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  1. Yep you read this right. Nothing like JCMovies, I promise. This wasn't my original idea, but I figured this could be a fun side project while I finalize an actual new lit or spin-off idea. Plot: Each episode is a parody of a movie involving SBC members. #1:
  2. POWER RANGERS: MULTIVERSE FORCE Greetings all, Renegade here. I've decided to post my first lit on the site: an action/adventure crossover series based on the Power Rangers franchise. The series will follow a group of five characters in a science fiction/fantasy setting of my own creation as they become a new team of Power Rangers to save the world from an evil space demon using the powers of the ancient dinosaurs. Taking influences from the earliest Power Rangers seasons (more specifically, Mighty Morphin') and blending them with original elements, I hope to create a 65-episode series spanning 3 seasons. I'm currently working on the first episode, and should be posting it at some point.
  3. In honor of the ten year anniversary of spin-offs on TV.com and later here on SBC, I've decided to remaster/make my original spin-off series on here: My Leg!: The Adventures of Fred the Fish. This series followed Fred the Fish in a radically different Bikini Bottom from what we're used to. Watch as Fred looks to uncover the secrets of this new Bikini Bottom along with other zany adventures along the way. (Original Series listed at the end if you wanna a primer/see how I've evolved in the last eight years) This series won't be simply a reposting, but so much more! Featuring: Longer episodes More detailed, fleshed out scenes One completely rewritten episode New characters And so much more! Episodes post every Thursday evenings (7 PM) beginning September 6th.
  4. (Season 2 - Season 3) (Season 4 - Present) Okay, so basically I'm retooling the way I approach I.J.S.L.A. I want to tell each of the members' stories in a more meaningful way, instead of I.J.S.L.A being a Team SpongeBob retread. Plot - "Suffering from depression and a tragic family past, Katherine Cross is forced to confront her issues after becoming intertwined with a series of murders in Bikini Bottom. " Notes - - This serves as an origin story for Katherine Cross becoming Miss Appear. - Katherine has the ability to render herself invisible and to move things with her mind. - This will probably be a mini series. Airdate: January 29, 2016. Main Cast - (Season 1) Katherine Cross (Miss Appear) Shadow Johnny Detective Dudley Winters Vivian Coyne Mayor George Coyne Main Cast - (Season 2) Katherine Cross (Miss Appear) Analise Rogers Dudley Winters Vivian Coyne Commissioner Garrett Detweiler Marilyn Cross Molly Cross Michael Cross (Mindcross) Main Cast - (Season 3) Katherine Cross (Miss Appear) Analise Rogers Vivian Coyne Commissioner Garrett Detweiler Marilyn Cross Molly Cross Claudia Khan
  5. Season 1 Coming Soon! All Members have been Confirmed Current List of Houseguests: Zaid Wumbo Kevin Renegade Hayden Patty Trophy sbl Turd Ferguson Cream
  6. Yup, this is my new SBC literature. This will be a "what if" story, but this will be very different from past SBC works of mine. This will be half comedy and half serious. If you miss SBC Falls, this will be tonally like that, but without the parody angle. Synopsis: In the not so distant future, the world has been torn apart. A mysterious computer virus has infected and taken over 97.5% of the world (OUR WORLD!). Now, evil robots and rogue biker gangs rule the wastelands! However, parts of the world are able to protect themselves from these threats. One place in particular is a protected city called "The SpongeBob Community", containing the website's remnants. A group of ragtag SBC users are assembled by Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick to stop this threat once and for all, still with the classic SBC humor and antics you're used to. And don't worry, the chapters won't be as long as some of my other works lmao.
  7. Yeah, this is happening. I've been developing a new project for a long time now, and I cannot wait to release details about it. Knights of the Multiverse AIR DATE: February 16, 2018 Official Plot: After an incident cracks open holes through a newly discovered 'multiverse', Sandy Cheeks and Debbie Rechid gather a group of B-list superheroes on a mission to chase after a group of criminals - or "hoppers", who are breaching through parallel worlds to murder Universal Guardians. Individually, the heroes assembled are second rate or forgotten, but together they will ascend to a higher calling - becoming Knights of the Multiverse. Main Characters: The team: Sandy Cheeks / Red Widow: A scientist, agent and former vigilante with a literal 'killer' reputation. Sandy yearns for a new adventure to find some perspective that she's been desperately needing. (Hails from Team SpongeBob) Debbie Rechid / Universal Guardian: A young woman blessed with the abilities of a powerful spirit. Debbie's optimistic and sunshine-like personality hides a deeper struggle, as she deals with the weight of guilt and responsibility. (Hails from Team SpongeBob) Marshall Montgomery / Crossfade: A vigilante from Bikini Bottom looking to make his break on the hero scene. Seeming to be less regarded than a certain cousin of his, Marshall views the idea of traveling the multiverse as an opportunity to prove his worth. (Hails from Miss Appear) Tomoya Chrome / Cold Reef: A man blessed with cryokinesis, but burdened with fear over his family lineage. (Hails from Team SpongeBob) Melondy Dime / Lady Quick: A speedster looking for meaning in life after she was erased from time. Melondy has a very hardened, 'do or die' personality that causes friction with her new friends. (Hails from The Quickster) Others: Shadow: A serial killer with the ability to harness dark energy, seemingly back from the dead. (Hails from Miss Appear) Flare: A pyrokinetic woman who lost her entire world to nuclear war. Continuing a downward spiral in life, she takes her anger and hurt out on others in her evil crusade across the multiverse. Syphon: A quiet, collected, and inquisitive woman with an ability vital to Seid's plans. Quickseid / Seid: An evil speedster from Universe-1 that forms a super team to hunt down Universal Guardians across the multiverse.
