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  1. Plot: 12 years after Spongebob (2022), Spongebob becomes mayor of Bikini Bottom. Then, an abandoned notebook drops into a magic cauldron, bringing DoodleBob back from the dead. As a return, DoodleBob decides to unleash Doodle Darkness in Bikini Bottom, and eventually erase the entire boundaries of Bikini Bottom, and then the whole ocean. Following another backstory of 7 abandoned kids which belonged to a hidden legend named Gakuto after their parents, including the kids themselves died, until Gakuto gave the kids pebbles of life. After they were each resurrected, Gakuto hears that Bikini Bottom needed him. Gakuto disappears and separates his kids, who were resurrected in the sin circle. Spongebob now sends the pre-teens to find Gakuto and restore peace. Characters: Sierra: Resurrected with Lust. The leader of the group, and has sudden crush with second in-command: Rick, but precisely in a "different" way. Rick: Resurrected with Wrath. Second in-command. Angry most of the time, as he rivaled with Mason ever since. Nothing else is known about him. Vivian: Resurrected with Sloth. Goes on adventures with the other six, but most of the time, she's really lazy to do so. Mason: Resurrected with Envy. Sometimes he's jealous, and has rivaled with Rick ever since, but he wants to be part of the in-crowd. Jonah: Resurrected with Greed. She wants like everything, and can be bratty at times, and no matter what, the others force her calm side. Theodore: Resurrected with Gluttoney. Complains and talks about food, and sometimes hallucinates his sibs as a meal. Jason: Resurrected with Pride. He has traits unknown to his own self; Otherwise, he is respectful to the other six.
  2. Plot: Squidward, Squilliam and Squidly become an alternative band called Squids Who Cry at a coffee shop in the city of Blistering Bottom. " So what would make fish stay in Blistering Bottom?" Wondered a long time restaurant owner. She wondered this because he never knew what to expect of this place. There was nothing but noisy shouts and the sound of trolleys moving through. The scenery wasn't at the least bit appealing to the tourists. In the city of Blistering Bottom everything remains the same shades of foggy grey and chocolate brown. The transportation ran mostly with trollies and sidewalks. Boat mobiles were there but rarely were used inside the city. The citizens were even more depressing. They were a large grumpy bunch who drank and breathed the colors of brown and grey. Their meals were grey, their drinks were brown. Their eyes were brown, their clothes were suits of grey. But yet... they enjoyed the simple trends of the area. They were shouted and made their own ways in the cramped sidewalks. But they took the time to enjoy their brown drinks and their grey foods. Their eyes were brown and their clothes were suits of grey but they enjoyed it. And this pride led them to create music of magnificent shades of browns, greys, purples, reds, and any other color. Their music was funky and bright. THAT'S what everyone stays here for and that's why every prideful person here has made his/her mark here. This is why this Blistering Bottom was so interesting to three different octopus tourists who unknowingly would meet here. One of them was Squidward Tentacles, who. enjoyed all art types. From the soft sounds of smooth jazz to the loud appearances of his self portraits. He came here to escape Bikini Bottom where he felt his art was hindered by the unartistic citizens. His neighbors were even more terrible than the citizens for they drove him bonkers with their childish behavior. He had to come take a vacation here then. After renting a tiny room in a motel, he made his way down a local coffee shop, called the Koffee Krab. Not far from him, a rich octopus named Squilliam Fancyson III decided to take a nation wide trip. He was born a millionaire due to the wealth of his big oil business father and grandfather. Thus he remained careerless and did what ever be pleased to. Whether it be hanging out in his balloon/casino or making fun of his old high school band member, Squidward Tentacles. Blistering Bottom happened to be one of his stops. He wasn't too interested in any art but marching bands. He found out about the music diversity of the city and quickly ventured to come here. He stayed in the finest hotel in the area and decided to check out the Koffee Krab. Around the same time another octopus who only spoke in old English named Squidly Spork was dancing on the street outside the Koffey Krab. He was hoping for any small coin he could grab inside his tentacles. He was a jester and whenever anyone asks of his costume, he explains that he was a medieval fool who landed here by mistake due to an innocent with a sponge and a starfish (thus people calling him a nut). He didn't live anywhere too long and never could find a place to stay. He hoped that maybe his clarinet playing or performing skills could take him somewhere. After being pelted with tomatoes for his bad clarinet playing, he went inside the Koffee Krab. Inside the shop was a buzz of alternative music and hipsters. Bazzy Krabs was the owner of the Koffey Krab. She wore a rainbow colored headband, wild blonde hair beneath and a green dress suit. Her accent proved that even though she lived in Blistering Bottom, she had a a mixed accent of Irish and country.She with her triplet boys ran this place for ten years and counting.The proud owner was cleaning coffee cups when she saw three octopuses enter and sat down at the bar without noticing each other. "What can I do for ye boys?" asked the owner. Squidward: "I'll have a small espresso" Squilliam: "And I'll have a much more classy drink, a small latte if you would" Squidward's eyes widened when he realized this familiar voice. He quickly hid his face in hopes that Squilliam didn't glance at him. Squilliam: Squiddy! Old chum! What are you doing here? Squidward: Oh great..... Squilliam: I didn't know you could afford here. Squidward: You mean getting a room in this city? Squilliam: No, I mean your drink! *nasally laughs* Oh Squiddy, I knew I would have a good time here, but insulting you too is a bonus. Squidward: Fantastic... Bazzy Krabs: Here are your drinks you tw- oh I'm sorry did I forget to take ye order jester hat? she said glancing at Squidly* Squidly: Oh...what? Bazzy: Ye order Hun. Squidly: Oh... what can-eth this one cent get thyself? Bazzy