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The Bikini Bottomen

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Alright, now that the airdate is getting closer, I'd like to give an official plot:


Plot -  The Bikini Bottomen puts Larry, The Lobster from Team SpongeBob in the front seat of things. When the Bikini Bottom Mayor goes missing, Larry finds himself banding together with the Mayor's 17-year old twin children (Sophie and Joseph) to figure out what happened to him.


Airdate: July 11, 2014

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It's here!





Ep.1 "Party"

May 11, 2014 9:43AM Larry's Apartment

Larry, The Lobster awoken in his newly-rented, small apartment in Bikini Bottom. He dragged himself out of bed in an extremely grouchy manner.

He heard a knock on the door and went to open it.

"Dun..?" Larry said.

"Larry..you look awful." Dun said, surprised. He proceeded to walk in.

Dun was Larry's friend from the Karate Island Military. While their friendship was strained once or twice they always had a mutual respect for each other.

Dun could smell the scent of coffee in Larry's apartment. As if Larry had been drinking only that for days.

"Want some coffee? I could whip some up. I could use some right about now." Larry said dryly.

"Lord knows you've had too much." Dun said, sitting at Larry's kitchen table and noticing a few old coffee stains.

"You've let yourself go, Larry." Dun said.

"WELL HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? I was fired as Head of the Karate Island Military, because they felt a new leader would bring a more progressive change. BULL." Larry yelled.

"At least they put you on The Bikini Bottom Police Force." Dun said.

"That's a demotion." Larry said. "Besides..after the Political Party tonight, I'm quitting the police force. Gonna find a job in town I guess. Maybe The Krusty Krab is hiring?" Larry revealed.

"Oh Larry, don't be so melodramatic!" Dun said. "I came to visit you, because the boys back on Karate Island were wondering how you were taking this. Obviously, not so well."

"I don't care what you tell them. You should go now." Larry said.

Dun got up. "Take care.." Dun said softly, then left.

May 11, 2014 12:03PM Mayor Jullian Jules's House

"SOPHIE! JOSEPH! ARE YOU KIDS GETTING DRESSED UP THERE?" Jullian shouted upstairs to his children.

"Honey, the Social isn't until tonight! It's fine if they aren't getting dressed." Julian's wife said.

"Mary, you know that proper prepping takes hours." Julian said.

"Tonight will be perfect. Just stop stressing yourself." Mary tried calming him.

"You're right. I'm sorry." Jullian said, kissing his wife.

May 11, 2014 1:00PM Vycro Tech, Manager's Office

"Sir, the Mayor's political party is tonight. How do you want to proceed? If you still want to?" a woman asked

"Who am I?"

"You're Victor Hollins of course-" the woman started.

"-That's right. I never back down. Of course we're still proceeding with tonight's plan." The man said coldly.

May 11, 2014 7:20PM Mayor Jules's Political Party

Guests, of the highly-important variety, flooded into the fancy building that the party was being held at.

Mayor Jules started a speech. Wine in hand, and microphone in the other, he began to talk.

"Thank you for coming out, everyone. Tonight, we celebrate." Mayor Jules started.

Larry looked up at the Mayor. His piercing blue eyes and neatly combed blonde hair were a sight for sore eyes. He'd hope that one day, he could be as important and charismatic a man as Mayor Julian Jules is.

"We celebrate the success of Bikini Bottom! Bikini Bottom has come a long way the past few months. We've gone down in our Criminal Statistics, we've become more environmental, and we've improved the Education System. That is a lot to accomplish and at such a fast rate." Jullian ended.

The crowd clapped and cheered.

A few moments later, people drifted off into group conversations around the room.

Larry, feeling misplaced, went to get some punch. Larry had noticed Jullian's two kids onstage. Both were 17-year old twins. They looked very different from Jullian. Instead of piercing blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair, they had damp green eyes and wavy black hair. They were also born with supernatural abilities. One a telepath and the other born with telekinesis.

A fellow cop walked over to Larry with Jullian following after.

"Larry, meet Mayor Jullian Jules. He's pretty chummy with all 'us cops!"

"Nice to meet you." Larry said, shaking his hand.

Sitting onstage, Jullian's children started talking about the party.

"Political Parties always suck. All everyone ever talks about at them, is Politics!" Joseph blurted out.

"Surprise, surprise." Sophie retorted.

"What? You like 'em?" Joseph asked.

"No, but the food is always appeasing." Sophie stated, putting a piece of baked chicken into her mouth.

Suddenly, several gas bombs went off in the room. Everyone started gagging and coughing. No one could see anything.

A man in a mask quickly grabbed the Mayor.

"HEY!" Larry said, taking action. He ran after the guy, sorting through the smoke, but then he felt a strange push. Like he was pushed back by gravity itself.

May 12, 2014 9:43AM City Hall

Reporters and citizens flooded into City Hall as the Bikini Bottom Government gave an official statement on what happened the other night.

Mayor Jules' children attended and sat in the front row.

"Settle down everyone, settle down." A government agent said.

"My name is Pete Parol and I'm here to discuss what happened at the Social the other night." Pete started off.

"HOW ABOUT YOU START BY TELLING ME WHERE MY FATHER IS!" Sophie shouted out from her seat.

"Ugh..we don't know where the Mayor is right now. We don't even know who was behind the kidnapping. What we do know is that we'll solve this. We're Bikini Bottom. One of the best cities in the ocean. We'll get through this." Pete replied.

"NOT GOOD ENOUGH." Sophie jumped out of her seat and yelled.

"Sophie, calm down." Joseph tried to pull her down.

"Security..I think it's best that Jullian's kids leave." Pete said.

"You can't escort us out!" Sophie said as the guards grabbed on her and Joseph.

May 12, 2014 11:34AM Bikini Bottom Police Department, Jell Masterson's Office

Larry handed in his resignation papers to Head Officer Jell Masterson.

"Why ya doin' this, Larry?" Jell asked him.

"I'm not happy as a cop here." Larry said.

"Then leave town." Jell said, angrily.

"I think not. I grew up here." Larry retorted.

"Making this all the more a stab in the BACK. You walk out of this department...you walk out of saving innocent lives. That's what us officers do. The people of this town need us." Jell said.

Larry just walked out without a word. He took the side exit out of the building and was soon confronted by an angry girl running his way.

"HEY, YOU." Sophie said as she pushed him with great force.

"What the heck!" Larry shouted.

"Sophie, stop!" Joseph said.

"No! These officers are going to start talking!" Sophie said.

"I don't know anything...I-I-I just quit." Larry said.

"SHUT UP." Sophie said, telepathically screaming.

Larry's felt a sharp pain pierce his mind.

"I don't trust any of you..." Sophie said. Her eyes glowed white and she used her telepathy to knock out Larry.

"He's coming with us." Sophie said, with her twin brother looking cautiously.

May 12, 2014 12:00PM Abandoned Shack

Larry awoken, tied up in a chair, with the Mayor's kids standing before him, arms folded.

"I scanned your mind. It's true that you don't know anything. But I saw a memory of yours. You saw the man who grabbed my father?" Sophie asked.

"Yeah. I couldn't stop him though. I couldn't save your father. I'm sorry for that." Larry said.

"It's okay. I just wish we had leads. Any leads at all." Sophie said.

"I think I have it figured out, actually." Joseph said.

"What?" Sophie asked.

"Victor Hollins!" Joseph cried.

"Vycro Tech manager?" Sophie asked.

"Yeah. Dad turned down his proposal a month ago to have the city be run by technology from his company. It makes sense he'd want revenge." Joseph said.

"Being mad is one thing, but that's far from kidnapping." Sophie said.

"Actually. Your brother might have a point. Wouldn't be the first time in history that something like that has happened." Larry said.

"Exactly! I say we investigate Vycro Tech, Sophie." Joseph suggested.

"By ourselves?" Sophie asked, unsure.

"How about I help you guys?" Larry suggested.

"Well, that would be great, but we couldn't ask that of you." Sophie said.

"No. The past year, I've been trying to find meaning in my life. Maybe this is it." Larry rationalized.

Using his super strength, Larry broke out of the ropes with relative ease.

"WHOA." the twins were shocked.

"You have powers!" Joseph said.

"I have a power. Super strength. I was a member of Team SpongeBob for a little while." Larry revealed.

"Alright. So are we doing this or what?" Joseph asked.

"Yeah." Larry said.

Joseph turned to his sister.

"Yeah." Sophie smiled.



Ep.2 "Investigation"

May 14, 2014 10:34AM Vycro Tech

Larry went in for an interview at Vycro Tech. It was apart of a plan he and the twins came up with, because the best way to bring down your enemy, is from the inside out.

Interviewing him, was Mr. Victor Hollins. He was a hard-faced man with damp green eyes, and nicely jelled black hair.

"So. Mr. Larry...why do you want a job here at Vycro?" Victor Hollins asked.

"What do you mean? Did you not like my application?" Larry asked.

"It's not that. I do my research, Larry. I know that you were a former Military Personnel and a member of the popular super-hero group, Team SpongeBob. So after all those accomplishments, why end up working at some Technological company?" Victor asked.

"Well sir..before I joined the Karate Island Military, I received training in the field of technology and communications. You can ask them. In fact, that should be on my application. I guess I want to do something simpler in my life now. Something I'm still good at, though." Larry stated.

"Okay. I definitely see what you mean. You know, I like you, Larry. I see a lot of myself in you." Victor said.

"I guess that's a good thing." Larry said.

"A great thing, actually. You're hired." Victor said, shaking Larry's hand.

May 14, 2014 10:57AM Abandoned Shack

Larry met up with the twins inside the abandoned shack.

"You got hired? Yes!" Sophie cheered.

"Great. Now that you're on the inside, you can find out if Victor has our father." Joseph said.

"Where the heck would he be, though?" Larry asked.

"No idea. But that's what you're there to find out." Sophie stated.

"Right." Larry said. "So, this was a pizza shack?" Larry asked

"Yeah. Ten years ago." Sophie said.

"I've always lived in this town and I never knew about this place. I guess I just always liked going to the Goo Lagoon that I never really paid attention to everything else in this town." Larry realized.

"You like the beach, huh?" Sophie asked.

"I'm a pretty good surfer!" Larry stated.

"Hey! This abandoned shack is pretty much like our own HQ. We're like a team!" Joseph said.

"We..aren't a team." Sophie said.

May 14, 2014 8:01PM Dark Alley

"Thanks for meeting me here, Jell." Victor Hollins said to Head Officer Jell Masterson.

They shook hands.

"Your plans for this town are coming along well, I hope?" Jell asked.

"Just fine. I want to thank you so much for getting Team SpongeBob out of the city before I can start my plans." Victor stated.

"Well, you're welcome, even though Plankton got a little too over his head and messed everything up." Jell said.

"None the less, now my vision for power can come true, without the meddling of that ratchet super-hero group." Victor boasted.

"Agreed." Jell said with a smile.

May 15, 2014 9:02AM Vycro Tech

Larry started his first day on the job.

Larry worked with three other people on an App produced by Vycro called Angry Clams

"They should be pink!"a female said.

"I feel purple is best!" a man said. "Larry?" the man turned to him."

"Well, Linus...I see a lot of purple clams these days, so I happen to agree with you." Larry said.

"Oh crap, there's a glitch." another guy said.

"Cause the computer has contracted a virus of sorts. Larry, can you fix it?" the female asked.

"Yeah, of course." Larry stated.

After a few hours, there was a "lunch" session for workers.

People headed inside the building cafeteria.

Initially, Larry got in line, but he though he'd use this time for some investigating. He then began to walk out

"Hey, Lar! Where you goin, bud?" Linus said, wrapping his arm around Larry's shoulder.

"Uhhh, I was just gonna eat out." Larry said.

"Ooooh, can I come?" Linus asked.

"Well, I - uh.." Larry started.

"-GREAT! Lunch is on you!" Linus said with glee, running past him.

May 15, 2014 3:34PM Abandoned Shack

Larry arrived with the twins waiting for results.

"So? What'd you find?" Joseph and Sophie asked at the same time.

"Nothing." Larry said.

"BUT, you texted me and said that you were using your lunch time to investigate!" Joseph said.

"Yeah, but I sort of had a date, with my co worker." Larry said

"WE DIDN'T ASK YOU TO WORK THERE TO GO ON DATES, We asked to find our...OUR FATHER." Sophie yelled with a ton of emotion.

"Lol, you misunderstood, princess. I was trying to sneak out of lunch and this obsessive guy saw me and I had to lie and say I was going out for lunch. Needless to say, he followed me." Larry told them.

"What a story. But next time, try to be more sneaky." Sophie said.

"Yeah, I'm sorry I couldn't get anything today. But tomorrow for sure." Larry assured them.

May 15, 2014 7:45PM Sophie and Joseph's House

The twins' mother, Mary was still drowning in depression from Julian's disappearance.

Sophie came to her.

"Hey mom. Are you okay? I can get one of the servants to make you that special hot chocolate that you like." Sophie said.

"No, sweetie, I don't want hot chocolate. I just want your father." Mary said.

"Okay.." Sophie said.

"I remember that hot chocolate. Flavored with the richest honey in the world. Pretty weird flavor combinations, but it tasted amazing and reminds me of home. Of our family. Of safety and protection." Mary said.

"Remember during that snow storm four years ago! All we ever drunk was that hot chocolate." Sophie remembered.

"Yeah and remember when your brother thought that pouring it all over his body would warm him up faster?! Ha ha, classic!" Mary said.

"Yeah, that was hilarious!" Sophie agreed.

"I miss those days. Lately, your father's political life has taken over the aura of this family far too much." Mary stated.

