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  1. So I've been told to write a book by my teacher. Yay, homework. She said we could write about anything we wanted to. Maybe about demons, ponies, cereal, or procrastination. Unlike the others, I'm going to write about the truth. I'm in 7th right now and I'm about to become an 8th grader. Even though I'm not yet done with this school, I really wish I was. So these are the facts. Nothing but the facts. And opinions. I almost forgot to introduce myself. If you haven't seen the cover, I'm Lucas Killer. Don't think me name means I'm vicious. I'm a nerd. You can see where that takes you. I don't look like a nerd though. I don't look like the ones on TV with the big glasses and the clothes and the allergies. No, I don't need glasses, I wear what most people wear and allergies are very common. I also don't act like a nerd. Mostly. I do care a lot about my grade, but I don't really play video games much, or about random facts. Think of mr like the next person. We're both the same, so there's no difference. Now, I need to sleep, but before I do, let me get this fact straight: school is not what people say. Is it bad? Depends. If you are treated bad, then yes. If you are comfortable and have friends, sure. There's no fear in bullying if you stay out of it. The real only problem is people talking bad about you. Not bullied, just people here and there. Everybody finds a way to bully you. People may bully you without you even knowing. And even if you don't think you are a bully, you are one. You must have treated somebody badly. That's how being human is like! There's billions of people in the world, and they must all have treated people terribly one. Now, good night and tomorrow is when I tell you the rest. (NOTE: This story is entirely fictional. Any events similar are only coincidental. And don't call me a copycat for doing the school genre, because there are a lot of school-based stories. This isn't homework either, that's part of the plot. I'll shut up now.)
  2. Coming soon to a theater near you! A reboot of JCM's original creation~
  3. Due to my fear of this idea being stolen, I'm making it. The series is basically about Dirty Dan and his co-worker Pinhead Larry and all the bad things they've done. The series will take place in Texas and they will, of course, feature Sandy in her prime as a sheriff. I am looking for co-writers to write! I will talk more on the details about pay and the requirements for the chapter, but I'm sure that anybody can be hired. More to come soon! Writers on Board: Sofiagirl121 Michaelmn
  4. Patrick's finally gotten a job! Unfortunately, it's in a city far away from Bkini Bottom, called Salt Water City. The main characters of this spin-off: Patrick Star: Well, duh. Only now, he works in McCoral's restaurant as a waiter. He means well and has a big heart, but of course his stupidity can get in the way of his performance. James McCoral III: Being the descendant of the original James McCoral, the restaurant business got handed down to him. He loves his job, but some of his employees can get on his nerves. He is also very obsessive-compulsive and a perfectionist, excpecting no less from his employees. Doug Blair: Patrick's roommate in Saltwater Apartments. He has an ambition to become a rock star, and can be loud and obnoxious. He currently works as an accountant, and unlike James, he hates his job and is a very lax employee. Sara Johnson: Patrick's other roommate who also works as an accountant. She and Doug often butt heads, because Sara is a hard worker and does not like to be disturbed while doing something. Leslie Chang: The apartment manager and front desk. She is very nosy and often complains about noise, even when there is very little. Chef Ollie Sanderson: The head chef at McCoral's. He's a good chef, but is also very clumsy and careless. Tyler Sardino: A teenaged chef at McCoral's. He only applied for the job because cooking runs in his family, therefore he does his job with little effort. He is also the most sarcastic employee. Ronald Bungalow: Another waiter at McCoral's. He thinks lowly of Patrick, and often feels the need to compete with him. He is also very arrogant. Susie Starfish: A pretty waitress at McCoral's. Both Patrick and Ronald have a crush on her, but most of the time she is completely oblivious to this. I'll post the pilot when I can. Any thoughts so far?
  5. Sabre


    Coming Soon...
  6. The new spin-off of Patrick's Big Break, starring Doug. I recommend reading the new PBB episode to find out what's going on.
  7. And now the moment some of you including me have been waiting for: The second part of my spin-off pilot! (Open to the Chum Bucket. Plankton, now fully recovered, is putting the finishing touches to a shiny new Imitation Krabs.) Plankton: Imagine it, Karen. A perfect enemy with Krabs' love of justice and hatred of me multiplied by 100! (giggles) I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Karen: You need help, Plankton. Plankton: No. (jumps on a wrench) What I need is a hand with this wrench! (Karen sighs, extends her robotic arm, and pushes the wrench, crushing Plankton before he has a chance to jump off.) Plankton: (stuck to the hand) WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER? Karen: (shakes Plankton off) You said you wanted a hand. Plankton: Ugh! Whatever! Not even you can ruin this perfect day... (holds up the test tube) Because as of now, I once again have a purpose! (Plankton opens a door on Imitation Krabs' back and puts the DNA into it. He closes the door then presses a button nearby it.) Imitation Krabs: (starting up) Ahoy, mateys. Plankton: Yes! You see, Karen, this Krabs, unlike the original Krabs, will challenge my intelligence! Karen: Oh, so it'll take you more than 20 years to defeat this one? Plankton: (mocking) Oh, so it'll take you mur mur mur SHADDUP! Imitation Krabs: Sir, does your name happen to be Sheldon J. Plankton? Plankton: Why, yes, my creation, it does! Imitation Krabs: Good. That is all I needed to know. (turns hand into rocket and shoots Plankton with it) Plankton: (turning into ashes) I am genius! Imitation Krabs: (looks up at Karen) Missus, do you happen to know a place where I can fill my oil tank? Karen: They have plenty of it down the street in that abandoned food shack. Imitation Krabs: (nods) Thank you. (Imitation Krabs rolls out of the Chum Bucket and literally breaks through the Krusty Krab doors. The policeman from earlier in the episode runs into the CB and points his gun at Karen again.) Policeman: Alright! This time I know I heard something! Don't try to deny it! I'm taking you both i- (A mechanical fist punches the officer's lights out. Another hand picks him up while the other flicks him off into the horizon.) Karen: Well, that was unexciting. (The mechanical hands sweep Plankton's ashes into a pan and pours the ashes into a recycling bin. Plankton jumps out of the bin in his normal form.) Karen: So, how does it feel to see another plan fail? Plankton: Fail? That was my greatest fight ever! I still have adrenaline running through my tiny veins! This plan was a complete success! (laughs maniacally) Hey, where did Imitation Krabs go? Karen: I pointed him to the Krusty Krab so he could fill his oil tank. Plankton: Good, good. You can't fight the bad guy on an empty stomach. Or tank. Or something. (Cut to the Krusty Krab kitchen. Imitation Krabs finishes sucking the grease out from the fryer.) Imiation Krabs: (looks around) Hey. This place is not half bad. I could make a use from it. (Cut back to the Chum Bucket. Plankton is chewing on a chum nugget mindlessly when he hears an explosion.) Plankton: What was that? (Plankton