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Metal Snake

Your Current Thoughts on the 2010s

What is your favorite year of the 2010s at the moment?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite year of the 2010s at the moment?

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How have you all been enjoying this decade so far? You can post and share your thoughts on each individual year...

2010 was good. Nostalgia Critic was the shit, and I was a happy (yet immature) fourteen-year-old kid.

2011 was also good, better than 2010 in my opinion. MLP: FiM was the shit, and I was a happier (and slightly less immature) fifteen-year-old kid.

2012 was...not so good. Hormonal depression was actual shit, and despite some good moments, this was not a fun year for me overall.

2013 was barely better. It wasn't until the autumn of this year that I started getting out of my depression phase, and both the summer and the holiday season of this year were loaded with drama.

2014 was definitely better. I got more and more out of my depression and had a much happier time overall than in the previous two years combined.

2015 was a lot like 2014, but even better. Depression and anger hardly had a hold on me anymore at that point and I also felt more in touch with myself than ever. Easily my favorite year since 2011.

2016 was a massive step down from 2015. It started off as bad, improved slightly, then went to complete shit. I even got back into being depressed several times and barely did fuck all the entire year. Easily the worst year I've so far had this decade and the third worst year of my life overall.

2017 was a reasonable step up from 2016. It was a weird mix of me dicking around combined with me doing shit to get my life back together. I had a lot of good happen to me along with the bad this year, so it was very ups and downs, but it at least gave me some hope that I'll be able to really turn my life around soon.

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2010 was great because I started College and was a good opportunity, plus its the year I watched a bunch of anime, I was literally addicted to it lol.

2011 wasn't that good since I've been going downhill since that year. It didn't help that I had depression and almost went insane over everything. I even had to quit College for several months because of it. Just remembering that mess makes me uncomfortable. Joining SBC that year pretty much saved me.

2012 was better than the year before, I traveled to New York and Canada and pretty much had a good time. Plus, I returned to College so it went better for me than the last time I was in there. I also returned to SBC after a long hiatus and started to post a lot until now.

2013 was average, probably my best year on SBC since I was super active and served as part of the Rep board. As for school, it was the last semester I attended since I dropped out yet again, only this time due to money problems.

2014 could've been better but the year was overall the most boring year of my life. I did nothing worth mentioning.

2015 seems a bit better than 2014 since I got my first job and it was something to celebrate, too bad its not that good. Online-wise, it was a lot better than 2014 also since Spongecraft came to be and I had lots of fun playing it over the months.


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2010 was best year for me

211 was ok in first half, while the other half was meh.

2012 was bad for me that year where i was being depressed with family issues.

2013 was boring year.

2014 was sightly better than 2013 but still feel depressed.

2015 is better than last year, everything turns out to be great.

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2010 wasn't that great. Had some alright moments, but for the most part I wasn't into it.

2011 started off nicely but went to shit really quickly. One of the worst years of my life.

2012 was a whole lotta me dicking around and not much else. Don't have strong feelings for it one way or another.

2013 was pretty meh as well, yet again no strong feelings.

2014 started off iffy but got progressively better. Summer 2k14 was awesome.

2015 was fuckin' awesome up until the last half or so, but that was moreso my fault than anyone else's. Here's to 2016.

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My thoughts are mostly the same.

2010: Good year. Continued a trend of excellent summers. I enjoyed this year.

2011: My favorite 2010's year. My favorite summer, favorite Thanksgiving break, favorite Christmas break. It was mostly great.

2012: Mostly bad. I became unhappy, and my sleep schedule was messed up (I'd fall asleep at 6 AM and wake up at 4 PM usually.)

2013: Major improvement over the previous year. 2010 and 2011 are still better but I felt better this year. Christmas break came close to 2011 in terms of greatness.

2014: Started off pretty well, but became terrible around April or so. It only went downhill more and more.

2015: Take the last quarter of 2014. Make it much worse. Now you have my experience of 2015. Easily the worst year of my life so far.

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More Connstructive Criticism 

2010- Okay, Basically the start of all the school issues I've been having. However, I did start going on the web in this year.

2011- Better, but not by much, just plain boring. Nothing much to remember.

2012- This is the start of issues with my parents, really nothing much except my birthday.

2013- Easily the best year of the decade. I have VERY fond memories of this year. No issues, everyone was nice and I was happily stupid.

2014- I will forever hate this year. Electronics got broken, I didn't complete assignments, and was diagnosed with narcolepsy. Hey, at least I joined SBM this year.

2015- As bad as 2014. More issues with my parents (mainly my mom), had to deal with the death of both my grandma and my cat, my mom got sick, and was incredibly nervous in high school. Mainly because of the change of pace.

