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  1. This is my revival series! Here is the first episode Season 6 Episode 1: The Nightmare Next episode: Next Wednesday!
  2. jdfr03


    The fun adventures of Jacob. This is coming December 17. I'm be updating you for the next couple weeks.
  3. Wumbo


    Coming this spring.
  4. A brand new show, premiering tomorrow on SBC's Action Saturdays! Plot: A brand new action show based on many anime shows. Join Katsu and his friend Masami and Flick on their adventures to stop an evil demon from collecting all 100 pieces of the Jewel of Souls and restoring his powers. Rating: PG
  5. Spongebob Guy Episode 1 Toxic Waste Gary Mr. Krabs: Spongebob! Your 5 minutes late for work! Spongebob: Sorry, but i was feeding Gary this new food, The Suprame Food for Snails! Mr. Krabs: SPONGEBOB! THAT IS DANGEROUS! YOU SHOULD'NT BUYED IT! Spongebob: Oops, but it said that it has extreme things so your pet can be happy forever! Mr. Krabs: Well, get that piece of shit out of your house! Spongebob: Ok. (walks away to home) Mr. Krabs: WAIT! YOU FORGOT TO BEGIN WORKI (theme song starts) Spongebob: Im sorry Gary, but i have to throw this food away. Gary: Meow! Spongebob: Mr. Krabs says that this food is dangerous, so i have to recall it back to the food company. Gary: Meow. (walks away) Spongebob: I wonder why Mr. Krabs thinks it's dangerous, (reads back of can) Spongebob: May contain toxic waste, do not feed unless removal is planned, Oh no! Gary: Meow. Spongebob: Im sorry Gary for waking you up but Oh my God! This can contains toxic waste! I feed it to you by mistake! Shit! I better cure you! Gary: Meow? Spongebob: Because you will turn in to a Toxic Monster! Gary: Meow! Spongebob: Lucky Sandy have's the cure! I will ask her! Gary: Meow? Spongebob: Im sorry Gary, but im going my self! Gary: Meow. (walks away again) Spongebob: (runs out of home) Sandy! Im coming to get the cure! Narrator: The next morning. Spongebob: (in a tired voice) Man, i did not know that Sandy's treedome took so long to run to. (sees the treedome) Spongebob: (opens door and gets helmet with water on) Ok, im here! Sandy! Sandy: Spongebob! What are you doing here! Spongebob: Sandy! I feed Gary this dangerous food called The Suprame Food for Snails!, now Gary is going to turn into a Toxic Monster! Stupid of myself! Do you have the cure! Sandy: I have it, but it's hidden in my closet inside my treedome! You have to get it, Quick! Spongebob: Ok! (Spongebob walks through the rooms, he looks in the living room) Spongebob: No. (In the bathroom) Spongebob: No. (and in the lab) Spongebob: No! Where is it! (Spongebob stomps on a button, the button opens up a secret closet) Spongebob: There it is! (runs and gets cure potion) Spongebob: Yes! I better get it to Sandy! (runs out of treedome, and sees Sandy in a crazy position) Sandy: There's not much time left Spongebob! He's here! Toxic Monster Gary: ROARRRRRRR! Spongebob: I got the potion, now open the door and get him! Sandy: Ok! I hope this works! (Sandy tries to open the door, but it's closed) Sandy: Spongebob! Spongebob: Sorry! But i locked it, so that Gary does not break fr (Toxic Monster Gary breaks through the locked door) Toxic Monster Gary: ROARRRRRRRRR! Spongebob: Shit. (Sandy and Spongebob both screams) Spongebob: Im not sure about this, but this may be the end! Sandy: It's say's that you can not put it when someone is near to you! This is the end! HELP! Mr. Krabs: Not at my watch! Sandy and Spongebob: Mr. Krabs! Mr. Krabs: Take this! Bad monster who used to be a cute small pet! (Mr. Krabs attacks the Toxic Monster Gary by throwing money all over it) Toxic Monster Gary: ROARRRRRRMeow! Mr. Krabs: Got you! Spongebob: Gary! Your back to normal! Gary: Meow. Spongebob: Mr. Krabs! How did you did that! Mr. Krabs: I did it the way, the money way. Sandy: But i did not read the pages 25 to 28 in the book How To Use Potions? Mr. Krabs: Well it's 100 percent false! Spongebob: Thanks Mr. Krabs for saving us! Let's all go now. Mr. Krabs: But you have also learned a valueable lesson, never feed toxic waste to your pets. Spongebob: Im sorry Mr. Krabs for doing that. I will never never do that again. Sandy: And wait one dirty second, if Mr. Krabs said that he was late for work, Then why did Spongebob did not got to work in the first place! (Mr. Krabs becomes angry and his face turns red.) Spongebob: Well, uh, i don't know about it, uhhhhh. Mr. Krabs: YOU PIECE OF SHIT! WHY DID YOU NOT GO TO WORK! I WILL PUNCH YOU WITH A BIG HAMMER AND LATER SMASH YOU IN TO SMALL PIECES! Sandy: And here it goes. (walks away to treedome) (Credits starts) THE END
