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  1. It's finally happening. We are the Bubble Buds We'll always save the day And when you think we won't We always find a way That's why the people here trust nobody more Than teenj, jjs, Patty Sponge And Tyeamwork! The first couple of episodes will be coming out, appropriately enough, in a TyeamBomb. One new episode a day for five days, starting Monday. Also, if there's a particular episode any of you want to guest-write, let me know. It's first come, first serve.
  2. With the voting over, Sub-Tropical Academy is going to be the next installment. And you guys are going to wait until March! >
  3. Of course, this might be one of the most extremely unique spin-offs here. But you can tell me if you like it. Onward.... Season 1 Episode 1- The Flashing Light February 19th, the start of a new horoscope: Pisces. So, what's special about it? Nothing to ask actually...the series of Pisces Moon will solve it. One day, from the telescope was Spongebob, stargazing, like one of the Pisces passtimes. "Stargazing, a perfect way to look at the beautiful stars..." said Spongebob. "Yeah, the stars are pretty," said Patrick. "I don't know why you dragged me here, can I go home now?" Squidward asked in boredom. "No!" Patrick shouted. Spongebob was looking through the telescope and saw something flashing and by asking the words "What's that?" So on, the flashing lights turned out be some shining meteor which crashed Bikini Bottom. For after a minute, Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward were astonished. The meteor's effects vibrated Bikini Bottom. Spongebob and co. got up after their knees. Another setting was cued: The Pisces moon. We saw some strange and or unknown characters. "The meteor has been hit, you two, go to the other world and investigate," This was said by the Pisces moon's master. No one knows about him, not in Bikini Bottom. The moon people know. "Yes master," said by two other moon people. You will know their names later, as they will introduce later. They realized they have been sent to this mission, and took off to Bikini Bottom. The story, becomes strange itself, then starts at 10:00...AM. After Spongebob and co. got up after their paralyze of the meteor and Spongebob is seen in bed. He said good-morning to Gary and Gary says meow which he says all the time. Spongebob saw the paper made moon that hangs up in the ceiling. "Hmm. Pisces Month is the most elusive thing in Bikini Bottom, and I most not forget, not even the upcoming Pisces Festival!" Spongebob joyed. Gary doesn't celebrate which astonishs Spongebob, but Gary is forced to love it, and Spongebob decides to prove how important it is: but nothing proves him. Spongebob still had high hopes for the festival. When he went to the Krusty Krab, he heard an announcement that the meteor strike caused strangeness to Sandy, Patrick, and Squidward, including some other characters you'll meet later on. The strangeness that was announced made Spongebob notice he was late for work. As said by Mr. Krabs. Spongebob was agitated while noticing he was late. Then Squidward noticed something. "Spongebob, I'm not gonna be the one to judge, but you have something in your arm." "What arm? Is it a little bit white? Just a little blemish, that should be all," replied Spongebob. "Not that I care." Squidward said. Spongebob left somewhere to look at the "blemish." Squidward noticed something else also. "Stupid forehead, I don't know how I got a tiny scar," said Squidward. The "blemish" was tad black. Spongebob looked in the KK's bathroom mirrors and looked at the blemish, Spongebob doesn't know what is. Eventually, it was six o' clock and Spongebob left to see Sandy, in addition the festival is at seven. "I see Spongebob...." Sandy said about Spongebob's arm. "See what?" Spongebob asked. "Sorry Spongebob, but I see nothing wrong with that thing either, but let's focus on something that's not strange," Sandy said. Spongebob noticed her leg. "Uh Sandy, you have a blemish on your leg," Spongebob said as he noticed. "Hmmm. I'm sorry Spongebob, but you might set this one out," Sandy replied. Spongebob determines to go the the festival. He was excited as always and had lots of fun, you know with the prizes and junk. He then saw something else: A introductionary of the Pisces meteor. The show was ready to begin. "Alright, you lovers will experience how it all works." the speaker was saying, little do people know he was one of the ones sent from the master. "Pisces meteor: Once in 32 ocassions. It comes by in any day in the month of Pisces, the light from the meteor and its jolt is observed from Pisces moon: it's main source. The total light from above Pisces moon is a lightness asteriod that hurtles to the nearest meteor and jolts from the asteroid's size, that's right, the speed is dependant on the size of that asteroid. The meteor is contagious, the meteor is chemicalized to create a strange contact to 10 in 538 of us and create something we call: Moon warrior effects." The speaker continues to go all blabby and stuff and Spongebob looked at the moon. The moon has just came out, and Spongebob willed to find somewhere to hide. Suddenly, He realized he grew armour and other amazing stuff. The speaker was still talking and says that the effect arrives during the moon's arrival and the warrior effect starts to end when Aries arrives. Spongebob, again looked at himself. "Hmm. I don't remember this as part of the festival..." Spongebob said. He heard something, it was one of the footsteps of something unusual: a moon beast. "Who's there?" Spongebob yet noticed it until it jumped behind him. The moon beast was starting to attack while Spongebob was starting to run. "Stay back!" Spongebob yelled and his arm thrusted light into the beast. It caused damaged to it. "This is still wierd." Spongebob had no other option but to fight. He tried again with aiming his arm and it blasted aurora. It made the beast struggle a bit. The beast attack too and ramped Spongebob. Spongebob used another aurora blast, and Spongebob thought he has to keep attacking it to make the bleast flee. The beast got ahold of Spongebob and Spongebob struggles to grasp out. Spongebob attempted another light blast and the beast was out of Spongebob's boundary. The beast grabbed Spongebob tight. Eventually, he was interrupted. By the speaker of the meteor introductionary. He yelled out "Stop!" and attempted to drive the beast away. "Oh it's you! You're finally here to save me and help me figure this out!" Spongebob said. The speaker interrupted him and pulled a sword-blade. "You might as well think, you are not worthy of the Pisces altitude!" "Okay, I don't know what you're talking about, I just had this for no reason!" Spongebob said. "You want to know the truth?" The unknown person said(the speaker), "well, let me tell you a long story. You know the whole thing about the meteor and the asteroid, whenever it hits in a random occasion, my master sends me and my other partner to discover who of the ten has been hit by the meteor. You, you can't prove anything, and you're not worthy of it. In other words, it finally stroke, and maybe I was looking for someone on the tough side, this is a dud. It was also like a million years since another strike arrive. And I meant once in 32 thousand. I doubt you know anything about the Pisces moon or the effects from that meteor. People call me Yang. "Nice to meet you, Yang. But look at my arm, it has proof!" Spongebob said and Yang took a look at the arm. "Hmm. Let's see if you can prove it, there's other stuff I want to talk about, but it's still a long story, I'd tell you more AND prove you worthy if you challenge me to a Moon Duel." "Moon Duel?" "See, you still know nothing!...Of course, a Moon Duel, it was created by two people who were my possible ancestors by the names of Phobos and Deimos. I hope you're ready...." For a few, Spongebob and Yang were prepared. Yang's swiftness made him use the first appeal and he used his sword-blade. Spongebob used a light blast, but it barely damaged Yang. Yang jumped and hid in the trees and attacked Spongebob again. Once again, Spongebob uses a light blast and Yang dodged the target. Yang used his sword-blade again, but Spongebob pulled a Matrix and ran from it. Spongebob used an aurora blast that hit Yang. Yang hid in the bush and used a Neon dash and hit Spongebob to the tree. Spongebob made another light blast and hit Yang again. Spongebob still thinks he needs more powers. Yang neon dashed again and formed a circle instead of attacking. Spongebob used an aurora blast, but it was dodged, and little did Spongebob noticed Yang in the treetop. Yang used another Neon dash: from the sky and pulled an uppercut on Spongebob. Spongebob was barely forced to move, and tried to used a Light blast and hit Yang by a little bit. Out of power, Yang decides to use the finishing touch by using another sword-blade judgment. Spongebob was hit and knocked down. After the fight Spongebob got up and noticed Yang. "You...you're not bad," said Spongebob responding to Yang. "Hmm. You still have no proof, I'm sorry." Said Yang. "Wait! Do I have another chance?" Spongebob asked Yang. "Let's see...you have to deliver me another effected Bikini Bottomite, you must see a white or black scratching on it..." Spongebob wanted to learn more from Yang, but Yang teleported away. Spongebob didn't have the chance to get ahold of him. "Hmm, I wonder why he teleports. No matter, I must know all about this Pisces moon stuff, and see what else is in store for Yang. But it's gonna take me a lot of time to find a person under the effect from the meteor." Spongebob said and has a thought. "I know where just to start: Patrick and Squidward. They were with me when we saw that hurdling meteor. Let's see if they believe me." The end of Episode 1! Will Spongebob manage to give Patrick and Squidward his trust? Will Yang return. Find out next time! -------- Maybe it was short? You tell me, is it as long as you liked it?