jumps up to the window and notices a large crater in the place of the Krusty Krab's closed sign.) Plankton: A large crater? In the place of the Krusty Krab's closed sign? What in Neptune's name is going on? (looks at watch) AND WHERE IS THAT STUPID ROBOT? Karen: Instead of yelling at the window, how about you just find out for yourself? Plankton: Find out for myself? That's crazy enough to work! Thanks for being helpful for once, computer wife. Karen: (rolls eyes) Any time. (As Plankton leaves the Chum Bucket, he sees a fish leave the Krusty Krab holding a Krabby Patty.) Plankton: (chuckles) I haven't seen one of those in a while... Hey, wait a minute! (Plankton follows another fish through the crab-shaped hole in the doors and stops at a long line to the register.) Plankton: What the? (Pan left to show Imitation Krabs running the register. Fred walks up to him.) Fred: Can I get a Krabby Patty to go? Imitation Krabs: Order recieved. (shoots a Krabby Patty into Fred's mouth) That will be $1.99. Fred: (grabs throat) Can't... breathe... Imitation Krabs: Please take all complaints to the manager. Fred: Manager... What... Manager? (Another Imitation Krabs rolls out of the manager's office.) Imitation Krabs 2: Did somebody call me? (Fred throws the money at the first Imitation Krabs and rushes out, still choking.) Imitation Krabs 1: Who is next? Plankton: Two Imitation Krabses? Sucessfully running the original Krabs' business? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Imitation Krabs 2: Wait a minute. I would recognize that squeaking anywhere. Plankton: Oh, no. Imitation Krabses: Plankton! (Cut to a time card.) Narrator: (slowly) One millionth of a second later. (Cut to Plankton screaming as he flies out of the Krusty Krab and crashes into the Chum Bucket.) Karen: Just like old times, right? Plankton: (pulls himself out of the wall) I can't believe this. (knocks on the wall) The bucket walls are made of steel! That cyborg isn't just an enhanced Mr. Krabs. He's an enhanced Mr. Krabs without self-restriction! And considering he's smart enough to clone himself and make money from fast food all within a day, who knows what else he's capable of? (A rocket with arms and legs walks through the doors, clasps his hands together, and dives into Plankton, blowing him up.) Plankton: (turning into ashes) This isn't fun anymore. Karen: Oh, you poor thing. (Karen sweeps up and dumps Plankton into the recycling bin again.) Plankton: (jumps out of bin) It looks like I have no other choice. I'm going to have to destroy the Imitation Krabses before they destroy me! (takes a lead pipe out of his pocket) I'll be back in a jiff! Karen: Are you sure it's a good idea to just ambush them like that? Plankton: (running out) Sorry! Can't hear you! (Cut to the Krusty Krab. Plankton runs in waving the lead pipe around.) Plankton: Alright, you mechanical menace parentheses-s-end parentheses! TASTE MY LE- (Cut to a time card.) Narrator: (slowly) One thousandth of a second later. (Cut to Plankton screaming as he flies out of the Krusty Krab and crashes into the Chum Bucket.) Plankton: (stuck in wall) Improvement! (A rocket blasts into him and the explosion transitions the scene to the Krusty Krab at nighttime. Zoom in to reveal Imitation Krabs bouncing on a pile of money.) Imitation Krabs: Money. Sweet money. (slides a dollar under his nose) But this is not enough. Need more. Need more money. (eyes flash red) Need...more...money. (Cut to the Chum Bucket. The table Plankton is sleeping on begins to shake violently with the sounds of machinery.) Plankton: (jumps up) What...WHERE IS ALL THAT RUCKUS COMING FROM? Karen: Plankton, wake me from my beauty sleep again and I'll fry you to a crisp. Plankton: THAT IS DOMESTIC ABUSE, KAREN! I CAN AND WILL TURN YOU IN TO THE AUTHORITIES! (Karen extends a laser beam and points it straight at her husband.) Plankton: oh was i being loud sorry baby just morning crankiness you know Karen: Mmmhmm. (withdraws laser beam) (Plankton walks out of the Chum Bucket and finds that the sounds are coming from the Krusty Krab.) Plankton: (groans) Of course. (Plankton slips under the KK doors and tiptoes to the kitchen, where the clamor is at its loudest. Once inside, he looks up and runs back against the door.) Plankton: HOLY SHRIMP! (A string of Imitation Imitation Krabses pass by on a conveyor belt. A large tube at one side drops three or four of them onto the conveyor belt at once, and on the other side, each clone flies out of an open window with a newly-installed jet pack before getting the chance to fall off the belt.) Plankton: A factory of them! A factory! (Plankton runs out of the restaurant and breathes heavily.) Plankton: This is too much. One Krabs I can handle, but a tri-state area's worth With jet packs? Barnacles... (The newspaper boy runs his bicycle over Plankton.) Newspaper Boy: Extree! Extree! Unusually shiny flying crabs rampage through Bikini Bottom! (Zoom in to Plankton rolling around with the front wheel.) Plankton: Hey! You stupid kid! I'm-wait. Unusually shiny flying crabs? (A bump in the road knocks Plankton off the front wheel.) Plankton: Boy, was that luck- (back wheel catches him) Oh, you're kidding me! At least the next bump shouldn't be too far off. (Cut to a time card.) Narrator: (quickly) One hour later. (Cut back to the bicycle. It goes over a bump and Plankton is left over with his eye swirling.) Plankton: WHYEEE? (An Imitation Krabs flies out from a nearby bank with a large sack of money. The policemen arrive and shoot tarter sauce at him. The Imitation Krabs avoids the sauce and shoots a rocket at the policemen. They jump out the way of the explosion and run away screaming like little girls as another rocket is pointed at them, The imitation turns and shoots the rocket at the bank instead, forcing everyone to evacuate it. The imitation then moves on to its next victim.) Plankton: Oh, no! I can't let them destroy the place! I called it first! (Plankton runs to the Chum Bucket, avoiding falling rockets and boats swerving around in panic. "It's The End of the World As We Know It" by R.E.M. begins to play. As the sun rises, more imitations fly through the buidings with sacks that get gradually heavier. Citizens run through the streets in terror and sorrow at their lost life savings. Some people decide to retaliate with an attack of their own. None of those people meet a happy fate. There's fire burning and babies crying everywhere. Plankton finally makes it to his domicile and staggers in with his heart broken at what he just witnessed. The music stops playing.) Plankton: Karen, I think I've been living here for too long. Karen: (yawns) Why is that? Plankton: Because I actually care about all the unrest those androids are causing. Karen: Well, what are you gonna do about it? Plankton: What else can I do? (Plankton climbs up a ladder and presses a red button. A circular portion of the floor sinks underground and the Chum-Bot from Enemy-in-Law rises from the hole a few seconds later.) Plankton: I had to remove my Chum-Bot's automated functions after the trouble it gave me, but it still works well enough. (Plankton transfers Karen's program to the robot, climbs up the cord he used for the transfer, and jumps into the Chum-Bot's eye, closing the window behind him.) Plankton: Now, let's kick some Krabby butt! (Plankton fiddles with the joystick control, and the Chum-Bot struts through the wall and across the street, swatting off imitations like flies. Once it gets to the Krusty Krab, it sticks a hand through the kitchen window, snaps the conveyor belt in half, and uses a half to plug up the birthing tube. As it walks back to the street, an explosion from the kitchen