  6. Welcome, viewers of the deep, to an execting game show adventure featuring your favourite Undersea characters, we call it.. Shipwrecked! - The SB Spin-Off Game Show which YOU decide! Story Mr. Krabs thinks about an idea to get new customers, by turning the Krusty Krab, yet again, Into a ship. Hundreds and hundreds of customers have come aboard for the first sailing of this wooden beauty, Eugene spinned the wheel and the Krusty Krab ship (I suck at thinking of good names for stuff.) set sailed. An hour went by and 75% of the passangers were lined up at the Krusty Krab for a krabby patty, Fry Cook SpongeBob SquarePants developes a special kind of patty known as the Jolly Roger Patty (aka a Krabby Patty in the shape of a Ship, and yes again, I still suck at names.) and everything was going fine... That was until the dead of night, the passengers were sleeping silently excited that they're returning home tomorrow, the ship was, like the cabinets, silent. Mr. Krabs was still concertrating on laughing and singing about the money he's recived from this idea, but what he wasan't doing, was sailing. An Ice-berg headed across, it wasan't until the ship was hit, when Mr. Krabs noticed, he set off the alarm, and warned the passangers, who were eventally screaming and panicing in fear. However, luckly for them, the Ice-berg didn't do any proper damage and the ship was still running, he told the passangers that everything is okay, and eventally, the passangers calmed down, since of the fact of SpongeBob giving out free Krabby Pattys for the passangers, but it wasan't the Ice-Berg which caused a disaster...Just when Mr. Krabs decided to hit the hay, he yet again, didn't notice a Tidal Wave heading straight to the ship, and this time, the ship was hit. Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick and serveral of the passengers were flung out, while the rest were stuck in, and joined the ship to the bottom of the sea, (Luckly, none of them drowned, as they're fish and they were rescused by helicopters, forgetting about the passangers who were flung out). SpongeBob eventally woke up, he couldn't remember what just happened, all he could remember was he was on the ship, and then he found himself on this island, like the other passengers which were flung out. Mr. Krabs woke up and started panicing, as all his money is know under the bottom of the sea, he tried to head to where the wreck was, but SpongeBob stopped him, beliving he'll get himself killed. The other passengers woke up, and like SpongeBob, they couldn't remember what just happened, and that's when I come in. Hi, I'm your host, Patty Sponge. In this show, twenty passangers have been shipwrecked on this island, and only one of them will make it back home, the rest will remain on this island, FOREVER! (Well, until someone picks them up, which won't be long.), but anyway, here are our contenstants. SpongeBob SquarePants Eugene Krabs Squidward Tentacles Patrick Star Sandy Cheeks Sheldon Plankton Poppy Puff Karen Plankton Pearl Krabs Larry the Lobster Squillium Fancyson Bubble Bass Fred Harold Scooter Tom Sandals Old Man Jenkins Nat Peterson Jack 19 Contestants will stay on this island for enternity, but only one will return home. How will this work? YOU decide! In each episode, one of these contestants will be voted off, and will remain on the island, and you will vote for who you want to be voted off. So, just either post who you want voted off, or PM me. Or you can call this number below 0112-3466-1234-PM-ME Tomorrow, or sometime today, episode one will launch and with your votes, one of these twenty will remain on this island. FOREVER!
