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  1. Written By Aquatic Nuggets (and maybe Ex), we take you on a journey through SBC and it's Rap Battle-y adventures at the Xat Fountain. This isn't meant to insult anyone, it's all in good fun. Episode 1: Prince Darkstar V.S ExKizuna Ex sits at a table talking to Elastic, when ACS walks over. ACS: Yo, PunkKizuna. Elastic: Whoawhoawhoa ACS, too far man. Ex: I should deck you in the face, ACS- Aquatic Nuggets: But wouldn't you rather smack him lyrically? Ex, ACS and Elastic: Huh? Nuggets: Well, I just bought this DJ equipment, we should put it to use. You and ACS should rap battle! Ex: Alright, let's do it. *everyone moves to the fountain, Nuggets sets up Swaggy Brand Swag DJ equipment* Nuggets: Who goes first? Ex: ACS can. Those with no swag always go first. ACS: Pfft. Drop a sick beat for me, Nuggets. *Nuggets writes the words "sick beat" on an egg and drops it on the ground* ACS: ....Not exactly what I meant, but alright. Let's go. Yo, Ex, word up, on you, I'm about to go insane, Punch you up, beat you down, then barrel roll just like a plane. Swag? I don't need it, I'm just way too cool Unlike you- Alikeez Might? What's that about? You're a fool. You see, you're on the floor, while I fly above, in the sky People look up and say "Hey, ACS is flying! Lemmee try!" *crowd begins to gather* But they can't, I'm too high! But no, not like Wiz Khalifa I don't smoke, but I got the most points; scorekeeper. Biff bam bow, my raps rip and burn, yet they strike true. Most Annoying Member on SBC? I think that'd be you. Crowd: Oooh! Nuggets: Whoa now, that was surprisingly tight!Can Ex come back with a Swaggin' Bomb, or will he be beaten by Super Swaggian ACS- ACS: Shut up about swag. Nuggets: ....Alright then, Ex, spit. Ex: Well, dude, alright, seems like you have me beat. Just kidding, you're ACS, the lamest geek I ever did see! You're JD, you're KFire, you're Madcatz, you're slow. You think you're cool, you think you're awesome, to that I say no. You came at me with a sick rap, to that I'll say "whoa". But then, y'know, it just fizzled out. Like you say, "Cool Story, Bro." You hate swag, 'cause you have none. Don't get angry, it's true. And I say this, as I sit on a fountain, chillin', eatin' fondue. So ACS, go back home, to the box in which you were living. I'm Ex, I'm out, and this is the care I'm not giving. Crowd: OOOH! Nuggets: Ooh, that was sick! *ACS faints* Nuggets: ....And ACS is literally sick it looks like. Oh well. === Who won? Who do you want to see battle next? Comment below!
  2. So this is a thread where I'll let my creativity soar and write out whatever ideas that may pop in my head, be they spin-off or lit. I find this'll save me the pain of starting a new thread for something and then just dropping it all together not long after. If some ideas are good enough, I could bump up it to it's own thread but for the most part, this is just like a scrapbook or something. Anywho, here's my first entry. I've always contemplated making just a straight up SBC-based wrestling lit, but I thought Community Deathmatch always had that base covered for me. Well, this thread gives me the freedom to go about that so here ya go. Taking a page out of Nautical World of Wrestling for this one. Sponge Brawl Championship Wrestling Episode 1: Tournament of Staff We are welcomed to the first episode of SBC Wrestling by broadcast announcers, 4EverGreen and SpongeSebastian. They hype up the Tournament of Staff that is to take place tonight in order to crown the inaugural SBC World Champion. They lead us right into our first match for tonight and for the tournament. Match #1: Clappy vs Aquatic Nuggets Clappy and Nuggets both make their respective ways toward the ring. The announcers play up their history with eachother. They stare each other down for a few seconds before shaking hands out of respect. The bell rings and the match officially begins. Clappy and Nugs grapple with eachother, both attempting to gain an upper hand over the other. Nuggets tries to lift Clappy for a slam, but Clappy counters out and plants Nuggets down with a neckbreaker. Clappy maintains control over Nuggets until Nugs begins fighting back with some strong power moves. Nuggets floors Clappy with a 4 Piece Meal for a 2 count. Nuggets tries keeping Claps grounded but Clappy catches him with