabbages or something?" Tori asked, seeing a pod containing a rebel inside of it, and picked it up.

"Okay, I've never seen any cabbages like those..." Jake said.

"I wonder if we can eat them..." Nick said, as everyone looked at him oddly. "What? They could be tasty!"

"Yeah, and we have no idea what is in these," Tori said.

"You think these might be important?" Audrey asked.

"I don't know, I feel like the portal appeared here for a reason. I don't see any threats, but these could be important. Let's take one to Zero, unless he's still mad at us due to Cynthia," Madison suggested, as Tori kept the one she picked up.

"I told you, I'd apologize to him!" Cynthia replied.

"But where is Zero?" Audrey asked.

"Probably at his apartment, but I don't know if he is in the mood to talk to us," Jake replied.

"What apartment is he at?" Madison asked.

"In the Apartment Fields, in room number seventeen, on the second floor on the left side of the hallway when you walk in, about seven doors down," Nick said, as everyone looked at him oddly again.

"Uh...you know that how?" Jake asked.

"Hey, we've spent some time together before, we like talking about science stuff," Nick replied, as they headed back into the portal and into the alley.

"I guess I'll keep this open if we need to go back, you guys guard this so nobody gets in or through, and we'll find Zero," Madison said, as the knights stayed behind and the girls went to find Zero.

Ramos is seen on his throne, as a line of soldiers and Karmanian beasts were there, giving him ideas.

"So my idea was that you could uh, maybe um, uh....can I come back later?" the soldier asked.

"Next!" Ramos ordered, as he activated a trapdoor from his throne and the soldier fell through it. A blue creature went up next, and the trapdoor sealed up.

"I was thinking I could turn the rebels into bubbles, then you pop them to kill the rebels!" the creature said, laughing, as he blew bubbles through an old bubble wand. "Yay? Nay? I'm seeing some yay faces..."

"Idiotic. NEXT!" Ramos yelled, as Zurtrax picked up the beast and threw him aside onto the floor. 

"Oww..." the creature said, as it got up and walked away, being escorted by soldiers.

"Anyone have any REAL ideas?" Ramos asked.

"I do, my king." Vinerox said, as he cut through the line and approached him.

"Hey, get back in your spot!" a soldier yelled, as Vinerox shot vines at the soldier and another beast in line, turning them into the pods. Vinerox picked one up and showed it to Ramos.

"What's this, a cabbage?" Ramos asked.

"Using a potion, I am now able to turn people into these plant storage pods. I have turned many rebels into the pods, and I have stored them in a secret cavern. I can hand them all to you," Vinerox said.

"Excellent, get me the ones you have, and if the guardians get in the way, you can turn them into these too. However, keep the heart keeper alive, I believe I may need her..." Ramos said, still wondering on Skipper's idea.

"Yes, my king." Vinerox said, as he began to leave.

"Ha, it does look like the cabbage," Van Gordon said, picking it up, as Vinerox looked at him angrily, scaring Van Gordon, and walked away again.

The guardians are seen in Apartment Fields, as they find Zero's room and knock on it. He opens it.

"What do you all want?" Zero asked.

"I know you're not happy, but do you know what this thing is?" Madison asked, showing him the pod. 

"Come inside, I might be able to figure it out," Zero said, as they entered in and Zero put it through machinery and scanned it.

"Look, I'm sorry for calling you useless. I didn't know you were there, okay?" Cynthia said, as the pod finished scanning.

"That's odd..." Zero said.

"Cynthia's half-hearted apology or the results?" Tori asked.

"The results, this says that this pod has Karmanian DNA on it. Someone was turned into this." Zero said, as the girls looked at each other nervously.

"Do you know where we could find more?" Cynthia asked.

"Yes, if I scan this, and trace the coordinates, I could find identical matches. Of course, I'm not a knight right now, and it's not like I'd be much help," Zero said.

"I'm telling you, I'm sorry. I didn't realize how hard it is to be half cyborg. We need your smarts in figuring this out," Cynthia pleaded.

"Fine, I'll help. Let's go back and get my bracelet, but I will only go back into field this one time," Zero said.

They headed back to Ranen's dojo, as Zero approached Ranen.

"I'd like it back. Just this once, however," Zero said, as Ranen handed it to him without saying a word.

The guardians and Zero then went back to the portal.

"Oh hey professor, glad to have you back," Jake said.