chuckling: A drop of our hot chocolate Squidly: I will-eth take it! Bazzy: I was just joking Hun. Squidly, sad: Awww... Squidward: A circus doofus are you? Squidly: That would be royal fool.. Squidward: Royal? Squidly: Yes Squilliam: Well that would explain your type of speech. Say, you wouldn't be one of King Neptune's fools would you? Squidly: oh goodness-eth nay, I'm but a royal fool to King Kazo Krabs XI.... Squilliam: You know royalty?! You wouldn't mind to be friends with someone as lowly as me would you? *he flaunts a one hundred bill in his face* Squidward: Hey I talked to him first! Squilliam: And I offered him something worth wild. So check mate. Squidly: oh thank you-eth Squilliam: No problem and when you need a - *Squidly takes the money and blows his nose into it* Uhh or do that.... Squidly: Like I was say-eth I was King Krab's favorite fool... Suddenly the triplets of Bazzy Krabs came out of the kitchen door. One of them asked what Squidly just said and he repeated it. Another one: We've been trying to uncover the mystery of King Krab's hidden treasure! Squidward: Wait a second, I didn't go to school for nothing... Squilliam: That's for sure, you were at school to be our lovely geek! Squidward: No... What I was saying was that, didn't that king die a while ago? Squidly: That is why-eth I need to get back in time! All but Squidly:..... The third one: And if he's related to our same Krabs family! The first one: Well of course he is! How many people with the letter K for crabs as a last name can there be?! Squidly: Don't hold thy breath.... *they all hold their breaths* Squidly: No! No! I do not-eth mean it literally! Bazzy: Boys! *they all gasp out* Squidly: I mean-eth Krabs' treasure is hidden to not even thyself the royal fool knows. First one: Well the three Krabs triplets will soon know. Quickly Identical brothers! To the library! *they zoom out* Bazzy: Boys! You're not done with your shif- Oh why bother, they're always getting into things. Sorry they bothered you three. They all say that don't mind really. Bazzy goes back to work while a dead silent comes around the three. Squidly: So thou names be-eth Squidward and Squilliam? Squidward: Uh yeah. Squidly: And you two-eth be in school together from what thyself gathers. Friends? Squidward: Most likely not. Squilliam: Oh Squiddy you were always the downer. Squidward: And you were always the vain of my existence!.... Besides two other idiots back home. Well anyways, I should get going back to my mot- *he looks at Squilliam* my motherly mansion back where I'm staying! Squilliam, smirking: You mean that little motel down the street? Squidward: Neptune I hate you. Squilliam: You're so LOL CUTE when you're mad. Squidward: That's it, I'm out of this city. I've just had enough of Squilliam Fancyson in one city, I don't need another city. *Squidward about to leave when Squidly blocks the door* Squidly: Wait! Do not-eth leave! Thou two are the only two thyself has made friends with! Squidward: Yeah it was good to know you too... Now if you don't mind moving... Squidly: PLEASE? Bazzy on the phone: What? What do ye mean the live entertainment won't show tonight? I have a whole Saturday night crowd of paying customers without a band! Yes yes I know but... I need a singer, a clarinet player and a drum player! Yeah whatever bye. Squidly: I can sing! And play the clarinet! *plays badly and everyone around moans* well heh... I can sing-eth on the spot. Squidward: A clarinet player? *he thinks to himself about the time he world toured his way with SpongeBob SquarePants* Do they get payed? Bazzy: A small fee, but yeah. Squidward: I'll do it! Squilliam: And what the heck, I majored in drums in band class. Even as barbaric as it is, it still is my best instrument to play. But you would know all about it wouldn't you Squidward? Squidward: ugh.... Bazzy: So it's settled! Ye three will perform! All ye need is a name. Squidward: Squidward and The Wardnets Squilliam: Rich Boy and the Poors Squidly: Squids Who Cry! Bazzy: isn't that copyrighting Boys Who Cry Squidly: Copyrighting mean-eth what in this modern world? Bazzy: ..... Squids Who Cry it is! The three of them go on stage and to Bazzy's surprise entertain the crowd. They sing this: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K53UEgCPDBc At the end they take a bow on the small stage and exit towards Bazzy. Squidward: I did fabulous as always. Squilliam: I did CUTE LOL as always. Squidly: I would never think we could-eth sound like that... Bazzy: Ye boys did great! A man comes up and tells them what a swell and unique performance they did. He reveals he's a band manager for bands like Boys Who Cry, Ned and The Needlefish and etc. He asks them if they would like to sign a deal with him as a band. Squidward: Beats my old life. I'm going to be a star! Squilliam: On tour with Squidward? But that would shun my eg- oh what the heck sign me up. Squidly: If it means more drops of hot chocolate! They all sign and await to see what happens next.
  3. Bl4zeBob MeanPants Cast Bl4ze as Bl4zeBob MeanPants PatBack as Patrick Hawkbit as Mr Hawk Storm as Stormward YellowShadow as Yary And more Theme jjsthekid: are you ready kids Everyone: aye aye captain jjsthekid: I can't hear you Everyone: aye aye captain jjsthekid: Oooooooohhhh jjsthekid: who lives like a barnacle on SBC Everyone: Bl4zeBob MeanPants jjsthekid: mean and insulting and a general pain as he Everyone: Bl4zeBob MeanPants jjsthekid: if spamming in nautical nonsense be something you wish Everyone: Bl4zeBob MeanPants jjsthekid: then get banned on the deck and flop like a fish Everyone: Bl4zeBob Meanpants jjsthekid: READY Everyone: Bl4zeBob Meanpants, Bl4zeBob MeanPants, Bl4zeBob MeanPants jjsthekid: Bl4zeBoooob MeanPaaaaants A ha ha ha ha Upcoming Episode: Task of the Month
  4. 3 friends. 2 goals. 1 signal. "The Glitch" is a story of 3 friends entering an abandoned mansion, with the rumor that no one who entered ever came back. Their 2 goals are to prove the rumor false and find out what's even in there. The mansion strangely has TVs in every room, and suddenly, they all turn on... The characters are: Joseph - A 12 year old with a sense of humor, and vows to protect the others. Seth - A 6 year old who actually did not want to go on this journey and is also Joseph's little brother. Amelia - an 11 year old girl who is a friend to the other 2 boys, and is autistic. Well, there you have it. The first episode will come soon.
