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  1. (I figured since I did this on SBM, I'd just go ahead and write it here!) WARNING: The Following Creepypasta Contains: Violence Graphic and/or Unnerving Images References or Depictions of Blood/Death Dark and/or Disturbing Imagery Viewer Discretion is Advised Yes, I’m writing my first creepypasta about Spongebob, as a Halloween story. This is my very first one, so please don’t be harsh if you don’t like it. And this will be posted in separate parts. Enjoy! Squidward’s Visit – Alternate Part 1 – The DVD Remember the Spongebob episode, Squid’s Visit, the one where Spongebob tries to get Squidward to visit his house? Remember how extremely dark and creepy it was? It turns out that this episode in particular has an original, much more disturbing version to it. I was walking through an old video store one day, when I found some Spongebob DVDs. There were some DVDs like Nautical Nonsense and Sponge Buddies, Tide and Seek, Sea Stories, Lost at Sea, etc. But, there was one DVD that had caught my eye. It was a DVD named Scaredy Pants, I Was A Teenage Gary, and other Spooky Sea Tales. Like the others, it was around 5 dollars, so I decided to buy it. Once I brought it home, I looked at the episodes on the DVD. The episodes on the disk were Scaredy Pants, I Was A Teenage Gary, Graveyard Shift, Shanghaied, Nasty Patty, Ghost Host, Squidbob TentaclePants, Night Light, and Spongehenge. Their were actually a few bonus episodes as well; BlackJack, Krab-borg, Doing Time, Funny Pants, and then Squid’s Visit. I watched the full set up to the bonus episodes, and everything seemed normal. Then I watched the bonus episodes, and one thing seemed out of place; in some scenes in episodes like BlackJack and Krab-borg, the color looked as if it was filmed in olden times, like the 1960’s, and it would flicker a little bit. It looked a little like this: But other than that, it was normal, at least until I got to the last episode, Squid’s Visit…
  2. Hey there, SBCers! This topic is for my first SpongeBob-themed literature, placing our favorite invertebrate, along with the rest of his Bikini Bottom friends, in wacky, amusing and at times surreal misadventures not unlike in the show. However, episodes will not just be focusing on good ol' Bobby (or having him move the plot along), there will be episodes where he won't even appear at all. Instead, in those, other characters like Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Patrick, Mermaid Man or even the Flying Dutchman or Squilliam will get the star turn. First episode to be posted when finished, and when it is, this post will be updated to include it.
  3. Hey everyone, this is my first post to this forum! My name is Dean and i'm from Bristol (in the UK ^____^) So with Spongebob turning 20 years old this month, I had to make a poster to celebrate this amazing show. I hope you like it.
  4. https://thqnordic.com/article/thq-nordic-and-nickelodeon-bring-back-selected-game-titles-past Now lets go get these spongebob game re releases boys. Also there's some other odd game licenses that have been acquired from nick... but that's for another time
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPONGEBOB!!!!!!!! That’s right, today is the day that our favorite sponge turns 32 YEARS OLD!! SpongeBob, I hope that you are having the greatest birthday ever and that you are partying it up in your pineapple under the sea!! You deserve the world and more. From literally the time I was born, you have always been there for me and you have brought countless smiles to the whole world. Over the past 19 years, 232 episodes, 2 feature films, a Broadway Musical, and tons of shorts, books, video games, merchandise, rides, and every other form of media you can think of, you have filled our lives with so much happiness, light, love, positivity, and F.U.N.!! As your self-proclaimed BIGGEST FAN EVER, I need to tell you how much of an impact you have had on my life!! You have given me so much inspiration to be the best I can be and to always strive to spread as much positivity as I can. You’ve also helped me through the darkest times of my life, throughout everything I’ve been through, you have given me the strength and confidence I have needed to persevere. Watching you, whether on the small screen, the big screen, or the stage, has inspired me to continue to do what I love most and to be the person I am meant to be. And you do the exact same thing for so many others around the world. SpongeBob, you are one of a kind, there is not another like you nor will there ever be. You are special, amazing, courageous, heroic, and the GOOFIEST GOOBER in the whole sea!! Your fans all love you so beyond words. We all hope that you are having the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER and are living it up with all your friends plus lots of bubbles, jellyfish, and of course Krabby Patties!! Here’s to many more amazing times. HAPPY 32ND BIRTHDAY SPONGEBOB, HAVE THE BEEEESTTTT BIRTHDAYYYYY EEEVVVEEEERRRRR!!!! LOVE YOU SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!!!!!! ??????????????????????️️???????? #SpongeBob #SpongeBobSquarePants #Birthday #HappyBirthday #HappyBirthdaySpongeBob #SpongeBobBirthday #SpongeBobs32ndBirthday #BestBirthdayEver