"I'm not back just yet, I'm only helping this one time. It appears these pods are actually Karmanians, someone is turning them into these plant pods," Zero said.

"You mean cabbages? Now I feel awkward about wanting to eat one...although I do wonder now how it would taste, the curiosity is intriguing me..." Nick said.

"Huh, the other pods that were here are gone..." Audrey said.

"Looks like someone came back to clean up their trail," Jake said.

"I have the location of the others, but it's a lot of walking," Zero said, looking at the scanner.

"No problem," Madison said, as she pulled out the heart and the girls transformed, while the knights activated their bracelets and turned into their knight outfits.

After a while, they arrived at a pit in the middle of the forest, and Zero stopped.

"It's here," Zero said.

"You sure about that?" Cameron asked.

"That's what it says, it might be underground," Zero said.

"Start digging!" Madison ordered, but Cynthia didn't really try.

"Come on lazy bones, you control earth!" Tori said, trying to dig, as did the knights.

"I'm not getting my fins dirty!" Cynthia said.

Madison, Tori and Audrey also tried digging, as Audrey blew some dirt away, but they had no luck, and more dirt was just underneath. It then started to rain, and mud began to form in the dirt.

"Just what I need..." Cynthia said, annoyed.

"Sorry Zero, but it looks like maybe you made a miscalculation. Doesn't look like anything is here," Jake said.

"I agree with Jake, sorry professor," Cameron said.

"Zero should be right though, I trust him," Cynthia said.

"I don't know what to say, I guess errors can happen. I'll stay and try figuring this out," Zero said.

"Alright, we'll look around to see if the perp is around," Madison said, as she, Audrey and Tori flew off, and the other knights looked around.

"I'm staying, I know you are right, Zero," Cynthia said.

"Thank you for believing in me. This is usually 98% accurate. It is possible whatever is beneath was hidden very well, so maybe you can enhance your earth powers to try finding what is below? I know you do not want this to contaminate your body, but this is the quickest way to do it. Innocent lives may be at stake," Zero said.

"You're right, I've been pretty sour today. I'll try, even though I'm going to hate this mud," Cynthia said, as she put her fins on the ground, and began to unearth the ground. It opened up and as the mud bubbled, the ground collapsed, as Zero and her both fell through. They saw a mud puddle below. Cynthia flew and grabbed onto Zero, but the mud and rain from above poured down on the two of them, as they fell to the ground.

"This guardian dress is ruined! Ugh...well, I guess that was a lose-lose situation either way," Cynthia said, getting up, as Zero turned on lights from his knight helmet to look around, and they saw tons of shelves with the grass pods.

"I WAS right, the pods are here! Someone also went to all the trouble of digging this," Zero said.

"I knew you were right! See, your robot intelligence is a gift!" Cynthia said.

"Let's get the others, maybe if we find the crook who did this, we can try finding a way to turn the people back," Zero said, as Cynthia grabbed him and they flew up back to the pit, where it was raining harder.

"Looks like someone figured out my little secret," Vinerox said from the distance, as he appeared at the edge of the pit. He was holding a bag of more pods with rain pouring on him. Cynthia then looked at him annoyed.

"I am going to take an educated guess and say you are the one responsible for turning people into the pods, correct?" Zero asked.

"You got that right! And you two will join my collection, I ain't scared of you protectors!" Vinerox threatened, as he jumped down and approached the two.

"Okay, look. I'm filthy, cranky, and this dress is trashed, do you honestly want to mess with me?" Cynthia asked, when Vinerox threw vines at them from both hands, as Zero cut one off and Cynthia dodged, and picked up mud, throwing it at him back. "Yeah, I thought so."

"Do not let those vines touch you, I have scanned that they are coated with some magical potion that is turning the Karmanians into those pods," Zero told Cynthia, when Vinerox shot suddenly shot vines straight at Zero.

"Get off my robo friend!" Cynthia yelled, as she picked up the ground and used it to make a wall, blocking the vines.

"I have an idea on how to stop his enhancement. My scanners indicate the potion is kept in a root in his body, and if I am able to send a jolt into it, it will destroy it and could revert the effects," Zero said.

"You're using yourself as bait? I can do it!" Cynthia said.

"No, I will. I have to make it up to you all for failing the last mission!" Zero said, as he charged at Vinerox.

"Well, I got your back!" Cynthia said, as as she threw more mud and dirt at him, as Vinerox sliced them open with his vines.