  5. (Credit goes to Cha for the image above) My next SBC lit. It will be a parody of Gravity Falls, but SBC style. Details coming soon.
  6. Spin-Off of Team SpongeBob. Coming June/July 2014.
  7. So you've got the spin-offs about SpongeBob and Squidward and Patrick. But what about those one-time characters that everybody forgets about? The ones that get one, maybe two lines per episode? Whatever happened to them after said episode? Well, Wumbology here will, along with talking in the third person, uncover these stories one by one. Will post the first ASAP, concerning the ravenous anchovies from Help Wanted.
  8. first short, quickly written chapter or whatever, not sure where I'm gonna take this thoughIt had been a long, hectic day at the Lilymu Studios. And hectic was the nicest word available. Or the only word that 2 foot fur-coated Guano could manage on three cups of coffee and ten straight hours of directing. Guano jittered so much that fellow employee/city's nitwit Gonard shook him violently until he squealed like a whatever the heck a sound his creature makes."Are you idiots through? It's bad enough I've had to spend endless hours wearing eye candy short shorts. " Lily the former star of Lilymu barked."Hey, I've heard milk might get rid of a coffee rush! Maybe you could try that." Mitsuki gleamed in her usual positive tone."Who are you?" The four others asked Mitsuki and her cheerful grin formed a frown."No, no my dear Gonard," Mikey Simon the star of the show said ever so sure. "You don't shake someone who's jittery, you have to get the jitters outta 'em!" Mikey pulled out a lighter and was just about to light Guano's shrieking hind on fire when the biggest executive producer of Tokyo appeared out front doors in a beaming light."Oh thank god, someone actually sane." Lily sighed.The old man and his shrieky, brown-nosing assistant strolled in."Hellllooo my money makers!" Ozu said in his own gleeful yet egotistical way when entering."Well almost." Lily said."Mikey, Gonard, Lily, Guano and... who let an outsider in my show's studio? You're not allowed here!" Ozu questioning Mitsuki's existence as usual."COME ON NOW, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT." Yes Man yelled in a child sized police costume and dragged Mitsuki outside the Studio's lot."But you don't understand! I've worked here for seven yea-" She said as the door was slammed behind her by Yes Man."Now then. Ahem." Ozu said softly and cleared his throat. "WHY ARE YOU ALL TAKING A BREAK!?""MORE BREAKS, LESS PAYCHECKS!" Yes Man popped up behind his superior."Oh hey old guy, are you new to this studio too?" Gonard questioned as he layered the camera man Yoshi in his ham sandwich by accident. Ozu looked puzzled and turned his attention to the more clear headed cast mates."Guano had too much coffee and is having another nervous break down." Mikey simply said as Guano couldn't even speak without slurring his words. Mikey then helped Gonard with struggling to keep Yoshi inside the sandwich."Yeah and now he's gonna keep everyone here just because he said he can't feel his legs and that his vision is getting 'blurred' pffft please." Lily crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.Ozu walked up to the midget director (who was shivering even more now) and stared him down."GUANO. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU... use decaf coffee." Ozu spoke."I'll have to try to remember that next time boss..." Guano said in a monotone."We can't just have any sort of lollygagging around, especially with the end of the season and the holidays coming up around the corner! This is 2009 for goodness sake, we have to up our game a bit." The old man told them as Mikey drooled off wondering what year it actually was or which season of Kappa Mikey this was now for that matter."By making us work for 12 hours every day?" Lily scoffed."Of course." Ozu said."DEFINITELY!" Yes Man agreed."Wait, what do you mean by 'up our game a bit' Ozu?" Guano asked."Between Socky's new soap opera shows, Ozoom Manga comic books and other entertainmentbusinesses, they're nearly bulldozing us over. So we must work the longest and the hardest and then we will come out as victorious among our enemies." Ozu explained."LILYMU ROCKS!" Yes Man shouted and nearly bumped over Lily."Sounds good enough for me!" Gonard said and took a bite of Yoshi's hair."Now then, get back to work! While I send some 'letters' to our our rivals." Ozu left looking devilishly sinister and without another word. While Yes Man was playing with his tie still inside the building. The cast mates stared at him not sure of what to do next. Yes Man looked up and saw that his boss was gone."Uh... Yes Man will be going now too.." Yes Man sped off in a millisecond.Two hours later of a very drawn out twelve hour work day and a even longer work week, the five cast mates went back to the their apartments in Lilymu Towers. While Mitsuki was arrested when she was getting into her and Lily's apartment for "trespassing" and being not recognized again by anyone. Guano said good-bye to Mikey and Gonard and Lily who (slammed the door at Guano before he could say a friendly good night)."Well looks like I'll finally get those eight hours of sleep like I've dreamed of all...year." The furry director got his keys out of his nonexistent pockets and shifted his eyes around in his usual anxiety. The door unlocked and he rapidly got inside and shut it. He sighed out in relief