a Clap Dance for a 2 count of his own. Nuggets tackles Clappy into the turnbuckle and continuously drives Clappy's ribs into it with repeating shoulder blocks. Nugs sets Clappy up for a 10 Piece Meal now, but Clappy fights out and smacks Nugs around with some Clap Slaps before beating Nuggets around with The Technique. He motions for The Inquiry and nails it, planting Nuggets face-first into the mat for the pin and the win. Clappy celebrates and poses on the turnbuckle as Nuggets stares a hole into him from the mat. He gets up to his feet and gets into Clappy's face. They smile and shake hands once again, Nuggets leaving Clappy to his celebration. Match #2: Dylan vs jjsthekid jjsthekid enters the ring first, the announcers playing up his tenure on the staff and the awards and accolades he has garnered himself over the years for his contributions. Dylan comes out next, flipping his hair, as the announcers play up his achievements as well compared to those of Jjs', as well as playing him up as major innovator. The bell rings and Jjs offers Dylan a handshake. Dylan flips his hair again, and briefly shakes his hand before smacking it away and kicking Jjs in the stomach. Dylan beats Jjs into the corner with a flurry of rights and lefts, beating Jjs around senseless. He whips Jjs into the opposite corner and follows in order to tackle him into, but Jjs lifts his arm up, catching Dylan right in the face with a shoulder block. Dylan reels back as Jjs gets on his own offensive with some fast-paces, high flying maneuvers. Jjs takes Dylan down with a tornado DDT, following it up with a drop kick straight to Dylan's face. Jjs covers for a 2 count, but Dylan surprises him with a roll-up, but falls short of a 3. Jjs kicks Dylan around before bouncing off the ropes for a Storm Racer, but Dylan catches Jjs by surprise with a powerful shoulder block in midair, knocking the wind out of Jjs as well as sending him flying away. Dylan picks Jjs up effortlessly for The Applause for the 3 count! Dylan knocks Jjs out of his ring as he flips his hair and basks in the glory of having taken Jjs off his pedestal. Match #3: Wumbology vs Teenj Wumbology is out to the ring first, the announcers playing up his long-storied tenure as a member of the staff, ranging from cashier to manager to cashier again, as well as his no-nonsense attitude when it comes to executed his actions. Teenj is next to come out and the announcers compares his reign on the staff and his similar executive actions to his opponent. Wumbo and Teenj circle each other in the ring as the bell rings, starting up the match. Wumbo and Teenj trade blows right as the bell sounds, going all out on eachother. They clock each other with simultaneous right hooks, knocking each other away. They take a little breather before grappling with eachother, exchanging control over the other. Teenj wrestles control away from Wumbo and nails him with one Karate Chop after the other. Wumbo manages to dodge one of these wild chops and proceeds to lay some Big Breaks into Teenj without mercy. Teenj eventually manages to fight back and takes Wumbo down with an iVlog. Teenj ascends the top rope and goes for the Airborne Disease but Wumbo rolls out of the way. Wumbo sizes up Teenj as he gets back to his feet and plants him back down with The Wumbooty to secure himself his first win! After the match, Wumbo locks a metal padlock onto Teenj before dragging him backstage and tossing him into the trash. Match #4: Ssj4gogita4 vs Mr Dr Professor Patrick Ssj is out first as the announcers hype up his dual tenure as an admin of both SBC and SBM, which he has led for a decade. hilaryfan80 follows up, the announcers playing up all his contributions to SBC over the years as both a Fry Cook and a Manager, also bringing up his membership at SBM. They trade a flurry of blows DBZ-style before Ssj breaks their combo with a Saturday Crush. He plants hilaryfan80 down with a Galick Gun before finishing hilaryfan80 off with a Big Ban Attack without mercy. He covers and gets the win after making surprisingly short work of his opponent. After the match, Ssj continues his assault, tossing hilaryfan80 out of the ring with authority with a powerful Dragon Throw. Backstage Interview #1 Kevin NG is standing by with Clappy for a quick word. Clappy says it was an honor to step into the ring with Nuggets and that he's