"Maybe when he gets back home to us...we can talk to him about it." Sophie suggested.

"When, huh?" Mary said

"Yeah, cause there's no if's about it. Dad's coming home. I know he is." Sophie said, embracing her mother in a hug.

May 16, 2014 10:45AM Vycro Tech

Larry was working on a laptop with Linus.

"A piece is missing." Linus said.

"I can burrow from Amy and Max from Room 203?" Larry asked

"They're working on the same model, so sure." Linus said.

Larry took off. As he made his way to Room 203, he overheard two workers talking.

"Our special prisoner is still being detained in that small Lab room in the building basement." a man said.

"Good thing. I just had this really weird dream that he was moved." a woman said.

"Don't be silly, Analise." the man said, revealing her name.

Larry smiled. Finally getting the information he wanted.

May 16, 2014 10:45PM Abandoned Shack

Larry had told the twins about the basement prisoner.

"Think it's my dad?" Sophie asked.

"I'm pretty sure." Larry said.

"Who else would it be?" Joseph said.

"So, are we breaking in or what?" Sophie asked.

"First, we need the right clothes." Larry said.

Now we see a montage of the three getting dressed up in black clothes, perfect for not being spotted during the night and for concealing their identities.

"This is great. We're ready." Larry said.

In a breeze, the three snuck over to the Vycro Tech building. Working there for a few days now, Larry knew secret ways to get in and out.

They were inside the building. Larry led them down the hall and they ran into a janitor.

The janitor gasped. "Are you robbers?" the old lady said, judging by their dark clothing.

"Uh..." Larry tried not to speak much.

"Ya know what, you can rob this whole place. It's a piece of crap!" the old woman nagged.

"Vycro Tech is known to be one of the cleanest buildings in town!" Joseph said, with Larry and Sophie trying to quiet him.

"And WHY IS THAT? Cause of the love I put into cleaning this thang. Good DAY. I mean, NIGHT." the old woman said, walking away with her tethered broom.

"Wow." Sophie said, as the three continued on.

They made their way to the company basement, but two guards were guarding the prison hold.

With his telekinesis, Joseph lifted them off the ground and chocked them up with kinetic energy, then dropped them.

Sophie came in front of them.

"You two are going to fall quietly to sleep. You're not gonna remember anything that happened tonight." Sophie said using Telepathic Suggestion.

Again using her telepathy, Sophie was able to pull out what the pass code to open the Prison Hold was.

"I got the code." Sophie said.

She entered it and then they went in.

A person was kneeled on the floor. Arms imprisoned in rope and a paper bag over their head.

"DAD!" Sophie and Joseph both screamed.

Larry ripped the ropes off with his super strength and then the twins took off the paper bag.

The man wasn't their father and in a stroke, he blew fire at them. As they all hit the ground, the dirty, ill-looking man stood up.

"FINALLY. Freedom." the man smiled and then took off.

It was too late when Larry and the twins got up.

"Are you guys okay?" Larry asked.

"Just fine, Thank Neptune for these ski masks." Sophie said.

"That wasn't dad." Joseph said in tears.

"..And if that wasn't you guys' father....I'm scared to find out who we just released." Larry said, ending the episode.

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Ep.3 "The Hot Seat"

May 17, 2014 10:24AM Vycro Tech

While working on the Vycro Laptop with Linus, Larry noticed a lot of strange activity in the hallways.

Security guards in the building were questioning several workers and even pulling people into private rooms.

"What's going down out there?" Larry asked,

"Didn't you check your E-mail this morning? All workers were sent one about the guy who escaped." Linus said.

"What guy? What escape?" Larry questioned, knowing the other night that he and the twins unintentionally released some guy from the prison hold of the building's basement.

"Just a guy that everyone here hates and had hoped to keep in the building as our personal prisoner of sorts." Linus told him.

"I feel liken you're beating around the bush with me, Linus. I want to know more." Larry said to him.

Linus gave a funny look, then two security guards came into the room.

"Larry, The Lobster, you're wanted in the interrogation room." they said.

"A cafe, a prison hold, an interrogation room,..this place has everything." Larry mumbled angrily, under his breath while walking away.

Larry got into the interrogation room. Darkly lit, and had one dusty looking chair and a small, brown, wooden, old-looking table.

Larry sat down as Victor Hollins entered the room.

"Boss!" Larry said.

"This isn't a happy occasion. Larry, you're here, because I suspect that you released someone last night.

"What?" Larry said.

May 17, 2014 10:36AM Music Store

The twins were at the Bikini Bottom Music Store. They wore sunglasses as to not attract attention.

"What CD are you buying this time?" Sophie asked Joseph.

Joseph loved music and often came to the music store to buy CD after CD after CD.

"Just this classical piece right here." Joseph said, with his sister rolling her eyes.

"So. How do you think Larry's doing at the job?" Sophie asked.

"Hopefully not disappointing us." Joseph said.

"It's so nice that he agreed to help us when he doesn't even know us from a can of paint." Sophie said.

"He knew of us. We're the Mayor's children." Joseph replied.

May 17, 2014 10:39AM Vycro Tech, Interrogation Room

"We were keeping a dangerous criminal in the prison hold of our basement." Victor said.

"Sounds like something the police should be handling." Larry retorted.

"Don't get cute. We have footage of the people who broke in last night and released him. One of them has your body shape." Victor showed him the tape.

"A lot of people have similar body shapes in this world. Doesn't prove that's me." Larry said.

"The people in this video were led by the big guy. Only a person who's been in this building a while would know how to successfully get in and out without tripping security and alarms." Victor said.

"THAT. THAT RIGHT THERE." Larry shouted. "You said only a person who's been here a while would know how to get in and out successfully. I'VE been here for under a week!" Larry made a point.

"I suppose you're right." Victor said. "Now get going." Victor said, letting him leave.

After Larry left out, a husky-voiced security guard turned to Victor.

"Sir, Larry was in the military. He's a trained man. All he would need is a day or two to take in the structure and functions of the building." the security guard made Victor realize.

"Oh my Neptune. I didn't think of that when I was questioning him. Hmm...Larry needs to be stabilized before he even becomes a problem. I know exactly how." Victor stated.

Larry met up with the twins and told them about the going-on's at work.

"Oh my. I think Victor is on to you." Sophie said.

"Well, yeah, OBVIOUSLY." Larry yelled.

"Back off my sister!" Joseph said.

"Sorry, I'm just stressed. I think I need to quit. PRONTO." Larry said.

"NO! You can't do that. You have to find my father!" Sophie stressed.

"IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED, I'M IN THE HOT SEAT!" Larry yelled again.

"OKAY, everyone cool down!" Joseph said.

"Sorry." Larry apologized.

"Me too." Sophie apologized.

May 17, 2014 6:55PM Bikini Bottom Park

Victor Hollins and Jell Masterson sat on a bench together.

"Jell, I want you to hire back Larry, The Lobster." Victor stated.

"HE quit on me. Besides, what's your interest in Larry?" Jell asked.

"I think he's the one who released that fire fugitive I had locked up." Victor told him.

"What?" Jell questioned

"I gave him a job at Vycro Tech a few days ago. Now I highly regret it." Victor said.

"Hmm, Larry never gave me any problems before. He was always a good cop. But, if he's a problem. I'm sure I can neutralize him for you." Jell said.

"Excellent. Tell him that you want him back at the department. Make it sound good. Offer him a raise, donuts and coffee on the house. Don't disappoint me." Victor ordered him.

"Of course not. I'd never disappoint my oldest brother." Jell said as they shared a brief hug and got up and walked away from each other quickly.

May 17, 2014 8:05PM Linus' Apartment

Larry showed up at Linus' apartment door.

"Larry? What'cha doin' here, bud?" Linus asked

"Just here to hang with my bestie!" Larry faked.

"AWESOME! Come in!" Linus said, estatically.

Larry walked in. Linus' apartment was comfortable sized. The furniture was nice and it was clean all around.

"Oh man, I had DREAMS about this moment!" Linus said.

Larry looked back at him oddly.

They sat on the couch.

A girl came out with tea.

"Oh, I didn't realize you had company." the girl said.

"Larry! This is my 16 year old sister, Emmy." Linus introduced them.

"I'll just leave this tea here for you two!" Emmy said.

Emmy had a soft voice, blond hair, and blue eyes.

"Thanks, Em." Linus said as she went to the back.

"So, Linus.." Larry started, picking up a cup of tea.

"What's on your mind?" Linus asked, taking a sip.

"Tell me about the man you guys were keeping in the prison hold." Larry said.

"Larry, I'm sorry..but I can't." Linus said.

"Why not?" Larry asked.

"I don't know if you are to be trusted yet! The boss even approached me one time and asked about how trustworthy you are and how well we work together. I think he suspects something of you." Linus revealed.

"So does that mean you have to?" Larry asked.

"No. But, I don't want to risk my job. I think you should go now, bud." Linus said.

Larry left out.

May 17, 2014 8:55PM Abandoned Shack

Larry and the twins met up at the shack.

"I didn't get anything out of my work friend, unfortunately." Larry said.

"Shoot. Well I guess we'll never really know much about that guy." Joseph said.

"Excuse me?" a soft voice said.

The trio got scared, then Larry turned around and saw that it was Emmy, Linus's little sister.

"I'm sorry! Don't be frightened!" Emmy said. "I followed you to this place, because I wanted to talk to you..about that guy." Emmy explained

"Wait, the guy I asked your brother about?" Larry questioned.

"Yeah, I know the story about him, because my brother tells me everything. I do mean every THING." Emmy told them.

"So who's the man?" Sophie asked.

"His name is Lemont Tailhog. He was an employee at Vycro Tech. Everyone was friendly with him. Everyone loved him. That is...until an accident happened." Emmy started.

"An accident? Of what kind?" Larry asked.

"He was working on a project for Vycro. Dangerous chemicals were used and he got affected. Within minutes, as my brother described to me, his entire body lit on fire. Everyone was scared, fearful. He began shooting out flames from his palm and the building looked destined to burn down completely. Eventually the security and Victor Hollins got the better of him and managed to lock him away in a secret location in the building. Then firefighters and officers arrived." Emmy finished.

"So WHY would they keep him in the building?" Larry asked.

"They wanted to avoid a possible lawsuit from Lemont and squash the possibility of the government finding out that Vycro Tech works with illegal chemicals." Emmy clarified.

"Wow." Larry and the twins said.

"I know I'm betraying my brother's trust, but it's obvious that you, Larry, were the one who released Lemont, and if you want to fix it, you had to know the history." Emmy said.

"Fix it? We're not-" Joseph started

"-Just try and understand him." Emmy said, cutting Joseph off. "He must of been so scared and confused. I understand what that's like. When I first realized my powers-" Emmy started.

"-WAIT, you have powers, Emmy?" Larry asked.

"Yes. Power Absorption." Emmy revealed.

"Wow, how does that work?" Larry asked.

Emmy touched Larry and absorbed his super strength. She then lifted up an old Juxebox with relative ease.

"Wow!" Larry said, as Emmy touched him and gave him his super strength back.

"Hey! If you ever need to talk about anything...we're here." Sophie said touching Emmy's shoulder.

"Thank you. That's very kind." Emmy said.

May 18, 2014 9:04AM Vycro Tech Parking Lot

Newscasters and police officers were in the Vycro Tech Parking Lot.

"This is Perch Perkins, here at the Vycro Tech Parking Lot where a mad man is using his incredible pyrokinetic abilities to destroy the cars of workers and put up a slamin' fight against the Bikini Bottom Police Officers.

"BACK OFF! VYCRO TECH IS GONNA PAY!" Lemont said blasting flames at officers and setting cars on fire to explode.

Victor Hollins and his security team were watching from a window in Vycro Tech.

"This is bad." Victor stated.

May 18, 2014 9:04AM Abandoned Shack

"YOU GUYS SEE THIS?" Larry shouted.

"Yes, but-" Sophie started.

"NO BUTS! We have to fix this." Larry said.

"It's not our job." Joseph said.

"You guys can't be serious right now. WE released this guy. WE set him back into the world. US. We did that, now we need to reverse it." Larry made clear.

"You're right." Sophie said.

"Larry, I hate to shut you down...but we can't take on a fire burning maniac." Joseph said.

"I've been on Team SpongeBob. Trust me. I can. You guys will follow my lead. Is that clear?" Larry commanded.

"Clear." Joseph said.

"Clear." Sophie said.

"Then suit up." Larry said.

May 18, 2014 9:40AM Vyrco Tech Parking Lot

Larry and the twins arrived at the parking lot with their dark black clothing on and their black ski masks.

"Black in the morning?! This isn't a funeral!" Sophie complained.

Lemont had taken down most of the officers and set fire to tons of cars.

"LEMONT. STOP." Larry said, appearing in front of him.

"WHO ARE YOU?" Lemont asked.

"Someone who wants to help. Put your hands up, please." Larry said.

"Eat my FIRE." Lemont said shooting flame blasts at him.

Larry punched through them and got closer to Lemont.

Lemont did a backflip, putting distance between them

Joseph used his telekinesis to lift cars and throw them at Lemont, but Lemont exploded them with flames, mid air.

Joseph then made a car run him down from his side.

Lemont hit the ground and Larry jumped on him, holding his hands down.

Lemont struggled. "Man, you're strong!" Lemont said.

Sophie quickly came to him. She kneeled and put her hand on his head. With her telepathy, she knocked him out cold.

"Let's go! The officers will handle it from here." Larry shouted, him and the twins taking off.

The police officers who had pulled up, got out their cars and centered around Lemont's body.

Jell came over.

"No gunshots. Who subdued him?" Jell asked.