and flicked on his lights... And instantly freaked out when he saw his living room and kitchen swarming with fleas. After two hours of figuring out what to do, he called pest control but they said they don't work on the weekends. What's worse was they couldn't be out there at least until Wednesday to expect it."How could have my entire apartment been covered by bugs!? And why at the time I actually was gonna get some sleep for once!" He spoke to himself as he carried a sleeping bag and his pink toothbrush across the quiet night apartment hall. He first knocked on Gonard's (and Gonard's mom's) door and got an answer by Gonard who was wearing footie pajamas with Mikey on them."Hey Gonard.""Guano? What are you doing at my door at the middle of midnight? Are you a.. gulp hallway monster!?" Gonard started to freak out a bit until Guano calmed him down."No I'm not a monster, my apartment got covered in insects and I have no where to sleep for the next week!" Guano told the blue hair giant."Is that because you didn't wash your suit again?" He questioned the short director/writer/actor/whatever."NO! ...Well maybe! It doesn't matter now. Can I sleep at your apartment?" Guano asked his friend."Sorry no can do buddy.""But why?""My mom said if you get another bug in her apartment floors that she'll call animal control on you." Gonard explained."I guess I'll go ask Mikey then, thanks anyways." Guano walked off."Good luck on finding somewhere to stay hallway monster!" Gonard shouted in the distance.Guano knocked on Mikey's door but got no answer. He then noticed a sign way above where he could reach. Guano leaped to grab the note smugly but fell on the hard floor in pain."My deer Japanese co-workers and admirerz,I, Michael Alexander Simon will not be able to answer the door as I've gone a long and perilous journey to enrich my spiritual soul and find out who I am.Will be back from Tijuana in a week.Mikey""Well there goes that idea. Though I'm not sure how long I'd take living in an apartment that smells like rotten pizza all the time." Guano said and went on again. He was running out of ideas and as this thought sunk in, he became nervous. He went to Lily and Mitsuki's door as his last hope."What do you want Guano? It's nearly two in the morning." Lily wore a facial mask, curlers and cucumbers when she opened the door. The sight of her caused Guano to yell out in fear that she was a hallway monster and he ran away.After panting and running for like thirty minutes the little fur ball settled down. Now he really didn't know what to do. All of a sudden his blue gem begun to vibrate and he pulled out his phone within the crystal. He checked his messages to see that his mom Kiyoko sent him a picture of an iguana with six pack abs and a machine gun. Though Guano had no idea what that message meant (or any of her messages for that matter) he finally knew where to go..Sleep in the elevator of course! There was no way the director was gonna be locked inside four walls with his boss, his yes man and his boss's business rival. Guano snuggled in a corner in the dark elevator and was all nestled in comfortably. A few minutes of silence rung in the tiny box as the twenty something costumed character begun to set in his mind where he would brush his teeth in the morning and etc during his stay. The sudden sound of a ding shocked him into being fully awoke."Oh yeah, will have to get use to that.."The elevator doors opened as a familiar man in a burgundy suit entered."Oh god, oh god, oh existing-yet-not-sure-if-existing-god.." Guano said in his head as huddled in a corner and put the sleeping bag over his head. Maybe, just maybe Ozu wouldn't notice him. And he didn't! Until Guano's girl band j-pop ringtone blasted through his gem. Surprisingly Ozu just shrugged it off as new age elevator music and exited."Thanks for another image message, momma.." Guano said annoyed as his cover had almost been blown."'Momma'?" He heard the raspy voice of Ozu repeat the phrase and shaking director listened as footsteps reached to his blanket."Guano?" The old man said getting down on one knee."Uh, uh. Guano's not here at the moment! Please leave a message after the beep!" The frazzled writer said and Ozu yanked back the blanket over his head again. "BEEEP!" Guano cried out."Son, why are you sleeping in here?" He asked and Guano still had only his head showing."Well, why are you coming home at 3 am "daaadd"?" Guano said back and was actually kinda surprised that he sounded sarcastic. He almost waited for Ozu to hit him or something."Well I've been giving out those rivalry messages I talked about earlier at the studio, but uh that's not important at the moment." Ozu said uncertain."Well my apartment is gonna be sprayed for bugs soon and I had no where else to go because everyone else was busy.. But I'm good here! Yep, good here!" Guano gave a thumbs up and half effort smile to his boss."You know you're not allowed to snooze off in here Guano." The producer said squinting and getting somewhat annoyed at the director."I know.. Hey! Maybe I can sleep in the studio! That way I don't have to bother with going to the penthouse for a entire stressful week full of stress and even more stress-" Guano rambled and got cut off by the old man."Just go to the house.""Okay..." Guano said giving up and walking out with boss as they got to Ozu's own 86th floor. Guano then slipped on his blanket as the elevator doors close on his body painfully.
