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  1. Ahoy Spongebob Community, this is a series that originated on Spongebuddy Mania, and I decided to share my essays that waste your time on this site, considering a large part of my audience has migrated here, and considering current events on the site...I'd rather have a backup. BTW my reviews get MUCH better as more time passes, so bear with me. My grading system Spongey (basically the best episodes) 10 9 Good (good, but not quite up to par with the best) 8 7 Average (either mixed or just middle of the road) 6 5 Bad (usually stuff that doesn't represent what Spongebob stands for) 4 3 Scummy (the worst) 2 1 Ground 0 (getting a 0 grade, belongs in my bottom 10) 0 I will update the list until I get caught up with the latest review (which will be Bunny Hunt). I will put around 4 or 5 a day. If you have seen the thread on SBM, just be patient. Once I am caught up here, I will put up a Bunny Hunt review shortly after. Until than, enjoy! Episode 216a Cave Dwelling Sponge Air-date September 23 2017 Plot: When a cave sponge runs loose in Bikini Bottom, Spongebob has to help him before he causes more chaos. Title Music: Spongebob History Song Writer: Mr. Lawrence Oh boy, I'm hyped to get started. I haven't seen this episode since September until a few days ago to get prepared for the review. This episode is definitely divisive, with some people saying that this episode was a leftover from season 10. This had me worried, since I wasn't a big fan of season 10s direction. Quick recap of my thoughts about season 10. The episodes were so hit or miss for me. You could have a poor episode, like Whirly Brains, paired with a fantastic gem, like Mermaid Pants. This kept the season interesting to watch, but I can't call the whole season a good experience. I know many people have said it, but I loved 9b a lot, despite quite a number of bad or boring episodes, and Sewers of Bikini Bottom made me find my love for the show again after a 5 year hiatus. Season 10 overall feels weaker than 9b. Common complaints include little dialogue humor, wacky expressions, and fast pace gone too far. My stance on these episodes is that it depends on how the episode uses it. Mimic Madness had all these characteristics, yet is loved by the fandom. Heck, most people say it's the best episode of Post-Sequel, which might seem like faint praise, but we are about 85 episodes in, so that is no easy feat. Mimic Madness managed to balance everything, creating a great product, which I wish most season 10 episodes followed, and it made me weary of watching this, but I was pleasantly surprised on re-watch. Let's get started with this journey. The premise of the episode might seem a bit redundant. We already have 2 other prehistoric sponges, so won't a third one be overkill? Well believe it or not, this is actually the first time that Spongebob has interacted with a cave sponge, which sets a new dynamic for the characters reacting to this event. Now onto the actual episode. The story starts off with Spongebob and Patrick hiking across some national park. They find a cave, and Patrick thinks that the ice is a treat, and licks the ice. Unfortunately, his tongue gets stuck onto the ice, and Patrick panics. However, Spongebob saves him by using hot chocolate (I actually really like this plot device. It seems really minor, but hot chocolate to melt ice seems like such a Spongebob thing, and the joke has a weird charm). Spongebob thaws Patrick, who throws a rock at his tongue to stop it from burning. However, a cave sponge pops out of the ice Spongebob melted, and it immideitly drawn to Spongebob's shoes, and decides to hide in Spongebob's backpack. How is this beginning? I can say that it is...alright. I love the hot chocolate joke, and the animation is smooth, but Patrick is kind of on the loud side, and I feel a few more jokes besides lol Patrick doesn't get life could have been added. However, the episode does pick up some momentum in the following scenes. Spongebob takes Patrick home, and has to get ready for work. The cave sponge follows Spongebob into the bathroom, where Spongebob has some contraption to get ready. Call it a plot convenience if you want, but I think it serves what the episode wants to do well. One thing I will praise later on in the review is how well they do the doppelganger plot. The cave sponge and Spongebob look