  8. Coming soon to an SBC near you. First theory will be: What if Sandy Cheeks died as a child? (and don't worry, I won't abandon this like I did with my PatBack lit)
  9. After putting some thought into it, I've decided to post my next lit in what I call the "Reneverse", a shared continuity than unofficially began with Power Rangers: Multiverse Force in 2016. Just like with PR: MVF, this lit is a tokusatsu-based crossover, this time merging the first American adaptation of Kamen Rider (known as Saban's Masked Rider) with Invader Zim. Unlike PR: MVF, this series does not take place on Core Earth. Rather, it takes place on IZ's Earth, and acts as a reboot for Masked Rider as a whole, in a way. Now what will this lit be about? Well, I'll tell you... On the distant planet of Edenoi, a young prince named Dex leads a resistance movement against his uncle, the evil Count Dregon. With the environment on the planet destroyed beyond repair from decades of draining for resources and with its demise drawing near, Dex's grandfather gives him powers that have long been passed down from generation to generation and sends him far away. Coveting the powers for himself, Dregon abandons Edenoi to its own devices and follows Dex in hot pursuit. Landing on Earth, Dex must defend his new home from Dregon's Insectovore monsters...all the while having to deal with small megalomaniac Irkens, idiotic humans, and the usual struggles of day to day life.
  10. Set in a world beyond imagination, a dark, Nazi-dominated future as seen from the 1960s; one of fantastic technologies and a seemingly Huxley-esque utopia which masks inherent fascism and "Aryan" supremacy. Unto this world comes a mysterious alien being calling himself Guillotine, backed by an army calling itself GARGOYLE. A young man named Daisaku Kurusama, through circumstances beyond his control, gains access to one of Guillotine's weapons: a massive humanoid war machine known only as GR-01, through which Daisaku can give commands via a watch-like microphone, to which only he has access. As an agent of the paramilitary organization known as UNICORN codenamed "Johnny Sokko", Daisaku must battle Guillotine's vast army of monsters and engage in espionage, all the while slowly beginning to question his loyalties to the party, and whether Guillotine's promises of freedom from tyranny and a paradise of Do-As-You-Please are the "right" path for the world. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And so GR, a new lit in collaboration with Greyknight and the Appetizer, begins. This series will last 52 episodes, split into 2 26-episode seasons.
  11. Like Miss Appear and Captain Magma before it, this show is the next in line to build to the I.J.L.S.A miniseries. Plot: "Peter Chang is an 18 year old college student who has recently developed the ability to move at supersonic speeds. Though initially using his powers to make his own life easier, Peter becomes inspired to fight for a greater good after the death of a loved one. Along the way, Peter uncovers the shocking truth about the origin of his powers, and a dastardly plan that could potentially threaten all of New Kelp City." AIR DATE: April 21, 2017 The Teenjverse: 1. Team SpongeBob (2010-Present) 2. Miss Appear (2016-Present) 3. Captain Magma (2016-2017) Main Characters: Peter Chang Irene Hart Tyrone East Professor Seid Sun Chang Beldon Dime
  12. Basically, this lit takes the meme-tastic concept of Bee Shrek Test in the House and combines it with my penchant for tokusatsu-based crossovers and play it for laughs. In other words, a random-as-hell, meme and pop-culture-filled action comedy. The basic plotline is...relatively simple: the Internet's greatest and memiest villain, Robbie Rotten, seeks to prove that HE IS NUMBER ONE by recruiting the Big Four (Jack Frost, Merida, Hiccup Haddock III, and Rapunzel) and taking over the world. Naturally, it falls to Grand Dad (yes, that Grand Dad) to recruit the Internet's greatest heroes, ones who represent dankness and irony of the memescape...Shrek, Barry Benson, Cory Baxter, and Johnny Test. Can they defeat Robbie and his army of weekly monsters? ...Probably not, but these guys are the closest thing the internet has to heroes. May Pepe have mercy on our souls. CUE THEME SONG!
