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  1. First off I would like to say that writers like OMJ and Clappy inspire me to write. I really cherish their unique style of making references to other episodes and their point of views in their stories. So, in honor of them this is how I will write my story. Summary: Mr. Krabs meets up with his old rival Harold but soon finds him different then the last time they met. Eugene Krabs woke up on his lumpy packed with dough mattress and walked to his bathroom (with the help of a boy scout) to view his multiple chins BECAUSE HE'S OLLLLLD! Yet, he jumped with glee when he looked at his calender next to him. It was Sunday, which meant he had the day off. Krabs went downstairs to greet his whale daughter who handed him his daily pill. Not even an normally enlarged pill could SOIL his day. Since he's been too cheap to pay attention to his fridge, there was nothing to eat for breakfast. Sundays for the old crustacean meant the Krusty Krab was closed and allowed ole Krabsy to do the things he loved to do on that day. Like taking free balloons on self-acclaimed National Free Balloon Day if officers asked, driving his boat on the floor because it was kinda cool and cheap yard sales. But Eugene didn't feel like doing any of this stuff, he had a crazy hot blooded feeling, if you know what he meant. So after denying Pearl of any desires of spending money or hanging out with teenaged boys, he took a stroll to Goo La Goon to fulfill his desire to be wild. Since he wasn't big on surfing, he thought he would just suntan on the sand until an idea hit him like a child to a brick. He took off his blue shirt and then his white tank top underneath. Revealing his red, hairy and sweaty upper body, but mostly sweaty. Eugene was always a shapely crab and his diet consisted of left overs in his fridge. But since he didn't have a breakfast this morning, his stomach started to get in knots. Convenutally a hotdog man was selling his franks across the beach and so when the man came by Mr. Krabs ordered two of the LITTLE SAUSAGES! As he ate each one, his upper body quickly became heavier from the meat. When Eugene chewed, chewed and SWALLLLOOED his last one, a certain shadow covered him. The owner of the shadow uttered words, like that he should put that thing away because there were like children around here. Recognizing that he saw that fish somewhere else, he replied with a "what did you say punk?" When the fish barked back with a "BIG MEATY BODY!", Eugene finally remembered him. This was the same punk who had accused his claws of being ugly. "WELL THIS BODY AIN'T JUST FOR ATTRACTING MATES!" Mr. Krabs said and waved his flabby stomach fat around. "BRING IT ON OLD MAN, BRING IT ON!" replied the punk. End of part one
  2. May seem like a bit of a test spin-off, sorta, but I can assure this won't last very long or update long, depending on my mood. My drought will be coming to an end, yes, but this random idea came to mind, and time will tell on how this particular spin-off will go places. Plot: Through a 3-way storyline, 3 seemingly familiar faces meet up with each other unexpectedly, and realize they each have one trait in common, but cannot figure it out. Their times include going through perilous adventures, interacting with the Spongebob characters, and plot twists. Core characters: Steel Sponge: One of the main protagonists, and the main lead. Steel (as his trademark Chemist Spongebob) goes through random phases, as well as some from his case of writer's block, as well as feeling like the only sane man toward the other two consciences. Nickname: Pure Steel Cobble: Sandy's 11-year old, fun-loving, and zany apprentice. Has been known to be Sandy's apprentice for her inventions, but performs terribly. Nickname: Annoying Steel Zinc: A semi-well known 21-year old Bikini Bottom gangster. Best known to cause a lot of havoc, but apparently has a heart. Nickname: Swag Steel Coming sometime this month.
  3. In a world, where sea-creatures live, there is always one villain. This year, you will be surprised what will happen. Plankton finds the formula with plan infinity, the last plan in Plankton’s lair. COMING SOON TO SBC, THERE COMES A NEW MOVIE, (that might be cancelled.) Plankton’s Best Plan Yet Coming Soon. STARRING PATRICK STAR, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, EUGENE H. KRABS, SANDY CHEEKS, SQUIDWARD TENTACLES, SHELDON PLANKTON, AND MORE. ALL CREATED BY PATRICK STAR (SPONGEBOBLOVER).