lets it know that the first half of its job is done.) (Cut to the mayor's office in the Bikini Bottom Capital. The mayor is in a corner sitting in fetal position and sucking his thumb. What is presumed to be the original Imitation Krabs flies through the roof and points a rocket at the mayor.) Mayor: What do you want, you madman? Imitation Krabs: Every single cent in the Bikini Bottom treasury. Mayor: But-but I can't just give it to you! Imitation Krabs: (moves rocket closer to the mayor's face) You cannot? Mayor: (sweating) Well, I can't! The treasurer is on floor 3. Request the money from him. Imitation Krabs: If I find out you are screwing with me, I will be back. (Imitation Krabs leaves the room and the mayor breathes a sigh of relief.) (Cut to the parking lot of the Bikini Bottom Mall. The Chum-Bot blocks the entrance with a truck so the imitations can't rob it.) Karen: Behind you! (The Chum-Bot turns around and slaps an imitation with an aimed rocket, sending it to the ground and blowing it up.) Plankton: Thanks, Karen. Karen: There's still one behind you. Plankton: What? (An explosion in the Chum-Bot's back causes him to lose his balance.) Plankton: Gah! (The Chum-Bot swings around on one leg and kicks the imitation responsible into the horizon. It then jumps up and does a split, taking care of the imitations coming in from each side.) Plankton: (wipes his head) I'm not really sure how I did that. (Cut to the treasurer's office in the BBC. Imitation Krabs breaks down the door and points the rocket at him.) Imitation Krabs: You know what I am here for. Treasurer: Ugh, that spineless little mayor. Alright, I'll get your money. Hold on. (The treasurer walks to the safe, does the combination, and opens it to reveal a treasure chest.) Imitation Krabs: Yes. Yes. More money. More money. (Cut to the outside of the Bikini Bottom Capital. The Chum-Bot walks up to the building and two imitations fly into his way.) Imitation Krabs 1: I am sorry, sir. Imitation Krabs 2: We cannot allow you to go any further. (The Chum-Bot grabs the imitations and smashes them together.) Plankton: Idiots. (The treasurer puts the chest in front of Imitation Krabs and runs out of the room. Imitation Krabs opens the chest and his face shines from the doubloons' radiance. Suddenly, the Chum-Bot punches open the wall and grabs Imitation Krabs from the room.) Plankton: Well, well, well. Look who's in the superior position now. Imitation Krabs: Plankton! Plankton: That's my name. Don't wear it out. Imitation Krabs: I should have known you'd try to stop me. Plankton: No, Krabs. No, you shouldn't have. I've wanted to destroy this town for the past 30 years. The fact that you'd stoop to doing such a thing is what opened my eyes. All this time, I thought your primary characteristic was benevolence. You were always such a goody two shoes in high school. That's why all the teachers and students loved you as much as they hated me. But I won't dwell on that because your primary characteristic isn't benevolence. No, it's not. It's greed. That's what it is. I can't believe it took me this long to figure it out. You'd do anything for a cheap buck, like slander my name and, with the help of a bit of artificial amplification, loot an entire city. It's very ironic, too, because the belief that you were kind is what encouraged me to be evil. You were the protagonist and I was the antagonist. That was how it had been for I don't know how long. When I finally won, I didn't know what to do from there, so I thought that if I built a new, better Krabs, I could have a reason to continue being what I am. Or was. But you aren't a better Krabs. You're not only worse than Krabs, you're worse than me! As I walked through those battered streets, I don't know. You could say my heart grew three sizes, but you could also say that I realized that I could have been the cause of all that. That I should have been the cause of all that. And the fact that you're the cause of all that is what makes me sick more than anything else. So yeah, I guess I'm going to be the good guy now, since you're not going to bother to take that position, you greedy bas- Imitation Krabs: (interrupting) Yes. That monologue is very exciting. Slash sarcasm. If you excuse me, I have money to steal. (Imitation Krabs shoots a rocket at the Chum-Bot's eye. Plankton, startled, grabs the control and pulls it. The Chum-Bot bends down backwards as the rocket flies over him in slow motion. Once the frame rate is back to normal, the Chum-Bot throws Imitation Krabs to the ground as hard as possible.) Plankton: It took the writer fifteen minutes to perfect that monologue. Don't you dare hate on it. Imitation Krabs: (sputters electric sparks) You may think this is over, but it's far from that. The imitations you destroyed on the way are only a small fraction of the many I produced. They were instructed to scour the ocean for all the money they could find and return to rebuild me if an occurance like this was to happen. If you destroyed the factory before coming here, which I'm sure you did, there's still more than enough to take care of my business. You may think this is over, but it's just beginniii (shuts down) (Plankton sits there quietly for a moment then has the Chum-Bot walk down the street. The mayor calls him from his office window.) Mayor: (waves handkerchief) Thank you, giant stranger! You've saved Bikini Bottom! Plankton: Put a sock in it, fatty. Mayor: (pauses) Alright, then. (The Mayor ducks back into his office and the Chum-Bot continues its walk.) Karen: So, what are you going to do now that you're the "good guy"? Plankton: You were listening to my monologue? Karen: It's not like it was difficult. I'm not subject to your animal attention span. Plankton: I'll have you know that I'm considered an animal and a plant. Karen: Does that make it much better? Plankton: Not really. Anyway, I'm going to scour the ocean and stop all the imitations before they devastate the seven seas. Karen: What about Bikini Bottom? Plankton: Well, with all the sacks of money left over, the wealth will be redistributed in no time. The mayor's probably going to fix all the buildings and stuff, and once I-ick-tell Mr. Krabs the truth, he'll go back to running his restaurant, ripping people off, and keeping the formula from me. Karen: You're still going to pursue the formula when you get back? Plankton: Hey, it gives me something to do. (looks at watch) Wow, the second part of this pilot has gone on for way too long. Let's just walk off into the sunset, transition to the credits, and call it a day. Karen: Good plan. (The Chum-Bot walks off into the sunset.) (The End) (As the credits begin to roll, we cut to SpongeBob's house. SpongeBob is still playing paddleball in his bed.) SpongeBob: 29,998,559,671,347...29,998,559,671,348...29,998,559,671,349! I've done it! I've beaten the Dirty Bubble Challenge! Now to get out and smell the fresh spring water! (SpongeBob walks outside and everything around him is chrome.) SpongeBob: HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN IN THERE? (A man comes up to SpongeBob, sprays the paddle he's holding chrome, and tips his hat to him.) (Cut to a jail cell. Mr. Krabs is being held in it. A jailer walks by.) Mr. Krabs: (slides his cup across the bars) I'm innocent, innocent I tell you! That seaweed wasn't mine! I was only selling it! (Cut to Squidward's house. Squidward walks downstairs to find Patrick rummaging through his refrigerator.) Squidward: Patrick! What are you doing? (Patrick sticks his head out of the fridge. His mouth has serveral pounds of food stuck in it.) Patrick: (muffled) Nothing. (The credits finish rolling.) Tell me what you think. For realz, guyz.
