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The Adventures of No Name Movie

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From Steel Sponge Productions, and SBC Movies




In the human world, people are very familiar with jellyfish. They are also familiar with aliens.. which is still known as fiction. In this movie, we combine the jellyfish and aliens, which makes them a jellion.
No Name wakes up one day to find a new, unusual species called jellions. Jellions are made from the Evil Jellion Overlord. He wants to wipe out the jellyfish race, and also take over Bikini Bottom. No Name will try to stop the Evil jellion Overlord (along with some friends) and become a hero of Jellyfish Fields in The Adventures of No Name Movie. Based on the spin-offThe Adventures of No Name, created by Steel Sponge.


SBC Wiki:http://www.thesbcommunity.com/wiki/index.php?title=The_Adventures_of_No_Name_Movie


SBM Release:http://www.sbmania.net/forums/topic/43742-the-adventures-of-no-name-movie/

FF.Net Release:https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11160054/1/The-Adventures-of-No-Name-Movie

Wattpad Release:http://www.wattpad.com/story/36458374-the-adventures-of-no-name-movie

FictionPad Release:https://fictionpad.com/author/JuiceCereal/stories/23805/The-Adventures-of-No-Name-Movie

Archive Of Our Own Release:http://archiveofourown.org/works/3676773/chapters/8130048

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Chapter One:Discovery


[Jellyfish Fields plays]


Our story begins in Jellyfish Fields. Jellyfish Fields is where the citizens of Bikini Bottom play the recreational sport called Jellyfishing (especially SpongeBob and Patrick). There's more than that. It's the home of the beloved jellyfish: No Name. He lives in Jellyfish Fields with his friends Angler, Twelvie, and Brain, and have their misadventures.


[Jellyfish Fields ends]


One day, the friends were at King Jellyfish's kingdom. They had to rebuild the statue they knocked down while playing tag a few days ago. King Jellyfish came outside to see how much they progressed.


"It looks very nice, indeed. But...I have 4 spots, not three." King Jellyfish said. "But, you can come back tomorrow."


"Queen Jellyfish would let us stay the whole day!" No Name whispered to Angler. They snickered


"Nonsense, No Name! King Jellyfish would had to argue with her just to let us take a break. That's how loyal King Jellyfish is!" Brain said cheerfully


"I didn't know Queen Jellyfish would be that mean." Twelvie said, puzzled


*scene bubbles*


The gang were on their way back to Jellyfish Fields. That's when Brain spotted a strange-looking cave.


"Say, I haven't seen that thing before!" Brain said


"I'd love to see what's in there. Sadly, there could be a monster." Angler said reluctantly


"Your right, Angler. You could have gotten killed." No Name said. "Anyways, I really gotta go. I got alot of chores to do at home."


As No Name went away, Angler thinked about how he said he didn't want to go into the cave. He was really curious about doing it. He decided to go home too to think about it.


*scene bubbles*


[Midnight Madness plays]


That night, Angler couldn't sleep because he kept thinking about the strange-looking cave. He couldn't take it anymore. So, he puts on his jacket and sneaks off.


When Angler got to the cave, he saw a teenage-looking jellyfish. He went to go meet him.


[Midnight Madness ends]


"Hey, are you going into the cave too?"


"Yeah. And I bought my camera to record footage." one of the jellyfish said


"Can I come too?" Angler asked happily


"Sure. Just make sure that that we look out for each other."


"Wow, you say sure a lot!"


Angler and the teenage-looking jellyfish buzzed into the cave til they found an green giant jellyfish, with eyes.


"Ahh! Who the [dolphin noise] are you?!" the teenage-looking jellyfish said


"I'm the Giant Alien Jellion. I'm a evil overlord whose plan is to capture all of the jellyfish and make them my henchman. Then, I will send the jellyfish to Bikini Bottom and capture all of the citizens who lived there! I might as well start off with you two innocent victims!"


Angler and the teenage-looking jellyfish tried to make their escape out of the cave, but they weren't fast enough. The Giant Alien Jellion ate the two jellyfish and made them into jellions, and their real bodies were stored in a pod.


"Now, my new henchmen, go capture all of the jellyfish you can find!"


Chapter Two:Unusual Happenings


The next day, No Name was happily sleeping in his bed when he heard a loud knock. When he opened his bedroom door, it was Brain and Twelvie.


"No Name, we need your help!" Twelvie said


"Okay, first of all, how are you guys early, and how did you guys sneak in?"


"We always hang out early on Saturdays. Also, your door was unlocked." Brain said


"Gosh. My parents always leave the door unlocked when they go out on Saturday" No Name thought


Brain said that Angler was gone. There was slience, and No Name didn't look much surprised


Twelvie said, "Why aren't you shouting like me? He could be killed, kidnapped, reincarnated-". "God, I'm losing breath. I'm gonna go get some water if you don't mind,"


No Name turned to Brain


"I kinda agree with Twelvie. Did you perhaps stalk Angler last night?"