  4. I will do 2 to 4 different posts that basically reflect on my life. The first one will be about my parents and their whole lives before I was even born. After that, I may do my early life. Then my late life. Finally, I will do a post about the week of my post. (That one you might have to donate doubloons for.) I won't write anything yet, but I'll notify you guys. (Also, I put PG as my prefix because I'm not extremely sure what will be going on in my posts.)
  5. Conceived in 09. When Mr. Krabs is kidnapped by aliens, Spongebob, Sandy, Patrick, Squidward and Larry have to team up and cross the very boundaries of time and space to get him back. It's a lot less worse than it sounds. Picked up for a first Season of 13 episodes. We'll see where it goes from there. Dimension Hopper Pants: Season 1: Episode 1: PilotPants Patrick ran. As fast as his stubby legs would carry him. Through the sea, Patrick dashed away. He ran, into the city of Bikini Bottom, screaming. “IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE!” He screamed. The residents of Bikini Bottom weren’t particularly startled. Patrick Star usually did this every week, usually talking about a new shipment of sandwiches to eat. But something was different this time. As Patrick dashed past the Ice Cream shop, Fred the Fish looked up. Sitting with his friend, Frank, as he licked his ice cream cone outside of the shop, he spoke. “What was that about?” Fred asked. “Eh,” Frank said, leaning back in his chair. “It’s Patrick Star. We may not know what he’s screaming about, but we already know one thing about it: It’s stupid.” Fred and Frank laughed. For a few minutes more, they continued to talk and eat ice cream. They were so busy, they didn’t notice the underwater sky becoming steadily greyer. They didn’t notice the crowd running out of the town screaming, either. By the time they did notice something, however, it was much too late. Fred stood up. “We should get going, Frank. It’s getting late.” Fred nudged his friend. But he was frozen in place, staring up at the sky. “Frank?” Fred asked. “What’s wrong?” Frank pointed his teal colored fin at the sky. Fred squinted. In the far distance, it looked like there was a blue speck floating. Fred squinted harder. He could make it out now; it had gotten closer. It was a large beast. Almost like a squid, but electric blue. It looked like it’s tentacles were spiked. The head didn’t look like a regular organism. It looked like something unreal. Something alien. A jolt of red lightning shot from the squid thing and zapped the Ice Cream Shop. It combusted and blew apart in a blaze of heat and red light, and it shot Fred and Frank clear across the street, where they smashed into a dumpster. Fred, through the extreme pain, opened his eyes and looked up. The squid was getting closer. “We have to get out of here. Now.” The two fish got up and ran for their lives. = = = Patrick burst through the doors of the Krusty Krab, screaming. “IT’S HERE!! IT’S HERE!” Spongebob, hearing the voice of his best friend, popped his head through the order window. He popped through it, stepped on Squidward’s head, and leaped over to Patrick. “What’s wrong, buddy?” Spongebob asked. A crowd had gathered around Spongebob and Patrick. Without warning, the roof of the Krusty Krab was torn off with extreme force, revealing two giant squid creatures. Wood splintered everywhere and floated in the sea. The crowd scattered. Screaming and confusion were everywhere. A giant Squid creature threw the roof behind him and peered into the restaurant. The Squid screamed. “SSTOPP!” An echoey, shrieky, multilayered voice reverberated all throughout the Krusty Krab. Everyone was frozen in place. The Squids were enormous. Their heads were pointy, oblong shaped and dark blue. Their spiked and pointy tentacles waved in the ocean. They had one dark red eye with a black pupil. They had no mouths, but they could speak regardless. In the dark moonlight, they were terrifying creatures. “CONTRARY TO WHAT YOU MAY THINK, WE ARE NOT INFERIOR SEA CREATURES