  9. The SBC (Two Days After The) Holiday Special 'Twas... Uh. Two days after Christmas. And all through the site Not a creature was stirring. Not even a... sprite. Not even a fairy, on this uneventful day, Was posting, for no one had one thing to say. The posts just weren't coming. The members were sad. All except one, you see, for Hayden was glad. Hayden hated the holidays. He hated them deep. He hated the lights, and the snow, white like sheep. He hated the singing, the laughs, and the love So he removed himself from it. He lived high above. From high atop his perch, he watched over SBC To make sure that the whole site was devoid of glee. He made sure every member was without a friend He made sure Terminoob was miserable in 2010! He made sure never to tell, when someone was bluffing He's why 70s almost drove his car into a river or something! Ever since he joined, Hayden's always been bitter Maybe it's because he's not as good-looking as Krysten Ritter? Regardless the reason, Hayden was just foul. He stayed up all night, and he screeched like an owl. He kept everyone up, and everyone got mad So everyone crashed Jjs' bachelor pad. "You must make him stop!" All the members declared. Jjs shook his head. "I'm not gonna go there. Hayden's gonna be Hayden, so we've gotta deal." "NO!" They all cried. "This is simply surreal! Every year, here at Christmas he makes our smiles drop And 2015's the year that you're gonna make him stop! Take Nuggets! Take Clappy! Take Dylan! Take Kat!" "You know what?" OMJ said. "Take my baseball bat. You take it up there, don't you dare give him a pass. I want you to take this bat here, and shove it up his Jjs sighed, and went and woke Nugs. He woke up in a flash, and was grumpy, and on drugs. "What do you want?" Nugs said, irritated. "We've gotta get Hayden. And stop- no debating. I know you're coked out on that holiday snow But it's up to the sad cave of Hayden's we go We've gotta go get him to stop being a Scrooge And maybe, we could just save SBC too." Grumbling, Nugs stood, and then took his scarf And walked out the door, away from the warmth of the hearth And he and Jjs began the long walk Up the mountain. As they trekked, the two started to talk But after a while, they arrived - They were finally there. Hayden rose from his cave, and gave the two a glare. "What the heck do you want?" That mean Hayden snapped At the two. Then Nuggets scoffed. "Don't give me that crap. You're a mean old miser, and dude, it's not cool. You always ruin the holidays, and the breaks after school You've made us all mad at least three thousand times! You're like the Grinch, Scrooge and Satan, rolled up and combined! Stop being trash! It makes us hope you rot." And Jjs looked at Hayden, and gave a curt nod. Hayden looked at Jjs, then Nuggets, then J Then back to Nuggets. Then, he looked away. "The holidays are awful." He said. Nuggets just scoffed. "There are tons of people who have it way worse off." "BAH HUMBUG!" Hayden shouted. "That's not what I mean! You just wouldn't get it. Things aren't what they seem. I'm not mean to be mean. I'm not rude to be rude. I don't have an endless supply of smart-assed attitude. Every year, I look around, and everyone is content. Whether it's Sauce being happy, or Nuggets being 'lit'. But I am unhappy. And why? I don't know. Maybe because no one appreciates me, the seeds that I've sown. I've been here forever, and no one is my friend No, they all attack me, it seems. To no end. The holidays are painful. They make me want to cry. Everyone can be happy. . . So... Why can't I?" It was quiet, for a minute. Nuggets looked at his feet. Jjs was just still, for a minute. He felt quite downbeat. He then looked at Hayden, then took a deep breath. "There's a reason you don't feel like all the rest. You do it to yourself. You've cut yourself off, from the family, and fun You're not one of many, you're simply just one. You're not hostile or mean, or even a fink You're just a little misguided, I think. You don't have to hate us, or wish for our end I think that all you really need... Is a friend." Hayden looked up. Jjs held out his hand, And right then, something strange came over the land. The snow became warm, the site seemed to smile And everyone seemed to be calm, for a while. From high, high above, Hayden, Jjs and Nugs looked Upon the world as it simmered, as it froze, as it cooked The snuff film that Elastic and Dr. Sex watched Turned happy, as the murder that was attempted, was botched. And Tyeam's drawing of crows, that picked at a man Became rainbows that smiled, and rained on the land. The review Clappy wrote, once scathingly vulgar, and mean Became a nice review, both glowing, and clean. There in Shin's strip club, the no-longer sad ladies began to twerk And Shin leaned back in his chair, satisfied, with a And Nuggets' bedroom, dark and hard to see Became super lit, for all fam to see. Hayden gasped. "This is what happens, when I'm nice and show love? When I don't have to stay all up here, high above?" Jjs smiled, patted him on the back. "Yeah, this is what happens when you pick up the slack." Hayden smiled. He breathed in, and looked over the site And he smiled, and laughed a laugh filled with delight. And you know, I was there, and so with confidence, I say Hayden's heart didn't shrink anymore sizes that day. Hayden looked out at the forum... But then, that boy said "Happy Holidays to all, and to all .... A big meh." Hayden shrugged, went back to his cave, where he'd go smoke some pot. Nuggets turned to Jjs and smiled. "Well, it was worth a shot." -Happy holidays yeah
  10. Plot: Over 25/30 Characters Complete in a BFDI Styled Show to win an Trophy Co-Writers (Yes i got that Idea when a become a Co-Writer for Max's New Spin-off): CNF Every Month Will have a New Ep Oh and Someone who makes a TitleCard for this Lit will Pick a Character to be on the lit Characters Confirmed: Invader Zim Ren and Stimpy SpongeBob Timmy Mr. Blik Waffle Gordon Quid Doug Rocko Jimmy Neturon Duddly Puppy Mordecai and Rigby Bugs Bunny (Added by CNF) Robot and Monster Leonardo Michaelango Raphael Donatello Mickey Mouse Dexter Cow and Chicken Daffy Over 25 Characters! (Character Limit is Maxed out)
  11. I sit on the couch and write some juicy horror stories, I love horror. Nothing beats it i could watch Friday the 13th any day even on Christmas! I write about a mutant puppy who kills anyone who looks at him. Then i hear the door bell, so i get up and drop my notebook of terror. The mailman gave me my new bag of horror collectibles I love these charming toys! I shut the door and turn and i see a creepy bird at my window black, green eyes, and drooling, like the dragon breath birdy horror story i wrote basically it was about a bird crossed with a dragon and could grow huge at anytime, I laugh at the thought it was probably a prank so i close the blinds and finish writing my mutant dog story. I then go to sleep and enjoyed my nightly sleep. I wake up and go the kitchen and see some weird cheese probably been there for years and i haven't noticed i threw it away, but went to throw away a piece of paper to know it was gone, I turn to see the fridge slam shut. Even though i love a good scare i don't enjoy actual deadly situation I put some of my important things in a bag and drive to the furthest motel. I decided i should do some research so I grab my computer and look up "disappear cheese ghost" nothing. I felt like an idiot, but then i heard it scratching i open the door a crack and there was a dog whimpering. I shoo'd him but he growled so i decided to call a dog catcher. I call him and as soon as i check outside the dogs gone... then he bites my arm. How in the world did it get here?! I throw it across the room it lands on the floor and soon the mirror shows in image of me falling down on the highest cliff. I knew it. My notebook stories came to life... my sink spewed out purple water, my fridge fell over, and the dog growled. I was cornered as i notice the window was open i jumped out luckily with my car keys but it wasn't fine there was a cliff and i fell soon to be down in hell with Satan. END
  12. Been working out this one quietly for a while now, but time to make it public. This is a reboot of my second ever spin-off, Squidlerd: The Life of An Unloved Squid. You can read the original story if your interested, but it's not essential to this one. Anyhow... Synopsis: Squidward Tentacles wakes up one day to learn that the son he never knew is coming to live with him. A sixteen year old named Squidlerd with low goals, but a huge heart, tells him that his mother has gone missing and he needs to live with him as a result. Can Squidward work this out? Rating: PG for now. May rise as the series goes along. Genre: Drama with hints of action and comedy. First Episode comes out Tuesday.
