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  1. This spin-off was originally created for the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki's July 2014 Spin-Off Challenge. After it finished, I kind of left the spin-off to die without ever coming close to finishing it. However, I've recently started it back up and am planning to release more Parts in future. This spin-off centers around SpongeBob, who, after discovering a hidden door behind the Krusty Krab, travels to a number of alternate realities. Four seasons are planned - totaling 50 parts - along with an epilogue. SEASON ONE: 1. The Hallway Out Back It is closing time in the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob has just finished cleaning the dishes and Mr. Krabs is packing up shop. (Squidward has already left.) As SpongeBob is about to head out the door, Mr. Krabs gives him a bag of rubbish to put into the dumpster out in the back. "Take this to the dumpster for me," Mr. Krabs tells him. And coming closer, in a sharp voice, he whispers to SpongeBob, "And then come right back here." "Aye aye, Mr. Krabs, sir!" SpongeBob salutes cheerfully. He walks out to the back of the Krusty Krab, bag o' trash in his hand. Humming a dumpster song to himself, SpongeBob throws the trash into the dumpster. Just as he is about to close the lid, SpongeBob notices something. A door at the back of the restaurant in the place where Mr Krabs' office is located. SpongeBob has never seen a door in the back of Mr. Krabs' office. He remembers Mr. Krabs' warning about coming back to him immediately after taking out the trash, but curiosity gets the better of him. He closes the lid and decides to open the door, just to see what is on the other side. A few seconds can't hurt, right? Opening the door (it creaks just a little) SpongeBob is greeted by a long, narrow, dark corridor. This puzzles him greatly. Something like this shouldn't be possible - it would cut straight into Mr. Krabs' office if it was. What was going on? Stepping inside the hallway, SpongeBob hears whispers all around him, a thousand disembodied voices murmuring ancient incantations. A bit creeped out, SpongeBob considers stepping back out the door when he sees four doors in the right-hand side of the hallway, spaced evenly apart. The first is a standard, Krusty Krab-issue door, porthole and all. SpongeBob cannot see what is on the other side of the porthole - it is too misty to make out. The second door is the same kind of door, but more eroded, worn out, old. The third is a simple iron door with no windows. The fourth does not look like any door SpongeBob has ever seen. Carved into it are an infinite number of ancient glyphs, diagrams and drawings. Despite really wanting to go through the fourth door first (it is easily the coolest by far) SpongeBob decides to open the first door first. Pushing open the door, SpongeBob enters what looks like… …Bikini Bottom. No, scratch that - SpongeBob is definitely in Bikini Bottom. In the middle of the day, whereas before, it was six o' clock at night. He takes a good long look at his surroundings and realizes that he is standing outside his house. Did the door transport him, somehow? Did it make him travel through time too? And most importantly - what is Mr. Krabs going to say to him when he has to go to the Krusty Krab? SpongeBob talks to some people around him, asking them what day it is. They say (with a bit of a confused expression) that it is July 7th, 2014. SpongeBob gasps. That is a whole WEEK from when he was before! SpongeBob explains that he is Mr. Krabs' fry cook and that he hopes the crab boss isn't mad at him. They are even more confused now, saying that they don't think SpongeBob has ever been Mr. Krabs' fry cook. SpongeBob is shocked. Has Mr. Krabs gotten so angry as to remove all trace of him from the establishment? A bit dazed, SpongeBob walks over to where the Krusty Krab is. While on the way he notices that a lot of things have changed about his daily walk. There are buildings he hasn't seen before, posters on the walls that were never there a week ago. One of them says "Come to the Chum Bucket! Double Deluxe Chum Patty only $6.95!". Finally, SpongeBob arrives at the Krusty Krab. Or, at least, where it used to be. In its place is the Chum Bucket. Mr. Krabs' archenemy's restaurant has a long line of customers stretching out of the front door. SpongeBob feels sick. He turns around, and sees that the Krusty Krab is now where the Chum Bucket used to be. It's also a lot more worn down. SpongeBob decides to go into the Chum Bucket - something he would never normally do, but this time he needs to know what caused this change. The Chum Bucket is bustling with happy customers, sitting at every table, eating Chum Patties. The floor and walls are spotless, and the menu - sporting such meals as 'Triple Chum Stick', 'Spicy Chum Bits' and 'Chumbalaya', has nary even a bit of dust marring its surface. At the back of the restaurant, Karen the computer wife acts as cashier, taking down orders and then handing out change. And just when SpongeBob thought things couldn't get any weirder, suddenly the door to the boss's office opens, and out comes none other than Mr. Krabs. "Good morning, me hungry customers!" Mr. Krabs shouts happily, waving a claw at everybody. All the customers look at him. "Enjoying them fine Chum Patties?" The customers all nod. "Yes, Mr. Krabs!" they shout. "Great!" Mr. Krabs replies, chipper as ever. Then he turns to Karen and says to her, a bit annoyed now, "Karen. You're not supposed to give out change. I told ya a million times by now. Get it into your processors!" SpongeBob, amidst all the confusion, cannot help but smile. It's still the same old Mr. Krabs. "Aye aye, sir," Karen replies, as sarcastic as ever. She rolls her eyes on the monitor. Mr. Krabs waves once more to the customers, smiling again, and then heads back into the office, humming "Hmm hmm hmm, money money money…" Spongebob walks out of the Chum Bucket, wondering what is going on. Mr. Krabs never even greeted his fry cook. Then his phone rings. SpongeBob takes it out of his pocket and checks the caller ID. Plankton is calling. "Hello?" SpongeBob says shakily, wondering what Plankton could possibly be calling him about. "SpongeBob, you pathetic barnacle brain," Plankton shouts over the phone. "You're late for work. Get into the Krusty Krab now. I can see you standing outside the Chum Bucket. You know the rules. Don't go within ten feet of the Chum Bucket. Do you understand me? " "I… uh…" SpongeBob stammers, unsure of what to say. "Now I can see you stuttering and shaking like an idiot. Grab those legs of yours and get to work!" Plankton hangs up. SpongeBob gulps as he puts the phone back into his pocket. He looks at the Krusty Krab, all worn down and rusty. Is this where Plankton is? Is SpongeBob working for him now? Only one way to find out. SpongeBob walks through the cobwebbed doors of the Krusty Krab. "There you are," Plankton says to SpongeBob's right. He's manning a telescope, which is pointed through the dusty windows at the Chum Bucket. He jumps down onto the old, rotted floor, and walks over to the boat-shaped cashier stand, where Squidward lies asleep, a music magazine acting as a blanket. Plankton takes out a megaphone. "RISE AND SHINE, BEAUTIFUL," he shouts. Squidward bursts awake. "What-who-why-when-how?? …Oh." And then he just gets back to reading his magazine. Plankton opens the door to the kitchen. "Now, are you going to get in there or are you going to pretend you're a customer? Because I think we both know which one is going to happen. Here's a hint - it's not the second one." SpongeBob walks through the door, and stands at his new post. The grill is covered with dust and looks unused. The spatula is rusty. All of the Krabby Patty buns (SpongeBob guesses that's what they're called here, anyway) are out of date. What's going on?
  2. Welp, it's probably time I make a thread for this. This is the IJLSA Avengers Mini-Series Spin-Off I bought from OMJ. I've already finished up the first "Movie", "Mermaid Man: Champion of the Deep"(ain't that a concept, i'm already giving you an episode title before the show even premieres) Anyways, the mini-series will contain just 6 "movies", showcasing the origins of all the members of the IJLSA through the first 5 episodes, followed by a 6 episode done in the style of The Avengers. That will be it for the series unless I plan to expand it, but for now, it's just a Mini-Series of 6 episode "movies." Next episode to write is the one about The Quickster. Premiere date is TBA right now, but i'll let you know a premiere date soon. Hope you'll enjoy the series when it's premieres!