LIKE YOU ALL.” A squid said, in his shrill and echoey voice. “WE ARE ADOUR-GALONS, FROM THE PLANET HONUGULA. WE REQUIRE A SPECIMEN KNOWN AS A CRAB FOR FURTHER RESEARCH ON THE PLANET EARTH. THIS IS THE KRUSTY KRAB. WE ASSUME THERE ARE CRABS. GIVE THEM TO US OR FACE CERTAIN DEATH.” All the fish looked around. The crowd parted, leaving Mr. Krabs all alone. Mr. Krabs shrunk. Then he spoke. “Well,” Mr. Krabs started, “would I get money for this?” The Squids stared in disbelief. “PLANET EARTH IS FULL OF MORONS. WE WILL BE DOING A SERVICE TO YOU BY TAKING THIS SPECIMEN AWAY.” The squid’s arm whooshed through the ocean and wrapped around Mr. Krabs in two seconds flat. “MR. KRAAABBS!!!” Spongebob screamed. He dashed through the crowd and grabbed Mr. Krabs’ claw. Mr. Krabs looked into Spongebob’s face. It was scrunched in every effort to save Mr. Krabs. “PUNY MORTAL! YOU CANNOT SAVE HIM! YOUR EFFORTS ARE FUTILE! WE WILL MURDER YOU UNLESS YOU CEASE AND DESIST!” Mr. Krabs’ eyes widened. Spongebob’s face was now stained with tears. “You can’t take Mr. Krabs away! I won’t let you!” Spongebob shrieked at the squids. The crowd was completely silent. All attention was on the spectacle in the middle of the Krusty Krab. “THEN PREPARE TO DIE, EARTHLING!” The squids shrieked. Spongebob gripped even tighter. He opened his eyes. Mr. Krabs was smiling at him sadly. “I’m sorry, me boy. But, I was gettin’ old anyway. It’s me time. Let me go.” “No, Mr. Krabs!” Spongebob screamed, tears running down his face, screaming louder and louder the entire time. “I can’t let go of you! You’re my boss! YOU’RE MY FRIEND! I CAN’T LOSE YOU!” “I’m sorry, Spongebob. You’re my friend, too. But you gotta let go. They’ll kill ye if you don’t.” Spongebob only gripped Mr. Krabs’ claw tighter. Mr. Krabs could tell that Spongebob wasn’t going to let go. He sighed, as the Squid’s grip became tighter. “I’m sorry I have to do this. Farewell, Spongebob. Keep the Krusty Krab alive for me. Don’t let Squidward slack off.” He pinched Spongebob on the arm, hard. Spongebob cried out in pain and let go of Mr. Krabs. The Squid pulled it’s tentacle away, out of the Krusty Krab. The Squids glowed red with a dark energy, and then they disappeared, away from the sea. Forever gone. And they left Spongebob, crying softly into the floor of the destroyed Krusty Krab. Sandy, Patrick, Squidward, Larry, and all the other fish stood, staring. The door to Mr. Krabs’ office opened. The crowd turned around. Plankton stood, holding the secret formula above his head. “Oooh. This is awkward, isn’t it?” = = = It had been a year. Spongebob sat in his Pineapple, watching television. A fish on tv got hit in the head with a coconut. Spongebob smiled. Gary rolled into the room and meowed. Spongebob looked over. He stood up, went into the kitchen, and poured Gary some Snail Treats. Gary crawled over and began eating. Spongebob petted his hard pink shell. He looked at his arm in mid pet. He saw the scar Mr. Krabs had given on that fateful day. He looked at it’s odd pattern. He pushed the thoughts of Mr. Krabs away. As he stood up, he heard a knock on the door. He walked over to his living room and opened it. The light flooded into Spongebob’s house. Sandy stood in the doorway. “Spongebob?” She asked. “Sandy Cheeks? Is that you?” Spongebob sighed. After….the event, Spongebob shut all of his friends out of his life. He Jellyfished alone now. He blew bubbles alone now. “Hey, Spongebob. I haven’t seen you in the longest, buddy.” Sandy said, in her Texas drawl. “Yeah, sorry about that.” Spongebob leaned against his doorframe. “I kinda just…. Drifted away, I guess.” Spongebob had changed in the year that had passed. His once wide eyes were sunken and, his childish innocence was gone. He had grown a little stubble along his square jaw. “Spongebob, I need you to come to the treedome with me. I know, we haven’t talked in a long time. You haven’t returned any of my calls…..But….I need you there. It’s…..it’s about Mr. Krabs.” Spongebob lit up. “I’ll be there! Right away!” Spongebob