"A trio of black clothed vigilantes." a cop who'd been hurt, said.

May 19, 2014 10:45AM Abandoned Shack

Larry and the twins met back up at the shack.

"So this morning, I got a call that I was fired from Vycro Tech." Larry announced.

"WHAT?" the twins were shocked.

"But get this. I also got a call from Jell Masterson, saying that he wanted me back desperately, at the station." Larry said.

"Weird. Fired and rehired in one morning?" Sophie said.

"Are you going to go back to the BBPD?" Jospeh asked.

"Yeah. Only to see what's up with Jell though. Something's off about that guy." Larry said.

Sophie turned on the small TV they brung to the shack.

The News:

"...Everyone's wondering who those Black Clothed Vigilantes were that subdued a supervillain in the Vycro Tech Parking Lot. For now, the man lies in the hospital in a deep coma. But when he awakens, hopefully he can tell us what his beef was with Vycro Tech." the woman announced.

Sophie turned the TV off. "I put him in a coma?" she said somberly.

"It's okay, Soph." Joseph hugged her.

"I just..thought I had more control over my abilities." Sophie said.

May 20, 2014 6:34PM Bikini Bottom Park

Victor and Jell met behind a large tree.

"Lemont's been defeated, by those same Black Clothed Vigilantes from the security camera footage. They let him out, now they neutralize him for us?" Victor stated.

"Who are these people?" Jell asked.

"I have a feeling that Larry's apart of this. Keep an eye out and keep him occupied." Victor ordered.

"Why would Larry free Lemont in the first place?" Jell questioned.

"Maybe it wasn't Lemont he was looking for." Victor said. "I now have to speed up my plans, so that nothing, especially Larry,..gets in the way." Victor continued, ending the episode.


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Ep.4 "Vigil"

May 23, 2014 12:30PM Abandoned Shack

Larry and the twins grouped up at the shack.

"So, how is it being back at the department?" Sophie asked.

"Okay, I guess." Larry said.

"Have you been keeping an eye out on Jell?" Joseph asked.

"For some strange reason, I actually think he was keeping an eye out on me!" Larry revealed.

"It's been days and we've seemed to have hit a stalemate in this search for dad." Sophie said with tears starting to flow from her eyes.

"Sophie, don't cry." Joseph said, holding her in his arms.

Suddenly, Sophie's phone buzzed in her pocket.

She took it out and saw she missed a call from Emmy.

"Oh, that was Emmy." Sophie said.

"You two have been talking a lot lately." Joseph noticed.

"Yeah. Emmy's great. Me and her talk about our powers a lot and the effect they take on us. She understands me." Sophie said, blushing.

"Well, I'll try to think of something." Larry said.

"Thanks Lar. You've been a really good friend to us." Joseph said.

Larry smiled.

May 23, 2014 12:54 Sophie and Joseph's House

When Sophie and Joseph arrived at their home, they saw tons of reporters. Officers were there, backing up reporters and journalist and photographers that were trying to get in Mary's face.

"MOM!" Sophie shouted as she and Joseph ran over to her.

"Kids! Hey, how are you taking the news about your father." One reporter said.

"OVER HERE! What have you been told about his condition?" another reporter shouted.

"Smile for your daddy!" a photographer said, snapping a shot of them, but the officers pushed him back.

As the policemen and women got out weapons, people began to run off.

"MOM, WHAT'S GOING ON!????" Joseph questioned.

"Your father! He's back!" Mary cried.

"What?" Sophie asked.

"He was found lying in front of the Bikini Bottom Shellingtas Hospital. No one knows how he got there, but he seems to be in a small coma, according to the doctors." Mary revealed.

The three got into a limo with several guards. They were on their way to Shellingtas Hospital to see their father.

May 23, 2014 1:05PM Larry's Apartment

Larry had finished cooking dinner for himself. He fixed his apartment up nicely.

Coffee stains were cleanly wiped, he got new furniture and a new TV set. He painted a little, even though he wasn't supposed to, and he even got some flowers and a vase to sit on his table.

Before he could sit and eat, he got a phone call.

"WHAT'S UP LARRY, BUDDY!!!!" Linus had called him

"Linus? Hey, what'cha up to?" Larry asked.

"I really miss ya at the job, OH and the Mayor was found this morning." Linus revealed.

"HUH?" Larry gasped, dropping his drink on the floor.

"Aww, I just fixed up my apartment." Larry sighed. "Wait, the Mayor was found?" Larry asked.

"Yup. That he was. Right outside Shellingtas hospital. He's in a coma though." Linus explained.

"This is...this is good news. His children must be so happy." Larry said.

May 23, 2014 1:10PM Shellingtas Hospital, Room 203

Mary and the kids were watching over their father while he lied on the bed. They hoped that any moment now, he'd wake up and be the man they recognized.

They were not used to their father being weak and helpless. They saw him as a man of power and authority.

Mary touched his hand.

"Wake up..please.." she said silently, gripping his hand harder with every breath she took.

"Mom..why don't you go get us some coffee?" Joseph suggested.

Mary knew her son meant well, and decided to take a stroll for a cup of coffee.

After she left the room, Joseph turned to his sister.

"So...he's back. He's finally back. Way sooner than I expected." Sophie said with a sad tone.

"Yeah. It's hard to see him weak like this." Joseph said.

"All of that investigating...putting our lives in danger...it was for nothing!" Sophie said on the verge of crying.

"Sophie, you can help dad." Joseph said.

"How?" Sophie asked.

"It's simple. Use your powers. You're a telepath." Joseph suggested.

"I can't, Joseph. After I put that man, Lemont in a coma, I just - I just...can't use my powers again." Sophie said.

"Come ON! This is for DAD!" Joseph started to raise his voice.

"I'm SCARED!" Sophie yelled.

"YOU'RE WEAK. DAD WOULDN'T LIKE THAT. He'd be so disappointed and disgraced with you. A child of his..IS AFRAID OF SOMETHING?" Joseph said.

Sophie started to cry. Joseph, angry with sister, stormed out of the hospital room.

"JOSEPH!" Sophie screamed after him.

Sophie sat back down. She touched her father's hand.

"Daddy.." Sophie cried vigorously. "H-help me..." Sophie said, breaking down more and more.

May 23, 2014 1:30PM Music Store

Joseph had taken off to the music store. He listened to sample beats and picked out some classical music to buy.

Music was therapeutic to Joseph. It was the only thing that kept him whole in times of distress.

A girl in the store had noticed Joseph's taste in classical music.

"Hey." she said. "I like classical music as well." the girl continued, giving him a seductive smile.

"How coincidental. There's not a lot of young people who have a feel for this stuff." Joseph said.

"Well, I like to think of myself as young minded, but old spirited." the girl said. "Oh, and by the way, my name is Susan." she said, revealing her name.

"Susan? That's pretty and simple." Joseph said.

"Much like our shared taste in music." Susan joked.

"I like you." Joseph laughed, "OH, wait, was that too direct?" Joseph asked.

"Yes...but I like forward men." Susan smiled and wrote her number on Joseph's arm.

As she left out the store, Joseph felt good for the first time in a while.

May 24, 2014 12:01PM Sophie and Joseph's House

The Jules family were having brunch outside in their backyard.

Things were quiet, until Mary finally broke the silence.

"So, Joseph..you stormed out of that hospital pretty angry, yesterday." Mary said.

"Yeah, and?" Joseph retorted.

"Joseph, don't speak to me that way. In fact, you shouldn't talk to your sister in any kind of manner either." Mary said.

"SHE TOLD YOU. I KNEW IT!" Joseph said, slamming the table.

"Joseph, calm down, please!" Sophie tried to reason with him.

"Both of you just need to leave me alone for today." Joseph said.

"Not possible. Today is a big family dinner in celebration of your dad being found. All your aunts, uncles, and cousins are flying in to-" Mary started.

"-I got a date tonight, actually." Joseph said.

"A date?" Sophie asked.

"Yeah. This girl..Susan." Joseph told them.

Mary just sighed and chewed her food.

"You're going on a date, right after you find out dad is back and in a coma!?" Sophie said in anger.

Joseph walked away.

"Sophie, sweetie. Different people cope with things in different ways." Mary stated. "This is a trying time for all of us." she continued.

"I know that." Sophie mumbled, scrambling her food with a fork.

May 24, 2014 4:02PM Abandoned Shack

Sophie arrived at the shack. Larry was waiting on her and Joseph.

"Where's your brother? I texted him too." Larry asked.

"My brother isn't feeling too great right now. I've never felt more distant from him!" Sophie stressed.

"I thought both of ya would be feeling good after the news about your dad." Larry said.

"Well, that's what I thought too, but it's been stressing our family out more than ever!" Sophie said.

"Well, I called you here, because there's this woman who was a case on the news." Larry said.

"And?" Sophie asked.

"She's been checked into a mental facility. Apparently, she claims that she has strange dreams about the future. The woman's name is Analise. I recognize her name and face from when I was working at Vycro Tech. She said she predicted Lemont's fire rage, and the situation about the Mayor being found in front of the hospital.

"So she predicted the Lemont situation, and my father being found. So what?" Sophie said.

"So what? This means that we can use her to gain knowledge!" Larry clarified.

"ABOUT WHAT?" Sophie yelled. "Larry, IT'S ALL OVER. My father's been found, so I think we're done playing 'Scooby-Doo' around town." Sophie replied.

"What are you talking about? We STILL don't know what happened to your father or WHO kidnapped him and why." Larry made a point.

"But NONE of that matters anymore! He's here. My father's h-ome." Sophie said, her voice cracking and tears about to surface.

"Sophie..I didn't mean to upset you." Larry said.

"Really? Then drop this. Forget about it all." Sophie said.

"I can't. I won't." Larry said. Larry's phone buzzed. He was being called in by the station.

"I got police matters to tend to right now." Larry told her, "But I'm going to that mental facility later, and I would like if you'd come with me." Larry said, walking out.

May 24, 2014 7:01PM Susan's House

Joseph's limo pulled up outside Susan's house. He stepped out. A servant stepped out with him.

"You sure this isn't too much for an average-day girl like Susan?" the servant asked.

"You don't know her, Holt." Joseph said to his servant.

"I know she isn't rich like you." Holt retorted.

"That won't matter to her." Joseph said with a slight bit of anger.

Joseph went up to her door and knocked.

"COMING!" Susan yelled out as she opened the door.

"Hey there, hot stuff!" Susan said.

Susan had on very relaxed clothes, and dark colors.

"Uh..Susan." Joseph started to chuckle.

"What's up? Is it my clothes? I didn't really have anything too fancy." Susan said.

"Not a problem!" Joseph said. "I'll take you to the mall, and you can buy the most expensive dress that catches your eyes!" Joseph said, grabbing her along.

May 24, 2014 7:14PM Happy Dale Mental Facility

Larry and Sophie both arrived at the facility, disturbingly named 'Happy Dale'.

"I'm glad ya came." Larry said to Sophie.

"Me too. I was supposed to be at a family dinner, but I figure if Joseph was gonna skip it to cope with things...then so was I." Sophie said, as he and Larry entered the facility.

"Excuse me, nurse!" Larry said, coming to the front desk.

"I'm looking for Analise Rogers." Larry said.

"Oh, that woman isn't allowed visitors." the woman said.

"Yes. She is, and you're gonna take us straight to her." Sophie said, using telepathic suggestion.

The nurse took them to Analise's room and opened the door for them.

Larry and Sophie went in, startling Analise.

"Wait! I know you." Analise said.

"Yes, it's me, Larry. The guy who worked alongside you at Vycro Tech for a few days." Larry said to her.

"OH, yeah! You had the shortest stint in Vycro Tech history! HA HA HA!" Analise laughed.

"Wow, you must be feeling good." Sophie said with a polite smile.

"Yes, but I assume you didn't come here to get a check on how I'm feeling." Analise said.

"Well, you wouldn't be wrong.." Sophie said.

"Look, Analise, your dreams have been predicting the future." Larry said.

"Oh gee, I totally didn't notice." Analise said, sarcastically.

"Okay, look. We need your help to find out what happened to the Mayor." Larry said.

"I can see into the future, not into the past." Analise said.

"Larry, she's no help to us." Sophie said.

"Wait, not so fast. Maybe there's a dream you had recently? Maybe it could help us put together the pieces of the past." Larry said.

"There is..something." Analise said tapping her finger on her lips.

"What? Anything.." Larry said desperately.

"I had a dream about Victor Hollins..and a police officer. They were talking. It was brief. The dream faded after that point." Analise revealed.

"Thank you, so much, Analise." Larry said as he and Sophie took off.

May 24, 2014 7:45PM The Love Glove

Joseph and Susan were at The Love Glove, a newly built restaurant in Bikini Bottom, but crazy expensive.

Joseph had brought Susan a twenty four hundred dollar blue dress.

"That blue compliments your eyes." Joseph said, opening up his menu.

"You really shouldn't have spent so much on me. You hardly know me." Susan said.

"I just think we have something special. I don't know what it is." Joseph said.

"Our taste in music? Cause that's not enough to make me wanna marry someone! Let alone spend a twenty four hundred dollar dress on them!" Susan laughed.

"Hey, why don't we order now. The waiter is coming over." Joseph said.

"Everything is so pricy here.." Susan said.

"Leave it to me. I got us!" Joseph said, intending to order the most expensive items on the menu.

May 24, 2014 8:03PM Bikini Bottom Park

Sophie met up with Emmy.

"Hey!" Emmy greeted her.

"Hey, yourself!" Sophie said, as they embraced in a hug.

"So, it sounded like you needed a distraction right now, from the sounds of your text anyway..." Emmy said.