  6. Hey everyone! I have an important question for anyone here who has seen The SpongeBob Musical live on Broadway. The show looks absolutely incredible and I really want to see it, but here's the thing. I have a hearing condition and I'm not supposed to expose myself to very loud, sudden noises because it could be damaging to my ears, so can anyone tell me if the show has anything like that in it? Like I’m talking about things like gunshots, cannons, explosions, fireworks, stuff like that. Can anyone tell me if the musical has any special effects like that, or any other really loud noises? I'm fine with stuff like loud music and pre-recorded sound effects, it's only stuff like live explosions and cannons that I need to watch out for. The entire show is on YouTube and I watched most of it, there are a few parts in particular that I'm concerned with. For anyone who has seen the musical live, can you please tell me more about the parts listed below and how they sound live? I will post the link to the video on YouTube and the exact times in the video that the parts are, so you can watch the, to refresh your memory and know what I'm talking about. I would really appreciate this!! Here is the link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vlnGaUF1FFI Here are the parts I would like to know about, and the times that they come up in the video: 1. In the opening musical number, when they first introduce Sandy in her treedome, an explosion is heard right before Sandy sings. Is this just a pre-recorded sound effect, or is it like an actual explosion? How loud is it? At 5 minutes, 34 seconds into the video. 2. When SpongeBob throws the device into the volcano and the bright lights come on, what is the sound that is heard in the video? Is this just the sound of the lights turning on, or is it like an explosion? How loud is it? At 2 hours and 8 seconds into the video. 3. When they jump off of the volcano, the parachute is released by what seems to be an air cannon under the stage. How loud is this sound, can you compare it to something? At 2 hours, 1 minute and 30 seconds into the video. 4. During the finale at the very end, they release confetti and streamers through confetti cannons. How loud are these? Do you hear them loudly or does the music mostly cover the sounds up? At 2 hours, 12 minutes and 40 seconds into the video. Please let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification about any of these. Also, if there are any other parts of the show that involve loud bangs, pops, explosions, or anything like that, please let me know! I really appreciate it, this would be a huge help to me. Thank you all so much in advance!!
  7. The Lost Six - The DVD Whatever you do, don't ever pick up a box of SpongeBob DVDs in a random alley. You will learn why in this recovered blog from an SBC user. His account has gone without a trace. This is the first post: It caught me off guard. Really, it did. The DVD, I had never seen anything like it before. The title was "The Super Six", a title which had never been on any other SpongeBob DVD before. I know that as I am a big SpongeBob fan. I have all the merchandise and DVDs, but this, this I had never got in any shape or form. Not even a photo or any information about it. I asked my friends over at SBC, but they said I was crazy. So I looked at the back of the cover. The only thing on there was SpongeBob. I swear to god I saw one of Patrick's arms behind him. Anyway, nothing else. I opened the case. The disc was plain yellow. I inserted it into the DVD player, and boy I got a shock. The only language on the selection screen was "YOU WILL UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING". I selected it. The aftershock was worse. The main menu screen was pitch red with the same picture as the one on the back cover. I looked at the selection list. These were the episodes: You Better Start Running Soon akskh17412hwh It was clearly a message, but the last episode's title puzzled me. What does this mean? I haven't watched the episodes yet. I will watch the first episode soon, until then, this is goodbye. See you in the next post. After this post, his account went blank. Apart from the blog. Hey! HeSheMeWumbo here! Hope you enjoyed the first part of my creepypasta! SWEET DREAMS. Updates will appear below here:
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPONGEBOB!!!!!!!! (Also, a day-late HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tom Kenny, who turned 55 yesterday!!!!) That's right, today the Sponge we all know and love turns 31!!!! Let's all wish the iconic legend himself the happiest of birthdays!! SpongeBob, you are so amazing and you bring so much to my life every day!! Ever since I was a few months old and I would be in the room with my brother when he was watching you, I knew I was destined to be your BIGGEST FAN FOREVER!!!! You and your show have helped shaped my life so much. You always spread such good vibes, positive energy, and pure enthusiasm for life!! Thank you for teaching me the value of being positive and living life to the fullest. Whenever I'm feeling down or just need a reminder of my purpose in life, you are always there for me with your infectious optimism, bubbly spirit, and boundless enthusiasm!! I know that with you by my side, I will be able to accomplish all my dreams and make every day the BEST DAY EVER!! Live it up on your special day, SpongeBob, and surround yourself with friends and family!! Go jellyfishing, blow some bubbles, and make those Krabby Patties!! Have cake, presents, balloons, and everything your heart desires!! You deserve the world and more because you bring joy and happiness to the whole world!! Party it up in the Pineapple Under The Sea!! WE LOVE YOU SPONGEBOB!! HAPPY 31ST BIRTHDAY!!!! HAVE THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!!! ??????????????????????????️️??? #SpongeBob #SpongeBobSquarePants #HappyBirthdaySpongeBob #SpongeBobs31stBirthday #ILoveYouSpongeBob #BestDayEver #BestBirthdayEver #SpongeBobForever