  8. Season 1, episode 01 (001) - "The Spongebob Who Almost Wasn't" Season 1, episode 02 (002) - "Drawn 2 Life" Season 1, episode 03 (003) - "Plankton's Success" Season 1, episode 04 (004) - "BobSponge ParallelPants" (P.1 & P.2) Season 1, episode 05 (005) - "In The Lives Of Bikini Bottom" Season 1, episode 06 (006) - "Whoops, Wrong Millennium" Season 1, episode 07 (007) - "Nightmare on Conch Street" Season 1, episode 08 (008) - "Who Shot Sheldon J. Plankton?" (P.1) Season 1, episode 09 (009) - "Who Shot Sheldon J. Plankton?" (P.2) Season 1, episode 10 (010) - "The Joy of Hex" Season 1, episode 11 (011) - "Squid's House of Sand and Fog" Season 1, episode 12 (012) - "Where There's A Bomb There's A Bang" Season 1, episode 13 (013) - "Das Loot" Season 1, episode 14 (014) - "The Fast and the Devious" Season 1, episode 15 (015) - "The Daylight Zone" Season 1, episode 16 (016) - "The Night Before the Day After Christmas" Season 1, episode 17 (017) - "SB-Y2K11" Season 1, episode 18 (018) - "One Thousand Too Many" Season 1, episode 19 (019) - "Patrigeist" Season 1, episode 20 (020) - "Wi-Fi Spy" ______________________________________________________________________________ Season 2, episode 01 (021) - "The Old Switcheroo" Season 2, episode 02 (022) - "Soylent Canteen" Season 2, episode 03 (023) - "Squidicide" Season 0, episode 00 (000) - "A Documentary to Remember" Season 2, episode 04 (024) - "In the Name of the Stepfather" Season 2, episode 05 (025) - "Infection Inspection" Season 2, episode 06 (026) - "Mall for One and One for Mall" Season 2, episode 07 (027) - "Zero to Hero" Season 2, episode 08 (028) - "Plankton Sucks" Season 2, episode 09 (029) - "Wishful Thinking" Season 2, episode 10 (030) - "Sponanji" Season 2, episode 11 (031) - "The Pat Zone" Season 2, episode 12 (032) - "Bubble, Bubble Oil and Trouble" Season 2, episode 13 (033) - "Music to My Fears" Season 2, episode 14 (034) - "Don't Fear the Easter" Season 2, episode 15 (035) - "My Neighbor the Carjacker" Season 2, episode 16 (036) - "Time to Stop Time" Season 2, episode 17 (037) - "Controlled Freak" Season 2, episode 18 (038) - "Blame it on the Game" Season 2, episode 19 (039) - "The City in the Sand" Season 2, episode 20 (040) - "Internal Sunshine of the Spongy Mind" ______________________________________________________________________________ Season 3, episode 01 (041) - "Wedding to Forget" Season 3, episode 02 (042) - "A Clone for the Worse" Season 3, episode 03 (043) - "Kill Krill: Vol. 1 & 2" Season 3, episode 04 (044) - "The Great Sponge Hope" Season 3, episode 05 (045) - "Fathers Know Best" Season 3, episode 06 (046) - "The True Origin?" Season 3, episode 07 (047) - "High School: Confidential" Season 3, episode 08 (048) - "Lost in Cyberspace" Season 3, episode 09 (049) - "Below and Beyond" Season 3, episode 10 (050) - "The Ship of Lost Souls" Season 3, episode 11 (051) - "Once, Twice, Three Times a Story" Season 3, episode 12 (052) - "Summer Daze" Season 3, episode 13 (053) - "When We Combine" Season 3, episode 14 (054) - "A Drugs Life" Season 3, episode 15 (055) - "Picture Perfect" Season 3, episode 16 (056) - "Squidward in Da House" Season 3, episode 17 (057) - "The Trip of a Lifetime" Season 3, episode 18 (058) - "The Mind Blowing, Time-Bending Trilogy of Awesomeness" (P.1) Season 3, episode 19 (059) - "The Mind Blowing, Time-Bending Trilogy of Awesomeness" (P.2) Season 3, episode 20 (060) - "The Mind Blowing, Time-Bending Trilogy of Awesomeness" (P.3) ______________________________________________________________________________ Season 4, episode 01 (061) - "The End" Season 4, episode 02 (062) - "Flower Power" Season 4, episode 03 (063) - "Opposites Attract" Season 4, episode 04 (064) - "Fraud for Thought" Season 4, episode 05 (065) - "Jungle Feverish" Season 4, episode 06 (066) - "Unhappy Xmas (War Has Begun)" Season 4, episode 07 (067) - "An Assassin for Sandy" (P.1) Season 4, episode 08 (068) - "An Assassin for Sandy" (P.2) Season 4, episode 09 (069) - "Just Desert" Season 4, episode 10 (070) - "Truth Be Told" Season 4, episode 11 (071) - "Love and Remarriage" Season 4, episode 12 (072) - "Star of God" Season 4, episode 13 (073) - "Warehouse of Horrors" Season 4, episode 14 (074) - "It's a Small World" Season 4, episode 15 (075) - "There's a Time and a Plaice" Season 4, episode 16 (076) - "Insane in the Small Brain" Season 4, episode 17 (077) - "Jellyfish Fields For Never" Season 4, episode 18 (078) - "Parallel in Peril" Season 4, episode 19 (079) - "Out of Business" Season 4, episode 20 (080) - "Brothers Through Time" ______________________________________________________________________________ Season 5, episode 01 (081) - "The Game of Life" Season 5, episode 02 (082) - "Back to the Flash" Season 5, episode 03 (083) - "Crashed Pit" Season 5, episode 04 (084) - "The Krusty Krab Eating Reestablishment" Season 5, episode 05 (085) - "The Future of Time Past" Season 5, episode 06 (086) - "Cave of Despair" Season 5, episode 07 (087) - "Testcargot" Season 5, episode 08 (088) - "Mind Over Matter" Season 5, episode 09 (089) - "The Inconvenience Store" Season 5, episode 10 (090) - "Morphin' Around" Season 5, episode 11 (091) - "Lifeless Guard" Season 5, episode 12 (092) - "Chronicles of the Deep" Season 5, episode 13 (093) - "Alien vs. Sponge" Season 5, episode 14 (094) - "Fake Friends Forever" Season 5, episode 15 (095) - "Driving Miss Pearly" Season 5, episode 16 (096) - "On the Origin of Gary" Season 5, episode 17 (097) - "The Wizard of Kroz" Season 5, episode 18 (098) - "Zombie Ocean" Season 5, episode 19 (099) - "Gods Know Why" Season 5, episode 20 (100) - "Love's Labor's Lost at Sea" ______________________________________________________________________________ Season 6, episode 01 (101) - "Imaginary Fiend" Season 6, episode 02 (102) - "A Mile in My Shoes" Season 6, episode 03 (103) - "The Secret Heroes" Season 6, episode 04 (104) - "A Plaice in My Heart" Season 6, episode 05 (105) - "Space Squid" Season 6, episode 06 (106) - "Mr Krabs' Boating School" Season 6, episode 07 (107) - "Komputer Memory Wipe" Season 6, episode 08 (108) - "Sweet as Bunny" Season 6, episode 09 (109) - "When a Mermaid Man Loves a Woman" Season 6, episode 10 (110) - "Minority RePat" Season 6, episode 11 (111) - "Undercover Sponge" Season 6, episode 12 (112) - "Living in the Shadows"
  9. Members of SBU live in an utter reality where they work on their community park. Starring: High Five Claps, Muscle Nuggets, Dylan the manager, Trophs, Ayaileen obvi, Charla, Saucegret,Classic Death Fan, Wumbskips, Maxdecai, OMJigby, Kevin, more. Come claim your role here before June. Update: The show will premiere sometime this week hopefully.
  10. SB and the crew talk about stuff inside the vent system in Truth or Square. Real deep stuff. Episode one will show why SB stole his marriage scene from The Nanny and Patrick disses him for it.