"Yeah..I'm supposed to be at a family dinner, but I just don't want to deal with all my aunts and uncles and annoying cousins asking questions, giving me hugs and kisses, looking at me like I'm BROKEN." Sophie began to cry.

"Hey! Hey! Look at me." Emmy said. "It's okay to be broken, and it's okay to let your family love you and take care of you. Lord knows where I would be without my brother, Linus. After my parents died four years ago, he was my rock. At first I didn't want to let him in...or anyone...but I had to learn to stop fighting and start loving." Emmy explained to her with tears pouring out of her own eyes.

"Thanks Em. I knew that calling you would be a good idea." Sophie said, holding Emmy's hand.

May 24, 2014 9:00PM Joseph's limo.

"That..was a good dinner." Joseph said, leaning on Susan.

As their eyes met, he tried to kiss her, but she pulled away.

"Look, Joseph, what happened at dinner was ridiculous." Susan said.

"What? We had a good time." Joseph said.

"You brought us the most expensive meals, desserts, and DRINKS on the menu! Just what is your problem?" Susan said.

"I was trying to treat you!" Joseph replied.

"Me? Or yourself?" Susan asked.

"Look, I have a surprise to make it all better." Joseph said as the limo stopped in front of the most expensive Broadway show theater in town.

Joseph and Susan got out.

"Do you know how much JUST one ticket is?!??" Susan asked.

"Why are you worrying so much?" Joseph asked.

"Four hundred bucks!" Susan yelled.

"I thought this would be perfect for us. I mean, classical music, right?" Joseph explained.

"Look, I know about everything with your father, but you're not gonna use me to self destruct." Susan told him, fiercely.

"That's not..what I was-" Joseph started.

"-Please. Stop. I don't think this is working out. We come from two different worlds. When I wanna act out, I steal a car or something, but for your type...you spend all of your money, HOPING that spending that money will make you FEEL something...but it never does, as you'll soon learn." Susan said, walking away.

May 24, 2014 9:20PM

Joseph's limo driver was taking him home, but out of his window, Joseph saw a teenaged girl getting cornered by a gang of men.

"Hey, we gotta stop!" Joseph said, ripping out of the car

Joseph saw that the girl was Susan!

One of the gang members tried swinging a bat at Joseph, but with his telekinesis, he lifted the bat into the air and pushed the man into the ground.

Another gang member tried throwing punches, but Joseph swung him into the street with telekinesis.

Joseph's security guard, Holt got out and started blasting with his gun. The rest of the gangs members ran off.

"Susan!" Joseph tried to pick her up.

"NO! I can get up myself. Who were those guys?" Susan asked.

"I think those guys were The Snake Eyes. An infamous gang in Bikini Bottom.

"I hope you're alright, Susan. Your dress is a bit messed up." Joseph noticed.

"I SAID I'M FINE." Susan yelled, running off.

May 25, 2014 11:04AM Sophie and Joseph's House

Sophie was drawing in her room on her bed.

Joseph walked past and stepped into her room a little.

"I'm sorry." he said with a slight smile.

"No apology necessary. You were coping, and so was I." Sophie said, both of them giving each other a smile, ending the episode.


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Ep.5 "Mis-Shift"

May 27, 2014 2:04PM Sophie and Joseph's House

Today was a special day. Sophie and Joseph's father was coming home.

Security guards and police officers escorted him home.

Mary, Sophie, and Joseph had dressed for the happy occasion.

Their father came through the door and the twins immediately ran into his arms.

"Ohhh, how I've missed you two!" Julian said, kissing his children.

"..And you." Julian said as his wife ran into the group hug.

The four of them were finally reunited.

May 27, 2014 3:14PM Vycro Tech, Victor Hollin's Office

Jell and Victor met up.

"So, the Mayor's back." Jell said.

"Yup. Everything is going exactly as I wanted." Victor stated.

"What about those kids? Especially Sophie Jules. She's a telepath. She might pose a danger to the plan you have conducted." Jell worried.

"I have a backup plan for her, actually." Victor smiled.

"Always the man with a plan, Victor. Been that way since we were small children." Jell stated.

"Well, one of us had to be." Victor replied.

"We've made some hard decisions in our life time, Victor." Jell said.

"Yes, we have, but I like to think that those decisions have made us stronger people.." Victor said, levitating a pencil on his desk, revealing his power of telekinesis.

May 27, 2014 3:20PM Sophie and Joseph's House

After their father got himself in order and gave a press release outside, he, his wife, and the kids sat down for a talk in the living room.

"Dad, you said in your address, that The Snake Eyes were responsible for your kidnapping." Sophie said.

"Yes, sweetie. They wanted to pressure me to let down on the laws regarding gang activity." Julian revealed.

"Well, it's gonna be hard to round all of them up. They have secret locations all across town." Joseph said.

"That's true, son. The officers are doing their best to get all members, especially the ones who participated in my kidnapping." Julian said.

"You hardly explained how you got away." Mary said.

"I didn't. They sedated me and then next thing you know, I wasn't in one of their secret warehouses anymore. I was in front of Shellingtas. I don't remember much of what happened while I was captive." Julian explained.

"We're just glad that you're home now. We worried so much about you." Sophie told him.

"Nothing is ever gonna separate us again. I promise." Julian said.

"Yeah, you better keep that promise!" Sophie said, jumping into her father's arms. Mary, Jospeh, and Julian all laughed, but Sophie was dead serious.

As Julian stroked her hair, Sophie felt 'at home' again, for the first time in a while.

May 27, 2014 4:02 Bikini Bottom Police Department

Jell Masterson was making an announcement to all his officers.

"With five of them caught already, we will NOT stop until all of The Snake Eyes face their charges for kidnapping the Mayor." Jell commanded.

Larry listened with a sense of unsureness. He was not convinced that The Snake Eyes could have pulled something like this off.

"Any sign of hesitance, or incompetence..will be cut out OR YOU WILL. I'm sure anyone of you could find a decent job working as a janitor or street performer." Jell said sternly.

Some of the officers laughed, but Jell kept up a stoned-face.

"You may be dismissed." Jell said, finally.

As the other officers walked away, Larry grabbed Jell.

"Sorry. I just needed to talk to you." Larry started.

"About??? Aren't quitting on me again, are you, Lar?" Jell asked.

"No, of course not." Larry made clear.

"Than, what is it? I'm a VERY busy man." Jell stressed.

"I just, don't know how much we should trust the Mayor's word on The Snake Eyes being apart of this." Larry said.

"What? He knows what he's talking about." Jell said, infuriated.

"He told everyone in his address that he hardly remembers what happened during the time of his kidnapping." Larry said.

"Doesn't mean he doesn't know WHO kidnapped him." Jell refuted.

"But it means that he could of gotten details mixed up. It's not fair to prosecute The Snake Eyes for THIS, because one man said -" Larry started.

Jell interrupted him, "ONE MAN? This is our MAYOR. If he says it was The Snake Eyes, then quite frankly, I believe him." Jell shouted, walking away.

Larry sighed.

May 27, 2014 5:56PM Abandoned Shack

Larry had asked the twins to meet up with him at the shack again.

"So, basically, you don't believe our father?" Joseph asked angrily.

"No, well..Yes. I mean, there are details he might have confused. Or he's flat out lying." Larry stated, bluntly.

Sophie gasped.

"LARRY." Joseph yelled. "He's our father. We know he'd NEVER lie about something like this." Joseph battled.

"Okay, but we still have that vision from Analise to think about. A police officer and Victor Hollins having a meeting in the park." Larry reminded Sophie.

"Soph told me about that." Joseph said.

"Look, Larry...this game of investigation is FINALLY over. Our father's home and we know who kidnapped him. It turned out NOT to be Victor Hollins, so not only were we COMPLETELY OFF, but we wasted our time the last few weeks." Sophie said.

"Alright. I'm done, then." Larry said.

Joseph started to get a little sad.

"I guess that's it for our little investigative team." Joseph said, with a chuckle.

"Yeah. We actually had a lot of fun working with you, Larry." Sophie said.

"Strangely, I enjoyed it to. Made me feel like I was apart of something again." Larry said.

"See you around, Larry." Joseph said, giving Larry a man hug.

"Yeah, safe travels." Sophie said, hugging him.

"Thanks, but I'm not leaving town." Larry said.

"Oh, my mistake." Sophie laughed as she and Joseph walked out of the shack.

May 28, 2014 5:40PM Linus and Emmy's Apartment

Sophie and Emmy were hanging out.

"When's your brother getting home?" Sophie asked.

"He's out playing pool." Emmy said. "So, how does it feel to have your father back?" Emmy asked.

"Really good. I've missed him so much. So much that I started a whole investigation to find him." Sophie laughed.

"Well, I guess that shows how much of a devoted daughter you are." Emmy said, touching Sophie's hand.

"I am devoted, aren't I?" Sophie said with a smile.

As Sophie and Emmy's eyes met, Sophie lifted her hand.

"We should see what's on TV!" Sophie said, turning the TV on to the News.

"Hey, your father is making an address, live." Emmy pointed out.

"What?" Sophie said, finding it weird, since her father never mentioned anything about this to her.


"Before my kidnapping, I made a speech at a Social Party about Bikini Bottom's successes. Now I'd like to say that I want to push this town forward a little more. I want Bikini Bottom to be the star of the entire ocean. To be an example of what developing cities should be modeling themselves after. A big part of what's going to drive this change, is me finally teaming up with Vycro Tech!" Mayor Julian Jules announced.

"WHAT?" Sophie screamed.

"I thought your dad has been turning down requests from Victor Hollins to team up with Vycro Tech for the past year now." Emmy said.

"He has! Which is why I DON'T get this!" Sophie said.


"Thank you for the applause, kind citizens! If the rest of my people back me up on this, then I can pass the bill for Bikini Bottom to be officially run by Vycro Tech!" Julian continued. "Let's hope for the best!" he ended.

Emmy turned to see that Sophie had run out of her apartment.

"I hope she goes easy on her dad." Emmy thought to herself.

May 28, 2014 6:55PM Sophie and Joseph's House

Sophie and Joseph waited for their father to get home.

As Julian walked through the door, he noticed the disappointment on his children's faces.

"Hello, dad." Sophie said.

"What WAS that?" Joseph asked.

"Kids, I know you don't like Vycro Tech - " Julian started.

" - YOU don't either! You called Victor Hollins a greedy, low down-dirty, business monster one time." Sophie reminded him.

"Well my feelings have changed. I did a lot of thinking while between life and death at Shellingtas. I thought about Bikini Bottom, my family, how I wanted to change in regards to my political views." Julian explained himself.

"Well, right now, your political views SUCK." Sophie said.

"Dad, do you seriously want Vycro Tech to be the power source of the entire city?" Joseph asked.

"Yes. Kids, let's not fight. I don't want to argue and bicker when I just got back home to you." Julian said.

"I think what we all need is a bit of that special drink. Right dad?" Sophie smiled.

"Yeah, I'd like a nice cold drink myself, it's pretty hot - " Julian started.

"- Dad, I'm talking about the HOT chocolate that we always used to drink together." Sophie said, laughing.

"Right. Sorry, it's just been a very stressing time for me. I'm forgetting things." Julian smiled.

June 1, 2014 3:43PM Bikini Bottom Park

Over the past few days, Sophie noticed a change in her father.

Details he's always remembered were suddenly ancient to him.

Sophie talked with Emmy at the park about it.

"Maybe it's the affects of the coma?" Emmy said.

"Maybe...but I have a feeling that something else is up..." Sophie said.

"Like what?" Emmy asked.

"I don't know." Sophie replied.

"You're worried over nothing!" Emmy said. "Look, your father has been through a traumatic experience. He was kidnapped and sedated and ended up in a short term coma. It's only natural that he's not himself at the moment." Emmy stressed to her.

"Thanks Em. You always know what to say." Sophie said with her eyes getting watery.

Emmy grabbed Sophie's hand.

"I care about you." Emmy said.

"I care..about you too.." Sophie whispered as she touched Emmy's cheek gently, then softly kissed her,

The kiss lasted for what seemed like forever, but suddenly, Sophie pushed back.

"I-I-I need some time to think." Sophie said, running off.

Emmy sighed.

June 1, 2014 7:03PM Music Store

Larry walked into the music store and saw Joseph.

"Larry! What'cha doing here?" Joseph asked.

"Just picking out some thing to jam to. I'm changing my apartment around again and I needed some feel good tunes or rock out tunes. I don't know...music just motivates me sometimes." Larry said.

"Haha, it does that for us all, man." Joseph said.

"So how's everything at the Jules' Household?" Larry asked.

"There are some days that are better than others." Joseph said.

"What's up? Something going on? Trouble in family paradise?" Larry joked.

"Well, it's my dad. Both me and Sophie feel like he's changed. A lot." Joseph revealed.

"I guess having a traumatic experience will do that to a person." Larry said.

"Yeah. I guess so.." Joseph said, still unsure of what to think.

June 1, 2014 7:10PM Sophie and Joseph's House

Sophie arrived home.

"DAD?" she called out.

Her father was in the living room, looking at a pile of CD's on the table.

"All this classical music. Who listens to this stuff?" Julian said.

"Dad..you know that Joseph does." Sophie said.

"RIGHT. I forgot sweetie." Julian said.

"Dad, you've been doing that a lot lately. It's like your not even you!" Sophie said.

"Excuse me?" Julian said.

"YOU'VE CHANGED!" Sophie cried out. "My real father would have never have taken up on the deal with Vycro Tech." Sophie said.

"I AM YOUR FATHER, DARNIT!" Julian said, grabbing his daughter up.

Sophie pushed away.

