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  1. To coincide with my 7th anniversary (wow, that long?), which was technically 8 days ago, I'm going to make my own variety series with sorts of written up material, such as whatever I had left over and never saw the light of day, scrapped plotlines, and material that I can write up myself, whatever really gets into my mind. I will start this up shortly.
  2. Yep, screw it. I've been thinking about this being a full-fledged series. I thought I would only continue this as an experiment on my variety series, but clearly, it was an idea for a full-fledged spin-off in disguise. For those who don't know, the main gimmick behind this series is that certain SpongeBob episodes will be put into Google Translate. I will not go through every one of them, but I'll have guest spots open for those who want try the spin-off's formula. All four segments that I posted on Oh Yeah! Collections will eventually be posted on here as a combined pilot episode. The spin-off is also rated General+ for some future instances of unintentional swearing. The first official episode will be out sooner than later.
  3. Allright. Time to make a topic for this. It's Gary The Snail's Undersea Adventures! It's my second spin-off and i'm really excited for it! It's a comedy spin-off with Gary and his friends through his many adventures! Expect the very first episode this Wednesday!
  4. Could it be? Yup, this is my new spin-off. Coming soon... See its wiki page for more information.
  5. Hello Everyone. I have decieded to make a spin-off called SpongeBob and His Friends. It is a very suspenseful tale about SpongeBob and His Friends in a great depression due to the death of Mr. Krabs. With help from Squidward and others, SpongeBob will track down the murder of Mr. Krabs. Expect the first episode to be released soon!
  6. Yes, this is an SBM Repost, aka I made this on SBM first, and copied it here. Enjoy. Hey guys, I just recently got into poetry, and decided to make some deep ones, because I love writing, especially when I'm talking about something, but with almost no mention, just metaphors, similes, and other things. Here's my two, with meaning. Both mention lies. When a man hides his truth, he murders part of the world, the pitiless screams that men miscall life, of which I can bear no longer, the soft feeling of love and warmth, the harsh feeling of reject and death now feel as though they are one, Kingdom of Salvation, may you take me home. Yes, this inspired by To Live is To Die by Metallica, just kinda rewritten by me. What this poem means is that when a man lies about his life, he slowly ruins the world around him. For awhile, everything is the same to him, right and wrong, good and bad, and of course, truth and lies. The Kingdom part is saying that we must protect ourselves from this wrongdoing. Now the next one. The pledge we make, to the dark unknown, is only securing our seat to disaster. Come one, come all, to the tradegies we make, To the downfall of our sake. The failure we make, collecting lies and reproducing them as truth, only weakens our bond. To this, I say we are not ourselves, we are something else. Oh man. Deep af. This is about how everybody mainstream nowadays is trying to be what we've already saw. When they're a teen/in 20s, they say they need/want to be exactly like this person, aka making a pledge to secure their seat to disaster. Come one, come all means when someone popular does something, the others also do it. When the popular one makes a tragedy, the others make one as well. The downfall of our sake means we have lost interest in finding something, or being something different. The failure we make, lies and truth bond blah blah blah means that when someone you want to be says something, and you collect that which could be a giant lie, we reproduce it as truth. When someone finds out it's a lie, it weakens the bond between them and the others that hear it. I say we are not ourselves we are something else because, those people aren't their own self, they're copies of others. the end
  7. The Yellow Avenger Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins… At a strange laboratory, there was a large pool of boiling chum. But hanging over the pool of chum, wrapped around in chains hanging from the ceiling was a sponge wearing a red blindfold-like mask, a purple cape with a long collar, and black boots and gloves. Down below was Plankton as he laughed evilly and walked away. “See you later, Masked Fool! Mwa, ha, ha, ha!” While the sponge was hanging over the pool of chum, he had a nervous look on his face unsure of what to do. ‘Wow, I never thought I’d be in this kind of predicament. But I guess this is what happens in the life of a superhero.’ SpongeBob’s voice began to narrate. ‘And that masked superhero you see before you is…well…it’s ME!’ Then he gasped. ‘But, shh! You can’t tell anyone that!’ Then suddenly, a bubble from the chum popped and splashed up near the masked superhero sponge, and it evaporated into smoke forming into the shape of a skull and crossbones, causing him to scream in fear. Then it all suddenly froze. ‘But I guess I should start from the beginning of how I got into this unfortunate experience.’ Then a spinning blue background appeared with the title appearing as the announcer said, “The New Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy!” ‘Oh, I love this show!’ SpongeBob’s voice pointed out. ‘I wish I was watching it.’ In fact, SpongeBob WAS watching it right now on the couch of his living room along with Patrick. ‘Oh! I am. Ha, ah, ah, ah!” Then the MM&BB announcer narrated, “We join our heroes having their afternoon meal.” SpongeBob and Patrick watched anxiously as on screen Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy walk over to their table just as they got their lunch from the cafeteria. “You know, Patrick.” SpongeBob was saying. “Yeah, SpongeBob?” Patrick replied. “Wouldn’t it be cool to be a superhero?” “Huh?” Patrick asked, not really paying attention to SpongeBob’s question. “Wouldn’t it?” SpongeBob kept asking. “We’d get to fight crime, wear tight fitting costumes, and get super heroic names.” On T.V., Mermaid Man was about to eat until he stopped. “Wait a minute!” Mermaid Man said. “They forgot my meatloaf.” “Will our heroes ever get their meatloaf?” the announcer asked. “Tune in next week and find out.” SpongeBob smiled as he calmly sighed. “Being a superhero would be totally cool.” But then a news bulletin suddenly appeared on T.V. “We interrupt this program for an important announcement.” Then SpongeBob stopped and wondered, “I wonder what can be wrong this time?” On the television screen, Perch Perkins announced, “Some of you may be asking yourselves ‘what can be wrong this time?’. But the chaos that has ensued today is caused by none other than the Restaurant Bandit.” SpongeBob and Patrick both gasped and held each other in fear when the news showed security cam footage of a green fish wearing a black ski mask and dark brown pants robbing a diner. “It’s easy to see that he has been robbing restaurant after restaurant.” Perch announced. “But attempts at catching him have led to failure. If you have any news about this dangerous criminal please contact us immediately.” Then SpongeBob shut off the T.V. as he stared at Patrick nervously. “Gee, I’m starting to get a little nervous that the Krusty Krab might be the next victim of that horrible criminal.” “What horrible criminal?” Patrick asked. “The Restaurant Bandit.” SpongeBob answered. Patrick just stood there silent until he said, “I don’t get it.” SpongeBob just sat there until his watch suddenly beeped. “Oh! I almost forgot. I promised Gary I would pick up a pizza for him.” He got off the couch and giggled. “If only I hadn’t lost that staring contest with him.” “Ooh! Ooh!” Patrick shouted, jumping up and down. “Can you bring me a pizza?” SpongeBob smiled and replied, “Sure thing, buddy. I’m on my way!” When SpongeBob walked out the door, Patrick turned on the T.V. and leaned back on the couch. “Oh, I love this movie!” he said excitedly. At a pizza restaurant, lots of customers were there, waiting for their pizza, along with SpongeBob. An orange fish lady employee at the counter called at the microphone, “Now serving…10.” While SpongeBob was waiting in line for his number to be called out, he looked at his service number slip, and saw it had the number 80. Meaning his number won’t be called out for a LONG time. But SpongeBob just smiled and shrugged. “Well…I do have to go to the bathroom anyway.” When SpongeBob dashed to the restroom, the doors of the pizza place suddenly flew open and there stood a familiar figure. “Alright, nobody move!” All the customers and employees gasped. “It’s the Restaurant Bandit!” a lady cried. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, SpongeBob came out of a stall, happily singing a tune as he walked over to a sink. “Do, do, do, do, do, do.” He sang as he washed his hands. But when SpongeBob used the soap dispenser, nothing came out. “Hmm…” He looked closer at it, wondering if there was any soap. Then he pushed the tab in, having soap squirt right into SpongeBob’s eyes. “AAAHHHH!!!” SpongeBob cried in pain as he held his eyes and ran around the bathroom. As he blindly ran around the bathroom in pain, his right foot got caught in a bucket, and stumbled back having his head get caught in a trashcan. Outside the bathroom, the Restaurant Bandit was at the front counter as the cashier put the money in a sack for him. “Come on, I don’t have all day!” the bandit demanded impatiently. But then they stopped when they heard a high-pitched screaming, everyone looked to see SpongeBob stumble out of the bathroom still screaming with the bucket still on his foot, and the trashcan on his head, making it impossible to see his face. “Who the heck are you?” the bandit asked. But SpongeBob just blindly stumbled toward the bandit and stepped on his foot as the bandit cried in pain as he held his foot. Then the Restaurant Bandit looked angrily at SpongeBob. “Alright, now you’ve done it!” But SpongeBob was now trying to get the trashcan off his head as he walked backward, but then fell right into a mop bucket that rolled backwards and bounced against the wall; rolling right into the bandit and pushing him back through a window to outside. Once the customers opened their eyes to see the Restaurant Bandit was gone, one male fish said, “Oh my Neptune, that mysterious man just defeated the Restaurant Bandit!” While the customers were talking, SpongeBob was in the corner, still trying to get the can off his head, but then stumbled backwards into a garbage chute. “Who are you, strange hero?” the customer asked until he and everyone else noticed he was gone. “Where’d he go?” a woman fish asked. “He is truly a modest hero.” A male fish stated in amazement. When SpongeBob went down the shoot, he landed in a dumpster outside the restaurant. The bandit was outside in the alley next to it as he growled, angrily injured from SpongeBob. “If I ever see that guy again, he is so dead.” Then he walked away as SpongeBob came out from the dumpster, having finally removed the trashcan from his head and was now recovered. “Oh…” SpongeBob groaned. “Did I miss something?”
  8. So, I've decided to create another topic for the spin-off/lit category where I can write my unsorted ideas down. Hope you enjoy. And yes, the title is spelled wrong because alliteration.