  3. A short little thing I wrote for the Snowcember Ball award show or whatever. Here it is: The Spongebob Element written by rev up those fryers (We open to a shot of Spongebob crying, and then Patrick walks over) Patrick: What's the matter, Spongebob? Spongebob: I've got only one day left to live! Patrick: Says who? Spongebob: The doctor says there's no hope. The future marine biologists, stole my gills for examination! Patrick: No. I will not let you go! I will get to them in their future dimension, whatever it takes! (Patrick gears up and stands on a cliff) Patrick: I will not let you down! Spongebob: Uh, Patrick? Patrick: Yes? Spongebob: Can you let me down? (Bubble transition to Sandy's Treedome) Patrick: SANDY! I NEED AN INTERDIMENSIONAL PORTAL! Sandy: Well, I have one right here but it requires extreme caution- Patrick: No time to lose! I must save Spongebob's life! Sandy: Uh oh. (Cut to Patrick racing through doors to find future marine biologists lab) Patrick: There it is! (Patrick goes through the portal, and then we see Patrick below scientists) Patrick: Alright. Here I go. FOR SPONGEBOB!!!! (Patrick jumps up and grabs the gills and starts running and then this music starts playing: ) Patrick: RAAAAAAAH!!!!!! (We cut back to Sandy's dome, with Spongebob getting tired) Spongebob: Can you pass the mayonnaise? oooohhh Sandy: Oh no! Time is running out! Patrick, hurry! (We cut back to Patrick, who is now at the dubstep part of the song and running through all the scientists and kicking and punching them in slow motion) Patrick: NOOO OOOONNNNEEEE MMMMEEEESSSEEESSSS WWWWIIIIIITTTTTHHHHH SSSSSPPPPPOOOONNNNGGGGGEEEEEEBBBOOOBBBBB! (We then cut to normal speed) Patrick: FEEL MY WRATH!!!! (We see a flying taxi) Patrick: AN ESCAPE ROUTE! (Patrick jumps into the flying taxi) Patrick: I need to get to an interdimensional portal and fast! Taxi Driver: The bill? (Patrick looks behind to see flying cop cars) Patrick: THE COPS ARE AFTER US! (Taxi driver starts racing through the sky at top speed, and the music plays again) Cops: STOP! FUGITIVE! (The chase goes on until we see a red light and everyone stops for a minute, then goes) Patrick: There it is! Cops: STOP! Patrick: Herе's my stop, gotta go bye! Taxi Driver: But you never payed the bill! (The cops rear end him) (Patrick jumps in the portal and then goes through the doors) Patrick: THE PORTAL'S CLOSING! (We cut back to Sandy) Spongebob: I doN'T reAqUire OuR modErN neEds, I JuSt piE Sandy: Oh no! The portal must be closing! (Patrick's hand comes out of the portal) Sandy: I'll save you Patrick! (Sandy pulls) Sandy: Man, Patrick you need to lose some weight. Patrick (from behind): I HEARD THAT! (Sandy pulls and lifts him out) Sandy: Patrick! You're alive! Patrick: I know I am a genius and all, but it's Spongebob were helping. Spongebob: TEMXBDJ Patrick: Spongebob, these are yours. (hands his gills) Spongebob: Thanks, Pal. I knew I could count on you. THE END. Anyway pie
  4. Plot: Three friends: Strezz, Bruce, and Monique get theirselves stranded on an unknown island while booking for their summer vacation. Eventually, they realize that they're not alone. They get stranded on Shellside Shores, unfascinated for common rain showers. Then there came a jacket, abandoned from the non-survivors of that island, but is in fact a jacket which possess natural skills of which people call Z-Storm. Some say Z-Storm was a legend, but indeed, was not. In fact, now someone else takes possession of Z-Storm's legend. Strezz: Sponge at 14, rather wants a better life, and somewhat curious. Accused of later taking possession of Z-Storm, and it all becomes true. Bruce: 14, a savvy and lazy person who tagged along with the other two, and refers to himself a Weather Wizard, and smart, but not preciselly smart. Monique: 15, a headstrong and quite hasty person. Somewhat in an irritated matter, and acts mature. She even has Strezz and Bruce along with her. Zowe: 14, a hotheaded woman who can get easily uncontrolled, easily bored, and on the bright side, she is popular. Shazza: 14, Part Australian and party country person. She known Strezz in the past and reveals to be more sophisticated with Z-Storm, furthermore, she was Z-Storm, formally. Cameron: 15, sly guy with a secretive mind. He is considered a secret agent and gathers info on suspicious enemies, like Seymour. Monique has liking for him. Marina: 14, one of the nicest. She is in Zowe's obedience and in Strezz's suspision. In other words, has a liking for Strezz. Zack: 15, and a juvenile delinquent. Zack is careless, anti-social, and all that. Zowe broke him out of juvie and he is now part of the gang, which he dislikes. Sal: Coming soon. Seymour: 16, the main antagonist of Z-Storm, wants revenge on Strezz for possession of the jacket, after realizing one of his ancestors had the jacket. Hector: Coming soon. More characters coming soon......
  5. This is a little something I worked on last year, and has around 24 pages of work in it. My plan is to upload the earlier story in 6 parts, 4 pages each. Each part will be uploaded every 2 days to weekly. Tell me what you think of my idea and if I should continue it. The first part will be posted later today.
  6. Sypnosis: S.P.O.N.G.E.B.O.B: Specially Permitted Organization No Great Elusive Being Offered, BITCH Spongebob may be big time protagonist, and KK2 manager, but it starts to bring him down to see Stephen Hillenburg's deserted office, and a rumored death of an old friend. Spongebob(at 17-18) bids Bikini Bottom farewell. He eventually goes off to Shell City, which has gone viral and slightly more radioactive. He also runs into somebody named Glenn Barry Kuda, who convinces that the town knows about the fatality of Spongebob's old friend. With a few enhancements, Spongebob and Glenn form an organization, as they try to stop the forces of another organization called S.L.O.T.H.S(Specially Licensed Organization That Hate Spongebob) Characters: Spongebob: Runs off to Shell City to clear to minds. He later befriends Glenn. Glenn B. Kuda: A specialist with motorcycles. He helps Spongebob along the way. Remy: Antagonist of the series. Forms an organization against Spongebob; sometimes works in private. "Superior_Sea_Sorcerer7777:" One of Spongebob's devoted fans, he joins the team eventually.
  7. An existential miniseries written by Nuggets and I, coming soon.
  8. Who Shot Patrick? Coming June 1st. Created by spongeboblover. Here is a sneak peak of Who Shot Patrick! Who's excited?