"NO! I don't need to be a telepath to see that you are NOT my daddy!" Sophie said poetically as tears dropped down on her face.

"My, my, my...aren't you insightful." Julian said, but his voice began to change, and then his body.

"Oh my Neptune, you're a shape shifting imposter!" Sophie shouted as a woman stood before her.

"And your going with me!" the woman said as she did a karate kick on Sophie's face.

Sophie hit the ground, banging her head violently. She was knocked out.

June 1, 2014 7:30 Linus and Emmy's apartment

Emmy walked into the apartment.

"Hey Em. How was your walk in the park?" her brother, Linus asked.

"Oh, really good. Really good." Emmy said thinking about the kiss she shared with Sophie.

Emmy sat on the couch and was about to watch TV, but she heard Linus's voice: "I wonder if she's told Sophie about her feelings yet." Linus said.

"I did. In a more physical and less verbal manner, should I say." Emmy giggled.

"Emmy, who are you talking to?" Linus asked.

"You just...you just asked if I told Sophie about my feelings for her." Emmy said.

"No I didn't. I mean, I was thinking that, but..." Linus said, confused.

"WAIT A MINUTE. I read your mind!" Emmy said. "Oh my gosh. I must of absorbed Sophie's power!" Emmy said, in shock.


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Ep.6 "The Flip Side"

June 3, 2014 4:14PM Vyro Tech, Victor's Office

Victor and Jell watched the Newscast on the disappearance of Sophie Jules.


"It's been three days and no progress has been made in the investigation for the disappearance of Sophie Jules." the news woman reported.

"For now, we can only be left to think that the remaining Snake Eyes members are responsible, as some sort of retaliation." the news man continued.

"Hahaha." Victor laughed.

"Sophie Jules is in our possession and no one is the wiser." Jell stated.

A woman walked in.

"Claudia! I'm glad you could make it, baby." Victor said.

"I'm no one's baby." Claudia said with a serious tone.

"So, this is the shape-shifter you hired to pretend to be the Mayor." Jell said.

"Yes and she's doing a fabulous job." Victor applaud her.

"Despite Sophie Jules putting the pieces together?" Jell said.

"Sophie is a telepath. What was she to do?" Victor said.

"Besides, I captured the little brat for us. I made sure no one could track her kidnapping to us." Claudia made clear.

"We're putting a lot on the line here." Jell said.

"..And it'll all pay off. Once congress votes to have Vycro Tech be the source of power for Bikini Bottom." Victor said.

"But, the vote could swing either way." Claudia said.

"She's right. Besides, not too many people like the Vycro Tech deal." Jell said.

"I'm going to make sure that every single congress person votes yes to it." Victor assured them.

"How?" Claudia said.

"I have my ways. For now, I need you two to become friends. Hang out and get to know each other better. You're both my right and left hands, so I need you to be familiar and comfortable together." Victor told them.

"Ugh, I don't see why this is necessary, but whatever." Jell said.

June 3, 2014 6:34PM Ryan's Bar

Jell and Claudia met at a bar on the outskirts of town.

"This is a very desolate bar." Claudia said.

"We don't want to be seen together in town." Jell said.

"I think it's okay if you're seen with me in public." Claudia said softly, putting her hand on his arm.

"So, can I buy you a drink? The root beer here comes in twenty different flavors." Jell said.

"Ehh, I don't think Victor wanted us to hang out to have fun. He wants us to get to know each other." Claudia said.

"Okay then. What's your story?" Jell asked her.

"Well, I first realized I was a shape shifter when I was fourteen. My mother had died and I was so broken and sad. I wanted to hold on to her so, SO bad that I accidently used my powers for the first time and shape-shifted into her." Claudia revealed.

"That's the sadest thing I've ever heard." Jell said.

"Don't take pity on me." Claudia looked at him. "Anyway, my dad became abusive after her death and I had to learn to defend myself from his rage. So, I took up several forms of karate. At age eighteen, I ran away from home and never looked back." Claudia finished.

"So, how'd you meet my brother, Victor." Jell asked.

"Well, I was at a diner one time and so was he. Basically, he caught me using my powers in order to avoid paying the check." Claudia said, feeling embarrassed. "He approached me outside, after I had left. He told me that I was incredible and smart. He made me feel like I was something. Since before my mother's death, I hadn't felt that in a long time. We exchanged numbers and kept in touch the past eight years. So, when he called me about a month ago and asked for a favor, I thought I'd give him my helping hand." Claudia revealed.

"Even though what he's asked of you is illegal? You're impersonating a Mayor and kidnapped his teenage daughter." Jell said.

"Not like I haven't done plenty of illegal things in my lifetime before." Claudia rationalized.

June 3, 2014 7:01PM Dr. Harling's Lab

Victor Hollins visited Dr. Daniel Harling in his lab at The Bikini Bottom Science Institution

"Dr. Harling, so good to see you!" Victor said.

"Victor, how can I help you?" Dr. Harling asked.

"You know what I'm here about." Victor said.

"You still want to learn how to gain telepathic abilities." Dr. Harling said.

"Yes." Victor said.

"The formula for superpowers is still very choppy. There are missing pieces. For now, superpowers can only be transferred via reproduction. It's impossible to make it in a lab." Dr. Harling stated.

"But, look at Team SpongeBob. THREE of it's members got their powers from a clinic." Victor stated.

"That's true, but the last of those power clinics were closed down due to the formula for powers getting destroyed by accident. Scientist have managed to recreate some of the formula, but not enough." Dr. Harling clarified.

"But, what if there's another way? Look, I read a book on telepathic abilities. Telepaths appareantly have different brain structures. There's an energy cell in their brains which causes them to be able to perform extremely different feats with their mind than that of other people." Victor said.

"So, what are you proposing?" Dr. Harling asked.

"That with my telekinesis, I can somehow rip that power out of a telepath's head." Victor blurted out.

"Do you have a person in mind?" Dr. Harling asked.

"Yes. Sophie Jules." Victor revealed.

June 3, 2014 7:03 Ryan's Bar

"So I've laid my story on you..now tell me yours. Who was the great Jell Masterson as a child?" Claudia asked, jokingly.

"Well, when me and my brother were children, our parents were very neglectful. One day, my father tried to make us sit in the closet as punishment. My brother, scared of the dark, used his telekinesis to force our father off of us. Our father ended up dead and we ran away. We never even saw our mother again." Jell explained.

"Where did you guys end up?" Claudia asked.

"We ended up getting taken in by a kind woman who owned a farm. She was mid-age, her health wasn't the greatest, but she made sure that we grew up into good people." Jell said, shedding a tear.

"Wow, that's beautiful." Claudia said.

"Anyway, when we were old enough, we changed our identities, believing that we'd never make it in the world if anyone found out about where we came from." Jell continued.

"Hmm..that's a big sacrifice to make. To give up who you are, and put on a mask." Claudia said.

"Don't you do that every time you shape-shift into different people." Jell said, laughing.

Claudia smiled.

June 3, 2014 7:10PM Dr. Harling's Lab.


"Keep your voice down!" Victor said.

"I have tried hard to keep your secrets, but it's becoming TOO much to keep in." Dr. Harling stated.

"Well, if you get loose lips, then I'm afraid I'll have no choice but to kill you." Victor said bluntly.

"I didn't mean to get beside myself. I'm sorry." Dr. Harling apologized.

"I know you are." Victor said.

June 3, 2014 7:14PM Larry's Apartment

Larry was doing some yoga in from of the T.V when he got a knock on his door.

"I'm coming!" Larry said, opening the door.

It was Analise.

"Analise? What are you doing here? How did you find me?" Larry asked.

"I dreamed about where you lived. I know that sounds creepy, but these new powers of mine aren't something I can control...not yet. I'm here because I have some information." Analise said.

"Information? From your dreams?" Larry asked.

"Yeah. I thought it might be helpful in uncovering who kidnapped the Mayor." Analise said.

"Did your dreams tell you that it was The Snake Eyes?" Larry asked.

"No. My dream was a conversation between Victor Hollins and Head Officer Jell Masterson. They were talking about how they successfully kidnapped the Mayor and now his daughter." Analise revealed.

"Oh my gosh." Larry gasped. "When did you have this dream?" He asked.

"The night before news broke that Sophie Jules was kidnapped." Analise told him.

"Thank you, so much. You have no idea how much you just helped me." Larry said.

"Hold on a minute, I still don't know what these psychic powers I'm developing, are really up to. Maybe I could be wrong about some stuff." Analise said.

"You predicted mostly every major event that's happened the past month. I don't think your wrong right now." Larry said.

"Okay. Put your trust in me if you want." Analise said.

"I will." Larry said.

June 4, 2014 4:05PM Jell Masterson's Apartment

Jell was tired out from his day at the department and was ready to relax at home.

Jell took out his keys to open his apartment door, but he felt that it was already opened.

Jell walked in.

"WHOEVER YOU ARE, KNOW THAT I'M A COP." Jell called out.

The door shut behind him.

"WHAT THE-" Jell said, turning around to see Joseph, Larry, and Emmy.

"We know." Joseph said.

"Larry, what is this?" Jell said in fear.

Emmy, having absorbed Sophie's telepathy, used it to pierce into Jell's mind.

"AHHHHHHH" Jell said, shrieking in pain and falling to the ground. The episode ended.



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Ep.7 "The Rescue"

June 4, 2014 4:15PM Jell Masterson's Apartment

Larry, Joseph, and Emmy had tied Jell up in a chair.

Using Sophie's powers, Emmy tried to get into Jell's mind to find out where Sophie was.

"Uhhhh" Emmy said in minor pain. She was struggling to get into his head.

"I've been...tra-ined... to blo-ck telepathic thre-ATS like...yourself!" Jell said, working hard to keep his thoughts locked.

June 4, 2014 4:15PM Shell Top, Prisonhold Room 302

Victor had his own private prison hold in a desolate location in the town of Shell Top.

He made his way into Room 302, where he was keeping Sophie hostage and tied to a chair.

"YOU MONSTER! Let me GO! NOW!" Sophie said.

"But, you're so important to my plans. I just can't let you go." Victor said.

"Why am I important? Cause I know the truth...about you being the one who kidnapped my dad, and is now having a shape shifting imposter pose as him?" Sophie asked.

"That's uhh.., only part of the reason." Victor expressed.

"Where is he? Is he in this building? WHERE is my father?!" Sophie demanded to know.

"Some things are better left mysterious, until they are ready to be shed a light on..." Victor said, talking in circles.

Suddenly, a man walked into the room.

"Dr. Harling! Great to have you. Here's my little friend." Victor said, motioning his hand toward Sophie.

"We're NOT friends, and who are you?" Sophie asked to Dr. Hatrling.

"A scientist. A man of vision. Much like Victor here." Dr. Harling said with a warm laugh.

"You seem nice. How could you be in league with an ugly person like Victor?" Sophie asked.

"Enough questions. It's time for business." Victor stated.

June 4, 2014 4:25PM Jell Masterson's Apartment.

Emmy continued her attempts to break through his head.

"You know what, Jell?" Joseph said, levitating a big knife to Jell's neck. "We can do this the easy way, or hard.." Joseph said gently piercing the knife to Jell's skin.

"FINE!" Jell said, letting the grip on his thoughts go.

Emmy was able to probe his head. "I got it!" Emmy said.

"Now, what to do with you, JELL." Larry said.

All of a sudden, a woman busted into the apartment. It was Claudia.

"HE'S COMING WITH ME." Claudia shouted out.

Joseph telekinetically threw two small stools at her.

Claudia used acrobatics to avoid them and let out multiple gas bombs simultaneously

Larry, Joseph, and Emmy coughed vigorously. As the gas cleared, Claudia and Jell appeared to have vanished.

"THEY'RE GONE!" Emmy cried.

"THEY are not our main objective. Emmy, where is my sister?" Joseph asked.

June 4, 2014 4:25PM Shell Top, Secret Prison hold

"What kind of business?" Sophie asked.

"You see, all metafish have a Super Cell, that if ripped out, their power can be utilized - by anyone." Victor explained.

"SO?" Sophie said, half scared.

"SO...telepath's have that cell located in their heads, and I'm going to use my telekinesis to rip it OUT of YOU." Victor said, put his fingers on her face.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" Sophie struggled.

"Oh dear, it's no use to resist." Victor said, using telekinesis to make an open in her head.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Sophie screamed at the top of her lungs.

At the main entrance of the building, Larry, Joseph, and Emmy had arrived using teleportation.

"How lucky is it that you absorbed someone with the ability of teleportation!" Joseph said to Emmy.

Security guards started to flood in front of the entrance.

Joseph used telekinesis to push all of them into the glass door.

The gang ran in and were met with more guards, who were taking shots at them.

"BEHIND ME!" Larry said, using his super strength' to act as a shield.

We switch back to Sophie's room, where Victor is trying to feel for the energy cell with his telekinesis.

"It's not...not here." Victor said, uneasy.

"Keep your telekinetic force in her head. I told you, you'll know you have it in your grasp when you feel a surge of powerful energy running through your own body." Dr. Harling advised.

"I'M DOING THAT." Victor yelled, as his cell phone rang.

He answered. "JELL. This is NOT the time." Victor said.

"Okay, but you should know that Larry and Sophie's brother are coming for you NOW!" Jell warned.

"WHAT? How'd they find out - UGH NEVERMIND." Victor said, hearing ruckus in the Prison hold.

"Victor, we must get out of here." Dr. Harling said.

"BUT, the girl." Victor said.

"It would appear that she doesn't seem to have her powers." Dr. Harling said.

"That's impossible!" Victor said.

Larry had punched his way through many guards in their way as Joseph protected him and Emmy in a barrier.