  13. Chapter one: A chilling discovery The snow falls down as i grab a cup of lemon tea. Scrolling on an online anime forum rolling my eyes at those idiots who think Hitashi should get with Matsu it's idiotic! As i shut down my computer i grab the phone and call my friend, "Hey, um did you get the game yet" i hear my friend sigh as he says "no it's not coming till next week... i hate waiting" I grab my tea and take a sip after that I climb on my bed and say "Well patience is key, if you don't wait the longer it feels" I look at the beautiful glossy snow and start smiling "i love snow" i thought "If only it was winter all the time" i get in my blanket talk to my friend some more hang up the phone and sleep. Well that is I WOULD have slept if i didn't hear that crash outside. I grab a coat, a flashlight, and my boots as I go out in the snow. I see a very torn up piece of paper. I pick it up and all i could read was " I D H R EE DOORS" I squinted as hard as i could but couldn't read anything the writing was horrid. I go back inside to get some rest, I had a strange dream. I was falling faster than a car i was falling quick and i land on sand. I look around and i see a huge volcano, a beautiful ocean, and a whole part with snow everywhere. I turn and see homes I knock on the door and this little boy answers. He let me in and gave me bread and water. He looked about nine and i was confused. I asked "Do your parents know you let strangers in the house" he looks at me and says "You don't need parents in war" Chapter two: training To be continued 8/24/15
  14. So this story will take place in 2029. With a new staff and some new rules. But when the older staff returns with revenge on there mind it gets scary. Starring E.V.I.L Cha Aya OMJ MMM SOF Trophy Openwindowmanica THE OLD STAFF] First episode coming later.
  15. Please PM Me if you want to be in this Spin-off! (Starting Soon) UPDAAAATE: Sir Wooden/Sir Rockman is the Main Character! ZaidCatDog As Patrick(im still having the same knowledge as i am outside this spin-off) ??? As Squidward ??? As Mr Krabs ??? As King Neptune ??? As Mindy(LADY SBC USERS ONLY) ??? As Sandy ??? As Mrs Puff ??? As Dennis ??? As Goofy Goober Bartender
  16. Section 1: The Very Beginning Chapter 1: The Realization and Preparations This will hopefully breathe new life into the intentionally awful fictions that were on SBC a long time ago in a new comedic aspect with a story. Let me know what you think. The next chapter will contain an explanation of the previous chapter so you get a basic understanding of the story. Ted happens to be trying in background to load to INTERNET Other SnapShots of INTERNET Sites Of Phase 2 Of Coming. FOR he HAS TOLD savior OF TOLD BEEN !!! Ted does NOT plan to Create New Heaven until About 90K Years From Now at least before Starting It after having Created THE ALMIGHTY THE ONE GOD Ted and T.A.T.O.T Things and Other Things BECAUSE of Radiations Due to Nukes Hitting On and Around then In Heaven TOO MUCH to even start NOW to 10K Years From NOW! What Was Heaven happens to be now HELL! It happens to be Heaven WAS KILLED to DROPPED! IT NOW HAPPENS TO BE HELL! Ted does NOT plan to do ANY Resurrections into Any Heaven until later of Heavens from HEAVEN to HELL Ted PLANS TO CREATE HOW MANY Places Can Of About Now 10 Million Places with Habitations of Things Ted Did Create! Ted PLANS TO CREATE MAXIMUM UP to MAXIMUM DOWN therefore WHEN YOU DIE IT HAPPENS TO BE IT HAPPENS TO BE LIKE er SIMILAR TO er CAN BE SEEN TO BE BEST SLEEP YOU HAD EVER COMPLETELY ASLEEP with NO Pain and NO Suffering and NOTHING to worry about and FEELING NOTHING SENSING NOTHING BEST SLEEP before IF a Resurrection an UnSpecified About Of Time For Some before 300 Years to 600 Years to 900 Years to 9K Years to 90K Years and Additional! SOME NEED TO REALIZE IT NOW Post Gratifications Are What We Need To Do Enough Of Starting Now! Therefore DO NOT even PUSH NOW Heaven and er New Heaven WHAT HAPPENS TO BE TRANSITIONED TO THE ALMIGHTY THE ONE PLANET ONE with some PLANETARY TEMPLE and PLANETARY PALACE and PLANETARY MANSION and Other Things Of Ted of Ted and Instances Of Ted and HOW MUCH POSSIBLE! Ted HAPPENS TO BE CURRENT NOW WHAT DID CREATE for On and In and Around Heaven and to Earth are NOW OBSOLETE DUE TO MANY NOW NEAR future SPIRITUAL THREATS of Living Things to Non Living Things of Spiritual Technology and Spiritual Scanners and Spiritual Weapons and Spiritual Shields and MANY Things Spiritual Technology! Ted HAPPENS TO BE THE IMMORTAL LIVING FOREVER AND FOR ALL ETERNITY AND UNTIL END OF TIME! There are NO Others Immortal By Now and Before Now after Ted DID this in an JUDGMENT WHILE IN JUDGMENT and FOR ENTIRE then ALL of Heaven and Earth and GALAXY Heaven Is In to UNIVERSE INFINITE OF ALL DIRECTIONS IF INFINITE ER NOT! YOU CAN NOT worry too much about if IF YOU DIE HOW LONG COULD BE BEFORE a Resurrection !!! !!! !!! There are MANY THINGS TO PREPARE !!! !!! !!! There are MANY THINGS TO CREATE !!! !!! !!! There are MANY THINGS to DO and ACCOMPLISH and ESTABLISH and BUILD and PREPARE and CONQUER and WAR WIN and DO MILITARILY TOO and MANY Other Things! LOOK Heaven WAS ONLY a HUGE PLACE! NOT Multiple Places! Ted PLANS TO CREATE MANY Places of MAXIMUM UP to MAXIMUM DOWN HOW MANY CAN ReCreate of About 10 Million Places Now having there things there Ted Did Create! Last Night Ted HAD AGAIN NTH TIME a Some to Last Night a Long Loud Spiritual Talk to Communications to Speech From Ted to Highest of Costs Royal Parliament to Lowest of Costs and Family Of Ted and Of Side Of Ted Enough what were Listening Many Last Night Were Listening! DO NOT WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT DELAYS Of MAXIMUM UP a HEAVEN to up enough a range of up enough to be up where then Happens To Be Off Into Oblivion to Eternal Death to a put down to PUT DOWN of a something down to a HELL to a WORST HELL. THE EVERYTHING OF CREATION BEGIN!!!