yelled. He ran into his kitchen and pulled out a bowl of cereal. He ran upstairs and went into his bathroom. He pulled out a box of soap flakes, poured them in the bowl, and poured some water in the bowl. He gulped down the cleaning supplies and was immediately filled with Soapy goodness. He held his nose and blew, forcing all the soap out of his pores. “Okay, I’ve showered….” Spongebob pulled his razor out of his medicine cabinet, squirted his face with cream, and shaved his stubble. He stood victoriously and posed in the mirror. He then shouted. “I’M READY!” He jumped out of his window and landed next to Sandy. “C’mon, Sandy! Let’s go!” Spongebob began running to Sandy’s treedome. “I’M READY! TO SEE SANDY! I’M READY! TO GO CRAZY! WOO-HOO!” Sandy leaned against Spongebob’s Pineapple. “Now, that’s the little yellow idiot I used to know.” She began to run to the treedome. “YEE HAW!” -End Episode One- I hope it was okay to you guys.It picks up later, I promise. Criticism is appreciated; it's my first spin-off, after all.
  6. Meet Mr. Krab's three nephews: Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Plot: They solve mysteries. Premiering during Spin-off Festival 4.
  7. |===============================| Series Schedule - 01. The World's Most Important Regatta 02. Rust, Mold, and Taffy Shops 03. Setting Sail With One Dollar 04. The Call Of Yerarglemon 05. The Deadly Pit Stop 06. Yo-Ho! And A Packet Of Gum 07. Sailing On The Seven Seas 08. Treasures Ahoy! 09. Across The Sea In A Day 10. The World's Most Important Finale |===============================| Short and simple - this is my return to spin offs! Huzzah! Steam Ship SquarePants is an idea I've had brewing in my head for a while, and I've decided to finally let it come to fruition even though i'll probably make like one episode. Short is the word here - the episodes will be quite long, but this will be a short series of 10 episodes. Steam Ship SquarePants is supposed to be like a fanmade sequel to Pest Of The West - albeit 10 episodes long and going to a completely different area. The Story (prior to The World's Most Important Regatta) SpongeBlair and Mary SquarePants were two folks who lived in the mid to late 80s. They were quite the affluent folks - SpongeBlair suffered from a minor case of dementia, which is probably why their house looked like a UFO stacked on a log cabin. After they were making a steady income, they had a kid - SpongeJim SquarePants, a bit of a shy child who when he was older, made a friend in Wolff Star, son of a poor fisherman. Jim and Wolff soon became the best of friends, and were the ideal thought of "best friendship". Then Blair and Mary had another child, SpongeBuck SquarePants, who I'm sure you all know and love. SpongeBuck grew to be a fine child, and his chili was great to his family but to no avail, nobody else seemed to like it. You saw his story in Pest Of The West. SpongeJim, on the other hand, was a little more ignored by his parents. Sure, they still loved him to death, but unfortunately the interaction he had with his parents was little after SpongeBuck's birth. SpongeJim decided to move out to the new town of Bikini Bay (Bikini Bottom in the future, merged with Dead Eye Gulch. The Gulch was tore down prior to the merge) and recieved $10 from his parents to start out (hey, back then, that was a lot of money). Wolff moved out at around the same time and they decided to move in with each other to ease the costs and they were just all around friends. After building a ramshackle house, SpongeJim and Wolff decided to take a career as fishermen, but they didn't find much success. Alas, they rarely caught salmon, and most of the time they caught old boots from the clothing shop nearby. It was quite the poor life, indeed, but the two stuck together in times of need. What with the town regatta coming, maybe there was some time of joy to be found.. ============================================================= News for Steam Ship SquarePants! The World's Most Important Regatta premieres March 5th this year!