  9. HAPPY 18TH ANNIVERSARY SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!! That's right, as we all know, 18 years ago today, on May 1st, 1999, the very first episode of SpongeBob SquarePants premiered on Nickelodeon!! That episode, "Help Wanted" / "Reef Blower" / "Tea At The Treedome", is one we should all know... We see SpongeBob first get his job at the Krusty Krab, clean his lawn, and meet Sandy Cheeks for the very first time!! It's certainly a classic. I certainly cannot believe that this wonderful show has been on for 18 years... that's almost old as me, I was only a few months old when it premiered!! And I am very proud to say that I have been its biggest fan ever since then. This show has brought me hours and hours of laughter, fun times, good vibes, and uplifting positivity!! SpongeBob has gotten me through it all, and I know that no matter what, he and his everlasting adventures will always be there for me whenever I need to escape to the beautiful undersea world of Bikini Bottom. The memories have been countless, from reciting entire episode scripts and random SpongeBob trivia facts for my friends to meeting him in person lots of times to celebrating every moment of this franchise's energetic life!! And doing projects on this series has gotten me lots of high grades throughout my years of school, including college!! So as I watch the very first episode again for what is probably the thousandth time, I say, thank you SpongeBob SquarePants. Thank you and your amazing cast and crew for 18 glorious years of laughs, adventure, comfort, positivity, and pure awesomeness!! Please comment your favorite SpongeBob memories and episodes and share them with me. So happy 18th anniversary, SpongeBob, and here's to many, many more fun-filled years with you and the whole world of Bikini Bottom!!!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING EVERY DAY THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????????????? #SpongeBob #SpongeBobSquarePants #SpongeBob18thAnniversary #SpongeBob18Years #HelpWanted #ReefBlower #TeaAtTheTreedome #Happy18YearsSpongeBob
  10. Which episode do you like better. Now if you don't like any of them which one would you watch over the other? Let me know thanks!
  11. Hello, I have just found this wonderful forums site! Hopefully I will enjoy my stay! I am a big Spongebob fan and just completed my collection of every episode from seasons 1 - 8! - Darian
  12. Hello! I'm new here, and I was wondering how well the SpongeBob fans on this forum can do on this quiz! I got 8 out of 12, and the scoring at the end is hilarious! Take the quiz, and share your scores! I'm curious to see who gets a perfect score, if anyone. Haha enjoy! Click the link below to start the quiz! It should be fun! SpongeBob Karaoke, How Well Do You Know These 12 Spongy Songs?
  13. Mine are Band Geeks, Graveyard Shift, and Squidville. I have more but there just good episodes not my favorite! Season 2 is the best season imo.
  14. 1. Original Theme Highlights 2. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: Music from the Movie and More 3. The Yellow Album 4. The Best Day Ever 5. It's A SpongeBob Christmas! 6. Music from The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
  15. Hi guys. My name's Ieda. I'm a Spongebob fan since 2000, 2001... I Just wanted to show you my Spongebob Artwork. Okay, I've been drawing Spongebob since I can remember so, all my 2014 or before Art Works are here: THERE ARE ADULT ARTWORK HERE, BEEN ADVISED: http://iedasb.deviantart.com/gallery/53220064/Spongebob-2014-and-before The New Artwork are here THERE ARE ADULT ARTWORK HERE, BEEN ADVISED: http://iedasb.deviantart.com/gallery/53220071/Spongebob-2015-and-then And in my tumblr, I'm posting my sketches, that I don't post in others sites, there are lots of Spongebob Sketches, no adult artwork here: http://iedasb.tumblr.com I kind of dont know how to make the images smaller in order to put them here TnT<I'm noob in forums> I hope you like my artwork guys!
  16. So as we all know today was the 16-year anniversary of the premiere of "Help Wanted" / "Reef Blower" / "Tea At The Treedome, the first ever SpongeBob episode!! It's so hard to believe that this show has been on for 16 years! To celebrate I rewatched the first episode again today, did anyone else do anything special?
  17. Hello! I revived an old forum of mine today that is now six years old. If anyone's interested, here it is! http://spongebobxsandy.proboards.com
  18. Check out my trailer i made for the first spongebob movie! Tell me what you think!
  19. Hello there, I'm Rugratskid. You may know me from places such as SBM, YouTube... I'm not doing that. I am on SBM however, and decided to come here; I can see some other people have done the same. But yeah, I'm me. Not much else to say; as time goes on, you'll learn about me more, and how weird of a person I am.. is that a good thing?