similar that too a passerby, they might as well be the same person. Spongebob starts doing his regular activities, such as using a stick to hit a fence, and swinging around a statue. The cave sponge tries to do it too, but ends up being too rash and breaking everything. It's a simple scene, but I really like how the cave sponge tries to copy Spongebob, only to break everything. When Spongebob gets to the Krusty Krab, the cops are there to arrest him. The cave sponge is hiding in the kitchen confused at whats going on. The civilians that had their property destroyed confirm that it looks like Spongebob was the one who did it. Mr. Krabs however doesn't believe that it was Spongebob, and races to the jail (something else I'll praise later on), and leaves Squidward for kitchen duty.The cave sponge (who from this point on I will refer to as Spongy Spongy) falls on Squidward, and Squidward mistakes Spongy Spongy as Spongebob. Squidward tells Spongy to cook some patties, but Spongy Spongy hijacks a car, takes the engine, and uses that as the patty for the burger. The customers hate it, which causes Spongy to rage, resulting in him going loose. Spongebob and Krabs are trying to figure out what is going on, while Spongy Spongy is roaming behind the jail hears Spongebobs shoe, and breaks in. Now Spongebob's name is free, but Spongebob wants to help Spongy Spongy. Through some funny exposition from Perch Perchins, the crew head to city hall to confront the cave foe. Spongebob introduces himself to Spongy Spongy, and the two bond (with a fun music number), however Spongy Spongy gets annoyed, and destroys city hall. BUT, it's okay cause.....it was going to be destoyed next week.Yeah, if there is one thing to complain about, it definitely is how stupid that plot twist is. Considering how they don't say where Spongy Spongy's future is going to go, it just feels stupid. To top it off, the episode just magically ends. It decides to go with the (admittedly hilarious) comedy ending instead of tying loose ends, which loses a couple points in my book. I feel that the episodes story suffers from the problem that Krusty Katering and Trident Trouble have, which is little focus on the plot. However, to give the episode credit, the problem isn't that bad. The episodes stakes are at rapid fire speed though, and it seems like a machine gun, going from situation to situation. With that being said though, the episode does have some quiet moments which raises the story up a little. I like the jail scene, and the dance number, and they give a bit of breathing room compared to the sugar high Krusty Krab scene (not a jab at it, it has to fill a lot in that scene). With a semi poor story, there are quite a lot of positives. Let's start with the characters, who are for the most part great. Patrick in the beginning kind of got on my nerves, but I think it's more than made up by how well they got Spongebob down. Spongebob is the perfect protagonist, who has the combination of sympathy for the cave sponge, and worried for his own well being. Mr. Krabs was a big shock for me. Maybe I'm still used to him mentioning money 24/7, but I don't think Krabs mentions money at all in this episode. Perch Perkins is also great too, with his 4th wall breaking. Spongy Spongy is more treated as a scared creature (though treated way better than Squidward in The Thing, where they point blank call him a wild animal), but I think he is alright. The comedy is also surprisingly strong. When people were calling this a season 10 holdover, I thought there would be nonstop slapstick and wacky expressions, but I saw little here. There was actually some humorous dialogue here, like as I said, Perch's 4th wall breaking at the jail, with Mr Krabs' great "We do?" line back. There's also the joke where Spongebob says hello to Squidward, who reponds with a dead pan line, only for Spongy Spongy to just punch Squid instead. There is not much to say here without just point blank explain the jokes, but I though there was an ample amount to keep me invested in what was happening. For what it's worth, I thought this episode was funnier than 80% of season 10. Now onto my biggest praise for the episode. They did the doppelganger plot beautifully. In these plots, the person accused is faced with mass scrutiny and backlash which he doesn't deserve, therefore killing an otherwise decent episode. Heck, if this episode was