  8. My Valentine's present to you all. This is a reboot of an old spin-off of mine - a parody of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, but with a SpongeBob twist. Yes, I'm re-writing it from start, but the story will be very different and will have many improvements. You may still read the old 2010-2011 version if you wish, but do note that version is no longer canon. Now with that being said, here is the plot: "In the deep sea town of Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob and his friends have formed a mystery solving gang to pass their spare time, but they fail to realize the townspeople do not want their help. However, the gang is on their way onto discovering a great secret of Bikini Bottom.." 1. Episodes 2. Characters
  9. Plot: Watch SpongeBob mess up all things in the Binki Bottom Rating: PG Wiki:http://sbcommunity.w...itor_The_series
  10. Sup Guy, I've been working on a story about SpongeBob and his friends go look for Plankton's Dad. As they go through old and new episodes, they mess things up like u would never imagine. I also post this on SBMANIA. So I hope u like it! Chapters coming soon. HERE IS THE WORLD PREMIRE OF SBSP:PTTF THE FOLLOWING MOVIE IS PG: MILD VIOLANCE, LANGUAGE, AND VERY SPONGIE... VIEWERS DESCRETION IS ADVISED An Original Story By kevin_ng2010 CHAPTER 1:OH, THE USUAL... "HONK, HONK, HONK" SpongeBob's Alarm screamed. "Good morning Gary!" SpongeBob said. "Meow" Gary said. "RING" "Oh, someones at the door, I'll get it!" SpongeBob said. "Oh, Hi Plankton, what do you want?" "Help Me Please, My time machine is overloading" Plankton said. "I'll tell Patrick, Mr.Krabs, Squid, and Sandy!" SpongeBob said. "Yeah, get Lassie." Plankton said. ONE GATHERING LATER... "Okay, but why should I?" Mr.Krabs said. "Because I need to find my father" Plankton said. "WHAT" Everyone said. "Yes, my father. I never saw my father, big deal." Plankton said, starting to cry. "Oh honey, it's alright. At least you have a Dad In-Law." Karen said. "Who, Fredrick? He hates me, remember." "Oh, Boy" Karen said, rolling her eyes. "Less Talking, More Working on this gizmo" Sandy said. "if you want to see your father, then start connecting this doohickey to this_oh my! Is this a Hidro Diamic Time Traveler Machine 1110?" "Correct" Plankton said. "Let's get to Business" I hope you like the first Chapter. Longer Chapters COMMING soon Later. I know its short but Plz review this! THANKS
  11. This is a new..ambitious project. Instead of being written, this spin-off will be drawn much like a comic. Guest drawers will be there and the episode's plots are being worked on. They will be drawn in GIMP, possibly, and drawing will attempt to be based off Season 3 and Season 4 based drawings. In the meantime, I'll have a blog and release test images for progress. (July 18, 2012) Topic made and plots are being worked on. Logo will be added soon.