"No. Also, it's possible that Angler went into the cave and got captured by the monster."


"Or maybe it's something else." Brain said. "Today has been unusual so far, well even though it kinda just started."


Twelvie came back to the room. "I'm back. Let's go outside to see what's going on."


*scene bubbles*


The gang got outside of No Name's house, and they did saw something very unusual. A jellyfish was buzzing happily when a strange jellyfish with eyes came up to it. It opened his mouth, and had sharp teeth. He ate the jellyfish and and it came out...as a clone!


"Oh sick! I should had known my life would suddenly turn so PG-13!" Brain said


"Nah, this more looks like TV-Y7" Twelvie said


"Guys! We gotta do something about this!" No Name said


"But how?" Twelvie asked


"Just follow me"


Chapter Three:Visit to Bikini Bottom


In search for help, No Name, Brain, and Twelvie went to Bikini Bottom. That's where No Name's loyal friend SpongeBob is. Twelvie looked at his watch, and it said 3:00 PM. His stomach started to grumble.


"I know we just got here, but around this time, I HAVE TO EAT!" Twelvie said


A lightbulb came out of No Name's head


"I got an idea" No Name said "SpongeBob should be still at The Krusty Krab!"


Brain was trying to think. "Okay, who was SpongeBob again?"


"Remember? You guys thought that he was trying to kiddnap me."


"Ohhh" Brain said


*scene bubbles*


They finally made it to The Krusty Krab, home of the mouth-watering Krabby Patty. They went inside and approached the counter, where Squidward was probably on his break reading a magazine.


Squidward put down the magazine, and his eyes were wide


"Say, are you those jellyfish SpongeBob talked about one time?" Squidward asked


"Yeah" Twelvie said. "We interviewed him once, and he said you liked to read about celebrity deaths,"


"Okay...um...THAT WAS A PHASE!" Squidward yelled


The whole room turned to Squidward, and he was sweating.


"Sorry...That's how adult squids are these days!"


No Name rolled his eyes "Anyways...We need SpongeBob's help for something important"


"He's in the kitchen" Squidward said


The gang got in the kitchen and saw SpongeBob flippin Krabby Patties.


"No Name? What are you doing here?" SpongeBob questioned


"SpongeBob, we need your help!" No Name exclaimed "Today, we saw a average, oridnary, everyday jellyfish got eaten by some jellyfish with big eyes. And we need your help to know what's going on"


"Oh geez, No Name. I don't know. I do know my smart ladyfriend Sandy. I can't go with you since i'm very busy with orders. So, I can give you the address"


SpongeBob got a piece a paper and a pen out of his pocket and wrote the address


SpongeBob gave the paper to No Name. "Here you go. 127 Conch Street"


"How come I don't see it in your street?"


"You just have to go all the way right til you see it."


*scene bubbles*


After a few minutes, they got to the Treedome, and No Name knocked. The door opened, and they got in


"SpongeBob, is that you? You don't come out of work til 6." Sandy said as he got out of her oak tree


"No. I'm No Name, a friend of SpongeBob. He was supposed to come with us, but he was busy."


"Alrighty. What can I do for you?"


No Name told Sandy about what happened today, and got out her animal book


"I think there was a page on this animal. I don't read this very often." Sandy said as she flipped through the pages


"Aha, it's a jellion!" Sandy shouted. "Orgin- Jellions come from a monster called the Evil Jellion Overlord. He's said to capture jellyfish and turn into henchman. There were comics about this back in the 60s and 70s. It was also a REAL MYTH!. This can actually be true!"


"Angler could be a jellion right now! I can't believe he started all this, but we gotta help him."


"How can we defeat this beast anyway?" Twelvie asked


"It saids here the jellion's weakness is mayonnaise." Sandy said


"Holy crud. I hate mayo. I think it smells" Brain said, disgusted


"I don't have mayo, but there's some at The Krusty Krab. I bet SpongeBob would be happy to give you some."


No Name and his friends thanked Sandy for help and exited the treedome. "Off to the Krusty Krab...again!"


Chapter Four:The Ultimate Climax


The friends were on their way to The Krusty Krab (again) to receive some mayo from SpongeBob. That way, they could stop the jellions, and the Evil Jellion Overlord. Sadly, Twelvie had to make a pit stop.


No Name was knocking at the door. "Cmon Twelvs. Your taking long enough that everybody we know is turned into a jellion!"


"Geez. Just one more minute!"


