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  1. Honestly I thought this was an alright episode, I kinda thought that the idea of bubble animals was a bit interesting. It was also nice to hear Old Hilo March being played again, specifically in the title card; it’s one of my favorite tracks.
  2. I was looking through it earlier and I guess it isn't that bad.
  3. Hey, just wondering, where's your profile picture from? Some old Cartoon Network show?

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    2. The Red Lizard

      The Red Lizard

      sorry for late reply, but no, my pfp is not from a CN show, it's a solenoid robot from Roger Ramjet

    3. Inanimate Carbon Rod
    4. kev
  4. Plankton's Old Chum still isn't airing either, ehh.
  5. Apparently, Spongebob and Patrick PM’d me on Discord saying that the original account I created just 3 days ago was deleted due to a database crash, so I had to make this new one. Argh. Once again, greetings y’all.
  6. Hello everyone. If you already know or didn't know (for users who have not known me on SBMania), I am TheRedLizard/PurplePosers. Like most former SBMania users, I have decided to go on that bandwagon and join this community. I decided to take my own decision to leave those forums for many reasons. Also, I just wanted to tell you all something important. I'm no longer that person who takes jokes too seriously. I'm no longer that person who is a spoiled dumbass. I've regret what I've done in the past that I should of known better of, and I apologize. Anyhow, it's my turn to make a new beginning at a new forum community. In all seriousness, greetings, y'all.
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