  17. Plot: Spongebob and Patrick decide they're a bit old for jelly fishing and decide to pick up a new off time activity in playing real-life Cops and Robbers. They'll be the robbers. The first episode will be posted by tomorrow night.
  18. I'm bored, and I decided to write down this SpongeBob/X-Com (sci-fi themed tactical game) crossover. Be careful I'm not a good writer, just want to let off some steam. Prologue: Aahh, Bikini Bottom, the home of the peaceful Bikini Bottomites. Just taking care of their bussiness and.. is that a meteor!? Meteors rains down from the sky, causing people to drop what they're doing and panics. Some of the meteors landed on the streets, while other hits some buildings and got stuck on the walls. As the meteors stops, people starts to come out of their covers and walks toward the meteors. Tom walks throught the smoke, walking closer to one of the meteors "Wait, this isn't a meteor, this is a... thing" The thing, is a block shaped device with white, alien curves. It releases some thin green smokes. More people gets closer to the device, looking at it, taking pictures, and poking it with sticks. Suddenly the device starts, the green smokes spreads, and start covering the people arounds it. Soon everyone are immobilized and covered in green webbings. =========================================================================== Meanwhile, in the Krusty Krab, everything goes along as usual. SpongeBob is cleaning some tables with his body, Patrick is eating some Krabby Patties, and Squidward is just sitting there in his cashier boat. "This is Perch Perkins reportig live from Downtown Bikini Bottom, it appears that following the aftermath of the meteor shower, people are missing near the crash sites. Rumors are flying that-" The broadcast is cut short by Squidward, who changes it to Public Access tv. "Everyone talking about those stupid space rocks, aren't they have anything better to do?" "Well Squidward, they're on fire and might hurt people" replied SpongeBob "Cry me a river". Suddenly, a meteor crashed outiside the Krusty Krab, the shockwave broke of the windows. Mr. Krabs burst out of his office. "What in the neptune.. Me windows!! Nooo!" Mr. Krabs rushes to the windows and starts picking up broken glass shards. SpongeBob walks to Mr. Krab "Aww come on Mr. Krabs, they're just windows. Wait where's Patrick?" Outside, Patrick is walking toward the meteor. "Stupid explosion ruing my food." Suddenly green butts starts shooting toward Patrick, knocking him down "Ow! You that's not fair! I'm not ready!" Patrick then starts punching through the smoke, as it surrounds him. SpongeBob runs toward Patrick, and and pulls out Patrick from the smoke. "Patrick, you okay?" As Patrick about to reply, a giant, box-shaped purple thing flies above them. "Let's get inside!" SpongeBob drags Patrick back into the Krusty Krab. Inside the Krusty Krab, everyone are hiding behind overturned tables, looking at the giant purple box. "What is that thing?!" Squidward said nervously "I don't know Mr. Squidward, but.. Wait it's dropping somehting" Mr Krabs stops talking and points at the flying box, it appears to be dropping of grey people. "Grey people, those must be aliens! Sandy must see this" said SponegBob, Squidward looks skeptical "Oh come one, I know you're stupid. But that's just ridiculous." Ignoring Squidward, SpongeBob and Patrick jumps over the tables and run toward the aliens. "Greetings space beings! I, SpongeBob, and my friend Patrick represent the-" SpongeBob's speech is cut short by a green bolt fired by the aliens SpongeBob and Patrick starts panicking and begin running in circles. Squidward peeks over the tables "What are those imbiciles doing" He then looks at television. The Public Acces art show is now replaced with an emergency broadcast. "Warning. Bikini Bottom is under emergency. All citizens are advised to stay indoors until further notice" Squidward looks nervously as the message repeats "I should've take a leave". Mr. Krabs gets up and walks into his office, "Mr. Squidward, hold the perimeter, I have something to grab in me office". "Hold the what now?! That's it, I'm going home!" As Squidward walks toward the door, SpongeBob and Patrick burst past him. Followed by trails of green bolts. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward are now back hudling behind the table barricades. Grey, short aliens walking on four limbs burst out the door and the remaining unbroken windows. They immdiately fires more green bolt using their wrist-mounted devices. Spongebob ducks as green bolts flies overhead "What are we gonna do! What would Mermaidman do!?", "SpongeBob, I just want you to know that-" Squidward stops talking as Mr. Krabs burst out from his office. He carries an old harpoon gun and fires at one of the aliens. One of the aliens is sturck by harpoon in the head and drops dead. Mr. Krabs awkwardly into the tables and loads another harpoon. "Nice shot Mr. Krabs" SpongeBob cheers, "There's no time to talk, grab something launch counter attack!", "Aye aye sir!" SpongeBob grabs his spatula while Patrick picks up a wooden plank. Squidward meanwhile jumps into the kitchen and hides "I'm not paid enough for this". SpongeBob and Patrick charges wildy at the aliens, taking them by suprise. Mr. Krabs fires another harpoon at the aliens, hitting another one. "For Krusty Krab!", SpongeBob jumps into the air and kicks the alien's weapon out of it's hand, before karate-chopping it on the head with a spatula. "I have no idea what I'm doing!" Patrick charges blindly at the aliens. He trips over and slams right into one of the aliens, crushiing it. Aliens are getting slammed, chopped, and shot with a harpoon. The fight is finally over when Patrick thows the last alien out of the window, it hits the ground head first, and breaks it neck. SpongeBob sits on the floor and starts taking deep breaths "What just happened.. Everything is ruined..". Patricks walks over to one of the dead aliens and pokes it, "Uhh buddy, Mr. Krabs don't like it when people sleep on his floor". Squidward finally walks out the kitchen, and walks to Mr. Krabs "Mr. Krabs, can I go home earlier?" "No Mr. Squidward, we still have a lot of things to do". Mr. Krabs then hands over a broom to Squidward. "This Perch Perkins reporting. Reports are coming from various sources about attacks by an unkwown forces. Saucer and box shaped objects are reported to be flying over the city. The mayor in his official statement, said-" The broadcast is cut short again, as Squidward turns off the TV and picks it up from the floor. ============================================== Well, that's it. I hope you guys enjoyed it, or atleast undertsand what I'm writing Maybe I'll continue this someday.