  4. Former TV.com viewers/readers may remember me and my series of "Total Cartoon Island" from TV.com, and while I DID initially like posting my episodes on that website, the site on the "Spongebob Squarepants" forum topics has become a ghost town, and there's no thrill in posting there anymore. So I'm moving operations from TV.com to this website, but just so that potentially new readers/viewers aren't confused, instead of picking up from my newest episode, I feel that I should start at the beginning. Fortunately, in the spirit of "Dragonball GT," I've decided that in a special twist, I will gloss over the first 11 episodes of "Total Cartoon Island" via way of the recap episode of "Dragonball GT" called "A Grand Problem," where the beginning, not as exciting early episodes are condensed and therefore, made more exciting. This is a hybrid brand new/old recap episode of episodes I've already written, featuring the characters that have already left the game show and the challenges that have already occurred. This is an alternate way of presenting the events of Episode 11, as this recap episode will set up the action for all of the future episodes of my series to follow. Also, if I feel the need to, I may tweak some parts of some episodes in order to make certain characters more themselves and not parodies of "Total Drama" characters. Consider calling the following story idea: Episode 11 Redux! Edit Update: Starting after the "Total Cartoon Action" episode, "The Grand Finish! It's Not Over 'Til It's Over!"; the series will be upgraded from being rated General to being rated PG. Also, expect me to update some posts with some story ideas that have been previously lost, but shall now be "Re-discovered," and added back into the continuity with the new PG rating! (NOTE: TV series is rated TV-G, for General Audiences Everywhere for seasons one and two of the "Total Cartoon" series, TV series is rated TV-PG starting with the "Total Cartoon Action" Reunion special.) Edit Update: Topic is now OFFICIALLY called "Total Cartoon Island Strikes Back!" "The Greatest Game Show On Earth!" Sniz is on the dock and says: "Welcome to a special recap episode of Total Cartoon Island, a cartoon reality game show featuring your favorite Nicktoons, especially characters from "Spongebob Squarepants." This game show started with 22 contestants split into two teams with 11 contestants for each team. Their goal is simple. The teams are competing against each other for a chance to win $150,000 in cash money, and lets face the facts; most of them will probably blow that money in the week. While the goal is simple, the obstacles put between the contestants and their chances to win the $150,000 are anything BUT easy! The two teams have to face hard challenges for invincibility, in order to avoid the elimination ceremony, and from walking the dreaded Dock of Shame. Already we've had 9 contestants eliminated, 2 contestants return, 1 contestant eliminated a SECOND time, and a NEW contestant join after the game had already started! But don't take MY word for it! Listen to the contestants themselves as they reminisce in this upcoming episode of "Total Cartoon Island!"" (Festive music plays and snow falls over the opening sequence for this Christmas episode only.) Camp Nickelodeon is all decorated for Christmas, as there are wreathes, ribbons, holly, angels, LED blinking lights, tinsel, popcorn string, mistletoe, ornaments, and snow as far as the eye can see. Sniz announces over the loudspeaker to wake all the campers up! Sniz says: "Listen up campers! Be sure to dress warm today! It's the season for giving and the giving will start in the cafeteria in 10 minutes! / I'm glad you're all here. I know you campers have some differences with each other, but I'm asking you to put that aside for now. Because this is going to be a happy challenge, especially for a bunch of lucky orphans! You see, Camp Nickelodeon believes in making dreams come true. And today, you'll be making 1,000 dreams come true. In this challenge, all you have to do is wrap up all the gifts in the cafeteria, and sort them out to where they are going. Then using the naughty or nice list, you'll have to determine whether someone deserves a gift, or if it should go to someone else. Whichever team does the best job overall wins invincibility for their team, as well as their favorite Christmas presents as a bonus! The losers will send someone home!" (Confessional) Ren says: "I was hoping for something special, but nobody sent ME a Christmas card this year! I almost wish that there were no holiday season! I already know I'm not the most popular cartoon around! Why does there have to be a holiday season to emphasize it? It could always be worse, though. I could've ended up like Roger Plotz." (Flashback.) Ren narrates: "It was the first challenge we had. We had to jump off a cliff into shark infested waters, than put together a good hot-tub. My team of the Screaming Cats did an excellent job of working together. But the Killer Beavers were another story. They sucked royally, and were originally considering sending either Treeflower of Chuckie Finster home. Until Roger Plotz opened his big mouth." (Roger: "I just don't get why we lost! I mean, THEIR team is the one with six girls! Everyone knows that boys are better and superior to girls. My dad says I should help out the girls, in case they can't keep up!") Ren says: "Needless to say, THAT comment didn't sit well with the female contestants on the Killer Beavers, and Roger Plotz was the first contestant sent packing." (End flashback.) Ren says: "To make a long story short, I'm sure glad I'm not THAT guy!" / Spongebob says: "I love the winter, because I can catch snowflakes on my tongue, and its fun! One thing that WASN'T fun though, was watching Helga G. Patacki lose." (Flashback.) Spongebob narrates: "After a grueling run and an intense eat-off, Sniz expected us to keep our will strong by NOT falling asleep. I didn't worry, because I thought our team could and WOULD dominate. Thankfully, my friend, my girl pal Sandy Cheeks with her brains and her endless wits, would see to it that our team was going to win no matter HOW tired any of us got. Even after I finally succumbed to slumber, Sandy Cheeks prevailed and we won another challenge. But there was trouble at the Killer Beavers campsite. Helga G. Patacki was freaking out about her cell phone missing, and she accused her teammates of stealing it. But as it turns out, Helga had actually dropped her cell phone at the camp site, and Angelica Pickles found it. While Helga admitted that she made a mistake, it didn't sit well with her teammates, and she became the second contestant eliminated. In the seventh episode, when we all had to face our worst fears, Helga tried to make a comeback as a contestant who had a chance to be reinstated as a prize for the winning team. She tried to intimidate her teammates into making SURE they won, but Reggie lost it for the Killer Beavers, so Helga was sent packing again with my best friend, Patrick Star." (End flashback.) Spongebob says: "I'll tell you one thing, it was a REAL shame to lose Patrick. I wonder if he's doing well at the place where the Boat of Losers ended up taking him?" / Jimmy says: "The snow needs sugar." / Treeflower says: "I actually think it is much too early. I NEVER