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Season 10 Discussion

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Whirly Brains:4/10

Mermaid Pants:7/10

Unreal Estate:4/10

Code Yellow:7/10

Mimic Madness:9/10

House Warming:5/10(Without short 3/10)

Snooze You Lose:3/10

Krusty Katering:2/10

Spongebob’s Place:3/10

 Plankon Gets the Boot:6/10

Life Insurance:8/10

Burst Your Bubble:8/10

Plankton Retires:2/10

Teident Trouble:5/10

The Incredible Shrinking Sponge:4/10


The Getaway:7/10

Lost and Found:8/10

Patrick’s Coupon:4/10

Out of the Picture:8/10

Feral Friends:8/10

Don’t Wake Patrick:5/10




at least it’s better than night patty though 


Top 5:

5)Out of the Picture

4)Burst Your Bubble 

3)Lost and Found

2)Feral Friends 

1)Mimic Madness 


Bottom 5:

5)The Incredible Shrinking Sponge

4)Spongebob’s Place

3)Krusty Katering 

2)Plankton Retires 

1)Original Stadium Setpeace Joke 

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Whirly Brains - 3/10

Mermaid Pants - 8/10

Unreal Estate - 8/10

Code Yellow - 6/10

Mimic Madness - 9/10

House Warming - 3/10

Snooze You Lose - 3/10

Krusty Katering - 3/10

Spongebob’s Place - 4/10

 Plankon Gets the Boot - 8/10

Life Insurance - 8/10

Burst Your Bubble - 8/10

Plankton Retires - 0/10

Teident Trouble - 6/10

The Incredible Shrinking Sponge - 4/10

Sportz? - 1/10

The Getaway - 8/10

Lost and Found - 8/10

Patrick’s Coupon - 4/10

Out of the Picture - 8/10

Feral Friends - 9/10

Don’t Wake Patrick - 6/10

Top 5:

1. Feral Friends

2. Mimic Madness

3. Out of the Picture

4. The Getaway

5. Lost and Found

Bottom 5:

1. Plankton Retires

2. Sportz?

3. Krusty Katering

4. House Worming

5. Snooze you Lose

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Whirly Brains 3/10

Mermaid Pants  8/10

Unreal Estate  8/10

Code Yellow  4/10

Mimic Madness 8/10

House Warming 5/10

Snooze You Lose 2/10

Krusty Katering 3/10

Spongebob’s Place 5/10

Plankon Gets the Boot 7/10

Life Insurance 4/10

Burst Your Bubble 7/10

Plankton Retires 2/10

Trident Trouble 6/10

The Incredible Shrinking Sponge 5/10

Sportz? 3/10

The Getaway 8/10

Lost and Found 7/10

Patrick’s Coupon 5/10

Out of the Picture 7/10

Feral Friends 9/10

Don’t Wake Patrick 4/10


Top 5

5. Mermaid Pants

4. Mimic Madness

3. The Getaway

2. Unreal Estate

1. Feral Friends


Bottom 5

5. Krusty Katering

4. Sportz

3. Whirlybrains

2. Snooze You Lose

1. Plankton Retires


Mediocre at best. The season was inconsistent and parts felt rushed. Also, the episodes themselves were not that amazing. The wackiness got out of hand at points too, but that is a minor issue when compared to the unoriginal ideas. Shame the show went down after 9b, and will continue to in garbage season 11. Overall, comparable to 9 as a whole.


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Whirlybrains: 4/10 

Mermaid Pants: 9/10 

Unreal Estate: 9/10 

Code Yellow: 5/10 

Mimic Madness: 8/10 

House Worming: 5/10 (Would be a 4/10 w/o the short)

Snooze You Lose: 4/10

Krusty Katering: 4/10 

SpongeBob's Place: 5/10 

Plankton Gets the Boot: 6/10 

Life Insurance: 7/10

Burst Your Bubble: 8/10 

Plankton Retires: 4/10 

Trident Trouble: 5/10 

The Incredible Shrinking Sponge: 6/10 

Sportz: 3/10

The Getaway: 9/10 

Lost and Found: 7/10 

Patrick's Coupon: 3/10

Out of the Picture: 8/10 

Feral Friends: 10/10 

Don't Wake Patrick: 7/10 


Overall Grade:

6.5/10 (OKAY Season)


Overall, a decent if unimpressive Season. It’s a weird in-between stage between the much more balanced, story and character-based Season 9b and the boundary-pushing experimentation of Season 11. A lot of the episodes feel like more of the same plots we’ve seen in the past (Snooze, SpongeBob’s Place, House Worming, Retires, and even Mimic come to mind). Even the best episodes here find most of their strength entirely in the animation/visuals as they haven’t yet adapted to the shortened scripts. Many of the episodes feel like Test runs for what will and won’t work in future seasons.  However, calling that many episodes awful would be a stretch, and at least it’s short and quick to get through.

