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Star vs. The Forces of Evil

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My thoughts on the series finale...


I'm a little mixed towards it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it such as Star's mature decision to destroy all the magic on Mewni, seeing Eclipsa and Meteora get their Mewberty forms, and the four getting help from all the past queens. I was a bit disappointed we never got to hear any of them talk, especially during Moon and Eclipsa's final moment with their mothers. My main problem with the episode is the ending. The decision to cleave Earth and Mewni together seems kinda like an ass pull to me just so Star and Marco won't be forced to choose between one dimension just to be together. It just leaves the series open for another season cuz it shows people of both worlds having trouble adjusting to the change and Mina is still mentally unstable and out there planning revenge. I didn't really like that it just kinda ended there with Star and Marco just reuniting without a word of what happened. It just feels like this special could've at least been an hour long, then it probably wouldn't have had so many problems. 


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The only possible thing that would’ve save Cleaved is that after vortex’s explosion,Star would’ve try to find Marco but instead Meet Marco fork Old Man Patrick who was annoyed by yelling his name so much.





I guess if I’m here than why not leave my thoughts of the show then huh.



I had some little history with Star.Back in 2015,when show only started and only grown it’s legs,a big amount of recommendations around made me motivated to watch 7 or 8 episodes,and stopped right after because I couldn’t just got into show,at all.I really haven’t been a fan of shows’ style,from the general premises and rules to main cast.I thought that I never really would’ve going back to it,until K lose some bet recently and as a punishment I watched the entire show.And as much as I wanted to be warmed up on second time,thing didn’t got any better...


I guess I want to start with a positives?Intro is surprisingly catchy and fun to listen to.Animation is pretty good,it’s always looks colorful enough yet without any unnecessary ugliness,backgrounds as well also looks very appealing,some of episodes does looks cheaper in comparison(especially after S1)but it’s not enough to broke the proc.Ludo is a very good character...for the most part.In Season 1 he was your basic villain of the week number 592840026 who should appear in almost every single episode just for the shake of it and throw away a lot of cheap gags as a bonus.However,since Season 2 everything changed for good,show put a lot of good effort to turn him from such a pathetic joke to a really likable madman who I easily could get into,and his own episodes in S2-4 are just very joy to watch,they are,without any real competition,the better ones of the whole show.Outside of Ludo,I want to mention Toffee and Bufffrog as begin pretty solid characters as well.The first one is a pretty charismatic badass who keep his role as a main villain(well,for the most time at least)really solidly,and second just like Ludo,sucked at first,but S2 quickly shared with him some good development for better,unfortunately he kinda start to ditch since S3 but it’s not much of a deal.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...that’s really about it from the positives lol.





I really,really can’t stand Season 1,it’s such a hyper mess that I seen in a ton or a two shows before.Almost every single episode suffer from the same problems as begin either so directionless that I have no idea what is going on other than it begin annoying(Star Comes to Earth,Quest Buy)Doing absolutely nothing useful and just wait til it’s end itself(Mewberty)And then stuff like Pixtopia or Match Maker that feels like they came from some Canadian cartoon with a more budget put into it.The main focus of the season is a comedy than anything else...but if I begin honest,from all 24 episodes,at best,I chuckled 2 times,the humor in this season is just so poorly timed,forced or just self aware that it’s fail to deliver comedy any well.Second half of the season is a little bit better because at least I can see it trying to pull something interesting on the screen like Toffee,but it’s not saying much because this loud,juvenile tone didn’t went anywhere away.This season was just as awful as I remember it be years ago.