made in season 6, it probably would have been as bad as I have been describing it, as that season didn't have the good atmosphere that post sequel has. The similarities between Spongebob and Spongy Spongy are noticeable, and from a distance, I can see how someone could mistake the two, and it isn't as bad as some of the disguises in the Imitation Krabs imitations (see what I did there? ), and I can tell the writer didn't want this episode to be totally nonsensical. Also, I appreciate how the writers didn't dwell on Spongebob's suffering in prison, like Gone and The Splinter. It's a quick scene of him going to jail, and a quick scene of Spongebob at jail. They treat it realistically, which doesn't make this episode frustrating, like Gone. With that all in mind, I was conflicted of the rating. This episode is definitely between a 6 or 7. Heck, I would have given it a 6.5 if I had the rating, but I am going to use full integers. The positives are pretty good, but the episodes story was a bit weak, and the story doesn't have any real stakes. However, i still do enjoy watching the episode, and it does feel like a fun ride that I can safely call it a GOOD episode, albeit barely. Rating: GOOD Score: 7/10 Thoughts: (An enjoyable experience) Place: #1/1 Season 11 as a whole 7/10 1. Cave Dwelling Sponge Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the review, even though I thought it might be a little shorter than this. Tune in next Sunday for an episode that gets even worse on rewatch. Until than, hippythehippo signing out. QOTD: Who is your favorite prehistoric sponge? Episode 216b The Clam Whisperer Air-date September 23 2017 Plot: Spongebob has to tame a flock of clams Title Music: Kuali Jubilee Writer: Ben Gruber Strap in folks, I have a lot to say. Ben Gruber's episodes are some of the most bipolar of the entire series. Sometimes, he has a good premise with flawed execution (Tridnt Trouble), and sometimes he hits a gold mine (Unreal Estate, Plankton Gets the Boot, most his season 11 episodes that we will get too). His style does employ a lot of screaming and crying, but I think that a fine tuned Gruber can produce quality episodes. This one tho uhhhh...it's a messy one for sure. Enough beating around the bush, I'm ready to start. The premise is a simple one. Spongebob taming nature has had it's ups and downs. For reference, you have Rock a Bye Bivalve, which shows his care for creatures that can't help themselves, Spongehenge, which I don't even have to explain why it fails, and than there's that Too Love a Patty scene....uhh, hey wait. Isn't it a good idea to have an episode were Spongebob tames nature right after an episode where he does the same thing. Except this time, we will remove all the good jokes and character interactions, and replace it with screaming and wackiness. I might be exaggerating a bit, but you'll see what I mean. The story starts on an even poorer note than Cave Dwelling Sponge. Spongebob is enjoying the migration season, when Patrick comes around to kill the episode from the start. Patrick is one of the overarching problems of the episode. He represents a lot wrong, even though he is in it for only 2 minutes. He's loud and obnoxious, and only there to make some "jokes". Except, I'd rather not be ear-r*** while watching a Spongebob episode. Sorry for the tangent, but Patrick is pretty intolerable here. Spongebob decides to feed the clams, and Patrick eats all the crumbs Spongebob put for the clams. Thankfully, the big doofus is put to sleep by all the food he ate, and the episode improves. Squidward tells Spongebob to not feed the clams, but gets instantly crapped on (literally 0-0). Spongebob decides to go to work, and leave the clams alone, but they follow him to the Krusty Krab. The clams cause havoc at the Krusty Krab, so Krabs tells Spongebob to get rid of them, only for him to realize that they shoot pearls for a poor running gag. It's not annoying, but still pretty weak. Spongebob takes the clams to many locations to calm them down, but they still cause havoc everywhere. Eventually, Squidward and the rest of the citizens tell Spongebob to get rid of the clams, so Spongebob decides to act like a clam. The scenes here aren't annoying, but they are a bit dry. You already know the "punchline" (I'll get to this in the analysis, and how this episode is a disaster plot wise) that the clams will muck everything up, so