  11. Plot: Kid meets Big Guy that gets electrical powers, stuff happens Episode 1: Shock To The System Dark skies. Atop the hill, a lone, withering tree stood. Dead grey grass blew in the wind. Graves of the fallen lay knocked over and broken, scattered across the hill. A foot came down and crushed a piece of tombstone. This foot belonged to a large, teal fish. He was muscular, with a torn, light brown colored shirt. Across his body was a strap that held the sheath on his back for a sword. A radio was also strapped to his back. As debris blew through the wind, the fish unsheathed his sword and pointed it skyward. The dark sky rumbled, and lighting shot forth. The yellow burst shot directly into the fish’s sword. The electricity crackled and surged through the fish. He screamed in pain and swung his sword towards the dying tree. A bolt of lightning shot from his sword and chopped the tree in two. The muscular fish lay bent over, lighting crackling through him. “What did that….lightning…..Do to me….?!” He screamed in pain again. This is where his story begins. The story of a fish named Surge. = = = Near the hill, there was a city. It was seedy and filled with crooks. Buildings were broken down and decrepit, and smoke rose from many of them. On the outskirts of the city, a broken sign stood, and under this sign, a young fish sat, watching the dark skies. An obese turtle walked past the sign. “You better get into the shelter soon, Leer. A storm is coming.” The turtle said. “That’s what I’m waiting for.” Leer said. “Suit yourself.” The turtle said, walking into the city. The fish, named Leer, was small, and purple. He had a torn and stringy shirt on, with a pair of black shorts. He watched as a large muscular fish walked up to Dead Tree Hill. As he watched, a shark came up behind him. “What are you doing, Leer?” The shark asked. “Haven’t you noticed that that guy always comes up to Dead Tree Hill around this time with his girlfriend? Every day?” “Yeah…” “Well, look at him now. Where’s his girlfriend?” Leer and the shark looked on and watched as the fish raised his sword to the sky, and as he was struck with lightning. “Whoa!” Leer said. He stood up and ran towards Dead Tree Hill. The shark called out at him. “Where are you going, ya dork?” “A guy just got struck by lightning!” Leer ran across the muddy, grey ground and up the hill. The sky rumbled again. Leer ran up next to the large fish, who was kneeling on the ground in pain. Electricity sparked off of him and crackled through him. “Are you okay?” Leer asked the fish. The fish turned over and looked at Leer. He had yellow irises and dark blue pupils. He opened his mouth and let out an earsplitting scream. Visible rings of sound came out of his mouth, and the force was so strong it knocked Leer backwards, sending him down the hill. The fish screamed again on top of the hill. He rose his hand towards the air and lightning shot out of it. Leer crashed into a tombstone. But he uncurled himself and looked up, as the muscular fish took a knee and began breathing hard. Leer ran up to him. “….DUDE!!!” He yelled. The muscular fish looked at Leer. “DID YOU SEE WHAT YOU JUST DID? YOU UNLEASHED MAD SONIC WAVES INTO THE AIR AND SHOT LIGHTING INTO THE SKY-“ The muscular fish shoved Leer down the hill. The muscular fish stood up, and looked at his hands, which sparkled and crackled with electricity. He squinted, looked at the sky, and made his way down Dead Tree Hill. Leer followed. “So, what’s your name?” Leer asked. The muscular fish grunted. “What was that? I didn’t quite catch it.” “Surge.” The muscular fish said. “My name, is Surge.” “Cool! I’m Leer. Nice to meet you!” “Shouldn’t you be getting back home?” Surge said in his low, gravely voice. Raindrops began to fall. “Nobody wants me back there.” Leer said solemnly. “Your parents?” Leer stopped walking. He stared at the ground. “They’re….They’re not around anymore.” Surge stopped walking and looked back at the kid, who was staring at the ground with angry eyes. He had obviously touched upon something dark and unpleasant for the boy to remember. “Sorry, I didn’t know.” Surge said. “It’s fine.” Leer started slowly strolling again. “What were you doing at dead tree hill? Why did you stick your sword in the air? And where are you going now?” “For a small kid, you ask a lot of questions.” Surge said, irritated. “I’ll shut up if you test out some of your powers out in Darkini Field.” Leer said, smirking, and pointing towards a field shrouded in trees. “Dead Tree Hill, Darkini Field? You just have a name for everything, don’t you?” Surge said, smiling reluctantly. “Hey, I’m the one asking the questions here!” Leer laughed. Surge smiled, and the two ran into the field. = = = “GO!” Leer shouted, releasing branches into the air. Surge, in the middle of the dark field, rose his arm. His arm glowed yellow and began crackling with electricity. He zapped each branch, and they fell to the ground, flaming. Leer ran up to Surge. “What else do you want to try?” Leer asked eagerly. “Here, arrange those sticks into a circle.” Surge said. Leer did so. Surge took a knee, and crossed his arms. They began to glow a deep blue. His arms began to sputter, and he shot his arms out and sliced the air. A large ring of static electricity burst forth and the sticks were electrocuted. “AWESOME!” Leer shouted. “Surge, do you know what you could do with your powers?!” “I know what you’re thinking, Leer,” Surge said, grinning. “Getting money, robbing people, and becoming crime lords, making the most money in the underground, right?” Leer looked at Surge, crestfallen. “…Wha….What?” “You knew I was a criminal, right? That’s why you wanted to hang with me?” Leer turned away from Surge. “How…?” Leer said to himself. Suddenly, the radio strapped to Surge’s back started playing. “Attack in the underwater city of Sorpanu……*bzzrt*…..A large burly fish has held fish captive in The Bank…*zzrt bzzap*….Disaster has struck” “We’ve got to help them!” Leer said. “Nah, that’s my pal, Crisp. He’s a mean crime boss. He told me he was gonna do this. Let’s go down there, rough up those hostages. And then get the ransom and bust outta there. With these new powers-“ Surge raised his arm as it sparked. “The cops don’t stand a chance. Come on, Leer.” Leer stood in the field, feeling destroyed inside. He couldn’t think- “What would your girlfriend have to say about this, Surge?!” Surge stopped walking out of the field. He clenched his fists. “Don’t talk about her.” “Speaking of her, why wasn’t she with you today when you stuck your sword in the air and got electrocuted? You could have died!” “I was trying to.” Leer stopped talking and his face drooped. Surge gripped his sword very tightly and walked out of the field. After a minute, he followed, into the darkness. -End- Thoughts?
  12. A brand-new show, premiering tomorrow! Plot: In this exciting adventure, join CNF and all your favorite toons as they try to stop the Toon Destroyer from taking over the Toon Universe! Rating: PG
  13. "A transfer student has moved from New Kelp City to Bikini Bottom to stay with his uncle and cousin, while his parents are away on business. However, after a murder shakes up the sleepy town, things get even more crazy when he discovers the mysterious "Midnight Channel," and that he has the even more mysterious ability to enter TVs. Accompanied by his disbelieving friends, he discovers another world inside the TVs, that seems to be connected with the murder. They also discover the ability to summon 'Persona', their 'other selves', whose power they can use to fight the shadows that inhabit the TV world. The murders, the Midnight Channel, the world inside the TV, and Persona. Yu and his friends fight to figure out how they're connected, and to solve the case before it's too late." A little SpongeBob and Persona 4 combination parody that I'm currently working on. For the moment it's PG but it might change later on. Also some interesting news: I'm letting you guys choose the name of the protagonist like in the game, just comment a first and last name you like and my favorite shall be the name of the protag!
  14. episode 1:Night Blah Squid Blah night. That has been Blah Squidward!
  15. Clappy: Gee Cha, What do ya wanna do tonight? Cha: The same thing we do every night Clappy. Try to take over SBC! They're Clappy and the Cha. Yes, Clappy and the Cha. One is a fool, The other's handsome. Coming Soon...