  7. After Spongebob's grandma gets an abrasive side, the whole town gets infected with abrasive sides, These abrasive sides take over everyone's body, who tries to get rid of their kind sides. P.S. The already evil characters get nice sides First episode coming either coming later today or tomorrow.
  8. After thinking, (and so much more thinking) I'm starting a show after the series. It'll be airing September 12th.
  9. Spongetron and his best friend Patron go about their daily lives here. These robots first appearing in SB 129 are just like Spongebob and Patrick, except they're the future versions. The first episode will come soon.
  10. As you probably figure out, this is SB and Patrick using their "imaginaaaaaation" in their Idiot Box. Prologue After Spongebob's awesome dump pun, they realize Squidward isn't at home. They figure he's at one of his Kelpy G concerts, and they take a walk. As they pass by the dump, they hear a noise by a giant TV box. They see Squidward driving a "race car" for a "race", and after Squidward realizes it was their imagination, Squidward throws the box at Spongebob and Patrick saying they can have it back. They return to Conch Street and place the box back to it's original spot. Spongebob and Patrick open the flaps, and step in.....
  11. Bob The Clown is stuck in traffic for days. Episode 1 will come later today.
  12. Bigger titlecard: Patrick loves this show! NOTE: Before you read this spin-off, read this: http://www.thesbcommunity.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8974-what-happens-in-conch-street/. Credit goes to Scootaloo (The Adventures of Kyle And Carl) for giving an idea. Season 1 Episode 1 - Who are they Episode 2 - It's time for... Blah!
  13. In this series, you choose your own Adventures of Kyle and Carl! One day Kyle and Carl were playing Hide and Go Seek because they had nothing better to do. "Kyle, check this out!" Carl told Kyle. "What is it now, Carl?" Kyle asked. "This better not be a trick." "Look what I found! The attic!" Carl replied. "I can't believe I haven't noticed that for years!" Kyle told Carl. "Well break it open!" Carl replied. "I never knew we had one, let's open it... wait it's locked," Kyle replied. Should Kyle and Carl A: Try to bust the door open. B: Look for a key. C: Go get some help from Robertson. D: Go get something to eat. Post the option you want them to do!