  9. For those of you who haven't read it yet, this is my Gravity Falls fanfic. Chapter 1 It was another slow day at the Mystery Shack. Wendy had gone home early, so Stan left Soos, Dipper, and Mabel to watch over the gift shop. Dipper sat behind the counter, flicking through an issue of Wacky News in boredom, while Mabel played with a Magic 8-ball she found. “Grunkle Stan told us not to touch anything, Mabel,” said Dipper. “I just want to ask the Magic 8-ball a question,” said Mabel. Dipper rolled his eyes. “Fine, but don’t blame me when you get in trouble.” “Will Dipper ever loosen up?” Mabel asked the ball. Mabel turned the ball around and looked through its tiny window as the answer revealed itself to her. “Don’t count on it,” she read aloud. Mabel giggled and put the magic 8-ball back where she got it, next to a stack of books, one of which caught her eye as she was returning the ball. “Look at this! Fairy Tales and Other Stories for Children!” said Mabel. Soos, who was sweeping up the floors, perked up at the sound of the book’s title. “My grandma reads those to me all the time!” exclaimed Soos. Dipper and Mabel looked at Soos with confused expressions. “I mean used to. Used to read them to me,” corrected Soos, who then went back to sweeping the floors. Mabel grabbed the book and blew the dust off of its back cover. “Little Red Riding Hood? Hansel and Gretel? Snow White? These are some of my favorite stories!” gushed Mabel. “I can’t wait to read it!” “Yeah, yeah, read your fairy tales. Meanwhile, I’ll be reading something intellectually stimulating,” said Dipper, reading a tabloid with the headline: “I Married a Unicorn”. Mabel opened the book and put her finger on the first page. “Once upon a time…” Suddenly, Mabel, Dipper, and Soos were in the forest. “What the…” Dipper, who had been sitting, fell onto his back. “Wow! We’re in the story!” said Mabel. “Can you get us out of the story?” said Dipper, standing now and brushing dirt off his back. “I don’t know how.” “Wait, I’ve got an idea,” said Soos. “If we play out the fairy tale, we should be able to go home once we’re finished.” “How are we supposed to play out the fairy tale?” asked Dipper. “I don’t see a wolf around.” “Uh, Dipper…” Mabel pointed to patches of fur on the back of Dipper’s hands. “What?” Dipper saw the patches and screamed. “No! This is not happening! This is not happening!” A few seconds later, Dipper’s entire body was covered with fur. “This is happening,” he sighed. “I guess that means I’m the lumberjack,” said Soos. “See you guys later!” Soos hurried off. Mabel noticed a basket of food in her hands, and Dipper, smelling it, licked his lips. “Hey, Mabel, would you mind sharing some of that with me?” asked Dipper. “I’m starving.” “Oh no, I can’t! It’s for my grandma!” said Mabel, winking before she ran off into the forest. Dipper growled. He tried to chase Mabel, but his feet got too big for his shoes, making him trip. “Stupid wolf feet!” said Dipper, who tried to pull his shoes off, but when he couldn’t, he used his sharp teeth to do it instead. By the time he got both of his shoes off, Mabel was out of sight. Dipper wandered through the forest, occasionally putting a berry in his mouth and spitting it out due to the sour taste. When he could hardly bear his hunger anymore, he noticed a bunny hopping along. Without even thinking, Dipper lunged at the bunny and ate it whole. “Hey! I saw him first!” said a voice behind Dipper. Dipper turned around to find a bigger wolf with bigger teeth and bigger, yellow eyes looking down at him. Dipper tried to run, but the wolf grabbed him by the tail. “Not so fast,” said the wolf. “I didn’t know there were others like me in this forest.” “I’m not from here,” said Dipper. “You aren’t?” The wolf raised an eyebrow. “No, my stupid sister brought me here. Listen, I didn’t mean to go after your prey. I was just really hungry. Please let me go. I won’t do it again.” “Of course. Anything for my fellow canine.” The wolf let go of Dipper’s tail, and Dipper ran away as fast as he could. When he finally stopped, he noticed a log cabin in the distance. “That must be grandma’s house,” he said. “Meaning it must be where Mabel is!” Dipper ran to the cabin and pounded on its door. The old woman who lived in the cabin peeked at Dipper through a pair of logs. “Let me in!” shouted Dipper. “Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!” said the woman. “What?” “You heard me!” “If you don’t let me in, I’ll huff, and I’ll puff!” Dipper took a deep breath and then blew at the cabin, causing it to collapse. “Oh, no!” said Dipper. “What have I done? I killed grandma!” Meanwhile, Mabel was skipping through the forest as a group of birds dropped a red riding hood over her. “Thanks, guys!” she said. As Mabel reached the end of the forest, she spotted what was left of the cabin, and she hurried to it. “Grandma? Are you okay?” she asked. Dipper popped out of the wreckage wearing the old woman’s clothes. “Yes, dear! Nothing to see here!” said Dipper. Mabel smiled. “Grandma! What big ears you have!” “The better to hear you with, my child.” “But what big eyes you have!” “The better to see you with.” “What big hands you have!” “The better to hug you with.” “And what a big mouth you have!” “The better to eat your goodies with!” Dipper jumped out of the woman’s clothes and grabbed Mabel’s basket with his big hands. “I’m glad you’re getting the hang of this, Dipper!” said Mabel, taking her basket back. “Gimme the basket!” said Dipper, pulling it his way. “Sorry! Can’t do that!” ”I’m not fooling around!” As Dipper and Mabel tugged the basket back and forth, Soos showed up wearing a lumberjack costume and holding an axe. “Hey, dudes. Like the getup?” said Soos. “Tell Mabel to let go of this thing!” said Dipper. “You two shouldn’t be fighting,” said Soos. Soos raised his axe and used it to cut the basket in two, spilling its contents on the ground. “There. Now you can share it,” said Soos. Before Dipper or Mabel could pick anything up, ants covered the food and left it as nothing but crumbs. “Aww,” said Dipper. A man in a large castle watched Dipper, Mabel, and Soos through a crystal ball. The wolf from earlier walked up beside the man. “Sir, we have visitors,” said the wolf. “I know,” said the man, rubbing the wolf’s head. “I know.”