  16. It's finally here! The first episode will be posted in five minutes.
  17. One late afternnoon in the sea, Handsome Squidward snozed gently in his Egyptian cotton sheets for his regular beauty sleep. He dreamt of beautiful things uncapable to immortals like the holy squid he is. As sunshine so delicately creaked between the drapes onto his god given face, the sun itself melted from the pure hotness of its deflector. As his eyes slowly opened he noticed a pink flesh on his face. It was none other then his close pal, Waddles the pig. Waddles had saved Handsome Squidward's life when Handsome was doing another one of his world famous falls in slow motion and forgot to stop due to HS dreaming of himself. Handsome was about to hit a pole when out of no where this pig somehow breathing water swooped in. waddles used himself as a pink fluffy pillow between Handsome and the pole. Ever since then Waddles has been the Jesus to his Handsome Squidward God. HS: Good morning my pinkish friend. Waddles: Oink. HS: I do agree, my temple body does crave something to eat. Handsome Squidward proceeds to go downstairs to grab some fancy food. But when he sees his marble cabinets empty he makes the pouty duck face that his face usually makes. Meanwhile an evil little panda named MoMo snickers as he is hiding in a cabinet with a bag full of food. Handsome Squidward: No lemon puddin', buffalo burgers, coconut desserts or Nutella are in these cabinets! *HS proceeds to look at Waddles in a hungry way* Handsome Squidward:HS what are you thinking? Waddles is your pinkish pal plus pork is bad for your completion. Besides my gorgeous stomach is now telling me that I crave something salty and spicy. Waddles: Oink. Handsome Squidward: There's a Mexican food shop down the street that just opened? Well the citizens of this town could always use a little bit of me into their grand opening. Plus when do I ever have another night to be fancy? *HS looks at a calendar of himself and sees a fancy night every nigt on each day* Haha do I make myself laugh, come Waddles we shall go dining tongiht. Waddles: Oink. *puts on a dashing monocle on his eye* HS and Waddles proceed to drive OMJ's jalopy down to the Mexican food place. The title of the bulding has the name "Chipotle". The two of them easily find a parking place from the many generous fish who would give up their places (and lifes). They make their way into the front of the line for Chipotle easily trappling whoever get in their way including a fool who can only say ow-eth. HS: A regular sized burrito for me and the pipsqueak burrito for the pig. Extra guacamole. <3 Cashier: That will be $62.67 HS: All i have are doubloons and red ruby slippers. Will this do my good man? Cashier: Oh most certainly sir! HS and Waddles began to consume their devilishly good food and laugh as two members are presses up against the screen watching. Unlimitedcha: I knew bribing MoMo in bamboo to steal their food would only end up with them flaunting Chipotle in our faces. Clappy: Silence you fool.
  18. An obvious (or not so obvious) parody of Romeo and Juliet. Comprised of SBC members.
  19. i got an idea to make a fanfic of sponge Bob and squidwerid's (i think that's how you spell that grupy octopusy's name) relationship. but in return pattrick is really mad becuse helikes squidwerid too well this is how the story of the love triagle goes i might add some spandy in this (which is sponge Bob and sandy ceks for you iternetless people) here is how it goes the sotry i mean ONE DAY SQUIDBOB (that's a shipping name of sponge Bob and squidwerid of course for like the one guy who didn'[t know this yet) WERE WALKING TO WORK sponge Bob: hey squidwerd youre so cute IN WHICH REPLY squidwerid SAID squidweird: youre cute too honey but i still h8 you because youre an annoying11! neighbor so sponge Bob and squidwerid head over to the karsty crab to meet mr crabs tthe owner of that place who is their red crabs boss to mr crabs: you guys are late well sorta ill have to deduck your pay if thats okay because i want the monee for myself because i love money arrr arr rr sponge Bob: aww no im sad now i like my money but its ok because i can work sponge Bob: i am in the kitchin now and im happy to make some kraby pates sponge Bob looks over to squidwerd sponge Bob: hi baby squidwerd: hi sponge Bob: wanna blow bubles n other stuff after work tonite squidwerd: k sure im not picky sponge Bob: mauke sure to wear pants because youre going to get them wet squidwerd: L.O.L. WAT were under water so we r alurdy went silly billy sponge Bob: oh yea bye well squidwerd was nice oh look my bes frend pattrick is here pattrick: hi sponge Bob sponge Bob: hi fattrick (this was a typo earlir so im goin to keep it 4 the story, pretty cleevr huh readers out there) wassup my budy haha get it becuz youre fat pattrick: youre mean butt wheres squidwerid sponge Bob: in the other place of this place pattrick: k sponge Bob: that was werid pattrick is my best frend and never has he hate me idk why now (pattrick gets his swag on squidwerid by turning down the lites of the place and rubbing his hands down squid's spine a few tims around) pattrick: hiya handsome he whisperered squidwerird's his big forehead squidwerid: ew i don like u like that pattrick get offa me werido pattrick: but but.... I TOUGHT WAT WE HAD WAS SPECIAL!!!!11!!!! (refernce to thut episdoe with pattrick and garry) sponge Bob: what's going un and why us pattrick GASP r u trying to love on my squidwerid!?!?!?! pattrick: no... sponge Bob: YES U ARE I SAW YOU LICK HIS NOSE PATTRICK pattrick: well..... welll youre a big dummy! *CRIES AND RUNS OFF* end of episode one
  20. Episode 1 Patrick Star was not the sharpest knife in the drawer by any means. Said to be special a little slow, and in some cases just plain dumb. In fact, he was Bikini Bottom royalty according to an old historical document brought to light by a Servant of the town’s noble family. The same sheet stated that Gary was the king of Bikini Bottom, and his cousin. Which was rather confusing since there was a Mayor as well and King Neptune of the seas. By any means they could both be members of Neptune’s court. If either of them actually cared , that is. Anyway, the point was that relatives stuck by each other in times of need. Like today. Patrick woke up like he would any other morning, but of course being the holder of the award for the person who went longer doing nothing than anyone else, tried to go right back to sleep. But this time, a lion roared deep inside his chest. And being the dimwit he was, he automatically assumed there was a real Sea Lion inside his chest and panicked. Frightened, he started throwing punches that had the same force as the charging Rhino from James and the Giant Peach- but who liked that movie anyway? So, he threw punches harder than a raging elephant on steroids. Then he fell, clutching his stomach in pain. “Ugh”, he muttered. “Maybe I can calm the sea lion by feeding it.” To any others than would’ve been a funny excuse to get food, but not for this particular undersea dweller. He went to where any normal citizen would keep their food in the house: the sock drawer. Sadly, it was empty. After one or two hard seconds of brainstorming, he had an idea. (Usually it takes much longer but this was a special case) “It’s risky, daring, and unlikely, but it just might work!” He went straight to his refrigerator. That yielded no results, unless you consider air to be food. Which you probably don’t. Patrick’s fictional lion that had started living in his belly today roared once more. Patrick had another great idea to get another idea. He went to his bathroom, flicked the lightswitch, and stood directly beneath the actual lightbulb. It was something he’d seen on TV. After waiting a few seconds, he had it. “I got it! To the Bargain Mart!”
  21. Hello. This isn't a series, I'm just writing a short oneshot about Ted from 'The Googly Ariste', and why he has such a craving for creativity. Once upon a time - Internet : Cliche, no? Fine. There was once - Internet : Thats basically just rearranging the words. Screw you! On with the story. There was a man and a woman named John and Emily, respectively. They got married for convenience, and had a son named Ted Gillback, as was the family name. John and Emily were very bland people, and only let their son watch educational TV. Ted's room was dark grey, his book collection went only so far as PG rated Dictionaries and Encyclopedias. He had no friends, for he was very dry and humorless. Ted grew up and became an adult, and finally got to see the world outside of his home and school. (Indeed he was drove there in a tinted car everyday and could not see the outside world) He nearly had a heart attack of shock. So much fun, unique people, weird events, so much color. Ted realized the fun childhood he could've had but was stripped away from him due to his parents trying to raise him as 'normal' as possible. He soon began to spend large amounts of his college fund on art, books, and good food. It never seemed to be enough, like he could never get back enough creative things to replace eighteen years of none. Eventually of course he ran out of money,ran back to his parents and swore off creativity for good and promised to become a lawyer. Of course, in his mind always, there was a nagging voice telling him he'd made the wrong decision, he never went back to his fun hungry ways, no matter how happy he was then.
