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Unpopular Opinions You Have About SpongeBob Episodes

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There's only a handful of episodes that I declare "irredeemable garbage". (those episodes being Pet or Pests, Summer Job, and Big Sister Sam) Even some of my least favorite SpongeBob episodes have at least one or two parts that I liked or had no problem with.

All That Glitters: SpongeBob being reunited with Spat was a heartwarming little moment.

Fungus Among Us: decent foreshadowing + the ending got a chuckle out of me

To Love a Patty: The grilled shoe joke + SpongeBob's cutesy face when he took his patty out to dinner

The Splinter: The beginning was alright, even if it was a little too slow-paced for my taste + "P.S: You're an idiot".

Sun Bleached: The radical soda guy.

Choir Boys: The talking toilet paper + The return of the grandma from "Have you Seen This Snail?"

Squid's Visit: Squidward going insane was actually somewhat funny.

Shuffleboarding: "My leg!" + Man-Ray's shrunken head

The Clash of Triton: References to the Goofy Goober

Stuck in the Wringer: SpongeBob telling Patrick off was cathartic.

Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy: "ooh..try again"

A Pal for Gary: As much as I LOATHE this episode, I actually gave it a 2/10 instead of a 1/10 because the beginning was tolerable + Gary saving SpongeBob was pretty awesome + the design of monster Puffy Fluffy looks cool + heck, I even don't mind the design of normal Puffy Fluffy. 

Yours, Mine and Mine: As terrible as the episode is, I actually tolerate it. The 30% cuter gag was kinda funny as well.

Rodeo Daze: "How to open things" was a pretty funny little gag and the rodeo song was tolerable.

One Coarse Meal: The ending got a chortle out of me, plus the "suicide" scene came across as more of a frivolous segment than a serious one.

Trenchbillies: Patrick playing SpongeBob as a banjo.

Hide and Then What Happens?: The appearance of Patrick Not-Star. 

House Sittin' for Sandy: The ending is slightly entertaining, and seeing SpongeBob in a French maid outfit is...rather alluring. 

Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom: Kelpy G's return

Squid Baby: "My face! My face! Also my leg, but mostly my face!"

Ink Lemonade: The haunted house scene was intriguing.


As far as some other unpopular SB opinions:

  • Jellyfishing was one of season 1's stronger episodes. It's not in my top 5, but it's genuinely hilarious.
  • Ugh was an amazing episode that would easily go in my top 50.
  • Party Pooper Pants and The Sponge who Could Fly are both good episodes.
  • Squid Wood was a decent episode. Just seeing SpongeBob dance with mini Squidward was just adorable and it's very hard for me to find any overt Squidward torture in it. 
  • Breath of Fresh Squidward ain't half bad. Sure, the second half was a bit annoying, but the first half was great. It's so charming to see Squidward genuinely enjoying himself.
  • Spongehenge was just a middling, albeit intriguing episode. If the episode had better pacing, it would have been a good episode, maybe even a great one. Yeah, the ending was pretty agonizing towards poor SpongeBob, but the rest of the episode is at least somewhat captivating. 
  • Gone was another intriguing episode. The ending, while overhated, was stupid but I didn't particularly mind it at all. 
  • Cephalopod Lodge, while absolutely stupid, was actually really hilarious. I couldn't take that episode seriously at all, especially with all of those Illuminati  secret society references. 
  • One Coarse Meal's biggest flaw was how drop-dead boring it was, not the infamous suicide scene. 
  • The Cent of Money was just a mediocre episode. Seeing SpongeBob confronting Mr. Krabs of his wrongdoings was just a breath of fresh air, especially after watching A Pal for Gary. 
  • Are You Happy Now was an enjoyable episode and the infamous scenes were pretty funny. SpongeBob was also pretty likeable in this one, which was something that I didn't quite expect. I think that the way they portrayed depression was executed in a feasible way. 
  • SpongeBob, You're Fired wasn't an abomination. I still don't like it, due to it having an idiotic and scatterbrained plot, Krabs at one of his worst appearances yet, and how they turned SpongeBob into a workaholic, but it has several redeeming qualities. Seeing Squidward saving SpongeBob was just awesome, the mascot fight was pretty clever, and the scenes with Patrick's mutated second head were all hilarious. 


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