  10. Part of Snowcember Ball 2016. You know, I don't often take the chance to do this, but I thought now would be the perfect time to say how much I appreciate being able to stay on SBC after the things I said last night. If you read my entry into the Snowcember Ball Writing Competition I MAY have said some things that seem uncivil and a little too much like me. I see people like Cha and E.V.I.L.'s points about me being just fun to watch and not much fun to be with, but I'm telling you now, the one you really have to be on the watchout for is Squilliam. He may have all the looks, talent and fans that I so fervently desire, but he's rude to everyone- he's even rude to me. Why, when we met in band class, he wasn't the nicest to me. I just wanted to be everyone's friends and he turned everyone away from me and made it so they'd never be nice to me again. They made fun of my looks; my face, my nose, my hair- I'd painted it blue in those days but it had faded away to a shade of pale grey and everyone called me "Squidward OldBaby!!!!" Horrible, horrible times. Then I shaved all of my hair back to make them like me again and they called me "Squidward Baldward!" The moral of this story is to NEVER TRUST KIDS. Until next time, Squidward Tentacles signing off.
  11. This series is all about what it would be like if characters had mental breakdowns. Please enjoy. BOOBER FRAGGLE (Fraggle Rock) "Oh, Wembley, Wembleeyy!" "Yes Boober?" "Do you think I'm... fun?" "Well Sidebottom sure was, and he's a part of you, right?" "Well, yes, that is true. But, me, personally, do you think I'm... fun?" Wembley burst out laughing. "You, Boober?" "Yes, what's so funny about me?" The remaining members of the Fraggle 5 all crowded around him and exclaimed 'NOTHING!' "I thought as much." Boober said, hung his head and went off in a sulk. "I wonder what's wrong with Boober," Gobo commented. "Yeah, he's never acted this way before." But he had. And Boober knew it very well. But Boober was not the only one who knew this. Oh no. You see, Boober had a split-personality called Sidebottom who was the fun side of him called Boober. Boober was a very boring and laid back Fraggle who enjoyed the quiet sanctity of laundry and cooking. But this was just one half of his personality. The other half was the complete opposite- he told funny jokes and threw wild parties and told jokes to everyone he met- if Boober let him out. But Sidebottom didn't really exist. Here's where it got confusing- HE WAS Boober. Now, Boober had to make sure that nobody ever saw this part of himself but today when he watched Red at the pool while doing his laundry he started thinking to himself "wouldn't it be great if I could do tricks like that? Be as..." He dropped his laundry. "FUN as Red?!?" He dropped his laundry in shock and embarrassment at what he had just said and ran back to his Hole. "Nobody must ever know of this," he thought to himself and he locked that memory deep in his mind. But, whenever he did this, he was just asking for a visit from his fun-side, Sidebottom. Sidebottom only ever visited Boober in his dreams and only one time that Boober remembered had he come out and traded places with him for more than a minute. Boober didn't like this memory one bit and he licked it away in his memory too. "Maybe I should just lie down for a nap..." he thought to himself. That would get my mind off Sidebottom. He laid down in his hole, put his head on the pillow and... woke up in a dimly lit cavern. He looked around- by which I mean he moved his head around as if he had eyes (which he didn't I am telling you) and all of a sudden he heard a sing-songs pics and all of a sudden he knew where he was- The Crystal Cavern of Lost Dreams (Note: an old old fanfic of mine (the first one I ever did was called this) and got completely deleted off of the Muppet Central Forums (my first ever forum) was called this and about this and perhaps I will do a revised story if you guys like this one. Please leave notes.). This was where he met Sidebottom for the second-last time and he knew who he was meeting now. The Fraggle If All Colours, the man himself- SIDEBOTTOM. "Here goes my old buddy, Boober! Come to the land behind the eyes!" "Oh no not you!" "Oh you remember your old buddy SIDEBOTTOM!" "Of course I remember you! How could I not you make my life so much worse with your fun and your dancing and shenanigans!" "But you love those things! Don't you want to play with your old buddy SIDEBOTTOM?!?" He did a funky little jig and then stopped. "And I know who you want to play with too! You have always been too shy to play with Wembley!" "Wembley? Well I-" "And Red! And Mikey! And Gobo! And Gobos Uncle Traveling Matt! And-" "OK, OK, so I'm too shy to play. We've established that. Now will you quit bugging me?" "But Boober! You called me here!" "No I didn't! When?" "You want to be just like Red!" "Oh no! No I- UGH I REMEMBERED! Wait I'm being shaken! I'm waking up!" "wait I'll go with you!" Sudebottom jumped on top of Boober and they exited the dream. Boober was startled by a sudden tap on the shoulder. "BOO!!!" Sidebottom laughed crazily and literally rofled. Boober shook his head and was startled by somebody knocking on the wall of his Hole. "Boober! Boober! I brought you some muffins!" "Muffins? Well I-" "Take one! Sniff the aromas flittering through the air! "Sinxe when are you so interested in the pleasant aromas of baked goods?" Boober sniffed. "Since when are you so interested in fun?" "Wait what?" "You like baking that's fun for you right! "Not fun fun b-" "Isn't fun whatever you enjoy?" "I guess you're right I have been enjoying myself a lot lately-" "You may burn out your funbox-" "My