  22. Aquatic Nuggets and Unlimitedcha take you back through time through the line of the SquarePants family to SpongeBob's respectfully deceased grandfather named SpongeQuail SquarePants to an age of black and white films, simpler techonogly and the still urge to buy land in distant, remote lands. SpongeQuail works as a building constructor and is pretty well at it, yet when SpongeQuail stubbornly refuses to build a strip mall, he winds up jobless in a place known as The Bikini Bottom Purchase where he starts a new life and tries to bounce back into business. Coming soon!
  23. (please play this while reading the following paragraphs) "SpongeBob SquarePants or as thyself like to call Young Squire and his pinkish partner have left quite a legendacy after they not only defeated the greatest wizard known to the village, but also saved a princess and started a food business for the king of the land, King Krabs." spoke a teacher to his class. "As you might think with most fairy tales," he went on, "everything went-eth back to pretty much normal for all the peasants, knights and royals of the town. Sure they did, thee peasants kept waking up at the crack of dawn to take care of their sea chicken, snails, worms, etc. While the knights kept on the way to protect-eth their king and to tax the people of ridiculous reasons. The King kept charging people of crimes and ruling the kingdom as thy king of anything should. .No one had to worry about the large dragon (since he's been tamed and now enjoys Krabby Patties). You would think that the riddance of a powerful sinister person would-eth ease the citizens of Bikini Bottomshire right? Well shoft not, that was just the begin-eth of something new. But students let us move-eth on to recent news shall we?" The teacher whipped out a newspaper from under his hat and read it aloud to the students around him. "King Walter Krabs had a booming business of Krabby Patties. This new divine meat sold so easily, that thousands of more peasants of different towns decided to settle there for-eth the cheap food. Because of this King had gained a large profit from it and was very pleased. Yet, he was very tired. He did not-eth allow anyone but himself cook the patties in fear that they would poison the food and cause the king to get in a lot of trouble. So King Krabs declared a statement just a week ago today that he t'was looking for the best fry cooks of the land, including ones from not around here. So what do thou students think-eth of that?" questioned the man. "I want to hear about Planktonamor, my parents never told me about what happened to him. They said I was too "little". Pffft." said Dexter, who was one of the students. "Sure, I'll but first will someone do-eth the honors of putting on some dramatic music" asked the teacher. Dexter gets a organ out of no where and starts to play it. "Perfect" said the pleased teacher. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F51uHpH3yQk (Please play this as you read this part) "After found that Lord Plankonamor was still alive after the zap of the dragon, all the known knights of the land captured him after he was found unconscious with his crystal ball wife. When he woke up-eth, Plankonamor was sentenced to the death penaltyee by gullotine for his wicked crimes of witchcraft and ruination of the kingdom. As wished by the peasants of the town, the beheadment would be-eth a public gathering, much do King Krabs dismay since he just wanted a quick and out of the way. But since the peasants kept asking and asking, he gave up. So on the wizard's last day of life, there was an eager crowd of thousands around the town's gullotine. They wanted to see-eth justice served by the little green speck. The town guillotine was found near the Ye Ole Bowling Alley. Yet, the town's guillotine was only used for large criminals such as Planktonamor. When the guards went to check on Planktonamor in the dungeon, they found something arousing.... "The Lord be-eth missing," nervously said the main guard, sirrah R. Williams to Princess Pearl and King Krabs who nearly had-eth a small stroke from the news. Let it be-eth known that the King has had many strokes from all sorts of things. Even from jokes that methinks was not-eth as bad as villagers and even students might speak of. 'In Neptune's name, how did this happen?' Thy Princess Pearl said, fanning her poor father. 'We went to check-eth him for preparation of beheading and inside the dungeon vanished into thin air' explaineth sirrah Williams. 'Well just don't stand there,' the king painfully barked with his numb arm "call the knights, tell the peasants tell everyone of this!" 'Yes thy majesty' respectfully spoke sirrah Williams. So Williams rushed to tell the knights of this, who in reply told the peasants. The peasants were confused at the news and automatically grew with fear knowing that Planktonamor was loose in the open. And T'was the knights searched for months and months and months for the wizard but never found him to this day. It seemed like after months went by everyone had forgotten about this legend...." finished the teacher. "Everyone know-eths that the wizard stabbed himself to death and used all his effort to hide his body before he died. I should know, my father did the same thing to himself," spoke one student. "Hah Ester you have it all wrong that never happened. The wizard obviouslly used a disppearing spell and escaped while the guards werent-eth there. And thour father didn't do that, he died because of a snail milking accident ." shot back another student name Chester. "You do not know of anything of thy father nor of what will happen to thou if thou keep talking this way", Ester with an evil glare to Chester. "Well to be honest nobody know-eth, not even I the royal fool" said the teacher. "Not to bother thou Mr. Squidly but why would not-eth thou know this" asked a quiet student named Lester. "Yeah, are noteth fools the most sneaky and gossiping souls compared to anyone. Thy aunt told thee they were" plainfully said Chester. "Well they usually are, but during the time I was planning a song for the king. But don't worry-eth I gave it to him later after his stroke went away-eth." told Squidly to his class of children training to be royal fools themsevles. "But my father the knight told-eth me he had an another stroke after you gave him a song for some reason ," questionally said another student named Dexter. "..... Oh well you look-eth that! Tis time for lunch go along students" Squidly said changing the subject. The students quickly went out of the classroom and into the dining room to unpack whatever their parents gave them, while Squidly sat on the edge desk where he was earlier. He began to think about the past years between Plankonamor and other various things. Like how after he helped rescue the princess the king had slowly grown to like him once more. He was thrilled to find out the king had a new task for him, he wished it would involve band class. But somehow King Krabs quickly replied with a no, maybe because his clarinet skills were so great it would probably stun the students. But King Krabs instead gave him the task for a royal and professional fool training class, which was even better because he got to teach them great tricks and illegal... he means legal things to sing about of course. For three days a week he did this and on the other days he entertained the king. So, he really had no time for friends (not like he had any really). And it had been like this for a year.