I ask whats the point? This transitions to my favorite part of the episode, which is Spongebob and the clams exploring nature. It has nothing to do with the main plot for sure, but it's fun and entertaing. Nothing funny, but still enjoyable. However, migration season ends, and the clams have to leave. The episode has a decent endi-HOLY CRAP WHY ARE THEY GOING BACK TO ZANY SQUIDWARD AND INSUFFERABLE PATRICK. Yeah, the ending is the same as the beginning. Now I realize that my summary is only 2 paragraphs, and we will get onto the problems of the episode. First off, the characters are loud and annoying. Patrick, Krabs, and Squidward kill an otherwise decent story with them trying to break my eardrums. If there is a scene with more characters than Spongebob, you bet your butt that there will be some wackiness or screaming. The clams don't annoy me for some reason. I actually kinda like them. They are equally loud, but they are wild animals, so what can you expect. Spongebob is charactherized perfectly, and he is the highlight for not being annoying. He makes the episode more tolerable than it would have had he also been zany. Next off, the episode is too fast paced. CDS was fast paced, but it had a couple of moments to let me breath. This episode just fires it up to a 10. So much is cluttered in one scene, it's ridiculous. The only calm scene is when Spongebob is a clam, but thats at the end, and we still have to deal with Squid and Pat at the VERY end. The episode has screaming and arm flailing in every scene. I want to give this episode some mediction to just chill a bit. Lastly, the episode doesn't know what it wants to be. I chuckeled a few times, but most of the episode was pretty unfunny. Thats okay though, it can have a decent story right? It would have, if the episode wasn't trying to force wackiness down my throat. A more story driven episode should FOCUS on the story. Don't add forced wackiness, have faith in your story. High Sea Diving is good almost exclusivly because the story was excellent. The episode wants to tell me how Spongebob manages the clams, but shoves down loud zaniness every moment. Thats not to say there arent positives. I like the Squid poop jokes. And Spongebob being a clam. And uhhhh......thats it. The bad elements though, besides Patrick, aren't awful. I can tolerate it, and this is upper bad material. I can sit through this, and it doesn't tick me off in a way like Sportz does. Rating: Bad Score: 4/10 Thoughts: (Not worth your time) Season 11 as a whole 7/10 1. Cave Dwelling Sponge 4/10 2. The Clam Whisperer QOTD Clams or birds? Luckily, the next episodes are way better. I have nothing else to say. See you guys next time. Episode 217a Spot Returns Air-date June 24 2017 Plot: Spot has babies, Plankton decides to use the puppies for one of his evil schemes. Title Music: Whistling Around Writer: Andrew Goodman Season 11 has introduced a bunch of returns episodes this season. Some of them are obvious pandering (wait till I rip apart Doodle Dimension), while others have been a true surprise (I don't think any of us expected Plankton's grandma to EVER get an episode). This one is the first of these return episodes, and it has a lot to live up to. Plankton's Pet has been sited as one of the best season 9 episodes (I don't think it's that great. Still really good, and easily the best 9a episode by about a 100 miles, but I still think some of 9bs material was more quality). That brings us to this episode, and when I heard the synopsis, I was worried. Plankton's Pet was one of the best episodes of recent memory because it had little to do with the formula. Having Plankton using Spot's puppies for one of his schemes seemed counter productive to what Plankton's Pet established. Of course that can't mean the episode is good, but I did have quite the weary feeling about this episode. The episode however starts on a good note. Plankton is looking for Spot. Spot responds to Plankton, and we see how overweight Spot is. Plankton gives a treat, much to Karen's disapproval. Plankton tries to prove Spot is okay, but a scanner reveals that Spot is pregnant. Spot gives birth, and Karen gets a cute overload because of the puppies. Plankton realizes that the puppies cause havoc, and he tries to sell them with an order of chum. Spongebob comes along, and decides to help Plankton. It appears that Plankton is not a good salesman though, as