eat DECEMBER snowflakes. I always wait until January." / Jimmy says: "Still, I think the snow looks all right to me." / Reggie says: "Incidentally, I know how Ren feels all about this Christmas business, Getting depressed and everything. It happens to me every year. I never get what I really want. I always get a lot of toys, or a bicycle or clothes, or something like that. What I really want is real estate. One thing I DON'T want is to see Daggett again! He was SO annoying, that I'm not even going to BOTHER flashing back to his elimination episode. The only good thing about that episode was that we got a new team-mate in Bunny." / Patty says: "I wonder if I can contact Santa Claus with this Confessional. I think that I'll try it! Dear Santa Claus, how have you been? Did you have a nice summer? How is your wife? I have been EXTRA good this year, so I have a long list of presents that I want. (Pulls out list) Please note the size and color of each gift, and send as many as possible. If it seems too complicated, make it easy on yourself and just send money, preferably in $10's and $20's. All I want is what I've got coming to me, like my boyfriend, Doug Funny. I lost him in the ninth episode after the Expression challenge where Doug was eliminated, and now I want Doug back. All I want is my fair share." / Norbert says: "Let's face it. We all know Christmas is a big commercial racket. It's run by the same people who promote Easter and St. Patrick's Day you know." / Lil says: "Do you know what would make this Christmas perfect? A great big shiny aluminum Christmas tree! Maybe painted pink! That would REALLY bring Christmas close to a person!" / Rocko says: "Australia is one of the few countries I know of where Christmas takes place during the summer. I wonder if that Aang guy from "Avatar, the Last Airbender" celebrates Christmas? He wasn't even on my team, but I think Angelica messed up his talent performance in the talent challenge in the fifth episode, leading to Aang's elimination. I'm keeping my eye on Angelica." / Suzie says: "Personally, I prefer to celebrate Kwanzaa myself. But Christmas is a good holiday to. Chuckie Finster would agree with me if he were still here, until he decided to be an attention hog liar and fake an injury in order to get out of the challenge. I'm glad we eliminated THAT jerk after the Skull Island challenge!" / Sandy says: "I've got a good feeling about this challenge. I think the Screaming Cat's can win this one. Now that Phoebe's Tiki Idol is no longer cursing our team to Phoebe's elimination in the Cooking challenge, there's nothing to stop the Screaming Cats from going all the way to the top!" / Stimpy says: "It's all about the magic! You've just got to believe in yourself and your team. And I believe in all of them! Even Ren! He might have been eliminated once, but I don't think he's going to get eliminated again!" (Flashback.) Stimpy Narrates: "Both teams had to compete in a baseball challenge. At first, things were looking good. The Killer Beavers had no sport talent save for Reggie and Otto Rocket, while Ren and I were dominating the game. But then Otto busted out a really TRICKY technique, and got their team back in the game! But it ended up being Jimmy Neutron who made the last out, causing our team to lose! Ren lost his patience and snapped at all of our teammates who didn't perform as well as Ren and myself. Of course, Ren realized he messed up and I tried to apologize on his behalf, but it wasn't enough at the time. Ren was voted off, but he finally got the opportunity to redeem himself in the seventh episode when we all faced our worst fears. Ren Hoek was to be the Screaming Cats prize as a contestant we could reinstate should our team win the challenge. Ren had learned to become a calm, nicer dog and was no longer freaking out as he had in that one unfortunate moment. With Ren's help, our team won the challenge, allowing Ren to get back in the game." (End flashback.) Stimpy says: "As long as Ren is on a team with me, I feel as though I can accomplish anything!" (End confessional) Sniz says: "Starting at 8 AM, you have 10 hours to do all the wrapping and sorting. I hope the best team wins this challenge. On your marks, get set, (Jingle!) go!" And the two teams begin their packing! Ren, Spongebob, Patty, Lil, Rocko, Suzie, Sandy, and Stimpy all turn out to be good gift wrappers, and they make good decisions about who should get the Christmas gifts! Jimmy and Bunny waste time with inventions that do more harm then good when wrapping the Christmas presents, Reggie's clumsiness slows down the wrapping of the Christmas gifts, Otto and Angelica don't even try, Treeflower and Norbert only do okay. So at 6 PM, it's time for Sniz to decide which team has done the better job. Sniz says: "The Screaming Cats, you win! You've wrapped 642 gifts and correctly sorted out gifts for 96% of them! Killer Beavers, you lose since you wrapped only 358 gifts and only correctly sorted out 32% of them. So one of you Killer Beavers will be HOME for Christmas!" / At the bonfire, the Killer Beavers are facing judgment. Sniz says: "In addition to getting a marshmallow, you will also get hot cocoa to enjoy for this Christmas vote-off. I've got 7 campers but only 6 marshmallows. When I call your name, come up to claim a marshmallow. The camper who doesn't receive a marshmallow must immediately go to the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers, and leave. And you can never come back, EVER! Rocko, Norbert, Treeflower, Reggie, Otto. Campers, this is the final marshmallow of the evening. (Dramatic music plays.) Jimmy. Sorry Bunny, it looks like you have to hop on the bunny trail back home." Bunny says: "I would've done SO much better if this was an Easter competition!" And he jumps to the Boat of Losers. Sniz says: "The rest of you are safe, for tonight." (Confessional) Otto says: "I don't wonder what Angelica is going to get for Christmas, I KNOW! She's going to get coal because she's been a MEAN little lady! There's no way that she's NOT on the Naughty list! At least I'm honest with others, so I think there's a good chance I could get something good this year. One can always hope." (End confessional) Episode Notes: The Screaming Cats win, and Bunny from "The Angry Beavers" is eliminated.
  5. I was going to wait until after I had finished up my current season of "Total Cartoon Global Cruise," but I want to put this idea out here on this topic forum now. I have always been interested in having a show where various people came together to discuss various different ideas that they are interested in writing, but aren't sure if they want to develop it into a full-fledged series. Well, on this series, developed in the tradition of "What a Cartoon Show!" and "Oh Yeah Cartoons!"; you can come up with pilot ideas for series that you are interested in developing, and showcase them to the reading public on this forum. I only ask three things; PLEASE keep your story to a PG rating or less, NO "Twilight" story parodies, and nothing involving Justin Bieber. Other than that, the world is your oyster; whatever THAT means! Of course, I will be coming up with my own one-shot stories as well, which will include parodies of movies, but done with characters from other established brands. So stay tuned, and have fun with this topic!