ready for anything else the night may throw at him. Kevin begins asking some deep personal questions out of nowhere, but they're interrupted by Dylan, who flips his hair as he enters the scene, spraying Clappy and Kevin with sweat. He says that Kevin should be talking to him, the man who brought SBC back from the brink, but Clappy takes offense to this. They get into each others face and Clappy tells Dylan that he may have brought SBC to newer and greater heights, but that's he's not half the leader Nuggets is. Dylan posts a gif that displays his discontempt before telling Clappy that he once beats him in that ring, that'll make him better than both him and Nuggets. He flips his hair again before heading to the ring. Match # 5: Clappy vs Dylan Dylan is out first, since he lives by the first is the worst mantra, and basks in the mixed reaction of the fans. Clappy is out next and claps and slaps hands with a bunch of the guests in attendance at ringside. The bell sounds and Dylan starts the match off by blindsiding Clappy, shoulder blocking him off his feet pummeling his face into the ground. Clappy manages to get Dylan off his by clapping both his hands against Dylan's head, disorienting him. Claps nails Dylan with a flurry of Clap Slaps and backs Dylan up against the turnbuckle,beating him into the corner. Clappy steps back and charges at Dylan for a Pierce in the City, but Dylan sidesteps out of the way and Clappy collides shoulder-first into the steel post. Dylan grabs him and throws Clappy repeated into the steel corner shoulder-first, weakening it some more. He picks Clappy up and ironically gives him The Applause to secure himself a place in the tournament finals and one step closer to the World Title. Backstage Interview #2 Kevin NG is now backstage with Ssj and plays it up to him before asking him how he completely dismantled hilaryfan80. Ssj says it's because hilaryfan80 touches himself at night before he's interrupted by Wumbo, who thanks Ssj for his unnecessary and somewhat spammy response. Wumbo tells them that he fully intends on finally attaining the glory he feels he finally deserves tonight and that Ssj is just a stepping stone to just that. Ssj remarks that he will do to Wumbo what he did to hilaryfan80, but Wumbo retorts that he will do to Ssj what he did to Teenj, dispose of him like trash. Match #6: Wumbo vs Ssj Wumbo is out first, followed by Ssj. The announcers play up the fact that Wumbo actually looks up to Ssj and that this could very well be the match that could really break Wumbo away from the pack, but that Ssj is no pushover when push comes to shove and that he takes no prisoners. They tangle up, Ssj slowly gaining control over his opponent. Ssj lays into Wumbo with some Nightly Touches before planting Wumbo to the ground with a Kamehameha Wave. Ssj continues pummeling away at Wumbo with repeated Ki Blasts and looks to finish Wumbo off early with a Big Ban Attack, but Wumbo suddenly springs into action and counters Ssj into his patented Lock Lock. Wumbo struggles to keep the hold locked in and wrenches away on Ssj, who tries hanging on and reaching the ropes, but Wumbo pulls him away from the ropes without mercy, leaving Ssj with no other option but to tap out to give Wumbo the surprising submission victory and the last spot in the finals against Dylan. Wumbo attempt to put his metal padlock on Ssj after the match, but ssj manages to slide out of the ring and head to the back before he had the chance. Main Event: Dylan vs Wumbo Dylan immediately hits the stage following Wumbo's match, flipping his hair in Ssj's face as Ssj walks past him on the ramp. Dylan slowly makes his way to the ring, basking in the audience's reaction towards him, living for their applause. Wumbo stares him down from the ring, visibly still beaten up from his previous match that just took place. The announcers says Dylan had ample time to heal up before this match and that Wumbo is fresh for the pickings. They play up the tumultuous history between the two on the staff before the bell rings for the match to start. Wumbo charges Dylan but Dylan knocks him right of his feet with a powerful shoulder block. Dylan mounts Wumbo and rides him like a horsey around the ring before pummeling him into the mat with some hard right hands. Dylan gets up and proceeds to stomp away at Wumbo before picking him up