  9. From members Aya and Cha and Homestuck , we present Episode 1: 'Cause it's filler "LILYMU!" shouts a voice. The episode for the show within the show begins. As always Gonard the show's main (and probably only) antagonist is seen causing trouble for the Lilymu four. Yet with a different spin as this took place not in Japan but space. Gonard was in his latest doomsday device, a spaceship that contained an unknown weapon. For almost the entire season of Lilymu the characters have been chasing this purple skinned foe for this mysterious object Gonard had concealed from them. Only for the day to finally arrived. The battlewagon had formed into a rocket zoomed across the starry heavens after him. Inside the ship sat Lily, Mitsuki and Guano pressing multiple control buttons. Mitsuki was steering the aero invention as the others kept their sights on Gonard ahead. "Where is Gonard heading?" fearless Mitsuki firmly spoke. "Guano Guano!" The purple creature pointed towards a large figure in the distance. "What is that thing? It looks like a-" the delicate Lily spoke and then suddenly their system and screens went black. The power stopped instantly and the rocket couldn't move. "What's going on?" Mitsuki tried to turn her wheel but it was jammed. All of a sudden, a familiar purple feud appeared on their monitors. Kappa Mikey the main star caught up with everyone as in his space jet as suddenly closed off too and Gonard flashed on his scene. He idly floated along side his team's battlewagon. "Mitsuki? Lily? Guano are you fine?" He lipped his words slowly so that they could see what he was saying from their window. "HA! Yes Kappa Mikey you're just in time to finally be revealed of my plans," Gonard devilishly exclaimed "You see over the past months I've been fooling both you and your cast mates. You see this rather enormous object behind me?" He pointed "This happens to be an atomic bomb, one of the largest I've seen I must say." "What do you plan on doing with it Gonard?" Mikey spoke at his monitor. "You see with this atomic bomb I plan on sending it skyrocketing towards Earth, wiping out millions even billions of life. And you Lilyfools get to witness as your home planet is destroyed. Then I guess I'll have to finish you off myself." he laughed evilly. "He's gone mad with power! There's one one way to settle this." Kappa Mikey nodded towards his team. They suit up on high tech astronaut suits that were quite slimmer and easier to maneuver than real life ones. The Lilymu team bounced out and on the moon. They ran towards Gonard's vehicle. "What's the plan next Mikey?" Lily asked. She looked around but he wasn't next to them. "Mikey... I said... what's the plan next...?" Lily spoke with a slight tone of irritation. Mikey the door to Mikey's spaceship was open but he was clinging onto the slide of it. He looked down and his vision started to go in and out. "I'll catch you later... you guys go ahead with me" the Kappa klutz tried to speak heroically but it turned out to sound like a coward. One of his hands slipped, causing him to fall out of it and yell. ---- "CUT!" The purple, seemingly naive creature switched back his real personality as the director. Zooming out of Guano's enlarged, steaming head it is visible that the scene was shot behind a green screen the whole time, something they did often. It seemed like allusions of television disappeared as quickly as they were there. The five cast members climbed out of the set's props. Mikey Simon shook intensely until he realized it was all over but was still too much in a trans to remember he'd probably get a talking to by Guano. The director walked up to the paralyzed star. "Mikey what happened out there?" Guano asked a bit frustrated and massaged the furry temples of his head. This was the last episode of the season and he had an extremely close date he had to finish it by. In fact, today was the last day to finish filming. "Oh it was nothing. I guess I just forgot my lines... heh" Mikey nervously answered rubbing the back of his thickly outlined neck. "I didn't know you scream like a girl when you 'forget your lines'" the blonde actress Lily smart mouthed as usual. Mikey started to feel a little embarrassed. "At least I sound like a girl " Mikey shot back which made her give him a dirty look. "Oooooh gurrrrl" Gonard hopped in between them and snapped his fingers. "Okay we seriously need to get rolling again, we don't have time at to mess around today. So Mikey if you will please?" Guano asked getting impatient. "Ehh... couldn't we just shoot it somewhere else? Somewhere that's not horrifying ... deep...dark..realms space? We've been shooting in the same setting for weeks now." Mikey replied. The others were kind of getting tired of this whole 'space adventure' bit too. It was a marketing tool that their producer Ozu wanted to use to bring in the sci-fi lovers. "It's not even space, we're on a set! And you can't even see it on a green screen!" Guano face palmed. "I can see it with my heart Guano" Mikey exclaimed. "You can see with your heart? Curse these limited eyeballs of mine!" Gonard teared up and tried to pull them out of his skull. "Mikey it's okay to be fearful of some things. But it really isn't real." the sweet Mitsuki tried to reassure her secret love. "Yeah I guess, thanks for telling me that." Mikey spoke and it caused Mitsuki to float away in hearts. Though Mikey was too busy playing with his mask to notice. "I literally just said that earli- okay. Nevermind, everyone to your stations and action!" Guano ordered and the cast got back in their positions. ---- "AHA! Yes Kappa Mikey you're just in time to finally be revealed of my plans. You see over the past months I've been fooling both you and your cast-" Gonard was suddenly cut off. "Cast!" a familiar strong voiced person spoke. "Hey I just said that!" Gonard annoyingly said reverting back to his offscreen voice. "Cast!" "I said I just said that! You're not going to get the best of me echoes!" Gonard started to fight with an imaginary person putting him in a headlock. "Grab the Guano! Grab the Guano!" shouted Mikey as Guano was pulled out of his positioned spot. "Wh-what are you" Guano asked in a half of a second before being brutally slammed to the ground. Gonard putted the end of this invisible foe. "YES! YES! YES!" shouted the blue and redheaded haired buffoons imitating Daniel Bryan. Guano was too weak to even yell cut but the cameramen knew to stop. The filing bell rung, the microphones were lifted up and some of the spotlights went off. "Who was that coming from?" Mituski asked. Ozu walked by with a smile on his face which seemed like a once in a blue moon. "I have wonderful news" the Japanese man exclaimed happily. "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE!" Yesman Ozu's servant popped up behind him. "Let me ask you this, how big can phenomenon get before reaching new heights of popularity and endorsements? Ozu asked. "Are we getting a commercialized fashion line based off yours truly"? Lily said brushing the soft hair off her shoulder. "Bigger" Ozu replied. "Ooh, another channel that plays the show 24/7?" Guano asked. "Bigger." "A charity event every weekend for the orphans of Tokyo?" Mitsuki bounced up. "Bigger." "Getting a planet named after us? I'll call it Goanus!" Gonard had stars in his eyes even if they were red from him trying to pull them out earlier. "Uh... smaller. Hint something to do with today's episode?" Ozu replied. "Something about ships"? Mikey guessed. "Correct!" "MIKEY SIMON COME ON DOWN!" Yesman spoke and doubled as an announcer of a game show. Mikey sniffles as confetti rained upon him. He wore a lovely golden tiara and held a bouquet of roses given to him by Yesman. He was also is given a podium and his very own licensed Mikey Mic (puns lel). "You're all making me blush, I-I didn't expect any of this... I'd like to thank the little people and the little, little people like Guano" Mikey said dabbing his actor mascara with Lily's shirt so it wouldn't leak on his coverup. Lily slapped the makeup off his face. "So what's so great about a slimy, old ship?" Lily crossed her arms annoyed. "Ah this isn't any ship, it's a cruise ship! The Lilymu franchise is finally big enough to have one!" "ALL ABOARD THE S.S. PROFIT!" Yesman said and a ship horn went off. All the cast mates start to talk among themselves in excitement. "So will we ever be able to go on it Ozu?" Mikey asked as eagerly as all the others were. "Of course." Ozu told his favorite star. "Will any of us extras be able to go? We have a big part too you know" Yoshi the blonde haired and stout camera man walked over to them and smiled. "No." Ozu firmly said and Yoshi slumped away sadly. "You see that's were it gets better. I've planned to have the Lilymu members to have a guest appearance for the vacation of our first cruise ship. A way to start off the ending of the season production and people will pay even more to see their favorite stars on board" their boss declared. "A WIN-WIN SITUATION!" Yesman skipped around them. "Wow so when will we leave?" Mitsuki wondered. "Anytime, even now. The cruise was auctioned off tickets years even before it was created" Ozu said. "CAN'T GET ENOUGH OFF THAT GINGER" Yesman pointed to a wig of Mikey's hair he happened to be wearing. "But we haven't even