wha?" "Sorry I know you watch Silly Creature shows and I saw one once with this really adorable guy called SpongeBon in it and-" "I always liked Squidward." "See we do have something in common we like the same show!" "Yeah my favourite Ep-" "Boober! Boober, are you OK?!? Who are you talking to?" "Uh no-one! Nothing! Look, what's that over there?" "Over where-" Boober closed the curtain to his Hole and said to Sidebottom, "Look what trouble you got us into out there! What me? I'm SpongeBob, you're Squidward-" "Look you barnacle-brain-" "Boober are you all right in there?" "Yes just practicing for my talent show next week- I'mauditioning for the part of the dummy salesman-" "Well you sure are acting like one!" "SSSHHH!!!" "Well Boober you are the only doctor in Fraggle Rock so I guess you know what Yore talking about-" "Yes, yes I do and if you don't mind I'd like to get back on doing what I do best." "Are you ready Boober?" "Reafu to do what?" "Ready to combine and become Super-Dooper Boober Fraggle? I know it's what you've been thinking about ever since you saw Boober's Quiet Day, the recount of our lives The Jim Henson Company put on." "Yeah OK." "Well let's go! WOOOOO!!!" The two merged bodies and emerged looking like a mix between Elvis Presley and SpongeBob in Grandma's Kisses where he's trying to be a man. Boober stepped out of his Hole, looked straight up at Mokey and said, in a very suiting voice to what I just described (as well as of course his own voice too), "Hey doll face. What's a beautiful cir-or-ircle like you doing in a place like this?" Boober fainted heavily, costume still intact. "Well I- BOOBER! OH NO!" Mokey carried him over to Gobo and Wembley's cave where Boober woke up a split second later, grinned and said, "Fooled you didn't I?" Red came to tackle Boober and Boober stood up, tackled Red, WON and said "No, you squares I'm outta here" "Oh no, you're not," Gobo said. "You need bed-rest." "Oh I see what the problem is! You don't know what day it is do you?" "What day? Um, Wednesday?" Mokey said. "Nope its Opposite Day-" "Tell me Boober-" "I just realised how so- wait I thought we merged" "I'm still here, I'mnecer really gone and neither are you- once we're here we. Ant get rid of us." "Awesome! I mean, great " "Oh gosh he's speaking to himself again!" Gobo exclaimed "I'm fine guys, see it's just my wig case!" Four of the Fraggle Five sighed. "If only we knew what was wrong with him." "Let's unmerge?" "Let's" Boober took his. Kstyme off. "See I'mfine guys I was just seeing what it was like to be fun for a change and you know what- I LIKED it." "You LIKED it?!" Red exclaimed. "Yeah and I think even Jim Henson would've liked that one." "What one Boober?" "The experience we just had. But next time let's stick to laundry and cooking please." "You got it. But the next time after that-" "Sidebottom-" "Yes?" "We'll see" "Yaey and you sure are CUTELOL" "What?" "Inside joke " "Um OK" "Boober?" Gobo asked. "Yeah, Gobo?" "I'm glad you had fun but really who are you speaking to?" "Sidebottom." "Oh," Red said. "Oh well that explains it." Gobo said. "That explains a lot," Wembley said. "That explains EVERYTHING," Red said. "Oh and for the record, I don't like any of you as more than my friends." "Same for all of us Boober" "I did like Sally from Sally's Carpets though" "Boober!!!" "Sorry :D" "Wrll I hope we all learned a valuable lesson from this." "What's that Mokey." Wembley asked. "Don't go changin to try to please me" "Oh..." the Fraggle Four sighed "There goes Cornball Mokey making her rounds again," Red quipped. "Goid night everyone." Boober said. "But its only the middle of the day," Red exclaimed. "Not Australia time," Boober pointed out. "OK goodnight Boober. We're off to talk to Madame Trash Heap. "Good night."
  12. As chosen, this is the first thing I will announce. This will mainly be a mega crossover with most of my works. Here are some details to add: This takes place AFTER Pisces Moon Takes place DURING Z-Storm Has little association with Underwater Survivor Takes place BEFORE and IN THE MIDST of Guru Gakuto Takes place AFTER Sub-Tropical Academy (nothing will be spoiled) And takes place AFTER Tiki Land
  13. It's a thing where I write whatever the heck I want. I have some ideas, and I wanted to do this, so some stuff is coming up. (under reconstruction) Table of Contents:
  14. So since I'm a little bored right now, I've decided to write another story with my bad writing! I made one not too long ago: http://www.thesbcommunity.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10843-spongeykids-lazy-writing-the-vanished-cookie/ Of course it's not amazing, but I'll try to improve with this one. It's called... The Adventures Of GarneRick Plot: So Garnet seems to have a lot of "secret" and "personal" missions that she does alone as seen on the show "Steven Universe". But what exactly are those secret missions? What does she do? Well, you'd be surprised. In this story, It describes what she did in the episode "Chille Tid" while Steven, Amethyst and Pearl were having that slumber party. You'd think that she was searching for Malachite or some other gem thing, but she actually wasn't... Read more to find out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And that was chapter one of this incredibly weird story that doesn't make much sense I'm not trying to put a lot of sense into it anyways, just trying to make it fun to read. Tell me if there's any errors, plot holes, and more importantly what you guys thought about this. Also, maybe this may not have been the best time to start this writing thing considering school is right around the corner but... yeah Thank you for reading!!