The three made it to Sophie's room. Upon entering, they saw Sophie, all alone, tied up in a chair, and blood pouring from a spot on her forehead.

"SOPHIE!" Joseph yelled with tears rushing down his face.

Sophie was hardly conscious.

Larry untied her.

Emmy came in front of Sophie and touched her head. With this touch, she transferred Sophie's powers back to her.

Sophie quickly felt rejuvenated.

"GUYS!?" Sophie said, getting up.

"Soph, take it easy. You were super weak just a minute ago." Larry said.

"I'm fine." Sophie said

"Are you sure?" Joseph asked.

"Yeah." Sophie smiled.

"Sophie, what happened?" Emmy asked.

"Victor happened." Sophie said.

"What'd he do to you?!" Joseph inquired.

The gang heard police sirens.

"Come on guys. We have to go talk to the police of Shell Top." Larry said.

"Yeah." Joseph said.

The gang ran out of the room and were on their way out of the building, except Sophie.

Sophie used her telepathy to see if she could pick up on her father's thoughts in the building.

"Oh my gosh." Sophie said with a teardrop falling. She heard her father's thoughts, and traced the room he was in.

"DAD!" Sophie said, busting into Room 201.

For the first time in more than a month, she saw her father. Her real father. Not a shape shifting lackey. Her father, Mayor Jullian Jules.

His body laid flat on a metal bed. He was the most pale, sick looking thing ever.

"..S-op..hie." Jullian struggled to speak.

"Dad! I missed you!" Sophie cried, rushing to his side.

"Come on, I'm gonna get you out of here -" Sophie started.

"No..ba-by I-I-I don't have long.." Jullian slurred.

"Dad, no!" Sophie said.

" ...and there's some..things I want to say before I pass. I love you, Sophie. You, your brother, and your mother. I love all of you with ALL my hea-rt..." Jullian stressed.

"DADDY! Please!" Sophie shrieked.

"And remember..blood doesn't make a family. Love does, and I love all of you." Jullian said with the last of his willpower.

"I love you, daddy!" Sophie said, as Jullian's eyes closed.

"NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Sophie screamed with overwhelming emotion and throwing her head into her father's chest.

End Of Episode.

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Ep.8 "Look Who's Not Talking"

June 7, 2014 2:01PM Abandoned Shack

Larry and Joseph met up at the Abandoned Shack.

"Joesph, hey." Larry said as they hugged each other.

"How are you holding up?" Larry asked.

"The death of my father hasn't been easy. Especially with the media asking so many questions." Joseph replied.

"It's crazy. Mayor Jullian Jules is really gone. After we spent so much time looking for him." Larry said, somberly.

"Yeah, my mother is really a mess right now, and Sophie...well Sophie - " Jsoeph struggled.

" - Is still quiet?" Larry asked.

"Yeah. Something called Selective Mutism. After a traumatic experience, some people become mute as a coping defense. This just shows how my father's death weighs most heavily on her than all of us.." Joseph said.

"Well, what do you expect? Sophie was the one who found Jullian. She was there as he took his last breath, and died." Larry made clear.

"It's been three days now. I just hoped she would be..I don't know, better by now..." Joseph said with a glum look.

"Everyone heals in their own time. Give her that time, Joseph." Larry preached, putting his hand on Joseph's shoulder.

June 7, 2014 2:30PM Sophie and Joseph's Home

The doorbell rung.

Mary Jules answered, tissue in hand, blowing her nose and wiping her eyes.

It was Emmy.

"Oh, I'm sorry, bad time?" Emmy asked.

"Is that a serious question?" Mary asked with a chuckle.

"I just came to see Sophie." Emmy said.

"You should know that my daughter's going through a lot. She's mute at the moment." Mary explained.

"Can I just, see her?" Emmy asked.

"She's on the couch." Mary said, letting Emmy come in.

Emmy made her way to the living room and saw Sophie sitting on the couch, working on a drawing.

Sophie looked up.

"Hey..Sophie." Emmy said, warmly.

Sophie just stared, wanting to talk, but the words not coming out.

"You don't have to speak." Emmy said, sitting by her.

Sophie looked to Emmy.

"I know that you're hurting, and that this is a rough time, but...for the people who love you, it's scary to not ever hear your voice." Emmy expressed her feelings.

Sophie stared at Emmy with teary eyes.

Emmy grabbed Sophie's hand, and kissed it. She then got up and left.

June 7, 2014 3:13PM Music Store

Joseph went to the music store to buy some tunes to block out his problems.

"Joseph!? Is that you?" a familiar voice called out.

Joseph turned around. It was Susan, the girl he had a terrible date with.

"Susan! It's good to see you." Joseph said.

"I almost didn't recognize ya with those sunglasses on." Susan said with a smile.

"Yeah, well I'm trying to stay out of the eye of paparazzi." Joseph said.

"Haha. Hey, I'm sorry about your dad. It sucks that he's dead." Susan said.

"Yeah. I try to, ya know...close my eyes. Pretend like this whole thing has been a bad dream I'm trying hard to wake up from." Joseph expressed.

"You can't wake up from reality. That's for sure." Susan replied.

"Yeah." Joseph agreed, with a slight smile on his face.

June 8, 2014 8:14AM Larry's Apartment

A loud knock on his apartment door woke Larry up at eight something in the morning.

"I'M COMIN', I'M COMIN!" Larry shouted out, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

He opened the door roughly, but forgetting his own strength, he ended up breaking the door.

"Wow." Larry's friend, Dun said.

"DUN!? What the heck, man! You come unannounced, wake me up at EIGHT IN THE MORNING, and cause me to break my door!" Larry stressed.

"Well Larry, you do have a tendency to forget your super strength at the most inconvenient moments." Dun reminded him.

"Only when I'm sleepy!" Larry said.

Dun came in and sat at Larry's kitchen table.

Larry offered him coffee.

"You're here, why?" Larry asked.

"Well, besides the fact that I wanted to come visit my old buddy again, I..I heard you busted Victor Hollins, the Head of Vycro Tech. I also heard the Mayor's kids were involved..?" Dun asked.

"What? You guys back at Karate Island are curious about what I'm getting into here?" Larry asked.

"Actually, Larry...we are." Dun said.

Larry just groaned.

"HOW did you get mixed up in all this anyway?" Dun asked.

"Police business.. I'm an officer." Larry said.

"I can tell when you're lying to me, you do this little thing with your left eye, where you blink three times." Dun pointed out.

"Dun, I love you man, but...what I'm getting into here in Bikini Bottom...that's my business. So NO more little visits that are unannounced, or inbox-ing me invasive questions. Just LEAVE me alone, and move on with the fact that I'm no longer involved with Karate Island. GOT IT?" Larry demanded.

"Alright Lar..ya know, I thought we could spend the day together, but it's obvious that you have more interesting things to do with your life now, Mr. Police Officer." Dun said, leaving Larry's apartment.

June 8, 2014 12:12PM Sophie and Joseph's Home

Sophie was watching TV. A press conference was on, with their mother on stage.

Mary was discussing her husband's death and the affect that it has taken on the entire town. She also makes it known that she wants to be her husbands successor.

Joseph walked in.

"Mom as Mayor. Imagine that." Joseph chuckled.

Sophie stared blankly at the TV.

"How was it? Seeing dad for the last time?" Joseph asked, with his voice cracking.

Sophie didn't respond.

"WHAT DID he SAY?" Joseph yelled, with tears starting to drop from his eyes.

Again, Sophie didn't respond.

"DON'T BE SELFISH! It's NOT FAIR that you got to talk to dad before he died and that YOU get to KEEP that information inside you, while the rest of us are left WONDERING!" Joseph said, crying intensely.

Sophie's eyes started to water and she clenched her hands. Her face began to turn red.

Joseph started to walk away.

"I LOVE YOU." Sophie finally spoke.

"What?" Joseph turned around.

"I feel like I don't tell you that enough." Sophie said with great emotion. "I don't want to lose you, like dad." Sophie continued, in tears.

Joseph hugged his sister.

"I love you too." Joseph reassured her.

"Dad...dad was so weak..and sooo strong at the same time." Sophie said.

"Tell me Sophie, tell me what he said on his deathbed?" Joseph asked.

The two sat back down on the couch as the scene fades.

June 8, 2014 6:02PM Abandoned Shack

Larry came to the Abandoned Shack.

"Joseph, you texted me. Now what's the surprise?" Larry asked.

"My voice!" Sophie said, coming out of a dark corner.

"You're talking again!" Larry said with glee.

Larry hugged Sophie.

"WHOA, not too tight there, Mr. Super strength." Sophie said.

"Oh sorry, I guess Dun was right about me and my powers." Larry said

"Dun?" Joseph asked.

"Not important. Hey, I'm glad that your talking again Sophie." Larry said.

"Well, it does feel good to speak again. Really good." Sophie said.

Joseph smiled at his sister.

"Guys, I've come to realize during my days of silence, that..that I'm NOT gonna let Victor get away with what he did to my father." Sophie said.

"The UFBI is already on the job of locating him." Larry said.

"Yeah, but they'll never actually do it. Most organizations are largely incompetent. Plus, I need to face the man who killed my father, once and for all." Sophie decided.

"Sophie, your talking dangerous, here." Joseph said.

"Your brother's right. I don't think you want to go after Victor Hollins. He has dangerous allies and who knows what other tricks are up his sleeve." Larry rationalized.

"GUYS! Do you honestly hear yourselves? Victor is OUR unfinished business. We investigated him, we poked the lion, now we have to make amends with that, and the ONLY way to do it...is to bring the lion down OURSELVES." Sophie clarified.

"Well, I'm not letting you do this alone." Joseph said.

"Hmmm.." Larry thought. "I guess I would like to be the one to put Victor in the dust...soooo....count me in." Larry grinned.

"Awesome!" Sophie said, happily. End of episode.


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Ep.9 "Three For The Road"

June 11, 2014 2:23PM Linus and Emmy's Apartment

Sophie was talking with Emmy in her apartment.

"I know we haven't spent as much time together as possible since I started talking again, but this is something I really have to do." Sophie said.

"Leaving town to find a dangerous criminal?" Emmy said.

"I know it's risky, but I need to bring him to justice. Victor Hollins killed MY father, and he's going to face ME for that." Sophie explained.

"Do you know what you'll do when you face him?" Emmy asked.

"No. I haven't decided on one of the torturous methods I intend to use." Sophie stated, coldly.

"You're not sounding like you, baby. I'm worried." Emmy said with fear.

"Don't be." Sophie said, kissing Emmy.

Linus walked in.

"Oh, Linus." Emmy said.

"Hey, Sophie, tell Larry to give me a call. It's been FORRRR-EVA!" Linus said, laughing.

"I'll..make sure of it." Sophie smiled.

June 11, 2014 3:01PM Larry's Apartment Building Garage

Sophie and Joseph met up with Larry at his car.

"You guys ready?" Larry asked.

"Yup." Sophie said.

"I wish we could tell our mother goodbye." Joseph pondered.

"Look, it's better if all three of us just disappear without a trace. Telling ANYONE would just be complicated." Larry said.

"Besides..mom will be proud of us, Joseph...when we come back with Victor's head on a platter!" Sophie said, lightening Joseph's mood up.

"Alright, let's get going!" Joseph said.

The three got into Larry's car and Larry started to drive off.

June 11, 2014 7:33PM Mony's Bar, Clamville

Victor Hollins, Jell Masterson, and Claudia Devine met up at a night bar in the city of Clamville.

"How have you guys been?" Victor asked.

"Me and Claudia have been hiding out in this desolate house. It's not comfy, but it's safe." Jell said.

"No one in this town knows our faces. We're safe here." Claudia said.

"All of my dreams...crushed." Victor said.

"Victor.." Jell started.

"No...it's all ruined. It was supposed to work out perfectly. Kidnap the Mayor, replace him with a shape shifter to have said shifter approve the city being run by Vycro Tech, then make so much money. I would have been over the top wealthy, but it's all ruined." Victor said, disappointed.

"..If it weren't for those meddling kids. Not to be cliche, but seriously, those kids are the WORST." Jell stated.

"The mayor's kids?" Claudia asked.

"Yeah." Jell confirmed.

"..And Larry." Victor added.

"I can't believe that they were under our nose the entire time." Jell said.

"I underestimated that Larry the Lobster. I'll never make that mistake again." Victor made clear, as he wallowed his drink.

June 11, 2014 7:40PM On The Road

"It's been hours." Sophie said, in shotgun.

"Yeah, I forgot where we're going." Joseph said, in the backside.

"I called in a favor with Team SpongeBob. They gave me the address of a guy they know in the town of ShellCram, who can find anyone just by THINKING of the person. That's where we're heading. It's a bit far out, though." Larry, who was driving, told them.

"A bit?" Joseph laughed.

"Well at least it has given us some significant bonding time." Sophie said, with a smile.

"Team bonding, huh?" Larry joked.

"Yeah, I guess so." Sophie giggled.

"I thought you said we weren't a team?" Joseph said to Sophie.

"Hmm..maybe that's not as true as I once thought it was.." Sophie said.

"Wait, so we are a team?" Larry asked.

"Ya know what..I guess so." Sophie said.

"Well, every team needs a name." Joseph inquired.

"A name?" Sophie said.

"Yeaaah!" Joseph said, excitedly.

"The Terrible Trio? Or..or..the TERRA TRIO!" Larry gave suggestions.

"Those are awful!" Sophie said.

"I got it!" Joseph said.

"What?" Larry and Sophie both asked.

"The Bikini Bottomen?" Joseph suggested.

"Hmm..I don't know. It sounds okay." Sophie said.