and tackling him into the corner turnbuckle. He rams into Wumbo some more before retreating back and looking to charge right at Wumbo into the corner, but before Dylan could connect, Wumbo leap frogs him. Dylan eats nothing but corner steel as Wumbo quickly rolls him up for a 3 count but Dylan kicks out at 2 and a half. They both get up to their feet at the same time and Dylan looks to plant Wumbo Into The Abyss, but Wumbo fights out and looks to take Dylan out with a Coral Driver. Dylan backdrops out of it, sending Wumbo flying overhead. He picks Wumbo up for The Applause but Wumbo counters him into the Lock Lock. Wumbo wrenches away on Dylan now, who manages to muster up the strength to pull himself to the bottom rope and grabbing hold of it, forcing Wumbo to break the hold. Wumbo gets up and kicks away at Dylan as he collects his breath on the mat. Dylan tries surprising him with another Applause and nails it. Dylan makes the cover but Wumbo gets his foot on the bottom rope, interrupting the count rig before the 3. Dylan pulls his foot off and covers him tightly again but Wumbo manages to kick out right before the 3 again. Dylan gets up and fuels himself by basking in the crowd's applause. He sizes Wumbo up and charges at him for a shoulder tackle, but Wumbo calculates this and surprises Dylan by scooping him up mid-charge and hitting him in the middle of the ring with nothing but Oink! Wumbo makes the cover and gets the 3 count to win the tourney and the World Title! Closing Segment Wumbo gets onto his knees in triumph, tearing up as the referee bestows the SBC World Title onto him. He secures it around his waist and poses with it on top of the turnbuckles as Dylan fumes on the outside of the ring. The announcers play up Wumbo's huge and decisive victory before signing off.
  3. First off, I have two different sets of ideas, and both are likely to happen. The first one is basically meant to be solo, the other one isn't. Anyways, I flipped a coin...panel #1 comes first. So what's on the first panel? Well, do you remember when some of the spin-off writers here who would plan on something big, but in conclusion, it's unable to happen? From what I know, tvguy347 tried this, then Clappy, who then would pass it down to CDCB, and now I'm doing it. What makes it different? I'm not going to let this one go. The project is meant to be 10 episodes, and it's not going to be a solo project. Depending on how much would want to join on this project, that would make up the staff for this spin-off. If you want to join on this, you can pretty much call dibs, and when I think there's enough participants, I would then reveal the main idea through PM, but I won't reveal it till May for a clear reason. So, post away.
  4. It was bound to happen. Coming soon in the Summer. le Staff: Writer, Director: Steel Sponge Producer(s): ClassicNickelodeonFan1 Executive Producer(s): SOF Proofreader/Editor: Microsoft Word
  5. so I found this and left in all the typos ----------------------------- Mr, Vartino lives in an Arizona neighborhood. He has 2 kids, Evo Evo and Dunkan TV. He thinks Dunkan TV is EXCRUCIATING since the only thing he does is watch TV$. One day Mr. Vartino kicks Dunkan TV out of the house. But Dunkan TV has a secret key and opens the door. Mr. Vartino is FURIOUS!!!! He takes away Dunkan's key and TV, collection. Soon Mr. Vartino calls his nerdy friends (Psycho, Jonesmith, AONP, Sock and Dlandbin) to "come and get. the little TV out of the house.". 20 minutes they get to Mr. Vartino's. They a get hypnotizer and AONP hypnotizes Dunkan. After he completely falls asleep everybody (except for Evo Evo, whos had too big of hands) carried Dunkan off on a stretcher They carried him all the way to a cactus (who just happened to be named Cactus). So Mr. Vartino told Cactus a bout Dunkan's TV problems, and then he told Cactus to stick one of his needles and STAB him. So Cactus did just that. But he used his special needle (his forget about TV for 2 hours needle) So Dunkan went away, did other stuff for 2 hours, and came back. Mr. Vartino was just glad that Dunkan did something other than watch TV. But Mr. Vartino changed his mind about TV and joined with Dunkan to watch cartoons. T H E END
  6. Weasel Presents...... This spin-off follows the misadventures of friends Tim and Ralph. Volume One Volume Two Alternate Releases