  13. CLUB SBC Greetings, SBC, Renegade here with my first meta literature, based on our own Club Penguin server. A slice of life comedy, this series follows the adventures of three friends: Renegade, a new arrival to the island of Club SBC, Greyknight, a somewhat cynical bookworm of a penguin, and TrixieTheUsherette (or Trixie for short), a hyperactive, coffee-addicted fangirl. This trio will navigate the ups and downs of everyday life on their little corner of the South Pole, all the while learning valuable moral lessons along the way. In short, it's basically every sitcom ever, though with a heavy amount of humor and (at times) self-awareness. I plan for it to last 26 episodes for now, with the first, "Welcome to Our Club", coming soon.
  14. Ep.1 "Karate Island (pt.1)" Spongebob was practiceing karate with Sandy,when a wormhole mysteriously sucks thems in and transports them to Karate Island. "I remeber this place!" said Spongebob. "Me...too" said Sandy.At that moment a man had walked up to them."Who are you?"they asked.'I am Shin Fu and I require your help to save Karate Island".The man told them about a guy who is going to destroy `Karate Island by causing multiple volccanoes to erupt. "It is your destiny's to stop him" Shin Fu said.
  15. In honor of SOF 5, here's a new lit based on a suggestion on the Xat. Episode 1 CNF: welp American Dad's last episode on FOX is on CNF: lmfao the continuation of the Golden Turd arc jjs: holy crap jjs: they finally continued it? jjs: (don't have it on atm) CNF: yup jjs: wow, the last episode i remember ever seeing it in was 2006 CNF: ikr jjs: although i think i recall it in that rapture episode too jjs: but it wasn't advanced much CNF: so AD premieres on TBS October 20th at 9pm ET jjs: gtg CNF: see ya CNF: im out Trophy: well it looks like xat traveled back in time again Trophy: this is becoming a daily occurrence Hayden: wait trophy I have an idea Trophy: yeah? Hayden: we've seen xat time travel enough that we're able to predict when it'll happen now Trophy: so? Hayden: so we should use it to our advantage Hayden: look up lottery numbers from september 21, 2014 and buy tickets with those numbers the next time xat takes us back in time Trophy: that's actually a really great idea Hayden: I came up with it Hayden: of course it's a great idea (ding dong) JCM: man, xat refreshed again JCM: what were you guys talking about? Hayden: nothing Trophy: nothing at all JCM: okay Hayden: let's take this to pc (the next day) CNF: welp American Dad's last episode on FOX is on Hayden: IT WORKED CNF: lmfao the continuation of the Golden Turd arc Hayden: i'm at the store buying the powerball tickets as we speak Hayden: what about you? Trophy: buying mega millions tickets jjs: holy crap jjs: they finally continued it? jjs: (don't have it on atm) Trophy: I hope this works CNF: yup jjs: wow, the last episode i remember ever seeing it in was 2006 CNF: ikr Hayden: bought my lottery tickets Hayden: troph? jjs: although i think i recall it in that rapture episode too jjs: but it wasn't advanced much Trophy: in the process of buying mine Hayden: well you better hurry it up CNF: so AD premieres on TBS October 20th at 9pm ET jjs: gtg CNF: see ya Hayden: shit we're out of time CNF: im out Trophy: okay done Trophy: whoa Trophy: hayden look at your bank account Hayden: WE'RE RICH Trophy: I can't believe it worked Trophy: this is insane Hayden: well believe it Hayden: I can't believe I didn't think of this before (ding dong) WookieDumplings: Hello, boys. Trophy: Hello...Mr. Burns? WookieDumplings: Why are these default names so stupid? Trophy: that's xat for you Hayden: who are you, noob? WookieDumplings: Who I am doesn't matter. What matters is what I want from you. Trophy: what you want from us? WookieDumplings: I found it interesting that you two purchased several winning tickets to the major lotteries at the same time. It took me many months, but I've finally managed to track you two here to this...SpongeBob chat. So tell me. What's your secret? Hayden: our secret is that we're very confident WookieDumplings: Bullshit. Trophy: do you think we're time travelers or something? WookieDumplings: Maybe. If you did travel in time, I could make it worth your while to tell me how. I could make investments, bets, and the like that would make a lot more money than those silly lotteries, and you'd receive a cut. Trophy: (pm) I don't know. Should we trust him? Hayden: (pm) nah Trophy: sorry Trophy: but we're gonna pass WookieDumplings: I was afraid you'd say that. Unfortunately for you two, your frequent visits to this chatroom isn't the only thing I know about you. Trophy: what does that mean? WookieDumplings: I sincerely hope you change your minds. Hayden: don't worry Hayden: we won't Trophy: what the fu Hayden: trophy? Hayden: what's going on? Hayden: trophy? WookieDumplings: Right on time. Hayden: what did you do to him? WookieDumplings: I'll be back tomorrow. Hayden: trophy? Hayden: trophy? Hayden: ...