  12. Its a New Series I'm Gonna Make Episode 0 First Okay? See ya in Episode 0! Plot: Plankton Failed So Many In a lot Of SpongeBob Episodes and can't Take it any More he will Take Things to the Extreme! Can SpongeBob & Patrick Stop Plankton From Taking Things too Extreme?. Episode 0 is coming your way
  13. Guest

    The Sponge of Oz

    The Sponge of Oz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Summary: A lonely sponge finds himself quite in a predicament when a wind storm comes into his town, blowing him to a strange land. Will he ever get back? Episode list: Season 1: Episode 1 - The Storm of Oz Episode 2 - The Land of Oz Episode 3 - The Witch of Oz Episode 4 - The Scarecrow of Oz Episode 5 - The Tin Man of Oz Episode 6 - The Lion of Oz Episode 7 - The City of Oz Episode 8 - The Ugly House of Oz Episode 9 - The Trap of Oz Episode 10 - The Confrontation of Oz Episode 11 - The Burning of Oz Episode 12 - The Sponge of Oz Episode 1: The Storm of Oz In a stormy night, a little boy was falling asleep. An elderly man stood next to him with a story book. "Grandpa," the boy said, "could you tell me a bedtime story?" The grandpa giggled, smiled with joy, and said, "I wouldn't dare forget. Here's a good tale for you; it was my favorite." "Once upon a time, down in the deep blue sea, there once lived an optimistic farm sponge. This sponge, named SpongeBob, was a little kid on a huge plantation in the middle of nowhere. He lived with his aunts, uncles, cousins, and parents on a farm. Along with his family, SpongeBob had a pet snail named Gary. Oh how SpongeBob loved his little snail; he would spend all day playing with that snail instead of farm work, which he would get in trouble for. Since he lived in the middle of nowhere, SpongeBob didn't have any friends. For days on end, SpongeBob would wake up at the crack of dawn and eat bacon and gravy with his family. His uncle Sherm would always stuff all the breakfast as fast as he could, and SpongeBob could have sworn that his huge round belly would expand right before his eyes. My, uncle Sherm was so large that he could barely fit through the door, and he sported a makeshift shirt made of tablecloth. Later in the day, SpongeBob would be assigned to water the crops and pull the weeds, but SpongeBob would go off and play with Gary anyways. During his playtime, SpongeBob and Gary would go around and play fetch, hide and go seek, and leapfrog. If he got bored with that, they would play their favorite board game, Eels and Escalators, which Gary would always win. I reckon that they had to make sure that they wouldn't get caught by their parents." "What would happen if they did, grandpa?" The boy asked. The grandpa smiled and said, "Well, they would get a whoopin, of course!" "One day, SpongeBob was feeling a bit down. He was caught by his mom for not doing his farm work, and he wanted to scream at the world. 'I know what I'll do,' SpongeBob said. 'I'll run away!' And he did just that. He took out a dirty, dusty suitcase from his uncle's shed and stuffed as many clothes and he could, took Gary, and ran away. Oh, his parents did not like that at all. They were all worried, so worried that they accidentally spooked the chickens! Unfortunately, the weather wasn't looking too well that day. The skies were starting to become really dark, and the wind picked up a lot. SpongeBob, who became worried about the weather, decided to go to a nearby restaurant, the Krusty Krab. Inside the Krusty Krab, there was a cheap crab; he was so cheap that he would charge extra for a straw! The crab asked, 'How may I help you?' SpongeBob shrugged and answered, 'I'm lost.' The crab was being very generous that day; a very odd rarity for him indeed! He quickly said, 'Look, you'd reckon go home. The weather is n't the best t'day.' SpongeBob took his advice and ran home with Gary. As soon as he got back to his house, a twister was there!" "Woah, a twister?" The boy got excited. "Yes, a twister!" The grandpa answered. "SpongeBob quickly retreated to his house with Gary trying to find his family. He screamed, yelped, and kicked things; he could not find his family at all. SpongeBob looked outside and saw that the twister wasn't but 200 feet away. He yelled, and got under the bed. Then, the twister striked his house!" "Oh my God! Does he survive?!" The boy was getting scared. "Oh yes, he does." "The twister was very scary. SpongeBob looked outside and saw one of his cows, a chicken, and oddly, the crab from the Krusty Krab. And then, all of a sudden, the house stopped, almost as if the house landed safely." The grandpa stopped for a second. "Tell me more!" The boy demanded. "Sorry, but I'm getting tired. How about tomorrow?" The grandma yawned. "Oh, alright," the boy sighed.