  7. The SBC Version of Full House, Comming Soon.
  8. So, I've been in a bit of a writing slump for a while now and I thought I'd do a spin-off as a writing exercise to get myself out of it. The Room's Words is in fact a spin-off and will feature SpongeBob characters, but I'm going to use my own medium. Each chapter will feature only 3 average-sized paragraphs. Not too long, not too short, and I'm going to try and fit as much into them as possible. My goal here is to not have any filler here. I'm expecting this to be a miniseries, like my last lit (which was The Inside Job, if any of you remember it). So without further ado, The Room's Words: Chapter 1 - The Room’s Words It was in the middle of the night when I first heard the voices. Soft, clean voices. They didn’t form words, but they felt emotional. The first few times I heard them speak, I thought it was the sleep talking. It wasn’t. Even when I was fully lucid and aware, they would talk, even shout to me. In the beginning it was frightening, and then it was annoying. I feared telling my parents because of how illogical the claim would sound. I predicted the voices would become clearer and I might be able to distinguish a word or two as they continued to speak, but they remained exactly the same, if not more persistent in getting my attention. It sounded like they were right by ear, whispering nonsense to drive me crazy. Eventually, I confided in my best friend, a crab named Eugene. Eugene was a fiscally conservative, smart-as-a-whip and dirt cheap person, but I enjoyed my time with him because he kept me on my toes. When I told him about the voices, he didn’t believe me, so I invited him to spend the night at my house. He said he no longer wanted to be my friend and had his mom pick him up, but the following week at school, he approached me and said he would help me solve the problem. But what was the problem? How do you go about fixing something you know nothing about, something you cannot even visibly touch, or even see for that matter? It is a problem for one of the senses. Eugene suggested ear plugs, and I tried that for a night — the sounds penetrated the little muffs and I was again at square one. I was just going to tell my parents about the voices in my head (or in my room?) when everything changed — they formed words.
  9. (Before i start writing, Yes, i did take CNF's Advice, So be ready for the Revised edition of BBD,) Chapter 1: The Phone. [June 2nd, 2015] (Spongebob Wakes up in bed) (Spongebob Yawns) (He then Picks up his iClam 4) SB: Oh Barnicles. Its Dead, and it is Broken, (A Person Knocks on his door) (Spongebob gets Dressed and walks to the door) (He opens the door) (It was his Good Friend, Monstercat, wearing his underwater helmet) SB: Oh hi Monstercat! What brings you here? Monstercat: Nothing really, just exploring like i do Everyday. SB: That is good, Hey uh, my iClam is broken, wanna head down to ClamShack and buy a new phone? Monstercat: Sure, i can spare a few dollars. SB: Then Let's Go! >End Of Chapter 1<
  10. Chapter One Comming soon! Starring: Cha Madeon MMM Hank Hill And More!
  11. (spongebob got the phone and used the stoplight hack while he was trying to risk Koito And Patrick.) (As Patrick and Koito escaped the crosswalk he used the stoplight hack again and That van was Wrecked by a Clamboni) (8AM) (SpongeBob wakes up from the Night Shift at the Krusty Krab and checks his phone) (it sparks) SpongeBob:Oh Barnicles! as he went downstairs, Gary made some breakfast while a stranger knocked on the door. (SpongeBob hurried to go to the door.) (he opens it) SpongeBob: Wow! Good Morning Koito! Koito:Good Morning SpongeBob! so... ready for another day of watching CowBob RanchPants's New Program? SpongeBob:Sure! (5 Hours later) Tv:HEY HEY HEY BIKINI BOTTOM! HUMBLELORD HERE TO SAY THAT WE HAVE A CONTEST GOING ON AND YOU COULD WIN 1 MILLION KRABBY PATTIES!!! JUST CALL THIS NUMBER [Phone Number Witheld!] SO GET CA- SpongeBob:OH GREAT! My phone broke at the wrong time! Hey! Koito! do you want to go get me a new phone? Koito:sure.