finished filming the last episode..." Guano was the only one who broke the bad news. Ozu leaned down towards Guano who was drenched in sweat at this point. "And who's fault is this?" Ozu spoke as gravely as his face was. Guano knew the producer wasn't asking who it was rather the frightening, tall man was pinpointing the responsibility on Guano even if it was Mikey's problem. He was after all in charge of when the episode was finished. "M-mine?" his sound waves of his voice only had little amount of room between him and Ozu's head. The purple director's heart races for his crumbling job and he fainted (but for only a minute or two.) Ozu redirected his attention to everyone else now. "Change of plans, all of you will first finish the episode and then we'll leave for the cruise" Ozu spoke without another word and left. "Wow... this is probably the calmest I've ever seen Ozu get over a situation that could cost the whole show..." Mikey was in awe and everyone agreed in silence. All of a sudden their boss man came back, still in his quiet mood. "YOU WILL ALL FINISH THIS EPISODE OR I WILL CANCEL THE CRUISE, FIRE YOU AND THEN RUN YOU OVER WITH THE SHIP!" Ozu finally got his old mojo back and inflated to higher heights then he's ever before. "SQUISHED LIKE PANCAKES!" Yesman snapped with his superior. The gang scrambled around getting back into their spots as the off screen staff positioned their cameras, lights and soundstage. They were ready to film until they realized they all looked horribly frazzled and messy on camera from Ozu's roars. "Couldn't one of you have told us this"? Lily said getting ticked off. "Nah it's kind of fun seeing you guys mess up all the time." Yoshi explained as the other background members (who sometimes are consciously there) agreed. "My favorite part is when Ozu threatens y'all" a dimwitted one said with a poor country accent. ---- Soon enough they were finished only after fifty three more shots and mishaps involving a shark, eight electrocuted cameramen, five broken cameras, three fried dancing sushi and twenty bottles of stress medication for Guano. The limo the cast usually took for around town waited for them outside Lilymu Towers. Gonard was seen carrying a blue luggage outside of his mom's apartment when she called after him in a voice that sounds slight higher than his. "Gonard, did you remember to pack everything? Two pairs of shoes? Clean underwear?" She spoke. "Yeah I've got everything mom" Gonard replied happily. "You know taking just sandwiches and your whale pool toy doesn't count as everything" she knew her son too well. "Ffffine" Gonard pretended to walk to his room but really closed the apartment's door quickly and quietly. "Aheheheh..." He noticed Guano walking up to him and greeted him as such. "Say hi to Oxy the Orca!" Gonard pushed his large, inflatable toy on the midget man's nose. "Hi?" He waved at it awkwardly. "You know we always meet up at my apartment, couldn't we try yours sometime?" Gonard asked as he placed Oxy down. "HAHAHAHAHA no" Guano replied calmly for he kept his apartment life private even if some of his friends had intruded into it before. "Well would you at least do the honors?" Gonard asked. "Don't mind if I do buddy." The little purple critter held his own luggage in his hands and plopped on Gonard luggage. Gonard held its handle and they race down the hallways with it. They were both laughing that is until Gonard climbed onto his bags too. "Wait if you're up here, who's driving the luggage?" Guano asked fearfully. "Oxy of course" Gonard simply said. The pair of idiots screamed bloody murder as they made a sharp turn and nearly fell out of a five story window. Gonard and Guano zipped by Mikey who was standing next to Mitsuki and Lily's apartment. Guano shrieked for help but they already turned to another corner. Mikey was carrying an orange luggage with his beautiful face and Kappa Mikey logo printed on it. He saw the girls' door open and slightly hesitated as they came out. Lily wore a pink tank top and jean shorts while Mitsuki wore a blue blouse and also shorts. "Mikey were you waiting for us?" Mitsuki looked pleasantly surprised. "I knew you were a creep but a peeping Tom too?" Lily scoffed still ticked off a little from earlier today. "Actually I was asking if I could borrow one of those ponytail hair things girls use" Mikey looked around preoccupied in his thoughts. "And what for?" Lily said seeing past his whole naive act that Mitsuki found charming. "Well... I planned on flicking it at our limo driver while we're driving. Hehe he won't aspect a thing." Mikey rubbed his hands together. "Not in any way spazz" Lily folded her arms as Mitsuki locked their apartment door behind them. "Pfft w'ever and they say blondes have more fun" Mikey rolled his eyes. The trio begun to walk towards the elevator, a few hallways down. "So Mikey" Mitsuki spoke "this trip seems like it's going to be pretty exciting huh?" "Definitely. I can't wait to hang out with my favorite lay-day" Mikey elbowed Mitsuki. She instantly melted inside but soon realized he was talking about a pair of sunglasses. "I call her Suzette". Seriously this is going to be the coolest trip ever! "Have you even been on a cruise?" Lily's high celebrity life had allowed her to be the spotlight of many private vacations on islands. "No but it's probably no different from the fishing boat my dad and I go on every year. Just with bigger places to sleep when the killer mosquitoes come out to suck you dry. Plus my sleeping place will probably be luxurious and the biggest." They turned the last corner to the elevator and Mikey pressed the the down arrow. They stood there waiting for it to open. "What makes you think you'll have the biggest room?" she said. "Maybe it's because I'm the main star" Mikey said as a registered Kappa Mikey logo appeared behind him. He saw that Mitsuki was holding it and looked at her questionably. "I just found this lying around I swear" Mitsuki sweat dropped. "Yeah but you heard what Ozu said, this ship was made years ago. Therefore it was probably before certain redheaded Americans arrived and certain Japanese blondes were still the main star" "What? Yoshi was never the star of Lilymu." "I'm talking about me you dork!" She growled as her head inflated. "Maybe I'll have the biggest room" Mitsuki butted in. They both laughed and she frowned as the stepped into the elevator. "I guess we'll just have to see who gets it" Mikey smirked at his rival. "I guess so" Lily also smirk not at Mikey but that he had been wearing his shades upside down the entire time and Mitsuki and her never told him. The three of them met up with Ozu and his Yesman outside. "I'm glad you could all finish the episode-" Ozu stopped as the rest of them saw Gonard and Guano fly out of the Tower from a glass window on a luggage. The two held onto each other like little girls while airborne and flew over the limo. Gonard landed safely on Guano's plushy spine. The director's yells were quite a speculate as Gonard might have told you. "...Like I said, I'm glad you could all finish the episode" Ozu spoke again. "I'm surprised you're coming along with us" Mikey told him. "A strictly business trip for Lilymu. Now then.. I call window seat!" Ozu opened the limo's door and sat. Mikey, Gonard, Ozu and Yesman sat on the left. Lily, Mitsuki and Guano (who had a bunch of ice packs on his face and body from his bruises) sat on the right side. The door almost closed but then Gonard remembered to take out Oxy from his luggage in the trunk. The toy bumped into many of them including Lily (who instantly pulled out a needle to pop it but missed the opportunity to do so by a hair ) and landed onto crushed Yesman. "Now then here are the schedules of when you'll have to make public appearances." Ozu hands them their task... and oh yeah Yesman says something but it cannot be heard clearly because of his crushed arteries from Gonard's whale. "From 10 AM to 2 PM you'll react a scene from different episodes. And then at 3 PM you'll thank everyone for coming and then..." Mikey was blanking out a bit for all he was thinking of was some time to finally relax from his already relaxing, pampered TV star life. "Mikey Simon, are you even listening to what I am saying?" their boss man questioned in a monotone. "Yeah something about non- refundable sandals at the gift stop" Mikey had no clue which made Ozu sigh. The screen dividing the passengers from the driver scrolled down revealing the middle aged, parody of Speed Racer. "Will be there shortly. Just as soon as I can figure out this strange looking map..." he spoke with an odd, womanly voice. They all pointed out that he was reading it upside down. "Oh heheh thanks" he rolled the window back up and the awkwardness was instantly gone. "Thank goodness" they all muttered. "So what do you guys have planned to do on your free time there?" Mikey said trying to start up some new conversation between his coworkers. "You know, going to sit by the pool, get pampered, get a tan, look for some hot guys" Lily spoke happily. "I'm going to enter a limbo contest and show off my golden captain's hat" Guano pulled it out from nowhere and set it on top of his head. He still it despite the incident he had with his solid gold yacht drowning. "You know, going to sit by the pool, get