he rages at customers at the supermarket. Spongebob morphs the ameobas into bigger puppies, and they quickly get sold out. The problem is that the puppies take one of the owners possesions, and bring it back to Plankton (which is genius). Plankton realizes that he can use he puppies for one of his evil schemes. He calls Spongebob to train the puppies, and after a fun montage, the puppies are ready. Plankton reveals to Spongebob that this was one of his evil schemes, and tells Spongebob his plan, while the puppies do the plan (which is also genius). Spongebob foils Plankton's plan, and Plankton gets his comeuppance. The story flows well. It's fast paced, but it is logical. Plankton doesn't just see the puppies and go "lmao, ill use the pups for my plan dab on those haters", it's actually logical and well though out. Every sequence has a point, and pacing doesn't slip. This is better paced than every season 10 episode besides Feral Frireds, Mermaid Pants, and Mimic Madness, so you know they got the pacing down. Not enough Spot, but doesn't hurt the episode to much. The comedy is also good. Plankton raging at the super market is hilarious. There's just something satisfying looking at Plankton shooting someone with a ray gun. They really went the extra mile by making Pat a dog. I didn't expect continuity between this and Plankton's Pet, but they did it. And it wasn't blatant (like Bubble Buddy Returns), but more like a wink wink nudge nudge. There is also little gags, like Karens cute overload, that just add layers to the humor. The characters are all fine here. Nothing to write home about, but they are all good. Overall, I am satisfied with this episode. It gives me a great story with good comedy, and everyone in character. I was initially worried that this would be a disappointment, like Bubble Buddy Returns, but I honestly have very little to nit pick here. Rating: GOOD Score: 8/10 Thoughts: (An enjoyable if not mildly flawed episode) Place: #1/3 Season 11 as a whole 8/10 1. Spot Returns 7/10 2. Cave Dwelling Sponge 4/10 3. The Clam Whisperer This time I will actually put a qotd (sorry was in a hurry last review). Until then, see ya guys later. QOTD: What's your favorite season 9 episode? Episode 217a The Checkup Air-date June 24 2017 Plot: Mr. Krabs is scared of getting his checkup, so Spongebob and Squidward have to do it without him knowing. Title Music: Cream Pie Writer: Andrew Goodman With all the stock plots for the first couple episodes, we finally have a creative one. Mr. Krabs being scared of a checkup? That idea should have been used years ago. It feels like a concept that would fit at home in season 1, right along with Suds. The story is nothing like Suds, it takes it in a different direction, but it seems like such a mundane plot that early Spongebob thrived on. Concept wise, they are going to use a lotta slapstick here, which could turn really bad. If this was made in season 6, they would have put as much grotesque detail into Mr. Krabs' mangled body. Of course the new writers understand what they are dealing with, so I was not as worried, but I hoped they wouldn't go overboard. My hopes were met, now let's get into this. The story starts out at the Krusty Krab, where Spongebob is getting his physical. Mr. Krabs and Squidward are watching the shadow of Spongebob, which frightens Krabs quite a bit. Inside, Spongebob is having a blast, but the nurse is annoyed with his antics. She says that Spongebob is fine (physically at least, what a savage), and calls Squidward in. Mr. Krabs asks Spongebob how was the checkup, and Spongebob says how fun it was, while describing it in a way that makes Krabs even more nervous. Their conversation is interrupted by Squidward shouting in disbelief. The nurse asks Squidward to pee in a cup, which he does reluctantly. Squidward than leaves, and it's Krabs turn. The problem is that Krabs locks himself in a safe to avoid it. The nurse says that the Krusty Krab will be closed if Krabs doesn't get his physical by the BBBBB. Squidward and Spongebob agree to take Krabs physical for her. Mr. Krabs is strolling down a street where Spongebob and Squidward are hiding in a box. Spongebob draws Krabs in by saying there is free money in the box. Krabs, being obviously greedy, gets in there to get his claws on some money. After pinching Squidwards nose, a babies tooth, and some salt that ends up dehydrating