  14. Maximagination Studios present Superstars, Sponges, Cephalopods, and Squirrels (Or as its commonly referred as, SSSCS) SSSCS is a TV-Show style fanfiction from Maximagination (AKA SpongeMaxwell). Basically, it takes place around when the Bikini Bottomites you love are fresh out of school. Originated in late 2011 on fanfiction.net. Currently filming it's second season. Here's the pilot. Each episode will be released now and then. Everyepisode will have a link to the fanfiction.net page, so you can read ahead. There will be some extra interviews and stuff available in the Glove World area. Is PG for having a few scenes that are kind of meh. Episode 1: The Beginning Let's set a tone. It's years in the future, and the cast of Spongebob have JUST graduated high school, their futures waiting to be paved. The first season is about becoming a band, and that needs to be done first, so most drama will come in season 2 and up. Enjoy the show! It was another crowded night at the Krusty Krab, and Spongebob was sitting near a table, stirring the ice in his soda (Spongebob isn't working at the Krusty Krab.) "Crap. It's going to be a year after high school soon, and I've done nothing for my life. If my parents realize this cruel fact, I'll be stuck working at dad's store forever!" Just then, a big man sat down at his table. "Sorry man. May I sit here? Nobody else will let me to their tables." "Go ahead, I don't mind." Spongebob answered. "Thanks." A waiter went to their table. "Here you go. Three Krabby Patties." The Waiter said, dullily. "Thank you, umm…" The big man asked. "Squidward." "Hello, Squidward. You seem bored. Here, have a seat." The big man pulled up a seat. Squidward sat down. "Thanks." Squidward said. "No problem." The big man answered. "Man, my life is crap!" Squidward yelled. "You are definitely not the only one to think that!" Spongebob chuckled. "You know what I've always wanted to do?" "What?" "Ditch did stupid craphole and start a band. I play a MEAN clarinet." "I guess that would be a good idea…" A spark sparked in Spongebob. "WAIT! IT'S AMAZING!" "What is?" The big man asked. "I need a job. My crib is a lame pineapple, and if I don't get a job, my dad will make me go to his home forever!" "Hmm… okay… meet at my house tomorrow." Squidward offered. "May I come? I might be useful." The big man asked? "Sure. I don't care." Squidward answered. "Where do you live?" Spongebob asked. "102 Conch Street." Squidward said. "REALLY? I LIVE ON THAT STREET!" The big man and Spongebob said, in unison. "Well, ol' 'Loo'gene Krabs will fire me if I just sit here. I do need to make ends meet anyway. What's your names?" "Spongebob." "Patrick." The big man said. " 102 Conch Street!" "BYE!" http://www.fanfictio...s_and_Squirrels The MPorium now sells SSSCS stuff! http://www.sbcforums...nation-mporium/
  15. For the first time ever in my history as an SBC user, I have decided to write down a literature series for people to read! This series will be about a brand new series (or season) for the "Total Drama" series called "Total Drama: Heroes Vs. Villains!" This series will be about recruiting the 25 contestants (including Blainely) that competed in "Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action," and "Total Drama World Tour." This time, the contestants will be divided into two teams, one consisting of the contestants who are viewed as Heroes, the other consisting of contestants who are viewed as Villains. And this season takes place at a brand new amusement park called Mutiny Land! This place is well-known for one thing; it's a place where not only can YOU be mutinied by someone, you can mutiny them right back! Here is a little preview of what you can expect in the series... / Chris McLean: "You've waited a long time for this." Eva: "You still haven't told us when it is that I will be WINNING!" Chris: "Everything you thought you knew about 25 of our greatest Total Drama contestants..." Lindsay: "Wait, don't tell me! The name's Abacab, right?" Chris: "Will be completely changed again!" Katie: "What do you mean in telling me I'M a villain?!" Chris: "Take a journey to my personal theme park of fun and danger, namely, Mutiny Land!" Owen: "Is that