  15. (credit to sbnator20 for the banner) Plot: One day in the deep blue sea, a mysterious spacecraft crashed nearby Bikini Bottom in an old desert. Inside, it contained a sentient being from another galaxy, known as Darsun. Five long-time friends investigate and come too close. The sentient then gives them all a mysterious power...of the Undersea Force! Watch as they fight Rark, Vandalators, and jump through Zones in the adventures of the Undersea Force! 1. Episodes 2. Shorts 3. Characters + Vehicles 4. Zones
  16. I take the dreams that I have and make them into a story. So yeah, this was all a dream of mine, more or less....hooray for experimentation... Season 1, Episode 1 1. Red Ants, Assemble! A man named Charles wakes up in a large, white room, with a door floating towards the ceiling. He figures there’s no way out, so he keeps running through the room…and there’s still nothing. It must be some sort of solitary confinement. For two years, he stays in there, slowly going insane. However, at one point, a section of Charles’ head splits open a large centipede with a toy train in his mouth coming out. Charles starts freaking out but the centipede throws Charles towards the floating door, but misses. Charles starts falling, and lands on the ground so hard he cartoonishly crashes through the floor and lands on a metal balcony in New York City during the events of The Avengers. He watches the Avengers fight for a while, and then throws a safe into the air and teleports to an ant farm museum. After looking around for something in the gift shop, and randomly starts floating towards the local Bank of America, which also starts floating. He tries to catch up with it, and ends up only slightly brushing it with his fingernail, the Bank of America building flies toward the Earth faster than a meteor, and destroys it. Charles is far enough away from the explosion, but is the only survivor…or so he though. The ant farm museum tanks have some of the biggest explosive impact, and hundreds of red ants fly up and attempt to chew up his skin. TO BE CONTINUED
  17. Spongicus: Reborn Blood Part I: Fictus Oraclum (A gradually quickening pan of a mulch and gravel landscape engulfs the screen; the landscape slowly disappears as an upward tilt of the camera appears, revealing a pathway, constructed of masonry bricks; several fish enter and exit the scene, all sporting medieval wear, in front of medieval stores and market places) [Gentle galloping fills the ambience, and increasingly becomes louder; suddenly, several fish dash for the opposite sides of the road, as two figures barrel through the pathway, followed by three other darting figures chasing them; the camera follows the two figures, revealed to be medieval SpongeBob and Patrick, wearing tattered clothing and holding two duffel bags] Spongicus: Loot and a half, my fellow thief! Loot and a half indeed! (Spongicus and Patricon continue down the stretch of path, evading now apparent medieval officers, wearing bright robes and brandishing rope and sickle; the two make an immediate right, and are stopped by a brick wall in their midst; the two only just become aware of their situation before being pinned to the wall, and have their wrists tied to their backs with the rope) Officer 1: Thieves! The scum of it all! While others work, you reap the reward. Have at it for only so long, before your tragic fate at the hands of the blade. Spongicus: Do away with our heads, if you will! Patricon: Aye! You can even behead us if you please! [spongicus rolls his eyes at the remark] (The scene suddenly becomes dark and unlight; a loud cranking sound is heard, apparently the sound of cogs and tumblers as sunlight enters the view; two large double barricade doors open in conjunction, as the trio of officers enter, securing Spongicus and Patricon in their wake; as the camera pans backwards to reveal their entrance, a figure becomes visible on the left, seemingly sitting) Officer 2: [stands before figure and bows] We have brought ye the offenders in question. Those that have savaged the lands for a fortnight. (Spongicus and Patricon are released from their rope restraints; Spongicus stands confidently, while Patricon appears rather fearful of the figure; the camera reveals the figure as being an obvious King, for he sports a crown and a robe; he sits upon a low-bearing throne, and brandishes a staff in his left hand) King: Indeed they have. Why? [spongicus and Patricon produce no response] King: [laughs heartily; slams staff onto ground] Detestable creatures! Answer me, why don’t you?! I haven’t the ability to speak multiple languages, yet I am certain I am not voicing one! You two are before a King, and I expect you both to exert the decorum as such! Now, why have you disrespected my kingdom, eh? Patricon: [nervously] We lacked proper funds. King: [interrupts] Lacked proper funds?! Ha! Isn’t that the root of most thievery? No excuses here, I suppose. No testification to save your backs, I assume. This is the so-called “reward” of becoming a thief, is it? Not a soul to call your ally, yet the other of a kind. For this, you serve no purpose to society, I reckon. To the guillotine with them! Spongicus: Halt! King: Ah, the second one wishes to speak. Spongicus: Indeed! King, I understand your position of power. Apparently, better than you can understand your own. King: Why, I…! Spongicus: Your royalty ensures you a life of luxury, a life without worry of oppression or wonder. Wonder of your next meal, next coin or two, or next shelter is all oblivious to you! Patricon and I are not allowed to be oblivious to that! We are thieves by society, not by choice! However, if it so means evasion of a beheading, I will amend my ways, and repay my dues to society. King: [sighs] Very well. And the pink one? Spongicus: I will take him in as my own. King: [sighs again] I may allow the two of you your lives, yet I do not allow myself the trust of either of you. It is so that you are not to be beheaded today, though that isn’t to say I haven’t the power to assure that does not happen someday. I need to ensure you two repay society, and therefore I have a fate for the two of you, and this is not a choice! [spongicus and Patricon both stare at the King to listen for his decree] (The scene cuts to a deserted plains, where a carriage piloted by seahorses is present; inside are two officers, the King, Spongicus, and Patricon) King: Though I have spared you both from the guillotine, I must protect my kingdom from further vandalism at your hands. Thus, it has occurred to me that there is only one place that can withstand - how I say - gladiators of your caliber. [spongicus and Patricon look at each other in a confused manner] Patricon: Gladiators? Almost seems we are travelling to the Paracove, eh? King: Indeed. [The Paracove comes into view from the carriage over the horizon, apparently being a large coliseum constructed of hardened clay and stone; the carriage stops just before the archway entrance, and the King and his officers exit the carriage; Spongicus and Patricon stay inside] Spongicus: So this is our fates? So this is our bloody fates?! King: Smooth transition, wouldn’t you say? Once thieves, also thieves. First, you abscond with money and valuables. Now, you either steal the lives of others, or have yours taken instead. [spongicus and Patricon are left in shock, as they exit the carriage, which leaves them behind] (The duo enter the arena, where two officers await at the entrance, allowing them both in; they walk through a short hallway and finally are invited by a crowd of presumably thousands, cheering for them inadvertently; the two stop walking and gaze around) Spongicus: My days! What a fate. Patricon: I wonder how long it will last. Officer 3: Hark! Enough banter. Get in there and battle! Spongicus: Battle what?! Officer 3: Are you blind, fool?! Each other! Spongicus: Nary will I! I’d be a fool indeed if I did! Officer 3: It is the order of the King! Mandatory, no less! It will be your heads if you oppose! Patricon: Sounds familiar to me. [The two take the center of the Paracove, and their eyes simultaneously find the King, perched behind a barricade watching them; the King points behind them, and the two find two armored fish approaching them with weaponry; they hand Spongicus and Patricon their respective weapons, both differently dyed spears] Spongicus: Wait, Patricon! This is not our promised fate! Patricon: Not even close. However, it is our duty, right? Our repayment of society? Spongicus: (throws down spear) Nay! (snatches spear from Patrick) Nay! I refuse! (looking at King) I refuse to battle Patricon! We are not of the same blood, but we are symbolically family! (An officer sprints toward SpongeBob with rope) Patricon: No! (Patricon winds his fist, and knocks the approaching officer down with a blow) (The King stands, visibly fuming; he performs a signal, and officers are seen, almost immediately turning a crank; the crank opens a pulley-activated door, which reveals a resting creature; Spongicus and Patricon look at the King, who uses his fingers to slice his throat, symbolizing the fate of the two) End of part I For parts II and III, visit the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki on Saturday, August 8, for the release of the second and final sections of the “Spongicus: Reborn Blood” trilogy!