pampered, get a tan and look for some hot orcas" Gonard casually repeated. "I'm going to spend this time for business calls, other work, and maybe a few of those umbrella drinks" Ozu replied. "GOING TO FIND AN OXYGEN TANK!" Yesman screeched under the whale. "I think I'm going to hang out with Lily and just sight see. What about you Mikey?" Mitsuki wondered. "You know relaxing by the pool, expensive cafeteria food, cannonballs, wasting time on a vacation staying in my first class with DVDs...hanging out with my lady fans in my suite" Mikey put his arms above his head and leaned back in delight. He imagined them washing his hair, picking out what same colored shirt to wear, stories about cheating boyfriends and a pillow fight between a couple gal pals. "Gross" Lily didn't quite understand that his thoughts were only pillow filled. After other conservations involving conga lines, safety measures about what you should and shouldn't do on a ship, what kind of smell your sunscreen should have at noon and etc. The fresh scent of seawater can be smelled as they reached Tokyo Bay, a very famous and populous part of their city. The Lilymu crew listened as fans shouted out their names and dragged their hands across the limo's tinted windows. Some fanboys yelled out various quotes from the show that were fitting for this scenario and other inappropriate things while the fan girls squealed and shook violently. They screamed out their favorite shippings of characters, whether they were disturbing or worse. "All these fans yet do they give any love to Oxy?" Gonard teared up. He held his orca, freeing Yesman from his prison. But doing so Gonard let go of his giant submarine sandwich and it crushed the man once again. "How are we going to avoid getting mauled by the fans?" Mitsuki asked. "Actually I kinda like the sound of getting mauled by fans" Mikey dimmed his eyes. "With bodyguards of course" their boss spoke simply. "WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK AND YOUR BODY" Yesman yelled. "But because of recent budget cuts we're going to use the Yesman instead." "HARD TIMES MEAN HARD-" the energetic man realized that his head was talking about him and got a bit nervous. "ooh... I WILL NOT FAIL YOU!" Yesman saluted. Ozu took Mikey's sunglasses and put them on Yesman. He gave Mikey Yesman's glasses. "Woah everything's so yellow ahehehe" Mikey grasped the air around him. "Gotta have the proper bodyguard look" Ozu was all for authenticity. Yesman unlocked the door but dives into the tinted window, shattering it. Though it probably wasn't because he couldn't see. "HEY EVERYONE HATSUNE MIKU IS OVER THERE MAKING OUT WITH DONALD DUCK" Yesman pointed to both the left and right directions. The cast could hear the mauls of hundreds of aggressive otaku nerds trampling the poor Japanese man. "Now with them gone let's get you all on board" Ozu said. "Oh come on don't we at least get some bellhops to take our luggage for us?" Lily questioned. "Ah yes, we've had further budget cuts" he explains. Ozu rings a bell and his Yesman instantly appears in a bellboy outfit that was a little too tight on his belly. He also had shoe prints all over his face and semi broken sunglasses. Everyone piles up their heavy suitcases onto his skinny arms and he nearly dropped to the ground. "Hey you forgot these other bags" Guano pointed many black luggages on the floor. "Ah yes those are my bags, you can carry them" Ozu replied and stacked them on the director's tiny arms. "Did you pack your whole office in these?" Guano tried to speak over the tall tower. "No, that would require many, many more bags" Ozu spoke seriously. "Don't forget Oxy!" Gonard dropped the whale like a bomb on the collapsed little person. The seven of them strolled their way to the cruise ship way up in the distance. "So Ozu what does the cruise ship look like inside? And... who has the biggest room?" Mikey said staring at Lily. "Everything you could imagine it to look like any more. And actually Mitsuki does surprisingly" Ozu spoke. "I knew it!" Lily, Mikey and Mitsuki said but Mikey and Lily did a double take. "But Ozu I'm the biggest star" whined Mikey and Lily. "TOO BAD FOR YOU" Yesman pointed at them. Guano stomped and panted heavily between each step. He felt like he was carrying a thousand pounds. "Like I always say, everyone must carry their own burden" Ozu said. "But these are YOUR bags!" Guano whimpered. Suddenly there was a rubbling and in the distance, the geek squad from earlier shouted out in the distance. "It's Lilymu, get them" cried out one chick. Lilymu tried to run off but the crowd was too quick and trampled them into a bunch of parking lot cars. "Lily! Mitsuki! I have you both on one of my pillows" a fat, stained, tank topped middle aged man spoke. "I think I'm going to puke..." Mitsuki tried her best hold it back. "Gonard Gonard! Flex your muscles for us while saying your lines in that voice" they cried. "Depends, do you have any sandwiches on you?" They pull out different kinds galore. "THIS A PARADISE!" Gonard jumped into a girl's arms and made her collapse. "It's Guano, he's so kawaii!!!<3 " some teenaged girls came running up to the sweating fluff ball. He saw them and instantly dropped all the bags, causing an avalanche. The girls picked up him up and squeezed the ever life out of him. "You guys think he looks like a boy-lolita under his costume? :ooooooo AHHHHFHFJF <3 " All of them squealed and they all dove for his zipper. "NO NO NO!" screamed the suited midget man. "HEY GUYS OVER HERE!" spoke a familiar ginger. "Mikey-kun! Mikey-kun!" screamed a white kid. As soon as he said this everyone dropped their nets, duct tape and rope and stampeded towards him. He ran off into the parking lot. "Quick everyone let's go" Ozu proclaimed revealing that Mikey wasn't that person. "Then who...?" Mitsuki questioned "Yesman" the crew synchronized. They all remembered his wig from earlier and all his overused punny costumes today. "RED IS NOT MY COLOR!" Yesman was chased out for endless miles, way passed the bay. Mikey and the gang however finally reached the cruise boat and stared at it in awe. It was gigantic bigger than any baseball field Mikey went to back in Cleveland. It was white painted with a gigantic logo of the show. "Wow! This is incredible" Mitsuki gasped. "It's so glamorous" Lily was actually genuine for once. "My show, it's become larger than life" Guano begun to tear up behind the skyscraper of suitcases (he carried the one's Yesman were holding before he was ran off.) "I've never seen something so majestic" Gonard was staring at the leftover sandwiches the fan gave him. "And it only took an entire episode of dragged puns and painful plot devices to make it to this point" Mikey said.
  10. Well, I'm sure mostly everyone on here knows what this is by now, but in case you don't, I'll sum it up briefly. Nerdy School is basically a show about an 8th grader named Dan who winds up in a school for complete idiots by mistake, ultimately finding that he has to remain there for the rest of the school year. Initially my plan was to make a series of animatics, but seeing as the normal storyboard image thing is starting to become sort of a fad here, I figured meh, what the heck, and started cleaning up some sketches for the first episode. If the reception is good, I'll continue and do the whole episode. Here are the first few panels.
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    You all those funny alternative endings stuff? Well, I decided, starting this Saturday, I will do them for a show. It starts this Saturday because I am busy and stuff.
  12. Should this be here? Webcomics are literature, no? Feel free to move this if it's in the wrong place. This was a pretty old idea of mine. I think I made the first comics back in 6th or 7th grade. I decided to reboot it completely coz I was too lazy to do it by hand and then add detail in a computer like I did in the original issue. Will try to do these daily or weekly. deviantART link: http://acidicdragon.deviantart.com/art/Naibafology-a-webcomic-445950595 The main character's name is Naibaf, my name backwards.
  13. So, for a while I've wanted to write my own fan season of SpongeBob, but I didn't really have many ideas. However, inspiration has hit and so I've decided to start writing a whole fan season. Who knows, maybe it'll get renewed for Season 2 if I get enough views/good feedback. Anyway, I'm currently working on some of the episodes, but just so this isn't an entire time waster, here's a look at the first few titles of the show... 1. Charity Krabs / Chop! Chop! 2. Tea's a Crowd / Squidward of the Opera 3. Texas Exemption (Special) 4. Do or Diet / Philosopher Patrick
  14. As of right now, I have selected the date to be Coming Soon. See the Spinoffs/Lits Annoucements for updates.
  15. The adventures of Bobert and Johnny in Bikini Bottom. Coming this Monday.
  16. So once upon a time, 70s tried to do a group project spin-off on tv.com called Searching For Sandy. Well as far as I know, that didn't turn out too well. Alas, enter Jenkins and I. We're turning this idea into not a spin-off series persay, but a spin-off mini-series. A 10-12 episode series about SpongeBob's search for Sandy when she is relocated back to Texas. Spandy fans rejoice! More details coming soon.