"You might control earth little girl, but this plant is gonna grow!" Vinerox yelled, as he shot more vines everywhere, as Zero cut some in half, and Cynthia got in the way of one and tried controlling it, but it didn't go under her control. It went wild and struck the ground multiple times, as Cynthia kept flying in the rain.

"It appears his magical enhancement has made him immune to your earth control, but no worries, I got this!" Zero said, as he got close to him. He cut off more vines, as Cynthia threw more rocks at Vinerox, but he cut them in half with his vines.

In the midst of distracting him, Zero then attacked Vinerox, as he sent vines at Zero, with one grabbing his judgment scanner.

"I've heard about these gizmos, you used 'em to imprison some beasts. You won't be taking me in!" Vinerox said, laughing, as he crushed it with a vine. "Now, to turn you into one of my prizes..."

"Looks like you fell right into my trap," Zero said, as Cynthia heard him, smiling.

Zero then made his outfit electrocute the vines, as it sent a bolt into Vinerox, as it electrocuted the potion in his veins.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" Vinerox yelled, as his vines collapsed to dust, and he regrew his vines. He tried shooting them at Cynthia, but she stopped them and controlled them.

"I made you lose your magic. Miss Cynthia, I cannot imprison him, you can take this trash out!" Zero said.

The other guardians flew in, and the other knights arrived, as Cynthia pressed her fins against the ground and made a large pile of rock and mud form.

"Since you got me dirty, I'll return the favor," Cynthia said, as Vinerox tried running, but she threw the ball at him, as he got sent flying away.

"Aww, you didn't let us in on the fun?" Nick asked.

Suddenly, all the Karmanians that were turned into pods turned back to normal, including the ones underground and the ones that Vinerox had before he fought. The gang heard the ones underground, as the guardians flew down and rescued them out one by one, as they thanked them. Zero and Cynthia explained what happened to them.

"Wow, sorry for not sticking around guys, but at least you were able to take that guy out," Jake said.

"Indeed, but alas, he crushed my judgment scanner, so I could not imprison the rapscallion. No worries though, I can fix this up," Zero said, showing his busted scanner.

"And if I see him again, I promise I'll be even harsher. We worked well as a team, and I'm sorry again for what I said. Oh...I thought you were done being a knight," Cynthia said to Zero.

"If I can be a cyborg, fish, and professor, I can also be a knight. I may be rusty, but I will help you all. Do not worry, I am generally a forgiving person, it is very rare I am ever actually mad," Zero said, as they laughed.

"Well, I'm glad everything worked out. Now, let's get back home," Madison said, as they went back through the portal, as Madison closed it. They transformed back to normal, as Cynthia was no longer covered in mud.

"Even if you're not a normal fish, you are a special one to us, Zero, and we wouldn't have saved those people without you," Jake said to him, as they all walked off.

Ramos is seen back on his throne, as he seemed concerned over something. Zurtrax approached him.

"Sir, all the rebels Vinerox captured are free." Zurtrax reported, as Ramos seemed troubled.

"Zurtrax, are you pondering what I'm pondering?" Ramos asked.

"No, is something wrong, sir?" Zurtrax asked.

"Yes, something is troubling me, but it's not about our friend. For a while, the soldiers have reported to me the rebels have started using advanced technology, but I just assumed they stole it from us. However, this is not the case. Based on this footage, this technology is not Federation technology. SOMEONE ELSE has been giving the rebels this high-tech technology, SOMEONE ELSE built these!" Ramos said angrily, slamming his staff to the ground. "Do you know who could build such weaponry?"

"...Professor Zero," Zurtrax replied.

"Yes, our old friend has risen from the ashes. It is time we arranged a reunion..." Ramos said.



-Character Debuts: Vinerox

-Area Debuts: Apartment Fields, Zero's Room, and Cavern

-Vinerox is the first beast to get away.

-Zero is revealed to be half-cyborg, and that he used to work for the Federation.

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Great episode! I thought the reveal about Zero was pretty interesting, and I though Cynthia was pretty vain about it at first. I did like that one part where Zero's situation was compared to Madison and her adoption mystery; I thought it was a nice parallel. The best part was definitely seeing Cynthia and Zero work together to take down Vinerox. As for the ending, it looks like the Ramos is now back on Zero's scent, which will most likely not end well for any of the heroes.

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