Spongebob, they decide to make Krabs pinch his own claws. However, both of Krabs' claws break, resulting in a failure for the first part of his physical. Next, Spongebob and Squidward impersonate clothes salesman, and draw in Krabs by putting a sign that says free clothes. Krabs accepts, and Spongebob is testing him, only to rip off his eyestalk, making Krabs fail the second test. The third test is a scan of Krabs through X-ray. Spongebob sets the picture count to 25,000, breaking Krabs skeleton. The final test is the cold blooded test, but Spongebob puts Krabs in a freezer. Krabs comes out, only for his shell to disintegrate. Krabs cries about this is why he hates checkups. Spongebob promises to help him. Spongebob and Krabs are training at Goo Lagoon, but Spongebob over pressures Krabs, resulting in his shell being destroyed. Spongebob and Squidward mourn the loss of the Krusty Krab, but Krabs has a plan. They make the most godly twist in the ENTIRE series, and switch Krabs with Larry the Lobster, fooling the nurse, and keeping the Krusty Krab open. Larry asks for compensation, and Krabs runs out of the building, ending the episode. Pacing was excellent here. The story wasn't to fast or to slow. It was right for telling jokes, and having good character interactions. I've heard people complain about if Squidward and Spongebob just faked the checkup, than the story wouldn't happen. To that I say, you are thinking way too deep for a Spongebob episode. This is probably one of the most realistic portrayals of a story I've seen from this show. Nothing is wacky or zany, they strike a good balance here, and I love every second of it. The comedy is excellent as well. I told about the savage nurse line in the beginning, which is great dialogue for a show bent on being cartoony. Most of the slapstick keeps itself comedic, and never leans o the gross side. If done wrong, this could have been as awful as The Splinter, but they never push to far. The grossness is in the back, while the humor, story, and characters are the forefront. The slapstick isn't as wild as most of season 10. It's actually fun and well done, and adds something to the plot. he Larry and Krabs plot twist is one of my all time favorite twists from this show. Remember guys, we are 11 seasons in, give the crew some credit for still surprising us 19 years later. The characters are great. I know some people love themselves some Squid and Sponge team up, which this episode gives a good chunk of. They both are a joy to watch, and add extra value to an otherwise great episode. Mr. Krabs is also portrayed great. This might be the most realistic portrayal of him. They don't have him have a money boner for the whole thing, they ground him a little to reality. He is seriously likable here, and helps me enjoy the episode more. This is a great improvement compared to him in seasons 6-8, where he was a one note joke monster who the show was better off scrapping. You know when an episode is just plain good? You don't need to explain why it is, but it does everything right? Good characters, funny joke, slapstick that knows how to let people breath, good story, funny twists and turns. This episode is a real winner, and to those who haven't watched it, I highly recommend it. It's one of the shows sharpest in years. I could easily see this be at home with some of the classics. It's just got the charm and wit to keep itself going. Rating: GOOD Score: 8/10 Thoughts: (An enjoyable if not mildly flawed episode) Place: #1/4 Season 11 as a whole 8/10 1. The Checkup 2. Spot Returns 7/10 3. Cave Dwelling Sponge 4/10 4. The Clam Whisperer I had a blast reviewing this, but now I have to go. Until than, I'm out. qotd Do you hate checkups? Posted 13 May 2018 - 10:14 AM Episode 218a Spin the Bottle Air-date July 16 2017 Plot: Plankton poses as a genie to get the krabby patty secret formula Title Music: Oriental Juggler Writer: Kaz Yo boys, I'm back. This review was supposed to be uploaded on Thursday, but a certain episode that left a stain on the site (I'm sorry) made me push it back a bit. Anyway, we have Imitation Krabs v6 or 7. That alone would probably make me hate this episode, but surprisingly, I'm in a minority. While yes, the premise is of a pre existing plot, the episode comes off as original. The episode has some problems, but the overall product is surprisingly solid. The story starts at the Chum