  17. This series is not related to Spongebob. I'm starting up a new series soon on here and Fiction Press about 2 teenagers called Kyle and Carl and a 16 year old kid called Jeremy. Until the official release on June 9 check back every day for new TAOCAK related stuff! New Character Bios! Character Bios Kyle : The main character of the series. 13 years old. Good friends with Carl and Jeremy and loves playing video games. Wears a green shirt with jeans. Carl : Kyle’s best friend. Usually sticks around but easily loses his temper when angry. 13 years old. Commonly wears a red shirt with black pants. Jeremy : Good friends with Kyle and Carl. Works at Pizza Burger and is determined to reach the rank of drink man instead of waiter. 17 years old. When not working, wears a brown shirt and worn jeans. Claire : Jeremy’s ‘girlfriend’ who never appreciates him no matter what he does to make her feel happy. 16 years old. Has blonde hair and wears a t shirt and shorts. Crazy Old Man : Kyle and Carl’s neighbour who consistently yells at Kyle for crossing his lawn and has no idea of what the present is. 75 years old. Has grey hair and glasses and wears a plaid shirt and old jeans. Robertson : Kyle’s troublemaking sidekick. Helps Kyle get pranks on and has very good fighting skills. 13 years old. Usually wears his jeans with belt and a black shirt. Michael : The school’s snack seller. Sells tacos, chocolate etc. illegally at the school to make a quick buck. Always owns random items at random times. Wears a black shirt and jeans with lots of pockets. Avery : Kyle and Carl’s main homeroom teacher. Always willing to help Kyle and rarely gives out homework. 35 years old. Has brown hair and wears a blue shirt and jeans. Gordon : The main principal of Seaway High School. Has a very big record of Kyle’s troublemaking and is determined to stop him. Has dark hair, wears a white shirt and tie with a vest. Henderson : Kyle and Carl’s science teacher. Very strict and has a grudge on Carl because of an incident last year. Wears a white dress shirt with a tie and glasses. George : The main nerd of the school. Usually attempts to act cool but fails and is usually used by Kyle and Carl when it comes to computers. Has blond hair and glasses. Check out my profile on http://www.fictionpress.com/~supergameman28 for more inputs!
  18. The Bravest Warriors's little animal, Catbug, get himself a show! Kicking off with 2new episodes February 2, 2014! And get ready for the next Bravest Warriors episode, Catbug's Away Team, on February 6 on YouTube!
  19. This idea has been in my mind since I joined SBC. It finally took me until now to make it. Wumbo also inspired me to make this with his One Time Appearance story on The Drifter. So this goes out to him. Read at your own risk. Plot: The Drifter and *name* live in *and address withheld* where they carry out orders to go on day to day life, drifting as you may call it. Episode one: Do the Sponge After finishing up with the rough guys at the Salty's Spitoon, the Drifter was charged with all the people he injured or possibly killed there. He sighed and laughed to himself that this was the third time this week he was charged with similar offenses. In the Bikini Bottom court house, he the least concerned about the matter than anyone there. The jury and audience all seemed to root for him none of the less. The women loved him and the men wanted to be him. The Drifter often didn't talk much so when Judge Stickleback asked for his side, he simply said.. The Drifter: Well it was self defense. Anyone would have done the same if they were tormented by their appearances. Judge Stickleback: Do you realize you nearly took of one of the guy's heads off with your *she looks at her notes* comb is it? The Drifter: Yeah, would have got him too if my urges to comb my hair weren't greater. Judge Stickleback like many other women who caught a wink from him, instantly feel in love with his bad boy charm. The judge and the jury then spontaneous agreed it was self defense and let him off with a warning. He asked if he could go now and was given permission. The Drifter put his glove hands inside his baby seal leather jacket and casually walked to the exit. All of a sudden, a bunch of the thug victims from the incident got up. They head butted the police and security out cold. About five of them got in the way of The Drifter now. Thug with a broken arm: Now where the hell do you think you're goin' Elvis? Thug in a wheelchair: Ya didn' honestly think ya could get away with screwin' up the guys at the Spitoon. Before the Judge could call for back up, The Drifter told her he had this. The Drifter mocking them: Don't jew think it would be more properer to do dis outside the court? After allses, dis is a very honorable and sacred buildin' of our gov'ernment. The six injured thugs let out a roar of laughs and came in for the kill. They tried to knock him out with punches, but realized he was made of some sort of Spongey material that blocked their blows. He cracked his knuckles and simply put his hands by his side. As the thugs tried again, he whopped a hit right in the already broken nose of one of the guys. The impact of the punch sent the guy all the way across the other the courtroom and he crashed into a wall which now had a pretty big sized hole in where he fell. The Drifter: How tough are ya? The others tried the same technique, but ended up with the same fate. The Drifter: Technique? Technique! Technique! After this charade finally ended, The Drifter strolled over to the Judge. He handed up an extra pair of sunglasses from his jacket pocket saying that they're with a pretty penny and would cost for all these damages done. And with that, he went back to his quiet self and The Drifter had left the building. The press who were leaning up against the doors, flooded The Drifter with questions as he made his way out. Perch Perkins: Channel 6 live, Mr. Drifter how did the case go? The Drifter: ... The Drifter only talked when he felt it was needed, so he wouldn't reply to anyone there. Perch Perkins: Please if I can only have a minute- The Drifter: ..... Old Man Jenkins: Hey you, I saw you on TV last night! Will you sign my cannon? The Drifter smiled at the simple mindedness of the old fellow and wrote his name on the cannon. Old Man Jenkins: See you later Bran Flakes! What a nice cereal box. Perch Perkins: Hey Drifter, can we have an autograph from you to? The Drifter: .... Perch Perkins: Fine then! *he throws down his microphone* The case of the vanished princess is more important at the moment away. The Drifter slid on the hood of his boatmobile and jumped into the driver's seat. He floored it, escaping from the rest of the paparazzi in the dust. He wasn't a one for big commotion or crowds, especially for something as stupid as just getting in a fight. The Drifter now did what he does best. Drifting from town to town, city to city in a oh so cool and laid back style. He drove his Underwater Heartbreaker, the topless 1965 model red Ferrari boatmobile across the long stretch of highways going nowhere but wherever his heart leads him. Even the roughest of the roads theirselves couldn't penetrate the thick, layers of hair products contained in his vibrant black hairstyle. The sun gleamed on his the silver rims of his wheels and bounced off his black sunglasses. He started to think again of that old man and how simple minded yet kind he was. The Drifter was tired of being around people who either wanted to beat the crap out of him or wanted nothing but to awe over his charm. He needed something else and before he knew it he would get it. One day The Drifter after consuming a burger and shake from a retro styled diner, he was about ready to drift out of the area. But one of the waitresses wondered what a guy like him was doing in such a run down town as New Kelp City. As always with curious strangers, the Drifter would say his infamous line that he was a drifter, just blew into town and heard about the place here. The Drifter had a habit of pinpointing places that interested him, therefore that reason. About five or so other waitresses working there started to flirt with him around the bar he was sitting at. Yet he tried to tell the little ladies that his heart belonged to the road. That is, until he saw a female sponge walk in with a pink, sparkly colored box come inside the doors. Her hair was brunette, had a bow in it and bounced as she skipped merrily. She was clothed in a purple pinup dress, with a white apron on top, the ones you would find in a bakery. She was wearing roller skates for a reason too. She skated by, passing by The Drifter with a trail of fruits, raspberry and strawberry smelling perfume. That wasn't the only thing that was fruity. She spoke in a heavy valley girl accent, yet each syllable she uttered was with excitement when talking to a waitress cuddling The Drifter's left arm. The young female sponge looked kind of confused at these waitresses. ???: Hi, I'm here to like drop off your daily baked goods from the Krusty Kakes. Waitress: Uh, oh yeah sure just sent them down there. ???: Okay, well have a super-tastic day and enjoy the goodies! Weeee! She takes off on her roller skates but she goes too fast and lands into the booth of a family. The father, Tom Smith had caught her right before she landed in their potato salad. ?? : Heh, sorry about that sir. Loved your meal choice tho. But I'd try the strawberry milkshake next time instead of chocolate. It's super sweet, yet tangy indulgence like always