  24. (S1E1) Episode 1: Welcome to Kelp Forest CAST The Timbira Tribe 1. Old Man Jenkins 2. The Flying Dutchman 3. Nancy 4. Suzy 5. Mr. Krabs 6. Nat 7. Harold 8. Larry 9. Sandy 10. Mrs. Puff The Forza Tribe 1. Squidward 2. Bubble Bass 3. Plankton 4. Fred 5. Sandals 6. Scooter 7. SpongeBob 8. Pearl 9. Sadie 10. Tom Host Nicholas Whithers introduces the cast of the new show, Survive Kelp Forest, which includes various individuals who are here to battle it out physically and mentally. The twenty are separated into two tribes and are directed to campsites in the middle of nowhere. They are now in Kelp Forest, a dangerous, uninhabited area thick with kelp trees. The Timbira Tribe instantly constructs a shelter out of kelp and driftwood, working together to make something quickly. CONFESSIONAL WITH SANDY, SQUIRREL: Y'know, we definitely got some great energy goin' round camp! Definitely ready for our first competition! Meanwhile, the Forza Tribe isn't faring quite as well. Bubble Bass, Squidward, and Plankton all prove to be divas with intentions of taking control of the camp. CONFESSIONAL WITH PLANKTON, PLANKTON: I demand all these fools to bow down to me! This game is going to be so easy to win, especially when I'm playing with IDIOTS... MORONS... I will need to make strong alliances. CONFESSIONAL WITH SQUIDWARD, SQUID: I was put on a tribe full of talentless halfwits... if I were on the other tribe, maybe I could play with people who knew how to build a simple shelter! CONFESSIONAL WITH BUBBLE BASS, FATTY: I don't want to work around the camp... I didn't come here to work, I came here to play. And to win this $10 million prize! Plankton approached Fred and SpongeBob, easily scooping them into an alliance with him. He then went to Pearl and Sadie, creating a separate alliance with them. He knew he could control SpongeBob and Sadie easily, but would Pearl and Fred go along quite as easily? CONFESSIONAL WITH PLANKTON: I need people to obey me... Fred is going to pose a threat, unless I can successfully enslave him! Back at the Forza camp... CONFESSIONAL WITH OLD MAN JENKINS, ELDER: I'm the oldest guy out here... that puts a target on me back! So, I got to work pretty fast... Old Man Jenkins formed an alliance immediately with three others: Suzy, Nancy, and Sandy. CONFESSIONAL WITH OLD MAN JENKINS: People think I'm this old guy who doesn't know what he's doing... but they're wrong. I'm going to prove to them that... that... what was I talking about again? Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs forged a relationship with Mrs. Puff. He walked up to her and proposed an alliance, while perspiring. Mrs. Puff agreed. CONFESSIONAL WITH MRS. PUFF, BLOWFISH: He's actually quite cute. *giggles* I think I could go far with him in this game... anything to get that $10 million! Harold, Larry, and The Flying Dutchman created an alliance just outside Timbira's camp. The luscious, towering green kelp leaves provided them cover. Harold and Larry were both intense physical competitors, and The Flying Dutchman could be quick on his feet. The three of them shook hands. CONFESSIONAL WITH HAROLD: I really trust my alliance with Larry and Dutchman. Both can, uh, prove to be very helpful to me... we can go far and dominate in challenges. The game has begun! ~~~ Day Two, Challenge #1 "Hello, Competitors!" Nicholas Withers exclaimed. "Welcome to your first challenge! Today, you are competing as tribes. The goal of this challenge is simple, but requires focus and balance. You will select two people from each tribe to stand on two parallel balance beams. Those two people will lean on each other for support. Two MORE people from the opposing tribe are going to try to knock the two of them off without touching them... they can, however, throw things. Each tribe will send out a total of four people. Make your picks!" Timbira chose Harold and Larry to balance on each other, and Nat and Mr. Krabs to throw things at Forza's balancing pair. Forza chose Fred and Sandals to balance on each other, and Sadie and SpongeBob to throw things at Harold/Larry. "First pair to fall loses the challenge! Just outlast your opponent. Ready... go!" Withers announced. Sadie began immediately throwing rocks at Harold and Larry. All attempts missed. Each tribe cheered loudly. "Sadie, I don't think I'm comfortable with throwing things at people," said SpongeBob hesitantly. "Agh, grow a spine, SpongeBob!" screamed Sadie, aggravated. CONFESSIONAL WITH SADIE, FISH: I take competition very seriously. I played basketball in high school and competed at the national level in track and field. SpongeBob was just doing HORRIBLY in the challenge today! Harold and Larry held onto each other as Sadie's rocks finally hit them. Meanwhile, Nat and Mr. Krabs hadn't missed a beat in hitting Fred and Sandals. The challenge lasted a mere 5 minutes before Fred fell. "Timbira wins the challenge!" Withers cried excitedly. The Timbira tribe erupted in applause, slapping Harold/Larry on the back. They were both covered in bruises, but grinned broadly after the victory. "Forza, I'll be seeing you at the Ceremony of Deception tonight, where one of you will be voted off," Withers said. ~~~ CONFESSIONAL WITH PLANKTON: I'm targeting Squidward tonight. The blasted vermin only complains around camp, telling us we're talentless freaks... the guy has GOT to go! I'm in control of this game, and I'm picking him to go! Squidward, against his better judgement, agreed to an alliance that SpongeBob had proposed. He later created alliances with Scooter, Sandals, and Fred individually. CONFESSIONAL WITH FRED, FISH: I'm definitely here to win that big ole prize of ten million, and I'm going to do whatever it takes to get there. I have alliances with the two big guys here, Squidward and Plankton. They don't know it, but I'm the one in charge of this game. My next move now is to pull in others. Fred proceeded forward. He met in secret with Bubble Bass, and brought along SpongeBob and Tom to join his group. Pearl joined their foursome after wandering around in the jungle. CONFESSIONAL WITH PEARL, WHALE: I have an alliance with Plankton and Sadie, and then another alliance with SpongeBob, Tom, Fred, and Bubble Bass. I don't know who to trust more, but Fred's alliance definitely has the numbers. ~~~ "We're voting Squidward tonight," Plankton told Fred, Sadie, Pearl, and SpongeBob. "Understood?' They all nodded, except for SpongeBob. "I don't want to vote Squidward, I like Squidward." CONFESSIONAL WITH SPONGEBOB, KITCHEN SPONGE: I don't know why Plankton is gunning for Squidward, what did Squidward do? "It needs to be Squidward tonight, SpongeBob," reiterated Plankton. SpongeBob nodded. He then went to talk with Fred. CONFESSIONAL WITH FRED: Believe it or not, SpongeBob is actually my biggest ally in this game. Already. I have 3 alliances, and he's the only person who's in all three of them. "Plankton's trying to get rid of Squidward," said SpongeBob. "I know, he told me," replied Fred. "I don't think Squidward should go just yet." Fred was thinking of his own alliance with Squidward; he wanted to keep Squidward around because Squidward could help Fred in the future. "I think we should vote Scooter, SpongeBob. He does nothing around camp. We all helped build the shelter except him." SpongeBob thought for a moment. "I'm... I'm okay with Scooter." Fred told his alliance (Pearl, Tom, Bubble Bass, SpongeBob) all to vote for Scooter. He then met with Squidward and told him he wanted to vote Scooter. Squidward agreed. ~~~ 1st Ceremony of Deception Nicholas Withers talked to the Forza Tribe before asking them to vote. Each person got up and voted. "Whoever is voted off will effectively leave the competition. I'll read the votes... First vote... Scooter. Second vote... Squidward. Third vote... Scooter. Fourth vote... Scooter. Fifth vote... Scooter. Sixth vote... Squidward. First person voted off of Survive Kelp Forest... Scooter." CONFESSIONAL WITH PLANKTON: I am going to need to rethink my strategy... rethink my alliances. Someone is going to be cut from the competition for tonight's vote. Squidward should have gone home. CONFESSIONAL WITH FRED: My main alliance is going to absolutely DOMINATE this game. CONFESSIONAL WITH PEARL: I'm not sure how I feel about tonight's vote... I thought Scooter was a pretty coral guy. Strategically... I'm not sure if I should stay with Fred. He pretty much dictated the entire vote tonight. What if that continues for the rest of the game until he wins? CONFESSIONAL WITH SQUIDWARD: I don't feel like I have a really solid alliance. Just four one-person alliances that feel really shaky. CONFESSIONAL WITH SADIE: I have one alliance, and that's with Plankton and Pearl. It was like Pearl wasn't even there when Plankton told us the game plan. I agreed with him. Squidward is the biggest threat at this point because he can manipulate the people here. And then Scooter goes home. What the hell? Scooter was NOT a threat, and if Pearl isn't actually on our side... well, then she's going home next.
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