  16. The Lost Six - The DVD Whatever you do, don't ever pick up a box of SpongeBob DVDs in a random alley. You will learn why in this recovered blog from an SBC user. His account has gone without a trace. This is the first post: It caught me off guard. Really, it did. The DVD, I had never seen anything like it before. The title was "The Super Six", a title which had never been on any other SpongeBob DVD before. I know that as I am a big SpongeBob fan. I have all the merchandise and DVDs, but this, this I had never got in any shape or form. Not even a photo or any information about it. I asked my friends over at SBC, but they said I was crazy. So I looked at the back of the cover. The only thing on there was SpongeBob. I swear to god I saw one of Patrick's arms behind him. Anyway, nothing else. I opened the case. The disc was plain yellow. I inserted it into the DVD player, and boy I got a shock. The only language on the selection screen was "YOU WILL UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING". I selected it. The aftershock was worse. The main menu screen was pitch red with the same picture as the one on the back cover. I looked at the selection list. These were the episodes: You Better Start Running Soon akskh17412hwh It was clearly a message, but the last episode's title puzzled me. What does this mean? I haven't watched the episodes yet. I will watch the first episode soon, until then, this is goodbye. See you in the next post. After this post, his account went blank. Apart from the blog. Hey! HeSheMeWumbo here! Hope you enjoyed the first part of my creepypasta! SWEET DREAMS. Updates will appear below here:
  17. I finally did it. Plot: Shinya and Jjs are selected to deliver the ultimate Spin-Off to SpongeBuddy Mania to end the Doody Era of Spin-Offs. But they may just have to cross the very boundaries of the internet itself to do so... Season 1 Episode 1: Doody Era Episode 2: Time After Time, Part 1 Episode 3: Time After Time, Part 2 Episode 4: Molestor Motel Episode 5: Turnin' Up At Turntable Episode 6: ROBLOX Begins, Part 1 Episode 7: ROBLOX Begins, Part 2- The Snark Knight Episode 8: ROBLOX Begins, Part 3- The Snark Knight Rises Episode 9: Hop On It Episode 10: 1j1 Gets Arrested And Stuff Episode 11: Meanwhile, At SBC: Rise Of A Goddamn Heroe Episode 12: Homecoming, Part 1: Infiltration Episode 13: Homecoming, Part 2: The End Season 2 Episode 14: Rust Episode 15: Skype Episode 16: Homecoming, Part 3005: Running Back To SBC With My Woes Episode 17: Yeezy Street Episode 18: Convergence Episode 19: Shit Episode 20: TerminEx On The Train Episode 21: TerminEx Turn Off The Television Episode 22: Return to ROBLOX: Back 2 Tha Muthafuckin Basics N' Shit Episode 23: Homecoming, Part 4: The Gates Episode 24: The Really Exciting Second Season Finale Episode Episode 1: Doody Era It was a dark time for SBC. While the heated wars of SpongeBuddy Mania were far behind them, the great kingdom of SBC had recently faltered. The Kingdom had tried to expand and combine with the Wiki Village and the Fanon Slums, and it had massively failed. King Dylan was under massive stress from January to June, and in the end, he resigned as King, and put Nuggets in his place. Things seemed to look up for a while. And then they tried to expand the Kingdom again and it sucked. But King Nuggets had a new plan. Something that would surely bring the Kingdom back to its glory days. A scribe ran into Nuggets’ throne room, carrying a large box. Lightning flashed through the window, illuminating the large, stony room. “Sir!” The scribe called. “Your project is here!” “Excellent,” The King said. “Deliver it to the scientist. It shall begin.” = = = It was a small room. It was dark, too. In the center of the room was a table with a light hanging overhead and at it sat a woman with a pharmacist’s coat on. She was scribbling furiously on her notepad when the door opened and light flooded into the dark room. In came two guys. One was a boy, about 16, with a black jacket on, and he shuffled into the room and quickly sat in the chair in front of the table. The other guy was older, and he had sunglasses and headphones over his ears. He sauntered into the room, and plopped down into a chair. “Well, hello. What are your names?” The pharmacist said. “SG, you’ve known me and jjs for years, I’m sick of you asking that question every time you see us.” Shinya said, taking off his sunglasses. Jjs snickered and took off his jacket. “Well, I suppose you’re wondering why I’ve called you here.” SG picked up a large box and dropped it on the table. Shin, not one to wait, jumped and lifted the box open. Inside were thousands of papers stacked on top of each other. “What is this? Synthetic weed made to look like paper? I like this plan already, SG.” “That’s not weed. It’s a shipment of spin-offs.” At this, Jjs snorted. “Why would you ever ship spin-offs anywhere? I can’t remember the last time I saw a good spin-off.” “You’re right, jjs. In fact, I’d say we’re in the middle of a dark era for spin-offs.” “More like a Doody Era.” “Mmhmm,” Mandy said. “But this right here, is the best spin-off ever written. Crafted by only the best story-tellers on the internet, it’s an epic poem detailing an amazing adventure, and we need to deliver it to SpongeBuddy Mania for the members there to finish the final chapter. We’ve chosen you two to deliver it there.” “Question,” Shin said, not paying attention. “Who cares?” Mandy scowled. “Spin-Offs are a dying art, you know. They’re very important to our community. I remember the good old days, where we’d go to the Spin-Off Theater on Fridays, watch a few episodes, head out to eat. Don’t you want that back?” Shin shrugged. “Whatever . I guess.