anywhere near Doughnut Town? I'm kind of hungry." Chris: "The contestants will be divided for the first time based on their general status, of whether they were considered to be the good guys, or the bad guys." Blainely: "Those fools don't even know what I'm truly capable of! Once I get my game groove on, they won't know what hit them!" Chris: "Some contestants will be destined to leave early..." Gwen: "You know what, Courtney? This stupid noise comes out of your mouth whenever you open it--oh wait! That's you TALKING!" Chris: "Some will act TRULY crazy..." Izzy: "When they least expect it, EXPLOSIVO will come out and blow ALL of them away! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!!" Chris: "And others will make some surprising moves!" Noah: "I can take a hint and tell when I'M not wanted!" Chris: "Because in this game, Mutiny Land isn't just where they're staying, it's the biggest rule of the game!" Chef Hatchet: "Let's get one thing clear, if you're not ready to mutiny anybody in this game, you might as well go home now!" Chris: "12 contestants have been selected to be villains..." Justin: "How can someone as gorgeous as I am POSSIBLY be considered villainous?" Chris: "And 13 contestants have been selected to be heroes." Ezekiel: "Don't look at me for answers, Bridgette. I'm as surprised as you are that we're both in the Heroes Team!" Chris: "It's an epic battle between good and evil, and not one side is safe from mutiny!" Alejandro: "What do you MEAN that little twerp Noah mutinied to the Heroes side?!" Chris: "Both sides can and WILL experience betrayal." Sadie: "If wanting to join the Villains side to be with Katie is wrong, than I don't want to be right!" Chris: "If you think these contestants have seen the worst I can throw at them..." Geoff: "I'll only worry if Bridgette has to jump over a shark!" Chris: "They haven't seen anything yet!" Bridgette: "Why did you have to SAY that, Geoff?!" Chris: "Full of action..." Heather: "Don't treat me as if I need charity, Alejandro. I'm perfectly capable of making it through the game WITHOUT your help!" Chris: "Full of surprises..." Tyler: "I believe this season will be my season to shine!" Chris: "And full of romance." Cody: "Sierra, you've really calmed down these past few days I've been with you." Chris: "This show is full of everything that is: Total Drama." Courtney: "You better believe it, or I wasn't a former--." Trent: "Shut up, Courtney!" Chris: "Total Drama: Heroes Vs. Villains," coming soon to a T.V. channel near you!" / I hope you enjoy reading this new series as much as I do writing it! (Rated PG for some mild action, censored language, and occasional, rude humor.) Enough said!
  16. This show is gonna be funny as h*ck trust me COMING SOON
  17. Adventures of Dlonra and friends. Watch the premiere on February 15, 2014.
  18. Plot: The trials and tribulations of a bar of soap. First Night After a long, hard, exhausting day of playing Blues Clues, Steve decided to unwind by taking a nice, warm, relaxing dip in his bath tub. Steve: I am going to take a bath, because its really fun! Steve sang to himself as he trotted into the bathroom wearing his green striped bath robe. Steve: Hey, Slip! Slippery slid on in from God knows where. Slippery: Hey Steve! I warmed it up for you. Steve looked around the bathroom as if he was looking for something before staring off into the distance and began to consult his "friends". Steve: Do you see anything in here that I can use to better clean myself? Slippery just bubbled in his own soap residue, still baffled as to who exactly Steve is actually talking. Steve: Over there? Steve asked, pointing at a toothbrush. Steve: No? Could it be that? Steve asked again, pointing at the toilet paper. Steve: Ohhh, you mean Slippery! Slippery's eyes widened at the mention of his name. He simply assumed he had a clue on him before realizing there wasn't a paw print to be found on him. Before he knew it, he was picked up by Steve and was submerged into the bath water as Steve made his descent into the tub. Slippery couldn't even expect what was coming next. As Steve wiped Slippery against his skin, Slippery could only scream one thing. Slippery: WHOOOOOOAAAH!
