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Season 10 Discussion

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Whirly Brains:4/10

Mermaid Pants:7/10

Unreal Estate:4/10

Code Yellow:7/10

Mimic Madness:9/10

House Warming:5/10(Without short 3/10)

Snooze You Lose:3/10

Krusty Katering:2/10

Spongebob’s Place:3/10

 Plankon Gets the Boot:6/10

Life Insurance:8/10

Burst Your Bubble:8/10

Plankton Retires:2/10

Teident Trouble:5/10

The Incredible Shrinking Sponge:4/10


The Getaway:7/10

Lost and Found:8/10

Patrick’s Coupon:4/10

Out of the Picture:8/10

Feral Friends:8/10

Don’t Wake Patrick:5/10




at least it’s better than night patty though 


Top 5:

5)Out of the Picture

4)Burst Your Bubble 

3)Lost and Found

2)Feral Friends 

1)Mimic Madness 


Bottom 5:

5)The Incredible Shrinking Sponge

4)Spongebob’s Place

3)Krusty Katering 

2)Plankton Retires 

1)Original Stadium Setpeace Joke 

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Whirly Brains - 3/10

Mermaid Pants - 8/10

Unreal Estate - 8/10

Code Yellow - 6/10

Mimic Madness - 9/10

House Warming - 3/10

Snooze You Lose - 3/10

Krusty Katering - 3/10

Spongebob’s Place - 4/10

 Plankon Gets the Boot - 8/10

Life Insurance - 8/10

Burst Your Bubble - 8/10

Plankton Retires - 0/10

Teident Trouble - 6/10

The Incredible Shrinking Sponge - 4/10

Sportz? - 1/10

The Getaway - 8/10

Lost and Found - 8/10

Patrick’s Coupon - 4/10

Out of the Picture - 8/10

Feral Friends - 9/10

Don’t Wake Patrick - 6/10

Top 5:

1. Feral Friends

2. Mimic Madness

3. Out of the Picture

4. The Getaway

5. Lost and Found

Bottom 5:

1. Plankton Retires

2. Sportz?

3. Krusty Katering

4. House Worming

5. Snooze you Lose

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Whirly Brains 3/10

Mermaid Pants  8/10

Unreal Estate  8/10

Code Yellow  4/10

Mimic Madness 8/10

House Warming 5/10

Snooze You Lose 2/10

Krusty Katering 3/10

Spongebob’s Place 5/10

Plankon Gets the Boot 7/10

Life Insurance 4/10

Burst Your Bubble 7/10

Plankton Retires 2/10

Trident Trouble 6/10

The Incredible Shrinking Sponge 5/10

Sportz? 3/10

The Getaway 8/10

Lost and Found 7/10

Patrick’s Coupon 5/10

Out of the Picture 7/10

Feral Friends 9/10

Don’t Wake Patrick 4/10


Top 5

5. Mermaid Pants

4. Mimic Madness

3. The Getaway

2. Unreal Estate

1. Feral Friends


Bottom 5

5. Krusty Katering

4. Sportz

3. Whirlybrains

2. Snooze You Lose

1. Plankton Retires


Mediocre at best. The season was inconsistent and parts felt rushed. Also, the episodes themselves were not that amazing. The wackiness got out of hand at points too, but that is a minor issue when compared to the unoriginal ideas. Shame the show went down after 9b, and will continue to in garbage season 11. Overall, comparable to 9 as a whole.


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Whirlybrains: 4/10 

Mermaid Pants: 9/10 

Unreal Estate: 9/10 

Code Yellow: 5/10 

Mimic Madness: 8/10 

House Worming: 5/10 (Would be a 4/10 w/o the short)

Snooze You Lose: 4/10

Krusty Katering: 4/10 

SpongeBob's Place: 5/10 

Plankton Gets the Boot: 6/10 

Life Insurance: 7/10

Burst Your Bubble: 8/10 

Plankton Retires: 4/10 

Trident Trouble: 5/10 

The Incredible Shrinking Sponge: 6/10 

Sportz: 3/10

The Getaway: 9/10 

Lost and Found: 7/10 

Patrick's Coupon: 3/10

Out of the Picture: 8/10 

Feral Friends: 10/10 

Don't Wake Patrick: 7/10 


Overall Grade:

6.5/10 (OKAY Season)


Overall, a decent if unimpressive Season. It’s a weird in-between stage between the much more balanced, story and character-based Season 9b and the boundary-pushing experimentation of Season 11. A lot of the episodes feel like more of the same plots we’ve seen in the past (Snooze, SpongeBob’s Place, House Worming, Retires, and even Mimic come to mind). Even the best episodes here find most of their strength entirely in the animation/visuals as they haven’t yet adapted to the shortened scripts. Many of the episodes feel like Test runs for what will and won’t work in future seasons.  However, calling that many episodes awful would be a stretch, and at least it’s short and quick to get through.

Top 5: 

  1. Feral Friends 
  2. The Getaway
  3. Mermaid Pants
  4. Unreal Estate
  5. Mimic Madness

Bottom 5:

  1. Patrick’s Coupon
  2. Sportz?
  3. Whirlybrains
  4. Plankton Retires
  5. Snooze You Lose
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