“ Shin said.” Jjs raised his hand. “I have another question. How do you expect us to get all the way to SpongeBuddy Mania?” He said. “That’s the easy part,” Mandy said, smiling. “Come out here with me.” Mandy stood up and walked out of the dark room, and Jjs and Shinya followed. = = = SG stood in front of a sleek, large, hamburger shaped vehicle with pickle wheels. Jjs and Shinya stared at it with a scowl. “What the fuck is this?” Shin asked in disbelief. “It’s a total replica of the Patty Wagon.” Jjs and Shin meandered into the sandwich. “This is totally the best car ever.” Shin said sarcastically. “I know, right?” Jjs said. “Hey, what’s this button do?” Jjs asked. He clicked a button on the dashboard. Loud blaring rap music started bursting out of the speakers. Shin grinned and hit the button again. The music stopped. Jjs hit another button. A rocket launcher popped out of the gas tank. Shin and Jjs smiled at each other. “Maybe this car isn’t as terrible as we thought .” Jjs said. “Hah, yeah. Imagine how many dead carcasses would fit in here!” Shin said. Jjs looked at Shin. “Not that I would want to put any dead bodies in here…” Shin laughed nervously. “What does this button do?” Jjs asked. He almost pushed the small black button, but SG yelled out. “NO! That’s the self-destruct button!” “What dumbass would put a self-destruct button in there?” Shin grumbled. SG smiled nervously and whistled nonchalantly. Jjs and Shin looked at each other with an irritated look. “SG, would you happen to have any other cars available?” “Nope.” She said. “Just that one.” “You expect us to deliver this weed-“ “Spin-Off,” SG said. “Spin-Off, weed, same thing.” Shin said. “You expect us to deliver this Spin-Weed across the country in a sandwich car?” “…Yes.” Mandy said. Shin began to walk out of the garage. “Just a heads up, Jayman. This trip is gonna suck.” = = = Shin sped through SBCity at 90 MPH. He nearly ran over CNF as the Patty Wagon zipped past the Entertainment Rec Center. “Hey! You could’ve killed me!” CNF called after the car. “I’m pissed that I didn’t!” Shin called back. He then turned back around and weaved between cars on “Maybe I Should Just Drive My Car Into A River Or Something” Road. “Shin, could we please slow down?” Jjs asked, clearly nauseous. “Sorry, but we can’t slow down until we get to Ex’s Surf Shack. SG told us he’d give us the map, remember?” “Right. But do you have to go so fast?” “Yes.” Shin continued speeding down the street, when he took a sharp turn onto a dirt road. Jjs turned his head to the side. They were in a highly wooded area. Through the trees, Jjs could almost make out smoke billowing. He realized it was a train. “Yo, Shin, is that Rusty’s train?” Shin looked over, took a sharp turn right, and sped back onto the street. “Stay the hell away from that thing, you got me?” “I got you.” Jjs smiled. A few minutes later, and the Patty Wagon pulled into Ex’s Surf Shack. Jjs and Shin hopped out of the car and went inside. The Surf Shack was a quaint, wooden place, Ex was at the counter, leaning over. He straightened up when he saw Shin and Jjs. “Sup, guys?” “Yo, Ex. What’s good?” Shin said, grinning. “Not much. You want this map?” Ex held up a rolled up piece of large paper. “You know it.” Ex tossed the map to Shin, and then pulled out his 3DS. “I’ll see you guys later.” Ex said. “Be careful.” Jjs and Shin exited the shop and hopped back into the Patty Wagon. It was afternoon now. “So, where to first?” Jjs asked as Shin unrolled the map. He held it in front of him. Shin’s face as he read the map was a jumble of expressions. Smiles, frowns, scowls, unsure looks. Then he looked to Jjs. “Look at this shit, man. We gotta go to the Xat Fountain, the Skype Hangout, we’ve gotta go back to fucking Roblox of all places! The Spin-Off Theater, Turntable, tinychat…This is gonna suck so much.” “Nah, dude.” Jjs said, leaning back. “It could be fun. As long as we have tunes and we don’t mess with any alternate universe stuff like we did a few years back, it should be smooth sailing, right?” “I guess.” “So, where to first?” Jjs asked again. “First stop is the Xat.” Shin revved up the Patty Wagon. “Then away we go!” Jjs laughed as the car sped out of the parking lot and into the sun, towards the Xat. “Time to get out of the Doody Era!” Shin called to no one in particular. Meanwhile, in the back of the trunk, the box the Spin-Off was contained in glowed. The box shuffled. Something big was happening. -End.
  18. A few years ago, I asked Ex on the XAT about doing my own version of a Robot Chicken/MAD styled parody show of SBC spin-offs and lits like he once had back in the day called "Robot Trout". He gave me the approval to do so and I've been thinking about when would be the right time to follow through with this plan. No better time than the present to give this a shot. Plot: Spin-offs and literatures from yesteryear to the present get parodied for the amusement of others hopefully not just myself. Coming soon!