  12. Episode 1: haha yes spongebob and Patrick were lighting up in spongebob's Pineapple Hit when all of a sudden, Squidward entered. "GUYS! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!" screamed Squidward. "haha yes," said SpongeBob. "squidward just calm yourself we've got plenty" Squidward was not amused and decided to steal all of spongebob's weed. "HEY!" screamed SpongeBong! "I BOUGHT THAT" "HEY!" said Patganja. "I BOUGHT THAT TOO" a chase for the grass ensued all over Bikini Bottom before Mr. Krabs, the mature black guy in the room like Nuggets, decided to take over. "GUYS! STOP!" screamed he. Mr. Krabs performed a civilians arrest on the three of them and turned them into the principals' office. "Another day, another criminal! How does crabs do it?!" exclaimed Principal Obama. "I don't know man but I heard he's magical," concurred Assistant Principal Kid Rock. Mr. Krabs headed back to the Kronic Krab where he pulled out a bunch of wacky tobacky and lit up himsef! PLOT TWIST~ TO BE CONTINUED...
  13. So yeah, a new story that I'm going to make, and by lazy writing, I mean that the chapters or whatever probably will be short n' stuff. I'm not thinking this story through, so I'm going to go with the flow and tell me what ya think. The Vanished Cookie Chapter 1: SpongeBob eats, Cookie vanishes Spongebob was walking through the kitchen and grabbed a jar of cookies. He ate a lot. There was then only one left, but he decided to save it for later because, hey, why not. He watched tv with Gary afterwards. Then, he got oh so hungry again and went to the kitchen to eat the last cookie he left on the table. It was gone! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So that was the first chapter. Hope you somewhat enjoyed and there will be more soon!
  14. This is not a spin-off...sort of. This is likely a more continuous follow up to my already deadpool spin-off class. This is basically a tutorial of things I would recommend doing and not doing whilst writing up a Spin-off or Lit. It can also teach how to avoid cliches like the plague. There's more good spin-offs then not-so-good spin-offs obviously, but general writing improvement is the main premise of this tutorial. I will start this anytime soon, I will have to do some research through some of the spin-offs first.
  15. I'm trying this again 'cause I'm bored. Carl Finds a Job is a wecomic about a llama trying to fit in with human society. New page every Monday night. It is continuous. There are two versions of this webcomic, one to read on your computer, and one to read on your mobile device. Page 1: Other pages (and mobile versions for reading on your phone) are available on its website: http://ezpired.web.fc2.com/ (click on CGAJ for its page). Also, you might find ads on mobile, but they're not mine, so I'm not profiting off this. It's my webhost's, I'm using a free one. whaddaya think
  16. An upcoming animated spin-off based on Tom and Jerry. Here's a teaser:
  17. This is where I post Season 1 of Spongebob fanfics! What's new (so far): Gary has a new shell (the orange one in Shell Shocked) Epsiode List: 1. It Shell Be Replaced!/1000 Patties For Patrick It Shell Be Replaced: Because Gary's shell is too old and plain, Spongebob decides to replace it with something better but has a hard time making the right choice and choosing the best! Gary finds one and decides it will be his new shell. 1000 Patties for Patrick: Patrick wants to break the world record for most KP eaten in a day. He tries to do it many times, but collapses and gets sent to the alternate world where it's all KP. SB and Krabs must save him. More coming. I'll also make the transcript!
  18. EPISODE 1 THE JOURNEY ACROSS THE SEA SpongeBob and Squidward were sitting outside their houses one day when a giant ship fell out of the sky. It was Mr. Krabs and he invited them to travel across the ocean in a chase for Pearl, who had left to follow someone named the Black Fish. SpongeBob and Squidward both agreed even though Squidward was against it at first. As they drove through the ocean, Mr. Krabs became concerned that they got lost. He asked Squidward to go up to the mast and keep lookout. However, Squidward fell asleep and the ship crashed into a giant rock. SpongeBob, using his navigation skills on rocks, was able to drive them to Pearl on the rock. Pearl explained she had discovered a secret skull in Mr. Krab's house that led her to the Black FIsh. They set out again trying to find him...