  19. Plot: Spongebob and Patrick get bored and stab a random fish. We be goin' old-school on the picture.
  20. episode 1: THEY'RE EVERYWHERE watch out for them, they're everywhere now
  21. Wumbo


    One of the great masterpieces in Shakespearean tragedy... SBC style. Act I, Scene I "Who's there?" calls out Webarnardo through a foggy night. "It's your mother! Stop guarding the kingdom of SBC, it's filled with naughty language!" Webarnardo gulps. "Mom, I need to stay here!" "Just kidding! It's me, silly!" Saucellus giggles. "I'm here to take your shift." "Much obliged, ye of the false eyelashes," Webarnardo replies. Saucellus looks visibly annoyed. "They're real!" "Yeah, just like you said that 'ghost' is real." Halibutio steps into the scene. "I still don't believe you." "What? You heard about the ghost?" Webarnardo gasps. "Yeah, what about it?" Halibutio demands. "It's all too real, my boy," Webarnardo tells him. "I saw it with my own two eyes. Scared the one-liners right out of me." "I'll believe it when I see it," Halibutio insists. "Then come with us." Webarnardo leads Saucellus and Halibutio to the place where he saw the ghost. "T'was right here in this forest where the ghost appeared before my visage." "I was in this forest yesterday and nothing-" Halibutio begins. But suddenly, he sees the spirit. "O my sole," he gasps. Saucellus giggles. "We told you so!" "Quiet!" Halibutio whispers harshly. "Maybe we can try and communicate with it." "I wouldn't do that if I were you," a mysterious voice warns behind them. Halibutio jumps like a fish out of water. "Who are you?" he demands. "Oh, it's just me in a cameo." JCM steps out. "There are four guards in this scene." "Oh," Halibutio replies. "So why shouldn't we communicate with it?" "It doesn't respond!" JCM answers. "I even offered it a deal in my comedy sketch show, alongside the Grim Reaper!" "It's true," Saucellus adds. "I even tried Saucenese. Nothing." "Methinks I know who could possibly make this wretched spirit talk," Webarnardo suddenly pipes up. The other three turn to him. "Who?" they ask. "Princess Chalet," Webarnardo says. "Why her?" JCM questions. "I don't know. I haven't said anything for a while!" Webarnardo replies indignantly. "It's worth a try," Halibutio admits. "Saucellus, you and I will talk to Chalet the following day. See what she thinks." "I'm going back to guard the kingdom," JCM says. "You clowns should watch your step before you lose your jobs." He exits. The other three look at each other. "No, seriously. Who was that guy?" Halibutio asks. The other two shrug their shoulders. End Act I Scene I
  22. I'm rebooting this series completely. Meaning that the first episode I wrote to this isn't canon anymore. The original story is scraped. Plot: Squidly Spork a royal jester of the 11th century finds things to do around a huge castle. Making friends with a scientist/doctor who is slowly becoming dumber, his revengeful and some what psychotic hunchback apprentice who runs things now, an thrill seeking but cautious to her status princess, a wizard who just can't seem do make useful inventions, a money loving great king, and etc. Episode 1: Handeel the Hunchback Part 1 Squidly is sleeping in his ye ole rafter inside the dungeon of King Krabs' castle. He isn't a prisoner much less that he finds the wide and dark space of the dungeon his home. All of a sudden the door to the dungeon is opened and the light from outside splashes on Squidly's face, causing him to shake from being awakened. Squidly: Crud-eth! He manages to swing his chains to the dark side of the dungeon before the Dungeon Master sees him. Dungeon Master: I know thou art there fool. Squidly tries to unlock the chains that are on his ankles, but mistakenly drops the key right down to the ground, causing a clanging sound. The Dungeon Master with his torch shines the light on Squidly who is still upside down in his rafter. Dungeon Master: What art thou doing sleeping in me dungeon again? Squidly: Well thou see heh.. Dungeon Master: This be-eth the fourth time this week I've caught thou here. Squidly: Thou would live here too if thou found it as cozy and warming as thyself. A wide angle shot is shown of the dungeon full of spooky skeletons. Dungeon Master: I don't have time for tis... the king needs thou entertaining. Squidly: Oh right away! But I'm going to need-eth some help down here. Squidly points to the key on the dusty ground