"I like it. Represents the place we come from." Larry said, impressed.

"Okay! We're The Bikini Bottomen!" Sophie declared.

June 11, 2014 7:48PM Mony's Bar, Clamville

"So..do you have a new initiative?" Jell asked Victor.

"I do. I have a completely different strategy." Victor stated.

"What would that be?" Claudia questioned.

"I no longer want to take over Bikini Bottom business-wise....now I want to CRUSH that place...super-wise." Victor stated, with much anger.

"What do you mean?" Jell asked.

"I have plans to steal the power of an extremely powerful meta human. I will use that power to take over the city and soon, the rest of the ocean. When I build my army of meta-fish." Victor revealed.

"Army of meta-fish?!" Claudia laughed.

"Yes. I intend to gather more meta-fish in my ranks, and eventually use them to dominate the entire sea." Victor explained.

"You'd need to convert every meta-fish in the sea to YOUR side." Claudia stated.

"..And I will...in time. For now, the goal is to take over Bikini Bottom, install Vycro Tech, and then eventually, spread Vycro Tech to the entire ocean. It'll be fun." Victor smiled.

"So, who is the guy you're going to steal powers from?" Jell asked.

"I'll let you both know when we all meet up back here tomorrow night." Victor told them.

June 11, 2014 8:01 Shellcram

"So, Sophie, I was thinking that maybe it isn't best for you to face Victor. When the time comes, leave him to me and Larry." Joseph suggested.

"No! Why?" Sophie asked throwing potato chips into her mouth.

"Well, Sophie, I think your brother is right. The last time you and Victor came face to face, he cut part of your forehead open and tried to steal your powers." Larry said.

"Yeah, and luckily Emmy had your abilities at the time, or it would have been game over." Joseph said.

"I get that, but LOOK, you and Larry aren't going to let that happen again...right?" Sophie asked.

"Can't make that promise." Larry said.

Joseph just looked at her, glumly.

"OH MY GOSH." Larry shrieked.

"WHAT?" the twins yelled.

"We're in Shellcram! I think the house, who's address we have is coming up." Larry asked

Larry looked back at the paper where he copied the address down. "Here.." he announced.

The trio got out the car and went up to the house. Shellcram seemed like a quiet town. Most of the houses were grey too.

Upon ringing the doorbell, the gang were met by a middle aged woman.

"Yes?" the woman asked.

The three were confused.

"We're looking for a...guy. He goes by the name of Ralph Hoganlorn. We were told that he lives-" Larry said, being cut off.

"-That's my son. He's 16, and he's in the hospital." the woman revealed.

The group gasped.

"In the hospital?!" Larry asked.

"He's comatose." the woman said, ending the episode.


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Before I go...


Ep.10 "Rude Awakenings"

June 12, 2014 8:01AM Ralph Hoganlorn's House

Larry and the twins had stayed the night at Ralph's, promising his mother, Helen, that they would help to bring Ralph out of his coma the next morning.

The four sat for breakfast.

"These eggs are amazing, Ms. Hoganlorn." Larry said.

"Yeah, and thanks for letting us stay the night in your guest room." Sophie said, politely.

"It's not a problem. At first I was wary of you people, but when you told me that you could use your telepathy to bring my son out of his coma, I knew Neptune had sent me a miracle that I couldn't pass up on!" Helen said, smiling.

"How did your son end up in a coma?" Joseph asked.

"He fell down our flight of stairs." Helen said quickly.

"Fell? Down a flight of stairs?" Larry said, almost choking on his bacon.

"He was..uhh, under bad influence that night." Helen clarified.

"Ah, I guess that makes more sense." Larry said.

The twins looked unsure.

June 12, 2014 9:01AM Analise Roger's House

Analise (The dream precog who helped Larry) was watching the morning news.


Reporter: I am here today, at Shellingtas Hospital where it has been reported that meta-fish, Lemont Tailhog, has somehow disappeared from his hospital bed. The man was last noted to be in a coma after three vigilantes combated him in the Vycro Tech parking lot."

"Oh my Neptune, just as I dreamed." Analise said, with a tear falling out of her eye.

Suddenly, her house door seemingly exploded from a blast of fire hitting into it.

Analise ran to her front door to find that Lemont had entered.

"Analise Rogers. I hear that you predict...things." Lemont said, with a dark voice.

"Yeah?  And?" Analise said.

"Well, you're going to help me find someone. Or else, ya know, I'll burn you alive." Lemont threatened.

"My powers don't work like that! I just can't have force a vision of someone." Analise stressed.

"Well then, you'd better get dreaming." Lemont told her.

June 12, 2014 9:02AM Clamville Mental Institution

Victor paid off the staff at the Clamville Mental Institution to set him a meeting up with a patient there.

The institution was more like a prison. The 'patients' there were all meta-fish with dangerous abilities.

The most dangerous of all, Syro Lurn. Syro had the ability to emit electricity from his body. His lack of control of his abilities once threatened the entire town, when he couldn't hold in the amount of electricity he had in his body. Everyone in Clamville were almost fried to death, but authorities found a way to get him under control. Since then, Syro has been held in the institution. This was the man that Victor was going to see.

"I must warn you, this man is highly dangerous. He can't keep his electricity in for more than two minutes." the guard warned.

"Two minutes is all I need." Victor said as they arrived at his cell door.

"..And remember, I'm paying this institution good hush money to keep my activities here a secret." Victor made clear, then went into Syro's room.

Upon going in, he saw the young man clenching his body.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE!? N-O one must...be iii-n here." Syro said, struggling to hold in.

"Young man, I am here to relieve you of your burden. Your curse. I am here to take all the pain away. For my own gain of course, but it'll benefit you anyway.

"WH-at? What do you mean? Who are you?!?" Syro asked.

Victor used his telekinesis to control Syro's body and turn him flat on the floor.

"NO! You MUST stop!" Syro begged.

"Trust me, boy. It'll be fine." Victor said.

With his telekinesis, he made a cut in Syro's chest. He felt the power of the energy cell that carries meta-fish abilities.


The energy cell completely emerged from Syro's body, it was shaped like a ball of energy. Victor grasped it in his hand, and the energy entered his own body.

June 12, 2014 9:15 Shellcram General Hospital, Room 302

Larry, the twins, and Helen arrived at Ralph's room.

"My poor baby!" Helen said with watery eyes.

Sophie sat a chair next to Ralph's bedside.

"What are you going to do?" Helen asked,

Sophie sat in the chair. "I'm going to use telepathy to enter your son's mind. Once in, I will find him within his sub conscious, and lead him back to himself, so to speak. If it all works out, your son will wake up, fully recovered.

"Sophie, this is an advanced telepathic skill. Are you sure that you're ready to perform it?" Larry asked.

"Our mission counts on it. So, I have to be ready." Sophie said.

"But, just a few weeks ago, you were afraid to do it on our own father! Well, a shape shifter pretending to be our father, anyway." Joseph noted.

"Things are different now." Sophie said, in a determined voice.

Sophie closed her eyes, she touched Ralph's hand, and used her telepathy to enter his mind.

Her eyes opened, they were glowing white.

"That means she's in." Joseph said.

"..And that her physical body will be still until her own mind returns to it." Larry said.

"I hope she can save my boy." Helen said.

Sophie was in Ralph's mind. Everything was dark, mostly. There was a white light that shined on Ralph.

"Ralph, is that you?" Sophie asked.

"w-ho are you? And what are you doing here?" Ralph asked.

"I'm a telepath. I entered your mind to find you, so that YOU can find yourself again." Sophie explained to him.

"Well, leave. I don't need to find myself." Ralph said.

"Ralph, you're in a coma. I need to help you out!" Sophie stressed.

"Maybe this is where I want to be.." Ralph said.

"You know that isn't true. Don't you want to go back to your mother!?" Sophie asked, hoping that would trigger him to let her help him.

"She's the LAST person I want to go back to!" Ralph expressed.

Sophie gasped.

Outside of his mind, Larry, Joseph, and Helen waited for something to happen.

"I hope she's able to bring him out of his coma." Helen said.

"She will. I know she will." Joseph said.

"It's crazy, a flight down the stairs leading to a severe coma." Larry said.

"Ya know, Helen, that story doesn't sound so convincing." Joseph said.

"Excuse me?" Helen said. "It's not a story." Helen continued.

"I guess we'll see when your son wakes up!" Joseph said.

"FINE. I'll tell you the truth." Helen said.

Larry and Joseph glanced at each other.

"I put my son in a coma." Helen revealed, leaving the two boys gasping.

Back inside Ralph's mind, Sophie continued to talk to him.

"Why? Why wouldn't you want to see your mother?" Sophie asked.

"..She...she doesn't accept me." Ralph said.

"What? Accept you how?" Sophie asked.

"When I first found out about my powers, I kept it to myself. After my dad vanished, my mom fell into a depression, so I decided to reveal my powers of searching to her. I thought it would impress her, make her happy that I could find dad! But to my surprise, she thought I was a freak. She attacked me so bad, that she knocked me down the stairs, and I guess I... " Ralph revealed.

"..Suffered head trauma, causing you to fall into a coma." Sophie wrapped up.

"My own mother...thought I was a freak." Ralph said, sounding extremely upset.

Outside of Ralph's mind, Helen had explained the story to Larry and Joseph.

"You're DISGUSTING!" Joseph said.

"Joseph, relax." Larry said.

Helen bowed her head in sadness.

"Helen...people fear what they don't understand. It's not right what you did to your son, but I understand that you were confused and lashing out. However, you should accept your son for who he is. He is not a freak, because he is different from you or others." Larry preached.

"I guess, I didn't think of it that way in the heat of things." Helen explained.

Back inside Ralph's mind, Sophie and Ralph continued their talk.

"Look, I get it. Not being accepted. Being made to feel like a freak, because you're  different." Sophie said.

"It sucks." Ralph replied.

"Trust me, I have faced discrimination before, because of who I am, and not just as a meta-fish." Sophie explained to him.

Ralph sighed.

"..But one thing I have learned, Ralph.." Sophie continued, "..Is that it gets better." Sophie said, giving him a reassuring smile.

Ralph looked at her for the first time with hope.

"Your mom's going to come around. I know it." Sophie smiled. "Now, let me help you out of here. Take my hand." Sophie said, gently.

Larry, Joseph, and Helen were surprised as Ralph opened his eyes. Sophie's mind entered her body again, her eyes no longer glowing white.

"Mom.." Ralph said, faintly.

"Oh, my baby!" Helen said, rushing to his bedside, giving him an embrace-ful hug.

"Mom..she lead me back. This girl brought me back." Ralph said, with teary eyes.

"Yes she did.." Helen said, looking at Sophie, Joseph, and Larry with grateful eyes.

"It's amazing what some of you people can do with your..powers." Helen smiled.

Ralph grinned happily. He knew that something in his mother had changed.

"Hey, kid..we actually came looking for you, because we need your help." Larry said.

"Hmm..well none of you look like nurses, so I figured that." Ralph stated.

"Ralph, would you mind using your powers to help us find a man?" Sophie asked, putting her hand on his shoulder.

"Sure-" Ralph started, but his mother cut him off.

"-NOT so fast. Ralph will help you all, on one condition." Helen said.

"Uhh..." the trio said, confused.

"-that the three of you join us for lunch!" Helen said.

"Sure." the gang said, laughing.


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The Bikini Bottomen

Season 2

Ep.11 "Civics" 

Mary Jules answered the door after a round of continuous knocking.

Opening the door, she saw her children (Sophie and Joseph), accompanied by Larry.

"Mom!" Sophie said, running into her mother's arms.

"WHERE have you two BEEN?!?" Mary screamed, nudging Sophie off of her.

"We went after Victor Hollins." Joseph told her.

"So you did..." a mysterious voice was heard.

Walking up to Larry, the twins, and Mary, was the new acting mayor, George Coyne.

"You have company?" Sophie asked, looking at her mother.

"Sophie, there's a lot that's changed over the past few days. Our new Mayor was just giving me a run down on what happens next." Mary stated.

"..And what does happen next?" Larry asked directly, looking toward George Coyne.

"Well, the three of you will join me and Mary in the living. I have some questions." George said.

Larry, Sophie, Joseph, and Mary followed the Mayor into Mary's living room.

Larry and the twins took a seat on the couch, as the Mayor began to question them.

Suddenly, two officers walked in.

Sophie looked at Joseph, worried.

"You kids took it upon youselves to track down Victor Hollins?" George asked.

"Yes Mr. Mayor. But you should know that it was in vain. Someone got to him before us." Larry said.

"We got a tip that he was in Clamville, at Monty's Bar. When we got there, the bar was in flames, and the paramedics dragged a man onto a stretcher. That man was Victor, from what we saw." Sophie explained.

"We left as fast as we could. We didn't want to stick around and face trouble." Joseph finished.

"Very admirable. But you're wrong. The person on the stretcher was Claudia Denvers. A fugitive shape shifter who has been at the top of the wanted list for years. She was pretending to be Victor in order to throw us off. She's currently in a prison cell." George revealed.

"So, he's still out there?" Sophie asked, looking angry.

"Very much." George replied.


Clamville, Snailworth Aparments

At a moldy apartment, both Victor Hollins and Jell Masterson were having breakfast.

"By now, they've probably discovered that 'you' are really Claudia." Jell said.

"Yes, they probably have. Doesn't matter. Now that I have power on my side, an opposition against me will be lightweight." Victor said confidently, chugging orange juice.

"Just because you have telekinesis and that uncontrollable electricity power - doesn't mean that you're invincible." Jell said.

"Not yet." Victor said.

"What does that mean?" Jell asked.