  18. Commemorating my return (Finally) with a new lit! Chapter Onza = Bub fehing I wake at 7:30 Am on a monday morning. I have a shower and then get dresed by this time its about 8:15 so i eat then i lave to go to school but something was telling me to stay house i shuoed have lisined. I get to school and the bell rings at 8:40 and we have 10 minits to get to class eiglish is the first pryied mis r is are eiglsh techer. she is waching the news she trns the tv of when i enter i do not now what the news was saeing but it was prodbly something stoped. the bell finaly rins what was 10 minats falt like 7 hores but befor eny one code leava the class a red alert when of and a DDDDAAAAAANNNNN a lowed soned want oofmis r shot the door and look it i now that it was a gun shot frome all my video games and movies. i said help but the gun lok at me and it....................... shot at me i say owch and the gun fal to the grund becase I yell loud and they go after that i leve room fer next clasy, sciience clas. teacher mis trns news on anuncer says zumbie atack city and i scaqrred but sciience clas continu. we learn about 3 = mc2 and other stuf we have poop quiz but i nt ready! so i look arund for answer add answer on wall so i find answer and pqss test. But when I hand in assingment, zumbie brak threw wall and a tack attacks teacher i go to nexgt clus, cafe tear Will our hero be able to suffer the cafeteria? Tune in later today to find out!
  19. What is this? It's a lit idea i've had in my head for a while, and I think if I do it right, it can turn out awesome. Season 1, Episode 1 1. Deep Beneath Tom: (walking downstairs) Dad: Good morning. Tom: (looks at calendar, eyes grow wide with fear) Dad: Oh..... Tom: (runs back upstairs) AHM NOT DOING IT Dad: Come back down, you're going to be late! Tom: (not responding, closes door fast, begins to build barricade) Okay....gotta find objects.... Dad; I'm coming up there! Tom: (panics, begins to rush) Dad: (trying to open up door) Nnngh....almost....got....it.... Tom: Wait! Dad: (opens door, barricade goes flying everywhere) Tom: (falls on floor) (Cut to bus stop) Tom: The first day back from Winter Break....just give me a few more weeks, even if it makes the come back even more painful. (Bus arrives, Tom gets on) Tom: (sits down in front seat, feels something) OOMPH! Isaac: (muffled) Get off, get off! Tom: (stands up quickly) Oh...uh, sorry. Just that no one usually sits up here.....(looks behind bus, everyone sitting in back seats) Isaac: Well, I was reading. Tom: You don't read.... Isaac: Well....(zips open backpack, pulls out gargantuan sized book, shows to Tom), this caught my attention. Tom: (reads title) The Art of Wheel Man: A Stop Motion Adventure.....cool? isaac: I know! Read some! Tom: Uh.....alright. (starts reading, mumbling) (Cut to Isaac looking at him) (Cut back to Tom) (Cut back to Isaac) Tom: (puts down book) Here, you can have it back...I guess. Isaac: Did you like it? Tom: (thinking) Hmm, I thought it was interesting, but then what if.....(starts thinking about sandwiches) I wonder if my mouth is big enough to fit a quadruple decker..... Isaac: Tom? Tom: OH YES, it was good. I should go see Wheel Man sometime.... Isaac: Great! Oh..we're at school, now. Bus Driver: Alright, kids. Get off. (No one gets off the bus) Bus Driver: GET OFF. (No one gets off the bus) Bus Driver: (takes out phone) Principal? Isaac: If we must, we must. (Everyone runs off the bus) Bus Driver: Heh heh. (closes doors, drives off) (Everyone starts walking inside) Tom: Huh, place hasn't changed much. (starts walking upstairs) Isaac: Where are you going? Tom: I don't know, I just walk around before class. Isaac: Oh, I see. Tom: Are you being sarcastic? Isaac: Yes. Well, bye! (walks off) Tom: Okay, just gonna walk around.....around the same old territory. (Two minutes later) Tom: ...the....same....old....territory. (walks by bathroom) Hmm.... (runs into it, goes into stall, sits down) Isaac: (walks in) Tom: (whispers) Oh.... Isaac: Ah? Who is it? Tom: Not Tom. Isaac: I know it's you. Tom: Alright.... Isaac: What are you doing? Tom: Thinking. Isaac: About what? Tom: None of your beeswax. Isaac: Whatever. Also, the bell's going to ring in just a moment. (leaves) Tom: What? I didn't catch that last part. (waits for a couple seconds, goes back to thinking) Ooh, I wonder if a QUINTIPLE decker sandwich could fit in my mouth... (Bell rings) Tom: Oh, what do you know. (slowly walks back up to his locker) Another long semester....let's see what homework they'll give us this time.....