  6. A surreal, absurdist parody/celebration of the plush-toy video artform. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward live in Bikini Bottom, and spend most of their time doing nothing. Occasionally, things happen. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward observe things happening in Bikini Bottom and react to them. Sometimes they do not react to them. Sometimes these things are dangerous. Sometimes the characters themselves are the danger. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward do not realize they are plush toys and that this is not Bikini Bottom and that they are in great danger. They will realize soon. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward have lots of fun in Bikini Bottom. All episodes are improvised, filmed, and edited on location in Bikini Bottom, by William Leonard. E P I S O D E S EPISODE 1 - Walk Sidewards Unto Yourself - January 16, 2017 Description: SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward introduce themselves and meet some friends. EPISODE 2 - A Curved Surface on a Galactic Portrait (###...#) - February 4, 2017 Description: Patrick learns a new skill. EPISODE 3 - Wrath of Bovine Implements - September 12, 2017 Description: SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward arrive in a strange new world. EPISODE 4 - The Spacious Space (Upon Turning 'Neo-Cubist') - July 5, 2018 Description: SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward go on an adventure. EPISODE 5 - Dedicated Propensity to Unfolding, or The Taste of Fixatives - November 10, 2019 Description: Squidward transforms into an apple. If you want to get updates on new BBA videos as soon as they appear, subscribe to the BBA YouTube channel, which you can find here! This series is a lot of fun for me to make and I hope you enjoy watching!
  7. Thanks JCM for the kewl banner! Greetings (wait--- do people say "greetings" anymore?), fellow sponge buddies! Welcome to my new lit, starring a certain friendly ghost and good little witch (shoulda seen that comin', huh?), entitled "The Misadventures of Casper and Wendy", now part of the Reneverse™! This be a joint venture between me and Renegade the Unicorn (who you may know as creator of such acclaimed lits as "Power Rangers: Multiverse Force" and "Disney's SMILE", and also gave me the idea for the it), lit writer extraordinaire, and it also be a serialized adventure comedy taking our boo-tiful duo on wild adventures often taking them from the Enchanted Forest which they call home, encountering adventure, intrigue, horror, terror, and all that sort of jazz. They'll also encounter mad scientists, lost civilizations, identical twins, monsters, aliens, and other gruesome characters and locales in the same vein. The humor (a far cry from the original source material) is mainly sourced from such beloved woiks as "Rocky and Bullwinkle", "Gravity Falls", and other nice movies and TV shows in a similar vein. And so, before I start ramblin' like Wilbur Cobb, like the old-timey movie announcers say, "on with the show!!!" Episode 1: The Time Jumpers Part 1: Bring Back My Bronty to Me or The Wurst is Yet to Come! The time= 12:01, midnight! The place= A lab in Prestigious University, Metro City, USA! The scene= Prof. Horst Bratwurst (who may, or may not, have bratwurst on the brain) has perfected a machine that takes any item from history directly to the present day! "At last!", shouted the professor, who was a tiny fellow, about 4'3, jumping up and down. The machine was a dinky little thing, basically a box with a tiny screen and a keyboard, with a huge hole on the top. But it had incredible abilities. "I've done it!" "Did what?", asked a janitor who strolled into the room. "Pops, I haff created a machine zat kin twansport any objeck from der past into der presink!", Horst energetically told Pops as he stepped down from a stack of books on a stool he was standing on. Pops wasn't his real name, he was actually 19. It was tradition at Prestigious University (Good old P.U.! This narrator remembers it fondly. I can still sing their old hymn if you want me to. Oh, no? Sonofagun, it's a rootin'-tootin' good one. Alright, I'll do it just to get you to listen. First, lemme tune up my harmonica. Ohhhhhhh, Prestigious University, we pledge our hearts to you! Gooood olllllllld Peeeee-Yewwwww! Weeeeee loooooove yooooouuu! That was it, but it was still a dandy song. Dangit, I forgot I have a story to narrate. Oh, w-ell...) for the janitor to be referred to as only "Pops". "Does it work?", asked Pops, who seemed rather skeptical about the whole idea. "Course zit does!", said Bratwurst. "I just type in vutever I wants to bring back, let's type in, for example, DINOSAURS." He typed in "dinosaurs" onto the keyboard, and it showed up onto the screen in glowing green text. "Vatch, Mr. Custodian, sir," the professor energetically told the janitor as he carefully pressed the "enter" key on the board, "as a legion of actual dinosaurs from der Mesozoic Era appear right here in zis very laboratory." Sure enough, a vapor emerged from the giant hole, and a series of towering dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurs, Tericeritops, Stegosaurs, Ankylosaurs, all kinds appeared. Pops, as he saw them, ran for his life, out of the lab, faster than Usain Bolt! The gigantic dinosaurs started to rampage, marching right out of the lab, leaving behind a series of gaping holes in one of the walls in the lab, and lots and lots of rubble. "Ach du Leiber!", a voice trembled from underneath all the rubble. It was the professor. Horst emerged from all this, shook his head and glanced at the giant holes. "Noooooo! Come back here, you oversized lizards! Return! Get back here!", he screamed, furiously jumping up and down again. The dinos continued moving, until they couldn't be seen. Sometime later this happened, somewhere in the beautiful, mysterious, Enchanted Forest, where practically anything can and will happen, we meet our heroes, Casper, the friendliest ghost you'll know, and Wendy, the good little witch. They were having a race on broomsticks, kind of like Quidditch, but without any snitch. Basically, it was NASCAR but with brooms. "Say, Casper", said Wendy, "let's race from Mount Humongous and back on these great brooms I bought the other day. It'll be loads of fun!". "Sure!", said Casper. And so, our bootiful (excuse the pun, folks!) duo raced to the mountain, when all of a sudden, Casper's eyes popped out and enlarged, like in one of them old cartoons. He saw a tyrannosaurus rex down below, guzzling down a tall oak tree, and then using a tiny bit of it for a toothpick, eventually swallowing the toothpick. The friendly ghost looked back up and shook Wendy a bit. "W-w-wendy!", he stammered. "Bi-bi-bi-big dinosaur! R-r-r-r-ight here in the Enchanted Forest!" "A dinosaur, eh?", Wendy pondered. "Sounds mighty strange. Let's investigate." And so, the two flew down to the dinosaur to see what EXACTLY was going on! Will they get to the bottom of this prehistoric conundrum? Tune in next week, same time (probably not), same forum, for the next exciting part, "T-Rex for Two", or "One of Our Dinosaurs is Misplaced!" Ta-ta for now!