  14. Robot Pirate Island Prologue (At SpongeBob’s House) The Mail fish’s truck comes near SpongeBob’s House and comes out of the truck to deliver mail He comes near the mailbox then the mailbox opens up and the mail fish screams and go back to the truck and drives away SpongeBob comes out of the mailbox and he picks up the paper of words saying” Hello Lucky winner you won a trip to Robot Pirate Island You get to see the Battles of Robots & Pirates Battle Plus Become The trainer of Robots & Pirates See you on the island” “WOW I Got to Tell Sandy About this!” (At Sandy’s House) SpongeBob Put on his water helmet and went in Sandy’s House and Said” Sandy you must come to Robot Pirate Island with me!” Sandy Said” Let’s Go to Robot Pirate Island!” Sandy Said” But First let’s get a Boat” SpongeBob & Sandy goes to the Boat Shop to get the Boat they needed Sandy Says” Here we go” SpongeBob & Sandy Take the Boat to the cashier and said “That will be 60 Dollars” SpongeBob Said” I don’t have 60 dollars” Sandy Gives 60 Dollars to the cashier He Said” Thank you” Sandy Said “Let’s do this!” 30 Min Later SpongeBob & Sandy is on the Boat Looking for Robot Pirate Island and Find the Island they been Looking For Sandy says” Okay we found it now let’s go to Robot Pirate Island!” The Sign reads “Robot Pirate Island” To Be Continued in Chapter 1 Also on My Blog http://michaelmnsstuff.blogspot.com/ Based Off Karate island And Idiot Box
  15. Attention! SpongeBob SuperSponge! Is on Hiatus Because I don't feel making One in a Day Expect one Next Week Battle For Goo Lagoon Is a Spin-off Where SpongeBob Characters Complete in a Contest to Go to Goo Lagoon There Will Be Cameos too Sagements 1:Elimination Time 2:Mini Game Time 3:Loser's Round Characters Will be in the Show Spongebob Patrick Mr.Krabs Squidward Sandy Plankton Pearl Karen Squilliam Mrs Puff Larry The Lobster Mermaid Man Barnacle Boy This is a Game Show By the way so Vote when Episode 1 is Done
  16. The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances is back... under a new name! The Intersea Superhero Secret Force recruits Spongebob and Patrick, and has to convince the rest of the crew to get back together. Premieres tomorrow! Series called Superheroes. Boundary 1 and The Trident Supremacy are cancelled.
  17. The newest (Spongebobs1fan) Spin-Off New episodes every Friday! (PG) Writer: (Spongebobs1fan) Plot: The adventures and stories of the Runaway Sponge will be him staying alive while running away from the cops. The things he will do, will get him on the prime suspect list to be captured and put in jail for life. Will the Runaway Sponge get caught? Find out in the series. -Main Characters- The Runaway Sponge (Spongebob SquarePants) The baddest criminal that Bikini Bottom has ever seen. Spongebob never gives up his duty's to steel or finish the job. Seeing him may be your worst nightmare or may even take your life. Dumb-Witted Assistant Patrick (Patrick Star) Austin Layers (Runaway Spong Assistant) John (Head Police Chief) Bobby Liken (Co-Police Chief) Alan Zenderi (FBI Agent) Lenny (Runaway Sponge Assistant) Coming Soon Season 2! Oblina Nighters (Runaway Sponge Assistant) Coming Soon Season 2! -Minor Characters- Nick Liken (Co-Police Chief's Son) Cooper Jones (Ticket Officer) Brian Waterhousin (FBI Agent) Quinn McFiggins (Report Officer) Squidward (Protester) Episode Guide The Original Season 1 (SBC Airdates) 1. The Bikini Bottom Chase (3/25/11) 2. Capture the Great One (6/06/11) 3. Revival of the Runaway Sponge (12/22/11) 4. Stealing Spree (12/31/11) --. Prison Break (CANCELED)* --. Bunch O' Clams (CANCELED)* --. Dutchman's Reward (CANCELED)* 5. Invasion (SUMMER 2012) *Canceled episodes, plans to be aired later as specials ANIMATED SERIES 1. The Bikini Bottom Chase (October 2012)
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