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Found 5 results

  1. Here's something different. For the February 2018 forum event, the people deciding it will be...YOU! That's right, as a community, you can vote for what you want the next forum event's theme to be! You can choose from one of the four SpongeBob themes above: Space, Western, Prehistoric, or Futuristic. Whichever one has the most votes will be turned into the February forum event by the staff! But it doesn't end there. Since the members are picking the event, you can suggest things you'd like to see from it, depending on what you voted for. You can even suggest names for the event, or you can suggest games/activities/graphics. Or if you even want to host something during the event, let us know and we can plan it out together. We'd appreciate any help for this event! Even if your idea isn't used, we'd still love to hear anything out from the community. You have until January 16th to vote, and once we have the results, we'll begin making the event. Don't be sad if your preferred option doesn't win, as we could still theoretically use the other three in the future.
  2. What do you think is the scariest SpongeBob creepypasta? What do you think is the worst?
  3. (Note: The Loyal Customers already did this poll, but they can also vote in this again if they want to. Would be interesting to see the results are by combining their votes with the public's, or if they have any opinion changes. Or if any LCs just didn't get to vote in general, they can do that here. ) If we move to another forum software (whether it's IPB 4, xenForo, or even vBulletin), we would like to know which skins that are currently viewable in the selector you would like for us to keep on SBC. The poll says to pick two, but that does not mean that we would only keep two of them. It's just so that we know which ones you like the most. If you want to pick more than two, please only pick two in the poll and then put all of your choices in a post. This in general is just to see what skins the community prefers. This isn't a place to discuss which forum software we would switch to - we've already had a topic on that. A few notes: 1.) The three store exclusive skins (The Takeover, IPB 1.3 and Episode Explosion!) would still be transferred due to them being store items. 2.) Holiday/special event skins (such as for Camp SBC right now) wouldn't be transferred right off the bat, but could return if we wanted them to. It wouldn't be hard for us to remake them. 3.) SpongeTown is not in this poll because everyone can't see it, but that would be transferred regardless.
  4. It's that time again, we're doing another Stop What You Are Doing! Our last one was in January, so I figured it was time for another. However, there's a twist: You, the community, are going to pick the theme! After many suggestions on Xat from users, we've had 7 suggested themes to choose from! Vote in the poll above, and whichever one receives the most votes by July 17th will be the winner. We will then start name claiming the same day, and the SWYAD will officially begin July 20th. For some newcomers wondering what a Stop What You Are Doing is: It's an event where SBC users change their name and avatar based on a specific theme. While we do have plenty of times where we switch up our themes for any random fad, SWYAD's are officially endorsed by the SpongeBob Community and its staff.
  5. Guest

    Forum Software

    I would like to bring this topic with the entire community because how we proceed affects everyone. Since IP.Board 4 has come out, it's been brought up that we could possibly upgrade or change forum software. Currently, we are using an outdated version of IP.Board 3 that ssj4gogita4 has generously allowed us to use. The poll is about which one you think we should go with, if we did change or upgrade the forum software, and please give each forum software a fair chance. I personally do not have a bias on whichever one we use, and all of them will work with our current features on SBC (e.g. SBC Music). Please take this to heart and choose wisely. Now, this does not mean that we will be upgrading the forum software. This is merely to collect feedback to see what the community would like to see out of SBC. We will base the final decision off of this poll's results, the transition, finances, and many other factors. We might not even do it at all. Who knows. IP.Board 4 We have been using IP.Board 3, so the next step would be to use IP.Board 4, which brings a bunch of cool enhancements. It currently costs $175 to upgrade, with a $25 renewal fee every 6 months if we wish to receive updates (it's an optional fee, but who doesn't want updates?). There isn't very many significant changes between IP.Board 3 and 4, but IP.Board 4 does have some cool HTML5 features that adds new bells and whistles. It also has stronger security and upgraded features. Demo link: https://www.invisionpower.com/demo Community link: https://community.invisionpower.com IP.Board 3 Tried and true, this is the forum software we are currently using on SBC. It doesn't cost anything to keep it, though we are using an outdated version. If we decide to keep what we have now, I would definitely try to bribe ssj in some way to let us have the latest version. Aha. Demo link: You're using it right now! xenForo For those who don't remember, this was a solution that was offered a while ago back when we moved to IP.Board 3 in 2012. It was turned down mostly because xenForo was still new back then, but now it's developed more. A lot of online communities out there have switched from vBulletin to xenForo. The makers of xenForo once worked for vBulletin, so if you're used to vBulletin, xenForo will feel like home to you. The cool thing about xenForo is that it uses the newest software available because it's newer. ssj4gogita4 currently owns a copy of xenForo, and I could simply buy it off of him and pay the $40/year for renewal. Demo link: https://xenforo.com/demo/ Community link: http://xenforo.com/community/ vBulletin 5 vBulletin is IP.Board's main competitor when it comes to forum software. That being said, a lot of what they have changed since vBulletin 4 has been to reflect on the fact that they lost a lot of sales to xenForo. You'll notice a lot of similarities between vBulletin 5 and xenForo. Out of all of the forum software, vBulletin 4/5 has the most plugins since it's been around the longest. In fact, the first arcade forum software was written for vBulletin! If you're into vBulletin, this would be an option to go, but at a price: $209 with no renewal fees, unlike the rest of the forum software options here. Demo link: http://www.vbulletin.com/en/vb5-trial Community link: http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/ vBulletin 4 We have used vBulletin 4 back in early 2012, if you recall! We can always go back to vBulletin 4 if we wish. Dylan owns a copy, so it wouldn't cost us anything to switch. There's no renewal fees either. However, vBulletin 4 is significantly different than IP.Board 3, so you will have to keep that in mind. It's also not the newest and greatest, like IP.Board 3, but it is an option. Demo link: http://www.vbulletin.com/en/vb4-trial/ phpBB Anybody knows the history of SBC knows that SBC started out on Forumotion, which ran on phpBB! It's something that's held our history very well. The only thing with phpBB is that it does not hold all the features that paid forum software holds, but that's because phpBB isn't driven by profits. Out of all the forum software, phpBB has been known to be the most secure; it hasn't had a successful hack in many years. If the history of SBC matters to you and you'd like to go back to phpBB, this may be an option for you! Demo link: http://try-phpbb.com/31x Community link: https://www.phpbb.com/community/
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