  19. Trying my hand at one of these, I believe I have a decent idea of what it's supposed to be. My article will surround SpongeBob and Co. on dry land in the streets of Manhattan. It will be coming soon...
  20. This was jjsthekid's spin-off. Note that I did have rights to Spin-Off Action, but I gave it back. I now have rights to Patrick's Mansion. NOTE 7/11/15: Jjsthekid's episodes were originally posted on TV.com and were never re-posted over to SBC. Due to the spin-off thread on TV.com being hard to navigate, I decided to import Jjs' episodes for future enjoyment. It's recommended that you start here so you don't get lost. Enjoy! -CNF1
  21. Plot: In a completely brand new adventure, 16 year old Pearl Krabs, attending Bikini Bottom Talent High School, decides to start a Video Blog series about issues in her town and the ocean around her. With friends, Debbie Rechid, Dale Zachery, Harry Sylence, and Judy Rued, she takes society by storm with the power of the internet.
  22. I humbly present to this fine forum my concept for a spin-off. I've never written one before but have read many SpongeBob fanfics over the years, so I hope I have the basics down. The thing I lobe about SpongeBob is not only is the writing brilliant (pre-movie at least, since then it's been hit or miss) but the characters are just so memorable. From their hilarious but not over-the-top designs to their brilliant voice actors to their classic personality traits, it creates a universe that you really get immersed in, despite how silly it can often be. With that being said, the basic premise has been around for so long that I have to admit it does grow tiresome at times. I feel it would be interesting to write about these character's in a more changing environment, one where the status quo must not always be maintained by episode' end. My idea for a show is incredibly simple: It is after the first movie. This means SpongeBob is now the manager of the Krusty Krab 2, Plankton is a convicted criminal responsible for heinous deeds, and characters and locations such as King Neptune, Mindy and Goofy Goober's will become more recurring. This will raise further situations in the show's beginning: Who will work at the Krusty Krab 2, or for that matter at the original to replace SpongeBob? Is Plankton locked away for good or is he still on the run? Will anything come from Patrick's infatuation with Mindy? Questions such as these will be answered, new characters will be introduced, and any episode series changing events can happen. One final change, while still the main character, SpongeBob will no longer be the absolute center point of the show, some episodes may not include him at all. Despite all these changes, the show will still take place in the same city with the same characters still around (at least for now...) and the show will still try to keep the show's comedic and kid-friendly tone even in episodes where major events are occurring. Warning though: I don't think I'm very funny. Well here it is. This is hardly a spin-off in fact, it is mainly just my continuation of Bikini Bottom's events after the current final point in the timeline: the movie. So does this sound like it has potential? Or has it been done before, and I should go back to the drawing board with my ideas?
  23. Quote "As I was driving Home... a strange man was drifting.....but he was...SQUARE." (earlier) (7:00) (gets in civic) (drives) (passes By CowBob RanchPants) Cowbob:Hey Zaid! me:Hey Cowbob RanchPants! Quote "I didn't know that SpongeBob was going to handle the drifting but when I left work I was in for a surprise." Well guys that was Part I, Part II is coming I just gotta think.