(stops at his locker). Okay, let's get my stuff. Wait...what is my locker combination? (looks for locker combination slip in backpack) Where is it....where is it? Come on, brain. Remember! (grunting noises) Come on.... (nnnnnnnngh)....I can't remember it! I was too busy doing (thinks about it) nothing! (runs up to teacher) Ms. Boxwood, I forgot my locker combination! Ms. Boxwood: Alright....I have my key...which one is your locker? Tom: (speaks extremely quickly) Second set, bottom, fifth to the left. Ms. Boxwood: (unhappy) Just point. Tom: (points to locker) Ms. Boxwood: Oh, alright. (Ms. Boxwood and Tom walk over to Tom's locker) Ms. Boxwood: Alright....(puts in key) Tom: (wanders off) Ms. Boxwood: (locker opens) There we go....WAIT! (Cut to storage room close by) Janitor Flint: Alright. New year, more work. Let's see what the school has in store for me today... (picks up janitor equipment) Principal: (coming from walkie talkie) Janitor Flint, come in. Janitor Flint: Yes, sir! What is it? Principal: Code W....it's a big one. Janitor Flint: CODE W! I'M COMING, SIR! (runs out, leaves door open) NO KID SHALL EVER SLIP! (runs off) Tom: (walks up to storage room) Hmm....what goes on in here? (looks around) A busy hall....but no one's noticed....LET'S EXPLORE! (walks in) (Camera pans throughout storage room, a lot of cluttered boxes, probably filled with old janitor's equipment, or other stuff) Tom: Hmph, pretty crammed. Then again, what do I expect....WOAH!!! (sees a large empty hall behind the room) Do I dare? YES! (tries to jump over box jumble, but falls down) (Cut away to school hall, bell rings while crash happens) Kid 1: Did you hear something? Kid 2: I don't think so... (The two walk away, cut back to storage room) Tom: (walking down hallway) What...is this? (Keeps walking for a little while) Tom: (finds a door in floor with blue stuff coming out) Woah there! What's this? Door: (deep, snortlike noises) Tom: (sort of scared) Uh... (puts foot in, feels electric shock) WAHO! (Slime begins pouring out of the door) Tom: Wh-wh-wh-why is this happening? (Slime forms a Tom clone) Tom: AHHHHH Tom 2: Oh, hello. Tom: Why are you here? Tom 2: When you stick part of your body in the door, that makes a clone of you. Tom: (blank expression) But...aren't people going to notice? Tom 2: Hmm...right. I didn't want to have to do this.... Tom: Do...what, exactly? Tom 2: Come to think of...OH MY GOODNESS SOMEONE'S COMING Tom: (looks back) What, really?! Tom 2: (pushes Tom into the door) Tom: WHOA WHA- (screams are muffled as he falls through the blue stuff) Tom 2: Farewell, my friend. (walks out, goes to class for Tom) (Cut to Tom, falling, screaming, wondering where he's about to go) THE END next part coming soon
  20. ONE It's Wednesday, a calm Wednesday in the middle of fall. In a small neighborhood, it's common for not much to happen. This is true of Sam Benton's neighborhood, especially at an early time like 5:46 AM. However, that's when Sam wakes up. The first thing he goes to do is look at himself in the mirror, and there's nothing new. Just a humanoid blue elephant with a chunk of his left face bumped off, for no explainable reason. A recent college graduate having already found a decently large house, there was nothing left but to find a job. He was kind of slacking on this, but he had to pick it up somehow. Despite the fact that it was now only 5:48 AM, he needed some breakfast. He ran over to the nearest fast food restaurant, aptly named "Some Food". However, it wasn't open yet. He fell asleep on the doors, and a couple hours later, an employee came in, and accidentally Sam on the head with the doors, and he blacks out.
  21. Quote I'm trying to kinda get ahead on working on The Storage Room, so as a placeholder, here's this. First episode coming really soon.
  22. Hi Guys! This is my first spin-off called The Intertidal Zone.It's based on the comic Stephen Hillenburg made.The spin-off is about a sponge named Bob who moves into the Bikini Bottom to start a fresh,new life. _________________________________________________________________________________ Season 1 Episode List 1.Hello Bikini Bottom (aired 8/23/2014) 2.A Krusty New Job (aired 8/24/2014) 3.Jellyfishing (aired 8/25/2014) 4.Two Friendships (aired 8/26/2014) 5.Surfing Contest:Part 1 (aired 8/27/2014) 6.Surfing Contest Part 2 (aired 8/28/2014) 7.Rock Bottom (aired 8/28/2014)
  23. ok its summaries of episodes about Patick In The Future season 1 episode 1: its shiny/ my names not RRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCKCKKKKKKKKKK! its shiny patrick decids he needs more trophies. he gets spongeob to help him but has this star gone to far again? my names not rick/patrick is angry when he gets called rick by everyone so he gets revenge. later that day he found out it was call patrick rick day and he faints of exhaustion. any ideas? what do you think of it already?
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