  8. DariaBob JanePants Episode 1: No Brainy Janeys Allowed: A DariaBob JanePants Fic. A reworking of No Weenies Allowed -------------------------------------------- "So, this is the place that drove The Zon out of business." Daria and Jane walked towards the entrance of the new club, The Salted Wound. The Zon had fallen on hard times, and combined with this new club, and The Zons chronic legal troubles, it was simply too much for that ol place. "The Salted Wound, huh. Sounds like my kind of place. Heard Trent got a gig here."Jane said as she threw a paper airplane, failing to note that it would fly towards the line of people, hitting someone in the face. "OUCH. WHO THREW A PAPER AIRPLANE AT ME." A large muscular guy turned around. "Well Jane, you're on you're own with this one." Daria said, as Jane scooted backwards, hiding behind Darias coat. After the guy left(presumably to punch someone else) Jane came back out. The door was guarded by a muscular bouncer, with tattoos on his chest. He stood there, the only thing between Jane and this club. And a thought began a ticking inside Janes little head. 'Why, if this club can run The Zon out of business, and if Trent can get in, then so can I! Im Jane Lane!' And so, with this thought in her head, Jane walked forward. The bouncer spoke. "Welcome to The Salted Wound, how tough are you?" "Since when was toughness a legally binding term?" Jane said, a blank look on her face. "Ever since the boss told me to stop checking ages when people came in?" Daria and Jane looked at each other. "Isn't that illegal, Mr...?" "Reginald, call me Reg, and, ah, uh, the uh....the thing about that is...uhhh.....ho how HOW TOUGH ARE YOU?" Daria and Jane glanced at one another, shrugged, and Jane stepped back to allow Daria to approach. "How tough arrrrrr..........you?" Reg started, but was cut off as Daria stared at him. It was a cold, unfeeling stare, and the longer you looked at it, the more you could see, nothing but death, misery, emptyness, the fires of hell a glowing, burning brighter and brighter, as Daria leaned in closer, and closer, until..... "Ah, alright miss, you can go in, welcome." Reg shivered slightly as she walked by, turned to him, and said.. "Good. A wise choice." And she walked in without another word. Then Jane stepped up. And stared. Nothing happened. "Yeah, that ain't gonna work this time, your stare dosen't have that.......thing, to it." Jane disagreed. "OH COME ON, JUST LET ME IN, PLEASE!" Jane was getting awfully antsy. "Hmm.......can you open this jar of pickles?" "YOU BET I CAN!" Jane shouted, as she tried to open it. Key word is tried. She tried alright, but she couldn't get it. "Just....uggggh, just give me minute. Uhh, maybe I could try throwing this garden rock....maybe, I could-" "Uhh, yeah, I think you geek types are better suited to go over there." he pointed across the street, towards.. "PIZZA FOREST?!? ARE YOU SAYING I SHOULD BE IN PIZZA FRICKING FOREST?!? But he cut Jane off "Um, no. I was actually pointing over there." and he redirected her to where he was pointing. "FUZZY WUZZY PIZZA FOREST!!! ARE YOU FRICKING SHITTING ME!" "So unless you think you can fight me......." CUT TO PIZZA FOREST. Jane is miserable, sitting across from Ted and some chubby nerd girl he was with. "Well, hows your collection coming." "I managed to get the original, huh huh, print." "Sweet, you know, back in 1989, they-" "I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS, IM GONNA THINK OF A PLAN, MARK MY WORDS, AND I WON'T SLEEP TIL I DO!" Jane said, running out the door. "You can't hide from yourself forever Jane! Accept your inner geek!" Shouted Ted, as Jane ran off screaming into the night. ----------------- "Hey Jane, I came over to watch Sick Sad World and ohhhhh....... what the hell are you doing?" Jane was staring at her computer, sucking back a jumbo mug of coffee, and chowing down on her second box of Pizza, her eyes were purple and strained, her stomach pooched out, and her arms were shaking. A bunch of tabs were open, The Salted Wounds website, a page on not being a geek, a page on toughness, Andreas blog, etc." "Jane, what drugs did you take and why?" Asked Daria as Jane turned around. "I WILL GET INTO THE SALTED WOUND OR DIE TRYING!" Jane said, as she went to pull on her coat. "The latter option, then? Really Jane, I think you may have gotten a wee bit obsessed, and by a wee bit, I m-" But Jane has already ran out the door, cackling madly. "So she finally lost it.....I must be trying too hard." --------------------- It was late at night in Lawndale, Reginald was working the late shift, when all of a sudden.... "REGINALD, I DEMAND ENTRANCE TO YOUR CLUB!!!!!!!! IF I CAN'T GO TO THE ZON, I'M GOING TO THIS BLOODY CLUB." "Sorrrry Jane Lame, but unless you can give me a good reason to let you in...." "Rej, dis gurl be given yaz trooble?" One of the other bouncers had came by, a scottish bloke,who had heard the commotion. "Yeah she is reeeally a.....hey where did she go?" They turned to see Jane desperatly trying to get out of the grasp of another bouncer, a large woman with stubble. She had almost made it through the door, and she fought on. "Let go of me or I swear I'll yell rape so loudly the-" "You know I'm a woman, right?" asked the bouncer, with a deep voice, sounding like she had heard it all before, as she lifted Jane upwards. "Hey, Lesbian rape is a thing too ya know, and I should know, considering I- AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....!!!!!!! Jane screamed as she went rolling down the nearby hill. The scruffy lady seemed displeased. "Ugh, amateurs. Reg you couldn't stop a runaway toddler if you tried." -------------- "Let me guess, you couldn't get in?" Teds nerd friend(who Jane had learned was named Dani) asked Jane, though the answer was pretty obvious, she was looking down and shoving pizza in her face haphazardly. "I will get it, they can't keep me out, I'm Jane Lane, I will get in, they can't ke ke keep me out, I'm-" "Jane? You don't sound so good, you need to quit while your ahead." "Yeah, and not dead." Ted added, chuckling in a nasally way. "I can't believe It didn't work, I spent all night working on ideas, thinking of plan after plan after...." "Yeah, you definitely need to quit this Jane. Its flat out unhealthy. Look at your eyes, they show signs of severe sleep deprivation" Ted stated, as Dani smirked. " Look on the bright side Jane, with you spending your days researching topics, combined with your recent weight gain, you'll be a shoe in to join our little group!" "IM NOT LIKE THAT, I....wait, who told you I gained weight I didn't gain weight, I'm a runner!" "She did." Dani said, pointing to the booth behind her, where Daria was sitting, Mona Lisa smile on her face. "The only running you've done this week is running the pizza guy rampant. That, and the internet bill." "Daria, I trusted you, and here you are betraying me, selling out my heart mind and soul to the highest bidder! I'll have to kill you for this, you know?" "Now thats the Jane I know............and you know I can't resist making you suffer, its far too much fun, see the immense pleasure pouring off my face." Her expression remained blank. "I was worried the fat insomniac had taken over your soul for good." "I'm not fat, and I'm not an insomniac, I'm just taking some time off from sleeping, that's all." Ted spoke first. "You need sleep Jane. Rem sleep is crucial to neurological function. Without it, you're neurological capacity, capibility, and grasp on reality will slip until you are nothing more then a caffeine zombie. Quite similar to those two characters Daria described to me in one of our prior conversations, Begriss and Bunkbed, if I recall." "It's Beavis and Butthead. Their mother was high at the time." Daria added monotonously. Then, Dani spoke "Sure, maybe your not fat yeeeet. But you're getting nice and portly Jane, a few more weeks of pigging out like this, and soon one day you'll wake up with a double chin, thick thighs, a spare tire and a bubble butt to boot. Then you'll just be BEGGING to join our little posse, and you'll spend the rest of your life eating pizza and playing DnD with us, just sitting around on your fat butt all day indoors. Teeheehee, I can't