"I need an army to lead, in order to complete my goal." Victor informed him.

"Yes, you've mentioned this army idea before. Quite frankly, I'm tired of hearing it." Jell grunted.

"It'll become more than a fantasy soon enough." Victor stated.

"And what about Claudia? We just leave her out there?" Jell asked.

"Claudia will find her way back to me in time. She's a resourceful woman." Victor said, smiling.


Back at Mary Jules' home, Larry and the twins questioned George about the police officers.

"These men are here to help me take you in. If necessary." George said.

"What's this about?" Larry asked.

"A few months ago, Team SpongeBob had a battle with Plankton that leveled the entire city. You know how much money it's been costing to repair damages? A few days ago, thanks to you kids, it was discovered that Victor Hollins had a superpowered impostor pose as Julian Jules, while the real ex-Mayor laid in a facility on his DEATHBED." George voiced.

"Is this leading ANYWHERE?" Joseph questioned, slightly annoyed.

"It's clear that the antics of superpowered individuals...can no longer be tolerated in Bikini Bottom. As acting Mayor, I'm going to enact legislation to help round up those with powers. They can either choose containment until a cure is found for them, or they can choose to align themselves with the government as secret agents." George revealed.

Larry, Sophie, and Joseph were all shocked. 

"This is insane. This is infringing on people's rights!" Sophie said.

"For the protection of the rest of the city. It's the only way I know to keep Bikini Bottom safe." George stated.

"So, either we align with you - or these police officers will quietly take us to a facility?" Larry asked, knowing the answer.

"It's not a hard choice. I think you three would be very useful to my cause." George expressed.

"We have no other choice then." Sophie said, looking at Larry and Joseph.

"Here's a file for the three of you. You'll be meeting with an agency I just established, called F.I.N." George said, handing them a file.

"I think it's time you left." Mary said, looking at the Mayor.


The following morning, Sophia and Joseph met with Larry at the Abandoned Shack.

"I'm glad you guys could make it. You guys adjusting back home well?" Larry asked.

"Is that a serious question? We came home to find out that the our new Mayor is going to enact legislation against us!" Sophie said, passionately.

"We have the F.I.N meeting this afternoon. What do we do? Align ourselves with them or crusade for our people?" Larry asked.

"We could play both sides." Joseph said.

"What do you mean?" Sophie asked.

"Make it look like we're on the Mayor's side by joining this F.I.N agency." Joseph explained.

"Hmm.." Sophie thought to herself.

"Oh guys, the new Police Commissioner is giving an announcement." Larry said, unmuting the TV.

TV Broadcast:

"Good morning, my fellow Bikini Bottommites. I would like to say that this city is very tolerant of people of all types. Diversity is important, welcomed. However, safety is my number one concern for this city. As such, the Mayor is allowing a bill to pass that will ban metafish activity in the city." The Commissioner stated.

With that, many cameras began flashing and many reporters began asking questions.

"I know this seems snappy, but so many recent events involving metafish, have us concerned about the well being of Bikini Bottom. Any metafish in the city will have a choice. They can let us take them to a place for treatment, or they can join the Federal Investigation Nexus, and use their abilities to do good instead of harm. That will be all." The Commissioner finished.

"Wow.." Larry said, stunned.

"I'm gonna call Emmy. I know she's probably upset." Sophie said.

"Aren't we all?" Joseph said, walking out.

"Larry, go talk to him." Sophie urged.

As Larry left after Joseph, Sophia called Emmy.

"Hello?" Emmy's sweet and tender voice answered.

"Hey! I'm back in town. I wanted to call you yesterday, but...stuff.." Sophie said.

"Did you see the commissioner's announcement? I can't believe this." Emmy said.

"There are no words for the discrimination, but me and my brother are going to try to fix this." Sophie said.

"Can I see you later?" Emmy asked.

"Yeah, of course." Sophie said, as Emmy hung up.


Ep.12 "Civics" (Part 2)

F.I.N Headquarters, Outskirts of Bikini Bottom

Larry, Sophie, and Joseph were given a ride to the secret location of the Federal Investigation Nexus facility.

Stepping out of a limo, the three were led through a secret passageway.

Standing before them inside the building was Director Kyle Coralson.

"Hello. I'd like to welcome the three of you to the F.I.N base." Coralson greeted them.

"Like we had much of a choice." Sophie said, with a smile.

"Look, once the government finds a cure for your kind, you can leave F.I.N. But right now, it's either you join us or you get locked in some kind of mental facility." Coralson said.

"Wait, the commissioner is gonna put metafish in a mental facility?" Larry asked.

"Some kind of holding facility, certainly." Coralson said.

"I see..." Larry said.

"Look. This is exciting. You three are the first metafish who will form F.I.N's exclusive Metafish Task Force, or MTF." Coralson told them.

"That's the name you're going with?" Sophie asked.

"Why? Too basic?" Coralson asked.

"Yeah. We have a name...that's more fitting." Joseph spoke.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yup. The Bikni Bottomen." Larry said.

"Hmm..I like it." Coralson said. "Now, if you'll all follow me, I'll give you a tour of the facility." Coralson said, as the twins and Larry followed him. 

On the tour, the group passed by several engineering and technology rooms.

"We have to make sure all of our weapons are equipped to handle whatever comes our way." Coralson said.

They also passed by inside and outside training groups of agents.

"F.I.N is new, so we don't have many agents. The ones we do have are very, very committed to their training, however." Coralson said.

"So, lemme ask you. Why was FIN created?" Larry asked.

"The idea of FIN was thought of after several supernatural events happened in Bikini Bottom during 2011 and 2012. When Team SpongeBob returned to the city and had that  massive battle with Plankton,..the FIN program was finally enacted." Coralson revealed.

"And you guys are supposed to do what?" Joseph asked.

"Handle metafish activity." Coralson said, simply.

"DIRECTOR!" An agent came running up to them.

"Yes, Agent Hanes?" Coralson asked.

"We got our first report. A metafish is resisting arrest in uptown Bikni Bottom. He has terrakinesis." Agent Hanes revealed.

"Well, are you guys ready for your first mission?" Coralson asked the twins and Larry.

The three looked unsure.


Uptown Bikini Bottom, Shore Avenue

A police officer talked to the metafish through a speaker.

"If you keep using your abilities, we WILL shoot." the officer threatened.

As another police car began driving towards the young man, he used his terrakinesis to rip open the street. The police car was damaged and stuck.

In the sky, the young man saw an incoming jet with a FIN logo.

As the jet landed, Director Coralson, Agent Hanes, and the Bikini Bottomen got out.

"We need to take you in." Coralson said to the man.

"THAT'S NOT HAPPENING." the man said, making the ground shake.

An agent launched taser disks at him, but he jumped out of the way.

Larry did a super-jump, landing right in front of the guy.

"You have powers! Why are you on THEIR side?" the man asked.

"I'm sorry." Larry said, regretfully.

Before Larry could touch him, the guy used his powers to sink Larry into the ground.

"Larry!" Sophie shouted.

The man sent a boulder-sized rock flying to the agents.

Joseph used his telekinesis to push the boulder back to the man.

The man was pushed back a bit.

"STOP!" Sophie said, using telepathic suggestion.

The man went into a trance. He was completely still.

Through the use of his super strength, Larry tore up from the ground.

"Larry! Catch!" Agent Hanes said, throwing Larry an inhibitor to put around the man.


News reports circulated about the incident.

Larry, the twins, and the FIN agents watched it from the facility.

"So, where is the man?" Sophie asked.

"We got his name. Ramon Rechid. He's now in a holding cell until commissioner Banks tells me where to deliver him.

"How many of those inhibitors do you have?" Larry questioned.

"The neck things? Oh, just four so far. We're working on more. What they do is truly amazing. They're able to shut off the cells in the body of metafish that allow them to use their powers." Coralson said.

"That kind of restriction is scary.." Sophie said.

"You guys should be proud of yourselves. Your first mission was a success. Everyone give them a round of applause!" Coralson said to the other agents.

The agents of FIN clapped for them.

"Yeah...what a victory." Sophie whispered to Larry and Joseph.


The Jules' Home

Sophie, Joseph, and Larry went back to the twins' house.

"How'd it go at FIN?" Mary asked, as they came in.

"They REGISTERED us before we left. They want to know where we are at all times." Sophie told her.

"They need to monitor you guys to make sure you're not abusing your abilities. I think it's a good step." Mary said.

"Mom, how could you think this?" Sophie asked.

"Team SpongeBob nearly destroyed the entire city when they were fighting Plankton. Victor Hollins was a murderous, superpowered maniac who killed your father. Stuff like that makes me think this new bill is necessary!" Mary yelled.

"So you like the fact that your kids are being forced to work as agents or else face imprisonment?" Joseph asked.

"Oh, don't be so dramatic!" Mary said, sternly. "You know what, I have something to pick up. I'll be back home later." Mary said.

"Mom, it's eight at night." Sophie said.

"Sophie, please, I just need time to think." Mary said, leaving.

"Sorry about your mom." Larry said.

"It's fine." Sophie said.

"It's not." Joseph said. "EVERYTHING has just fallen apart. I'm afraid that there's too many pieces to try to glue back together." Joseph said.

"We just need rest. It's been a long day." Sophie said.

"Yeah, I should go. I need sleep, myself." Larry said.

Suddenly, Larry got a phone call.

"Who is this?" Larry asked.

"...what? Don't recognize the voice of your former boss?" the mystery person asked.

"Victor..." Larry said, startling the twins.

"I want you to meet me. You and those children. 420 Lakeview Road." Victor ended.

"Larry, what in the world was that about?" Sophie asked.

"Victor wants a meeting." Larry said.

"With the three of us?" Joseph asked.

"Yes." Larry confirmed.

"It's obviously a trap." Sophie said.

"Yes, because he wants YOU." Larry said.

"He tried to steal my telepathy before..." Sophie remembered.

"Exactly. Maybe me and Joseph can take him up on this meeting. The two of us will go and you will stay here." Larry said.

"Sounds like a good idea. But, I'd be worried about your safety. The both of you." Sophie said.

"Don't...we'll be fine, sis." Joseph told her.


Larry and Joseph took to the road.

"You think your mom will worry when she comes home to see you gone?" Larry asked, driving the car.

"No, Sophie will make up some cover." Joseph said.


"So, what do you think this meeting will be about?" Joseph asked.

"I doubt it's an honest meeting. Victor will be expecting Sophie to come. Bad news for him is that Sophie isn't here, and we're gonna beat his ass." Larry said.

"So you want to capture him?" Joseph asked.

"I want to kill him." Larry said, with an angry expression.

"Hey, no one wants that more than me. After what he did to my father." Joseph said.

"What happened to your dad was awful. I'm sorry we couldn't save him like we wanted." Larry said.

"We're avenging him at least." Joseph flashed Larry a smile.

"Yeah, definitely." Larry said.

"Seriously, Larry. Thank you so much for helping me and my sister this whole time." Joseph said.

"Hey..we're in this together now. All three of us. I'm always gonna protect you two." Larry smiled at him.


The Jules Home

Emmy came over to Sophie's place.

"I'm glad you could make it." Sophie said, giving Emmy a kiss.

"I'm glad that I'm here." Emmy said.

The two went into the living room.

"So, have you been keeping a low profile?" Sophie asked.

"I don't normally use my powers in public, so no one knows about me. I don't think I'll be reported." Emmy said.

"Good." Sophie smiled.

"I might be a fugitive in a month's time though-"

"What, why would you say that?" Sophie asked.

"I want to fight this. This bill. The government." Emmy expressed.

"You can't!" Sophie said.

"I don't care about exposing myself. I want people of our kind to be able to live out in the open." Emmy said.

"Me, Larry, and Joseph aligned with the government. We're FIN agents now." Sophie revealed to her.

"Wait, what? You aligned with the government? I would think you, your brother, and Larry would stand and FIGHT!" Emmy yelled.

"We're trying to see if we can bring about some change from the inside out. We have a plan." Sophie said.

"You guys were the agents who captured that guy with terrakinesis. It was all over the news, but I tuned it out. THAT'S what you call a plan? I call that betrayal!" Emmy said.

"You don't get it!" Sophie said.

"No, I get it. You and your brother and Larry are actually cowards." Emmy said, walking out.

"Emmy!" Sophie said, chasing Emmy out the door.

"Come back, we need to talk!" Sophie yelled.

Emmy drove off in her car. Angered, Sophie slammed her house door.


Larry and Joseph made it to the Lakeview Road address.

"The only thing up this road is a cabin." Larry said, driving to it.

Larry approached the cabin.

"Alright. Let's get out." Larry said.

"I hope this goes well." Joseph said.

"I got us." Larry reassured him.

"Alright.." Joseph said.

The two made their way to the cabin door.

"It's open." Larry said, entering 

As the boys walked in, they noticed that the cabin was empty.

"Where is he?" Joseph asked.

"What's that on the floor?" Larry asked.

"A timer!" Joseph said.

"For what?!!?!" Larry said.

The timer counted down to one. Soon enough the entire cabin exploded.


The Jules' Home

Sophie sat on the living room couch, eating ice cream and watching a horror flick.

"Yeah...I'm not sure ice cream and horror movies go hand in hand." Sophie said.

Suddenly, the TV shut off.

"What the hell?!" Sophie said.

"Hello Sophie.." A voice was heard.

Sophie jumped up.

"VICTOR!" Sophie screamed.

"It's been a while." Victor smiled, shooting her with electricity.

Sophie's body hit the wall.

Victor used his telekinesis to lift Sophie's body up the wall.

"Now, I'll finally take what's mine." Victor said, slicing into Sophie's head with his telepathy.


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