  19. We all remember SpongeBob's friend Used Napkin from "I Had an Accident," right? Here's a little spin-off dedicated to him. Episode 1 - I Talk About Myself What's up in the hypothetical hood, guys? My name is Used Napkin and I'm here to give you an endless smattering of details about myself whether you want them or not. If you have an objection to this then I politely request that you remove yourself immediately. Your kind is not wanted here. You see, I'm more than a mere piece of paper that you slide across your face. Don't trust the idiot who named this spin-off. He knows nothing about me. Nobody does. You will be the first to hear... to learn... the truth.
  20. Based on the episode. Episodes will start airing on Monday! HERE'S A SNEAK PEEK OF THE PILOT EPISODE! Patrick: Hmm... Yes! I have a plan! [grabs donuts] Man Ray: [cackles] What are you going to do? Patrick: I don't know. Are you gonna EAT it? Man Ray: No! No! I'm– [stuffs donuts into Man Ray's mouth] Ugh! I don't feel good. [Everyone cheers] I hope you like it!
  21. So, this is a Animal Crossing fanfic. It's about a boy named Dylan who moves into the town of Whitdale, where he spends his middle school days with anthropomorphic animals. So far, I only wrote a prologue and four chapters. Back in December, I shared this with SBM. A SBM member, ooooooofy, fixed some stuff like grammer and verb agreement. I do wanna see if there are general story problems? (Mary-Sue, chapters too short, writing certain scenes) Prologue ooooooofy's version of Prologue Chapter 1 ooooooofy's version of Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter Four
  22. This is a story I do on SBM. Now I do it on here and there. The story involes 4 people fighting crime. 5 if you want to count Sauce who becomes a main character later Main Characters OMJ - The leader of the team Aya - Member of the team who often dates the wrong guys. Cha - The quiet member of the team. Nards - The so called "nerd" of the team. Is made fun of. He hates Sauce at first but now loves her. Sauce - Half member, half not member. She is Nard's girlfriend. Nickflower - Main bad guy. Season 1 episodes How it started Aya's bad date part 1 Aya's bad date part 2 The Mayor and the flower Sauce VS Todd the 90's monster The Robot and the monster The Attack of the Spamers OMJ VS Nards for Leader Into Space Part 1 Into Space Part 2 I will post the first episode soon!
  23. Alright, so this show shall be coming back soon from me. In case you don't know, this was OMJ's old spin-off, all the way from SBC's Forumotion days. OMJ originally had this up for sale at his Glove World store, and I bought the rights to it. And now, here we are. Due to unforntinate circumstances, all of the past episodes of the show did not transfer over to our site. So, I'll be re-airing all of the past episodes of the show in Marathons, so that we're able to get through the episodes faster. I say we will begin the marathons tommorow, and continue every Friday until we're done with them. I'll probably give you 5-8 episodes each Friday because I want to have new comers to the show be able to catch up and understand the show. But, to start you out, i'll give you OMJ's plot summery: After years of enduring pain and torment being done to his leg in Bikini Bottom, mild-mannered Fred Rechid has finally snapped and goes above and beyond to take some 'necessary' action. He sues the city for all it's worth, deeming it an unsafe environment, and does so by using whatever resources he could remember and muster up during his failing days in law school. After many months of trials and tribulations, Fred finally wins his legal battle. Using his reparation money, he moves his two sons and his new fiance into a luxury apartment on the upper east side of New Kelp City. More money causes more problems when Fred's fiance and sons start squandering Fred's hard-earned money at an increasingly alarming rate. Now, Fred must go above and beyond to stabilize the family's financial situation in an unforgiving city full of wacky and unstable characters with an economy that is not so bubbling at the moment...or get hurt trying. This show will be mostly summeries of the episodes, similar to how Skodwarde's writing is. Characters from Season 1 will be posted overtime. So, make sure to toon in to the Break A Leg! Catch Up-A-Thon, every Friday until we run out of old episodes!
  24. Based off events from A Christmas Mikey, this tells the events leading up to the tragic event that happened many years ago to a certain producer. Read it or not, I really don't care. Chapters 1-3 (more coming)
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