wait." Dani said with a smirk. "You, are a sick sad little woman, and you have my pity." Jane said, getting a smile of approval from Daria. "Glad to see the Trent genes haven't fully assimilated you." Daria said,knowing it was gonna tick Jane off. "Whats that supposed to mean." "Come on Jane, the lack of sleep, you're new nap routine, the pudge, the caffine, it's all very clear to be your slowly becoming Trent 2.0, those lane genes can't be repressed forever Jane. You can't change who you are." "Wow, you really do like making me suffer." Then, a light bulb went off in Janes head. a "Wait....changing who I am, THAT'S IT!!!!" Jane shouted, as she once more ran off into the night. Daria spoke first. "I guess the fashionnazis brainwashing finally kicked in and shes getting that nose job?" Daria said, smirking. "I think she's going to the rainbow wig store across the street, either that or the art store." Suddenly, Dani had a thought. "Say.....are you and Jane....you know......together?" Daria thought for a moment. "That is not my recollection." ------------------------------- Reg was at the club that night, once again working the same hard shifts(damn bills) when someone approached. "Welcome to The Salted Wound." Reg said, mostly out of habit, when he looked closer at the visitor. "Wait..." "Hows it shaking my man?" The young woman asked, she looked like Jane Lane, except in all black, with wilder and longer hair, with a bit more brown in it. "I know it's you Jane." "Hmm, think you've mistaken me for someone else, I'm one Janet V McCoppin, just blew into town, heard this club was so tough it scared away the competition." She said, pointing to The Zon. "I wanted to, check it out." "Yeah Jane you ain't fooling me with that disguise." And with that, Reg leaned in and tried to rip off the wig. It didn't come off. "Huh?" Suddenly someone else walked in, who looked exactly like Jane Lane, but with face paint on, and a reversed shirt and pant color. "Hey, what is of going onz?" Jane said, using a poor russian accent."I want to enter youringz your of club. I am knowning as da Janesky Lanesky. Yeah." Reg looked back at Janet, tried to fix her hair, and then awkwardly stepped back. "Sorry about that, you can go in Janet." Reg looked at her sheepishly, and she walked in, giving him a death glare back. "As for you, JANE-SKI..." Reg picked her up, and tossed her over the hill once more. "I'LL BE BAAAAAAAAAACK!" Regs Scottish friend appeared "Yee getting da hand of dis Reg." "Nice new hat Anguiss." -------------------- "Ugh, not again." Jane moaned, rubbing her sore head as she got back on her feet, her atrophied muscles aching. Two nearby guys seemed upset by her arrival. Two....familiar guys. "Hey, heh heh, this is our spot to get chicks, heh heh." "Shut up Beavis....heh huh......that is a chick." "Hey....heh heh, you wanna, like, score with us?" Jane ran off into the night faster then you could say "Holy Cornholio" "This sucks, huhuh, we were supposed to score with diarrhea, not this, huh huh, lesbian chick. I want diarrhea" "Shut up Beavis, huh uh, shes mine." -------------------- "Okay Jane, the first step is admitting you have a problem." Ted asked, as Jane walked in once more. "I'm gonna get in, I'm gonna get in, if it's the last thing I do.......I will.....I will." Daria jumped in. "Okay, Lane look, I don't like to get all emotional, but you're seriously starting to concern me... all of this, for what? To get into some cheap nightclub? Jane, It's not worth it, just......wait....please dont tell me you used lead paint???" Janes blood ran cold. "Uhhh...........I.....don't.....know. I just kinda grabbed at paint and poured in on." "I'm just gonna assume that either everything is fine, or you'll be dead in a week." Daria replied. Ted and Dani seemed more concerned. "Lead is a deadly neurotoxin, it will ruin your brain!!!" Ted spoke as Dani followed "Not to mention your appetite, lead is no good." "Guys, Gals, emotionless husks, don't worry, I'm fiiiinnnnne, the only thing is wrrroooong is that I can't get into that cluuuuubb. I waaaaaannt in. I wwwaaaant in in innnnn!" Jane started whining again as Daria spoke. "Ok, seriously Jane, just stop this madness, you haven't slept in days, and you're starting to sound like Tiffany." This, was the final straw. "Thats It, I give up, I'm beating up the next guy I see!" Jane said, storming out, as Daria, a slight feeling of empathy making its way up, chased after her. "Jane, Jane, no need to go kill yourself, The school year hasn't even started yet." Daria said, as Janes expression suddenly changed, a wide grinchy grin taking over her face. "Jane? Whatever idea has entered your head, I have a feeling it wil-" "DARIA, FOLLOW ME! QUICKLY!" ----------------------- "So, whats your grand plan exactly?" Daria asked, concerned about the ammount of emotion on Janes face. "Oh Daria, It's so simple...I...HEY REG, LOOK OVER HERE! ITS ME, JANE! IM ABOUT TO KICK SOME ASS!" Daria's face went pale "Uhh....Jane, please tell me your referring to someone else...." "Come on Daria, help a girl out, It'll be eeeeeeaaasy. Uhh....I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS MISS NERD GIRL. HA." Reg looked over towards Jane. "Jane, no need for senseless fisticuffs, we should just......." But she was cutoff. "I SAID, YOUR GOING DOWN, YA TIMID GEEK!" Something snapped. "Ti....Timid?" Daria's eye was twitching, and even in her sleep deprived state, Jane was concerned. "Daria?" "NOBODY CALLS ME TIMID!!!!!!!" Daria screamed, pulling a knife out of her pocket and charging at jane........ ....failing to notice the large garden rock Jane had left behind prior, tripping over it, and falling over a nearby ledge, rolling down a hill towards a small neighborhood. "ACH, OOO, UGH, ACK, MY LEG, MY EYES, MY FACE, OUCH, OOCH, AHH...........ugh....where am I?" Reg walked up to Jane, who was staring at Daria in shock and awe. "Wow.....you really messed up that timid chick, didn't you?" "I....I did?" Jane said, still in a state of shock, concerned for her friends health(in more ways then one) "I can't believe I'm saying this..........but..........come on in. Welcome to The Salted Wound!" "Wait.....I made it.......I MADE IT! WOOHOO, YEAH MOFOS, JANE IS IN. YEAH!!!!" Jane screamed, all concern for Daria vanishing as her multiday quest reached its zenith. Jane sprinted in the door, seeing all the booze, and the lights, and the smoke, and, and..............failing to see the wet floor sign. ------------------ When Jane came to, all she could see was a white roof. She was in an ambulance. "Ugh, what happened?" "You appear to have taken quite a fall. According to one Andrea you slipped on a wet floor and hit your head preeettty hard. Are you feeling okay?" "Ugh...my head....hahah....least I showed those geeks......I'm Jane......Lane....ugh.........." "Geeks, huh? Hmm..... >:) ..well, since your technically a minor, and we reeeaaally should get you to a hospital quickly, we'll be taking you to the closest hospital available, riiiight over there." Jane looked out the window, her arms weak. "FUZZY WUZZY CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL FOR FUZZY WUZZY WITTLE KIDS?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  9. Gather around kids, this ain't story time, this is SILLY TIME! Hello and welcome to the exciting debut of a literature series that I hopefully won't abandon after the first part because it sucked, SpongeBob Silly Time So what is SB: Silly Time? It's a series where I present the synopsis of my very own written SpongeBob stories, but these aren't stories, these are sillies! Each story will consist of nonsensical, random, plot and character inconsistent humour (possibily even crossovers with non-SB characters that don't serve any purpose but to just be there) that takes the concept of silliness and doesn't really do anything with it other than just being silly. If this is not your cup of tea, than you'll defiantly find that tea disgusting, and would recommend looking for another brand of tea. But if it is, drink up! There's plenty to go around! The first story will be released as soon as I feel like it, so remember to keep an eye out if you're actually interested in this at all. That's about everything, bye bye.