Right after such a failure of an Season,the S2-3 looks like pretty much of an improvement,because at least I found some genuinely good ideas for world-building.But it’s not enough to hide the fact at how boring and dumb the executions are.In terms of stories,episodes failed really badly thank to drag out the pacing just for one plot point(and half of them ended up begin pointless at the end of the show’s conflict),and at the same time having less than a zero logic because non of episodes try explain what is going on even for a little,say hello to a masterpieces like Heinous or Baby for that.And in terms of they failed as miserably for suffer the same flaws as S1.And honestly,those flaws aren’t that noticeable...in comparison to shipping drama,witch is undoubtedly the worst part of the show in writing wise because how horribly it failed in every single aspect.I can’t think of anything else that I want to watch less than a hundred of episodes about Marco try to talk to Jackie just for them break up as a result.Not helping the fact that none of those characters have enough of personality to sympathize with or at least keep atrocious for 11 minutes. It’s spawn a lotta of garbage suck Sleepover,BonBon the Birthday Clown,Starcrushed,Club Snabbed,Lava Lake Beach and more.It’s just noting but a forced pandering for a THOSE type of fans that dragged out for almost the entire conflict of the show.



And then there’s a S4,witch is a magnum opus of an garbage storytelling.Not that writing was ever good in this show in the first place,but nearly everything that happened in this season is downright confusing and feels absolutely incomplete.What deserved to take a true honor for that l is a last portion of episodes,where the major twists like Moon caused all the shit in this season are legit godawful and I have no idea how this got a pass for a finale draft.The shipping hell at the beginning was downed down,but returned again pretty quickly and somehow became even more repugnant than it ever was.I genuinely have no idea why show even make Marco dating Kelly just for letting it begin annoying conflict for a 1.5 episode and broke them apart immediately.Or waste 2 fucking episode to make it clear that Star and Tom aren’t a couple anymore.Don’t forget Curse of the Blood Moon,witch is a nothing but a 22 minute of pointless timewaster.But the biggest offending seal goes to Cleaved,witch is legit one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in any show,the way how it’s screwed up that anything possible is just heinously shocking and just...sad.The only credit I can give to this season is that at least Ludo has he’s own nice finale of an episode,but otherwise it’s one of the worst seasons of any show that I’ve ever seen.This was such a horrible last impression to get form.



And I want to take some notes about specifically characters because man,besides of 2 or 3 of them,they are whatever at best and Iwanttodie at worst.The Star herself is one of the worst written character I’ve ever meet while watching any show.During the whole show,she is just such an ignorant,obnoxious and irresponsible brat that have zero charm in her whatsoever,the worst things is that almost from all the time she have none of punishment or at least some self-conclusions whenever she caused another chaos around herself(episodes like School Spirit,The Banagic Incident or Star vs Echo Creek are a good examples of this)It’s would’ve worked if she got develop over the show’s run,but it’s not really happening,even when it’s seems like she get more responsible over major event,in the next episodes this was entirely forgotten and Star get back at her old back again.Marco,while way more tolerable that Star ever was,I can’t really think of what is his even a main personality about besides begin a shipping victim during the whole thing,at the first episode he was portrayed as a safe kid but it was forgotten just quickly and never returned again.The secondary characters aren’t any better really,I guess some of them like Tom and Moon(til S4 fucking her up completely)can be semi-likable at some extent,but ones like Janna,River or Ponyhead are nothing but infuriating garbage and whenever they had own based episodes it’s ended up begin an animated tragedy.Especially want to point out PonyHead,because she’s such an godawful,despicable creature that basically has the similar issues as Star,except they went in 20 times worse,and episodes like PonyHead Show or Bum Ui Paty are a good proof of it.And did I ever mentioned Mina?And how she is a fucking joke of an villain is.Everything about her is just screams out A T R O C I O U S,from her design and voice acting to the fact that she ended up begin a final villain.And for the last my 2 favorites:Alonso and Ferguson,characters that are so unneeded and forced to be in the show that it’s just funny,and thank goodness they barely appear after S1.




I really want to be more positive towards this show,I really do,but unfortunately this show blows up on a basic level and I can’t help with that.It’s not the worst show I’ve ever seen,but it’s still such an lousy,annoying,cheap,and just an broken example of how story driven show can go horribly wrong.I just glad that I finished this show in one week and never going back to it ever again,because this was not pleasant experience at freakin all.





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