makes me feel 100% good inside and out! Another waitress: Damn, nearly single day she does this same thing. Lovable in a way but a klutz. The girl gets up and brushes off her apron. Tom Smith: You know, I haven't gone one meal in a decade without chocolate, nor would I usually do so. But the way you make it out to be, plus I haven't been able to get my check for twenty minutes because of those waitresses over there fawning over that guy, I think I'll try one. Would you like one too? I'd be happy to pay. If you're on break that is. ???: Really and yeah I am. You just like made my day! *v* Isabelle Smith: Can I have one too daddy? Tom Smith: NO. I mean, Isabelle you already have a potato salad. Isabelle Smith: you have a milkshake yourself! Why do you need two? Tom eyes get bloodshot and his hands start to cringe and shake. Tom: BECAUSE. ???: Uh heh... don't worry I don't mind paying like for her milkshake. Besides, I just ate before I came here too! One of our bakeries chocolate chipped muffins. Tom looks like he was about to come unglued. Tom: GRRRRAAHHHH- okay. The female sponge gets up to order three strawberry milkshakes at the bar. While The Drifter manages to finally escape the women. He casually as always, walks and sits down a seat away. ???: Yeah can I like, um order three strawberry milkshakes? Thanks. The Drifter: Yo. The girl looks around at the Drifter and pulls out a stop watch. She hands it to him. ???: Oh hey, can you hold this for like a second? The Drifter: Uh, sure? ???: Thanks I'm trying to calculate how many spins can I do in a revolving bar stool before I reach thirty seconds. I was just like, thinking to myself. If I ever have a delivery and somehow the car spins out of control, would to not like be so dizzy and be able to take control again quickly? The Drifter: and you just thought of this? ???: Nawh, I was looking at your fudge hairdo and thought like, that dude probably would be able to hold a time watch if his hair looks that spinny like a revolving bar stool. The Drifter usually isn't a one for chit chat, actually he never heard someone babble this much ever. But there was a certain charm in how this girl clearly believed in every unusual statement in her world. ???: So what's your name? The Drifter: I'm a drifter, or The Drifter as strangers call me often. uh yours? ???: Well The Drifter, my name is Girly TeenGirl. The Drifter: Girly TeenGirl? What kind of name is that? Girly TeenGirl: Well what kind of name is "The Drifter"? The Drifter: Touché.. So you look pretty young, how old are you? Girly TeenGirl: 17, but I turn 18 tomorrow. The Drifter: Guess you'll have to be called Lady AdultGirl? Right? Haha. Girly TeenGirl: Uh sure... So will you time me? The Drifter: Okay. He does just so and after thirty seconds he stops it. Girly TeenGirl: 25 spins, not bad. Her eyes are spinning all around as he gives her back the stopwatch. The Drifter: Are your eyes suppose to-? Uh never mind.. Bartender: Here's your drinks! She picks up all three and is about to rollerskate back Tom and family's table. Girly TeenGirl: See ya like later Mr. Drifter! The Drifter: Hey Girly, you wanna sit here and drink that? Girly TeenGirl: I guess I could like do so. She sits down again and drinks up her milkshake, making bubbles as she does so. Girly TeenGirl: Hooray, bubble party! Everyone in the diner suddenly runs away or hides inside the diner. The Drifter and Girly TeenGirl are the only ones left. The diner doors slam open suddenly as a group of leather jacket guys stroll in as they snap their fingers. The leader: Okay you can stop with the snapping now... I SAID SHUT UP. They all stop and walk behind Girly. The leader: I better stop blowing those if I was you.. Girly TeenGirl: Why? I blow bubbles in my drinks all the time back in Farawayville, Drifter. The Drifter: I wasn't the one who said that Girly. She turns around and sees the leader of the group scowling at her. Girly TeenGirl: Hey, I didn't know like you brought your friends Drifter. It's surprising how many people wear black leather jackets in the 2000's! The leader: We're not this mousse addict's friend. We're the Bubble Poppin' Boys. Girly TeenGirl: But don't you like all use mousse...? The leader: Listen here pinky, we heard you were blowin' bubbles in our city. Girly TeenGirl: You heard I was? Man does word get around fast here or what? Haha. The leader: Will you shut up? He grabs her up by her pink hair bow, causing the Drifter to get up as well. The Drifter: You know child abuse is quite highly illegal around this county. The leader: Child? Girly TeenGirl: Haha well like technically yes, but tomorrow I'm 18 and- Everyone looks at her. Girly TeenGirl: Yeah, I'll be quiet. One of the Bubble Poppin' Boys turns his attention to The Drifter. BP Boy: And who the hell are you? The Drifter: Who the hell are you? BP Boy: I asked first mousse head. The Drifter: The Drifter, just blew into town. Heard your group was pretty "tough". The leader: Oh you better believe we are tough. Girly TeenGirl: Actually I think The Drifter was like being sarcastic there... The leader: You say another word pinky and I'll turn you purple like your pretty little dress. Girly TeenGirl: Oh I love purp- The leader tries to choke her spongey neck, but The Drifter swiftly intervenes and nails him on the jaw, knocking him out cold on checkered patterned ground. The leader let's go of his grip on Girly and she lands back onto her bar stool. Girly TeenGirl: Oooh a fight scene! The other Bubble Poppin' Boys corner Drifter and try to come at him with all their might. Drifter dodges by sliding underneath between their legs. One of them grabs Drifter's leg, but Drifter nails the guy with a bar stool he picks up. Girly TeenGirl: Hey Drifter, is there anything I can do to like help? The Drifter is still striking the guy with the bar stool. The Drifter: Actually some tunes would be nice. Go find the sponge's theme song on that jukebox. Girly TeenGirl: Aye aye sir! While he's elbowing three guys in the face, Girly goes over to it and presses her face up to the glass to find it. Girly TeenGirl: Here it is, and it's the dance remix. Song: All right you inverte-brats, I'm going to teach you how to do The Sponge. The Drifter: Hey Girly, have you ever done The Sponge? Girly TeenGirl: It's been a while Drifter. The Drifter: I'll have to show it to you then. Song: Well first you take your leg and you stick it in the air. He propels his leg up and it injures a guy in the stomach. Song: And then you take your other one and jam it right up there! Drifter puts his other leg up, kicking one of them in the groin. The leader finally wakes up from being unconscious and sneaks up behind Girly. The Drifter: Girly! Girly: No don't help me out, I think I like remember the next verse! I think I got it! Song: You twist yourself around. She faces the opposite direction and sees him about to pounce. Song: And give a big lunge! As tries to grab her by the shoulders, she leaps, over his hands. She then remembers the stopwatch in her pocket. The leader: What are you going to do with that? Ha. Girly propels it hard at his face, causing him to get a black eye and once again fall down. Song: And now you're doing the sponge! The guy springs back up and Girly slowly walks towards the bar stand as he runs towards her. She grabs the pink box of hot sticky buns from the bakery and dumps all of them on the floor. It causes him to slip up and be stuck to the floor. Song: Bet your buns now you're doing the sponge! The lyrics repeat as the Drifter finally knocks out all the Bubble Poppin' Boys and the song ends. He picks out a comb from a pocket of one of the unconscious bodies. The Drifter: Would you believe one of those a-holes broke mind while I was fighting? The nerve of those guys and their current broken eyeballs. All of the people from the diner originally come back and praise the two. Owner: We just heard you saved the diner from the Bubble Poppin' Boys, we can't thank you enough! Girly: You heard. Once again word gets around here fast. The Drifter takes his seat back on the bar stool, he dusts off his jacket before slouching back. Girly: Holy cookie crumbles, where did you learn all those moves from? The Drifter: I'm The Drifter babe, I don't learn moves, I create them. Girly: Well I thought it was like sweeter than a candy cane that you rescued me like that. The Drifter: Really? Girly: Like totes dude! We could use someone like you as security at our bakery. The Drifter: As nice as that sounds, I'm more of a drifter than a bouncer. In fact, it's about time I leave this place before the cops get on my tailfin again about stiff bod- Girly looks at him puzzled. The Drifter: I mean unconscious attackers. Drifter gets up to say goodbye as the waitresses sigh over him once more. Girly: Well we'll all like really miss you. Especially me, you're pretty cool. Wait! You can't leave! I just remembered. My birthday is tomorrow. Please won't you just stay until then? Pllllease? The Drifter looks around, and then at lovely Girly. The Drifter: Alright, but not for a day longer. Girly TeenGirl: Yay! The Drifter: Well I don't really have anywhere to stay over night. Girly TeenGirl: That's okay, you can stay with me and my family tonight in Farawayville. The Drifter: Alrighty then. But The Drifter would stay much longer than a day at their residence. About six months later, him and Girly got into a relationship and a year later, they got married. Fast forward two more years, and this is where the story has really begun.