and the Dungeon Master starts unlocking the chains for him. Squidly: Actually I rather do this thyself for I have to get right side up first.... *splat* Ow-eth... Dungeon Master: Now look what you did, thou got blood on thy clean floors. Dohohoho. ~~~~~ King Krabs is sitting in his usual throne as Squidly approaches him. Squidly: Ready for thou daily dose of tunes thy Majestery? King Krabs: No fool, I think-eth we could all do without thou instrument sounds for one day. *he rubs his ear holes* But today I command-eth you... did you call me thy Majestery? Squidly: Yes? King Krabs: It's thy Mastery, not thy Majestery. Squidly: It's not? Well there go-eth thy Ye Olde Bowling Alley nickname.. King Krabs: Ahem, like-eth I was saying, today I command-eth thou to sing a song to your master. Squidly: Shall it be Playful King or Dastardly Dragons again thy master? King Krabs: No, I'm sick of those songs. I want-eth something fresh, something new today! Not another limerick or rhyme. Squidly: May I ask what thy Majestery- I mean what thy majesty has in mind? King Krabs: I crave the melodies of the hip, young people. I want to be-eth "in" with the youngsters. Squidly: Trying to recapture thou youth? King Krabs: Excuse me? Squidly: It's just that people tend to do-eth that when they're feeling the need for youth. King Krabs: I'll have thou know the villagers call me- *he turns to his daughter Princess Pearl when he sees her walk by in the room* Daughter, what do-eth the youngsters call their king? Princess Pearl: UnKorral Krabs King Krabs: Thou see they call me... WHAT? Princess Pearl: Hey, it doth be on the mud writings, the voice of the people. King Krabs: Oh, well doth they think they can say that to the king?! King Krabs gets up from his chair and starts to pase back and forth. King Krabs: I will show-eth them who's "cor-raal"! I'll rise the taxes on their learnin' places and any one-eth under legal age must-eth pay extra for a Krabby Patty! And underwear will be raised a cent for- Princess Pearl: That wouldn't be coral of you father. Doth doing that will just make them think thou self is more uncoral. King Krabs: Well, now I know exactly what to do about-eth them now! Fool, I want thou to create the most "hippest" and most "coral" song ever. I want a back up singer and the works! And I want it done soon! Squidly: Right away-eth sir. King Krabs: I'll show them who be-eth "uncoral".
  23. As some of you might know, brandonsml was an user on turntable who enlightened us with his pet turle, his dincing, love of the wiggles, and pink. Sadly, his legacy ended shortly and I am here to tell the adventures of him that he would always want.
  24. Most of you have probably already read these, but Spongebob Gets A Boating License is a little something I wrote back when I first joined SBM. A month later they made me do a sequel called "Karma in the Brain Office". This is more for the people who didn't read either of them. Spongebob Gets a Boating License Once upon a time, Spongebob woke up, ready for another Boating School test. He went to his closet and put on some pants. After eating a bowl of Kelpo, he walked out the door saying, "I'M READY!" Squidward was very annoyed by this, so he looked out the window and yelled, "Spongebob, you moron. DO YOU MIND? I'm trying to show my genius to Bikini Bottom!" Spongebob didn't stop, so Squidward threw a book at him. Little did he knew he threw How to Drive a Boat. The book went in one of Spongebob's holes, and landed in his brain office. The Spongebobs screamed, "AAH! OFFICE PRODUCTS ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY AGAIN!". Their boss groaned, "Again? What's to be scared of when you work at an office?" One of the Spongebobs said, "We should keep it here. Could be nice.". The other Spongebobs agreed with him as Patrick's rock flipped open and Patrick said, "Good morning.". Spongebob replied, "Port is left, Starboard is right." He kept reciting boating facts until the two came to Boating School. "Good luck, buddy," Patrick said. "I'll be watching you." Spongebob replied, "1924.". Mrs. Puff sighed as Spongebob got in the boat, "It's that time of the week again, Spongebob. Buckle in your seatbelt.". Spongebob buckled in his seatbelt and started the boat properly. Mrs. Puff was shocked. She thought, "This could be it. He could pass.". When Spongebob crossed the finish line, Mrs. Puff almost burst with happiness. As she handed his license, she yelled, "I'M FREE! I'M FREE! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! HERE'S YOUR LICENSE! HAVE A NICE LIFE WITH IT, SQUAREBUTT!". The next morning, Spongebob decided to drive his new boat to work. As he began to drive, the workers at his brain office suddenly got sick of the book and threw it out of Spongebob. Spongebob started driving out of control, hitting lots of other boats along the way. After destroying all of Bikini Bottom, you could various cries in pain such as "MY LEG!', and "aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhw". The police went to Spongebob and said, "Back to Boating School with you, young man!". Mrs. Puff was nearby, and when she heard this, she yelled, "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Karma in the Brain Office It was a normal day in the brain office. The Spongebobs were storing information about the Krabby Patty Formula that Mr. Krabs had told Spongebob the night before into boxes. The boss walked over to one of the Spongebobs and yelled,"THAT'S THE WRONG BOX! THE SIZE OF THE PICKLES GOES IN BOX 938746, NOT BOX 938764!" The Spongebob replied, "Why does it matter anyway? We're just a clever visual metaphor used to personify the abstract concept of thought". The boss got angry and said, "SHADDUP AND GET BACK TO WORK!". The Spongebob ran off. Meanwhile, for the real Spongebob, he was waking up to the sound of his foghorn. "I'M READY FOR MY BOATING TEST GARY!". Gary just said, "Mrow.". Spongebob found an old book and picked up and read the title, "How to Drive a Boat,". Spongebob tossed the book away. "I don't need this. I can drive.". Meanwhile, back in the brain office, one of the Spongebobs was crying, and another ran over to him. "What's wrong?," he asked. The Spongebob kept crying. "I-I-I just rem-em-embered that.....I NEVER LEARNED HOW TO DRI-HI-HI-HIVE! WAAAAAAAAHHHH!". The other Spongebob tried to comfort him, 'Why don't you back to Boating School? It's in the spleen 10 miles south.". The crying Spongebob stopped crying, "OK. I'll go. Thanks.". Meanwhile, back in the real Spongebob's room, the book ricocheted off the wall and went inside Spongebob and hit the mini Spongebob's car. The Spongebob screamed, "AIEEEEEEEE! MY (*DOLPHIN NOISE*) CAR! NOW I'LL HAVE TO PAY THE (*DOLPHIN NOISE*) INSURANCE COMPANY ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!". He picked up the book, read the cover, and said, "How to Drive a Boat? I got this! He stopped and read it. I took him a solid week to read it. He finally finished reading it, and while doing so, he emptied his mind of everything that has nothing to do with boating. Boating....and breathing. Anyway, he got to the boating school, and the mini Spongebob was so excited about passing the test that he barely noticed the real Spongebob throwing the book out of himself, as he felt funny with it inside of him. The mini Spongebob yelled, "I'M GONNA DO IT! I'M GONNA DO IT!". He ran to the boating teacher, Mrs. Suff, and yelled to her, "I'LL GET MY LICENSE, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, MRS. SUFF!" Mrs. Suff said, "Well, we'll see about that, Mini Spongebob #61." They both got in the boat. Mrs. Suff asked, "What's the first thing you do, Mini Spongebob #61?" Mini Spongebob #61 replied, "Floor it!" Mrs. Suff yelled, "NO! NO! YOU BUCKLE IN YOUR-" But it was too late. Mini Spongebob #61 already started the boat. He crashed through the Boating School entrance, and went on a rampage destroying the real Spongebob. The real Spongebob got smashed into small pieces, but then revived himself a couple seconds later. Back inside Spongebob, a police officer cornered Mrs. Suff and Mini Spongebob #61, and said, "Son, no Boating License for you!". Mini Spongebob #61 cried, and cried until he was all the way back into the brain office, where he jumped into one of the shredders and got shredded into pieces, but then revived himself a couple seconds later. EPILOGUE The real Spongebob later took the Boating test, but obviously failed when he crashed into the lighthouse, which fell down on Mrs. Puff, who was sent to the hospital. Mini Spongebob #61 got over his problem, but later went to Boating School every Sunday on a regular basis, and was a little more calm about it, and didn't burst out into tears anytime anyone mentioned the words "Boating," and "School.". The End
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