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Found 26 results

  1. So everyone knows about the Chaperone episode where SpongeBob takes Pearl to the prom, how he serves her fruit punch, and how she comforts him and calls him Short Sweet and Spongy. They also work together in Bossy Boots. Do you think that they are just friends or there is something more?
  2. Spandy maniacs, post stuff here. Fanfiction, pictures, cute Spandy moments. You know you want to.
  3. These two were made for each other. Discuss them here. Oh yeah 200th post.
  4. Squidward and Sandy? Who likes? I really never thought of the idea of these two together until someone made an idea for them in the Fanseasons thread.
  5. Oh come on this ship seems cool enough to me Norton x Squidward FTW
  6. Oh come on it's funnier to see SpongeBob dating a pole than a Krabby Patty
  7. Does this ship seem cool A Real Sponge x A Drawn Sponge
  8. What if Mr. Krabs and Karen were married or in loved
  9. Well they're both really aggressive creatures so this ship seems cool X
  10. Plankton x Sandy . Idk, this one just came to me randomly. What do you guys think, lol?
  11. Is this a good ship or a bad ship X X it seems nice to me
  12. You might remember Mr. Krabs going goo goo for Mrs. Puff in Krusty Love, and I think that they are an adorable couple. ^.^ They might be my second favorite shipping of SpongeBob. I also find that in Summer Job there are hints of KrabsxPuff like when Mrs. Puff said "You mean we should go out on a date?" Even though they seem not together anymore, what's your opinion?
  13. For another female add-in to the Spongebob cast, I dunno why Spearl (Spongebob and Pearl) only exists within Pearl. So yeah, while Spearl can be discussed here, what other possibilities could there be?
  14. Come on. If it's okay for SpongeBob to date a burger, then it should be allowed for Patrick to marry a pole too.
  15. Hello! I revived an old forum of mine today that is now six years old. If anyone's interested, here it is! http://spongebobxsandy.proboards.com
  16. I think they are a cool couple because they both are sweet and cute geeky themselves. In a sense they both have royal blood too. Do you like them?
  17. icrievertim they will make beautiful octopus babies Discuss this beautiful couple.
  18. Discuss this CUTE LOL couple
  19. You remember this ship don't you Clapward?
  20. I actually kind of like this ship. They seem to get on each other's nerves quite a lot. Plus heh Patrick is the only actually person who has sort of kissed Sandy, in Bubble Troubles. I could see this couple work if there already wasn't Spandy. Oh and while your here, watch dis. KtOfIWUm6ko
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