  19. Thought I’d try my hand at writing a lit for once. What happens when you mix the drama of Degrassi with the members of SBC? Well, you’re about to find out. SBgrassi: it goes there. Episode 1: Mother and Kat Reunion, Part 1 To be continued… Notes: Episode title is a pun on “Mother and Child Reunion”, the series premiere of Degrassi: the Next Generation as well as a 1972 song by Paul Simon. The story takes place in an unidentified city that is somewhere on the East Coast in the U.S. Here are the characters who make their first appearance, and their counterparts in Degrassi: the Next Generation: Katniss “Kat” Jelson = Emma Nelson Tyeamanny “Tyeam” Work = Manny Santos CD CB = JT Yorke Jjs Thekid = Toby Isaacs Mr. Terminitch = Mr. Raditch “Clappy” Clapson = Archie “Snake” Simpson Jelly Jelson = Christina “Spike” Nelson Spongetron Roboyan= Caitlin Ryan Whoey Jeremiah = Joey Jeremiah (I couldn’t come up with a punny last name I’m sorry ?) BMC = Keith, Caitlin’s fiancé Teenjangelo= Angela Jeremiah, Joey's child JCM Thekid= Jeff Isaacs, Toby's dad
  20. Residents of Bikini Bottom are enjoying their daily lives, but not for long. The United States Navy has invented new technology to circumvent nuclear waste side-effects on the body, and dives into the nuclear testing site of Bikini Atoll undercover, finding a bustling metropolis under the sea, an established society, and...talking fish. After a citizen is taken for testing by the country, scientist Sandy Cheeks discovers the land creatures are planning to take over other societies made from nuclear testing aftermaths at nuclear testing points in the Marshall Islands. These surrounding areas fight the US in an all out war. Who will win? The Bikini Alliance, or the United States of America? Find out**, in World War BA. **spin-off may or may not premiere/continue Loosely based on true stories of the aftermath of the nuclear testing in the Pacific Proving Grounds. I wanted to write a nice spin-off, so here you go.
  21. PARANOIA Welcome to Alpha Complex, in the year 214 (and it has always been the year 214; to contradict this is treason, Citizen), run by the all-seeing Friend Computer to house humanity after the Big Whoops caused by dirty Communists. Ruling over the labyrinthine, seemingly-infinite and everchanging Complex with an iron fist, Friend Computer has organized society into a hierarchy based around Newton's electromagnetic spectrum, ranging from the mindless Infrared proles to the seemingly omnipotent Ultraviolet (also known as the High Programmers), each of which are tied into varying levels of "security clearances" (which are more based on how much trust the Computer places in a person). Adding to this are the mandates of "Happiness is Mandatory", "The Computer Is Your Friend", among other things, most importantly that anything and everything can and will be treason; on the other hand, anything and everything CANNOT be treason if you're able to convince Friend Computer. Further complicating matters are the various secret societies and mutants that inhabit Alpha Complex alongside humanity, as well as the heavily edited and always incorrect history of the world before Alpha Complex. To combat threats to Alpha Complex, the Computer employs teams known as Troubleshooters, which handle threats such as Commies, traitors, unregistered mutants, secret society members, unregistered mutant Commie traitor secret society members and so on and so forth. Topping this all off is a sense of paranoia and fear, where no one can be trusted... ...However, what seems like a standard cut-and-paste dystopian setting is turned humorous when you dig a bit further: the secret societies are derived from the incorrect pre-Complex history (for example "Communists" base their ideology on Beatles songs and the films of the Marx Brothers), EVERYTHING requires a security clearance (and is as such color-coded), Alpha Complex is run by a bureaucracy so vast and ineffective no one is sure who runs what anymore, Friend Computer is a schizophrenic mess who doesn't offer any useful help, everyone is a mutant to some degree (and nearly always unregistered), and the Troubleshooters are always betraying each other, in addition to facing various threats from everything (killer robots, mutants, traitors, squirrels). This is the world of Paranoia. Enjoy your stay, and have a nice daycycle! ----------------- Yep, this will be my first new lit of the year, based on a cult classic tabletop RPG. Paranoia follows a team of six newly-promoted Troubleshooters as they are assigned missions by Friend Computer. Simple enough, right? WRONG. All six belong to various secret societies, cannot and will not trust one another, and in addition to Friend Computer's "help", are often given useless and/or dangerous equipment in order to assist on missions. So, essentially think Totally Spies with the darker and more satirical parts of South Park's humor, or Power Rangers with inverted morality and a heaping serving of Murphy's law (anything that can go wrong will go wrong). In any case, however, I intend to create a darkly humorous take on the "monster-of-the-week" genre.