  20. So I know that probably not a lot of us Jailbreak our iDevices or Root our Android devices, but I just wanted this topic here to discuss Cydia and all that stuff. So yeah, discuss. BTW I'm jailbreaking my iPod touch right now.
  21. Nickelodeon UK recently updated their marketing guides for their more prominent properties, one of which is SpongeBob! The guide has several new things about what's coming up for SpongeBob, including the roll-out of the Movie, most specifically in the United Kingdom, which also includes an Official Movie App! Nothing much is currently known about the app, but it will presumably be a game-type app. Perhaps developed with Heavy Iron Studios? We'll see. There's also quite a bit of information on the next couple of years, including "Rebranding Funny" and the 200th Episode. Three new episode titles have been included and they are "Best Day Off Ever" (too close to the episode in Season 4 name-wise, dont'cha think?), "SpongeBob Surf Shorts" (for Summer 2016) and "SpaceBob InvaderPants", of which has been mentioned previously on this forum. The theme for 2015 is "Everything is Better with Friends!". What kind of SpongeBob events will be happening in 2015? We'll just have to wait to find out! If you're interested in visiting the Guide, the link is included below. Do check out the Sell Sheet for a more summarized look at the planned happenings. Guide: http://www.nick.co.uk/ncpuk/global/pdf/propertypres/Spongebob%20Property%20PresentationOCT14.pdf Sellsheet: http://www.nick.co.uk/ncpuk/global/pdf/onesheet/Spongebob%20One%20SheetOCT14.pdf
  22. Hi guys, So I turned 16 this past weekend and I want to have a SpongeBob-themed birthday party. I was wondering if anyone here has any ideas on how to make it an age-appropriate party while still being completely SpongeBob themed. I will be inviting a bunch of my friends from school (I'm in the 11th grade) so I don't want them to feel like the party is too childish or anything. So I was hoping some of you could give me some ideas on how I should put the party together. What kinds of decorations, entertainment, food, etc. should I have? What would be the best venue for this party? What should I give out as party favors? Please let me know your ideas on how to make it as awesome as possible. Also keep in mind that I don't have a huge budget for this party. And like I said, I'm trying to find ways to make it SpongeBob-themed but not too childish, and appropriate for teenagers. I know that earlier this year Pharrell Williams had a SpongeBob birthday party so I was thinking of ways to do something a bit like that, but of course I can't do anything nearly as elaborate on my budget. So let me know if you have any ideas for how I should go about doing this. Thanks so much, guys!
  23. He was shown as a background character and known his star appearance in "The Bully". He likes kicking people's butts. Discuss!
  24. This is from Yellow Subterfuge episode of The Simpsons. Enjoy. I think the language is Italian.
  25. Hello everyone. After I finished reviewing all season 5 episodes and season 5 on SBM, I said I'm going to create a TOP 15 Season 6 Episodes List. Yup, It's here, It's also the my first list on SBC. There's going to be some choices that you are going to disagree but I hope you like this list. All of know that season 6 is my least favorite season but even season 6 is my least favorite season, It still has some great episodes and season 6 is not a bad season in my opinion. I'm going to say my 15 favorite season 6 episodes. It's starting right NOW!!! #15 This episode and House Fancy are actually a great start to the my least favorite season. It's not a perfect episode but I still love it. I thought this episode was a copy of Band Geeks at first but after I watched this episode again, I realized that this episode is a little diffierent than Band Geeks. This episode is well-written and funny. One of the better season 6 episodes. I laughed at so many parts in this episode like the knife part, SpongeBob singing, the flashback, pink tshirt joke and Patrick destorying Plankton's mind reading device (I loved the return of Patrick's "uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"). This episode also has a gross scene (booger), I thought that part was gross but also funny in my opinion.This is one of the times when I laughed at gross-out humor in this show. This episode has some flaws too. This episode is very funny but It's too loud too, especially the part when SpongeBob made a a high pitched screech. Karen had a cameo in this episode and I didn't like it. I thought Karen was OOC when she kicked Plankton out of Chum Bucket. Why she did that? Even though Plankton escaped from the jail, she shouldn't kick him out. She forgot that she loves Plankton, even though he is evil and he ended up in jail. Also I didn't like how SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward ended up in jail at the end of this episode but the ending was funny. It has flaws but It's a very funny episode and I recommend it. My Rating: 8.5/10 Best Moment: Patrick destroying Plankton's device Worst Moment: A tie between Karen's cameo and the ending Best Character: SpongeBob Best Quote: "We've only got 22 years to practice before our next gig." (SpongeBob) Next Hint: Second pet
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