Top 5: 

  1. Feral Friends 
  2. The Getaway
  3. Mermaid Pants
  4. Unreal Estate
  5. Mimic Madness

Bottom 5:

  1. Patrick’s Coupon
  2. Sportz?
  3. Whirlybrains
  4. Plankton Retires
  5. Snooze You Lose
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Whirly Brains: 7/10

Mermaid Pants: 9/10

Unreal Estate: 8/10

Code Yellow: 4/10

Mimic Madness: 9/10

House Worming: 7/10 (6/10 without the short)

Snooze You Lose: 5/10

Krusty Katering: 8/10

SpongeBob's Place: 7/10

Plankton Gets the Boot: 6/10

Life Insurance: 7/10

Burst Your Bubble: 9/10

Plankton Retires: 4/10

Trident Trouble: 8/10

The Incredible Shrinking Sponge: 8/10

Sportz?: 4/10

The Getaway: 8/10

Lost and Found: 6/10 

Patrick's Coupon: 5/10

Out of the Picture: 8/10 

Feral Friends: 9/10

Don't Wake Patrick: 7/10

Top 5:

5. Trident Trouble

4. Burst Your Bubble

3. Mermaid Pants

2. Feral Friends

1. Mimic Madness

Bottom 5:

5. Patrick's Coupon

4. Snooze You Lose

3. Code Yellow

2. Sportz?

1. Plankton Retires

Overall: good season, albeit one with some flaws. Most episodes rely on visual humor as opposed to quirky dialogue, which is totally fine, but it would be better if there was a balance between the two. I couldn't find any terrible episodes here, so that's a plus, but the worst episodes tend to be either really boring (Plankton Retires) or inconsistent (Code Yellow). Some episodes feature recycled plots, so I can't really call this season "original", but I would say that this season is the start of the more experimental episodes that come afterward. One thing I'd like to mention about this season are the call-backs to previous episodes: I honestly think that they are actually quite cool, since it shows a little bit of continuity. I would consider most call-backs to be little easter eggs that don't really affect the episode as a whole. They are just sorta there; nonetheless, it's fun to take a look at them upon viewing. Most of these episodes are ones that I would only watch if there was nothing on tv, but I can definitely get genuine enjoyment from at least a few of these episodes, like Mimic Madness and Mermaid Pants. 

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When I realized that this season was only 4 hours long I decided I wanted to rewatch it to see how it was. Gonna edit this like normal over time. Rating scale is basically going from EVIL!!, BAD!, Okay, Good and God Tier.

I feel like my standards have gotten better so let’s go and watch some episodes:

(Writing down list of disc 1 episodes for now)

Whirly Brains: BAD! (This is really unfunny. The premise is just bruh and I really don’t like the episode. I might as well use this to bring up the animation and it’s wackiness. It feels really over animated at some points. It’s well animated but it doesn’t feel right for the show.)

Mermaid Pants: Good (This one is a lot funnier than I remember it being. There’s lots of good zingers here and mr krabs saying how captain tightwad was misunderstood gives some heavy comic book nerds thinking of joker vibes which was epic.)

Unreal Estate: Okay (There’s some stuff I liked here but some of it. Eesh it just doesn’t work. Squidwards characterization feels really odd here, like is this how he always was. Ignoring that the episode still works but even then I didn’t really find all of it funny. I did find the rocket sequence at the end very epic though.)

Code Yellow: BAD! (It’s like we went back in time to make a season 7 episode but we have a decent animation budget this time. Not a good episode at all. Not even close.)

Mimic Madness: God Tier (This gives vibes of a very good season 7 episode to me, Earworm. However I prefer this over that episode. Earworm isn’t a great showcase of Tom Kenny’s voice acting range. This episode is just funny at some points too. I can 100% understand how this is so loved.)

House Worming: Okay (This starts off as a really bad version of Jellyfish Jam but slowly gets better as the episode goes on. It finds its own identity but it’s not one I particularly liked. Also Clam Up is fucking stupid as it can easily be in the first 3 minutes of the normal episode. Kids won’t go insane over not seeing spongebob himself for 3 minutes my god.)

Snooze You Lose: Okay (I don’t dislike this one as some do. I generally find it not that bad and genuinely entertaining. But it’s nothing special. JK Simmons appearing in it is pretty epic though.)

Krusty Katering: God Tier (I love this one. I’m not sure why. Maybe due to how wacky it is and me finding the wackiness actually funny. Some of the jokes just land and i was laughing hard.  The kid who keeps asking for the birthday cake is so intelligent but it somehow made me laugh consistently. That’s something that hasn’t happened for most of the season so far.)

Spongebob’s Place: Good (I liked this one. It’s not really anything special but it’s a fine episode that serves its purpose. It’s not as good as day after premiere SBM says it was though.)

Plankton Gets the Boot: Good (This episode is one I didn’t even remember seeing. Either way it’s good. It’s kind of wholesome and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Gives me some slight single cell anniversary vibes.)

Life Insurance: BAD! (So fucking mediocre that it just becomes bad. I was so bored watching this. I didn’t even laugh ironically except the geniusness of FIASCO coming back as a cameo, which btw was very needed.)

Burst Your Bubble: Good (I like the premise of this one and the way it flows. It also has some epic scenes like the mr krabs one. I like the way they change the dynamics of spongebob teaching mrs puff. It’s generally just a good and well made episode.)

Plankton Retires: EVIL!! (What a cursed episode. I hate this episode. First there’s the awful first half which literally  is so unimportant. I wouldn’t mind that if it was funny but it’s so unfunny. Then the second half which is so utterly boring that it makes no sense. Then the epic robots kind of appear and it’s really bruh moment worthy. Literally nothing in this episode is funny. This is Bottom 30 of the series [not 25 though] )

Trident Trouble: Okay (Kind of a whatever episode. It’s generally not as funny as it tries to be but isn’t partiality bad either. It just kinda sits around being a really mid episode.)

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