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  1. Discuss him as well as his only line. "HEY!"
  2. The fish who has a cab service transporting people such as Patrick to a variety of different places. and he's even saving up for community college when's not with his buds drinking beer soda. One of the best characters in television history. Unlike most Spongebob character, he has a true life goal. He makes his money, and even has a different side to him. He is the embodiment of the American dream. bless
  3. Discuss about the starfish who is very similar to Patrick and has Uncle Grandpa's voice (Peter Browngardt)
  4. Discuss about Patrick's wife Pole While she's a pole, I'm glad she married Patrick
  5. It must be a sign that nobody's made this topic before. He's a vicious, cold-blooded predator who (imo) deserves way more recognition. And who totally isn't dead. Nope. Discuss!
  6. Discuss this handsome fella right here.
  7. Discuss about Plankton's old computer wife Karen 2 She's a decent character but she was destroyed by Karen so not much else to say
  8. He used to be the winner of the Annual Founders Day Eating Contest. Discuss him here.
  9. Discuss Squidward's love child with a Patty here. Although he doesn't exist in their world, he's still in Squidward's maternal thoughts. And who knows, maybe he'll fulfill his dream of having a half octopus, half grilled sea cow meat/kelp burger child one day. Alas we all know how that would go, Junior would probably be bullied by the other students because of his unique appearance. But he'll always be safe in his mommy's heart arteries.
  10. I'm pretty sure this hasn't been made yet, so here goes. Corporal Sterling was Mr. Krabs friend back at boot camp. One day, he decided to pull a prank on his friend. Only Mr. Krabs knows, but let's just say Mr. Krabs can be arrested.
  11. This is a real American hero. Rocky never gives up, even when called multiple times that he's "just a rock". His protecting master Patrick kept reassuring that he had nerves of steel to all who opposed him. He also gave Rocky positive, laid back messages about winning the race. This gave Rocky enough esteem to put aside all the prejudice others have against him, to win this for the only person who mattered to him really. Patrick. Patrick and Rocky make a lovely pet and owner friendship. It's the Blind Side movie of our time. Rocky > Chip/Penny/Used Napkin or other (sorry Wumbo)
  12. Discuss about this pillow that looks like SpongeBob
  13. She may just be Plankton in a robot suit, but she is enjoyable...and rich. Discuss!
  14. Discuss this big boy here. Appears in 20,000 Patties Under The Sea
  15. Discuss about the unnamed Halloween boy from Scaredy Pants He's so scary, he scared SpongeBob away when he said trick or treat
  16. Discuss about the guy who got stung by Big Lenny Poor guy it must be painful when someone touches his sore
  17. Discuss about the Patty in To Love a Patty its looks yummy but it's sad it turned rotten and disgusting Candy #3
  18. Big Lenny is a jellyfish and is noted by Dr. Manowar in I'm your Biggest Fanatic. He's probably one of the coolest looking SpongeBob characters ever. He is also known for bringing ones to death with his stings. Discuss!
  19. The most unloved and unappreciated creature. Clubward E. Smith was lovingly made by Squog himself, until he was replaced by another copy of his original blueprinted design. Alone and forgotten, he lay idol giving away to sorrowful tears as his master and father betrayed his love. Forgotten by eons of generations, thanks to the archaeological work of local cartoon enthusiastic fan Patchy the Pirate, Clubward has been rediscovered. Now his ancient story of love and betrayal pulls on the heartstrings of present day humankind.
  20. Squidly Tentacles is a character that only appears in the episode, "Dunces and Dragons," in which he met the time travelers SpongeBob and Patrick who set out to rescue Princess Pearl. He is also the king's royal fool, or more properly known as a jester. Squidward is his great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson, who he also cursed tenfold due to his bad clarinet playing! :0 regardless though i love him, maybe even more than Squidward himself. Only the first sentence came from it but here's the full wikia article: http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Squidly_Tentacles Without further ado, you may discuss the royal fool here! and yes, i also understand there's already a thread for him, but its last post is 3 years old and i'd rather not bump a 3 year old topic, so instead i made a better version of it. i hope thats ok lol
  21. Talk about this wonderful art that should have went to the dump http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Squidward_in_Repose
  22. Discuss about the work of art that went to the dump http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Bold_and_Brash
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