  24. This is about Squidward and Squilliam. Squidward gets rich, and Squilliam stoops down to Squidward middle class-esque life. That's about it. Part One (Fade in to show a mansion, which is revealed to be Squidward's) Squidward: (wearing Squilliam's robe and laughing) Guard #1: Sir, your clarinet recital is in five minutes! Squidward: Oh, thank you. May I have my flying chair? Guard #1: Yes, sir. You may. (pulls controller out of pocket and pushes button) (Flying chair comes up and Squidward jumps in it. Cut to the auditorium, where thousands of squids are waiting for Squidward. Squidward comes in on the chair, takes out his clarinet, playing an amazing piece.) Crowd: (begins cheering) Squidward: Thank you, thank- (Doorbell rings repeatedly) Squidward: ALRIGHT! (speeds to door, opens it) Squilliam: (at door, wearing Squidward's shirt) Can you be a good guy and lend me some money? I'm a little low, and i'd like to buy some pants. Squidward: (laughing) No, Squilly! Squilliam: (begins raging so loud, that Squidward goes deaf, hearing a ringing noise) Squidward: (wakes up to find out that ringing was an alarm clock and sighs) (Alarm clocks keeps ringing) Squidward: Come on....where's the hammer....Ah, this will do.....(takes lamp and smashes clock) (Montage of Squidward going through his morning begins) Squidward: (sulks downstairs, quietly eats breakfast, puts on Krusty Krab hat and starts walking to work) Nat Peterson: Hey, Skintward! Squidward; It's Squidward, you moron! Fred: Hey, Octoward! Squidward: (facepalm) (Montage ends) Squilliam: Hey, Squiddy! Off to your little job? Squidward: Uh, no. I, uh, was taking a walk and got my hat stuck on my head. Squilliam: How? Squidward: Hmm.... Squilliam: I thought so. (begins laughing and walks away) Squidward: (walks up to Krusty Krab and sighs) Maybe I shouldn't) Mr. Krabs: (rushes out) Oh no you don't, Mr. Squidward! You're gonna work today! (pushes Squidward to the cashier boat) (Quick speedup of the day, showing no customers) Spongebob: Good night, Mr. Krabs! I'd better go home and feed Gary. Mr, Krabs: Good night, me boy! Squidward: (sighs) Voice: HEY! Squidward: Huh? (Looks up, and sees the voice belongs to the TV) Voice: I'm Chip Winkerdinker, and I want you to come down to the Krusty Krab- Squidward: Huh? Voice: (now talking fast) to buy a lottery ticket you could be the next winner today do it nowwwwwwwww. (commercial ends) Squidward: Mr. Krabs, since when have we been selling lottery tickets? Mr. Krabs: Since this morning! I thought it would bring in customers! (laughing) Squidward: Figures. PART TWO COMING SOON
  25. This series is not related to Spongebob. I'm starting up a new series soon on here and Fiction Press about 2 teenagers called Kyle and Carl and a 16 year old kid called Jeremy. Until the official release on June 9 check back every day for new TAOCAK related stuff! New Character Bios! Character Bios Kyle : The main character of the series. 13 years old. Good friends with Carl and Jeremy and loves playing video games. Wears a green shirt with jeans. Carl : Kyle’s best friend. Usually sticks around but easily loses his temper when angry. 13 years old. Commonly wears a red shirt with black pants. Jeremy : Good friends with Kyle and Carl. Works at Pizza Burger and is determined to reach the rank of drink man instead of waiter. 17 years old. When not working, wears a brown shirt and worn jeans. Claire : Jeremy’s ‘girlfriend’ who never appreciates him no matter what he does to make her feel happy. 16 years old. Has blonde hair and wears a t shirt and shorts. Crazy Old Man : Kyle and Carl’s neighbour who consistently yells at Kyle for crossing his lawn and has no idea of what the present is. 75 years old. Has grey hair and glasses and wears a plaid shirt and old jeans. Robertson : Kyle’s troublemaking sidekick. Helps Kyle get pranks on and has very good fighting skills. 13 years old. Usually wears his jeans with belt and a black shirt. Michael : The school’s snack seller. Sells tacos, chocolate etc. illegally at the school to make a quick buck. Always owns random items at random times. Wears a black shirt and jeans with lots of pockets. Avery : Kyle and Carl’s main homeroom teacher. Always willing to help Kyle and rarely gives out homework. 35 years old. Has brown hair and wears a blue shirt and jeans. Gordon : The main principal of Seaway High School. Has a very big record of Kyle’s troublemaking and is determined to stop him. Has dark hair, wears a white shirt and tie with a vest. Henderson : Kyle and Carl’s science teacher. Very strict and has a grudge on Carl because of an incident last year. Wears a white dress shirt with a tie and glasses. George : The main nerd of the school. Usually attempts to act cool but fails and is usually used by Kyle and Carl when it comes to computers. Has blond hair and glasses. Check out my profile on http://www.fictionpress.com/~supergameman28 for more inputs!
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