Bucket. Karen finds a bottle rolling, and picks it up. Plankton poofs out, and tells Karen his evil scheme. Plankton will pose as a genie, win Krabs trust, break the bottle, have Krabs put him in the krabby patty formula bottle, and steal the secret formula. Yeah, this plan is pretty ridiculous, but I think it works cause they don't dwell on the evil scheme, but everything around it. Karen scoffs at this plan, and sends Plankton packing. Plankton arrives at Krabs house, and sets the bottle outside. Krabs doesn't take any notice, and kicks the bottle around. The bottle ends up at the Krusty Krab, in the hands of Spongebob. Spongebob is impressed by the bottle, and has fun with it, at the expense of Plankton. Spongebob notices that it says tor rub the bottle for a genie, so Spongebob does. Plankton comes out, and Spongebob is awestruck. Plankton tries to get Spongebob to give the bottle to Krabs, but Spongebob wants to give wishes to his friends. First is Squidward, who wishes that he had a golden clarinet that always played beautifully. His wish is granted,and Squidward is amazed. The next persons wish is Patricks, who wishes for an extra head. Plankton draws a face on Pat's hand, but Patrick and the hand don't hit it off. Lastly is Krabs, who doesn't believe in the bottle. He wishes for a hundred bucks, and to his surprise, gets it. He know is interesed at the genie, and takes the bottle from Spongebob. Squid, and Pat come to take the bottle, and Spongebob stops them, and has an idea to settle this. They play spin the bottle (sorry shippers, no spandy). Krabs wins the bottle, and asks for a ridiculous wish that breaks Plankton, who admits his evil scheme. When Plankton mentions breaking the bottle, a real genie comes in, and gets triggered. Squid and Pat come in, and everyone but Spongebob gets commupence. Pacing wasn't an issue. The episode never moves too fast. It goes at a speed that the audience isn't grasping for air. However, the story is a bit nonsensical. Plankton's plan makes no sense at all. He breaks the bottle and than what? It's not something that you should think about too hard, but it does damage the episode a little. It feels as if Plankton just came up with a plan on the spot, and just randomly decided to try it out. Also, Plankton gives up for no reason at all. He was in a position to win, but he just stops? I can forgive this cause the comedy was great. There were a lot of jokes here, and even some dialogue driven ones. Planktons little replies to the stupidity of the wishes ("how pathetic" or "you greedy crook") crack me up every time. There was slapstick, but it wasn't awful. Some of it was pretty good. I don't know what to think of the genie at the end. It comes out of nowhere, and I can't quite comprehend if it's a joke or not. Not to big a hit on the episode, but something that does feel kinda pointless. Plankton was fun here. He has to deal with the stupidity of everyone around him, and Mr. Lawrence gives a great performance. Spongebob was portrayed good too. He was dumb when the genie arrived, but was intelligent enough to find a solution to the problem. Mr. Krabs and Patrick might seem flanderized a bit, but I think it works here because they have to be stupid to make Plankton snap. Overall, I enjoyed this one quite a bit. Nothing spectacular, but I still think it does a lot right. Comedy is good here, heck probably the funniest episode thus far, and with 2 good main leads, I think this ep has a lot to like. Rating: GOOD Score: 7/10 Thoughts: (An enjoyable if not mildly flawed episode) Place: #3/5 Season 11 as a whole 8/10 1. The Checkup 2. Spot Returns 7/10 3. Spin the Bottle 4. Cave Dwelling Sponge 4/10 5. The Clam Whisperer Sorry this review wasn't as in depth. Will put more into TASIMS review. Episode 218b There's a Sponge in My Soup Air-date: November 8, 2017 Plot: Mr. Krabs and Spongebob have to get some hippies out of the new Krusty Krab Soup Music: Drunken Soldier (Carr version) Writer: Kaz Just how? How does someone come with such a dumb plot for an episode? I have never seen a cartoon, heck a show, tackle such an odd premise. The story makes such little sense, but this episode is still brilliant. This had all the keys to fail miserably. Dumb plot, characters annoying other characters for little reason, Krabs being greedy. However, this proves that just about any plot can work in Spongebob. If it's funny, has