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    Abandoned a new lit by Spongeboblover. I liked going in the forest with my friends, John and Sally. My mom says it's haunted. My dad says someone died in there. My teacher says it's spooky. I'm Sam, and me, John, and Sally went in the woods. But... something happened one day while we were walking through there. We found a house that had no door, and no windows. From a angle, it looked like a scary figure was looking through the place where the window would be. Anyways, we walked in. There was no lights. An abandoned place. We looked around. We went to look in the bedroom, there was a bed with perfectly good sheets placed. We thought that someone probably came in and did the sheets. This was in 1990. So we were like kids. I'm a teen now. We kept looking around, and went into the Living Room. There was a TV that perfectly worked. But the cable box, instead of it saying Motorola or something, it had a sticker that said Hell. We were freaking scared out of our pants. The remote had a sticker that said Hell too. Then we saw a piece of paper on the box. It said this combination, "140613 180000". Sally figured out that it meant a date and time. We cracked it and it said " 14-06-13, 18:00:00". "So...then it's...OH! 06 means June, 13 is the day, and 14 means 2014. Then the time. Jack and Sally didn't know 24 hour time. But I did. It meant 6:00:00 PM in 12 hour time. Then we were scared more. We tried to escape, but there was a wall around the whole house. We went back up to the bedroom and then saw a Wolf. The Wolf started eating Jack and Sally. Then I ran out and climbed the walls and came home. Good thing I survived to write this story. Never go to that forest. Wait...it's 2014. It's also June 13th. It's also 6:00:00. Oh no. OH NO...OH- .THE END. .Epilogue. News Update from June 14th 2014: Jeff Nelson - Hello, and welcome to a 3News Update. Our breaking news right now is that 1 body has been found with a knife in it's back on a chair in a house on 12 Oak Street. The name has been reported as Sam Hikam. More on this story at 5. So, how did you guys like it?
  21. Episode 1: Squidward Moves To Mollusks Community. Squid named Nancy:This is your hose Mr.Squidward. Squidward:I'll take It from here Nancy. Squid Named Nancy:Ok Squidward goes in and starts to unpack. Squidward:Now that that idiotic sponge and his pink fat friend are gone my life should be peaceful. Squidward goes outside Sammy Cuttlefish:Oh hi I'm sammy Are you my new neighbor Squidwerid Tenisballs Squidward: My name is Squidward Tentacles. Sammy Cuttlefish:Oh sorry.Do you want me to give you a tour? Squidward:Sure 20 minutes later. Sammy Cuttlefish:This is the last stop the clarinet rehearsal hall.I play play here. Squidward:I also play clarinet Both there faces blush up. Sammy Cuttlefish pulls squidward down and they start kissing. 8:22 PM Episode 2:The Date Squidward and Sammy Cuttlefish stop kissing and get up. Squidward:Wanna go on a date tonight. Sammy Cuttlefish:Sure meet me at 5:00 Chad Nautilus:Dating Sammy Cuttlefish need some tips? Squidward:Who are you? Chad Nautilus:Chad Nautilus,son of James Nautiluis owner of the community. Squidward:Oh I'm Squidward Tentacles I could use some dating tips. Chad Nautilus:Step 1 always look nice. Many steps later Squidward: I got it. Door bell rings. Sammy Cuttlefish:Ready for are date Squidward. Squidward:Yes honey. at the restaurant Waiter:What Drinks do you want ? Both:We will have the white wine. Sammmy Cuttlefish:I told my parents about you and they said they want lunch with you tomorrow. Squidward:What? Episode # was guest written by MMM Episode 3:meeting the parents Sammy Cuttlefish : Yep, I told them all about you, and they seem interested about you. They want to have lunch with you! Squidward : Oh, alright then. THE NEXT DAY Squidward : So, are you Sammy's parents? Sammy's Mom : Yes, we are! Sammy's Dad : Yes, you seem like a nice person for our daughter to be with. Squidward : (blushing) Haha...I guess I am. Sammy : I told you he was great! Squidward : Well...thanks.. Sammy's Dad : It's all fine! Squidward : Phew.
  22. "Wow such a clever title Cha, what is this? A forth grade fantasy project?" "SBC and SBM? Oh here we go" "Let me guess, this will only last like two or three episodes and she'll forget it like her others" "Why even make this?" I present to you, a little project I'm going to be working on until late December or early January this year. Since my two years on both sites, I've realized I've pretty much gotten to know everyone here. And I really love both sites. So what if most of all the members of both sites got together in a massive trip to LA, California? This is my gift to all of you, it's sort of my 2nd year Anniversary present to everyone here. Members split up in groups of six, led by the admins of both sites. And of course, with such a massive group going together, there will be problems, allies, and troubles with the big man himself, Mr. D. Tune in late this winter to see yourself and everyone else here. Writers (we have enough now) Myself Jenkins Wumbo Patty Sponge
  23. Are you ready, kids? IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIIIIIME! Plot: A crossover written by Aya & OMJ starring all those guys and gals of the WWE that Aya horndogs over.
  24. The New Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Mermaid Man & Barnacle boy were ordinary men. Suddenly they gained the ability to breathe underwater. Join them as they help save Bikini Bottom. Featuring Mermaidman and Barnacleboy and the villains
  25. Mr. Krabs' obsession with money is taken to the next level when crime-fighting duo Detective Aya and Inspector Sauce catch onto the Krabs family trading business. Who will come out on top... figuratively speaking? (that was a sex joke) Part I: The Tripping Effect Mr. Krabs sat in his office, twiddling his thumbs and looking at the clock. How much longer? At that moment, the phone rang. Mr. Krabs picked it up and said, "Yes. I will be there." He stood up and walked out of his restaurant, not saying another word. He drove to downtown Bikini Bottom to an area known as The Gulps... because everyone who went there GULPED from fear. *cue audience laugh track* He entered into an alleyway, where a large fish stood with a briefcase. Mr. Krabs walked up to him, removing his sunglasses which was weird because it had been raining. *cue laugh track* "Are you the one?" asked Mr. Krabs. "The Devil?" "Yes," nodded the man. "I have your money." The fish called The Devil unlocked the briefcase; stacks of bills were organized neatly in the deep briefcase. "Alright, this will due for the timebeing," said Mr. Krabs. He handed The Devil a concealed item before turning and leaving; he tripped over a little rock. *cue laugh track again* Part II: The Money Maker Pearl sat in her anchor home, petting her sea pussy-cat. The phone rang. "Hello?" she answered. It was her father, Papa Krabs. She listened intently before jotting something down on a yellow pad of paper. She hung up and got up. She drove to an abandoned warehouse, where she examined her slaved workers, busily counterfeiting undersea diamonds. "Money, money, money!" said Pearl, saying the name of the spin-off. To be continued...
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