  22. Just an area for general writing of mine that doesn't fit in any of my series' and to prevent creating a topic for every one shot I write. Some of it general Wendipping trash, random thoughts that came into my head or previews of future stuff depending on how I see fit. Anyhow, may as well start this off with wendip because of course I would: ----------- Picnic in the Falls It was a beautiful day in Gravity Falls. The bird were whistling, the gnomes were digging and Dipper was once more humming along to Disco Girl. "OOH OOOH!" He sang from the bathroom, unaware of the giggling voices from the other side of the door. "Yo dude, no encore! Hurry up in there!" Wendy said as she knocked loudly. Dipper either didn't hear her or chose not to hear her. Big mistake. "Oh Annabelle, should we alert to Daddy that we were being serious?" She asked the little girl standing right next to her. The girl exuberantly waved her head up and down to indicate yes. Wendy then went to go retrieve her axe as Annabelle waited by the bathroom door for her mother. Annabelle was a short little gal, only a few feet tall, but already growing bright brown hair similar to her father's natural color and was still in her bright pink pajamas even though it was already 11 in the late morning. Wendy then returned with her trusty old hand me down axe and put it in a wielding position. "Now we're gonna put a scare into Daddy honey." Wendy began whispering. "We're gonna count quietly up to… And then…" Dipper was still obliviously listening to Disco Girl, when suddenly… "8, 9, 10!" the girls announced loudly as they plunged the axe into the bottom right corner of the door. "GAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Dipper screamed as the axe went into the door, startling him. Trying to escape, he ran face first into the door quite hard, to the laughter of the girls. "We got you Daddy!" Annabelle said exuberantly. "We got you good!" Dipper could be annoyed ever so briefly as he heard his daughter's laughter. It was contagious. "Yeah, I guess you did honey." He chuckled along with them. "Now it's time for all of us to get dressed for our trip today, ok honey?" "Alright daddy!" the little girl said as she skipped along to her room. Dipper then turned his attention to his wife, Wendy Pines. "And you need to stop scaring me whenever I take a long shower." Dipper said in a sarcastic tone. "Only when you start taking shorter showers." She said back with a smirk. "You left me only with the cold water yesterday." "You're a lumberjack, you can withstand the c-"Dipper was interrupted as he dodged her axe once again. "I'll see you downstairs" she said as she took her turn into the shower. Dipper continued getting dressed, putting on a collared dress shirt and dark blue dress pants. He'd felt he might've overdressed a bit, but he decided against changing since he figured the girls would put on dresses themselves. He then went downstairs and pulled out the mail of the last few days. Dipper had a nice, organized system of differentiating between the junk mail, bills, letters, and other miscellaneous items that didn't fit with the other categories. Wendy mostly just put it in the middle of the table in a massive clunk of a mess. Deep down, it really didn't bother him all that much as he enjoyed the activity (although he stubbornly refused to tell Wendy that.) This particular morning, he saw that there was a letter from Mabel, his twin sister. He knew it was her because she signed her name on the envelope with stickers. He began to open it when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs, so he decided to save the letter for later that night. He looked to see Annabelle in a bright green sweater with a little axe on it, a birthday gift from her aunt. It reminded Dipper of an old sweater Wendy had. "What do you think Daddy?" She asked her dad. "Mommy said…" Just then Wendy slid down the stairway railing in the sweater Dipper had been thinking of. "How do I look dude?" The girls asked in unison. Dipper gave a thumbs up, but blushed red in slight embarrassment. "Daddy, we're just going out for a picnic not one of your meetings!" Annabelle said to her Dad, giggling at his rather formal outfitting. "You just need a t-shirt and shorts!" Wendy patted her on the head. "Honey, you know daddy's never had the best sense of fashion. We'll give him a couple hours to change." Wendy joked. Dipper mock laughed with a grin and went back to his room to change. Dipper, no longer the scrawny little guy who'd first visited Gravity Falls nearly 20 years ago now, had encountered a growth spurt and went from being right above Wendy's abdomen to being nearly at eye level with her. He'd let his hair grow out some and it became a bit more of a frizzy mess then straight front and combed over to look like a choir boy. Now wearing a t-shirt that read "Portland University" along some basketball shorts and white tennis shoes, Dipper went back downstairs and fit right in with the rest of his little crew. "Much better Daddy!" Annabelle said happily. After a twenty minute walk through the forest, the family of three ended up by the central lake and camped out under a tree to hog the shade. Dipper probably was glad to have changed clothes for sure as he was already sweating through his clothes. Mrs. Pines looked no bit tired and Annabelle, carrying the backpack of food, looked pretty well herself. "Mommy, why's Daddy already tired?" Annabelle asked. "Just needs to get his nose out of the books a little more often." Wendy said jokingly. "You wanna set up the meal for us, sweetie?" "Yes yes yes!" Annabelle