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2010 - Oof. This wasn't good. I still feel like I need to apologize for this year. 

2011 - Toss-up. Started to slightly get over depression, stopped alienating people and started feeling slightly better about stuff but I also ended up being a jerk to the first girl that showed some kind of real interest in me. Good summer spent at MassArt making new friends. First semester of Senior year was alright.

2012 - Getting better still. Acne started clearing up, got better haircuts so I started looking kind of better, started dressing better, all of that made me feel better about myself so I was mostly over depression until the tail end of high school when it started creeping back up. The summer was probably the best I had until this past summer - hanging out with friends every night at the arcade or at a restaurant and swimming in my pool until 1am was just ridiculously fun and a great way to say bye to high school. College started off super strong - first girlfriend (and first sex!), met my current group of best friends, started getting better at art.

2013 - Absolutely solid all around, considering I kicked it off by breaking up with my girlfriend. Girls started getting interested in me, which was nice. Did some hooking up, did some dating. Depression all but gone. Had a really... emotionally shattering on/off relationship throughout the first semester of Sophomore year that I'm still kind of dealing with internally. I was a jerk to her one too many times and I still haven't recovered from that.

2014 - Had to deal with the fallout of the on/off relationship and it was the closest I've been to being depressed. The first few months were a real struggle with that. I got accepted to SVA, though, so that was good. Went kind of into a downward spiral in terms of my art and my ambition and my life as second semester drew to a close, but I made it. Started working at Macy's, which helped a lot when it comes to talking and interacting with people (which in turn helped me get my RA job). SVA started off rough because I had a really difficult time making friends, but the professors were better and my art was getting exponentially better and I was having a lot more fun with the assignments and I didn't hate art (and I discovered I really REALLY want to be an inker). I also went on a much needed and anticipated date and that really helped draw closure to a 4 year long... thing.

2015 - It started off with holiday work at Macy's, which really helped bring me out of my shell and I immediately noticed a difference pre/post holidays when I went back to school because I immediately started making friends. I was having a lot more fun with art and I was constantly impressing my inking professor with how controlled I was able to make my lines. I knocked my RA interview out of the park and got the job, I hooked up with my best friend all throughout summer (we don't really talk anymore, but boy was it fun), I got a paid gig for DC, I worked a lot on stories for future comics, I worked out. Being an RA I've made a bunch of great friends and met a bunch of great people I wouldn't have met otherwise (which is really the only upside - otherwise it's been whatever), I killed it in all of my classes (straight As!), my thesis is coming out to be my strongest work across the board and I think I'm emerging as one of the top students in my major. It's been great, disregarding sudden random bursts/days/weeks/months of loneliness. 2016 is a toss-up at this point and could either be great or totally horrible, but whatever it is I'm probably not ready for it.

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Guest hilaryfan80

Overall, it's been kind of meh. I'm hoping that the 2010s improves in the second half.

2010 - This was seriously the year that changed my life. I learned so much on how to be part of a team and being an adult. I joined an anime club at the library and made so many friends. I also met and began dating my ex-girlfriend of 3 or so years in July 2010.

2011 - This was the year I joined my anime club's anime convention committee, where I had put my team skills to the test. I also made so many new friends that I have today.

2012 - I graduated high school in this year, and this was the year that I really grew up. I quickly adapted to college life, and @Face and I ran a successful Information Desk and Registration Table at our local anime convention. It worked really well!

2013 - This year was probably the best in the 2010s so far. I did so much with my college friends. The only bad news was that my ex-girlfriend broke up with me right at the end of the year.

2014 - The local anime convention we worked at completely disbanded, most of our college friends either dropped out or transferred, and Face and I pretty much became alone. On the bright side, we got an apartment in 2014, but it sucked in general.

2015 - This year has been really uneventful... the only good news is that I made a lot of developments with SBC, including SpongeCraft, the new shoutbox, the move to IPS 4, server updates, and WOF's return.

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DC gave me two jobs - one where I was so sleep deprived by the end of it that I started to hear the colors talk to me, and one where I had to get 4 hours of sleep a night for three weeks if I wanted to meet the deadline. Got both of them done, got another one coming in at the start of the year.

Met a girl in April, realized she was the most amazing/gorgeous/hilarious/fun/wonderful/intelligent girl I've ever met and insecurities got the better of me and I didn't add her on Facebook. Saw her again at the end of May, realized she was still all of those things and, again, insecurities got the better of me, and I didn't add her on Facebook. Added her in the middle of June, insecurities got the better of me and I didn't message her. Messaged her a week and a half later. We've talked every day since. We started dating in August.

Made a decent comic.

Really good year, I think.

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