  10. A spin off miniseries about the rocks in the show’s title card sequence.
  11. ________________________________________________ From Steel Sponge Productions, and SBC Movies Presents..... In the human world, people are very familiar with jellyfish. They are also familiar with aliens.. which is still known as fiction. In this movie, we combine the jellyfish and aliens, which makes them a jellion. No Name wakes up one day to find a new, unusual species called jellions. Jellions are made from the Evil Jellion Overlord. He wants to wipe out the jellyfish race, and also take over Bikini Bottom. No Name will try to stop the Evil jellion Overlord (along with some friends) and become a hero of Jellyfish Fields in The Adventures of No Name Movie. Based on the spin-offThe Adventures of No Name, created by Steel Sponge. SBC Wiki:http://www.thesbcommunity.com/wiki/index.php?title=The_Adventures_of_No_Name_Movie SBM Release:http://www.sbmania.net/forums/topic/43742-the-adventures-of-no-name-movie/ FF.Net Release:https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11160054/1/The-Adventures-of-No-Name-Movie Wattpad Release:http://www.wattpad.com/story/36458374-the-adventures-of-no-name-movie FictionPad Release:https://fictionpad.com/author/JuiceCereal/stories/23805/The-Adventures-of-No-Name-Movie Archive Of Our Own Release:http://archiveofourown.org/works/3676773/chapters/8130048
  12. A new literature about the adventures of a group of oddballs and their attempts to take over the world. Coming soon.
  13. A Lit About A Few SBCommunity Members Living together in an Apartment, Will it be Normal or will it be Crazy? Who Knows... Coming Soon!
  14. Guest

    SBC Guy

    Welcome to hilaryfan80's new show SBC Guy! This new show is loosely based on Family Guy. By that, I mean extremely loosely based. idk. Anyways, enjoy! The show is supposed to be complete trash. Enjoy the trash. And my sense of humor. Each episode will focus on a different member. Yay. So if you're not in an episode, your time will come. Episode List: SEASON 1 Episode 1: Katie Episode 1: Katie
  15. An idea that's long been cooking in my brain, this is my first tv.com-style lit, based on one of my favorite comic strips. For those of you who don't know the premise of Spy vs. Spy, it's about two identical spies, the only difference is one is dressed in white, the other is dressed in black. Their goals are relatively simple, outwit the other, often resulting in hilarious slapstick-based death. Sometimes the White Spy wins, and sometimes the Black Spy will win. Other times they'll end up killing themselves through mislaid plans, or through their own stupidity. In any case, the results are hilarious. The first pair of episodes, "Casino Broi-yale/Two Spies, A Girl, And A Pizza Place" will premiere later today. This won't have a set "schedule" due to the simpler format and will just be something I'll be doing whenever I feel like it.
  16. I'm going to do an retro, old-fashioned, TV.com-style spin-off. Without any SBC characters. Coming soon.
  17. Part 1 Well it was a dark and stormy night... To Be Continued
  18. Plot: The One Who Made this Fan Fiction Reviews SpongeBob Episodes Including Current Episodes Like Squid Baby And The Good Krabby Name Also You Can Vote For These Chocolate with Nuts Or Waiting Note: Some Episodes May use the PG-13 Rating For Mild Language Because You can use One Rating Most May Be PG I Might See a update That you Can Have 2 Ratings Other Then That Get Voting!
  19. Inspired by The SBM Show, this literature will be a script-type fictional series using SBC members as the characters. No, this is not a direct sequel or a spin-off. Anyway, list your personality and I'll let you in. Also, SBM members (who are not on SBC) will cameo in this. Also, check this post often for updates (at the bottom). Summary (of show): Three soon-to-be heroes, mainly Conehead, get unexpectedly dragged to strange adventures. The Locations: Planet SBC - A normal, beautiful land where every SBC member lives. Or so they thought... Planet SBM - This beautiful world links between Planet SBC through a portal. However, certain members of Planet SBM have been rumored to have a way to get to Planet SBC without a portal before it got fixed. Members of SBM live here. OBABland - A mysterious land that was owned by OBAB for a short time before Bl4ze took the land away from our three heroes. Destroyed SBC - The evil spirit's twisted version of SBC. It was a reality during Arc Month. Planet TV - This planet serves as the Land Taker's lair in OBAB Edition, and the place where the Land Takers grew up in the actual lit. Rebellion - The aftermath of the Planet SBC destruction caused by the rebel heroes. ??? - Will soon be revealed in future episodes. Characters: Conehead - A somewhat lazy guy with a normal life who seems to always get dragged into adventures by his other friends in Planet SBC. Ol Bold and Brash (OBAB) - A friendly guy who helps anyone in need. Previously a spam villain who got banished from Planet SBM forever (now allowed back on), but has joined the light and is now a do-gooder. VLK2007 (Vladimir) - A light-hearted, strange accented guy who is OBAB's best friend alongside Conehead and SpongeBob's #1 Fan. SpongeBob's #1 Fan - He's the brains of Conehead's adventures, which gives him his bummer attitude. He's also a know-it-all, and he loves SpongeBob. Patback - Interesting backstory for this character: A big bang happened before the portal between Planet SBM and SBC broke, sucking anyone off-guard into the portal. Patback was spamming the website when it happened, and he was dragged in. He then learned to change his ways and is now a normal citizen of Planet SBC. SBCbotter (Bl4ze) - The main antagonist. Forever to be a hacker, this evil member hacks on to Planet SBC (AND Planet SBM) and causes destruction and death (although in OBAB Edition he is not the strongest of all the hackers). GullahOfficial - A retired sidekick of Bl4ze, spamming Gullah before becoming a normal citizen. Sheriff Buford T. Justice - Somebody was messing around with the VCR and the magic TV during Arc Month and accidentally put in a tape of Smokey and the Bandit, causing him to come out of the TV in confusion. He's basically the same as the movie character. ssj4gogita4 (SSJ) - The old admin of Planet SBM before mysteriously disappearing and the role being taken over by The Tide and Seeker (Clips Mod of real SBM). Now he is a resident of Planet SBC, living happily in his new home. Renegade the Unicorn - An excitable yet lazy metalhead. Is annoying at times. scarypants - He likes to watch TV and play with his toys. He would also risk his life for a dollar store toy. He also sometimes thinks he's a character from multiple shows. Alex Squarepants - A weird 15-year old character. Has autism and likes cars, maps and SpongeBob. Also works at every single store in the show. Weasel - Likes weasels. Cream - A normal character, but can shapeshift into anything she wants. Likes to go on adventures. Storm - Serving as Bl4ze's sidekick, Storm is a mean character who usually stalks characters to feed their information to Bl4ze, or