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  1. (i started walking to the krusty krab) me=yes!!! i can finally try a krabby patty!!! (i go up to order one...) me=hey squidward one krabby patty please..... squid=uh.....ok....how did you know my name..... me=uh....ive been here a while...... squid=whatever....spongebob!! one krabby patty!! (spongebob makes the krabby patty and puts his head out the window and gives it to squidward.....i almost scream and pass out from seeing spongebob) sb=hi...who are u? me=im....a.....im......a.....s-s-s-s-s-spandyfan..... sb=well hi there!! i'm spongebob squarepants (he reaches out his hand to me and i take it,we shake hands) me=n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-nice to meet you........ sb=are you ok? (i snap out of it) me=im fine really sb=well i have to get back to work maybe we can talk on my lunch break. me=ok.... (lunch break....sb comes out and sits at a table where i am) sb=hey spandyfan....say....what does that name mean anyway..... me=oh nothing.... sb=ok. (sandy comes in) (i test sb....tehe....) me=say spongebob whos that who just came in? (i piont to sandy) sb=oh....thats sandy....the prettiest girl in the sea...... me=(i smirk) what did u say..... sb=uh....... me=spongebob i heard you....can we talk after you work.... sb=sure....(hes still looking at her) me=ok thanks (i snap him out of it,sandy comes over) sandy=hey spongebob,whos this? sb=sandy this is spandyfan,spandyfan this is sandy sandy=howdy me=hello sb=hey girls my lunch break is over i have to go bye me=bye spongebob sandy=see ya spongebob me=so....sandy are you and spongebob friends? sandy=u huh yea why? me=just wondering..i have to go now see ya later sandy=ok bye end of part 1
  2. Gonna make a spinoff called Spongebob SuperSponge The first episode have aliens in it More to Come
  3. Coming Soon from CDCB and Unlimitedcha... Preview: CDCB and Confess-a-Bear are at their Uncle Irwin's laboratory. He has just invented a watch that allows you to pause time. Unfortunately, technical errors and glitches cause the 57 pieces of the watch to go to various locations in the past, future, and imaginary universes from various TV shows. It is up to CDCB and Confess-a-Bear to retrieve all 57 pieces. It seems like a relatively easy job...but then Uncle Irwin discovers that his rival, Professor Davis, is planning to follow CDCB and Confess-a-Bear around to try to get the pieces of the watch first! Professor Davis has a plan to use these pieces of the watch for his own evil plans. It is up to CDCB and his loyal sidekick Confess-a-Bear to retrieve all 57 parts before Professor Davis can destroy the universe as we know it!
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