said happily. "I got everything you asked me to pack!" She then pulled out a bright green blanket, a two liter of root beer, a bag of trail mix and six plastic bags of sandwiches, two for each person. "Bellie, where are the cups?" Dipper asked. "Cups? There's no way I'd forget…" Annabelle's voice then trailed off softly as she realized she had forgotten cups. "Oops..." Wendy then began drinking from the bottle waterfall style. "Don't worry honey, we'll make do." She said as she wiped her face and then handed it to Annabelle. She tried to drink it like her mom had, but her aim wasn't quite as sharp and mostly just got it on her face. "It's ok Bellie." Dipper said as he handed her a napkin to wipe the root beer off her face. "Isn't it so nice to have a day off with both of us here?" Wendy asked to neither of them in particular. "Yeah, it's nice to not be touring too much right now." Dipper began saying, then turned over to face his wife. "And spend more time with my wonderful wife." He then kissed her on the cheek. "And my adorable daughter." He continued as he kissed her on the forehead. "Aww Daddy!" Annabelle exclaimed as she hugged her Dad. "I have a surprise for you two!" "You do!?" They both said in surprised unison. "Yep!" Annabelle then pulled out two hats, one a baseball cap with a pine tree on it and the other a lumberjack hat. "Your old hats!" Both still had their mouths agape in Annabelle's ability to find them as they'd been hidden far away in the attic of the old house as neither really liked wearing hats all that much anymore. "Wow…" Dipper said finally ending the silence. "Never thought I'd see these old things again." "So much… memory in these…" Wendy chimed in. "Put em on!" Annabelle said cheerfully. "I wanna see if they still fit!" Dipper tried to put his old pine tree hat on, but it was definitely not as snug on his head as it was when he was 13. He tried to hide the discomfort it was causing, but he did a poor job as his head clearly looked constricted and tight. Annabelle relieved her Dad and put it loosely on his head, front side up to the sky. "That probably feels better doesn't?" She asked. "It wasn't bad before…" Dipper grumbled to himself, neither of the girls apparently hearing him. (He got over it) "Mommy, your turn!" Wendy then put her lumberjack hat on, and it fit right on like a charm. "Just like the Summer of 2012!" Wendy said with a smirk on her face towards Dip. Dipper sat in a thinker pose for a second before having a thought. "Wait." He said as he took Wendy's hat off her head and stuck his pine tree hat on hers. He then stuck her lumberjack hat on his head and both grinned deeply. "It's just like…" Wendy began. "… The first time…" Dipper continued. "… That I knew…" "That I loved you!" Both finished in unison as they embraced one another in a great hug of love. Annabelle snuck her head in the hug as well. And the little family had never been happier then they were in that very moment. --------- See you all soon with more content!
  23. Alright, so as I mentioned in the thread for Miss Appear, I'm approaching an I.J.S.L.A show by focusing on each of the core members individually first. This spin-off is the next step, and what better way to announce it than during the SOF6 . Plot - "Following his part in helping Miss Appear defeat a serial killer in Bikini Bottom, Johnny Flaire is inspired to clean up crime in his city of New Coral after a violent gang moves in. Donning the secret identity of 'Magma', Johnny must deal with the dangers of being a hero, while also battling a crippling drug addiction. " Notes - This show will take place some months after the events of Miss Appear, focusing on Johnny's own origin story as a super-hero Captain Magma has the power to control, produce, and turn his body into flames. While Miss Appear will receive a second season, this show will definitely just be a mini-series of about 10-13 episodes. Both shows are set in the same universe as Team SpongeBob. Premiere Date - Summer 2016 Viewing Order of the Teenjverse - 1. Team SpongeBob 2010-Present (Non-essential to Captain Magma) 2. Miss Appear 2016-Present (Semi-Essential to Captain Magma) Main Characters - Captain Magma/Johnny Flaire Sabrina Castillo Madeline Flaire William Flaire Tia Flaire Elena Rivera-Bandz Vicro Acosta
  24. THE NEW ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN N: THE GAME MASTER Coming soon to an SBC near you. ------- Welcome to the thread for my newest lit, guys. The first episode has yet to be written, so keep an eye out.
  25. I'm gonna make an SBC parody of Pearls Before Swine. Basically, it's a dark comic strip that kind of hard to explain. Here, let me just use a few comics to show you what it's like: Anyway, you get the idea. There are several story arcs in the comic strip, so I will use those as material. PM me if you want to be a writer. Post here if you want to be a character. Characters: Rat (an angry beer-drinking rat) - MMM Pig (a dumb but sweet pig) - Wumbo Goat (the straight man) -4EverGreen Zebra (the one who always outsmarts the crocs) - Rusty Larry (a crocodile who wants to kill Zebra) -CDCB Bob (the crocodile that always dies) Guard Duck (a duck that likes to kill people) Danny Donkey (a very, very, very, inebriated donkey) - rev Pigita (pig's girlfriend that often beats him up) Ellie Elephant (this) Patty (Larry's wife that always ridicules him for never catching Zebra) -Fa Stephan Pastis (Rat's enemy and the man who makes the comic) - kevin There's some other characters but most of them aren't that important. Coming soon, as long as I get some takers for the characters.