otherwize annoys them. WhaleBlubber - The 2nd (3rd in OBAB Edition) to most dangerous hacker in Planet SBC alongside Bl4ze, and is also Bl4ze's main (and favorite) sidekick. This hacker kidnaps people and turns them into robots for them to do temporary hacking, getting into trouble and Bl4ze's bidding. Also feeds information to Bl4ze, much like Storm. RoboticVampire - An OBAB Edition character (not a hacker in real life) that wants to meet The Land Takers. Is not in the actual SBC Show. AngryKoopa2002 - He joined Bl4ze in his reign of terror in the middle of an adventure with the hero gang. Since he's a sore loser, he insults people who don't agree with him. Because of this, he got banned from Planet SBM and now has escaped from the SBM Jail with help from Bl4ze. He has mind control powers, which REALLY makes the Planet Warriors' adventures even more challenging. Planet SBM characters: YellowShadow - Banned from Planet SBM, this member used to spam a lot before he became a good person. SBM!Conehead (Coney) - This version of the main character is more intersted in memes and Splaat than his SBC counterpart. He also is part of the new planet heroes. SBM!OBAB (Shadow) - Same as his SBC counterpart, except he knows nothing about fighting. He also is one of the new planet heroes. MrTortellini00 - Another ruler of Planet SBM alongside TTAS. Likes Kaeloo. HawkbitAlpha - Used to live at both Planet SBM and Planet SBC before the portal broke. He was also banished from Planet SBC, as he was a major enemy to it. Though he did hack himself on, he became a do-gooder with a little help from a lesson by the Planet Warriors. Other: Oobiminions - Life-sized robots that look like OBAB. The name comes from what OBAB worshiped in the past, Oobi. PutinBots - VLK's equivalent of Oobiminions (they look like VLK now). There's noone else. Yet... EDIT 10/13/16: Due to an angry concern from Bagel and Brick (the main writers of the SBM show), this is no longer a spin-off of said show. Are you happy now? You can stop being aggressively mad at me now. EDIT 11/15/16: And one more thing, I didn't bother to read your message until OBAB quoted it (but I did know what it was about) and yes, though the episodes were short in the beginning, I started to take Brick's advice, and now look at the latest episode! Five pages long! (In Google Docs, that is.) And no, I don't rush my episodes anymore. EDIT 7/4/17: Wow. Oh, WOW. It's been almost a year since The SBC Show started and I've went on a LONG hiatus because of that filthy excuse for school (which is also the reason I'm not in the Drasticals anymore). So as my 4th of July gift, I'm officially temporarily bringing back The SBC Show during my temporary comeback to SBC! EDIT 8/27/17: Things are getting stranger the more I stay here. I'm not hearing any signs of OBAB and SpongeBob's #1 Fan being online, barely anyone wants to read this lit, and speaking of which, it's 1 year anniversary is almost here! I already started my special episode which is KINDA based off of Sonic Mania, which goes like this: The heroes go through time and save the world. Bada-bing bada-boom, you've got an episode heading your way.
  20. Ask the memelord anything. He will answer you in the best possible way. Totally not a scam!
  21. Squidlard Does a Thing One day, Squidward decided he would be stupid. He changed his name to Squidlard and got drunk on kelp soda. He woke up the next morning in the doctor's office. The doctor said he was going to be stupid forever. Squidlard said, "What will happen to me?" The doctor replied, "Why the hell are you asking me? I'm a doctor, not a scientist, now get out of my office, you sack of kelp flakes!" Squidlard had done a thing! "I'm so stupid! Literally! How can I go back to my normal self?" He said. He never thought of an idea, so he looked at memes and read the For Dummies books for the rest of his life. He got a career in being the Memelord during that time period, and he was the greatest ruler of all time. Squidlard really dun goofed. One day, Squidlard decided, " I will not be remembered as stupid!" So he pretended to be Stephen Fishsticks for the rest of his second life. Squidlard died a memelord and a hero. Scientists figured out what Squidlard was doing and tried to figure out how he did it. They never did. THE END No updates.
  22. a show wjere the characters will go on adventure first we need you to sign up and make sure to describe what your character will be
  23. From the guy who didnt bring you commumity deathmatch, comes COMMUNITY RACEWAY! So, the main character (Me) Races other members of SBC to be awarded the Squid Cup! Coming soon. Maybe. I don't know. Whenever i get to it.
  24. SBC Studios Present The Dark Adventures of The Land Takers This will be a Spin-off of The SBC Show, It'll be focusing on the three main villains (Bl4ze, Storm, and WhaleBlubber) of The SBC Show and their plans The Locations: Bl4ze Dimension: A land once claim by Bl4zeTMG, it has since been destroyed by Ol Bold and Brash, But The Land Takers are deciding to make a new one Planet TV: A land that is under attacked by WhaleBlubber Characters: Bl4zeTMG -The main character. Forever to be a hacker, this evil member hacks on to Planet SBC (AND Planet SBM) and causes destruction and death. Storm - Serving as Bl4ze's sidekick, Storm is a mean character who usually stalks characters to feed their information to Bl4ze, or otherwize annoys them. WhaleBlubber - The 2nd to most dangerous hacker in Planet SBC alongside Bl4ze, and is also Bl4ze's main (and favorite) sidekick. This hacker kidnaps people and turns them into robots for them to do temporary hacking, getting into trouble and Bl4ze's bidding. Also feeds information to Bl4ze, much like Storm. Rivals: HawkbitAlpha - Used to live at both Planet SBM and Planet SBC before the portal broke. He was also banished from Planet SBC, as he was a major enemy to it. He also sometimes helps The Land Takers take down Planet SBC. YellowShadow - Banned from Planet SBM, this member spams a lot, though he does not work for Bl4ze, infact they are arch-rivals. He fights (spams) back with Oggyminions Enemys: Conehead - A somewhat lazy guy with a normal life who seems to always get dragged into adventures by his other friends in Planet SBC. Ol Bold and Brash (OBAB) - A friendly guy who helps anyone in need. Previously a spam villian who got banished from Planet SBM forever, but has joined the light and is now a do-gooder. He fights back with OobiMinions SpongeBob's #1 Fan - Tags along with Conehead on his adventures. Is friendly, and loves SpongeBob. GullahOfficial - A retired sidekick of Bl4ze, spamming Gullah before becoming a normal citizen. Hayden: A normal character who tries to stop WhaleBlubber from attacking Planet TV CDCB: Tags along with Hayden, he is friendly and stops anyone who attacks Planet TV Upcoming Episodes S1EP: Sidekick Storm S1E1: The Plan S1E2: GullahOfficial OUT! S1E3: Planet TV Takedown! S1E4: HawkbitAlpha and The Land Takers S1E5: The New Dimension S1E6: The Spammy Yellowshadow S1E7: The Disguise S1E8: The Trader Ends It All (Finale)
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