Behind them was a large hill. Brain looked at it, and saw a jellyfish that looked like Angler.


"Holy crud!" Brain said. "Is it really you, Angler?


No Name went up the hill. "Lemme go check."


When No Name got up to the top of the hill, he tapped the jellyfish. "Angler, is that you?"


The jellyfish was Angler, but in jellion form. "RAH!" Jellion Angler said


No Name screamed, and ran back to Brain and Twelvie. He opened the port-a-potty. "Where's Twelvie?!"


"I'm right here" Twelvie said, behind him


"We have to go now. Before Jellion Angler makes us a jellion too!"


*scene bubbles*


They got to the Krusty Krab, and went to SpongeBob. SpongeBob was at a table putting mayonnaise on a customer's patty using a squeeze bottle.


"SpongeBob, we have to use that mayo. It's the only way we can stop the jellions."


He handed No Name the bottle. "Alright. Here you go."


"Hey! I wanted that mayo first!"


SpongeBob gave a dirty look at the customer


"Okay. But don't let those wild jellyfish sting me!" the customer said in fear


*scene bubbles*


They went outside, and they was a crowd of jellions.


"Oh my gosh, that's alot!" Brain exclaimed


"That squeeze bottle isn't enough to kill all of us. Ha ha ha" Jellion Angler


"Hmm.. might as well start with you, Jellion Angler." No Name said. He squirted some mayo at Jellion Angler, and dissolved into jelly


"Yuck! Grey Jelly!" Twelvie said


"Quick Brain. Try to find some extra mayo in the kitchen." No Name said.


One minute later Brain came out with some extra mayo squeze bottles, and gave one to Twelvie. They kept squirting the mayo until they ran out.


"Aw geez...no mayo?"


"Ha ha ha" said a evil voice far away. That evil voice came out to be the Evil Jellion Overlord


"That's that evil overlord from that animal book!" Twelvie said


"I heard that you have no mayo? Diss! BWHAHAH!"


"Oh god, where can we get some mayo?"


Chapter Five:Sandy Cheeks Saves the Day


[We're Not Gonna Take It plays]


"I do!" said a familiar voice on top of the Krusty Krab. They looked up, and it was Sandy. She used her blaster, and lots of mayonnaise squirted out, killing lots of the jellions.


"Oh crud. My henchman! Time to make a move!" The Evil Jellion said. He ran away


"Oh no you don't!" Sandy said. She jumped from the roof and got out another blaster, and it was more powerful. She blasted it at Evil Jellion Overlord. He turned around, and he exploded. The remaining jellions disappeared.


[We're Not Gonna Take It ends]


"Sandy, that was amazing. That was the first explosion I've seen in person!" Twelvie said


"Wait a minute...is Angler gone forever?" No Name asked


Sandy got out her animal book. "Oh, I didn't get to read this part. After the jellions make a clone, their real bodies are stored in a pod, inside a cave. When the clone dies, the pod opens. Your friend Angler is still alive!"


"Then let's go see!"


*scene bubbles*


Sandy and the jellyfish got to the strange-looking cave, they couldn't find him.


"I looked into the cave very clearly, and can't still find him." Brain said


"I'm right here, you guys." Angler said behind them


"ANGLER!" The jellyfish went to give Angler a hug


"Guys, I'm sorry I didn't listen to you, and went into that cave, and the fact that I had an alien clone."


"Well, the alien clone part wasn't your fault. It was the Overlord's." No Name said


"Anyways, the past few days were amazing. So amazing it could be turned into a movie!" Brain said


"Then a sequel could come?" Twelvie said


"Nah. It would be too amazing to have a sequel."





Executive Producer:Steel Sponge

Offical Movie Poster-sbnator20

Special Thanks-Old Man Jenkins

Dedicated To:Everybody on SBC






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Solid reminder that this exists.

And since the author hasn't last signed in for years, I'd also like to reassure to you all that I didn't intend to 100 percent give this story idea my blessing. For years, I've had the idea of making a movie of some sort for TAoNN in the near future until Weasel PM'ed me, telling me that he wanted to write it. Considering that I was probably never going to write the movie myself while I was constantly going to be pre-occupied with one of my other works, I gave Weasel permission and complete control of this. However, because a kid his age at that time couldn't take "no" for an answer, I was forced to reassure Weasel that this would be canon to the TAoNN lore after I said that I was feeling uncertain if his story should be considered canon. I was also forced to let Weasel post his story on any other story-hosting website when I suggested that he shouldn't. (Edit: Thankfully though, and to my surprise, the story is removed from all those websites except SBM)

I don't know if this story is good or bad, but I'll let you guys be the judge of that (that or Burgerpants' confusion of this story should sum it all up).

Edited by Steel Sponge

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