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  1. Lately, a little anxious. I mean, at this point, I've just learn to accept how crazy the year is. But my problem is, these past few months have been making me realize how truly stupid and ignorant people can be. I've actually had to finally drop some Discord friends I've had for years. Though personally, this whole thing is making me realize something about my father. I really don't want to be around him. I mean, for years, I've had to deal with so many outbursts from him, and now, it's coming to a point where I'm finally beginning to learn to tell him to calm down and shut up. HOWEVER, while he hasn't been having much of those (actually maybe that isn't true), he's also a Trump supporter. WITH EVERY CHECKMARK THAT COMES WITH IT. And the thing is, I spent the past two months with him, away from my other family and my pets. And let me say, I've heard so many of his "opinions". He believes the whole pedo scandal with "TOM HANKS, RBG AND OPRAH", thinks the media makes up everything about Trump (I am not kidding, he thinks hes smart because he PLAYS 3D CHESS), and oh yeah, occasionally drops plenty of F-Slurs (no, not F Bombs). And now, I haven't told him because I don't want to hurt him, but I just want to stay with my other family. The only reason I stayed was because I rarely see him thanks to work (which I still haven't gotten back yet), and now I know he's feeling awfully lonely..but if that's all I'm going to hear from him and he doesn't realize how terrible he sounds, then screw it.
  2. So I found out what Cameo is. Saw a lot of VAs on it...

    Yeah, I'm not gonna spend too much on it. Overspending is kind of a peeve on mine.

    On the other hand...Liliana Mumy gave me one. Yes, the voice of Leni Loud...and Panini, you know that character I had a crush on in my WoahWoah days. I DID NOT TELL HER THAT. I simply just asked her about Lil Nas X's song

  3. Here we go: the thing that made me chicken out of the discord server. So here are some of mine. Eminem is without a doubt one of the most overrated rappers of all time. Now, when he has great songs, he has great songs. But when he's made crap, they are BEYOND CRAP (Revival is one of the absolute biggest trainwrecks I've ever heard). Though to me, I feel like his fanbase has kinda killed him for me. Most of them treat him like he's some MC God who's good because "he raps about stuff other than drugs or sex" (and boy do I hate it when people complain about those topics that have been common in music). IMO, I feel like he's hailed as an MC because his competition on the charts was weak. But now, there are so many better rappers out there, and Eminem's still here sounding stale while other still praise him to death. Like to me, I feel like some of his base haven't heard anything outside of the top 100. That, and the fact that he's inspired so many rappers who think they're better than mumble rappers...and a majority of them SUCK (NF, dear god). Adding to that, mainstream rap isn't as crappy as people think. Like, these "Mumble rappers" (another term I don't like) aren't really that bad. I do prefer lyrical rappers, but some of the modern rappers are pretty easy and simple to follow. Also, most of the complaints about the genre feel kinda hypocritical, since they go and defend the 2000s, which was LITTERED with the crap they usually complain about. Oh yeah, and 69 and Lil Pump aren't the only mumble rappers that exist. Now for movies: Joker is overhyped. Surpisingly, I didn't really like it that much. Phoenix's performance was really good, the score is great, the cinematography was great, and the death scenes were usually the best parts...but the story was WEAK. The entire story just feels artsy and a little pretentious, all while it tries to be this "deep, revolutionary" insight where all the message turns out to be is "Society sucks, society sucks, society sucks".
  4. Lol, the N stands for Nick. Supposed to be a homage for Marvel’s A-Force though.
  5. Binging Proud Family on Disney+. This cartoon's as fun as I remember it as. Though if I'm gonna be honest...Suga Mama's kind of unlikable when she's constantly putting down her son (though he IS an idiot and a loser LOL). Also, Papi, Bobby and The Gross Sisters are pretty enjoyable characters.
  6. Back on that con fixation again. I haven't visited one all of 2019, due to me focusing more on work. But finally, I may be able to go to one.

    Pros and cons. The con of this is that it's a Hallmark Christmas con...IN JULY. This reason alone is to why for me, Hallmark are sentimental porn with nothing really remotely human.

    So what's the pro? Lacey Chabert's gonna be there. AKA, Eliza, Meg, and the one who smooched Sonic...that and she's kinda one of my celeb crushes...plus I've seen some of her Hallmark movies.Help me.

  7. I realized instead of just posting my fics on here, I'll create a separate page promoting them, or whatever project I have at the moment. So far, my whole Nickelodeon Heroes series is on hold. Yes, I knew this was coming, but lately, I haven't feel like writing the series lately. I feel like I want to ditch the whole MCU influence (Though the A-Force series influenced this story), not to mention it feels like I'm repeating ideas. So now, I'm just doing, whatever I feel like doing. My current story: N-Force https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13452466/1/Nicktoons-N-Force Story: When all the men in the universe start mysteriously disappearing, can all the Nicktoons heroines band up and put a stop to this mysterious threat? ...yes, I'll be honest, this plot is...pretty tough dealing with it, since well, I'm a guy, and this is basically an all female story. I only wanted to write a story like this since well, everybody else is doing this trend, so why not do it with Nicktoons? Nothing to do with messages or anything, just do a story like this. Plus, these aren't original characters, these are already existing characters with personalities, plus I've already wrote nearly all of them before in previous fics. Though my rule is: NO POLITICS in the story. Also, again, this has nothing to do with my NH series. This is an entirely new world. Also, remember when I said I won't do Avatar? ...The characters are in this, from BOTH series. Poster (Kind of a note, Korra's supposed to be in her Book 4 design..but I couldnt find any vectors of it. And FTR, these aren't ALL of the main characters).
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