the right amount of silliness and wackiness, and some good sense of humor, it will work. Luckily, this episode has them all. Every part of the episode is done masterfully. The episode opens up at the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs and Spongebob are making soup, as the weather outside is chilly. Krabs uses some leftover ingredients, to Spongebob's dismay. Spongebob mentions that there are hippies out back behind the restaurant. Krabs is infuriated, and goes behind the KK to get rid of them. The hippies don't budge however. Krabs eventually winds up in the heat vent that the hippies are standing near, and the hippies go inside to look for something else to be warmed in. They discover Spongebob's soup, and quickly move in. I would question the sanity of hippies living in a soup vat, but than I remembered that this episode is hilarious. Yeah, I'll praise this later, but everyone is funny here. The hippies, Spongebob, heck Krabs gets a good line or two here or there. Spongebob gets ready to put more ingredients in the soup. However, the veggies disappear mysteriously. Spongebob thinks the soup is haunted, but Krabs is more worried about getting the soup to the customers. The customers are about to enjoy the soup....when a hippie pops out in each soup. The patrons aren't amused at all, and quickly return the soup. Squidward thinks they are being ridiculous, and is about to put the soup in the trash, but Krabs takes the soup out of Squidwards hands. Krabs puts the soup back into the vat, only for the 3 hippies to pop out again. Krabs is infuriated, and decides to take matters into his own hands to get rid of them. They try everything from a hankysack to a drum circle, but it's no good. Krabs orders Spongebob to get back into the soup to evacuate the hippies. Spongebob meets the hippies, and they teach him meditation. This puts Spongebob in a trance, and he comes out a hippie. I'm not gonna question logic lol. Krabs pulls Spongebob out, but realizes that Spongebob is long gone, putting him back into the soup. Spongebob meets Patrick, who snaps Spongebob back to his senses. Spongebob gets out of the soup, only to realize that the Krusty Krab is abandoned. Spongebob meets Krabs, who turned into a hippie, and tries to get Krabs to change his mind. Krabs immidietly reveals he was faking, and he tells SPongebob that the hippies want a place to go, and he has an idea. The episode ends with the hippies inside Squidward's bathtub, thus sealing a great episode. Where do I begin the praise? This episode honestly has so much to like. Just like the Checkup, it follows a simple plot to produce as much humor as it can. And the jokes are great too. From visuals, like Krabs bumping into Squidward's shirt to get the soup back, and the whole trippy scene, too some great lines like "Make soup, not war." There is a little something for everybody here, and you are bound to find something funny here. The pacing is also good. The episode feels very classic to me. It moves at a calm pace, rarely getting to wacky. The story is nonsensical anyway, so more silly faces would be counter productive. Animation is gorgeous as well. Everything looks appealing. It perfectly emphasizes the setting of it being more cooler than most episodes. The inside of the soup also looks stunning. The background, the characthers, everything looks amazing. Characters are well written. The hippies are pretty stereotypical, but I think that was what Kaz was going for. Even then, they are all really funny. Spongebob/Krabs bond is always appreciated, and there are small hints here and there. Krabs is pretty greedy here, but he is still kept in character and fun here. Spongebob is well written as per usual. This is another fun episode from the season. I cannot sing enough praise, everything just works well. The atmpsphere, art, characters, and humor are top notch, and this is an excellent episode. Rating: GOOD Score: 8/10 Thoughts: (Solid, but not top notch.) Place: #1/6 Season 11 as a whole 8/10 1. There's a Sponge in My Soup 2. The Checkup 3. Spot Returns 7/10 4. Spin the Bottle 5. Cave Dwelling Sponge 4/10 6. The Clam Whisperer Season 11, you're doing great so far . Tune in next time for a certain villian do return (in one of the most bland titles in the series.) qotd: If there were hippies in your soup, what would you do?
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